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Here are three ways you can take control of your personal style and boost your confidence today – all without going shopping. 1. Work on your posture. Improving your posture is a vital – and totally free – step to improving your personal style. Standing and sitting 2. Clear Out your closet. 3.

If you are someone who struggles with personal style, yet is motivated to change their look, here are some major tips to help you improve. 1. Consider Your Lifestyle. The start of your personal journey for developing a better wardrobe begins by considering your overall lifestyle. While deciding what your personal style vibe is, you should take your age, occupation, interests, and out of work activities into consideration.

When you improve your appearance, you become more confident. You can improve your style dramatically right now by the skillful use of makeup. So discover the power and vary the makeup styles. via #11Power Of Body Perfection.

Physical exercise is not about being smart and skinny, it keeps your mind healthy and aware. You don’t need to go overboard, but make sure you have some high quality pieces that will become synonymous with your appearance. A shiny new watch and designer sunglasses are a great starting point. Keep these ideas in mind next time you hit the shops, and witness a transformation in your attitude to fashion for men. Just be grown up and where fitted clothes.

Pants should rest on your waistline, not touching belly button. Not too tight or too baggy. Two fingers space between your waist and pants.

For a more comfortable fit, get a relaxed fit or a boot cut. Do not purposely get a bigger size to try and create a baggier effect. So to recap – here are the ten things you can easily do to improve your style without buying ANY more clothes.

In my opinion – doing all of these will create a better impression than buying a new wardrobe. Purge Your Closet; Get Clothes Tailored; Develop A Clothing Care Routine; Experiment With New Combinations; Improve Your Grooming; Try A New Hairstyle. Accepting yourself and your flaws without any inner conflict helps build confidence.

Take responsibility for your success by having confidence, which is independent of all external factor. Colors can also improve your mood, and wearing colors that are a bit trendy can help you look current. Experiment with different colors, and find the ones that suit you best.

A good color should make your skin look healthy, not pale, blotchy, or sickly. Your eyes look clear and bright, not bloodshot or tired. Go make a Pinterest board, watch your favorite old movie, and have a clothing swap with friends—soon enough you’ll find yourself in the mess. 2. Get Real. “ Slow fashion is encouraging us as consumers to make peace with the fact that we can’t own or wear it all, and we shouldn’t. ”. Improve Your Fashion Style • First of all get rid of outdated items from your closet and make way for the new pieces that you need.

Get rid of everything that does not suit you or simply does not make you feel any good. Read Rati Beauty Diet: The Right Way to Lose Weight.

List of related literature:

This is no easy feat, so ask a trusted friend, relative, or coworker who has a good sense of style to either come shopping with you or give you some tips on what you’re doing right and what you could improve upon.

“What's Age Got to Do with It?: Living Your Healthiest and Happiest Life” by Robin McGraw
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And until you’ve really honed your style, don’t spend a lot of money on trendy items; trends come and go in a flash these days, so I always recommend shopping at stores like H&M, Topshop, and Zara for fun pieces that won’t break the bank.

“Secrets of Stylists: An Insider's Guide to Styling the Stars” by Sasha Charnin Morrison, Grace Mirabella
from Secrets of Stylists: An Insider’s Guide to Styling the Stars
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The most important thing is to adapt your style to let people know you value them.

“Mission-Based Management: Leading Your Not-for-Profit In the 21st Century” by Peter C. Brinckerhoff
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It you shop at boutiques and expensive department stores, buy things that you like to wear yourself (or give

“eBay Business All-in-One For Dummies” by Marsha Collier
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Having basics in your wardrobe is a must.

“Fashion For Dummies” by Jill Martin, Pierre A. Lehu
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If clothing or shoes is your downfall avoid those department stores that make you spend money on things you don’t need.

“Personal Development With Success Ingredients: Step-by-Step Guide for Success, Wealth & Happiness” by Mo Abraham
from Personal Development With Success Ingredients: Step-by-Step Guide for Success, Wealth & Happiness
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The first step is to tailor a shopping style to one’s particular situation.

“Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications E-Book: A Nursing Approach” by Michele Grodner, Sylvia Escott-Stump, Suzanne Dorner
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Although this tip is dangerous for chronic shoppers, I recommend keeping clothing catalogs as references to keep up with trendy styles.

“Figure Drawing For Dummies” by Kensuke Okabayashi
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Recognizing your own personal style preferences‘w’fll’help to find the clothes that make you feel most comfortable and mostyug Chapter 7 will show you how.

“Color Me Beautiful's Looking Your Best: Color, Makeup and Style” by Mary Spillane, Christine Sherlock
from Color Me Beautiful’s Looking Your Best: Color, Makeup and Style
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Copy what others wear to begin with until you find your own style.

“Letitia Baldrige's New Manners for New Times: A Complete Guide to Etiquette” by Letitia Baldrige, Denise Cavalieri Fike
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  • I appreciate your quotes. My 5th grade teacher did a daily quote before we started class. As a kid, I liked how inspiring it was to hear them. I haven’t heard anyone talk about quotes that often unless they randomly find it. Yet you happen to share them in your videos. Appreciate it��

  • Hey Kristen!
    I have been following your channel for a few months now and I absolutely love it!! I am now more conscious of where my clothes come from, who made it and under which conditions. This has led me to decide that I will no longer buy clothes from fast fashion brands but will instead support local stores and if I can ethical and sustainable clothes. Also, this video has been specially useful because I am still trying to figure out what is my personal style. I sometimes look at my wardrobe and its funny cause I have pieces that are very different styles and colors. I have now started pinning cute outfits on Pinterest and I think I have figured out what my style is! I am very grateful and thankful that you have shared your perspective on fashion with us! Keep on contributing to the world cause we need more socially and environmentally conscious people like you!
    Lots of Love!

  • i feel like young people are still experimenting with what is their style so fast fashion is good to them. Usually, when someone gets older, they want to define it since the trendy stuff isn’t as flattering or appropriate anymore so it is necessary to find a comfy style. I wish i had this knowledge in high school. Thanks for this video!

  • Super second you on tailoring! Sizing is too standard for us to rely on it with our different bodies. Also learning more styling tips like tucking and understanding your body shape will change your life!

  • If you can sew, Pamela’s Patterns makes an excellent line of patterns. They’re pretty much classics. #106 Pamela’s Favorite Bias Skirt is my go to for my casual everyday wear. It has an elastic waist, but it’s thin elastic so it doesn’t look clunky. Well drafted, easy, and comfy pattern.

  • I hate crop tops and boat necks. Boat necks are hard to wear tops under for sweaters. Crop tops are for people who are young with flat abs. lol

  • I look super pale in neutral colors, I’m a spring type and look best in pastel or brighter colors�� it’s good to know what suits you!

  • This girl at school constantly copies my style
    She saves the same things I save on pinterest and basically steals everything idea that I find
    It bothers me so much, it’s like she’s copying my soul

  • Audrey, I really like your take on slow fashion.  Slow down your spending and buy quality items you need.  Smart.  I live in rural America and the towns where I shop are very small and the clothing stores are very limited.  I do shop thrift stores and sometimes find some really nice things, but it’s rare.  So my  way to slow fashion is “unavailability.”  Since watching your video on Buying Quality Blazers, I just purchased 2 wool blazers on Ebay.  I’m so excited!  I look forward to your next videos.  You’re very good!

  • I looooove that you paid attention to fast fashion and where your money actually goes. Since a year or so I am more conscious of what I buy, who made the clothes, and what the carbon footprint is. Thank you for using your voice to inform more people about this!

  • As for me, I’ve created a board on Pinterest with outfits that I like. Every other month I open this board and check why exactly I pinned a certain outfit. Usually, there is one particular item that I like, and it appears on several pins. So I make a list of items from this board and go shopping. This way, I never feel lost on the store. And yes, I’m not interested on one-day trends at all.

  • I’ve been doing all of these for the last few months and I’ve discovered a lot about my personal style. I’ve even found some stores that I consider my “go to” for the different faces of my style.

    Oh Another tip for defining your style is to consider your lifestyle, if you work in an office you’re going to need to invest in office appropriate attire that complement your personal style.

  • Your speaking pacing is so good! And you always speak with smile, positive. Your (future) kids are so lucky to have you reading them bedtime stories.

    As for fashion, I still trend watching to stay current. It is fun to see what designers would outfit or accessorize street style stars and editors during fashion weeks. Where my money goes is quite different. I only buy what I want to wear. This year because of the hot and clammy summer, I bought cotton voile and cotton linen blend pieces, no stretchy fabric or synthetic/synthetic blend. I do love the prairie dress trend but I don’t care for the waist cinching aspect. Instead, I go for calico print a line maxi dresses in conservative cut (higher neckline and sleeves).

  • Quitting fast fashion really helped me figure out my style. I just worked with what I had and have achieved a consistent style which I like to call “Old Soul”, aka I dress like a Grandpa and a Grandma combined

  • this was like a well-detailed infomercial. i learned so much lol. i definitely do the pinterest and instagram thing! it’s actually really helpful. thanks for this video, it was an absolute lifesaver:)

  • This ACTUALLY helped so much. I have an action plan rather than just you need these etc and try a new style each week. I loved the bit about looking at your past and culture.

  • Please do a “fashion that I hate” video! For me personally, yes boat neckline is up there with empire waist and womens t shirt cut

  • Great advice. Sensible! Esp. like the list with the I-don’t & instead. For those in the process of finding and establshing your personal style I highly recommend sticking to that list. For thise of us (like myself) how have an establieshed personal style, I find it refreshing and helpfull to reevaluate our list. Live evolves, we ourselves evolve, so stay open and adjust your style if “needed” or wanted.

  • Great video and such a sensible approach to the topic!
    What helped me with fast fashion: growing up in a lower income level family, where we had to give a reason for buying almost anything, and then take into consideration price and materials. While I now own some guilty pleasure items in my closet(as in I really like the item, it was fairly affordable, I don’t wear it every day), I have managed to built it up in the past 8 years and am on more of a “replace” cycle. What also helped was moving a couple of times only then do you realise how many things you have accumulated. I was terrified the first two times. Still cannot afford a lot of “sustainable” brands, but at least by sticking to a division of the closet by the function of clothing, and buying things secondhand and making lists, I have managed to avoid buying new things all the time. Still a long way to go, and am hoping to slowly replace some lower-quality items in the future, but for now, I will stick to my budget. Sustainability should be a life choice, not a trend filled with any particular brand.

  • Love the promotion of intentional and sustainable shopping. A little tip for testing the waters: when you find a piece you think you like take pictures in the changing room, not insta worthy pics regular pics, and then walk away. When you’re really thinking about it you’ll have that picture reference of yourself in that garment to reflect on. Same pieces look different on different bodies and it’s really helpful to see if you like it on you without commiting and avoids having to undergo the process of returning something which is a headache with certain stores.

  • I shop at Housing Works, Goodwill and for shoes and clothing.  I also sew a little and can mend or take in any clothing items.  I pass on items to family or friends.  I recently purchased a good quality parka and the one I had for nearly 9 years will be given to a family member to use.   I personally work at not getting caught up in the craziness of fast fashion.

  • This was great! Love the idea that you can find a personal style without going and buying a bunch of clothes and then never using them.����

  • This was mother freaking profound. i love the energy. i love your goofiness. i love the quality of the content. i love how you delivered it all. i really took this seriously and i sincerely appreciate you.

    IG: @faithandslime

  • Thank you for a really articulate and helpful video! I really appreciate your emphasis on ethical shopping, and I found that you did a great job of not sounding preachy while still impressing the message on your viewers.

  • This is so good. We’ve all bought something that we think we can’t live without, and then never worn it. I really try to think more now, walk away and think about it before I purchase. Most of my most worn pieces are classics and neutrals, I think these are the best to invest in. And I love all the same colour outfits. �� x

  • Amen girl!! This is such an important message and opened my eyes why knowing my own style is so much more meaningful than I originally thought

  • My ah-ha moment came when you mentioned unsubscribing from retailer’s emails. You’re exactly right they do cause anxiety and create a false urgency to purchase, but that’s not how I’ll curate my best wardrobe. Thank you, Audrey!

  • 10 seconds into this video and I have to let you know that your hair has been looking SO good! It never looked bad ever but something is different����

  • This was such a great video. Even though I’m mostly sure of my style this was still pretty useful. Reorganizing my pinterest now lol.

  • I have been following you for a while now, and I love your persona and presentation! Do you have an email so that I could send a fashion question to you? Thanks in advance

  • Fast fashion retailers have different suppliers (from different countries) and I have found out quality changes dramatically if you take the time to check the tag, where the item is made and with what materials. You can actually buy locally produced articles from natural fibers, things don’t need to come from the other side of the globe and be made out of some plasticky fiber. Furthermore, after watching several repair videos of very expensive brands, where the repairer has to replace almost all the materials except for the logo (obviously:-)), I’m now paying more attention to materials and how things are made than to brands.

    Also as a side note, if you find something that is a “no” for your body type, but you love how it looks, well
    1fuck it wear it
    2see what category this is in, look around in this category by online window shopping and identify what elements of the piece you like. This can be generalised to what you are looking for in your personal style, because you like it so much that even though its a “no”, its a “yes” in your books.

  • Love how this video comes out right after I look at your Pinterest to get more pins for my “closet inspo” board!! ��
    I definitely have the problem of figuring out how to honor my body type, being plus-sized! I really love the look of minimal chic, high-waisted things that are meant to accentuate the waist and curves, but when they’re on me, they only seem to accentuate my stomach.:/ It’s like I can only find fashion inspo that suits either my style or size, and not both. Not trying to complain, but rather hoping for some tips from other viewers!

  • Where I’m from, buying second-hand clothing or thrifting is looked down upon. However, I love thrifting and have found beautiful garments for cheap that still had the price tags on them!
    I also love changing up old things to make them look better. I added pearl buttons to a boring cardigan and now it looks so chic!

  • Thank you Audrey! This video is perfectly appropriate for the current climate we all find ourselves in (I’m in Sydney Australia). No window shopping and very limited on-line shopping barring food. Result? A tidier betterconstructed closet and wardrobe. Clothing, shoes and handbag peace. It’s magic.

  • Be careful with cashmere. Cheap cashmere sweaters are made with short-staple yarns which causes them to lose shape quickly. It tends to turn into that thing you put on and say, “I’m not feeling this today.” That’s why it’s so easy to find cashmere at the thrift store.

  • I don’t like the snake skin, lepard and bright neon color look. I do think that it’s ok to have multiple black shoes just different. It’s just me

  • TRUE! got my long skirts from my grandma, put a slit on it and wore it for summer. People ask me where i got them �� how i wish i can send you the skirt you wont believe!!

  • I’m not sure if you covered this tidbit, if so I’ll go back and rewatch, but would a college student need to go to school to be a fashion or personal stylist? I would most likely want to start doing that part time and go to school for something else more full time so I could have the capacity of doing both before transitioning.

  • I want your grey turtlenecks and you can go shopping for me, ha ha. Have you heard of the systems of John Kitchener and Kibbe types? If you have what would your suggestions be? I need t go shopping for a new wardrobe because I got everything wrong, awe. Great tips and thanks for sharing.

  • My mum and I spent last weekend altering a bunch of my t-shirts that I wasn’t wearing because they didn’t fit quite right. Now it feels like I have a bunch of new clothes without having spent a dime! Love all of these suggestions!!

  • The fabric store in NYC are all gone, where do people buy fabric now a days?
    Also all the yarn stores are gone as well, the Lower East side used to sell beautiful high quality Alpaca yarns. I made a scarf 20+ years ago and it’s still beautiful, with no pilling what so ever.

  • I was looking for a video like this for weeks. I’m decluttering my closet and trying to replace my clothes and this is EXACTLY the advice that I needed. Good job gal

  • One tip, is to buy clothes that fit and flatter your bodytype. When I was younger I bought a lot of things that just didn’t fit me

  • Yes, I’m constantly culling through my wardrobe donating items that don’t work for me anymore. Now that spring is right around the corner I’m excited! So over winter and can’t wait to put my winter stuff away.

  • How can i change my MO when shopping?
    Go to 7-10 stores i’m attracted to
    Try pretty much everything
    Go back to the ones that had stuff i liked

    I feel like i have a mindset of “i have to go to all the stores because there might be something better than in this one and I’m missing out”
    So it seems super time consuming and i never do it

  • Love your advice. I see now that I know my colours, they are different for seasons and I know my style. After a few years, I just can’t wear some things anymore because they were tied to the memories when I wore them.Also, I am sensitive to the vibe of preowned, so I buy everything new ( at the moment I can).Thank you for the beautiful mindfulness and love you have for clothes.��

  • I have my own personal style and the majority of the “ethical” retailers I’ve seen so far doesn’t really carry any piece I find inspiring and would want to wear. Or I find most of the pieces to need more elaborate care. I live in a hot, humid country and except for jeans(which I rarely wear), we need to wash our clothes a lot more often than someone who maybe lives in a colder climate. And having to hand wash and line dry/flat dry too many clothing is definitely not something that is doable for me. So together with these advise, I find that really adopting principles that would work for you and for your lifestyle is key to maintaining and participating in slow fashion. I mean what’s the use of buying a delicate item if you can’t really see yourself wearing it for lack of time to properly care for that item

  • I always feel guilty when I buy fast fashion because of the ethical stuff involved but I feel like they’re the only clothes that are my style and I really like clothes��

  • Love this vid! Totally agree that having your own personal style is way more sustainable and unique! If you just go along with current trends you’ll just end up looking like everyone else anyway! �� I gotta q for yaI’m from Scotland and would love to visit Greece! Where would you recommend for a weekend break with vegan options/ thrifting? ����

  • LOL rlly needed these tips haha… every time i go shopping i seem to spend so much money & never get the items i actually wanted to get ��

  • I unsubscribe to all my emails that are from retail. Plan my wardrobe and if it does not fit into my plan then I don’t buy it. Read the latest out of Fashion Revolution and the Copenhagen Summit and only shop the companies with the highest ratings. Buy all used clothing. The only new items I buy are next to my skin.

  • These tips are so simple and I think is very practical �� Recently I am beginning to realize that I didn’t have enough of the essential items, thus made me think I didn’t have enough clothes. Now I am trying baby steps to not buy clothes impulsively. Thank you so much for your video ��

  • I love your approach to slow fashion and I find it very refreshing. I wear plus sizes, and make it damn near impossible to shop ethical brands who usually only do items in two or three sizes. For so long I have felt bad for shopping H&M (one of the only plus size options in my country), but I realize I should be easier on myself. Even there I can find items that are higher in quality than others, and I have lots of pieces that I have had for many, many years. I would love to shop second hand, but unfortunately, most plus size clothes are low quality and don’t last that long, something I hope will change in the future.

  • Totally agree about sleeping on things. You can like something when you’re in a certain mood, but then hate it when you’re in another mood. The things you like in almost every mood are the things that are really “you”. I always sleep on stuff and revisit wish lists too. Amazing video as usual!

  • I have a lovely vintage tweed blazer I got off eBay for £20 but it needs another button to fit me properly. As yet I haven’t found a tailor who can do a proper suit button.. perhaps next time we visit France…

  • Since I started working at 17, my approach was always to buy higher quality clothing instead of tons of cheaper made clothes. I learned how to shop off season, when or where to find the best deals, and be patient. I learned how to recognize fabrics, how to care for them, and kept my style elegant with tailored pieces at a fraction of the cost. I can’t count the number of pieces that I wore for more than 10 years, there are too many. I bought a few trendy tops or accessories to refresh the style, and looked at haute couture for inspiration. Understanding my body type, being confident in my personal style and prioritizing comfort also helped tremendously in my choices, and I believe that many women should pay more attention to those basic details. Wearing a skirt that is one size too small or too short doesn’t make us look thinner or younger, it is only uncomfortable and doesn’t stand the test of time.

  • Another tip: try out different colors and choose 1-3 colors that you feel best wearing. Or just pick your fav color in general and stick to it.:) I think some of great combinations are green + brown + beige, or white + beige + brown, or pink + white, red + black, but you can also experiment with those.:)

  • The main reason why I love your channel is because your style is very simple yet elegant and you don’t compete with other vloggers when it comes to buying expensive pieces of clothing and accessories. I love your minimalist approach. God bless you Erin.

  • This video gave me so much hope �� I thought it was literally me and I had no sense of fashion and nothing I buy ever goes together but turns out it was just the industry conning me!

  • Anyone have any good brands or websites to get quality clothing? My issue is that I keep shopping at fast fashion shops because I don’t really have any alternatives. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hello Audrey! I must say that you are my favorite youtuber. Your videos have a good length, also they are pleasing to see and hear, and you give useful tips. Thanks a lot for your work and time. Best

  • A very gentle discussion of this very volatile subject. I live in a developing country (Guatemala) and I personally know young women who work in garment factories. For THEM these jobs are a step up and on the ladder out of poverty. Would they like to make higher wages? Certainly. I can also tell you that they prefer to work for American managers, at least the several women I know do, why? Because those managers tend to follow more closely the labor laws in this country. Many people do see ANY manufacturing job as victimization, but compared with field work in the hot sun, also available here, or no emplyment at all, it is a huge step up in pay, benefits, fulltime year round employment etc. There are many levels of poverty here by US standards, all the way from landless, unemployed growing of corn and beans on land owned by others with little hope of advancement out of poverty, to the next step of part time agricultural work, then up to a job in a factory, and on up the economic ladder. In many countries, poverty is not monolithic and it has many causes and also many potential solutions for an individual. More opportunities for employment and economic develeopment are needed here, not fewer.

  • Hi Audrey. Great video. Thanks! Can you please tell me the manufacturer of the blue and white stripe shirt dress, and/or where it was purchased? (It’s the dress that you had tailored, you’re wearing it with a brown leather belt and pearls.) Love it!

  • I really enjoyed this video! While it’s important that everyone carefully evaluates their shopping behaviors this is such a doable approach to slower fashion:) People are much more likely to start a good habit of they think they can keep it up for the long term

  • Thank you so much for all the videos you are making and the link from your blog with the list of ethical brands! You make me more aware and conscious about my choices! Now that I need some new shoes and a new yoga tights, it is really helpful that you have done so much research already and can recommend places to shop ethically! Once again, thanks a lot! <3 Wish you a pleasant day / night <3

  • just found your channel/vlogs and i’ve clearly been missing out. you are super genuine! totally agree with you about sleeping on purchases. if i can’t think of three ways i would wear something i keep my coins hunty

  • Look at your lifestyle and shop your own closet every season and make a list of what u think u need. Go shopping to look only then go back see how the items u really like will work with what u already have. How many times we buy an item that makes us have to search for something to finish it. We need less not more

  • Thanks for always pointing out comfort and personal style. And I am happy to say that I am slowly coming to really know my style, and your videos have helped me do that! I also love how you emphasise “low maintenance” in your other videos. Awesome concept! Thanks again!

  • I love the way you speak. It’s so calming and gentle, but still feminine. Really holds my attention. There are so many fashion channels I just can’t follow because the woman have such high pitched, squeaky and sharp voices.

  • Lately,I found myself binging and following your videos than any other blogger, they have been really helpful. I started doing food prepping after watching your video. You’re doing a great job. Love you and your videos. ����

  • Hi there! I just started using the app ‘Good on you’. C&A is there rated with 4 stars (good), so I’m not sure if I should avoid them. I would like to know your opinion, guys. Thanks a lot!:-)

  • I was at a large mall the other day. I needed only one thing a basic white T-shirt. Low and behold I found a natural fibre product in a discount “fast fashion” store at a decent price. It also turned out to be on sale extra bonus. As a former impulse shopper, this was a good day for me.

  • Great tips! I agree about the Dad sneaker; It is too bulky and I don’t like it either even though it is trendy right now. I definitely don’t do multiples either!

  • I think my biggest problem is I have absolutely no idea what to wear, how to put it together or where to buy it. For me other fashion channels are overwhelming because they assume I have some idea of what I’m doing…

  • My style rule that helps me save money is to always have a list of what I want to add to my wardrobe and it’s very specific. I don’t allow myself to just randomly shop anymore and I like my clothes so much more now.

  • My cousins and I raid each other’s closets once in a while. I also put away clothes that I could donate elsewhere. I usually shop for clothes that would complement my current wardrobe or buy basics that would stand the test of changing fads. My accents would be in the form of accessories like bags, jewelry, or even bright lipstick. I do splurge a bit on jeans, shoes, lipstick, and bags, but only because I know that I’ll get the max use out of them.

  • I’ve got the summer of this year and so it’s been really tempting to go shopping to occupy my time. “Window shopping” gives me a reason to get myself out of the house and enjoy the fresh air. I can’t seem to go out without popping in somewhere so I’ve been focusing on my hobby of painting. Other than exercising I’m not sure what else I can do to stop spending money when I go outdoors.

  • Haha the bloopers were awesome! Good tips though! I feel like our generation is also looking to be smarter with their purchases which is such a good thing. It’s a good trend personally and for the environment. Maybe not so much for the bigger mass producing stores as we’ve seen with a certain one this past Winter. Thanks for sharing though. I can relate to being on that journey for the last few years too. I think it also comes with age and getting to know what you like. ��

  • Well I am discovering you channel…very fresh and intelligent. But, as my father always saysI am not rich enough to buy cheap. When you are younger you want to have a lot of clothes hence you will buy a lot of cheap clothes just so you can always have something new. Fast fashion and consumerism we ll often abandon as we grow older. At least thats in my case. Congrats for your very smart content

  • So I’m a student and therefore buying fair-fashion just is soooo far out of my budget. I have a capsule wardrobe and I stick to buying only basics in natural fibres at fast-fashion brands. This is because I feel like they usually have a reasonable quality, considering the price (still have to look closely at the stitching though). Anything that would be more expensive to purchase at those stores e.g. pullovers (made from Polyester:0) I stay away from and look for those things in second hand stores or my mothers closet. My budget for clothing has decreased by more than 50% in the last 2 years, as I simply do not feel the need to add as much to my wardrobe as I used to.

  • you’re telling me this ISNT the oldest sister from fresh prince of bel air?? �� lmao but fr thank you for this video it’s so helpful ��

  • These are great tips. I’ve only just started a Pinterest board for style and it’s already making a massive difference. For example, I’ve always struggled with layering and looking over my the board, it’s clear that I’m just not into that style so I should stop trying to force it:’) thanks for another great vid Kristen!

  • I really enjoyed this video Audrey! Now I understand why I feel like a hamster on a never ending fashion spinning wheel�� I’m going to take some time looking into slow fashion and hope to share with my sweet daughters. Wonderful advice!!!

  • I love this video! These are great tips. I am 41 and I think that it’s only been in the last few years that I’ve been really able to identify my personal style. I like many different levels of dressing, from casual to Sunday best, so I try not to get pigeonholed into a specific style, though I do tend to gravitate toward classic and feminine styles. However, lately I’ve expanded my tastes a bit and tried some things out of my comfort zone, which was pleasantly surprising. I thrift shop for most of my wardrobe and have learned to say no to pieces I don’t love even if they are a steal. Conversely, I’ve picked up several pairs of $100+ shoes for under $10! I first started thrifting it if necessity (I have 7 kids to clothe!!) but now we all do it because we like it. Kids are now aged 8-20 and I’m so happy that I’ve passed in the love of thrifting to them. My husband regularly shops thrift stores, too! It’s a great way to try many different brands, styles and eras without breaking the bank. Thanks for the great content, Audrey.

  • Tips go to the mall try on everything you like in every size that could look good on you from every single store you would buy stuff from then don’t buy anything. Go home sleep in it and then the next day but what you liked online.

  • I’m too poor to buy clothes at ethical stores, but I only shop at fast fashion when I absolutely need and I always buy timeless pieces and basics

  • ALSO, don’t go shopping on a time-crunch! Speaking from personal experience, it can be stressful and you will probably end up grabbing things you really didn’t like or not grabbing what you wanted because you were too stressed… great video!