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Video taken from the channel: Nikki Blackketter


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Fun Facts About Nikki: As Told By Her Peers | Vlogmas Day 9

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Video taken from the channel: Nikki Blackketter

Nikki Blackketter Quick Facts Birth Name Michelle Blackketter Birthday February 23, 1992 Sign Pisces Born In Texas Relationship Status Dating Boyfriend Christian Guzman Eye Color Dark Brown Hair Color Blonde Bra Size 32D Height 5 ft 2 inches Weight 112 pounds Body Measurements. Nikki Blackketter was born as Michelle Blackketter on February 23, 1992 in Texas, USA. Besides working out, she loves to travel and spend time with her pet cat and friends. She likes going to the beaches and enjoys playing video games and reading sci-fi novels.

The American fitness model also loves experimenting in the kitchen sometimes. Model and fitness guru who posts workout and modeling advice on her self-titled YouTube channel, which has earned over 750,000 subscribers. She’s also popular on Instagram. Nikki Blackketter Facts Nikki Blackketter has participated in various bikini competitions, grown a massive social media following, and owns a personal training business.

She is also a fitness model and a sponsored athlete. She posts workout and modeling tips on her self-titled YouTube channel, which has earned over 750k subscribers. Nikki Blackketter was born in Houston, Texas US on 23 February 1990, so under the zodiac sign of Pisces and holding American nationality – she is popular for her career of a fitness model, while she is also a YouTuber and an Instagram star. Early life and education.

Nikki Blackketter Facts. Nikki Blackketter has participated in various bikini competitions, grown a massive social media following, and owns a personal training business. She is also a fitness model and a sponsored athlete.

She posts workout and modeling tips on her self-titled YouTube channel, which has earned over 750k subscribers. Nikki Blackketter is a stunning and astonishing American wellness model and an Instagram character situated in Los Angeles California. Let investigate her story, how she rose to distinction, and what she did to accomplish the best body fabricate numerous individuals are imagining about. Table of Contents [ hide] 1 Nikki Blackketter Bio, Age. Nikki Blackketter was born as Michelle Blakketter on 23rd February 1990, in Texas, the United States.

Her birth sign is Pisces. Blackketter belongs to American nationality and holds white ethnicity. However, there is no information about her parents. Nikki was born in Houston, Texas, the United States as Michelle Blackketter and grew up with her family. Currently, she is 26-year-old and her birth sign is Pisces.

2014 Began dating Christian Guzman. Fun Facts About Nikki: As Told By Her Peers | Vlogmas Day 9 Nikki Blackketter 7095 Hollywood Blvd #809 Please subscribe to keep up with the day in the life!! Love yall so much!!


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Here she taught courses on the economic and legal aspects of family life and in 1912 collaborated with Miss Talbot on a book, The Modern Household.

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  • so glad you tagged this in your latest video! I have been watching you for a few years but this must have been just before then haha, crazy to see how much you’ve achieved and changed since xx

  • my name is Nickie, just Nickie, and everyone constantly asks when they meet me if my name is Nicole or Nikita and I’m just like, no. it’s just Nickie. and I spell it so differently than most other Nickie’s that everyone spells it wrong.

  • Awwwwh yeah! The new tomb raider! So sweet of him. Everyone is so sweet in this video. Hope your feeling better after surgery lady!

  • As soon as you mentioned that you hate cockroaches I just lost it because of how many cockroaches Max has killed since you’ve moved into the new house XD

  • Would’ve been cool if Danae spoke for the dogs at the end saying “‘my favorite memory of my Nikki is when she gave me doggy treats”

  • Have you tried the Shout Color Catcher?! You will never need to separate laundry unless delicate again. Do it. Or try it on like two semi liked thing if you don’t believe me ��

  • We are like… The same person. I wanted to be an anthropologist when I was little, I’m getting my bachelors in zoology in two weeks, I’m addicted to travel, and Thailand is my favorite place I’ve been so far. We should be friends lol

  • I used to be the type of girl who was scared of lifting weights, but because of a knee injury I had to cause I wasn’t able to run as much & then very soon after I started rugby which meant I had to build up my muscle mass. I was still doing a lot of cardio & just enough weights to get by but then I managed to fuck up my knee further & my ankle so I had to start taking weights seriously & now I’m obsessed! �� like my friend & I will go to the gym & she uses all the cardio equipment while I’m over at the weights and wouldn’t even touch a treadmill now it’s to painful ��

  • Nikki, I saw a video earlier about a bar in Austin that’s decorated for Christmas year round. Lala’s Christmas Bar. Totally made me think of you! You and Sammy should visit!

  • Aww Now I remember how I found you! it was Kayleigh and matts channel! I remember the video of you and Christian and you were squatting him ��. Hope you and her still keep in touch��! She’s currently bulking right now, I’m so excited to see her lean.

  • Hi Nikki. I just wanted to say that I think you’re a beautiful person, inside and out, and watching your videos and your progress just makes me want to go to the gym and push myself to do more and be better. You’re an absolute inspiration!

  • Your 30’s are a time where you come into your own and truly stop caring what anyone thinks. You just get…. comfortable and you own everything about yourself (assuming you’ve done all the hard work to get there). It’s a beautiful thing.

  • I enjoyed getting to know you better through this video.:) Question: were these millionaires you lived with family friends? It sounds like you just found random millionaires & lived with them.:p Just curious.

  • You’re such a huge inspiration to me, I once also had the idea that lifting was not for girls. Im 16 and have been lifting for about 6 months now and my body has taken such a turn. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and being such a great role model

  • I have been watching your journey and I love you seriously. I am only 23 but I have learned a lot from you as you’ve grown, thank you for sharing

  • I have 2 cats and a dog and I can say with confidence that you are right. Sometimes you just…don’t feel like walking for an hour in the winter when it’s snowing.

  • Ha! I’m 32 and I still feel like I’m in my mid-20’s. Maybe, a bit more confidence, but I don’t feel “old”, even with my gasp 3 kids! Your advice? Spot on, luv. Spot on!

  • Just started watching your videos and I immediately thought you looked like michelle rodriguez and my jaw dropped when you said your name was michelle lol

  • I go by my middle name too! Although there is people that call me by my first name because of the teachers I gave up correcting -_-

  • wooow that is so random but i used to have to best friends. they were german twin sisters and one was named michelle and one was named nicole. they were my best friends from when i was 2 till i was like 13-14. we are not friends anymore lol

  • my first thought when i saw you was, wow you look like michelle rodriguez, fast and furious, then i found out your real name was michelle and i was just like wow,

  • You where my waiter at gramaldi’s a few years ago and you where such a good person, you also used to workout at the same lifetime as me.

  • It was so lovely to meet you yesterday, gorgeous. Thank you for taking the time to speak to me! I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Australia. xx

  • “You wanna show your little cold pads?” “This is cold pads” lmao You crack me up. Sorry you’re in so much pain, Nikki:( Feel better soon<3

  • Where the fuck have I been? Why have I not subscribed to this channel before? BRB while I binge watch all other vlogs from you….

  • This is the sweetest video ever. Nikki you are so loved!! What a cool and caring person you are to have friends who have such sweet things to say about you. And those pups at the end!������get well soon gorgeous!

  • But what about Maaaax?!!!!! Lol, Love that cat & his random background cameos. This is great, I love that you are vlogging during this time. It’s very genuine of you to show all sides of this process. Especially for girls who have gone through this and can relate & for the ones who are unaware of all the things to consider when making the decision to get a boob job. There is up keep and side affects along with the fun side that leads to feeling more positive about ones self. ����

  • OMG you made me laugh so hard for number 11 I probably watched that over and over 28 times! Love you, just wash your F***ING hair hahah

  • Can you give advice on what your favorite bras are? Sports bras and more importantly regular everyday bras? I know that’s personal but for someone with a bigger chest it is a problem that I struggle with quite often in everyday life and especially while working out! Thank you and feel better!! <3

  • Aww thats the sweetest thing ever its so nice to know that everyone around you cares so much about you I know guys can be noobs sometimes me especially having my whole group of friends besides two are all boys but they can be sweet when they wanna be haha get well soon Nikki we all love you xox PS i remember that day with the pants and eatable arrangement you are such a wonderful person Nikki you bring so much happiness into soo many peoples lives

  • Love you Nikki.:) So cool how many opportunities have opened up for you!

    Also lol what is so confusing about triple espresso over ice?

  • 1 million people watched you for fitness reasons. That’s it, fitness reasons Lol. What’s it like to be objectified for money? Your justba lesser version of a pornstar. Hats off to you princess:)

  • Hi nikki I ordered stuff on gym shark two weeks ago and still haven’t gotten a confirmation email saying it’s been dispatched or anything but the money’s been taken out of my account! I need it for Christmas and it takes 10 working days to get here! Any suggestions how I can contact someone and not through the ‘submit a request’ because I’ve tried that and only gotten the automatic response numerous times

  • Girlfriend, this video meant SO much to me. I love how authentic and genuine you are, especially being willing to share that you aren’t always confident. There have been many a time that I step into my new gym and think “Nikki moved to California and walked into numerous gyms like a badass and owned it so you can handle this one.” I hope it brings you confidence and happiness that you reign higher than Beyonce in my head! Love you, Pineapple <3

  • My name is also Nikki!! That’s actually not my real name too! My real name is Jessica but I can so relate on the name thing!! Im 22 years old and recently started lifting weights! you are a HUGE motivation for me!

  • I’ve watched almost every video on Nikki’s channel and am I missing something? What was her surgery? Love you Nikki feel well soon ❤️❤️

  • For the record, I like that you fumble a little bit in the gym. It really helps keep me motivated when I do something embarrassing in the gym like almost break the leg press when I’m trying to adjust it for my height. I spent the first 25 years of my life thinking I would only get fit through hours of cardio, and only started lifting less than a year ago. Thank you for helping me keep coming back to the weights every day even after I royally embarrass myself.

  • So I know your recovering but I’m just saying that I love you so much my fiancé actually started watching you and basically told me that we were so much alike and I had to subscribe. I love your videos. And I’m definitely feeling the recovery thing right now I’m in nursing school, it’s finals weeks and I can’t miss, and I have the flu something fierce. So take comfort that we can suffer together and hopefully heal fast
    Shoutout to Christian what an awesome bf you should probably marry that boy!!

  • I just had mine redone for the 3rd time yesterday! I’m so happy to have your vlogs to distract me from the pain, lol! Happy Vlogmas Nikki, wishing us a quick recovery!

  • Good for you, just a little side note, a week or so off due to removing the appendix is NOT a set back. Keep up with your training!

  • Hey Nikki! It’s Nikki lol hope your recovery goes well! I never really comment on videos BUT just wanna say thanks for inspiring me. I’m going to do my first comp in March and I’m super pumped about it! The reason I had to comment was Tomb Raider lol. Holy sheit it’s unreal I never game and I’m addicted! Hope you enjoy it during your recovery! Much love from Vancouver Canada! -Nikki

  • Nice gym and set up. Looks like it was a hanger before. Everyone else’s comment is about how good she looks which is cool cuz I agree. It’s also a positive video I just like to be different ����

  • It’s a little late, but Happy Birthday! Age doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy and that you are true to yourself! Happy Birthday and Have a Great Year Nikki!!!

  • Been watching and subscribed to Nikki for a while now and I am happy to see how far she has come with her goals. The Nikki Blacketter line is amazing and I cannot wait until I can get my hands on some of the clothing myself.

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  • the freshi detox juice literally makes me gag ahaha i can’t handle it it’s too disgusting! I think it’s because of the celery and ginger taste

  • What is the remix your playing called? I know you aren’t going to be working out at Alphalete anymore, but I took a trip there this last Friday while I was in Houston. So inspiring to be around so many athletic people.

    Keep grinding you will rise up and find yourself!

  • won’t bother…gave up on gymshark AND unsubscribed to nikki and Mariana dvorska…truly don’t get anything out of these two youtubers. I like Whytney Simmons, Grace fit UK or shae lashae but ones that are too self absorbed blahhh I’m done.

  • first time i see this chick, but her eyes and smile are just amazing. what a guy gotta do to get a picture with this rare creature?

  • When your friends have such nice things to say about you, it really shows a lot about the person that you are! You’re amazing for having the energy to continue Vlogmas even after your surgery! Get well soon, Nikki! <333

  • Great video and can’t wait to see how you prepare for Body Power and your upcoming season…keep the motivation coming as you are inspiring a whole generation of women to take care of them.

  • You should put where your outfits are from in the description!! you always have the cutest stuff on & get so many comments asking! (i love those teal leggings!!”

  • I first started following you bc I’m the same height as you, so I aspire to have a fit body like yours over someone’s who is 5’9 bc I just can’t achieve those dimensions ya know? But finding out you’re as big of a HP/GoT fan as me makes me like you even more! I just got an ugly xmas sweater with swords and direwolves that says “winter is coming”:P I hope your recovery is going well!

  • Hey Nikki!

    please make a mention about Aleppo. Keep spreading the word if you pray, please pray!

    Heres a link to donate to Aleppo doctors out there helping victims, and pregnant women birthing.

  • This is an atrocious attempt at stealing Casey Neistat’s style of filming. You even use his music, intro style & entire format of shots

  • Happy Belated Nikki! Love this video! I’m turning 28 next month and I can relate to many things you have said. You have such a beautiful spirit. And You’re such an inspiration <3

  • This was sooo cute. I tell myself most of these all the time and it was making me laugh. Especially when you said seperate laundry. My man seperate all of the clothes constantly and gets at me because I just throw things in by the armfulbut everything else I am the one organizing everything ������

  • I have just looked on your website and i love the first quote you come too “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” i had the exact same quote on my goals board:)
    keep it up

  • miss the longer video’s. Glad your having fun! I miss thewhat I eat in a day videos. How do you get your skin to glow like that?

  • I’m slightly confused….is Gymshark Christians business?
    Also anyone know the song playing while she was working out?

    Ps. Nikki you’re so fab! You being so strong and independent is literally so inspiring.

  • Your 28 life lessons are pearls of wisdom that can help any person at any age. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in such a humble and charming manner!

  • hey nikki, you are so cute and i love that you are so femalish (^ ^?) by doing all this (like heavy weights). because i think you are motivating even more women with this.
    btw i am motivated now:D i really am. thank you and keep going like this:>

  • Love your vlogmas 2016, and thanks for the healthy food ideas! Those tacos look on point (anyone even use on point anymore?) lol

    Yay, Sammy representing UH w/ the zip up jacket!

  • ditto about not ignoring my gut. I always ignore mine and tell myself not to be crazy… Buttttits always right, and I regret ignoring it lol.

  • Okay Nikki I see you with that Fight Song remix, get it! You are so strong and positive on your channel, even though I’m sure you have your days where you don’t feel that way. You’re so humble and you don’t take yourself seriously, and you’re such an inspiration health and fitness wise. We should be friends! Love your channel! Kay bye ��

  • This is my favorite video of all time. I relate to you SO MUCH especially cuz my birthday is February 23 lolol but for real I just loved this. Wow.

  • I’m officially renaming this “28 Reasons Why…”. I love NB and all your stuff and what fantastic perfectly/imperfect role model you are for (especially) younger females.

  • Haven’t watched your videos in about a year or so and wow you have grown so much. I love how real you are with this video. We all can relate. I’m also happy that you have found someone who makes you happy, the last video I watched was when you were sad with Christian. Glad to see you finding happiness!

  • Girl I needed hit his video! I just moved to LA and started a new job and I feel like such a mess and every single thing you said was exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you ����

  • I’m gonna look into the future and say…………… ( Christian has bought you an Xbox one with Rise of the Tomb Raider, shhhh secret. ) and its a great game!

  • “Have to be pretty like you, not pretty like her”.. I absolutely love this. It struck me deep. That is something I have ALWAYS been struggling with. This just really opened my eyes to how I have been looking through my eyes.

  • Hey Nikki I am thinking of getting my boobs done. I’ve had 2 kids so they literally sucked the life out of them for 4 years lol how would you say your recovery was like with your first augmentation to this reconstruction please

  • Not going to lie I giggled a little in this! I’m sorry Nikki I know you were probably in a lot of pain but it was so cute and funny how dopey and sleepy and spaced out you were! Hahaha I hope you have a fast recovery! X.

  • Nikki there was just a bath and body works sale for $8.50 and they had a promo where they came out to $5.50!!!! So basically 5 for the price of one original priced candle:)

  • NIIKKKKII Can you please tell me the name of the promo agencies you were with? I’m new to Houston & really want to get back into it but have no idea where to start:)
    Love your channel, ive been religiously watching every single one from the beginning for about a week now!!

  • It’s even better in your forties. I know you don’t believe me now, but that’s really when you don’t give two *****about what anybody else thinks of you and when you really come into yourself. I’m more confident in every way and I look better now than I ever have (but that takes hard work and attention). Happy birthday.

  • I love lulu lemon!! You’ve inspired me to start my fitness journey all over again but this time I’m going to film it for my vlog channel!! Yay!! ���� so excited!! And my glutes are so soarrrrr right now ��

  • I actually answer ur facts before you say them! well most of them, since i didnt watch this video before! i guess i was having exams or something:O

  • Happy Birthday Nikki!!!  LOVE this video!  You are definitely an inspiration!  Thank you for sharing your awesome life lessons!  Keep doing your thing, girl!  You rock!!!:)

  • In my opinion #9 is the most important and I’m happy you included it. I just lost my mom and grandpa this week (2 separate incidents and I’m 28) and I wish I would’ve told them more how much they mean to me and how much I love them. I’ll never have the chance now and that hurts more than anything else. Most of us assume we will have more time but sometimes we don’t…. �� thnx for the videos Nikki… they’re a great distraction right now.

  • You go to the other side of the world to the most Americanized country in the southern hemisphere. Wow, what an experience. Did you see Kmart and McDonalds… how exotic!

  • It is so amazing to watch this video and see how far you’ve come. I started following you last year. in a year you’ve grown and evolved so much. everything you said you wanted to do you’re doing. congrats. super inspiring.

  • You rock hahaha, I am 37 now and still feel like 25 so don’t worry about getting ‘older’ <3 except for the hangover recovery, that will get worse hahaha

  • I like your haircut. Especially, the face framing. I’m a hairstylist in Mn, so coming from a hairstylist that’s a big compliment.

  • Okay you got me with number 16! Movin on ����‍♀️
    17 ��
    22 You should get in to interior design, you love it & you’re great at it. If I had the money, I would pay you to do my apartment!
    27 is TRUE AF

  • I just finished your latest video and this was the Up Next one, so here I am again. It’s like visiting an old friend you haven’t seen in forever.

  • Nikki* thank you for being who you are and making a difference in my life and other girls life’s aswell!im 13 weeks out for my show but im so unmotivated,its my first show… please help?!

  • sometimes sammie reminds me of sue storm lady… sooooooooooooo Jessica alba, Nikki reminds me of Daenerys or a young sarah connor if yall were ever casted to a movie. RANDOM fact.

  • I have been 28 for a couple months. It’s similar to the rest of them except my life is slightly worse each year. And now I have rather noticeable balding

  • u must post a thumbnail or film with Sammy when she where that blue hoody onesy time 1313 Sammy got it going real good respectfully of course.

  • Those swarms of birds stop at my house every year…lawns are just loud black blobs while they figure out where they’re stopping next it’s crazy

  • I like how she went from telling herself to focus but the next thing she did was grab Maximus hahah. Too much adorableness to handle!! Love you Nikki ❤️

  • it might be time to add one more person to your team personal assistant.Before you start with the I can’t s think of what you would tell a fat person about getting help trying to loose weight (I am assuming you would tell them to get help if they need) By the by really love your channel it’s fun and great job on Vlogmas. Lastly I am really going to steal your editing techniques the one where you jump from place to place in each clip.

  • I love how the Gymshark community come together like a family. No matter where you are, if you notice someone in Gymshark you instantly have that common ground and overall the brand can make stranger into a friend in seconds. The movement is so powerful.

  • I watched like 8 of your videos so far and what got me immediately is when you were watching that movie “Hush” and your facial expressions literally explains all of us girls watching scary movies. �� absolutely love you!❤️����

  • Um, I think you have a slight misunderstanding about white elephant gifts. Hopefully you let your guests know that they were supposed to bring the good shit and not an actual white elephant gift, since going home with “something dumb” is kinda the whole point! Next time call it a secret Santa exchange and try to hide your sad faces when you didn’t get exactly the right gift. This attitude is the reason I stopped participating in the gift exchange at work. It’s just not worth spending money on assholes!

  • Was wondering how this was all going to work with you recovering and on hardcore drugs lol. That was so sweet of CG to help keep you busy:)

  • Your one of those annoying weight dropping attention seeking idiots. If it’s too heavy put on less weight.
    Your not that special. Just train and don’t be so pretentious

  • Hey Nikki; I neverrrrr comment on youtube vids, but I have been watching your channel for awhile now and love your style! I was wondering if you had other youtube channels either you watch and like, or you would suggest to those of us who watch you! You should totally make a vid speaking about some of your favorite youtubers, esp. fitness women! (cause we mortals need that inspooooo, yanno) Thank yew! xo

  • I’m not done with your video but I hope you got the Hot Cocoa candle and the Vanilla Bean Christmas candle. They smell sooooo good!!!! ����