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How To Level Up Quickly In Gacha Life

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How to Level Up in the Game of LifeNerd Fitness

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How to Level Up in the Game of LifeNerd Fitness

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Life After // How to level up Masteries EASY!

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Game of life Level Up

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How to Level Up in the Game Of Life (+Level Up Meditation)

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You have to give a lot of time to such games, as they need proper planning and hard work. Sometimes it can take days or maybe months to reach the next level. All depends on how much focussed you are and the time you manage to give to this activity. If you are determined to be successful in such intense games, no one will be able to stop you. In the game of life: If you’re severely overweight, underweight, or hopelessly out of shape, don’t try to run a marathon tomorrow you’re going to get your ass kicked and get very depressed.

Start with walking 15 minutes a day, and then 20, and then 30, and then 45, and then jogging for 15. Spoiler alert: we have yet to level the playing field!! Reading these articles, I cannot help but think of my favorite board game growing up: LIFE.

It’s the game that simulates a person’s travels through his, her, or their life, from college to retirement, with. Attach the buildings, mountains, and bridges to the correct places on the board. Each plastic piece has a letter on it that matches up with a letter on the board. Match the letter piece with the correct letter on the board.

For example, the “J” piece should go into the “J” slot. The Game of Life, also known simply as LIFE, is a board game originally created in 1860 by Milton Bradley, as The Checkered Game of Life. The game simulates a person’s travels through his or her life, from high school graduation to retirement, with jobs, marriages and children (or not) along the way. Two to six players can participate in one game; however, variations of the game have been made.

Life is a set of problems if you think about it this way. And you don’t need to be a pessimist to do that. I’m always eager to achieve new things, love life and live it to the fullest, and enjoy the present moment.

But I can’t deny the fact that our work flow, peace of mind and plans are most often ruined by what we call life problems. Dedicating yourself to something worthwhile. This is your higher purpose or in other words your personal legend. Dedicating yourself to daily growth and to learning from experience, from other people, from mistakes, and from failure. Taking advantage of opportunities to move your life forward in a better way.

The goal of Life is simple: it is to Level Up as much as possible. Each Level in life presents a particular challenge that you must overcome. Once you overcome that challenge, you get to move on to the next Level. The goal is to complete as many levels as possible.

How do you measure? Everyone plays the game but no one has discovered so far where we are supposed to reach. Also do we get any help from those who have played the game before us or does everyone have to play a different version of the game?

There. Until the figure in the black robe with the giant scythe comes and presses your power button, you can keep trying and trying to beat the level you’re on. You can change the game and play out a different story. You aren’t stuck in any level or in any game.

You’re stuck because you’re doing it the same way.

List of related literature:

As Peter—or one of seven other characters—you must paint each level completely before moving to the next one, while avoiding the Bucket Chucker, flying Half-Pints, and dumb Buckets.

“Breakout: How Atari 8-Bit Computers Defined a Generation” by Jamie Lendino
from Breakout: How Atari 8-Bit Computers Defined a Generation
by Jamie Lendino
Amazon Digital Services LLC KDP Print US, 2017

In four or five pages, explain a tutorial level of an existing game that you have played.

“Fundamentals of Game Design: Fundamentals of Game Design_2” by Ernest Adams
from Fundamentals of Game Design: Fundamentals of Game Design_2
by Ernest Adams
Pearson Education, 2010

So I just play it.”6 Tim’s method enabled him to accomplish a great deal in simulation space.

“The Second Self, Twentieth Anniversary Edition: Computers and the Human Spirit” by Sherry Turkle
from The Second Self, Twentieth Anniversary Edition: Computers and the Human Spirit
by Sherry Turkle
MIT Press, 2005

Spend as much time as you like at each level.

“The Yoga of Breath: A Step-by-Step Guide to Pranayama” by Richard Rosen, Rodney Yee
from The Yoga of Breath: A Step-by-Step Guide to Pranayama
by Richard Rosen, Rodney Yee
Shambhala, 2002

After you conquer one level, you move on to the next one.

“Employee Engagement For Dummies” by Bob Kelleher
from Employee Engagement For Dummies
by Bob Kelleher
Wiley, 2013

It’s not a game about managing life (like SimCity) or even creating life (like SimEarth); it’s a game about experiencing life, and experiencing it in the most mundane fashion possible.

“Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto” by Chuck Klosterman
from Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto
by Chuck Klosterman
Scribner, 2004

Create atleast three levels.

“Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide” by Linda Suskie, Trudy W. Banta
from Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide
by Linda Suskie, Trudy W. Banta
Wiley, 2010

The subsequent levels, Levels 3, 4, and 5, go more in-depth into the worlds of Reality, Meaning, and Play, respectively.

“Triadic Game Design: Balancing Reality, Meaning and Play” by Casper Harteveld
from Triadic Game Design: Balancing Reality, Meaning and Play
by Casper Harteveld
Springer London, 2011

The alternative route here, and one that I recommend ifyou enjoy games that have “levels,” is to create levels for video games.

“Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish” by Lewis Pulsipher
from Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish
by Lewis Pulsipher
McFarland, Incorporated, Publishers, 2012

Repeat the previous three steps to create Level 2 – New.

“Residential Design Using Autodesk Revit 2019” by Daniel John Stine
from Residential Design Using Autodesk Revit 2019
by Daniel John Stine
SDC Publications, 2018

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  • Thank you! I am grateful you put this video message together! I have A level potential and been living what 99% would say is an A level life. I know there is more for me to give and I need to Level Up!! Get over my fear of failingdo the hard work and Level Up to help more people!!

  • I needed to allow myself to be vulnerable and trust something or someone that I couldn’t prove was real or feel into my probabilities equation. I had to jump without knowing or being attracted to the outcome. I learned if you truly love the flower you could never pick it. I listened even when I though I knew it better. I learned that even if it never happens for me in this reality that it is happening in another one. I learned that I found that prize I have worked hard for and earned and used as my motivation when I felt like giving up and after I did give up on humanity. Maybe not quite in the form I wanted but I got to trust and just ride slow. Possible the hardest thing I have ever done. Because I am always the driver the Rock ext and to be able to value someone else’s opinion as it is what gave me hope again.
    Thank you,
    Misty Varin

  • Like the video man, i can appericate that didn’t want putting out that kind of content right now. People are hurting from a variety reasons. Glad your trying to help people and staying positive. Keep up the good work!

  • It helps meh to gain levels but I’m only level 40 and it’s just stuck like that any tips that I can try plz give me a reason why I’m just stuck at that level I’ve tried everything but I’m just stuck with that level �� can you help a girl out?

  • Was hoping to see the original video. For me it helps to motivate me nd I dont see it in a negative light. Hope one day you will reupload it.

  • are you doing this still? I am somewhat in a position to help out in donating to help people who have been effected by Covid 19! I feel like I can trust you with helping the right people unlike these large non profit groups who somehow end up paying a few of the upper management six digit incomes! I did a really big Hurricane Irma Relief effort Where I collected enough supplies to fill a 20 ft uhaul to drive down to lower keys to hand deliver to people whom couldnt get out of their house I also brougnt my drones and did alot of Hurricane assesment and desaster recon you can see some of my videos on my channel so I am compeled to help you with this as well!

  • @Will Motivation The Four (4) C’s…

    Bonus Remarks…

    Write your Goals down…

  • Would like to see a video on what you like about each lambo you got, what each have over each other. Which one you would pick if you have only 1? Im just curious on comparison between your 3. Not many people would have that perspective to compare.

  • Thats the best video I’ve seen on youtube.. Great that your trying to help us succeed.. As there is no free info or what you explain in your videos we cant just go to Walmart and buy it.. What you teach us is hard lessons you’ve learnt over the years.. You’re saving us so much time with sharing your life and your experience. Thanks Will �� you do help some of us..

  • just curious. with everything going on now with the rona situation, how are you handling rental properties at the moment? are you having trouble getting payments from the tenants? what type of advice would you give someone with rental property dealing with this type of situation right now?

    Melzario, from Detroit, Mi!

  • You’re the 1st 1 who said they would donate to help those affected & that’s big. Humble Great Guy.
    I got the previous notification, but it was gone before I could watch it…

  • also if you give the 6 star gachas the friend level goes faster ^^
    don’t worry if you give the 6 star gachas nothing will happen you will still own the gachas

  • I didn’t see anything wrong with the video you posted earlier, which was just a longer version of this video. Showing or discussing Lamborghinis or anything ostentatious is going to offend some people right now can’t please everyone. Why even come to the channel if you expect something different? I get it from your perspective, though.

  • My restaurant. Cut staff,I was one of the employees. The manager said that he hate to cut staff and will call me back when things get better. My position was meeting and sitting the customers. I applied for unemployment and got a message back denied. I have no money for one month 1/2 now, any one with a Iphone can you help out with apple pay 3138565978 any amount will help. Thank you. The Stimulus Check in mail, they say may get a check in the mail by August 2020 some time……..if you can help, thank you.

  • Great inspire “ best YouTuber promoting personal success for viewers “ I never thought about taking a course before but if I do I’m taking up WillMotivation course first out of anybody else’s ✊��

  • See for me this is my retirement and making that happen at 40 was a goal accomplished. I have had money and I have not so for me I love money but I have found that I can appreciate the value of things more. I find peace in the quit. Hopefully my view gives you a new prospectives.

  • Thanks Bro for sharing. I personally think that you shouldnt remove yesterday’s video since you worked hard to reach this level of success. This inspires us.

  • Great video Will! Keeps me hard at work knowing what you’ve achieved. Appreciate you sharing it with us.

    By the way, what’s that awesome background music (before the intro) you have going on?:)

  • I’ve often thought of this analogy. Life as a video game. There have been several intense endings recently in my life which have been difficult, but I know that endings lead to new beginnings. I can feel the shift. The motivation to level up is strong.. overwhelming. I’m ready to do what it takes.

    My intuition guided me to this video and you spoke on many things that have been relevant to my life. The divine in me appreciates the divine in you. Namaste.

    During the meditation I saw myself where I know I will be. I was my future self. So full of love and light. Healthy, wealthy, surrounded by peace, love, and positivity. Euphoric. Tears filled my eyes. As you said to rewind, I was in the state of my future self and I travelled through my path to my current self. So grateful and proud. I, as my future self, cupped my present selfs face and kissed my own forehead. I told myself that I was on the right path. My perspective switched from future self to current self. It was incredibly powerful.

    Thank you.

  • All my characters are already past friend 3 and I am now lv.99 it’s hard to reach lv.100 I have been working on getting to lv.100 for 2 days now

  • Hey Will thanks for this video I actually asked you to do this video the other day.. I wanted to know what’s the monthly payment on the aventador.. just because I’m actually in the process of buying an aventador myself.
    u actually have a wayyy better payment than me im taking delivery of my 2013 aventador next week I purchased it for 260k put 80k down after taxes in NY I’m financed for 189k at a 5.59% rate with a payment of 3,634 for 60 months!!! Lol
    I’m buying this car for a little more because of my trade.. I own a 2015 wraith and my value on that I took a major hit..! I guess it’s apart of the car game we will take a loss..
    But I’m excited to get this aventador next week!

  • Hello my friend Will.Excellent Motivation video.You have a big heart.If you give you will receive twice as much.Please stay safe and look up for your Mom too.Love your videos.Greeting from Venezuela!!!!!

  • That’s really thoughtful action from you, Its good to see a successful man not forgetting more humble beginnings!
    All the best from the U.K!

  • Thank you for lowering the price to your course i just enrolled can’t wait to check it out. I was actually looking to join a few months ago but i just couldn’t do it but thank you again my brother.

  • I need help will I am disabled and I am fighting for my ssi but haven’t been successful. I would appreciate some help.i like how u keep it real my man just be careful out there. Love ya bro.

  • One of the best pieces of advice that I’ve heard! Not only people will see how well you work which might help you advance, but it also helps you build that good work ethic within yourself! Trains you to be more responsible, and will make it second nature for you to the best job possible, no matter how menial. Definitely great life skills development right there. Thanks! As for your toys, imo there’s no need to feel bad about the money you spend on them. You work hard and you’ve EARNED it! You paid your dues and nobody gave you those toys either! With a hobby, I always felt that it does not need to make any practical or financial sense. If it makes you happy and gives you enjoyment, then the price of admission is well worth it. As long as you’re not taking food out of your kids’ mouths or similar to pay for a hobby, then there’s nothing wrong with it. Kinda like collecting art or driftwood, it does not make any financial sense, but if the person enjoys it….then more power to ’em! Will…..You continue to surprise me! You truly are a kind-hearted guy! What a real generous thing for you to do with donating your YouTube proceeds to COVID-19 affected people. That is really nice of you! You’re the first one I have heard of to do this. Thanks for being here for us viewers through the good times and tough times. Also for keeping us motivated and keeping our spirits up!:)

  • I saw the original video right before you removed it..shows that Hard work is the key to success and in turn, the ability to enjoy the fruits of your labor! #ContinuosMotivation

  • Wow your truly a stand up guy man love what you do and the motivation you pass on to your subscribers. Love the channel bro keep up the great videos.

  • If you have Lv: 102, then there is a secret portal on the roof of the schoolAnd another secret portal in short go to the portal of Japan and there you will find and if you write me something I will not understand you because I am Russian

  • You simply answered a question from a subscriber. It’s not like you were bragging about spending 42,000 a year in car payments. No need to feel guilty about that?

    RIP T JACK, When you get a chance Please listen to this special episode of the Life and Football podcast about the Life and Football career of Tarvaris Jackson. Please pass this on to others. Check it out On Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor, Spotify, Breaker, Overcast, Pocketcasts, Radio Public, Stitcher & Player FM

  • YouTube help figure out I love film. Now I’m learning to use my drone for real estate outdoors and indoor videos as a side job while growing on here. I use to work in a factory where I was miserable. I love film it’s that simple do something you love even though it may not pay at the moment just trust the process.

  • When God blesses someone and they decide to give what God blessed them with to help someone else, they will only receive more from the Most High.

  • Hey Will, much bless on your accomplishments thru your hard work and time… dedication pays off at the long run… I would love to take this time and tell you I was one of those people that lost their jobs because of this covid-19… I lost both of my jobs.. unemployment and the government check I would not be getting due to my child support which I’m not mad about it my kids definitely need to eat but I think it was wrong what the government did to those that are in my shoes… I believe that us that have to pay child support should at least got half so that we can eat and pay somewhat of our bills… but what your doing is a blessing and the Lord will always look to keep us strong and Bless us at the end…. keep up the good that you do

  • Will Motivation is the perfect example, he keeps moving up at a good pace which is amazing, not like Floyd that seems way to out reach even tho Floyds took a lifetime but most arent old enough to have seen that, Will is the best possible example for success. I always recommend this channel to everyone, share the channel with those you want to see move up in life.

  • I hope that money reaches the right people. Bless you for doing that!!! You don’t have to go to heaven to get your wings, you’re gonna get them right here on Earth. Hope you and your family are staying well, along with your extended family #Tori. Keep posting and I’ll keep watching!

  • Hey I Just Got Score 299 But Then It Glitch To 9999999 Score And Highscore 999999999 and total gem 9999999 so i took a screenshot of it but sadly i cant post the picture and i also cant press anything i was very confuse

  • Dont…do the gifts to much…it gave me a glich.all the slots were the same person that I didn’t game froze and I have to unstal the game then get it back.i was scared.:(