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Zach’s STUNNING 236 POUND Weight Loss Story!

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Man’s Incredible Weight Loss & Excess Skin Removal Transformation

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Zach was left an excessive amount of extra skin following his dramatic weight loss. With the help of plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Trevisani, approximately 10 pounds of hanging skin was removed from his body.

Zach is back with us to share his new body and speak about is amazing journey. Shelley Hunt, who has lost 154 pounds in two years, became the first member of the area’s bariatric surgery weight loss hall of fame Tuesday night as her physician, Dr. Linden Karas, watches.

Zach Kamm lost 127 pounds in 18 months by making small changes, like counting calories. “Baby steps are still steps,” he says. How to lose 100 pounds in a year – 5 simple steps. If you’re going to lose 100 pounds in a year, you have to first avoid and reduce most of what made you gain weight, those sugary foods that increase your appetite, start eating more proteins and fiber. Anyways let’s get to it. staying motivated with small goals.

Confronted with either burying her son or taking charge, Beth searches desperately for answers. A proud and driven mom, she takes a chance on a book she found on Amazon, Over-The-Counter Natural. So I decided to try eating less. I ate all the same things, but avoided going back for seconds.

I ate pasta, pizza, and dessert until I was full, but not stuffed. I lost 20 more pounds over a few. Peterson ended up losing 92 pounds in just five months, dropping from his heaviest of 290 pounds to 198. “I lost the weight just doing what I love,” he said. “I.

@just_you_weight lost 106 pounds in just over a year naturally by using MyFitnessPal to 50 percent fruits and veggies, 25 percent protein, and 25 percent whole grains. This content is imported. Penn Jillette lost over 100 pounds by eating only two things and skipping exercise altogether. 73% of African Americans said they did not have emergency funds to cover three months of expenses.

It’s working for me, I am losing 0.85 lbs. each day (not including the crazy first two weeks high amount of weight lost) and monitoring body composition, I have lost zero muscle mass and only fat so far. I started 90lbs. overweight, I’m on day 32 and have lost 42 lbs of fat, I can easily do this for the rest of the 90 day period.

List of related literature:

A former gym teacher, Dan resumed a high level of physical activity and continued to lose weight so easily that after a month he moved into Pre-Maintenance, where he ascertained his Critical Carbohydrate Level for Losing (CCLL) was 80 grams a day, on which he managed to lose 95 pounds in only four months.

“Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution” by C. D. C. Atkins
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He gained 1 to 2 pounds per day between dialysis treatments.

“Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications E-Book: A Nursing Approach” by Michele Grodner, Sylvia Escott-Stump, Suzanne Dorner
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He lost weight slowly at the rate of one ounce per hour due to evaporation of moisture in respiration and evaporation of sweat.

“Weird Massachusetts: Your Travel Guide to Massachusetts's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets” by Jeff Belanger, Mark Moran, Mark Sceurman
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He states that he initially lost 4 pounds but has gained it back since the last clinic appointment.

“Lifestyle Psychiatry” by Douglas L. Noordsy, M.D.
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He showed that when substances burn, there is no met gain or loss of weight.

“Science for All Americans” by F. James Rutherford, Andrew Ahlgren
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He got on the scales and was quite happy to discover he had lost 4 pounds in 2 days.

“Critical Thinking TACTICS for Nurses” by M. Gaie Rubenfeld, Barbara Scheffer
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When he did his own research into the biochemistry of weight control, it changed the way heate and the way he treated his patients.

“Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity” by Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber
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He’s lost 30 pounds, so how much should the new dosage be?

“Math Word Problems For Dummies” by Mary Jane Sterling
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After raking Hoffman over the coals because of his FDA troubles with labelling claims, Weider had the audacity, in the same article, to go on and sell his readers the goods on how they could gain 1 lb. (0.45 kg) a day using his Crash Weight Gain Formula #7.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
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When he went home and continued the low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet plus exercise, his weight continued to drop; he lost, I think, an additional 20 pounds.

“For Women Only!: Your Guide to Health Empowerment” by Gary Null, Barbara Seaman
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  • i try to lose 220 ibs along this year.I lost 124 ibs on 9 months after being 404 ibs person.I hope at the end of this year i will reach 165 to 175 ibs.

  • I need real support to transform my life I I watch the video with tears in my eyes. I feel his pain because I’m in that situation right now I’m far away from my goal only think I need is kind peoples to follow my journey with there comment. Please if you want to help me click on my picture it will take you to my channel only God will bless you. Who knows maybe one day will be my turn

  • I weigh 208 lbs I am 6ft 2, and I am 14. I have a body fat of 17 percent. I recognize I am large for my size and slightly overweight, one like equals one burpee for me.

  • Hii
    I’m 275 lbs now and i wanna go to about 135.
    Can someone please give me more tips how I can stay on the eliptical for more than 7 minutes?.
    It’s not tiring, rather just boring..:( I really just feel like “okay now let’s move onto the treadmill”

  • In my dreams I’m always slim, and when I wake up and go to the bathroom, I see in the mirror I’m not at all the size I dream I am. I say it’s my body refusing to acknowledge how bad my weight has been lately, but now I’m thinking it’s my brain subconsciously knowing how much I should weigh, and that I can look at it as “only in my dreams” or I could see it as “make my brain happy”

  • i had a guy at the gym raise his shirt and show me his loose skin (like a badge of honor) -he said you can do it and smiled, it meant so much to me. i was feeling so discouraged and low, went to my car and cried with happiness -because somebody cared -i have went from 450 to 270 and have 50 more to go

  • Zach…ran into you at cvs tonight. These vids don’t do justice, you look healthier in person. Great to meet you.

    Guys, this guy is super nice and very approachable!

  • As a dietitian I’m really happy that you are spreading accurate and realistic information!! There are a lot of myths about weight loss out there. But you hit the nail on the head! Keep up the great work!

  • I see no journey and no work when you where 130lbs bigger no workouts on how you got there leads me to believe you got bypass. All of you do the same thing hide being big and show pictures with no actual footage of the journey

  • The gastric sleeve doesn’t come with dumping syndrome. Its DEFINITELY NOT the easy way out and yes you can easily slip back into bad habits

  • You’re an inspiration! My goal is to lose 100 lbs and so far I’ve lost 30. It’s hard because I have CP and finding exercise that works is hard. Mostly I bike or do yoga.

  • I’ve been struggling recently. When I first decided to lose weight, I was so motivated, and i could workout a lot and I felt great after every workout, but now, I just can’t get up and do anything, sometimes I try but when I finish the workout I feel like dying and weak. I think I got lazy when I reached my goal weight, now I just can’t do anything even though I want.

  • Interesting that Zach hadn’t accepted dying because of his weight. Normally obese people learn and accept quite quickly that they will die early.

  • My boyfriend wants to loose weight but he doesn’t work out or eat healthy.. idk how to help him. He says he will workout but doesn’t. I can tell he is unhappy �� and his family buys unhealthy food. Any advice for me to help him

  • So in my recent past I had lost 120 pounds. (through out high school) and i watched a lot of your videos to get to that point SO THANK YOU! I got in a bad relationship and gained all of it back, so im starting my journey over and sure enough you pop up in my suggested and the intro THROUGH IT BACK! love you man! thank you for the inspiration!

  • And I’m feeling bad, sad and even wanting to commit suicide being only around 20 to 30 lbs overweight, I really admire you guys, I just tried doing your exercises at home, but the push ups take me down, I can’t even do 2 of them. In 2 days I’m starting going to the gym but I can only go Friday, Saturday and Sunday. By the way I’m only 14 years old so I hope I can make a change

  • I love how aware you were of your mental state throughout it and stopped calorie counting when you knew it wasn’t helping you anymore. proud of you c:

  • Hey Zach, i was wondering about how you feel about intermitten fasting? Do you think that if you combinded it wit eating in a calorie deflict that it would be more effective than just eating in calorie deflict?:)
    Keep up the good work! And please make more videos, i realy enjoy watchimg them:D
    Best regards

  • I’m 34 I currently weigh 285 and was 325. I have a heart condition and ms. I used that as an Alex use for why I couldn’t exercise. I started watching what I eat and recently joined the gym. I use the elliptical and I feel pretty good. My left side is a little weak and numb feeling, but no more excuse. I’m going to keep with it. I’m too young to die of a heart attack.

  • Im not looking to lose weight at all, but this video will really help and inspire some people! love your channel and your thought process ��

  • So basically, you’re in a calorie deficit and that’s why you lost fat… eat whatever you want if your goal is purely fat loss. Just make sure you’re in a calorie deficit. If keto works for you, do it, if vegan works for you, do it, if intermittent fasting works for you, do it. They all have the same goal; a calorie deficit

  • Thanks for posting this! Zach is awesome and his girlfriend too! I only became 50lbs overweight but am on my way to health after yo-yo dieting for 10 years. It’s hard to look at yourself in the mirror when you get lazy about losing 50lbs when you guys have lost such a significant amount of weight and have just crushed it. I look up videos like this to keep me motivated. Thank you! 17lbs til goal!

  • thank you for your videos, they really help a lot! when i was at my most unhealthy while losing weight, it was in high school. i decided to try diet after diet, and landed on one. the iu dietone apple, one sweet potato, and a protein shake every day. i lost 40 pounds in a month, but i damaged my body so severely during that time, that when i finally told someone, I ended up gaining over a 100 pounds. i still regret it, but it’s been 4 years, and with your videos and many others, I’ve finally started to eat in a healthy way. I’ve lost 7 pounds in just a week, and this time around i’m determined to keep it off.


  • people, when you loose weight slower, your skin actually does not get so loose. it needs time to adjust. but loosing weight quickly does not give time for skin to do that. its cells does not renew themselves so quickly. ive experienced it myself. ofcourse if person is loosing a lot of weight even during long time it never be completely elastic, but its a big difference if loosing weight quickly or slowly…..

    im just thinking, it has been taking long time to gain all that weight, so why do we think we have to loose in one or two years? we should allow ourselves also take some time to loose it. maybe three or four years then… but we tend to want everything quickly. but that does not last pplz

  • I like your channel a lot! I am currently overweight and would like to lose weight, but I’m pregnant so I’m going to have to wait on the weight loss for a bit �� I believe everything you said is very helpful, but I just wanted to say that the first thing you said is not entirely true. When I was in high school, i had anorexia and later on in hs, bulimia. I counted every calorie, tried to burn calories in any way by doing things like tapping my foot for a whole hour in class or chewing gum for hours. I’d workout after school until I burned 1,000-2,000 calories every day. I also self harmed when I ate bad or at all because I felt so awful about my appearance. I used to be 120 lbs at 5’8 and now I weigh much more, not because I didn’t know how many calories were in things, but because I stopped caring. I wanted to be happy and to stop self harming, and eventually I somehow replaced self harm with food. Which led me to get BED. A lot of the time weight gain for some people like you said is just because they’re unaware. But also because mental health is extremely important and if you feel like shit, then you won’t treat your body right. I just wanted to share in case any one out there suffered from something similar in hopes they’d feel less alone

  • John, do you think you’ll ever talk about quality of calories? Like how certain foods are less filling but have more calories? After CICO that was the biggest lesson I learned. I cut out calorically dense dairy products and replaced it with other foods that could sustain me longer, which led me to discover I was dairy intolerant the whole time and didn’t know.

  • I went from being a apathetic nihilist to a narcissist in 1 year, it took longer then I like to admit to stop labeling my vanity and narcissism with “self help/improvement” before I adapted properly to a social life I never learned growing up due to isolation.

  • HAHA! The morbidly obese in their 50’s can’t eat 5,000 calories. Great job getting that off while you’re young. It gets WAY harder to lose after your older.

  • i’m a 6’3 dude too but i’m only 165 but i eat a lot and gain no weight bc marijuana. i used to have a horrible metabolism but for some reason when you smoke and you get munchies and don’t eat you drop weight. i used to be 230 sophomore year of hs and was only 6 foot and now i’m 165. best easiest fastest diet is the pot with no munchies and i put that on my mom

  • You! I finally found your channel. I thought you were only on instagram. I’m so glad you have a channel. I first saw you on obesetobeast’s channel and loved you immediately.

  • I have been having issues with calories, caliorie defecit and not eating enough. I have started going clean but now Im finding im not even hitting 1000 a day and I like running so Im super negative. I dont mean to but I cant seem to eat enough when clean. What would you suggest for someone who cant eat all day to meet calorie goals and not go into starve mode?

  • Zach was a junior in high school. His hormones probably kicked in and his metabolism ramped up due to the extra testosterone, so he lost his puppy fat.

    I doubt Ethan would see the same results as a 35 year old man ready to hit the middle age spread.

  • I’ve lost 70 lbs and plan to lose about 10 more. Loose skin is an issue for me. I wanted to see my abs some day but thanks to loose skin, I doubt that will ever happen. I strove for a beach body but that will forever remain hidden lol. Still better than having all that weight.

  • This definitely works. However in my experience eating the same calorie deficit day after day eventually led to a halt in progress. The body’s metabolism will eventually slow down and the weight loss will cease. To fix this I fluctuated my maintenance calories with variable deficit calories through the week. Example: in order to maintain my current weight I have to eat 2600 calories. I did so two days a week. Three days a week I ate 1700 calorie. The other two days a week I ate 2100 calories.
    Eating this way you’re still in a deficit and your body never get use to the diet. It also gives you some room to eat things you enjoy without having to worry. Just t save them for your maintenance eating days.

  • My biggest was 251 at 6’1 I was disgusted I’m currently 225 and my lowest was 151 when I was in the marines my goal is to be 150 again thanks for the inspiration I loved the video!!!

  • The loose skin is the scariest thing for me. Most days i feel like i will look better if i stay big. Trying to get motivated to drop weight. I had lost 50 pounds and then my daughter was born a year ago we where in the Hospital a lot with her eating fast food almost every meal and have gained back 100 pounds. 300 now and the heaviest i have been but videos like this are very motivating Thank you both for the motivation.

  • Damn zach looking amazing. Im 220 right now started at 245. I didn’t want to get any bigger because i knew it would become a problem. I didn’t want to be a “big guy”

  • OMG: 14:32 had me laughing so hard. That is right, THEY are a ‘piece of shit”….this girl is so funny. I absolutely love her. She’s fucking strong and that is the way it should be. People will always try to put you down…it’s simple; DONT LET THEM. lol. Be a boss. she is so inspiring.

  • I am so happy I watched another one of your videos. Truly what I needed to hear. “not perfect but good enough for me atm” sending all the love from Germany, thanks so much!

  • Don’t drink your calories is a huge thing. I lost about 60lbs essentially by cutting calories from drinks. I also did intermittent fasting but I definitely didn’t starve myself.
    The loose skin is something I never really thought about, I’d imagine most people hide that and aren’t so open about it. I was around 255 at my highest so I didn’t really have a ton of extra skin and I’m still struggling with my gut so maybe if I lost a few more pounds I’d see some there.

  • Congratulations man you definitely are a motivation to many and your story is a spark of motivation itself love ❤️ the channel bro keep pushing forward ��‼️‼️‼️‼️����������������������������������������������

  • what keto really means is just not eating too much bread during the day. If you need a name for sustainable nutrition, then you are not a healthy person.

  • I was 5’7″, 134 pounds, in high school. Since I am female I was considered obese. None of the school uniforms fit me, and I had problems fittting behind the desks. I can’t imagine how heart breaking it must have been for you 2. Bless you. Congratulations on how you have become so healthy. I’m on my way to join you, lost 15 pounds, 55 more to get back to that obese weight of 130 pounds.

  • 1. Count Your Calories.
    2. Stop drinking calories.
    3. You don’t “HAVE” to workout.
    4. Change what you eat. Not how much.
    5. Move More.

    BOOM! ��

  • They both lost 2 much weight 2 fast if they did it correctly there skin would have sprung back especially at there young ages. Do your research. Need to loose 2 pounds a week and fast 1 time a month and brush your skin research other people trying to loose 100 or more. lost 70lbs so far have another 50 to loose no loose skin here and I’m 2xs there age. Strength training as well.

  • You dont get the lose skin surgery for free? In germany its basically free cause you can get sores and stuff and if its not that extreme you can still go to an psychologist and tell him how you feel about it and he can justify it to health insurance that theyll pay it aswell

  • Beautiful dialogue love your conversation, the generosity, the caring, sharing and mutual encouragement. Bravo to both of you and keep going! Big hugs, Anouche.

  • Hey man I’m two weeks into my road to fitness and I’m glad you made this video. I started my journey at 450 pounds I’m intermittent fasting 8/16 plus gym. I seen a interview with you and o2b when you said you would struggle to hit your calories I feel that man. I need to up my portions. When you said you can eat a lot more healthier foods to hit your calorie intake for the day made me feel good cause i need to be consuming 3700 calories a day and I’m only barely hitting 2,000. Do you have any advice and know if there will be side affects if I continue to only hit 2,000 instead of 3,700.

  • I’m so thankful I came across you and Jordan. You guys are both so helpful. Your advice is so good, too. Healthy advice and not restricting. Realistic.

  • At the moment I have reached my max weight of 344? With me I don’t eat breakfast and I each lunch at work but it is usually fast food. �� Then at dinner I have no self control and eat to much. I do not drink soda often, it is rare when I do, but I need to lose this weight. My main beverage consumption consists of water and coffee. But I am barely starting to change my lifestyle due to the weight and all the meds I am currently on.

  • im down 20 kg now. should i use the tdee calculator or my fitness watch? my watch say that i burn 3500-4000, but the calculator only says 2500.

  • For those who is still trying to loose their fat with tablets, crazy diets and exercises. That wonderful woman has given tip me how to burn fat quick still eating my favourite morning donuts. Watch that short video here NODIET. XCOURSE. XYZ to know how!

  • John you inspire me to be a crossfit athlete again. I grew up a bit chunky and then got really fit in HS and first part of college. I still hold record weight lifts at my CrossFit gym from 5 years ago. Since then I have gained 100 pounds and moved to a rural location with no CrossFit gym. I have finally come into a mindset to make a change and become myself again. Wanna start a CrossFit gym in Alaska?

  • See i think this is something super important for people to hear. especially the food parts. We think of weight loss as going hard at the gym everyday 7 days a week and i don’t think people hear it enough that not even losing weight… just getting healthy in general starts with what you are putting into your mouth everyday.

  • In 1966 Angus Barbieri lost 276 pounds His starting weight was 456lbs. He did it by fasting for 382 days.The best thing about this is he didn’t have any hanging skin at all afterwards. Maybe a fast might help you guys out, don’t know just sayin.

  • Thank you for this video! I have yoyo’d the same 30lbs and I believe it’s from having a toxic relationship with calorie counting, then giving up! I was the person who would chose the chips vs apple and my anxiety had me constantly thinking of calorie counts.

    I’m so happy to hear that it’s possible to lose this much weight without the calorie counting!

  • im very early into my weight loss journey still,, started at 226 n im at 209 rn!! gw is around 170:^] vids like this inspire me so so much

  • Tbh this is the most reasonable and helpful advice I’ve seen as far as weight loss. I’ve been gaining weight pretty steadily since high-school, but it’s been really evenly distributed so it’s only recently sunk in how unhealthy I’ve let myself get.

  • Thanks for the video! You seem like a really approachable guy, you come across well and want me want to learn more! I feel like some weight loss speakers can be a bit….rude without meaning to, not speaking about the real struggles. I look forward to seeing more of your content!

  • ethan needs to understand that withstanding the hunger is the commitment to a diet, the rest is just limiting the food and finding something in that limit that you actually like. after a while it gets easier ethan, you can do it!

  • I think it’s crazy you lost 20 pounds in a month and you didn’t do any strength training and lost 100lbs in 6 months at that. I’m just wondering what your caloric deficit was during that time. I guess that’s the benefit of being young and losing weight.

  • Did you say you get your HR up to 180? That’s toooo high. Please check with your Dr. When the heart is going that fast there is no filling time, decreased cardiac output….not good.

  • You are an inspiration for me. I have all the issues you had when you were heavy. I started dieting couple of months ago and from your video I have been doing everything right. I have a lot to lose but it is starting to come off slowly. I have a list of things that I will say no to, like pizza, hamburger, cookies and chips… I am much older and I lost a lot of weight once when I was young. My age 53 makes the weight lost a little slower these days. I look forward to more post.

  • Came back here to start my journey again after a 40lb weight gain(after a 78lb lost)!! Ugh but baby jordo is so cute!! You have come so far YouTube queen!!!

  • its sad how the 13 dislikes are people who either dont want you to have a successful youtube channel or people who tried to lose weight and are trying to look for a shortcut instead of accepting the facts you’re giving.

  • Bro if you really wanna be keto you can’t have a feeding window lol. You’ve gotta be eating like 50 carbs per day or else your body will slip out of ketosis, and at that point you’re just doing a fancy diet, and not really keto. Low carb is not keto, keto is keto 😉

  • Congratulation for your weight loss. Counting calories and care about macros AND micros is important. I lost several times around 80kilos(about 176lbs) but I ate as few as possible and it was wrong, I started to loose hair, have white spots on my nails etc… now I lost 35kg and my target is to loose 65kg again. Greeting from France.

  • Unfortunately JUST reducing calories forces your body to slow down your metabolism to save energy as it thinks its starving. At one point you’ll end up platoing or even regaining weight accompanied by lack of energy while eating less than you used to. You gotta fix your insulin resistance to fix the problem forever. Enter intermittent fasting and low carb food plans
    Your body is not as simple as carlories in and calories out. With high insulin (storage hormone) you’re literally rowing against the flow.

  • You went the hypocaloric route and that is why you have so much loose skin. Sorry to say that just because you lost weight does not mean you did it the best way possible. I have been a nurse for 35 years and if people want to lose weight you should look up Dr. Jason Fung on youtube. Most people cannot afford a very expensive surgery to get rid of loose skin.

  • I love zach he is an inspection but why get rid of all the lose skin to just have you’re ear lopes stacked out and lose with cages

  • Fabulous attitude and commitment ��
    I have been wasting time planning the “right” eating and exercise plan. Time to just do it.
    Thank you for this

  • So my husband is a big fan, I think he may have a bit of a man crush lol, but he is so right! You are leading a great example. We as a couple have lost 140 lbs since January and you helped us both with really being honest with ourselves and focusing inward for why we want to be healthier. Thanks a bunch!! /hugs

  • I 1000% get what you’re saying about it being harder to not go than to go. Once you make that commitment to yourself it’s hard to go back. Love your videos!

  • Please do try to get you in the gym if you decide to loose weight tho. Not only it will help loosing weight, it will improve your cardiovascular condition, your hormonal functions and it will make you pack muscles which will help with general tone as you loose fat and in a small part with loose skin (im not saying you wont have loose skin, but it will reduce the amount youll have once you have lost more than 100pounds/45 kgs).

    That said, i hugely respect for what you have done zach. Best of luck for everything you do in life.

  • Thanks for this video! I recently went to a bariatric surgery course to learn about the surgery. Safe to say after that I said no to surgery too. I struggle with anxiety and depression so I am having a hard time finding motivation to start this journey. I agree with your statement “It’s not that I can’t it is that I’m choosing not to.” Serious hit to the homefront there. I think I’m going to start logging calories tomorrow as a first step! Amazing job you have done!

  • I’d caution anyone that wants to try keto that the carb intake has to be much more strict than what Zach alludes to here. You really have to stay under 20-30 carbs per day or else your body goes back to burning those for energy instead of the fat already on you. It can take five days of strict carb intake before your body actually begins ketosis, and one off day can throw you out of it. That being said, I lost 30 lbs in two months doing it by the book, it absolutely works.

  • I went from 167 to 154 in a few months by just eating less. I realized I’ve been eating way more than I think and now I’m actually counting my calories and going for 1200-1300 calories a day. My goal weight is 110. Wish me luck. Also, thank you, I wouldn’t have done this without you.

  • Sucks when you live in europe. And dont wanne look at what 100 pounds it.. Also a bit iritated.. More then only ameericans watching youtube

  • Those are amazing results! Much more healthier and safer to do this than to get gastric bypass surgery. Congrats for working so hard to become fit and healthy!

  • Finally a new video! Keep up the good work! 5 very important advice! I weighed about 286 pounds and, just by changing the food I ate and paying attention to the macros, I lost 108 pounds without going to the gym, just changing my eating habits. Your story inspires a lot of people, including me. Stay strong cuz I’ll be here waiting for new videos of you ��
    Cheers from Portugal!

  • Great video Zach. So happy to see you coming through the skin removal and getting back to it at the gym! Can’t wait to see more stuff from your channel. I was wondering if you might do a video on how you managed with the excess skin when working out. I have just hit 200 lbs loss last week and have more to go. I wear lots of compression gear for intense cardio but just get so very hot!.. cheers fella.

  • So I’ve lost 109lbs now but now my weight loss is slowing down and it’s so so so frustrating…. do you have any advice on how to change this up Cuz I mean I don’t want to eat less so I’m trying to walk/ run more but it doesn’t seem to be working that well

  • Zach I am the same way! I drank caffeine up until the other day. I am going to have to battle of caffeine withdrawal headaches which are almost like migraines. I work 24 hr shifts and always up and about. I’ve been drinking more water lately when working. I am always on the go with my job. Thanks for the tips

  • I love seeing your face! �� I have a major issue drinking my calories. if they could make a Pepsi flavored water mix, I feel like Id be able to do it. ���� I eat a lot of fresh food and cook at home often but the pop is what’s killing me.

  • When I see people with loose skin, I have mad respect! It’s so obvious that they put in a huge amount of work to get to that point!

  • Have you heard of dry fasting for tightening skin? There are people at The Snake Diet who have had serious results following that protocol.

  • I drink milk, but I do a ton of cardio. The milk helps me get the protein in, which, for me, is difficult enough. Also, it can be good for a person who does a lot of cardio because of the carbs. Different strokes for different folks. People that are doing different types of exercises oftenneed different diets to help them maintain or build muscle without being overly tired.

  • It works, I lost 80 at a rate of 15 lbs a month. I just snacked on pepper jack cheese and ate eggs and sausage mostly. It makes you crave carbs though. If you even think about pizza you’re gonna be starving.

  • god i feel like i’ll never get to feel this happy. i haven’t had any human interactions in 2 years and i’m eating myself to death. i feel like i’m going to die in the middle of the night in my basement and there will be nobody there and i’ll just rot away and found only because i stopped showing up for work or my mortgage company forecloses on me and sends someone there…. fml…

  • i only have to lose close to 100 but it feels like 300 in how some people judge the man boobies anyways awesome job both of you guys in losing that I lost and gained it back really quick and am trying to lose it and keep it off

  • Carbs and sugars are turned into glucose which is the main source of fuel in the body. However, depriving your body of all of these forces the body to rely on what are called ketone bodies to create energy. Ketone bodies can be produced from protein and fat which is why the keto diet requires consuming high protein, fat diets and zero carbs. This essentially puts the body into a state where it constantly burns only fat promoting fat loss.

  • Keto is not just a meat and cheese diet. Fibre doesn’t count towards your total carbs on keto. I eat vegetables with every meal except breakfast.

  • Ethan: sees personal proof of the high fat meat/cheese keto type of diet and it’s phenomenal success for a close friend/employee.

    Also Ethan: becomes a vegetarian a month later because he’s a woke douche who lives in LA now and proceeds to not loose weight.

  • What the fuck is so interesting about the ceiling??? Zach looks at the ceiling every 3 seconds and it bothers me way more than it should

  • So I weigh 285 pounds and I hate it I have been trying to work on this kind of stuff so I guess I’m also going to ask what sort of work out routine did you do

  • 185 isn’t that bad for 6’3 depending on amount of bodyfat. At 6’0 165 i bench 230. But i also don’t eat any bread unless it’s with breakfast and i have almost no body fat.

  • Do 48 hour fasts, with a 1-2 hour refeed window in between. Eat mostly meat/keto, and you can basically eat 3k+ calories in one go if you feel like it, and still lose weight. And this is coming from someone who’s a lazy fuck, and doesn’t work out, ever.

  • Not gonna lie i like Hila but her constant hinting that Ethan needs to lose weight is toxic AF, Imagine the outrage if the gender roles were reversed?
    Yeah i get it he has a kid but since when has being overweight equated to having poor health? Scientists actually say otherwise so, Either way the gas-lighting is strong in this one.

  • I actually lost 10kg in there months without any workout, just some simple diet.. like oat cereal for breakfast, normal lunch without bread, 2 eggs for dinner and 2-3 rice cakes between lunch and dinner just to fool my hunger… Now i even started working out, it rly feels great and it’s that simple and easy

  • Something I don’t think you talk about enough is gaining muscle! I would to see a progress video of how much your body has changed since losing weight.

  • Good 4 you young guys. US Food factories made from you, young obese pigs, being ready for the slaughterhouse! You piggies save yourselves, and became again human beings. Congratulations MEN��

  • My husband is close to 300lbs and he will drink a 12 pack of soda a day if I let him. I try so hard to stress to him the importance of not drinking soda. He does t listen…

  • This is such powerful advice. Basically what I’ve done as well. I had about 100lbs to lose, actually exactly 100 lbs, I’m halfways there. Thank you for sharing this!
    I’m curious, with your meal prep… is it chicken/potatoes for one meal per day? or how does that part work, I’m very interested in the meal prep stuff. Helps me stay focused and on point!

  • I lost 18 lbs in two months and the only thing I’ve done so far is eating a little less of what I usually eat and exercise 10 minutes three days per week. I still eat rather unhealthy, because I’m learning little by little lo lean more on healthy foods.

  • For anyone wondering: a 3500 calorie deficit = 1lb of fat loss.
    So if I want to lose 8lbs in a month (4 weeks), that’s 2lbs per week. I need a deficit of 7000 calories/week or 1000/day. If my maintenance caloric intake is 2600/day, in order to reach my goal I should eat 1600 calories/day.
    This website helped me figure out how many calories to consume. Keep in mind, too few calories and your body will think you are starving and go into survival mode.

  • I was 360.. Now 295 ish after 5 or so months. I was never an over eater but i was an over drinking. I kid u not 4 liters of soda a day. 4000 calories of drink! I agree with ur assessment 100% spot on in my experience.

  • At my biggest i was 5’10 and 254 and now sitting at 233. My goal from the beginning has been losing 70lbs. lol im struggling just losing that much while you guys have lost more than double of what im trying for. These videos keep me on track. Thanks for your inspiration.

  • I really appreciate this video. I started my weight loss journey just before the pandemic started. When I first did my tdee I was shocked. I thought I did something wrong my tdee number was huge!! I’m glad you clarified that number was big because I was so big. Thank you for the help and you’ve been a tremendous inspiration!

  • Dude you’re awesome!! I’m trying to lose 30 right now, with that said I’m more worried bout how I feel rather then numbers on the scale! Love watching your channel

  • Would love to get my transformation rolling and see if you would interview me. I’ve gotten down as far as about 175, but that was in a strict environment with a lot of good support (I was deployed as a civilian working on fitness with an Air Force Captain for 6 months). My hope is the workouts I’m creating will be motivational to others and may peak their interest.

  • Thank you. I’m gonna try again and keep trying until I finally get it. I used to lift in highschool but never learned about nutrition. Your video helped place things into perspective
    Thank you for helping

  • Big big my whole life. My son is 15 and he told me he’s up to 360. He told me he wants to lose weight and I want to help him. So we are starting our journey on the 1rst. Thanks for sharing… so glad I found your channel

  • Great video! I use MFP too but only thing to be careful of is not including exercise (disconnect your smartwatch/steps/apple health etc), because it’s already factored into your calorie amount so it’s easy to “eat back” those exercise calories and end up not in a deficit ��

  • I want to get started so bad but I really have no idea how I am 37 and almost 300lbs if I try to do cardio my back starts killing me any advise on getting started

  • Long time watcher here, I have lost over 165 pounds over the past year. @ObesetoBeast You are so real and humble and have been one of the biggest inspirations in my journey. I have not documented it and yes I underwent a weight loss surgery but the surgery is just another tool within the plethora of strategies to get healthier and lose weight. It’s all about the mindset and bringing it everyday. Thank you for being such a rock!

  • I was always small (6″3 and 170 pounds) until a surgery where I began piling on weight. While in the army I ended up topping out at 240 withing just a couple of months. Now that I’m out I recently learned that I have reached 270, and I plan on joining my local police department. I have 5 weeks until the physical test, and I know I can do the work since I’ve done more than that in the army, but I want to cut back down to at least 240 by then. I’ve cut soda ( I used to drink A TON) and I’ve been going to the gym every day for cardio and weight training. Hopefully I can see results, as I plan on cutting down to 220 and staying there.

  • I did lose my weight by avoiding calories and thinking they are the enemy. But thanks to you and many others on this platform, I am learning how to let go of that mentality, stay strong and not swing back into my old, terrible habits. It is hard, but I won’t give up.

  • I can only go down to 195 however what you talked about will definitely help me; This is the only weight loss channel I trust and believe in.

  • Someone tell me right now, can I go through a week without resting a single day? My muscles are never sore, I eat one meal a day. Enough of protein and carbs.

  • Great advice. And yes working out is just a boost in your weight loss, not the only go to. Your caloric deficit is most important. So happy to see a new from you!

  • Dang as a 5’3.5 inch small build female I couldn’t imaging having a tdee of 3000 calories lol that sounds like so many calories and so much flexibility in how much you can eat! Mines <2000. Well It’s different for every body of course haha!

  • I really want to lose weight I’ve played football my whole life I’m 18 after I stopped playing I gained weight I’m 210 used to be really fit but I’m just lazy and not motivated how can I train my mind to be more active?

  • If someone has never worked out but wants to start (to lose weight), should they put sedentary job or one of the other options (depending on the days they will workout)?

  • God bless you! Thank you so much for being brave enough to share your journey and let others know what has worked for you. You are a remarkable and caring young lady. I am so happy I found you on you tube. Wishing you a happy holiday season and may all of your dreams continue to become true!

  • I watched this video 12 days ago…today is day 12 of tracking my calories and adding some exercise to my routine. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  • Hey Zach ��
    I found you after you video with O2B
    I feel in love with you and now I’m subscribed to you

    I’m 17 years old right now I’m 250 pounds this is my heaviest I’ve ever been
    My parents don’t support my weight loss goals so it makes it very difficult
    I try to eat healthy but the temptation is hard to get away from
    I have tried to lose weight several times and gained it all back and more
    My mom says eating 3 servings of veggies in one meal will have me needing gastric bypass
    Is this true?

    I hope to see more videos

  • I love this and I just found your channel. I am 12 and about 80-90lbs overweight. It’s really hard at this age cause of school and stuff, and it’s also hard to know that many people may have terrible things to say. What’s good to know is that there are people like you who understand what it’s like to be fat, and are openly talking about their journeys. Thank you I feel so much better, confident, and more motivated to lose the weight! Thank you soooo much ❤��

  • 6:00 you hit the nail on the head dude. I’d do the same exact thing. I’ve been “trying” to lose weight since I was 18 with stupid crash diets or just overwhelming myself with exercise I couldn’t do properly yet.

    Fast forward to now I’m 23 and my just started giving out a free water and slowing changing my drinking habits then slowly changed my eating habit. I’m down 30lbs and I’m ok only 2 months in.

    Your channel was the one I first learned about TDEE from and it’s been helping me hell of a lot! Thanks!

  • Sometimes when you say calories you say it in a type of british accent, quite like Tom Holland I’ve noticed it in a couple of vids now. Just an observation, the first time is at 1:47

  • You were one of the channels I watched when I started to take weight loss seriously – It has helped me a lot. After half a year, I have finally reached my goal weight and I’m 100% sure, I’m gonna stick to the new lifestyle. Already setting new health goals to become better and better. ❤️

    I think a big issue and one of the reasons why a lot of people don’t understand how to lose weight is that the media do not educate us right. There’s so many articles like “THIS is how you can lose weight in your sleep”, “THIS shake is the secret to weight loss” and they tell you to eat more fruits and vegetables to lose weight, as if that alone will make you shed the weight… Never does anyone talk about energy balance, although that is essentially how it works. I myself was totally uneducated on that, which is why I have only gained over the years. I somehow believed that people just get fat when they eat unhealthy foods. Cause that’s what everyone tells you, right? Oh boy, I feel dumb for never investing the time in a little research until now.

  • I have been working on my weightloss for sometime now and not getting very far. I train hard and eat well for 90% of the time. I know i need to get my head around tracking my food. I have always found it hard to track meals when i have done food prep or cooked for the family and then need to add the info into myfittnesspal. I normally cook a meal and use the extra food as meals for work. I am tracking my weight, measurements and fitness, but some days it feels so hard to keep going. I know it is a long road and i have been down this road before, but it is time to keep on going. I am attempting to create my own youtube channel to record my journey as i train by myself most of the time. Any support to help keep my on track would be great. I love watching your channel and find the information very helpful. This TDEE and protein levels as well and getting the right amount of sleep is always the challenge.

  • OMAD is also very effective, lost half my weight doing that. I do keto too just cause my insulin was triggering unbearable hunger spikes.

  • I learned a lot the past couple of years about nutrition and exercise and it helped me to change my mindset. However, it’s kind of frustrating when reaching a plateau because of my PCOS. Although I cook fresh and healthy everyday and exercise multiple times a week, there’s no progression anymore atm. Cutting things out of your diet is one thing, dealing with such setbacks is another…

  • “How do I start losing weight”….. put the fork down. There are lots of little tricks and strategies but ultimately it is that simple. Stop. Eating. So. Much. Period. The only thing that will really make a very quick difference if you do it is to stop drinking calories. No soda, no juice, no whole milk, and no fancy coffee. Water, diet soda and sugar free carbonated drinks are your friends. Do NOT buy foods that you know you will eat that are bad for your goals. Pretty much any processed snack food, candy, cookies, ice cream etc is a big no no. You may think you can control yourself but if you are super overweight then you have already proven that’s bullshit. If it isn’t in the house you can’t eat it. And go through right now and give away/toss all that stuff that may already be in the house. You are going to have to cook and you will have to buy whole, single ingredient foods for the majority of your calorie intake. There are also tons of really good sugar free sauces that have few calories and really help reduce your intake as well as making potentially blandish food much tastier. Also, if you are serious then start right damn NOW. Don’t put it off and tell yourself “oh I’ll get on it after the weekend “, you have to start and stay consistent. There is no magic technique, you just have to eat less and that is all there is to it. You also cannot out train a shit diet and it doesn’t matter if you do two hrs of cardio if you end up eating 3 slices of cheescake that night as a “reward”. Don’t blow your hard work in the gym by continuing to eat garbage. There are also tons of awesome recipes out there for desserts that are much lower calorie and still pretty good. As good as a snickers bar? No. But good enough.

  • you are the reason i started loosing weight i was 201llbs and I’m down to 189llb, i was at 184lb and i fell off because id just stopped losing weight. i hit my breaking point and dont want to go back to where i was before so I’m determined to get back on track on my diet and lose the rest of it.

  • Is it unhealthy that I’m eating around 1500 calories a day when my TDEE is around 2300 calories a day?
    I usually eat around 1500 when I’m not eating junk food, so it won’t really be a huge change, other than the cutting of the junk food

  • Dude I love your channel.. giving people the truth and no BS from someone who actually lived it and walked the path.. no healthy at any size bs here, hard work, small steps leads to big changes..good on you. Definitely subscribing

  • I was like that. I kept cutting calories until I was starving but I hated myself if I ate too much. I also ate junk but as long as it was low calories I was ok with like one meal. I lost weight but is was not sustainable and I gain it back. So for now, I’m not going to count calories, just try to eat foods I know are healthy, limit fast food/candy and cut out soda. One step at a time. Also for exercise, I like to have fun, go on walks with mom, dance, not a set work out but I figure anything is better then just sitting all day. Gotta make it fun ��

  • Also you made me feel a lot better about myself because I thought I was alone on what you said in your other videos. I shrunk an inch in height after gaining 100 pounds over the 140-150 I was supposed to weigh according to my BMI, I went up two shoe sizes (women’s shoes aren’t all created equal though so it could have just been one size haha), and anytime I went somewhere with small furniture to sit on i was SO embarrassed sometimes I wouldn’t even sit down or id sit on the floor. I am still overweight but you make me feel a lot more positive and less afraid of losing weight ��

  • This works for sure. Started with this 11 months ago, simple calorie counting and being mindful of what i eat and lost so far 63 kg (139 lbs) Still have way to go, since my goal is 100 kg. This is for sure no diet, its a change of life:)
    I really like your channel and it help me stay motivated.

  • Olive leaf extract with 20% oleuropein Took my appetite away completely
    The DELAY DONT DENY book helped me It completely changed my life

  • I am on a weight loss journey to lose about 30-40 pounds. I am 5’10” about 270 lbs., 41 yrs.old. I follow quite a healthy vegan diet, do cardio 2x a day every other day, then do free weights at home. Before lock down I was walking to and from work (about 25-30 mins), and on my feet all day as well. As I can’t go to the gym (right now) also never liked going before lock down anyway. I feel that I am getting healthier, even being heavier, I have lost 5.5 lbs in the last month. I know it will take awhile but I feel I’m on a positive path. Thank you for being you, your inspiration is amazing:)

  • i remember when i started counting calories (just wanted to lose some 5-10pounds) and cut over 1000kcal, i felt so bad and i stayed basically the same…

  • These videos are so motivating! Thank you for putting your stories out there and giving other people hope and motivation. ❤

    I’m at 275lbs right now, already lost 22lbs by fasting (I know many people don’t like fasting, I do) and I’m soo happy! I have a “birthday goal”. I want to be in the normal weight range (152lbs or lower for my height) by then. I can f**king do this! ��

  • Okay I have a question…I’ve been losing weight for the past 7 months (but 5 months more seriously), I’ve lost 20 pounds so far. However, when I use the calculator it says I need to eat 1,800 calories a day to lose weight. I’m 5’10, female, 19, and 192lbs. I work out 3 times a week. But I’m eating a little under 1,500, because after I lost 10lbs I started slowing down. I want to get down to at least 170 or maybe even 150, I don’t know yet, but it seems like I would have to lower my calories to 1,200 or below, which seems insane to me! And I’m sure if I went to 1,800 now, regardless of what the calculator says, I would absolutely gain weight again. Should I just stay at this calorie intake? Is this just how slow weight loss is? Please help:(

  • My mental health had to be taken care of before I could maintain any weight loss. Lost and gained the same 20 lbs over 10 years, then gained 40 more:( Now, I’ve got almost 3 weeks straight of daily exercise and I’m eating 80% clean whole foods plant based no oil. Took 5 years of CPTSD recovery but I’m doing it! It feels different this time. I know if I cut back on coffee & tea sugar for this coming week the weight will come off faster and not order any fast food at all. I know I was usually only eating 1/4 to 1/2 of my plate when I got it but it is not good nutrition and it weighs me down physically and mentally. I still have a long way to go (70ish lbs) but I lost 12.5 over the past 2.5 months. Not bad:)

  • I stumbled across your page and liked what you had to say so I subscribed. I’ve been horribly overweight and out of shape for many years.. I’m like 430 lbs.. (maybe more.. haven’t weighed myself in like 6 months). I have been extremely depressed and pretty much gave up on life.. I lost my Mom a few years ago and that was basically the straw that broke the camels back for me… It’s coming up on 3 years since shes been gone and I’ve got to a place in my life where I realize I can’t keep living this way… rather.. EXISTING this way… I have health issues.. I’m on several blood pressure and cholesterol medications… I get winded very easily.. just very little movement and my heart is pounding. It’s embarrassing to say the least. I’ve been wanting to lose weight for quite some time, I just have no idea of how to go about doing it. I’ve been watching random videos here on YouTube and listening to stories of guys that used to be big that are now in shape (much like you). The main guy that inspired me was Ethan Suplee… He was well over 500 lbs and is now jacked! I really want to follow what he’s done but I don’t know where to begin. I figure I can start out walking.. it’s going to take some time for me to even get used to that.. but as far as dieting goes? I literally have NO IDEA what to eat… how to eat right.. portion size.. etc… I’m lost….. So I’ve just been going around listening to what guys like Ethan and yourself have to say… I just want to say you guys all inspire me.. the WANT is there.. I just hope I can figure out a way to start losing some weight before it’s too late. Doesn’t help that the world is on lock down right now… I want to get out there and start walking but it’s pretty much a waiting game right now. If you could offer ANY advice on meal planning or what kinds of exercises I could do besides walking, I would be in your debt. Anyway, keep doing what you do. You definitely inspire people like me. Cheers!

  • I absolutely HATE calorie counting. I’ll literally obsess over it all day. I hate it. I think portion control and making healthier choices is the best way to go. Plus consistently exercising which is hard for me because my body hurts.

  • Dont lissten to the internet also ” look at this app, they will tell you.. ” go to a professional. And they will help you 100% better then a app

  • Surgery is not that horrible. It is not a cure all, but it does help. It is more like a tool. It is not for everyone but please don’t discourage people from taking that route.

  • Hero’s of the body positivity community!
    Stan Efferding is an amazing well of knowledge and suggests taking multiple 10-minute walks for cardio.

  • so he has massive skin surgery to get rid of loose skin, but then drills gigantic holes in his good skin so he looks like a dipshit freak, excellent

  • Encouraging words to hear. I have been going through my own weight lose journey at the moment. Starting at 172kg (379 pound) in January to 125.5kg (276 pound) today. It’s not necessarily the way I would have liked to have done it but being at that start I was at the point where moving around cause me major lower back pain and though I didn’t have diabetes yet I was not far off. I started taking Phentermine and pantoprazole to help apetite and the extreme stomach pains I get when I don’t eat much. This has allowed me to have 2 meals a day, start eating lite and easy meals for my dinner and Start expercising again over a period of time. I am now trying to decrease my dosage as the side effects make me more irritable then I already generally am but it’s a crutch that has helped me as I continue to aim for 80kg (176 pounds)

  • Really important is to note that you dont wanna lose any muscles while losing weight. So slow cutting (250 calories daily) and strenght training is crucial!!!

  • “Just because it’s simple does not mean that it’s easy.” THANK YOU. I’m currently trying to lose some weight and I feel like it’s just as much a mental and emotional journey as it is a physical journey. I’m trying to relearn the difference between hunger and boredom, and trying to stop using food in relation to my emotions. I’m also temporarily living with my parents, who I feel started a lot of my bad habits from a young age. Of course I am accountable for my weight now as an adult, but there’s a lot of arguments telling them to stop buying me cream cakes and chocolate just because they want to eat it. I started using My Fitness Pal about a month ago, and although counting calories feels weird and time consuming, it’s really helping me take some control back of my food intake.

  • I’ve been losing weight since I was 15 and now I’m 20, down 60 pounds I just need to lose 40 more then hopefully gain back 10 (muscle)lol

  • I only have to lose 30 lbs and I felt so overwhelmed by the number but seeing you and your girl do it, I am feeling more confident. Thank you so much ��

  • i started just by walking and cutting out all energy drinks and soda…and slowly over time just added stuff to my routine and removed bad habits from my diet…

  • Hey i have a quick question/asking for advice.
    I’ve decided to lose a bit of weight this summer, honestly i’m in a pretty good situation all thing considered, I am overweight, but i’m a teenager and I have maybe 35 lbs of extra fat. I really want to fix my routine now because i’m still young and I don’t want my bad habits of drinking soda ex. to continue to the point where i have to lose a lot more weight.
    So i’ve started to tell myself to not each junk food (most of the time i have to buy it myself anyway so I just have to not bike to the store), and i’m starting to do a bit of working out each day.
    I’ve started to weight lift a little bit and i use this 5 pound weight i’ve just had lying around for a while. Although i have no idea if its the weight i should be using. (sorry I don’t know correct wording or terms), but I do about 15 curls on one arm, then switch. I find i can only do this about 7-8 times before I almost cant do it anymore. Is this normal? Should I be doing other things to work up to curls?
    I also do a bit of the stuff you go over in your working out at home video so thats nice, i hope to be able to start doing full push ups by the end of the summer (I cant really do them now).
    Does anyone have any advice or tips for someone as a teenager? This channel is really helpful its just hard to do a lot of things while i’m not completely in control of my life yet. I don’t even decide whats for dinner.
    Thanks for anyone who read this and i hope you are doing well and are achieving your goals.

  • Your advice ( specifically on the tdee calculator ) when you first posted that video, it changed my life. I was always the guy running his ass off in the gym without knowing anything about calories. Now I feel like I’ll always have the ability to keep my weight in check. I’ll always be grateful for that and support you and your channel.

  • See this is the ish that messes me up man!!! You’ve got people that SWEAR by keto and how amazing it is and that’s very low carb, high protein/fat. Then you’re saying you’re doing low fat and high carb, it’s the exact opposite. How do you know what’s best for you?

  • I know im late to this video. But I’ve been doing chloe ting challenge for almost 2 months every single day, been fasting, n I’m losing slowly n I’m only down 5lbs. What am I doing wrong here!? Is it normal to lose weight so fricken slow?

  • You are Amazing!! I am also beginning to walk andn watch what I eat! I tried running only because I felt i could and I did!! However, I got injured!! I hurt my knee and now I am taking about two days off but working out at home. I am beginning to walk again tomorrow!! i walk about 7 miles every day…I walk 3.5 miles in an hour. Walking rapidly and briskly. I will get through this!! i have lost 9lbs. in two weeks!! I have about 12 more pounds to go this month! But I want to get back to my ideal weight of 145 lbs… this year and I WILL do it!! Thank you so miuch for your motivation!! You are the Best and MY Idol!!! Love you girl!!!

  • Keto is so unbelievably unhealthy, you are destroying your body and heart, the only reason you lose weight is from calorie restriction.

  • Because people keep asking you questions doesn’t mean that you have to answer… why is it that people are asking all those personal questions??? I know this is 3 years.old..

  • the reason you couldnt see a difference at first is because youre tall, im 5’1″ and if i lose 10lbs i notice lol, your weight is more spread out also to help with the loose skin do a lot of weight training to build muscle!!! ive lost 60lbs so i know a little lol

  • You’re so cute…. no seriously I love your personality…I love what you stand for…. I pretty much agree with everything you say except this… Not all of us are 20-year-old boys with no hormonal issues trying to lose weight as you were when you lost the weight. That TDEE calculator is way way way waaaaay off for many people. Impossible for me to eat what it says I should and not gain, yes gain, not maintain ������

  • Making fun of a fat person at the gym would literally be like making fun of someone for ordering coffee at Starbucks. I’m starting a gym membership on Monday and if anyone makes fun of me, I’ll straight up laugh at them.

  • You are so right to keep exercising everyday. I walk over 10K a day but that’s it. I don’t work or go to school so basically all i do is walk almost 5 miles a day. I am slowly working my way up to 5 miles a day. I am so close. I use to weigh 250lbs and i walked it all off by walking literally 2 hours a day. I can’t run so I walk really fast. I did get down to 145 but im back up to 170 because i didn’t keep up with walking. I stopped and eat a lot. I’m only 5 feet and 170 is to fat. I hope i lose 5 lbs a week. I am fasting for the first time tonight for 24 hours. i already lost 10lbs just by eating healthy and walking everyday (almost everyday) for 2 weeks.

  • This videos really motivates me a lot, I started at 280 pounds and now I’m at 219 my goal rn is to get to 200 and then 190, thanks for sharing

  • Thanks for such a coherent video! Love how you focused on general activity over serious exercise, will really help a lot of beginners <3

  • So proud of both of these guys. I just started my journey last week. I have just had enough. I am currently 263 and my goal weight is 180. I took some photos of myself and I do not like what I see.

  • Hey Zach question for ya. I use my fitness pal since I started my diet last July. I have lost 60 pounds so far with 20-25 more to go. The question is I eat 3 bananas a day, I freaking love them but my fitness pal kind a yells at me because of the sugar in them. I say not to worry about it because it’s natural sugar. Do you agree not to worry about the sugar in bananas or fruit in general? Thanks for any info.
    Oh and awesome, awesome job on your weight loss, impressive as can be!

  • Yeah, I don’t like calorie counting either, I’m doing a metabolic confusion diet, because my body type is built to store fat, I have to confuse my metabolism so I eat high carb one day, moderate the next day, then low the next day, then you repeat that.

    I also think that most people (including me) forget that you see results as you go and not just the end result, that’s one problem that always made me give up

  • OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT WITH 20% OLEROPEIN AND YOU WILL NOT BE HUNGRY ANYMORE Basically a thyroid doctor told me that USA is 17 years behind in thyroid levels and that most women in USA are hypothyroid and Olive leaf extract corrects it and yo lose weight because you aren’t hungry anymore. You can buy it at Whole Foods or or anywhere online just make sure it has 20% of the oleropein

  • Jordan Shrinks is literally the BEST weight loss community anywhere. I watch every one of her videos, and I’m also so grateful I found, it helped me not only lose weight, but keep it off, and hope it helps some others.

  • Kind of a weird question, but, what kind of shoes do you use? I also live in Canada in a very cold climate and I just moved here, and cant imagine how I can just walk in these conditions for miles… So… What shoes do you use to keep yourself comfortable, warm and safe?

  • There are so many factors that contribute to fat loss.

    I think people do not have enough knowledge about how their body actually works.

    Hormones play a critical in determining whether or not you gain fat.

    And hormones are profoundly effected by nutrition and lifestyle.

    What you eat and your lifestyle, effects whether or not you are telling your body to store fat.

    High amounts of simple carbohydrates and protein, stimulate the body to produce insulin, which stores fat.

    Stress, and inadequate sleep, which increases cortisol levels, also stimulates body fat storage.

    The notion that a calorie is a calorie, and it does not matter what you consume so long as you are at a calorie deficit, is flat out wrong.

    People are often hungry because they are either dehydrated, or they have consumed empty calories, and the body is craving nutrients.

    If you eat a nutrient rich, high fibre diet; drink plenty of water; avoid refined carbohydrates, especially in processed food and soda; you will be much better off.

    I think people need to get back to preparing their food. Be honest about what flavours you prefer, and find healthy ways to prepare those things.

    Something as simple as adding a salad to your meals, and decreasing your carbohydrate intake, is a great place to start.

    Exercise is important, but for different reasons than most people think. Most people think they can use exercise to burn off the calories that they have consumed. The reality is that most of the time, exercise does not burn as much calories as people think. That is not to say that exercise does not have its benefits. It is great for reducing stress, building muscle, improving cardiac health etc. However, those who seek to lose fat and gain optimal health, need to focus on nutrition first.

    Standing more than you sit, is also a great idea. Put down your gadgets, and go for a walk. That is a great place to start. 30 minutes of weight training at a moderate intensity, 4-5 days a week; combined with walking 30-60 minutes per day, will really produce results.

  • You are basically morphing into Orlando Bloom.

    What I find confusing of the various TDEE calculators is that the “activity level” doesn’t always seem to be defined in an objective way.
    How do I know in which category I am in?
    Unless one is completely sedentary or a pro athlete, what is in the middle seems a bit blurry.

  • Hi Jordan. Congratulations on your success. I have some (what I hope you will receive as) constructive feedback.

    100lbs in 6 months: Probably too fast & too drastic. The speed of fat loss should be a lot slower to minimise the amount of loose skin. Whatever timespan it took to take the fat off should be the same amount of time as it took to gain all that fat to begin with;

    High carb low fat is one way to go. However, there are alternatives such as a mix of the Mediterranean diet and keto or ‘healthy keto’. It offers a chance to get more micro nutrients as well as the macros. When some intermittent fasting is thrown in, there’s a better chance to switch from sugar burning and fat storage to fat burning;

    Excessive cardio exercise for the sake of burning calories is problematic. Instead, use low intensity aerobic movement consistently every day/once every two days with some HIIT thrown in once or twice a week. The HIIT is to send a hormonal signal to the body to increase growth hormone and burn fat. Resistance training such as weights or body weight exercises is highly beneficial.

    A pattern of eating and not eating (fasting) combined with good quality nutrition will allow the body to get healthy first before it starts letting go of the excess body fat.

    These are just some points. I was worried that others inspired by you will end up copying you and having more issues with loose skin than they need to. I understand that you were worried about your health and did what you had to but also I hope you can appreciate the good intention with which I’m writing this.

    Well done once again & take care ����

  • Wow loved this video and how you don’t hold back on your words you are amazing you must be so proud of your dedication.

    I noticed people asking about spot training and getting prepared for running. I have found an online trainer named Lucy Wyndham Read she has a 7 min 7 day challenge to help you get ready to start running and over 900 workouts some 4 min HIIT 7 Day challenges for belly fat Back fat, menopause the list goes on so hope this helps some people searching for this as well.

  • I’m 330 lbs…6.0 foot. 35 year’s of age. I was big my whole life until about 19 (350lbs ish), then I got down to 200 lbs. When my Dad(51 yo) got cancer when I was about 30 so I left my job to look after him 12 hours a day. He survived for 8 and a half months after getting a two week to live diagnoses. Long story short I hit the bottle for year’s after got up to 330 lbs(now). I’ve had a few heart problems since (nothing major).
    I just would like to say you are an inspiration dude, I’m going to try my hardest from now to get healthy. I’ve quit drinking and have the fire again. Knowing your story makes me feel like I can do it too. Thank’s dude, you may have contributed to saving my life…

  • Hi Jordan with the potato and broccoli dinner thing. What proportions would you do for those? And shouldn’t I worry about the carb amount for potatoes. W

  • The fit bit figures out your TDEE, and adjusts daily based on the energy you are expending walking running swimming etc. It has a nutrition log that figures our your macros for you also. I know it’s not cheap but older versions are just as good as the newer one for what those us us starting out need

  • Well,I loss my first 100 LB by changing my diet and walking. It got harder after that, I started running 10 miles a day (5 in the morning 5 at night around 5 miles/hr speed). BTW, you don’t have o do that, cause when I ran 10 miles per day I have to eat more, because after about 2 weeks of doing 10 miles I was blacking out. Make sure, you eat enough, don’t just go hard on that low net calorie, your body will shut down.

  • ive lost 40 lbs in the past 4 months i was 260 at my heaviest now im down to 220 and i dont really see a difference but the people close to me say they can see it:/ all i see really is my double chin is smaller lol

  • You helped me so much at the start of my weight loss journey. Flash forward now a year later I’ve lost 90 pounds and still remember your advice and it keeps me going!

  • thank you for your videos im just starting out on my journey….. again…

  • Rewatching this to try to get back into the right mindset and seeing how far you’ve come is absolutely incredible! So incredibly proud of you for getting to a point where you’re healthy and happy.

  • Word, good work dude!!! Hey, Ela and Ethan, you guys are great and fucking absolutely hilarious! And Ethan, your wife is gorgeous!�� as you may know! Good work two you both. I’ve watched/followed almost from the H3 Genesis. So long time fan!��

  • So inspiring. I love that I chose your video randomly and expected the usual ‘I ate healthy dead chicken and vegetarian fish’ and found you were vegan. Yayy. I am now going to buy lots of potatoes and broccoli.

  • I wish I lived near you…. I do take this as motivation but being 26 with bipolar and rapid high and lows sometimes I dont believe in myself. I started at 360 LBS and now at 275 Lbs. It’s been a battle and now I’m just wanting to get the rest of the 100 gone. I’d like to try your diet if you could give me like meal tips to prep that would be amazing!

  • I love how blunt and direct you are. Great job!!! Im working on losing weight and also dont wanna count just making healthier choices and working out.

  • I’m 11 and I’m 140lbs and I am on homeschool right now cause i have something wrong with my large intestine and so my goal before I start 8th grade is to lose 40 lbs and fix my health cause before I was in home school I would get sick at school and it was really embarrassing so I’m just taking time off to fix my health and self image

  • Thank you for the videos,
    Watching other people’s transformations is motivation to keep going and proof that it can be done. I’m starting this week from 251 lbs. using both Keto and IF. I lost 60 last year, but gained back 20 in the past 6 months. It’s time toget it all off for good! Heck, maybe I should make a video too.

  • I played the calorie game… it fucked me up. LISTEN TO HIM. I went 3 months eating 400-500 calories a day. It was insane. I had a food fear and I was OBSESSED with NOT eating food. Love you John <3 been with you since ellen

  • I choked on my drink…2nd masters at 23???? Wtf girl! How did I not know this about you? Friggen A that’s nuts! How do you find the time or money for that?

  • I feel like it’s talked about way too little that people have extremely different metabolism. Some need to train and diet so much more than others to stay at a healthy weight (not being healthy, that’s not what I mean). It’s not an excuse, but instead it makes loosing weight and getting to a healthy weight and also MAINTAIN this weight for those who got fat so much more of a success. If I ate like my colleagues and ignore fitness like them, I would get to about 300/350lbs.

  • You are exactly me.
    I weigh around 235 and I’m 5’5
    I’ve been overweight almost all my life and it’s so hard to start. I also don’t eat meat but I love carbs and cheese. You are such an inspiration. I just deleted all my followers on I. G so I can start my journey documenting it for myself without feeling judged.

  • Hey bro you too are such an inspiration! Im starting to lose weight i just started “dieting” a little over a week ago. I am really just starting to cut everything i eat in half and i only eat 3 times a day no snacks at all. I do eat a big breakfast though is that okay?? I could really use some tips man i hope you can help me, im 369 right now by the way. Please any help how many calories should i eat a day??

  • Oh freak!!!!! It’s August 14th 2019 but I am in the same boat as your start. I’ve just been getting bigger and bigger and i have that dirty ring. I’ve been trying to exfoliate it off. Smh. I’m 304 �� this is a wake up call. I wanted forever to fix this but my story is fat kid skinny for 18-22 then fat again. I’m 26 now and my knees ache sometimes. I gotta get it together. Thank you for the motivation lol if you read old comments.

  • Milk is so bad for you the hormones alone are enough reason to get cow milk out of your like, just check out conspiracy on YouTube

  • I have doubled my weight since high school. Ive had 3 kids and it seems like with each one I would add more weight. Then I was put on antidepressants and at every Dr appointment I would gain another 5-15 lbs. I quit taking the medicines, but haven’t lost weight. I got a Fitbit and logged my food intake yesterday and it terrified me. I had consumed nearly all my recommended daily allowance at breakfast. I’m hoping today will be better. I wasn’t searching for weight loss videos today, but you were in my recommended videos so I will take it as a sign. Thank you.

  • I’m 6’5”, 245 lbs. Not too overweight but I really want to slim down, and I can’t seem to stick to anything I do other than Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice & Warm water in the morning. Every diet and exercise routine I’ve ever had has fallen through

  • You’re an inspiration. I started at 285 about 12 weeks ago and now down to 233. My goal weight is 185. (the weight I was 15 years ago) What I am doing is just cutting out all fast food, alcohol, sugary drinks, and other processed crap. I eat a balance of lean proteins, fat and overall lower carbs. I haven’t cheated once other than a piece of hard candy every so often. I workout 6-7 days a week, with pushups and cardio and occasionally light weight training. My blood pressure (on 2 pills) went from 140/85 to 110/60-70. My A 1 C was pre diabetic level…(I get blood test in another 3 months) Even though I have about 50 to go, I feel like a million bucks. I don’t know if I will get loose skin or not because I was solid muscle 15 years ago and very fit. We shall see.

  • Interesting story, but the bad language was too much for me to sit and listen. You are in school, so I think there are probably a lot of other words you can use. Keep up your good work though.

  • This video just made me realize why I’ve been failing so long: I’m not friggin consistent. I’ll be doing great but then I’ll get lazy. Thank you for making me see the light lol.