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Woman suffers ‘irreversible brain damage after three-week fruit juice diet’. Her weight had plummeted to just above 6st after consuming just fruit juice and water for 21 days. Miranda Larbi.

2. A woman in her 40s suffered brain damage after drinking nothing but fruit juice and water for three weeks as part of an extreme diet programme (file image) She has been under observation for three. A woman in her 40s was admitted to the hospital in Israel with irreversible brain damage after being put on a strict juice diet from an alternative therapist.

This diet consisted of only water and fruit juice. Medics say she was on the diet for three weeks as. A woman was admitted to a hospital in Israel suffering from severe malnutrition and possible permanent brain damage after three weeks on a diet of only fruit juice and water. The unnamed woman in.

Woman is feared to have irreversible brain damage after going on a three-week fruit juice diet in Israel April 3, 2019 12:02 A woman in her 40s has been taken to hospital in Israel with brain damage after being put on a strict juice diet. Woman May Have Suffered Permanent Brain Damage After Going on Liquid Diet for Three Weeks By Spooky on April 3rd, 2019 Category: News An Israeli woman in. Fruit juice A woman of about forty was hospitalized Friday after an alternative healer advised her to go on a diet, Hahadashot reported.

The diet, which. The woman had been following a strict water-and-fruit-juice diet at the direction of an “alternative therapist,” according to the news outlet. Now, she’s reportedly been in the hospital for three days with severe malnutrition, sodium imbalance, and potentially irreversible brain damage. Fresh juice diet sends Israeli woman to hospital with ‘brain damage’ The Israeli Woman Is Reported To Have Been Rushed To The Hospital After Going On A Fresh Fruit Diet On The Advice Of An Unlicensed Alternative Therapist.

The report says the woman has been in the hospital for days and is severely malnourished. It adds that her diet could be the cause of potentially irreversible brain damage.

List of related literature:

Her neurologist believes the bitter orange in the supplement was the most likely the cause, though the basis for this conclusion is unknown.

“Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements” by Paul M. Coates, Joseph M. Betz, Marc R. Blackman, Gordon M. Cragg, Mark Levine, Joel Moss, Jeffrey D. White
from Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements
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“Morinda citrifolia fruit juice prevents ischemic neuronal damage through suppression of the development of post-ischemic glucose intolerance.”

“Healing Lyme Disease Coinfections: Complementary and Holistic Treatments for Bartonella and Mycoplasma” by Stephen Harrod Buhner
from Healing Lyme Disease Coinfections: Complementary and Holistic Treatments for Bartonella and Mycoplasma
by Stephen Harrod Buhner
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She’s also successfully reintroduced yogurt and decaf coffee, although she had major headaches when she tried orange juice, bananas and cheese.

“Heal Your Headache” by David Buchholz, Stephen G. Reich
from Heal Your Headache
by David Buchholz, Stephen G. Reich
Workman Publishing Company, 2002

While it is possible that some other component of the fruit and vegetable intake contributed to the reported benefit, there is no evidence to support this suggestion.

“Vitamin C: the Real Story: The Remarkable and Controversial Healing Factor: Easyread Super Large 20pt Edition” by Steve Hickey
from Vitamin C: the Real Story: The Remarkable and Controversial Healing Factor: Easyread Super Large 20pt Edition
by Steve Hickey

She also found that when she eliminated estrogen and started juicing and drinking raw vegetable juices, her health improved even further.

“Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally: Cures for Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Celiac Disease, IBS, and More” by Michelle Honda, Ellen Tart-Jensen
from Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally: Cures for Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Celiac Disease, IBS, and More
by Michelle Honda, Ellen Tart-Jensen
Hatherleigh Press, 2016

And a Vanderbilt University study found that people who consumed three or more servings of fruit and vegetable juice each week were 76 percent less likely to develop signs of Alzheimer’s over ten years than those who drank fewer than one serving a week.

“Zero Belly Diet: Lose Up to 16 lbs. in 14 Days!” by David Zinczenko
from Zero Belly Diet: Lose Up to 16 lbs. in 14 Days!
by David Zinczenko
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Some studies include fruit juice in their definition of fruit.

“Vegetarian and Plant-Based Diets in Health and Disease Prevention” by François Mariotti
from Vegetarian and Plant-Based Diets in Health and Disease Prevention
by François Mariotti
Elsevier Science, 2017

An extreme case of such a condition occurred in Britain, when The Times reported a 23-year-old man going into a coma for four days after a 21-day diet of fruit, vegetables, juice, and water.

“Beautiful on Raw: Uncooked Creations” by Tonya Zavasta
from Beautiful on Raw: Uncooked Creations
by Tonya Zavasta
Br Pub, 2005

In fact, when coauthor Linda’s husband was diagnosed with heart disease, he turned to drinking fruit juices instead of soda pop.

“Eating Clean For Dummies” by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
from Eating Clean For Dummies
by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
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In 2012, researchers at Stockholm University reported that tomato juice significantly reduced oxidative stress after exercise in a group of nonathletes.

“The Endurance Diet: Discover the 5 Core Habits of the World's Greatest Athletes to Look, Feel, and Perform Better” by Matt Fitzgerald
from The Endurance Diet: Discover the 5 Core Habits of the World’s Greatest Athletes to Look, Feel, and Perform Better
by Matt Fitzgerald
Hachette Books, 2016

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  • @badsign1980: Even if it is true that some people who are depressed successfully use illegal drugs to keep themselves from suicide (which I doubt), you’d have to compare that against the number of people who commit suicide or die from overdoses due to illegal drugs, which is likely far greater.

  • you got this backwards dawg, meth makes you crazy thats a fact, so if anything it’s the people who use/have used meth that don’t know anything cause crazy people cant think rationally

  • Isn’t there a house episode just like this where like the medical history isn’t complete, then they mess up but like it’s not really their fault, and it turns out to be something super weird? And like I know that description is literally every episode but???

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  • See I was gonna ask about what could happen with my whole “addiction to gravy” thing but I guess this was a glimpse into my future so yeah I’ll stop now ��

  • The medical team did do ONE thing “wrong” which was not going for an emergency hemodialysis when they had azotemia and refratary anuria, but I’ll assume it was either unavailable or his health insurance didn’t cover it. He would still have to live with chronic kidney disease, but it would avoid more complications.

  • It’s that attitude that leads to those lovely mugshots provided.
    Whilst the risks associated with a lot of the party drugs are significantly less than methamphetamine there has been countless amounts of research that have shown that drugs = bad for body.

    Thenewrapstyle, get a reality check mate.

  • I spent time with a guy in jail who was arrested for making small amounts of meth for personal use. I was in for Marijuana til I got bailed. I’m done now. He seemed like a good guy. He said he’s probably going to jail for longer than he would for drunk driving manslaughter. That’s ridiculous! To AIDSvideos… please fight in the legal process for reducing punishment for people who seem to want to change! Some people are just losers and some are addicts who need help not punishment!


  • Looks Great! My boyfriend was very hesitant about taking any medications that alter his hormone levels. My boyfriend got VFR, It’s a non surgical follicle replication performed with a micro-needling device and organic plant based pigment. He finished his 4th session a few months back and is in love with his results. He has always been insecure about balding until now. The clinic is called VantisInstitute


  • It would have cost hit twice as much in uk why do you think they are going to Turkey to get it done bbc just want to keep the money in uk so they say dont go there to get it done

  • This isn’t even because of someone or something caused her, all because of stupidity, she should have died or her children in the future won’t gonna get vaccines and she’s gonna force her child to drink soy sauce because she got a flu

  • This is probably the only case where it’s clear from the title what must have gone wrong. How does one even drink soy sauce when it’s so goddamn salty!

  • Dammit, I guessed celiac early on and I haven’t even taken the MCAT yet. A 39 year old women is highly unlikely to suddenly develop paranoid schizophrenia. How could the first doctors ignore her diet and weight loss being related to the mental changes? ��

  • Why the frick would you eat a ride pod or drink bleach
    It’s kinda stupid
    If you at least just think it could be dangerous you shouldn’t do it

  • Putting aside the small amounts occurring naturally in some foods, why not just avoid commercial MSG altogether if there’s any doubt about a potential risk to health? It’s not a necessary ingredient despite what Big MSG would have you believe.

  • One of the girls in my college tried to commit suicide by drinking bleach. Now that I’ve watched this video, I cant imagine how her life would have been if she actually drank it. It’s the worst possible way to attempt suicide:/

  • My neighbor told me headaches and sore muscles are from the toxins the government puts in our food to keep us docile he said he’s going to soak salt water to draw all the toxins from his skin and muscles and when I tried explaining the science behind the actual way our bodies deal with waste he told me I was stupid for believing the bullshit they taught me in school

  • MSG causes personality disorders. And lack of enthusiasm.
    Head ache
    Heart palpitations
    Skin issues
    Hair loss
    Hot flushes and dizziness
    Sight issues

  • Also when people bring up msg it’s usually in regards to asian food (mostly chinese), and not stuff like chips, even when they probably eat chips more often than asian food.

  • Sab jhuth hai ye sab…..mere pas ek ayurvedic treatment hai bt mahanga hai….lekin 100% useful hai…mera khud sahi ho gya hai…….ekdum thik ho gya….

  • That settles it. I am going get me some MSG. I love using nutritional yeast to flavor my seitan and soy curls. It works great due to the high glutamic acid content. But I would assume MSG is cheaper. And the fact that it’s a sodium salt of glutamic acid means I wouldn’t have to use another salt source like soy sauce. So yea I am going to have to give MSG a try. I bet it would be delicious in kale seitan!

  • That’s total nonsense. Fast food served in restaurants isn’t perfect, but it is under the supervision of the local health authority and is subject to unannounced inspection by the health authority at any time, and fundamentally it is simply a food product. None of that is true for illegal drugs. They’re dangerous whether pure or adulterated, and there’s no supervision of the creation or distribution process. Don’t fool yourself!

  • Increase Sexual Drive…really? I only did it chronically for a year. But if anything it had the opposite affect on my sex drive. I didn’t have one. Erections were impossible,

  • Sab kuch try kar liya kuch nahi hua, fir 1din kisi ka comment pada ki usne dawa li Our Ayurveda company ki aur uska hairfall band ho gaya and new hair aana start ho gaya, pehla to lga sala jhuth bol raha hoga, par jab try kiya, sir 2 months me hairfall band ho gya ab new hairbe aa raha hai����

  • 2j5dm104e, your comment is instructive for its remarkable stupidity and irresponsibility. If it’s a joke, it’s not funny. If it’s serious, you’re encouraging people to try a substance that is harmful and highly addictive. DO NOT ENCOURAGE OTHER PEOPLE TO TRY DRUGS! If you’re choosing to risk and/or ruin your own life, that’s your own tragedy, but don’t pull other people down into the abyss with you!!!

  • i’m all alone, i’m feeling bad, i’m by myself i’m all i ever had i hate my life i’m such a mess i wanna die i’m so depressed and everytime i look at you i know exactly what to do i didn’t wanna be born the pleasure has all died, so now i’m gonna snuff it with my SUICIDE!!!

  • Why on earth would you do that do your body? You might as well get a 2 litre bottle and fill it up with ocean water. That is diabolical. Thank you Doctor, for always informing and educating us all.:)

  • This is Eric. Thanks for being willing to share your experience. You bring up a good point, which we didn’t have the time to address in this video: although crystal meth can increase sex drive in the short term, it often leads to erectile dysfunction if you use it chronically. So ironically, although people often start using it because they enjoy the heightened arousal, they wind up unable to perform at all later on. One more reason not to use it.

  • Msg is so underrated in everyday cooking I always wondered what my fave asian adds to make the fried nuudle/rice taste so fricking guuud ��
    Since i baught one bag of it out of curiousity i know why

  • This is Eric; I’m not a doctor. Thanks for sharing your story. Hang in there. Stay clean. It sounds like you may be facing some other issues besides just recovery from meth such as feelings of emptiness or depression. See if you can get into counseling with a licensed mental health professional to work on those issues; that may make it easier to stay clean. Congratulations in advance on making it through your six month anniversary of getting clean!!! Keep it up!

  • yeah life sucks. ive been clean for almost 6 months and all i wanna do is get back to cali so i can get back on this stuff and somewhat enjoy living again. my mind doesnt change despite all the anti-meth things ive seen. im gone im afraid. dont start…it will never let you go back to the real world….and i really..just…dont..give a fuck..its sad

  • This channel intentionally stopped making further video at that instant where his hair looked messy and moreover he was still in the recovery phase! ��

  • So I had bleach dried on my finger and was eating my food and accidentally licked my finger �� is it affective if it’s the least amount like dry off your finger?

  • why the F… would i want to eat MSG?
    what benefit does it have? NOTHING…
    after reading FOR MY SELF what MSG’s are. i came to the conclusion that it’s an additive for taste (excuse my eng it’s not my native language).
    to me it seems unnecessary and it is found naturally in sum foods that’s ok.. but why would you want to enhance your food with a substance that seems to provoke so much discussion.. when in doubt avoid.. not stick it in your mouth.. are you crazy?? all for a “savory aroma” that i can get without the stuff..
    do what you want.. but i have no part in the stuff.. i have switched to an all natural plant based diet and actively avoiding processing, added flavoring that is controversial.. keep it simple..
    i really don’t like your vids.. think this is the first and last one i’m going to watch..
    btw. this vid made me doubt MSG..unlike your vid this is a Dr. Dr. Katherine

  • What an excellent videoI totally agree with SundayMorningTired this should be shown in all schools and colleges to get the message across.
    I cant imagine why anyone would try it after watching this video. Thanks:0)

  • yeah aids is bad but in the last few years there’s been a lot of treatment improvements, so you can extend you life 30 60 years if you get hiv now which was not true in the early 90’s, still try to be careful and use protection but there is treament out there now

  • Even if it were true that “fast food kills more people than meth” (a debatable claim at best, lacking in evidence) that would still not necessarily mean that fast food is more dangerous than meth. Why? Because nearly everyone eats fast food at some point, but only a small minority of the population has ever used meth. Therefore in comparing the raw NUMBER of fatalities you’d be comparing apples and oranges. Sounds like you’re both in denial about the extreme dangers of meth.

  • My self esteem dropped so low because of my receding hair I stopped even trying to make connections with people and eventually tried to take my own life

  • it’s amazing how complications from lack of the basic, ancestral sleep, rest, oxigen intake, sexual development and poor nutrition are categorized nowadays… it’s like a whole new stupid science….. you take meth you don’t sleep enough it’s as easy as that… 90% of the stuff shown here are just chain consequences of the lack of sleep…

  • I could definitely see his balding, but it was not that bad. I would not have considered a transplant at his stage. Mine is way worse Most of the time, I can’t even comb it over to cover up the recession and the overall density is poor. Now I’m thinking of going under the knife (so to speak)…

  • when you thought the on-discussed crisis in chubbyemu videos are starting to deteriorate but suddenly you realized that the video still has half runtime left…….

  • What a bullshit video.. bunch of hate. Every time I go to Turkey i see at least several men walking around who just had hair transplant. Turkey is the heart of for dental and hair issues because how advanced and cheap it is. Stop bashing Turkey!

  • Hey sir, I was wondering if you have heard of this hair loss program before? https://nplink.net/auaus4lh It looks like a great program to help you guys lose hair. I was just looking for some options before i made my decision. By the way, i love the content you have been posting lately.

  • know. It will destroy your life no doubt about it, when I look back I think to myself I did more on that drug than most people before the age of 30 do, but was it worth it. Hell no… It gives you a high like you couldn’t imagine but it takes EVERYTHING from you… Friends, Family, everyone

  • building a beautiful mind and personality is more important hairs if u are losing it don’t u are the same person no one cares everything is fashion just grow according to your body nathurally

  • this drug is the devil’s drug!!!! i used it for only 2 years and got hooked, i’ve been clean for 5 years now but struggle with sexual intimacy, depression and i contracted HIV. i beat the odds and i beg anyone doing it to get help, you can beat this drug!!!! good bless everyone who is clean and good luck to all trying to get clean!!!

  • Let me start by saying if you have never tried crystal meth you have no idea what the hell you are talking about even if you have studied it. You can read all the facts you want and still know crap all about it. You want the 411, go to a meth head they will give you a proper education about it.. I am a university student who spent his younger years on meth for several years. I know stuff about the drug no professionals

  • @overloadaa It’s not nanotechnology that causes people to become less responsive to meth over time. It’s meth itself! Becoming “desensitized” to meth and having to take higher and higher doses to get the same intensity of “high” is part of the natural course of meth use and part of what makes meth so dangerous. If you’re finding yourself less sensitive to meth, it’s not because someone’s using nanotech on you. It’s because you’re becoming habituated. Get treatment now!

  • This hits hard, because as a toddler my younger brother chewed off the mercury from a thermometer. I don’t remember much because I was young myself but he had his stomach pumped at least twice.

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  • Awesome hack for obtaining hard to find or expensive books like Food Allergy. Almost every local library has an inter library loans system. Go on your library’s webpage and submit a request, they will either buy the book or get it from an out of state library that has it. If you’re a book reading addict this is an invaluable free resource.

  • If its not so bad then why do the food manufacturers have to hide it under various different names on their food labels to deceive the public? If its so good for you then why not be proud and openly state monosodium glutamate on the labels? Instead of hiding?

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  • I put MSG in lots of my meals at dinner time and ive never noticed any side effect (from vegetable stock/vegeta). My bf and friends have never complained either when i cook for them:)

  • How about not using any illegal/recreational drugs at all? I think that would be better by far!!! Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I can comment on the risks of MDMA.

  • This “principle” you’re claiming that only people who have committed a crime can “preach” about it (i.e. oppose it) is nonsense. It would suggest that only people who have committed incest can publicly oppose incest, only people who have committed murder can publicly oppose murder, etc. You don’t have to be bitten by a rattlesnake to know that they’re dangerous. Anyone can study the medical effects of drug abuse and advocate against it-including people like myself who have never used drugs.

  • You don’t need to have been bitten by a rattlesnake to know that they’re dangerous. You don’t need to have taken meth to know that it’s dangerous. And there’s no reason that only people who have used drugs should talk about drugs and their dangers. All the information in the video is correct and based on the best scientific and medical data available.

  • Drugs are not a path to happiness. They are a chemical “cheat” that may make you feel good briefly but harm you more in the long run. The path to happiness is tackling the issues in your life that are making you unhappy. You are misinterpreting Christianity. God DOES care what we do in this life. Yes, he is willing to forgive sin for those who repent, but he hates sin nonetheless and doesn’t want us to commit it.

  • This is Eric. I’m not a doctor. However, I know that they are not the same. “Meth” is methamphetamine, which is a stimulant. “Poppers” are muscle relaxants.

  • MSG is dangerous for people sensitive or allergic to it. Severe reactions have led to the cessation of its use in most Chinese food restaurants. Implying that we are just making it up and its totally safe is irresponsible. I used to think I was allergic to lettuce. My doctor (an actual medical doctor) concluded it was actually the MSG used in off-season vegetables which are imported to my area. Soooo not made up. And who eats a meal on a full stomach?? LOL

  • My body blew all my scalp hair out by 30. I am still very pretty. I can still grow great ear and nose hair. I had to try grow a personality after a divorce at 50. At 56 I am still working at it. High testosterone has advantages.

  • The study we referenced was of known meth users who were in residential inpatient treatment centers. They had chosen to enroll in the drug treatment centers, so they were known to be meth users.

  • As a parent it’s your job to control the environment of a young child and remove access to hazards. This means having the fucking common sense to put yourself into the child’s shoes and attempt to get access to sharp objects and harmful substances and then remove them.

  • No, meth increases the chance that you will engage in behaviors that raise your risk of contracting HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

  • I’ve always seen these in my recommendations “Chef eats gas station nachos and here’s what happened” and this one among many other; I always ignored them and mistaken them for being one of them content farm videos. ������ boy was a I judgemental! Why didn’t I watch these earlier?!

  • Thank you so much for the methodical research into this! The MSG scare is fueled by decades of racial bias. MSG is in a lot of foods, including soups & Cheetos, not just Chinese food. That’s insulting that Chinese restaurants have to state clearly they don’t use MSG when your delivery pizza does.

  • Here’s the statement in context: “No population has seen more damage from this drug than gay men. Because of the effect of a heightened sexual response, gay men have been using crystal methamphetamine for quite a while. It has only been recently that researchers have been able to connect the dots between crystal and an increase in HIV/AIDS cases. A recent study in California showed that 25% of occasional crystal users and 40% of chronic users were HIV positive.”

  • My mom was SUPER afraid of lead paint when my siblings and I were little. We could only play with stuffed toys, and any other object had to be triple-checked.

  • @AIDSvideos Or, you could look at using drugs as a passive type of suicide. Many users can’t bring themselves to jump off a bridge and they know they’re on a downward spiral and both paths eventually lead to the same place. The “escape” from your problems eventually becomes your “escape” from life.

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  • But wait, I thought you were on psychiatric medication??? I just canNOT wrap my brain around how people can then still take any word coming out of your mouth seriously lol.. SHES ON PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATION PEOPLE, if that’s the route you want to take for yourself then by all means listen to what she has to say.. not to mention she’s ugly as hell lol

  • this video is like a research report! you must’ve done some amount of research to produce this. great job, really appreciate the information

  • Maybe his bald dumbass dad should have thought to not have kids the moment he started losing his hair. Baldness is shit but it’s all your fault, you who are so emotionally stirred up by the thought of anything similar to eugenics. Forever people will objectively suffer because you subjectively think it’s immoral to not not let certain genes pass on. Think about that. You have no argument for why it’s immoral to avoid having kids (there’s no more objective harm done than what is done by using a condom) and you are letting everybody suffer under your illogical, irrational, unjustifiable bullshit, meanwhile you pretend to care so much about the struggles of humanity that you’re at a black lives matter protest every Saturday. Morally confused imbeciles. You are responsible for all men’s suffering in dealing with hairloss. Remember thay

  • They said salt can kill you, fat can kill you.. red meat can kill you.. scientist are paid to report what businesses want.. salt is vertmy important for the body fat is also vital and msg is a important amino acid

  • I grew up in the era of lead everywhere, from paint to gas. I do recall having chewed on my old toys but never actually ate paint chips off the walls. I think I turned out alright although I do have a short attention span unless it’s something that really interests me.

  • People cherry-picking information from (obscure) sources to “confirm” their own twisted beliefs? Welcome to the internet, darling: a place where “research has shown/proven” in numerous articles and videos that .

  • I judge this, but I dont judge that, I BELIEVE that everyone with an education, IMEEAN indoctrination, I have NO personal EXPERIENCE, and Il make this disclaimer Im super ARROGANT and jaded BUT i have this channel………………….you never CEASE to amaze me CAN YOU THINK OR SHARE ANYTHING? that you have ANY experience without JUDGEMENT? MSG WAS A BI PRODUCT CHECK OUT EXCITOTOXINS RUSSEL BLAYLOCK

  • It is a sad situation for the males who are facing this male pattern baldness in earlier age. I am also affected by it and I am only 25 my hair before was so thick but now it’s all thin.. I m fully sure that I will be bald in upcoming 2 to 3 years and yeah I am bit sad about it…. But my story don’t end up here.. I will prepare my self in these upcoming years by working out and making a good physics. I do invest on tattoo rather than on this transplant I will be a better me without hair one day. I will be a man one day one day i know how it’s feel and I will help those who are facing this problem by encouraging them to not think about something which is a dead particle of body. Rather than think about some think that we could do for better us for better future. Invest on your body not on your hair one day this hair will say bye bye to you we actually can’t stop them forever on our head.. We need to grow our mind so that people like us can feel motivated and happy equally as other people.. Just one thing brother don’t be sad i know its hurt but make this pain useful and turn urself into sumthing which look attractive hit the gym and change ur shape… I don’t know about u but I will change my self and I will appreciate tha fact that one day i am going to be bald, healthy muscular and confident man.

  • I think ultimately this is one of those issues where big companies are more than happy to have us squabbling with each other, because it keeps us distracted while they do things to our food that we would all unanimously pitch a fit over, or ought to pitch a fit over if we were only paying attention.

    People’s digestive tracts are different, and some people are sensitive to some things and not others. And I don;t think anecdotes are going to make a difference one way or the other. If you’ve had bad experiences with MSG or believe that you have, and it makes you feel better avoiding it: then do so. If you’ve eaten MSG your whole life, never had a problem, and wish to continue doing so, then by all means indulge the cravings of your taste buds, for we are all flavornauts, exploring the far reaches of the Milky Way, and we’re going to have different experiences with different foods and different additives in those foods.

    No ones food-venture’s going to be the same, and that’s okay. You do you. MSG in food, as it stands now, isn’t a crisis (I hope I don’t eat these words) that we need to be pouring so angst into. Eat it if you want. Don’t eat it if you don’t want to.

    I feel like this comments section has become a contest of anecdotes, and it doesn’t need to be. It’s a controversial issue, they’ll take their sweet time making a verdict on, because as long as people have doubts about this, they wont have the time to take offense over issues that wouldn’t be in doubt.

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  • Why are all these people who end up getting sick or dying of something that could’ve been easily prevented from Illinois? The state is a damned third world country for healthcare. Btw I went to the Urgent Care here for a complication after a tonsillectomy a few years back, a hole where my old tonsil was has formed, connecting the back of my throat causing what I believe is esophageal perforation. And the doctor took a look in my throat, cringed and told me to go back to my ENT I hadn’t seen in four yearswhich you cannot if you don’t have a referral. Lmao. Btw a hole like this is serious and needs surgery, as it is putting you at risk for breathing issues and more yet Im being over looked rn.

  • Unnatural Vegan I was wondering if you can make a video on organic cotton clothing. I recently saw a couple videos on baby clothes that go on about why un organic cotton clothing is bad. From what I’ve read in these blogs they mention the problems that have been linked with some of the products being used to make baby clothes. However these problems happen when people have them in their body as I’ve read in many studies before. So I wanted to know if it being outside affect the body the same way. Thank you(:

  • I don’t understand how people fall for these things. I’m genuinely convinced that posting these forms of disinformation should be punishable by law.

  • @Zodikry yeah…but if you’re a male and deliberately concentrate on sexuality and pretend you’re temporarily a female… you can groove for hours….your c-k can actually bend and become a giantic sensitive cl-or-us. but i gave it up after 5 years.

  • The silica gel in dry packs is meso to mikro porous enabeling it to adsorb a lot of water from the air on it’s surface, but on direct contact with liquid water such as seen in the human body they burst into shrapnells leaving sharp edges that could potentialy hurt your stomach or intestine since you can’t dissolve the sharp edges.
    Why do they burst you ask? Well imagine having a thin wanded glass pipe and now you push water into it without letting the gas out meaning you compress the gas until the glas pipe bursts.This is also a very exothermic process meaning it can generate a certain amount of heat wich could lead to problems on iths own (depending on the amount swallowed). Just as an example, for a fully coated capillary the pressure is discribes as 2*y/r where r is the radius in meter and y is the surface energy of the fluid in this case lets say water with a SE of 78 *10^-3 N/m with an average por sice of 40 Å(10^-10) =4nm =4*10^-9 m (radius) you get a pressure of 390 bar or 390*10^5 Pa
    That pressure is easily enough to burst the capillary.
    So…mabey just don’t eat stuff that’s not ment to be eaten…..

  • Lessons we learned from this video:

    Hypo means low
    If your husband is dying after drinking strange fluids you should tell the doctor what he drank
    Emia means blood

  • The reporter puts such a negative spin on this. Good on you Paul. I’ve just got from Turkey after my second HT. They are amazing out there. Better than the one I had done on Harley Street in London.

  • Can you please do a video on grains being associated with inflammation and leaky gut. (i.e. the main argument for Paleo) having a really hard time sifting through the studies. Seems to have some merit but some mistakes as well.

  • Honestly I’m 17 years old and can see this in my future. I’m not having a problem with hair loss, it’s growing faster than ever but the front line just seems to be receding every year.

  • I find it kinda funny how much processed food laden with poorly understood ingredients you eat but you act like raw milk is Poison.

  • That paragraph is specifically about the effect of meth use in the MSM population. I believe the source study is: “Crystal Methamphetamine Use Among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Los Angeles County: A Situational Assessment,” LA County Dept. of Health Services, Office of AIDS Programs and Policy, August 2005. A good wording clarification would be inserting “of MSM” between “study” and “in” to prevent people from inadvertently taking the statement out of context & generalizing it. Thanks!

  • I’m new to your channel, and was wondering if you have done a video regarding an alkaline diet, or is being vegan automatically becomes an alkaline balanced diet?

  • No, actually. You can separately contract distinct strains of HIV. This can cause you (a) to have two or more separate strains simultaneously infecting you, and (b) to develop a third hybrid strain from the two other strains. This is called superinfection. It greatly increases the risk that one or more of the strains of HIV will develop resistance to a person’s antiretroviral medications. Therefore even HIV+ people need to practice safer sex to reduce the risk of this.

  • Hi, I know this video is ment for men, and I see many are worried because you think others will judge you if you do this.
    I just wanted to come here as a woman and say that if you feel you want to get this surgery… just go for it! I don’t see an insecure man here, I see a hard working guy that deserves to spend his well earned money as he pleases and be happy and proud about it, regardless of what he decides to do with it.
    Plastic surgery must stop being a tabu, we are in 2020 and I just am angry because if there was a natural medicine for hair loss everyone would support that but if it is plastic surgery, does it really matter? You get the same result! I am not balding because I am a woman, but my hair falls like crazy and I can’t grow it as I wish, If there was ever a surgery for follicles that don’t die but have a very short growing cycle like mine, I would 100% do it and I would even do anything else if I really want to, worked hard for and feel like it will be good for my self-esteem.
    If anyone judges you for doing this or wanting to do this, they are bad, bitter, judgemental people and you don’t need them in your life. Surround yourself with nice, friendly and supportive people and just pursue whatever is that you wish for.

  • Wow… every single one of his videos with the same, uninspired “a person did A, this is what happened to B” comments… no real conversation. Sad

  • FUUAAARK. God I hope this doesn’t happen to me. My dad started balding at 21 and everyone on his side is losing it. I’m lucky that my grandpa (mum’s side) had a full head into his seventies, but my uncles lost most of it. I can’t afford to lose it either

  • The way this dude tells the story..
    The kid could have irreversible damage.
    The kid could die if not treated in time.
    But the kid got treated in time.
    But not soon enough.
    His brain had irreversible damage.

  • My understanding is that the slang term “speed” is used for both amphetamine and methamphetamine, which are distinct but related drug compounds. So if you’re using something called “speed,” it could be either one. Obviously my strong recommendation is that people use neither, in which case the distinction becomes academic. 😉

  • Cheers for this, I have been researching “asian hair loss remedies” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Saayhloe Fundamental Superiority (do a search on google )? It is a great one off guide for discovering how to get rid of your hair loss without the normal expense. Ive heard some super things about it and my cousin got great results with it.

  • This child could have been me if my parents didn’t know. When I was born, my parents weren’t well off yet so we lived in a cheap apartment. Luckily, they knew the paint contained lead so they quickly found a new apartment. Had they not, I could have ate paint chips and destroyed my brain.

  • I like that the actress took the effort to pour the soy sauce into a glass instead of pretending to drink straight from the bottle

  • so this is the kid who grows up to be that one player in a video game who does that one thing that no one likes like being a griefer

  • Don’t get me wrong I do appreciate a lot of what you do.. But I also think you should volunteer as a human lab-animal for food additives and GMO crop testing. Since it’s all good anyway. Research has been wrong before (because they didn’t know better at the time) and the industry does still have a lot of power over certain parts of science. money money money.. So please be more considerate when you talk about those issues. You picked one ridiculous article (cherry picking?) and destroyed it. Well done. Sometimes it does feel a bit like you try to take revenge on some of your former life decisions.. I did it. It was wrong.. now anarchy burn.. there’s still some truth to a lot of the things you now seem to hate so much.. rant over.

  • Meth users (even small manufacturers of it) who want to change should get help not punishment! Please help people who go through therapy assessment through court and seem to want to change. Some people are just outright losers and some are good people who are just addicts! I still think drinking and driving is worse most of the time!

  • It’s really sad. Do what you want that makes you happy. I’m a female teen and I’m losing hair and it’s really heartbreaking for me to deal with. Especially this young…I’m losing confidence

  • This is really interesting, I’m one of the lucky ones who reacts awfully to MSG, took us years to figure out what it was. Ever since I was little I got a raging headache, tongue swelling and a rash all over spreading from my face. Took us a while to read the labels on items and finally the correlation when I had flavored pringles or crisps, Chinese restaurant food etc, then within 2 hours I’d be feeling awful. I still can’t even kiss my fiancé after he’s eaten msg as I puff up terribly. When I’m eating at a restaurant and don’t know what’s in the food, when msg is in there, even in small amounts, I have the same reaction, it’s only when we call later that the food actually does have msg in it that we know. No flavoured chips for life ����Really appreciate you covering this topic, love your work

  • I was tasting lead from those pencils when i was in elementary, it had a unique taste, was happy no further complications happened after 15 years.

  • THANK YOU for your comment and for your warning based on personal experience. We welcome it when people who used a drug in the past warn others about the dangers the drug poses. I hope that some former meth users will ultimately feel willing to make a video where they talk on camera about what they learned and why people should avoid the drug; that could be a great educational contribution.

  • No stigmatizing terms please. Sadly, just about everyone who winds up looking like the “after” pictures in this video started off thinking they could “handle” meth and that it was only “other people” who get into trouble. Of course, once you realize your mistake and that you have become one of the “other people,” you’re in a whole lot of trouble and may find it very difficult to escape from the trap of addiction.

  • it’s alright for women to judge men and not understand then going bold it’s embarrassing, like women not going out with make up on would they do that hell no lol

  • If you have a sensitivity, intolerance, or allergy to something, then sure avoid it. Chocolate is a migraine trigger for me, but I’m not going to tell everyone that it’s evil and to avoid it. For me, MSG is fine.

  • Ive been taking a certain supplement and my ever slightly receding hairline (only a tiny bit on the left side) has now come forward and is now straight. I look like Im 20 again.

  • Take Propidren + Natrol’s Biotin + Zinc + Rogaine + Derma roller 3x a week + Black Castor oil combined with peppermint & jojoba 3x a week + Bone broth.. stop taking creatine / stop consuming tons of sugary products / stop stressing out a lot by finding a hobby

    Edit: or go spend 2k in Turkey for a hair transplant but do YOUR research on a good doctor

  • Lets not start going on about God, we all know he’s not real, just like the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas.

    What I do disagree with AIDSvideos, is people like yourself who tell other what they should be doing in THEIR lives. Have you ever done drugs? Then you can’t preach. So if you’ve never done drugs, again, you can’t preach about it.

    So to sum up, there’s no such thing as God, and recreational drug use is OKAY.

  • The woman’s attitude at the start was stupid. Acting like he was stupid for spending £2000 on it. How much do women spend on makeup during their lives?

  • I always thought Alprazolam and Midazolam were water soluble and also act as anti-convulsants? I may be wrong because that’s just ex-junkie knowledge.

  • People think of MSG as you would think of salt, yeah it’s fine in food but too much can literally kill you and it tastes awful. If u experience odd symptoms then maybe it’s not really for you or just don’t eat a ton.

  • This is so interesting �� i love your videos and appreciate all the effort you put into it! Could you make a video on phytic acid and if it could be an issue in a vegan diet? ����

  • Isn’t caustic soda NaOH not NaClO?
    (P.S not saying that it’s a good idea to drink bleach but videos are miss leading if that’s the case)

  • Hello,love your vids,is there any way to get in touch with you?i have several problems that doctors can t figure out since 2016.i would be happy if i could get an opinion at least.thank you and keep up the good work

  • I’m a potter and at university we were taught a lot about lead glazes on pottery and why it is now illegal to use lead glazes in functional ware. Also, if you have any pottery from the 70s or before then, I recommend checking if they contain lead! It is mainly the yellow and green glazes that used to contain lead.

  • Thank you so much for making the research instead of letting do it myself and making a video about it so I get both, increase my knowlegde and lazyness.

  • The number of particles in the atomic nucleus is not called the atomic (protonic) number, it’s called the nucleonic number.

    Atomic (Protonic) number is the number of protons in the nucleus…

  • Honestly don’t drink bleach on purpose..I drank bleach when I was 11 bc of family problems and school..and i regret it. I vomited almost everyday for 1 month and couldn’t even eat much. Add me on Snapchat at @ayyeitzdanyelle if you need to talk to anyone please!❤️

  • I searched for this video becuase i drank accidentally bleach thinking it was water, i vomited quickly and drank 2 liters of water and some milk and i am fine

  • Really why do people go to the hospital/bring others to the hospital and act like nothing stupid happened? I mean fair enough to those with diseases out of their control. But the fact that you’re experiencing these random symptoms already gives away that something dumb happened, and if you don’t tell them that’s just hard on you

  • Sab jhuth hai ye sab…..mere pas ek ayurvedic treatment hai bt mahanga hai….lekin 100% useful hai…mera khud sahi ho gya hai…….ekdum thik ho gya….

  • Thank god I grew up on authentic (southern) Chinese food, and can compare it to western Chinese food. The amount of msg (or mayyyyybbeee it’s the salt/oil) present in western Chinese food developed to suit westerners—man that shit just has me out the rest of the day.

  • I’m late, I know. But why did they have to give dextrose in water, or o.45 ng Na+ in water?
    Why not only water, as she’s already suffering from hypernatremia?

  • I have a question? are poppers and meth the same thing? I don’t use meth but my partners use poppers and meth showed up in my lab results. please if anyone knows the clinical answer to my question please get back to me.

  • Thank you for showing the details of some of the studies. For example, who would eat 3 grams of MSG by itself on an empty stomach? Or putting 6 grams of MSG in food? The study that shows dead brain cells in mice; because they inject MSG concentrate directly into mice’ brain. It’s just not realistic. Food allergies to some people include: strawberry, peanut, and these are natural food. Alcohol has adverse reactions as well. It makes you drunk and couldn’t walk straight, couldn’t talk in complete sentences and couldn’t think clearly. I don’t see public outrage on alcohol.

  • Sab jhuth hai ye sab…..mere pas ek ayurvedic treatment hai bt mahanga hai….lekin 100% useful hai…mera khud sahi ho gya hai…….ekdum thik ho gya….

  • Like most of everything in life heathy moderation is your best way to go about it and if u feel bad after eating it stop eating it. It’s not rocket science people, I just went to a Chinese place before I saw Joker and we pigged out like it was Thanksgiving and we’re perfectly fine. Don’t eat it for every meal and it shouldn’t cause many issues, you know like we do with everything else.

  • MSG is amazing, I add it to most of my meals I cook. Such a great flavour enhancer and natural product that occurs in foods like tomatoes.

  • It is true that psuedoephedrine is used both (legally) as a decongestant and (illegally) as an ingredient in making methamphetamine. The reasons pseudoephedrine is legal and meth is not are: (1) although pseudoephedrine is a mild stimulant (that may interfere with sleeping!) it does not produce a high like meth; (2) pseudoephedrine is not addictive like meth; (3) pseudoephedrine has a legal purpose, namely reducing congestion for people with a sinus infection.

  • Turkey hair transplant surgeons have more experience than the ones in UK or Miami Florida. Because they’ve done thousands of hair transplants more.

  • @13earquake: Answering “Yes” in response to the question “Can you get AIDS [i.e. contract HIV] from oral sex?” is simply providing the correct answer, which in no way “fuels superstitions.” We did a whole video “Some Ways You Can Contract HIV and the Risk of Each One” for those who want more info. I’m under no obligation to write a lengthy response to every question posted here, or to answer them at all in the first place, nor do I have time to be loquacious. Want better answers here? Write ’em!

  • I mistook water for bleach because it was put in a water bottle, I almost drank it but luckily it just got into my mouth and I spat it immediately, but my taste buds are affected I can’t taste anything. What do I do? It happened like 2 hours ago

    My tongue is not red or white the color is just normal and it doesn’t burn or anything

  • I like how he says all the scary stuff, then basically say you’re okay; you’d have to have x amount of this stuff, for anything to actually happen to you. In addition to the things these people do, they sometimes have underline illnesses, so that’s comforting in some sense.

  • Yah when iam dum kid when my mother put salt in my food and it’s tasty and i think add more make it more tasty but i vommit it i can’t stand when ita too salty

  • I swear so many of these cases are family members doing something kind of stupid, like not saying the patient drank a fricking lava lamp, or not taking their child to a doctor before they go to seizures

  • Fact is you can slow down hair loss. You can never ever grow back. If you see baby hairs, they are just losses hair trying to grow back. Dumb people why cant you understand? You have around 100k hair…at baby stage you have 10k slowly grows to full at youth then falls down. Some faster some slow…Ear good, do exercise. There is no way to grow your hair back. Can you be baby again? Can you be young again? Can you get yesterday again? Can you get your lost tooth again? Simple dumb answer.

  • Like, “discount” and “plastic surgery,” ** there are just some phrases that have no business appearing together in the same sentence. “Mistakenly drank” and “lava lamp” are two such phrases. ( ͡ಠ ₃ ͡ಠ)

    ** (Quarantine-binged the entire series of Botched Up Bodies, and what I learned is this: when undergoing a surgical procedure, maybe don’t just roll with the lowest bidder.)

  • Before watching I already know, all chemicals, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, pesticides, everything is fine and good. Organic food, raw food, whole food are all bad and unnecessary.

  • it gives some people headaches and those particular people shouldn’t eat it. as for why it became such a taboo for the rest of us, I have no idea. I love the stuff.

  • Wow the stupid shit people say in hear is unbelievable quit hating on the guy for warning people about the dangers of bleach this ignorance makes me wanna start cocaine again and go rape my boyfriend

  • The argument that purely citing the facts is boring so picking apart a cherry-picked “study” from some Internet weirdo somehow results in reassuring “facts” about MSG is highly dubious.

  • For the muslim Believers here: guys i swear you have to make dhikir. El-Bedi and El-Kavi, this both names are important for good n healthy hair. This names will give you success. Put your Hand to your head and beginn to dhikir that names.

  • From what I understand, MSG is basically like many other isolated compounds found naturally in food, such as refined sugar or salt dangerous only at extremely high levels; in normal consumption amounts, merely not nutritious but fairly harmless. Fair comparison?

  • This is a bit off topic, but I was wondering what kind of supplements you take? I assume that you take B12 and maybe others like D vitamin, but from what brand? You’ve probably been asked this before, but I couldn’t find the answer on your channel. I see a lot of vegan supplements without any scientific reviews or reviews whatsoever,. and that makes me a bit skeptical to them. Love your videos:)

  • It would be awesome if you did a video on a one week reveiw of eating MSG 3x a day for a month and let us know how you feel. Everyone like this is you want to see her do this experiment, then we will have a real study!!!

  • How are these “extreme lengths”? And how many people ACTUALLY die from these procedures? The connotation I’m getting from this by the BBC is that it’s a bad thing, meanwhile sex changes for teenagers are 100% A-OK

  • Growing up as a kid in China, my mom would even add MSG in home cooked meals and I never had a problem. All packaged snack foods also had it too.

    Chinese take out or buffets in America though give me terrible pain and diarrhea unless I order something like soup (clear kinds), dumplings, or sushi. It has to be something else they add, but I don’t know what.

  • Thank you for acknowledging that God does not want us to use drugs and that doing so is “stumbling” or straying from the path. I agree with that. However, I do not agree that God “wants us to stumble.” I think he would be thrilled if someone lived a perfectly sin-free life and never stumbled. However, I don’t expect that to happen. Yes, you can stumble/sin and that doesn’t disqualify you from being a Christian. But that doesn’t mean you should CHOOSE to stumble when there’s an alternative!

  • I didn’t know they revoked the concept that MSG can cross the blood brain barrier. Maybe the “cocaine like effect” is only because it tastes good. Thanks!

  • your right… for all those others who think they have an idea on it… unless you have done it for a period of time you don’t know shit all… So stfu… cause you are talking out of your ass…

  • Mm so in elementary all those times I snuck out soy sauce packets to drink on the playground, I’m gonna use that to explain all my problems now

  • Love your videos! There is one topic though that I don’t feel is addressed with regards to veganism, which is access to vegan products and how unfortunately you have to be quite privileged to make the choice to go vegan. I wrote a blog post on this and would love to know your thoughts:


  • ap charvi hair solution use kijiye esse mere bal zdna 20-25 din me ruk gye the aur kmal ki bat to ye hai ki 45 se 50 din me nye bal bhi dikhna chalu ho gye hai bhot hi achha products hai ayurvedic hai amazon ya merricar.in se mangvata hu jrur try krna

  • I have over sensitivity to MSG: I’ll get an achy jaw after eating in Chinese restaurants that use alot of it. Still I have nothing against other people using it.

  • Today I was slammed In the side of the head with a ball and the first thing I thought of was “a boy got slammed in the side of the head with a bowl, this is what happened to his brain” anandbfbfbfb

  • Bravo! I must say if I was a person temped, this would put me off. Seems to problem is really for people to be informed of all the consequences to be able to say ‘no’ because it seems that stuff if really taking control of yourself once you let it in. Heroin I’ve been addicted to is nothing in comparison I’m afraid…

    And bravo for giving people a hand and therapy in the USA, because it seems it’s not the case everywhere: in Australia for instance, all they give is… buprenorphine??

  • Have you ever tried accessing some of the studies through Sci-Hub? I think you’ll be quite satisfied with what you can find there.

  • thank you very much for posting this. i’m not a meth user, but one of my friends who i knew for a long timei lost contact with him because of his meth head girlfriend who abused him. she even stabbed him.

  • It’s totally nontechnology that gets all up in your head and makes the meth way less fun and….lol nah im just kidding…wtf are these crazy people talking about?? lmao. I dont think they know what nanotechnology is!

  • For some reason after very salty/MSG foods I would get acne flare ups. it doesn’t say anything about acne, but only hives, I would be curious about that… well okay, just didn’t expect the animals research part.. but rats don’t get acne, right? ��

  • “Kid chewed lead paint off his toys.”
    How is this a thing? I thought we as a society/species realised lead pain on toys and walls was bad in the Victorian era. Who the hell is manufacturing lead-painted children’s toys??
    “Grandma gave him antique toys.”
    … Ah. That explains it. Damn, grandma.

  • Human beings have been able to reach millions of light years in space and discover billions of planets and land on the surface of Mars, but they cannot find a solution to baldness����‍♂️

  • the guy looks fantastic with his head bold and if he grows a light beard he will look like a true man. His low self esteem is nothing to do with his hair, he simply had too little love from those who was supposed to give him more it relates to 90% of us whose parents are away slaving for the system. My husband is half bold and I love him despite his nasty nature:)

  • Another article for you to peruse at your leisure https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/20/business/wework-vegetarian.html Love the channel!

  • Hey, I was wondering if you have heard of this Hair Loss program before? https://tinyurl.com/y5jyqh75 It looks like a great program to help people Hair Loss. I was just looking for some options before I made my decision. By the way, I love the content you have been posting lately!

  • I used to think that my migraines were caused by MSG (because that’s what I was told) after consulting a neurologist, turns out one of the most common triggers of migraines (especially in people who are susceptible to them) is dehydration! After upping my water consumption my migraines have gotten a lot better, my MSG consumption hasn’t changed. ��

  • Conventional medicine has FAILED to solve HAIR LOSS because it has focused only on blocking DHT. I cured my HAIR LOSS with a NEW method described at http://www.BornAgainHair.com. This theory explains in layman’s language why the MAIN cause of HAIR LOSS is not DHT but a reduction in the BLOOD FLOW to the scalp due to a tight lower scalp layer called the GALEA. The reduced blood flow causes an un-natural severe over-production of DHT and only then it becomes a “killer”. It shows you how to STOP hair loss by restoring proper blood flow in a surprising way which allows the HAIR to re-grow and how to revive even dormant follicles, which we were told is impossible, with an old device invented by the genius NIKOLA TESLA…NO DRUGS, NO LOTIONS and NO SURGERY.

    Do not be distracted by the very amateur looking website. If you are tired of the OLD and FAILED ideas, check this out because there are over 27,000 people using this NEW science and it really works. It is EASY to understand and very, very simple to use and its main principles have been confirmed by three independent scientific studies. It is also the LEAST EXPENSIVE method available and it does really work…you will NOT be disappointed again.

  • This is glorious, I have been researching “hair regrowth for women” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Saayhloe Fundamental Superiority (search on google )? It is an awesome one off product for discovering how to get rid of your hair loss without the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got amazing success with it.

  • Lmao when i was 2ish, i was in a room with all windows and doors closed eating the lead paint chips from the floor while my mum was heat-gunning that shit off the walls. Gotta say: it ruins your life.

  • When I eat msg I get horrible stomach cramps with diarrhea and I get so tired I feel like I could fall asleep at the wheel driving home from the restaurant

  • I only use meth when I need to concentrate on homework for college or when I wanna hit the streets for a little R&R or look for cute boys to hook up with for a little bedroom action!

    Other than that, I stay away from crystal-m because its so fucking addictive, its like you want more meth and more bareback because you can never get enough of it.

    Meth+sex with other boys feels so damn good, but deep down I know its wrong, but I can’t help it, I love it too much! I discoverd I was gay doing meth.

  • here’s a few ideas for treating hair loss naturally
    Ensure you take enough vitamins (A,B6,B12,C, folic acid and biotin all help keep hair healthy)
    Apply rosemary essential oil and jojoba oil
    Don’t brush your hair too much
    Don’t wear tight hats or caps
    (I learned these and the reasons they work on Fearons loss fixer website )

  • I still don’t understand what the heck an msg actually is, but I can say that if I can have a kale seitan recipie, I’ll understand it.

  • My dad accidentally mistaked water for bleach because there was a water bottle with bleach in it, and now he is at the hospital, prayers please?

  • “meth amphetamine causes skin infection with MRSA” wow i didnt know that….so what
    “meth sores” are. scary…love these videos this lady doctor is excellent; caring, informed and non judgmental. bravo, keep up the good work

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  • If you really want to go into woo territory. There is a woman (can’t remember name) who claims to have cured her daughters autism by cutting glutamates out of her diet. I am pretty sure my autsim wasn’t caused by too much MSG. I seriously doubt cutting deliciousness like nooch out of my diet wont magically rid me of autism.

  • “Crystal meth” is a slang name for methamphetamine, which is distinct but chemically related to amphetamine. (Methamphetamine has an extra methyl group.)

  • What I find amusing about people criticising MSG, especially vegetarians/vegans is it’s a naturally occurring chemical in plants and seaweeds. It just boosts the flavour of food and like ANYTHING if used in excess can be harmful.

  • I struggled with hair loss too:( I’m giving you my referral code for a free consultation and a 10% discount on the solution they prescribe for you. The website is http://www.hairclub.com/welcome. The code is: GREATHAIR10. I hope this helps ����

  • @overloadaa To be clear: there is no “nanotechnology” in existence that can be used to block the effectiveness of meth on humans. Nanotechnology is embryonic and mostly experimental at this time. Note that thinking you’re being subjected to nanotechnology injection could also be a symptom of the paranoia that meth use tends to produce. Please see a doctor and enter a treatment program before it’s too late!

  • I don’t use Crystal for one year today
    and last time I used it was for one day only and the time I used b4 that was 14 months b4 that, Don’t be twitt.. just quit! If I Can Do It.. You Can Do It Too!!!

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  • Just to share my experience in here, i’ve had horrible asthma since childhood and when i was young there was one item in our house that contained aspartame and msg (bubble gum) and whenever i ate it i’d have an asthma attack that would typically send me to the hospital a few hours later after a few times we thought the culprit was just the gum in specific or the sugar in general, but my parents noticed the msg in the ingredients list and from then on avoided it without further problems with other brands of gum. My parents knew others with children who had asthma and they had similar stories regarding msg apparently relating to asthma flareups.. of course this is all anecdotal but i thought i’d share my experience as studies can often be unfairly biased and don’t often reflect the effects in practicality.

  • Having worked with lead and been educated in it for lead removal, I do find this stuff pretty serious, so little in the body can be your worst nightmare, but using the acid to entrap the lead in something soluble in water was nifty to see!

  • Tip on how to make antivaxers regret saying that grown men can’t play video games

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