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Here Are the 8 Things I Do to Get Unstuck. Overwhelmed? Here Are the 8 Things I Do to Get Unstuck. “ACK! I was supposed to call the dermatologist yesterday to schedule an appointment—it’s been on my to-do list for 10 days weighing me down and yet I can’t get myself to pick up the phone. Why am I so averse to talking to a human on a.

Where do I start? I’d frozen up, overwhelmed by all the things. Have you ever felt that way? Somehow you know you have to tidy everything but after a full day, you just want to curl up in bed.

You want a space that feels right but you dread going through it all. You’re getting too tired to keep at it. Stuff will just pile up again anyway.

You know you can’t go on like this this forever, but you stay stuck because you feel overwhelmed and unsure how to get unstuck. And maybe you’re too busy being busy to even deal. #1 Fix to Changing Your Life: DECIDE. Yup, that’s it. Make the decision that you’re going to get to the bottom of whatever’s getting in the way of you living.

And your to-do list continues to grow. It may even start to grow mold. And then you are forced to deal with it.

If you’re stuck in overwhelm paralysis, I have 5 tips to help you get unstuck and start getting things done. Tip #1: Just Breathe Tip #1 is to just breathe. Feeling overwhelmed is a symptom of stress. 4. Explore your purpose.

By Patricia Harteneck, Ph.D. It’s easy to get in a rut. Maybe you have goals but for some reason, you are not reaching for them. Maybe self-judgment is causing you to.

7. You don’t take action. Knowing what to do isn’t enough. To get unstuck, you have to take action. Set small, manageable goals every day and start building on those baby steps.

Here’s the part where I would normally give off a litany of excuses. Having a baby; The holidays; Working; Losing funding for a movie; And on and on. But that’s not the truth. The REAL truth is that I’ve felt paralyzed.

Overwhelmed with the options of things to do. I’ve spent the last several months starting and stopping a million things. Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ. (Colossians 3:22–24) Getting Unstuck.

How do we get unstuck when our joy is fractured? Or better yet, how do we avoid getting stuck in the first place?Small things as daily reminders in terms of micro-goals you can set on your phone, for instance, can have a profound favorable effect on becoming unstuck. Nudging can also help overcome some of these personality traits we talked about—like passiveness or acute proneness to procrastination.

Do you think people who worry a lot about getting cancer are more likely to do self-exams, have their moles mapped or eat a healthy diet? According to research, the opposite is probably true. For example, one study showed that women who were prone to rumination took an average of 39 days longer to seek help after noticing a breast lump.

List of related literature:

Here are some suggestions for what to do next: Keep your brain nimble—Puzzles are always good ways to train your mind to think outside the box.

“Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job” by John Mongan, Noah Suojanen Kindler, Eric Giguère
from Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job
by John Mongan, Noah Suojanen Kindler, Eric Giguère
Wiley, 2011

• The map of OCD that you draw in Step 3 should be complete before you move on to Step 4.

“Talking Back to OCD: The Program That Helps Kids and Teens Say
from Talking Back to OCD: The Program That Helps Kids and Teens Say “No Way” and Parents Say “Way to Go”
by John S. March, Christine M. Benton
Guilford Publications, 2006

The simple answer is to break it down into smaller stages, plan each of these carefully and deal with one thing at a time.

“How to Write Your Undergraduate Dissertation” by Bryan Greetham
from How to Write Your Undergraduate Dissertation
by Bryan Greetham
Red Globe Press, 2019

The key shift in thinking for Choice 3 is to realize that you can never get ahead by just sorting through the gravel faster.

“The 5 Choices: The Path to Extraordinary Productivity” by Kory Kogon, Adam Merrill, Leena Rinne
from The 5 Choices: The Path to Extraordinary Productivity
by Kory Kogon, Adam Merrill, Leena Rinne
Simon & Schuster, 2016

An interesting thing about these obstacles and habits is we all have them!

“Calming Your Anxious Mind: How Mindfulness and Compassion Can Free You from Anxiety, Fear, and Panic” by Jeffrey Brantley
from Calming Your Anxious Mind: How Mindfulness and Compassion Can Free You from Anxiety, Fear, and Panic
by Jeffrey Brantley
New Harbinger Publications, 2007

If you find yourself choosing to do things that seem more pressing than the planned task, perhaps you can plan a time to take on these pressing items that does not interfere with the task you are avoiding.

“The Worry Trap: How to Free Yourself from Worry & Anxiety Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy” by Chad LeJeune
from The Worry Trap: How to Free Yourself from Worry & Anxiety Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
by Chad LeJeune
New Harbinger Publications, 2007

It took me fourteen months to make these lists I have described so far and to feel progress in these areas.

“The Mind of Christ: The Transforming Power of Thinking His Thoughts” by T. W. Hunt
from The Mind of Christ: The Transforming Power of Thinking His Thoughts
by T. W. Hunt
B&H Publishing Group, 1997

Then take some time with each one and consider what steps you can take to minimize the stress each item seems to be activating.

“The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties” by Tess Whitehurst
from The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties
by Tess Whitehurst
Llewellyn Publications, 2013

Next, list the ways you could help control each of the problems on your list.

“The Organic Gardener's Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control: A Complete Problem-Solving Guide to Keeping Your Garden and Yard Healthy Without Chemicals” by Barbara W. Ellis, Fern Marshall Bradley, Helen Atthowe
from The Organic Gardener’s Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control: A Complete Problem-Solving Guide to Keeping Your Garden and Yard Healthy Without Chemicals
by Barbara W. Ellis, Fern Marshall Bradley, Helen Atthowe
Rodale Books, 1996

Step 2 After completing your list, clearly acknowledge to yourself that you are doing these things because you choose to do them, not because you have to.

“Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life: Life-Changing Tools for Healthy Relationships” by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Deepak Chopra
from Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life: Life-Changing Tools for Healthy Relationships
by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Deepak Chopra
PuddleDancer Press, 2015

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  • Wow I’ve had this all my life..not good because I’ve had things stolen at home and work. Kick myself for not being able to stick up for myself. Panic and denial that it happened. Especially because I don’t lie and steal. Not in my nature but people take advantage. Love this video. I watch a lot of videos and no one has brought this up. All makes sense.

  • She’s specifically referring to being busy and disorganised ie disordered thoughts not emotional overload. Most people talking about overwhelm are emotionally flooded not too busy.

  • I don’t have anything to do, I already did everything that i wanted to do during summer, everything is organized and cleaned, i still have 2 weeks before uni starts, i am supposed to be relaxed and happy, instead i am more stressed than ever. I constantly reorganize everything and my anxiety is terrible

  • Ok so I just discovered this is what has been affecting me for a very long time. Problem is, I don’t feel that any words I hear or read will make me turn it off. The object of my fear is currently my job, but the same happened to me in the past when I was in university. This has been affecting me for years. I wonder why literally never, ever any of the multiple therapists I’ve seen have told me about this possibility.

  • Great tips here for dealing with overwhelm. Overwhelm can see us with a massive TTD list and in tears achieving nothing. Practical steps to get moving is just what is needed and I think a workbook is such a great gift to some who need it right now awesome video!

  • Oh my god I was stuck for an hour and tried moving myself around like in this vid, and the instant that I snapped out of it I started crying and couldn’t stop. Then I froze again, and instantly stopped crying, moved myself around, started crying again. What the fuck is wrong with me

  • I love the new look!!! The color grading is ������
    Great inspiring content as usual, and timely as well! I have my first CAT on Saturday after a looong mental health break. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed!

  • ive heard this advice 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times but i still feel so crippled and hopeless and i can try this approach again for the umpteenth time this season but i still wont budge much, ugh what’s wrong with me

  • She is absolutely amazing I love her! A counselor told me years ago how to prevent not being able to sleep because your head is full of stuff,journal everything down before you go to sleep it makes a big difference.

  • You bring me back to life bro when am totally down.
    your videos are so educative and motivation.
    you are great contributing to the well being of this world we are all building together through your wonderful messages.
    can’t miss a single day without watching a video from your channel.
    thanks @THOMAS

  • Thank you so much for this video! My first therapist told me my early childhood sexual abuse was my fault because I froze. I’ve always struggled with it since. This was so helpful to hear and makes so much sense.

  • It’s sort of that mentality I learned running banquets: Hurry up and wait!

    You sprint to get your mis en place ready, you’re ready to fire the entrees for 500 people. The event still has 30 minuets before you can start.

    So you relax. You recheck your notes. Make sure you have everything in place. Take a breather. Crack some jokes.

    Then you plate, you sprint to get the food out as fast as possible then, you can chill a bit

  • Muchelle, I don’t know what you believe in (if anything at all) but I heavily believe in the universe and its pull. You are my favourite Youtuber and your videos always manage to come at the absolute perfect time when they’re needed most. Because of my belief in the universe, I don’t believe in coincidence, I know everything happens when it’s supposed to and for a reason. Thank you for putting this out when you did not just for myself but for so many others. Thank you for always looking out for us and wanting your followers to be their BEST selves and providing solutions to problems.
    Stay amazing, Muchelle. <3

  • I’ll eat sleep and shit. Nothing else on the list will get done. Those bills, that paper, the broken pipe, and the super empty feeling will just never be dealt with. Not my problem that other ppls stuff. #wtf #youSoundSilly

  • Another great video, @muchelleb! Loved the tip about deciding if something needs to be done, needs to be done today, or needs to be done by you at all. The simplest tips are sometimes the most overlooked and most helpful!

  • A lot of my therapy for anxiety has been based on the concept of “just do it”. Sometimes it works, but often I suffer from flashbacks of stressful/traumatic moments and it completely distracts me from what I am trying to do in the moment. My brain shuts down. I get so sleepy and just curl up in bed and disappear for days on end.

  • I found you last week. You’re wonderful. Your videos are helping me with GAD. Your simplicity, short and direct messages are always on point. Also, your down to earth approach is exactly what the doctor ordered.
    Thank you! (Gorgeous baby!!)

  • This happens to me almost daily. I write multiple lists but then I stress about the lists. Will try the highlighter next, good idea ��

  • I go into freeze response when I am in an intimacy situation, due to a rape that happened 30 years ago. No amount of therapy has helped me feel comfortable again in these situations. I have decided to give up on having a partner. Every time, it’s like being raped again.

  • Love this! Thank you from someone who overslept 3 hours accidentally on an admin day �� do you know the app, Forest? I use this when I do the 10-25min room clean/pomo sessions. It’s a timer based app which uses gamification to stop you using your phone with the reward of a tree being planted on the app if you achieve the time period without touching your phone. I’ve been using it for years and love the motivation it provides. �� thanks again for another great video x

  • I try to do “just 2 things”: #1-something necessary (bathing, bills, bed-making, etc.) followed by #2-a reward (art, TV, food). Somehow it’s more motivational for me. ����‍♀️

  • Fantastic idea! It really works:) I started doing that way and the results are very quick. You only got to get started….That’s all. And watch your progress. I recommned that method from the bottom of my heart! Thanks Mel, good job like always 😉

  • Hi Evan,I just saw a Q&A video were you gave the guy some tough love. Just what he needed I”d say. It showed me how authentic you are. Integrity is scarce nowadays. Keep crushing it man!!

  • So I love your channel and I’ve found so many things to be helpful but I feel like I’m only able to implement 25% of what I set out to do due to being a single sahm with no support system whatsoever. (Long story) And it gets me kind of bummed, but more than that, it gets me into this overwhelmed state where I’m literally and figuratively piled up with things to take care of. I just can’t seem to make it over that hump to feel even a bit productive.. because as all moms of multiple kids know, every day is laundry day. The mess makes me so anxious if left out, and I can’t move on to other tasks until I at least start on some of it..

  • I was very ill 18mths ago and nearly died. My family basically didn’t care. It changed me and now I have no interest in people. Everything seems superficial. Would any type of therapy help with this? I’m worried that no one will understand, even a therapist.

  • “And so when you feel overwhelmed, what I know about you is that your brain is full of a bunch of garbage.” ������ well ain’t that the truth.

  • I’ve been walking around in full freeze mode for almost 2 years. No emotion, no joy, no anxiety, just being extremely dissociated from reality and my body, numb to feeling everything. My body feels stuff and locked up. I can’t break free from this and I can’t get help. I try to relax my body, I exercise, I try living life as normal but it never lifts.

  • When I think about forming them into words and putting it onto paper, it automatically doesn’t become that important anymore. I’m like nah it’s garbage. It doesn’t matter and doesn’t need to be listed

  • by looking at your adorable baby I feel good already! she must have been fed well before the video..she could hold still for a while and give her mom a gaze from time to time��

  • I believe I have lived my whole life in freeze ( and fawn) ‘disability’ from child abuse survival mode. I have a lot of grief about my ‘wasted’ life living gripped in fear. I’d love to access this type of therapy and recovery

  • Beautiful, you’re wonderful. Lovin’ your darling mini you!!! She actually is making me smile shes so darn cute. Thats all I need. Thank you!

  • Wow! You have slowed down your speech a little bit. I had a long time without checking out your videos but it feels like I can process more the amazing info you give �� I really enjoyed it

  • Wonderful constant, as always <3
    * Did you change the Camera? or add/remove some filters? Because the Quality of this video is Much /better/ than in previous videos.

  • thank you…essential, basic life hack,…we usually forget about, still great reminder for how much it is important that what ever state of trauma where are in we should allways try, and try, try to keep on taking care of ourselfs, in those times…sometimes maybe it can be minimal of care but it is worth it…but still, i have to say, if haven’t been in the faith, i would never make it up, i could never have strenght to struggle those bettles, in which i am still, that there was no faith in God, in Jesus Christ, in Mother Marry, in all the saints, and angels…We should never forget how actually amazing is this form of existence in this dimension is…the acctuall reason why we are here…our beautiful soul journey…our constant growth, and voyage through different worlds, and universums…it is not easy,in this realm, it is very hard school, but we should never fail in that, we can never fail in that…Great Universe is taking care of us, as much as we are choosing to be in force of light, and love,…we have to be thankful, we should appreciate all of that amazing Life gifts, Life force that is eternal… thank you people,…we can do it,…God bless…

  • I feel exactly the same about calendar blocking, I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work for me unless I have like an exam coming up or something. If I try to use it at any other time, it just makes me more stressed. Thanks for making me feel less weird haha.

  • my biggest freeze is when I have IBS flare,pain traumatizes me SOOOOOO much,never realize how much until a a couple of years ago,had IBS since I was a child,it causes severe anxiety to me and than eventually it caused depression.

  • This is me for like years, decades. Literally gave me muscular tension disphonia (permanently stressed vocal cords impacting my voice)….

  • Gosh I am so sick of this typical American superoptimism “you can do it!” It wears people out more than it helps and causing more frustrations

  • This is sooo true. My brother is a great writer. He does film editing etc. My late mother was a great writer and wrote many poems and she had a plethora of info about her life during her era (30s. 40s. 50s, 60s etc). So brother always get on me about journaling. I”ll start and it works but I struggle with keeping it up.

  • I’ve had such bad anxiety and trauma over an aspiration/choking incident that happened around spring 2018. At first I didn’t eat for almost a day or drink anything, but then that following night I ate.

    It’s not resurfaced though. Its been difficult for me to eat and drink fluids. Sometimes I freeze up while drinking water as one of the responses and I aspirate a little bit. I catch myself having my hands shake as well. When I tell myself that this shouldn’t be happening to me or that it should go away faster it makes it worse.

    When I talk to my self and think of the successes I’ve had it helps a bit. When I think that oh a little water? I’ll wheeze a bit for air sure and then cough it up. It lasts a few seconds. But the trauma comes from the incident in 2018. The person I was with I asked recently how long it lasted for, the spasm with my vocal cords/choking. She said about a minute. To me it lasted about 10 minutes. But it was still serious. I think I’ve given up so much power to this fear that keeps me safe.

    Some things I do now to get through the day knowing I have to face this fear everyday to survive (if I don’t drink water I die):
    Think about successful things I’ve done
    If I get terrified its ok, I walk outside or look outside and try to relax
    I try to take a deep breath and not focus on breathing water but focus on relaxing (If while taking deep breaths I focus on the negative then I gasp for air out of fear while drinking water and it causes issues)
    I try to think of what’s on the other side of the road, like if I’m here and there’s a mountain in the middle, do I focus on what’s on the other side or how steep, and scary the mountain (fear) is?
    I tell myself I am responsible
    I tell myself it was ok to mess up as when I aspirated in 2018 I tried chugging what I thought was a few drops of kombucha left and little did I realize it was a lot actually and I didn’t know what to do so I tried swallowing it but I think in the process breathed a little while gasping and having the rest go down
    I’m also starting to meditate a bit more and focus on other things I’ve read somewhere that a purpose and self determined living helps
    Also reading inspiring quotes
    Gradual exposure even if it means sipping water

    All in all I think for me its been about reclaiming trust in myself and taking power back from fear and its a struggle I don’t know how long will last

  • Your plan and routine videos always interest me. I would like to see more videos addressing those of us that can’t start our day willy nilly on some random schedule that we set. For instance, I have to leave for work every morning at about 6:30. Everything I add before that moves my alarm back 30 minutes. If I were to do all you do, I would have to get up at 3. Also, evenings are often eaten up with time helping the kids with their homework, cooking dinner, leisure time with the family so they remember me when I’m dead…

  • Check yourself for faulty thinking:

    “ I should be able to handle all this right now “ / progress happens little by little

    “ All or nothing thinking » practice big picture + small steps

    “ I must always say yes” learn to say no and prioritize

    Choose the important over the urgent tasks
    Prioritize your tasks so you don’t feel like you have to do everything

    “ Waiting until you feel like it”just get started

  • This is so normal-yet when I would tell people that I could not process information because I was pretty much in panic mode 24/7, they look at me like I’m speaking gibberish.

  • I really really needed this. I’m feeling overwhelmed right now, even to the point of not being able to sleep. I’m definitely going to write down all your suggestions. Even now I feel better knowing I will get everything done ❤��������

  • I’m struggling so much with this right now, I sometimes gag when I’m anxious and whenever that feeling comes I just freeze, out of fear of triggering it. I’m so scared of gagging and it’s so debilitating

  • Love, love, LOVE this video!
    I’ve found a brain dump to be so incredibly useful!
    How would you handle brain dumping and time blocking if you’ve underestimated how much time a particular task may take?

  • “….and you should thank your brain for saving your life”

    it almost ended my life, it happened to kick in during a time i had to defend my family and it was humiliating

  • Yeah, but DONT allow them to get attached to ANY of the trauma. One of the reasons why Western psychology doesn’t suit me. Over the years I saw therapists taking mental disorders out of the DSM-R, which is sick and perverted in and of itself. Feel all the sick shit, even the immoral deprivation which is an unintended consequence of most dysfunctional family systems.

  • Great video!!!:) I’m en entrepreneur too actually in teaching piano:) so I loved your video in different ways! Very helpful video!! Just subscribed!

  • to combat anxiety/feeling overwhelmed: 1) hold a beautiful baby! (wish i could cuddle her myself:) ) or alternatively, 2) pet a dog or cat

  • Interesting that every Thursday I end up watching your videos without subscribing, you just come up all the time when i write random sad things that I feel very late at night. Well not really random. I can’t do my work anymore, i feel a mixture of both fear and extreme sadness, i feel like crying but it just doesn’t happen so I don’t even get that relief. I feel like we live in the dark ages of mental health or maybe my country does I’ve beeen going to therapy for years yet I don’t feel real progress, it ends up being an update of the events in the week and the same all feel good, ineffective words time and time again. And medication never helped me either, Tic Tacs and M&Ms have a far more noticeable effect in my mood than Zoloft or anything else I have been prescribed. honestly I don’t know where I’m going to end up, maybe turning to religion or joining a cult, anything that gives me some peace of mind

  • this is video is very very helpful you saved my life thank you for sharing your knowlegde!!!!!
    wait for an other video soon!!!!!
    i also download your workbook and its amazing!

  • I wanted to sleep in but woke up early because of the overwhelming stress I’m currently feeling. I woke up looking for a video to talk me through these feelings and this helped. Once I watched this I rearranged my day today to be productive and enjoyable as well.

    Thank you.

  • I often freeze in therapy (I’ve been in therapy now for 3 years), but almost every time I freeze, I’m frozen. I can’t move or speak. So How can I pat my legs or stomp my feet if I literally can’t move? Also, Holy shit if someone came into my session I would be a mess for weeks after….Last year at therapy this happened: The door to my therapist’s office is stained glass and one day someone who was waiting in the office for another therapist came right up to the door and started touching it and talking to a therapist about it and I lost my shit….I was in freeze so bad after that and the next few weeks. I was so mad at that person. Thank god I have a good therapist who helped!

  • I just found your channel and cannot stop watching your videos! I just did your free course on Teachable and it was fantastic! What is the difference between that course and the Coping Skills one? I am tempted to pay as you are amazing!:)

  • Writing it down requires energy…
    I am so far beyond being overwhelmed that the effort it takes to get up, walk to the bathroom, dump, walk back…
    Is damn near more than I have.
    It ain’t there.
    There is nothing left.

  • I get that sunday night feeling on and off daily…then it goes away for a week or 2 then comes back. I get paralyzed. Or I try and do housework to make myself feel like im doing something. Its crazy

  • Thank you so much for the video! An video idea that I’d love to watch from you is “how to prevent a burnout”. It would help me a lot!

  • I’ve been practicing this more as a way to recover from several years of being stuck in a deep cycle of anxiety and depression. I tend to procrastinate cleaning my apartment, especially due to my job that wears me out, so this week I broke everything up instead of trying to do a bunch of it at once. I’ve also been working on adjusting my focus so I can learn programming and get out of the aforementioned crappy job, but I keep backsliding a bit there.

  • haven’t gone through the video, but I can tell this came in clutch.

    First week of school, college pressure, deadlines all culminating. I appreciate YouTube recommendations sometimes

  • Just discovered your channel and I just love it. I’m an lpcc here in Ohio and I’ve been thinking of starting a channel for years. I love your demeanor and approach, really making it easy to learn about mental health. Keep up the good work ❤️❤️

  • I really dislike this style of video editing where every breath and pause is a jump cut. It makes me feel even more overwhelmed. Thanks a lot.

  • Habit Theory produces what self-discipline and motivation cannot produce. It turns you into an army of one. I am doing ten times what used to overwhelm me, and it is virtually effortless! And, I am getting so much more done! I paused your video to tell you about this, and let you know I will happily send you my book when I finish it. It should prove most useful to you. Let me know if you want one when I have them printed, hopefully by years end!

  • Cleaning my space is my number 1 way to reduce overwhelm. I can’t think at all when my house (or at least office) is a mess and it’s a quick and very satisfying way to tick the first thing off your list which then makes it easier to move onto the next thing.

  • “If I continually put all my time into my business just because I feel that the force multiplier is there, just because I feel like there’s more opportunity there, I’m going to burn out. I’m going to feel overwhelmed, because the desire for discovery is not going to go away. It’s just going to be kind of stifled, but it’s still going to be there, and it’s still going to cause me stress.”

    There is so much depth and insight here, and I really appreciate you putting these words to this. I’m recovering from a long period of homelessness and housing insecurity, and that comes with a lot of hurdles to overcome with regard to mental health and physical/financial security, and it comes with a ton of guilt because I’m trying to build my own content empire/nonprofit career, and every minute I spend on those is essential but also feels like I should be spending my time wage-earning for immediate survival, and every minute I spend doing anything for self-care (like practicing music, or going to the rec center for a better real shower it even affects me eating enough because I feel compelled to spend less time and money on eating than is reasonable) is also time that carries guilt because I feel like I should be working on building my career or immediate wage-earning. It’s a really intense and tough position to be in, and self-care specifically, feeding that desire for discovery, spending time studying for the CLEP tests I need to take if I’ll ever be able to get back to school, spending time practicing music so I at least don’t lose any more skill than I’ve already lost is one of the first things to fall by the wayside when the guilt and overwhelm take over. But it’s so critical to make that time, otherwise I stop functioning at any-of-the-above at all, and I struggle to defend that reality and act on it appropriately.

    That got more in-depth than I expected and you’ll probably never see it, but thanks for the content you make, because it really affects me deeply. Thanks for creating material that is focused on universal human experiences and never being tone-deaf to the way these things impact poorer classes of people. I really get a lot from your channel and it helps me keep pushing forward through the fire.

  • This was SUCH a great video! It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with all of the multitasking and juggling we all do most of the time! I’m totally with you on not being as productive in a chaotic space. I need to straighten up first! ������

  • I love how Mel is using a pitcher of blue water as an analogy for overwhelm. 3 things I learned from this:

    I.) Empty your mind that is full of garbage (social media, texts, etc)


    III.) HIGHLIGHT 3 most important tasks that may benefit you in the long run

  • EMDR helped me to get over the freeze response but it will still crop up from time to time. I had it sooooo bad. I was practically frozen all the time. I wouldn’t be able to talk or move or even breath sometimes if someone confronted me or sometimes just someone trying to interact with me. I would be screaming at myself in my head but couldn’t even move my eyes to look at the person. it was so frustrating.

  • 1:12am where I am right now… clicked on this because I’m currently overwhelmed by assignment due tomorrow! thank you, your words and your BEAUTIFUL baby made me feel better ❤️

  • Hey Michelle. Could you please make videos about managing finances, budgeting etc.? Also what do you think about the cash envelope system? i love your videos so genuine and valuable ����

  • Wow I did not know I had a freeze response I use fawning behaviour very easily to get out of situations, I didn’t associate that with freezing because I have an easy fight response too, now a lot of things make sense and why I feel trapped sometimes! This is great, thank you for highlighting it Emma. I’m probably overcompensating with fight response and blame, for the times I freeze somewhere else.

  • Hey Michelle can you make a video on how to heal from hurt anger and pain. From people hurting you or past traumas that have caused emotional pain and mental scarring

  • This video came up at the right time. I was so involved in everything that I noticed I was not here. I was somewhere else and I was searching ways to come out of this thing and this video came up at the right time. Thank you so much for this video! Love to you����

  • I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who gets that Sunday depression every week! This video is SO helpful! I’ve spent years in therapy and been to five therapists and I have to say that your videos are more helpful and useful than all the years of therapy that I’ve gone to with the exception of my first therapist in college. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift of knowledge and self help. You are a blessing and I hope the best for you and your baby!!!

  • Another thing I found that helped me is realizing that you can see your rate of working, after working for a little while, and then make decisions on how to best get the work done in the time frame you have. For example, if you have a desdline 2 weeks from now, you work for two days, analyze yourself, how fast you’re getting things done, and adjust, dropping unnecessary assignments or the less important ones. On the other hand, if your response is different and you’re rushing and over working, you can simply slow down to a comfortable pace.

  • Hey girl first, thank you for your content, I love it and its so helpful! Second, how do you edit your videos? If you have an editor can you pass on their info, please. Thank you love!!

  • There is so much more value in your piano time than you probably will ever be able to explain to people who just don’t get it. I believe, “in all labor there is profit.” I also believe in what I call Flat Tire Theory. Developing skill in one area is the development of the ability to develop skills in all areas. Hmmm… Cool, eh?

  • What bothers me is that i know that the garbage is still somewhere in the universe and it seems like the tasks are endless so sometimes i don’t even feel that much better when i finished the 3 important things.

    Any advice?

  • I like your thinking Evan! I agree that your pain and confusion can thrust you into your purpose. Seeking wisdom is more important than gaining the world. I personally recommend you read the bible and the imitation of Christ daily Mr. Carmichael. You have a lot of wisdom than most humans, but I believe if you read those two books your wisdom will increase dramatically.

  • Antidote to overwhelm:

    1) write it all down, do a brain dump or mind map

    2 Break it down into small concrete steps

    3) Prioritize; choose what’s most important and say no to the least important tasks or put them off for later

    4) Do one thing

  • We are still fighting tigers.
    Tigers with guns.
    Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? I have. Many times. “They are supernatural attacks”
    UPENN Professor Emeritus David Hufford…

  • Thank you…you have helped so much. Since I have been following your vids and others, I now have actual words for these things I have experienced.

  • Good evening sir, I’m totally inspired! I began trying to become an online entrepreneur early this year, I bought a program for lead generation and website builds etc, a complete services for small businesses basically. However, I’ve been jumping around a good bit from affiliate marketing, lead gen, smma etc. I’ve yet to gain traction on any of it. Do you have any suggestions on getting out of the learning stage?

  • I m overhelmed in sense that i dont have time for myself and carry all the responsibilities alone and also have to make every decision all alone. I m a single mother of 2 boys, 16 and 4, both in difficult ages. I have no family who supports me in any matter. My Ex husband left us and lives far away in an other country, he doesnt send me any money. I m working part time without having a childcare. Doing this since 4 years all alone. In top of that i suffer from daily pain in the left side of my body. Doctors said its due to stress. I dont know. What i know is that i have Adenomyosis, which causes heavy bleedings and terrible pain every month!!
    How can i manage in this situation to feel more relaxed and take things easier? I m trying, but i m mentaly not strong enough i guess.:(
    Any way, i love watching ur videos, u r a very kind and beautiful person with such a cute baby!! And i like ur voice very much!
    Love from Switzerland

  • I am currently working part time, already starting my post-grad freelance job to figure things out and I am currently writing my bachelor thesis. This video came the moment I needed it

  • Grace is absolutely beautiful �� �� �� thank you so much, this is exactly the advice I need. We got our house decorated over a year ago and I’ve been meaning to get the spare bedrooms pulled together. One is my yoga room the other will be a dressing room, I’ve done 90% of the yoga room, yesterday I did hand wash all the things that needed done, so I only have a little bit to do and the room will be ready. Then I’ll move onto the back room, after that it’s organising makeup, toiletries etc. I appreciate your help and advice so much Emma, thank you xxx

  • I got fired from an internship today after one month of working due to one avoidable mistake, but I am not frustrated; I am optimistic that now I have the opportunity to truly address my weakness and this 7:39 ; the toxic voice where everyday I felt that I need to completely satisfy my employer by being totally immune from committing mistakes. it saddened me that I didn’t have a second chance to make corrections but I am blessed to learn from this experience that was short lived.

  • Under valley

    I am lost. I am unsure of what is the right step or the wrong one and I’ve been feeling like I’m drowning now for a long time. I don’t know who I am or what I want lately. I think I worry too much about everything and that I make certain things seem more important than they really are. Am I going insane? Do I have ocd or is adult life and responsibilities just getting to me? I don’t think I really know for sure. I don’t feel like I will ever be caught up at work so I sometimes work off the clock to make myself feel better but this is in turn eating at my identity and making me feel like I’m some kind of fucking robot with no individuality! I love my girlfriend but I don’t know how to tell her sit down shut the fuck up and let me do what I want to do. I love my friends but I feel like the effort to keep our friendships alive is also getting in the way of what’s next for me. But if what’s next is a hollow life of no friends and only art then why the fuck would I want to sacrifice my friends for that?! I am SO STRESSED!

  • Love this, needed this. Thank you muchelleb. Subbed! Does this really need to be done today? Does this really need to be done by me?

  • Thank you for bringing up the Called Video Stuck in Freezer Response???? Five GOLDEN STARS ����������. High Five ���������� Top of the Class ���������� 10 out of 10 Fantastic Score �������������� ������������������ Thank you ��������

  • This was very VERY informative and i learned more with this than moST videos on HOW anxiety works in the brain and body and just so much your very good with ur explaining of the connection or correlation between mind brain and body movement and function…where do u practice??

  • man you talk to much and your videos are way too long, it feels boooring…..cut down on your video time and you don’t have to explain so much…..your video topics are good but try be on point.

  • I would like to say that both your smile and baby are beautiful in this video… Your talks are sooo good and different from others…. You talk more advanced.. Love from India ��

  • All your videos are amazing but you could make them more effective. Keep them shorter, restrict your personal information (we get lost when you mix your info with the main points) and speak a bit slower with probably more pictures and less videos of you speaking. That will be definitely more impactful.

    Personally, I love your videos but I have found them sounding too much more than required and confusing me with information from your personal life. And you speak too much and too fast

  • I had my very first experience of feeling safe when I was in my mid fifties and staying in a suicide respite centre. The lovely people there changed my life.

  • I practically live in fight-or-flight response throughout the whole day. Knowing that it is possible for me to actively turn it off and be able to deal with it makes my anxiety go away. Also, it is really soothing/relaxing listening to your voice. Thanks for the great help and I’ll be sure to check out your courses. ��

  • What’s up Evan and Team

    Just watched this for a second time.

    I have a great idea for Believe Nation, just wanted to share it. Maybe you already thought of it, but just in case…

    I think it would be awesome to have a Believe App, where you can house all the content and stay connected with everyone easier.

    Imagine if using the Believe App became the daily habit for millions of Believe nation.

    Just wanted to share ��

  • Can you help someone who is going through benzodiazapine withdrawal, which automatically puts the brain in fight or flight. I have been trying to taper off for almost 4 years, but the anxiety is so debilitating that I have to “hold” constantly. I finally tapered off Klonopin, but I still have 3 mg of Valium to taper off and I have been in FFF since corona virus. Thank you so much for your videos!

  • Coronavirus makes me feel overwhelmed. All of this fucking situation, the quarantine, people dying, procrastination… Everything right now.

  • This video would be ideal for my wife, who is a successful self published writer and has too much work each day. My issue is that you are better looking than me. Can you see my issue? Maybe you should hire an ugly dude to do your videos. I’m available.

  • It is my house that is full of stuff, not my brain! I like your analogy though but, being disabled, I have the will but not the energy to sort it all out. However, I am trying to get it all done, albeit very slowly. I am a list writer, crossing off as it is done but it doesn’t seem to get any better.

  • Oh my God finally Found someone who understands what I’m going through this has been a huge relief I thought I was the only person on this planet who had this I didn’t even know what it was called, thanks for this video!

  • I had to watch this video a few times over because I keep being distracted by that sweet baby with the chubby cheeks and forget to listen & pay attention.

  • Love the idea of outsourcing what tasks you can! Not everything on our to do list need to be done by us. Really appreciate your advice to ask ourselves these 3 questions, Muchelle! ��Prioritizing also can be so important. Especially since it’s vital to combat overwhelm in a world that increasingly rushes in on us (especially for us introverts)…

    Side note:
    Why do I find myself doing something proven to be counter to a calm start to the day i.e. on my phone on YouTube at 5am still lying in bed instead of meditating like I planned lol!

  • Thank god I remembered seeing this video of yours, when it was first posted! ��

    I have been feeling super overwhelmed, didn’t know what to do and then it hit me:
    “Hey! Muchelle will help me!” ❤️

  • Oh my! So glad you shared what the therapist next door to violate your space and interrupt your session. Sad that knowledge wasn’t there for that therapist.

  • I get overwhelmed all the time but that’s just me! Part of being Multi Passionate! I have created a process. I have listened to so many of the “overwhelm” experts over the years and their process is so perfect when you are not overwhelmed! Love this idea of becoming a doer!!! I also like to make my day into manageable chunks.. so you are only focused on a few hours ahead! and then I reverse list! Which is I achieve and then I put it on my today list!

  • i’m a med student so technically i gotta study a lot so my problem is I keep feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things i have to do till the point where i end up not doing a thing! I’t really annoying to think about something all day that you can’t make your mind focus to ACTUALLY DO IT!
    i hope you would make a video about it

  • I think one of the most important thing to remember is that overwhelm is a symptom of our HABITS, not our TASKS. If we don’t look at the patterns that led us there (boundaries, routines, bad habits, mindset, everything), we’ll just wind up there again.

  • Any advice for those of us who have diseases and dysfunction of our Central Nervous Systems? I struggle with CRPS Type 1 (sometimes referred to as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) and I find myself permanently locked in freeze mode. I’ve been in freeze mode solidly for about 2 years now. Being wheelchair bound and in pain all the time makes it hard to physically move around, and I find that often enhances the cognitive dissonance and freeze response even more!! Knowing I have an incurable disease just doesn’t let me let go of that response; and the fact that it is a disease of the nervous system means there are legitimate physiological responses happening that I can never have control over, because there is no cure… my disease is the “large, unbeatable threat” that permanently locks me in.

  • this video came to me in perfect timing! I am definitely feeling overwhelmed right now by everything, but am working towards finding peace in it! love the video

  • I’m sorry, but when I’m this overwhelmed with, no joke, 150 customers on my back all day, everyday, especially rather demanding Americans (I’m a yank too so it’s ok!) I can’t just go off and practice the piano! Any helpful tips appreciated! Thanks Xx

  • Humans are not meant to be regulated, controlled, scheduled. If you can’t grasp this basic concept there is no hope. The issue is not being overwhelemed its the system is ruining out lives. We need a social revolution. We need a few billion less people on earth as well. What steps have you taken to lower the population count?

  • It’s extremely comforting to hear this from you, oh maker of beneficial systems… I share a brain with you that is musically oriented, UX designer who runs three businesses. You are not alone and I was literally coming to YouTube to find this video and BOOM… thank you Thomas.. I need a reset sprint badly!

  • well, you appear happy and loved, and it clearly has nothing to do with attractiveness. You are the plainest, worn-looking woman I have seen in a while and yet there you are with a baby on your arm. So someone values you. And it has nothing to do with your face. Interesting.

  • I don’t comment often on YouTube in general, but I feel like saying this, I have been struggling with depression for years, but in the past 2 months it has been harder and harder to focus on my priorities up to the point that I have had suicidal thoughts. And frankly I feel a bit aimless in life now but this video has come at the right time. A crying mess thanks you.

  • Money legal financial health moving within 2 weeks car probables looking fora new job addressing physical and psychiatric problems no support chest pain no love good food that is impossible to afford and prepare then of thousands of dollars in debt. Grieving the loss of my mother. and the list goes on and on. Personally I have had no other choice but to use drugs, People always tell me that they are afraid of being over well med… poor baby… dint wine…. especially if you have support from family loved one. I dint want to here it. Coping skills dint cut it…… I have been given every piece of advice I already know. To not feel overwhelmed, dint worry about bills. If you ant pay them you cant pay. If you dint have thee rent than squat… it will take 6 months to get you out. If you have too much pressure form your kids… then maybe you sold not have had them… In life tear is a consequence for everything… thinking is the key to becoming over whelmed. Even if its not your fault. Do what it takes to survive…. If you have to scam people than do it! fond a way…drug dealing is not acceptable neither is criminal activity. Its understandable if you have to eat and feed your kids…There are assistance programs and many resources that can help. Do not consolidate your debt, that will make things far worsted. Just dint let life get you. Im a perfect example with finance issues I refuse to pay my bills because I because I became disabled. Im on tons of medication….. including paid meds… you got to do what you need to do. Tell creditors that they are making you feel suicidal they will stop harassing you. There is not law that stated you have to pay rent once you establish residency or your bills if you become unemployed or get sick. DO NOT FILE FOR CHAPTER 11. Owning a house is cool but it is overwhelming. Takes 30 years to pay a mortgage… your wife is stealing your money…put her to work… women want equal rights but use excuses to collect your money. Dont get married it is a night are…. Just be a couple dint have kids… the relationship will last forever…, no legal matters…. never trust any one I mean any one… good luck

  • Hello, I just purchased your course but it was $49. In this video you say it is only $9.99 on a particular website, but I can’t understand the name of the site. It sounds like you’re saying “YoutoMe.com. I’m a bit confused. Help!

  • I watch your channel daily. Love from India; God bless you for such a useful channel and for free help to those like me who struggle with anxiety.

  • Thank you but what if i have a task like homework, and it’s taking too much time more than i planed, because there are bugs in the computer or the software isn’t working (and for homework need them)so i need to fix it and it’s take days, and i can’t finish the work! the problem is it’s not only one work, it’s a lot of things, there are a lot of bugs that you can predict, it’s so frustrating and you can’t do nothing in this wasted time

  • I use to feel overwhelmed but I have learned through burnout that nothing is urgent really. I do have a bf that I live with that prioritize all wrong. Such a headache for me and especially for him! I love the video! ❤️

  • I’m so thankful for your videos, I think most of the time when I’m feeling unmotivated it’s so easy to just watch garbage youtube videos over and over again but all it takes is your one little video to pop up into my subscriptions and i’m motivated again and back on track. Thank you so much, I really find your videos help me especially when i’m having a ‘down day’ or feeling overwhelmed with my anxiety.

  • Gosh thank u so much! I have just finished watching your video on motivation an this one and it has been a huuuge help. Really. Ive been literally sitting in my piyamas and procrastinating all day and now I feel I’ll be able to finally do something. THANK YOU!:)))))))

  • What do you do when you don’t feel safe at home or when you start moving your body, you want to punch a hole in the wall or transition to an inappropriate display of anger.

  • Well! This is such a simple hack to utilize when it comes down to emptying mind, unfortunately it’s true that we fill our minds with too many garbage like social media we got so addicted that we feel anxious for not being on it every second we check our phones if someone hits a like or a comment on our post the more dangerous shit about this is that we’ve become programmed like machines!!

  • How do u stop the state of alarm in your body I’ve had childhood abuse then onto a partner I had kids with he modelled daily abuse and taught them to hate me for no reason only I was there mother today I finding it hard to breathe deeply in my chest from the overwhelming damage both my X and.parent did to me what else could I do to heal and not feel so terrified

  • I tell my clients to do this. I have them draw a box, then randomly and quickly write all that’s on their minds. A thought block. A thought dump site. Then I have them go back after a day or so and ‘X’ out all of those things that actually took care of themselves, or are no longer bothering them. It works for releasing the mind.

  • When you are used to freezing you tend to live life going thru the motions. A sibling used to attack me verbally and emotionally. From a young age and long into adulthood. Targeted me among the siblings. Depression squeezed the life out of me and then in my 40s antidepressants which I’m still on, helped immeasurably. I can see how yoga and dancing and swimming could really help. I have a great sense of humor and am verbally clever so that helped me embrace a lighter side. I slept a lot but never succumbed to drugs or alcohol. Had a carb addiction but got a handle on it when I understood emotional eating and faced the reality of narcissistic abuse. I could understand why I was shame based because I had been the family scapegoat. Once I realized that I wasn’t intrinsically bad or wrong It just felt good to have the weight come off and be able to move easier and look better. Didn’t have the money for therapy but I read so much about healing from family trauma. And I stood up to my siblings, got a bit passive aggressive bc I wanted to feel what it was like to turn the tables, owned my past and my truth. I didn’t have the money for therapy but I researched and discussed with friends and watched YouTube on family trauma. I have undertaken my own healing and gained strength thru it. I didn’t go no contact but stood up to bullying. They knew that the bs had to end if they wanted me to stay with the family. They still talk about me behind my back as a “problem child”. I don’t care anymore. I’m a lot stronger than them and I realize the truth of the dysfunction. I wish for everyone going thru this, much love, light and success in finding your way through the pain and frustration to a happier place.

  • Yes. Body work is essential to trauma treatment! I finally figured this out & got into dancing and breath work. And I’m learning self-defense in a few weeks! I have dealt with freeze response for about 13 years. It was hard because no one understood that I physically could not defend myself even thought I wanted to. Of course I wanted to speak up & tell people not to disrespect/mistreat me but I physically couldn’t. My body would lock up, my nervous system would go haywire, I would start to disassociate a little. I appreciate your work. ✨

  • Thank you so much Michelle! Your videos are always so helpful but this was a blessing. I can’t thank you enough, thank you for creating content that just really bloody helps and is relatable.

  • Great video! The things you addressed seemed super doable, and don’t require the doer to be anything more than a human trying new techniques.

  • Wow I feel like I´ve been stuck on freeze mode for about two years now and it started happening gradually for some reason manifesting the most through my eyes. Like my vision l i t e r a l l y goes like blurry and I can tell that people can see that in my eyes and I´ve been wondering why my vision goes blurry like that but it´s like a freeze response because I am unable to think and my body freezes up as well. Thank you for this video, it appeared in the recommendations and I didn´t know anyone actually went into how to get out of freeze response:)

  • Great video! However, I feel like it was geared more towards content creators and less to everyday peeps. I love your stuff, just found this vid hard to relate to.

  • -Use the Eisenhower Matrix
    -Ask for help
    -Avoid distractions
    -Clear your space
    -Screw perfectionism
    -Block enough time to complete your tasks
    -Use the Pareto Principle aka the 80/20 rule

  • This video is so well timed. Work has been busy and school is starting Sunday so just a reminder that I can get through this and having my “hand held” is nice. Like I know/usually do some of this stuff but when you’re overwhelmed it’s hard to remember. Man, there are soooo many of your videos that I’ve saved to rewatch. Never stop!

  • I just wanna say for a second… Thanks so much for making these!
    I am in therapy myself right now (CBT for anxiety), but I WISH MY THERAPIST HAD TOLD ME THESE THINGS. Imean… really.
    Tbh I kinda felt not understood and CONFUSED cause she kept telling me to “asses the thoughts” and then “do the thing”, while I was like “H O W do I DO THE THING when I am more frozen solid than a block of ice?”
    Your approach and explanations feel very to the point, yet thorough, and compassionate.

  • Evan,
    as you said, i want to solve the worlds biggest mission problem
    creating, mentoring, working, … priorities, focusing, 100 or this 1?
    forward, purpose? best for you filter

    I like how you are more open and vibrant in these video
    ideas, to do calendar being for yourself, being for others…

    movie sounds cool of you. Maybe want to…ask Casey Neistat?
    could see you fulfilling with one of the best
    I think one of your better videos
    Thanks for another great video

  • Thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed! I am constantly burning myself out, because I love to learn, but tend to try too many new things at once, while I’m still not well established in the old ones. Balancing my creative hobbies and learning interests and new habits with my responsibilities has been a nightmare! I just finished exams so now I think is the time for a “reset”. Thanks so much, God bless you Dude!

  • I just searched and this popped up. I hated her first sentence but still watched. And gosh you’re right. All that is garbage. I really needed to clear my head. Thank you so much!

  • Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the inspiration! I needed your message last night and you came through once again. Your thang is AWESOME my friend you HELPING a lot of us and I sure do appreciate it! Keep up the work Brother!

  • Hey Thomas, I want to share a quick thought that helped me with saying no to opportunities. I use it as kind of a mantra when new opportunities arise. Opportunities are not like Pokemon, you don’t have to catch them all. Think of them more as fish in a stream. If you don’t catch this one, there will be other fish swimming by soon. Thanks for creating great and down to earth content.

  • I started writing everything down a few months ago and it has helped tremendously! I now have room to think. It’s not uncommon for me to stop in the middle of a conversation and say, let me write that down real quick. Then I can stop worrying about forgetting it and get back to the present moment.
    I tried doing it on my phone but it doesn’t work as well for me, I’m a pen and paper gal.

  • Man, I leave so much money on the table. Whatever is right in front of me is mine. If I have to turn to the left or to the right to get it (off the path of what I do…the one thing I do…the only thing I do), then it was not my money, and I am stealing it. Single Purpose Theory!

  • I generally really like these vids, but this one, less-so. Anyone motivated to watch this is likely currently overwhelmed, and to start off by advising a “Reset Sprint” sounds great, but seems counterintuitive. Most overwhelmed people already know they need to “review their systems” the issue is that they probably don’t have the time and energy to do this you can call it a “sprint” all you like, but even you admit that you need to, “carve out some time,” which, when you’re overwhelmed, is usually in short-supply.

    “Reorganizing one’s life” sounds wonderful, and I’m sure there’s not a person alive who’d argue it isn’t valuable. But is this good advice for someone when they’re overwhelmed?! You expand on what that would entail it includes, “Evaluating all of your systems your file system, your physical living space and your work space, and your task manager.” You describe your own “Reset,” in which you reorganized your to-do system and your Evernote, while evaluating everything you owned to see what you could get rid of. Good grief! I felt anxious just listening to this.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is all great advice just not for someone who’s overwhelmed. Wouldn’t it be better to advise things such as cutting-back on all non-essential commitments, taking a social-media hiatus, committing to extra sleep? Wouldn’t it be better to advise that one temporarily lower one’s standards, such that one can get more done less-perfectly, at least in the short-term?

  • I have had frozen shoulder in both shoulders over a 5 year period. I dislike my job. I work in healthcare and there is so much trauma around me. Very interesting. I need to get out even more so.

  • i suffer from anxiety in various forms and i experience the freeze response a lot, and have been since i was a young teen but I can’t pinpoint the cause to a specific traumatic event. I can think of one but I was experiencing a lot of anxiety before that happened does anxiety have to come from trauma?

  • For a good follow-up to this video, you might want to check out a recent podcast episode I did with my friend Martin on burnout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goQs1SUsN98

    Also, if you want a Never Stop Learning shirt, here ya go: https://collegeinfogeek.com/merch

    Hope you enjoy this one!

  • I feel overwhelmed but it’s just a matter of pruning out the things and people who make me stressed on a daily basis. It’s not even my problem, but I care so much. Well, not anymore! To my future, well self

  • Thank you:) Your videos are motivating in good way.:) It’s unique to find someone who encourages to get things done and self care at the same time.

  • I actually can’t breathe rn and kinda “vented” to my youtube search and imma make a “dumping book” now. After I catch my breath. Somehow. I might cry first.

  • As a licensed therapist I wholeheartedly support what you are saying and doing. I love your videos and have my clients watch them as well. GREAT JOB! WELL DONE!

  • I feel like crying:c
    It’s been overwhelming for so long now and I realized that I wasn’t really noticing until now that it’s bubbling up inside me
    I really can’t go on like this something has to change!
    Maybe feeling overwhelmed isn’t always bad?

  • Please make a video about when and how guys and girls come on to you in your daily life. Stories of this happening to you through out your life.. and the different situations. I know people would love seeing you talk about it.. Right folks??

  • just wanted to say thank you so much for making these videos and helping out myself and I’m sure so many other people, this came at the perfect timing and I feel much more motivated and able to take on the day thanks to you x

  • I feel less overwhelmed just watching this. Thank you!! One tip that helps me too is just taking 5 minutes and just breathe and relax.

  • I’d also add, choose work that allows you to actually clock off for real at the end of your shift and doesn’t follow you home in the forms of a work specific mobile phone! I recently walked away from an industry which would only employ people perm parttime but pushed you to unpaid overtime and expectations constantly! The pay wasn’t even above what they could get away with according to the award, which hasn’t inprpved since 2010.

  • Anyone have extreme feeling of internal waves, like fluid is moving… water or your blood.? I dont even want to move. Tingling more on one side of body, face, arm, leg and internal buzzing, vibration feeling, head tremors??

  • Hi
    i want you to give me an advice on how to communicate or how to deal with people who constantly find your faults and changes their words depending on the occasion.
    How do you deal with people who constantly try to blame you for unnecessary things. And where you cant even ignore them at work.I am really looking forward for your advice @evan.. A

  • I just figured out why I never see your live videos. Its night time here and I decided to drop into youtube for a while and it says you streamed and hour ago. Just felt like sharing my blonde moment