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164: How to Set a New Personal Record Every Day Part 2 by Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness

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Set a Personal Record every day. Lift more weight per rep than last time. Lift more reps with the same weight than last time. Lift more TOTAL weight for the workout than last workout.

Lift the same number of reps, sets, and weight, but do so with less of a rest between sets. Lift with better form. If you answered C, every day, then we’re on the same page.

If you didn’t, I’d like to propose that you can – and should – set a Personal Record (PR) every time you train. Traditional models of periodization are based on planned periods of overcompensation. Episode 164: How to Set a New Personal Record Every Day – Part 2 by Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness (Training Goals to Level Up Your Game).

Steve Kamb started exercising back in high school without really knowing what he was doing. Through high school and college, he made every training mistake known to man. You can easily do this for your own life as well.

Here are some great tips on how to record an oral personal history. 4) Keep a daily planner. This might seem kind of silly, but I think you can tell a lot about a person by what they do on a day to day basis.

Email; Over the course of this year (2014), I’ve set about 85 new personal records (PR’s, also known as personal bests) in the high bar squat, low bar squat, front squat, bench press, deadlift and overhead press.. In fact, my last 30+ training sessions resulted in at least 1 PR per workout. Now, this may be typical for. Medical records. Keep permanently.

Vital records and proof of person. Keep permanently. Employment records. Every time you leave an employer, go through your file and destroy employee manuals, vacation requests, and other documents you won’t need moving forward. (Note: if you’re parting ways on bad terms, you may.

Keep doing this every day, and soon you’ll have a chain of days you’ve checked off; Don’t break the chain; That’s it. Pretty simple, but eventually you’ll find you’ll have hundreds of days chained together, and skipping one will be much harder, since it’ll set you back to a chain of zero. 3. Track weekly progress.

There is a “Hours” field in the “Log1” table that displays the hour in the “Log1” form for each record (example: hour 1 is record #1, hour 2 is record #2, hour 3 is record #3, etc) until it reaches record # 24 for the 24th hour. Fixed time is a set amount of time that you dedicate to self-care. While you may understand that you need self-care, you may not actually do so unless you have set times that are specifically intended for self-care. Schedule a monthly massage, or plan for 30 minutes of video gaming every day.

Two times a day (morning and night), write down your temperature and any COVID-19 symptoms you may have: feeling feverish, coughing, or difficulty breathing. Do this every day for 14 days. 1. Fill in the dates on the log, starting with Day 0 and ending with Day 14.

List of related literature:

Make your record form simple, and fill it in at the same time every day.

“Manage Your Mind: The Mental Fitness Guide” by Gillian Butler, R. A. Hope
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For three representative days in your life, keep a Time Diary (example below) in which you record your activities for every hour ofthe day.

“Health and Wellness” by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty
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2 Keep a record of all of your activities over the course of a single day.

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One way to do this is to keep a daily time log to track your own day.

“Practical Handbook of Warehousing” by Kenneth B. Ackerman
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Keep a written record of all your activities during the day.

“Hypoglycemia For Dummies” by Cheryl Chow, James Chow
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You must loop through individual days of the week and make a record for each day.

“Learn Microsoft Excel 2002 VBA Programming with XML and ASP” by Julitta Korol
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• Make entries at the beginning or end of each day.

“10 Steps to Successful Mentoring” by Wendy Axelrod
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Any record that pertains to the particular day should be placed in this file as a central repository for storage and future reference.

“Food Industry Quality Control Systems” by Mark Clute
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Even if you use a software program that records time for you, keeping track of your time on your personal calendar or to-do list is a good idea.

“Paralegal Career For Dummies” by Scott A. Hatch, Lisa Zimmer Hatch
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Record in your journal how you will accomplish this.

“Book of Mormon Student Manual (Religion 121-122)” by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
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  • Oh I am so like you. I feel like someone including myself may judge me if it doesn’t look like I was productive. Even though I’m the only one that reads my bujo. Lol.

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  • great video.. mind set is so important. question… would you make a video about how to get your skin to tighten back up after weight loss. I gained about 30lbs after having a surgery that put me out of the gym for about a year… I’m down 24 if that my skin is not keeping up.. this is new for me I’ve never gotten that over weight before.

  • This video has been incredibly helpful to me Thomas and I would like to thank you for this and all of the other excellent videos you have done. I don’t do this exact routine, I’ve made one that works for me but micromanaging everything in the morning somehow makes being motivated though the day so easy. I have struggled for years with lack of motivation and this has worked for me from day one.

  • Man, whether you’re right or wrong in your views does not matter to me. I only wish you’d stop pushing your opinions upon other’s. Your ad’s seem to always pop-up at the beginning of (…or even throughout..) most every Youtube video watched on this site. These are your own personal opinions and experiences. And you should not try to impose all this upon everyone like everyone’s the same. This is not for everyone. Every individual male is different in their requirements in health, for fitness, and for nutrition. And there’s plenty of other different (and proven) health programs that work to fit what is required for each individual’s needs if that individual can find the right program (or program’s) that work for them. Stop pushing all this upon other’s minds and bodies. There can be great damage to a person if he tries to impose into his life, what you are pushing, which may be very dangerous and detrimental to a lot of people. Your ad’s and video’s are intrusive and annoying, and even brainwashing….And completely one-sided. You should not act as if you know what’s best, and know it all. Man has existed for thousands of years, and thrived healthfully, and in many cases, yes even eating Breakfast too. I’m far from knowing it all. But these are my own (-perhaps…) “open-minded(” personal opinions, from my own personal experiences, and also on behalf of all the millions and millions of people’s individual personal experiences as they can testify to as well (-as Facts…)…Since from the dawn of mankind dude!!

  • Love love love!! I’ve been binge watching your videos again today!! Love the new one you posted today too about the bad planning habits! Thanks for sharing with us! Xoxo ��

  • Hello Thomas everything you mentioned in your video is true. I subscribed to your channel too not only because you are helpful but you are sexy too.

  • I will write a task after the fact! It still counts. I highlight through it to show that it is completed. I don’t CrossFit out because I get a strange satisfaction in seeing my completed tasks days or weeks later. Yeah, ��.

  • Muslims begin their day by 5 or 6 am (depending on where you live it can vary) by worshipping Allah. That is the best way to get started and greatly affects and helps us throughout the day:)

  • Great tips!! Hey other commenters, it’s not about lying to yourself, but having a positive mentality and attitude towards life. When you tell yourself that you’re feeling good, you do start feeling good. It’s a psychological process.

  • Great flip. When I switched from ten to rings I started with a recollection Planner also. I really love the Filofax Malden but went with the personal domino rings first, I highly recommend it. Good luck

  • I don’t want to be a DebbieDowner, but just wanted to give some helpful tips for the currently down and out folks that actually don’t think they have anything to be grateful for (imagined or real)?
    Any suggestions what to say to a jobless, depressed, sucidal person who is in constant pain and unhealthy, who is sleeping on an uncomfortable bed or on the ground?
    See, I try to do #4 by helping them to have hope again, but it is sooo hard or impossible for me to do this. I f I dare tell them to do #1,#2,#3… I think I would be yelled at or punched in the face.
    So, hope this doesn’t get too many hateful replies.

  • 1 year into my fitness journey.,.n now I found ur channel….n every video is basically what I wanted to get clear minded..thanks a lot ur videos are great, educational and to the point.

  • Amazing talent ; a normal young guy ; with a very special gift ; superstar in the making ; with a grounded family life &;a fully supportive family & friends behind him!! I wish him all the very best ����

  • My morning routine: Wake up and turn on the Kurig. Take a cup of coffee outside in the brisk morning air and hop in my pool and do a few easy laps. Sip coffee and listen to birds sing. A couple more laps. finish coffee. There’s no better way to start a day.

  • Thank you so much for the great information. I’ve been planning for a few,years but your set up is something that will work for me. Love the goal and task set up…going to give it a try. ❤

  • What’s are a few indications somebody takes steriods? It seems most well known fitness people take the stuff and the advice they give doesn’t work for naturals.

  • Hey thomas de lauer i am a follower and supporter of your videos and i love listening to your advices.. I would liketo answer me a question.. What do you think about inttermidiate fasting? Can be used to loose fat and gain muscles at the same time? As instead of eating a low carb breakfast isnt better to eat our meals later in the day or is it better to eat small frequent meals??

  • I’m the same with the dailies, don’t like small boxes! Although I’m goofing around with different dailies, I don’t like restrictions!
    Congrats with paying off your debt!

  • You are NOT alone!! ���� Some days are just like that and a list doesnt get written down until after the day is mostly done. Then only the accomplishments get on the list. The other tasks can go on tomorrows list. I love your binder color. Mine is the same color but the leather is peppbled instead of smooth. I shared a flip recently of it.

  • Like to history of yuor live guy ride Jackson Goldstone of the to home and yuor motivation of to family and amis ryder’s of the #RideShimano. Saluds of chile �������� �� ��️yyaasicke Sickeie the njoy

  • This kind of set up is my favorite. I’ve watched many videos before, but I am happy to find your channel and this video. Trank you very much for showing us. Happy January!

  • Hey Thomas, I’ve been researching about something that I’m very curious about. I’ve currently been on the ride to lose weight. But I have one question: Should you go on a walk before eating breakfast? Or eat breakfast, then go on a walk? I’ll usually walk on the treadmill on 2.8 and no incline for 40minutes. Some people say that you burn fat if you workout before eating in the morning. Is this true, or what is your opinion on what is better? I’m working out on a workout routine, but I’m not sure what is false. Thanks man!

  • My 2019 planner is so useful. You have really inspired me to actually use it. Half of last year, my first planner went unused because I had to idea what to track or list, now my planner is my most useful tool. Thank you. I do wish I could get a printed fold-out because I can’t print but cannot find them. Ideas anyone??