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I time-traveled yesterday. Over the weekend, my friend/design Yoda Mike Bridgman wanted to give Nerd Fitness headquarters a more nerdy, retro look that screamed “NERD FITNESS!” Boom – I honestly get giddy just looking at it. Seriously, if you’re reading this in an email or RSS reader, come check out the site ��. Anyways, during the weekend we also updated a whole. Under accepted theories of time travel engineers would have to build a space ship which could travel at the speed of light (186,000 miles-per-SECOND), and head out into space. Time travel as we see it in movies—using DeLoreans, phone booths, hot tubs, and the like—obviously doesn’t exist.

But throughout history, people have insisted that they somehow managed to do it. The key to time is in the mind and that gives up the knowledge to travel in time because time is all created by the mind. You never have anything for all of eternity except now. Think about all of your life, has there ever been a time besides now? Was yesterday a time when it was yesterday?

Or was it just now? Have you ever woke up on a day. We all experience time travel, unless our city sky is too polluted to even see the stars.

The light coming from stars, and even our sun, take alot of time to reach earth as they are light years away (8 secs for the sun). Thus, when we see such stars we are seeing their image millions of years ago. this implies that you are time travelling. Due to time dilation and length contraction, you might reach your destination in only a year, and then come back in just another year. But back on Earth, 82 years would have passed.

Everyone you. This is my first time I have ever been on your blog and I am amazed! I’m 16 right now and I want to travel all over the world. Especially The swing at the end of the world ( Casa Del Arbol ). I just have the question, how do you make enough money to keep going from country to country?Have you ever travelled in time?

Not in space, but in Time, i.e. staying in one place while an hour disappeared, or even took forever. Answer Save. 26 Answers. but i don’t believe in time travel, so i’m just going to say that i lost some time here and there. time and distance are merely perceptions, and are completely relative. 3 0.

With her tiny waist, large breasts, and doll-like features, Valeria Lykyanova has been called a “real-life Barbie.” She insists, however, that she is really an alien time-traveler come to Earth to save the world from superficiality. The Ukrainian-born Lukyanova—who says her spiritual name is Amatue—shot to Internet fame in 2012 with her 20-minute video, “Space Barbie,” in. The ever in questions such as Have you ever flown a kite? can be understood as in your life to this present moment.The present perfect (have/has + past participle) is used because in your life is conceived of as unfinished time.It is the reason why the present perfect is used with other expressions that imply unfinished time: Have you seen Mary today?

List of related literature:

I hadn’t just traveled back in time, I had bounced into some sort of parallel universe.

“11/22/63: A Novel” by Stephen King
from 11/22/63: A Novel
by Stephen King
Scribner, 2011

Time machines can take any form—a car, a telephone booth, a hottub—it doesn’t matter.1 One convention that I had not noticed until recently is that time travelers never seem to worry about feeding themselves in the past.

“Maps for Time Travelers: How Archaeologists Use Technology to Bring Us Closer to the Past” by Mark D. McCoy
from Maps for Time Travelers: How Archaeologists Use Technology to Bring Us Closer to the Past
by Mark D. McCoy
University of California Press, 2020

They say time travel isn’t possible, but in that moment I wasn’t in Zurich, Switzerland, anymore.

“Nikki Tesla and the Ferret-Proof Death Ray (Elements of Genius #1)” by Lissy Marlin, Jess Keating
from Nikki Tesla and the Ferret-Proof Death Ray (Elements of Genius #1)
by Lissy Marlin, Jess Keating
Scholastic Incorporated, 2019

And I realized, right then, that I had the power to time travel.

“Real Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Book” by Robert Hamburger
from Real Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Book
by Robert Hamburger
Citadel Press, 2015

In light of such undeniable impact, I am often struck by how few people realize that the theoretical underpinnings for one kind of time travel–time travel to the future— have been in place since early last century.

“The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality” by Brian Greene
from The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality
by Brian Greene
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 2007

As I discovered when I tried to travel an hour into the future, you cannot be in the same place as yourself.

“Time Traveling with a Hamster” by Ross Welford
from Time Traveling with a Hamster
by Ross Welford
Random House Children’s Books, 2016

‘Oh yes, I did, quite a lot—and in fact I myself experienced all these relativistic contractions of material objects and the crazy behaviour of clocks when I visited a city where the velocity of light was only about ten miles per hour.’

“Mr Tompkins in Paperback” by George Gamow, Roger Penrose
from Mr Tompkins in Paperback
by George Gamow, Roger Penrose
Cambridge University Press, 1993

I haven’t traveled in time.

“Making History: A Novel” by Stephen Fry
from Making History: A Novel
by Stephen Fry
Soho Press, 2014

You didn’t travel in time.

“Time Machines: Time Travel in Physics, Metaphysics, and Science Fiction” by Paul J. Nahin
from Time Machines: Time Travel in Physics, Metaphysics, and Science Fiction
by Paul J. Nahin
Springer New York, 2001

Of course, now all the paradoxes associated with time travel crop up: For instance, what would happen if you finished your little journey and then convinced your past self not to start it?

“The Little Book of Black Holes” by Steven S. Gubser, Frans Pretorius
from The Little Book of Black Holes
by Steven S. Gubser, Frans Pretorius
Princeton University Press, 2017

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  • Sieht lecker aus. Das nächste mal komme ich vorbei, testen. 😉 😉 😉
    Rinderrouladen mache ich auch gerne….allerdings mit gut gewürztem Hackfleisch.

  • Yeah right she did not time travel Albert Einstein said yes time travel is possible in theory the first people that time travel was US Navy sailors if she did time travel then my time machine is a 1957 Chevy

  • Time dilation occurs from velocity and/or in a gravitational field. The interpretation given, time travel, is all wrong! Time to get real: time is not real. It exists only in our imagination. Einstein’s theory of relativity discovered that time slows down as we approach a gravitational field. The space-time manifold, from which this discovery originates from, is a mathematical model to describe how reality BEHAVES. This model does not explain what reality IS, though. If time travel were possible then the time dimension would be in control implying that it has to control space and everything in it. A nonphysical entity, time, cannot control the physical world. Believing that it can is believing in true magic just like I could move a far away object by just thinking about it. Another reason is that, if time were in control, then it has to control every little atom in the universe! Einstein has not explained what time and space are. No physicist has. Time is an abstraction of events which, of course, take in space.

  • When that we are able to experience time as constant, past present future, experienced at the same time, we will take a deep breath and just say, “let it be, let it be as it is”.

  • when time travelling exists im gonna grab an iPad and then travel to the 1950s and show them the iPad. Then, they will think that their technology is crap

  • I Wish. I would go back to the 70s and stay there. I Want A One Way Ticket. You can keep the present and the future. I want no part of it.

  • I love cabbage rolls. Haven’t had them in a long time. Time to cook! Thanks for the inspiration. My cabbage rolls usually have some rice mixed with the meat. Then cook the rolls in a tomato based sauce (you can use tomato juice and stock) with sauerkraut and kielbasa. Mashed potatoes on the side are good too. I don’t tie mine. Just rolled like giant egg rolls. Thin out your sauce with some low sodium stock. That powdered stuff is too salty. Anyway, good effort and it looks good. Looks like your sauce could have been thinner so your rolls can braise. ��

  • You can’t specifically go back into YOUR TIME…you can only go back in time to an alternate TIMELINE where, because in YOUR TIMELINE,your grandfather was not killed by you. Your ALTERNATE SELF of that POSSIBLE timeline would no longer be a possibility……..really hard to follow….BUT….

    So no, you can NOT timetravel back to ANY point in YOUR timeline.

  • Hi Sir, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

    I have seen in many temples and online references that Lord Ganesha’s idols are specifically made from Copper-Bronze or Marble stone or Ivory. I have also notice the belief of White Ganesha and Black Ganesha with many people. Some also believe that the powers and praying differs in worshipping left trunk Ganesha and Right trunk Ganesha.

    Can you please throw some insights on this.

    By the way I think Sir, you need a haircut. ����

  • The meat might have been too lean, the fat cooks down to moisture and flavor. 100% pork can be dry, try mixing in a little ground beef next time.
    Thanks for sharing and great cooking together ❤

  • My Step-Mom who was 1/2 German made Cabbage Rolls and poured Tomato Sauce mixed with Tomato Paste over the tops of the Cabbage Rolls after placing the Cabbage Rolls in the glass casserole dish prior to baking.

  • Here’s a question: so let’s say I want to forward the clock by 5 days on a different game, I never open animal crossing, and then I synchronize my clock again, will that do anything to my game or change anything?

  • The only way you could time travel is if the world was stationary, obviously the planet is spiralling 65000009007 kilometres through space, there is no way you can know where we are in space and time, we could be anywhere,

  • Hi sir, I have a doubt.. If ur able to mold the solidified mercury, how long and until at what temperature was it able to retain the shape?

  • so out of curiosity (im working on something which has this subject)
    if for example the axis won ww1 or 2 and from that timeline someone was sent back before the war was over, to basically make an allied victory possible, and that actually happens, would that be a paradox?or would this be considered as a version of the grandfather paradox? since those events happened to make the guy go back to make an allied victory possible

  • Putting into the oven is not really the reason it dried out. But you put into an open form. Does that come with a lid? Then put that on the next time! Or use an iron pot like with a roast.
    Though how you made the meat could certainly have played a role too

  • Hey guys im from california today I tried time traveling to the future and past, and i set back to my regular date and than now im stuck on the Fall?its spring over here I ragret time traveling anybody has the same problem?

  • What is a Lingam anyway? I had never heard the word before your videos. I read the Wikipedia article, but I’m interested in your perspective.

  • If i killed my grandfather in past I will not be born but still alive when i go in future, and nobody knows me, maybe i edited current timeline.

    And tell me what will happen if i time travelled and killed myself while killing my grandpa

  • Only for interested candidates..Watch the full video and subscribe this channel for better understanding

  • Ich habe bei mir in der Arbeit Leute die sprechen in 3 Monaten Deutsch zwar nicht perfekt dafür braucht es bei Motivation aber auch nur 6 bis 12 Monate…

  • The first woman to time travel was back in 1943 us Navy sailors men and women time-traveled from 1943 to 1984 so please stop lying

  • Da habt ihr wirklich alles unternommen, damit das Ergebnis auf keinen Fall German Cabbage Rolls sind xD
    Das Original wird übrigens mit Wirsing gemacht, Weißkohl ist nur 2. Wahl. Und es fehlen Senf und Majoran (eine Prise Kümmel würde dem Kohl auch helfen). Die Rouladen werden kurz heiß angebraten, bis sie Farbe bekommen, dann mit Gemüsebrühe abgelöscht und GESCHMORT. Das ergibt die herrliche Grundlage für die Soße.

  • I see many questions about travelling back in time and the progress being retained, but what if I decide to sync time back to the internet? Will that just be like travelling backwards extremely precisely, or are there other problems?

  • If a galaxy and a planet that is billions of light years away has a super telescope on earth? Would they see dinosaurs roaming the earth since it’s light years away?

  • Hi Deanna and Phil, Love your videos!! They are hilarious and informative!! It seems to me German sauces are the best and make about anything better. I am not a cooking expert, but might suggest one change if you make the cabbage roles again. You might try baking the cabbage rolls be themselves for half or 2/3rds of the baking time then add the source to finish.
    Adding everything together and baking is easier, but may take longer for the cabbage rolls to cook through. The oven has to do more work for the heat to get to the cabbage rolls.

    You could add a shallow pan of water in the oven when cooking the cabbage rolls by themselves (i.e. for the 1/2 to 2/3rds of the baking time). This will add moisture to the cabbage rolls to help keep them moist with out getting squishy or rubbery. Take the pan of water out when you add the saute mixture for the rest of the cooking time for everything to finish cooking and concentrate the sauce.

    To keep things moister, you might want to stick with pork. I think it add more moisture than beef.

    If your taste buds are a little different, then experiment with the rolls, some to Deanna’s preference and some to Phil’s.

    I personally like doing things in the oven. Less standing over a pan watching things cook. These are personal preferences.

    Now that you have one attempt under your belt you can experiment again to decide what you both like best.

    Take care and be well. I appreciate your topics and insights.

  • Krautrouladen werden niemals gebacken. Meine Oma hat sie immer gedämpft. Und Paprika gehört da nicht rein, auch kein Oregano. Salz, Pfeffer, nothing more. Ihr habt sie halt trocken gebacken. Ist aber eigentlich egal wenn es schmeckt.
    Das ist ja das tolle am Kochen. Nur sind es dann keine Krautrouladen. Einfach weiter experimentieren und vor allem,
    “Guten Appetit”

  • I saw you used a pork/beef mix. If the beef is a really lean type, adding it with the pork makes for a very dry protein. If you want to do the beef/pork split, get beef that is less lean and it should fix some of the “dry” problem. Also, don’t use ‘canned’ bread crumbs. Hand tear some pieces of bread, add bread and egg to meat first, then spices (a good mix of spice is pepper/salt/parsley/cayanne/thyme/paprika) and make sure to not PACK the meat into a tight ball. Lastly, the sauce… use diced veggies, add diced whole tomato (no paste) and a small amount of balsamic vinegar at the end of cooking. Then add that mix over the top of your rolls before heating in oven. Oh yeah, low and slow for the cooking (example, here in America I would cook them on 300 farenheit for about the same amount of time that you cooked them, fifty minutes). Good luck and enjoy.

  • Please someone answer this so on my island I built two houses for villagers that are going to come the next day and I time travelled 50 years and the two villagers were already there obviously then I time traveled back to the original date and my two villagers are still there why?

  • Ich glaube meine Mama hat die im Topf erst angebraten, dann Brühe dazu gegeben. Durch das Anbraten bekommt die Brühe schon etwas Farbe. Anschließend in dem Topf im Backofen, oder einfach auf dem Herd weiter schmoren. Damit die Brühe zu einer sämigen Soße wird den Soßenbinder in der Brühe mit aufkochen und rühren damit sich die Körnchen, auflösen, nicht einfach hinterher reinwerfen.
    Wwahrscheinli wird das Fleisch saftiger, wenn man statt Semmelbrösel ein eingeweichtes Brötchen nimmt. Die Brösel saugen alles auf.

  • Although I believe time travelling in AC is cheating I do sometimes put the clock back 12 hours because I normal play at night and nothing really happens at night in AC

  • Ick kenn die unter Kohlrolade und nich Krautrolade aber ok man lernt nie aus. Scheint wohl wie mit Brötchen, Semmeln oder Schrippen zu sein. ��

  • I just warmed up a can of 2 cabbage rolls. I bought them here at REWE. Tastes quite good, but my wife makes them better:-)
    I only know cabbage rolls cooked in sauce in a pot. The idea of making them with garlic isn’t a bad one. But I wouldn’t have taken the oregano.
    But how did the monkey say when he bit into the soap?
    Hier nennt man sie Kohlroulade.

  • When my Mom went back to work full-time in the early 70’s, my Dad took over all the weekday cooking. He had never cooked (only BBQ’d), so maybe the first months weren’t great but we ate it. He got a repertoire he was good at, and my Mom (an excellent cook) took over on the weekends. They were way ahead of their time! By the way: I never met a potato I didn’t love, but mashed potatoes are always #1!

  • 1st I’ve to say, to see Deana‘s open mind and her curiosity is so amazing always!!!

    2nd Kohlroulade(one of my favourite dishes) must be cooked with normal potatoes, because you need them for mashing them with the sauce!
    Btw sauce, one tip: if you use caraway it will taste better.

    3rd Deana, you will really love Rinderrouladen. They are so delicious.

  • WARNING: Mercury (Quicksilver Hg) CAN be very dangerous. So DON’t try this at home. Wikipedia: ” Mercury poisoning can result from exposure to water-soluble forms of mercury (such as mercuric chloride or methylmercury), by inhalation of mercury vapor, or by ingesting any form of mercury. “………more “Mercury and most of its compounds are extremely toxic and must be handled with care; in cases of spills involving mercury (such as from certain thermometers or fluorescent light bulbs), specific cleaning procedures are used to avoid exposure and contain the spill.[94] ” ENOUGH?

  • There is a place in new delhi called “Lawrence road” and a temple there has a 151-153 kg of mercury lingum or in hindi called पारा का शिवलिंग. I lived my childhood there.

  • Use toothpicks (zahnfleischpickern???) instead of string. It’s more fun pulling them out and setting them on your plate than keeping a pair of scissors at the table. Then, you can use the toothpicks after the meal! Also cook the vegetables with a can of chopped tomatoes and add tomato paste to thicken it. I like to use a big can of whole tomatoes with the juice from the can, then squish them into smaller bits with my hands, then add the paste. When you squish the tomatoes by hand and tear them apart, the dish looks more chunky and homemade. And the squishing feels kind of cool as well when it goes between your fingers. (Watch out for squirting!) If you have more sauce you can pour it on your mashed potatoes, like a sort of gravy. Maybe the meat filling was too dry because there wasn’t enough fat in the meat. Get a ground meat with more fat, and the rolls might be juicier. I’d prefer to see you try making potato dumplings like I had with the Christmas goose when I visited Koln a couple of winters ago. I have no idea how to make them. Finally, doesn’t some version of traditional German cabbage rolls use a slightly sweet and sour sauce? I’d love to know how you make that as well. Maybe the sweet/sour sauce is for the potato dumplings, though. I’m not quite sure.

  • WOW, i just say wow!! Cabbage roll is alot of work but never put in the whole cabbage head in water! Just peel it and blanche the leaves (makes cooking faster). make the meat paste and use a spoon to size up the meat in rolls. But remember this is the swedish way and you can eat them at IKEA i think?! We call them Kåldolmar = Cabbage (dolme= Turkish word) roll. After blanche roll it up and put in oven (add some water) and all liquid that comes out you make the sauce of. I would use more pork meat blend but i give you ++++ for effort 😉

  • I wish this was possible as I would go back in time and stop that one idiot from going to that stupid meat market in Wuhan so that the rest of the world wouldnt be living in a shitty lockdown like it is now

  • I was having the same opinion. My logic was that in black hole, time and space interchanges… and there to travel in past, we need to go in negative scale… but technically it makes no sense to say i have moved -6 in space… you always move positively in space… so if time and space interchanges, how can one move negatively in time?

  • That sauce����cabbage rolls are a very Southern thing here in USA. Try an American recipe and compare. We usually use rice instead of bread crumbs and tomato sauce instead of paste. Paste is usually used for slow cooked simmered dishes that take a long time. If you love cabbage you would LOVE Cabbage Casserole!!

  • Hi.. you’re doing an amazing job sharing so much of information. But while doing so you sometime risk your own life. Please be very careful.

  • It is but you can only travel back from the time machine was built and unable to travel to the future as it hasn’t happened and don’t exist, therefore how can use travel to a time that doesn’t yet excist

  • Iam pretty sure time travel isn’t possible. It’s just human nature to dig into things and search for the unknown questions. It’s simply curiosity.

  • I want to Time Travel and me my Planet Friends…..

    Freddie Mercury…..
    Venus Williams…
    Bruno Mars…..
    Perry Saturn….
    The Neptunes….
    Pluto Nash……

  • ich habe immer gelernt nichts zu verschwenden, deswegen schneide ich den Rest vom Kohlkopf in schöne feine Streifen. dann brate ich zuerst die Kohlrouladen scharf in einem Bratentopf (vorzugsweise ein Gusstopf… dazu später) an und Im Nachhinein in 2 Hand großen Portionenden geschnittenen Kohl, mit etwas Öl und einer Halben Hand grob gehackter Zwiebeln bis alles schön Braun gewurden ist, dann hol ich es raus und parke es in einer Schüssel zwischen und dann die nächste Kohl und Zwiebelportion bis alles durch gebraten ist. um eine Soße draus zu bekommen der Gusstopf, da während des Bratens sich die Röststoffe am Boden sammeln, deswegen wenn was am Boden anhängt ist das nicht schlimm! wenn man den Kohl und die Zwiebeln angebraten hat, löscht man mit Wasser (wieviel ist abhängig von der Größe des Kopfes) den Topf und Rührt bis sich der Bratensatz mit dem Wasser Verbunden hat. Danach schmeiße ich den Kohl mit den Zwiebel in die Soße und noch 2 Esslöffel ganzen Kümmel dazu (kann auch gemalener sein wer ihn nicht ganz mag) und lasse es Köcheln bis der Kohl fast weich ist, dann die Soße mit Gewürzen Abschmecken (Hauptsächlich Salz, viel Pfeffer, Knobi und Tomatenmark) und die Rouladen darin platzieren das ganze dann bei 180°C in den Ofen bis der Kohl der Rouladen was nicht unter der Soße ist anfängt einzutrocknen dann nur noch die Rouladen raus nehmen und die Soße andicken und fertig….Bon Appétit
    P.S. das ist meine Variante der Kohlroulade wie ich es von meiner Oma kenne. Vorteil ist man braucht kein Gemüse für die Soße und man verbraucht alles ohne Reste über zu haben.
    Wenn wer fragen dazu hat einfach eine Antwort hinterlassen:)

  • They must have suffered Mercury poisoning in ancient times! Im really worried for your health Praveen!! Please take care. Only the good die young!

  • Si je time travel pour ignorer un habitant 15 jours pour qu’il parte, est ce que si je reviens dans le présent, l’habitant sera encore là ou il sera VRAIMENT parti? SVP!!!!��������

  • I mean… if you’re really tired of 2020 just go to a black hole for abt 3 minutes and go back to earth, itll be like 2030 and you havent aged but everyone has, it’s not a myth, its science ��

  • Idk if somebody could answer this but imma ask it anyway. So today Nook’s tent is upgrading wich is super painful cuz i basically can’t do anything. I’d like to know for sure, if i skip to tomorrow the tent will be upgraded ofc and for example my money tree will be a lever higher in growing and if i after that go back to today, will Nook’s tent still be upgraded and will my money trees still be the same level or does it ‘reset’? Thanks for taking ur time to read this!!

  • How to make bells fast:

    1. Time Travel to when cherry blossoms were still available
    2. Catch cherry blossoms
    3. Sell them on nookazon to people who refuse to time travel

  • wow! chemistry is class!! i dont think that people who 1st did this just happened on it by accident, they knew what they were at!!!

  • Phil: ‘It’s never to much Knoblauch’
    Me: YESSSS!

    There’s an other type of Kohlrouladen made of savoy cabbage and mainly filled with diced bacon and more chopped savoy cabbage try it!

  • I’ve just got one question I’ve never time travelled before but I want to just to finish demolition of an incline once I change the time and see that what I wanted is done do I then change it back to the original time? Or do I have to keep it a day ahead?

  • Lol 0.02 seconds after 600 days in space. What does it take to travel to be 30 years younger? If she lives her whole life in space is only like 1 secs younger. Scientist must build a machine that is 946,000,0000 times faster than the current object in space to be younger than 30 years of her peers.

  • WARNING: “Erethism, also known as erethism mercurialis, mad hatter disease, or mad hatter syndrome, is a neurological disorder which affects the whole central nervous system, as well as a symptom complex, derived from mercury poisoning.” Wikipedia. Hat makers handled liquid mercury OFTEN and went crazy… Mad as a hatter… “mad hatter disease” is real.

    I like Praveen and am interested in Lingams. Hatmakers never used gloves when handling liquid mercury.. and also some miners… It may be okay to handle liquid mercury a few times.. but you do not want to expose yourself too much.

  • In school growing up we were told over and over again not to touch mercury because you could get mercury poisening. Are you at all concerned about touching mercury?

  • Leute, in das Hackfleisch gehört unbedingt etwas Senf, Piment (allspice) und auch Muskat (nutmeg) rein, Oregano schmeckt da m.E. nach nicht.

  • So in real life in earth time travel is happening when you set alarm for 6:00 am and wake up and after a few seconds it’s 10:45 am

  • Wow!! So interesting to watch you use ancient alchemy techniques to make this Lingam!!! I have a question for you regarding this material: Is this the same type of mercury eaten by some Indian Gurus or spiritual leaders?
    As always this was a fascinating video and I look forward to the next one!

  • If I time travel for a building but I want to go back so it’s at the right time in game will it ruin my building and have to wait for it to build again?

  • If you time travel one day and get a bunch of bells but time travel one day back to where you were, will you keep the bells you have collected?

  • 11 things to avoid making german cabbage rolls
    1. Buying ground meat in a supermarket
    2. Cutting onions too big
    3. Not let onions sir and sweat before
    4. Not using (water or milk) soaked bread rolls (or toast)
    5. Not seasoning meat with marjoram
    6. Not cutting flat (or cracking by rolling over) the vein of each cabbage leaf
    7. Not rolling cabbage rolls like chinese spring rolls
    8. Not frying cabbage rolls in a dutch oven
    9. Not using tomato paste and water / broth to deglace for a good sauce base
    10. Not seasoning sauce with kummel
    11. Using sauce binder in a not boiling pot

  • Almost everyone time travels twice a year. In the spring we time travel an hour ahead, and in the fall we time travel an hour back. It’s called daylight savings time.

  • You used a tub made from aluminium, which is reacting with the solution you used. The ancients wouod not have these basins, and would have used stone bowls.

  • “The binding stuff.” You guys, I scheiss you not, I made Kohlrouladen my very first time last week! And your faces and exclamations when you first tasted them, that was exactly my reaction. I laughed so hard the neighbors heard me, I’m sure, at your disappointed faces. 100% Mittelmaessig. FAD. I used zero bread crumbs so that wasn’t it.

    TWO HOURS, exactly, it’s just so much work for something so boring in the end (but like Phil said, the sauce was good!).

    I think you may have inadvertently inspired me with your Leipzig video, so I watched a Calle Kocht video and did it exactly as he said, and I can promise you I’ll never do it again. He had an on-camera “food-gasm” when he tried his Kohlrouladen, and now I’m sure he was faking.

    The instructions say, “Remove the Strunk (stem) in a KEILFOERMIG shape.” That blew my mind (keil?) and then I almost disemboweled myself trying it. Perhaps it needs even more garlic, I don’t know, I’ll never know.

    You know what I did? A few days later I made Gefulltepaprika (stuffed red bell peppers) and they are SO much easier and tastier. I was also toying with the idea of Rinderrouladen but where do you get the thin sliced meat? It seems our German lives have synchronized: )

  • I feel like even if we could time travel it would be way too dangerous, say someone went and killed Hitler before WW2 then more than half the people that were born after WW2 would not have been born because everyone would have different jobs, live in different places and know different people if the war hadn’t have changed their jobs and where they lived or who they went to war with or worked with in the factory’s then even if they did meet the same person that they would have during the war they probably wouldn’t have kids at the same time which means a different kid would be born and even if somehow the same child was born they would be born at least a few minutes or seconds earlier or later which, although very small, can change their whole life. Even kicking a stick or eating an apple could make a huge difference. Imagine if someone picked or ate the apple that Isaac Newton’s head then he may have not discovered gravity and if he did it would have been later and he would have learnt different things. Or if you kicked a stick and Albert Einstein as a 7 year old would have found that stick and played with it but he didn’t find a stick because you picked it up first or slightly moved it/kicked it so he had a strop and argued with his mum and refused to do work for a while then that could completely alter his life and what he learnt or discovered even though it seems so little. Even your parents meeting a second or minute later or eating one less piece of pasta on their first date (or whatever they ate) or even eating a few more pizzas and drinking a few more cans of Coca Cola can change their whole life and even cause you to not be born at all or at the same time you were. Every little decision changes your life like buying a video game, watching a movie, having a day of school for some reason, getting a detention, scraping your knee, eating dinner can all alter your life hugely, slightly or maybe not at all, you never know. Even me taking time to write this comment and watch this video has possibly altered my life but I will never know if it has or what would of happened if I siding watch this or comment this. Think about what your doing no matter how little and irrelevant it may seem. Thank you if you read my whole comment or if you read some of it.

  • Hi, Praveen, Love you From Gujrat,
    I like to know, weather this solid lingham…float in water? or absorb milk /oil?
    you are making ancient make live….keep it up…brother.

  • I think you should have cooked it in a the clay pot you basically extracted the metal pot alloys (which didn’t exist during those times) so this is a polluted lingam

  • @PraveenMohan +PraveenMohan This was an extremely careless project, you put both yourself and others in danger. The container was ALUMINUM…. NEVER put Mercury into Aluminum. It will destroy the container. You also were breathing extremely toxic mercury vapor from the reaction. Please get your mercury levels checked with your doctor right away. Mercury vapor is toxic and it can build up in the brain. You should NEVER do this kind of experiment until you learn proper lab safety procedures dealing with Mercury. I am fan of your work, but I am extremely concerned for your health at this very moment.

  • Time travel is far more than only possible, you can do it as well. I used time travel to get what I deserved and get past my previous relationship. I wish I would have known how to do this at an earlier point in my life

  • There are no differences in time. Time being a conceptual explanation of cause and effect; it’s only our perception that time has different speeds.

  • Hmm….seems as though witches are desiring to look younger based off the commentator host emphasisizing on time and looking younger on this video presented…..Depopulate

  • i love how all the comments are people who pretty much know nothing, other than mercury is toxic, telling the man showing us the experiment to be careful.

  • Obviously,In this Entire World many more Evidence we Can Find.Like American Philadelphia Experiment some leaked footage of Approve Time Traveller is really Exist in this World,

    1.The mummy Wear modern shoes in 400 years ago

    2.The Swiss watch ring find in China

    3.Chrlie Chaplin Movie promotion leaked footage

    4.Mike Tyson fight leaked footage

    5.A man from Taured Country

    And many more incident evidence really Deserve Time Travels that is Exist

    Basicay I make One blog About This All Incident and Evidence sothat You can most visit this Side and know moremuch Things about Of Time Traveller.

  • The easiest eay to think of it is like this
    You are born -> you create a time machine -> you go back in time to kill your grandpa -> your father is never born -> you are never born -> time machine is never made -> grandpa is never killed -> father is born-> you are born.

  • I… I don’t get it… is the part where the clone makes you go back over and over supposed to be the rick roll?

    I’m an idiot, someone please explain this…

  • Flame Destroyer

    1 week ago (edited)

    For mobile users

    2:32 Never

    2:22 gonna

    2:13 give

    2:03 you

    1:54 up

    1:44 Never

    1:35 gonna

    1:25 let

    1:16 you

    1:06 down

    0:57 Never

    0:47 gonna

    0:38 run

    0:28 around

    0:19 and

    0:09 desert

    0:00 you

  • I do the most cooking for me and my mother. Mostly smoking and grilling. I also just got done making 8 loafs of zucchini bread and a loaf of banana bread.

  • Hi, there! Have you tried with sour cabbage? I’m from Bulgaria and there we prepare them with sour cabbage in the winter. They are very tasty. Also, cook them in a pot. It’s much better! ����

  • 2:38 Schweeebel xD Deana has to make a 1 min. short video that just consists of her and Phil practicing the word “Zwiebel” (upvote to make it happen! xD)

  • My thought is that if you are able to go back in time to see your
    youngers-self and your family in younger days then you in fact will
    leave your current time and vanish and appear in another time which is
    the duplicate of the time you lived through. In your original time, you
    then will be gone forever unless you know how to get back to the same
    exact instant of that time where you are missing….a peel in time that
    is prob considered infinite and therefore prob impossible to get back
    to, but a slim chance to find the peel with technology if you can
    actually, time travel in the past. Then being in the past with your
    parents and a duplicate of you, then you would now be living in that
    time and have to explain to yourself who you are and hope they don’t put
    you in jail. You then prove to your parents somehow by proving
    medically or knowing various things about your family, but I would
    imagine that your family will still be leery of you and it would turn
    into a great mess if you stepped into their lives. Especially
    confronting yourself as a younger child and try to give advice and also
    explain. It would be quite a movie…

  • At our household, my b/f and me both are pretty passionate cooks. We both like cooking very much, maybe i do a littlebit more^^ But i think in the past ten years we never made cabbage rolls by ourself. Ok, we made “Wirsingrouladen”. That’s pretty similar i think.:D Since we stopped eating meat, we’re making more “exotic” dishes like indian, chinese, japanese and stuff or italian. We just like to try out new things:) And that’s what cooking is about: Trial and error. That’s how we’re learning:)

    Oh and some tipps in german: Normalerweise rollt man die Kohlrouladen und brät sie dann in einer tiefen Pfanne oder einem Bräter von allen Seiten scharf an, gießt das Ganze dann mit etwas Flüssigkeit auf und lässt sie bei geschlossenem Deckel eine ganze Weile (ich glaub circa eine Stunde) bei niedriger Temperatur schmoren. Dann werden sie auch nicht trocken.

  • Absolutely stunning
    Only want to know what is the purapose of creating such mercury lingams and how it is related with enhancement of spiritualism and effects on once conciousness

  • Yes, but around here we call them golumpki(Polish). I use rice with ground beef and ground pork. I don’t use bread crumbs. When I bake them they are covered with a can of seasoned crushed tomatoes. With all that garlic why didn’t you put some in the mashed potatoes?

  • We all travel through time at a Nano second a time. Look at your watch and register the time especially the second hand. Lower the watch and immediately look again and the second hand has moved. You have moved through time slowly but you have moved.

  • 4th things you missed, first of all yes you can travel faster then speed of light, through expanding space. So if you can some how expand and contract space then there is chance to go faster the. Speed of light. And so go into past.

    Example of this is, the furthest gallaxies are going away from us faster then speed of light, since space itself is expanding between those galaxies and us..

  • this might be a stupid question but here we go. If I time travel to let’s say the date that the Residents Services building has been upgraded but then go back to the actual date, will the building still be there or will it go back to being just a small tent?

  • Don’t put string on it, that’s not necessary step. Add less tomato paste,but if it happens add a little bit sweetness (sugar, honey, agave syrup anything). I’m Lithuanian so I made cabbage rolls before.

    I add some rice in the filling and cook rolls in the pot on stovetop. Do you need salt in filling to add flavor? I love meat so usually when flavor is missing it is not enough salt and I don’t know how salty is your spice mixes are.

    Filling with beef have tendency to be harder, but adding a bit more of breadcrumbs or trying bread cubes soaked In milk, makes it softer. Cover with foil so sauce won’t evaporate and veggies won’t burn.

  • Do you have actual RECIPE with ingredients, instruction, quantities and time for reactions to complete? Basically an SOP? (Standard Operating Procedure)

  • Patties, meat balls and fillings beome not that hard when using old bread roll soaked in beef broth and squeezed dry instead of breadcrumbs. And adding some Quark. If you fry onnions and garlic lightly the onnions become a bit sweet and and the whole filling tastier. While cooking they should be covered. Best might be vegetable broth. No need to use “chinese tomato paste ” at all. After all you still have the magic of Mondamin in the hindquarters.

  • The problem with time travel (specifically going back to the past) is that we tend to think of time as “moving” in a certain direction, (i.e., from the past towards the future,) comparable to how we move spatially. But time, space and gravity are closely interlinked, and we cannot really move “against” either of them… Seriously, try to “defy” any of them. Try to move in “the opposite direction” of the natural flow of time, or the natural directions and expansion of space… We can no more time travel to the past than we can defy gravity. And, no, birds, aeroplanes, space ships and stuff like that do not “defy” gravity; if they did defy gravity, then we wouldn’t need to propel them at speeds, angles and forces corresponding to stuff like our understanding of physics, most importantly, you know, gravity, in order to get them to take off… In fact, since gravity is a phenomenon that happens when mass causes an indention/well in space-time, causing stuff to “fall into it,” the very idea of “defying” gravity actually doesn’t make one iota of sense. Neither does it make any sense to travel through time… Even this thing we perceive as “travelling through time at an approximate rate of 1 second/second” is not actually comparable time travel (in the sense that taking a walk is “travelling through space at an approximate rate of 1 meter/meter”) so much as it is simply “existing within time and being subject to it”… much like how living on Earth makes us exist in a state where we’re subjected to gravity making us fall towards the epicentre of the gravity well that our planet is causing by making an indentation in the space-time continuum with its mass…

    In the realm of fiction I don’t tend to care if time travel is actually impossible, though. (Much in the same way as I don’t tend to care all that much if giants are anatomically in direct opposition to the square-cube law.) That said, I do appreciate it if an author takes the time and effort to provide some kinda justification for the time traveller not being subject to temporal paradoxes, even making the invention of something like a “Paradox Capacitor” a necessary pre-requisite for a time machine to actually even work in the first place.

  • if i go back and turn my internet back to the wifi sync, does that mean i lose all my stuff orrr? im new to this so plz dont roast me��

  • So now theories or fiction are facts?! At work, time goes slow but at vacations it goes fast…no its not, it just feels like it! But the atomic clock shows a difference! Yea, maybe its affected by the speed or whatever, it sure not affecting time.. Humans are still so stupid..

  • I don’t know why this doesnt work for me, the option to show the date and time to time travel is greyed out

    ( If I’m not suposed to press the A button please let me know, also, do I need the Nintendo Switch Online Subscription?

  • Why don’t you explain what happens if you go back? I came here for that, it’s pretty obvious how you do it, but not what happens if you want to change your date back.

  • Dudo que esa sea la forma en que se construían las Lengam… Gracias por elevar una teoría… Pero la química a grandes volúmenes tienen otras reacciones. Abrazzzz grande desde Panamá y ANANDA!!!!

  • Kartoffelbrei passt nicht wirklich zu Kohlrouladen. Normale Kartoffeln sind eher dafür geeignet. 😉 Da die Kohlrouladen / Krautwickel sehr arbeitsintensiv sind werden sie, denke ich, nicht mehr so oft selbst gemacht sondern eher fertig gekauft

  • Mirror atoms as in 2 atoms occupying the same place at the same time being impossible causing a paradox. But what if you could mirror your atoms in a different plane or parallel time line sort of like another dimension? Just like when we find replicas of ourselves or “doppelgänger” it could be probable we’re a copy or template of the same recipe. Just like a mirror can recreate the 2 Dimensional image of us by reflecting light and color how is it not possible to use that with time and speed to create another “universe?” I’ve observed this while recording myself shooting a gun. In the camera bursts and high speed shutter action I was able to see parts of the gun and notice some parts of the gun missing in the frames. This led me to begin thinking time travel is probable. That was 3 years ago and I’m still testing theories and trying to see how I can prove it in reverse. Just like with mathematics we multiply to prove division I’m reversing to prove the future. One theory I’ve come up with is that time and space is in a loop. If that is it then we never die just transition to something different to we start back over.

  • ICh koche Kohlrouladen in der Soße im Bräter, vielleicht ist das ein Tipp. Timing ist natürlich immer extrem wichtig! Fürs erste Mal war es nicht schlecht …��

  • if i time travel a day ahead to finis building my museum save the game then go back to the original time will the day reset and make me wait the full day to rebuild the museum?

  • The filling can be made beforehand it is a flavoured burger mixture and I make my vegan burgers and store them in the fridge or freezer. Krautroulade might work better with a Spitzkohl for the leaves.

  • Its not possible beacuse if it was Then it would break The universe the universe will reapeat the same exact day over and over again if you were to time travel were you wasnt born yet but was physically already born there from alternate dimensoins If you. Kill somebody A couple centurys ago That person would respawn From heaven to earth or hell to earth

  • Solltet ihr irgendwann man Kohlroladen wollen mache ich euch beiden welche… es fehlt euch der schmortopf… darin auf dem Herd scharf anbraten… dann alle kohlroladen da rein und im Backofen mit Wasser schön schmoren lassen und dann nach 3 Stunden raus holen… im Wasser Suppengrün rein beim schmoren…. gibt Geschmack für die sosse…und zu guten Kohlroladen gehört schmorkohl…. ich glaube ich mache euch mal ein Rezept fertig und schicke es euch….. wenn die Herbstzeit kommt muss der Phil dir mal Rübenmus machen….auch typisch deutsch gerade in Niedersachsen und Norddeutschland….

  • Ihr hättet die Rouladen in der Pfanne anbraten müssen,und dann das Gemüse dazu geben, alles anbraten und ablöschen,1 Stunde köcheln lassen in der Pfanne, gut ist!!!! Gruß Hans ����������

  • Im a guy and a cook as well but my girl likes to cook and experiment in the kitchen as much as me and we basically share the cooking experience 50:50

  • Im curious, after you time travel foward to get for example your buildings to be done quicker, can we time travel back to the original date? Or will it mess up the system?

  • When making mercury into a solid does it always get hot? Is that perhaps why stone lingums are hot?
    The mercury is trapped in a stone would that keep the rock hot?

  • What happens if you change the time and date to 5 days earlier on the switch. Before you start that way when you do start you can time travel but eventually end up at the normal date and time? Will this work for someone who hasn’t begun?

  • i HAVE BUILT A TIME MACHINE. Everytime when I want to reverse time. I just have to use a hourglasss. One hour equals to 1 year. Three hours equals to 3 years and vice versa.

  • I timed traveled to my birthday which is december 12th and it upgraded my nooks cranny and i went back to the present then the upgraded nooks cranny was still there! I recommend you do this but dont do it for long,or else your neighbors will leave without telling you and weeds will grow,but it was still cool!

  • Time travel will never be possible because time is just a made up word to describe entropy. The astronauts aged faster in space because the decline into disorder is much faster than on earth

  • If you are dead and you lose your consciousness then only your frozen body will go to future and how can you live again without a soul/consciousness.

  • Praveen! The need to chant many times to save your body from this experiment appears insta necessary, like dude.. try copper pot next time also this does not explain an overall property value of 99% Mercury as claimed for the ancient lingam structure. Love the experiment, be safer next time if you are miraculously faith healed ♡ Stay Genuine ☆Lv

  • I time travel 60 years into the future to get 99,000 bells each time I don’t know why people are getting angry at people who time travel it’s wayyyyyyyy more fun

  • Personally I am not a big fan of cabbage roll, but I know it is a hard dish to make. It’s important that the cabbage stays “knackig”, and seasoning the meat correctly is also a challenge in itself. I think you should try it from a “master” first.

  • That was interesting. It’s dangerous for anyone to wear the mercury, they are at risk of mercury poisoning. I don’t have any interest in using mercury to do that, building a vimana would be cool though, also for separating gold from black sand and other contaminants..
    Here is some info I found on google about mercury: Mercury forms amalgams most easily with metals like gold, silver and aluminum. Mercury does not react with all metals; it will not form an alloy with iron, for example, and it is reluctant to form amalgams with most transition metals, excluding manganese, copper and zinc.
    Is the copper sulfate cheaper than epsom salts? Epsom salts is magnesium sulfate so it also is a source of sulfur and is fairly inexpensive.

  • I want to be cryopreserved because I assume that being dead is like sleeping without waking up but if you are cryopreserved you will basically die and then ‘wake up’ in the future, so I can’t wait to die because I’ll see the future. xd

  • Bro… this is sooooo toxic. I was gonna let it go when you touched it.. but when you breath this stuff, it can be very toxic to humans. Especially inside?!

  • I always subscribed to the idea that coming from the future to the past will not cause a causality problem because if you look at it from the lens of the destination in the past, once it happens, it’s cemented in the past and doesn’t rely on the possible futures of that past reference frame. Notably as in “Back to the Future” and the first terminator movie.

  • Hey there, if you are reading this and you have some knowledge on time traveling I need some help. I was trying to do the investment thing and went 10 years into the future. When I went into the game Isabelle said that they wanted to upgrade nooks cranny. I panicked because I still had at least a few more weeks until that would happen by playing normally. When I went back to today’s date and went into the game nooks cranny was still going to upgrade. Is this a bad thing? (Also, the shops were reset and there was a different Npc at the plaza.)

  • ganz ehrlich eure krautrouladen sahen echt lecker aus.
    für den ersten versuch wars doch ganz gut.
    für mich sah es (abgesehen von den pilzen ��) ziemlich gut aus.

    meine mam hatte die sachen immer einen tag vorher zubereitet das es “durchziehen” konnte und denn nächsten unfassbar lecker war.
    ich frage mich warum ich als kind nie das kraut gegessen habe? = ich war so dumm!!!!
    gerne würde ich meine mam heut noch fragen wie sie die k-rouladen gemacht hat aber das geht leider nicht mehr.

    aber ich glaube ich werde es,in gedenken an meine mam,auch in nächster zeit mal versuchen.
    es heißt ja: “versuch macht klug”.

    in diesem sinne = macht weiter so und gutes weiteres gelingen.

  • Something weird happened to me. I time travelled two days ahead to get the campsite completed. Except that when I went to the spot that I set the plot down it was gone. Can anyone explain?

  • I’m a good cook because of my mom…she was a horrible cook so I ended up making dinner all the time so that we could have something edible.

  • I have a question, if you time travel to the next day… do you business… then go back to the previous day. Will the next day in real life be a new day or will you have to time travel to the next day again? (I hope this makes sense)

  • Theory 1
    Time traveling to the future isn’t possible, how would you simulate the years you didn’t go through
    Time travel to the past is impossible or a loop/paradox might happen

    Theory 2
    Time to the future is possible because when you go to the future society wouldn’t have you and you wouldn’t exist for a few years
    Time travel to the past is possible buy you have to be careful not to get in a loop, cause a paradox, or get exposed

    Theory 3
    I’m wrong in both theories 1 and 2

  • If you like food from Saxony, you should try “Sächsische Quarkkeulchen” at next. I love it most with raisins inside.

  • One issue with time travel is that the earth moves. So you would have to move to another location in space. If you were to keep your exact location in space you would lightyears away from earth.

  • I wis I could time travel to 1993 in South korea…and then I will just have to look for jungkook and his family and tell them to adopt me:o da** I’m intelligent ��

  • Using a metal container was a critical mistake. Mercury reacts with other metal. Thats why it is mixed with impure gold bearing ore then burned away to recover the gold. The acid in the lemon juice reacted with the aluminum, copper sulfate and ammonium chloride to trigger the mercury reaction. Additionally, a stone, ceramic or pyrex glass container would have been more appropriate as aluminum wasn’t available in ancient times.

  • Thank you for all your wonderful videos and information. Maybe you should start publishing all of this work. In this way, we can have a record of your findings as a text and pass on to the next generation. God bless.

  • I was getting impatient waiting for stuff to be built so this video helped a lot! I saw some of your replies to comments and appreciate how sweet and helpful you are, keep doing what you’re doing ��

  • Both of us can cook but my wife is way better and does most of the cooking. She taught our 3 children (1 girl, 2 boys) how to cook and they’re excellent cooks too! You might need to use a grind of beef that has more fat in it for more juiciness next time.

  • Mercury is poisonous like lead?
    Will you show soon the two other secrets regarding mercury regarding the death ray and levitating?
    Also copper and silver both have unique property’s. Both kill germs. Both can be made into a colloidal liquid.
    Do you think maybe mercury/Copper solid could then made into a colloidal liquid with copper that would not be harmful to drink?
    Since this is done with poisonous copper and silver making it into a drinkable liquid for health.

  • I only time travelled cause I messed up so I didnt want to wait another day to get the thing I needed. I have a feeling in my gut I was bad but heheh.

  • I am the main cook in our house, but my husband is a decent cook, too. It’s nice to have a break from making dinner every evening.

  • OMG! Breadcrumms and paprika? Even if you would make Frikadellen paprika just doesn´t belong in there nor do breadcrumms in a Kohlroulade. Nothing against oregano or cayenne, you should have used herbs like thyme, rosemarry, savory and a tiny bit of nutmeg instead of breadcrumms and paprika.I know how to cook and even show my mom how do certain things, seven years working in a kitchen don´t pass without learning tonns of stuff. But bacon can´t be bad, that´s a good call, to get the overwhelming taste out come by the tomato paste, add extra water and a bit sugar, while cooking out bitter substances of the tomate paste, you need the extra water to create the sauce wasn´t that the plan? Could teach you more about cooking, but ain´t doing that in a youtube comment.

  • What their saying is that they are speeding up in time whilst in the actual time is going slower for whom else is trying to, “Time Dialate”. Thank you for your time.

  • So, travel to a time which has already occurred is impossible. Travel to a time which has not yet occurred is possible? Why does this seem, to me, to be counter intuitive?

    Here is the sad truth about time travel. Even if it were possible to travel in time, there would also be a need to travel through space. We do not know where we are in the universe, so, there is no reference point of beginning. Without this reference point we would be traveling to who knows where. In other words, we would be trying to find a specific place, in space and time while we have no idea of where that location is.

    You are aware that the Earth orbits our Sun, correct? That our sun travels through our galaxy, correct? Thay our galaxy travels through the universe? Each of these travels at it’s own speed. Now, try to determine where we are, in the Universe right now. Then, find where we were five seconds ago, and then, if you think you know where you are without knowing the defined borders of the universe, are you willing to make that absolutely real leap to that place in time five seconds in the past??

    Remember, even the slightest miscalculation would result in your appearing at some point above, or below or tangential to where you desire to appear. You would be in the air or within the Earth if the tiniest of errors was made. You would appear in the near vacuum of space if a slightly larger errpr was made. Such as the error in the spelling of error made in the last sentence. Even that seemingly small error, percentage wise, of the whole paragraph the sentence is within, would result in your appearing somewhere near, this next is a guess, a distance equal to, at least, the distance between Earth and Jupiter. While that distance is simply a guess, it is possible that it could even be much further away.

  • This is impossible, because if it was real, we would’ve seen someone from the future since along time ago, unless WE are the future:O

  • To save time 1 potato dish and there is no need to use the string. You can sear the cabbage with the bacon in a pan and the bacon will set. Braise the cabbage rolls in a casserole dish with beef stock half way up the roll so it stays moist. Maybe 300′ and then turn it high 425′ in the end so bacon crisps up. In same pan where you seared bacon cook your veggies in bacon fat (extra if you have it) and make a sauce based on tomato paste and demi glaze or beef stock. Thicken with roux if needed. I am going to make this dish soon with potato dumplings (like you had in Vienna). Bon Appetit

  • If you look at our planet from a different planet milions and milions light years away, you could see the past. For example if our sun explodes right now, we will see it after 8 minutes. So if you could find something faster then speed of the light. would you able to travel in the past?

  • Omg praveen u cannot touch the mercury with ur bare hands it cause damage to ur skin or kidneys,damn u shouldn’t have touched that.please take some precautions before doing an experiment,hope u r not affected by that.

  • Every fan of time travels should watch this video and leave a comment. It’s very important:

  • Could you please filma viedeo part 2 of american girlfriend reacts to german music you could do it with austria songs because it is the same language but Phil maybe doesn’t know the songs to if you want to i am from austria and this are very famous songs
    Schifoan by Wolfgang Ambros
    I am from austria by Reinhard Fendrich
    Ham kummst by Seiler and Speer
    Rock me Amadeus by Falko
    Bologna by Wanda

  • 4:42 Not widely accepted by who? Because it’s true. If you know something didn’t happen in the past, then it for sure didn’t happen, even if your future self was part of said past

  • My mom’s family grew up next door to a Polish family. So weird to hear “German” krautrouladen. That’s golumpki. My aunt learned it from the neighbor’s mother and I believe she always made it in a big cast iron pot. (“Dutch” oven) Low and slow long time over very low heat is how she did it.

  • So if my switch time date is 4 days behind and I change it and my game date time travels because I changed it will I miss out on missions/events in from those 4 days I skipped

  • Important question! Need help… if I’m playing in March right now and when I come to April ( bunny day) but in real time the bunny days are already over, can I still play the bunny day or is it a real time event

  • i think that time travel is impossible..bcz if it was possible then we would have changed the every bad moment after going in the future, but as per grandfather paradox, if we kill someone just bcz we are rid of it. then how are we rid of someone who dad or mom or grandfather of grandmother is already dead? and if we change every bad moment after in future then we will be knowing that why is future and past. but i think ti,e travel in future is if we travel in the speed of light, we will be traveling fast then the usual time. But the prob is that we will not be able to go again in the past.. that is a bit confusing but if a child of 12 years can write this all then the adults should understand.. i hope..Second thought plz if you are reading this whole plz dont like but at-least tell if i am right…cause i want to know this all plz tell..

  • Interesting experiment! thank you for showing.

    Mercury evaporates at room temperature. So whenever you use mercury again please do it outside and not in a room. Also close the vessel with the mercury. You can make an experiment and see how much mercury evaporates if you don‘t close the lid. The weight will tell you.

    I worry about your beautiful hair too. You most probably will loose. But you can google and see how you counter this.

    There is no scientific reason why amalgam should be bad to health. Yet evaporated mercury is.

    And don‘t use aluminium pot again. This is most certainly also a part of your amalgam too.

  • It’s not German dish it’s typical balkan meal… Stuff babura or paprika… sour cabbage with pork and beef mince meat and rice… wine leaf with mince meat… That’s all balkan meal’s….

  • Everyones rick roll: Never gonna give you up

    Never gonna let you down

    Never gonna run around and desert you

    do you know you rick rolled yourself

  • Time is just a human measurement in an attempt to measure the rate of change taking place…. But in reality it is Always Now The Present (The Gift). So called ‘Time’ is NOT a Constant, but instead is produced by the Program you are experiencing, and constantly changes… For the one trying to measure the rate of time, can’t, because their perception is locked into the rate of change involving their experience…. Its NOT possible to detect the rate of change, being experienced by another, even though both may be locked into a ‘copy’ of the same Program.