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Keto and weight loss for women One of the main reasons why women turn to the keto diet is to lose excess body fat. Some research suggests the keto diet may be an effective way to. According to Amy Rothberg, MD, PhD, at the University of Michigan, most of her patients who complain about the keto diet have experienced the keto flu, a combination of crummy.

Because you are on a deprivation diet, you are at risk of not getting proper daily nutrition. This can lead to serious health problems over time. But a more common danger is simply consuming way too many calories. Something women need to consider is the keto culture’s complete disregard to calories.

He insists the keto diet is safe and effective, even for those wanting to shed just a few pounds. “This is a ridiculous approach to weight loss,” said Cimperman. With an 800-calorie-a-day diet. 4 Ways to Overcome Keto Side Effects 1. Eat More Alkaline Foods. How exactly can women eat a diet that is both alkaline and allows them to stay in ketosis?Are there any foods on the keto food list to avoid eating even though they are technically “low carb”?

Dr. Cabeca feels it’s critical to add in plenty low-carb alkalizing choices (fruits and veggies) to a ketogenic diet for optimal. Though keto for women takes a bit more homework and paying attention to get right, it can be the best decision you’ll ever make for your health, appearance and well being. Follow today’s keto tips for women and try not to beat yourself up if you don’t lose as much weight in the beginning as other keto success stories. And while the benefits of keto are pretty well-knownweight loss and a suppressed appetite-the downsides are usually minimized by keto advocates. “The positive aspects of a ketogenic diet are spoken about much more than the drawbacks,” says Alix Turoff, R.D., C.D.N., C.P.T., a.

Once ketosis has kicked in, chances are you may experience fewer food cravings. “People on the keto diet report that they have less interest in food,” says Marilyn Gordon, R.D.N., a dietitian at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Instead, a more plausible theory is that going on the keto diet impacts your vaginal pH—and that changes your vaginal odor, she says. “Any diet. Carlo A / Getty. Carlo A / Getty. The ketogenic diet is on fire right now, in case you haven’t heard, and it’s because of people’s reliable weight loss while on it.

As a Google search term, “keto” is now double the popularity of “Paleo,” which has leveled off and even decreased in the past year. Keto diets require most of your calories to come from fat (with low protein intake.

List of related literature:

Yes, keto is safe for women.

“Keto Quick Start: A Beginner's Guide to a Whole-Foods Ketogenic Diet with More Than 100 Recipes” by Diane Sanfilippo
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In a study by Johnson et al., ketogenic and nonketogenic low-carbohydrate diets were equally effective in reducing body weight and insulin resistance, but the ketogenic diet was associated with significantly more adverse effects [131].

“Sleep Disorders Medicine: Basic Science, Technical Considerations and Clinical Aspects” by Sudhansu Chokroverty
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Some people are the opposite—they don’t do well on keto long-term!

“Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life” by Drew Manning
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It is still a low-carb diet, but it’s slightly more balanced.

“The Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast!” by Michael Aziz
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Women who are already in menopause and halt the detrimental symptoms with a well-formulated keto diet often see a regular menstrual cycle return, a reduction in belly fat tissue, and increased libido.

“Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet, including Simplified Science and No-cook Meal Plans” by Maria Emmerich, Craig Emmerich
from Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet, including Simplified Science and No-cook Meal Plans
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There are a lot of people out there giving a lot of advice on keto, and quite frankly, I think some of it is dangerous.

“Made Whole: More Than 145 Anti-lnflammatory Keto-Paleo Recipes to Nourish You from the Inside Out” by Cristina Curp
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Everyone is different and not everyone will do well on a ketogenic diet, but many do.

“The Power of Fastercise: Using the New Science of Signaling Exercise to Get Surprisingly Fit in Just a Few Minutes a Day” by Denis Wilson
from The Power of Fastercise: Using the New Science of Signaling Exercise to Get Surprisingly Fit in Just a Few Minutes a Day
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There are certainly a lot of resources out there for those wanting to follow keto, but the majority of them are focused on men.

“The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence” by Leanne Vogel
from The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, with More Than 125 Delectable Recipes and 5 Meal Plans to Shed Weight, Heal Your Body, and Regain Confidence
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If eliminating all of the carbohydrates from your diet makes it easier to lose fat in the long run, and you are able to move back to a maintenance diet that contains some carbohydrates, I don’t see what the problem is.

“A Guide To Flexible Dieting” by Lyle McDonald
from A Guide To Flexible Dieting
by Lyle McDonald
Lyle McDonald, 2005

The women eating the high-fat, low-carb diet experienced a significant reduction in the number of attacks, number of days with a headache, and medicine intake during their first month (where the standard, low-calorie dieters didn’t).

“Fat for Fuel: A Revolutionary Diet to Combat Cancer, Boost Brain Power, and Increase Your Energy” by Dr. Joseph Mercola
from Fat for Fuel: A Revolutionary Diet to Combat Cancer, Boost Brain Power, and Increase Your Energy
by Dr. Joseph Mercola
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  • I’m a 61 year old female who is long past cycles. You are correct, the total Keto Diet did not work for me. I know you say carb up at night. But what has worked for me is 1/2 cup whole grain oatmeal for breakfast. I wait 3 hours and then go keto the rest of the day. No keto like food, only Whole Foods. This is similar to the Somersize diet I did years ago. The weight is falling off again, I’m sleeping better, I have more energy, and I never feel hungry. If I know I’m going to desire fruit or say a starch vegetable, I eat a protein breakfast, save the carb up for a low glycemic fruit treat in the afternoon. As long as I keep feeling good and the weight is coming off, I’m sticking with this method. Every body is different. But when and if it stops working, I’m adapting your way. As a menopausal female, this is what’s working for me. I’m glad you are approaching this from a femaile hormone perspective. Your method is the only one that has helped me to see what I needed.

  • Very true.. i lost 23 pounds in 7 mnts with keto +IF.. had cheats cheat on wkends.. suddenly the weight loss slowed down after 6th mnt.. I increased my exercise and did everything but in vain.. i finally started adding very little rice for lunch and weight started reducing immediately.. hv been hvg carbs for past 5 days and

  • Keto works for me, especially for the energy but everyone is different. I think the problem comes from people thinking that you need to be eating at 80% fat, which ain’t the case. They end up either overeating or with a pitifully low protein intake. You can burn fat from the plate or the body. Tracking your caloric intake is always a good idea at the start of any program.

  • Hi Leanne:)  I’ve been eating a ketogenic diet for nine months, and my period has disappeared. I am just starting to reincorporate some more carbs into my diet through some berries and other veggiesshould that help?? I’m trying to research and get information. Turns out strict keto just may not work for me during this season of life. I’m a little discouraged because I had lost ten pounds and felt great, and then it all came back. But I’m trying to focus on healing my body first, then the rest will take care of itself; I had no idea losing my period/the irregularity I’ve had for years was such a strong indicator of problems in my body. Do you have any insight or suggestions as I make this journey? Thank you so much!

  • Hi I am going to tell you a secret between age 20 and 43 my body was lean I work real hard from age 20 till I was age 35 with weight training 3-time a week alt day I eat protein food and some good fat.lots of water go to bed early at night sleep like a baby 8-hour plus I was getting releasing my natural growthhormone when I sleep but you will understand the I never weight train now more than 45-minute in the gym,wear warm clothes in the gym train with real iron weight keep my training program simple 3 to 2 exercise per body part and one a week get to a park sprint fast across the park five times and then go home.know I am now age57 and I still work out ��️‍♀️

  • Personally….How people can believe that keto is healthy diet…the lady is absolutely right. History of great Nations like Japanese, Chinese, population which people live the longest… what…do they eat stakes and stuffing their faces with cheese and ham??? Fruits are the most healthiest foods in the planet…. Vegetables, brown rice… it’s just common sense…

  • I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life and it’s safe to say that I’ve tried a LOT of diets… The Keto diet is the only one I’ve managed to stick to and the weight is literal55ly melting off my body.

    Unlike other diets where I am feeling hungry all day and food is constantly on my mind, the keto diet has completely eliminated this, I actually NEVER feel hungry with this way of eating!

    I would definitely recommend anyone struggling to lose weight to try these custom keto meal plans as they really have been a godsend for me.

  • I stopped after i got two equally spaced breakouts on my lips that looked like hepes, I don’t believe they were because I never had them in my life there. I think they were deficiency of B vitamins somebody said that or maybe I found it online I’m not sure. All I know is my periods were the worst cramps of my life and I think I made it through like six weeks of keto. I think that it was great but I don’t know how to do it if I’m going to have problems on it.
    Question what the heck are those bumps on my lips? Ever heard of this Leanne?

  • Thanks for specialized info for women. Could you discuss keto post hysterectomy? I’m finding weightloss is harder after my hysterectomy.

  • I personally debunk the theory that you can eat in a caloric surplus with keto and lose fat this is BS. I have done Keto the real way and I did not lose magic weight like the keto zealous claim, you cannot eat in a surplus and lose weight with Keto straight lies. This needs to stop IMO Calories in Vs Calories out no matter what diet you choose. You need to be in a caloric deficit. All these keto Doctors and keto mafia are trying to sell something and take advantage of desperate people who have no idea about dieting and the fall for this propaganda. I ate in a deficit with a standard diet and lost weight. I also dieted with fast food only was in a caloric deficit and and lost weight. carbs are not the enemy eating in a caloric surplus is with the wrong food choices causes weight gain..

  • Really curious if you have read the book Woman Code by Alisa Vitti. She has a similar approach, although not Keto, to cycle syncing. I’m juggling the two approaches trying to decide what is best for me. I have only just discovered you & the keto diet from the balanced bites podcast. I would love to move away from a traditional paleo diet to more of a keto diet, but I want to make sure it is best from a hormone perspective.

  • Hi. Thank you for bringing this topic up. I had the same question and wanted to know this before I started keto. My research showed similar things to what you mention, and that
    keto can be good for women, provided:
    1. Don’t fast in the week before your period, due the impact to the hormones that are rising at that time (I haven’t seen a paper on this though)
    2. Too low of carbs can lead to dementia in women as they age. This does have a paper behind it. Since keto can have a range of carbs from 20 to 70, or so, if someone is doing strict keto (20 g carb) for therapeutic reasons, maybe they increase the carbs when they’re in maintenance phase and experiment with it? When I get to maintenance phase, I do plan to experiment with small amounts of sweet potato, quinoa and whole oats, but not enough to throw me out of keto..
    3. Magnesium. Dr. Bosworthy, an M.D. internist, really promotes magnesium especially at the beginning of the keto diet due to the fluid shift and the amount of electrolytes and salts lost as the body sheds water. Epsom salts bath and milk of magnesia are some of the temporary and cheap ways to help get enough Mg in the body during transition from carbs to ketones.
    Also, with roughly 50% of Americans being Mg deficient, it’s important to have enough to help with the healing process keto triggers. The high fat of keto starts to help the fat hormones and metabolic pathways to wake up and come to come online, but MG deficiency can limit how much healing can happen. On a keto diet, the body now has enough fat, but now we need to make sure there’s enough Mg for better results.

  • I had an uncle that smoked, drank and ate all the wrong foods in excess. He was grossly overweight and feeling poorly all the time. Then he started the keto diet. Four months after he started keto he suddenly died. He
    was hit by a bus. Just saying…..

  • Hi; I started Keto about 6wks ago weight back and forth…. buttt the main question is I’m about to have a hysterectomy bc of horrible fibroids… is carb ups still necessary?

  • Three years Keto, husbands type 2 diabetes gone. We both now have perfect blood panels! 64 and 59 yrs old, will never eat any other way!

  • I’m in the process of researching and trying to find renewed success in my keto diet, but more importantly in my hormones. I need insight and advice because I can’t find any conclusive answers to the questions that I have. Here’s a bit of backstory:
    I am 23 years old, 5’2″ and currently 130 pounds. I’ve been doing keto since September of last year, and my period has only shown up once in that time (last month, actually). Before starting keto, I’d finally become regular and consistent with my cycle, and now I don’t know what to do. I’d been very strict with my macros for about four months at the beginning, and lost about 10 poundsfelt and looked great! Unfortunately, I’ve since gained it all backnot sure why relaxing my macros a bit would have made such a drastic difference. 
    I want to tone up a bit again, but want to get my cycle regular first. Some people say that intermittent fasting is not good, some say I need to up my fats and carbs, incorporating more fruits and veggies, because my body must be in starvation mode…I don’t feel I was undereating, or that I was ever underweight. Others of course advocate for very low fat/high carb diets and being the most ideal and cleansing for the body. I believe keto is awesome and healthy and don’t want to give up, but I am so frustrated and discouraged, I just don’t know how to move forward. 
    Also, I know it would be ideal to eat only organic and grass-fed animal products, but at this point I just can’t afford those things; I’m doing the best I can for right now…
    So, should I kind of restart my keto, continue intermittent fasting, and stop doing the increased macros? I know incorporating veggies is important at certain points of your cycle, but because mine has gone rogue, I don’t know when to do that…
    Thank you to anyone who can help me untangle all of this! Let me know if you need any more info.:)

  • Constant access to food is most of America’s problem with obesity! All the processed food is also a lot of the problem and is also where most cancer and diseases come from!
    Just by stopping drinking soda my stomach feels so much better and the weight stays off so much easier! Fasting or simply “NOT EATING TO MUCH/OFTEN” lets your body use up what you have consumed. If you don’t physically do much, “break a sweat and such” you can’t just keep shoving food in your face and not expect to gain weight! You have to burn/use the calories before replacing them! The analogy of the garbage was a good one! IMO and experience these statements are very true!

  • Hey Leanne, Thank you for your videos very informative. I was on keto for more than a year, didn’t get my periods for the whole time but continued keto and started preparing for a marathon too, after the 13th mile my body started giving up. I now have all kinds of hormonal imbalances, acne on my skin and gained weight more than ever. I was never overweight always in shape but now I am just continuing to gain weight and it doesn’t seem to reduce even when I try. I started eating carbs a few months back but my gut is very bad. I feel disappointed, did you have to face such a situation?


  • I had what became a pretty profound electrolyte imbalance on a carnivore diet (it started to become apparent on the keto diet first but I ignored it until it became a severe and scary health issue as I went progressively lower and lower carb) which, under the supervision of a doctor, I’m starting to correct by adding back approximately 110g of carbs a day as well as Mg and salt supplementation. I’m currently holding my weight at a much higher level than I would like, but with the electrolyte issues and an increase in my fasting glucose despite being ultra low carb I feel like keto long term was a very bad choice for my health. I’m somewhat hopeful that low carb will still be manageable for me and that I will eventually be able to lose the aprox. 200 pounds I still have to lose but the jury is still out. In a lot of ways I don’t want to talk bad about keto and carnivore because it has worked wonders for so many people (and lost me about 80 pounds before things went bad) but I’m an unusual case in that it’s just not medically feasible to have ketogenic carb levels long term and I think it would benefit some people if the community acknowledged that more freely.

  • Some women like me have messed up periods on the keto. There’s strategies to get around that, like eating foods that increase progesterone on certain days (about every other week), including beans, potatoes, more beef, etc. I’m trying to heal, and I just feel better eating keto, so I’m just going to eat more red meat on those days.

  • I just know that I have just lost 23 pounds since last Sunday and this is Saturday. Tomorrow morning will be my first week on keto.

  • How long after being on keto do you recommend starting this? I’ve watched almost every video you’ve posted about carb ups and I’m still super nervous to do it. ������‍♀️

  • I think I may need to work in a few more carbs. The deep feeling of need for them right before the bleeding week, and right after is massive. And i wonder if having a few berries with my yogurt or a sweet potato now and then may help. Thank you for this! <3

  • I basically did Keto by accident 6years ago. I was trying to stay away from all sugars and gluten grains to see if it would help my migraines. I was going through menopause and I did lose about 35 pounds. The only thing that got me through my cravings and hunger were fats. And I ate a high portion of them to get through. I wasn’t afraid of butter, nuts, or meat. I am a big vegetable eater anyway. The pounds melted off the first year. And pretty much stayed at bay another year. But when a craving or two for sweets, or more carbs got the best of me, I gained weight right back. I feel my metabolism is worse now than it ever was even close to before. I don’t know if that’s a result of aging or the Keto diet I did, or both. Now I am trying to just be sensible. Cut back on sugar. Eat more veggies, meat sparingly, and don’t overeat anything.

  • I think a lot of people doctors and non just cannot wrap their head around this diet. They can’t see how it could be healthy. So they are are coming up with a lot of arguments against it. This one seems particularly contrieved.

  • I don’t eat dinner when I’m intermittent fasting, can I eat the root veggies for lunch? Hope so. If not maybe I’ll alter my IT schedule during that time.

  • I’m doing keto, and I’m 64. I’m not losing weight. That’s ok, I started an online workout program about 3 weeks ago. I was in good shape to begin with but wanted to tone overall. I’m 5’3″ and weigh between 110-113

  • Hi, I have done really well on a ketogenic diet as a post-menopausal woman. I lost 15 pounds over a 6 week period, and have easily maintained that weight loss for the last 8 months. My body fat is down to 25%,(which is on the low edge of normal for a 61 year old) so perhaps that is the lean mass component! The most remarkable thing about the diet however is that I no longer get migraine headaches. I used to get them at least 4 or 5 times a month, and in the last 8 months I have only had two. As a large percentage of migraineurs are women, I wonder if this could fall under a possible benefit for women on a Keto diet, or something you might investigate in a future video. Thanks for all your content-it is inspiring!

  • Steve. my Right arm is bit over 1 inch longer than the left and it has caused imbalance in my back, and might be the cause of my back pain during deadlifts and squats (the weight is not loaded even) have any solutions for this?

  • I’ve been doing keto for 2yrs
    My blood pressure is high and my weight loss is stalled for over a year now. I don’t know what to do. I have purchased your freedom plan, keto challenge, and low carb challenge. Would love some help

  • I am 53 post menopausal and on HRT. Every time I try to do keto it messes with my hormone levels and I have to stop. I am now trying to do just low carb. It is much harder to find people that are staying low carb verses Keto.

  • Thank you so much for this! If it’s not too much to ask, would you mind creating/posting a chart of when we should incorporate or not incorporate carbs? It would be such a helpful guideline!

  • I really do not want to do the keto diet because I live with a wonderful husband who has no desire to change his eating habits. It would be difficult. So, I have been doing your 0123 diet for 2 weeks, which means I don’t eat dinner with him anymore a.s he eats dinner at 8 pm. I can’t believe that I am able to give up sugar for the first time in a very long time. I feel lighter and pants are looser and no cravings constantly. Glad to hear no need to go keto if doing well enough on low carb. I would say I am a carboholic. I am only 15 lbs. overweight but mostly wanted to get off sugar and carbs cause I started feeling like crap all the time. If I lose those 15, that will be a bonus. Thank you both for the videos.curiosthlugh to see what my cholesterol is at my soon to be annual physical.

  • OH MY GOD, Keto saved my husband’s life…. He had a quadruple bypass in 2013 we switched over to veganism but had a heart attack after being a VEGETARIAN for 6 years. We switched over to KETO and everything changed within 15 days of the switch over. Blood workup went normal, type 2 diabetes went away with MANY MORE PROBLEMS clearing up. His Cardiologist was amazed and side if he did not know him he would think that there was NOTHING WRONG with him. This guy above is all FACK NEWS. if you would like to see the story of someone that is living as a Keto person you need to go to UCRogyDm46jk_A9XHdTxcZcg (Loving It On Keto ) or you can go see the video “Keto Saved My Husbands Life” at this link = It is one of my first videos so don’t expect to much, just the story of how it helped.

  • Been on keto for 10 weeks now…pretty strict too but my period is every constant! It goes from barely spotting to very heavy. They were wonky before keto and just seem even more out of control now. Is there any cycling I can do to help improve this?

  • I don’t know man. I know a shit load of people dropping crazy weight on keto. Carbs are inflammatory and have a multiplicative effect on weight gain. You can only eat so much fat and protein in a day

  • Have you thought about creating a mobile app which tracks your cycle and indicates which foods you should eat during each phase? That would be cool!

  • I would be interested in learning how to tell what phase a woman who has had a hysterectomy but still has ovaries is in on any given day. Is there a way to know since there would be no period?

  • Thumbs down.. all true but kinda misleading: you mentioned nothing about intermittent fasting which goes hand in hand with keto.. the reason for the large keto meal is that it may be the only meal of the day, depending on your fasting schedule.

  • I am 51 yrs, Keto saved my life. My BP was oit I’d control, my blood sugars were out of control, I was 152lbs over weight.

    I started Keto in 8 months I lost 80lbs.. it’s been slow on going loosing the last 60lbs. But ai just Keto on….I will get there.��

  • They actually studied epileptic kids who followed a keto diet and they did not ‘do fine’. But, if the choice is an optimal, healthy diet or daily seizures…

  • This is very true! when I started Keto, just after a couple of weeks I started to believe it was not for me. I started to feel horrible, stressed out over nothing. Felt I was going crazy! No sleep either. I learned about this method in one of your other videos. Thank you, thank you! for sharing this. I stay Keto for breakfast and lunch then add a very small carb at dinner or before bed. OMG! I felt better right away and had the best sleep ever. Also another great thing I noticed is that this helps me flush excess water.

  • How do I know the time Frames mentioned? I am not taking birth control. I don’t track periods. Is there a good way to track them so I can figure out days?

  • So I have a question… I have a calendar to keep up with my cycle, it shows that my ovulation is after by cycle verse the follicle phase. So do I follow the order of the video per the actual phase?

  • I went into premature menopause at age 31, and have been on much-needed HRT (I run very low on estrogen) ever since (20 years). Would Happy Keto Body be appropriate for me or should I pursue private consult?

  • Thanks, really appreciated this video. I’m always aware of the phase of my cycle, because I use NFP for birth control. So using this information concerning keto and cycles will probably be immensely helpful when it comes to controlling my moods and general energy. Thank you!

  • I love the way you approach health and diet. Could you make a video on how drugs affect IR and keto? My question is I use a medication for GERD and it has some “sugars” on it how those sugars interferes with IR and Keto. I really appreciate your view on this. Thank you so much.

  • lol. this video is just silly… it is obvious the channel doing the reporting is sponsored by major food sponsors who sell carbage. You do KETO and have your own doctor compare your stats before and after and even your doctor will become a convert… It is an old respected way of eating that has always been healthy and the food companies hate when their market sheep give up bad carbs and begin to eat healthy (as in a Keto way of life)

  • Hi! thanks for u videos! I’ve lost my period for 2 months since I started keto (almost carnivore). And have very low weight 45 kg. Can this strategy help me to have my periods back? I need a small advice cause I cannot afford your program right now. Thank u

  • I am doing keto diet now,it is effective but a long term for weight loss. If you want a quick way of lossing weight? Intermittent 18:6 or 20:4 is very effective.for 5 days? You will loss 2-3 kgs or more.I tried this guys.

  • I love listening to your advice and it’s spot on but your programs are sooooooo expensive……..its very sad you would charge so much to help

  • I have been doing keto for 6 months and I feel great. I’m 49 and have always been active, but now I have more energy and mental clarity. I suffer from migraines and I was hoping keto would help with that. I still have good and bad weeks in that department. Thanks for the informative video.

  • I started keto and omad the first januari and lost 30 pounds. I have a Neuropathy CMT 1A and never felt better. I’m 55. Thank you for your videos!

  • This has been my experience. I’m on my 4th year in ketosis. So much health improvement. This year I spent sometime experimenting eating more ground beef and felt even better raising my protein to 100g and eating WAY less dairy and nuts has helped me tremendously. I’m always tweaking and experimenting. I took all veggies out and cut dairy to only cream for coffee for 3 months to experiment and felt great. Carnivorish is not that sustainable for me but it did teach me I feel best on more protein and less dairy than I was doing my first 3yrs. Now that it is hot I am craving my cabbage and iceberg. So started that back in today. I very easily maintain 131lbs, 5’5”, almost 50. Walk 80 miles a month and do Strength and PT exercises most days. I’ve experimented going just outside of ketosis with about 60 carbs (veg/yogurt/berry) and all 3 times it was a disaster. Intense Cravings, anxiety, bloat, and the emotional unrest was awful. Ketosis at least right now is my “medicine”. I still have my normal cycle. But those times I went just out of ketosis for only a few days at a time, i had depression, anxiety, hot flashes, and night sweats. So for whatever reason my body responds that way….. I may be a keto lifer. I have no desire to test it again for a long time. I feel night & day in ketosis. Keto also keeps me sober. Ketones are my bff. I find my weight does best with 2 meals no snacks. Coffee, cream, stevia in the morning. I eat usually 11 & 4 but sometimes it is 2 & 5. Hunger control, mental health, and no migraines, etc is amazing. It’s been a miracle for me. I thank God for this way of eating and for all my Docs here on youtube educating me along the way.
    Thank you.

  • Thanks. I don’t know if I’d do a 24 hour fast though, but I’ve been doing 16 hour fasts pretty “easily.” So what’s 8 more hours I suppose… but I probably won’t.

  • Is there a particular reason to carb up at night? I’m from Latin America and our biggest meal of the day is usually lunch. Would it work to carb up at lunch? This cycle approach makes TOTAL sense.

  • Thank you for this! I watched another video on Keto for woman (by a man) and was left thoroughly confused, overwhelmed and a bit discouraged. This broke things down so much. Question: Other than menstruation, how do you know exactly what phase your in regarding days?

  • The truth is for any diet, calories matter. Anyone who thinks they can eat unlimited fat or protein on a ketogenic diet hasn’t done the homework. The key point behind a keto diet is that it keeps insulin low which helps control hunger. And you’re right about the initial weight loss being water weight that comes from using up muscle glycogen stores, but some people need that as a quick win to be motivated. It is absolutely possible to gain weight on a low carb diet. I know because I’ve done itI was training for last year’s Boston Marathon and figured I didn’t need to watch calories due to heavy mileageoops! On low carb I’ve dropped my HbA1c from prediabetic range to normal even while maintaining relatively constant weight.

  • What he’ll is her problem with cheese?? Been doing keto for years and couldn’t be healthier. Katie is brainwashed from the 80s. She also asked some stupid questions… that’s she should already know, unless she was in a coma for 50 years…hang it up lady!

  • This was very inspiring and interesting. In taking your course, do you gain a better understanding of how you feel that determines your need for these carb-ups?

  • I have been keto and IF for 2 years. When I started I lost 50 lbs of fat in a few months. I have kept it off easily and happily. My doctor says my blood work looks great. I feel wonderful and healthy. This is not an extreme diet. It is not a fad. It is a lifestyle change.

    Ignorant, biased, one sided propaganda stories like this are doing more harm than good. There is a mountain of credible scientific evidence in favor of the efficacy and safety of the ketogenic diet. I have to believe this story was created with an agenda.

  • KatieI have watched you since I was in high school and you started on Today. I adore and love you! Here’s my question, women over time and how we adapt? I saw that your daughter is getting married. Would you talk with a number of women about life experiences with career, marriage, children, and so forth. From all ages and demographics about how they make it work. I’m 44 now, and will celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary with my husband in May, and we have 3 beautiful children. But, I’m struggling. How do we transition in life? My husband and I sadly lost all our parents by the time we were 41. The kids are growing up so fast and will soon leave the nest. Do you have words of wisdom and advice? Thank you! Beth from Oregon. ❤️❤️❤️

  • No dont do it, kedo diet will bring you LYMPHOMA of the blood; of which is cancer, of the bone marrow. To kill cancer eat apricot seeds. For diabetes fasting is the best way you can reverse it, and with one meal a day with multivitamin supplements will keep you healthy. My mother died on kedo diet, because her body absorb all the pesticides causing LYMPHOMA of the blood and didn’t have all the minerals and vitamins her body needed. My mother passed away in 2015 from complications of chemotherapy, a truly barbaric cruel way to kill her off only to make THE AMERICAN HEALTH ORGANIZATION millions of dollars through chemotherapy. Apricot seeds kill cancer.

  • I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and my hormones are all out of wack. My cycles are so irregular. So, what do you recommend for me. I really want to try keto. Can you help me, please?

  • 2 Fit Docs this came at a great time. I am so encouraged. Thank you.
    Estrogen is both good and evil at the same time as a post menopausal woman.
    My story of how estrogen effects weight loss and keto is too long to type here. Wish I could talk to you because what you say is true about estrogen. It’s like whoa! ����

  • My wife’s boss owns an all female gym and tried to push this keto thing on everyone, including the trainers who work for her. No research, no consideration for body type, blood type, metabolism, diabetic issues, reproductive issues, etc. They have one licensed nutrition chick on their staff who doesn’t consult with the members.
    There’s no medium and long term science in this keto thing. What happens to your body of your remain in ketosis for 10 years? Nobody knows.
    This keto thing is only popular because people make money when the water weight magically goes away. It’s an industry buzz term just like Adkins or TaeBo or Jazzercise. Eating what your body needs to increase or decrease and putting in the work are the only tried and true solutions.

  • Maybe she is doing omad or even 2 meals with Intermittent fasting…just because she had a meal with 800 cals doesnt mean she is eating 3000 cals..2 meals is only 1600 if she is eating another meal with same cals..imo a 210 lb women is in cal deficit at 1600 cals a day

  • Katie…Dr. Eric Berg from Alexandria, VA for more than 20 years on the Clean Keto diet got his CAC(Coronary Artery Scan) recently and got a 0 which is UNHEARD of (No alcohol consumption). CAC scan is the scan that shows built up plack in the arteries over your lifetime. Keto/Carnivore for life! I got rid of my high blood pressure FOR YEARS. Trans guy Lee, Richmond, VA (( forEVER greatful for the Keto doctors around the world))

  • Thank you do much for making this video it has been very enlightening for my girls and myself very helpful as I am starting my keto with my young teenage girls.can you make videos on what would be best for teenage girls and well

  • This is very usefull, thank you. A great explainations on how to keto for woman. Now. I’m a bit confused since another keto/hormone specialist Alisa Vitti adiviced something opposite: first cycle half low callorie paleo style + hiit workout, followed by second cycle half hardcore keto with yoga (this is my loose interpretation of her statements, not a quote) And here… Leanne says: 1)more protein, 2)hardcore keto 3)add few carbs 4)paleo. Can you give suggestion on how to pair workout intensity to this diet cycle? Thank you so much

  • thank-you for sharing this information �� I’ve been doing LCHF for 2yrs now & I find when I do strict keto it’s too harsh for my body but LCHF is perfect for me. It’s really helped clear up my insulin resistance & balance my hormones! I really appreciate your videos ����

  • Hey just found you, I’ve had a hysterectomy I still have my ovaries tho… I’m 9 months in and 72lbs down but my hair is falling out… help what can I do what am I doing wrong

  • I’m perimenopausal and have pretty much reached my goal weight after being on keto with IF for close to 2 years. I’ve had some other health issues which keto can’t fix that has slowed my progress but I feel so much better. When “up to 50 carbs” are mentioned relating to keto, does that mean net or total? I typically shoot for under 20 net and seem to do best there.

  • Low carb absolutely saved me from PMS and perimenopause anxiety. I lose weight very very slowly on it but going full keto makes my hair fall out in clumps.

  • idk what to think of all those special diets and artificial rules… I just eat the stuff I like and think are healthy, that includes rice, oatmeal and different beans as my main energy source and vegetables and greens to fill my stomach… sometimes i just like to eat raw tomatos with white cheese and snack some white beans as i watch those videos.

  • You guys are awesome. I’ve read about very low-carb diets being bad for women, but figured it works for me so why not (I do DB-inspired low carb, which isn’t keto… but hey…)? Thanks for clearing things up, giving it the 4 thumbs-up.

  • I am an Optometrist, lost about 80 lbs, doing Intermittent Fasting and Keto. Your channel helped me so much on my journey that I started a YouTube channel of my own a week ago and dedicated one of my first videos to you 2. Keep doing what you do!

  • I’ve been KETO for 3 yrs. It solved ALL of my diabetes, all of my weight problems, and all of anxiety and depression problems. My bones are strong (I’m 64), my kidneys are good. I have Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension which I am surviving and going strong with. I am post menopausal. So there we go.

  • why the background music? Katie know your audience; people are tuning in to hear the information, we don’t need exercise music in the background.

  • Holistic Nutritionist?! LOL. You promote the Keto Diet. This is not holistic, but restrictive. Not only that it is unhealthy in the long run. Girl, you should start thinking about an alternative career, because your days are counted. Make no mistake, you will eventually get very ill. Worse part will be the remorse of having made others ill with all your silly recommendations. I just hope you wake up quickly and can be honest once you get sick. Don’t drag on the lie too long…

  • I’m not sure am I in ketosis or at the edge of keto to low carb…. when I take simple carb like some sugar drink or one pkt of biscuit, I will feel severe headache…

  • Carbs are bad. The KETO diet works, hands down. My wife has been on KETO for four months. She lost 50lbs, eats up to 4,000 calories a day. High fats are what we should be eating as a species. Sugar is poison. Of course the minute you get off ketosis you will pack it all back on. She’s actually having to add more calories as to not lose anymore weight and maintain her weight. As with any diet, you must change the way you eat for life. Most diets work, but to maintain that diet for life is of course a challenge. The combination of high fats with carbs is why most Americans are obese. It’s this combination that is disastrous.

  • Thanks Steve for this Video. I did Keto for 10 months and here are my results. Had bloodwork done at the beginning and all values Normal. After 10 months of strict Keto I dropped a couple of pounds and was too tired for Weights. Bloodwork after 10 months of Keto was terrible. Fasting Blood Sugar was Elevated to Pre-Diabetic, Neutrophils (Immune System) Critically Low, and Cortisol Elevated. Returned to a Normal Macro Balanced Food Intake and All Blood Values returned to Normal. Haven’t gained an ounce but back to building Muscle.

  • I am healthier than I’ve ever been at 53. Started exercising a bit since March…perhaps my slight weight gain IS lean mass…�� Gonna just go with that and carry on… ������Always, thank you two for your content…������

  • Hmmm, I’m on HRT and use an estrogen patch 2x per week. I wonder if that impacts the effectiveness of my Keto WOE. One thing I love about the Keto diet is the appetite control. It will be interesting to watch the data.

  • The Keto way of life is healthy….being overweight with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease etc is not! The fake news media is owned by the creeps who want to keep you sick & dependent on drugs & pills. Doctors are not “healthcare providers.” They are symptom treaters! Keep up the good work telling us the truth Dr. Becky & Keith! ���� After 2 years of OMAD, my health is better than ever at age 66!

  • Keto works well for me, keeps hormones in check, thyroid doing well as long as I watch out for too many cruciferous raw veg. (Kale messes up my cycles)
    I love how low carb keto prevents depression for me…