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Mysterio Changed My Life (no, but seriously) || NerdSync

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Why the X-Men Cartoon Theme Song is Even Better Than You Remember || NerdSync

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Why the X-Men Cartoon Theme Song is Even Better Than You Remember || NerdSync

Video taken from the channel: NerdSync


DJ Khaled Wild Thoughts (Official Video) ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller

Video taken from the channel: DJ Khaled


X-Men Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

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Soulja Boy Tell’em Crank That (Soulja Boy) [Official Video]

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Coolio Gangsta’s Paradise (feat. L.V.) [Official Music Video]

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Why Are the X-MEN Hated?? (ft. Philosophy Tube) || Comic Misconceptions || NerdSync

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Stunts From X-Men In Real Life (Parkour, Marvel)

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Nerdy and Different: What X-Men Taught Me About Life By [email protected] • Last Updated: January 18, 2013 • 61 comments This is a guest post from Amy Clover, a good friend who has an amazing story to tell, and is about to start a fantastic adventure. Stan Lee entered my life on a Saturday morning back in the ’80s. Lee’s example taught me that being myself is always the best policy. Different is GOOD. The X-Men stood apart from.

The X-Men franchise is in the same tradition. In draws deliberate parallels between the oppression of mutants and that of other marginalized groups. As long-time X-Men. X-Men Second Coming taught me a lot about new life and what you would do to protect it.

When Kurt saved Hope, which seemed like another death on Hope’s conscience, it sort of spurred her into action. How Stan Lee’s X-Men Were Inspired by Real-Life Civil Rights Heroes. as the first X-Men movie hit theaters. ”It not only made them different, but it was a good metaphor for what was. We are taught that we must find a woman with certain aesthetic qualities, then connect that to our self-worth.

That makes life complicated for two groups: gay men and straight nerds (who claim no. Life is never linear. You can plan your life with great details, but you can’t be sure it will follow through all the time. In fact, life has its own plan for you, and sometimes it may not the same as what you expect. Expectations are obstacles to enjoying what is.

Some of us think that having no expectations in life will make our life dull. I have “dated” different types of guys, and I’ve found my experience with the “nerdy gays” to be more fulfilling. Sure, we all have different needs and wants. But at the end of the day, I like for someone who challenge me, make me laugh, and teach me how to cast elf spells or.

The stunning Oscar winner, who always manages to wow on the red carpet, was anything but glam growing up—and even confessed to some stalker-like tendencies while in high school. “I wore really nerdy glasses and the boys didn’t like me. I had lots of crushes, but I wasn’t in the popular crowd. The best place to start is by stroking across your clitoris in a couple of different patterns (lube can make this feel even better!).

Try diagonally, in a figure-eight, in a circle, up and down.

List of related literature:

As geek culture evolved, those traits also applied to the heroes.

“Geek Heroines: An Encyclopedia of Female Heroes in Popular Culture” by Karen M. Walsh
from Geek Heroines: An Encyclopedia of Female Heroes in Popular Culture
by Karen M. Walsh
ABC-CLIO, 2019

Indeed, the defense of geek culture might be as correlated to expressions of masculinity as any of Spiderman’s heroics: the narratives within geek culture become the narratives geeks use to define their own heroism, sometimes with dangerous results for groups marginalized by those very narratives.

“Toxic Geek Masculinity in Media: Sexism, Trolling, and Identity Policing” by Anastasia Salter, Bridget Blodgett
from Toxic Geek Masculinity in Media: Sexism, Trolling, and Identity Policing
by Anastasia Salter, Bridget Blodgett
Springer International Publishing, 2017

The other thing about geeks is that they tend to exhibit an almost childlike curiosity and playfulness, no matter how old they are.

“Unnatural Selection: Why the Geeks Will Inherit the Earth” by Mark Roeder
from Unnatural Selection: Why the Geeks Will Inherit the Earth
by Mark Roeder
Arcade, 2014

While that aspect is explored, being an adult and being a nerd is something that is ultimately embraced.

“Anime Impact: The Movies and Shows that Changed the World of Japanese Animation” by Chris Stuckmann
from Anime Impact: The Movies and Shows that Changed the World of Japanese Animation
by Chris Stuckmann
Mango Media, 2018

This quote suggests that meeting conditions of plausibility in the representation of nerd identity is important for self-identifying nerd audiences.4 Given the immense popularity of the program, however, it is unlikely that every member of the audience has a similarly strong stake in authentic portrayals of nerdom.

“The Sexy Science of The Big Bang Theory: Essays on Gender in the Series” by Nadine Farghaly, Eden Leone
from The Sexy Science of The Big Bang Theory: Essays on Gender in the Series
by Nadine Farghaly, Eden Leone
McFarland, Incorporated, Publishers, 2015

While geek characters may have to learn to successfully balance their geek identity with their day-to-day lives, they are able to blend the two worlds into a cohesive whole, upsetting the stereotype that geeks must be maladjusted.

“Age of the Geek: Depictions of Nerds and Geeks in Popular Media” by Kathryn E. Lane
from Age of the Geek: Depictions of Nerds and Geeks in Popular Media
by Kathryn E. Lane
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Geeks appear as disembodied minds, which leads to both their strength (““superior” intelligence) and weakness (the inability to maneuver social situations).

“Contemporary African American Literature: The Living Canon” by Lovalerie King, Shirley Moody-Turner, Darryl Dickson-Carr, Eve Dunbar, Kristina Graaff, Carmen L. Phelps, James Braxton Peterson, LaMonda Horton-Stallings, Trudier Harris, Howard Rambsy, Dana A. Williams, Greg Carr, Alice Randall, David F. Green, Jr., Mat Johnson, Evie Shockley, Pia Deas, Richard Schur, Maryemma Graham, Martha Southgate, Alexander Weheliye
from Contemporary African American Literature: The Living Canon
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By 1963 the X-Men, a group of teen-age mutants, under the guidance of the genial Professor Xavier, began posing radical political and moral questions about the national consensus in America, and they have continued their provocative questioning into the twenty-first century.

“Why Fairy Tales Stick: The Evolution and Relevance of a Genre” by Jack Zipes, Reviewer Series Editor Jack Zipes
from Why Fairy Tales Stick: The Evolution and Relevance of a Genre
by Jack Zipes, Reviewer Series Editor Jack Zipes
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The main emphasis in most nerd films of the ’80s was on transformation, on changing from someone who is smart and physically awkward to someone who is merely clever but popular and sophisticated, and this emphasis became more complicated in the ’90s.

“Generation Multiplex: The Image of Youth in Contemporary American Cinema” by Timothy Shary, David Considine
from Generation Multiplex: The Image of Youth in Contemporary American Cinema
by Timothy Shary, David Considine
University of Texas Press, 2009

Put another way by Marvel editor Roger Stern, the X-Men were—like many of their devoted adolescent readers who weren’t the most popular kids in school—social outsiders who sought to remove themselves from scorn and ridicule by associating with people just like themselves (Cooke 28).

“American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1980s” by Keith Dallas, Jason Sacks, Jim Beard, Dave Dykema, Paul Brian McCoy
from American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1980s
by Keith Dallas, Jason Sacks, et. al.
TwoMorrows Publishing, 2013

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  • They see heroes like Captain America and Iron Man as the product of human ingenuity. Thor is a divine being. The FF we’re a cosmic accident brought on by human ingenuity, but they came out publicly. But all of these are a one off and not the end of humanity.

    For the most part, the X-Men and mutants in general are an offshoot of humanity. Even Xavier who preaches peaceful coexistence says this offshoot eventual replaces humanity. Knowing your species is doomed, whether it is by peaceful decline or by violent upheaval, scares Marvel humans that they view mutants as the end of humanity. Any species would try to prevent its own extinction, so mutants hide (probably to protect themselves) which adds to human fears that they’re lurking among be us like communists or terrorists. The mutants that do come public are usually hell bent on using their abilities for selfish purposes or to lead mutants to the top of the food chain like Magneto. This is why X-Men and mutants are feared and the heroes like Iron Man and Cap are loved.

  • Magneto is always right. Cyclops turned more aggressive and rebel leader, and even Xavier sees that coexisting is possible, but by force, by becoming a nation, with the current Krakoa series. In the end, Magneto is right

  • Humans probably hate Mutants cause some of them are WMD’s. Magneto can control all metal, Professor X and Jean grey can read and control minds, Cyclops can shoot concussive blasts, Kitty can phase through solid objects, and Wolverine can’t die. While some of these mutants are good, mutants can come from anyone, terrorists, serial killers, rapists could have mutant abilities, so humans link all of them to one group.

  • That reset button thing stopped me for years. I don’t find out the answer for almost a decade. I managed to do it one time with the controller reset function. Didn’t even realize, so I thought it was a hit at one specific place, making sure to avoid the reset command.

    Ugh. I played the Sega X-Men for so long.

  • Well it’s not like other heros don’t have there haters, Spider-Man being the biggest factor of this, however I think mutants are hated specifically because people tend to fear what is diffident.

  • What about the Evolutionaries? In the two-parter “X-Men: First to Last” they were a bunch of super apes who emerged millions of years ago when the first humans were born. They killed the ape-like beings that were going to kill them. They existed for countless years, watching over humanity and eliminating threats. Then mutants came along and the Evolutionaries shifted their focus. They decided it was time for mankind and the Neo to perish, seeing as they were a threat to the next rung in the evoluntionary ladder-mutantkind. While the Evoluntionaries stated that they wanted to be loved, their genocidal tactics prompted immediate retaliation. Could they have played a role in the humans vs. mutant battlefield?

  • It’s funny my first Spiderman Game i’ve ever played was Spiderman friend or foe and guess who was the Main Villain of the Game it was Mysterio so he changed my life too and tomorow after all these years i will finally get Mysterio as a Lego figure as a Birthday gift

  • Mutants can have god like powers, Overpowered Telekinesis. They can just rip and tear everything apart, take memories, and control people from miles away. And there are many mutants with these types of powers Aka Legion and Jean Gray.

    I dont want to walk down the street then all of a sudden I just explode and my guts and blood is everywhere along with other people all because a little kid nearby had unlocked his mutant ability and its to dismantle anything in a 10 mile radius. Or be controlled by someone like Professor X. Or get warped into a different apocalyptic reality all because someone has reality powers or something. It would be terrible. I would be scared to live in a world with mutants. And there are millions and no telling how powerful most can be.

  • There’s a Wolverine game for the gameboy advance (Wolverine’s Revenge or something like that I think?) that had retractable claws. He did more damage with them out but when they were retracted he’d heal slowly over time.

  • They’re hated because their movies are clearly made just for money, not for professional and consistent writing. Its that simple, no need for philosophy to see that.

  • I literally just listened to Rid Stewart’s “Crazy About Her” which literally has the main riff in it. It was released in 89, X-Men was released in 1992…

  • I ask you all a question, would you take your kids to school knowing that the kid sitting next to your kid has the ability to explode like a nuke and his power are control based of his emotions.

  • I want to see Jake G return as an alternative universe Mysterio, one that is a genuinely good guy, but we can all dream. (I’m not going to bother spelling out his name.)

  • I’ve never heard of the failed pilot from the 80s but right off the bat the animation itself in the opening seems much better. That song tho…

  • I am new to comics and was also confused by this because basically…

    Thor: Okay
    Storm: Not okay

    Their powers are very similar and Thor is way deadlier than Storm and is an actual god.

  • This was so classic, Disney/Marvel didn’t miss the chance to use the same scene in Captain America Civil War, but with the Avengers instead. Anyone who watched the classic cartoon caught the reference. Even Captain America himself.

  • @ 4:04 I guess if you can’t visualize the modern MCU universe than the early 90’s X Men one off was bad to you. It was too adult and too accurate. Some of that Disney Ducktale saturday morning cartoon magic is required for people with limited minds who see superhero and think of colorful spandex.

    Fist of the Northstar had dropped and had changed western cartoons. But it was waaaayyy too earlier for that kind of stuff.
    But for visionaries it was glorious and a precursor to marvel MCU.

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  • If you think about it Nick is better than the actors because they have gear and props and special effects but Nick does this stuff in the gym with mats and trampolines

  • I love Ron Wasserman. I found a file of his stab at an Avengers theme song he made for Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It wasn’t chosen but it’s amazing and back when I had an iPod, it was my most listened to song

  • So its ok for superheroes to destroy a city, but not mutants. Its the same mentality that cops seem to have a black kid with a cellphone gets shot 20 times in the back but not a white kid in the same circumstances. Fear ramped up by innate prejudice results in these inequities. Evil can present a beautiful face, yet possess the most corrupt heart. Humans are wired by their culture and to some extent by nature to react positively to someone who meets those cultural standards. Someone who is physically beautiful is given a higher salary, more opportunities, better odds for a wealthy mate etc etc. Intelligence, skill and talent, while valued to some extent aren’t as rewarded as physical beauty. This innate prejudice would be applied to mutants even moreso than nonmutants.

  • Have you considered that humans are just born hateful? This sounds harsh, but the reality is that “because of one man [Adam] sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:” (Romans 5:12) People will come up with any and every reason to hate and oppress their fellow people. To say the evolution programmed us to think that way is a cop-out.
    Yes, we are born that way, but God provided a way to rescue us from the hate and give us a new nature. Jesus came to us as a human to live the life we could never live, and then sacrifice himself in our place. When we believe what Jesus did for us and accept His free offer of mercy, we should be compelled to love others, for God loved us first (Ephesians 5:2).

  • The X-Men were created to appeal to young gays, blacks and Jews. At the time those groups were discriminated against rather heavily. Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America aren’t the next steps in human evolution. Humans are scared what happened the last time a new species evolved. Humans wiped out the previous stage of human evolution and fear that mutants want to do the same to humans.

  • That’s the weirdest thing for me. Mutants are descended from “normal” humans, therefore humans can’t go extinct because mutants are just children of humans so if they thrive, mankind thrives. They didn’t “arrive” from anywhere. But then super bacteria.

  • This theme and the original thunder cats theme are the 2 most exciting and iconic opening theme songs/animations for cartoons ever put together. Loved both of them equally!

  • First of all, don’t write it for kids, write as if its for adults. And if you’re write for adults you have to make it simpler ’cause kids are really smart.Its so true. Now we know why all shows today are dumb down, Its more easy to make baby talk shows with virtue signaling against ” the evil patriarchy”, insted of treating the viewers like a equals.

  • What about Thor? While he is a god and not a mutant, the fact still stands that he was born with his powers and didn’t acquire them later like the rest of the avengers. Lacking the explanation of an experiment etc. surely he should be viewed with the same fear and suspicion as the mutants, especially since he is very powerful?

  • X-Men is so DEEP to me. Its so Deep… RIP George Floyd. Xavier= MLK Magneto= Malcolm X. I want to do things the right way, but man look, Im not a 2nd class citizen, I will get my respect BY ANY MEANS. This hit so close to home. One Love…

  • I don’t think I ever played this one… I did play Wolverine the Sega X-men and the game gear one kinda glad I never played this one

  • do you hate gifted people who are extremely clever? They are basically mutants in real world. They have biological advantages, but through training in a suitable way, you can surpass them.

  • “they are abomination, they disgrace gods image” or “it is a disease and it can be cured” are two sentences that i hear way too often in real world as well. and the reason i hate religious people. religion can never bring peace. as long as there are religions there also will be discrimination.

  • This was so classic, Disney/Marvel didn’t miss the chance to use the same scene in Captain America Civil War, but with the Avengers instead. Anyone who watched the classic cartoon caught the reference. Even Captain America himself.

  • people are afraid of what they don`t understand. if they understood how a mutants powers worked they would fear them less and even like them.

  • Hi Scott. I was one of the people who worked on the Spider-Man 2 game. It’s great to hear how much you liked it. I can assure you that the people who made the Mysterio scene loved making it just as much as you loved playing it. I’ll pass your video along to some of them, I know they’ll appreciate it.

  • Realistically, I would be afraid of the Inhumans than Mutants! The Inhumans were experimented on BY A WHOLE ALIEN RACE (SKRULLS?!?!) and I would just assume they would be desensitized and thinking humans are the enemies.I really feel bad for the mutants and I don’t give a damn Scarlet Witch manipulates probability with chaos magic and can reality warp( NEWS FLASH: she was possessed by a demon and got her reality warping abilities from that).But Matthew Malloy And Richard Franklin can do that shit too! Mutants Rule!!!

  • That Sublime thing was the most stupid explanation I’ve read for something in a long time. Thanks a lot, comics. I prefer you guys’ explanations for the hatred against mutants.

  • This theme song is a rip off of an 80s, campy, Hungarian police cop show’s, Linda, theme song. Sorry all. It aired long before this cartoon.
    Go to 28 second.

  • I am writing this comment so honestly,this songs lyrics can be 4 season of a drama series. It doesn’t a full of only curse or swearing or crime. This is so obvious a life of gangster and what does he feels. But now, ”I aM tHE KınG OF ThE DiSs ”maybe ı dont know very well. Maybe i had wrong but,this songs everything awesome…And the %75 of 1980-1990 songs i think.
    (Please dont take it serious, i am saying my thoughts) And maybe my english is bad:D,i am sorry.

  • People hate mutants simply because mutants are unpredictable and powerful to the point of being gods among men, and people would not feel safe standing near someone that can eradicate everyone he/she knows and loves without effort

  • I don’t get it. If one of my friends came to me saying that his fingernails grow 6 inches and indestructible I’d be like“woah…(maybe a nervous chuckle) neat dude.”

  • is anyone else just completely enraged by what they did to those vfx artists? like that’s so disrespectful? i would have absolutely thrown hands. wtf.

  • I always thought the reason was quite simple, the X-Men are outlaws whereas the Avengers are semi-Government Agents (heavily connected to SHIELD) and the Fantastic four are celebrities (it’s plausible they were already famous pre-powers as they were Astronauts).

  • I always thought mutants would have had a more complicated relationship with non-mutants. That non-mutants would be, at once, intimidated and jealous/awed of mutants, all culminating in hate, which is a very normal reaction most people have towards privileged people. That and what you mentioned. Meh, people are complicated and I can’t blame Marvel for putting most of the non-mutants in a box especially since it’s the driving force behind the entire franchise.

  • That certainly couldn’t happen. Mutants would be nice to humans. Mutants certainly aren’t oppressive. coughcoughHouseOfMcoughcough

  • They are hated because they are different than the human race us humans fear them and muntants like magneto isn’t helping it’s making things worse he make it look like all muntants are evil and that is why the human hate muntants and because there racists

  • Why can Wolverine’s claw be out all the time?
    Frankly, if I am given what Wolverine has, ill be switching my claw in an out all the time cause it looks cool doing it.

  • I think it’s that mutant characters, like Deadpool and Wolverine, fail to rise above their circumstances, the way all the Marvel action heroes do. In other words, the most popular heroes are the ones who exhibit agency, rise above victimhood, and pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Mutants tend to be more realistically continually subjugated by oppressive forces and are therefore not seen as as heroic. Iron Man overcomes being held hostage in a cave by terrorists in the first IM movie, for example. It’s his own ingenuity that helps him overcome that obstacle. The heroes people like the most are the ones that are the least marginalized, the least oppressed, the least misunderstood, that have the greatest degree of agency, power to take action in their lives. Not to say Deadpool, Wolverine, other mutants don’t have their own fans, but they’re not as commercially successful. That’s why people would, as a whole, rather see a bad Wonder Woman film over a good mutant film. Wonder Woman defeats sexism and war, she is not subject to oppressive forces. Mutants lack institutional power. People (again, generally speaking) prefer to get an escapist power fantasy than to face the reality of systemic oppression.

  • I feel like a mutant can avoid discrimination by lying about their origin story depending on their physiology. If a mutant looks human enough, they can literally just say they got their powers from a lab accident and boom! A mutant avoids oppression.

  • That Sublime explanation seems rather insane. If this Sublime can and does encode itself onto the DNA of all life on Earth, then what does it matter if a small subsection of Earth life become immune? Humans don’t exactly make up the majority of life on Earth by any measure. Plus, shouldn’t it be more threatened by the alien species in the Marvel universe? Then again, it takes a certain degree of insanity to be a villain nine times out of ten.

    Of course, the real reason for the irrational hatred is that the X-Men weren’t originally meant to exist in a world with other superheroes, but got shuffled into the shared universe along with one of their core conflicts despite how it doesn’t make sense and now they’re stuck with it because changing it would drastically alter the identity of the X-Men.

  • I’m not going to lie I used to love this X-Men game and the Wolverine game on NES. They aged worse than sour milk left in the hot sun though. Lol

  • WW3 is ahead, USA and EU fall, antichrist emerges into war as the peacemaker and he is someone from the east. Do not take the chip(mark of the beast) for it will mean hell if taken(and not in the ‘state of Grace when taken). Gods chastisements(weather, nature,..) will escalate(mild form is seen as climate change) and we can repent only while alive. There will be a personal experience: ”cross will appear in the red sky/two comets will collide +supernatural earthquake will be felt” Gods proof of His existence and a chance to save our souls prior Second Coming. Seal of the Living God is a prayer contained in the Book of Truth…This is in short what Book of Truth is about..take care and have a nice day. Hope you will read this. Jesus is coming.
    The Archangel Gabriel said to Daniel (Daniel 10:21):

    “But first I will tell you what is written in the Book of Truth.”

    At the end he said: (Daniel 12:9):

    “Go now, Daniel, because the words are rolled up and sealed until the Time of the End.”

  • Great video,I never put all that sublime stuff together myself,I would say a lot of people are just pissed they dont have cool powers and look great in spandex.

  • You do realise X-men and The Avengers are not in the same universeThe Avengers are in a totally different universe called the MCU.

  • heh…. your anecdote from elementary school reminds me of a Cracked Magazine spoof; Ex-Men (they were all post-op trans women) Wolverine was dolling up his blades with nail polish lol

  • Why were Muhammad Ali, Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, and others famous while the USA had segregation? Why are Ellen Degeneres, Freddy Mercury, Elton John, George Michael, and others beloved, while LGBT people are routinely discriminated against? Because in real life, bigotry doesn’t make sense.

  • LJN also did 3rd X-Men game for SNES and SEGA called Wolverine: Adamantium Rage, however there was an SNES X-Men game called Mutant Apocalypse by Capcom.