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Calculating Protein Needs On A Ketogenic Lifestyle

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Nutritional Calculations: How to Calculate Nutritional Values

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Kidney Disease Protein: Common calculation to determine how much your body needs

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Nutritional Calculations: How Do I Calculate the Protein Composition of Food?

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RDA Protein Calculation

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Building Your Meal Plan! Learn How To Calculate Protein, Carb & Fat Daily Intake For Your Goals!

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How to Calculate Daily Protein Needs

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Protein Calculator. The Protein Calculator estimates the daily amount of dietary protein adults require to remain healthy. Children, those who are highly physically active, and pregnant and nursing women typically require more protein. The calculator is also useful for monitoring protein intake for those with kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, or other conditions in which protein intake is a factor.

In our opinion, and as pointed out by this study [2] the RDA for protein is too low and should be higher regardless of your body composition.. Our calculator actually starts you off at 0.54–0.82g per pound of bodyweight (1.2–1.8 g/kg), which tops out at over twice the level of the RDA. This protein requirement calculator estimates your daily protein requirement based on your weight. Using it you can estimate a generally appropriate protein intake in ounces or grams per day. Proteins are an essential part of a healthy diet, regardless if you are trying to gain muscle, lose weight or just maintain a healthy living.

To calculate your protein needs just enter your weight and health condition. The protein calculator on this page takes your body-composition goals and activity level into account to estimate your protein needs. Everyone is different, though, so experiment to find the right level of protein for your body. Your Daily Protein Requirement Calculator. Figuring out your daily protein requirement is important for staying in top physical condition.

Without enough protein my muscles will lose the mass that I’ve worked so hard to build, especially with the level of weight training that I do. Humayun MA, et al. Reevaluation of the protein requirement in young men with the indicator amino acid oxidation techniqueReevaluation of the protein requirement in young men with the indicator amino acid oxidation technique.

Am J Clin Nutr. (2007) Rafii M, et al. Dietary Protein Requirement of Men >65 Years Old Determined by the Indicator Amino Acid Oxidation Technique Is. This online protein calculator will help you calculate how much protein you need based on your height, weight, exercise mode and fitness goal.

Bodybuilding protein requirement is different from the protein requirement for stamina building or general fitness. Use this calculator to calculate your protein need. Protein requirements (daily) calculate the amount of protein that should be consumed daily based on the latest guidelines. Protein Amino Acid Review Essential, non-essential, conditional, branched chains Essential Amino Acid Calculator What are the recommendations? Protein sources (Plant-based versus animal source).

Our protein calculator is here to help you estimate how much protein-rich food you need to eat to fulfill your diet plan. A typical adult human body usually contains 10-12 kg (22 26.5 lb) of proteins, which has an energy equivalent of about 18-19,000 kCal. Most of it is located within skeletal muscle mass.

Multiply your weight in kilograms by 0.8 to determine how many grams of protein you need per day. For example, if you weigh 68 kilograms, you need about 54 grams of protein per day.

List of related literature:

Calculate the amount of Lys/Trp-free medical food required to fill protein requirement.

“Nutrition Management of Inherited Metabolic Diseases: Lessons from Metabolic University” by Laurie E. Bernstein, Fran Rohr, Joanna R. Helm
from Nutrition Management of Inherited Metabolic Diseases: Lessons from Metabolic University
by Laurie E. Bernstein, Fran Rohr, Joanna R. Helm
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This is because the RDA is set two standard deviations above the estimated average requirement for protein of 0.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight and is thought to meet the nutrient requirements of 97.5 percent of healthy individuals.

“Plant-Based Sports Nutrition: Expert Fueling Strategies for Training, Recovery, and Performance” by D. Enette Larson-Meyer, Matt Ruscigno
from Plant-Based Sports Nutrition: Expert Fueling Strategies for Training, Recovery, and Performance
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The easiest and most reliable way to determine individual protein needs is to calculate daily requirements based on current body weight.

“Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition” by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
from Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition
by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
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In order to accommodate population variation in requirements and variability in protein quality, the safe level of protein intake has been set at 0.75 g protein kg−1 per day for high-quality proteins.

“Food Science and Technology” by Geoffrey Campbell-Platt
from Food Science and Technology
by Geoffrey Campbell-Platt
Wiley, 2017

The calculation and prescription of protein requirements are summarised in Table 17.6.

“Clinical Naturopathic Medicine” by Leah Hechtman
from Clinical Naturopathic Medicine
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The upper value of this range used for calculating the RDA for protein.

“Nutritional Biochemistry” by Tom Brody
from Nutritional Biochemistry
by Tom Brody
Elsevier Science, 1998

The standard calculation of 0.8 to 1.2 g protein per 2.2 lb (1 kg) body weight is a positive general rule; 0.8 g protein is best for more sedentary patients, and 1.2 g protein is more appropriate for more active types.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
from Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
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The calculation and prescription of protein requirements is summarised in Table 13.6.

“Clinical Naturopathic Medicine E-Book” by Leah Hechtman
from Clinical Naturopathic Medicine E-Book
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Using the currently accepted 1985 WHO nitrogen-balance formula on data from four previous studies, the combined weighted averages yielded an overall protein requirement estimate of 0.91 ± 0.043 g/kg/day.

“The Future of Aging: Pathways to Human Life Extension” by Gregory M. Fahy, Michael West, L. Steven Coles, Stephen B. Harris
from The Future of Aging: Pathways to Human Life Extension
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The RDA for protein intake in the adult diet is 0.8 g/kg of body weight, or an average of 56 g/day for adult males, 46 g/day for adult females, and 71 g/day for pregnant or lactating females.1 Ideally protein should account for 12% to 20% of total kilocalories.

“Health Assessment for Nursing Practice E-Book” by Susan F. Wilson, Jean Foret Giddens
from Health Assessment for Nursing Practice E-Book
by Susan F. Wilson, Jean Foret Giddens
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2014

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  • Great information, however I have a question.. How do I convert cooked food by weight into grams of protein as macros? For example, I had six oz of chicken across two meals. That comes to 168 grams. Thay can’t be correct. It looked and felt like 50-60 grams of protein at most. How do I calculate when I weigh my food. Also, is the formula different for beef, chicken, fish, etc? Thanks in advance!!!

  • I keep coming back to this same video after I start slacking off over the years. I have only been below 20% body fat once in my life and it was using this planner religiously. Now I would love to know how to factor keto into this. should I keep protein at 1g and just add fat? should i up protein to 1.25, factor in 50g of carbs then use a multiplier for fats? I have it all on an excel document to simplify it because I recalculate once a month.

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  • I am 143 lbs and 6ft tall and am skinny fat. I’m lean bulking but I am trying to gain muscle for competitive basketball so I need to work on speed, agility, explosiveness, footwork drills. Is this is ok to do while I’m lean bulking and how often can I do it?

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  • Mostly reFINED carbs doesn’t work for most people. That gives carbs a bad rap(and authors that profit off confusing peoplelike Taubes). But I eat naturally…. a diet for our type of physiology (frugivore). Whole carbs or fruit never made anyone fat (Thermogenisis) if you keep the fat low (McDougal diet, Ornish diet, Fit-for-life, 80/10/10 diet)

  • If that works for you, rock it out! But, this means you’re eating mostly carbs, which doesn’t help most people. You have to do what works for YOU.

  • When you recalculate for lowering carbs, how do you redistribute the remainder to fat and protein to compensate? How much calories should go into protein and how much should go into fat?

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  • He calculates protein and fat THEN the carbs with what’s left over…but all my food has protein, carbs and fat….so when i count carb food it also adds protein and fat…so yeah that’s not working.

  • This is a bit confusing for me still… I’m a slow learner sorry. Can someone do it for me? Or teach me more in depth. My current weight is 180lbs and I want to lost weight ( body fat ) I’m a 5,9’ male

  • Does this apply to a strict carnivore diet? Everything I read says to eat at least 2 pounds of beef per day. This puts me up way high on protein.

  • What exactly is Custokebon Secrets? How does this thing really work? I see lots of people keep on speaking about this popular fat burn method.

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  • Dana,
    I just reviewed this again to change things up and try to jump start my metabolism again. I think I may have been too low on proteinand too much per mealand too low on overall net calorie intake. So, I’m giving this formula a try and putting my protein i first. I have to wonder, though, at the discrepancy between your (and many professional trainers’) advice and USDA about how much protein to eat. No one seems to agree on the generally recommended amounts! Here is what the USDA says, would you comment, please? Is it because training and trying to build muscle requires the high end of that range? People’s reaction to my wanting 125 grams/day is that it is way high. Thank you!

    Adults in the U.S. are encouraged to get 10% to 35% of their day’s calories from protein foods. That’s about 46 grams of protein for women, and 56 grams of protein for men.

  • Hey is it just me or did you accidentally put the excess calories you want to eat to gain weight (250) all in the carbohydrate section???

  • Imagine having everything you need for successfull body transformation in one place?! Yeah, it’s possible, the website called Next Level Diet leaves you full-packed and ready for melting off those extra pounds

  • I see many people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (search on google). But Im not sure if it’s good. Have you ever tried this popular fat loss system?

  • I am 87 yrs old and want to restore Muscle Mass. I am drinking Protein Powder that says a Drink has 29 grams of Protein,How much Grams of Protein a day do I need to restore Muscle Mass? Safelyalso Amino Acids,1,000 grams a day.

  • thank you for the good video. Could you tell me please how to calculate percent daily value, for example how do you get 10% DV from 31 g carbohydrate?

  • I calculate my protein requirement @ 54.5g (5’4″ female) considering 1:1 fat ratio, I find it almost impossible to achieve a decent daily caloric intake. I strive for 1,500. Any suggestions? I’m forever done with low calorie diets.

  • Very good video and very informative.  I worked out that at 78kg  I have 22% lean body mass. So the question is 71.6  g or protein a day or 93.6g (93.6g a day) that is what I got   before working out lean body mass). If I have worked it out correctly it is 71.6g. Please confirm if I have done this correctly?.Thank you

  • Dear, Dr, I just saw your lecture “ calorie restriction don’t work”, and I loved it… please is it possible to send those slides, they will help me with my clients ��������

  • So based on the math I need to consume around 2800 or so calories but if I work out and during that I burn 900 calories, does that mean I actually need to consume 3700 calories?

  • agreed. I am about to post another video on carbs vs sugar & how to tell the difference. It’s a confusing topic for most people. I never condone cutting out a macronutrient (such as carbs) I do however, believe it’s important to understand which carbs (complex vs simple) are better for your body. Plants, in their true form from the earth (for the most part), are what I choose for my body, personally.

  • Thanks Dr Nally new to keto and resistance training background so wanting to know where to in order prevent atrophy and body catabolisis


  • If I am understanding you correctly, as a 5′ 3.5″ female, my protein would be 53 grams, as would my fats. This means I need less than 800 calories per day? I am 61 years old, by definition, sedentary.

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  • I think it is fantastic that you have gone from a stage 5 to a stage 3. Great work! I am also amazed that you have so much sugar in your diet even though it is in just the fruit you eat. Were you ever diagnosed with Diabetes at all?

  • IF YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT AND STILL EAT FOOD YOU LIKE JUST CHECK NextLevelDiet. They provide you with personalized meal that contains only food you have selected, personalized training plan and amazing tips that helped me lose 30lbs.

  • Superb video, very detailed and informative. Would be more better if you had video of meal prep for this follow-up video with exact same micro nos.

  • I was taking fat loss pills and almost seriously harmed my health. Now I realise that diet is not pills and teas, but structured plan full of nutritionally rich foods. Visit Next Level Diet and get a real diet, stop taking fuc*ing pills.

  • im so confused, Im skinny fat, got some biceps coming on, but need to lose a bit around the belly etc. But after working everything out in your calculators, my carb intake goal for FAT LOSS is 310 grams of carbs per day, for excessive weight “GAIN” you said between 150-300 grams of carbs per day, now im so confused, where do i go from here to achieve my goal?

  • I have lost 10lbs in just one month by following diet plan from NextLevelDiet. It’s really a great tool. I recommended it to my family members and we all started to eat and live healthier. Long live #NextLevelDiet.

  • I’m trying a new diet(keto) and getting mix information on the amount of Fat,protein and carbs i’m allow.I’m aware of the amount of daily calories I must eat,along with the exercise.Tips welcome:)

  • Dear Mr James,
    Thank you very much for your generosity and kindness in teaching us wisdom of kidney health.
    We love you.
    You are better than a doctor. You’re a genuine and thorough gentleman.
    You’re a genius.
    We’re worried about protein in my kidneys as I am a diabetic since 1987.

    I am very happy that I found your Dadvice
    I am a kidney warrior. I was afflicted with cancer in 2007.
    Hameed Jilani

  • I would like to gain lean muscle and also imcorporate one overage meal, cheat, rereed, whatever. How can I ajdust macros then? Also eat every day in surplus and just add lets say 800 cals from refeed or eat on maintaince cals and just eat once a week cheat?

  • Hello there, I want to know if Custokebon Secrets, will really work for me? I see a lot of people keep on talking about this popular weight loss methods.

  • Fantastic advice, clear and easy to follow. I am at 18 percent body fat now and will implement this from today. Excited to see the results!!

  • Thanks Scott, please could you help me out here.

    I have been doing your workouts for nearly 3 weeks now whilst in lockdown and they are really good (5 days on and 1 day off), however as i would like to put a little more muscle on my frame i realise i need to eat more.

    I have therefore tried to work out my calories using my following base info:
    Weight: 154 pounds
    Body Fat: 15%
    BMR At Rest: 1601
    BMR In Motion: 2482

    This gave the following daily macros of using my average BMR + 500 calories:
    Protein: 196g / 785cal
    Carbs: 292g / 1167cal
    Fat: 66g / 589cal

    My question is, as this gives a total daily calorie intake of 2542 should i go with this value or simply add 500 calories onto my BMR for rest and motion days giving 2101 and 2982 as shown in another one of your video’s. I have been eating nearly 3000 every day for 9 days and unbelievably i have not put on a pound since i started. What am i doing wrong or do i need to eat even more?

  • As I started following diet and training plan from *Next Level Diet*, I took my confidence to the next level. Girls finally started noticing me.

  • You really need a medical disclaimer at the beginning of every video stating that you are not a doctor, the advice you are sharing is what worked for you and before anyone tries it they should consult with their physician first. This video is a prime example of what you could open yourself up to if it were followed by someone in either stage 4 or 5 of CKD. The formula you are stating is designed to calculate the amount of protein for someone who either has no kidney issues or is in stage 1. As an end stage patient myself, if I followed this formula my creatinine would be so high in just 2 days that I would be in the range for either a heart attack or stroke caused by my kidney’s inability to clear the excess protein byproduct.

    This is not meant to sound harsh as I enjoy almost all your videos but without the proper disclaimers and warnings something like this, for example, could literally kill me. While I work with doctors at the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and Mass. General as well as the King’s College Hospital NHS Trust that specializes in both liver and kidney issues in England (what can I say, I’ve been sick for a very long time) and 2 “naturopaths” in China, disseminating medical information without a disclaimer could literally put you in more legal trouble than you can imagine. To avoid that, again, all you have to do is put up a disclaimer at the beginning of each video: “I’m not a doctor, this information is for educational and informational purposes only, be sure to consult your physician/nephrologist before attempting to try anything you see in these videos.” Just a still frame on screen after you show your DADVICE TV logo for enough time to read it is all it takes to protect you. As I said before, I like the fact that you are putting information out there but if you miss something (like this protein calculation for people with “normal” kidneys and not CKD), if someone were injured by this and there is no disclaimer at the beginning of the video before the information is presented if someone were hurt or worse because they just followed the information…well, not being able to make videos would be the least of your problems. Again, I know this sounds harsh but I think the majority of your videos put out great information but a mistake like the protein calculation could literally kill someone. I don’t know who gave it to you or if you found it on line but if it was from a human source you should probably cross that person off your list of contacts for kidney information if they didn’t tell you this is for people with no major kidney deficiencies.

  • Alright, so I weigh 215 and want to gain muscle. That puts me at 177 grams needed daily. And 29 grams a meal if I do 6 meals like I usually do. But that’s over the 26 you said our body can process. What should I do?:)

  • I just fucked up everything…this is nuts…
    Can someone help me out…my current weight is 48kg(105lbs),body fat=23%, fat weight=27lbs, lean weight=78lbs

    Like acc to my calculations i should be eating protein=78g,fat=27g,carbs=327g�� thats nuts to me….i think i messed up…

  • I have always thought that dieting is eating only green vegetables and drinking water. NextLevelDeit proved me wrong. I am eating delicious and nutritionally rich food and still reaching my fitness goals.

  • How come people advise sometimes very high protein intakes like here and some others claim that very low numbers are plenty…
    Like 1 g of lean body mass is supposed to be plenty…

  • Stop speaking so fast. Get a camera that focuses properly. Don’t seat so close to the camera. All this distracts from your valuable content.

  • Is that possible to cut down to your weight goal and then eat at maintenance to build muscles?

    I am skinny fat. I was 213lbs with 34% BF 9mo ago. Now I am 173 about 22% BF. I want to go down to 158lbs.

    Do you think I should bulk when I hit my goal? Should I start bulking now? Or do what I was thinking, reach the 158lbs and eat at maintenance while trying to build muscles? Thanks.

  • Very Informative this is what i was looking for and all these calculations….I was also confused Calories and how much intake in Grams..thank you so much!!!

  • Comment
    Click here Next Level Diet really took my diet to the next level. Not only diet, but life. I can see improvements in many aspects of my life. Guys, you rock! #NextLevelDiet

  • I was taking fat loss pills and almost seriously harmed my health. Now I realise that diet is not pills and teas, but structured plan full of nutritionally rich foods. Visit Next Level Diet and get a real diet, stop taking fuc*ing pills.

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  • I weigh 130 on a 2600 calorie LOW-protein, low-fat diet. Seems humans natural diet doesn’t cause weight problems, and works better than an (omnieverything in moderation) diet.

  • 110kg 35% body fat dont look to bad really would like to get down to 95 kg ex rugby player…..any ideas how to work it out old school o am 42

  • Guys. lost a ton of weight does not need to be hard (I used to think it did). I’ll give you some tips right now. Look for a popular weight loss system called Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine). Thanks to it I have lost tons of weight. I shouldn’t even be speaking about it cause I do not want lots of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I’m just simply in a excellent mood right now so I’ll share the wealth lol.

  • Approx amazing! Based on the protein grams, all the other numbers / considerations seem to be about right! How would you Count the collagen-protein in a tablespoon of collagen peptides, with salt, taken just before bed (and not around other amino acids or food) for joints and to reduce getting up to pee.

  • James Is a certified kidney coach…. so “Steve be nice and control your testosterone surges”   * * Coach, your formula for how much protein we should have in our diet is accurate according to my college studies on nutrition. Thank you for the quick review. I will use it right now. I am  about stage 3 and looking forward to increasing my GFR and improving my renal management process. QUESTION have you found any info. on our body’s intolerance to foods, insect repellants or medications over the counter??? thank you for being so encouraging. I think we need more certified health coaches for specific disease. shalom!!

  • I dont get it i used to have a plan where i have to eat for example one of my 3 meals was 5.8oz of meat and when i convert that amoutn to grams it is a lot… wtf i dont get it

  • So simple, yet so effective. That’s how would I describe diet plan from NextLevelDiet. Now I belive that simplicity is the key to brilliance.

  • It would be a waste for you not to get rid of fat while other typical people are able to shed weight quickly using Custokebon Secrets (just google search it).

  • sir if one is skinny fat beginner and want to turn his ponch into abs like u have then does he has to consume protein more or limit it? and also same question in case of calories..
    Plz reply sir!!

  • My problem is that when I start to do a bulk all the weight goes to my stomach instead of my arms and my shoulders. I’m a meso Endo mix. I’m so sick of it I’ve almost considered just taking a powerlifting because there’s no point in trying to shape my body.

  • 2019, and this info is still so extremely helpful! I’m pretty much exactly half of his everything, yet why do my calculations have me eating only 200 calories less than him? I don’t think I have that much room in me

  • If you ask me, it’s really hard to gain muscle and lose weight at the same time, but website called NextLevelDiet is great for that. They also calculate your BMI and calorie intake for FREE and provide you with diet meal plan and training plan.

  • How to find how much protein in food by lab testing not by Google it, not from any other sources.
    I mean how I calculate protein in milk,not from any label.
    Protein calculation by self.

  • If anyone with kideney disease is listening to this only eat the amount of protein your dr says you should eat. Seriously talk to your own dr about protein intake.everyone kidney situation is diffrent

  • Thank you! I reference you when people ask for medical info. 65g protein for me, 20g carbs, and 65g fat would put my calories really low though, so I add more fat. ��

  • Hello, so surprised you said most of your population is over 6. Actually as you get older you actually need much more protein as your body dosen’t absorb the protein as well. Im following dr ted Naiman dr phil stuart and dr don layman dr gabrielle lyons and we need way more then what you are recommending even for not active people to stimulate muscle protein synthesis you are saying i should eat about 47 grams of protein a day i would starve firstly and that’s about 15 grams per meal not nearly enough for protein synthesis