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Nerd Fitness Academy! Loud Noises! By Steve Kamb • Last Updated: December 2, 2013 • 119 comments.

The Nerd Fitness Academy. Class will soon be in session. Back in October, we launched a beta version of the Nerd Fitness Academy with our first course: Women’s Fitness 101. In that first week, over 1400 rebel women enrolled, and we’ve.

Look, it’s a real life tribe of Nerd Fitness Rebels out in the wild down in Texas: Wicked Pixie (owner of the first Nerd Fitness tattoo), BigM, Page, Robin (Hammi!), Devyn and Rachael! Congrats to those that ran (including 50by25, not pictured) and a huge THANK YOU to those that came out just to cheer them on!Plus, it looks like a freaking Nerd Fitness rebel gear catalogue photo!Nerd Fitness: A fitness website for nerds and average Joes.

Helping you lose weight, get stronger, live better. Nerd Fitness Prime is now officially here. The whole experience harnesses: The proven successes from our self-paced online courses (over 50,000+ customers). Support from the most accepting and passionate fitness community on the internet. Expertise of 15+ professional Team NF coaches.

Daily live-streamed workouts and community challenges. Nerd Fitness. The Next 5 Week Challenge Starts Sunday, August 2nd and ends Saturday, September 5th.

This challenge continues to see the world facing an unprecedented crisis. I love NFA. It was the first program that helped me change my habits long term and kept me going to the gym. I lost 45 lbs. in my first 6 months and it wasn’t a struggle.

It was actually fun. The stuff I do now is a continuation of the academy, and I revisit when I need a kick. For my Master’s in UX Design, I’m looking into our favorite fitness site, Nerd Fitness, to see how users interact with the various content and premium features. Help me out by filling out this quick survey and let me know (via the survey) if you’d be willing to be interviewed (30 minutes max) via webcam about your Nerd Fitness experience!After I got home I signed up for the Nerd Fitness Academy which I was planning to do later after I had finished the tutorial level, but I needed to do it right then because the first day of Spring is going to be a memorable day for me for the rest of my life and I wanted Nerd Fitness to be a part of the experience (the positive, hopeful part.

TL;DR: If you’re a real beginner looking for a complete package that covers philosophy, nutrition and workout, the Academy is a good start. If you already know a little bit about fitness and are just looking for a program, there’s a lot of other options that are free.

List of related literature:

Typically, the empty space in halls and gyms will make your voice echo, while a crowded classroom can muffle the sound.

“Getting the Buggers to Behave” by Sue Cowley
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I think it’s because the ceiling in this gymnasium is a bit lower, or maybe there’s something else about the acoustics, because it’s certainly not that this school has more people yelling.

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The sounds they made in the gym echoed louder, and the hallways seemed twice as wide when empty.

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Planet Fitness has even gone as far as installing “Lunk Alarms” in its gyms—a siren that sounds when someone grunts too loudly or drops or clanks weights.

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Some health and fitness spaces, such as group exercise studios and the fitness floor, will naturally have higher decibel levels, while spaces such as the mind–body studio or the massage room generally have much lower decibel levels.

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I didn’t like loud noises and avoided the gym.

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Because some overt physical activity and noise are normally generated by fitness and aerobics classes, the Fitness Club’s classes are not unreasonably noisy or offensive.

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For example, a noisy gymnasium where loud activities typically take place is not ideally located must remain adjacent focused to classrooms in order where to complete students tasks. and 40 instructors A better location for the gymnasium may be adjacent to a music room or cafeteria.

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It’s much quieter in the weight room than in the gymnasium.

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The gym was crowded to capacity, and the volume of noise made it impossible to hear.

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  • Nice warm up, but I would not recommend starting out with hard jump ropes. In a warm up (especially for desk workers), you want to go from slow/easy to hard/fast. A better order would be bodyweight squats first (or possibly foam rolling), then easy jumping jacks, planks, and then your stuff…ending with jumping rope.

  • I fractured my wrist a few years ago and haven’t been able to do push ups and got tendinitis a year ago. I’m wondering if these exercises would help. I’ve just been told by others to do knuckle push ups, but I’m not sure:(

  • Grip strength saved my life once. When I first started working out I didn’t even have enough grip strength to pull down a lat bar. I had to have a friend pull it down for me. Four years of training later on my job a miscommunication ends up with me hanging off the side of a hot air balloon with just my hands to hold me. If I hadn’t trained my grip I might have let go and fallen. So yay grip strength!

  • Need some work on form/technique on the hip rotations, leg swings, lateral leg swings, and push-ups. Not respecting proper function of the lumbar spine under force. Happy to help if anyone needs some tips on how to do these without hurting your low back.

  • This is really odd. Much of it is the same and the beginner workout.
    Doesn’t make sense to warm up for the workout with the workout.

  • I like this workout because that’s what it actually is. It is too intense and long for a warm-up, and it doesn’t address gradual warming-up. And although the exercises themselves are OK, the execution is visibly not the best. It would also help in future videos to perform them in real time, with some narration where posture and execution tips could be included.

  • These leg swings legit gave me a back strain immediately.

    Then I watched other video tutorials on leg swings and they all do it at around half the speed and height than the ones in this video.

    +Nerd Fitness Please take responsibility for actually teaching the correct form when making a video about warm-up exercises… I wonder how many people got injuries from copying how it’s done in the video.

  • Frack me! Talk about rough!

    Squats were far too quick.
    Lunges were far too quick plus you had a seriously bad twist at 55 seconds that could have torn your side flexors. Balance and control dude, balance and control.
    Hip extensions Far too fast. Push through the heels, not the whole foot. Lift your toes if you have to. Half the speed.
    Leg swings like that = torn quads. Don’t! They hurt!! This really needs to be half that speed and half that height. This is a warm up!
    Similarly the side leg swings are totally unecessary, do not aid warming but is actually straining your lumbar spine far too much and far too quickly especially with that twist on your left side.
    Do side leg lifts instead and get a free glute workout too.

  • Sounds good thanks for the video. My hands and wrists have weakened over time due to injury and lack of training, and want to get them strong again. This helps a lot.

  • No, warming up is not a misconception. It is proven to be beneficial.

    If done correctly, warming up will reduce the risk of injury. Enhanced risk of cramps may be possible if the warm ups are done incorrectly. I’m just sayin’ if I planned to lift a massive barbell, I’d damn well do some lighter weights first to help circulation and ready the muscles.

  • The new me will keep a clean fridge stocked with fresh food. So much easier to eat healthier when there’s not a lab experiment lurking at the back of the shelf!