How you can Touch Your Toes (4 Stretches to enhance Versatility)


Simple Way to Touch Your Toes for Healthy Flexibility (Do These 2 Stretches First) Dr Mandell, DC

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Can’t touch your toes? 3 exercises to improve hamstring flexibility so you can touch your toes

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I Stretched my Hamstrings Every Day for 60 Days 8 Week Flexibility Challenge

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THE 4 BEST STRETCHES TO TOUCH YOUR TOES: Standing toe touch stretch – 30 seconds Cat/Camel – 30 seconds (switch positions every 5 seconds) Star stretch – 30 seconds (as many slow reps as you can). Start on your hands and knees, with your knees below your hips and hands beneath the shoulders. Bend your right knee and slide it forward between your hands. Your right heel should rest under your left hip. Keep your left leg extended straight behind you and your hips square.

HOW TO DO IT: Sit on the ground with your right leg straight. Bend your left knee until the sole of your left foot is resting on your right inner thigh. Reach toward your toes and bend forward at your hips until you feel a pull along the back of your right thigh. Hold this position for 20 to 30 seconds, then relax. Stretch three times and switch legs.

Touch your fingertips to your toes and straighten your legs until you feel a good stretch through your hamstrings. Hold for 30-60 seconds, taking deep breaths. Notice if your legs are able to get a bit straighter as you hold the stretch. Stick to this easy 7-day schedule to do the full Touch-Your-Toes Challenge. Adults should do flexibility exercises at least two or three days each week to improve ROM Hold each stretch for 10-30 seconds to the point of tightness or slight discomfort Repeat each stretch two to four times, accumulating 60 seconds per stretch Static, dynamic, ballistic and PNF stretches are all effective.

Trying to touch your toes is a pretty frustrating task for us inflexible folks. But according to the experts, it’s not impossible. Here’s your action plan to.

Then do your toe touch 10 times. Tips. Take breaks in between jumps to avoid getting too tried.

You may want to do the jumps in front of a mirror to see exactly what you are doing wrong. Ask someone to critique your toe touch. Make sure you point your toes. Turn your hips under when you jump.

Wrap your fingers over your big toe with your fingertips resting near the big joint at the base of your toe. Press your thumb into the top of the joint and gently bend your toe back as far as is comfortable. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds, then release. Step 3.

My Calisthenics Programs: �� Follow Me: MUSI. The Benefits of Being Able to Touch Your Toes. If you want to increase your flexibility, you’re gonna need to stretch.[1] It’s how you make your muscles elastic and strong.

Why bother though? What’s the big deal about being able to touch your toes? Here are some of the benefits provided by stretching: Increase range of motion.

List of related literature:

Extend your arms and point your toes, making your whole body into a long, straight line, and then stretch, pulling your hands away from your head and your toes in the opposite direction.

“Girl to Girl: Honest Talk About Growing Up and Your Changing Body” by Sarah O'Leary Burningham, Alli Arnold
from Girl to Girl: Honest Talk About Growing Up and Your Changing Body
by Sarah O’Leary Burningham, Alli Arnold
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There are a number of YouTube videos available that show the stretches; Google “Resistance Flexibility” to find them.

“Making Life Easy: How the Divine Inside Can Heal Your Body and Your Life” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
from Making Life Easy: How the Divine Inside Can Heal Your Body and Your Life
by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
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Reach your hands under the arches of your feet, either from the front or sides of your feet, and pull up your torso, away from your feet, straightening your arms and lifting your butt into the air.

“Energy Medicine Yoga: Amplify the Healing Power of Your Yoga Practice” by Lauren Walker, Donna Eden
from Energy Medicine Yoga: Amplify the Healing Power of Your Yoga Practice
by Lauren Walker, Donna Eden
Sounds True, 2014

Keep a log of how far beyond your toes you can reach, how difficult it is to reach behind your back and touch both hands, or how far forward you are able to move when stretching your calf muscles.

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
from Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform
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The best way to improve flexibility is to perform stretching exercises.

“Total Training for Young Champions” by Tudor O. Bompa
from Total Training for Young Champions
by Tudor O. Bompa
Human Kinetics, 2000

Continue to relax forward, keeping your legs flat on the floor, until your fingers can grasp the big toe of each foot, your elbows can touch the floor, and your whole upper body can rest on your thighs, with your head on your knees or a little below them.

“Art and Science of Raja Yoga: Fourteen Steps to Higher Awareness, Based on the Teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda” by J. Donald Walters
from Art and Science of Raja Yoga: Fourteen Steps to Higher Awareness, Based on the Teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda
by J. Donald Walters
Motilal Banarsidass Publ., 2003

To stimulate them, use thumb walking down the bottom of each toe, and hook in right in the center of each toe for a couple seconds as in Figure 13-12.

“Massage For Dummies” by Steve Capellini, Michel Van Welden
from Massage For Dummies
by Steve Capellini, Michel Van Welden
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Stand in 5th position, right foot front; demi-plié, left leg is drawn to the side in a gliding movement, the knee and toes are straightened and the toes touch the floor in 2nd position.

“Basic Principles of Classical Ballet” by Agrippina Vaganova
from Basic Principles of Classical Ballet
by Agrippina Vaganova
Dover Publications, 2012

Stretch your entire body while standing on your toes.

“From XL to XS: A fitness guru's guide to changing your body” by Payal Gidwani Tiwari
from From XL to XS: A fitness guru’s guide to changing your body
by Payal Gidwani Tiwari
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TECHNIQUE Bend your upper body and try to touch your feet with your fingers.

“Anatomy and 100 Essential Stretching Exercises” by Guillermo Seijas Albir
from Anatomy and 100 Essential Stretching Exercises
by Guillermo Seijas Albir
Barrons Educational Series, 2015

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  • Thanks for the vid. What stretches should we do to get the full leg splits? I’ve trained taekwondo and we did bent stretching all the time so i don’t know what else to do.

  • I have 8 fused vertebrae. Two plates in my neck and “bar” in my lumbar. I have had 4 total surgeries. My last surgery I woke up with 33 staples to close the surgical incision. I am miserable. Unfortunately, I did way too many sports and dirt bike riding. My back is a mess. ��

  • I hate this exercise anyway, I always feel it behind the knees for some reason, I have to bent my legs slightly to actually feel my hammies

  • When I first started I could barely reach past my knees. 3 weeks later I can reach my toes again for the first time since like high school lol

  • Everyone please watch my latest video of CAlISTHENICS/HOMEWORKOUT. If I get more than 1k views I will upload more. Please support ��♥️

  • Thankyou so much Doc! I was able to touch the ground. I was exercising since 1 week to get it but couldn’t achieve. I gave 5 mins to this… And it’s miracle!!!!

    P.s I am not lying!!

  • Hamstring stretching is the most uncomfortable of all muscle groups to stretch, but seems the most beneficial. So uncomfortable…..I think I would enjoy a machine for this

  • Terrible form (rounded back, bent legs). Static stretching isn’t effective, and results will quickly vanish after stopping your routine. Don’t do this boys and girls.

  • It worked! I was a few inches from touching my toes and after I did all the drills I was able to touch my toes with my fingertips! Thank you so much!

  • This did in 7 minutes what a month of Yoga couldn’t and he didn’t even tell me to send awareness through my body, thus making me roll my eyes so far into my skull that I can actually have a look in there and accidentally gain some awareness. Thanks, dude.

  • Wow that was awesome! I was having doubts at first, until I tried it. First time touching my toes in my whole life without bending my knees.

  • I stretched every morning for 30 minutes timing each stretch (no props that t just wastes time) and it took less than 2 weeks to touch toes. Don’t procrastinate or overthink it like this guy and you will be flexible in no time and push yourself once you plateu:)

  • This reminds of my PT telling me that someone like me, who has had lower back pain/issues since I was a teen, should avoid Yoga. He recommended Pilates to me instead.

  • I don’t know if bending your spine is a good idea. The motive behind “touching your toes” is to stretch your calves and hamstrings.

  • sooo much bs… the before everybody does it cold, there cant go far, after streching the warm muscles extend much more. you could have also done othe hamstring strech exercises.. i did this after i was warm and reached like 1cm wider down…

  • Touching toes while standing is similar to the position needed in traditional farming, in weeding and planting. I used to be laughed at by farmers as I was not as flexible and unable to join in for any length of time…..

  • i am going to follow the instructions on this video and just started today (4-23-2020). I am going to see what I can do in 8 weeks and beyond.

  • I must be doing something wrong when I do these exercises I feel the stretch in my calves not the hemstrings any suggestions?

  • 3:31 So when you are” strong in the hips, you CAN stretch that way”? Look at the expression on the face of Brad. He is like: “what? MMh. No.”
    Seriously, every Yogi shoud have immense back problems, because there are lots of figures that require bending over. I haven’t heard of a specific yoga induced backpain epidemic yet.

  • This is very interesting.
    I am 31, F, and extremely inflexible and I have never been able to touch my toes. The furthest I can get is just arrive my knees then it’s starts to hurt!
    I’ve started doing a bit of yoga for beginners but I really can’t stay in the positiona for long enough without my arms or legs shaking as I don’t have alot of balance.

  • I feel like his form is wrong. He should be trying to get his belly to touch his thighs when stretching instead of just trying to touch his toes.

  • I have this same problem. And i often feel like I am the only one. I am now 39 years old, but this video inspires me to improve myself. Thank you:) And thank you for doing this, it gives me hope.

  • Ok. I got 1 even better take a ball tennis or golf ball and place it on the floor and rub the bottom of your foot on the ball as hard as you can without hurting your foot.
    There is a strap of muscles that start at the tip of your toes, goes under your feet, up the back of legs and back over your head to your eye lids. Sometimes when you do this move you will feel your forehead pull. Its weird if that happens.

  • I’m a medical student and need to tell you that you can just forget about “fascia”. It’s nothing different from muscles. Every muscles has its fascia and there is no fascia without any muscles. The blue “fasica” was nothing else then m. erector spinae, hamstrings etc.
    Also: Accupuncture has nothing to do with that.
    Just stretch and you’re fine, people have been doing that for 50 years.

  • it’s super real…i was.not are to touch my tose and it was almost 10 cms gap. in 10 mins I m able to touch ground…it real. this worked as.just did as per the video..super cool

  • for stretching there is no fast road, its a very slow process if done right. Your accomplishments are very untypical for guys of your age.

  • Holy fuck, I almost died because of the pain but went from being about 20 cm away from touching my toes, to just 3 cm in one motherfucking day..

  • The guy is not “stretching his hamstrings”, he is working on his lower back injury.

    If you want to safely stretch hamstrings / whole leg, stand on one leg and put the other one horizontally on something in front of you. For most people this position is already more than enough. If you are flexible, press the outstretched leg down against support and bend toward it NOT FROM YOUR UPPER BODY but from the hips, keeping the back straight. If you are tight, forget about the bending. And especially forget the seated forward bends until you can do them COMFORTABLY with straight back.

  • So i also have very tight hamstrings so im stretching every day, but my problem is that i can’t do a proper squat so im not sure if it is beacuse of tight hamstrings or my flexors are to weak or both.

  • i wish i had the motivation you guys had i workout but i always fall into a trap by eating little bit of junk here and there i always regret it wish i could stop but the foooddd be soo gooodd ill last a week most without any fast food

  • NO chance I could even just touch the floor with my fingertips. Partly due to not being that flexible and partly due to my muscles have not flexed or stretched in over 30 years. but good video on how to reach those goals

  • I also just tried this and it definitely works! It’ll definitely take a while to practice and be able to touch your toes every time but this is a perfect stretch to try every day!! My muscles do hurt but it means I gotta stretch more!

  • I lift a 10 lb weight in which i lift the weight over head and then down to the floor. It’s like stretching my fingertips to the floor. I was told it’s a whole body work out. Your thoughts… Thanks

  • How many approaches and how many times a day would you recommend? Unfortunately, I did not notice you respond to any of the questions yet. Interesting why.

  • Hey, when I try lift my legs up in the air completely straight I can’t I can only get 3/4 of the way before it starts bending and if I push myself I probably will rip something. Whats the best way to fix this?

  • If you were sitting down touching your toes, could someone force you a lil bit so you could touch your toes, I have a video on me trying to touch my toes while sitting down, appreciate it if you looked at it or anyone in the comment section because I feel like I need a guide to touch my toes

  • If you’re looking for specific stretches to help you touch your toes, check out the video here:

  • You just gave me relief from my efforts to touch my toes which was actually dramatizing my legs. There is more involved in that effort than stretching the hamstrings and back muscles.

  • Omg I’ve been trying to do this for years as a dancer and only now after watching this video I can touch my toes! Thank you so much, next can you tech hour to do it sat down and splits

  • Routine:

    2:00 Calves Foam Rolling (2 minutes)

    2:31 PNF Calves Stretch (1 minute passive stretching / Push Feet down 10 seconds / relax / Pull Feet up 10 seconds / 1 minute passive stretching)

    3:43 Posterior Pelvic tilt Planks (30-45 seconds)

    4:05 Lumbar Pelvic control (10 reps then hold 10 seconds)

    4:40 Single leg deadlifts (5 reps straight 5 reps bent)

    Then repeat everything but the foam rolling for another round

    5:29 Inch Worm Variation

    5:52 Spinal extensions (do some to decompress the Spine)

  • when we have a BIG GUT loaded with FLUFFY Fat.. then even such tricks help hardly as this bulge of tire holds one making them unable to touch Toe:)

  • That’s a really bad advice.

    As a yoga student I’ve seen at least a dozen yoga teacher saying the exact opposite. You should perform a anterior tilt of your pelvis in such a way your sitting bones are almost pointing upwards, then you should bend on your hips with you back straight. 

    With an posterior tilt you  bend on your lower back and put too much pressure on your lombar disks if you don’t have the hamstring flexibility. 

    You can get away with your technique if you are young and have a healthy lower back, but the majority of the population over 30 years old already have some lower back pain, and doing this exercise with a posterior tilt will put too much pressure on the lower back discs and may lead to hernia or disc protrusion.

  • I’ve recently found out that I could touch my toes just by doing plie squats!! Just wanted to share cause I think I’ve tried every way possible to touch my toes without hurting my calves like crazy and nothing worked. I think plie squats worked because it activated/awakened my hamstrings muscles (also my glutes).

  • This is so close to my experience it is scary. I originally herniated L4-S1 during high school sports and had pain that would come and go but was tolerable if I didn’t push it. Re-injured the area and became someone who lived in chronic pain with limited mobility. I grew up doing gymnastics and was a football punter for a long time so I was moderately flexible before the injury but sense the chronic pain started I know my muscle firing patterns are different from compensation and I can barely get past my knees when trying to touch my toes. I also do not believe it to be hamstrings because I can stretch each of them separately with ease and little to no pain. At one point I had an appendectomy and was hunched over from the swelling for about 3 weeks after which the pain became an excruciating daily routine. I have seen 2 orthopedics, 1 neurosurgeon, 2 physical therapists and a chiropractor. The chiropractor helped somewhat but only for the short term and was too expensive to continue long term. I now use an inversion table for the pain which is good (could be better) but I have not been able to regain any flexibility and movement back. Help???

  • I think you going to a physical therapist would have been much better and interesting. Someone with a medical diploma. I really fail to see how the whole cupping thing would help with hamstring flexibility.

  • Yesterday, I practiced to reach my toes and its very hard but after an hour I finally reach my toes. When I woke up, I tried to reach again my toes but my hamstrings are very sore so I can’t reach my toes. After I watched this I tried his tips and the hurt I feel was gone and I can finally reach my toes again. P.S i have watched many videos on how to reach your toes and I highly recommend this video because it’s safe and a magic one ��. Thanks Doc.

  • Interesting video. Most hamstring stretching videos are done by people who can already place their palms on the floor and I could never relate to their “struggles”. You on the other hand, I can relate with. I’ve never been able to touch my toes, even in kindergarten throughout high school playing competitive soccer and track through the year with consistent “stretching”. Most people just tell me that my legs are too long and my arms are short with me being 6’3. Who knows. It’s easy to forget to keep stretching and I’m wondering if I am I able to reach my goal if they’ll just revert due to my sedentary work lifestyle? Have you been able to maintain the flexibility or has it gone back to where you started?

  • Wow, I went from three inches from my toes to touching just by doing the pelvic tilt, cant believe it, been doing stretches for a week and this just helped me accomplish that. Thanks

  • Bob! Brad! Please help half the world’s population that does yoga. They do a lot of bending to the floor poses and sitting poses with legs closed and stretched out in front of them, and they bend to try to reach the toes with their fingers. You have a lot of comments here about this. Should they stop? Should yoga rookies even start? Bob and Brad we are waiting for your answer. Thank You very much.��

  • Your a jaw dropped when I was an inch away from my toes…thank you sir. Been athletic for years and extremely fit. But the one thing I couldn’t do was touch my toes. Thank you

  • I know I’m a teen but I started as tight as him. ’ve been stretching for 4 weeks and with the sitting hamstring stretch I can get my whole hand past my foot

  • Speaking of the Army. In the early 70’s I went through jump school at Ft. Benning. After graduation I was off to Ft. Bragg. We used to do 5 mile runs wearing those black jump boots. Somewhere along the line, a smart person decided running shoes caused fewer injuries than those damn jump boots (or the regular black boots we were issued).

    I just found your YouTube channel. I’ve been trying to find information on buying a decent pair of walking shoes. Thank you for providing this information.

  • How odd. It makes my lower back feel better. I was once yelled at by a work boss for not bending my knees when I was picking up a box. So I bent my knees and it hurt my back. I think I’m alien or something. Sheesh. I’m afraid to move at all anymore.

  • Thank you gentlemen. This is interesting, practical and helpful information. I used to do it the “old way”. You’ve now convinced me otherwise. 😉

  • When I bend to touch my toes I bend from the hips…i concentrate on my hips…and my knees are not locked…it feels great…i can understand it’s bad if you’re bend from your lower back.

  • If i have a lot of free time, can i do this as many times as i want?
    For example: I do all of those stretches now, and then 10 min later I do it again, and then 10 min later again and so on…

  • Hi to whoever reads. Tin man checking in. Something wonderful has happened. Now I’ve watched maybe every upright health hip vid many times. And I’ve been very aggressive working my hips glutes hams and quads since October. I AM SEEING RESULTS. I dont care that the improvements are small. I can now do things I haven’t done since my injury 5 years ago. Of course I can’t touch my toes yet, but I am seeing progress. The Tin man is creaking back to life.

  • If after doing all these you eventually reach the point of being able to reach your toes, should one be going through these steps continually or just go straight to toe-touching and holding it there?

  • Hi Brad and Bob, I have never had a problem with that stretch as long as you do not round your back and keep it straight or curved a little in the opposite direction. As a matter of fact at 54 years old I can reach down and lay my hand flat on the floor. When I was doing dry land training at 17 yrs old I could just go a little further than my finger tips.

  • I love how traditional sit ups and touching your toes are so bad for you. Did these for years thinking they were good for me. Geez.

  • Bob and Brad, on your video “Don’t touch your toes” people have asked if in Yoga it is OK for forward bend please reply your answer. Otherwise people get confused, if you put out information, you need to reply to questions in my opinion!

  • I’m working every day on my posture. Lot of rowing exercises with good form are helping. However, I find it a little MORE difficult to breathe when my posture is good. Is it possible that the lungs and soft tissues have attached themselves to the ribcage in the poor posture and need exercised?

  • Hell Bob and Brad, Im kind of confused right know. A lot things you say we better avoid, are crucial parts of Yoga positions. So is Yoga in your experience bad? Best wishes

  • Safest, easiest…
    Actual martial artists would have you scream in pain for an hour of their stretching routine.
    You would pray for one of your muscles to snap.

    In 2 months you would do splits like walk.

  • Well, makes sense, but I have bone spurs in my knees & can’t bend them well.So if I drop something, I use giraffe stance. It’s the only way I can pick things up.

  • why this video has so many dislikes, for some reason after watching video I immediately knew that this guy has for sure lot of dislikes,dont know why but yea

  • This is super creepy. One day before this was posted I was googling “can’t reach my toes” considering I’m 28 and can barely reach past my knees, imma gonna take this as a slap in the face.

  • Dr I love your videos straight forward and to the point can you do a video on relieving continuous and recurring headaches please

  • Can I do that stretch if I have lumbar & cervical scoliosis? My lower back & shoulders & neck are always tight. Pls give me the right stretching exercises for my problem. Thank you.

  • This is awesome! Best video on YT regarding this subject. Bending the knees before kneeling was the trick to get the technique right. Now it’s time to repeat this daily and condition myself.

  • Hi guys, I’m new to your site and love it, thanks so much for all of the content. I am an occupational therapy assistant, and wound up out of work due to quadricep/patellar tendonitis, now tendinosis!! Yikes! I am definitely a knucklehead with working out (Crossfit/powerlifting, etc) and unfortunately got to an acute state. That being said, I have just completed 2 months of PT but i am still so limited to and restricted. Any advice? Or do you have a video addressing it

  • For Martial Arts kicking, side kicks above the head / round house / what is the best hamstring and over all leg stretching techniques. All I know are the sprinter stretch and bending my head and back over my out stretched legs in a V.

  • This makes me feel bad that I’m flexible… I almost never stretch and I can put both hand flat on the floor… I can also do like jump splits and I never stretch

  • Love your videos on how to do everything yourself in a safe manner. Especially loves the one on how to crack your shoulder, felt great after a long day of work. Great job and keep it up ��

  • Wow! Just tried this today with 4 sets of 15 second stretch for both toe and heel lift exercises. Before the exercise, my hands barely reach a little over my kneecaps. After the exercises, I was able to reach to the ankles (about 6 inches more than before.) I had tried various other hamstring stretches, this is really effective! Thanks for sharing this trick!

  • Could you guys review how to walk & run? I cant get myself over 5 mins of run but I can skip 20 mins over the rope. Something isn’t right so…

  • For hamstrings I have my whole body horizontal with arms straaight out while one leg is on the ground. That’s probably really advanced tho. Need good flexibility and balance

  • There is no science that suggests stretching is good for you. Hamstrings that are tight may be a sign of something else. I do not recommend ever stretching your hamstrings.

  • Been practising bending forward to try and touch my toes for about a week and found some small improvement… but just tried this method and immediately added 6 inches! Wow! Thank you doc this is my new routine…

  • My back is sooo much better after watching 3-4 of your do/don’t do videos! I only just found you guys and wish I had much sooner! My back thanks you!

  • I have refrained from correcting your “lay down” because I’ve given up. Americans are doomed to say it wrong forever. Also I think improving your camera work and editing is more important, and I was an English major.

  • Hello Matt, i have a question here! raise finger Well, i was wondering if it was OK for me to stretch my harmstrings, considering i am suffering from anterior pelvic tilt? Won’t it damage my harmstrings or won’t it accentuate my APT? Thank you in advance ^^

  • Doc, I have had a back for the last 2 years. I have tried so many different stretches and get no relief. Lately I’ve developed Vertigo and have fallen 4 or 5 times in the shower. Can you tell me what I can do for relief?

  • But I did it in 5 minutes

    I holded my head to knee position for 30 sec(it was very difficult for first time��)
    And I did it 3 for times and I got it easily

  • Would be great if Bob or Brad could reply regarding how they feel about the Yoga forward-fold move and do they recommend it or not? Thanks!

  • I live in Michigan I have so many back problems and terrible posture I’m only 23 and I hold my anxiety and stress in my shoulders and back and it’s the worst! It would be so cool to see you some day!! Maybe this year!

  • I like you Doc but you are assuming that everyone already has the flexibility this gentleman already has. What about those of us who can barely touch our calfs…

  • Hello, thanks for the exercises! Very helpful. So, I don’t have an anterior pelvic tilt, the 3 physiotherapist’s i’ve been said I have a normal pelv and maybe it’s more leaned to the posterior one, but, when I go to lay down like the exercise you done, I do an anterior pelvit tilt and now I found out why I couldn’t do that well. Why does it happen only when we perform this movement?

  • Thanks. Great video. I really recommend this hamstring flow too:

    Simplistic but really effective for me personally.

  • Is this safe for me to do? My Rheumatologist told me I have inflammation in my SI joints due from wear and tear. I’m 32 year old 150 pound male.

  • I wanted to be able to stretch so I worked on it for couple of minutes a day, and in 5 days I was able to touch my toes. Watching this video makes me realize how lucky I was. I’m still practicing every day and it is getting easier and easier to touch the ground.

    I love how noticeable improvements are in any domain as long as you are persistent. Thank you for posting this video.

  • Thank you this video is helpful, have tight hamstring after a hamstring tear and I feel a stretch on back of knee. Any suggestions

  • Thanks Dr. Mandell, this alone solved many problem that could not be resolved by many Specialist Doctors, for which I shelled thousands of $..

  • I’m 25yo old dude who was never active. I couldn’t touch my toes. I startes working out,stretching,i was able to touch it two months after. Sometimes the simplest things mean so much ��

  • I always have this strong tingling sensation in the soles of my feet when stretching my hamstrings �� thanks a lot for the video. I could never touch my toes but now I am slowly getting there…

  • Nice, but you should do it while keeping your back straight, the hip needs to move, so you don’t hurt your spine. A rounded back like this is not good at all!

  • Your skype sessions sound interesting. Would you recommend I apply for a kinetic chain of distortions on one side of my body? An internally rotated femur, flat foot, scapular winging only on one side. The other side is great. Went sprinting and one leg is firing up, great glute, but the other side is just coming along and slowing me down? If not, any other recommendations?

  • Your videos are amazingly informative, i do both of this stretches regularly and i have some lower back pain, so avoiding this will probably improve it! =)

  • I did these exercises as well as other that i found online and guyssss i can touch my toes. It all happened in ONE week. I recommend getting a foam roller. That really helped me. And those these stretches twice a day. If you have any questions feel free to ask. If you cant touch your toes, IT IS ACHIEVABLE. trust me

  • Your voice lacks depth. It’s weird, I’ve to turn my volume up to hear you, but when I do that parts of your voice are too loud, but it’s still hard to hear you because of the lack of low tone depth in your voice.

  • I’m going to try those two stretches. I already can bend over and touch my fingers to the floor. Fact I can go a little past just touching the tips but I still can’t Palm the floor. And I haven’t even stretched yet.

  • Happy New Year to you both. Thanks for all the informative videos. I must point out that being trained in Nursing we were always told that bending must be done with bended knees and using the calves to take the strain getting up, so what you are saying makes a lot of sense.

  • Super curious on your opinion on the way dancers and gymnasts stretch.. touching your toes its a big thing for use, hinging from the hips not the back. I can get my whole chest completely flat against my leg. would you say this is bad?

  • These 2 stretches really work, I’ve tried them and even after one attempt I was able to touch my toes very easily where as previously early in the morning it took me 5 minutes or more of bending down to eventually touch my toes.

  • Posterior pelvic tilt results into rounding of spine…if spine is to be kept straight (as generally in yoga poses) Anterior pelvic tilt will be required, I think from spinal injury perspective rounding should be avoided…any comments / suggestions?

  • If that’s all you managed in 8 weeks you were doing it all wrong. Your hands should be flat on the floor palms down by 8 weeks.
    PS Don’t do deep stretching before a workout, allow at least 4 hours of recovery. Stretching for flexibility gains should be kept completely separate from any strength based training (incl. running)

  • Tin man here again. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t even touch my toes in the womb. But I’ll give All these moves a try and all other hip related drills and exercises. I’m motivated to see if my body will go eventually when it has not gone before.

  • Athlean-X has a video debunking this. This stretch does nothing. I know, because I’ve been doing it for years and never got anywhere.

    Both the first, and second way of stretching is incorrect. Check out the video “Stop Trying to Touch Your Toes!! (NOT GOOD)”

  • Hi
    Thank you very,very,very much for your videos they are very helpful and informative. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge. I will appreciate videos for frozen shoulder and how to get up from the floor exercises or techniques.
    Thank you very much for all your help.

  • Yea well the difficulty with most of these for me is my legs can’t lift straight ANYWHERE.. it’s painful to sit up with legs straight.. they click if I lift then up during ab exercises.. and they’ll only go halfway and they’ll be bent… I can only reach halfway down my legs without them extremely hurting so this didn’t help me at all I gave up as soon as I saw those leg lifting exercises����

  • im so happy now, because of you i have accomplished being able to stretch and touch my toes, for the longest i have always though it was my hamstring injury that stopped me from being able to touch my toes but in only seconds you simply taught me how to just focus and straighten out my legs and i did it first try, i am so thankful for this video it has really put a smile on my face:)

  • You guys are spot on. I have had degenerative lumbar and thoracic discs for about 16 years and most serious issues I have had was trying to stretch that way. I even had a therapist that tried to gauge progress by me trying to touch my toes.

  • I can touch my palm to the ground but i was trying to do a chest stand just now and failed so im just watching this to make me feel more flexible:)


    I have played soccer my hole life I have been able to touch my toes touch the flooor with our pain BUT recently I hurt my back in the l5 l4 area thing the docter said their is a slight buldge I don’t know what that means but I can no touch my toes CANT EVEN PASS MY KNEES what do I do please help me

  • Thank you, great tips every day. I’ll definitely stop the standing toe touch, though I also do the sitting version and have always thought that was a good one.

  • Realistically, how often do you recommend stretching the hamstrings? Everyday? I am a keen runner but rarely warm up or cool down and my hamstrings have been incredibly tight for years. Open to any suggestions you might have. This video was very helpful thank you.

  • I don’t touch my toes, I put my hands flat on the floor. And it feels good, real good. Just have to watch your motion. That’s how it feels to me anyway.

  • I recommend while working on your hamstrings to also work on hip flexers and thoracic spine, you also need to work on the glutes strength and the quader lumpurium muscles. It’s never just hamstrings. Good luck

  • I still can’t reach. I’ll be trying to do this daily because I really want to reach my toes�� I don’t know if I did something wrong but I couldn’t reach it easily like how everybody did after watching this