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3 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Social Skills – How to Win Friends and Influence People

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Simple Social Skills

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Improving Your Social Skills

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Improve Your Social Skills in Under 30 Minutes, with Ramit Sethi

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How to Develop Social Skills as an Introvert

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Communication Skills How To Improve Communication Skills 7 Unique Tips!

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12 Ways To Improve Social Skills And Make You Sociable Anytime 1. Behave Like a Social Person. You can behave like a more social creature, even if you don’t feel like it. Don’t allow 2. Start Small if Necessary.

If going to a party or spending time in a crowd seems overwhelming, start small. Go. How To Improve Your Social Skills (And Be Less Awkward Around People You Like) 1. Talk to people online.. The easiest way to meet people and get some semblance of discussion is to go online and chat 2. Talk to strangers.. I know this.

These top tips will help you improve your interpersonal skills and become more confident and assertive in the workplace. 1. Show Interest in Others This is such a simple social rule, but one many people forget. If you want to improve your skills in the three key areas of communication including nonverbal communication, conversation skills, and assertiveness, but you aren’t sure what to actually do about it, then Improve Your Social Skills Learn How to Be Yourself and Talk to. In Improve Your Social Skills, author Daniel Wendler breaks down each component of social interaction in a way that is friendly, understandable, and practical. While many guides meticulously go through each and every body signal a person may project, this guide simply breaks down body language into two categories “open” and “closed.”.

If you find it impossible to improve your social skills on your own, consider getting professional help. Painfully shy individuals, those who have been alone for a long time and people with mental health disorders such as those on the autism spectrum might need the help of a trained therapist to help develop appropriate social skills. You Can Improve Your Social Skills.

Social skills are like any other skill. If you study and practice, you’ll get better. You don’t need to be born with natural charisma, and it’s never too late to learn. That’s why I wrote Improve Your Social Skills.

Foundations was written to help you make a thoughtful beginning to your social skills journey. You’ll learn how to think through your goals, overcome roadblocks, and make a. Effective Communication – Improving your Social Skills. Building good relationships with other people can greatly reduce stress and anxiety in your life. In fact, improving your social support is linked to better mental health in general, since having good friends can act as a “buffer” for feelings of anxiety and low mood.

How to improve social skills The first step toward improving your social skills is to engage yourself with others. Find ways to further conversations with friends, family and close co-workers or practice your conversation skills by asking open-ended questions.

List of related literature:

While there are many books about how to improve your social skills, I can’t recommend any because they’re almost invariably focused on low-level tactics such as how to initiate a conversation, what kinds of questions to ask, and how to mirror the other person’s body language.

“Personal Development for Smart People” by Steve Pavlina
from Personal Development for Smart People
by Steve Pavlina
Hay House, 2008

This book provides instructions on how to conduct social skills groups and includes the steps of 60 specific social skills.

“The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia: Helping Your Loved One Get the Most Out of Life” by Kim T. Mueser, Susan Gingerich
from The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia: Helping Your Loved One Get the Most Out of Life
by Kim T. Mueser, Susan Gingerich
Guilford Publications, 2006

Research and practice in social skills

“Social Phobia: Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment” by Richard G. Heimberg
from Social Phobia: Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment
by Richard G. Heimberg
Guilford Publications, 1995

Improve social skills

“Therapist's Guide to Clinical Intervention: The 1-2-3's of Treatment Planning” by Sharon L. Johnson
from Therapist’s Guide to Clinical Intervention: The 1-2-3’s of Treatment Planning
by Sharon L. Johnson
Elsevier Science, 2003

Develop social skills and relationship skills, and recognize the difference between them.

“Connection Culture: The Competitive Advantage of Shared Identity, Empathy, and Understanding at Work” by Michael Lee Stallard
from Connection Culture: The Competitive Advantage of Shared Identity, Empathy, and Understanding at Work
by Michael Lee Stallard
American Society for Training & Development, 2015

Learning and developing good social skills helps lots.

“Been There. Done That. Try This!: An Aspie's Guide to Life on Earth” by Debbie Denenburg, Paul Isaacs, Henny Kupferstein, Ruth Elaine Joyner Hane, Karen Krejcha, Temple Grandin, Stephen M. Shore, Richard Stirling Maguire, Larry Moody, Lisa Morgan, Liane Holliday Willey, Qazi Fazli Azeem, Garry Burge, John Makin, Yenn Purkis, Mary Robison, Steve Selpal, Charlene Devnet, Lars Perner, Patrick V. Suglia, Alexis Wineman, Craig Evans, Anita Lesko, Mitchell Christian, Bob Castleman, Tony Attwood, James Buzon
from Been There. Done That. Try This!: An Aspie’s Guide to Life on Earth
by Debbie Denenburg, Paul Isaacs, et. al.
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2014

Help improving your social skills

“Pretending to be Normal: Living with Asperger's Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Expanded Edition” by Liane Holliday Willey, Tony Attwood
from Pretending to be Normal: Living with Asperger’s Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Expanded Edition
by Liane Holliday Willey, Tony Attwood
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2014

The third step is to start working on specific behaviors, such as improving your listening, introducing yourself to others, finding areas of common interest, reading nonverbal cues, and ending conversations in a way that encourages more contact in the future.

“Emotional Intelligence in Action: Training and Coaching Activities for Leaders, Managers, and Teams” by Marcia Hughes, James Bradford Terrell
from Emotional Intelligence in Action: Training and Coaching Activities for Leaders, Managers, and Teams
by Marcia Hughes, James Bradford Terrell
Wiley, 2011

Practice social skills such as approaching people and engaging them in conversation while sober so you won’t need alcohol to feel comfortable in social settings.

“Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
from Essential Concepts for Healthy Living
by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2005

Develop basic conversation skills.

“Adolescent Psychotherapy Homework Planner” by Arthur E. Jongsma, Jr., L. Mark Peterson, William P. McInnis
from Adolescent Psychotherapy Homework Planner
by Arthur E. Jongsma, Jr., L. Mark Peterson, William P. McInnis
Wiley, 2011

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  • you are strong and capable and amazing and if you are feeling ashamed, alone or unworthy know you are better then you could ever imagine and know not to regret things and don’t live your life ashamed but embrace the present and the world around you. You are amazing and you’re not weaker then any battle in life. You are cared for. You are beyond the stars. You are loved,, by me. You’ll make it out. Remember that. You’ll make it. Don’t quit. Come talk to me if you need to. <3 life throws us bullshit but we are stronger then that bullshit. don't let the twisted cruel people win. don't. you're going to win by making it out. yes,u,will..!!! You're worth it!!

  • I’m one of the most abrupt people you will come into contact with. Wish I had the social skills to elaborate. We’ll see how things work out, because I have mental illnesses this disrupts the thought process and makes it hard to have a conversation. Hope to learn to one day overcome this.

  • i just wanna say i’ve been doing this all my life but people are abusive once they see you this way.. ive been seen as weak & unappreciated by most so this kinda contradicts for me

  • went to the mall today. made eye contact with a cute female we crossed paths she smiled. so as i was leaving i did you’re ” hey you got a great smile i wanted to say hello. what’s your name? after she answered i did the ” i got to run but i would like to talk sometime what’s your number. she thought for a second BUT was smiling. and said she’s flattered but she’s not single. i felt more confident this time though and i wasn’t even tripping she said no. but as you say she made it easier somehow i felt more welcomed because of her smile.

  • Being burnt so many times in social situations, I shut off being social at all. This content is exactly what I need since I’m open to re-socializing & doing so without needing others approval. Thanks Corey!

  • This is great and all, but where do you go to do these things and meet new people? For the past several years the church was my main and pretty much only social setting I was ever in. Now that I’m transitioning out of Christianity I don’t know where to actually go in order to form new connections. I can only think of bars, clubs, work, and things like that but the first two always seemed pretty trashy to me and everyone I work with is always busy with other stuff in their own lives. We’ve all tried many times to get a group of people together and it never pans out.

    I just don’t know what to do. I crave and basically need platonic, romantic, emotional, and sexual connection almost constantly. But I haven’t had any (or at least a very small amount) of any of that for the past two years. I feel lost, alone, confused, and like it’s my fault. Like maybe this is what I get for “not staying on God’s path” or something. I don’t know I’m just a mess.

  • OMGGGG I wish you can select me but I now saw the year this video was posted! ughhh lol:( but my weakness in social skills is I don’t know what to talk about at times, I’m very good at talking about stuff but to get ideas and topics is really hard, I does end up staying quite and yeah it isn’t working out. This video really helped me though! Thank you so much:)

  • Even though I’m an introvert, I usually get out of my comfort zone with strangers… the problem is that after a while it is likely that I start to feel alone, even though I’m with people

  • virtually every social media kid needs this. i swear developing social skills is simply nonexistent in primary education. I’m 28 now, but my social skills were pretty poor 5-10 years ago. Spending too much time on the internet and HOW I was using my time on the internet compounded that

    Social skills take practice. You wont get it immediately it, but you have to keep an open mind. Its trial and error.

  • FORD method conversion with me:
    Huh? My father abused all of his kids. My job suck. I watch an empty wall 2 hours a day. In my dream I’m dead. Just like my soul IRL.

  • I have really bad social skills I have no friends most of my friends are online when I talk to people I get really shakey and nervous I just feel extremely uncomfortable when I talk to people
    I’ve been in school since August I still haven’t made a friend which was 8 months ago I have really bad anxiety when I have a presentation or get called on in class sometimes I freeze
    I tapped a girls shoulder once in my class I said hi but she looked really uncomfortable and awkward when she turned around so I tried but I didn’t do anything wrong so that’s one of the reasons why it’s really hard for me

  • What about for those who say something inappropriate and come off as rude but meant to be polite (people like me who have autism).

  • Nice work, for some Introverts with tendencies that would make them interested in becoming more of an Extravert than I am. You show few signs of understanding the spirituality of many of the blends of personality in an introvert.

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  • I just got off the mall. What I do is approach the single women that are on their way to their cars as soon as they exit the mall door. you’re one on one. I do clubs so a mall is a walk in the park to me at least. 

  • Guys, here is the deal. I’ve packaged plenty of excercises for confidence and communication skills into a mobile app reality-game. I was wondering if you want to take it for a spin. Let me know in the comments below.

  • Welp here’s a little story.
    I was playing roblox (meep city) a week ago and this girl text me and said join me! I joined…. Soon as i came she said she was lonely… My mind was like ” why would u put me in an uncomfortable situation”
    I said ofc your going to be lonely your in a server all by yourself lol.
    She left me! ALSO UNFRIENDED ME��.
    I regret going to that server everyday.
    Stop playing roblox for a week!
    And that event keeps playing in my head all over again.
    Maybe I’m a little dramatic..
    But no i just overthink soooo much.

  • I don’t think I could afford how good his advice is. This man is brilliant! Taught me more about being centered and a mountain then I could even fathom. His advice is priceless.

  • Eye contact is my forte, there’s no better feeling than holding eye contract with a pretty girl who you don’t know and getting a smile.

  • Group chats always destroy me. When it’s only me and someone. I’m super talkative. Ideas flow easily. I’m more natural and less stressed. I feel like the real me is out until another person enter the conversation �� I transform to someone else super shy and quiet.

    This even happen when i talk to two person that i talk to individually easily but together it’s impossible

    I feel like I’m stuck at 99% to become a social person; the 1% seem simple but it’s never coming

    Any tips? ��

  • I am the weirdo that does not know what to do when meeting people for the first time. I tend to laugh too much or do too many facial expressions and ask too many questions, kind of too interested. I also tend to keep the same tone of voice which makes people stop paying attention quite quickly. Sometimes the voice is very high pitched and what I am saying ends nowhere and I just laugh weirdly and there is an awkward moment of silence. I want to talk about ideas and I tend to judge that no one is interested in that level of conversation because they will get bored. I know my confidence is very low so I feel my body language just says I want to leave that place (that’s because it is exactly how I feel) when I meet a person (or even worse a group of people) for the first time.

  • If you don’t explain how you’re aware of who I am, we are not going to be friends. Let’s build some trust. Starting with you. Are you aware of my existence prior to meeting you?

  • I have started talking to the store clerks, especially women. Asking what hobbies they do. Over the gym also getting along with the instructors and telling them, “I like their training etc…” Being smiley in general and I feel far more comfortable just talking to people in general.

    I broke up with my ex like 1 month ago, so it has been hard but very rewarding. I noticed now I used my ex has an excuse to not talk to other women. Also started going to yoga classes, which typically are just women. Just being present around them, you naturally become more comfortable and eventually start talking to them. Just a few ideas, might help some guys out there in a similar situation.

    Now I will start approaching some women in the street.

  • Thanks for your awesome videos improvement pill, I realy appreciate your hard work, you helped lots of people with your videos, wish you the best.

  • Thank you for the video,Personally I find myself focussing too much on myself and my fear most of the time, which in turn makes me pussy out and not approach people I see that I could make friends with. It is something I am currently working on, but still have trouble with, This video helped me realize that I am too much in my head and focussed on myself rather than being focussed on how I could build a great friendship with someone I dont yet know, or at the worst case get experience socializing

  • What exactly is Rotogenflux Methods? How does this thing really work? I see a lot of people keep on speaking about this intelligence boost system.

  • Yes it happens with me all time when I forced to interact even stand in the middle of few people.
    I really don’t want have no idea how I become socialist

  • After 4th grade my friends left me cuz im not like them. My family always say that I will live a bad life if i dont socialize and get friends but they dont even understand how trash i am in social skills.

  • I’ve been reading the book, and going to the mall on my days off. I really really suck at this and I’m a talented and good looking person. Really depressing.

  • Thank you Corey,  going at your own pace is a very good point.  You cant go from 0 to 60 overnight.  I recently started getting use to looking people in the eyes, looking more approachable and saying hi.  It was hard at first but now I am more relaxed doing it.  The response I get differs too but mostly positive.  Women are not that closed off as I thought they were. 

  • I feel like others don’t care therefore I try and end conversations and move on. Also I sometimes don’t care and don’t want to talk. Which is weird because I use to be very socialable. But now it’s like a burden and I feel as if I’m a burden to others when in conversation especially when I’m talking about myself. Therefore I’ll keep things short and to the point and it seems awkward a lot especially with ending the conversation

  • I use to be that popular cool funny kid in highschool that everyone knew after school I got a job but then later on got fired because of how much I was of a fool. Everything was falling apart for me and then suddenly depression hit me for about 8 months but now I can say im feeling better but now my social skills is terrible and ive been very quiet at my new job. It sucks just listening to everyones conversation and not letting out the things i wanna say in my head ��

  • I have a long way to go when it comes to improving my social skills but I find smiling helps a lot. Also when I am nervous I squeeze one of my fingers or hold onto something tightly… helps to distract from the nervous feeling. I will keep trying to be better with social communication. Thank you for your video. It was helpful.

  • My weakness comprises a lot of things. I am an international student, my accent does not give me a lot of confidence. Also, sometimes I’m engaged in a conversation with people and i don’t actually know what to chip in sometimes they’re talking about things I can’t relate to because we didn’t grow up in similar environments or they just aren’t things I like. For example, I was in a conversation and suddenly they started talking about movies and growing up I didn’t get to watch that much movies etc… Also, i noticed some people here laugh at every single thing during a conversation and I’m just like “how’s that a joke” or whatever, it leaves me feeling like I have a trashy sense of humor.

  • Thank you for appreciating the police. I don’t know any of them; although, I like them. They are always awesome to me. I think “if everybody was the way I and the police are, everybody would love their lives a lot more.”

  • Get your free E-book about emotional intelligence, here you can have some good tips about how to be a successful person.

  • Do natural intelligence boost system like Rotogenflux Methods really work and if so, how effective are they? We’ve noticed many amazing things about this iq course.

  • The only thing I am missing is the interrupt the stranger I mean I’m very good in social skills and self esteem I love myself lol however I can’t just go to people lol

  • I speak to fast with too much energy, go straight to the point and talk too much about myself.
    Please help!
    My endearing quality is vulnerability/honesty.

  • Hey everyone! Fight Mediocrity seems to have quit doing these videos, so I’m doing a similar thing with different books to fill the demand. Thanks!

  • For 3 years (so far) I lived ALONE! at first I was shy as well (along with a lot of things i improved on!), but I can guarantee you that with practice you can LITERALLY approach anyone you want, trust me! (Whenever you’re shy, keep in mind it’s all mind games that can be easily replaced with good thoughts!).

  • I sometimes worry so much about what people are thinking about what I’m saying/how they are perceiving me, that I lose concentration of what I’m actually saying

  • I have struggle with social anxiety for a long time and I am tired of just complaining, I need to learn how to get better at this. I feel strongly awkward and self conscious because what I most feel like is I dont have enoguh tools at hand to handle a social situation, especially when I am trying to mingle at a social event, I dont know what to say after I first approach someone and I feel my body language makes others unconfortable so they tend to get away from me.

  • Video is good and has been summarized well so that one can understand easily and it is providing enough information which i think is the best part.

  • I so agree with 1st tip, if you start approaching strangers, it will change your life, I approach girls daily now its easy for me to make friends, to get dates, to be more social, I have a video I shared my thoughts about it too in my channel

  • I believe in giving complements to people that do something that really sticks out in my mind.  I love your videos.  There very catchy.  I think your voice when your narrating them along with your drawings, go along together very well.  Keep up the good work my friend

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  • Having good social skills has nothing to do with being an introvert!!

    As an introvert with good social skills, I’d say good social skills has to do with being able to percieve what people want and feel in different situations (this will help you act accordingly), and emotional intelligence (admit when you are wrong, being open to people’s perspectives, etc).

    I used to have social anxiety. I became good at social interactions when I let go of my fear of looking weird. I don’t force myself to talk if I don’t want to. It’s better not to say anything than to be awkward. While you stay silent, it gives you time to think and listen, and you’ll have something to say. Sometimes there are just people we don’t match with.

  • I read the book years ago sadly I’m not sure if any of it has stuck with me (I still struggle with people and have gone back toward isolating myself) maybe I should give it another try?

  • i basically stop living after depression by not acting man. i was confused why i m still not happy. i quit my job i cant wait to buy your book and tip you and personal session. soon my divorce will be over.

  • Noooo my only problem is my mind is blank I have nothing to say most of the time even if I really want to talk just to not confuse or disappoint them… So I can attract them etc…

  • Thank you for this video, i’m very socially anxious and awkward, with really low self esteem. Its hard for me to talk to strangers

  • Have you heard of Cutco? It’s a company that works closely with colleges and universities. It helps students develop social skills and helps them practice initiative. I worked for a short amount of time and the experience has really helped a lot!

  • These are great tips, but my problem is that i cannot be open to speak about myself with everyone i meet. Usually I don’t like to reveal my personality and my life, and in the few occasions i do it, i can regret it later. Beside, sometimes i feel that speaking can be very tiring, and that i m not ready for such an effort. Sometimes i can be talkative, but it depends on the situation, my mood, and the person who i m talking with. It always feel horrible to reach a dead end in a conversation, when it happens i feel even more blocked. Does anyone had the same problem and manage to exceed it?

  • I dont know how to get the self esteem u are talking about and I’ve tried to overcome my fears but u just cant idk how to anymore, im really sensitive and have a fear of being judged so i try my best to do anything to avoid that, i cant seem to love myself do something for my own good not others. Help me:(

  • If someone or many someones are hell bent on trying to kill you based on your opinions or lifestyle, you should take steps to help yourself not get killed. And spend a little bit less time or energy concerned with being liked or how to make friends. You can spend more time focused on fitting in after you’re not dead. Priorities.

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  • people keep on complaining about how un-intrested and ‘rude’ i am.
    i often respond with “okay” “mhm” “yeah” “oh” to everything..
    but how does that make me rude? i don’t get it, its not my fault if i’m not intrested or enjoy socializing.
    and i’m not going to pretend i enjoy socializing just to make people happy.
    Because then they would be complaining about how i’m a liar. And keeping it a secret would just be even ruder, and i would make myself feel guilty.
    what am i supposed to do?

  • it is much easier for him.
    cuz he looks like a model in the most expensive agency ; [
    with perfect skin and head full of hair.
    it does 70% of the job for him as social being.
    and boosts his self confidence to heaven.

    for most of us it is much harder to become social.
    cuz when you look bad, people don’t notice you.
    he may get a job just for being handsome.

    but why i’m complaining i’m just like him. same story XD
    i’ve already done all the things he said in this video before watching it,
    it’s like we have the same mindset.

  • Thank you. This was the kind of help I have been seeking for a while now. Although it hasn’t changed me completely as a person, it has helped me progress in my journey.

  • I find people these days akward and weird.They make simple things like a chat or hanging out very hard.I believe social media destroyed this new generation.They think that if you talk with a dude is like giving an interview for a job its like you try to impress the other fella, when in reality you wont have to impress nobody,you dont owe nothing to anybody.This generation of people is extra extra retarded.Everybody these days want to find mr and ms perfect and in the end they end up lonely looking at their instagram liking photos.People judge you from social media these days thats why everybody is lonely or have fake friends.This is the sickest generation ever created i want out of this, i will join a tribe in africa.

  • The more your brain does something the better it gets at it but like a muscle it can’t do more than it can take so just start with greeting people and small talk.

  • What if I don’t have a problem talking to new people i talk to them when they talk to me first but I have trouble talking to them most of the time. I had a friend that I talked to alot but then we started dating and when I was around her I froze up most of the time any advice?

  • I am a person who can’t express my own emotions,like for example I am talking to a girl,when she cracks a good joke I won’t laugh heartfully

  • 1) deserving factor
    -Why do you deserve things or friends?
    -if you do then work on it ( be welcoming but not naive, be kind not weak, have hobbies
    2) Inverse goal
    a) find a goal
    b)inverse that goal ( you have to do opposite of inverse goal to reach your goal )
    3) Ford method
    If you stuck in the conversation then start with these
    Dreams (last resort )

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  • I think i m little bit different i m not introvert but when it comes to girls i m highly introvert but when its boys i m extrovert. Some one please help me with this problem asap i m waiting for the reply

  • Question/ story statement
    Sir the question is through the point and story statement is lengthy description.
    So r there times when we must go for question strategy then to go for story statement?

  • When I was younger I used to be able to talk to people without overthinking every little thing. The majority of the friends I have now I gained when I was younger and more sociable. Now, I’ve retreated more into my shell and I don’t talk as much as I’d like to. This is why I want to get a job when I’m 14-16 so I can develop those social skills that faded away as I grew.

  • Engaging in social groups is difficult when you’re that person who doesn’t know how to carry out a conversation starter. Me being that person, I spend alot of time in my headspace whenever it comes a person wanting to talk to me I freeze, my heart beats fastly, and sometimes when I want to say something I struggle getting the right words out.

  • Hey, just curious as to where you initially learned these Tips and skills thanks. Great video and very informative. I got a lot of value of out it. Would love to learn more.

  • I got into an eye contact stand-off once because the woman wouldn’t look away first. I wasn’t pursuing her romantically, but I was trying to practice because she would always look for a long time to make me look away I noticed. Anyway, it would go on for far too long. I think it would last for a few minutes and I couldn’t even blink enough.

  • Hey mate. My biggest issue with social skills is, having to listen to someone ramble on and on and on while i waste a lot of energy with fake expresions.. eg. Smiling, raising the eyebrows.. its a lot of wasted effort for me to listen to someone that im just not intrested in. How do i respectfuly let the other person know, that im just not intrested and wanting to leave the conversation asap..
    Cheers stefan from new zealand

  • I’ve got better at all those methods thanks to pickup.:D And found out that actually I can be pretty much extraverted, as I was at my school times. It’s just really the way of life (I’m a programmer), that makes us introor extraverts. But even without dramatical change in our life, we can become more sociable and believe me, happier as a result!

  • Giving great first impressions, but forgetting my social cues after that, awkward comments or critics out of the blue, I come off as a bully unintended and I get all confuse with my two languages and cultures.

  • Im anxious talking to people after a botched hair transplant, and as a black man, your hairline is EVERYTHING! But truth be told, I had anxious feelings in social settings since middle school. As much as they are excuses, I was born in a foreign country and grew up here in America after age 7 and so my mother severely sheltered us to “keep us safe.” And in my culture, the children generally do not challenge the parental authority. Thus, I didn’t have a lot of the socializing as a kid, that my peers did and so I developed an INTENSE ability to be by myself. This helped with my creative and visionary drive, but now when I attempt to sell or put my team together, I’m struggling with the people part. I know I need a team, but socializing, networking, small talk, is like that scene in Slumdog Millionaire for me, where he has to wade through the shit, just to keep that golden ticket that might change his life. I don’t like it, it doesn’t smell, or feel good, its mad awkward, but its also NECESSARY for my full self actualization. #iwillteachyoutoberich #ramitsethi

  • I have a lot of friends. I just came across this video to see. And realized unknowingly I had been using third rule everytime, and it works in starting conversation. I start with O and then R, rarely did F in the FORD rule.

  • Many people thinks they are introverts but they are simply shy. Introverts usually dont find it difficult to go talk with someone but they just dont like it

  • I hope a strong man who is a leader does this but for gays �� its always hard for me to flirt in a straight world but anyway hope this gets a lot of dudes dates ��

  • I have a block to this. I”m brilliant in convo with new people… these days… I used to suck though! But, these days I’m confident outgoing and can easily connect with someone and get to know them. the issue I have is making opening convo with women if we’re not in a setting that legitimizes it in my mind / gives me a reason or justification and I absolutely know this is totally psychologically induced crap that is standing in the way of me meeting someone.

    For example, if a new girl appears at work in the hang-out area, I have absolutely no issues talking to her; if a girl is next to me on public transport… I find that very, very hard. I’m not sure why that is… maybe I feel.. hmmm….. no actually I’m not sure why:) Can’t think of logical reason… perhaps, I feel that the common background of being part of the same company somehow legitimizes me, but being a random, I find it harder. Its a strange thing.

    Considering its not often new women appear in the same company, if i could relax with random strangers with no connection to common places somewhere like public transport, then I’d be free to seriously expand my chances! Tones of people pass through there, you’re on them for quite a’while and its only a matter of time before you get chatting to a women that has the high level of attraction, and is single… On the other hand, as i found out recently, work place breakups suck more than anything, because you’ll have to see your ex whilst you’re healing… not good! So meeting women in random places is great concept! Also online dating sucks!

    What I’ve learnt, and as covered by Corey too… you ask questions. For example, I was talking to one girl at work just today… I zeroed in on her rather strange, yet interesting netted top….. turned out she knitted it herself.. so we started talking about knitting, see I plucked a major emotional topic (she invested her own time to make it) and made a good connection. Throw in some humour… pretty soon she’s loving the convocation, she’s laughing…. she’s talking about her family… etc. Am I interested in knitting… No, but I am interested in her interaction with me…. I know she has a bf, so not zeroing in on her… but just practicing my skills and making her and my time a bit more interesting / fun…. Now, what I used to do was talk about myself, and try to sell myself or to try to make them laugh by trying to tell an unrelated funny story… that used to fail, nearly every time. What happens is they’re not really interested, as they have no emotional connection to those things… so they pretend to be interested, and you lose their interest. You’ll never be interesting, rich or funny enough unless you manage to push their buttons by asking questions and gauging their emotional responses. It becomes natural eventually. Or one thing I focused on last time was her tights… a slightly more intimate item…. and this got a good reaction… and eventually she rightly brought up her boyfriend.

  • We as introverts are not well understood. We are neither shy nor have social anxiety. Infact you can say we are more courageous and confident than most extroverts. Back in high school I remember talking in front of the whole school without an issue or thinking much of it. We are not afraid of socializing…..the thing is, we just don’t feel like it. Socializing takes a toll on us,,, just like manual labor, after some time we need to retreat to our cacoon to recharge. IM AN INTROVERT AND PROUD OF IT AND CAN’T WISH FOR ANYTHING MORE.

  • Hi Ramit,
    First of all thank you for this opportunity that I can tell my social skill challenege.
    I am an extrovert and implements all that you tell.
    But I face some challenges. Even after listening to people carefully i tent to ask people that that’s what they really mean??. if I dont understand them even after listening them carefully. Some people are really hard to repeat that and show disinterest from that point I lose my track of confidence. I lose hopes on that person. Negativity fill me and i am now low of confidence. How can I work on this… if I want to engage people even after their disinterest in me?

  • I like the way you speak in these past 3-4 years videos than those in the present. Current videos are seem too fast to me. Old videos should be brighter as you do now but current videos should be a bit slower.

  • Computer programming is all about interacting with other people. That’s why I don’t work in the field, despite learning programming in school

  • I appreciate these videos. Not only are they like a short video version of the book. but its amazingly brilliant. Thank you for taking the time to do what you do. I can use these videos to determine books that i was thinking about reading to actually reading them. I am grateful for your endless contribution to the universe. I use these videos as a part of my therapeutic group for kids at work, it helps them get the treatment they need to fight depression and suicidal thoughts.Thank you again

  • Really love these sharing. Really concise and help me get the points. I hav spent the whole day finished watching the current episodes. Thanks and pls keep sharing more big ideas from great minds. Lol

  • Dude, you have an amazing youtube channel! thank you very much for sharing all of this. I’m really enjoying watching all of your videos!

  • Woah i thinks it will work, I love your voice. It keep getting better and better. Can you give some tips about how you adjust your voice?

  • I just stated watching your vids. Your fucking awesome bro and literally answer all of my questions. Your remind me of Elliot hulse.

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  • I’m not lack of the courage to socialize with people,just sometimes I don’t know how to response except for smiling awkwardly in a small talk

  • My family moves a lot and I don’t know if that effected how I am an introvert today cus I have to meet a new set of people every 4 years.

  • Stupendo… Grazie mille.
    Cmq é veramente difficile ricordarsi il nome di qualcuno appena si presenta. Colpa del multitasking, il nostro cervello non é pronto per concentrarsi sul nome quando analizziamo una persona appena conosciuta.

  • They say that as a guy when you talk to women you like that you should focus your attention on THEM and ask questions about THEM and be a good listener and not talk about yourself: I do this but it still doesn’t seem to work and it’s exhausting ��

  • #6 Tip “Deep Conversations” I really was intrigued& genuinly entertained&informdd by your Vids….#6��������‍♀️�������� Plz & Thank You

  • I am in my Junior year of high school. When I was younger I was open to a lot of criticism and I let it affect me too much. It really hurt my social skills and I struggle to start or continue conversations, and what’s worse is that I’m hard on myself about it.

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  • Hi I love your animations & also they way you can condense so much information in your clips. Thank you. What software do you use to make your animations?

  • I’ve never “hit it off” with anyone. I can start a conversation with someone but when it’s going well, I get really self conscious and start overthinking like what if I say something stupid and kill the I just freeze and the conversation ends up dying anyways

  • Anybody know what is Rotogenflux Methods about? I hear many individuals their IQ score increased over 15 points with this intelligence boost system.

  • As a no talker and a person who doesnt like to talk to people, antisocial. For work, you have to meet people and pretending to be happy. Being in your 20+ years of life is purgatory

  • The thing is I used to have pretty good social skills when I was younger and would be able to talk to people without any problem. The thing is, I rejected to much of any opportunity and interaction with people which is what made me have the problems I have with social interaction today. I can talk confidently without any problem with certain people but if it’s with someone outside the comfort zone I usually turn into a studdering mess and my brain get’s consumed by the anxiety.

  • Some people just naturally have that social charm. Some dont like me. Growing up was rough and I was socially awkward and I would do stupid things to get attention and made an ass of myself which made people target me even worse. It left some trauma and made me deem myself as low value which lead into my adult life. I became a people pleaser and had a hard time appearing to be the cool guy who people respected and looked up to. I’d say for people who suffer from this is to work on yourself and engage time in activities and skills that build character and is respectable so even though people see you as socially impaired they will see that you can do cool and exceptional things that most people cant and that alone will garner you respect and admiration. Don’t brag, just let the skills do the talking

  • Great video, lots of great information. However, I cannot say I completely agree with using statements a whole lot more then questions. The book How to Win Friends and Influence People promotes asking questions to other people and so does the book How to Talk to Anyone. Asking a question lets you know more about the other person and you can use it to tell them more about yourself by answering your own question.

  • Great advice! I totally agree with the self-esteem part. Sometimes people may not even know that deep down they may dislike themselves and feel less worthy than others while the truth is that we are equally deserving of love, fulfillment, and success in life as everyone else no matter what qualities they may have.

  • interestingly a lot of my friends are girls because most boys at my school just talk about memes, crushes, and most of them do not like one on one talking and laughing alot. girls are easier to talk to tell interesting stories, talk and recieve information and it feels like you are actually friends. All of my “girl” friends are very good friend and I only have one “boy” friend

  • Too bad I’m watching this video 6 years after coming out.
    I am 44 years old, recently seperated and rushing into a midlife crisis.
    I am the friend zone kind of guy. Everybody thinks I’m a nice guy, which of course I believe I am, but I can’t be funny or banter with anyone, because my mind is just blank. I find it hard to talk about any subject, unless it’s a serious conversation. All around me I see people having fun with their friends, laughing… I want that desperately. I mostly only have conversations about what has been going on with my life.
    I think the storytelling is a good point, but what I need as well in that, is to find or see the fun in it.
    Some people at work are very quick, no matter what topic, they will find something funny to say about it. My opinion is that they are really good at associations.
    Anyway, could go on typing for hours, but my goal at this point in my life to find a way I can improve my social skills, before I will die alone.

  • Dude, you should just draw a whole book, I wouldn’t even mind a 3 hour long video of a whole book. I love reading, but your videos helps me personalize the ideas in books more.

    Knowledge is pointless without the wisdom of applying it to your day to day life.

  • Well for me. I can’t talk to anyone. I mean sure I can over online and Tex I express my self more like that. But in face to face. I don’t like to talk I just like to get things done and go away and just read or book or watch TV a bit. Maybe even go back to studying. But even with my family. I don’t speak with them I just lock my self in my room I just avoid everyone even my own dad. I just don’t talk at all. I mean I use to talk to others as a very small kid. But growing up I stopped and just don’t go to play affter lunch and just hit the books and read till it was time to go to class again. I never open with anyone sure I had some “friends” but even with them I don’t talk or text much at all. I may be open with my mom but that’s kinda it with others I just shut down and just get bored fast or get angry. Mostly I’m angry because I just don’t want to talk or others force me to talk

  • I find really hard to keep up the conversation going! People often mistake me as an Egoistic person! i cant maintain my facial expression, I feel akward talking to strangers! I cant talk and have an eye contact at the same time! I pre think my conversation, interaction! i was not always like this! but lately i find very uncomfortable with doing certain social things people would find common and comfortable! Pls help me!

  • When I’m with a girl I really want to talk with and she is alone I sometimes say….”You know, I really suck at small talk…!” She laughs and some say…”I do too.Then she continues to speak with me cause I’m disarming, humble and funny..Its a great opener and the lady tends to feel at ease because Im not threatening..AND she knows You want to talk successfully and now she is helping you by giving you space with a smile…..

  • People always tell me i need to get out of my shell but if i do then i will physically die from dehydration for my name is squirtle.

  • I just dont know what to say or do its like a panic attack or something i just cant make friends coz im shy and feel lonely in life

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  • I have always done the mistake of attempting to be too assertive which usually scares people like you said and makes things awkward

  • Would it be okay if you used a statement that lead to a question such as. I love dogs bulldogs are my favorite what about you. A other variations as long as you share something along with it.

  • Do natural iq boost secrets like Rotogenflux Methods really work and if so, how effective are they? I have heard many awesome things about this iq boost secrets.

  • I don’t have problems making conversations but no one is interested in talking to me again and they don’t ask questions about me. So I have problems making friends. Im not sure what is the issue. I am kind and friendly but I can’t banter. So maybe I come across as too nice and boring?

  • I feel that if you never get in trouble you’ll always fear doing things that’s just me. I just recently got in trouble at school and I got this feeling that I hadn’t felt in a long time excitement.

  • I feel really uncomfortable when someone is talking to me, it doesn’t matter if I know that person or not…Things would start being awkward whenever I talk to someone! I always spend my whole day on my phone and I’ve always wanted to interact with people but I don’t think I can keep a conversation with them going without me leaving the room! I hope this video will be useful in the future!

  • Man, I choked after sitting next to a beautiful lady on the train one night after work.. she thought I was so weird, that not only did she move seats, but she low key hit me with her handbag! Epic fail of a life time. But that was early this year. Now, I believe I’ve improved ����

  • Alcohol = liquid courage!! If you have the right targets or the right social group you are interested in, alcohol can give you the wings you need to interact with ppl!!

  • Im not kidding when I say this, but I actually used your video’s information when I got pulled over last week and the officer let me go because he said he,”appreciated how genuine I was”. Thank you FightMediocrity, you’ve got yourself a subscriber.

  • A tip for those who find it hard to socialize with people.

    what if someone told you, you’re only nervous because it’s regarding a topic thats no interest to you? Why put yourself in a situation where you don’t know what you’re talking about? Find a different group, with the right topic. There, you’ll find your confidence soar.

    Quite frankly introverts are regarded as different and anti-social, only because there’s more dumbasses in this world then there is smart people. LOL

  • If I could’ve suggested the next video, I would really want to learn how to include humor in a conversation. I feel like that would lead to the other forms of conversations.

  • I must be abnormal, because even if a guy was super hot and came up and asked where I got my ice cream cone at, and then asked me to buy him one, it would be a huge turn off and I would say no.

  • I am a very shy person by nature, have a quiet voice, and often feel embarrassed or just awkward. Like when i know i am supposed to say something, but i just can’t and stay quiet all the time, which looks wierd. I tried to pretend i am not shy and build social skills. It felt hard to a point i was, so to say, physically unwell when reaching out to people, like i was trembling or had a neck pain. At one point in life i think I managed to act more confidently and more at ease, at other times i regressed. I found that i felt more confident when i looked good, had good physical form, did sport. And also when there was a person, a friend or a partner, who appreciates or likes your being shy or just tells you smth like: it’s natural, or ot’s cute etc, in other words makes you feel ok about yourself just as you are, and not needing to be more confident, open, etc.. i think, interestingly, accepting that you are shy and not pretending to be not shy makes you less shy. Maybe for men it is more difficult.

  • I just didn’t know I was afraid of rejection or judges is the reason of my antisocial and sensitive just learned it by watching this video.
    I’ve been traumatized and I don’t know how to overcome it.
    Thank you

  • a lot of people seems dont want to admit their shy. Its hard to see the truth when it hurt so much. I have accepted that im shy as much as I hate it. Well ofc the same cant be said to those that are really antisocial and chose to be that way.

  • if i will ever try orvercomng fear in front of the people i will most likely want to cry but most of the time i restrain my self but if i will cry i feel horible cause people will look at me but i remember im a ghost and even if they will look at me they will not care besides maybe 2 3 people
    and i will lie to contact you but im freaking scared,i will be akward and dont know what to do and at some point my family will find out that im talking to a strager or something and i dont know what to do in such a situation also my main language is not english and i will sound weird
    and now im talking rubish so i will stop

  • I have a question, for anyone to answer. What 1 thing can I do at home that can help me become more confident with my voice and what 1 thing can I do that will help me speak full sentences properly? Thanks in advance��

  • i moved to a new country and iam having trouble in making conversations with people around me and fitting in the groups..nobody seems to be interrested in talking to me…how can i overcome this situation…i feel like crying all the time..

  • Appriciate this video, it really gave me insight on what fear is and how to overcome and face it head on. Pratical steps on how to be’ more social, and how to exercise social skills. I will be’ outing some of your advice ti the test today in dealing with strangers and aqquaintences in my everyday life. Thanks agiain. Look foward to your next video

  • So this is what is going on with me:

    Who I can talk to without getting in my head:

    Closest friends

    Who I don’t feel comfortable talking to and will get in my head if I go to talk to them:

    Kids my age that I may not know so well or that are strangers.

    I’ve also had these friends come over my house and when they would come over they acted toxic and it was hard for me to recognize that. (I was so caught up in my head and over analyzing everything all of the time)

    I would see these friends daily over the summer all of the time but no matter how many times, I’d still stutter in front of one of them is because I truly felt vulnerable to that one specific person that was over. The others though it was a little bit of stuttering that i would show with them however the stuttering with them though has gotten less.