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Are Vulcans Vegan? Star Trek’s Stance On Meat Eating.

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15 Empires and Puzzles Tips / Life Hacks to help you get better fast

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Get Healthy Like Mr. Spock Remove emotion. One common misconception about Vulcans is that they have no emotion; in reality, they experience extreme There is no luck. The truth is – there is no luck.

Yes, things can be difficult, but the vast. Mr. Spock’s Vulcan salute reportedly has moved into the halls of Congress. Lawmakers were advised on coronavirus risks by a physician during a closed-door meeting of the House Democratic caucus on.

In this era fraught with coronavirus worries and new advice coming seemingly every day, I’d like to propose a new replacement for the germ-filled handshake. Let’s revive Mr. Spock. Actually, Dr. Spock and Mr.

Spock are 2 different people. Dr. Benjamin Spock was an expert on children and was a vegetarian.

Mr. Spock, the image above from the episode, Mirror, Mirror, was a Vulcan in Star Trek and the character was also Vegetarian (possibly vegan). Like Mr.

Spock is a crossword puzzle clue. Clue: Like Mr. Spock.

Like Mr. Spock is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted 3 times. There are related clues (shown below).

Unpopular opinion: Mr. Spock is every fucked up person we date in our 20s. They care about no one and act largely out of a sense of disaffected duty, but they have redeeming moments of tenderness.

Just like watching Spock on screen, you cling to those soft moments, praying that you’ll be the one to change a fuckboy or fuckgirl for good. Spock is strongly opposed to taking a life except in dire sitauiotnsor if the Captain’s life is endangered. He is a vegetarian, possibly for philosophical as well as for dietary reasons, and has no. “Spock has wielded more influence on the alpha quadrant than anyone else.” I never thought about Spock like that before, but Dr.

T was right—he is the only character who’s made an appearance in every era of Star Trek including The Original Series, The Next Generation, and J.J. Abrams’s new parallel universe. Spock remained to work with the Romulan underground and in 2369, helped arrange the defection of Romulan vice-proconsul M’Ret to the Federation to pioneer an escape route for dissidents. In 2387, a Praxis-like emergency opportunity for cooperation arose as an expanding supernova threatened to engulf Romulus, allowing Spock to head a project to.

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List of related literature:

I do want to get healthy, it’s just hard!

“Stop Checking Your Likes: Shake Off the Need for Approval and Live an Incredible Life” by Susie Moore
from Stop Checking Your Likes: Shake Off the Need for Approval and Live an Incredible Life
by Susie Moore
New World Library, 2020

Released in 2000, the most recent edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans offers three basic messages to promote food and lifestyle choices that reduce risk for chronic disease: (1) Aim for fitness, (2) Build a healthy base, and (3) Choose sensibly.

“Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
from Nutrition
by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
Jones and Bartlett, 2004

The only way to become truly healthy is by embracing The Five Basics for Optimal Health.

“The Power of Infinite Love: An Evolutionary Journey to Awakening Your Spirit” by Darren R. Weissman, Dr.
from The Power of Infinite Love: An Evolutionary Journey to Awakening Your Spirit
by Darren R. Weissman, Dr.
Hay House, 2007

To maintain health, the following must be present simultaneously and in proper balance: organic vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids and unrefined carbohydrates.

“What the Bible Says about Healthy Living: Three Biblical Principles That Will Change Your Diet and Improve Your Health” by Rex Russell
from What the Bible Says about Healthy Living: Three Biblical Principles That Will Change Your Diet and Improve Your Health
by Rex Russell, Limited, 2010

All the usual recommendations bear repeating—and should now constitute a daily routine—exercise regularly, walk as much as you can, eat less but eat more healthy foods, drink a lot of water (up to a gallon a day), enjoy good wine in moderation, and get regular medical, dental, and vision checkups.

“The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life” by Philip Zimbardo, John Boyd
from The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life
by Philip Zimbardo, John Boyd
Atria Books, 2008

What about if you’re already healthy?

“Superfuel: Ketogenic Keys to Unlock the Secrets of Good Fats, Bad Fats, and Great Health” by Dr. James DiNicolantonio, Dr. Joseph Mercola
from Superfuel: Ketogenic Keys to Unlock the Secrets of Good Fats, Bad Fats, and Great Health
by Dr. James DiNicolantonio, Dr. Joseph Mercola
Hay House, 2018

A diet that provides minimal amounts of saturated fat (3% of calories) and total fat (10% of calories), together with major lifestyle changes (smoking cessation, exercise and meditation) has been shown to result in the regression of atherosclerosis (Ornish et al. 1990).

“Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety: The body, health care, management and policy, tools and approaches” by Jeanne Mager Stellman, International Labour Organisation, International Labour Office
from Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety: The body, health care, management and policy, tools and approaches
by Jeanne Mager Stellman, International Labour Organisation, International Labour Office
International Labour Office, 1998

We can maintain health only by healthful living.

“Human Life: Its Philosophy and Laws” by Herbert M. Shelton
from Human Life: Its Philosophy and Laws
by Herbert M. Shelton
Health Research, 1979

Neck and Cooper (2000) recommended a program of optimum exercise and diet to offset the effects of heavy occupational demands.

“The Bass Handbook of Leadership: Theory, Research, and Managerial Applications” by Bernard M. Bass, Ruth Bass
from The Bass Handbook of Leadership: Theory, Research, and Managerial Applications
by Bernard M. Bass, Ruth Bass
Free Press, 2009

As part of the Shape Up America! program he started, Dr. Koop recommends making healthy eating a permanent part of a family’s way of life, not an occasional “diet.”

“It Takes a Village” by Hillary Rodham Clinton
from It Takes a Village
by Hillary Rodham Clinton
Simon & Schuster UK, 2012

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Very good guide, i think i will use it in alliances. I have one of my accounts in small alliance, where is many new players and rotation is also…well…not to small, ha ha, so this will be awesome for new friends. Nice job, really!

  • Thank you so much for this video. I very, very rarely comment on videos, but this one was both amazingly helpful.. and brilliantly executed. Thank you again and keep up the great work.

  • When leveling your characters, utilize elemental, class and identical cards to aquire improvement on special attacks. You can start with aquiring 10 of your red bow girl who heals. Thus increasing the power of her group heal ability

  • How are you getting the resources to level up. That’s what im saying.I’ve been playing for 3 years…I only have 10-20 maxed heroes

  • Good video….the game is fun.I like what you said about spending money on it…..early on in playing I only spent money on the second builder,,,really helped establish my the only thing I purchase ingame is the occasional fastlane pack,and only during rise of Atlantis,,this maximizes the usage of the loot tickets,maximum reward for minimal world energy cost.i don’t mind supporting the developer occasionally for a game I’ve been playing for well over a year and have gotten a lot of enjoyment from. nice video keep up the great work

  • Is this where, “if you were stranded on a desert island and could only eat cow, what would you do?” comes from, Star Trek? Say it ain’t so! This was actually a very cogent argument about something I never gave a second thought. Thanks so much for posting, you guys! P.S. I like Ryan’s shirt, but Anji’s dress, OMG!

  • As far as emblems, I prefer to use mine on mostly 4* heroes. This is because you can emblem 3x as many heroes if you use 4*s. I’d rather have more heroes emblemed than just a couple. I generally give all 4*s and 5*s 1 emblem as soon as they get fully leveled, and then I emblem mainly my best and most used 4*s.

  • It seems odd that Kirk wouldn’t have known that his 1st officer is the son of a Ambassador? Doesn’t he read personal files before excepting em’ on board his 1st command?

  • If Id give one tip. Its for noobs to not underuse Battle items. The Trials / Emblem quest Bosses can always be beat. If you reach them and use 5 axes, 5 bombs and… Like 4 dragon attacks. They are dead. So even if you got a weak Team you only need to reach The Bosses to beat them. WELL worth a few items to get 16 emblems!

  • hey man, great video. I’ve been playing for about 7 months now and have learnt most of the stuff you cover here. Although it’s good to have it all in a central source like this.
    One other thing I might add that I’ve done to keep things interesting is to set reasonable goals for yourself (eg reach this level/province by the end of the week, max this hero by the end of the month, reach TC20 by this time). Requires a bit of research to help figure out what are actually realistic timeframes given in game restrictions, but has provided me with a sense of satisfaction to do.

  • Hi MR. Spock

    Video is very useful. I am just a beginner and want to know what is defence team. Your input is very valuable for me. Thanks for your help in advance.

  • Wouldn’t the Vulcan ambassador to the Federation be a fairly famous public figure and his background well known? Bones seems interested in things Vulcan I’m surprised he didn’t check Sarek’s background.

  • One small addition to your tip 4: If you realise you still have 30 world energy but will reach your next level in 100 experience points, use loot tickets. E.g.: You can use 5 loot tickets for S1 20-4 which cost 6 world energy. Your 30 world energy will be used up, and only then you will level up and receive your new world energy.

  • Awesome video, one thing though I think you missed and apologies if you didn’t, but did you mention tile damage and why it’s actually important to take three opposing colours against the tank? I think a lot new players don’t actually realise this and take much more notice of when they only do 1 damage due to missing hero so instead end up taking rainbow teams into raids etc.

  • Are you able to get a month’s supply of recruits from Atlantis every month? Just curious, how many WE flasks do you typically use during Atlantis? Also, if you are able to get a months supply of recruits, then farming 12-9 seems really random. If you are only farming for exp, then S 1:23-11 is more efficient. I personally farm 8-7 for recruits. I farm 6000-8000 recruits during Atlantis Rises, but it somehow is barely enough for a month so I need to do 8-7. 8-7 also gives me the crafting mats so I can replenish my battle items to compete in the monthly challenge events.

  • Hello there, great video as usual:) I just want to share that Watchtower is very important because it produces both resources, food and iron, and it produces them while it is upgrading, which is not the case with Farms and Mines. Cause of that it is mine priority to level it to lvl20 before mines and farms. (I started to play game 4 months ago and my SH is lvl20 most farms 4×17, 2×18, 19 & 20, irons 3×18&19 and WT will be lvl20 in two days).

  • Great job Mr. Spock,
    I have been playing since late March and gradually learned about the points you made here one by one.
    While I agree with all of points you made here, I do levelling up the heroes a bit differently which I would like to share with you:
    I chose 2 or 3 heroes of each colour to level up but I give the 2 stars to the one with low special skill and 1* heroes to the one with maxed special skill, because 2* heros give higher chance of increasing special skill and I don’t care about food cost. My farms are always leveled up to maximum possible and open lots of monster chests so I have always surplus on food.
    What do you think?

  • Great Tips!, when you can please record a video talking about a new App (E&P TOOLBOX) for IOS & ANDROID. This should help many players especially the beginners.

  • Great advice definitely wish I had this when I started.
    My only addition would be to make sure you complete the trials as well at Rare quests (potentially mentioned) as if nothing else you get 3* trainer heroes. I save my 3* trainer heroes for those last few levels of 4/5* when feeding seems to be glacial.

  • Gene Roddenberry in The Last Conversation noted his wife Majel was very open to healthier futuristic foods. And being Californians were actually vegetarian more than carnivores.

  • Great vid. I played first 6-12 months without realising value of ghosted tiles! (so glad to see it made the list) I also wasted resources on researching TC upgrades i never use (just use 2, 11, 2×20 nowadays).

  • Wonderful vid, Spock! <3 Remember advanced house L3 generates recruits so worth upgrading to that. Caps out at one though, so don't do any more. If you have enough gems I recommend skipping chests to increase your odds for good rewards.

  • I disagree strongly with your comments on accelerating chests. If you don’t accelerate any chests, you will probably fill 2 monster and 1 hero chest per day. If you max accelerate, you will fill 3 monster and 2 hero chests per day on average. That’s 60 extra chests per month at a rough cost of 900 gems. By accelerating chests, you get significantly more elemental chests (I average 1 elemental chest per week) which give great rewards. In addition, you’ll probably average more than 1 emblem per extra chest and each emblem is worth 17.5 gems by itself in the shop during the emblem deals. You also will receive occasional 3*/4* ascension materials, costume keys, valhalla coins, flasks, loot tickets, etc.

    Accelerating chests is probably the best deal you’re going to get for gems spent if you have at least the vip purchase.

  • A big BIG thank you, Mr. Spock! Great video! Once I get my job back, I’ll be make sure to donate to your channel. Always useful information. Thanks!

  • very nice video, a few small additions:
    I use tc 20 to bank food as well. i’m pretty far in the game, so i have times with nothing to level. than i run tc 11’s and a tc 20. when i have something interesting, i can empty them and get a good start with my new hero. and if i run out of food, i move heroes from tc 20 to tc 11 that give me net food
    to improve your board movement, don’t use autoplay too often.
    raid challenging teams to figure out the synergies your heroes have and assemble war teams
    the first thing in winning is your board. don’t chase heroes, because none of them are a guaranty for succes. they get nerfed anyway if they’re dominating game changers
    everything comes with patience. don’t overspend is a very nice tip. also: give priority to your alliance’s goals. hit titans, use war flags and be a good team member. it’s a fun game with a lively community. take part in it.

  • I built a mana caculator into hero plan, too. On the computer if you mouse over the hero it gives you a breakout like this. I’m looking into doing a long press version on mobile, too.

  • Private release of emotion doesn’t always create the feedback that people need to let go of the emotions it is released. The emotion remains tethered without the external acceptance or non acceptance of the emotion on the part of others.

  • It seems a common thread between Fantasy and Sci-fi that eating meat is associated with barbarism whether they be Elves or Vulcan they live on salad, and the more rough and aggressive the species, the more meat they eat. With the purely aggressive cultures: Orks, Goblins, Klingon etc. eating meat exclusively (or as the larges part of their diet.)

    I think this says something about the collective unconscious we know that killing animals in order to eat is an outdated, barbaric practice, and we attribute it to a culture of violence. We do this without a second thought. In a way, this attribution might be one of the things people use to hold onto meat they want to be seen as aggressive, rough, and barbaric.

  • Wow, I have to agree with Spock on release of emotions. I also agree with McCoy’s view on the same matter. I think there might be a perfect solution to this. If one wishes to release his/her emotions, and not ending up hurting those one loves closest, one should release them privately. That seems to be the solution.

  • great videos mr spock! im curious at what point do you switch over to 2* feeders only for your higher leveled heroes. is it 10,000 food/per feeder or a specific tier level? thanks again

  • it was pointed out to me, a while back, that your wanted mission payouts are based on your storage capacities. I think that they should be maxed as soon as possible.

  • I’m 45 and grew up with the original Star Trek too! I never noticed that about Spock before though! He was always my favorite, then Bones and Scotty and Nichelle Nichols as Uhura. She always seemed so beautiful, glamorous, and classy to me! I love the episode when she and Kirk kiss. I heard somewhere that that was the first bi-racial kiss on national tv. Don’t know if that stat is true though or not, but wouldn’t surprise me if it were. Cheers.

  • few can out think mäny. (uh maybe some öther smart mühpheeze ^^)
    but the manyvillains will ölwayce outdine the phev v
    things R infinite´´ ^?^
    i somehow fear… this is cinema för the mentallie p00R ^?^ | ´mövies ´4´ 8 years öld$ ^^

  • Incredible video. I heard ghosting mentioned but never understood before. I can’t thank you enough. Wondered about using multiple heroes of a color due to zero attack but am giving some of your suggestions a try.

  • You know what man…’re making videos for people that are way advance then what I’m watching. You have every hero maxed… and multiple of each. I cant relate. I know you must have spent aome money….Im trying get better…but it seems it depends on the hero’s I have

  • Sweetie, are we watching the same show? It’s not about perviness or twisting anything we see, not when we have things like “this simple feeling” and “Sometimes, Mr. Spock, a feeling is all we humans have to go on.” Oh, oh, and don’t forget “Let me help.” And the “Deep Love” quote. Sweeheart, our canon is long-range. On the USS Spirk, we play the long game.

  • Superior galactic intelligence. Beam us up to where we know we are welcome for choosing to do not what is easy and effortless.������

  • Yes, I’m a Trekkie and though not completely Vegan, I am Lacto-, Ovo-Vegetarian so I’m part way there. 😉 Great video, well explained and fun! Keep up the great work.

  • Fun facts: Michel Dorn (actor of Worf) and Benedict Cumberbatch (actor of Khan in AOS) are vegan! And Brent Spiner (actor of Data) is vegetarian!

  • It was said many times that vulcans are vegetarian, no word about being vegan. And Tuvok for example didn’t say no to eggs when he was once offered some, wich disproves that vulcans are vegans. And one more thing about vulcans: they don’t force thier way of life and diet on other species especially not when things aren’t facts. Btw based on this I find that shirt really offending towards a character like Spock.

  • From the atmosphere being generated, it’s almost as if Spock’s parents were ashamed of his chosen field of work and Spock senses it.

  • City on the Edge of Forever: Kirk and Spock go back to the 1930’s and Edith Keeler. Spock has a grocery bag of vegetables at one point in the story.

  • Everyone always theorized that Vulcans and basically Star Trek philosophy that veganism is even a thing but no one ever considers that animal meat isn’t simply efficient to consume in space. It’s highly resource heavy and not very energy efficient for space travel. As for Vulcans, no one even considers that this species hasn’t evolved to be omnivorous because their planet isn’t really that hospitable for animals to thrive in. It’s the same as a significant amount of modern humans can’t process milk, possibly Vulcans can’t process meat. Vulcan evolution is very different than Human evolution which is why Vulcans are a threateningly violent race that evolved to suppress their emotions. There’s an actual physical area in their brains that functionally does this where Humans obviously does not. Also, side note, Vulcans has 2 sets of eyelids which suggests they may not have evolved from typical mammals like Humans. It’s possible that Vulcans doesn’t even know the meaning of Vegans let alone Vegetarians, the same way meat eating humans don’t call themselves as carnivores or meatarians. In fact archeological evidence shows prehistoric humans most likely ate mostly animal organs and discarded the actual muscle tissue of animals or what modern humans consider meat.

  • Hmm, I wonder what would happen if someone took Ryan’s slip up at the end seriously and made vegan Klingon food. Made it as gross looking as what we see in the show.

  • I am doing same things you say all ready doing like you say now i saw your video and really now i am specified from what i do i find other man mr.spock i also thinking like you about game and do also so a man find like me who have same thinking and i am always see your videos too ��thank you

  • I like the looks on Amanda’s face. At first she’s like “you didn’t tell him about us, Spock?” Then she looks back at Kirk like “yep, he’s my son.”

  • I have an official star trek cook book written by Ethan Phillips (Neelix  from Voyager) and William J. Birnes. Referring to Mr. Tuvok he says, “Like all Vulcans, he’s a vegetarian, preferring foods that are poached, steamed, or lightly sautéed.”

  • If you’re going to use Star Trek to push your religion, why don’t you actually learn what you’re talking about? “Captain” Riker? Nope. He wasn’t a captain. And “All Our Yesterdays” wasn’t an early episode. It was one of the last few produced.

    You might like some of the fanfiction, though. There’s one where Sarek and Amanda are marooned on an alien planet, so of course they make the logical decision to starve instead of eat birds’ eggs and other sources of protein.

    Think I’ll go have a hamburger.

  • Ugh, I LOVE STAR TREK. And if you think about it, on TNG, technically everyone on the enterprise is vegan given the invention of the replicator. It’s all inorganic material:)

  • Yeah I noticed this too!! It’s just another reason to love Star Trek!!

    I’m working through all of TNG and DS9 at the moment but shockingly haven’t watched the original series. The Ferengi have eating habits comparable to the Klingons, but yeah replicators are the way forward!! P.S. Great channel!!

  • I loved that Riker moment where he says “We no longer enslave animals for food purposes”! I was so happy when he said that. Star Trek paints a very hopeful image of humanity in the future where even though we are still flawed in many ways we have advanced greatly and bettered the lives and minds of everyone.

  • in the movie Heartbreakers, sigourney weaver gets mad at her daughter(jennifer love hewitt) for eating meat asking if she knows what it does to her arteries. Apparently Sigourney Weaver is also vegan in real life

  • As a fellow Star Trek fan (particularly STNG) and vegan, I was grinning and clapping all the way through this video. New subscriber: ) Live long and prosper _\\//

  • Spock: embassador Sarek and his wife ARE my parents
    Kirk:. O_O
    Spock: oh yeah that is my brother
    Kirk: any OTHER family I don’t know of?!
    Spock: no
    Michael from wherever the fuck she is: ��

  • No. Spock was not just eating meat because he had to. Spock was enjoying the meat. Spock had changed.

    Spock had reverted to the Vulcan of 5000 years ago when they traveled back in time unprepared. They even say so in that episode.

    5000 years ago, Vulcans were total savages. They fought brutal wars all the time. 5000 years ago, Vulcans were slaves to their emotions. They did not know how to control themselves. And they loved eating meat.

    Then Vulcans became enlightened. They learned to suppress their emotions. They learned to base their decisions on logic. And, of course, they became vegan.

  • How can Spock deny having emotions when he C L E A R L Y loves Kirk to death… Not even in a slashy way (But I’m not saying it isn’t more than a ‘Close Friendship’). Their love makes me happy. ^-^

  • I always felt the security detail with their phasers out was not in keeping with the 23rd century of Star Trek. I realize it’s supposed to be reflective of military customs, but it just doesn’t fit with the rest of the supposed trappings they seem to shed. They did it when Lincoln came aboard as well.

  • I’m not a huge fan of Star Trek, but I do know Leonard Nimoy was vegan before he died. So that’s pretty cool, although sad that he died.

  • I’m rewatching Voyager on netflix right now as well. There’s a few times Tuvok mentions being vegetarian, but I’ve never seen him eat cheese etc.

  • it really felt like Ryan knew and she had made a mistake.

    Sparkletts sent from another planet back in time to a prison planet. The inhabitants of the original World send their citizens to different planets through a porthole. Because the son of the original plan it was going to Supernova and the citizens had to escape. Spock was on a harsh planet with Mariette Hartley. they ate animal meat and drink Tetley tea.

  • A few things:
    1. Watch DS9!! Dax’s the best!

    2. T’Pol is not the star of ENT, but she’s a major character. I was disappointed with ENT, but that doesn’t mean you’ll hate it.

    3. Here is a quote from a travel guide to Vulcan I got: “ShiKahr [Vulcan’s capital city] caters to the strict vegetarian diet observed by most Vulcans…” The only non-vegan thing I found was a side comment that a restaurant offers milk for a spicy dish in some city. It’s probably replicated milk, anyway.

  • Most humans will probably end up vegan in the future if technology like the Replicator can be invented. Sadly we are nowhere close to having a replicator but 3D printers and lab meat seem to be a step in that direction. Veganism seems inevitable.

  • Love Star Trek! Can’t wait to get my kids into it.

    I’m just rereading the Inheritance series which has a race of vegan elves, if you love fantasy novels I really recommend them: )

  • Team Red shirts forever, I have all tge Star Trek The Next Generation movies, an EP guide, the sega video game, and I just adore Jean Luc Picard, “Tea Earl Grey Hot” is my abdolute favorite Picard line. Oh, and I alsi got the chance to play a live computerized version of the Star Trek bridge its also on my blog when I went to Valor Con. And the Star Trek soundtrack show, where they took bits from the TV shows and movies and had a live music playing in the back ground, any who just check for anything Star Trek on my blog. Sorry for taking over the comment section. Bye for now.

  • If you have issues with motion do not watch the new Star Trek movie in 3D I went and after I did feel a little dizzy. You can read my review on my blog CosplayVeganAndVintageDotCom. I recently watched the movie a second time and not in 3D and sat in the back of the theater. While there was still a lot of motion going on to make it like one is really in space. The second time around I felt fine.

  • It’s always interesting to see examples of a disadvantage to being a Vulcan. A human recovers from an emotional embarassment much easier than a Vulcan.

  • I love you more guys! I am a huge Star Trek fan! I will share this video with my fellow vegan friends of the Star Trek Italian Club.
    Ryan, by the way, Riker is Commander, not Captain 😉 and watch Beyond, it’s a really good movie!:-)

  • I am a fellow vegan trekkie. Just binge watched TNG, Voyager and the last one, now started on the orriginal.Remember also that genetic modification was also forbidden in Star Trek.

  • You know shit got real when McCoy is talking about emotions, and Spock isn’t even trying to contradict him, or chide him for his constant referring to them.

  • Team synergy tips:
    if u got Triton, pair him with any healer
    if u got Mireweave, pair her with any sniper
    if u got Freya, pair her with any minion summoner

  • Even if you guys can’t respond, maybe some other kind soul will! I’ve been looking at my nutrients through cron-o-meter, and noticed I’m consistently low in Calcium. I remember one of your videos had some info about calcium and you used a different website to search for the top sources of calcium, but I cannot seem to find that video again. Anyone know the website, or a link, or just which plant foods are highest in calcium? Thanks so much!

  • Trek’s optimistic portrayal of the future has always appealed to me. I have seen most episodes of the various series, along with most of the films.

    How I would love to live in a utopian world, where everyone ate ethical food from replicators. Perhaps, with the advancements in cellular agriculture, we are moving in that direction.

  • Wow thanks i had to play a long time to figure this out on my own and your just giving it all away automatically. Where were you on day one lol. Wish someone would take a look at my teams and help me put them in the right spots.

  • I tried to get behind it why ppl like this Discovery-whatever so much…i failed. This whole thing has nothing to do with Star Trek,at least Spock. This is the worst Spock ive ever seen,seriously. No hate against the actor but come on…if this is Mr. Spock then i am Luke Skywalker. Spore drive (! come on,a space ship driven by mushroom-spores,please!),Klingons looking kinda disabled,fancy Uniforms and some weird spaceships. And now: Discovery destroying Mr. Spock. Are you serious? Take Star Trek back to their origins and for the Lords sake,let it made by real FANS and not by payed scriptors which focus only on their check in the mail. Thank you very much.

  • 0:09 “4th century Earth philosopher Lao Thhhhhh”
    Spock sounded like he was trying to whistle and failed.
    I don’t think that’s how Lao-Tzu is pronounced.

  • Imagine being a professional actor, with years of training, education, experience, and hard work. Then the script writer hands you this and you have to say it with a straight face.

  • I can think of no other gigantic AAA big-budget franchise butchering show that has a scene like this, a one scene that fully encapsulates everything wrong with it in such a small space of time. I want the people who like this, and the people responsible for it existing to die together in a huge fire.
    I like fire.

  • Do people just go Discovery clips on YouTube to say how much they dislike Discovery? I’m not one to judge hobbies so you do you, but it seems like a weird use of time?

  • Having not seen the show, I can’t get a full perspective on this. But this line, “I like Science” is so weird. In what writing room was that line written? Who thought that line was a good idea?
    It feels like a line left over from a rough draft of the script that the writer put in as a joke and was going to take out when he revised the script, but it just sat there through the final draft, and filming, AND editing?
    Why didn’t the actor say “this line is fucking terrible and Spock should never say anything this terrible.”
    Everyone in space likes science. I can’t believe the writers were so condescending to their audience to add that line in a Star Trek show. They’re showing absolute contempt for the viewer. However, at least I know that I share a common trait with Spock. I like science too!
    Fuck you.

  • Just think about how someone actually typed this. Think about the self aggrandizing they enjoyed, the phony genius they assigned themselves.

    I love this show.

  • Don’t grieve, Admiral. It is logical. The needs of the many. Outweigh… (The needs of the few?)

    Or the one. I have been, and always shall be… your friend.

    Live long, and I like science.

  • I just realized something a Vulcan would have Superior looking features and skin tones due to the neutralization of their green blood I don’t know what it looks like before it’s oxidized but I’m a bit of a Cosmetics freak and I just realized why they would look more ethereal if they were real

  • Very nice set of tips… excellently crafted. Last two tips are spot on… set an entertainment budget, and have fun. I deliberately don’t have a credit card linked to my Apple ID, so I can’t “rage spend” at a whim. Instead I buy iTunes vouchers, which means I can budget, and it puts up more of a barrier to spending!
    And the E&P Community Forum can be a good place to find an awesome alliance… remember? ��

  • I like a lot of this show and I like the new Spock but always entering around burnham and her Mary Sue like personality kind of pissed me off.

  • I’ve watched every single Star Trek film and every single series from the franchise. I do not understand the hate behind discovery. I think it’s an amazing show that lives up to the name. The cast, the storyline and the acting is fantastic.

  • I wonder what a Vulcan-Betazoid hybrid would be like. I’m guessing a powerful telepath and empath, both sensing and expressing the full range of emotions, but still posessed of a very logical and rational mind. Like Sybok, minus his search for “God”? Yikes!! ��

  • This episode has some of the silliest and most degrading scenes of all if Trek. Yet in showing the characters dealing with their embarrassment and the situation in general, it also exhibits many of Trek’s best and highest ideals. It’s still hard to watch, but well worth the effort if you ask me.

  • Crazy Star Trek is still hard to not watch. If wishes were horses cable would offer a Star Trek channel where episodes are reran in sequence 24×7

  • This scene is so MUCH, so intense….overwhelming in its emotions, just like the circumstances of the episode itself. Truly superb.


    We are individual human beings, each with our own spark of divine fire, each equally valuable. Humanity is NOT additive!

    This philosophy is at the root of the worst oppressions in the history of mankind.

  • OOO! you guys have to check your local library for the James T Kirk fictional bio its such a good read, it explains in great detail why Jim became the brave and awesome Captian of Star Trek.The guy who wrote it was also a writer on a couple of the Star Trek TV shows. And I highly recconend checking for the book Star Trek book Strange New Worlds Boldly Explained. It gives full details on how this person got into star fleet and details about all those cool gagets everyone uses and what they do and are used for. On Atomic there is a 20% discount until September 9, 2016 for her Star Trek themed skirts and other vintage styled hand made skirts. I have the hip a lot gotty skirt and I adore it to bits, the pockets are everything, discount code is FabulousFriend.

  • Emotions.. u brought him up… I didn’t.. I’m just trying to figure out if I was followed by him or listened in on… after I said bye… and how in the hell did I almost get him killed..??? What a joke..!!! What the hell is going on here… this I all fake right..???!!!! He never followed me or listened in on me… he never did… did he..?? What’s the truth Damit..???

  • Oh my god I NEED to get a vegan Spock shirt!!!!! I am the biggest trekkie, and McCoy and Spock are my favorite characters I love the fact that Spock does not eat meat:)))))

  • Star Trek was set in space, but the shows themes were timeless situations that could take place anywhere, anytime. By the end of this episode Kirk has greater mental power than anyone, could rule the planet or do anything he desired, but instead he uses his power only to enable everyone to be free. There’s more Star Trek in 5 minutes of this one episode than all the JJ Abrams abominations put together.

  • The thing I have realised about star trek is that it is often one of the most cringe worthy shows of all tine, but the Bones/Kirk to Spock banter and just Spock in general makes it all worth it.

  • omygod just kiss already!!!!!!! Take out your “frustrations” on each other ;))))))))))))) Do it for the sake of Bones, who has to put up with your sexual tension all the time!!!!!!!!!

  • This TOS scene is one reason I never could get into any of the “sequel series” TNG, DS9, or Voyager fully. It may be set in the “future”, but this scene here is still relevant today and lesson-teaching. I think the sequel series got away from the humanity too much and tried to be about sci-fi technobabble. Here, you’ve got strong, subtle acting from all 3 actors whose characters drove the series, not the surface, pseudo-acting that existed in the later series. This wasn’t even one of the best episodes but even in some of the better eps of the later series, I never thought the acting was anything to write home about! In the later series, it was more about exciting space battles and intriguing villains than great acting or chemistry among the main cast. The TNG cast, with a couple of exceptions like Worf and Riker, were generally lifeless, interchangeable automatons. Sorry, but true! To a lesser extent, same is true of Voyager although a few characters like Paris, The Doctor, and 7of9 were funny and had cheeky personalities. Only DS9 had some semblance of diversity and intrigue similar to TOS.

  • I, personally, feel it’s hard to portray a close bond without it seeming… intimate. however, whatever is said, I choose to interpret the events as they come for myself. I like the love-hate thing kirk and Spock have goin’ onand I don’t think they’re in love. but that’s MY opinion,

  • I very much agree with your assessment! A week ago I was taking screenshots of this episode, and there were an overwhelming number of gorgeous images from this scene. There are also quite few moments throughout the episode where the color balance and details are simply breathtaking! I haven’t seen Cloud Minders yet, but I’m looking forward to it even more now =]

  • That is how a conversation SHOULD be!

    Not the loudest person wins and everyone talking at once!

    Just calm, methodical, rational brainstorming!

  • for the zillionth time, people need to stop confusing socialism with collectivism. the idea that the group > individual is collectivist. hitler, stalin, mao collectivists. socialism is worker control of the means of production. this has never existed in any meaningful scale over the course of history. hitler, stalin, mao not socialists. got it? now, go forth and attack collectivism this libertarian socialist pleads it of you.

  • this scene! what a fantastic tableau!
    I love the alignment at the start especially — where Spock is deep in thought and Kirk is seen in miniature beyond him as the camera pans out, on his back and looking nervously toward Spock… its overtly subliminal!
    there’s a similar scene in The Cloud Minders where Spock is deep in thought in a dimly lit room while Kirk is sleeping across from him; gorgeously rendered, super potent imagery. great stuff.

  • That would be: Mr. James T. Kirk or Captain James T. Kirk himself solo or with surprisingly: Julie Andrews. NO humiliation. Right?

  • exactly. Many people misinterpret poems in the same manner, like the Iliad when Achilles loses his best friend Patroclus. Wouldn’t you cry and be in rage when a brother or best friend is killed.

  • best friends are brothers in arms, sometimes a friend can be almost or equal to that which we call a sibling. One who shares a bound that isn’t sexual but is very powerful and is very hard to break. People have a misconception for wrong teachings and perverted views that this is anything more then, as I said, a relationship between best friends, it is that and nothing more.

  • I think Plato’s Stepchildren was one of the best episodes. It was emotional. It was philosophical. It dealt with the corrupting influence of power. It dealt with humiliation, hatred, powerlessness.

  • I think anyone who doubts anything needs to go and /read/ and actually get informed about what gene rodenberry has said about Kirk and Spocks relationship, given the fact that he actually said there IS deep love involved and that the affection would be sufficient to have fisical demonstrations of it, if the 23rd century allowed it. so yeah. you’re lacking eyeballs if you dont see it

  • Thank you for great video. Was educational. Looking forward on future videos to cover these things more deeply.
    I do have some questions. Hope you will find time to answer.
    1. How and where to find ascension materials for f2p? Some time ago those things would came out even from mystic vision and now it is a strugle to find pair of gloves.
    2. Also for f2p how to level and ascend their heroes quicker? TC20 will give them some great 5* heroes once they get there.
    3. Did you hear about Centure’s summon method and did you use it? Silver coin to probe is RNG full. Similar to counting cards in card game.
    Was thinking of becoming c2p butt since SG is nerfing everything now is no way that I pay, and that is just me.
    Think that is better to be c2p than full p2p butt that is also just me.
    For f2p would recomend gem hoarding for 10x or even 30x on Atlantis. What events would you recomend for 10x or even 30x?

  • Thanks again Spock…I just shared the video with my alliance, which includes people that just started playing the game…

    I discuss efficiency with my team every day…such a great reference video to share with them.

  • Spock and Jim are brothers in all but blood. However, some people are pervs and twist their relationship into something taboo and just plain skeevy! back in the 60s, no one even thought like that hardly. That’s why to some people their relationship seems to be romantic (which it’s NOT!!!).

  • I hope thay will make Dr Who vegan… He has too much compassion for people in other planets to be only limited to humans, come on. Next season, go vegan Dr who, pleaaaaaaase!

  • reading these comments i get the impression that alot of people have never seen this before
    which is unbelievable to me
    because EVERY SINGLE PERSON who was alive in the seventies saw EVERY SINGLE EPISODE OF STAR TREK AT LEAST 50 TIMES

  • Hot dam. Spocks voice during this whole scene was literally laced with complete rage! All for Jim *prances through the flowery meadows of slash*

    Jim boy, he’s a keeper! xxx

  • Spock is so protective of Kirk…this is yet more evidence that people in the sixties lacked eyeballs. Seriously, how could you not see that complete devotion!! Thanks for the clip!:)

  • COVID-19 and the new restrictions and what is coming, as they gave us this tidbit years ago and we did not know what it meant back then

    Now they are using the needs of the many to take the freedoms of the few.

  • Very pertinent today. How many millions will die from poverty and depression and other psychological reasons resulting from forced solitary confinement and sudden unemployment, vs the casualties from COVID? A lose lose situation. Too bad our government wont pay people to stay home for the 3 months doctors want.

  • Spock is full of bullshit collectivism, or collectivist bullshit. In a progressive collective, the many will be able to meet the needs of the individual; EVERY individual.
    That’s why today, we don’t have a true collective; we have an elite that has far exceeded its own needs to maximize fulfillment of its WANTS, at the expense of the entire race.

  • The needs of the many, are greater than the needs of the few. Or of the one. But not if your live in the UK were the needs of the Minorities outweigh the needs of the many.

  • Star Treck III:
    Spock: “…why would you do this?”
    Kirk: “Because the needs of the one outweighs the needs of the many.”

    That koan helps dissolve the illogic of one statement alone. No statement is healthy for its own in the long run and consequently leads to the destruction of what it claims to be important.

    The fundamental importance of individuality for the stability and functioning of any kind of collective is still highly underestimated by politics, religion, families, etc…. and we have 2019.

  • Very nice tutorial especially for beginners. I have something to say about what you said. Defeating high power teams is a possible thing even with 4* just pick the good synergy as you can. Your jackals team is a good example, and I’m sure even without gazelle that could be possible for a lesser extent to take out some strong teams. When you come to lvl up your roster in later stages of the game with multiple heroes to lvl up, focus on combos not only on one independent hero so you get different combinations for war and more fun.

  • It means the rights of individuals are overweighed by the mob. We can get rid of the bill of rights… and like Germany in 1938 proceed to make the US Great Again.

  • There is no political message at all.    The message is that voluntary sacrifice to help others is good.   

    No one forced Spock to give up his life, he did it because it was he was going to die no matter what, but he could die saving others.  

  •  Spock in Star Trek 2:  The Wrath of Khan: “The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few… or the One.”

    One of my favorite mantras in life. Remember this next time you’re 1. at a concert or movie. 2. In public spaces, or using public transport. 3. Looking at any social ill & how you have ideas to solve it. (And surely, I break it all the time.)

  • @batmandeltaforce that wont help anybady. but if i had to like destroy a village of xenophobic blue aliens coughavatarcough for saving my entire species. well fuck the blue ass holes. nuke their stupid ass.

  • So remember, when Los Angeles runs out of water due to poor resource management, this philosophy will make it alright to go and steal water from northern California and surrounding states because fewer people live in those areas.

  • You are taking the quote a bit to literally, it really means ‘act for the greater good of society’ so if you can justify eating the bread of you think it will benefit the ‘many’.

  • Shut up. The best mentor character is Gandalf. How else would he be the principal of Hogwarts? Especially after he chased out all those Daleks

  • Louise litt? Suits? I knew someone would watch next week clip of suits s03e06. I came here searching for the line as one was heard in a star trek movie so here i am

  • @ataspiringredneck: nazi hitler also said: “The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life.”
    do you disagree with hitler?

  • Communism/unbridled democracy= The wants of the many outweigh the wants of the few. Constitutional republic= The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, neither the majority or the minority can take the rights of others.

    But yeah they are communist in a sense. Communism works best when there is no currency for the government to steal or give to those who do not deserve it and when people have the work ethic to get a job done without pay because it needs to be done.

  • Too bad next ST instalments are doing complete otherwise. VOY: The Cloud: Voyager accidentaly harms a space amoeba and is nearly destroyed in the process. Yet still, Janeway risks life of 160 crew members for saving one space bacteria. And ST: Insurrection is the worst offender. Although federation decided right, Picard makes defiant stand for 600 people that are NOT NATIVES and denies billions of UFP citizens medical wonder soo needed in the time of war…

  • There’s a reason socialism has never existed like that: it requires collectivism to function. All for one and one for all, because if that guy doesn’t do his part, it affects everyone with a dispersed cost. The more people involved, the less the cost will affect that individual.

    This anarco-capitalist pleads you to think twice.

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    ☎ ☎ ☎The revolution… is a dictatorship of the exploited against the exploiters

  • @JGBAJD.. define minority, you mean “not-the-party-in-charge” or you mean women and ethnically “non-anglo” people?
    i can guess, britannia; birthplace of eugenics and fascism.

  • It’s not logical at all. If 1000 men need bread, and only 1 man bakes a bread, he will surely eat it if that is his need. Any other action is illogical for species relying on individuals rational abilities, and any other norm existing for any stretch of time would result in those with the potential for bread making having a great disadvantage (brain power requires huge amounts of energy), thus bread would never even be invented, and a species with rational abilities would never evolve.

  • @Darthvies, you think “feds in space” is liberal propaganda? they wanted to sell you cellphones, moron. the whole franchise is a profiteers wet dream!

  • the nazis stole their entire ideology and even included “socialist” in their name; @anaspiringredneck your argument is not valid. they also said “in god we trust”, should we chuck that too? wikipedia: Hitler declared, “I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so.” Also, the Nazi belt buckle had “God with us” etched on it. “Gott Mit Uns” (God With Us — see In God We Trust).. come on..

  • Agreed However, after Spock is rescued, and asks Kirk why he saved him, Kirk says “because the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many” my favorite quote from ST series. Although I understand the needs of the many etc, as everything political we must reach a delicate balance.

  • Yeah… This political message reminds me of the words written on the edge of the 5 Reichsmark coin minted on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Nazi rule: GEMEINNUTZ GEHT VOR EIGENNUTZ (something like “Common need comes before individual need”).

  • It’s a utilitarian theme more than liberal, but they wind up doing a reversal of this later in the movie.

    At any rate, the later stuff certainly was very lefty to the point where they literally saved the whales, but the earlier shows had a lot of conservative themes.

  • My professor is using this clip to teach as Utility principle in Ethics. The needs of many should be given priority over needs of the few.

  • I found this to be one of the most intriguing of all the TOS episodes, for how it turned the characters inside out and made them a parody of themselves. And that, to be honest, is what the narcissistic political Left is trying to do to us as it redefines normal behavior as “wrong.”

  • What is the political message?  Socialism.: “Society’s needs come before individual needs”  Adolf Hitler
    “We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society” Hillary Clinton

  • These clips prove Spock suffered mental issues. Hanging around humans is a major challenge. They are reactive, unstable, judgemental, racist, selfish, unkind and 100% illogical. What was he thinking?

  • Indeed Spock does “get the idea,” and he uses logic in defense, both by choice and reflexively. His development throughout the series as a character along with the others’ perception of him was…in a word…fascinating.

  • Jeez, Spock had some f-ing bushy eyebrows early on. Anyone else think someone got sick of those caterpillars one day and so sat him down for a serious tweezing?

  • Because Mccoy was the emotional conscience of kirk in a way. remember kirk’s “death letter” to spock and mccoy telling spock to listen to mccoys input and to tell mccoy not to over react at how spock “seems” emotionless… zz hence spocks message to himself in the 2009 timeline change film something along the lines of not wanting to deprive spock of the friendship with kirks.. zz

  • In This Side of Paradise we already knew that Spock’s father was an ambassador and his mother a teacher and in Where No Man Has Gone Before his Half Vulcan/Half Human heritage is alluded to. In the Menagarie Spock is noted as serving with Captain Pike for 11 years. So in all that time no record of Sarek and Amanda being Spock’s parents would have existed in Starfleet Records or known to Kirk via Pike. I would think a Captain would need to know everything about his First Officer to validate their character and trust as a First Officer.

  • Just goes to show you how revolutionary and forward looking Gene Roddenberry was to put the idea of veganism in Star Trek, along with a lot of the other revolutionary ideas.

  • Another advantage to levelling your watch tower is that it does not go off line. It still produces food and iron while it is being upgraded. Farms and mines go off line when they are being upgraded. So there is a payback calculation that you need to do if you want something else done soon. Of course in the long run, it its always better to level them as much as you can.

  • Would someone tell me what’s inappropriate about this clip? I get a message that YouTube thinks that this clip may be inappropriate for some viewers.

  • Are we kidding? Watch this and you will see clearly why past and future are/is now. Donald Trump interview 1980 (Rona Barrett) [Reelin’ In The Years Archives]

    How do you say “want me well, want me unwell” in English?

    “He wants me… he wants me… he wants me…” Who is the Brazilian who do not know this game which reveals through flower petals, whether his/her better half is in love or not? I think everyone knows it. Now, in this globalized world where we can meet “gringos” so easily, it is good to learn to play “want me well, want me unwell” in English, in case you fall in love with a foreigner who speaks this language. Follow me.

    “Want me well, want me unwell” in the English-speaking world…it works like this

    Take a small flower (preferably a daisy), pull out a petal and say in English He loves me… Pull out another petal and say He loves me NOT. Keep stripping and saying He loves me… He loves me NOT… He loves me… (he wants me… he wants me… he wants me…). If you’re a man, say She loves me… She loves me NOT.

    he loves me, he loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not

    He loves me, he loves me not…

    If the last petal indicates He / She loves me, you can smile and buy the rings. Your better half is in love with you. Otherwise, if the petal ends up in a He / She loves me NOT, you can start smiling too. You will not need to buy wedding rings or wedding clothes; you won’t need to rent a ballroom or stress out with buffets and invitations. That simple.

    Now, if you are sure that the person loves you a lot, say like this He loves me… He loves me LOTS (he wants me… he REALLY wants me).

    Translation from Frederico Vasconcelos article in Portuguese

  • I’m a vegan, but not a big Star Trek fan. I watched the first movie though. That explains why I liked Spock’s character the most haha

  • Have never noticed it before but I think Kirk makes a small slip first introducing his parents. If you listen close he calls Spock ‘Dr’ Spock rather than Mr. Spock. He got Spock and Dr McCoy’s names mixed up at that moment perhaps.

  • I love how Spock just, never brings this up. In all the time between getting the mission and picking everybody up they surely would have talked about Sarek, right? Spock had zero reasons for any of this he just did it because he could.

  • I never understood why the security guards are standing there with their arms crossed with phasers in hand. youd think they would have their weapons on their hips and standing at attention. it looks like they are a bunch of mob enforcers trying to intimidate someone, not a group of trained military guards.

  • I have a hard time believing that Kirk wouldn’t know they were related ahead of time. The logical thing to do would be to inform Kirk so that he could prepare for it and wouldn’t unknowingly do something inappropriate, so Spock should have told him. On top of that, it’s hard to believe that Star Fleet doesn’t have any kind of regulations about having family of commanding officers on board. Granted Sarek is a dignitary, but there are other dignitaries on board as well. There would be concerns about favoritism. Not to mention that Kirk would probably be required to review information about the dignitaries beforehand, which might have included family relations. There’s just so many ways for him to find out and so many reasons for Spock to inform him; it just breaks suspension of disbelief that Spock told no one.

  • This is some great foreshadowing of Spock and V´ger´s search for control and ‘perfection’ in The Motion Picture. Good thing that Spock came around in the end and realized how hollow that way of life would be and that the meaning of life is to embrace imperfection.

  • The intel at Starfleet is pretty f*cking bad. Kirk wasnt briefed on his own first officers background prior to his placement on the fleets top ship..?

  • I  remember watching a video that showed the restoration of the shuttle craft.    It was in bad shape.  I was also surprised that the shuttle pod from Enterprise was also in bad shape.  I mean it was only a few years after the show.  It must have been in the elements.

  • I agree with almost all of these. The exception is feeding heroes 10 at a time. I know that some older advice called for this for newer players on the grounds that it saves food, since you pay for the leveling of all 10 at the same rate, whereas if you go one at a time, you’ll pay a higher rate for the later feeders. This is a valid concern early in the game when food is scarce, but once you’re to the point where food is plentiful, always feed one hero at a time until your special is at 7/8. This will level your special up as fast as possible and maximize the chances of your special reaching 8/8 by the time the hero is fully leveled. Once you reach 7/8, then feed 10 at a time until you reach 8/8 or your hero is fully leveled. If your hero reaches full levels before their special reaches 8/8, then the best strategy for minimizing the expected number of feeder heroes needed is to feed 5 at a time until finished.

    Trust me on this one. I’m a mathematician, I’ve done the math.:)

    In game: Mathochist♡{they/them}
    In forum: AngiMathochist

  • Nobody seems to have picked up on the VERY obvious vegan-related story arc concerning Saru. I realize that not everyone is a fan of the new Star Trek Discovery series, and you need a subscription to CBS to legally watch it, so let me fill you guys in. I think it would make an excellent video for your channel!
    Saru’s race is Kelpien, and they are from a planet with two highly sentient species. The other species feeds off of the Kelpiens.
    Science officer Saru is smart, capable, and able to sense danger instinctively. Some say that he’s the ‘Spock’ or ‘Data’ of the series, certainly not someone that a moral human would ever consider eating.
    During the most recent episodes, Discovery gets thrown into a parallel universe (similar to those in other Star Trek series) in which Humans didn’t form Star Fleet with the goal of peaceful coexistence with other species, but instead created a ruthless empire which Humans rule with brutality and force.
    When Burnham (the series’ heroine) pretends to be her ruthless mirrored counterpart, she’s put into the position of eating part of a Kelpien’s brain. It doesn’t help that she has to select the Kelpien that she is about to eat, or that the Kelpien she selects looks a lot like Saru.
    It’s not subtle; the viewer understands exactly what’s going on, but of course it seems to be too uncomfortable for anyone to point out (the elephant/Kelpien in the room). It will just take someone to point out the obvious. Are you guys up for that? I’ll try to send you a message in other ways, in case you don’t check your old videos for new comments.
    Oh I guess I should say: I’m been vegan for 4 months, was vegetarian for 4 years before that.

  • This wasn’t the last incident with Spock not telling Kirk soon enough with anyone from his family. Remember when Kirk never knew that Sybok was his half brother until it was too late?

  • KIRK: “Sarek and his wife are your parents?!? Any other previously unknown family members you’d like to tell us about?
    SPOCK: “If I did, I would only tell you about them after they seize control of the Enterprise and throw us in the brig while they search for God, or when their own TV show mandates that we meet”

  • Doesn’t tell Kirk about his parents until they meet in person, doesn’t tell about his brother until the man is half trying to destroy the universe, and brings Michael’s existence to the grave. I love this man.

  • If Spock’s dad heard our tune SPOCK SPOCK (a comic rehash of the classic TALK TALK by the Music Machine) his little green ears would spin. Check it out…it’s the logical thing to do

  • In my alliance, we have one member who’s spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on the game, and another member who’s never spent one penny, but plays patiently. The guy who’s never spent a penny has just as good of a roster as the one who spent thousand$. Don’t overspend!

  • let’s just appreciate that Sarek and Amanda are doing the Vulcan equivalent of making out in front of their son and the captain of an important starship.

  • Spock should have joined the Vulcan Science Academy as his father wished instead of becoming part of the military industrial complex..circa 2525

  • J.. In translation on our time It’s looks like an old fashioned dad, gay son and mom that trying to make piece with both of them meeting their sons boyfriend, and the boyfriend wasn’t aware of it…

  • #Relatable

    Though my favorite bit was when Amanda then immediately got along with McCoy who inevitably asked for them embarassing baby stories