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In today’s “How to Look Like A Superhero,” we’ll be checking out Brad Pitt’s routine to get in shape for the movie, Troy. A few years back, you went to the movie theaters expecting to see the next epic, the next Gladiator, the next outlet for your macho, kick-ass, behavior. How to look like Brad Pitt from the movie Troy or Fight Club. #1Build a foundation of muscle first before even trying to diet to see your abs.

For most people this will take more than 1 year of weight training and an increase of 20-40 lbs of actual muscle tissue!!Directed by Wolfgang Petersen. With Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Julian Glover. An adaptation of Homer’s great epic, the film follows the assault on Troy by the united Greek forces and chronicles the fates of the men involved. A quick look at Rotten Tomatoes shows that few of the movies Brad Pitt has acted in since 2004 have been critically panned.

There are a lot more of. The place where Troy strays the furthest from The Iliad is the relationship between Brad Pitt’s Achilles and Patroclus. In the film, the two are portrayed as cousins, with Achilles being a mentor to his younger relative.

Other ancient works (excluding The Iliad) portray the two characters as lovers, while Homer doesn’t explicitly state that they are or aren’t lovers. Brad Pitt is the most beautiful of all time. Of course, as more and more gold. As beautiful as a god, and he wrote at the time.

Tonight on tv there is no – Thethe channel (20) in 21.05. The film’s director, the German-hollywood, Wolfgang Petersen in 2004, and released it with the peplum. Brad Pitt’s new career high of ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ led to some reflection on the movie that prompted an inner evaluation. Brad Pitt Reveals ‘Troy’ Signaled To Him A. Brad Pitt Workout For Troy Brad Pitt reached out to Gregory Joujon-Roche, a top Hollywood personal trainer.

Together, Brad Pitt and Gregory Joujon-Roche designed a workout that would get him the symmetrical look he needed for Troy. Roche, who charges $5,000 per week, also came with access to a masseuse, nutritionist, martial arts instructor, yoga [ ]. Troy (2004) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Troy is a 2004 epic historical war drama film directed by Wolfgang Petersen and written by David Benioff.Produced by units in Malta, Mexico and Britain’s Shepperton Studios, the film features an ensemble cast led by Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, and Orlando Bloom.It is loosely based on Homer’s Iliad in its narration of the entire story of the decade-long Trojan War—condensed into little more than a.

List of related literature:

Add cheap black cowboy boots, a knockoff Stetson, and an itchy longsleeved shirt.

“Orange County: A Personal History” by Gustavo Arellano
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Why would you want to look like somebody else?”

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You will have to match that actor’s makeup and wardrobe for scenes that are shot days later.

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Simple, everyday clothing that looks completely natural to each character (and actor) is the goal.

“The Spitfire Grill: A Musical” by James Valcq, Fred Alley, Lee David Zlotoff
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Avoid cutting off the actor’s arms and hair.

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Grains of face powder in the goatee, eyebrows professionally waxed.

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Like Hickok, Cody sported shoulder-length hair, a bushy moustache (complemented by a goatee) and buckskin outfits.

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Even the actor’s make­up is poorly executed—his eyeliner is so overdone that it serves only to accentuate the wrinkles.

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The subtle clothes set off his lean good looks: pale skin, thick dark brows, close-cropped black hair, and trim, glossy black beard and mustache.

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Don’t try to look like him, or talk like him, or nothin’!

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  • I’m a simple guy! I see Brad Pitt body mentioned I click! Not that I’m gonna really workout to get that but I just like the appreciation of a body that every man who’s ever been or will be on earth wants.

  • He’s obviously not juicing. Surprised there were no clips from Meet Joe Black. The scene where he and the amazing Claire Forlani get down shows him being undressed and, while not full body shots, his upper chest and shoulder cuts show his development well.

  • My friend had a fight club body when he was a swimmer in high school. Nkt that out of the realm of possibility for. Hollywood actor

  • Really here in my region, in saw guys who are in there, ’40s or 50s looking literally shredded with muscle maturity, I mean they don’t look skinny and that for like decades of physical labour. Is all about genetics.

  • Now I’m not trying to bring him down, but was he really 5% in fight club? Cause don’t forget actors have to flex, and are also in good lighting. He also stands sorta arched a bit which makes him pull his skin back and makes him appear even MORE lean. i wanna say he’s 8% minimum. Anyone agree?

  • you see we get everything we need with brad, a solid take on a badass warrior and an attractive lover for the ladies…
    no room for the men hating feminist tho hahahaha

  • Absolutely great genetics! I mean, look at his hair, his face, and body. I love his personality, as well. So humble. Well, some people age like fine wine.

  • Bradd you are the fiercest actor in all of greece. You are a lion! Do you know whats there, waiting, beyond that role in troy? INMORTALITY! TAKE IT! ITSYOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • He wasn’t that skinny Jesus she’s acting like he’s Christian bale In the machinist. Dude is like 5’11 160lbs maybe. He looks like a fit toned athletic guy.

  • Now i dont know did he take suplements but judge on his look in booth movies this is nothing extreme you can look like that naturally if you train eat and rest lookin at the other actors he is normal but again it depends how fast did he get in this shape that will pretty much tell you if is on something i have that simillar look like brad pitt in troy but i train year and half i only use whey protein and eat a lot

  • Rage — Goddess, sing the rage of Peleus’ son Achilles,

    murderous, doomed, that cost the Achaeans countless losses,

    hurling down to the House of Death so many sturdy souls,

    great fighters’ souls, but made their bodies carrion,

    feasts for the dogs and birds,

  • u guys are so dumb, hes just naturally lean. you could get this muscle mass by doing pushups pull ups and ab training. i dont understand

  • I don’t think that Hollywood fed actors with steroids that much in the 90s and 80s. It’s more the Marvel blockbuster superhero movie that has actors on gear. Or maybe steroids are better nowadays, idk.

  • You said that going from 130 skinny to 155 shredded would take about 3 years natty. How many years would it take on an aggressive stack that included tren?

  • The Trojans were GREEK, stop making that seperation, and they say that they read the Illiad…shows their level. The historical accuracy is nowhere to be found and the things they say…no formations…gosh, what do you expect, its hollywood. Wish smart people had made this movie. Still had some very good moments though.

  • warrior kings in those days were infinitely more common than today’s presidents as you’d be lucky to find two or three with genuine combat experience. and this is partly why i respected Robb Stark, Robert Baratheon and Euron Greyjoy. they were good enough that they didnt need a kingsguard

  • some guys dont like to eat, some of those guys exercise and thats brad pit. Only in fat 1st world is his condition anything to notice. he looks great.

  • FFS congrats to brad pitt…he’s not the best actor going around but at least he’s not doing a Chris Hemsworth/Dwayne Johnson. This is what a “normal” fit healthy guy looks like without any ped’s on board. I just don’t get the ‘biggest guy in the room’ thing. This is the body shape that 99% of women prefer anyway. The body naturally resists change in weight. I’m the same weight I was 35 years ago. I do some chin ups and weighted push ups a couple of times a week. My teenage boys see guys like the rock and he then says ‘oh all you have to do is get up at 5am, workout for 2.5hrs a day and eat 5000+cal a day and you can do it too…’

  • The Iliad ends with Achilles giving the body of Hector to his father Priam and both men in tears. It was the great warrior Achilles seeing Priams sorrow and feeling empathy that is the main point of the whole story.

  • It’s a shame that society has become so accustomed to the rarity of someone being physically fit, that the automatic assumption is steroids

  • I never thought Pit looked like someone who could not have achieved everything naturally. Then add the consistency of his body and I couldn’t agree with you more. In Troy he was probably chillin at the house around 160-165 and got the phone call. Then hit the weights for a few months and showed up on set. He of course looks great im just not personally a fan of being that lean.

  • “I’ll tell you a secret. Something they don’t teach you in your temple. The Gods envy us,, they envy us because we are mortal. Because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we are doomed… You will never be lovelier than you are now,, we will never be here again.” And then comes “YoU gAve mE pEaCe iN a LiFetimE oF wAr” ����

  • Brad had already said this would be his last “shirtless” role he would play. Why? He hated the workout regimen. It took him away from his chain smoking.

  • Yeah… I don’t get it. He hardly gained any muscle for fight club. Looking at the pictures, he always had a lean physique and defined pecs. Comparing sizes, the arms look a little bit bigger, but most people I know have bigger arms than that after a few month in the gym. Compared to people who work out real hard, he’s still a twig. His abs look more defined, but that’s basically it…

  • He definitely took something for Troy he’s always been skinny lean with some muscle tone… but Troy he is way thicker and different. I d bet he took something steroids don’t mean you look like a bodybuilder. Funny people this so they are not that magical

  • Super love❤❤❤❤❤���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Brat Pitt

  • So how did NaggyManMom’s army defeat Achilles’ king’s army if Achilles is such a bad ass? Was he sleeping in in some tent with a dozen whores or something the they lost to NaggyManMom?

  • If you look at Brad Pitt and Eric Bana in Troy they were not overly jacked like say Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans got for their Avengers rolls.

  • And this guy is supposed to have a drinking problem for years (according to Angelina)? Does anyone realize how many calories alcoholic beverages have?

  • Hector was a good fighter.he could have easily killed any 3 men that came at him.only problem was that achillies was able to kill any 7.

  • Still one of the best movies. They really put a lot of effort in it. That said, Iliad is not the oldest literature, epic stories were already composed a few hundred years earlier in India…and a thousand year earlier in Sumer.

  • Honestly when I watched Troy the first time I thought he might hv been on something. Because his face looked puffier than usual, and abnormally puffy for his leanness. Obv just guessing but this was my reaction.

  • You know ur immortal and a true legend when you make brand brand pitt with this body look even 10 times hotter just by playing you (Achiilles).The fact he is portraiting that greek warrior makes him even hotter when u thought its not possible while being ripped like that

  • Imagine confidently telling an average-above average built guy that he’s skinny and getting no repercussions. Now imagine the genders being reversed and the word “big” being used. I think body dysmorphia might be even more prevalent in males today because this stuff happens so often and with no backlash to those who say these things

  • Brad pitt he is dope mr ms jane troy oceans eleven 12 and 13 brad pit is a great actor he did a 10 in troy it must be humbleing to play akilies and that fight scence with hector real shit i thought they was foreal in thst fight you could feel the deep respect as well as the rivary

  • That “horsemaster” guy is such a tool. You dont need a bit to be able to steer a horse. He’s probably one of those trainers that uses force to teach a horse.

  • He’s like “Oh don’t worry, I’m not gonna rape you. I’m carved out of perfection and I’m gonna be fighting you off in few hours…. I always do”

  • Well of stereotypes mixed with personal opinion, hopefully a little scientific fact. Josh Groban next to bread is Troy is much more attractive. Josh who’s obviously physically fit stands poised He commands you with his voice. You assume he has strength of character and not some route to try to impress you. Brad Pitt compared to his other roles including Legend of the Fall and Meet Joe Black comes across as gross and awkward here. You admire the work that he did to get himself into shape. Still he seemed much better looking in those two movies

  • I believe his physique was completely natural. He was always a fit looking guy and has great, Greek God like genetics…one of the lucky few. Lucky bastard lmao

  • Achilles lived and fought like a true hero but the way he died lets me feel vexed damn…
    Hector should have considered to kill Achilles by Trojan archers. He might be recorded as coward by history, but he might save tens of thousands of Trojans.

  • Around a “girl” that pretty, I would need Trojans too… preferably prelubed so I wouldn’t have to wait.. Actually I get the ribbed ones and turn them inside out… why the hell should she have most of the pleasure?

  • This is a perfect example of a greek body it’s hard to believe that Brad worked all those calories just to get into shape for this role.

  • GOD Eric Bana is so beautiful in Troy! I loved him so much as Hector, the best character. Achilles was hot but an asshole. Hector was the perfect man… <3

  • Lmao. He wasn’t on steroids! Wtf are you talking about? He was scrawny af! He was taking fat burners and diahretic(however the hell you spell it).

  • Egypt,Israel & Greece is the secret triangle.But when it comes to gods, Greece is simply the best because it is “easy”! (Everyone seeks “safety” in Dionysos,hehe)

  • A lot of people think America is a Democracy. In fact it is not. It’s a Republic (a root of the word ‘representative’) in which we democratically elect our politicians to represent us. This scene demonstrates how a Republic works. One man fights on behalf of his entire tribe.

  • Once i was done watching the video and on the way to the comment section i noticed that you had only 200 subscribers.. like damn. You deserve more bro

  • I love the way the Iliad goes. Every character ends up getting what they deserve, nothing less and nothing more.

    AchillesWanted his name remembered, and ran behind fame. He got fame, but not without the price that came with it. His own arrogance and vengeful behavior led to his demise at the hands of a much inferior combatant Paris. He lived by the sword and died by the sword (well, technically arrow).

    ParisGave in to lust and desired a romantic escapade with Helen. He got what he asked for and the downsides that came with it, namely the WHOLE GODDAMN WAR!! Combined with that Troy will always remember him as the weaker out of the two brothers. He was scorned by the city and looked down upon by his own father.

    HectorPerhaps one of the most redeemable people in the story, but still not without his flaws. He still inadvertently contributed to the war coming to Troy. If he had done his duty, sailed back and returned Helen to Menelaus, then the war would not have happened. He killed Patroclus, though by accident, and thus faced retribution at the hands of Achilles. Nonetheless, he is an honorable warrior and was respected by his father and the city and even some on the other side, like Achilles later on. He too lived by the sword and died by the sword.

    AgamenmonYes he led the victorious side, burned the city. But upon returning home he was murdered by his wife’s lover, and his legacy fell apart…burned much like Troy.

    OdysseusDesigned a treacherous move against the Trojans, and paid for it for the next 20 years, away from home, running from monster

  • Orlando is with someone who could be considered the real Helen of Troy, Katy Perry Lol. Plus he hated Paris, he called him a coward and an idiot. Lol

  • Noone ever thought Brad was on steds, so bit baffled by the title of the vid? So many young men get on the steds these days before even seeing what they can do without it! Like the guy doing the vid! Lol take steds and make youtube vids about steds Haha! I’ve been traing for 15 years and I look great all natural and I keep most my gains when I stop training:) people on steds lose most of it.

  • Brad is an anomaly. Excellent genetics and a pretty cool, nice guy. That story about him sticking up for Gweneth P to Harvey W and the story about him c-blocking Mike Tyson with Robin Givens are crazy. Even Tyson left thinking Brad was a cool guy. Insane.

  • Fan fact: the battle of troy happened in real life and there some theory’s that Greeks actually use the troyan horse to ender and capture the troy

  • the funniest thing is that Orlando was probably the actor who knew how to wield the sword the best but he had to look bad to play his character ��

  • He is way thicker. Neck face arms chest legs all thicker in Troy. If it’s natural why right after the Troy movie he was skinny again

  • In Homer’s Iliad, Achilles avoided direct battle with Hector because he was known as a “man killer”. When Achillese did eventually fight Hector, Achilles was in rage mode (or whatever that meant).

  • I think cutting the gods influence is why this movie doesn’t work for me, and why Peter O’Toole (King Priam) called this movie a disaster and the director a clown.

  • Menelaus survives in the book! Why did they kill him off? That’s altering the ending because he is supposed to get Helen back. Also Helen was the rightful heir to Sparta and Menelaus wouldn’t have a legitimate grasp on the throne without her. Also they should’ve hired a historical advisor or dramatist

  • Éric bana is the best actor in this film, im wondering how the director had the idea to pic Éric bana for this role, congratulations for this choice

  • WHOEVER SEES THIS… ok I finally noticed something big in this scene. Notice Achilles sword has CURVES in it. Hector sword comes to a SHARP POINT no curves. When Achilles gets him with the Final blow notice it’s his sword, even when they have a quick close up & it’s buried in his chest. But once pulled out, it’s HECTORS SWORD lol freeze it you’ll see I swear. You think that has some kind of meaning?

  • In the real story of Ilion Helen is a faithful woman and she loves her husband Menelaus….The Helen that went to Troy was a duplicate of her that Hera made to avenge paris and Afroditie.

  • wait, premission? an young girl use to tell me, her look is like desert sand, how can she compare with the star above the sky, I didn’t know how she at time *

    Not only does it do the Greek spear style accuracy, we clearly see an elite warrior in Hectre against a Demi-god who does not tire. Despite never giving up and being resourceful, we see more and more improvised tactics, eventually resorting to using a broken spear after the loss of his shield. Achilles on the other hand must bring his A game but savours the defeat heavily rebuking any attempt his opponent takes to gain momentum. We want Hectre to live but understand Achilles’ lust for revenge and this choreography says it all.

  • When you think of how Arnold Schwarzenegger looked way into his 40’s, then it’s not that big of an achievement. Brad Pitt is not even anywhere near ‘old’ here. He is 39 for gods sake! Put some perspective into it…..

  • Brad certainly has fantastic genetics. Look at his hair, his face and body. Everything is so natural and still he looks amazing. Even the pitch of his voice is attractive. No wonder he was voted the sexiest man twice. And don`t forget how humble his personality is. I love this man.

  • This fight looks same original. How they stop the sword. How they hit the sword. Way of using swords techniques unbeleivable. I think i m not watching i just going back to that period and watching live achiles great and hector

  • In a 2017 GQ interview, Pitt outlines his alcoholism, noting that he drank heavily every day for 30 years. He also admits to heavy pot use. His genetics are impressive.

  • This was the pinnacle of Pitt. His absolute peak. Its a shame he didn’t do more action movies and maintain his body to always look like this.

  • At 3:25 Achilles has his sword sitting in a perfect spot to just slash straight across Hector’s arm which would guarantee victory, is this just a choreography blunder?

  • 2:38 that legs and sword moves are so great. The stance is so powerful, focus all the force of his body to the tip of his sword, that’s why he pushed Hector with that one blow.

  • Its funny how often people claim Brad Pitt being 41 in the movie Troy. Look it up, most of the movie was filmed between april and june 2003, so Brad Pitt was early/mid 39 at this time and considering the preparation for his role he sure started training when he still was 38.

  • This is the definition of a slow burner movie. Pitt is perfect. Banna is perfect.

    The action scenese are incredible. They are loyal to the illyad “you sack of wine”

    The beach scene is just incredible.

    How this film didnt get recognised as deserved I will never know.

  • This really was scene. They did a fantastic job of making the both capable fighters while keeping their styles drastically different. Hector is clearly trained to the level he’s at and Achilles is just gifted, calm, fluid movements

  • If I was Hector, I would’ve killed myself before Achellies could kill me, and say, “I already won when I owned your trash ass cousin. No need to take an unnecessary L”.

  • I don’t recommend toss low body fat percentage. I was so miserable hungry and headachy. I remember going on vacation looking great and after my first meal I could not go back to my regular shredded diet after that.

  • Favorite movie…. Just imagine Hector and Achilles as allies. That would have been awesome but impossible. Hector and Achilles saw life in two completely different spectrums….. I was stunned when Achilles gave him his respect as brothers. It showed his human side of being a demigod

  • Of course the fighting style here is historical nonsense but I had never seen a fighting style like it in a movie before (unless it was in Asian martial arts films I never saw) so the original to this movie fight choreography made the fights scenes seem fresh and heroic as something that bronze age champions might have engaged in for suspension of disbelief purposes.

  • Ever since I began watching this as a kid, it’s slowly crept up my favourite films list to be #1. Everything about this movie is fuckin’ amazing.

    P.S.: No one gives a shit about historical accuracy. The themes, acting, choreography, dialogue, etc. are all amazing. That’s all that matters.

  • This was so dope I wish there was an animated version. Shit would have probably been even more epic!! Great ass movie����PS. Kratos would be proud ��

  • Crap… that’s 70kg at 5’11in Fight Club? I’m about Brad Pitt’s height and I weighed close to 90kg when I started to change my diet and to exercise a bit. Always thought that if I could get to 77kg, that’d be my ideal weight. Which it is, more or less, according to BMI-calculators. A few years later, I am at 77kg (more like 75 to 76, actually) and I still have too much belly-fat and visible love-handles. Yes: I dropped from about a 34, 35 to a 31 in waist-size (in jeans), I dropped from “L” to “M” in t-shirt-size… but I still have a bit of a gut down there. Guess I’ll have to do more walking/running than the 1 hour a day I do now and perhaps 120 push-ups a day instead of the 60 I do now…:D

  • I was like 10 when I first seen this movie. Never heard of the Trojan war. This scene alone put me in a path to learn historical warfare and battles of the past.

  • 15 years ago I remember thinking I hope to get to a Troy level physique because I was at 35% body fat. Most men would never achieve this, now they’re a dime a dozen and they’re all on Instagram.

  • Wolfgang Petersen said Russel Crowe would have nailed the role too but he has not this god-beauty look like Brad! And this was necessary for Achilles.

    True but what Brad showed us in Troy was maybe his best performance ever!

    Maximum respect Mr. Pitt! ����

  • I have 30 and I’m kinda how he looks at Fight Club, lean with some muscle, I’m also 5’11 and weigh around 165. I think I’m a bit bigger than him and with definitely with more fat tho.

    I don’t hit the gym, only calisthenics.

  • Pretty sad that brad Pitt couldn’t do this stunt himself,It’s crazy that the stunt double isn’t paid as much as the “high Profile” Stars

  • You said he’s 41 in troy which was in 2004 and you said he was 41 in snatch which was in 2001.. I had a feeling your ages were off throughout the video

  • I’m conflicted
    I need an inspiration section to remind me why I’m working out but I also don’t want to keep photos of shirtless dudes in front of me.


  • This was one of the last DVD l ever bought. I believe in 2005/06. I was 16 or 17ys old.

    I was surprised how good it was because at the time Brad Pitt was all in the tabloids for cheating on the friends chick with Angelina Jolie so watching one of his movies wasn’t on my list because I thought he was just a pretty boy bulshit actor, but I was very surprised how good the movie was. It wasn’t a masterpiece but it was quite good, I don’t believe it did real well at the box office, don’t know why maybe it was because Brad Pitt face was all over the place and the bad News turned people off, anyway after this I went back to watch some of his old movies a little before my time like “Seven,12 Monkeys” and then realize he was a good actor. “Seven” was a masterpiece, my type of movie.

  • You have to respect Hector. Debateably the best warrior in the world after Achilles, he knew he was going to lose, but accepted his challenge anyways.

  • This music sounds like general action movie music. It feels so wrong. All the urgency and nimbleness brought by the original percussion is gone.

  • Just a quick question for any bronze age historians. Why do the Trojans have the standard bearer and a few Apollonian guard in front of the main spear formations right before the Greek charge hit them, then pull them back before the impact? That was an odd little thing for the director to include and I’m wondering if it’s based on anything from history.


  • Honest opinion: Paris didn’t deserved to live. He should have died when he tried to fight Menalaus and lost and grabbed his brother’s foot to save him, if he can’t win his own battles why anyones else should die for his stupid love. He made hundreds of soldiers die along with his own brother in the war he brought upon Troy by stealing the wife of Sparta king. How can someone live with such a big burden of killing so many own soldiers and his brother. Fucking moron Paris.������