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HOW TO DO A PULL-UP, STEP-BY-STEP: Grab a bar with a grip slightly wider than shoulder width, with your hands facing away from you. Hang all the way down. Pull yourself up until your chin is above the bar. Slight pause; Lower yourself all the way back down.

That’s it!A pull-up ends when your clear the bar with your chin or when you touch the bar with your upper chest. Don’t lift your chin to shorten the movement.

It won’t do you any good. Use a proper range of motion in order to have an easier time learning more advanced bodyweight exercises like the muscle up. Try to focus on the bar as you pull yourself up. – Pull yourself up as high as you can, until your chin is at least level with the bar. At this point, hold for a second, and then exhale as you slowly lower yourself back to the starting position. – Repeat the process again for as many reps as you can.

Pull Up Tutorial and How to do Guide for Beginners incl. 10+ Progression Exercises & Variations. Learn how to do Pull ups (or Chin ups) step by step. Start, improve & make progress. Subtitles also available in Spanish or Hindi (or other language by preference).

See also the end of the video for example of training, program, structure/workouts etc. Due to this position, your pressure on your biceps is more. if you see this step in the image then see below. After making 90-degree hand’s position you start to lift your body upward with the help of biceps. Then lift your body till your chin has just come over the bar. Then keep hold for a second.

Do It: Standing on a box or bench, grab the bar with an underhand grip, then jump up so that your chin touches it (a). Pause, then lower yourself as slowly as possible, aiming for about five to 10. To do flexed arm hangs, place a box near the pull up bar that puts your chin just over the bar. Place your hands on the bar with your palms facing you.

Lift yourself upward and hold yourself slightly over the bar. Keep your elbows flexed, and your chin over the bar. Your 4 Step Progression So, by now you know how your grip affects your strength, and also some of the common reasons why pullups are so damn hard.

Let’s dive into the progression that I like to use to help people get their first pullup. Static elevated hold Now we are getting to the harder stuff, it sounds simple in theory and will be over time but don’t worry if you struggle at first. The static hold is simply keeping yourself elevated in the pull-up position (at the top) for as long as you can.

Use a step or a bench and jump up into the top position with your arms shoulder-width apart. Step 1, Grip a pullup bar with your palms facing whichever direction you prefer. In general, having your palms facing towards you is most efficient.

When you pull yourself up with your hands facing this way, you give your biceps and lats a better workout. Pulling yourself up with your palms out is considered the most difficult way to pull up your bodyweight but also gives.

List of related literature:

For one set you may do a conventional chin-up (palms facing away), and then for the next set you may do a pull-up grip with palms facing toward you.

“52-week Basketball Training” by Chip Sigmon
from 52-week Basketball Training
by Chip Sigmon
Human Kinetics, 2003

Instead of resting your head on your crossed forearms, lift your head off the floor, join the bases of your palms with the elbows on the floor shoulder-width apart, and cradle your chin on your open palms.

“Original Yoga: Rediscovering Traditional Practices of Hatha Yoga” by Richard Rosen
from Original Yoga: Rediscovering Traditional Practices of Hatha Yoga
by Richard Rosen
Shambhala, 2012

This exercise requires that you first raise the chin over the bar as you would in a standard pull—up.

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
from Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy
by Bret Contreras
Human Kinetics, 2013

Chin-ups are a great addition to any dryland program because they can be done wherever a chin-up or pull-up bar is available.

“Swimming Anatomy” by Ian A. McLeod
from Swimming Anatomy
by Ian A. McLeod
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2009

With knees bent so that you are lifting with your legs, place one hand over the shoulders and between the legs; the other grasps the head under the chin 2.

“Mosby's Comprehensive Review for Veterinary Technicians E-Book” by Monica M. Tighe, Marg Brown
from Mosby’s Comprehensive Review for Veterinary Technicians E-Book
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Bend at the elbows While keeping your back straight, until your chin almost touches the floor, then push back up.

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
from The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life
by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
Rodale Press, 2010

Step 6: Have the subject slowly raise the meterstick as high as possible while maintaining chin contact with the floor and keeping the elbows extended.

“Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology” by Greg Haff, Charles Dumke
from Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology
by Greg Haff, Charles Dumke
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Start with regular chin-ups, doing them as you have been.

“Arnold” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
from Arnold
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
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Once you know how to correctly position your forearms on the surface of support, can hold the position, and even can perform a few forearm Pull-Ups, you must train your ability to transition from the side Double-Hand Hang to the Double-Forearm Hang through a Pull-Up.

“The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” by Erwan Le Corre
from The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom
by Erwan Le Corre
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

(B) Movement: Simply pull your chin up over the bar, hold for a count of 1, and then lower yourself down all the way.

“Body by God: The Owner's Manual for Maximized Living” by Ben Lerner
from Body by God: The Owner’s Manual for Maximized Living
by Ben Lerner
Thomas Nelson, 2007

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  • Im sorry jeff, a dead hang is an entirely tendon hang, ie your relaxing all your muscles and just hangin out. Coming from a climber. And its not a problem if you condition your tendons for it (to an extent) most people without shoulder injuries and average tendon strength can dead hang without problems, but for anyone with shoulder injuries then you may have to actually engage some muscles to avoid pain

  • dont cross your legs, its pointless and only hinders your balance/strength. when would you ever pull yourself up from something with your legs crossed behind your body unless youre a paraplegic?

  • What he is doing in 2:10 is exactly what you should avoid.
    This is what Athlean-X is talking about in here:

  • FYI: After my shoulder (right, rotator cuff)surgery, neither “pull-up, nor “chin-up” grip (“over-hand”, or, “under-hand”, respectively), feels great, so, I often use one hand “over-hand”, and the other hand “under-hand”…..Any recommendations/precautions?!!!……

  • To do my first pull up and eventually sets of pull ups, I started with reverse row first, then negatives, finally with bands, then free pull ups; I was also doing other exercise that approximate upper back exercises. Was doing fairly decent of pull ups, it was my goal as well, then COVID happened:(!

  • Such awesome insight about using the pinky and ring fingers! And as you know, their tendons are connected, too, so they’re always working together.

  • Me:(sitting on the sofa) I’ll start doing these exercises right now.
    Chips:(And leave us alone!!)
    Me:I’ll be there and I’ll be there.
    And the rest is legend…

  • Cali movement and FAQs are the two absolute best calisthenics youtube channels, they don’t show-off themselves, and the advices from them are always safe and scientific������

  • Is it possible to perform chin ups with a lack of shoulder mobility, for example, the raising the shoulder stop at a horizontal position.

  • I’m a climber so it’s always really funny to me to see the grip strength part. It’s so wonderfully easy for me. But for some reason I still can’t do a pull up, which is absolutely something to be ashamed of as someone who is slowly leaving the beginner grades in climbing and getting to the intermediate ones.

  • I’m up to 6 pull ups unassisted and struggling to go above that in the last 2 weeks, I’m going to try doing abs work with the bar thanks! Also working on the weight (:

  • Can you do the next videos by wearing T shirts….. I m telling this because I can’t understand anything what you say when I am staring on your biceps only….

  • FitnessFAQs and CalisthenicsMovement, 2 highly respected and certainly credentialed, athletic trainers, not to mention gymnasts and bodyweight athletes use an “unpacked/dead hang” for full ROM. Thoughts?

  • After I do chin up my shoulder and elbow joints hurt RIP
    That’s why I hate training first u will become disabled and gave problems before u get stronger

  • 풀업이나 푸쉬업을 할때에 어깨에서 소리가 나요 어떡하죠? If I do pullup or pushup my shoulder makes sounds. How should I do? (sry I’m korean so I ‘m not good at talking English)

  • I love this. No talking, straight into action. Instructions are on the screen and there are visible results. Phenomenal videos, love your work!

  • Yeah man..����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • I started doing pullups for the first time ever and my elbow ( inner side ) starting paining a bit soo I took a break of 2-3 days and after that I did them again. It start paining again the same way as before so how do I fix this elbow pain. I do around 300+ pushups daily and I don’t feel any pain in my elbows during that excersize. But when I started doing pullups again after another break of 3-4 days. I started feeling the pain again in my elbows it’s not excruciating but I don’t want to risk any permanent injury. I ordered elbow wraps to help with stability and compression. What should I do?

  • How long we stay one one stage level.
    Until we reach how many pull up.
    With accessories dips how many pull up we need to done to continue to the next adaptation pull up.
    Yes I agree with most of people is the first tutorial very deep I see on YouTube excellent.
    I m new subscriber of your channel, very good videos.
    Thks sir for your future reply to my questions.
    Best regards from France ����

  • Stability, focused, relaxed. You are such an inspiration. All these look so motivational that this video will even make a 150 kg man start working out

  • Please help me! I can do maximum 4 pull ups, after which I don’t feel any good pump in biceps whereas, there are skinny kids in my school with no muscle who can do upto 8 pull ups! Please tell me how to increase pull up count!

  • Just one question: Imagine that there is a door frame between my legs. Is it okay or wrong to put my feet on the left and right side of the frame (So i pull myself vertically up) in the event my doorframe pulls out of my wall and I fall down and dont get injuries… And im being serious here:) Is it okay to put my legs on the left and right side of the doorframe xd

  • Used to rock climb as a sport in high school…best physique I ever accomplished. I didn’t look at my body much or noticed I was doing calisthenics but I was a pro at what I did and my forearms and all parts of my body was shredded/massive. I miss the good old days especially Joshua Tree crack climbing. Go bar brothers family.

  • I know I am late, but can you expand on the topic of how wide the grip should be? I have been active hanging for a while and my forearms seem to do most of work.

  • best channel on youtube no show off no bullshit talking no merchandising
    short video precises and diverse exercises for those who dont have luxury calasithenics parks

  • This is absolute made up horseshit! They are both chin ups, one uses a “supinated” grip, whilst the other uses a “pronated” grip…

  • so which one is better for me? i just need to do both, cause they use different muscles… only problem there is that one muscle being used in both and it will scream hell at me, wont it? xD at least it feels like that to me the last few times

  • Imagine waking up and the first thing you see is the chin up guy face starring silently glaring into your soul so you can feel the pain of the innocent ppl

  • the guys demonstrating this were cringe… NEVER let your arms go completely straight after that eccentric movement, this is incredibly bad for your shoulders and causes irreparable damage over time!!! It may be “easier” since you are in a more rested position but its not worth it people… only lower yourself 80-90% of the way!!!

  • Im 13 and try to do pull ups at home, ya know, tryna get some arm muscles, so exactly what muscles are used at a pull up, i guess bicep and tricep and that other third muscle at the upper arm, but is there anymore

  • [email protected],

    Comparto el link por si les interesa adquirir una barra para pull up,

    Gracias de antemano,

  • What if I can already do Straight-Leg Bodyweight rows without having ever to do them? It was a fitness test at school I did 35 or 40 it was my first time

  • Amazing info! I can do on an average 15-20 of normal chin ups. I could barely do 5 like this and my biceps were full of blood in less than 20 seconds. This is going to save me a lot of time.

  • this is true bodyweight workout cuz full momentum correct or strict form and focus and building muscle and grow some real inner strength and stamina too

  • I bend my legs cause my bar is in a doorway and I’m too tall, I can grab it with my feet on the floor. Impossible to keep a straight body while hanging:(

  • I been training at gym for the last 10 years but I never really liked this excersize. Now I was thinking of giving it a shot. I went to the gym and I could not pull up my body once. I am not sure what I did wrong but I felt embarrassing and now my goal is to do atleast do 1 reps. Any advise how to quickly improve strength is welcome!

  • Stop being heightist Jeff! Some of us are quite tall and the only way we can keep our feet off the ground is to tuck our legs behind us…

  • I was doing too much finger/wrist flexion and it did irritate my elbow, therefore I changed to a neutral grip oppose this pronated. Anybody have any thoughts about that? Is it bad to do so?

  • Hi Buff Brandon, a 70 y.o. here. Everyone always forgets to show the most obvious way to learn to do pullups without bands, and expensive gym machines; This of course follows after the hang for 30 seconds, and negative pullups. Just stand on a box or chair that’s high enough to allow your legs to do the assisted ascent up to the bar. Your brain will automatically tell how much assistance to make it challenging to get 2 or 5 or 8 good reps without being too easy. As you get stronger, your arms(&lats) will start pulling your feet right off the box. You also don’t need a rack or bar, or other equipment; a chin bar and a chair. I know this works. I did enjoy your video very much.

  • I know the video is a bit old, but what about leg placement if you don’t have room for your legs to keep them straight and contracted? That’s why I bend at the knee, no room for full extension.

  • Hey Jeff. Great video. I need some help. What should I look for in getting a pull up bar I can use at home, preferably one that hangs over the doorway?

  • Hi Jeff, a pleasure to listen and learn from you:-)
    I am following most of your advices on the pullups. However, I had a shoulder injury in the past, on my left side, that prevents me to go past half way of the exercise, because I have pain when I reach that point. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me in that regard. I am writing you, because you mentioned you had a teared labrum, and I started to wonder myself about it. Thank again!!!:-)

  • Wow!Finally a guy who supports what he is saying about exercise with scientific facts!And science is the way to go forward in any case!Thanks!

  • ARE WE JUST GOING TO IGNORE HIS AWESOME LATS AND ABS???!! Danm you can tell the guy is working hard! (PS: such a great video, thnx)

  • Hey Jeff I’m a short guy. 5’4 actually. I have to really jump up to reach a pull up bar. I’m good with that if I’m doing pull ups. It’s not a hassle. The problem is when I do chin ups on a bar the same height. My back starts to feel like it’s gonna fall apart. Is that normal? And should I just avoid chin ups on a high bar and do my chin ups on a bar you can attach to a door frame?

  • I honestly feel the chin up more in my triceps then my biceps, I barely feel the pump in my bicep, but def in my triceps no idea why

  • Does the thoracic extension happen at the initial movement up or at the very end towards the bar? Excellent info but more examples using someone’s body in the video would help thanks.

  • Hey Jeff, I am a model and I need to get bigger especially my arms… They seem to not be growing or rather really really slowly than expected… Wanna get big from home… Please help if you can… ��

  • I feel some sort of blockage in my left shoulder. It feels like that’s it’s right shoulder is good and I know i have the strength to to do atleast one pull cause my right side comes up but then because I can’t bring up the left I fail what should I do

  • You should put your thumb behind the bar aswell, it takes 3 more muscles in your forearm when your thumb wraps around the bar instead of behind with your knuckles

  • I think the chin up is one of the best biceps exercise is cause instead of me using a 45 lbs dumb bell to work the muscle alternating. I’m lifting 180lbs better both biceps at the same time.

  • The easier way will always be the way you started. If you started with chin ups then you can do more chin ups if you started with pull ups then you’re a pull up guy ��

  • Glad I rewatched this, I have been doing pull ups since lock down, now I know why my elbow hurts, I quite often find my self hanging on my the ends of my fingers.

  • That seems like a great beginner progression honestly! StartBodyweight’s routine begins with leg-assisted pull ups which I found quite hard to begin with. I’ll begin instead with this progression.

  • Those shoulder depressions are no friggin joke. I watched this thinking those were going to be easy but I’d do them anyway. I couldnt even do one. I’m so disappointed. I started doing them in the Australian pull up position and I’m going to work my way up from there. Turns out my shoulders are the weak link in doing pullups. I wouldve never thought they were this important, thanks for the help

  • With these videos, especially the video about reverse curls to build your Brachoradilis I went from 1 to 8 pull ups in 3 weeks! Though I have previous rotator cuff surgery, I’ve been doing face pulls in a doorway everyday to strengthen it and after a while some bruising has developed, should I be concerned or consult a physiotherapist? Or is that micro trauma?

  • Unless I’m mistaken, you, yourself, have cited placing elbows at sides, rather than in front, previously:

  • Thank you for this superb video! It is one of the most detailed tutorials I’ve come across on pull ups. You pointed out the eccentric phase of the pull up and I won’t be ignoring that movement anymore.

  • Right now…I can’t hang from a bar for more than 15 seconds but I got to say that you are something Jeff! You’re an animal. I binge watch your videos.

  • Could you please do a video about the use of rings? I think moving your head behind the bar position would be easier with rings but maybe there’s other things to consider I’d love to hear your thoughts

  • They can def be quite intimidating when your starting out, but you will thank yourself in the long run if you persevere, and if you feel yourself fading during the exercise use mental strength techniques. I like to think about things which piss me off while listening to heavy metal and this always works for me.

  • Brother You’re a machine if I could have 50% of your strength I will conquer the world. Just curious how long you’ve been doing it and whats your motivation behind it. How you find these awesome locations with monkey bars etc. You’re awesome and I just have to be man up to take my work out to the next level to shape my body. You’re my Motivation spirit with in.

  • 3 months ago I could even hang for more than 20 sec in the bar. Today I managed to do 8 chin-ups and 4 pull ups with proper form. Now my long term goal is reach 10 pull up. Thanks for the info!

  • Awesome, just got the Buff Dudes Body weight workout in this week! Also trying to train for an obstacle race lots of hanging and climbing.

  • Yeah, I was totally destroyed when I discovered I couldn’t do one pull up or one push up. Like, this is coming from a guy who would do this stuff almost limitless in my youth. Prone press-ups, one handed press-ups, no problem. Changing from 154lb to 190lb probably doesn’t help. Anyway, I’m getting back there, grip strength is pretty important. My aim ìs to do the Royal Marines minimum requirements, three pull ups I can probably manage, thirty push ups is a challenge. The swimming thing I can do standing on my head. Running, my knees are fucked. Have to give a by on that. I can walk forever though.

  • Thank you for the lesson. I give these guys, and the video a thumbs up. Here In New York City Saturday May 9th 3:49 a.m. learning. I’ve been doing pull-ups, chin-ups for years, but I never knew benefits.��

  • You are the first really intelligent TEACHER/COACH I have found on the internet. You take things from 0 and gradually work them up. I like your approach thank you. I was wheelchair bound for 5 yrs and the man which helped me walk again is just like you.

  • Can anyone answer? I thought since the forearms are in line with gravity it doesn’t work your biceps? Like the video you made with how dips don’t work your triceps

  • This is exactly what I needed. I had never thought about doing the l sit assisted pull up, looks like a brilliant variation to do. Thanks!

  • So…if I decrease my weight lifting and focus on ALL chin and pull ups for a month…WILL I experience hypertrophy in biceps/chest?

  • Today I went on the park went to do a pull up and failed lol tomorrow I’m going back and every day till i can do it funny thing is I could do them 20 years ago

  • Is C shaped motion pull-up better than normal straight motion pull-ups? Does it work slightly different muscles? Is doing them explosively good for strength? I’m trying to progress to muscle up eventually..

  • Literally I built my biceps triceps and forearms with just pull ups/chin ups and push ups. Literally never done any arm isolation exercises and my arms have developed massively

  • Also, I’m 5’11” @199. I’m on a good run of weight loss lasting about 4 months straight (Started at 230) so it’s not just water. I’ve been eating at a slight deficit for that whole period. And now for the past month I try to stop at1800 a day, but often go below.

    I still get sufficient protein, like 90-100 grams a day (lean.) I’m now at around 14% BFP, even though BMI stupidly says I’m overweight (with a 6-pack starting to show!) I do light RBT training.

    Should I just take the next step toward the bars, or should Iose an additional 15 pounds first? I’m thinking 185 is as light as I wanna get and I wanna start off strong, but I’m not sure. I haven’t been this light since HS.

    Thanks for the video. I wanna use this stuff!

  • The pull up is better for good posture if you have over active pecs or front chain, thats what i have concluded from practise and all theories i have got from this and some other channels

  • It’s so funny how I used to do zero pull-ups when I first started lifting until one day I jumped straight from 0-10 pull-ups. Now I can do 20 pull-ups after a year and a half of training.

  • I do chinups because my shoulders are weak as shit so my biceps et the brunt of the exerisce and curls hurt my wrists before I feel anything in my bicep

  • Will a wide grip pull-up target the inner or outer lats more? (A wide grip targets the short head of the bicep while a narrow grip targets the long head, but does the “rule of opposites” apply to the lats, too??) Thanks!

  • Any exercise you do will take a little time to master when you first start out. Once you get stronger you will do more easy, i started out doing 50 push-ups now i do 100 in the morning 100 at night easy. Just got to keep at it and push hard

  • Chip ups are easy. Every man I know can do them without ever hitting weights. Pull ups… well, that’s a different story. I know some people who can bench press their body weight or more and can’t do a single pull up. I’m glad I can do clean pull ups with chin going over the bar. Don’t get me wrong, it was damn hard and painful to develop the strength to do pull ups

  • The hand position recommended in this video contradicts the advice given in the “Chinups vs. Pullups” video from 2014. But, it seems like the one from 2014 might actually be better for someone experiencing elbow pain because it disengages the biceps. Is this position really better?

  • Oh my God! I had heard that chinup is bicep dominant exercise but earlier I had to end up my chinup sets die to other muscles not performing well enough.
    After this video my chinup max was halved if not even less than that and my biceps are the first to give in. They’re screaming like never before.

  • finally. A pullup/chinup video that talks about whether you should or shouldnt unpack your shoulders or not at the bottom. Cheers Jeff!

  • I wish more demonstrations were done reference the should / scapula position for safe shoulder joint positioning. Noobs like me need really clear visual demonstrations of incorrect then correct position

  • I am 44 years, following you since 2016,, thanks for inspiring me and motivation,
    Always when I feel lazy or down I remember your videos and after watching 2 minutes, I am up and working out…
    Keep going Nordic.

  • I can’t seem to do a pronated grip. Every time I do it, my forearms feels like it is getting twisted and it hurts me bad. Supinated and neutral grip I have no problem.
    And thanks for the advice.

  • So I watch alot of videos on workingbout… love ur channel… I’m more into calethenics i have a sciatic nerve.. it help me tremendous with it.. anyhow.. every exercise I like I try and look up on ur channel to get the science.. and I’ve actually stopped some exercises cu more damage than good.. anyhow I often see ur channel the most.. cuz ur dead on.. and straight forward

  • Thanks for putting this together. Trying to get back into shape and appreciated having both Brandon as the pro and McKayla(sp?) as the beginner working through the examples. I took notes and will be getting to work.

  • I could already do about 10ish chin ups before with just body weight, i decided to add 15 pounds to a back pack and when i did the “behind the head” variation, i got a pump ive never felt before. Thanks for all the wisdom and insight Jeff!

  • Great video. Very useful to break the goal down into different steps. And showing a Porcupine Tree album in the corner is a big plus!

  • I could do 1 pull up before watching this and i hated it because i was so bad. Got inspired by this now i can do 10 and love pullups cheers man!

  • Absolutely love watching your videos jeff u are awesome at explaining how the body works and now i know why my elbows and shoulders are destroyed. But even better thanks for showing me what to do to protect them:D

  • the best pull up progression tutorial on YouTube. Im a calisthenics fan from years and i say 100% these exercises are the best for ppl who start their journey now. the grip is important the negatives too the tutorial is very well presented. and one word from me DON’T get nervous (or quit early) if its not happening fast enough. Everything comes with patience and afcourse hard work. if you wake up in the morning see the clock and yawn “nah im not gonna do it today”. No you’re gonna do it today!!!(not tomorrow not the day after) because of you Do this for you for your good mood for your self esteem and for good health. You wonder how he has good and harmonic body and muscles….he doesn’t giveup! thats all������������

  • I’ve always did straight body pull ups, now is been two workouts I am doing arched back pull ups, I can’t bring the chest to the bar again and also my repetition numbers is decreased, lol the posterior chain is weaker than the anterior, I thought I was getting strong in pull ups lol, now I’m even thinking about doing a step back into my workouts, doing less pull ups of course but high quality, and doing a lot more bodyrows, I need to work on my posterior chain.

  • i dont udnerstand this smith machine 2.20 how does bar go up and down when there is limiters… that looks like they cant be removed?

  • Thank you so much for posting this, I have been trying to do just one pull-up for so long and this is one of the best videos and advice I have seen for help. Thank you!

  • I’m 220 lbs and can bench 185 1 rep, deadlift 390 1 rep.. With my strength can I do about 10 pull ups or should I lose weight first.

  • I didn’t know there are differences between these two,I always thought that one was right way and the other was wrong way to do a pull up

  • I’m going to do my best to just hang with my muscles activated for as long as I can a few times a day till I’m finally able to start trying pull ups XD

  • Should I add weight to my pullups if I can do more then 15 reps with good form? I’ve added a chain recently and now I am failing at around 10-12 reps. Is this good?

  • Lose weight. Pulling up 185 pounds is very different from pulling up 154 pounds. Grip strength it’s the basis of everything. Work on your grip strength and lose weight, pull ups will come naturally. That’s basically, why we can all do pulll ups in our youth, when we’re older it’s a real challenge, same goes for push ups. If you’re doing this at 185lbs you’re pretty strong.

  • Excellent! Just found your site and subscribed. I’m a non-fit, obese female who is on the mission of losing 130lbs. Even when I was skinny I was never able to do pull ups, but now I understand why! Thank you!!!

  • Thank you for this, you’re genuinely interested in helping. I’ve made a plan to follow your progression method, hope to post back with success ��

  • You left out pulley lat pull down machines which really are the best thing. If you don’t have a gym membership but have a power rack you can add a pulley to it. Also, what I do is use a box similar to your negative pull ups, but I use my legs to assist me. So the front edge of my feet are on the edge of the box and i push up with my legs to help aid my pull up. So it’s not like I’m just standing on the box, my legs are bent and I’m doing mostly the pull up with my arms, but any additional help is with the legs.

  • Are we need to practice pull up first before we practice beginner calisthenics? Because I already practice your beginner calisthenics for 3 months but my pull up progress is so slow, its only for 5 to 6 pull up.

  • I used to be able to do around 30 pull-ups with a backpack on. My back got messed up in an accident and I was in physical therapy for a couple of months. Now I can’t do one Damn pull up.

  • Hey Jeff (or anyone that wants to help me out with some advice), I use one of those at-home pull-up bars that fit into a doorway, so in my dead-hang position my knees are almost touching the floor. In order to stay off the ground I either have to bend my legs behind me or hold them straight out in front in pretty much a hanging leg-raise position. This brings me to my question: is it possible to over-engage the abs in a pull-up? It feels like I am just hammering my core when I do this movement, and I’m just wondering if there is an alternative position that allows me to bend my legs behind me while still being able to plug all the “energy leaks.” I can always use the extra workout on my core, but I’d also like to be able to get the most out of my pull-ups reps and in this position it feels like I’m sacrificing my pull-ups reps for hanging leg-raises. Let me know if you believe there’s any legs-behind-the-body alternatives for achieving quality reps. Thanks.

  • I want to try this with weight, i filled my bag with small bottles so my bag weights about 1,5 killo now. Is that even enough or should i make it heavier? Weighted vests always look hella heavy so idk…

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    If you don’t win, no worries. Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again. Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  • Great instructions for beginners. I‘m struggling with pull ups a lot and did not make any progress, but with your fundamentals I trust I‘ll master it. Thanks

  • It takes time, yes… So talking about time, what’s the time between progressions? How many reps/sets per day per progression? What about rest periods, should I do them every other day or every day or every two days? More details please, thanks!

  • hi, can weighted belt with chain used for weighted pull up put pressure on the urinary nerves around our waist and can it lead to problem in urination and sperm count. can it lead to hernia. how should we prevent herrnia

  • at 2:45 why would we want to concentrate on what you mention? by doing this movement, it already naturally doing that without concentrating though.

  • thank you sir, you’re a gentleman and a scholar. a well deserved like. quick question though, do chinups target the same areas as pullups?

  • For someone in its mid 40´s that has never done pull ups, how much time should it take to begin doing pull ups on his own if he practices daily????

  • Coach! Why is it hard for me to do a pull ups when i go to gym and lift heavy weight?? But i can easily do when i dont go to gym and lift no weight…is this normal??

  • Although there is a sadness that is pulled out 5 times on the crossbar, you can talk about the muscle corset as it works. This is taught in medicine and is a complex problem.

  • This is just one of the easiest. There are many others than I think are better. Hefesto curls, Australian chinups, and one arm chinups.

  • Great video and thank you for posting. Really enjoyed the breakdown of each of the individual steps and the path of progression. I will put it into practice and see how i go. Thanks again.

  • Hey everyone! Had a lot of questions regarding which weights you should be using while working out (specifically in STAGE 1 of our SUPERHERO PLAN) so I’m currently making a video on that now before heading into STAGE 2. In the meantime we hope you enjoy this video on how to perform PULL-UPS! STAY BUFF. -Brandon

  • If you’re feeling bad or that you might still not be able to do it, maybe you lack muscle or confidence or are too heavy. Do Pull Up Negatives! They’ll get you to pull ups in no time EVEN IF you’re weak or heavy. Trust me!

  • Мне помогло! За 4 месяца с 1 подтягивания дошел до 10-12
    Если интересно как я занимался:
    3-4 тренировки в неделю. В каждой тренировке я выполнял 10 негативных подтягиваний, 70 австралийских отжиманий, 5 подходов по максимум подтягиваний с перерывом 3-4 минуты между подходами, 20 отжиманий, 30 поднятий коленей к груди в висе на турнике. Эту тренировку я выполнял два месяца и подтягивался 6 раз. Потом пришлось усиливать тренировки

  • Any suggestions regarding those of us who have torn rotators? Left was done because of tennis (I serve fast) and the right was due to martial arts training (10+ years). I’d like to do these but don’t want to undo years of physio

  • I’m overweight so I’m training pull ups with blue resistance band. But even so I can’t touch the bar with my chest, I’m not sure if it’s a strenght issue or my range of motion just stops before.. Feels like the latter, though. I hope I’m training correctly, even if I use a band. I’ve been training for months and I’m not getting any progress lately.

  • thank you for this video is very helpful to know the basic and in depth training…since I am the novel to fitness very useful for me..thanks a lot

  • Is no one going to point out the white board Easter eggs in this video? At 8:38 in the mirror for example, says “these are just words! Why are you staring at them” if you flip the image

  • great video but the only thing that isn’t explained is the rep and set progression. If for instance I can only do 5 straight leg rows, should I finish the set of 10 with 5 bent leg rows or do I just stop and try again in a few minutes? or stop and try to get to 6 the next day. The same question goes for all the exercises. Should we be aiming to complete a certain number or reps or time by finishing with an earlier/easier exercise or just stick with the one we are on? I hope that makes sense

  • 4:30 4:40: So, with a wider grip I can shift load from the brachioradialis to the lats. I think this is very helpful info for those suffering from a brachioradialis tendonitis. Like me, from training negative pull ups (plus reverse/ hammer curls in order to finally master 1 strict pull up).

  • If I remember first two fingers technique was used by Miamoto Musasi the unbeatable duelist… I used it almost everý where but did not know since behind it. Thanks as usual

  • Squeezing your glutes, flexing your abs and tightening calves all at the same time to prevent energy leaks. And then pulling?
    And i thought pullups were easy ��

  • This single exercise killed my biceps! I felt it instantly on 3rd repetition. I never felt such sensation before no matter how heavy I curled. I could actually feel my biceps working.. Jeff you are bestttttttt!

  • Hey, what about neutral grip (midpoint from pull-up to chin-up) that is enabled in many of the bars that you can buy to mount in the wall? Does it make sense to use that?

    Open Challenge to beginners who will achieve this Goal in 32 Days of calisthenics training. 50 pullups +100 pushups under 5 min.
    Go and cheak my full video link ����

  • I never heard of the ladder before, I tried and was surprised I could make it to 10 my first time, it absolutely sucked going back down to 1 though.
    I applied this to squats and sit ups, and again was happy to realize that i did 100 of each.

    Thanks man!

  • hey Jeff, pullups/chinups have been my nemesis since childhood as a skinny 10 year old. every time we had gym class, i was the only one that couldn`t do either exercise, no matter how many times i was taught. i would have liked to have seen you actually doing the chinup. thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  • Great video. All of these exercises are a must do.
    To me personally, the game changer was band assisted pull ups. Negatives, dumbell exercises and holds helped me to get to my first pull up, but band assisted ones helped me to achieve 4 in a reasonably short amount of time.

  • I’m 14, and this this for three months, I used to weigh 97 lbs, but with your methods, I am now 120 lbs and have a LOT more muscle!

  • The last advice literally made my day. I have the same problem with my shoulders and i thought that i need to relax them fully for a correct pull up. Thank god for Jeff

  • Hi Jeff. ben’s here. all of your videos works for me. just a question about the hang leg raises. i got undeveloped lower abs so that everytime i do hanging leg raise, my hip flexor always take the charge instead of my lower abs muscle. could it be because i got diastasis recti or something else? thx in advance.

  • Thanks for the video! Still working on my first pull up. By the way, what brand of bands do you recommend? Looking for something reasonable $. Thanks guys, your videos are awesome!

  • If you dont want your hands tearing don’t use any gloves and use the tip im about to give you!

    So when you see your calluses are about to tear and are filled with liquidpop them with a clean needle and squeeze out the liquid with a cotton pad. This is gonna remove the liquid and heal the skin in that place + make it thicker.
    If you want a faster healing, you can hold your hands in mild saltwater before you go to sleep!
    Thank me later!

  • I love this! Thank you. So far I can only hold myself for 10 seconds and it made me realize how much I need to work on my strength!