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Drive your feet into the ground, tighten your entire lower body and core, squeeze your shoulder blades together, and squeeze the bar. You should feel like one solid, single unit. When you tighten your body, your neck, upper back, and butt should be on the bench (and your feet and heels on the ground). Bench Press Mistake #5.

Lowering The Bar To Your Upper Chest. When you lower the bar too high up on your chest, your wrists and elbows will automatically fall into a misaligned position. Your elbows will end up flaring out excessively, or if you are able to keep them tucked in, your wrists will be forced to bend. You muscle the bar up, but it stops moving an inch shy of the safety pins. You panic.

What to Do for the Incline Bench Press. 5 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Bench. 17 hours ago · Thou canst still bench. You just need to follow some precautionary rules so you can perform the lift safely and avoid death by barbell.

Rule #1: Never Put Collars on Your Barbell When You Bench. Collars prevent the weight plates from sliding off the barbell while performing various lifts. They keep you and those around you safe while you do so. Since an incorrect bench press technique can lead to pain and injury, it’s important to know how to perform the bench press correctly.

Lie on the bench face up and make sure that both of your feet are on the floor, while your back, buttocks, and head should remain in constant contact with the bench. Bouncing the Bar. At the bottom portion of the bench press, don’t bounce the bar on your body—this cheats the movement by creating momentum to make the barbell easier to lift. You can also hurt your rib cage if the weight is heavy enough.

If you have to bounce the barbell, chances are it’s too heavy. How To Bench Press Let’s go through the basics, before we talk about tweaking and improving the move. Lie flat on your back on a bench. Grip the bar with hands just wider than shoulder-width apart. MISTAKE #1: USING THE WRONG BENCH ANGLE.

In order to get the front shoulder to do less of the work and allow the pecs to do more, you have to first get the angle of the incline bench press correct when you do the exercise. So, what is the angle that you want to use on the bench in order to hit the upper chest the most?Lie down with your feet on the floor and grab the bar with a medium grip. Unrack with straight arms, lower the bar to your upper-chest and press it back up over your shoulders.

Keep your butt on the bench and your lower back neutral. Bench Press in the Power Rack to avoid injuries if you fail to press the weight. The bench press is one of the BIG 5 exercises that can give you a full body workout and is an essential upper body compound Bench press: safety first!

To avoid any injuries and to help.

List of related literature:

SAFETY: Anytime you use nearmaximal weights and low repetitions (four or fewer), it’s a good idea to have a spotter on hand who can help lift the bar off your chest if you unexpectedly fail to complete a repetition.

“Men's Health The Book of Muscle: The World's Most Authoritative Guide to Building Your Body” by Lou Schuler, Ian King, Editors of Men's Health Magazi
from Men’s Health The Book of Muscle: The World’s Most Authoritative Guide to Building Your Body
by Lou Schuler, Ian King, Editors of Men’s Health Magazi
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Performing these tasks correctly is predicated on a good bench press setup.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
from Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance
by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2015

I put the weight on the bar, and I did what I knew was the worst thing I could possibly do—the thing they teach you not to do when you lift weights: bench-press your maximum weight with no spotter present for safety purposes.

“The End of Me: Where Real Life in the Upside-Down Ways of Jesus Begins” by Kyle Idleman
from The End of Me: Where Real Life in the Upside-Down Ways of Jesus Begins
by Kyle Idleman
David C Cook, 2015

What are some of the most common novice mistakes you see in lifting?

“Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World” by Timothy Ferriss
from Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World
by Timothy Ferriss
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017

For the safety of the exerciser, it is important for spotters to spot by standing as close to the dumbbells as possible and spotting near the wrists so that the spotter can quickly support the exerciser if his or her elbows collapse, preventing the dumbbells from falling inward toward the exerciser’s chest or face.

“Conditioning for Strength and Human Performance: Third Edition” by T. Jeff Chandler, Lee E. Brown
from Conditioning for Strength and Human Performance: Third Edition
by T. Jeff Chandler, Lee E. Brown
Taylor & Francis, 2018

(2) Using primarily the muscles of the back, lift the bar upward until it touches the upper abdominals, then lower it again, under control, back to the starting position; then immediately start your next rep.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
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Here are some don’ts for the bench press: Don’t place your feet on the bench.

“Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults” by Joseph F. Signorile
from Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults
by Joseph F. Signorile
Human Kinetics, 2011

To avoid injury to the lower back, use your legs instead of your back when lifting heavy objects and avoid carrying heavy objects above the level of the elbows.

“Fitness cycling” by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
from Fitness cycling
by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
Human Kinetics, 2013

For instance, some well-respected coaches say that your knees should never go past your toes when you squat, that rounding your spine on a deadlift is okay, and that touching the bar to your chest on a bench press is bad for your shoulders.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

To recap: place the feet and grip shoulder-width apart, grip the bar like the bench press, keep the back neutral, descend straight to the clavicles, tilt the head back while looking forward, raise the bar along the same path, shift the torso forward slightly, squeeze the glutes, and lock out.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
from Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body
by Michael Matthews
Oculus Publishers, 2019

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  • I just realized I was overlooking some key points in my bench. My elbows were wrong, my grip and finger placement was wrong. Thanks for the correct information.
    Also, I have been increasing my bench weekly by 10 pounds. I think I might have pulled a muscle strain in my abs. It hurts when I bench. Should I just work through it and keep benching or take some time off to let heal?

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  • Jo Alex, just wanted to tell you. I gained some weight during Corona, and I was always lean before that. Now I was in the gym again and the guys I was training with thought I did steroids, cause I looked buff af. Trained at home, but honestly they just saw me in bear mode the first time ��

  • Why’s he explaining everything like he’s telling someone off. It’s fucking obnoxious, couldn’t get through the vid even though everything he said was correct

  • Tbh I don’t do barbell inclines anymore, due to a rotator cuff injury that I got from deadlifting. I stick to incline dumbbell flies for upper chest, works pretty good. I can still bench press and dumbell bench press though

  • Idk if I’m doing it wrong, but how do I keep my scapula retracted, when my arms pushing the barbell up forces my shoulder blades to detract?

  • I have been waiting for someone on YouTube to make a video like this for years.

    I’ve been benching for over a decade now and for some reason the pain always sits on my front delts. I’ve watched every video on YouTube on how to have proper bench form but for some reason even though my form is spot on the next day my front delts are in pain. Chest day in actual fact feels like front delts day. It’s extremely frustrating

    I even took weight off and again the pain was 70% front delts and 30% chest.

  • Since i started watching you i have only been becoming stronger and bigger, you are honestly the best fitness channel on youtube right now

  • I understand you saying that half reps will be potentially dangerous in the long run, should I be worried because I am not doing any bench variations other than floor press? Btw I am novice, thanks Alex

  • I benched with my back flat once as a beginner and had shoulder pain the next day so I researched and corrected it straight away, never done manual half reps and as for the elbows if you are benching off your lower chest like you should and you grip the bar correctly they won’t flare out too far which tied in nicely to the manual half rep section of the video.

  • Hey Alex. Could you do a video on the Weighted Push up and the carrry over to the Bench Press? I can do 5 reps with 90kg how much will be my bench? I weigh 90kg.

  • I’ve had shoulder pain since day 1 due to a dislocation when I was younger. I honestly have no idea how to press, when I try it the right way I get pain bad. If I try it the no so correct way fully flared I don’t get that much at all even though it’s bad ����‍♂️ honestly wish there was any other way to grow my chest properly.

  • Anyone else here that i have lifted for a long ass time, still clicking just to check if the info is solid and if there is something you could work on however just finds things that affirms the good solid knowledge you already had?

  • Is adding the curvature to the back for bench only necessary for strength or should it be used for hypertrophy/bodybuilding training aswell?

  • Alex, is there any benefit to do the bench press with the feet/legs elevated from the floor while bending the knees in a 45 degree angle? Back in the 70’s and 80’s most guys did it!?

  • Yh but on a bodybuilding stand point if u get the bar close to ur collar bone and keep a flat back u may not be optimising strength training but u will be growing a bigger chest

  • I find that my shoulders start shrugging up after a few reps when I’m benching heavy. Is this detrimental to developing pressing strength?

  • I would add another mistake.
    Benching with a wide grip..
    Its not sustainable and you will for sure get a shoulder injury.
    Close to medium grip is the way to go

  • Actually, there’s something to be said for the “guillotine press” or “Gironda neck press”… IF done properly (which is likely rare).

  • That’s how I hurt my shoulders in HS. To much flared elbows on the bench press, But ironically i hurt my shoulders playing Dodgeball. All that repatative movement caught on.

  • What a revelation. I’ve been doing it all wrong since forever. I even gave up doing the bench and moved to the assisted machine press. Thanks a lot for the information. Wish I’d have come across this earlier

  • 2:49 this is true, learned it the hard way. i had no barbell so i tried it on my dumbels (50lbs) i know their not that heavy but that time i can do overhead press with them so i was very confident. It was my first time doing dumbel press so yeah long story short i had to stop my “fitness” goals for a couple of months. I couldnt do press no more, the stinging sensation is there whenever i do press movement.

  • Alex, I know this question is irrelevant to the video but I’m wondering. If all you did for your back was weighted pullups. No rows or deadlifts. Would this be enough? Or would you NEED to do the other two to get some more upper back strength. I know it would be optimal to do the other two but I’m asking in the sense of would your posture get fucked up if you were just strong on the weighted pullup?

  • And a tip for the people out there that you’ve probably come across is to love the push ups��

    Full range (gymnastic style).

    Bodyweight and weighted!

    I worked my way from bodyweight push ups (on boxes for deep ROM).

    Got up to 110lbs for 5 sets of 12 reps
    Keep in mind, I did this for a year, I took a ”pause” from benching at all for the whole year.

    When I came back to benching my bench increased from 242lbs/ 110kg up to 308lbs/ 140kg for 2 reps.

    Not a Godly bench strength but It’s amazing to get a 66lbs increase by push ups alone!

    Also, not a bit of shoulder pain!
    Note, I had shoulder pain when I started doing push ups..

  • Bro, your stance on injuries can be truly idiotic. Not everyone gets injured because they did something wrong. You are acting like we can control all the variables.

  • Bodybuilding secret tip-that first example benching with elbows flared and high up on the chest,is basically a Guillotine Press.I have discovered this to be a total front deltoid blaster,and I mean in a good way.Not a stregnth exercise,it’s a bodybuilding volume exercise for front delts,that does allow you to use way more weight for your delts than you could ever do doing front lateral raises.Use lighter weights that you could do ten or more reps and lower the bar down to your chin or neck,just till you get a good stretch and not any lower.There are people who load up the bar but I totally discourage that.Much better to do high rep/volume work or even better,pre-exhaust with front delt laterals then hop on the bench for guillotines.A great exercise that blows up the delts and can be done safely if you just DON’T ego lift

  • Hi Jeff! Did you have a surgery after your ac joint was popped?? I’m asking because I’ve injured the AC joint in bike accident two months ago and till now I can’t bench press. Greetings from Poland.

  • Dude in gym said this to me, If you arch your back little bit, It will become a decline bench, And flat is better cus it hits all chest muscle…… LOL

  • Hope you enjoyed this one! Let me know in the comments below what other topics you’d like to see, and don’t forget to follow me on IG ( ) for more content! Cheers!

  • I tried tucking in my shoulder blades but then I lost all contraction in my chest and benching felt really akward and overall uncomfortable. Help?

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  • I can’t thank you enough. I have been struggling with shoulder pain for the last few months. Despite being able to bench a fair amount of weight I was doing it completely wrong. Placing excessive strain on my shoulders which eventually led to a mild impingement. I tried stretching, using the release ball and various other exercises. I followed your instructions and could bench a lot more and pain free. I’m elated. I need to get used to it and unlearn what I’ve been doing for the last 2 years. Thank you so very much. I can finally bench, something I love doing. Just need to work on the arch since I got that part wrong. Thank you so much.

  • Guys help me out I do everything right until I lift off my feet are still on the ground but I have a slight movement. As soon as I have that movement I feel my contractions I have in my back slip and I end up getting flat for some reason. Then I’ll syke myself out and end up failing the bench but if I keep from loosing my footing I’ll get it. I think I’m thinking too much and I lose all of my momentum. Didn’t realize it the other day I was going for a pr of just 255 on a heavy single missed it. An older gentleman spotted me and said I wouldn’t go for it again but after he said that I got pumped up and said I’m getting this shit and got it. Tell me some routine for my mind like what do you guys think about. Do you try to get angry and attack that shit or free your mind? Because I’m still at that mind over matter right now but I have increased my heavy singles from 185 to 255 since Jan 4

  • Bruhhh you forgot about foot placement… because not having your feet in the right position correct/ flat on the ground has a lot of effect on your strength as well?!

  • My coach instructs me to grip the bar with my hands as further as possible for maximum chest muscle activation. Is this approach bad?

  • I can pinch my shoulder blades with the bar at the bottom but I can’t seem to keep them pinched when I’m pressing the bar upwards. Anyone else have this problem? ����

  • I have bad shoulders and watch a lot of YouTube videos on how to lift with shoulder pain and by far you have the best video explaining everything in detail and making it simple to understand. Thank You

  • Feell so sorry for my self. I’ve done this mistake 4 years ago. My shoulder just is not the same any more. If onely i knew how to do it currectly… to the young gys, be carefull this is crucial

  • Thank you so much! I started my weight lifting today! after 20 years of procrastinating since I was 15 yrs old. I think no one is too old to start exercising/weight lifting. Subscribed!

  • Hurt my rotator cuff benching with bad form over time. I’ve been doing everything you shouldn’t be doing: absurdly wide grip, flat back, bar touching the top of my chest. Thanks for the tips!

  • Jeremy man thank you for this video. I stopped working out because of shoulder pain. I stumbled across this video and tried your benching method. My shoulder did not pop once and it was pain free in my motion. Once again thanks man!✌��

  • My gym doesn’t have power rack but I want to do seated OHP, Everytime I do seated ohp I’ll have to jerk the weight up and sit in the bench,I don’t want to use Smith machine any suggestions for my case?cuz jerking the weight up costs lots of energy

  • Great video.
    Curious about loading weight when lifting solo?
    I’m typically in the gym at 4am so finding a spotter is slim to nil chance… If I drop the weight to feel confident in doing it solo, are there loses associated with doing this? (lower weight, higher rep)

  • I don’t suffer shoulder pain from bench press earlier than I changed my technique and I have pain in my shoulder in my last two workouts…..your second point is where is was lagging my traps are very close too the ears..
    Thanks a ton ������

  • Jeremy your absolutely the best of the work out channels. I always struggle connecting with my chest during the bench press. Tried your tips in the video today and my chest is on fire bro. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  • Is it ok if I leave about 2-3 inches of space between the bar and my chest when I bring the bar down before bringing it up again?

    P.s. I have pretty long arms and am already doing the full rom imo

  • I wish I had watched this video before hurting my right shoulder during bench press with incorrect form. Now there is a month and it still hurts. If someone knows any proven and working exercises for fixing that please provide link

  • Hey Alex,I agree with all you said, but not entirely with mistake nr.3 which is the full range of motion.Full range of motion means different things to different people. For example me, I have pretty long arms and if I touch my chest during the bench (which is considered full range of motion by many), I immediately feel that the load is taken from the pecs and transferred to the front shoulders, since my elbows are going lower than my body when the bar touches my chest. It doesn’t matter how much I arch my back, every time I press until I touch my chest, sudden additional load on the shoulders I feel.If I however stop at around 3 cm to by chest, I feel the best activation of the chest and not loading the shoulders. For people with short arms, touching the chest is already considered full range of motion because at that point their elbows cannot go lower than their bodies,because the chest is in the way.

  • hi jeremy, what can you say about my elbow,cracking everytime now during bench press and push up, dont know why, it never did. its been two years. i tried diffrent angles,diffrent width,diffrent possition,can give some advise?thanks.

  • Hey @Jeremy Ethier I’m having this problem where I’m having trouble with my right side. I know what to do, but I physically can’t. And I’m fairly confident in this statement as my left pec is growing by my right shoulder is bigger. Something I’ve noticed is I’m severely lacking internal shoulder rotation(?). If I’m lying on my back with my upper arm 90 degrees in relation to the body, forearms up in the air, rotating my elbow so that my hand gets closer to the floor I can only get about half as much on the right as I can on the left, and simultaneously having trouble keeping the shoulder close to the floor. Basically I can’t put the left chest closer to the ceiling than the shoulder joint, and I feel this is my problem. Right now I’m trying to use light weight to push the hand down while resisting it in the shoulder to keep it back and down, but I’m not sure if this is a good course of action. Any input is appreciated (by anyone reading this!)

  • I remember a guy at the gym at my college back in the early 1990’s in Scranton, Pa. When he benched, he arched his back so much, his entire back was off the bench. We called him “Overtrainer.”

  • Me personally I have another reason for not putting clips, it’s because when I first started my right dominant side was stronger so I won’t put clips to make sure I’m not pushing more with my right that my left and now it just become a habit

  • Perfect. Elbow kept back under the bar. So often I see personal trainers lately, telling people to let their elbows move down towards the body. That’s great if want to primarily work your front delts, but that’s not what the bench press is for.

  • Wow I just got my first bench and dam I was doing it all wrong thank you so much so helpful i could have hurt myself so bad. Now I know better

  • My arms are a lot longer than Jeff’s but when I do the first step my hands are more in to where my pinky is probably 2 fingers inside the knurl marks. Am I doing something wrong?

  • i dislocated my shoulder benching with bad form and it took a long time to recover. now i am always paranoid my shoulder will pop out again and i feel it moving around when it shouldnt. It hurts. Bench with good form.

  • Great video, but the only problem is you over explain it and make it a little confusing for new people, also the grip, if you use open palm grip I have found it helps you lift more compared to closed palm.

  • I cant get the bar all the way to the chest for some reason. Not that im not strong enough but i just cant make that movement for some reason. Same goes for pushups. Someone have the same problem?

  • If I’m a woman who can do like 5 pushups in a row on a good day, and never done bench press, should I add any weight to the bar, or will the bar alone suffice for the start?

  • The absolute worst thing about Athlean X and Jeff…

    Is getting a horrendous knock off discount dollar store version of Athlean X advertised before the video. Some scam company called “Vshred” or something like that. That guy is a complete and total clown.

  • I have not seen all videos describing the Bench Press exercise, but this one has been the best, in fact a lot of your videos giving instruction on proper form and technique have been the best I have seen. Kudos

  • Seriously I’ve been searching for a video like this forever. Now I know exactly how to line my body on the bench. Thank you so much!

  • Hi Jeremy! Your workout guidelines r just perfect! I cannot find anything better in the net.. thanks for such precise inputs for all! Kindly suggest a vegetarian diet for muscle building!

  • Thanks man I’ve stopped for 4 years and I was a pro back in the day but.know I’m getting back at it.just wanted to freshen up and take out the Flows I had thanks again

  • I’ve got a bench in my house and the rack is positioned where I feel comfortable putting my hands so If I put my hands on the outside of the rack my grip feels too wide and if I put my hands on the inside my arms have not got adaquite space to complete the exercise

  • Something that really helped me build up my bench was building my shoulders. When I first started lifting I had trouble breaking 300 on my bench but after I really started building up my shoulders I was able to break that plateau. I know this vid is technique tips, but shoulder development is pretty huge for bench even though it’s not the primary muscle.

  • Bro I have a question like do you train people your like really good at breaking down the technique and proper to do whilst teaching people

  • Im barely starting and im hearing people say they are starting on 10 pounds. Im starting on 15 pounds, is that ok? Or should i pull back to 10 pounds just to be on the safe side.

  • Question about full extension at the top of the lift. Is there a benefit vs almost full extension with slightly less weight? When I do DBs with slightly less extension it feels like it targets the chest better than full extension does. Thoughts?

  • Awesome videos that u r making. This is quarantine time and it will more useful for me tanq. i got a fat body and now am working for 3 hrs per day.

  • i wrenched something in my neck (possibly strained a trap somehow?) doing the bench a few days ago. this is 1 session after adding another 10lbs. first time it went fine, just doing 4 sets 5 reps at 150lbs (estimated because im still in the process of replacing the secondhand low quality plastic weights i started with which can be a bit inconsistent). but the second session 2 days later put me in some serious pain, which has faded by this point. i am going to dial it back 20lbs and just concentrate on form.

  • Its obvious that you Stretched the Video so that you come to 10min.
    Dies all thus Money and Fame even makes you Happy?!
    I doubt that.

  • Hips stay on the bench if course but arching your back can have great benefits because it puts your chest out i think that should have been mentioned in this video.

  • Trainer in my gym (that always laughs at my full body routine and neck exercises (says it should be slow and control shit)) said to one of his students once, that you don’t have to retract your scapula, and he said it so I can hear it, he always does this crap, wants me to hear him, it’s so cringy. I think he wants me to understand that I can’t progress without his help. What nothing to do with this guy

  • Anyone answer this question? So I have pretty much zero elbow pain when I bench heavy, lifting heavy in general feels much better, if I try to do volume say over 4-5 reps I get elbow pain. Could it be form breakdown? Should I just stick to low reps heavy weight on compounds?

  • I’m an mechanical engineering student. I never really cared about my health before. I like that your channel shows the science behind exercise. Now I like learning about the science of fitness and applying it. I now see human body as a machine. I like machines.

  • The no clip at home is good. I push reps of heavy weight been stuck before as my wife and kids are not going to be able to spot me lol. Dump the weight had to do it before. Great safety tip. He has no much knowledge of lifting, nutrition, strength and cardio training I have been watching his clips for years at 47 take all the help I can get. Thank You.

  • By the way just a tip I learned through lifting it helps me if I grip the bar very tight instead of just gripping it try it out it helps me

  • Arching your back while putting your feet on the bench and lowering the bar halfway, all at the same time. Seen it more than once.

    Good video, even though I do not flat bench anymoe

  • I love the content in this video and a couple videos I seen. Maintaining a positive attitude and self control is the best way to succeed.

  • A great free bench program is an app called bench press +50. It’s only on androids and it works better than any program I’ve seen. I recommend doing what it says and then after do 3 sets of 10-15 reps with whatever weight suits you.

  • Keeping the shoulders back makes so much sense now he’s made me aware of it, just tryed it feels better to be honest, like I’m actually using my chest more, I smell more gains on the way lol.

  • Haha tip number 5 had me cracking up funniest people to see work out are kids doing bicep curls pick weights that are far too heavy for them dont even hit the full range of motion and do reps too quickly that the muscle don’t even read it

  • My chest is bigger and I say do not touch your chest. Arms should bend to 90 degrees and you stop the weight before exploding up. Eccentric is where the strength is earned.

  • I love you and your brother and the whole Buff family-really really has helped me with my fitness. Keep it up and best to you all.

  • ahahaha you are GREAT!! A fucking actor, someone between Thor, Hollywood Hogan and don’t know, so beautiifull to see this video for the tips and ro your acting!! Thanks!!!!!!:-)

  • ive been putting the bar a bit too close next to my neck, sort of top half of the chest, doesn’t that put more stress on triceps and less on chest?

  • Full range of motions is not a mistake at all, but as an old dude, I started stopping bit higher to take pressure off my AC joint.

  • I can’t lie. Being a fairly skinny guy, it’s quite embarrassing struggling to get proper form without any weight on the bar. It’s all about building up though. Appreciate the tips dude!

  • I have been following these workouts for a few months now and the golden nuggets of knowledge that you give are incredible!! Most importantly, they are based on how the body actual moves and functions. Love it.

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  • What a spotter can do to assist is to put his fingers below the other persons elbows and gently push up. A mind trick that actualy helps a bit.

  • I have the habit of lifting my butt alittle to get a better arch. I hurt my shoulder a bit back trying to max 315 and now whenever I get over 225lb it feel strained when I flat bench. I’m making gains in size and strength the way I’m doing it and I feel no pain, but should I focus on regular flat bench or any tips that can help.

  • I️ learned that the shoulder placement is what I’ve been doing wrong when I️ bench, then he proceeded to call me a shithead. I️ guess I️ deserved I️t lol

  • If i use a spotter, the only time he helps is when i’m about to fail at the last 1-2-3 reps. Greatest mistake to let someone else lift out the weight. Could be lethal. If you can’t lift it out, you shouldn’t use it at all.

  • Hey man great video. But I have a question. when I arch I tend to have my legs and feets forwards instead of backwards to the bench is that okay or dangerous?

  • I’m a subscriber of this channel and follower of Jeff, but this video, even though being great as usual in its production, the technique tips are on the negative side, as some of them, like the arched back and chest touch, will seriously contribute to injury in the long term, specially on older gym goers, and even in the short term for a beginner of any age.:-(

  • ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT information. Great presentation, described well and demonstrated perfectly. Kudos to you for this video! You get a 99% thumbs up from me. The only reason that I was unable to give you 100% is due to the fact (when describing #5 ROM) you instructed people to actually “touch the chest” at the bottom. I do believe or hope that you realize that this is incorrect and is dangerous. So, I am assuming you said this by accident, but seriously Brah….phenomenal video despite that one element!

  • idk what i do wrong but my wrist always go back… should i restart my process`? starting with 0 weight and right wrists`? @jeff Nippard

  • Hey, I’m a beginner to gym workouts as I have played soccer and mainly do cardio, and don’t have access to a weight rack for squats and bench press, etc. What are some good workouts that target the same areas of a bench press? I’ve looked up videos and have a general idea of what to do, I just wanna know what works for you guys. Thanks!

  • Great video Jeff. So many good things. I might add if there is a sticking point and you flair your elbows too soon it can cause a shoulder issue or injury. I try never to flair my elbows. And just being nit picky…the bar to chest touch area varies do to your arm length and grip width and this is very important to people with longer arms that use a narrow grip. So it greatly varies (as you know but didn’t really explain). I have been benching a bit wrong for decades until I really researched proper technique and my weights suddenly greatly increased. Your video looks honestly very good. I wished it was available 20 years ago. Excellent details, thanks.

  • I understand how this arch/setup can improve how much weight you press. Over 6 weeks I was able to press my 1RM for 4 reps. However, I now think this setup is very drastic for an average lifter. I currently have a herniated disc in my lower back due to trying to arch like this under high loads. The risk/reward just isn’t worth it imo. My life has been significantly effected the last couple of months. I hope anyone reading this considers thinking twice about this setup.

  • This video changed how I benched and helped me get out of a bench press plateau, putting up bigger numbers in just a few weeks. Great video Jeff!

  • @JeffNippard what program do you use to edit your video my man.. thank you for the tips on the bench press because ive been struggling with that for a while

  • What’s all this huge arch shit? That’s just a cheat move. Work the muscle, not the arch. I started working out in the mid 90s and you would have been laughed at benching like that.

  • Had a big dude at the gym tell me I shouldn’t be pushing it back towards my face or what not, and that I should be pushing straight up. I have been working on trying to bench this way, or the proper way, and kinda acted oblivious and was like oh shoot thanks man lol

  • With that arch position you don’t have enough travel to activate all the muscle, you can depress your shoulders without doing that
    Also that ends being something like a decline bench press

  • Beats me why people find anything in the gym hard. 1st time I ever benched, felt natural, right grip everything. Same with squats and deadlifts. Just a natural I guess!

  • Almost 1 year since Started gym, I been Lifting 30kg each side 3 x 8 reps, same with dumbbell but then you see some skinny guys lifting 45kg each side… Wtf

  • you should make a video on how to get rid of intestinal baggage. ive gained almost 40lb from it this last few years and I really need to get rid of it

  • too be honest this just looks like a decline bench press but on a flat bench? as far as the transformer positioning goes, this really looks uncomfortable.

  • As a beginner I had so many questions about the bench press…. So many YT videos available on bench pressing, but this is the ONLY video (and your following vid) that has answered all my questions. ��

  • Yo wtf a strange thing happened to me, we were maxing out ok bench and when I got to my max I lifted it with no struggle at all that my friends were surprised. But then i tried to do it again and i struggled, what does this mean

  • If I could ask for some advice, when I bench press (tends to happen more on heavier weights / final reps), I tend to get a really big lower back squeeze that almost hurts, I don’t believe that my arch is that big but when I am lifting heavy I feel my lower back tensing more than I even feel my chest. If there is any advice or technique changeups I should do let me know.

  • I know this style works for some. And if it does, more power to ya. However I still REALLY don’t care for the whole contortionist arch style. Always makes my back hurt looking at it. I just make sure to try and keep butt and shoulders on the bench as much as possible and feet flat on the floor. But, as I said I know this does work for some and do what works best for you.

  • Dear Jeff N. Every body have different ways to explain. But you my friend go far away. With you video.bravo ������ buddy. With you very professional coaching. You answered and helped me to complete to understand how to perform and correct my mistakes.i will buy you book. I am becoming one your followers. God bless you. And happy new year.

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  • I know this is an old video but thank u so much guys! I was stuck at 265 for a little over a month now and didn’t think I could get stronger. I was doing everything but the knees below the hip and elbows close to torso technique. Fixed that and went from 265 to 275.

  • If you are an experience bencher, I do not believe that changing anything here and there will do anything to improve your bench. Now if you are brand new to the exercise, I can understand somewhat. The point I’m trying to make is that in order to improve your bench its just to do more bench and use some type of progressive principle. And those that are really strong in the bench, they so happen to be strong naturally. The same thing goes with other lifts.

  • I tried tucking my shoulder and it actually made it harder to bench. I could gain any leverage. I must have totally misinterpreted this video. The fact of the matter is that there’s no miracle panacea. No matter how perfect your technique is, if you’re too weak to bench a particular amount of weight, you won’t lift it. The only way to get stronger is to eat healthy, get plenty of rest, and gradually work your way up.

  • Number one tip. GAIN WEIGHT!
    Your presses will go up..and pull-ups will get harder…for me every 5 pounds of body weight my bench will go up..also build a bigger stronger back..and lastly master leg drive

  • Adam, thanks a lot for these videos. I know you guys have already make a video about how to correctly squat. But, can you make a new one? Like this one of bench press. Iam a tall guy 6″1 (1.86), so i really feel comfortable squatting low bar (i can also squat high bar), but right now iam on a platteu. So i want some tips from you. I know you are a tall dude also (6″3), it will be really helpful.

  • Is it ok if I don’t lower the bar all the way down to my chest when I do bench presses?

    I leave about 2 inches worth of space above my chest then I bring the bar up again.

  • Space exploration is fantastic and all, but we should also look at Earth and it’s unexplored regions. Like the oceans, and this man’s beard.

  • I just tried 165 for the first time today and did 2 sets of 6 reps after being at 155 for about a year. Should I just go up to 175 now? I felt like I could’ve done more

  • Awesome video. I typically hold my breath to brace for a minimum of 1 rep to about as much as 4 reps, would it be ideal to breathe out as you described in the last tip?

  • Anyone else have double jointed elbows and have the same form as seen 5:04 but feel fine but when they try to “correct form” they feel like their shoulders are gonna snap

  • I’m trying to the user weight thing. I saw a bench it said user weight is 300lbs, total weight capacity is 610lbs. Is is it saying if I weight 300lbs it make no sense buying the bench because the bench would not be enough to support my weight, and the weight on the bar?

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    I have no faith in my privacy, anymore.
    Everyone over the last 2 months on YouTube is ballistic over recommended vids and at the same time, creepily getting recommendations to shit we just talkrd about or messaged about.

  • What if you are missing one leg? is there a way to keep the stability and power? I have a hard time pressing down with my right foot.. No knee either.

  • I’m sure it’s obvious, but are belts necessary? I’ve gotten feedback where people say that if u add weight little by little and train the body, u won’t need a belt. Compared to going heavy untrained and needing one. Pretty much your choice i guess? I’ve been lifting for 2 years without one and am fine. Can do 3 plate squats, 3 plate deadlift, and 2 plate bench. Do I really need need a belt?

  • I did this with existing shoulder pain. When I implemented all these rules guess what?. no pain!!! Even though I feel shoulder pain even when I just move around, leave alone bench pressing incorrectly (like I used to). Thank you so much for this video! It literally saved my health and my workouts!! I would get so frustrated that I can’t bench press and complete my workout plan!

  • God dammit!!! I’ve going about this all wrong! This is why my left shoulder has been hurting every time I bench. Thanks for the eye opening advice you guys, Keep up the good work!

  • Just a question are negative reps on a bench good for you? I see people do them but ive always stuck with the 90 degree angle because I don’t want to hyper extend any of my joints, and i wanted to know if there is any gain from doing it with lighter weight or anything like that

  • I’m 17 and do almost all the mistakes, i weigh 87kg and can bench 95kg with these flaws is that a good feat of strenght or am i a weakling eventhough i’m buff?

  • Start lifting just the bar for 10-20 reps and for 10 sets every day, then increase the weight by 2 pounds every week. In 2 years you will be benching over 400 pounds.

  • I have to disagree when it comes to how wide you put your grip. The strain it puts on your shoulders and the lack of work it puts on the chest should be a large enough indicator to not go with a wide grip like that. And then the comment about a natural arch in your back? That’s not a good bench press technique. And you’ll never see body builders or power lifters or college or pro coaches telling their players to arch their back. The “natural arch” should be incredibly minimal. Because when you arch your back it pulls your stomach up and it cheats the lift. And there absolutely is a wrong way to place your hands on the bench……

  • Question about bar path. Many fitness youtubers tell you to lower the bar to nipple region and press up on angle that ends higher on the chest. Is that preferred or recommended?

  • I have been benching for years and I have ALWAYS felt it in my arms and shoulders! Which then hurts after a while and messes up my chest workout,i rarely feel it in my chest, now i know why! All these years �� benching wrong (boo)!…i guess from this video on, I will do it correctly, thank you x

  • Is it just me or does anyone else find it stupid when you see people do stupidly big arching in their back to the point that there’s maybe like 5 inches of movement before the bar hits chest

  • i saw an older video of this on your channel and tried it out yesterday. not only did ifeel it in my chest and less in my arms but i was actually able to do it alot easier too

  • My gym only has a smith Machine. Can I get the same benefits from that as you do with a normal bench press rack or does a smith machine lock you in a bad range of motion?

  • Wow, I’ve been doing at home bench press workouts and I think that’s the first time I’ve done it with complete proper form, I felt the difference. I was the person who felt it in the shoulders and arms, and that set I felt it in the chest. Thank you!

  • Was super informative and on point! Even with my trainer, he’s not there all the time, your video help me understand what is going on with my shoulders. I couldn’t figure it out. I can rep at 100 lbs (in total) now but when I started passing the 80 lbs mark, I couldn’t understand why sometimes it was so easy and other times no. Now, I do Thank you!

  • hi, what’s the difference of making bench press and the cable chest press? does it make any difference? and can you also demonstrate the correct posture or execution of cable chest press. thanks a lot.

  • I’ve been going to the gym consistently for about 1-2 years now and I’ve never felt better. Well I’m only 21 but I notice a huge impact on my mental and obviously physical health. I like to re-watch proper form videos / different workout vids. Great explanation & well put together man! Dope channel name too haha

  • Very Thorough!!
    Best Tutorial Eva…
    Everyone is EXPECTED to know this Shit….
    But, to have a “Walk Through “ like this is Awesome ��

  • Hi, I am a beginner I used your instruction for bench press with barbell and dumbbells (also skull crusher) but the day after I felt some pain in my elbow joint, I know joint pains are bad news. could you tell me what I have done wrong?

  • Thank you for the guide. I was benching 45kg and not really triggering my chest. I get more from the cables.
    Turns out I was letting my shoulders roll slightly so it was just missing my trigger points. Still get more notice from the cable machines. Practice makes perfect!

  • Hey Mind Pump TV. Loving all of the tips and videos I’ve seen so far!
    Issue with Bench Press for me after watching this video:
    I am a guy with legs that are shorter than my torso. When I lay on a standard bench for a bench press, I struggle to plant my feet solidly on the floor. I know that sounds ridiculous but true. Adam, I know you said the power needs to come from the feet, so should I use a step platform or something to allow me to plat my feet onto something solid and stable?

  • Great video! So easy to understand and professional and then you say “fart” lol…no points off for it but I wasn’t prepared for it.

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  • Hey Jeff so when I bench press and whenever I do like heavy weight it feels like I pull my ham string when my feet push off the ground so how can I fix that?

  • Ive been struggling recently with this exercise, im not sure why but when i push and im trying to keep my shoulders back, it puts my shoulders in a really uncomfortable position that doesnt feel stable especially in my right shoulder. Im not sure what im doing wrong and its a recent change but its limiting how much i can lift significantly compared to what i was able to do before. If anyone has any tips that would be really useful.

  • Please.. In future make all videos more practical like this… Not more theoretical… This video is really nice and easy understand… Thank you so much….

  • Not a bad video. But you forgot to include to engage your lats to drive the bar off your chest. And squeeze the bar very tight to engage Forearms.

  • Whenever I perform the bench press, the weight feels more on my front delts, and I constantly hear the shoulder joints popping. Will try this today, see if it works for me. Thanks for the info.

  • 4:12, if you do it like on the picture below, is it only shoulder injury risk or you do more shoulders than chest? Or you still developing chest but less effective as number 1? Or this is just about preventing injury thing?

  • Yeah I got to keep my shoulders back. My left shoulder literally goes up with half of my left back. And it’s like really bad shit form. I will try this

  • Such a good guide for trainers to teach beginners how to bench. Seems simple until you get someone who’s never been in a gym before.

  • Really helpful info, I read somewhere u have to tuck elbow inward. Not sure if I am saying this right, but is this true? Is there a certain way to have elbows placed when bench pressing?

  • Always concerned that I may not make all the reps, so need a spotter. Therefore, I hesitate to load up the weights I should. Advices>

  • Depending on the weight (1-3 rep max)… i’d try and hold that breath until you reach the top (helps stay tight throughout the lift), take a breath before you lower the weight for another rep and go through your cues again… overall, good shit ����

  • Another excellent tip by the best of the best. MindPumpTV keep spreading the good word. Every gym should play this in the background randomly the four big compound lifts like in ClubSport which were they have multiple TV’s lol.

  • I get a painful right shoulder when benching. I do everything you’ve said in this video. It doesn’t hurt when doing any other exercise (pull up, ohp, lat raises ect)
    Any advice?
    I’ve switched to incline press, it’s less painful with that. Am i losing any benefit not doing flat bench?

  • Even when pinching everything back back, I feel a lot of the start of the lift, off my chest, in my shoulders. Would that imply I’m not back as far as I need to be or I loosen and not notice?

  • What about eating enough food? That’s my fucking problem. I can’t eat enough. I mean, who can eat some 450 odd grams of carbs a day plus 190 grams of protein. It’s easy AF to eat 200 grams of fat.

  • Ok I really dont understand the leg part. I never feel anything there. I thought it was a chest exercise? Or am I wrong? Am I supposed to push against the ground as I lift because someone told me that’s how it’s done. I’m really skinny so when I do that my back arches and there is space between the bench and my back and I think that is not right, however it doesnt hurt.

  • I have always misunderstood leg drive. Novices like me will use leg drive which will push their butt off the bench. Squeeze the glutes to transfer the power from the legs through the body otherwise it is all lost.

  • Question. How do you figure out where your head should be under the bar? Are your eyes directly under the bar when it’s racked? Is it a matter of comfort for the person? ���� This is something I’ve always felt awkward about doing in the gym as I’d end up shifting around for approx 45 seconds beforehand and thus always stay on the machine or to dumbbells. ��

  • Your video was so freaking helpful man, I’ve been doing it wrong for a couple months now. Becaaue of this technique I was able to add 10 more pounds the same day!

  • Great Video…Where should the head be positioned? Should the forehead be right under the bar or should the bar be near the eye level

  • For people with flatter chests, on the eccentric phase when the bar contacts my chest, my elbows goes really low (not 90 degrees at my elbow). Should I stop the bar when my elbow reaches 90 degrees or keep going in till the bar contacts with my chest??