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How to Look Like “Famous Celebrity” in “Big Action Movie!” Unless your goal is to look like a strong actress in the show (who is guaranteed to have an attitude and constantly have to prove herself for some reason).if that’s the case, then we’re gonna have you do sprints, spend hours on the rowing machine, and then mix in. How To Look Like a “Famous Celebrity” in a Big Action Movie More Want to Look like “Famous Celebrity” in a Big Action Movie “Anne Hathaway or Lily Collins”. Here are some methods to attain that perfect celebrity look.

Trendy jeans and a t-shirt work like a charm, and adding the right hand bag or hat can make the outfit pop. For a more risky-yet-simple fashion statement, dress up in one color from head to toe. A lot of models, musicians, and actors pick a monochromatic look for several occasions. Which celebrity do you look like?! Check out the result now! | You bored?

Let’s Vonvon!news 2d What Going To The Movies Will Look Like Once AMC Reopens Sarah El-Mahmoud news 2d How Jimmy Fallon Made Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cry After Becoming A Dad Himself Sarah El-Mahmoud Comments. Do you want to know which celebrity do you look like? We often dream of being the celebrity we like the most.

We love, follow, even admire our favorite stars, we find it an extreme compliment if we look like one of our favorite ones. We do many things to get that physical appearance as they have. If that’s the case, this is the quiz for you!

Are you Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Zac Efro. 40 People Who Look So Much Like Celebrities It’s Scary. This Reddit thread asked users to post side-by-side photos of themselves and their celeb twins. Some are INSANELY good.

It’s like a tune up for a car. But when you completely transform your face to look like a celeb who doesn’t resemble you at all, well, things might not go as planned. It’s no wonder you’re an international sex symbol, one smoldering look from you and anyone melts in your path.

You have a perfectly proportioned face, with the pouty lips and bright eyes that can conquer the world. The world is ready to clamor to get a good look at you. Celebrities often look like they’ve just stepped off the runway, even when they’re spotted at the airport or out shopping.

While many celebrities have personal stylists that ensure their look is on point, you can dress like a celebrity without one. Experimenting with proportions, colors, and statement pieces are all great ways to bring out your.

List of related literature:

Be “Hollywood.”

“The Altman Close: Million-Dollar Negotiating Tactics from America's Top-Selling Real Estate Agent” by Josh Altman
from The Altman Close: Million-Dollar Negotiating Tactics from America’s Top-Selling Real Estate Agent
by Josh Altman
Wiley, 2019

Ask friends and family to identify celebrities who act and look like you.

“Comedy Writing Secrets: The Best-Selling Guide to Writing Funny and Getting Paid for It” by Mark Shatz, Mel Helitzer
from Comedy Writing Secrets: The Best-Selling Guide to Writing Funny and Getting Paid for It
by Mark Shatz, Mel Helitzer
Penguin Publishing Group, 2016

Simple, everyday clothing that looks completely natural to each character (and actor) is the goal.

“The Spitfire Grill: A Musical” by James Valcq, Fred Alley, Lee David Zlotoff
from The Spitfire Grill: A Musical
by James Valcq, Fred Alley, Lee David Zlotoff
Samuel French, 2002

make the actor look like someone else.

“The Complete Make-up Artist: Working in Film, Fashion, Television and Theatre” by Penny Delamar
from The Complete Make-up Artist: Working in Film, Fashion, Television and Theatre
by Penny Delamar
Northwestern University Press, 2003

Think Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada.

“Nice Is Just a Place in France: How to Win at Basically Everything” by Betches
from Nice Is Just a Place in France: How to Win at Basically Everything
by Betches
Gallery Books, 2013

Through magazines, they are exposed to the celebrity ‘look’ and are given tips on how to ‘get her look’.

“Fashion Marketing Communications” by Gaynor Lea-Greenwood
from Fashion Marketing Communications
by Gaynor Lea-Greenwood
Wiley, 2013

Avoid cutting off the actor’s arms and hair.

“Digital Compositing with Blackmagic Fusion: Essential Techniques” by Lee Lanier
from Digital Compositing with Blackmagic Fusion: Essential Techniques
by Lee Lanier
Taylor & Francis, 2018

Ask the actor to wear a button-down shirt to work.

“The Makeup Artist Handbook: Techniques for Film, Television, Photography, and Theatre” by Gretchen Davis, Mindy Hall
from The Makeup Artist Handbook: Techniques for Film, Television, Photography, and Theatre
by Gretchen Davis, Mindy Hall
Taylor & Francis, 2017

You will have to match that actor’s makeup and wardrobe for scenes that are shot days later.

“From Reel to Deal: Everything You Need to Create a Successful Independent Film” by Dov S-S Simens
from From Reel to Deal: Everything You Need to Create a Successful Independent Film
by Dov S-S Simens
Grand Central Publishing, 2000

The fastest way to look glamorous is to put on sunglasses.

“The Power of Glamour: Longing and the Art of Visual Persuasion” by Virginia Postrel
from The Power of Glamour: Longing and the Art of Visual Persuasion
by Virginia Postrel
Simon & Schuster, 2013

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  • But just stil shoulda kept tryin n been dun whateva it took takes w em, stayed safe w em also bjt judt still shouldnta even do n coulda if wanned needed 2 ve no matter what but also shoulda just been dun makeup n othas stead of like bey,rihanna,jt,demi lovato,jungkook n rm othas just who else agreed just etc also just cuz mayb if so….

  • I actually know about this. Without getting too technical, it’s based on the golden ratio. fibonacci symmetrical faces. You can look up if you don’t know what that’s is but basically if you take a picture of most of us and flip the left side onto the right or right onto left we look nothing like ourselves!, we look very strange. That is because most of our faces do not follow the golden triangle rule. Only actors, ideals and famous people have the golden ratio in their faces. That is why they are “pleasing” to look at. If you took their faces nd split them down the middle and flipped half over they still look exactly like themselves. Very weird and very creepy. If you have time look it up. It’s very interesting how this golden ratio is in everything from the abolone shell, fern buds, roses, Greek and other ancient buildings. Very cool stuff

  • i only came bc the title is funny like wtf is celebrities who live like normal people?? THEY ARE NORMAL PEOPLE XD i mean idk are they aliens and we don’t know about it yet but somehow you do?….��

  • Woa being an actor really tough.. not only need acting but also body change, 10 years ago, female actress won’t even cut her hair completely for a nun role, she use some kind of wig, and insert her hair in it, make her head look so bloated. A chinese film about soccer something (shaolin soccer).. Zhao wei I think, then v for vendetta actress shave her hair and its became a top story because of her dedication.. and now.. eyy more extreme needed..

  • The real Barack Obama you had listed as a fake, which is not sell its pause flag of the other one was the real Obama or should I say oh bummer

  • اننا نحاول ان نجعل الارض اكثر جملا وسلاما لكن لااحد يمد العون لنا اننا نحتاج السلام بين الدول نحتاج ان تتوقف الحروب نحتاج الى المحافظه على النظافه نحتاج الى توقف العنف نحتاج اشياء كثيره لتصبح الارض مثاليه نحتاج الى ابعاد التطرف و الارهاب نحتاج الى توقف قتل الحيوانات او حتى اصتيادها بلا تصريح نحتاج ونحتاج ونحتاج عندما نتكلم يقول السفهاءلنا (كلام فارغ نح نسوف نموت) حسنا نحن سوف نموت لكن هناك اجيال خلفنا.

  • arent celebrities ordinary people or do u think they go to celebrity heaven or hollywood hell? they are just mere mortals which are wealthy and have a fanbase which they will leave on this earth same as all of us so i dont get it……..

  • Putin?? Dont be stupid he looks nothing like him..jim carrey..hugh laurie..yes…britney spears fat mother maybe.. johhny way…George Clooney..YES… very good…

  • Laurie Holden and Amy Smart
    Michelle Pfeiffer and Debbie Harry
    Dakota Fanning and Amanda Seyfried
    Morgan Freeman and Jimi Hendrix
    Betty Gabriel and Angela Bassett
    Jessica Biel and Christy Turlington
    Danai Guira and Viola Davis

  • After seeing this there must be something going on here this are to much people in hollywood matching together.

    Reminds me of this guy i met backstage at intents festival and spoke with 8 or 9 years ago

  • Reminds me of a 1964 Twilight Zone episode titled Number 12 Looks Just Like You… where everyone when they reach adulthood are surgically altered to resemble a model of their choosing. It is spot on in depicting the world we live in today. Rod Serling was genius.

  • What about katheryn winnick & scarlett johansson? I realized when watching Vikings I had the same confusion I had with most of these.

  • I do notice as one is fading, another comes in that looks like them and it drives me nuts lol Been saying this since before the world wide web and long before YouTube. Now with the amount of info on the net, including channels like this one, we can see it all in one place and really compare. Sadly, sometimes if I can’t recall a name, I can do a search for ‘actress that looks like ‘ and get images and name!

  • Those stars look weird. No matter how much the try to look like the opposite sex….as they get older, their real agenda is going to show.����

  • Keanu Reeves can teach all these ungrateful celebrities a lesson. These people forget who put them in that position of wealth and fame and those people are the fans without us all you movie stars would be nothing……you are awesome Keanu Reeves

  • At 10:38 the narrator makes it look like the picture was Sarah Jessica Parker’s family. But, those were celebrities like Michael J Fox and Justine Bateman from Family Ties along with Justin’s (Justine’s brother) birthday from Silver Spoons. Also Mindy Cohen from the show The Facts Of Life. The other kids I don’t recognize. Anybody know??

  • One actor has many other roles, the actor plays multiple other actors: example of paris hilton is catherine tyldesley and kareena kapoor. White actors always have a dual role as “minority” like fake indian. Every hollywood actor and actress has fake dual indian role. Just google hollywood bollywood lookalike on google and then google will tell you which “indian” actor is played by which hollywood actor or actress.

    There is zero cloning involved just make up, spray tan and fake hair when they play “indian”. Hollywood actors have so many roles that one person can be like 5 others.

  • I didn’t find any of these doppelgangers looking like the celebs, perhaps it is because of the extremely poor editing of this video. Flashing images in and out without any side by side comparisons made it really hard to figure out if Miley Cyrus is supposed to look like Ellen De Generis or not. All the clips were constantly moving and flickering at such a dizzy pace I almost got an epileptic fit! C’mon guys, make a watchable video, not a supermarket ad.

  • Man by hearing this song a thought came to me that how god gave us this beautiful place to live like 2nd heaven think how god created earth beautifully and we are just destroying this as a shit. Think I someone destroys our creation how bad it feels. How much bad god will be feeling.

  • Victoria Coren-Mitchell & Dr Alice Roberts,Nigella Lawson & Rachel de Thame, Ed Tudor Pole & Peter Capaldi, David Tennant & Richard Hammond, Karen Gillan & Olivia Hallinan, & Jodie Whittaker & Jane Danson

  • They had a picture in a magazine of what Barak Obama would look like if he had lighter skin and eyes and different hair and he looked a lot like Jimmy Carter I also read in a different magazine they were related and also related to Elvis Presley, George Bush and Sarah Palin.

  • This is also why Magazines, talk shows media outlets always do that whole Celebrity look a likes thing because they need to put these Clones out in plain sight or otherwise people would say “why does this person look like so and so”.

  • These people( but I really don’t think they are anymore ) have played God long enough. We have awakened and await The Lord’s justice apon the dark one’s.

  • Been watching quite a few reactions on this song lately and it’s honestly saddening how many americans don’t even know about the holocaust. They hear the line “we forgive you germany”, they pause, they listen to it again and goes like “ey I don’t know what that is supposed to mean but this song fucking slaps!”. GET IT RIGHT AMERICAN EDUCATION SYSTEM! The world isn’t ONLY America

  • Britney Spears at a young age look like Marylin Monroe, she even dressed like her in her first time at the Grammy’s and later did 2 photoshoots inspired on her ��

  • Duffy Gaver the dog 3:57 is a great personal trainer and is how Jared Leto 2:33 was able to “gain 30 kgs reaching 90 kgs but never weighed more than 70 kgs”

  • You should really need to see this too. Tha transformation of Aamir Khan( an Indian actor) in the movie dangal.
    I am shuar that. After watching this one you must became a fan of him

  • “He was assisted by professional coach, Duffy Graver”
    Me: Immediately looks at dog
    Also me: ” I can’t believe that dog trained him, damn thats crazy”


  • I love how they act like it’s some mystery diet or special personal training workout plan when all they’re doing a cycling on and off juice

  • Rather than stress those celebrities with massive weight loss or weight gain, why cant they audition actors with those particular weight size they need

  • for Those who think and said ” Yeah they are rich, they use Nutritionist, Personal trainers, etc, of course they can” As for someone who’s going through physical transformation(Losing fat) and using trainer.. I can say it’s still goddamn hard, They really-really work for it and deservedly get the results. If your motivation is not there, even you use the most expensive trainers and nutritionist, you wont get there..The will to show up in gym 5 times a week, the will to completely restrict/increase your eating habits.. ain’t that easy. it might be easy for the first 1-2 months, but keep it going for 6 months or a year, eventually being your habit, it take dedication.

  • Morpho-genetic-replication (its not a word i made it up) apparently there are only seventy two different personality types in human beings so there would be a similar limitation on genetic replication. its why most of us can talk with each other and agree or disagree on stuff is because we are all pretty much the same, this video is a fantastic demonstration of how familiar we all are to each other:D a few months back at a coffee shop i was served by a tatum channing clone (lol) i couldnt help it and said it gosh you look like and before i could finish the sentence he finished it for me…he said he hears it a lot. every hour of his working life prehaps being a barista

  • Keanu Reeves is a modest frugal person. However, his acting is poor especially at having to show his emotions which he is terrible at doing (just look at movie ‘Knock Knock’). Nice film but awful lead. Probably worried at having to try these roles in future. As for Zuckerberg…a total no no on here.

  • I’ve been trying my absolute hardest to lose weight for 6 years. You know what this tells me?

    I’m not trying fucking hard enough (Or I just need assloads of money to get a fast transformation like this)

  • So.. Anyone else notice how there’s always a “more famous” clone, I mean, in terms of one will be like an Oscar Winner and the other is famous for Rolls on TV Shows, or in the way of Winona Rider, famous, but aging, Keira Knightly, famous, but 15 minutes are up, Natalie Portman is sort of in the middle of Rider and Knightly yet her career seems more steady and stable, like both high key and low key famous but riding past that 15 minutes of fame and continuing on by skirting the edges by diving to low key fame to keep relevant in the business, wait out random burst of High End Rolls for Rider and Knightly then when they’ve ridden their bursts of fame out, Natalie Portman shows back up in the spotlight with a big roll, like those 3 take turns of who out of the 3 of them gets to be more relevant and/or famous and when..

    Also when comparing Keira Knightly with people you forgot Emma Watson because she looks a lot like Keira Knightly

  • @ 1:30 adding to that, jessica biel is a lookalike of kate, where they co-starred in one of the remake movie of arnold schwarzenger.

  • I hate fucking look alikes
    I have been a spy for 15 years
    Every lookalike
    Pair fucks up
    CIA directors
    World leaders
    Pop stars
    I hate these fucking people because I am revolutionary trying to fight social systems and social classes
    I am so fucking sick of dealing with stupid look alikes

    There all fucking stupid and the only purpose of the look alike is to screw you over then pretend it wasn’t their fault
    Never let another look alike near me
    Automatically kill any of the look alikes in any set until their is only one remaining
    Doesn’t matter ever what one
    Just that they get killed off until only one remains
    Winner winner
    1 year free dinner
    Spokane.007 fm radio

  • Watch some Bollywood movies. You’ll come to see even greater transformation. For ex Aamir Khan In the movie Dangal has managed to acquire 2 different body shapes one of an obese old man and another of a lean muscular Wrestler. Do watch that. And there are more


  • Sarah Paulson and the late actress Joan Hackett looked like twins!! Sorry but the celebs got to look like deadringers not similar. Most of the celebs mentioned in the video and on here are not deadringers like Sarah Paulson and Joan Hackett are. I’m just saying….

  • Everyone: Keanu Reeves is such a humble and down-to-earth person. No one can beat him in that.
    Youtube: 10 Actors And Celebrities Who Live Like Normal People
    Me:I’m sure Keanu is on top.
    Screen Rant: places Keanu on number 10
    Me: kills a puppy and blames it on Screen Rant

    U guys shouln’t have put Keanu on Number 10

  • Lol, i feel like there’s a board on Hollywood overlords dishing out clones with minor changes and then draining the world of all its money. I smell a silly conspiracy ��


  • how about the rock and dwayne johnson? or stone cold and steve austin? that drummer from nirvana and vocalist of foo fighter also looks alike

  • This Is Just 1 Outa Countless Thing’s That’s Cute Sweet Scolding Hot Fine Nice Sexy Handsome Precious Priceless Innocent Pure Gorgeous Adorable Beautiful Stunning Etc Bout ‘LoganMarshall-Green&TomHardy’ Is What A Big Bad Ass ‘y’ (Hardy) Always (Almost) Plays He’s So Much Stronger Tougher Taller & Obviously So Is ‘N’ (Green) Just No Where Near As Much As His Cute Sweet Scolding Hot Fine Nice Sexy Handsome Precious Priceless Innocent Pure Gorgeous Adorable Beautiful Stunning Etc Twin Brother ‘Y’ They Were Switched @ Birth

  • I got to admit. this cannot be coincidence. NEVER SAW a “study” like this before, but you are showing actual pictures. this is evidence. its chilling. man, how many times do we need to see stuff like this, until we realize Hollywood is actually Hellywood.

  • Either save the earth or possibly have all life in (that we know of) universe so save earth or possibly kill all life in the universe

  • these aren’t clones, they are shapeshifters, they can look like anyone they want as long as they have the hologram program they want to keep their appearance stable as a human. A very long time ago people accepted that they had a ‘twin’ look alike somewhere in the world…there are only a very limited number of facial key elements, eyes, brows, cheeks, lip, ear etc…so many people who ‘remind’ you of others is nothing sinister in most cases, but there are literally legions of shapshifters living in our world today, best if you study & learn about them…the ones who run the governments of the world are your rulers right now & have been for quite a while. Chk out offshoot100’s channel, he has some decent vids & has some showing not only their shifts, but their holotech as well.

  • Some of these i dont think look like the person and some i believe the look a like has purposely made themselves look like the famous person..But the rest its pretty cool that they are look a likes without trying ��

  • Buses and Nolte MAY have had at times similar looks and faces, but Busey has always had those giant ridiculous chompers that you just cannot mistake!!

  • I was scrolling through and just found this video. I’m not a fan of any of these celebs, but my favorite doppelgangers were of Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. Especially Kim K. I couldn’t tell who was who in their picture. And the offer that got extended to Miley’s “twin” was nice. I wonder if anything ever came of that. That would have been awesome. I guess I’ll never know.

  • I hate when people think that if they put the same makeup the celeb puts and the same clothes the celeb puts they look like the celeb but they really don’t. Accept for Ed Sheeran who really had someone who looked like him

  • These people compared to those that THREW their money into investment and other losing things make me feel good. I live on a pension, but I try to live FRUGALLY.

  • #5 Should’ve Been #2 & #1 Should B Ian Somer & RobLowe Not 2 Mention When In Disguise LadyGaga Can R e a l l y Pull Off Lookin Like O (RalphMacchio)

  • Also Sofia Vergara and Paula Patton they are fucking identical. Paula Patton is like a younger version of Sofia Vergara it’s freaky. It’s like they are trying to replace the old ones with new ones

  • They cycle up on steroids for these roles. They don’t stay on them all the time,for health reasons. I wish they would legalize PEDS! We could all use them,from time to time.

  • Brother and sisters some times in the world �� will be a save place too live on all people can drink fresh water and something too eat and we never gonna have war I’m only wanna say stay stronge in the end all people will be happy if that time not come it’s not the end if you read this YOU ARE A LEGEND!

  • Dougray Scott and Marton Csokas
    David Tennant and Richard Hammond
    Samara Weaving and (younger) Denise Richards
    Teresa Palmer and (younger) Carey Lowell
    Jared Leto and Ben Foster

  • Actually, i am not a person who is very interested in celebrities personal private life. Of course, they are going to do whatever we do at home. They are also wife, mother, husband, son, daughter to someone. The only difference is they do in a luxury house. I am actually more interested in their interviews, reality shows, ads, award shows and movies. I am more interested in the work they do. That was the reason why i got angry when someone peep into my privacy because i am not interested in anyone’s private life including celebrities. I was very keen to watch Rajinikanth National Geography reality show and i subscribed the channel just to watch that 1 show.

  • Funny thing is celebrity lookalikes could made good money from celebrities to trick paparazzi dress the lookalike in the celebrities clothes have them go out the front door where the cameras are and have the real celebrity go out the back while the paparazzi are busy chasing the lookalike

  • Wtf is it with people and using kilograms as a constant reference for a certain amount of weight..everyone in the civilized modern world uses pounds or “lbs” as the standard measurement of weight. Only ass backwards britts still use kilograms.

  • They’re actors so steroids & dialectics. Along with doctors/personnel training can do wonders. I’m glad they use though because it wouldn’t be the same without it

  • You know I even saw a Joaquin Phoenix clone riding on his bike on the streets I thought that was him but not really its was different

  • . The only one i am not sure is not a photoshop is the Britney Spears one. If it’s not, she really, really looks like her in her bad days, i mean for the face only. All the rest are lookalike, not the real ones….

  • Mark Zuckerberg used to drive a $30,000 Acura then sold it and went to a VW Golf GTI. $30,000 is NOT CHEAP even in 2019 for a car. What a joke.

  • when God bless’s, many people bless and care and love many other compassionate people, and it is great to see loving compassionate people caring for evryone, even in there popular status, God bless you all always, peace, n Love.

  • i truly feel that other celebs should take a leaf from these people.
    it’s sad when you see a megastar of a decade ago accepting B-movie roles or TV roles or independent films (except for those who do it to explore creative endeavors) just for a paycheck and trying to cling to fame. Fame is very fickle and the same media that made one an “overnight sensation” can bring down someone and ruin their fame and career. And people should be free to just pack up if it’s no longer happening whether its to focus on true love, family, refusing roles so as to maintain their principles.
    They should live as though each paycheck will be their last and move forward without regrets.

  • Lil Dicky: Save the Earth
    Now: Is too late. Too many koala’s dead. Coronavirus comes. We must take a mask because of the pollution. So be safe. ( sorry for my bad english )

  • Problem wit most actors is that the movie companies and insurance firms order them to stay away from ordinary people to awoid attacks and probably killings. Before 1980 most of non teeny pop celebs lived pretty normal life. Elvis was seen as a isolated freak because he used to hide himself to Graceland. But after the murder of John Lennon celebs were ordered to get more security stuff and avoid fans and ordinary guys at all.

  • love seeing them. good job guys.. i was 90 kg two months ago and now 76ish.. must tell ya, u gotta have a motivation not just to see urself loosing weight. i am aiming for 70.. best of luck who ever need it and know nothing i mean nothing is impossible..:)

  • My opinion Keanu Reeves is at the top of the list. A great guy with a huge heart and a bike and car enthusiast like myself..There is a guy I could hang with and talk bikes and cars all day long����

  • It’s amazing how you can actually look like your own picture….silly billy….I think you were confused putting this video together…..well some of it anyway��

  • I always wandered about the mystery behind Bradley Cooper and Keanu Reeves… They are frugal with their cash having been brought up to respect it. Cool!

  • On my channel, third row, I made a video about Western and Eastern celebrities who lookalike or can pass as sisters. It is not a humiliation to anyone or anything, it’s just in my personal opinion, hope you like it ����

  • Producer: ok so what do you wanna be?
    Snoop: weed
    Producer: ok? And what about you?
    Kevin Hart: Kanye West
    Producer: are you fucking serious

  • Damn 50 cent almost died playing his role and he didn’t get shit that is so so sad black actors don’t really get the same thing as white actor do that makes it so hard to be on the same level across the board ����������

  • Okay, I’m just going to say it… Ed Sheeran, honey… Either your mom or dad are keeping a big secret from you, because that guy is, at least, your half-brother.

  • 0:25 I remember seeing Javier for the first time, but the way they talk is how I knew it wasn’t Jeff. Scary how much they look alike, though not even same nationality or race!

  • Robert Horry (NBA Player) is also a great choice. The guy lives down the street in a house smaller than mine, and I’m not rich by any means. He’s also really humble and sweet. He’s friends with my neighbor, so I was able to meet him. He’s just really awesome.

  • You might want to take Zuckerberg off this list because I’m pretty sure normal people don’t have more bodyguards than the President of the US?

  • About the Suckerberg, I only wonder, who was the guy or gal, from who he stole the Facebook? Like, Albert the plagiarist Idiotstain, stole the theory of relativity, from Italian called Olinto de Pretto. Albert had his first child to disappear quickly, younger son killed in mental asylum and older son, ignored for his whole life. Incest among the neo jews, is not worth to mention, cause that is, from where the neo jews are coming from. But, so much from the “fatherhood”, of anything, that Albert Idiotstain stands for.

  • It is called cloning. Yes you hear me right. No one gets famous like this not being from one circle. They do that behind closed doors. So many look alike people in hellyweird, that didn’t happened out of nowhere.

  • A lot of these celebrities were born and raised when the dollar went further and were taught by their parents who probably had multiple children how to be sensible with money and how to make a dollar stretch….as Dolly Parton says, she counts her blessings more than she counts her money

  • it doesn’t really matter if they donated millions or billions of dollars, Jeff bezos could donated 144 billion dollars to charity and he would still have more money than you could possibly conceive, enough to last him a 100 lifetimes in absolute luxury.

  • Keanu Reeves never gave 85% of his earnings to his team ;’-) If that had been true, that staffs would have become a millionaire overnight. The Fact: He gave $38m to his costume and special effects team to keep making the film. There was some financial problem during making the matrix2&3. You can find the interview that the costume staff said it wasn’t true. But no matter what Keanu is really down to earth guy.

  • fcuk off the chick with the tubes up her nose pretending to be a sufferer in a movie being frugile with cash bullshit more like no sponsors yet for toothpaste and what not lick me you wankers