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All of a sudden it’s January 1st, 2011 and you realize that you don’t even remember your goals from last year. Fortunately, a new year is a chance at a new beginning. Here’s how to not suck this time around the sun.

Be specific “I want to lose weight” is a crappy goal. “I want to get in shape” is incredibly vague and useless. Goal setting is important and necessary to accomplish things in our lives. Here are five ways to make goal setting totally fun, and not suck! Goal setting is important and necessary. Yep.

I just said that too. No, I’ve not gone mad. I’m just saying that goal setting. Or wait.

Perhaps you’ve set goals, or resolutions, early last year only to remember you even had them in the first place two nights ago. Whatever it is, 2014 is here and we are going to make it epic. Walk with me as I teach you how to make goals that does not suck. I fail because I suck at setting goals. That’s the problem.

99% of my failures are the result of setting shitty goals. I set way too many goals at. Break your goal setting down, get really specific, and watch your goals turn into reality. (*fist pump*) DEFINE YOUR GOAL. The first step is to write a goal.

Keep it general – don’t add any numbers to it yet (patience, grasshopper, we’ll get there ), just decide what it is you want to do. Tagged: Goals, goal setting, failure, hitting targets, finding purpose, Joshua House, areas of life, Life Balance, balancing life, vision for new year, new year plan, planning Newer Post How to hit your targets this year Goal Setting Part 2 of 4. Stop making goal setting so complex! I’ve seen charts, tables, checklists, and journals for setting goals. They take you through an entire process of figuring out your goals and getting super specific.

Those are great, but they’re also intimidating. If you’ve never set goals. The first one is all about the 4 key strategies you need to know to get goal-setting right.

The second is about the 5 characteristics you need as a goal-setter to make it work. See the videos here. And stay tuned for more posts on goal-setting this month from yours truly.

Adee also shares a big goal she set for herself and explains how she’s taking steps to reach it. Topics: 01:23 – Adee’s long-term goal; 06:43 – Why goal setting sucks; 07:05 – Setting outcome goals only; 08:54 – Not revisiting your goals; 10:06 – Setting too many goals ; 13:09 – Setting goals. Goals, right?

Have you ever understood them? I didn’t.Perhaps, you recently set a goal. But then months passed and you weren’t any closer to your goal then when you set it.I sucked at goals.So, I gave them up. Phooey to goals, I don’t need them.Do you feel this way?That’s changed. I now set goals, crush them and set more goals.

I’ve written more, exercised consistently, lost weight and been.

List of related literature:

Use these steps to build a “goal map” of short-term goals that lead to your final goal.

“Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL® Test Book with CD-ROM” by Jolene Gear, Robert Gear
from Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL® Test Book with CD-ROM
by Jolene Gear, Robert Gear
Cambridge University Press, 2006

Start small and then make goals gradually more challenging, as compared to setting unrealistic goals.

“Roadmap to Resilience: A Guide for Military, Trauma Victims and Their Families” by Donald Meichenbaum
from Roadmap to Resilience: A Guide for Military, Trauma Victims and Their Families
by Donald Meichenbaum
Crown House Publishing, 2012

Set your goals quickly, and adjust them later if you’ve aimed too high or too low.

“How to Master the Art of Selling” by Tom Hopkins
from How to Master the Art of Selling
by Tom Hopkins
Made for Success Publishing, 2015

Avoid setting more than seven to ten goals.

“Your Best Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals” by Michael Hyatt
from Your Best Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals
by Michael Hyatt
Baker Publishing Group, 2018

Goal setting isn’t rocket science, and you get to control every part of the goal.

“The Legacy Journey: A Radical View of Biblical Wealth and Generosity” by Dave Ramsey, Ramsey Press
from The Legacy Journey: A Radical View of Biblical Wealth and Generosity
by Dave Ramsey, Ramsey Press
Ramsey Press, 2014

You sometimes have to remind them that if you hit your subteam goal but you don’t hit the overall goal, you will have failed.

“3D Team Leadership: A New Approach for Complex Teams” by Bradley L. Kirkman, T. Brad Harris
from 3D Team Leadership: A New Approach for Complex Teams
by Bradley L. Kirkman, T. Brad Harris
Stanford University Press, 2017

When you do it correctly, setting goals is one of the most effective ways to get the most out of your players.

“Coaching Football For Dummies” by The National Alliance of Youth Sports, Greg Bach
from Coaching Football For Dummies
by The National Alliance of Youth Sports, Greg Bach
Wiley, 2011

Goal setting isn’t about what you want to see happen; it’s about what your players are realistically able to achieve during the relatively short amount of time they have to spend with you.

“Coaching Volleyball For Dummies” by The National Alliance For Youth Sports
from Coaching Volleyball For Dummies
by The National Alliance For Youth Sports
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I have read many books on goal setting and have even been to seminars on this topic, and I constantly see people set goals and then either never get started or bail on them.

“The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure” by Grant Cardone
from The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure
by Grant Cardone
Wiley, 2011

Try to work on two to three goals at a time.

“DASH Diet For Dummies” by Sarah Samaan, Rosanne Rust, Cynthia Kleckner
from DASH Diet For Dummies
by Sarah Samaan, Rosanne Rust, Cynthia Kleckner
Wiley, 2014

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I love this video! I too had a brief stint at Einstein Bagels…the egg trays were the worst! At the time, I wanted to make more money teaching and playing music. Now I teach and play full time…but I want to take a hiatus from teaching privately and play more! My biggest 2018 goal is to break $100K with my music and passive income. You’re helping me a lot with the passive income part, and your tour with the band has been a huge inspiration as well!

  • These subject headers “Work”, “Play” and “Rest” are misleading, and the description of each also confusing. I like that Work gets transformed to “Contribution Goals” but Flow States are found in every activity not just Work, its just the energy required or sweet-spot differs. Rest as “Personal Goals” for the Entrepreneur or Self-employed are the same as work… instead i would place in this category activities which rejuvenate your mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing of which Beliefs are a seperate entity that can be found in all three of the triangle corners. Play as “Adventure” well i wouldn’t then add.. “if you relax into it…” which suggests Rest. “Personal Goals” by definition would definitely be found in Play. The final two key elements Prioritize and create Deadlines that is great!

  • My number one goal is to become a nurse and possibly to help 3rd world countries. I almost cried when you said something about becoming a nurse because I’m always doubting myself. I totally believe in vision boards / visuals so having them written down like that is perfect! I used to see myself as lazy or a slacker, but I later realized (w/help) that I’m totally a perfectionist. Since I felt I couldn’t do it right then I wouldn’t do it at all. At first your block letters bugged me because you colored out of the lines and then I realized that’s exactly why I love them… you’re not concerned with unimportant things. Imperfectly perfect will be in big sloppy letters in the front of my journal lol. I’ll have to make sure that I color outside of the lines too haha. Hopefully this all makes sense and I appreciate each and every video you’ve put out. I’ve probably binge watched 20+ so far. Oh, if it’s not too much trouble can you please put links to the reading material that you showcase in the description. That would be awesome!! Thanks sooo much for your time and for being an inspiration to me ��������

  • One time we had 7 min left on the last objective i finally gonna reach diamond UNTIL

    The brig on my team starts only walking off the edge and then went on a losing streak now I’m silver

  • I have always wanted to create a habit of reading, but every time I try, the habit dies out in a week or two. Can you speed read? How often do you read? How do I start and maintain a reading habit?

    I have been watching your videos since the beginning.  I really love the fresh perspective you have on these topics.

  • Hey Jeff,

    My name is Paul I am 20yo, 175cm, 73kg and I’m doing gym for 1.5 years. I’ve taken in the beginning serious mass from ON and creatine from BSN and gym 5 days a week. I haven’t took any supplements since 6 months. While I started doing gym and until now I have experienced palpitations that got worsen while the time passed until I developed some tachycardia where my heart suddenly beats chaotic fast at rest and it returns to normal suddenly.

    Are there any trigger factors that might have caused my problems?
    If you can answer me I would be so grateful!!

    Also you can do a video on this subjects as many young people I think they suffer heart problems that they’re not aware about!

  • Hi Clark. Excellent and inspiration video. When you come to India (Bangalore) please visit me. I can be of some assistance to help you with that goal.:) Have a great time.

  • My most important i am working towards it to transform myself into a Man man from an Animal man that I am now. We all still have animal instincts in us which is putting us into a lot of suffering and killing us.:)

  • I’ve been watching videos across this YouTube page for the past few days now. I have a shift pattern in which I work 4 on 2 days off. Then 3 on 2 off nights. 3 on 2 off days. 4 nights then 8 off then back to square one. Does any training plan or eating habit need to be changed or done differently as I work night shifts. All shifts 12 hours in which they are 6-6 whether day or night.
    Thanks for any feedback much appreciated

  • “if your definition of success is becoming a millionaire this year, but you’re working as a barista”

  • I just started writing and just wanted to say hi and I enjoy your videos and humor lol. Um I’ll send you a copy ones it’s finished I visualize you talking about my book in your video:) anyways sorry for taking your time thank you!

  • I’m a diamond player but have climbed from Bronze season 4, and knowing That the most populated rank is gold I’m just gonna say this, don’t have a bad attitude, in fact have the opposite, if your not the most upbeat person in your game then your doing something wrong. Also keep this mindset, if you CANNOT carry every game then guess what, you don’t deserve to rank up, so first and foremost figure out why YOU ARE DOING WRONG, and then AFTER you have that figured that out try and find your teams biggest weakness and fix it. Also, don’t bullshit yourself about Smurfs, take it as a learning experience, Because if you admit to yourself that you can’t beat the smurfs then guess what, you don’t deserve to rank up and you just admitted it to yourself

  • Then there is my author friends who puts out a book every couple months lol

    And then there is me…book 1 a year later still working on it xD

  • I haven’t seen this side of Jeff and I tell you what, I LIKE IT! Great job Jeff with everything you do not only do you educate your viewers, but you motivate them as well. THANK YOU JEFF!

  • Jeff, Ramadan is this month pls do a video explaining the diet and workout routine. I’m studying medicine in Russia, I have been working out for 1 year now and I weigh 60kg. The eating window is pretty short here, about 5 hours from 10pm to 3am. And my gym closes at 10pm so I will have to work out being dehydrated. How do I do it??

  • I was actually sitting here writing; about 1200 words written today. And then a message popped up to tell me this video was posted. Now I’m distracted and not getting stuff done. Something feels… counterproductive.

  • Safer with your team is a joke when you’re solo queuing and you’re not in the correct rank. I cannot tell you how many times I have completely flanked an entire team shooting at the five teammates I have & they all turn and kill me like they weren’t even engaged in a battle already. Now if this is happening to you then it is unadulterated without a doubt proof that you are not in the correct rank. When you’re playing with teammates that are so bad that they’re not a threat to the six players on the other team at all. Your team isn’t communicating on voice, losing fights. & the opponents are then ITS STACKED bro. So you run in there during a teamfight but they all turn & mega focus kill you. Now look this isn’t going to happen immediately this happens after you make yourself known then they have to adapt to you as a threat because you’re the only one on your team that is scary. Role Lock PLEASE!!!!

  • I agree. I set big goals and use them as a source of direction, not a destination. I’m also in recovery & have a channel. YouTube finally started suggesting other people recovery to me. Keep living your best life!

  • The problem is not that you can make micro adjustments to get better someday the problem is one day you can play amazingly bad and climb a division and another day you can play out of your mind but it’s not enough to win a single game. Even now with role select, I’ll just get some trolls picking dps tanks because they wanna loot box or don’t wait for 12 minutes (in low elo even) and hard flamers. At least the Report function seems to be functionable now and I got a message someone has received punishment due to their behavior on behalf of my reports 3 logins in a row now…

  • Okay so I loved when when you called people out on having realistic goals. The reason why I liked it so much is because I’m a preschool teacher, and the boys totally want to be power rangers ��. Your joke just hit home with me lol. Some of the other kids are aspiring to be as follows: Mermaids, princesses, and one kid said he just wants to grow up to be 5 ������

    Loved the video ��

  • natural selection. You might have to accept you just suck at this game. Coming from someone in their 30s that was a prime gamer only to realize he can’t break 6k dps in this game but is 2.1 KD in COD… perhaps this is not the game for you/me

  • Favourite Jenna catchphrases: “I don’t know, it’s your book” and, “You outlined your novel, right??”EDIT: Oh also, “But Jenna,…”

  • no bull.just truth,amazing video and cool, you doing the impossible,for beginners I mean.not advanced like day at a time doing what your body can, until you beat it,all true make each day workout simple not complicated. thanks

  • I feel like this video is greatness for all parts of my life.
    So. Time to make a schedule. I’ll plan in writing between walking the dog and working out.

  • Hope you enjoyed this gitgud guide for DPS players, thank you to all the players featured today. If you would like to submit your own gameplay to be used in another video like this then you can find the email address in the description box above.

  • Yayy the first new video after I caught up on them, super glad to have your great advice in my life again, although a little disappointed that the precious good girl wasn’t in the video. �� I stan Buttercup.

  • “If your definition of success is to become a millionare this year and you’re currently working as a barista, congratulations you’re an idiot!”

    I love you

  • Hey guys stoked to bring you this video. Been wanting to to a video on goal setting forever, but kept thinking it was too boring / straight from a 90’s audio tape program. Oh well, here’s to setting goals that don’t suck in 2016!
    Mp3 VERSION:


    ( 2:19) WHY DO WE SET GOALS?
    ( 5:38) STAY GREEN = GROWTH
    ( 6:52) HOW GOALS MADE ME $10,000 IN 3 MONTHS
    ( 10:50) HOW TO SET YOUR GOALS

    R E L A T E D V I D E O S

    VLOG #003

    Stop settling, start living.


  • Helllllooooo Jenna, I have seen (almost) all of your videos most of them several times over because your cyborgness is amazing, i was just wondering if you have covered where it is you actually write your manuscripts? I tend to use Google docs so i can access it anywhere but the format of it isn’t my preference. Sorry if that question is an eye roller, but also, I wanted to know.

    One last question…. how does one tell their family that they’re really a cyborg? Siri and Alexa dont want to help me out.

  • any help you can give for those of us with rods in our thoracic spine? I can’t bench press normally since I can’t arch my back. and some bent over exercises are to much stress on the rods

  • Thanks for this! Goal Setting has been on my mind a lot lately. I want to get certified as a nutrition consultant but I haven’t even really begun thinking about what kind of work I’d do after that. Also, have you thought of putting your podcasts on Soundcloud for those of us who don’t have iTunes?

  • What shocks me is that people are actually bad at dps… typically tanking or healing in games tends to be the struggle bus for people.

  • Am probably watching this video for the 100th time since it had been released 3 months ago.
    May it be in terms of workout goals or study goals or career goals, you are a massive inspiration for me Jeff.
    Do not know if you will be reading this comment but really thought you should know that.

  • I’ve had the same goals for the last ten years. Ten years later I’ve written 25 novels ranging from 165,000 words to 280,000 words per book. This year I intend not to stop. Ever. ��

  • Things you can do if you’re slacking in a match while playing DPS:
    1. Switch
    2. Swallow your pride and learn to play a different type
    3. Stay off comp cough cough Junkrat players who try to shoot Pharah cough cough

  • Three things:

    1. I hope Cliff does well. Good luck to you both.
    2. Good to see I’m on a good course. Love your videos.
    3. I’d make a kickass power ranger ��

  • I’ve got goal lists and trackers coming out my arse! �� I’ve been doing it for months, years so January is just another month for goals (although I’ve upped the anti for the new year) x happy goal reaching x

  • jeff. i have a friend who has a problem on his right shoulder so his doctor told him that he can’t lift heavy but still allowed to go to the gym. so he searched on google about anything in order to gain mass even though he has a shoulder problem and it always says that “if can’t lift heavy the alternative way is to do a low weight high rep workouts in order to gain muscle”. so my question is:
    1. is this appropriate? there are cases in the net that when theres a problem and can’t lift heavy should go low weight high reps
    2. by doing low weight high rep, can it still achieve a fit body like yours?
    3. if not(just in case) is there any other option to gain muscle?
    4. what type of exercises should he do? or should he still do the ordinary ones like bench press as long as it’s in low weight high rep(well if it would still gain him muscle mass)

  • I wrote a really good essay for literature, and I read it out loud to my dad. He was amazed, hugged me and said: “I knew you needed to write” (because I am known for writing books from very early age.)
    I was about to say: hey! Its not just essays and drama scripts im good at! I write actual books!’ But then i remembered that the current book Im writing is from a guys point of view(im a girl) and its about a gay 15 year old. I facepalmed, feeling veey insecure and sad that I cant share what my book is about lol��������

  • ✅Download my FREE Goal Getter Cheat Sheet here:

    ⚡️Join the Goal Getter Private Facebook Support Group:

  • Thanks for the helpful video! Goal setting is an area I’ve always super struggled with, but it’s something that’s been on my radar for the last 3 months. I’ve never “dreamed big.” I’ll have to really stretch here and try to write some things down. I like your analogy of “pretend your a kid on Christmas,” but even as a child, I never dreamed big, but I’m going to step out of my comfort zone and just do it. Thanks for the encouragement and teaching how to goal set! Great video! I see visiting Italy in the mix!!!

  • One thing that I find helps build habit is saying “I won’t do something I wanna do unless I do *something I should do*. For example, I won’t game until i write 1000 words.

  • Great advice. I do bi-monthly on my channel and monthly on a private blog and have been doing that for years! Means you get stuff done!


    I constantly remind myself if I choose an easy life, than I will have a bad one goal setting and work becomes easy because the hard stuff creates a better life.

  • Jenna is calling ALL of us out, and if you think you’re not a part of this, you’re in denial. Now go write that book. I believe in you.

  • Hey Jeff! This might sound ridiculous but I want to hear it from an experienced person like you. Does sex or masturbation have an effect on gains? Well there are a lot of evidences that support that it affects the gains and also others that say it doesn’t. I would like to hear from you regarding this topic.

  • My favourite video by him all time, i listen to this everytime i work out. It pushes me to the next level. And i begin to not obsess with numbers but obsess with effort. Using everything he taught me about every single body part. I am now front levering, face pulling, deadlifting, squatting, benching, unilateral training, power lifting, calisthenics, cable crossovers, weighted chins, everything he has mentioned in every video since the xbox days and even before. Ive done them all. I was watching this guy since he was in a gym showing a cable excerise that involved alot of throwing movement patterns, suggesting this was made for his athletes who played baseball. I love this guy man hes my fitness dad

  • I feel like the real problem is theres just not enough healers in the game in general but also not enough with really interesting kits aside from ana/lucio

  • Last year I set the goal of finishing my novel. I got to chapter 6. So I failed last year, but that also means that this years goal of finishing it will be easier to achieve. I’ve already finished chapter 7 and I’m working on chapter 8, if I keep this up throughout the year, I can totally do it.

  • My writing goals are going fine… its my eat healthy goals that are starting to fall apart XD

    I should be more organized about my plot and stuff though…

  • I hate 3 on cart but everyone says we have too cause it move fastest but it’s not really that much faster no one wants to push up and we lose

  • Help me. Im stuck in high platinum and i have crazy game mechanics but my problem is that my game sense is poor. How can i get better at positioning? Anyone help me��

  • I don’t think I leave you nearly enough comments of appreciation, I LOL constantly watching your videos, you are just hilarious.

    Thank you for doing what you do despite going through so much. ❤️

  • People giving advice to gold players always forget to mention the basics, group up! Don’t peek and die, regroup when the team fight is lost, play and ult with your team

  • The life of a Sym you are really bad dps. End of the game Sym Gold Damage 32% the team damage the only one with blue card i love Overwatch.

  • I just started playing overwatch and I like to be in action and get kills but don’t want to get killed so many times. Who do u think is a good character for me?

  • Thank you for the video Jenna! This is great advice and as always you’ve managed to give me a kick without it feeling like one. Hope Cliff’s surgeries go well and you all can relax. ❤️❤️

  • Umm Jenna I do have an issue with the scheduling part. Whenever I schedule stuff and even when I make that schedule public I end up procrastinating worse than when I don’t, and end up in a downward spiral of self loathing because of it. What am I supposed to do?

  • Every single tank/healer are up at the top of my hrs played, DPS is insta locked every game and I have to play healer or tank because we have neither…..

  • with this background song, I thought I was watching a Batman movie. (Jeff looks like Chrsitian Bale there). That is not a negative thing! IT just made the video that more epic, imo! =)

  • I set a goal for myself to write a book and finish it and I set this goal because I’ve always wanted to try and write a book but I also did this because writing is a challenge thing for me and wanted to prove something to myself by Completing this goal

  • I will stop procrastinating. When I stop, I will focus on studying for the SAT, which will help me get into my top colleges. Also, when I stop procrastinating, I’ll get my photography noticed.

  • “Other examples include characters like soldier who aren’t too good at going off on their own, so they have to stay with the team”


  • “Congratulations you have a mindset of a second grader, next year you can aspire to be a power ranger!”

    She said that while I’m in the middle of drinking my cola… I nearly drowned… Lol

  • “We’re already two weeks into the new year, which means a bunch of you are probably already slacking off on your New Year’s Resolutions. Am I right?”
    Actually no. I’ve been crushing it because that quarterly system actually works. B)

  • Tbh I’m tired of players changing classes 10 seconds into the game without asking the team first. Also I’ve seen bad support players and I promise you more ofter than not dps are more of the problem at lower ranks. They can’t aim, can’t play any other role, often stand in front of shields, and generally ask for healing after their healers have been flanked and killed.

  • My problem is inertia. The ASD, anxiety, and depression make it all too easy to come to a grinding halt. Sometimes it seems I only have the energy to go to work. I prefer not to have set goals but I do try to do something positive each day. It might only be small like getting dressed but it’s something. I just got back from my first holiday in 24 years and I said I’d work on my novel the cabin balcony helped get me over the part I had been stuck on for months (Nothing was working) and so I feel like I accomplished something. I also read three books in two weeks; this year has had a cracking start my to-read pile is now three books less! Hope Cliff recovers soon xxx

  • Jeff, I wanted to ask a question that there are various types of fat burning tablets in the market. Should I buy them for accelerated fat reduction?

  • I LOVE your classes because I learn a lot. I’m also utilizing my bullet journal to help me keep track of book work/editing notes. Hope you and Cliff have a great day!!

  • Not long ago i made an unrelated decision to stop chasing the numbers dragon. Just like Jeff says in this video. My goal these days is simply to show up every day and murder myself in the gym. I have to agree with Jeff. Numbers dont matter. Effort matters. Now its me vs. me. No more, no less. Get some, self.

  • My issue isn’t that I’m bad. It’s that I’m inconsistently good. I can go from having a 70% accuracy on Widow to not being able to hit a Roadhog.

  • Jeff, not sure if you already answered this, but I have a question: after a workout, how long is it healthy to be sore? 2 days? 3 days? If I’m sore for a week after a leg workout, does that mean in doing something wrong?


  • Yeah i have a nasty habit of staying near my team the whole time as doomfist and just staying near the point acting as a flank guard when i could be putting pressure on the enemy team.

  • I was so lazy I made no resolutions at all. So laying on the couch daydreaming about my characters is literally my definition of success.

    I never know that lol. Like they are all behind the shield, I could try to get a squishy how dances a bit more behind and on the side, but by taht time someone of my team dies….
    so who should I shoot?

  • Clark, I just finished watching the goal setting video, and the “Don’t censor yourself” comment really got to me…. I have been trying to share a few thing that I have learned by reading and seeing videos such as yours with my family, but I am not the best speaker or improviser, I am more of a reader and need some structure… anyhow I have been wanting to make short videos with animations and using PTT that I can add sound and videos, etc. My question is if you could send me a list of tools you recommend to start off making a few videos like yours.

  • After 400hrs of overwatch I’m starting to step into playing DPS and I’m actually very bad… Mechanically but also in terms of strategy… I managed to get a little better in queueing deathmatch with Ashe… I’m often within the first three positions on the leaderboard… But for some reason when playing Quickplay I can’t hit shit and although I sometimes get gold or silver damage (which isn’t even the point of playing Ashe) I don’t get the required elims to really help my team out… So yes I hope that after like 20-30 hrs of practice in Quickplay and watching a dozen of such videos I will get half decent… At least in terms of a silver skill level which is where my DPS elo sits at atm…

  • Hey Jeff, shooting a straight arrow here: will the program from your website be customized for me specifically like in you will get to understand my full anatomy, and then create a program from that? OR is it one program fits all?

  • I have a nitpick at your 5th point. Every time I’ve actually bragged or let people in on things I’m either excited about or really looking forward to, things fail miserably for reasons outside of my control or otherwise get canceled for similar reasons. I’ve gotten to the point where I just keep to myself and barely talk to anyone because I don’t want the few things that still make me happy to die before my eyes. The few times I actually accomplished something I didn’t tell anyone until well after the fact. It feels like a jynx for me by now… what do you suggest as a viable option for someone in this predicament?

    As well, the rewards feel a little unachievable to me because I’m often struggling with money (and by often I mean constantly for the past 3 years) I rarely have even $20 to my name after bills and meager groceries to hopefully get me through the week (not counting my prescriptions and meds and gas). Treating myself to a nice meal or getting myself something nice always makes me feel guilty because then I look in my fridge and there’s almost nothing. I’ve been wanting to change my hair lighter for almost 3 months now and I REALLY want to change it but I’ve either had no money for it, or when I’m about to make an appointment to get it done, my car breaks down, or we get into an accident, or I have to get my prescriptions again or we got tiny checks and we can’t afford it something goes wrong or gets in the way the same issue with sharing my goals and wishes.

    I know this mindset is why I’m in a funk and I know that mustering up motivation to get these things done that make me happy would be huge in the long run but I just feel like I’m running on autopilot all the time and like there’s a switch that’s constantly on the off position. I haven’t even made resolutions for years because if I don’t make a goal, I won’t have my heart broken for not achieving it. If I don’t try I can’t fail.

    But, if I do it for me, just for me and don’t tell anyone, I get this secret pleasure every time something anything goes right. I finish a chapter on the fanfic I’ve been writing since 2013 amazing! I finish a really nice drawing that got inspired by a movie I love incredible! I finish a doll I made for shits and giggles very happy me. If I tell anyone that I’m working on said thing though? It sits on a shelf for months until I either never touch it again, or finally finish it years later.

    I used to have the willpower and motivation to do things, I really did, but over the years I’ve just died a little more on the inside every day and now it’s so hard for me to feel anything let alone excited.

    I need advice on how to set goals and keep them when all goals have ever done is let you down and crush your spirit.

  • This year my goal is to find a planning system that works. If it’s in a journal, or an app on my phone, it doesn’t get done because I forget to look at them. So, I made two small changes: put everything on sticky notes on my desk hutch. I hate how my hutch looks with sticky notes on it, so if I want to get rid of the sticky note, I have to complete the shit on it. I reward myself with a sticky-note free desk over the weekend. For word count, I have a grid sheet with 364 boxes on it with the months and days of the week. Per seven day block, I have to have two days where I write a minimum of 1,000 words. Per month, there has to be a minimum of one day where I write 2,000. The other days have a minimum of 500. I use a different coloured highlighter per word count goal so it’s a visual permanent reminder of if I’m on track. And it’s satisfying to fill it up with colour! If it’s staring me in the face, I’m 10x more likely to stick to it.

  • Le Gasp! Posting a video about how NOT to procrastinate on a writers channel? I feel so attacked ����

    And any chance I can ditch the Angel and Devil on the shoulders and just have an OP Sass Level Jenna telling me to get off my ass and work? ����

  • Not sure if you’re ever gonna read this Jenna, but, how many words you needed to finish Savior’s champion?

    Awesome tips like usual:D thank you for always sharing all your knowledge and experience with us, mere mortals, oh you godly cyborg writer!

  • The best thing in this video is Hanzo deathmatch game in the beginning, now I understand that I should play as a hitscan as Hanzo and don’t prefire

  • I signed up my email..but the book never downloaded. I did not get an email to download the book. I tried to do it again and it said I was already on the mailing list. How do I get the book?

  • I’ve been struggling with writing for the past year and I sat down and wrote the other day. I almost immediately stopped (partly from ADHD and partly because of insecurity) and I kept hearing your voice in my head telling me to suck it up and keep writing anyways �� thank you for your tips Jenna! My book is actually gonna get done because of your help—I’m focused and ready to get to work for the first time in a LONG time:-)

  • You know why you’re bad at damage? Cause everyone picks damage, so unless you want a shitty team comp, then most people with any want to win don’t get the chance to play damage. People are fucks

  • Hey, Jenna, I’ve recently read Savior’s Champion, and I’m wondering about the Savior’s father hatred for the savior came from? Was he like Tobias, in a way he didn’t understand why people should worship the Savior?

  • Uh. I just kinda try to write every day. Admitely, I will probably finish two month later than necessary, but one year seems reasonnable.

  • I know y I’m bad at dps bc every time I try to go dps no1 picks tank or healer so I’m always forced to switch of dps. I never get to practice and if I stay on dps then we have no tank or heal or no tank and healer and we get stomped and I cant practice anyway!:) that’s it nothing else.

  • You should do a workout using only free-weights, some of us don’t have all of the equipment to try some workouts that you post that we would like to.

  • i just want tips on how to make space as a dps, because what the hell is space in gold
    i feel like i should play tracer when i have no space as she doesn’t require space but i get 6 people focusing on me and then the team doesn’t use the space. i don’t know space isn’t created or used in gold

  • positioning and timing is a good one too, don’t just rush headlong into combat. Your just going to get killed, set yourself up in a spot where you can be effective and wait for your team to start coming up or if they are already there then unload and try to strafe a good bit.

  • Wow. There are good tips. I am even wondering if part of the issue is planning at the wrong time of year. It doesn’t make sense to have beginnings and planning in the dead of winter. It is to cold and dark in January to do anything. I prefer to start in February, where there are hints of spring. I can easily make quarterly goals around this. The times are February 2, May 2, August 2 and October 31. I did make a goal to finish my first novel last year, and I got it done. It is nice that I get to define success. I don’t know how to say this in a nicer way, but screw society’s definition of success. I am sorry if that was too vulgar.

  • That music though <3 Kinda creepy, but also nice, and at the start of the vid it actually does remind me of a horror movie:D Jeff is always full of surprises.

  • Where can I get your merch?

    Also, you really should do a video about BU that talks about what it’s like and what you can do there, how classes are like, etc.

  • Waiting for you to be big on YouTube! All of your videos are super helpful and I look forward to every upload! Keep up the good work!

  • CLARK! oh my gosh let me just say you have helped me change my life completely. You have made me realize I CAN change my life and that I am in control. Before I found your videos I was so sad and didn’t know what to do anymore. Since subscribing I started writing again (and am currently doing your 11 day questions in my journal) I have never been happier in my life. I have lost 15 pounds, got my life turned around and am finally HAPPY because of YOU. Thank you so so so much Clark for what you do, you are changing lives and saving them. I am so grateful to have found your channel. Keep up the great work!!!!:)

  • tips to get good:
    1. Spam that i need healing button
    2. hope you dont get hit by that hanzo accidental shot
    3. blame your loss on the tanks and support

  • The biggest mistake I see DPS players make as a tank player is wildly overestimating their own ability, if you can’t hit 5 widow shots in a row, play soldier and just be consistent as a positive influence. If it’s not working at all, just be humble and admit you are a bigger help elsewhere.

  • I feel like the first 2 analasis were less about the playstyle and more about specific matchup knowledge, communication, and luck. If you rewatch the doomfist vs Brigitte clip, he actually plays. Patiently enough to make sure he has an escape if his rush fails. However he undercharges his right click (due to unfamiliarity with exact timings/damage values vs a healing brig w shield) and loses the engagement. His plan was perfectly mapped out technically, but the difference in a few miliseconds made his play for nought. In the sombra clip, the sombra never checked on the teams position, nor communicated when the team should engage to follow up on a high value hack. The targets (even though they just seemed to hack whoever) we’re still fine, had there been a plan of attack, instead of hacking a champ solo then hoping the team capitalizes without you helping coordinate it. The Hanzo honestly just didn’t hit enough shots towards the end (after they had walked in to all the ults that is) he let the team down just from a sheer mechanics point of view by not hitting anything (even a shield) at the end, nor took any lines of sight to provide safe pressure to the enemy team. It was over time, but most times he died on point before the main tank which is just a waste.

  • The best part is my 3 to 4 bad dps lockers in a meta that is completely dominated by 33. They don’t want to play 33 because it’s too cheesy then proceeded to pick bastion or be just as worthless counter picking themselves

  • @ATHLEAN-X can you do a video on whether or not exercise machines in gyms actually work or not? I’m sure they work, but i’m not sure on how well they work or if I should invest time using them.

  • Hey Coach Jeff I have a exercise request. Can you demonstrate how to do a proper front squat? I was just in a forum discussion that vinnierehab had posted on Instagram that said the knees going over your toes is “healthy and Ok” while doing a front squat. Now I know depending on the length of your legs, the bones, that the knee going over the toes is possible, but is it healthy for the knee at a very low depth in a front squat? People were saying also that doing Olympic front Squats is where the knees are suppose to go over the toes, and I just want a more professional opinion. I follow and trust your knowledge for its helped me improve in many ways, so if you get a chance can you do a video on this please? Thanks coach

  • What keeps you motivated? Adding the emotional connection to your goals? I want more wait jk sorry I HAVE more motivation. Also great vid!

  • Please Jeff the SONG! And thank you for everything bro! You helped me more than any youtuber here. I achieved my strength goals and now I am set out to the aesthetic goals which is 240 at 7% yes I know that is crazy and yes I am natural but I will achieve it one day.
    How? Same thing I did with my strength, I never thought in my life time that I would be dumbbell pressing 120s to 130s and benching 400s, squating 415s and dead lifting 700 at 240 pounds at 12% BF. Took me years but it was dam worth it! I had my falls but I got back up and continued. Now a new goal looking absolutely phenomenal to the point where no one will believe I did it natural. God bless Jeff from the bottom of my heart fam!

  • I got one goal and one goal only. I want to always be better than myself. Everyday I want to surpass my “yesterday me” that keeps me going for ever instead of setting a goal like “bench x amount of lbs” and being done with it after doing it.

  • I will have my own organization that will provide free meals in schools and therapy dogs to all children across Canada. Here is my umbrella ☂ goal