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Remember, every day that you do an action that improves your health – or deliberately avoid an action that hurts it – you can count each of those actions as an APD! Day 1: For your first new health habit, you decide to ditch one of your afternoon sodas at work – one of the ones you use to get through the afternoon slump. Simply focus on raising your Actions Per Day, and start winning life.

Success Based on Actions Per Day. The gamers use actions per minute (APM), but we’ll be using actions per day (APD). STOP stressing so much about any single decision. Instead, look at your total actions over a month.

How?Call 911 or your local emergency number. Stay with the person until help arrives. Remove any guns, knives, medications, or other things that may cause harm. Listen, but don’t.

First dose: 100 mg taken 2 times per day. Typical dosage: 400–800 mg per day. Dosage changes: Each week, your child’s doctor may increase their daily dose by.

Each State seeking Federal funding above the regulatory thresholds (covered in the next section) for the development and implementation of information systems must prepare and submit an Advance Planning Document (APD) for approval by HHS. The APD process may involve one or a series of documents used to secure Federal funding. Who can increase a budget? Increases in funding can only be performed by APD Central Office.

However, if you need an increase in budget amount, please contact your area office so they may determine need, and make the request through the proper channels. The Army Publishing Directorate (APD) will no longer order, stock, and/or distribute Standard Forms (SF) and Optional Forms (OF). Orders of SFs and OFs through APD will be filled only until existing stock is exhausted. Please check the APD Ordering Portal to determine availability of these forms.

Users can order SFs and OFs through GSA Advantage. Add bananas, raisins or berries to your cereal. Drink a small (6-ounce) glass of juice. Be sure it’s 100% fruit or vegetable juice without excess sodium or sugar – not “fruit drink,” “cocktail” or “punch.” Add chopped up vegetables to your eggs or potatoes.

Try. Try consuming lactose -free milk such as Lactaid®, or calcium-fortified soy, almond, or rice milk. You may be able to tolerate certain dairy products that contain less milk sugar, such as yogurt and cheese. Try lactose-free or low lactose cheese or cottage cheese or lactose-free yogurt.

If you go above 10,000 feet (3,048 meters), only increase your altitude by 1,000 feet (305 meters) per day and for every 3,000 feet (915 meters) of elevation gained, take a rest day. “Climb High and sleep low.” This is the maxim used by climbers.

List of related literature:

Alternative methods of raising clearance in APD are to increase the number of cycles per treatment session.

“Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, and Transplantation E-Book: A Companion to Brenner and Rector’s The Kidney” by Jonathan Himmelfarb, Mohamed H. Sayegh
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Approaching APD management in this comprehensive, holistic manner helps the person with APD get more out of the direct auditory training activities while, at the same time, it teaches methods of improving comprehension in the real world.

“When the Brain Can't Hear: Unraveling the Mystery of Auditory Processing Disorder” by Teri James Bellis
from When the Brain Can’t Hear: Unraveling the Mystery of Auditory Processing Disorder
by Teri James Bellis
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• Increase enforcement by dedicated traffic personnel, but also emphasize aggressive driving enforcement in all routine patrols throughout the community.

“Social Issues in America: An Encyclopedia” by James Ciment
from Social Issues in America: An Encyclopedia
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Unaffected behaviors included the frequency of service-oriented encounters, residential security checks, suspect and traffic stops, various forms of assistance, the use of force in nonthreatening situations, arrests, and showing hostility to citizens.

“Fairness and Effectiveness in Policing: The Evidence” by National Research Council, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, Committee on Law and Justice, Committee to Review Research on Police Policy and Practices, Kathleen Frydl, Wesley Skogan
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One way is to reduce crime and increase traffic safety, which supports the activities of seniors in the city area.

“Strategic Innovative Marketing and Tourism: 8th ICSIMAT, Northern Aegean, Greece, 2019” by Androniki Kavoura, Efstathios Kefallonitis, Prokopios Theodoridis
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There are some procedures available that are designed to screen for APD; however, they do take about 10 or 15 minutes to conduct.

“Fitting and Dispensing Hearing Aids, Second Edition” by Brian Taylor, H. Gustav Mueller
from Fitting and Dispensing Hearing Aids, Second Edition
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At best, programs that focus on helping the APD individual achieve what they want without hurting others (or getting caught) are more worthwhile.

“Mental Health Nursing: Applying Theory to Practice” by Gylo (Julie) Hercelinskyj, Louise Alexander
from Mental Health Nursing: Applying Theory to Practice
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APD action potential duration

“Understanding Pharmacology in Nursing Practice” by Pauline Hood, Ehsan Khan
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Adjusting the crosswalk timer setting to allow additional time to cross a street safely can increase the comfort and independence levels of older adults and keep them engaged in their community.

“Understanding Motor Development: Infants, Children, Adolescents, Adults” by Jacqueline D Goodway, John C Ozmun, David L Gallahue
from Understanding Motor Development: Infants, Children, Adolescents, Adults
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Behavior management programs target youth who are impulsive, aggressive, or disorderly in conduct and are directed at tardiness, inadequate class preparation and performance, bad behavior, and poor attendance (Gottfredson et al., 2000).

“The School Services Sourcebook: A Guide for School-Based Professionals” by Cynthia Franklin, Mary Beth Harris, Paula Allen-Meares
from The School Services Sourcebook: A Guide for School-Based Professionals
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • At the external penetration section you are talking about network pentesting. Does that mean that you are trying to break in or find vulns on wi-fi networks? Or do you mean like a server? Can a server be considered as a network?

    Btw nice and informative video:)

  • This answers such a huge question. Does it also mean Alphastar’s 300 apm limit doesn’t mean so much? A computer doesn’t need to warm up and can likely handle 5 actions in one second far more efficiently than a human.

  • Hey Neace, nice vid as usual. Sometime you speak about “Momentum” i dont really understand what you mean. Possible to explain a bit somewhere what it is? Keep up the good work

  • And it’s not accurate but still good for medium distance since the shots flies that fast. Wallbanging people out of the tower from 600 m is totally fine. Even for long range sniping, you have the fast-bullet-advantage. And when it comes to extreme distances (2.5km +) it’s pretty much superior to the more accurate, but slower flying M320 bullet

  • Working on my CCT and CCNA, also an A+ cert then some python and a degree in Network Administration, I really like the idea of trying to crack stuff… what should I do next education wise

  • This is absolute bullshit.
    This video is made from like 2 months of gameplay, I tried recreating this in Editor, downing a heli either requires one perfect shot into the back rotor, 2 shots into main rotor or 1 shot at the driver.

    Even with my setup, I didnt managed to down a helicopter effectively.

    And its even harder in KOTH because of better pilots, and laggy servers which make exact shots near to impossible..
    So kids dont run with 80k into the zone, and try to pull of multi kills.

  • Hey!
    I was expecting you eating appetizing food and exercising all day with a bit of coding in between while playing lofi beats in the background.
    I am disappointed!

  • One on control groups, including camera and how you recommend seting for each race. Example some terrans hotkey all production buildings in one number and use tab. Is that better than one number for barracks, one for factory and one for starport? Stuff like that

  • You need more lead on your shots.
    When you hit the heli you only just hit the tail. Lead more and you’d hit the main engine guaranteeing a crash b/c pilots in this game aren’t good. If you hit the tail and a kinda good pilot is in control, there’s a good chance they can save it.

  • Recently Beastyqt started doing very good videos, I like this one and I love the analysis of the pro replays on the finals this year.

  • I clicked a lot playing League. As ADC you use the keyboard to auto while none stop clicking to cancel attack animation’s and kite.

    None of that helps having 40 keys to remember.

  • Professor QT! Can you do a video on your hotkey layout; do you use Grid or standard, did you customize anything and why, and maybe how you set up your control groups?

    Wait…come to think of it, don’t you have a video on your control groups?

  • I expected an ArmA guide to this weapon, but what I got was some silly KotH footage of someone using a sniper rifle with a holo sight. What a disgrace.

  • Very interesting but, something I find funny is.. Every high elo people thinks that “my mates holds me down” is a joke EVERYTIME. But it is sometime the truth.
    Everyone has a part to do in the loss BUT some are actually huge. “Don’t say ‘mates holds me back’ because it is also your fault if you look through that game you’ll see that” but, no one is perfect even the best of us do mistakes in their games, this is just not an excuse, there will always be a mistake from the guy that is held back by his mates.

  • Love all your content man. This is free info but so helpful. I average around 100 apm, even utilising rapid fire warp-ins. Should probably work on that…

  • suggestion: please remake the opening of your videos (the first 5 secs)
    it has much lower audio quality than the rest of the video.
    might give bad first impression to newcomers!

  • Thanks for the guide. Cool thing. Ill start using it from now on. Maybe challenge some buddies mid-game what is happening etc. and instead of coffee, maybe take a sip of water from time to time 😉
    thanks again. looking forward to check how well im going with this guide. keep up the great work.

  • An other sports analogy: when youre boxing you don’t just stand there waiting, you keep your rythm up and shift your weight side to side.

  • This is the most valuable information I’ve ever received for climbing. I’m gonna bookmark this video in case I forget the lesson I’ve learned watching this.

  • if you’re one of those who’re not even playing ranked, then you shouldnt watch this.

    Play ranked until you hit a wall. once you hit the wall? go watch tutorias. otherwise youre doing this wrong.

  • Wait, so you’re saying my 70 apm WITH rapid fire hotkeys isn’t good enough??? I face opponents in play with literally 30ish apm LOL

  • Subscribed.. your stuff is really well done. As a new player to this game this year I am trying to improve as fast as possible. Your stuff is gold for someone starting out. Thanks

  • What kind of set-up in a computer do you need as a Pentesters or SOC analyst? Are there benefits to have an i9 over an i7? is 32 enough or do you need 64? is 500 enough storage or do you need 1 TB? shoud one use extra M.2 drives? what about GPUs, when are they needed and how to choose the right onw? Could you make a video of what a good computer for SOC analyst and pentesters should look like please… This video gives a great understanding of the process of how to work. I love to get some help setting up a good computer… Thanks a lot!

  • This video actually helped me a ton thank you for this is there any chance that you can make a video on who i should be watching such as streamers to improve and things to look out for when watching my own games?

  • By far my favorite coach/person that helps with league content. Thank you so much for the videos you make and sharing your knowledge I appreciate you taking the time to create all of this. It’s obvious you’re on the right path.

  • I actually count jungle creeps, enemy cd vision map and everything from the medium and most of the hard things lol but still stuck in plat (well not really, i reach plat with 70%w/r now I’m stuck LMAO)

  • Haha who would need APM in league of legends? A single unit, the same map, no scouts, every hero is always visible, only six abilities. The only thing you can do is attack and move hahaha. You don’t even need to think fast or figure out strategies, I mean how many builds are there?

  • the simple lesson here is that if you’re not rank 1 challenger there’s probably something you don’t think about in game as it relates to the game.
    i only kick into this mode when i intend to climb, otherwise i just really react to shit as it comes and give some thought to some annoyances. unfortunately most people will stop giving a fuck once they reach their rank goal, me included, it is what it is.

  • I really want to see some more lightning fast commentaries they are in my opinion the best way to learn what to do when I’m a game and extremely entertaining.

  • Hey man, absolutely loving your channel. I’ve learnt so much in just a few video’s, and your straight forward attitude, and this video in particular, was exactly what I was looking for, and needed, so thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed your well earned holiday, glad it was so productive:)

  • Really nice! i enjoy This video so much. i hope u will continue to give coaching tips about apm. Juste with those chart i got few thing to practice but i hope u ll make some other video like that! thks a lot

  • That’s fantastic. Make me change my thinking a little, but this is mostly for KOTH. Although I like to play Exile, I might use this instead of sacking a Titan and the M320. Have you tried the AMS scope for duel CQC and long distance sniping?

  • I’m scared to start ranked. How can I get a good outlook and strategy on how to do good in my placements. I’m a jungle main I one trick lee sin

  • @NEACE the issue I have with commenting on YouTube is that it’s hard to recognize wether or not you’re actually reading/responding enough for it to be worth the time to scribble down an honest bit of feedback or even a friendly reply (that you much deserve). My suggestion for new content however, would be a mix of re-using an old concept but make it more indepth. “How to climb/escape your ELO” is a much used concept now, and while you always do a good job of overall explaining what you think people need to do, I have rarely seen you showcase it properly outside of the top lane. I would LOVE to see a “How to IMPROVE (not beat/crush/win) at your chosen role”. All the mental APM things you mention here, would be easier for people to learn visually by showcasing like “Okay freeze the image, right now there’s 3 heads missing from the minimap and baron is up, as a support right now your biggest concern should be controlling vision of the area surrounding baron and how to achieve that without putting yourself at risk (hope my example isn’t too braindead or obvious, but you might get the picture). So to summarize, a “How to improve your mAPM” sort of video series, but for each role. Either way big fan and always appreciated your content, you deserve way more credit for your hard work than you get, but that’s the price of integrity.

  • I tracked 100 games in an excel and realised that a big thing that heavily affects my gameplay was a combination of mental attitude. For me I came to the conclusion that Focus level is tied to interest level and that being interested and thinking about the game prevents tilt for me. So I actively try other champions and try to apply what I learn so I onetrick a champ for 20 games and change again, this lead to great improvement in my overall awareness aswell as my elo climbed significantly.

  • Sorry but i dont consider LS higher level than you, all that guy is saying that “play annie, be an otp bla bla bla” always the same shit. 4:00

  • I’ve searched the entire internet. And can not find. Any information on how to exploit a path disclosure from a website. There truly is nothing. Nothing breaking down what a full path disclosure is on a website. What to do with one and how to exploit one.? Why is this. Is it a huge conspiracy or something lol its actually funny there’s nothing in English explaining it or a tool that can be used to exploit a path disclosure. Or what one even is. In the first place. Extremely odd.

  • I played a lot of Starcraft 2 stuck bronze for like a year, ended up getting master 2x and currently low diamond cuz I never play anymore, tbh I might be like low gold skill by now been a year

  • Ohh mate.How do you get this weapon sounds?Is it mod?Is it aviable on steam workshop?Sounds are really great.And of course,thanks for tips:D

  • thanks for this great video, what I just realized: I’m not rly serious about climbing right now..
    like ofc not cuz its end of season but even a month ago I wasnt rly trying to climb and therefor didnt care as much about the outcome of the game and therfor it didnt bother me that I was in autopilot most of the time.
    thanks again, made me realize that! <3

  • Thank you for this video. I’m a junior in University majoring in Cyber security. This year I plan on (hopefully) getting an internship. My ultimate goal is to be able to work from home, so hearing that’s what you do is reassuring. Do you set your own schedules? I’m more of an early bird so I like to begin my work around 4 a.m or 5.

  • Can you do a video that is related to this maybe title it “Jungle APM”, what you should be doing the stay on top of things while jungling cus its hard to make the jungle role seem linear alot of the time.

  • And this is why I am saving up for this weapon because I like to snipe at long range but I also like to get a little closer because it’s easy to get bored when theirs no other snipers to kill

  • Hey I’m currently Diamond 2 in EUNE, here’s my
    Can you give me any advice to climb?

  • Thank you! I am a complete beginner to ethical hacking and am interested in the web app penetration testing you mentioned. Can you point me in the direction of a free or affordable program like free code camp?.. I need something I can do at my own pace as I am working and I’m school. Thank you for the video and any answers you can provide

  • This is a really interesting breakdown. I wonder if you could outline a suggested order to focus on. eg. Start with this… once you have that down… move onto juggling this… Perhaps in order of easiest to know/keep track off into things that are more difficult to know/predict. Thoughts?

  • Hi pro player 😉 I have a big problem with this mod. My config is: gtx 960(4GB), ram 8GB, ssd 120GB, processor Intel icore5 6550 skylake and 1TB. FOR ME IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY THE GAME. IT’S LAGGING TERRIBLY…:(
    Can you suggest me something to fix it? Sorry for my bad English:(

  • I’ve always wanted a nice paying job for the future and something that I like, this is definitely something I would love to pursue!

  • Can you pull off all this with the standard, non-APDS ammo version? Saw this video and gave it a try, but little success. Basically managed to only de-wheel a car which then veered off road and unintentionally ran me over… Went straight back to my usual DMR business after that:D

  • Alright this is definitely not the question I want to ask you but when you mention your Alfa card, you also say GPS dongle? I just wanted to know the uses of a GPS dongle on an internal/external pentest? I still have another important question for you, its about my career. Is there an inbox where I can send you a short message? Its not crazy personal or anything I just do not feel comfortable putting information like that on YouTube. Thanks

  • Sounds like some not so subtle propaganda to get snipers to stop shooting at you when you are running around the edge of the map camping people coming in. So you wouldn’t get pissed off then have to go drive out there and hunt them down, interrupting your game. 😉 I pretty much laugh at the “urban snipers” running with a Lynx near the zone. That bitch is so loud it draws everyone on that side of the map straight to you. Killing vehicles is fun though.


  • Great video with lots of useful info. Quick question from someone who’s interested in starting out can you dive straight into testing web apps, without any previous pen testing experience, or is it better to firstly start off with networks?

  • Good video but I don’t like it that you say it’s not a sniper rifle and you shouldn’t be sniping with it. I already got 5 million $ I just wanna have fun sniping man:(((

  • Holy shit, i’ve been using this gun wrong the whole time? I feel like an idiot. Thanks man, now i at least know how to use it properly.

  • Iam level 52 at the moment in KotH and recently i remembered how effective the lynx apds is so i started to safe money because this fucking gun is gonna cost me 300k… so i‘ve been sweating my ass of to get that money but i died like so often today it’s unbelievable so i quit the game and now iam here needing 200k to buy the gun and instead of getting the money i sit here and watch videos of it….. fml

  • The only thing I do differently is use the ERCO optic. Costs a bit more to perma buy but it’s one of the most versatile scopes in the game and has an inbuilt optical ranging device right in the reticle. (The horizontal lines match the width of a target’s shoulders at the corresponding distance.) And it’s still got the red dot for those close to mi range vehicle kills.

  • Just found your video and it gave me an insight into my future career once I am done with my master degree in cyber security network operations.

  • Would you say you enjoy your job? Do you work for a company that contracts you to other businesses? Like do you have to travel to businesses around the area

  • if you wanna improve, even a bit more slightly.
    1) start by checking ward locations, every 20-30 seconds.
    2) when you’re comfortable doing that, make callouts whenever you don’t see the enemy champion in your lane. It could be that he’s TPing for buy/heal/death.
    3) after you do that, try moving around a bit more. if you’re too stationary, that’s ez information for the enemy.
    4) try a bit few more things, little by little.
    5) more advanced would be like, whenever the enemy used their ultimate. alt click the time, and keep a mental note when the enemy can use their ultimate again. That would be much safer attack timing.

    But, I’m a silver, due to lack of experience. Mostly starcraft ii player.

  • Hello beasty, how do you show your APM in the game. I have tried everything but have not found anything that shows my APM live in the game?

  • a APM of 50 with senseful clicks wins more games then an APM of 200 with senseless clicks. I know these nervous SC2 players switching between army and bases once in a sec. APM gives no real estimation of playing good or bad, though the bads think so they got a high APM they are good players^^. I give an example for APM, what is the sense of clicking 100 times on “E” but only one worker is produced on each base, 1 click for that is more than enough^^.

  • I may have missed it but how important is Wireshark or a packet analyzer to your assessments? I couldn’t imagine not firing Wireshark up when doing an internal pentest at least

  • First off, thanks for the original and informative video. For all those newbies out there who may be thinking this is high level shit that doesn’t apply to me… I would advise you to listen to the video a second time. My favorite part of the mAPM is the layering. I do that sometimes. NEACE is especially right about keeping the champion pool small. I was bronze 2 months ago… (even though I’ve been playing for a year) I started to one trick garen and when I got around 150k champion mastery I was able to hit silver. I do the layering thing quite often. I also noticed that my slight improvement came after thinking about more stuff.

    Even though my experience is abysmally small when compared to NEACE’s, hopefully any bronze players out there who are doubting will see my comment, watch this vid and get outta bronze.:-)

  • I managed to increase a lot my apm by doing the same build. However i can`t raise it past 200 no matter what. I`m stuck here for about 2 years.

  • Hello Brother, I’m willing to purchase your course on Ethical hacking on Udemy.
    For some reason your course looks pricey, can you please apply some discount coupons and give it to me so I can purchase it.

    Thank you in advance

  • Whats best way to get XP? And do you ever play EU2? Also, I see what you mean about being a bush wookie, but sniping from 1300+, you get about $1.3k per headshot, not sure if its worth it though

  • What about like physically pen testing (really any pen testing/cyber security position that doesn’t have you sitting at a desk all day).. is there a position that mostly does that?

  • APM is way too much overrated. EAPM is the only thing that matters. Why people force them to get high APM with useless spaming? I know people they say proudly “I improved my APM by 10 this game!” In meanwhile i saw them spaming meanless buttons. This guide is trash, helps 0 to rank up and also shares a bad mentality. U will not improve at all if u following this non sense spaming. This guy has no knowledge of pro play. Idk which streamers he looks but they’re not pro at all if they waste one worker to produce higher apm lol.

  • hey great content in your channel new sub here! question im gonna take your zero to hero course but i’m trying to hackthebox do u think i can get it? or i need to study more from some books?….i’m gonna try to do this as my main job and thanks again!…sorry for my english i’snt my native language saludos from venezuela!

  • Do you vpn into a shared workspace from home and then do assessments into client networks from there? Or do you use your own tools on your rig and vpn into client’s network(for inteneral) and do your assessments?

  • Is this the standard lynx or the level 50 one? Also what about using the navid for a spring heeled jack? to truly show how easy it is?

  • <3 u NEACE! Glad u are going to be focusing your energy on coaching! I'll be sending in another replay when I am done farming for the season.

  • Yea i was just gona say i watch this vid and today i just reach 50 xp so wen i tried this it said i got the kills but its nowhere on the scoreboard or on the statistics

  • this rifle isnt inaccurate on distances. like…. i saw 3km shots or me doing 2km shots from a heli bench. Also as a lynx player in the zone you need assistance around you to survive, cause if you play good you become target nr1. in addition this rifle has the fastest bullet travel time afaik travelling 1km in like 1.xx seconds. (i play this weapon since i can buy it with khalia or mrco depending on the distance) what was not mentioned is that if you are going to shoot a Ghosthawk. the easieast target is its tail rotor. So try to hit the pilot or a gunner 2-3 times and if you want it immediatly going down or be gone you hit its tail)

  • Ik heb altijd al een rapper willen zijn
    Maar het lukt me niet en dat doet zeer

    En zo gaat het elke dag
    Als ik ga rappen schiet iedereen in de stress

    Ik probeer het al een jaar of negen
    Maar om het te laten rijmen dat valt niet mee
    En als ik vraag: “Zal ik doorgaan? ”, zegt iedereen: “Mwah”

    En ik rap ook al niet eens in de maat
    Ik ben de slechtste rapper van de straat

  • One issue. You get this gun at level 50. you gotta wait til you get a decent scope. All in all, at the point you can start making money you had to invest huge amounts of money in it. Also by being lvl 50 you should have some cash. MANPAD or just my 3 gl with RPG and satchel is probably still more reliable / consistent for new people

  • This was the concept I was looking for, APM. I was trying to express how bad some players are, but I didn’t know the direct word for the concept of being blind and not thinking. Now I know what direct word to use to flame players. Thanks this video is brilliant!

  • im 16 bout to be 17 and i been looking into comp sci,(IT), and networking cause i always liked computers i was just kinda too nervous about them cause i felt i had to be some type of prodigy to know this stuff and now im getting into it…im learning the basics of python rn but i kinda feel like its too late for me to learn all this stuff idky…so can someone tell me is it to let for me to get into this in college…cause ethical hacking sounds very intresting to me and i want to expand my knowledge in IT and computer science just dont know where to start…

  • Let’s also not forget stuff like CC. Let’s say you’re fighting an Annie and she goes into a bush where you have no vision. You must think about the range of her abilities, is she going to use W for stun?, did a teammate claim Annie had no ult?, how long ago did they claim that?, and can you kill her if you take a step back to let her whiff her W or R with stun?, is it even safe to challenge her after she goes into a bush or are you better off just leaving?
    This applies to every champion with a tool that lets them deal with something. Whether it’s a stun, slow, silence, fear, etc;.
    That’s only within a 5 second chase/engage and it doesn’t include looking at the map for wards, ganks, laners stepping out of their lanes when you started fighting, items, and everything else already mentioned in this video. All of that must be in your mind in that 5 second mini chase or engage.

  • How basically everyone increases APM:
    1. At the start of the game, hotkey 1 SCV and the command center in two separate control groups, and spam 1 and 2.
    2. In the middle of the game, just click around with your army as much as possible and micro as hard as you can, even if unnecessary.
    3. In late game, move your army back and forth.
    4. If you don’t know what you are doing, just spam keys

  • I would like to learn how to use camera hotkeys, some unit/building hotkey layouts for each race and how to control the army when not using F2

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    I’ve seen bits and pieces of this mental apm stuff from when i was first starting out playing league i deal with a bunch of burnout from incorrect thinking I can play 1-4 games max a school day before I’m completely burnt out maybe this will help me direct my thinking and improve at league thank you so much I’m subscribing

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  • I’ve been a System Administrator for 7 years with the DoD and I was looking on changing over to become a Pentester. It is something I’ve always had a passion for growing up and was wondering where I should start in regards of getting a job. I have A+, Sec+ and Linux+.

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    Spamming activating the brain. Left-Right-moves connect the left and the right brain hemisphere.
    The acitvating level (!) is better, you are faster, even more logical and more intuitive.
    With other words: Fast spamming makes you better.

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