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A negative experience at the grocery store can leave a bad taste in your mouth (zing!) and discourage you from going back and developing a key skill to keep yourself healthy and strong. That’s why we’ve decided to simplify the whole process. It’s time to introduce the Nerd Fitness Pantry. What is the Pantry?First, we’re going to talk about the general layout of the store.

In this article, you read about how the store is set up with healthy things around the perimeter, while unhealthy junk food awaits in the middle aisles.. Let’s take a walk through an average store just to survey our surroundings. Nerd Fitness: A fitness website for nerds and average Joes. Helping you lose weight, get stronger, live better.

Don’t leave heat sensitive food in the pantry. Unless your pantry is naturally and consistently cold, don’t store anything that is heat sensitive (such as eggs, chocolate, or butter) in there unless you have something such as a polystyrene box or other heat-proof container to store them in. The fridge is usually undesirable for some foods that. No matter what snack you select, low-carb or non-low-carb, try to eat REAL food whenever possible. Real food, as defined in some dictionary you don’t have to bother checking, is food that grew from the ground, on a tree, came out of the sea, ran on the land, or flew through the air.

Meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, and fruit and nuts. A pantry challenge is when you choose not to buy groceries for a set time. (Often a month or so.) Instead, you use up the food in your house until there isn’t much left to eat. It’s a chance to dig out those foods in the back of the pantry.

The stuff lost in the pit of your deep freezer. Eat Well, Spend Less: How to Store Pantry Food for Maximum Shelf Life W e all know the benefits of a well-stocked pantry. It’s essential for menu planning organization, helps maintain a healthy diet full of real foods, and saves you money by allowing you to stock up when food items are on sale. I did my first pantry challenge back in May and bought only perishables like dairy and produce items for the month. Not only did I save about $250 by drastically reducing my grocery budget, I also refreshed my culinary know-how and my commitment to keeping our grocery budget to a low but reasonably comfortable level.

Food Storage Ideas When You Don’t Have a Pantry. When making your home work for you, focus on its positives and not its negatives. Yes, your home may lack a pantry; but there are other options for.

Try these under the radar grocery alternatives that deliver big taste and plenty of shelf filling options. stock of food items. But all is not lost! We’ve found some top choices for fresh.

List of related literature:

Nearby are a small airconditioned gym and a convenience store with refrigerated groceries (ice cream).

“Cruising Ports: The Central American Route” by Patricia Miller Rains, Patricia Miller
from Cruising Ports: The Central American Route
by Patricia Miller Rains, Patricia Miller
Point Loma Publishing, 2000

Or you can just pop in, do the treadmill or elliptical trainer for thirty or forty‑five minutes, and go home without ever talking to anybody.

“Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting” by Bethenny Frankel, Eve Adamson
from Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting
by Bethenny Frankel, Eve Adamson
Atria Books, 2009

I did this, not with cookies, because after a very thorough search of Luke’s kitchen I found that Sandra Whoever-She-Was hadn’t stocked Luke’s cupboard with cookies, only healthy eating crap, which didn’t do anything to stop the shakes.

“Rock Chick Revenge” by Kristen Ashley
from Rock Chick Revenge
by Kristen Ashley
Kristen Ashley, 2011

There’s the fitness group; I’m supposed to check in with them weekly about how many days I’ve worked out.

“I Miss You When I Blink: Essays” by Mary Laura Philpott
from I Miss You When I Blink: Essays
by Mary Laura Philpott
Atria Books, 2020

The books also include an array of gluten-free and healthy options for pancakes, waffles, pies, cookies, and brownies—all easy to carry in your pocket.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

But just like you don’t run a mile the first day you decide to exercise, you can start by walking—and walking through the grocery store means taking a list based on the ideas and examples in this book and trying to replace the items that you would have bought before with healthier versions to see how it goes.

“Mom Energy” by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
from Mom Energy
by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
Hay House, 2011

I found an entire aisle filled with bottles promising muscle and weight gain.

“Gym Candy” by Carl Deuker
from Gym Candy
by Carl Deuker
HMH Books, 2008

These obsessive walkers may occasionally use the gyms where they walk some more on the treadmill and instead of chatting with friends, change channels on the TV screen.

“Don'T Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight” by Rujuta Diwekar
from Don’T Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight
by Rujuta Diwekar
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2011

As you move toward the center ofthe store, you will find entire aisles devoted to soft drinks, cookies, breads, and cereals.

“AARP The Inflammation Syndrome: Your Nutrition Plan for Great Health, Weight Loss, and Pain-Free Living” by Jack Challem
from AARP The Inflammation Syndrome: Your Nutrition Plan for Great Health, Weight Loss, and Pain-Free Living
by Jack Challem
Wiley, 2011

My warehouse club shopping list included apples, bananas, bread, cereal, low-fat cheese, and ibuprofen.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
from Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes
by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Hey guys, I just came across an amazing 2-week diet plan tested and proven to convert! If you’d like for me to give you access just comment below “Give me the diet” and I’ll post the weight loss plan under the comments several times!

  • ‘If I want advice I’ll ask my doctor’. PLEASE ask a registered dietitian if you need advice, Shelbi. It’s literally their job. Medicine/surgery is the doctor’s job. Or ask your doctor to refer you to a dietitian. (That’s IF you ever decide you want advice.)

  • If you love Nee Zealand wine you’ll definitely have to fly over and check out Martinborough and the Hawkes Bay some awesome wine from those places

  • Let’s show marisa how much we love her and pretty please continue subscribing to her YouTube channel Let’s get her to 100k and make her happy also let her know how much her videos mean to you��❤

  • So that means I can work out and fast however long I want to? Can I still break my fast to spike my insulin by mtor with protein, carbs, and fructose? Because that’s cool

  • Muffins!!
    2.5 bananas (normal sized)
    in a blender blend 2 cups dry rolled oats and add
    1/2 cup protein powder
    1 tsp cinnamon
    1 tsp baking powder
    1/2 tsp baking soda
    1/8 tsp salt
    2 whisked eggs, add to bowl
    2 tbs melted coconut oil
    1/2 1 cup Unsweetened almond milk
    2 tsp trivia/2-3 tbs of other sweetener
    1/3 cup cocoa powder
    Frozen blueberries
    Grease muffin tray with coconut oil
    400 degrees F
    20 min

    I hope this helped!

  • Just finished an ab focused workout. I’m only 13 so I dont do it for the looks but to be strong. Personally I find working out 6 days a week good for me.

  • YouTube drives me crazy.. the ads in this video are supporting “ethical” dairy farming… give me a break and let me watch Shelbizleee in peace

  • Put your cart away….THANK YOU! My pet peeve at the grocery store are the people who leave their shopping carts in an empty parking spot or behind the car parked next to them…and the cart “coral” is just 5-10 steps away…don’t get me started on the very obvious lazy person who “rides” in those shopping carts that are there for those that literally cannot walk the store.

  • Here’s my tip: When buying loose produce, (Peas) turn the bag inside out and put on your hand like a glove and grab your produce that way. ; )

  • I’d have a field day with this test and I mean a bad one. I know I’m intolerant to all peas, dairy, gluten and some other green veggies including Brussel sprouts. And then there is the random other things that well I just meh don’t even freakin know.

  • Cage free eggs are just thousands of chickens Crammed into a building they hardly ever get any Sun light and some of them are limping around with broken arms and legs and it’s just as bad as caged so it really doesn’t make a different.

  • Try to eliminate histamine. Your skin issues (getting those bumps and getting itchy) when eating bananas may be a sign for histamine intolerance. It causes many other problems as well like digestive issues. Unfortunately there is a lot of food to be avoided when testing for histamine intolerance through a elimination diet as the body produces histamine itself. So besides some food containing histamine there are others which cause the body to produce more or decrease the breakdown of it in the body. Also stress causes the body to produce more of it so that’s a factor to look out for as well when trying this out.

  • Thomas what do you recommend for prep and recovery for donating blood? During my donations the phlebotomists recommend I sip on juice and have a high-carb snack afterward. What’s a good alternative so I can replenish my body without spiking my insulin?

  • What about the carnivore diet? You have tried it once for a week with promising results with the gut helath. Suprisingly low appetite at the beginning, no thinking about food might be now a good thing but I think would even out after the adaptation. Quarantine is a really good moment to experiment with this WOE. I have ordered my steaks and will be eating like that for at least a month ���� soo excited. Not sure about the workout. I am so lazy right now and feeling creepy.

  • Leucine activates MTor for protein synthesis so if your trying to body recomp and not wanting to look like bag of bones…you need it..insteadof BCAA’s take leucine pills

  • I used to watch every single one of your videos as they came out, and then I got kinda busy during the summer and fell out of that habit (unintentionally, I love your videos), but recently as I’ve found more time on my hands, I’ve been coming back to them and I realized something.
    Watching your videos before encouraged me to start working out more and helped me learn and consider more about my personal health and when I stopped watching your videos, I also stopped that habit. I don’t live in an environment surrounded by healthy choices (at ALL) and your videos have been my main source of encouragement for reaching a better lifestyle.
    I just wanted to express my gratitude and let you know that you make a significant difference in my life!

  • I always park next to a cart thing so that I don’t have to travel to put my cart away & also can find my car easier. Also reusable bags!

  • So happy I’m not intolerant to broccoli and bananas ❤️ I can’t handle spinach, beets and lettuce though, really bad stomach pain and vomiting every time I eat a proper serving of one of those. Such a bummer because it basicly means I can’t eat salads since kale isn’t available most of the year �� I wasn’t lactose intolerant last time I checked, but I hardly ever consume dairy anymore because it did cause acne. Guess I am intolerant by now. Oh well ����‍♀️

  • Hey! Just so you know, you can get a garlic press instead of purchasing pre-minced garlic. I have a great metal press that saves so much time when cooking.

  • Have just found you on YouTube! Absolutely love your videos! The food you make always looks so delicious and your super inspiring ❤️❤️❤️

  • Liezl, I watched your video where you explained your symptoms, one thing led to another and then I ended up on a video where this doctor tells about how he got sick after a pneumonia episode and he describes the exact same symptoms as you. Dr. Martin Rutherford. Really, you guys should chat. I have no idea what you have, but he would certainly relate.

  • Thomas, I definitely agree on the after workout fat loss effect. Eating right after the workout and up to 60 minutes after the workout seems to not work great for myself, as I feel best when my cortisol levels have decreased, and I am fully relaxed before I eat a meal (typically when I break the fast upon waking or before 2:00 p.’m, but it depends on the day. I also agree with the Cardio before workout from experience, as well as fat loss in the morning more than the evening. Although, that does not shy me away from working out in the afternoon, as movement and blood flow makes me feel great! I will also have to say that I have incorporating you idea on as many push-ups every hour or so! I typically do it 2 tor 4 times each day, and I put a timer every 3 hours to let me know when to drop and do push-ups! I will set a timer for 1:30 second to 3:00, and sometimes longer if I get i the groove! I notice immediate effect on my energy levels after (in just a 1-3 minutes!) My timer typically goes off at 11:00, 2:00, and 5:00. Added to this is a workout in the morning if I can, or else I will get one in later before breaking the fast. I like your viewpoint on not fasting every day, but I typically seem to feel great when I fast 16 hours per day, and have an eating window of 5-7 hours. 2 meals typically, and I break the fast with socket salmons, coconut oil, 2 eggs or so, and green matcha tea.(at least some variation of this) Then, around 3 hours later (?”between 5:00 and 6:30, I will have sardines in water, scallops, olive oil, coconut oil, and the veggies and avocado, and other things that you’ve mentioned like seaweed snacks, spiraling, and spices! I am still seeing what works for myself, and have experienced with no fasting a few days per week and fasting each day, but if anyone wants to try any of the things out that I mentioned, then go ahead! Give it a shot! We are all learning, and the more we take action and see what works, the clearer we will be to see what truly works for us! Thank You Thomas!! ��. Have an Amazing Day You All!

  • So I’m on keto and was planning to do a 36 hours fast can I workout in morning in fasted state and stay empty stomach without losing lean muscle mass for like 24 hours?..

  • I actually look for fruit and veggies that are discounted (like overripe bananas) that I can use in my shakes or for juicing. I get a lot of items from imperfect foods.

  • I shop mainly at sprouts and Whole Foods. My tip is looking at their coupons especially the sprouts coupons before I go. I find eating produce that’s in season is almost ALWAYS on sale! Plus it makes me diversify way more versus when I plan my meals without looking for what’s on sale.

  • As another plus sized girl I understand why you dont discuss food. It is sad though that we are still judged so often by people. Especially as a woman. Big boys are cute teddy bears we are fat hogs…. ❤

  • Never use the child seat in a cart. It’s contaminated with baby poo and urine. Those eggs went from that dirty cart on to your kitchen counter. Good way to get sick.

  • I want to eat healthy because I even do it sometimes unconsciosly without trying. And today I tried oatmeal as my breakfast.. but just after 2 hours I felt hungry:/ And I didn’t even do any activity. What will happen if I go to uni? Imma faint away �� Am I the only one? ��☹

  • Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us.. ignore the comments about your dog.. if people knew you they would never insult you as they have… and as far as the virus… they need to realize where you live… some states are not that bad. good grief

  • Just took 2nd place Nationally in Gold’s Gym Challenge.

    See Chris L. Riverdale

    I’ll be in Baltimore October 31, 2020 for my pro card.

    Keep doing you DLB.

  • TIP: Read your labels, watch for “country of origin” when purchasing anything “food” wise. I buy organic, grass fed, pasture raised, Non GMO…NOTHING FROM THE FAR EAST, MEAT OR SEAFOOD. When it comes to fish, “wild caught” is always better…Salmon: Wild Caught Alaskan Sock Eye is the best. After what I’ve learned, I will never eat Tilapia…I ate it years ago, but found out all Tilapia sold in stores and restaurants are “farm raised” in China, raised in sewage water so they have to be shot up with all sorts of antibiotics to fend off infections disease from the water. That’s my 2 cents for now.

  • I used to train 5 to 6 days a week. Since last february, I have been working a lot (stressful job) and walking a lot more. I have made myself a few 3days full body programm. It is still easily achieved because if I skipped one day of training I still have room left in the week to do the planned session on another day. (I try to work out on monday (heavy), tuesday (light) and thrusday (heavy). if something didn’t go according to plan I will do one session on the week-ends.

    I have had the most muscle growth with this three day split when maintaining calories (been training and counting macros for four years now, lost 60 lbs during the first two years)
    Every training session will include 4 lower body exercises and two upper. One pushing and one pulling movement (horizontal on day one, vertical on day 2, horizontal on day 3 for the first month, and on the following month more vertical than horizontal pulling and pushing)
    For the lower exercises: 3 coumpounds (hipthrust or bridge, singe leg or both legs + hip hinging like deadligt, RDL or 45 degree back extension + squats or split squats) and one isolation exercise (either for gluteus medius or hamstring isolation because I find my hamstrings are weak)

    I notice when I programm more sessions, if I can’t hit them because life happens and I had to work six days a week, or had health issues, my self-esteem goes lower because I feel like I failed… When I hit my three sessions a week I feel proud and it keeps me going. Sometimes I will do an optional fourth session if I have time and ernergy to do so. It has helped my mental health a lot.

    Thank you for your content <3

  • Hey babe, don’t listen to the rest of them, uhg damn people are jealous so they try hating, anyways you are beautiful and perfect ��������

  • Dana I don’t look at calories for wine….I go for the taste….and you run about 110 calories for a standard white…my tip get to know your store personnel…they can always make sure they order just what I need.

  • I would love to hear your thoughts on coming off of ADHD medication Andy how to combat weight gain. I’ve been on vyvanse for about 10 years and decided it’s time to get off them but Ive already gained weight, I know those prob ruined my metabolism. I don’t have a gym or any way I can go lift weights.

  • love your content.. I just found you. I lost 90lbs with no working out, just cut carbs and ate super clean. I maintained that for 4yrs with no real struggle. I am now adding in the gym 4-5 days a week (1-1.5hrs a day) to drop another 30 or so lbs and gain some muscle and re-shape my body.

  • Love your videos but something has changed. First commercial break played 4 commercials ��
    Second break 3 commercials and I’m 1/2 way through your video

  • Wow soo helpfull i was using evolution nutrition shred thinking it woudnt spike my insulin cause of the sweeteners.Im currently doing the keto version of the warrior diet.further down the line maybe doing the keto warrior diet only weekends,and continue through the rest of the week with keto. I normally train boxing 2 hours in the am wich i can do fasted as long as i have coffee b4,then a couple of hours in the pm one hour anaerobic,second hour aerobic i woud love to know if i can eat some high glycemic carbs before i train in the afternoon Thanks again for your posts completly life changing i feel so much more energized i dont get along with complex carbs i get really tired and bloated.☀️

  • FYI Graves is an autoimmune disease. I had severe allergies to Soy and yeast! I was drinking Kumbucha like it was going out of style. I am willing to bet a Vegan diet is not good for you. Look at the autoimmune protocol diet AIP it saved my life.

  • nothing to do with this video but…….as a college student why did you introduce me too noohmad chocolate and HU vanilla bean cashew chocolete….amazon is taking all my money lol <3 love the video i suffer from exzema and have to be very careful with what i eat i havent had a flare up in two years but i remember my last flare up made me so self concious because it was around my eye lids:( it was horriable it was super red and flaky:(

  • LiezlJ I also found a good milk alternative today called Good Karma Flaxmilk which has 8grams protein vs other plant milks at 2-4grams. Trying your bread mestamacher it’s very good. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  • I’ve found that ordering groceries for pick up has been most efficient for me. I’m not distracted by all the random stuff and I can see a running tally of what I’m spending so I can stay on budget better. I can also not only cross reference my list, but cross reference my pantry. Grocery pick up is almost always free as well. It has made sticking to a specific list and budget a lot easier.

  • I can only work out on Mondays and Fridays due to family and work. Usually it’s resistance training for about an hour to a hour and a half. Is that good enough to make any gains? Even small ones? Love your channel! You inspire me to keep going!

  • Well with the kerona virous i usehly make it a point to have my mask on was suprised you never had one mask on your face.Remember lead by example dana so i do pretty much the same and do not shop hungry and just put back what i used thrue the week we only eat ground turkey chickan shrimp. Never buy beef once a month we eat fast food just to cheat for that day.

  • +10 for the Nutrition + Lifting checklist, since this is my priority.
    +4 for the Nutrition + Cardio, since this is for my off-lifting days routine, however remains valuable.
    More videos like these. Thanks!

  • How much does stress really impact recovery, I’ve been doing the same lifting program for a year and suddenly SO SORE from the same program/weight I’ve been using for months!?

  • Thomas great vid. Where is the study on CNS overstimulation and sleeplessness”? I have a friend with a spinal cord injury and I think this applies to his sleep problems.

  • Everything looked amazing! Just curious I know you live in San Antonio.. do you prefer it to Austin? We live in Austin and are considering moving:)

  • Hey Thomas. I’ve been a fan of yours a long time. I’ve been keto for about a year and dropped 65 lbs. With the recent events however I’ve never been more stressed than ever and I’m resorting to stress eating at night because I can’t sleep. Do you have any strategies to combat this? Thanks!

  • I think your channel is absolutely wonderful ive enjoyed and learned alot about eating heathier doesnt have to be bland food to lose weight your awesome thank you

  • Omagad you really went quiet for quite sometime..!!! Missing your videos and your recipes. Btw i lost 18kgs by following your recipes and workout and your motivation.. pls upload more. Youre the only youtuber that i trust in weight loss. You make losing weight so fun and bearable..!!!

  • My freind john habberaghtt said this guys advice is outstanding….said guy looks like a hunkier version of clay slenucka….gawd hope clay dont hear this guys!

  • Hey, i have a q about one of your older videos regarding your rehab for Glute imbalance. I just wondered how often per week you did the program for your imbalance that was set by your PT? Also did you do this alongside your own leg sessions? Sorry for posting it on here!! ��

  • I’ve been considering this, although my only real “thing that I know my body doesn’t like” is high fructose corn syrup, and possibly black beans. Though I’m not sure if the beans were my issue or if not consuming enough water was.

  • Very interesting video! Have you had a liver function test? You’re showing some signs of liver dysfunction: allergy (itchiness due to bananas), skin issues, sulphur intolerance (broccoli), etc. Also it’s good to keep in mind our estrogen dominant phase as women is usually the best for digestion, and progesterone dominant phase is a bit trickier.. And about the dairy, it’s good to keep in mind we only have a certain amount of enzymes available, so a bit of dairy might be fine but too much will give pimples to anyone! Anyway, well done and power to you!

  • Quick questionhow many calories do you burn whilst lifting weights? I’m 5′ 4″ and 156lbs and I do two upper body and two lower body session with about 2 min rest on the heavier lifts and only 30 seconds between more fun plyo moves and body weight exercises. My estimate was 400-450 calories because it’s one hour workout. Some people on myfitnesspal said 200 calories. I’m asking just so I can eat enough food whilst being in a calorie deficit. I also walk 10000 steps a day.

  • Definitely agree on not doing cardio before weights. I found there’s a window during a workout of where ur the strongest it’s in first hour or more varies but it’s more productive to power thru weights then struggle with cardio after vs the opposite. You’ll burn more calories/build more muscle simple. Also anything more than 30 min of cardio drops testosterone in men I read that 8 yrs ago in Muscle Fitness and applied it I was doing 45 min of cardio and not building new tissue soon as I restricted it I started getting bigger again.

  • Hey so I’m wondering, so when doing a cut, how much excercisig is too much? Because we would be in a calorie deficit and not have as much fuel, wouldn’t that decrease our performance? Thanks so much I love your content!

  • Great tracking work by the way, thank you for sharing it with us, I’m looking forward to doing something similar in the near future

  • Hey Marisa! Love your videos and actually have a pretty specific question for you. I have two kids so I’m a stay at home mom and do online freelance work so I’m kind of sedentary? With two kids I literally do not sit for over an hour straight most days but that’s just usually to change a diaper etc. So I’ve made my 2020 resolution to get back to a flat stomach and I’m doing 2 to 4 days a week when ever I can but due to this sedentary state I probably do not burn much for most of the day after working out. What would you recommend I do to find the best results?

  • No eggs are humane Dana. No matter how well they are looked after. No matter how free range they are the male chicks are still ground up alive in the hatchery. After the girls stop producing as many eggs as they used to. They become less profitable and are killed at a young age. The fish industry is horrible as well. If the fish are from farms they live in horrendous conditions. If they are wild caught they still suffocate to death. There is also all of the other animals that are killed in the process of catching the fish. There is no way a net can avoid other animals. Love you guys. I just wanted to clarify that about the eggs and fish as they cannot speak for themselves. Salmon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAuEjEafEK8 Eggs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE5b5jKagcA Dr advice on both: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxyQNLbwPvI

  • I also forget to eat sometimes, and then I realised that I have food aversions in the morning basically I won’t eat before noon because I’m just not interested in food. I don’t know why. So now I do intermittent fasting officially, and only eat from noon to 8pm, and it works so well for my body. I find it so much easier having a smaller timeframe in which to eat, and I don’t feel bad and force myself to eat breakfast just because I ‘should’.

  • Love this video! I gained 15lbs from not exercise since I fractured my ankle…. I found your aim to lose 10 lbs series very very helpful! btw, I am petite just like you… 5’1 (and a half on a good day lol) losing 10lbs will make us look significantly different!

  • You know what would be great on that salad? Marinated tofu! I get high protein tofu from TJ, cut it into cubes and put it for about 2 hours in a fridge in a mixture of olive oil, apple cider vinegar (or rice vinegar or something sour), salt, lots of chopped garlic, and any herbs you like (dill, basil etc). And bam, delicious tofu. Plus the marinade will work great as a dressing for the salad.

  • I’m on the same quest to find optimal nutrition!! I don’t do well with broccoli either but my symptoms are inflammation. Could you try low sodium/nightshade diet (individually) & report results?

  • love this!!!! it was so cute when you got excited about your herb garden lol ❤❤❤ made me want to be more zero waste with my food intake too!

  • DUUUUUUDE when she said the word “lean body mass” I went OHHHHH. I’ve been trying to eat waaaaay too much protein. Gotta go recalculate

  • So I had been a milk drinker (and dairy eater) for all of my life and love it all so much and drank tons of milk everyday. But a couple a months ago I was doing some research and learning about random things much like you seem to enjoy doing like me and stubbles upon some stuff about dairy. So I decided to just cut out milk for a while and see what happened… and what do you know, my poops got better and didn’t smell nearly as bad! I also farted less and they didn’t smell any more. And so now whenever I do have the occasional dairy or milk, I definitely notice the first thing is the consistency and smells of my poops and farts (good thing you desensitized us to that stuff, otherwise this would be gross to talk about ��)

  • I get dry corners too! For me, I think it mostly happens with increased sugar, which may link to candida overgrowth? Not entirely sure unfortunately

  • No offence, but of you want to see the effects of X food, having 3 servings in one day seems excessive? Your reaction might be the amount, not the food itself.

  • if you come from a history of overtraining and disordered eating but then try to get back to a more balanced approach to exercise (say training 4x/week), is it possible to still see physique progress since your body has adapted to more exercise than you’re doing now and less food than you’re eating now?

  • In this video you talk about negative effects of leucine for fat loss, but state it is great for building muscle by stacking it another video. Is there another video that goes into this more?

  • if you consume more than 1000 mg of calcium about 3 glasses of milk your body stops fat storage and so you end up basically pooping it all out.. also your body needs magnisume and vitamin D to process calcium, so…. you may need to test it again but maybe with less than 1000 mgs of calcium

  • Me and my husband always make our shopping list so we work our way from the back to the front and that the cold items are last lol

  • If you have Celiac most naturopaths will say you should eliminate all grains and dairy because the proteins can cross react with Gliadin, the protein found in wheat, barley, oat and rye. Right now it might not be an issue, but it could lead to another form of auto immune disease or flare up your Celiac if I understand correctly. The popular elimination diet for naturopaths to prescribe patients these days is a 30-60 day auto immune-paleo-low FODMAP diet. Then add in no nuts, seeds or eggs. Steam all veggies. It’s restrictive, but temporary. This eliminates most allergens and is long enough to provide a good baseline for reintroduction. I currently see Justinhealth. Check him out on YouTube. Also Dr Peter Osborne, No Grain No Pain. Be careful with grains and dairy given your Celiac condition. PS I enjoy your videos!

  • Great as always! I’d love to see more of these kinds of videos (training, metabolism and fasting, combined) �� Thanks Thomas and Please keep up the good work. Much appreciated!

  • Does the resistance training have to involve heavy weight lifting or do bodyweight training with small equipment like bands and dumbells paired with yoga also count as resistance training for building and keeping muscles?:)

  • Thanks Thomas! Chomps are really good. I love the Italian ones. They are like a beef jerky sticks, but not greasy, tastes better, less calories, cheaper, and way more healthy.

  • Hi Dana, can you please tell us how you make or prepare the cream of wheat and the amount that you eat?? I love cream of wheat but don’t know how to have it in a healthier way

  • Dana, please raise your own chickens on your beautiful land! You’ve got the love and experience and they are great to have around! Here in the UK there are so many chicken charities, who rescue hens from farms, and are out for adoption (don’t know about the US). They are great, and bless them they re-adapt quickly, growing new plumage, and give the best eggs! Take care both you and Rob and keep up with the good work! Much love xx

  • For minced garlic, I recently started throwing my cloves into my mini food processor and it’s so fast and amazing. I have one of those tools I got on amazon that has a whisk, immersion blender, and mini food processor and I find myself using it to make or chop all kinds of stuff. Also, for the scraps of food that you have in the kitchen do you compost? J/w

  • Hey thanks for your video, i’m only new here and am trying to find a good healthy program for my obese mother, shes getting older and I am desperately trying to get her to take action as it would be nice to have her around for a few more years. A friend of mine put me onto a website called http://www.weightmagician.com she said it really helped her sister lose a heap of weight. I don’t know a lot about weight loss and would like to get her started on something that will get her motivated. Does anyone know of this web site?

  • I also forget to eat. And drink. I get it from my father who used to have the same problem! It worth trying to break the habit though, because he was told by his doctor that this fluctuation of sugar was what likely caused his Diabetes more than anything else. A lot of people aren’t aware of this and go on fasts and skip meals thinking it’s ok but you gotta give your body fuel! ❤️❤️

  • There’s My Son Travis Deming @ Clip 5:44 the Meat Department
    He also has a YouTube channel and works out ���� Allllll The Time!!!!

  • Also i cannotttttt eat ANY cruciferous veggies! For the same reason you avoid broccoli. Sweet potato also puts me in agonizing stomach cramp style pain.

  • i had a severe allergic reaction once from broccoli and after a while i found out that my aunt put it in a salad not knowing and i was fine so i tried eating it a couple of days later was just fine then the next time i tied it maybe about a year after it was still fresh and had the stupid yellow pollen on it….massive allergic shock after just one spoon, looked online and apparently the nasty yellow pollen/florets contain sulfur which i already knew i am allergic towards…but since broccoli are not that common in my country my doctor never said anything about it

  • Love your videos. Always so informative�� I have also a question: I can eat a lot,like way over my caloric needs and I won’t get any fat,grow some musclesyes. But when it comes to losing it -it won’t move, no matter how big or small deficit is. I have like 25% of body fat. I was experimenting so many times with diets over the years. I took blood tests but they were ok, my hormones also… So I was wondering what else can cause situation like that? Somebody experienced something similar maybe? ����

  • I’ve been loving all the extra content with Madison lately I feel like she’s very relatable even tho she might not always like being on camera �� loved the food video and it’s really just a good way for others to get meal ideas! I learned a lot thank you!

  • Sadly, my classes are requiring more study time now ( expected they would sooner or later) so no more long walks between classes so currently I go to school three days a week and immediately go to work afterwards until 1130. every other week I have my son so most free time during those weeks are spent with him and I have drill (navy reserve) one weekend each month so that usually leaves me with 5-7 hours a day on roughly 4 days a month and all day to myself about 2 days a month. I think I’ll have to rely on controlling my intake rather than affecting my output at this point:(

  • You knooooooooooooooooow might not even be the banana itself.. like if we were to go to/live in Jamaica or Africa or somewhere they have bananas naturally.. and pick one that is ripe and eat it.. I bet we wouldn´t have a lot of issues with banana digestion, actually. However.. the ones you find at the supermarket could be treated or exposed to some things while they get to your grocery store. So that´s also something to consider. Not much you can do to avoid it other than be aware. It´s a very good idea to test and see what you react to, but it doesn´t have to mean you can´t ever have it anymore,

  • Broccoli and the other cruciferous veggies are hard to digest if you’re not used to them. But if you continue to eat them, your intestines usually gain and grow the microbes necessary to digest them. If you try to reintroduce them, go slow and consistent. And probably do a search to learn a bit more about the topic before you write them off entirely. There’s probably digestive enzymes that help with their digestion during the reintroduction period. But I don’t think they are necessary for good health, just beneficial.

  • I’ve found having a boiled sweet and sucking it until it’s dissolved when I’m bored in the afternoon has helped tremendously in cutting down my biscuit intake �� (It’s never just one biscuit, let’s be real)

    Also UK dwellers recommend a lunch time dance party if you live in a town and the police are likely to catch you having two walks a day (Just to make this whole thing more stressful) esp recommend if you go all in while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, that’s 10 mins of cardio you wouldn’t otherwise get ��

  • I love you BECAUSE you aren’t a “stereotypical” youtuber! Thanks for being you. Can you share your thoughts about nuts? I admit I was a teeny tiny surprised to see the cashews only because I have read that they are often harvested with basically slave labor, so I have taken to not buying them. Also read that almonds are not environmentally friendly because they take so much water to grow, however I do buy those because my family loves them. I’m not sure what to make of it all! Your expertise and thoughts would be welcome!

  • Great video as always! But honestly idk how anyone can forget to eat! I literally LIVE to eat!! I’m always thinking about what my next meal will be lol

  • Grt video Thomas. I hv a question: at @9.31 you said catecholamines starts fat burning. However based on my previous knowledge when you are stressed that also release cortisol and catecholamines but makes you fat. Isn’t it contradictory. Can u please expand?

  • Wow all those years of school/college, just so you can go on YouTube and make a ‘poop diary’. #SUCCESS
    Of course I’m only joking and I’m weird; I had a big smile through the whole video.
    I’ll eat those legumes but farts are ridiculous next day. Go easy on them; just a little bit. Don’t push it or you’ll making duck calls and becoming noticeable to everyone around you for the wrong reason. Ha o-<<<

  • The other day I had some some (pasteurised) cow’s milk after not having eaten it for months and… Oh boy… The, you know, poop experience was terrible, and I feel felt really sick, and I had stomach cramps. Honestly I can’t be sure if the milk did that, because I do eat heavy yoghurt somewhat regularly, and in the past I’ve never had problems with dairy, but I’m scared to try it again lol

  • Hi I am going to do an experiment with adding in more protein into my diet. How long do you think It will take for me to notice a difference in my energy levels? Would love your opinion. ��

  • I would totally go paleo but I don’t know why people do it. I’m vegan for my mental health…the physical health benifits are a plus. There are growing pains whenever you try something new so yeah, hi again @missfitandnerdy Chat

  • I know you shared you are correcting Graves Disease. Are you aware with Thyroid issues grapefruit is forbidden ��? It cancels the effective portion of Thyroid meds.

  • I really enjoyed this video! To me, you are so relatable, I struggle with forgetting to eat as well and it was really cool to see, how you deal with food in general.
    Also, love your little herb garden!

  • A question for everyone, that should make you think a little bit: do you REALLY want a stress-state driven metabolism in the long-term? 😉

  • What about time under tension. I try and do each set for 40 seconds, whereby the final ten seconds are death like. A 3:1 or 5:1 rest is needed for the time of the set. So for a 40 second set I need a minimum of 2 minutes rest and a maximum of 3mins and 20 seconds.

    Shorter rest periods do not promote muscle growth! It’s all about time under tension. How can you have the energy to hit a hard set without rest?! This information is madness.

    Weight training is for building muscle!

    Cardio (a tool only) and caloric deficits over a period of a week have worked for me when burning fat.

    This is the complete opposite of everything I’ve ever done and I lost 40kgs and I’m very muscular. 12% body fat dexa scan (yes not always accurate).

    It is all about maximum recoverable volume for each body part in a week and frequency.

  • What do you think about 2 a days? I am a prior college athlete and enjoy exercise both in the morning and the evening. It is stress relieving and I have the time.

  • I believe I can handle on the exercise and eating part. The biggest challenge for me for the next month or long is stress because I found out that no more massage therapists can come to homes and give massages due to Coronavirus. I usually have massage twice a week, but now I won’t get a massage from a massage therapist indefinitely which I know it will raise my stress levels. I’ll try to find some way to reduce stress, and I might have family give me a massage of some sort twice a week till a massage therapist can come to houses for massages.

  • The point on Too much of isolation just struck me hard!! Missing gym badly!! Thank you for the wonderful video Thomas!! Stay safe all of you!

  • This is an odd question, but has anyone ever experienced red meat allergy? I was bit by a lone star tick (those ticks can give someone an alpha-gal allergy sometimes serious anaphylactic reaction)in feb this year, and the bite hasn’t totally healed, and lately I’ve noticed that when I consume more dairy or even have a cross contamination of red meat I get hives on my legs and am very itchy. I never really ate red meat bc anyway but I had a couple pieces of a bison steak and that night it seemed a little harder to breathe like my throat was closing but nothing major.

    Thoughts about it?

  • I don’t have the patience to do that 3 minutes rest between workouts. I like doing PHA training. Keeps my energy going and makes for a heck of a hard workout.

  • Can you do some videos on how you cook your meals? Even if from trifecta. Super interested in an air fryer as well never thought of using it for sweet potatoes or Brussels sprouts. But I love the inspiration on how to cook meals that have the extra flavor and pairing things together from anyone in fitness that is healthy and looks like you. Everyone cooks so different. Nice to see a bigger picture option. By the way you are beautiful love your hair like this too!

  • Aww you guys are adorable��. Also, just thought it’d be fun to mention: I share a lot of your stuff on my Instagram for all of my friends at school to see:D

  • I can completely relate to forgetting to eat until 3pm. If I don’t have breakfast before I sit down at my desk, I can reach the afternoon without thinking about the fact that I should eat. It’s definitely a workaholic thing!
    Also, you and Madison cooking together was so fun! ❤️

    P.S. I saw on Instagram that you were getting rude comments on this video and I hate that you have to see those. I’m underweight because of chronic illness and I get so much judgement on that. It’s hard to ignore it and it hurts, but it says everything about the person making the comment, not you.


  • Have you tried looking for Miyoko’s butter at Trader Joe’s? It’s $4.99 at my local one. A small, local shop has it for $7.99 ����‍♀️ (but the same little shop still allows to bring my own containers so I feel very very lucky)

  • These recipes look super delicious and healthy.
    Just a tip, the little pointy ends of the green beans are edible, no need to chop them off. Less work and less waste. I was so happy when I learned that a while back ��

  • Question: I am 68, type 2 and when I did Aikido it took me about 8 days to recover my legs except when I took BCAA powder and whey protein. Same with just 2 minutes cross trainers takes about 2 days and that is just two moderate minutes nothing heavy. How do I put up with it and continue to exercise? Brilliant info by the way, I am hooked.

  • Jeff Nippard shared a study that showed 3 minute rest periods lead to greater hypertrophy. Greater hypertrophy = more lean body mass = more calories burned via resting metabolism, yes?

  • 1part Apple cider vinegar with mother mixed with 2 equal parts water at night on the corner of the mouth cracks works wonders but you have to be consistent for a while every night and put a layer of Aquaphor or Vaseline on cracks afterward to keep covered while sleeping. Works better than the garbage the skin Dr. Prescribed me.

  • Frozen greens (broccoli, spinach, zuccini etc), packaged broccoli slaw, or the premixed kale/cabbage type salads to add to my eggs in the morning have saved me SO much time and wasted veggies. And I’m like you, Dana, I buy my eggs as local as possible and as humane as possible. Which, in Montana, is pretty easy to do and not pay $$$$

  • I would like to purchase a squat rack, bar and plates. Would you have a recommendation as to the weights for the plates for a woman starting out?

  • I just hit the trendmill for a hour every day and weekend i hit the iron half hour on arms half hour on abs thats what im doing now my calorie count loss for a hour on the tredmill is about 800 plus i Plato but im sticking with my schedule i think im seeing better results on the mirror instead of my weight scale! Great vid as per usual

  • Your Awesome! I like the fact you tend not to leave out ladies in your videos! Unlike some other channels only targeting guys, Your a person to be appreciated

  • One of the snacks I get that is in a bag is raw almonds. Not only can I eat them at my desk as a snack I make my almond butter to put on my toast or in my shakes.

  • What bulk store are you using during COVID when you mentioned “the bulk store”? I live in SA as well and know CM has shut things down for awhile but would love to hear about other options!

  • @Thomas DeLauer Hello! I am curious about something and have a question for you please. I truly enjoy watching your videos, and I find it very beneficial, and I try to educate my family and friends about what I am learning. I have a big passion for understanding how food is processed in the body, and I view good nutrition as medicine for both physical health and mental health. I have been seriously considering enrolling in a Didactic Program in Dietetics to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I would love to make a living helping people live healthy and positive lifestyles. I’m curious, any thoughts or feelings about RDN programs? I would genuinely appreciate any feedback.

  • Just food prepped the chocolate muffins and thought they would be bearable at best, but they were so good!! Even my boys loved them! Thanks for all the recipes and ideas you give! So enjoy your channel.

  • You’ve mentioned in the past that’s it’s best to workout (weight train) in as deep of a fasted state as possible. For me that’s in the early evening/late afternoon. This seems to contradict what you’re saying here?

  • So happy you’re a better, I’ll pray for your health, Liezl! ❤️ By the way, I actually prefer just hearing your voice without any background music. Thanks for all the great recipes! Would you consider doing another meal prep video (for three days)? I adored that one week prep video but don’t want to prepare for an entire week. ��

  • Shortening the waiting period between sets is shown to decrease performance.which has been demonstrated to lead to less muscle gains. I know this video is about fat loss but I would never make that trade, especially considering increasing muscle mass is the best long term way to increase metabolism.

  • the thing that i struggle with food-wise is trying to find zero waste snacks that are SATISFYING… like, yes i could eat nuts or veggies and hummus or all the other healthy things, but sometimes i just crave some pop tarts or potato chips, you know?? i eat very healthy otherwise, but i can’t get rid of those super processed snacks!!

  • In terms of bananas and the itchiness, you can go get bloodwork done to see if you have any kind of allergy to them. Its typically called a food allergy profile. I had the same thing happen to me as a child. Turns out im allergic to onions.

  • I love the abundance of vegetables in these recipes. I find it easier to lose fat when they are included in my diet… People are also having success losing belly fat with this… https://bit.ly/2syog0Z

  • I think I’m either lactose sensitive or just the milk at school sucks. I used to get chocolate milk with myvluncg every day and I woukd feel… Weird. And nkw I just drink water and I feel fine and full at the end of the school day and I never felt full with milk.

    Also I think I might start fasting for breakfast because today after breakfast I had I really bad stomach ache all day.

  • I can see where your process will identify any foods that you have severe reactions to, but not those foods that slowly build up to IBS or similar. Also, some of your foods had other ingredients that could easily be triggering you even though they aren’t what you are testing. You might want to check out KasumiKriss’s channel as she has a similar lifestyle and symptoms. She went from vegan to full carnivore for a month or two before adding plant foods back into her diet based on Mikhaila Peterson’s experience with pure carnivore, and Mikhaila’s severe chronic illnesses since she was a toddler.

  • Your awesome �� I’m so stoked to have found your channel. Oh my one tip for when moms go shopping lol �� don’t take the kids along, bad idea hahaha.

  • BYO Bag and help Eliminate Plastic Waste! Plus, you know that the bags are clean because they have only been touched by you! 😉
    Side note: plastic makes veggies wilt faster because it traps in carbon and moisture. Bleh =P
    Also, deliveries are usually Mondays or Tuesdays at most grocery stores so I find that Wednesdays are the best days to shop!

  • Fat loss is def different than weight loss. I’ve lost 4 inches around my waist but only lost 15 pounds. I’ve learned that the scale doesn’t mean as much as I thought. I’m not where I want to be, but the number on the scale is not as important anymore.

    Love your hair:). If that’s natural you should rock that look a lot more

  • Great videoyou seemed to deal with broccoli stem ok? I’m not sure how different they are when you break them down from the florets?

  • There are a million “what I ate in a day” videos. The change in showing where to start was motivating for me. In addition to let’s make our food taste good.

  • Hey what if you aren’t as interested in reps / strength but you want to do cardio before your weights so that you burn more during your weight training? I have noticed that I burn more when I do my cardio first so when I’m more interested in leaning up I tend to do cardio before weights.

  • Hey how do you advise on being able to train when fasted but in the morning?

    I want to be able to get the benefits of cortisol and testo but my fasting hours won’t allow for it if I want to break the fast and eat about an hour after exercise.

  • I’m sure you know about this but sharing in case people watching haven’t fallen down the Athlene-x youtube hole….jeff cavaliere has a really great recovery test: grip strength!

  • Well like yourself I always a pre planned route I follow every time I go into the store but if I could give one of my weird tips then I would say I always start with the heavier/bulkier items first so that as I buy my food nothing gets crushed,cracked, or broken. It’s odd I know but I buy some thing’s in the store with some weight to them and I’ve crushed and cracked thing’s before so that’s just a weird little nitch I have. I’m also new to your channel and late too the game but wanted too let ya know I love all the content. I’m also happy to hear you recovered from Rabdo. Being a CrossFit athlete when I first started 7 year’s ago that was one thing that terrified me so I’m glad that you’re okay. #Respect���� #Fit4Life����️‍♂️ #Godbless��������

  • So how about we just do some squats or pushups between isolation exercises with higher rest period? Like, 1 set of dumbbell rows, then 3 minutes rest and you do 10 pushups in between. At least i like that i can do more reps after a longer resting period than a shorter one. Then again, not sure if shorter or longer rest periods make any difference for muscle gain/strength.

  • for garlic what i do is to buy fresh, peel and then put on the food processor or blender with olive oil until it turns into a paste, then i store it in glass jars on the fridge. the best part is that i only have to deal with it once a month because it lasts so long and it doesn’t go bad ☺️

  • On the muffin recipe it worked in a 9 by 5 inch loaf pan too but you have to bake it 50 minutes to an hour. I didn’t have a muffin tin but still wanted this and it still turned out amaaaaaaazing.

  • I loved what you shared, especially the banana, I’m going to combine it with what I’m doing http://bit.ly/2JrSyOf to improve my results.

  • I’m 15, I have no money, no equipments, no gym, what the hell am I supposed to do, I tried every free workout plan I could find on youtube, I’m losing hope ��

  • Hi Thomas. Does taking a high quality citruline malate 2-1 with water spike insulin at all when taken in the morning during fasting period? I’ll usually take this and coffee with monkfruit sweetener in the morning until fast breaking time.

  • Yay! Thanks for bringing these back. I’ve really missed your YouTube videos since you left South Africa. Hope you are feeling better, sorry to hear you were sick!

  • If muscle hypertrophy is a priority over fat-loss, would you recommend increasing interval between sets to 2-3 min for big compound movements and eating protein shake right after WO?

  • Great video and as an exercise physiologist I agree 100%! I wrote a book back in 1998 that clearly explains the reason to NOT lift weights after a cardio session. Use a sauna to get heat in the muscles and/or ride a bike, treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical for 5-7 minutes, stretch a little and then hit the weights doing compound exercises and leaving the smaller muscle groups for last in order to take full advantage of the higher testosterone. I have always emphasized morning workouts on an empty stomach as well and refrain from eating for at least an hour after workout. Take advantage of EPOC as well and by not eating your insulin levels remain low and growth hormone high if you fasted overnight. A lot to this and you hit the nail on the head with this one! Keep up the good work!

  • Hey liezl jayne strydom thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing all this good information you helped a lot you such a nice person. I have a question in your video (counting point and calories) you talked only about calories but you didn’t mention the macronutriment ( carbs, protein and fat) if I’m right that’s the most important thing in a healthy alimentation plus counting calories what do you think

  • Do trigger sessions from MAPS anabolic count for sending the muscle growth signal? My schedule right now only allows workouts on Monday and Friday. I do trigger sessions on all the other days though to help with soreness and to get a pump.

  • thomas. love your content. maybe i am missing something. but would be super cool if you could highlight the 7 points so i can scroll ahead. or put it in the notes

  • I do everything you said, i burn fat faster, have more energy, dont eat after exercise until after an hour and a half, dont consume bcaa’s, nor protein all the time and have a great muscular body 😉

  • This video is so lovely and I love the honest chat about eating habits. I have the opposite problem I never forget to eat and in fact, whenever something feels difficult at work, I have a tendency to stop working and go eat. It’s not a good coping mechanism but hey, nobody’s perfect! I had to pause the video to comment when you got to the green bean cutting though. Did you know that you don’t need to trim the tail end at all? That’s a lot of perfectly good green bean that’s becoming scraps! Trim the tiny little stem end off and the rest is gold. Plus, the tail end is kinda beautiful don’t you think? I hope you don’t mind my unsolicited input on that �� I’ve been loving your channel lately. I even signed up for Thredup when I learned about it here. Keep up the great work! Paula

  • Watching you share your pantry essentials just makes me happy.:) It’s nice to get ideas of package free things to look out for at the store….plus food! Food is just an all around happy kind of thing in life:)

  • Some notes:
    ✘✘✘ 7 Mistakes ✘✘✘
    1. Lengthy rest periods Shorten it. Do explosive (faster) movements.
    2. BCAAs they spike insulin = never burn fat
    3. Cardio before weight training light warmup before weight training
    4. Too much isolation move all parts of your body
    5. Training late in the day = less fat burning effects. Do your workouts in the morning.
    6. Frying the CNS not getting enough sleep = sign of CNS overstimulation. Tone down your workout and do proper activation.
    7. Eating right after a workout Wait for at least an hour to eat because even after exercising, you are still burning fat.

  • Question for Thomas. Vibration plate vs foam rolling, which is better for lymph movement? What are the areas of the body and how to properly use a foam roller? At what frequency (vibration level) and how much time should we use the vibration plate (that is, if it is worthy)? Thanks, Thomas, spouse (a physician) and I (public health education and background) are both science nerds (duh) and really enjoy your explanation of the science behind everything you address. Looking forward to your input on this.

  • Great video Thomas! Always love the info. Video idea that hit me while searching for butter replacements for my daughter who is allergic to dairy, egg, and tree nuts (not almonds). You’ve done vegetarian videos in the past, so I’m betting there will be some interest… what is a good non-dairy option that’s not total inflammatory garbage?

  • I hope to be like you soon!:) I have been supplementing my exercises with this method that I found a month ago, https://www.2weekdiet.com/?hop=clickhold I am already seeing the results!:) Thanks for all your advices:)

  • Hey, so I just wanted to give some info on pasteurized milk. If you have good quality milk from grass fed cows, the difference between raw and unpasteurized milk doesn’t speak in raw milk’s favor. For food borne illnesses, raw milk is one of the riskier things one can drink due to the bacteria it can carry such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. Even if raw milk is certified, it doesn’t ensure that the harmful bacteria are not present in the milk. Since pasteurization is heating up for a short time, it’s unlikely that there would be any benefits from having raw milk. Just wanted to get the word out because I know someone who had a miscarriage from drinking raw milk.

  • The foods you mention throughout this video sound really good! I’m not a huge fan of the very complex recipes so simple everyday stuff is the best!

  • Never been this early. About my training its ZERO right now. Got diagnosed with hypothyroidism 9 mo ago and still haven’t found my dose of meds an 90% of the time I feel like shit. When I dont I try to keep up with uni. I used to make sure to hit 10k steps but my body is so bad with recovery right now that only walking that amount feels like running a marathon. It really bothers me that even minimum work out Will make my body hurt for days.

  • Why? We just like to watch what other people eat while we eat that’s what I do every single day ;P
    Also, please remember you don’t have to rearrange your life so as to make it seem more “normal” (what the heck normal even is?!?)
    Sending you lots of love!
    Stay safe and have a great weekend!

  • Been watching your videos for what feels like forever and I love you and them so much �� this doesn’t entirely have to do with this video, but just a tip I thought I’d share. If anyone is looking to get rid of old plastic containers/baggies or the like a lot of homeless shelters and food banks LOVE having those items to give to the homeless as a way to store their items, keep their belongings dry, and send them home with left over food. For example, a lot of pre-packaged deli meat comes in cheap Tupperware, which you can use yourself but can quickly accumulate, or if you are cleaning out your cabinets and find you just have accumulated too much Tupperware over the years, or are trying to make the swaps and no one in your family wants you extras you can take these containers and donate them to a shelter. I prefer to do this as opposed to give them to goodwill or places like that because you know they will get used and go to a good home and you get to feel an extra good bonus of knowing you helped the homeless community too!

  • I really liked what you said, thank you very much, I’m going to take it into account and I’m going to combine it with what I’m doing http://bit.ly/2S8zoMn

  • Great tip thanks but one thing please be responsible and don’t leave your fur baby in the car it’s illegal to do that in our country ��

  • In the processing of dieting i still suggest this product for fast and effective weight loss. I dont know any way but it worked dor me.it can also work for you http://bit.ly/Losingfat

  • I did elimination diet and dairy revealed to be extremely inflammatory for me…pain all over my body and extreme back pain like I had before my spine surgery. Gluten revealed to be my chronic migraine trigger. Food is amazing ��

  • Please make a video on how you do zero waste during Covid! I can’t make a lot of my zero waste goals right now because so many things are being packaged in plastic.

  • Dont mean to steal your thunder. But google has an app called mysymptoms. The free trial is okay but in app purchase is what u described in beginning. A2 protein milk is goat/sheep and some cows. But even that messes with my digestion

  • Let’s reach our goals TOGETHER!! Hope everyone is staying SAFE and STILL getting their workouts (if your gym is closed). Thank You for watching the video and supporting the CHANNEL!! Don’t forget to LIKE ����the video and SUBSCRIBE to the CHANNEL!! Drop and ideas for future videos and/or questions in the COMMENTS below!! ����

  • Thank you! I learned a lot. I’d been trained to kill my arms my knocking out bicep/tricep work and THEN hit the bench press. Made my arms bigger quickly but now that I think about it, as you say, weight loss was minimal to none. I’m gonna try it this way! Thanks Thomas.

  • I’m so glad I have found you girl! I absolutely changed my view on calories and didn’t realize that I was eating much more than I needed. I follow your system and I love it. It’s not easy, but so possible and it’s working! Love you girl! Thank you for changing me and my diet! It works!!

  • I was aways skeptical about eating right after a workout, because I never feel actually ANY hunger after it. It’s was just like the sensation of you forcing yourself to eat on the morning after wake up.

  • I’m anemic and the corners of your mouth drying and cracking is a big sign of anemia �� could be completely unrelated but just thought I’d throw it out there!

  • I love your videos and have for years. Had to stop counting calories because I became number obsessed. Wasn’t losing a pound even though I was tracking everything and I have over 50 pounds to lose. Stupid hypothyroidism is really making things hard. Still enjoy your videos even though I’ve been feeling really discouraged. Your the one that turned me to IF and I think that’s the only reason I lost any weight at all last year.

  • u cant find riley simmons and rob bailey on the same day. soo thats riley then she is raped is what they would say cause its a dating story for a women not for rob.

  • My takeaway was the post workout shake/meal. It’s always been a debatable. Absorption isn’t a momentarily immediate process anyhow, am I right.?

  • Thomas, in another video you’ve done, I’ve heard you say to eat high carb or lean protein right after a workout and to NOT “wait an hour after your workout and then eat.” Which one is it?

  • Everyone commenting “dOn’T lEaVe YoUr DoG iN tHe CaR” are probably the same assholes that don’t put their cart back. Mind ya business, she clearly loves her baby and wouldn’t put her in harm’s way, Karen.

  • Dairy and caffeine I don’t consume anymore(purely because of anxiety and stomach issues), i might actually do this and try out other foods! Nice video and you’ve gained yourself another Sub:D

  • The shorter resting period between sets directly conflicts with video made by Jeff nippard in https://youtu.be/NR94rNsArv0 He uses more recent studies in 2016 and 2017. Would you take a look of those studies and revisit your point of view?

  • The minute I saw your insta I knew what the comment would be! I hadn’t watched your vid yet so here I am! People have no idea and can be so naive! I am chronically ill so I struggle to excercise. You never know what’s going on with someone’s body, their body so none of your business! I also don’t eat til 3pm! The food all looked yummy! You have inspired me to make more of an effort with my meals! Thanks! ��

  • I really love coming back to your videos and using your channel as an encyclopedia of fitness knowledge:) keep it up you’re doing wonderful things ❤

  • regarding BCAA, maybe it turns off fat burning, but it speeds up my recovery rate. So if I want to get stronger regardless of putting some fat on shouldn’t I use BCAA? Especially my potency gets so much better after BCAA.

  • A female blogger that doesn’t promote vegan propaganda? I thought they didn’t exist. Any ways, just wanted to ask how much money on average you spend on groceries? You have too much “organic” products.

  • I don’t know if you read the comments or take suggestions, but I am going to make some anyway. Limit your dairy to dark cheeses and don’t drink milk. Also try soaking your broccoli in water before cooking and drink peppermint tea before consuming. I am currently working on a diet plan of my own and appreciate the input of others. Thank you for that.

  • I train about 3 to 4 times a week for about 1:30h and I love it, it’s enough to make me sweat at the gym and really power my body out.

  • Do you track macros and have you tested your blood for any vitamin deficiencies? I had dry cracked corners of mouth (and also dry cracked heels of feet) when I was eating way too little protein and was very anemic (iron deficient) and also vitamin D deficient. Not sure which of those 3 exactly caused it or maybe a combo but it went away when I increased my protein intake (to around 100 grams a day or more) and fixed both vitamin deficiencies.

  • ❤️ I loved the information of your video about eat in a day ��, I will agree with what I am doing https://bit.ly/2TCLONv to get better results. Greetings. ��️‍♂️

  • Great video! Definitely the magnesium could have been the culprit of any loose poop on your second dairy day. It’s good the grains were fine cause I imagine if that were an issue you would have to separate them and investigate further. Bummer about the broccoli and bananas!

  • With your plan to dive into low fodmap next, it might be useful to note that broccoli stalks are higher fodmap than the tops. AND the low fodmap serving of even broccoli tops is pretty small. So it may be worth trying while on that diet but in low fodmap quantities. You may be able to tolerate SOME broccoli. Also, spend the $8 on the Monash app if you do low fodmap. If you use other sources you may end up unnecessarily restricting but also including things that are high fodmap. Monash is the main university doing fodmap testing, and they’re constantly updating the app with new food they’ve tested, and provide very detailed info about what amounts are low fodmap and what amounts are high.

  • Okay, I was taking my shake with me to the gym (when it was open) and drinking it right away. I’ll wait a while and/or take a walk first. I was probably eating too much by doing resistance training after work then having the shake, then a lean meal, then a steak in a couple hours. I think I’ll wait an hour to have the shake then begin preparing the lean meal, and try not to fit in the steak (and cruciferous, etc.)

  • I will do as much as I can giving that where I live in almost impossible to get equipment. I will do it with weights that I can find like cartons, shopping bags with weights…

  • I agree. I do whatever I can. Sometimes I need days off. There is a Beachbody program that is 6 days per week, 1 hour of INSANELY challenging workouts, and I really just don’t think that’s responsible or right. We need more than 1 day per week to recover.

  • i just started exercising again, swimming laps. i’m doing it every other day as of right now. i want to start incorporating dry land training too.

  • Oh and humans can’t digest anything in the vegetable world, is your intestinal fluora that handles that. There are bacteria that are friendly to you and when you eat something and they like it, then they will eat it and give you healthy fats in exchange plus they will tell your immune system that this food its ok and no need to react negatively. So, you may want to change colonies down there.

  • i made the mistake of drinking way too much milk when starting my keto/carnivore diet (animal products fair game, with a small amount of fermented veggies here and there). and by too much i mean barely 2 pints in 2 days. the milk consumption was the worst idea ever. i spent my workday barely making it to the bathroom and praying for death’s sweet release. i can do heavy cream in small amounts, yogurt is great (i make my own), cheese is great. i only buy whole milk if i must and only so i can make more yogurt or to cook with if i’m out of cream. watch the dairy. it can mess you up if you’re not careful. the full fat version is easier on the stomach.

  • Marissa I’m just curious but do you plan on doing a fast after you reintroduce everything into your diet again and if you don’t can I ask why you aren’t? I’m really curious I’m not a doctor in fact I’m only 16 and only get my information from you�� but would it make sense to do a 1 day fast after you reintroduce everything because your gut is working hard and well you’re reintroducing dairy (btw idk if you’d ever try it I recommend trying goat cheese 10/10 it’s amazing)

  • I love the video a lot, what you share with the people is something very good… I’m going to add a bit of https://bit.ly/2ODIArO to improve my results… share and greetings

  • Thank you Liezl for inspiring me every day! I have been watching you for 2 years. I am going on this weight loss journey with you and it makes me so happy girl!!!!! Thank you I lost 12 lbs because of you! I love your delicious recipes and motivating workouts! You have such an electric personality! I get so excited when you upload and I get to binge watch!!! Liezl marathon! I wish you good health every year on!! Love you girl!!!

  • Great video! I’d like to see a video on Keto macros for fat loss. Would macros be different if you want to lose 10lbs vs 90 lbs? Fat macros % changes??? Thank you

  • Losing weight is not easy. but I managed to lose 7 pounds in two weeks by following this method:
    => weightlossin3weeks. com <= (Google it)

  • Little trick I learned I asked Siri to make me a grocery list and it opened up my Reminders and you can click each line item as you pick it up at the store and it takes it off the list for you so you know what you have left. This was mind blowing for me because I used to make Note lists like Dana and then delete as I grabbed and it was annoying. I’m also just technologically inept lol

  • Omg, my skin does that exact thing, but it’s not bananas. I can’t figure out what is causing it, but my skin gets just like yours.

  • I would really like to purchase your meal plans. I have been following you for quite awhile now and have my two beautiful daughters interested as well. Unfortunately I can’t order as I live in Canada and it only says State in the purchase box. Is there any other way to receive Your meal plans?

  • Heyyy just wanted to let you know that ive tried the muffins they are AMAZING!! i loved them
    Theyre so gooood
    -I didnt use any sweetner
    -Olive oil instead of coconut
    -tigernut milk instead of almond

  • I’m currently focusing on one body part (legs) I train everything else on different days but save most of my energy to push as hard as I can on leg days. This may be wrong but it works for me I’m getting new PRs every week as I’m getting stronger and more confident.

  • aaaaahhhh i am so stoked to see how your herb garden goes! dont feel like you’ve failed if things don’t thrive straight away, it’s a learning process!

  • I do resistance bands and dumbbell training 3 times a week, I walk an hour a day 7 days a week and I do 100 push-ups a day. Using your Macro+Averager I cycle a calorie surplus on training days and a deficit on rest days ending the week in a very slight surplus but I keep my protein intake the same every day. My scale weight has stayed about the same, but i’m seeing significant strength gains and my body changing. It’s been awesome:)

  • 13:50 riley doesnt buy airfryers. idk. i dont think it works out that way. toaster oven? i got 1 oven at a restaurant its not an airfryer. noooo the toaster oven is that good. Nooooooo i got this other part. dana i love you.

  • Great video, and it’s super interesting to test out different things in this way! I haven’t done anything as extensive as you’ve done here, but I have noticed over the years that there are things such as legumes, broccoli and cabbage that are harder to digest for me. Initially I thought it was linked to my digestive problems due to gluten intolerance (which might very well be the case), so I stayed away from all of the foods mentioned above.

    I’ve gradually reintroduced them, and I’ve come to realise that I can eat and digest them as long as I don’t eat meat. For instance, for me legumes and meat together are too much for my digestive system, but one without the other is just fine.

  • If you keep the broccoli and bananas out do your diet your body won’t “out grow it” because it’s not in your system. And you body isn’t used to it. If you really really want to get those then you need to eat them more regularly so your body does out grow it. I used to be lactose intolerant and instead of taking it out of my diet I slowly added it into my diet. I didn’t have three servings a day of it. And now I’m completely fine and can have dairy!

  • I was very ill in 2018 and tried every diet to lose weight and get healthy and nothing worked. I found your meal prep vid and tried that as well as cutting out all refined sugar and lost 6kg in 2.5 weeks! I have eaten nothing but your recipes since Jan 1st and I have never felt better! Thank you for your easy simple nutritious and delicious recipe ideas and your wonderful smile! You’re actually a life saver! ❤️

  • I train 5-6 times a week. 4 days of lifting (rotating legs and arms). I do a Arm pull day, and an arm push day. One day focused on dead lifts, on one that focuses on the squat and full leg.
    I do one to two cardio days with one day added as a full body workout in combination.
    I obviously listen to my body and rest when it’s telling me it needs a break; but it’s taken some time to figure out if the rest is purely physical exhaustion or is it mental? I find if it’s mental given my mental state at the time I generally feel better after a training session. I get that that may seem like a lot to most people; but I have always been an athlete and find I’m a more enjoyable person to be around when I’ve burnt off my excess energy.

  • You have helped me so much Thomas. Since January 6..30lbs down. You are so easy to understand. You’ve been my personal trainer since then. Lol. I know you are a busy man and probably won’t see this but I want to say Thank you so very much. I’ve battled this all of my life. Never been able to do it..stick to it. Id love to meet you one day to just say thank you and maybe even a hug. Lol

  • Please make a fitness starter kit!!! I feel a little lost on my journey, I am trying to get stronger and build muscle and really need help with tips and over all a direction as to where I need to go. Please and thank you!!! I hope you are doing well! Love your videos and all of your advice that you share with everyone.

  • 1.if you must read news, read them once a day, from basic source like WHO, limit them if possible to things like new restrictions and rules to follow. Seriously does it help you if you keep in your mind the numbers? No. Does it help to read expert voices contradicting each other? No. We don’t know sh*t and if someone makes a huge step ahead it will be on basic page too so just drop the news. AND if you must, as I said read them once a day and not first thing in the morning and not before you go to bed. Which brings us to…
    2. Have a healthy morning and bedtime routines especially if you are stuck at home. Now you have no excuses. Take time to do something that brings you joy (I have my first cup of coffee on my sunny balcony with my cat on my lap, to give you an idea, and in the evening I drop phone and laptop at 8 pm and read a book till I want to sleep).
    3. Get the steps. If I can get them around my tiny apartment by only using my phone while walking around, then you can too. Just watching this video and writing this comment got me beyond 2k. Also I check the count each hour and just walk around to get round number. Like next time I get up I’ll make it 3k. You get the idea.
    4. Don’t. Keep. Junk. Snacks. At. Home. Just don’t. And no don’t make it an extra trip to grocery store when you want cookies because you’re not supposed to. Treat yourself when you go for your basic groceries like once a week, get that one bag of favourite snack but don’t stock up on them for a week. You don’t need them to survive I promise. If you think you do, perhaps you need some psychological help. Even “for free”, there is a lot of valuable videos on YouTube. As you watch them you won’t notice how you hit your steps.

  • Ditto on a video about making ur own fitness program!! I think you would nail it on the head with a stellar(clear & concise) how-to on this topic. ������

  • I absolutely love that your recipes are good wholesome food and not restrictive as most eating plans to lose weight. I can’t wait to try those tacos tonight!!!

  • I think it’s obvious that if I want 100% healthy recipes, I should watch videos of a nutritionist but sometimes I just want a meal that creates minimum waste so I am asking a zero waste expert �� At least for me that’s the reason I was asking for this video (you executed it perfectly by the way), I don’t expect to get perfectly nutritional balanced meals ��

  • I love this! I watch Immy (sustainably vegan) and though I love her cooking videos they are a bit too healthy for my taste and it’s nice to see some vegan food that’s closer to what I would eat

  • Do you have histamine issues such as histamine intolerance? I had leaky gut that led to anaphylaxis with a banana!! ;( I can’t eat them either. ;( I wonder if it’s Salicylates that are an issue for the broccoli here is a snippet from a website

    “Is broccoli high in salicylates?
    Vegetables suspected of containing high amounts of salicylates include green peppers, olives, mushrooms, tomatoes, radishes, chicory, spinach, alfalfa, broccoli, cucumbers, fava beans and spinach. Vegetables with moderate amounts include asparagus, lettuce, cauliflower, onions and fresh mushrooms”

  • How many calories do the muffins have?

    Edit: calculated it myself. Used 3 tbsp maple syrup for sweetness and different protein powder. The batter was good for 15 muffins so one muffins ends up to have 68 calories. If someone is interested I thought it be nice to share. I also love the muffins ☺️

  • Our bulk bins seem to be open here but it worries me as I’m immunocompromised. Im also really low budget right now ($25 a week for all the meals for 2 people per week)

    Also eff the people with all the advice. It’s one thing when someone asks but like… someone eating food does not mean free reign on advising people.

  • I don’t understand my body anymore. Since a couple of months I get these EXTREM urges to eat it feels like i am about to die or starve if I don’t consume food right here and then. I don’t understand. I listen to my body and eat but I feel so full that my stomach hurts and I just don’t understand. I had the easiest time losing weight and had those urges once in a while but now I have them every couple days and I just don’t get it. Anybody any ideas? Would really really appericiat it!

    Thank you for all your content! <3

  • It’s a good experiment but many people will have negative reactions to healthy food. Gojiman did a great video about his initial disastrous results when he went plant based. The problem was not the plant based diet, it was his micro biome.

  • Hey Liezl, all these recipes look delicious! �� Do you think the muffins would still work without the addition of protein powder? If not, what would you recommend adding instead? Love your videos! xx

  • Okay this may be such a dumb question but I’m gonna ask it cause one of you will know the answer:D How do people use their own containers when shopping in the bulk section of a store? So like for example, at the Kroger I go to, there’s bulk nuts and snacks and rice and stuff, and you pay for it by weight, so they provide little plastic bags you fill, and then it gets weighed at the checkout, and the bag barely weighs anything so it doesn’t matter. However, if you were to bring your own container and fill it, you’re then having to pay for the weight of the container since there’s not really a way to subtract it out? I go to a refillery to get hair products and it’s a small little store so they weigh your container first and then fill it for you to subtract the weight, but that’s obviously not how it works in a big grocery store. That was way longer of a question than I intended so thanks for reading if you’ve gotten this far!:)

  • I tried the muffin recipe, using crushed nuts and mixed seeds in place of the blueberries, and I also added about two tablespoons of peanut butter in there too! They turned out amazing ��

  • If you struggle with chopping garlic I’d really recommend getting a garlic press! I’ve got one from a brand called Joseph Joseph, I don’t think they’re particularly eco-conscious but theirs is so much easier to clean than others which really helps when you’re using it daily.

  • I have been eating really healthy for a while now and have lost weight overall but sometimes I really crave something fun to eat like a pizza or a burger and it’s all I ever think about

  • I loved this video! I’m going to try all of these meals. I’m glad you are feeling better and I look forward to seeing more of your weight loss videos. ❤️

  • It help so much! I’m just at the beginning and it’s so hard! I’m sharing my experience on YouTube too.I will try definitely some of your recipes. Thank you for sharing! ❤️

  • I am currently on the Low FODMAP diet and it would help so much to see you try that one! My doctor put me on it and I found out I am super sensitive to what feels like all the foods, but when I asked my doctor for how to go about the re-introduction phase he offered no help and got pretty rude. Now when I try to try different foods I cant tell what is causing my flare ups due to not knowing how to track them or how I should be introducing them in the first place. I would love to see your take on this and maybe gather some ideas of what I should be doing!

  • You are so uniquely pretty. You also speak very well and with eloquence. Thank you for making these videos, they are really helpful ��

  • I would love a video on your opinion of good protein, carb and fat sources when on a calorie deficit!! Love your wonderful personality and how much you help people with they’re health journeys, thank you! ������

  • Another great video!

    Even in Covid 19 I still have to sleepover at work because I’m a support worker and your videos really help me relax after my shift!

    Thanks again for keeping my spirits high!

  • Great point about not restricting all the time and taking a one week break every 3. To add to this: I’ve listen to the book in the flo, following your recommendation ;), and I have started syncing these cuts with my cycle. So I start cutting when my period ends, for about 2.5 to 3 weeks, then I go back to maintenance until the end of my next period, and so on. This is based on MY cycle obv, which is 29days long, so would need to be readapted for a different cycle length. It works SO WELL! I don’t own a scale so don’t have numbers but I can see the fat coming off so very encouraging!

  • Omg I’m the same, I always forget to eat! My partner will often come home after work and ask “what did you eat today?” And silence ��

  • I think it’s also important to stay hydrated and be drinking enough water too. I’m not exactly sure if that has any effect on fat loss but I feel like that’s important in general for overall health.

  • I think you are doing well and i understand. your recipes are brillient and love the presentation. I was wondering do you have an alternative to mushrooms and peanut butter.

  • I’ve noticed that when I steam broccoli I don’t have digestion issues but when I eat broccoli that isn’t steamed I feel horrible and fart a ton

  • Legit thought you had about 1 million subscribers or somewhere around that mark due to the production value of this video. It’s great, I loved it and hopefully will love your channel even more:D

  • I like to improve insulin sensitivity with ACV and ALA. I hope it help someone. Success to everyone in the fat loss journey!!! Stay safe!!!!

  • You can make your own minced garlic! Peel heaps of garlic and mince it through a food processor or blender, then add oil and put it in a jar! I tentatively tried it, thinking it may end up all mouldy, but it’s been like 3 months and it’s still totally fine to use!

  • Shelby this outfit is absolutely GORGEOUS ���� also try snipping the tops off the green beans with scissors I find it easier and you can do a whole bunch at once

  • Love you, and your easy logical way to controll your diet! And your easy exercise tips! Finally a simple down to earth person who tells the truth. ��

  • hey dlb! so a trick/tip that i follow is to make sure to always read nutrition labels for packaged foods even if ive been buying them for a while-companies always switch stuff / add extra things to foods we dont normally suspect, like for example i noticed you got skippy-you mustve overlooked the label cause theres a ton of sugar in that compared to a natural PB and even the kombucha, the kevita brand actually adds sugar whereas a brand like synergy uses the fruit itself as a sweetener. like its such a common sense tip right-read the labels! but i feel like ppl often overlook it for “basics” like PB cause we dont suspect crap to lurk in there

  • It sounds like you’re simply allergic to broccoli and bananas. Why not just had some lab tests done to see what you’re allergic to instead of the diets you’ve been doing??

  • Let’s show marisa how much we love her and please continue subscribing to her YouTube channel we are very close to the milestone of 100k share her videos, tell people about her channel, make friends subscribe do anything to help her��❤