Jumping Rope Workout for novices (How you can Jumping Rope)


Start Jumping Rope With THIS Workout

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Beginner At Home Jump Rope Workout

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Beginner Jumping Rope Workout

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JUMP ROPE Workout for Beginners

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How To Jump Rope For Beginners

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Beginner Skipping Rope Workout

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How To Jump Rope 6 Basic Steps

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Your First Jump Rope Exercise. Keep your feet close together when jumping. Jump on the midsoles of your feet and land softly. Keep your jumping height low (½” 1” off the ground) Keep your knees slightly bent at all times.

Maintain a tall, neutral spine. Keep your head. As your confidence builds with the help of our tricks and tips, try dipping your toe into a beginner jump rope workout. Kline suggests jumping rope throughout the entirety of a song that.

Weighted jump ropes. Weighted jump ropes are another option to level up your jump rope workout with more of an upper body challenge. The extra weight in these jump ropes requires. Our simple beginner jump rope workout is built around two 5 minute blocks. In the first block, you’ll be working through a 5 minute interval of 30 seconds of jumping and 30 seconds of rest with your ½ LB. A Simple Jump Rope Workout for Beginners (3×3) This is a bare bones workout, one that is great for a beginner.

There really isn’t anything fancy here, just three 3-minute rounds, with 30 seconds of rest between each round. This is just enough to get your heart rate up and start to sweat. 2. A heavy jump rope gives you better feel for the rope so you can time your jumps better and minimize your mistakes and frustration. That’s why we recommend heavy ropes to all of our beginners. A Jump Rope Workout for Beginners.

Today’s workout is one of the easiest workouts. All of our jump rope workouts feature a HIIT structure with 20-30 seconds of all-out intensity followed by 10 seconds of complete rest. This interval is then repeated 4 times for a single. Jump Rope Jacks Begin by holding the ends of the jump rope in each hand. Focus on having a slight bend in the knees while making sure your toes are pointed forward in a straight line.

Basic jump rope is the fundamentals of jumping rope to provide an efficient workout. It is made with PVC plastic, and the handles are made with rubber or foam to help jumpers with grip. 02. One misconception about jumping rope for weight loss is that you jump rope, only, for a solid block of time.

The key to jumping rope as aerobic exercise lies in its capabilities for high.

List of related literature:

When you can jump rope for four 3-minute intervals within your workout, try jumping rope for 5 to 10 minutes for your first and last intervals, and eliminate the second and third intervals altogether.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
from Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder
by Edward Jackowski
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To vary the routine, you can jump from side to side, add a few jumping jacks, or skip with an imaginary rope.

“Hypoglycemia For Dummies” by Cheryl Chow, James Chow
from Hypoglycemia For Dummies
by Cheryl Chow, James Chow
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If you are new to jumping rope, start with a heavier rope, which will make you jump more slowly.

“The Fully Raw Diet: 21 Days to Better Health, with Meal and Exercise Plans, Tips, and 75 Recipes” by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram
from The Fully Raw Diet: 21 Days to Better Health, with Meal and Exercise Plans, Tips, and 75 Recipes
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Here are some pointers for rope jumping:

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
from Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform
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Light stretching for 5 minutes Jump rope routine 3 x cone or minihurdle jump (see chapter 9) (10 to 15 seconds each).

“52-week Basketball Training” by Chip Sigmon
from 52-week Basketball Training
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Jump ropes are inexpensive compared to other exercise equipment, and you can take them anywhere.

“Natural Health, Natural Medicine: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Self-Care for Optimum Health” by Andrew Weil
from Natural Health, Natural Medicine: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Self-Care for Optimum Health
by Andrew Weil
Houghton Mifflin, 2004

Jumping Rope Boxers jump a lot of rope with varying speeds and steps.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
from Fitness Instructor Training Guide
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Directions: Read about jumping rope.

“Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills, Grade 2” by Thinking Kids, Carson-Dellosa Publishing
from Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills, Grade 2
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After working with the rope to develop tempo and rhythm, try doing some high knee jogging with the jump rope.

“Athletic Body in Balance” by Gray Cook
from Athletic Body in Balance
by Gray Cook
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2003

Anyone can grab a jump rope for five minutes (try 30 seconds of jumping, followed by 30 seconds of rest; repeat five times) or do a quick at-home circuit of 10 squats, 10 push-ups (on your knees if needed), and 10 sit-ups.

“The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless” by Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow, MD, FACS
from The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless
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  • I have started 100 push-ups a day on 10th July, 2020 and from 14th July 2020 I added 250 jump ropes as well, is that ok or the jump ropes are very less. I am 25, 5’5 height and weight is probably 63 it. Please suggest.

  • Oooohhhhhhh. Well. So the minimal wrist movement is good to know. And the rope length. Lol was about to toss my rope because it was def not working out. Welp. Ok, gonna try it again.

  • So I started jumping and got my first rope, its a speed rope. I can go on for 15-20-30 sec before making mistake which usually happens due to fatigue (I am not fit at all). I jump low on my toes I think I was able to bring it to 2 inches or less. But I noticed recently that after a while the rope is loosing momentum. Even if I engage wrists more and intentionaly. It feels to me as if its too light. I also tried adjusting the length. I was getting better results when shorter but it still at some point is loosing the speed. What should I do? Get a different (heavier ) rope. This one has bearings in the handles so I thought the spin wouldnt be affected. Thanks!

  • I tried today. I can’t do more than 3 jumps…

    Well, it’s been a few days since I last tried(6 or so).
    Today I managed to do 12, but I was jumping like crazy,…as if I was trying to do a backflip:)

    Tried again the following day, 20 or 23 jumps(kinda lost track at the end).
    Also I think I’m getting the hang of it, I put less effort in the first jumps.

  • 1st 3 days of jump roping and I did really good… 4th, 5th and 6th day… I can’t keep it going like wtf yo? But I will keep keening at it

  • Gonna start my third day jumping rope in a few minutes and just stopped by to shout u guys out for these incredible tips!! It was difficult af in the first day, but once I followed your steps and got the hang of it, it just came SO easy!! My workout now is much much cooler:)

  • Excellent workout guys!!! I’m glad I found this YouTube channel!!! Thank you so much guys!! ��������������❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️…. I say hi from Colombia!

  • I been jumping the rope for about 2 weeks and let me tell you… it definitely works! I bought a cheap rope tho so it gets tangled after like 30 jumps. I saw this price on the one he linked and damn ��

  • Just started 4 days ago and I am documenting via YouTube to encourage me not to give up, couldn’t have landed on a better video, am subscribing and hitting the bell

  • I just can’t do it, I’ve never been able to do it:/ I remember being a kid and all my friends would be able to do it… I just can’t get the rhythm and timing

  • i have never done jump rope before! and i saw your weight loss video and i thought that, “hey! this might work out!” and oh boy it’s so hard! i’ll keep practicing until i get it down and then maybe i can do the routine! wish me luck guys ;(

  • I have a problem can u solve it when I skip rope my one hand always remain lock and the other wrist give the swing to rope for which extra pressure is exerted on my right leg and I experience a huge pain can u tell me some exercise to solve this problem

  • I never get over 20 or 30 consecutive ever, sometimes I get stuck after 5. Think it could be the combination of bent knees and jumping on toes that I miss out on. I’ll keep this in mind and try tomorrow!

  • Bit late to the show but finally did this routine 1 whole circuit! Remember being out of breath & ready to collapse after reg bounce no. 3 not so long ago!

    However my shins hurt like hell. Been skipping rope for 2 weeks now (2/3x pw). Hoping it is because my legs are not used to this and not because I have been jumping in my bare feet inside my home!

  • I started doing this yesterday without any idea how to do it and i was getting pain in lower back since i didn’t bend my knees at all. Thanks man����

  • I’ve been watching your videos for a few months now and I purchased a jump rope to see if I would like jumping. I’ve gotta be honest, the first few weeks were rough! I kept at it though and decided that once I got good and consistent, then and only then would I purchase a cross rope. Well, it’s been several months. I jump at minimum 3 times a week. It’s largely effortless in term of form (although I can’t do any tricks yet). So, it’s time to get a crossrope! I was however wondering if you guys could do a video comparing a range of jump rope mats. Seeing the damage on what I thought was a pretty decent 30 dollar rope has me concerned about using my crossrope on my parking lots asphalt. I think a video on mats at various price points and available online sources might be pretty fun.

  • I got everything else down the only problem im having is spinning the rope only with my wrist i spin the rope using too much arm movement if that makes sense how can i fix this?

  • Thanks to the quarantine, I’m stuck at home (like everyone). I bought a jump rope and watched this video today… and did it! Thanks, Jump Rope Dudes! Your intro video was super easy to understand, and the beginning segment was quite funny. Thanks again! (subscribed)

  • Great it worked watching this i just started to jumprope correctly i learnt it in some 10-15 mins

    I was able to do 30 at a stretch

  • the best thing in this channel is how interactive you are with your viewers and how you try your best to reply to some of our comments… Thank you so much man!

  • This workout looks so easy, but it kicked my butt. Couldn’t even get through one circuit. Absolutely great workout! No wonder these guys are so shredded.

  • u guys are awesome,the workouts are awesome,…im on a weight loss journey and this workouts are working on me!!!! 6days at week i wake up at 4am to do a workout from u guys before going to work and with watching what i eat so far its has been life changing!!! dont stop what u are doing….u r changing peoples life!!!

  • what’s the next step after this workout? I feel like I’m getting quite comfortable with this workout, even after a few sets, so I wanna kick it up a notch

  • Hi there! I’ve been following you since a while and I love your routines! Now Could you tell me the name of the timer you use in the videos. Thank you!

  • I remember winning a competition in school, I went the longest out of my whole year.
    Now I’ve completely forgotten and can’t even do one ��

  • I started doing the 10 min beginner workout 3-4 weeks ago, with no experience in jump rope, but i was able to get in a rhythm, doing the regular bounce for a good amount of time. Today i attempted this workout and was gassed out by the end of the first set. Now my goal is to be able to do this for the whole 30 mins!!!

  • What is the position of the feet? Should both feet be parallel to each other and pointing straight ahead, or should both feet be pointing slightly outwards (forming a V)? Thank you

  • Well this is only my second day the first day I started getting down the position and form the fundamentals and then today I started jumping and it’s actually better than I ever expected I didn’t know how to jump rope to save my life but now I can thanks to you guys thank you very much I love your channel so much��

  • I don’t have the CrossFit rope and it’s abit too pricey for me… Will any rope work?? I have a rope I got from Amazon for like £14

  • As a beginner, this is such a workout! Thanks. But for some reason I can’t keep up even after doing CrossRope’s online workouts. After such a while, I shouldn’t be so out of shape. Am I doing something wrong? Legs are fine because I walk at least a mile a day uphill (not at the gym).

  • I just started with these crossropes and my forearms keep burning, I have to stop because they burn so bad I’m not eve out of breath I just cant keep going because my damn forearms keep giving out, is there anyway to fix this?

  • Hola, hoy comienzo esta nueva rutina, me podrías ayudar, indicándome por cuantas semanas debo hacer esta rutina para principiantes??/gracias.. Saludos

  • Really nice workout guys. Always top quality. And great to have a beginner video like this for everyone to follow along to. Great job. Carlos

  • I need to reduce my belly fat.. I did 650 numbers in skipping rope per day… And then do gym excercise but i can’t to reduce my belly. Any idea to help me.

  • Hey guys hi..I’ve been doing jump ropes since I was 10 or 11..so while doing it I count them instead of doing them for like 20 or 30 secs..I do a set of 150 to 200 reps..so in that set itself I do variations like boxer’s skips and all..so am I doing it right or shall I just follow your way of doing a set for like some seconds or so..and yeah I’m able to count them, obvio I dnt count them out loud..kindly suggest..

  • I felt exhausted after the first 5 mins i couldn’t go all thru I don’t know what to think of yet i believe that this is the first time to workout in 2 years or so. I wanna ask what is the minimum of jumps to do daily yet lose weight?
    Thank you for ur efforts ❤

  • OMG today i started to do jumping rope but unfortunately i cant do it even one jump with rope. So i searched up for this and this helped me a lot. i’m on my way to 50kg. last month i was 89 but now its 79 hope i can reach my goal. but i have lots of school works blahhhhhhhh

  • Used the code for my 1 and 2 lb ropes. I’ve never been more excited for jump ropes haha. Just started and learned all my techniques from you guys. Great video instructions for beginners. Thanks guys!!!

  • I am so glad I found this YouTube channel. Your enthusiasm and passion burst out of my screens when I’m watching your videos. You’re so humble and show empathy for all of us beginners out there, and that’s so important. Your transformations are so amazing and inspiring. I love the variety of your videos and workouts, so good and informative.

    Been jumping for a few weeks, still working through them calves/shin splints �� but getting better!
    I’m trying to save up money to buy a crossrope set, those Canadian duties and taxes + exchange rates are over the roof for me �� but will keep doing the thing with what I have now.

    Thank you for making working out at home so easy and enjoyable ������������

    A true JRD nation fan.

  • Thanks for this video guys, it’s really great to hear the motivation and support behind these work outs! Always helps me to #dothething

  • This video is exactly what I need. When I was 25-27 years old I jumped rope for 30 minutes straight about 5 days a week. I was at that time fantastically fit. I have since had 3 children and am now 48 years old with left hip issues. Recently I have been biking but with the anticipated weather change I am going to need to switch up. So thank you so much for providing this video so that I can ease back into jumping. ��

  • I have knee pain from arthritis. Would this be too much impact or could this help strengthen my knees? I walk now but would like to try something new.

  • Great video guys, as always. I started this routine last week but since i’m a newbie it was a bit too hard for me. So I started to do 20 seconds jump with 40 seconds rest (rest was normal pace walking), 3 sets with 5 reps and that worked out good for my current shape. In a 2 or 3 weeks time I’ll start to do this routine with bodyweight exercises. Keep up the good work guys, all the best from Croatia!

  • Hey there Dan and Brendan… I am 16 year old 5ft 11inches and 140 pounds… I wanna lose my belly fat… If i start working from today with 30min of High intensity jump rope… eating right and eating in a calorie deficit… How many pounds could i be losing in 30 days.. Pls reply

  • Hi
    I am 183cm tall and recently i bought L size rope but it feels short. I watched few videos an it said that for high efficiency is recomended short but i am worried that becase of it i would not be able to do tricks. From your expirience can you tell me did i make mistake choosing the length, do you use the same rope size for fit and strong set and do you do size excange for customer from EU

    Sorry for bad english


  • I literally started watching this channel way back when they had around 60k subs, they were zen dude fitness, and I was only 16, really glad to see their channel grew this big

  • Big thanks to JRD, I started recently to jump rope after stumbling on your channel. I can’t jump without tripping and my rope sucks, so to keep up am doing it without the repe, afterwards I try to jump rope to elevate my skill so I could actually use it during the workouts. BTW THIS KILLED ME I stopped several times is this a biggner workout!!

  • Hi guys, i wanted to say thank you for your channel, for what you’re doing, i watch your videos every day now, i started jumping rope a week ago and i like it a lot, i used to run but i got tired of it, but now I’m extremely motivated! Btw hello from Russia!:)

  • What’s the most effective jump rope workout to lose body fat?

    P.s I spend 45 to an hour doing this workout i made myself:

    Warm up

    24 sets 30 x 30

    81 sets 8 x 8

    Cool down

    8 sets 30 x 60


  • Dan and Jump Rope Dudes thank you so much. I have been watching almost all the videos you have posted on jumping rope tutorials. I have been gaining lot of weight recently and tried lot of methods which didn’t workout for me.
    I got tipped by someone to start jumping rope (which i never did), i bought a very cheap rope about 1.5$ (100 rupees) and started to jump rope, i really sucked at it. I saw your videos on youtube, and now i could jump rope (Not as expert as you guys but i can do close to 30-40 jumps continuously without stumbling on the rope and doing close to 1000 jumps daily without fail and i really enjoy a lot). thank you so much and i will practice more and get lean:)

  • Does anyone else struggle with this? It only happens when I jump or jog, after a few minutes, my skin around my chest, my thighs and butt start itching so bad. If I scratch, it worsens. It’s so unbearable, I could not finish this workout not because I was exhausted, but because I felt my skin burning and I can’t get past de pain. I have tried using 100% cotton clothes, even working out naked in the house it still happens. If anybody suffered from this and found a solution please help!!

  • I just bought my first rope for like 5 dollars to try and get into jumping rope. And after jumping a couple times my right shoulder blade started to hurt. After 3 days i still can’t jump because when i start to jump my right shoulder blade hurts. It doesn’t hurt very much but enough to stop me from jumping. What can i do? Also sorry for my english if i made any mistake.

  • I’ve jump rope when I’m on high school…I’m now 31 and 100 lbs overweight no exercise at all which workout should I start? Is this the right one

  • Get The Best Jump Rope for Weight Loss: http://crossrope.com/jumpropedudes
    (enter “DOTHETHING” for 10% off your order)

    Join our Free 7 Day Beginner Jump Rope Challenge: https://www.jumpropedudes.com/

  • This is definately not a Beginner Workout. I found this much harder than the other HIIT 30mins videos just because there is longer reps with less recovery and its all just skipping. Don’t mean to sound negative but it was definately challenging. A great workout but the title should be HIIT Cardio workout

  • I enjoyed it even though I was not able to finish. My ankles started to hurt an area that has never giving me issues. I am Listening to my body and i must stop this time. Any show recommendations?

  • I have a question… I started jump roping watching you guys it’s been almost 15 days I have been doing it… I am still motivated but my plantars pain.. I have a habit of counting my jumps and after the 70th jump it starts to pain and then I have to stop cauz it gets unbearable… Please make a video on how to come over that…

  • When you jump roping, do you hold the jump rope handles at the very end? Or do you just hold them anywhere you like as long as you do the correct rest in our movement?

  • Guys I’m just starting out and I need abit of help. I’m still trying to get the rhythm I’m not sure if my rope is too short (9ft) I just need to figure something out need abit of help. Thanks!

  • Hi JR dudes! I was so excited finding your channel a little over 3 months ago. I ordered a crossrope for my height etc I love it. For some reason my knees keep hurting and it still seems like i cant get my beat down well ( I always feel like I have to jump higher so I do not trip). Any suggestions?!

  • I’m only here cause I’m in the middle of the jump rope challenge and my body is yelling for me to STOPPPPP so I wonder am I doing something wrong��

  • Great workout! Did this at 07h00 in the park this morning. Only my second time using my Crossrope jump rope and I’ve already improved! Thank you for these amazing videos!

  • I’m sorry but I’m never going to buy a Jump Rope for flipping 250 dollars. I know it comes with other rope size but it’s just not worth buying, thanks. (My opinion)

  • I have followed this channel for a while, also got my Crossrope for a while already and just doing some intervals with an app. But I have never had the confidence to do a whole workout, by just doing this whole workout it just gave me a huge impact on what I can do in jump rope. Thank you guys!!

  • I havent jump roped for 2 days because my calves and shoulders hurts from doing it for more than 1 hour 2 days ago��. All i did was reg bounces��. Just starting anyway.

  • 2:10 Had 2 ropes at home, was just trying it out and been struggling so hard the entire morning. Then i googled this video and realised both ropes came to hip hight.

  • I didn’t know how out of shape I am, I rested longer and didn’t manage to do as many repetitions but I tried everything. Discovered I can’t airsquat and need better knee pushup form, feet hit the rope a few times but was happy I managed to clear the rope. I have flat feet, any advice on keeping injury at bay?

  • I am so glad I found your channel. I am guilty of the double jump because this is what we learned when we were kids. I’ll start changing this bad habit. Thanks for the video!! It was very informative, and your explanation was so good. You just gained a new subscriber. Blessings.

  • By the way: I CAN do boxers step easily without a rope, but once I try combining with the rope it goes wrong��. I do fast cardio exercises with many combo’s and I generally do not have issues with my co’ordination whatsoever.

  • My mind just can’t synchronize with the two processes of making a jump and flipping the rope over again…. I only skip the rope once and then stop then I do it again.. When would i be able to do it so fluently like u do and like what my elder sis does������…. I can’t make even the second skip.. I stop and then do it again��������

  • Heyy, is it OK to have aches in my legs and thighs? Coz it’s been paining for 4 days and I’m finding it difficult to climb stairs. Pls say.

  • actually i dn’t know the processor as i started today without knowing but definetly from tomorrow i will follow your processor in my practise.. thnk u

  • It’s been 9days now doing jump rope along with some basic exercises ��. JRD is my inspiration and i hope i will stay motivated ❤️��

  • I love these work out vids. My girlfriend bought me a jumping rope and started working out. I looked up for videos and found out this channel. It helps me out the most because I was just starting out but I got a problem on my calves hurting and a stinging pain on my left chest (or was it pecks(?) I’m not sure) therefore I needed rest for 2 days. I wanted to do 5 mins of jumping rope every single day but I couldn’t. Last thing, do you have any cool down exercises after every exercise? Thank you so very much! Keep it up guys. Keep jumping and do the thing!

  • Jumped rope everyday in school, as a kid with literally a length of jute rope, and loved it. Bought a CHEAP rope a few years ago, adjusted the rope to suit my height (I’m very short) and couldn’t use it, I set it to the longest suitable length, even tried it slightly shorter which didn’t make a difference. Tripped up more than I jumped over it. In hindsight, it was too light, unlike the thicker jute rope, it resisted rotation causing me to trip! It went under great a few times, but had to force the rotation to get it to move. Hated it, so I bought a crossrope and can’t wait for it to arrive. ��

  • i was looking for a video like this thank you, i love guys videos this help me a lot because of the rest i will keep it up till i get better

  • Hey. Many thanks for this awesome video. I’ve got a query, hopefully you can help, maybe someone else has the same query. The way you doing this is awesome. But as for me I’m quite overweight, about 97 kilos. I’m sure to get tired too soon, and a 10 second rest period won’t do good to me personally, cuz I’ve been actually trying to skipping for the longest time, but I keep failing. Your guidance on this will be much appreciated ��. Many Thanks in advance. God Bless, Stay Safe.

  • Is the black rope you use from crossrope? (Talking about the rope from the video: ‘’5 reasons you keep tripping over your rope’’)

    On the website the only black rope I see is the 1 pound one, but the one your using seems smaller then the 1/4 pound one or similar to that, can’t find any black rope on the website besides the 1 pound one, please help!

  • For beginner it was pretty hard. Maybe break of 30 seconds be better for an absolute beginner. But apart from that it’s a good video to follow. And after watching your how to skip video, gotta tell my husband 2 skips with each jump is wrong!��

  • Began jumping 7/19; haven’t jumped since elementary school. This almost 50, 5’2” 175# mom-bod somehow managed to finish the workout and was left sore, exhausted and happy I managed. Monday I also managed to finish the workout, but my knees & right ankle started hurting. Barely managed to finished the workout Tuesday and took Wednesday off to rest my old bones. Today I could barely manage 5 mins before quitting. Am going to take a pain reliever and drag my wagon off to work, where I’m on my feet for 8 hrs. I’m wondering if I should stick it out or rest for a few days and try again…? ☹️

  • Hi, i am happy to discovered you.I have never work out in my life.I would like to ask this work out is for every day or 5 times perbweek for example?

  • BROS! The Singaporean finally nailed this workout!! As in I’ve got skipping down. Took me like a month but I figured it out! Thank you so much!! I’m gonna go do push ups and yoga shit now. PEACE!!

  • I’ve been using this workout to get “back” into jump roping. I started about a year ago (2019) ago for 3 months and stopped because of shin, ankle and knee pain (improper form) and I just started back at the beginning of July 2020. I was trying to find a protocol that would be challenging but not kill me like last year. So I’ve been doing this video 6 days a week for the last 3-weeks. I’ve built up enough endurance to go a bit faster during intervals. I’ve subscribed to your channel and will be looking into your protocol more intensely. As a woman standing 6’3″, large frame, and 48 years of age, I’m proud to say that us “old girls” can find ways to get in shape without all of that fancy equipment. Jump roping really is the best exercise for anyone especially women over 40. Thanks for this video.

  • hi brandon, please help a zen dude out on this im a bit worried this might affect my progress, i started roping about a month ago and i noticed that everytime after i finished a workout only my right leg feels the burn, almost felt like i didn’t even do a thing to my left.

  • Wow…..thank you! This allowed me to pace myself as i slowly build endurance. I was counting to 100 straight and ran out of breath before I reach 50. This is really for beginners. I will continue the beginners lesson until I can go more than 20 seconds

  • It was great founding TPM, I’m 62, male and a little bit chubby, however I preferred to jump without the
    rope in order to follow the rhythm. What is better? …. Jump with the rope and maybe not follow the training or better follow the training with NO rope?

  • I have a light rope…..but still I am facing problem moving ropes with wrist..no problems with one jump for one skip…..my wrist gone stiff when I skip the ropes…& ultimately got struck by the rope…any suggestion to move the forearms or wrist

  • Love love love these!!! I started skipping about 6 weeks ago and discovered you right away!!! Thank you for this amazing channel!!! Please keep them coming!!!! ������

  • Been struggling to loose some more weights after I reached 70kg through dieting. Now it is time to do some work out. Thank you for this!:-)

  • Any beginner who completes all 3 rounds in the first trial is a beast. I couldn’t even complete 2 rounds fully��

    Edit: I only just started doing workouts. So I started feeling nausea after almost completely the second round.

  • Thank you for this VIDEO, now i’m starting to lose weight and looking for the induction the jump rope for beginner and today I did it for 3X rounds! i’m so proud of myself and will be continued!

  • I think my rope might be too short. I keep hitting the back of my head with it or landing on the rope when i jump. It’s annoying cuz like 4 years ago in grade 9-10 i used to be able to jump rope effortlessly.

  • Your videos are a breath of fresh air and quiet. Thanks for not doing the ‘Rope Dudes” thing. Yap, yap, yap. Worst of all they think they’re funny.

  • I know I’ve doing routine there isn’t anything beginning about this routine and jump all the time and this kicking my butt and I barely get through it twice

  • Hollaaaaa,,,got my 2 pound weighted jump rope and it’s officially TRYING TO KICK MY LITTLE ASS. Love it, can’t say enough about it. Muscle, cardio, all with one badass rope.

  • Hello! Thanks for this video; I’m using this to learn basic jump as a beginner. However, once I start to move on to boxer’s skip, for some reason I have trouble with co’ordination… feet/hands. Is this common? What can I do to overcome?

  • Yay I did it. Not without a lot of stops and start overs especially towards the end when I could tell I was getting tired, but this kept me on track to the end.

  • Super stoked, I did the thing…the WHOLE thing!!! Ive been watching your videos for about a week and am so grateful for all the help and so surprised by how much it has already helped me improve! You guys rock!!

  • Brought me a jump rope and found this beginner video. It took me about 20 mins to get through because I’m 270 pds but I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment afterwards.

  • Hi I’ve just found your channel this workout is well planned and looks ideal for a fat middle aged man trying to lose the belly

  • Hi im trying to get into jump rope for the first time alongside my other aerobics workouts. I tried this workout and it certainly got my heart racing and I worked up a bit of a sweat by the end of it. Can you tell me how many calories I would burn with just this routine alone pls?

  • I did this exact workout today but my feet started to hurt even tho im jumping very little off the ground, why? My calves don’t hurt at all.

  • This is the perfect workout for me in the morning before work! I’ve been doing it everyday and following along! Please make more of these kind of videos with these intervals including abs and arm workouts! Thank you!

  • I’m giving this a try. It’s just that I get exhausted far too soon and can’t likely follow the 10 sec rest strictly. I want to get better at this. Thank you!

  • I have been following this workout since it was suggested by you guys from a comment I made 2 weeks ago! I was stuck at 85 kg after a quick 5kg loss from 90 kg, I finally reached 81 kg! Gonna absolutely keep doing it!!
    By the way how do I know when I am ready to change workout?

  • Thank you so much! It really helped!! First try, 1 skip. Second try, 2. Third try, 4. Then for the fourth try, 10!! ����. Thank you so much! ❤️. It really worked!!

  • I just tried to jump with a regular rope (I think it’s too heavy but it’s the only one I have access right now).
    Almost 40 seconds. My stomach hurts. I reccomend getting a pvc thin rope. Thanks for this video.

  • I’m just starting out and still get winded with just this workout but I feel like I’m making progress with stamina, and I feel great after finishing. Thank you for posting these workouts, more fun than going to the gym.

  • Back in the park early this morning with this video on my iPhone. So tempted to try one of the jump rope tricks but thought better of it as my knees were feeling the strain! Love this! Determined to master it!

  • I know how good is rob jumping coz I am able to easily loose weight with it with in 1 week I can see result. I usually do 600 jump rope a day which takes about 15 min

  • I use to jump rope and started to get to 3 3 minute sets with 1 minute rest. I am starting again and have ordered my ropes. I have been trying to jump without ropes, but find I am very tight. Also, I have nephropathy in my feet and hands. Is there something to loosen up? Like your workout. I am 300 lbs.

  • This is what I’m doing every morning just for train how to jump rope. But I don’t count the time I just jump to the moment I fail and then eventually 10 sec rest. I’m just having fun for now ;D I’m gonna try this tommorow!

  • when I was first time playing jumping rope i didn’t use the heavy rope im using the regular rope and i didn’t rest for 9 sec but I still made it my best score is 58 100

  • What do I watch to help perfect my form? The videos you were talking about at the end of this one. I cannot find the one you are talking about. Thanks

  • I never comment on YouTube Videos but you really deserve the feedback I have been struggling all my life with this recently I started losing weight bought the rope and man I swear I couldn’t skip I just had to believe idk and I can’t but I have just saw your video and trust me am breathing hard from skipping 70 times! Thank you for teaching me how to do a skipping rope

  • Dan & Brandon, got my cross rope a year ago. No workout all that time. I tore my rotor cuff and found out that I had kidney failure.
    Surgery was a success and i’m on dialysis. I started my first 5 minute workout July 21st. Today is #2. I want to thank you guys for the video your motivation. Glad to see there’s people out there willing to help. Bless the both of you.

  • Oh man I started about 3 weeks ago and JUST found out double jumps are no bueno. Welp! Gonna be rewiring my brain the next few days. Thanks for the training guys!

  • This video is great for a beginner. I don’t rest in between jumping, but do 5 crunches. I bought the jump rope they talk about in their videos, and wow!! I am in love with it. I purchased the ‘get lean’ set and will go back and buy the ‘get strong’ set and a few of the ropes as spares, so I never have to run out. I have gone through many jump ropes and love these.

  • I need some help, I’m 180lbs wanting to get to 165 I have around 2 months til season, is it possible to loose that much in two months? And how long should I go for jumping in a day? Thank you

  • Hey guys:) I’ve been jumping rope since a week now.. Taking it slow at the beginning.. I’m getting better at it but now my ankles have started hurting while I jump rope, which is hampering my work outs.. I skip on a concrete floor as I don’t have any other option; although I started jumping on a yoga mat, the pain still persists. My main problem is that the pain arises “during” the work out; it subsides in an hour after it. What should I do?

  • Starting this as soon as my jump rope arrives on tuesday, so excited to start my weight loss journey! Ive been doing intermittent fasting along with a calorie deficit for months but it hasnt been working, hoping jumping rope could help me out!

  • I started with this workout today. I did 2914 skips. Not bad really… This is indeed for people who have been doing rope jumping for sometime. The beginners, real beginner can’t cope especially if they wanna keep up with your pace… I’m gonna enjoy it for few weeks to come. Thanks

  • Good morning Dan and Brandon! I just did this workout at 7:15am! Just 1X as I ran out of time! LOVED IT SO MUCH! I will do more rounds the next time! THank you so much! Have a great day!

  • i am doing only pushups with skipping. i have no pull up bar.
    so my posture can be make bad because of only doing push-ups and not doing pull ups.?? ❤️���� plz make video

  • I am just planning to start working out with jumping rope and I saw your video about one hour jumping rope (1000 calorie). How many jumps do we approximately have to do?

    I gained 10 kgs (55 to 65) when I came back to my home!! Need to get rid of it! Will definitely show the before and after images!!

    Thanks much. x

  • Brandon. Great channel.question.
    Ive been doing insanity for almost 2 years now and im gonna star as today the zen dude trainings but i was wondering.. besides your regular food and diet do you take any kind of supplement or shake or anything to cut the body or you guys are 100 % clean. Thanks

  • @jumpropedudes how to breathe when jumping? Should we pay attention to breathing? I’m far into jumping and now I’m thinking about breath �� silly of me I know.
    Please help!

  • Now this is a good one for beginners! Today I gave it a try for the first time and even tough I made only some 80% of it ( yes, I m that kind of beginner ��) I m pretty sure I ll soon get to doing it 100% �� Thank you for this video! ��������

  • Hi JRDs!! I´ve been doing the thing for a month, and I am slowly getting results, and my mother just started jumping rope. She wants to loose like 3 kilos and I am so happy that she entered this amazing thing. She tires so fast and I want to know if with a good nutrition and some 10-15 minutes workouts for 3-4 times a week would be good for what she wants to achieve. Thanks dudes!

  • I watched one of these videos about a month ago and ever since I’ve been bombarded at every corner of the internet by ads for their overpriced jump rope. Fair play guys

  • I recently joined this group. You make is look so easy! ��
    This is an awesome workout. I could not do the running in place though. Barely made it through the 5th circuit. I will check out you beginner playlist. Thank you!

  • Just found your channel and new subscriber. I have a jump rope that is pretty long for a 5’1 height. Are there different size jump ropes? What do you suggest?? The one I have doesn’t stop me from doing jump rope but it can get annoying in me folding it. And thank you for letting me know to use your wrist because I started all over the place, even my husband said “that’s not how you jump rope” so I was curious to know if he was right and sure enough he was��I was using my whole arms to jump instead of my wrist which is so much easier.

  • Thank you. Really enjoyed, motivating to see you recorded in the sun whilst it is raining in the UK today! I was hoping for a demo of the boxer and running techniques as I have never really mastered. My co-ordination is also shocking! so I stayed with the basic jump. My second session this week and think I could get hooked. Recovering from patella tendonitis and jump rope really suits the knee because of the small range required. I shall research your page and look for any tutorials:)

  • Thank you! I started jumping rope since the quarantine started here in Mexico. I started with the routines for beginners and I almost died. But here I am, I can already jump about 40 minutes and I feel incredible! I am losing weight and having a good time at the same time! As soon as everything returns to normal and I get to work and save money, I’ll buy one of your ropes! Thank you again! be safe

  • Thanks for these videos because I’ve never been able too jump rope before and as a kid when I would try i would even give up and quit, but these videos have had me thinking “uh geez, how could I have been so stupid” so 100 thank you too you guys

  • Haha beginner. That’s cute. Just kidding, so awesome. I love this one, imma keep doing it for the next 4 weeks until I can progress!

  • just did this today and i burned 523 calories looks like i found my jump rope workout

    and fyi i started my watch late so i probably burned more then 523

  • I jump rope 50 times and then go for 10 push ups, I jump ropes again and then go for 10 diamond pushups, I continue this process until I reach 500 jumps with different kind of workout involved like burpees, sit ups, inchworms, tricep dips etc. will this workout help me get ripped or gain muscles??

  • This is the first day that I’ve been able to jump the rope without it catching on my feet. It took me 2 days to figure out when to jump. Lol. So I held both handles in one hand and swung the rope at my side. Every time it hit the floor, I slapped my other thigh with my hand. It helped to know when to jump.

  • What are some shoes or shoe brands that you have found helpful throughout your jump rope journey? Which last the longest? Provided the best support? Etc

  • Hi from India. Just got to know about this and very much excited for this. I am 40 year old with 67 kg. I would like to become fit and lean..will it be helpful for me?

  • Hi jump rope dudes. I am 13, do u think this is the right age to loose weight? I don’t want to stunt my growth by restricting food,I eat nutritious food, and I have to improve my physical activity ������, I feel like I should loose weight after I am done growing btw I am a girl☺️��

  • Im going to gym 6 times a week and now my question is, should i jump rope before my workouts and how long should i to increase a calory deficit (gym plan is Pull Push Legs)

  • Does anyone have experience with shin or foot pain the day after jumping rope? It sucks because I genuinely love doing it as a workout but I’m considering stopping due to the pain

  • As someone getting back into jump rope with the get lean set, how do you guys feel about a routine with 3 days a week get strong set (30 seconds on 30 seconds off alternating between 1 and 2 pound) and 3 days a week get lean set (30 seconds on 30 seconds off alternating between 1/2 and 1/4 pound)?

  • Hi guys, I’m a beginner, therefor when I jump rope it’s not always smooth for 30s. so out of each 30s i’m loosing seconds! and it feels like slacking around, how would you approach this dilema? Thanks!

  • Hey guys, love the videos! Quick question: For your workouts, if we don’t know how to do a specific trick yet (i.e boxer skip, criss-cross) what should we do instead during those blocks? Or should we learn the tricks first?

  • Found your channel a few weeks ago and finally broke down and got a rope. I am in such shit shape that like 1 min leaves me sucking air and chest pounding! This is really weird. Is that normal for a fat old beginner or am I going to kill myself? Just curious. Thanks for the inspiration and the videos!

  • I am on day 10 with this workout. I love it. It has me sweating mounds in 25 minutes. As much as if i played 3 pick up basketball games. Im down wit the jump rope dudes all the way!!! I committed to this workout for 30 days. After that i will be looking for more advanced.

  • I did this workout for 6 days and I’ve lost 0.95kgs i.e. 2lbs. I still trip almost every 10s, but it’s been a fun week! Thank you!

  • Hi everyone so here’s my journey:
    Day 1: Did the video 3 times, a bit difficult but nothing impossible, did some mistakes but overaly proud of me:)

  • Been fit on and off all my life. Now after snowboarding season ended and lockdown my fitness levels plummeted after doing three days of other beginner workouts i came across this one with tired legs i managed it and a bout twenty minutes later got up and did it again. Great for someone who has just turned fifty.

  • I’m started my jump rope two days before. My knees joints are really painful and I can’t able to walk normally. Moreover I can do only 15+ jumps and I do it for 20 mins morning and evening. Also I watched a few videos abt jump rope it’s hard to me to jump on my tip of feet. What can I do?

  • I can’t jump rope its so hard I keep on spanking my self and it hurts and lets not even get started about the push ups and im DEAD

  • My sis has a weighted jump rope, gonna start using this in my workout, and this vid really helps a lot, now I can correctly jump rope and it makes me burn 1k calories ez

  • Have begun jumping without rope after watching this channel (10-30mins). Some days 10mins with 1.5minutes sets is super tough, somedays 30minutes is done in a aingle go. But LOVE the way it sweats my fat off.��

  • Respect from Colombia South America.. I speak English but I love seeing subtitles in Spanish. Also if you want to get tons of viewers it would be awesome to set up subtitles in Portuguese. Specially from Brazil because this is a growing language. I like English but things are changing dude..Just saying..

  • Hi guys and girls.. just got my crossrope strength set last night, my skin is tearing apart from using the handle and its so painful. Any tips to avoid it and is anyone else having this problem?

  • OK I’m updating you guys in here, I need support. I’ve been a little overweight my whole life. I’m Muslim so I’m fasting for Ramadan I think that’s where motivation to jump rope is coming from. Before Ramadan I was 71 kgs and my height is 1m64, after 20 days of fasting and working out 1 hour before breaking the fast, I weight 68.5 kgs. Now I want to weight 60 kgs so I started rope jumping the day before yesterday. Here we go:
    -Day 1 (68.5kgs):1105 jumps, the pain is sweet and rewarding
    -Day 2: 1506 jumps, not as hard as I thought so I’ll increase it tomorrow in sha Allah
    -Day 3: 2113 jumps, after fasting all day I just drank water and ate a few raisin. Then went to jump rope. Guys am I going too fast? Should I slow down? I hope I won’t hurt myself
    -Day 4: 1501 didnt have much time to go further than that
    -Day 5: 2000 jumps, some kid disturbed my work out cuz they wanted to jump too I can’t say no to kids ��
    -Day 6: 1535 jumps, well some days are not so good.
    -Day 7: 2278 jumps
    -Day 8: 2412 jumps, I’m having period cramps but it won’t stop me
    -Day 9: 3008 jumps, so Much more energy
    -Day 10: 2177 jumps
    My 10 days trial is finished, I currently weight 67kgs. I’ll continue jumping rope everyday. Because I can see and feel a change in my body, I have more energy, I’m happier, I’ve lost inches around my thighs, waist, arms and hips, people have been noticing it too. So imma keep jumping everyday, I’m addicted lol

  • I just started this and I know results won’t come in right away but how much weight do you think I could lose in 1 month. Yesterday and today And most likely everyday for the next couple months, I jog/kinda run for a mile 30 and right after I do 500 jump ropes and it takes about 22 mins to do the jog/run and it also takes a little over 40 mins to do the jump ropes plus I eat 219 calories a day and weigh about 238, and I was wondering how much weight do you think I could lose in about a month?

  • I found these guys only a couple of weeks ago and I have not looked back since! On my Jump Rope Transformation journey now! Their video ares great for support and motivation to keep going. I was just wondering guys what kind of other videos would you like to see them put up? I was thinking maybe some kind of food related content also. What are your guys thoughts? #DOTHETHING

  • Hey Jump Rope Dudes! Hope all is well…

    My comment might be a bit off topic, but I started jumping rope about 2-3 weeks ago after a long time of not being physically active regularly. I think I started doing too much too soon, so as a consequence the outer area close to my right ankle hurts like a b**ch when I try to jump… What would you do in this case? Do you think I need to check it out at the doctor, or a couple days rest will be enough?

    Keep up the great content! ��

  • First day of me jumping rope! I didn’t realize I had forgotten how to jump rope! �� my arms have rope marks! I couldn’t last more than 5 seconds! But I didn’t give up & I actually enjoyed it!!!! Can’t wait to continue tomorrow! ��

    Update!!: I’m now on day 4 of jumping rope!! My first 4 days have been 30-35 min a day. (Of course not straight 30 min I do pause & take breaks) but I try to jump as much as I can in the 30-35 min. Today was my first day not smacking my arms with the rope �� my rope was maybe too long for me so I just tied a knot in it to make it shorter & it worked. ❤️

  • My name is Marta from Tampa, FL. I am so excited! Just bought my Get Lean set and and even at almost 52 years old the idea of jumping rope makes me so happy just like when I was a kid!

  • Get The Best Jump Rope for Weight Loss: http://crossrope.com/jumpropedudes
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  • I am here because I wanted to have Phantom Blood Dio’s body and I was just 17 like Jotaro.

    But seriously I am here because I want to know mistakes for what I did while ago.

  • I’ve been struggling so far, so today I watched this tutorial, then I recorded myself as I jumped. Lo & behold, a personal discovery! The difference between this dude and my jump was night and day I thought I kept my arms on the side closed enough and moved only my wrists, when in reality my forearms were opened wide and I was flapping like an awkward chicken. As soon as I corrected my form, it was smooth-sailing. To think I almost gave up and ignored my rope for 3 weeks.

  • Hi guys just started jumproping today, can only do two feet at the mo but Im keeping up on my first try, great channel i will keep going, thanks.

  • Just wanted to say hi. I am a brand new subscriber and having only watched a couple of videos I’m already inspired with the work you guys are doing in the community and helping us all out. Thank you and I’m looking forward to lots of information as I begin to research your channel. Thanks for all you do.

  • Get The Best Jump Rope for Weight Loss: http://crossrope.com/jumpropedudes
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    Join our Free 7 Day Beginner Jump Rope Challenge: https://www.jumpropedudes.com/

  • Hi guys:) from all the beginners’ videos on your channel, which one would you recommend for someone who has not done any physical activity for years? Someone who is new to any kind of exercising..

  • So I e reached a point where I have been jumping for a about 5 days now and when I started it was kinda easy I messed up of course but it wasn’t hard. Now on my sixth day I day I try to jump and it’s just hard. Why ����‍♂️ I have no idea I keep tripping up and it getting so frustrating cause I thought I had it down
    Any tips

  • hi how are you. im a beginner in jumping rope and i have the right posture. my upper arms are along side my body and i move my wrists but yet my triceps and shoulders still hurt before my calves and are the main reason why i cant jump rope for a long time. any tips?

  • I’ve been jumping rope for a week now and I didn’t think I had to warm up. Thanks for this video guys. Tried it today and my body felt more ready for the workout! ����‍♀️��

  • I’m new to jumping rope so it’s easy to imagine how bad I am with it lol I mean… I don’t even understand how to do that thing with the arms before you start jumping lol I have to start with the rope behind my back or it’s not happening XD

  • Thank you for the video. I followed this video for 7days till today I was able to do 500 per day to 1800perday. Not continuously but definitely 1800perday. Thank you for this jumping rope begginers video. Lots of respect & love.

  • This motivates me a lot. Purchased the get strong set months ago but lost motivation and didn’t used it. Now I got it out of the box and was able to do one repetition. I’m not going to give up, I’m going to level up thanks to you! ❤️

  • Bought my rope today and tried doing this workout. Oh boy am I out of shape. I could only do like one minute. But as you guys say the important part is that I started moving and I kinda did the thing!

  • My bulging belly compelled me to start this training now… I’m 25… I bought myself skipping ropes & sneakers to start….. Fingers cross.. Hoping for the best.

  • this is my 4th day working out i’ve been jumping roping for 15 mins a day so far and doing chloe’s workout and this was somewhat easy for me i’m glad i’m building up stamina thank you!!

  • i want to loss 10kls, am 66kls 45yrs old and begging to feel something not good..am excited hopefully this is the answer…thank you

  • I almost completed two weeks on this video. The first week I added a chloe video. The result is very beautiful. I am now doubling the number of jumps gradually. I want to thank you very much. I love you.

  • Ladies, don’t panic if you experience incontinence for the first time. You’re not going to die, it only means your deep muscles are weak AF. But it can be stregthened by proper exercise and then it will stop! So no need to panic like I did. ��

  • Get The Best Jump Rope for Weight Loss: http://crossrope.com/jumpropedudes
    (enter “DOTHETHING” for 10% off your order)

    Join our Free 7 Day Beginner Jump Rope Challenge: https://www.jumpropedudes.com/

  • Hey Man!!! “What’s up playees( I don’t know what you call that)”.
    I want to join the 4 week challenge. Where can I join? I searched but didn’t get.��

  • Awesome very nice! what about Sit ups..How do you guys work the core? I heard it takes about 3 months to get 6 pack abs….? I’m on week 5 so far..I’m 55 years old…and I have an app..that i do its call FREELYTICS….! I do about 10 minutes of Skipping! Again Nice Video!

  • I dont know if this is common but I can jump rope backwards fairly easy but when I try doing it regular I struggle a lot just getting the rope over my head the right way

  • I didn’t realise how SO uncoordinated I will be when I skip I just couldn’t and was so embarrassed at class but will keep trying!

  • so beautiful you are dear trainer! I seriously thought it as animated avatar xx much. love from Norway. can’t wait to workout my first class with u

  • Jesus I’m starting this tomorrow and God knows I’m not ready AT ALL….I stopped working out about 2 months ago (not that I’ve lost anything tho ����) but I was getting a little stronger until I stopped….I hope I have SOME muscle memory left or I’m gonna die LOL����

  • At this period we need to stay home because that is only chase to survive this. We need to workout at home.�� This store trainhome shop (check on google) is awesome with their home training products.����

  • I got my Jump Rope Set on the way and I’m psyched. I already lost first my 20#’s from cycling, slowly correcting what I eat, quit drinking alcohol completely 10 months ago but still a struggle with the food, I get cravings during the day when I eat correctly. Old habits die hard but I am 100x’s better and feel better, prepping my meals too helps. At 5’10” 180 #s I want to loose more but gain muscle. From the ass down, All my years of track gave me strong legs built legs. Im subscribed

  • Anybody getting bloody knuckles as they start jumping ropes. Sometimes when I trip up the metal bit whacks my index finger knuckle. I’ve been using the lean set crossropes. After a few times it split the skin open. Granted my hands are pretty dry from all the COVID handwashing. Just wondering if anyone else experienced this and if there was anything to help avoid.

  • I can’t stop messing up. I can skip probably 10 times then trip up. I decided I wanted to do jump roping since hiit workouts are bulking me up. but I’m terrible at jump rope.

  • Hey man, what type of matt is that? I have to jump rope in my back yard and it’s all concrete. Worried it will snap my rope over time. Was thinking of getting a matt similar to the one you have in this video.

  • Sitting here eating a hamburger with fries, sinking some beers and two packets of crisps for dessert but I am inspired. Had the jump rope for a year now but its gathering dust. Gonna start my beginners workout tomorrow and fingers crossed not gonna stop for 10 weeks. Thanks dudes. Girls gotta get a fresh start!