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The 8 Best Habit Tracking Apps in 2019

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Pikachu ‘Agility & Speed’ Bodyweight Cardio Workout | 30 Day Challenge Day 1 | Pokémon Themed

Video taken from the channel: Kat Musni Fitness



Video taken from the channel: Cobra Fitness


Burpees for Beginners: 30-Day Challenge

Video taken from the channel: LivestrongWoman


10 Min Beginner Jump Rope Workout

Video taken from the channel: Jump Rope Dudes


The Nerd Fitness ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Video taken from the channel: Nerd Fitness


Learn a Language Without Leaving the Country (w/ Aussie English)

Video taken from the channel: Days of French ‘n’ Swedish

Today also marks the first day of the 4th NF 28-Day Challenge. I’m in. Are you? 28-Day Challenge #4. If you’re new-ish to Nerd Fitness, every month we have a new challenge on the Nerd Fitness message boards, where you make a pledge to do three things to the best of your ability that will level up your life.

Whether it’s lose 5 pounds, give up soda, stop smoking, bench press 150 pounds 6. Nerd Fitness: A fitness website for nerds and average Joes. Helping you lose weight, get stronger, live better. Let’s jump right in!

Important Note: We are currently hosting a Chin-Up Challenge on September 12th, 202. Nerd Fitness: A fitness website for nerds and average Joes. Helping you lose weight, get stronger, live better.

Let’s jump right in! How to Workout With Your Kids (Video Tutorial) Quite a few of our Nerd Fitness Coaches are parents, so they know firsthand how challenging it can be to train while you have a three-year-old running around in the background. Nerd Fitness Prime contains at-home exercise routines, live-streamed workouts with NF Coaches, a supportive online community, group challenges, and much more! Learn more about Nerd Fitness Prime!

3) Join the Rebellion!Welcome to the Nerd Fitness Flexibility Benchmark Challenge! We’ve created this challenge to give you a clear, measurable starting point for a variety of common stretches.

This will serve as your baseline to show progress as you embark on your journey to become a more fit and flexible nerd!For example, here’s 4 of my workouts involving the overhead press: Workout 1: 5/5/5 x 95 lbs. Workout 2: 6/5/5 x 95 lbs. Workout 3: 6/6/5 x 95 lbs.

Workout 4: 6/6/6 x 95 lbs. Each week, I just added ONE additional rep to my workout. Then, in Workout 5 and 6, the process reset itself, but at a higher weight: Workout 5: 5/5/5 x 100 lbs. Last night, my friend and mentor Mike Rickett was in town to teach some personal trainer certification classes, and asked if I’d be interested in working out with him while he’s in town. Mike is the guy I go to with all of my fitness questions.

He has trained everybody from high school athletes to world-class Olympians, so I knew I was in for something that would kick my ass. The Next 5 Week Challenge Starts Sunday, August 2nd and ends Saturday, September 5th. This challenge continues to see the world facing an unprecedented crisis. Many of us have to socially distance, which makes our connections here all the more important.

You can find the current challenge subforum here and Rules/FAQ here. Day 3 4/8= A. Didn’t sleep great last night, but I absolutely crushed my other two goals. Ate enough great food, recorded all meals, and I had a great workout. Food has been tracked over on DailyBurn.

Weight 167 (up 3 pounds so far, up 8 pounds since starting these 28 day challenges). Workout Tonight. Dynamic Warm up.

List of related literature:

22 23 Do your favorite fitness challenge.

“Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children” by Robert P. Pangrazi, Aaron Beighle
from Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children
by Robert P. Pangrazi, Aaron Beighle
Human Kinetics, 2019

Challenges are fantastic because they really motivate me to get out of bed and do my exercise.

“A Social Strategy: How We Profit from Social Media” by Mikolaj Jan Piskorski
from A Social Strategy: How We Profit from Social Media
by Mikolaj Jan Piskorski
Princeton University Press, 2016

A similar challenge is Workweek Hustle, where you and up to nine Fitbit pals battle to see who can take the most paces Monday through Friday.

“Fitbit For Dummies” by Paul McFedries
from Fitbit For Dummies
by Paul McFedries
Wiley, 2019

Here are the results from last week’s Fitness Challenge.

“Spectrum Language Arts, Grade 3” by Spectrum
from Spectrum Language Arts, Grade 3
by Spectrum
Carson Dellosa Education, 2014

I liked the idea ofachieving a fit, healthy body “for life,” and how the program revolved around a personal 12-week Challenge.

“Body for Life for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation” by Pamela Peeke
from Body for Life for Women: A Woman’s Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation
by Pamela Peeke
Rodale Books, 2009

Prizes for participation were awarded to the members who attended the greatest number of fitness classes over the eleven-week program.

“How Behavior Spreads: The Science of Complex Contagions” by Damon Centola
from How Behavior Spreads: The Science of Complex Contagions
by Damon Centola
Princeton University Press, 2020

I successfully completed that challenge without skipping a single day, soundly shredding all my previous excuses for not exercising.

“Personal Development for Smart People” by Steve Pavlina
from Personal Development for Smart People
by Steve Pavlina
Hay House, 2008

I use the treadmill and the free weights, and I’m debating a class or two if I can find some glasses and a fake mustache to wear while participating.

“The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes” by Sheri R. Colberg
from The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes
by Sheri R. Colberg
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

What is the difference between an exercise and a challenge?

“Python for Rookies: A First Course in Programming” by Sarah Mount, James Shuttleworth, Russel Winder
from Python for Rookies: A First Course in Programming
by Sarah Mount, James Shuttleworth, Russel Winder
Thomson Learning (EMEA), 2008

A full 20 minutes of exercise later, I faced the ultimate challenge.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
from Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.
by Stephen Guise
Selective Entertainment, LLC, 2016

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • For ios Way of Life is a good one. It has a notes section for every single day! So you can journal why you succeeded or why you didn’t succeed. another good ios app is Alarmed. Alarmed is my favorite reminder app! So many cool options and customizations of notifications! Coolest reminder app ever!

  • What was the name of that French podcast at the beginning? I couldn’t quite catch it. I’m going to start learning French next year. ��

  • Hey, Tom! Thanks for your video. Can you tell more about IFTTT? Are you using this tool? And if “yes”, tell more (in a video maybe) how are you using it and which tasks can be solved with this tool?

  • The most gayest jump rope workout lol jeesh good luck burning body fat even with that many rounds. Not a boxing style workout by any means, but at least I get 10% off

  • You are going to go viral sooner or later! I love your workouts, you have a fantastic personality, and giving your workouts a theme, with new things to look at was an awesome idea. Don’t stop making videos!!

  • I really like habitica but i think that it lacks statistics i can’t visualize my progress in months for example so yeah i’m relying on it for efficiency but it needs proper habit tracking tools

  • I am actually practicing typing,
    So I have to keep track of my Word Per Second typed per day
    And I want an app to show my highest, average and lowest WPS based on my daily entries.
    Can you please help me bro,
    I have almost seen your videos and confused with all the habit and todo apps,
    I will be looking forward for your reply ��

  • i have a question. i want to jump rope to have better cardio but i dont want to lose some weight(in fact im trying to gain weight and muscles) how many minutes per daw should i do? and how many days per week should i do?

  • Hey my friend! Found you on Roberto’s comment section and wanted to say hi! Wishing you tons of success on YouTube! Blessings to you! ^_^

  • Funny I love Batman eating the ice.  Love the NF site and your sense of humor.
    Let’s throw out a challenge for people to do swirlies for cancer stick your head in a toilet and flush.

  • I will more or less double down on an earlier statement. Very few people are going to learn how to “speak” a foreign language without ever “leaving” a country, like the USA or Australia. Even if you get a PhD in French, that proves nothing to me… all it proves is that you “know about French,” but not “how to speak French.” There are four skills, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, and by “never leaving your home country,” you may master reading and writing, but I strongly doubt you will get to the C Level in speaking and listening. Also, never ever never ever learn French from a non-native speaker. Please drill that into your head. I can understand an American speaking French, but when I walk the streets of Paris, I understand virtually nothing. I’ve lived in a French speaking country for three years, and I stand by my statement… you have to go live in a French speaking environment to master the oral complexitiesla façon dont les francophones parlent «dans la rue»., otherwise just consider your efforts more or less….. “just a passtime or hobby.” Peace.

  • This is absolutely worth the full watch!!! I’m a big fan of the channel and really appreciate your insight esp. re: diving deep and focusing on one language (as opposed to trying to tackle many just for show). Really great convo in general, guys:)

  • I love when I find a Nerd guy on YouTube, I found you by accudent looking for how to organize my college life, and now you are my favorite YouTuber now!! Gosh I love when I learn new things from Nerd guys ❤❤❤������

  • I have almost always learned a new language without having lived in the country where it was spoken. But I think it’s almost impossible to master very hard languages up to a native level without living in that country. That’s why I think I cannot reach native-like fluency in Russian because it is so different from Hungarian. Let me know what you think!

  • Yep def doing this every day is enough to start off with. Can’t wait to get back to cobra and box again. Who would of thought this is day 6. Shout out the camera �� person too. Cheers matt

  • OMG! This is a whole body exercise in 10 minutes.. Everything between my neck and feet are aching.. However, I am super encouraged.. ❤ Already doing it for 3 days now..

  • Today is my first day I do 150-200 jumps in a minute and I did 1000 jumps in 10 mins like I took break of 1 min after each 1 mins of jumping.
    I think I do really fast jumps. Sweating much!
    Day 1 ✓ 1000
    Day 2✓ 1200
    Day 3✓ 2000

  • Total bullshit. They talk about learning languages but yet never use the language they claimed to have learned. I doubt their proficiency. Post an entire podcast in French, Portuguese or Swedish next.

    Be very skeptical of ‘learning languages from home’ statements. It’s just advertising for apps in disguise. The podcaster himself claims to have no language teaching credentials. I don’t even think he knowd what a ‘language’ is. You don’t know a language if you can’t read, write, and speak it. Speaking may be enough for day to day life. But that doesn’t mean you studied a language. It means practice Speaking bits and pieces.

    It’s like caiming I’m proficient in coding but not showing you my certificate or created content. Total nonsense.

  • Lamont is definitely right about language ability; it’s all about having as much exposure as possible to material that you do understand. Studying is just prep for that exposure.

  • i’ve been running two miles a day for around 2 months and i’m trying to push myself to start having a better heart rate while running with HIIT and jump roping, this was by far the hardest workout, i run in texas (106°) with humidity

  • I have a hereditary heart disease where if my heart rate goes too fast it will start to go out of rhythm and
    I’ve been scared to exercise but i think this might be tame enough to not send me over the edge.
    i look forward to giving this a try.
    Thanks a bunch!

  • Oh I forgot


  • Oh my god THOMAS FRANK IS THE MAN! He is so right! I used all his tips and I started a channel to track my progress. I’m about to upload a video in 45 minutes to show you how much this video has helped me! Go check it out

  • A completely new level of craziness:)) Love the moves, bodyweight cardio never disappoints. And shorter intervals = more brutal workout, am I right?:))

  • Your videos are awesome Kat! Such a creative way to take on a workout ahaha:D I really enjoy seeing how passionate you are about what you do! Keep it up and you earned yourself a new subscriber!! Liked

  • started my fitness journey four months ago with this video. hadn’t done it in a while but today noticed how easy it was to complete it vs. having to take extra breaks when I first started it!!

  • I would think that you can learn the language really well in the country you staying but is it better to be around people that speak the language?… I would think that a better solution

  • i’ve been watching your videos for the past 3-4 months and finally decided to ‘do the thing’.
    Day 1 had to take 3 2-minute breaks between this but i managed to do it.
    Day 2 didn’t do it. i skipped it.
    Day 3 had to take 1 2-minute break in between but i did it.
    Day 4 same as day 3, except i liked the workout a little bit better.
    Day 5 decided to push myself and completed the entire workout without taking a break (only did around 5 pushups in the 2nd half tho)
    Day 6 i skipped it. damn it:
    Day 7 i did the entire workout (did the second round of pushups too! only 7, but 2 more than my best!); i also did one that night! (full workout!)
    Day 8 i’m looking forward to doing it! my body’s asking me to stop during those 10 minutes but i don’t until i finish this workout! (also, i was able to do all those 10 pushups in the last 2nd minute too!)
    i might do this again tonight.
    ——— I’ll be posting my progress here (for me to keep track of) ——— i’ll also do this until i can do this easily. ———
    THIS WORKOUT IS AMAZING i cant believe i’m sweating so much.

  • My favourite one that isn’t on the list and it’s (probably just) for Android is Loop Habit Tracker. It’s easy to use and has a nice UI, with both light and dark mode. And yes, it’s free!
    It has all the necessary stats about habit strength, streaks and heatmap which shows you when and how frequently the habit was performed.
    It’s quite good in my opinion because of it’s clear design.

  • Sooo… you donated AND fell for this dumb fad? The video was funny and I love your site and everything about you trying to improve our lives, but please, all this stuff about splashing ourselves with cold water on video reeks of sheepish collective thinking. Not too rebellious IMHO.

  • Awesome workout! <3 I'm dripping sweat (exp) Now that I've learned the speed moves, all I need to do is get a Thunderstone and evolve myself into a Raichu (my favorite pokemon) I don't want to end up like Lt Surge's Raichu and be all power and no speed. 😉

  • OMG!!!!! Those burpees were ��! Gotta love it!! I added these workout to my daily routine and I can say I am soooo happy I did! Great workouts Matt! Keep them coming!

  • Hey jump rope dudes I’m trying to get stronger because I’m scrawny and weak what will this improve in like what will it get stronger?

  • Covid: realize all I need is a $15 jump rope and a $15 workout band and some motivation. I don’t need my gym membership $30 total instead of $30/mo. Thanks for this.

  • Day 1: I did the workout twice. I was really sweaty and out-of-breath after the first set so I took a 10 min break. Second set was rough but I managed to complete the workout. I was really tired at the end tho.
    Day 2: 10 min session 1. 10 min break. 10 min session 2. Note to self: wait a little bit longer after breakfast to do the workout. Still very tired after the 2 sessions.
    Day 3: Didn’t feel like doing the workout.
    Day 4: Did the workout once. Ended with 15 min walking on the treadmill. Too hot to workout…

  • Duuuude this is madness. The sweat is unreal. Great simple workout and all for free! Oh and great tip about the wrist (I admit, I used to do that��) keep on keepin on! ����✨✌��

  • I like “daylio” for tracking my habits and moods. You can also add a little text. I’ve just checked its arivable for Apple and Android:P

  • Woh! This isn’t easy… Beginners really, can one lose weight doing only this session daily or some days a week? Don’t think I can do an advance of this.
    Well done Jump rope Dudes

  • Okay I’m back guys I apologize I know it’s been long and I’m sorry I stopped after a while and I regret it bad. I was actually making process until I stopped
    Day 1was completely tired and sweat I really regret stopping

  • Started this challenge 7 days ago and I really enjoy it �� Also my husband started to do the exercises with me, so we are working out each day together ��️��️‍♀️! Thank you for this experience! Looking forward to reach out the 30th day!! ������

  • Espeopn? In the plant… Psyduck and Eevee in the table, Mew, Togepi Charizard and Bulbasaur on the mantle. Pikachu family by the fire place. Dish has pokeball, Pika and Togepi
    A runaway Pika behind the pillow on the couch!
    Oh now he’s on the couch. Oh no 15 min in I lost him… I can’t find him at all in the latter workout.
    I found him by the floor of the sofa at the cool down.

    Great job girl! I’ll have to introduce your pika family to Sammy’s Cosplay Pika gal!

  • Yep, just used the jump rope first time. sweating away, just finished this 10 minute workout. Now I can pass out on the sofa. ������

  • I know another habit tracker app PingPal is FREE!
    By far it’s good for me. The best part is I can track habits with my friends. Sadly only iOS available…

  • Get The Best Jump Rope for Weight Loss:
    (enter “DOTHETHING” for 10% off your order)

    Join our Free 7 Day Beginner Jump Rope Challenge:

  • I really appreciate the way you motivate, how you stay calm and that you aren’t aggressively upbeat. It helped me enjoy my work out!

  • One thing that doesn’t get enough attention in schools is grammar patterns, aka “this is how you say this”. Japanese and mandarin are two good examples of languages where learning basic grammar doesn’t help you understand very much spoken language because the way they say things is just different from English. The amount of grammar patterns we went over in those classes was pretty lacking. I told one of my friends that the class should have been been centered around watching and reviewing the dialogue of low level tv shows or movies.

  • I think that the competence in your native language is a very underrated complement of language learning. If you don’t know how your language works it will be more difficult to achieve a higher level in another one.

  • This was really interesting and enjoyable. Always appreciate the authenticity and realism of these videos so to have a double whammy of the no-BS Aussie approach was really great. I hope you guys do more of these videos together.

    Definitely going to look up Pete’s channel too. I’m not learning English but his situation with his partner and learning Portuguese is very similar to my own. Just be care with that slang. Sintonia is based in São Paulo, not Rio!

  • At my folks on hols, Mum called 15 min before dinner so just enough time to crush my first skip session, really enjoyed it, thanks!

  • 8. Habitify: well-designed, simple, graphs, compatible w/ everything
    7. Habit hub: only android:(, nice design, goal feature, „skipped“ not failed markable
    6. Tictic: also to-do app so if you want a multipurpose app it‘s great,
    5. Bminder: doing your habits for money, really data-nerdy, connects to iftt and other apps, perfect for customization nerds hehe
    4. Today: iOs exclusive, aesthetically pleasing, many free features, you can set wallpapers:D, addable to apple Health app
    3. capable, high five animations, community feature, faq‘s& tipps about apps, find coaches for accountability
    2. strides: ios exclusive, similar to habitify but more flexible, 30day challenges or yes/no habits, you can track an average over a period of time
    1. habitica: rpg with habit tracker, kinda like a game, geeky hehe, (too) much going on, motivating if you like gaming, party up with other people to attack a boss (lol), teamwork & accountability partners in the game, free features

  • I started jump rope 3 days back. Been doing 500 jumps a day with each set of 50 jumps. So 10 sets in total. I take 20 seconds rest in between sets. Heart rate goes to about 160 during each set.

  • Playing catch up today. Another quality session mate. My medium might be slightly slower than yours �� and there is the motivation ��

  • I lasted 8:27 seconds before I caught the craziest foot cramp. Am still laying on the sidewalk infront my apartment building in pain. Hope no one thinks I got Corona.

  • Just finished the video, you are a great role model as usual. Perhaps for these longer form videos/interviews might it make sense either in the video or in editing to find natural breaks in the conversation and split then up into multiple 20 minute videos. For the average viewer it might help them digest the video gradually (indicating natural pauses or change in the topic). It would possibly also improve your youtube metrics, but primarily it may make for a better viewing experience.

  • Actually got my stuff together and Bluetoothed this session through my Bose didn’t that take it to another level!!! I was talking back today to Matty that helped too loved it milestone day tomorrow everyone!!����

  • Congrats, good job on the review. I was looking for an APP where in the habbit or task I could have all the features I need. Example medidation habit and it rings and access to correct video, or run habit and it access to my playlist in youtube or itunes… Is there something like this? Thanks in advance, Diana. PSIf not could you get someone to create one like this pleeeeeaase

  • i m not into stretching but after the sessions this week the day 7 workout was actually needed. Looking forward for what s up next������

  • Great cardio workout! Legs are feeling it after yesterday’s session followed by this. I hope ‘rest day’ tomorrow isn’t one of your usual rests….��

  • Do you think it’s a bit odd that Australia renowns itself as a multicultural country, yet most of us born-and-raised Aussies are monolingual? I always compare to my time on exchange in Europe and seeing the variety of cultures and especially the vastness of languages

  • OK here’s my update to this exercise. Im new to jump rope & I’m learning the boxers step & I’m enjoying the low impact of this exercise. This routine kicked my butt. This was fast & I got a very good workout in. Looking forward to trying more exercises. Thanks for the great video.

  • Leg’s still sore from yesterdays but pushed it more today because u are a great motivator!! Also love how you focus on proper form and techniques ���� ��

  • This is the cutest workout ever. That and I was finally able to get down and try burpees! I did it! Before I have struggled andl felt like I don’t have the strength to pull myself back up. But huzzah!

  • I saw Pete first on and Ecolinguist video. He came across as a pretty well educated guy, and a PhD in physics would explain it. I really liked the talk about honesty in polyglot videos. I appreciated it when LindyBotes spoke in French with minimal editing because it allowed me to appreciate the level she spoke it at. Granted it’s not one of her stronger languages, but when she talks about the level she speaks French at it allows me to see what that really means.

    I’ve been trying to avoid polyglot channels recently because time spent watching those is time not spent listening to my target language, but I really enjoyed this conversation.

  • This is a really great workout, I just switch out the pushups and high knees. When I did it the first day I was struggling but managed to finish, been 2 or 3 weeks and I don’t get exhausted as much like at the beginning. I have lost weight and look more slimmer. Only thing is minor knee pain and foot pain!

  • Lamont great video and keep it up! Many times I wanted to jump in and talk to both of you. I would love to be part of a video like this one.

    Hope the situation in Sydney gets better.

  • Loved this!! These are my favorite workouts! Loved the last one you did too! I was cursing your name during the duck walks lol but loving at at the same time:)

  • I came to this vid bcos I need to start to reorganize my life. And accidentally i found that you are a very good looking dude.

    signing off…….

  • Thank you amazing coach Mat���� thanks cobra Abu Dhabi ���� It’s really superb���� can’t wait to see the results after 30 classes ��

  • I am learning Lithuanian, however I am happy to say I have spent about two and a half months in Lithuania and that experience affirmed my desire to learn their language ��

  • Thank you Thomas. I downloaded Today and started using it. It’s really really pretty. I can’t help starting at it, which is good because it makes me want to check in and look at it so far. I’ll gonna try it for some time, then experiment with the rest on the list. I am grateful for this video!

  • I have been using Daylio for over a year now. It helps me see which behaviors and activities correlate to my mood, which has allowed me to restructure my lifestyle to prioritize, make time for, and build in activities that bring me joy.

  • Thought i’m gonna puke doing the circuit but pushed myself to finish it. I imagine being in the gym hearing your actual voice saying “Smash those calories!”
    My whole body is sore but felt good. Thank you! Thank you!!

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  • Great video, but please I would encourage you, reach out to @0231Michael on Instagram for help services on Spywares and for the various Hacking &
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  • Decided to get my cardio on with jump rope exercises. It was my day 1 today, did regular jumps only. Now I’m pumped to do this starting tomorrow. Thanks! #Covid19kissmyass

  • As a beginning language learner (I began learning Korean on May 1st of this year) who was initially suckered into the “I want to be a polyglot” club, I appreciate the points brought out by both of you. It was something that I thought would be fun to do, but I really did want to show off. After I started learning Korean however, and realized how intense a task it would be to progress substantially in this ONE language, I realized that my goal didn’t need to be so grand and that I would be much happier reaching an advanced level of fluency and comprehension in the one language. One day, if I reach my goal for Korean, I would love to learn Japanese as well. But for now I’m back to the drawing board after spending over $500 on language learning apps and books that turned out to be not the best way to learn anyway. Hopefully with proper immersion and listening/reading hours in the language I will make at least a little progress before the end of the year.

  • On the comment of intelligible input, I totally agree, but I have this experience of learning Irish in schools that gives me pause. That language is radically different to English in many respects (grammar, vocab, pragmatics) that while you can learn basic phrases pretty handily you do need to be able to pick the components apart just so that you know what tools you have when you want a build a similar but different sentence. Like there’s neither the verb “to have” nor an indefinite article, and it’s VSO ordering, so when you say “I have a book” you literally say “Is book at me”, and I recall learning that phrase as a kid, just having to accept it, and then having my mind blown years later when I actually comprehended why the structure is the way it is. Since then I’ve definitely found getting into technical linguistics (and even etymology) has given me a footing for real learning.

  • I only found this channel the other day and I’m so happy I did! Everything you say makes perfect sense and I can’t believe you don’t have more subscribers!

  • This workout was the best to do at the gym! Love it! Kicked my butt and it was great to have Pokemon themed workouts can’t wait for day 2

  • Kat I’m loving this workout even though I don’t know much about Pokemon! Its cute how you always get all decked out for each workout! Maybe one day I’ll get dressed up lol.

  • You can also check out “Avocation” our new habit tracker app available on iOS and Android. We offer a very beautiful and easy to use app which let’s you track your habits and also learn about the science behind habits in our lessons! ����

  • Can’t wait until we hit the 30th day! I cant wait longer for the results! Love these uploads! Thanks mat! Thank you cobra gym Abu Dhabi& Hard knox!

  • I started habitica and I woke up at 4 everyday since a week.. Studied for 6hrs everyday and brushed my teeth evertnight… Worked out for 20 min every day… Also I use FOREST App to be focused on only 1 task.

  • I just need an app that has an android and web version, lets me create as many habits as I can and allows me to create reminders for specific habits on specific days, how can it be that NONE of the apps in this list do the job?

    I am almost considering coding an android app with this features myself

  • I like “About me”, it helps not only track habit, but also rate mood, energy or productivity and see what have more impact on my life

  • For anyone starting out who may be reading this, I’m no where near as good or strong as these guys are. When I first started this at the beginning of the year, I was struggling to even get through 5 minutes without taking a break. Now, a few weeks ago I started doing this 10 minute routine 4 times with a 5-10 minute break in between each. If I can do it, anyone can do the thing too. Maybe one day I will be able to get to Brandan’s level but that’s a long time away.

  • How do I make a action a habit like eye contact or not saying like or um or anything the is required to be done multiple time throughout the day

  • Did 4 sets of 3 minutes with 30 seconds rest in between at boxing last week, first time i have done exercise for over 5 years…couldn’t walk the next day ��

  • Day 6 sweat sess’ tick! Such a great kick start to the day. Love the mix of exercises in each circuit. especially the plank/single arm row. Mr Sweetcorn’s legs are still cooked so he’ll join later this evening for Day 8 Upper Body. Gonna get on to Day 7 now recovery just in the nick of time:)

  • Аs another Aussie who’s learning foreign languages, this video has really remotivated me to get back on top of my own language learning.

  • New subscriber here. Not sure if you’re answering comments but I sure hope so ’cause you seem like the perfect guy to ask: Do you now if there is a way (app, website etc.) to track habits AND qualitative life statistics like levels of mood, motivation, body states etc. so that it can help you detect and realize patterns? Simply put in perhaps banal examples: “Oh looks my mood drops every two days after I do x particular thing” or “Looks like a tend to spend more money related to x behavior”.

    I hope my question makes sense and that you or perhaps some of your subscribers have some input or ideas.

  • I use the Loop Habit Tracker on the Samsung Z Flip. It’s a shame this isn’t on iOS. It’s the most simple and robust habit tracker i’ve seen in the last few years of using the tracker.

  • 10 minutes is a lot for a beginner and i have been doing this for 15 years,i would lowered down to 5 mins every other day to start with. And drink green shakes buy a hamilton beach shaker machine cost $15 or $20 and drink 3 shakes a day its easier than it sounds. Sorry for my english.

  • omg 30 seconds sneak up on you  this was insane but good and u need to do this more often i can use some practice in the speed and agility department.

  • #1 app for ios is def “Productivity Wizard” for me. Habits, projects, tasks, daily journaling, morning and evening routine setting + more! Check it out Thomas!

  • I finished the “30 Day Lean Muscle Challenge” yesterday. I loved it! And I’ve started this one right away. Great short workout. I look forward to the whole series. Thank you!

  • I loved Habitica but my issue with it was that it was too glitchy, so I uninstalled it. I really hope they fix those issues because I really loved the idea of Habitica but it got to the point where I couldn’t use it