How you can Earn Four Free Flights annually


How to Actually Get Started With Miles and Points

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How To Travel The World For Free: Credit Cards 101

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Free Business Class Upgrades, everytime

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The SECRET WAY we scored 21 FREE FLIGHTS across America

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This Travel Hacker Flies Around the World for Almost Nothing

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Why I Have 18 Credit Cards | How I Get “Free” Flights

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The “World’s Greatest Guarantee” – if members follow our directions and spend at least 30 minutes a month travel hacking, they’ll earn enough miles for at least 1 plane ticket every quarter, or 4 plane tickets a year (we also provide info on how to redeem miles for great awards). One TPG contributor paid a $200 challenge co-pay and then flew a single round-trip flight to earn American Airlines Platinum status. The. Book a flight during the month of June and automatically be entered to win a YEAR of FREE flights! Enter by 6/30/18.

The SPG Amex card is a great option for free flights given the program’s 30-plus airline transfer partners and 5,000-mile bonus. Current bonus: Earn 25,000 bonus Starpoints after you use your new card to make $3,000 in purchases within the first three months. If your miles connect to United or American Airlines, you can earn extra miles by booking your hotels through Agoda is especially amazing for Asia: often has hotels I don’t find on any other platform. For budget options, you get a couple hundred miles.

For swank places you get thousands – worth 10-20% of your next free flight!Total Savings for at least Five Free nights at a Disney hotel: $1,500 (assuming $300 per night cash value) Step 2: Booking Flights to Disney World with Points. For most families, the easiest way to get your flights to Orlando will be to each open a Chase. After the first year, though I wouldn’t keep the card since the annual fee is high. That 100k miles is worth 4 round trip domestic flights or 2 domestic business class flights.

I would argue the small impact of closing the card to your credit is definitely worth getting thousands of dollars of free flights. 2. Frontier Airlines. When you sign up to become a member of the Discount Den ($60 annual membership), your kids (age 14 and under) can fly free on Frontier Airlines. The offer is valid on select domestic flights through August 9, for bookings made by March 31, 2020.

For every adult ticket (age 15 and up) purchased, one child can fly free. “Airline reward programs are in a flux,” Pam says. “Prior to the US Airways and [American Airlines] merger, I liked United MileagePlus the best. But they now have fewer award options since US Airways left their group.” But other travel reward programs can still earn you a little free. We can not believe we found a year of free airfare! JetBlue is doing a travel deal like we have never seen before!

The average ticket in the US to fly will cost your almost $300! Could you imagine how much money you would save with a year of free flights! MAKE SURE YOU SHARE THIS CHEAP FLYING DEAL WITH A FRIEND!!!

List of related literature:

These offers work on the simple proposition that one flight is free when a second flight is paid for at the normal rate.

“Sales Promotion: How to Create, Implement and Integrate Campaigns that Really Work” by Julian Cummins, Roddy Mullin
from Sales Promotion: How to Create, Implement and Integrate Campaigns that Really Work
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Register your name with every available airline frequent flyer program, give your ID numbers to your employer, and ask him or her to register your numbers when booking your tickets.

“Business Basics for Musicians: The Complete Handbook from Start to Success” by Bobby Borg
from Business Basics for Musicians: The Complete Handbook from Start to Success
by Bobby Borg
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2020

Airlines offer a number of incentives for their loyal customers through various ‘frequent flyer’ programmes.

“Tourism: Principles and Practice” by John Fletcher, Alan Fyall, David Gilbert, Stephen Wanhill
from Tourism: Principles and Practice
by John Fletcher, Alan Fyall, et. al.
Pearson Education Limited, 2017

Earn kulula moolah on every flight booked on and get one trip closer to a free kulula flight.

“Marketing Research” by Jan Wiid, Colin Diggines
from Marketing Research
by Jan Wiid, Colin Diggines
Juta, 2010

Clubs, often improvised for the purpose, sign up for a charter at a cost to members far below that of regular airline fares.

“Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the... Congress” by United States. Congress
from Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the… Congress
by United States. Congress
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1969

For the independent traveller, on the other hand, free flights are much more commonly used for business travel purposes and provide a welcome opportunity to reduce expenditure on air tickets.

“Airline Marketing and Management” by Stephen Shaw
from Airline Marketing and Management
by Stephen Shaw
Taylor & Francis, 2016

Frequent flyer programmes on airlines offer regular users of the airlines the opportunity to have free flights or major discounts on travel.

“Essentials of Marketing” by Jim Blythe, Jane Martin, Pearson
from Essentials of Marketing
by Jim Blythe, Jane Martin, Pearson
Pearson Education Limited, 2019

Airlines differentiate their offers through frequent-flyer award programmes and special services.

“Marketing: An Introduction” by Gary M. Armstrong, Philip Kotler, Michael Harker, Ross Brennan
from Marketing: An Introduction
by Gary M. Armstrong, Philip Kotler, et. al.
Pearson, 2018

Some programmes allow customers to ‘double dip’ – this means that a customer who has an airline FFP membership can earn

“Hospitality Marketing” by David Bowie, Francis Buttle, Maureen Brookes, Anastasia Mariussen
from Hospitality Marketing
by David Bowie, Francis Buttle, et. al.
Taylor & Francis, 2016

See airline clubs and FFP (frequent flyer programme).

“A Dictionary of Travel and Tourism Terminology” by Allan Beaver
from A Dictionary of Travel and Tourism Terminology
by Allan Beaver
CABI Publ., 2005

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  • I recently flew Lufthansa Business with mileage points, and still had to pay $1100 in tax and fuel charges. After watching your videos I notice that some US airlines have flights that only charge $200 for the same flights. Why the difference in fees??

  • Brilliant advice & many thanks, I’m sharing so the world become available to everyone First Class or Business.
    Et j’aime vraiment tous vos blogs de voyage. Merci.


  • So what he makes a 300$ flight to 30$ he still wastes 30$ on a flight he doesn’t need and how does he make money to afford all this

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  • The way I get on first class/business class is fly alone, wear a expensive looking suit, ask at the desk saying your on a business trip, maybe sometimes pay a small amount for the upgrade and then enjoy hours of luxury also I only do this on flights longer than 8 hours to make the most of it the other way u can do it is become a member I’m a member of Emirates and Qantas cause I fly back and forth from London to Sydney for work and they always get me on business class its a bit harder getting on First class but any things better than 16hrs in Economy class

  • I was going to a place where there are only two flights a week to get there and people were boarding and since me and some my friends were separated they said just to wait so they could put us together. We overheard one of the flight attendants working at the desk say “just don’t call them to board” and when we talk to them about getting on the flight we booked six months in advance they called security on us and the security ended up trying to help us get there while the two flight attendants were ducked under the desk. The people that took our spot were from standby and the flight was not overbooked. What ended up happening is we took a three-hour flight instead of the hour and a half to the original destination and a six-hour drive on a narrow, windy road with no light and wild cow in the middle of the road and cliffs on either side. I guess a group in standby paid a pretty penny to get on the flight.

  • Question.. when you signed up for the frequent flyer program, did you have your account signed up for home or business? Or does it not matter?

  • After you spend the required amount within 3 mos, do you have to spend 3k thereafter?
    Also, what happens if you don’t use the 3k within 3 mos, but instead you use less.

  • 18 credit cards no person I know has more than two at most and even if your economy is good it’s still not a good idea so yeah it may help on air travel but financially it can be a god damn nightmare please don’t do this just get cheap flights it’s not worth it.

  • I got myself and my mum and sister upgraded to first class Sydney to la, and return, because I called in advance to enquire, and then at airport i asked again. Just before boarding our names were called up, they ripped our tickets up, and gave us first class and wished us merry Christmas. Was incredible! Enjoyed the sit down bar and flat bed!

  • my dad and his friend once got an upgrade to first class because people were literally fighting in economy class over the seats and things and my dad and his friends just stood aside the flight attendants obviously liked their manner (not fighting) and upgraded them

  • You guys can use my referral link to apply for the American Express Delta Gold card and get 70,000 miles when you spend $2k within 3 months. Easy approval

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  • Yeah, I try to be money-savvy but there’s a big learning ex was highly skilled in this area! (He was/is also very cunning..��)Just came back from Co. Clare, Ireland, to see where my grandmother was from; I love the West of Ireland! But I’d like to go back next year; God willing; the only way to cross the Atlantic (or any long-haul) IS business or first..thanks for your tips! ������

  • I’m a member of the Alaska Air mileage program, I got 50k miles for signing up for their credit card, and their shopping program I earn points shopping at certain stores I already shop at…

  • If some air transport company participate in system and also has its own freq flying program, is it possible or good to claim miles on global FFM (freq fly miles) and also on local FFM system of the company for the same trip?

  • So, we were checking in our luggage and my mother was addressing the man who was checking us in as “Son”, this guy was probably older than my granddad. So my mum says to, “Please give us good seats”, he smiled and said “you’ll have excellent seats.”Boarded our first short flight (An hour long) got regular economy seats. Boarded the long haul flight, we were in Business Class!

  • Emirates is a state owned airline and the bottom line is not about profit or revenue. That’s why you got the upgrade… put it in perspective, a US budget airline like southwest is far more profitable than Emirates.

  • This works! I got 60,000 miles with American Airlines, for literally 99$. And its real, I have already flown on them!
    Thank you so much Graham!

  • I got an upgrade on an Emirates flight, and me and two other ps from our family got an upgrade to business class. Best moment of my life…

  • Hi Dan How do you go get miles on a flight and pay that flight to get miles? How do you have 18 cards if you only use them for miles and how do you pay it off?

  • Hold up so that first southwest flight they said may the 4th be with u, indicating it’d May 4th, then you said it was like June 18th, and Father’s Day, doesn’t add up.

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  • I upgraded to 1st class 3 times, once with my husband. 2 of those trips were only $50, once was $100.00. each time those 1st class tickets started at $800 per person and an upgrade beforehand would of been an additional $200+ per trip. I just went online 24 hours before the flights to do online check-in & upgrades when available. Oh, you do to be a rewards member. So not free but free alcohol, great legroom and epic food is well worth the few extra dollars.

  • So he basically lives on a”s actually “visiting” those.places… what a boring life always staying on a plane…

  • You can also do this if you or a family member is in the military for instance if you stationed in Korea you can fly family and friends out for about $60 a flight and they technically count as cargo but still get fed and all. ( this is called Space-available flights where passengers are counted as essential cargo on military flights only available to military service members and their close friends and family. ) (:

  • this is like trump inheriting a million dollars, loosing 900,000 in prostitutes and then using the remaining 100,000 to gamble and make 200,000 with it to invest in a restaurant/hotel. not such impressive achievement as these fake news want to make it seem

  • Frequent flier miles are not worth the trouble. Costs 80,000 points to go from NYC to Paris and back, as in you have to fly 80,000 miles to get that many first….. Only thing worth having is the travel credit card.

  • This couldn’t happen in NZ �� there is only a couple credit card that gives you air points at a low rate for spend (1 air dollar for $59-75 spend) and only 300 sign up air points. I earn $85K a year and will never be able to fly first class. Sigh… small countries.

  • Why not?!clever!nothing wrong with traveling in style and getting the best for your money. Anyone who is hating on him for this is plain jealous. Learn from him instead and maybe also can enjoy the good life. You are only young once!awesome! Enjoy your adventures young man. Genius he is! I love success stories of the young people now that I am no longer young lol:)

  • If you become an MBB consultant you all your travel expenses taken care of. Plus you fly like every week so all those miles are free to get. Also you get the hotel points so pretty nice hotel and pretty nice flight

    On a sidenote: MBB consultants work super hard
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  • Hi there great video! I plan on using your affiliate links to support you but can’t decide which card to start with for my situation: The Chase Sapphire Preferred or the Gold Delta SkyMiles?

    I am planning on traveling full time next year with my remote job and any insight would be much appreciated, thanks for all you do!

  • This lifestyle is so wack. Although flying many places is fucking dope, you have to keep track of 40 credit cards your on a constant move all the time so you don’t really have a break and I guess it can get stressful. And your only in places for like a day so you don’t really build up relationships and stuff he’s traveling but it’s nothing on the long run no career involved just keep on moving and moving and moving.

  • uhm, did i just watch one long paid advert for a huge list of credit card companies? and i’m calling BS on the idea that Dan flies all his trips on sign-up bonuses, the math doesn’t add up.. once you use the sign-up miles, then what.. 18 credit cards with zero mileage balance? at some point you have to actually spend A LOT to accumulate the miles he’d need to travel as much as he appears to do.

  • i mean… hes a business man. he is rich but like 90% of those trips seem to be working in one way or another…its not about being rich because flying is miserable and draining nobody would choose to go on thirty flights in 21 days

  • The ground agent made a mistake by assigned my seat to biz because my carry on was over weight. She had me unpacked then reissued a boarding pass. Surprisingly, when I was on board, my seat was a biz!
    Hope she didn’t get in trouble!

  • I churned one last year after watching this. I leveraged it to actually get me out of debt, hilariously. I’ve closed it as more of an organizational thing. I’m going to churn a new one this year to travel.

  • 1:17 19 years old and you are saying that you are ‘already old’? Wow… you need to re-assess your English. 19 is NOT OLD!! LOL FFS.

  • 5:12 not necessarily. Usually the first of the 3 names are ur name, but u can litteraly just pick and choose. Many of my friends names are the first name, but many also use the middle name. And sometimes people only have 2 names. I use my middle name, but sometimes when the goverment send something they send it with the first of the 3 names. Best Regards Nils Carl Philip from Sweden.

  • There wasn’t any seat available in Economy that’s why they have given you a seat in business class. Otherwise you can always bid for an upgrade rather than paying for the extra legroom seat.

  • Hi Graham, i have been watching your channel for a while now, i am smashing the like button. I need an advice regarding credit cards, i am form Slovakia, in Europe, and i spent a lot of money on my credit card, ofcourse i pay it to full every month, but i got only some small perks, like 3 airport lounges (in total, yes in total Prague, Vienna, Bratislava our capital). So i was wondering, is there a possibility to sign up for a better credit card (i currently have mastercard gold from Slovakia Elite club), as an European? I also have revolut acocunt (mainly for trading and also the metal card is very nice) but really here in Europe, credit cards are not that commonly used, could you help me? Thanks.

  • My dad works in a airline company. We once was flying from Nairobi to Istanbul. Suddenly another flight was cancelled so they took our seats. We waited another 12 hours for the next flight.

  • You make great videos but I don’t think you told us the whole story. Family must also be giving miles. Nothing wrong with that. I did that with my aunts. LOL. Something is missing here. But I found it helpful. Thanks.

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  • Thank you for your thorough, useful and clear advise Dan. I appreciate how humble and honest you are about your lifestyle, and trying to help your viewers have their own little taste of it.
    Come say hi if ever in Japan:)

  • “All standby passengers need to have a confirmed ticket, either by purchasing one outright or thanks to a “buddy pass” from an airline employee.”

    so you have to know someone who works at that specific airline..

  • Hi Sergi, After watching your video I flew with Qatar Airways (Miami Thailand) and followed all your steps and put in a little charm of my own. From the Bulkheads, to looking fresh. Sure enough I was called to the gate for the upgrade to Business class. I was traveling with my friend and we both got upgraded to Business class. and yes I DID NOT ASK for the upgrade. Thanks!

  • lol you said ” the answer is almost yes” but then you said “the worst mistake you can make is expecting an upgrade”??? So that went from 98% to hit or miss????

  • Hi Dan just discovered your channel a few weeks ago and I absolutely love what you’re doing! Would love to hear more tips on how to accrue mileage and the best specials. You are the amazing!!

  • Just find an airline that always overbook, but never actually punch people out of the planes (*cough* United Airlines *cough*), and get in the plane as the very last passenger in the boarding queue.
    More often than not, you get free upgrade just because they already book your seats to another person.
    Works with up to three people, although chances are bigger if you’re alone.
    Got free business class upgrade once in AirChina with this trick, with one of my friend getting it too at the same flight.

  • I wonder why US carriers have lost all their appeal? There was a time when US carriers were for the rich and famous, but something happened in the 80’s where foreign carriers rolled out the best luxuries in the Sky. Take one flight on Air France or Qatar and you’ll see why! No US.airline even comes close.

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  • Not the most frequent flyer, but i recently got 3 seat changes to comfort plus and bulkhead just by asking at the gate. i’m 6”5’ and i asked nicely if there is any chance to get one of those seats with extra legroom space.

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  • Ah I see how you got started. Those miles build up fast. I fly twice to Japan with over a two year spread and on the return leg of the second flight I was able to upgrade to business for 300 usd. Plus and was able to cash in the rest of my points for a flight to vist my dad.

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  • Thats all fine and well, but you only get those sign on points one time. At best you get one leg of a business or first class flight. American Airlines will eat 56k one way in business and 85k one way in first. So yea some of this is bull.

  • I believe this credit repair team Andy Hacks LLC who helped me raise my scores from 570-826 can help you too, they posses the best credit repair skill & qualities, I was so flabbergasted to see my negative items falling off, I was so flabbergasted to see my negative items deleting off, got the notifications from identityIQ AND CREDIT Karma, AndyHacksCreditFix⏺ Org is the best I also got approve for 78k limit chase sapphire card and some others……..

  • Great intro! Currently investigating earning miles in China. In Dubai it was also pretty easy. Flew First on Etihad, Qatar and Singapore and business on Emirates, Oman, Philippine Airlines, Air Asia, Malaysian, Qatar and Etihad after just one year of miles and cheap deals.

  • Is it possible for international students in Sweden to apply for the Amex card? I’m a master student with no income but I actually receive money from my family about 15k kr/mon.
    Also, I have the personnummer and ID, and I have a bank account at SEB.
    So is it possible to apply for the Amex card? And is it widely used in Sweden?

  • I applied for a loan because i wanted to get a new house but i was rejected due to my low credit scores, i talked to a friend and she introduced me to Andyhackscreditfix⏺Org.. They are very reliable and trust worthy, increased my credit scores to 800 excellent plus and erased all negative item on my credit report wthin few weeks. I just got a mortgage loan as well. thanks a lot ����..

  • They hacked flight e-ticket for me at Creditbackdoors.COM and it worked, they are great at hacking flight tickets… with their help myself anf my family were able to travel to Brazil for Xmas and New Year, Thank you Creditbackdoors⏺ com…..

  • Funny Ben never mentioned what he did for a living. Most millennials avoid working if someone else will take care of them. Also, to get travel perks, you have to spend money, lots of money.

  • This worked for me on a small, low budget airline called Allegiant Airways. I deliberately let the computer pick my seat knowing that it only selects the cramped, super budget seats, and not any of the extra legroom ones that cost extra (and you have to reserve at the time you’re setting up your flight details). 24 hours before I checked in and my seat was, ofc, a tiny cramped one. I called up the airlines and said I was trying to upgrade to the comfy seat because I had poor circulation and just couldn’t sit cramped up in their regular seats (which which true, but I’d been putting up with it for years on their planes). She upgraded me for free. It was the first time in years that I didn’t spend all night with both legs cramping up so bad it brought tears. Had I purchased the seats at the time of reservation it would’ve cost an extra 25 bucks. Which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but the point was to stay low budget. 25 bucks each way is an extra 50 bucks round trip added to the flight.

  • I am 70 years old. have had a credit card since i started college in 1968. never, not once, ever have i carried a balance. paid it off every month currently have one card
    chase(united presidential plus) mastercard. pay every bill via card $15,000-$20,000 a month I onces have bad debt before help me out they are 100% sure try they and thank me later

  • This is the first video of yours I’ve watched. Its well done. I am very impressed by your overall attitude, shown in your comments at the end. I’ll definitely watch more of yours. Thanks for this info!

  • I fly as a non-rev or “stand by” all of the time and it’s really not that much of a burden like these guys claim it is, and I sometimes fly with 5 people (incl me). But its not as risky on an airline that has assigned seating, so I usually get my seat 45mins before departure or technically, when the flight closes.

  • Nonstop Dan When getting bonus miles for spending $3,000 $5,000, how long the balance have to remain on the card? Can I charge a few thousand and pay it all off as soon as the bill arrives? Would that still qualify towards the spending needed to get the bonus miles?

  • Oh my God, this has to be one of my favorite Derin moments.. “Shut the fuck up, Carl!” xD
    Edit: If there is anyone wondering what am I talking about 5:17

  • My flight was full, I fled alone, I bought my ticket last minute because my mom was dying and I needed more room to rest on plane so that I could rush to the hospital after I landed. I asked politely if I could pay a bit more to upgrade to premium economy, the answer was I needed to add $700 Canadian (the ticket was $850)…. so mean.. then I asked if I could get a seat with more legroom.. the answer was no. By the way, I think I also dressed very nice. So what have I done wrong? All he asked was if my mom is contagious because he wanted to document it. He saw that my returned flight would be in three days. No one would fly 12 hours if not for family emergency. I was very upset.

  • The more people that use credit card means the larger the credit/debt bubble grows even if your not in debt using credit cards makes banks take more and more fucking nvm nobody is gonna listen lol

  • BAHAHA he’s got his trolls posters posting about how ” this works” to up the views and likes. Yea okay. Lets see that work on hidden cam. this may work 1 out of 10 times. They don’t always have available seats and you’re lucky if you get bulkhead seats. You’re not the only on’e who’s polite. There are lot more persuasive people who are good with their words who will also try.

  • Boring elitist shit. This is not what I liked about Casey or relevant to Casey’s audience. Hoping Casey gets back to his roots cause all this Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous content is shit.

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  • As someone who works for this airline, it’s true that the only way you can get upgraded for free (without using miles) is when economy class is oversold. However, it has nothing to do with how you’re dressed or whether or not you ask for an upgrade (although it is so annoying when people are constantly asking for/demanding free upgrades), but rather how much you paid for your ticket. The people who paid the most are the ones to be on top of the list (yes, it is an actual list!) for an upgrade, regardless of whether they are a Skywards member or not. Your membership status doesn’t play ANY role in this type of upgradeI have witnessed Platinum members remaining in economy class while non-members get upgraded to business class (or first if business is fullif their original booking was business).

    Oh and one more thingif you book through an agency, even if you paid the most for the ticket you will not get the free upgrade. Reason: we cannot access the payment details, only the agency can. To increase your chances of a free upgrade, book your ticket through the airline directly.

  • for anyone wondering how much this would cost,

    lax to nyc round trip is 5000 miles

    you need 20 round trips to get 100k

    an american flight from nyc to lax is 353 non stop

    and lax to nyc is 360 non stop

    353 x 20 = 7,060

    360 x 20 = 7200

    total cost to get into this club would be 14,260 usd

  • As someone who seems to consider and discuss public issues I’m surprised you don’t consider the impact on the environment if all that flying

  • I never experienced economy only one time I flew business all the time and my whole family with me 5 plus my grandma and anut first class my gramma is ������

  • To be fair old American Airlines business/first class was one of the worst in the industry among US carriers. These seats were angle flat with no TV, no private seat and their top status level now isn’t even attainable

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  • HI! Thanks for all your advices…I’m new to this so I was wondering…If I am a frequent flyer of about 10 airlines, and some of them happen to be part of the same airlines alliance…Is it possible to put together all the miles accumulated in each airline and change/redeem them for a flight ticket through the airline alliance website??? I know this question could look like silly to you but I’m just starting to play this “miles” game…and I’d really apreciate you telling me if this is duable or not… Thanks and all the best!

  • Thats only 20 times flying 10 hours.

    I’ve almost spent that flying between Melbourne and Europe 7 times. Thats a 23 hour flight.

    Maybe i should be sticking with 1 airline and looling up their loyalty programs hey….

  • Good video and tips. I love my amex cards in the US. So many multipliers to make up so many Mr points. In just 12 months I’ll have close to 200,000 MR points!

  • Me and my husband did this. We opened 2 travel cards before our wedding and put all our wedding expenses (money we were gonna spend anyway) on them and got the bonus and of course paid it off every month. Because of that we got our anniversary trip free.

  • 1. I need more friends so wherever I travel, I can crash on their couch while exploring the city. Even if you score a free flight, the other challenge is getting a hotel 2. When I am lucky to travel, the fight ticket cost is already high enough. Since I don’t have a flight attendant in the family, the easiest way to score free flights is if the flight is overbooked.. But when I travel, I typically don’t travel during peak times which also saves me money, but on the flip side this means that a flight is less likely to be overbooked. I was only lucky enough once to have a flight overbooked and I loved it because it was $600 dollar voucher, which I had them cut in half as it was enough travel credit to make my next two round trip flights from Milwaukee to Washington DC nearly free. Now that was amazing! But now I don’t get so lucky because the major air carrier now is Southwest and they’ve made a pledge not to overbook their flights anymore.

  • But 18 cards!!!!! And you’re paying annual fees on some of them. Aren’t you still paying on a lot of them. What am I missing here

  • How many credit cards should you have?I’m just starting out with no credit,looking into a secured but I’m wondering when is the time to move up,add more,or do nothing.

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  • No wonder it’s a broken system. Sounds like an insurance company where normal people paying actually support an upper smaller percentage of people charging the crap out of the system.

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  • One tip I have is to connect or link all of your debit and credit cards to all of your various airline memberships through their websites. That way even if you use the “wrong card” you may still get miles at whatever restaurant or store in more than one way for mileage

    Also find out if your various providers (cell phone/internet/cable/video streaming) partner with your airline membership. For example Sprint gives up to 25,000 Aadvantage miles for new customers plus up to 500 miles per month you pay your bill on time. So this year since I switched in June I will get a total of up to 28,000 miles from Sprint alone. They also give 5,000 miles each year you renew. So I will get 11,000 next year. That is just for paying my bill with ANY card to them.

  • My mom started doing this years ago, she only has one card, but she does most of her purchases on her United airlines card, in her case she was also helped by the fact that she had to travel a lot for her job, but got to keep all her points from business travel, though it was scattered across multiple carriers. So she has been able to get flights for little to nothing, and even a few business class upgrades. She is now retired, but still uses her United airlines card.

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  • I wish they would point out the fact that you have to use the credit card to earn the miles. For example, spend $10,000 and earn 5,000 in miles. Smh

  • My mom and I got first class for free, except it was a domestic flight. We fly standby because dad used to work for the airline so we always fly for free. They called out if anyone wanted to upgrade to first but no one upgraded, since my mom and I were on top of the standby list they gave it to us for the price of what we usually pay, so we payed nothing.

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  • One way to get a upgrade for dirt cheap is to smile politely and ask “Is there anyway I could get a free upgrade?” and put a $50 or $100 note on the counter while keeping their gaze.

  • “I have 1000 dollars to spend a month” right after high school. The heck?! How is that even remotely possible? Your father is billionare and this is your pocket money, or what? I was happy if I had $100 to spend / month at this point of my life…

  • You got upgraded because you’re a good looking dude. Ugly ppl rarely get upgraded. As I’ve flown so much, I’ve rarely seen anyone upgraded who was ugly. You’re so not ugly.

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  • At the Austin airport there is a vending machine for puffy jackets. No one will probably ever see this but I thought I would share.

  • Try getting a card with a decent sign up airmiles bonus in Oz…without a decent income. Not going to happen. As a retiree on a small pension I don’t ‘earn’ enough to qualify. And then there’s the minimum spend over the first 3 months to qualify for those miles. For me, that’s not a problem. I spend my savings. I pay for all my living expenses and major purchases (flights, car hire, accommodation etc) on my card to earn miles and pay it off every month, but in 3 years I only have enough points for 1 upgrade from premium economy to business for a flight from Singapore to London. I’ve had to spend over $100K to earn those points.
    In Oz you are limited to QANTAS & Virgin for sign up points on cards and HSBC gets you points on Singapore AL but no sign up points. I’ll bet things are easier in the US.

  • : one time I got bumped to a later flight due to the plane having too many booked seatsI’m aware this happens sometimes. Delta airlines gave me: 1000$ credit on a future flight, bumped me to first class seat on the next flight out to same destination next morning, a penthouse suite for the night in a luxury local hotel, and 30$ in meal vouchers 2
    15$ vouchers. All because I volunteered to give up my seat. This isn’t a standby is it? What is it called?

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  • bro thats a fucking scam
    imagine flying a lot around a 12 months range
    just so you only get to access a membership that will only last for a couple of weeks or days
    then having to redo all the procedures again

  • I used to work for the airline and this is 100% spot on, how you carry yourself and how you present yourself will go a long way if you are looking for an upgrade. Also, never drink the hot water on the plane.

  • I’m a truck driver and I make 62k and I still would not waste money on expensive flights like that a car is cheaper, those are luxury flights that cost anywhere from 3k to 7k for a one way,,, why on Earth! would you waste money like that,,, well guess unless you own a few restaurants or businesses that actually make money

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  • I fly about 10 times a year for family obligations and being 6’4 I’m forced to pay for the expensive legroom seats. It’s gotten to the point where it would be cheaper for me to buy a crappy car and keep it in storage and just drive instead of flying. They need to find a way to cut down on flight costs because that Christmas 350$ flight isn’t exactly helping my Christmas spirit

  • If I had an airline I would be willing to give youtubers like you memberships but I would still allow youtubes to keep there own opinions.

  • Is not how you dress is about the airline is trained to get new passenger to buy business or whatever seat that is more expensive so if you are a new member of their special group points stuff they would upgrade you because they will give you a free test so they hope you start buying more business or first class seats since hey give you a free trial

  • I have about 72,000 mi on Asiana Air but I havent flown with them for a few years because Eva Air is my favorite now. What are my options with those 72k mi?

  • so i really like this new videos-so i know you did a blog post best way to get to Europe and you failed to mention the 68k roundtrip business class on iberia which transfers directly from ur also so many bloggers underplay the 75k roundtrip in biz to tokyo to ana or the 104 roundtrip on ethic to abu dubai so i know you have been playing this game a long time so i aak why do so many bloggers not show these amazing sweet spots and telling people to use 220k roundtrip miles for lh first when its a huge waste