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How To Be James Bond

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BBC exclusive: What is life like for the real ‘James Bond’? BBC News

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Sam Smith Writing’s On The Wall (from Spectre) (Official Video)

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Vai Brother Squad is Going to hunt Tonight,Road To Global Top

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15 Steps to Becoming JAMES BOND

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Cost of James Bond’s lifestyle

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The Four F’s of Dressing Like Bond

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To jump start my “Become James Bond” quest, I decided to live the life of James Bond for a weekend while in Monaco, a tiny principality on the Mediterranean Coast of France. If you’ve ever heard of the place, then you know what to expect – unreal scenery, untold. Live Like Bond—James Bond—for a Weekend. Tour Operator Rich Thomaselli February 06, 2020 PHOTO: James Bond’s preferred method of driving—an Aston Martin. (Photo via Alexandre Prevot / flickr) Picture this.

You. A guest. And Bond. James Bond. MORE Tour Operator.

To jump start my “Become James Bond” quest, I decided to live the life of James Bond for a weekend while in Monaco, a tiny principality on the Mediterranean Coast of France. Live Like Bond—James Bond—for a Weekend. Posted on: 02/06/2020. Where to stay. Picture this. You.

A guest. And Bond. James Bond. True Luxury Travel, an agency specializing in luxury travel, has a deal that not only involves a trip to one of the most high-end destinations in the world, but also incorporates one of the most well-known movie. HOW TO LIVE AND DRESS LIKE JAMES BOND.

Growing up, I watched a lot of James Bond movies, they were my favorites. I remember wanting to be Bond James Bond right from when I was a kid.. I was lucky enough to have a dad who loved Mr. Bond movies [especially those ones played by Sean Connery and Roger Moore] and a mum who is often referred to as Jamie Bond [a female James Bond.

Why We Admire James Bond: How You Can Live Like 007. One of the great things about male audiences is that we like what speaks to us. We like our fictional men to be consistent with masculine ideals and their backgrounds to be congruent with their traits.

Until the end of the year, the Brazilian Court Hotel on Palm Beach wants to let you live a life like 007 leads on the big screen for a weekend. “A little bit of mystery, a lot of adventure, and. As written by Ian Fleming, James Bond lives—and spends—like a man convinced he will not live to see old age. Prone to morbid dwelling on the shortened life expectancy of a.

James Bond — possibly the world’s best known spy. Whether you’re a fan of the books or you’ve seen all the movies, you’re aware that 007 is one cool dude. He gets all the love and gadgets, has friends in high places and rides cars like a stock car hero.

What man doesn’t want to live like James Bond? Now you can, with CNBC’s guide to eating, drinking, dressing and traveling like Bond, inspired by “Spectre.”.

List of related literature:

Clearly, there is much more to James Bond than cheap thrills, fast cars, and beautiful women.

“The James Bond Phenomenon: A Critical Reader” by Christoph Lindner
from The James Bond Phenomenon: A Critical Reader
by Christoph Lindner
Manchester University Press, 2003

James Bond Lifestyle.

“e-Pedia: Captain America: Civil War: Captain America: Civil War is a 2016 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Captain America, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures” by Contributors, Wikipedia
from e-Pedia: Captain America: Civil War: Captain America: Civil War is a 2016 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Captain America, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
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e-artnow, 2017

The ad campaign for You Only Live Twice read: “Sean Connery Is James Bond in Ian Fleming’s You Only Live Twice.”

“The James Bond Bedside Companion” by Raymond Benson
from The James Bond Bedside Companion
by Raymond Benson
Crossroad Press, 2012

The movies are full of tie-ins, from Cartier watches to vodka to the trusty Aston Martin itself.

“Corruptions of Empire: Life Studies & the Reagan Era” by Alexander Cockburn
from Corruptions of Empire: Life Studies & the Reagan Era
by Alexander Cockburn
Verso, 1988

in many ways, James Bond was the epitome of the Playboy male.

“America on Film: Representing Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality at the Movies” by Harry M. Benshoff, Sean Griffin
from America on Film: Representing Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality at the Movies
by Harry M. Benshoff, Sean Griffin
Wiley, 2011

Rather than making a regular Bond starring Sean Connery, he would produce a satire of the Bond phenomenon.

“Hollywood: Cultural dimensions: ideology, identity and cultural industry studies” by Thomas Schatz
from Hollywood: Cultural dimensions: ideology, identity and cultural industry studies
by Thomas Schatz
Routledge, 2004

The same can be said for Bond’s lifestyle, including his expensive suits, gambling, martinis, and womanizing.

“The Palgrave Handbook of the Philosophy of Film and Motion Pictures” by Noël Carroll, Laura T. Di Summa, Shawn Loht
from The Palgrave Handbook of the Philosophy of Film and Motion Pictures
by Noël Carroll, Laura T. Di Summa, Shawn Loht
Springer International Publishing, 2019

give James Bond a run for his money.”

“Garrison's Creed: Romantic Suspense / Military Romance Novel” by Cristin Harber
from Garrison’s Creed: Romantic Suspense / Military Romance Novel
by Cristin Harber
Nla Digital LLC, 2013

Connery, looking like he doesn’t particularly care how he looks, is very relaxed as Bond, not nearly as bored with the role as he appeared to be in You Only Live Twice.

“The Espionage Filmography: United States Releases, 1898 through 1999” by Paul Mavis
from The Espionage Filmography: United States Releases, 1898 through 1999
by Paul Mavis
McFarland, Incorporated, Publishers, 2015

I repeat: James Bond is not an action hero!

“Roger Ebert's Movie Yearbook 2010” by Roger Ebert
from Roger Ebert’s Movie Yearbook 2010
by Roger Ebert
Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC, 2009

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  • Great video! Love most of it; however, I’ve never been a fan of the blousy polo Bond wears at the beginning of Casino Royale. Sure, it works for his movement, but this look hasn’t aged well as styles have become more fitted over the last 15 years. Bond’s style shows this evolution as well. Skyfall and Spectre were more fitted.

  • Perfect fit on the polos and jackets! (except on the Tom Ford’s polo from Quantum of Solace). Also, you’re in great shape and that helps a lot, so congrats on this because it is not easy to do so. Cheers!

  • Keep in mind that James Bond wears European clothes, and they usually fit snugly. If you buy US made clothes, they tend to be much more baggy and usually only fit fat people.

  • This video summed up:

    Dress like if you were picked to be the next Bond. Dress smart, and dress nice. Like if you were to be Bond, and was tasked to pick your Bond style

  • Please, when speaking about Bond, get the queens English correct, it is not Math, it is Maths! Numerical. Don’t start on aluminium!

  • next on the channel we go to your personal cell phone, the leader in intelligence gathering and target acquisition for the enemies of the state.

  • Western intel agencies are populated by 4 general types of people: 1) those comfortable with or attracted to lying and living a lie 2) people with a criminal mind (grandiose self image, entitled) 3) clinical psychopaths 4) intelligent but extremely naive people who will be exploited to the max. Have fun all you new recruits!

  • This is a good video. I have to point out one error that the host makes about the Four F’s: the term “Fashion” as it is used refers to how well a garment has been put together, how well it has been “fashioned”. This manifests in the details of construction. It does not refer to “fashion” as an expression of current clothing trends, even though the host makes a good point about choosing what works best for you rather than wearing what is popular at the time.

  • I know David isn’t saying one has to buy the Bond Brands. However, if you want to wear the same “Brands” as Bond, then be prepared to open up the bank. If you like paying $200 for a simple Polo shirt then dressing “exactly” like Bond is in your wheelhouse. For most folks, we’re going to settle for “looking” like Bond in fit ect. without having the tag (and $$$) that goes along with it. I wouldn’t mind recommendations on cheaper alternatives (Brands and/or sites) that maintain the look for cheaper prices. Really enjoy this channel.

  • I dressed my husband like 007 (and he looks like his brother) and he got hit on by both men and women on his train ride to work, at work and back on the train ride to home. He was not at all OK with it. Sigh…he looked dreamy….and not just to me.

  • Subscribed
    For the simple fact that you zeroed in on the polo. And I loved the way Daniel Craig’s clothes fitted him in his first Bond film. He had very primal aesthetic athletic build in CS. And I knew that I wanted to emulate that style for myself.

    Bravo good Sir.

  • Melody, vocals and good lyrics….
    High time good music was made.
    This deserves more than the trash sold to pimple teens because of looks of singers.

  • Great content as always! I notice that you mention you’re wearing size Small for the Sunspel polos, yet the pictures show size Medium on the collar label. Are you sure it was size Small for Riviera and the banded one?

  • 6:15 the way you build…you say… dont forget that the way (we) build (and the work behind: eat train sleep repeat ) is to much effort for the most guys
    btw thx for the orlebar info. (i weare polos from aeronautica, same cut.)

  • Asking her about working within the boundaries of the law… right ok you think she would actually tell you the truth. BBC are baised and corrupt themselves and so self centred

  • When your playing in your sand pit pretending your’re in the Sahara desert under attack. How do you prevent your clothes from gettting all ichy and dirty? Hilarious blog thank you for the laughs. I thought Bond was ‘cool’ for making his own choices?

  • If I were an intelligence authority in Britain, I would put Sir or Lady beside any personnel’s names with gold sentence.
    I think everyone knows that Britain has a decisive role in probably 80% political events throughout the world indirectly and This condition owes the secret intelligence service, good for Britain.
    Britain has always understood the meaning of Politics and acted in political matters reasonably most of the time. I think Britain should be in the list of seven wonders,The country without probably natural resources but have one of the most powerful influence.


  • With due respect, can I say that I think your polo is excellent looking and fitting but its a an inch to inch and a half too short.

  • Another veiled advert for a franchise that needs no advertising.
    A twelve part documentary series showing the origins of M.I.5 & 6, their history, success and failures would be more what The BBC should be doing instead of wasting peoples time with this drivel.

  • Silly interview….Anyone who has taken a basic national security course would have known more than this interview contained. I would have expected something more in-depth from BBC.

  • Drink like a fish…screw every attractive woman you meet…lie a lot…kill all the bad guys…oh, and legally change your name to JAMES BOND…there ya go!

  • I have been following you for several years, and you actually look a lot better now than back when you started. I suspect clothes fit better on you now, because you have lost fat and gained muscle.

  • You need to stop flexing and puffing out your chest when you talk. You are not a big guy so no sense trying to come across as one.

  • One of my attractions to James Bond being a working class kid from Boston is to have the luxury and let the government pay for it all. Then I realized I may get shot at or tortured and settled for a Grand Cherokee and Polo on sale.

  • How dumb are you when you pay hundreds of dollars for things that didn’t cost that much to make. And then for the approval of others. Looks like you like wasting money. Maybe go to a library instead. It’s usually free.

  • You forgot to add the food, accessories,undergarments, hotel room stays, petrol/gasoline charge, parking tickets, expenses on women for dates, etc

  • I really need a Sam Smith, Adele and Ed Sheeran collab……that would literally burst my ears ������������������������������������

  • The real Bonds were, Sean Connery and Roger Moore. The real Q was, Desmond Llewelyn. The real M was Bernard Lee. The real Moneypenny was Lois Maxwell. It’s a shame those times won’t come back…

  • Hello Aluxers! Let’s add some sophistication to our lives, shall we?
    Grab the ALUX x NordVPN Offer using the code “ALUX” today:
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  • Real James bond will be like when will you reimburse my espionage traveling expenses.By the way do you know that James bond is the only character tells his real name all around.

  • Interesting to see that the most important costs the less.
    His gun is 700 bucks.
    His car is 1,5m.
    But his gun is his lifeline while his car is just a mere replaceable transportation…

  • What cost? Living an absolute boss legend’s life and legacy just to be replaced with some black girl to fill some quota on a piece of paper and appease some shareholder?

  • Bond, James Bond
    Speak several languages done
    Travel the world done
    master the art of making love, (If making as long as 4 continuous hours qualifies, then)done
    Charm and confident done
    talk the talk done
    walk the walk to be done
    don´t have to worry about money On process
    stop being a beta male On process
    So many things to be done, but is good to know where to go for finally saying
    The name is Bond, James Bond

  • Haircuts depend on how much your hair grows
    To be like James Bond remove facial hair but sometimes leave it there
    Otherwise for haircuts 2 weeks is to fast so maybe 3 weeks
    No need to drive an Aston Martin ����‍♂️
    A Porsche or Bmw or Mercedes or alpha romeo

  • Some key elements to being bond; I’ve read the books and watched the movies:

    1) Be born into an upper class British family with an ancient pile/estate in Scotland. Preferably orphaned.

    2) Attend Eton boarding school, it’s not too late even if you’re pushing 30.

    3) Be wittyAF! Not Chandler Bing type witty but more like classic Letterman.

    4) Be an Olympic level crackshot.

    5) Be an Olympic/mma level wrestler/combatant.

    6) Master any skill in a single go.

    7) Drive like Kimi Raikkonen, nothing else will do. Hopefully something vintage, like a DB8 from the 60s.

    8) Be a cultured brute and a civilised barbarian.

    9) Buy your wardrobe from London’s bond traders.

    10) Never find happiness, even if it’s right within your grasp and wear an Omegano apple watches.

  • 1. never take advice from a woman on how to be a man. that’s like asking a fish how to catch it.

    its not about clothing at all, that’s just make females also watch to sell more movie tickets. the character is much deeper than that. it’s about stoicism and masculine nature. he can wake up naked, lost in an amazon tribe but still be 100% james bond.

  • Bond, James Bond.
    Having read all the James Bond books, not only from Sir Ian Fleming but also from the authorized authors who came later, I believe that the James Bond from Daniel Craig at Casino Royale was the most perfect representation of the original character.
    The first four movies with Sean Connery are also very good as the two played by Timothy Dalton.
    Roger Moore’s Bond is not relatable with the novels but I understand that the producers were just following the market of the late 70s and the 80s.

  • It is called a wardrobe not because you are going to take it to war. Step one to becoming James Bond, stop listening to stupid shit and accepting it to be true.
    The word wardrobe appeared in the English language in the early 14th century. It originated from Old French words warderobe, wardereube and garderobe, in which “warder” meant “to keep, to guard” and “robe” meant “garment”.

  • James Bonds walk is very underrated. You can spot his alpha presence from miles away when you see his walk. First impressions the first thing you will see is his walk before he opens his mouth. Everyone knows there’s a strong dominant alpha approaching and there ready for it.

  • Nice pictures and good presenter voice but the content?? Duhhh…. “always use a VPN” wow that will give me charisma!
    there are a lot of simpler videos that are much more informative…

  • Cool gadgets don’t have to be expensive.
    A silver business card holder, silver Zippo lighter and a silver cigarette case, a nice wallet are all good “gadgets” to have that are classy and sophisticated.

  • Here are seven more helpful steps:
    1.  Have all your suits custom made
    2.  Become moderately adventurous
    3.  Obtain a Top Secret Security Clearance
    4.  Don’t limit your options to only a Bond-like personality (I’m also partial to Nick Fury/Sterling Archer styles)
    5.  Attend Jazz/Stylish concerts at the finest clubs and venues
    6.  Date more than one woman and take at least three out at the same time together.
    7.  Disregard all of the above.  I’m the only guy capable of these steps.  Finch, David Finch…

  • Bond, James Bond.  Sean Connery was the best the personification of Ian Fleming’s character except for his brown eyes, but who cares Sean’s eyes are gorgeous.

  • Ha!!!
    There is only One James Bond, the One & Only Sean Connery, although Roger Moore was very polished & even humorous, the rest all fall far short in every way….

  • Reminiscing on this smash. Fantastic song. One of the best Bond songs. Really looking forward to No Time To Die. Although Billie Eillish is up next, I still need Michael Buble & Muse to do theme songs for Bond. It’d be an absolute shame if they didn’t.

  • i’ve been very lucky to live a long time i’ve seen all of the bond movies and heard their title songs, and to me this Screams James Bond and it was the perfect to fit to one of the best Bond movies ever made.

  • Please Sir, try to refrain from sticking up 2 fingers to your audience.
    Good advice on the fit.
    Addendum: style can go out if fashion e.g. boot cut jeans may suit someone’s shape & therefore their style, but they’re now out of fashion, so said person’s style should/could change.

  • Too much spice. Inteli need smart, calculated, high memory n logic people who do to someplace some time some situation, watch n monitor the situation, memorize it and goes back to make reports. All just much spice for commercial movie.

  • One thing about the 007 franchise,. The soundtrack is always on point. May it be legends like Dame Shirley Bassey or Sir Paul McCartney, or modern artist like Adele or Sam Smith. Always something to look forward to!

  • I’m not taking anything at all alway from his voice,this is the only bond intro I have ever skipped….hes not good enough imo,for a bond song this is this worst I’ve ever heard.fck off Sam smith.youre not as good as you think you are. Sorry

  • Inteligence is not as rich as that bro, not as handsome as that, not as cool or action as that, and even a real intelligence is james bond’s fans

  • sadly a country of that scale of inefficiency simultaneously facing 3 massive fundamental shocks (economic crisis, global pandemic, massive explosion) is totally decimated..Lebanon was already hell without electricity and basic foods but had some distant hope to recover,,now this huge explosion just made that very hope gone, last nail in the coffin, even the Beirut mayor said that….many people were nice and kind there. Very good girls for sure.

  • “everything MI6 does is within the law” of course..

    That’s totally BS
    I watched a MI5 interview by Sky News, he said he dressed as a beggar and asked for money undercover
    That’s Panhandling.. not exactly a major crime but still they break laws all the time
    They do break laws to keep us safe but saying they’re perfect little angels who follow the law is wrong

  • Shirts flirting biceps are no different than a chick with her tits out, attributes to advantage. There is a huge gap between vanity and class.

  • I don’t believe they act exclusively within UK law. It is widely known that the russian kremin actively kills anyone posing a potentially “treat” the the state. The so-called crime they have committed is being wealthy, powerful and even speaking against the state in protests. Recent example is the salisbury attack.

    It is also known the US government have acted nefariously in the past such as in Iraq and even there own country. America is a huge country where certain acts that go outside the rule of law occurs frequently by their government.

    Now i would not be surprised if the UK government also bends the rule of law in its favour to suits its agenda.

    We’ll never know.

  • This video is total and complete BOLLOCKS!!!! According to the BBC, MI6 has never broken any law or killed anyone. They do not carry firearms or kill adversary’s or train to do so…BOLLOCKS!!!!

  • SIS is governed by British law and has independent oversight to balance the fundamental freedoms of our citizens with their right to be safe, secure and prosperous. Our checks and balances are among the most comprehensive and stringent in the world.

    SIS is accountable to the government of the day, who set our priorities. The Prime Minister has overall responsibility for intelligence and security matters, however day-to-day ministerial responsibility for SIS lies with the Foreign Secretary.

    Along with GCHQ and MI5, SIS is responsible for the majority of the UK’s operational intelligence and security work.

    The Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) assesses intelligence gathered by the agencies and presents it to ministers to enable informed policy-making.

    There are several pieces of legislation that govern what we do.

    The Intelligence Services Act 1994 sets out SIS function as a foreign-focused intelligence agency.

    The Investigatory Powers Act 2016 provides a modernised framework for the use and oversight of investigatory powers by law enforcement and the security and intelligence agencies.

    The Human Rights Act 1998 protects citizens’ rights under the European Convention on Human Rights.

    Parliament and the Judiciary provide rigorous oversight of SIS and its operations.

    The Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s Office (IPCO) oversees the use of the powers we employ to conduct our operations.

    The Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) is a judicial body which offers a route for redress for anyone who believes they have been the victim of unlawful action in our use of covert investigative techniques.

    The Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) provides oversight of our operations, policy, expenditure and administration to Parliament.

  • Nah, they spy for USA and USA spies for Britain so that both countries can say they don’t spy on their own citizens…not to mention DIANA

  • Just be a violent yet charming borderline alcoholic sociopath who shags any woman with a funny name and causes lots of property damage:)

  • I am legally obliged to say i may be a part of a certain MIand most most of these facts are twisted a bit, if it was true then this would of disappeared.

    That is all i can say, ask any questions and if i can I’ll reply

  • “That the UK remains safe” Lmao, the UK is not safe, far from it, and yet this government continue to allow unknown and unvettable refugees into this country unfettered.

  • Spy agency, yet they show the male spy’s entire palm & fingers @ 1:31. Freeze frame, and it can be enhanced to reveal finger & palm prints. Female’s side profile feature can narrow down suspected agents, along with her aged hands @ 2:23, which looked like she was in her forties. This video might get them killed (if they were real to begin with)! lol

  • Propaganda. They were clerks, or, actors. They gave away fingerprints, probable nationality, distinguishing marks, general description. Intelligence is the collection of bits of information, and, the interpretation of said data. Bad guys got obvious disinformation. Try harder Britian. Say, did you ever finish that nuke submarine? Last time I needed a laugh, watched story on it’s progress. At the time, it was in it’s 14th year of construction. Bloody awful!

  • This video really helped me. My parents have always forbidden me to watch James Bond or other spy movies and never really told me what they do. I mean they told me where they supposedly work that can be fictious. But you say they should at least be permitted to tell me, that they work in such a position.

  • I just got here and I’m astonished how many people are whining about your perfectly good content.

    Seeing pathetic people hate on someone so much tells me you’re doing it right.


    -a life long Bond fan

  • U find ur love in R. Colony
    He finds his in puttengal colony DEVAYANI. MOTHER.



  • Very cool video. I wasn’t familiar with the brands except Tom Ford. I’m guessing those polo shirts are on the pricey side but it won’t stop me from looking into getting one hahaha.


  • We come to know about secret agents when they complete the mission or when they fail other than that all information is fake there may be a huge number of spies of other countries in your country

  • I wish you would have posted an affiliate link to some of those polos. I could support the channel, and find these items conveniently. A win win!

  • Garbage. You may as well have gotten 2 random people off the street to relay the same shit everybody already knows. For all we know, that’s exactly what you did.

  • Oo nga James Bond talaga ang nasa isip namin pagdating sa spying..sophisticated and suave agent..Malayo po pala sa reality ang tunay na spy agents

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  • BBC News, could I download your video it just for personal use not commercial, I did subscribe your video and give thumb button. I just need is for my entertaintment because I need motivation.

  • You look like a freakin american dad with 4 daughter and 1 fat wife on suburb with tht j crew ish navy polo.. eventho u buy same brand u still not daniel craigs…
    U probably looks better in leather jacket.. and white shirt… with tht olebar.. u looks shit and average

  • What’s this ‘Jane Bond’ shit I read about….Bond has to be a girl in this stupid world huh? A lesbian transgender red-haired one armed, one legged girl-boy who kills baddies with rainbow bubblegum???

  • great video. Can your next video explore semi-formal dress jackets? Like the one Robert Downey Jr. wore in the first Avengers movie.

  • How to be James Bond
    1be British, preferably Scottish;
    2become a Royal Navy Officer;
    3reach the rank of Commander;
    4join the MI6;
    5-be a suave womaniser and gambler since step one;
    6be a heavy drinker, smoker, and do occasional speed.

  • Really….two MI6 agents agreed to an interview? I would have preferred that he just read the prepared document they gave him. I have no idea who the pony show was for.

  • its funny when 1st world country that even have many special team and spy cant solve all the street crime that happens almost everyday in uk.. looked at how serious the moped crimes happens today.. how many bike and scooter being stolen there everyday?. even infront of the owner they still steal it.. it looks like the criminals there dont even scared of uk enforcement there.. so what a waste of money to salary your enforcement if they no function at all.. hahaha.

  • Step 1: be British
    Step 2: be good looking
    Step 3: tell your name always in a weird way
    Step 4: bang everything with two legs and a hole in between them
    Step 5: have weird gadgets provided by an old crazy guy
    Step 6: train your one liners everyday

  • How to Be James Bond on a Budget: 1 all chases must public transportation. 2 Rented or borrowed tux. No smoking. Cigs are beyond my budget;would have to bum cigs.(I would be out of breath and wheezing when chasing/escaping anyway) 3 Carry a squirt…( high-pressure). 4 Defuse bad situations-not bombs. I already have Tourette’s and so would be shaken-not stirred.

  • Heres a list you need to learn before you even come close being James Bond:

    Use of all weapons (getting into a shooting expert) especially with handguns
    how to defuse bombs
    be a close combat Master (so many different fighting styles)
    learn to drive /ride like a God (Cars / Motorcycles / Boats / Airplanes / Helicopters / Submarines,…
    learn Skiing, Snowboarding, Diving, Skydiving, Parkour, professional climbing =  like a boss
    learn gambling (every kind of)
    learn to be a gentlemen + know how to seduce women
    Then you need also to be very smart (knowing much about: History, Physics, Items, Places Persons,….)
    get a master in disguise
    then you need to understand at least a few languages
    you need to have visited a few different countries before
    learn to read people (spying on them)
    learn how to behave in critical situations
    know how to behave with certain animals
    learn to avoid dangerous plants (you need to know how plants for drugs look like)
    how to survive in the wild


  • New subscriber. Loving this Quantum of Solace polo shirt look. Any tips please on how to carry my wallet keys phone and everything else. I see lots of people use man bags but 007 manages everything in his pants without pocket bulges. Perhaps a utility belt but that is Batman not Bond. Jason Bourne carries a red bank bag with his cash and 6 passports. Ethan Hunt wears dark Jean’s and a dark shirt or hoodie for a more Ghost or grey man look. What is your EDC? Maybe I carry too much but I prefer to be prepared.

  • Ohk w8 so The Heckler & Koch VP9 pistol costs $700 bucks but i just spent $1600 on an iphone that means I could’ve bought 2 pistols in exchange of an iphone ��

  • Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore — Lame, James Lame. Sean Connery was iffy. Only Daniel Craig comes across as the right Bond.

  • I liked jems bond many years ago.i watched it’s most film but it’s full of technical advantage. too much editing works available here. thanks

  • From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, and For Your Eyes Only. All the rest were crap ��. Producers keep making the same film over and over with different settings, same cliches, same lines…

  • For fucks sake. You’re thinking about it too much. If it fits wear it and stop trying to be someone you’re not. It is statically proven that woman are attracted to men who are comfortable with themselves. Not trying to be someone else.

  • It curdles my milk to realise Bond hasn’t yet moved on to hydrogen fuel cell and electric battery power vehicles.
    It seems we will have to wait to behold the 21st century James…. Bond.

  • to be Bond you need the knowledge of knowing about everything, you need a nose & ear hair trimmer, never fart or burp in public and always look sharp with the clothes you wear walk into a room like a boss and always pick up the pretty women, and if there are no pretty women, look for the hottest dude and hang out with him.

  • Spirited but civilised discussion in the comments section. Bond fans are the best. The best Bonds according to me would be Moore, Connery, Brosnan, Craig.

  • I have been watching james bond from my 11 and I’m 18 now watched all of them everyone is unique and has their own way but has same charm