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The Inverted Bodyweight Row is one of the BEST, simple, most effective exercises you can do for your “pull” muscles. If you’re trying to get to your first pull-up, or even if you are already doing pull-ups, adding bodyweight rows to your. How to do an inverted row or bodyweight row: Set the bar (or your rings) around waist height.

The lower the bar, the more difficult the movement becomes. Position yourself under the bar lying face up. Lie on the floor underneath the bar (which should be set just above where you.

Bodyweight rows can be performed in a variety of different ways to challenge the workout intensity and degree of muscle activation. By changing up your positioning, angle, and equipment, you can seriously get creative with these exercises. Some other names associated with the bodyweight rows include the: Supine row; Australian pull-up; Inverted row.

How to do an inverted row or bodyweight row: Set the bar (or your rings) around waist height. The lower the bar, the more difficult the movement becomes. Position yourself under the bar lying face.

Inverted Rows This is the easiest progression of inverted rows. You can alter the difficulty by just moving your legs back and forth. The basic inverted row will work your forearms, biceps, rear deltoids, lats, traps, and middle back muscles to a great degree. Inverted Row Guide. Once fitness enthusiasts have mastered the beginner progression and the standard inverted row, then they can progress into tempo focused inverted rows.

Programming the inverted row can be done in a wide array of reps, sets, and intensities. I generally recommend for most individuals looking for fitness and a good muscular workout, to perform 4-6. Bodyweight Rows, inverted rows, or just rows, are the ‘Level 1’ of Pull Exercises. On this page I am going to show you how to do bodyweight rows, start to finish, so you can get training!

Bodyweight Row Training Tips. Grip. Don’t Go Wide! Yes, you can do Wide Grip Rows, but like Push Ups, you want your shoulders and hands in line, with your. Inverted rows are a fantastic way to build upper-back strength and size.

They offer a fresh alternative to cables, barbells, and dumbbell rows. And they’re fast and easy to set up with suspension straps, Smith machines, or a bar in the rack. The inverted row is also a full-body exercise. As you pull your body up, you’ll need to engage your glutes.

The drawback is that you put extra pressure on your wrists, elbows, and shoulders. To perform the inverted row, you’ll need a bar that you can pull yourself up to. Lay flat below the bar and grab it with your hands.

List of related literature:

To do this, however, you need to start with the most difficult movement and then go to one that is less demanding—Bent-Over Rows followed by Seated Cable Rows, for example.

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To recap: place the feet and grip shoulder-width apart, grip the bar like the bench press, keep the back neutral, descend straight to the clavicles, tilt the head back while looking forward, raise the bar along the same path, shift the torso forward slightly, squeeze the glutes, and lock out.

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The example given in chapter 26 for undulating periodization gives a basic set/rep protocol for reaching a new 1RM.

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Seated Reverse Flyes-Dumbbells, Elastic Resistance Movement—Place step on highest level or about 10 inches high, sitting on edge, hold a dumbbell in each hand, contract abdominals, and lean forward from hips, maintaining neutral spine.

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EVEN EASIER: Perform Inclined Plyometric Rows.

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The setup is the same as for the pull-up: Squeeze your butt, position your legs together and out in front of your body, point your toes, pull your ribcage down, and keep your head neutral.

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Follow the steps for determining a 1RM described in the “1-Repetition Maximum Bench Press” section to assess the client’s leg press 1RM (5).

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So, for example, you will complete one set ofthe bent-over barbell row and then move immediately into the straight-leg deadlift, and so on.

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i-ioidtho box or step, CFOSSovei‘ it: dumbbells holding a pair of _ so that peep your light dumbbells L u n g e _ “” ’ your palms ower at your sides_ ‘ Instead Of stepping are facing baCk Keep your torso as forward, step each other naturally Step backward upright as possible.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
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Align the top of your pelvis or lower abdomen at the edge of the apparatus, allow your legs to hang off the end with your feet together or spread slightly apart, and grip the handles of the reverse hyper machine or the edges of the bench.

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  • Alex..I too have a home gym, but I wanted to know…how do you prevent overuse injuries. I’m 40 and can’t really do overhead pressing anymore. It bums me out…because it’s one of my favorite lifts. I went to an orthopedic surgeon…and he believes it’s a bursitis or scar tissue damage from over use of a movement. I’ve always tried to vary my training between barbells and dumbbells to prevent this, but it still happened to me. Now do to Covid…I’m limited. I have a barbell and plates, but the highest my dumb bells go are 60lbs. I’m trying to build up my rear delts to ensure stability in the shoulder girdle, but I’m still not as strong with pulling as pushing movements. I train antagonistic sets…to try to protect the joints as well. Ex..I always do a pulling movement(pull ups, barbell rows, inverted rows) before I press. Any tips?

  • I really want to do these with my feet off the floor and feet on a bench, but im just too overweight right now, I can do maybe 8 if I really push myself but my grip gives out

  • Whats up? Had issues when I uploaded the video the first time! This video offers a lot of value on the inverted row so hopefully it helps you out with your training!

  • thank you for all the tips and details. I’m very concerned about my posture during exercises because I’ve experienced many errors that either gave me aches or held back my progress, but with this I know exactly what to do and what to avoid

  • man j just started cali move program and the beginning phases are full rom 15 rep sets with a pause at the top…holy fuck are they humbling especially if you do them RIGHT

  • Been searching the internet for an “under an office desk” back/biceps exercise and I think this is the one. 2 heavy duty suction handles on the bottom of a desk and a bench for the feet should make this possible!

  • Main message from this video: bring your nipples up towards the ceiling.
    Just kidding, nice instructive material. I’ve seen a bunch of videos about the inverted row and this one is quite good.

  • I’ve always been able to barbell and dumbbell row a decent amount of weight but struggled with this one. I’ll try out those variations you listed though, thanks guys

  • Hey Alex, was just wondering what cue you use to squeeze the upper back. Do you think about pulling your shoulder blades togetehr? Thanks. Great video as always

  • Literally loved Calisthenics before I went into a gym. Then when I started going to the gym I thought a barbell was the staple to building a decent amount of muscle but fuck have I found all your calisthenics videos effective these past few weeks. Literally loving calisthenics all over again even ordered myself some rings last night can’t wait! Awesome content man!

  • Thanks so much for the video, i used to do this exercice in addition to traditionnal row, on dips bar to replace pull ups cause i cant go to the gym for practical reasons and cant put a pull up bar due to practical reasons too.

    The tips on how the feet positionning impacts different muscles were so helpful, i do it with straight legs, shoulder width and both with pronated and supinated grip, do you know if the type of grip you use radically changes the movement or is it insignificant?

    As well as for the normal barbell row, do you know if pronated or supinated grip makes a huge difference? And for the width? Cause i’ve been trying the barbell row with a quite narrow grip ( basically a little bit down the shoulder width ) and i somehow felt it was hitting the traps and upper lats more.

    Anyway, great video, and thanks in advance for the answers.

  • I tried inverted rows but found I couldn’t touch my chest to the bar while doing them and figured I was doing them wrong so I took them out. Big mistake. I’ve found a lot of people’s full ROM will not allow them to touch the bar to their chest

  • I think that’s just what I needed. Was looking at my back the other day sad. I realized that maybe I havent been isolating the back muscles, just pulling weights. This will help a lot just went out and did a few sets. Yup, thanks for the help AlphaD.

  • I’ve had a lot of upper back tightness recently and I think it’s because I’ve neglected horizontal pulling in favour of pull ups and chin ups for the last year or so…

    Just done a workout with 5 set of inverted rows and no pull ups and that upper back pain went down straight after

    Do not neglect rows guys!! So many progressive variations to try.

  • Hi Alex,
    You should make another video on doing inverted rows with added weight. Doing this exercise with a weight vest is my favourite rowing movement.

  • How many reps and sets do you recommend for inverted rows? (Im 126kgs and I can only do 3 pullups��… currently working on losing weight and building those numbers)

  • I tried these today, I elevated my legs above my torso on a bench to get a full stretch and range of motion. Man it is hard, I could barely do 12 reps. This is a back exercise I have to incorporate as I was trying to find an alternative to seared cable rows.

  • Brother
    St Leo quarantine gains with the rings hooked up under the tempo on the driveway

    ENJOYED THE BOUNTY OF INFO IN THIS VIDEO! You see the line ups outside of Tau Langerlier these days? Lol madness

  • It is enough to activate the back?
    I never seem to be fully activating my back or my quads at elast I dont get muscle soreness after high intensity inverted rows or squats…

  • QUICK TIP some of you may have a treadmill at home you can also perform dips and inverted rows by using the hand grips on the sides and in front. it works just as well!

  • Love inverted rows and push-up super set. I will do different variations with the grip width and even, under hand.

    Back and chest pump

  • My bw Is 100kg but i’m not strong enough. I can handle hardly 3×8-10 with straight legs and use this as propedeutic for pullups. First goal Is reaching 5×12 Easy. Then adding extra tempo and elevating legs. Meanwhile im training grip strenght. My goal Is a clean pullups in 3-4 months. I love dumbell row but i’m finding easier gaining more strenght with this exercise. I want to be strong at my BW and progressing with barbell and dumbell Is harder for me. Sry, ENG Is not my main lang.:)

  • Wait your beard looking thick af!! I’ve been using rogain for 2 months, twice a day, still no improvement on patchy areas. Wtf did you do

  • I love this movement, I sometimes supper set it with pull ups or push ups. Like I would super set one vertical and one horizontal push and same with a pull or sometimes I super set 2 vertical movements and 2 horizontal movements but one push and one pull. Like super set pull ups with dips and push ups with inverted rows

  • As good as inverted rows are for taxing the muscles in you upper back, I find myself having a hard time doing rep work with them. I’m 6’5″ and I feel the length of my arms(more distance, more work) makes my back muscles fatigue sooner than I’d like. Perhaps increasing the frequency per week would help?

  • My top 10 beginner’s inverted row variations. My favorite horizontal pulling exercise!! Have you ever tried it?
    Similar videos:
    ROWS (Gymnastic Rings):

  • God damn love your videos I never heard of these inverted rows to get back bigger. I have a smaller back then my girlfriend trying to build strength also size as well. But the thing is I want to stay at 150lb

  • is doing the exercice with an underhand grip will not work the upperback as good as the upperhand, or there are no defferent exept fot the envolvent of the biceps?

  • The body(weight)/inverted row is a primary staple to my back exercise. Although this is a way for me to build up to the pull-up, I will NEVER abandon this exercise especially when I’m capable of pull-ups. I believe both the inverted row and the pull-up have purposes even though the former is (mostly) easier than the other.

    I always perform this exercise right after my push-ups as it is an amazing combination for balance and posture improvement. The inverted row is essentially an upside-down push-up in my opinion. And when it comes with how I perform this exercise, I absolutely enjoy doing it using gymnastic rings.

  • Checked this video yesterday and inmediately went to the park to test them. I failed misserably. I greatly underestimated how hard they are (at least for me). I have a long way before I’m able to do sets for reps.

  • gotta say thank you again for your advice
    i’ve been neglecting my ohp and was having shoulder issues again, last night i did an ohp workout with shugs at the top and this morning my shoulderis feeling 100% better again ����
    keep up the great work!

  • Best bodyweight traps exercise is wide grip inverted rows (2x shoulder width) If you create like 90 degree angle with your elbows flared out then you will really feel the exercise in your traps. If look at same mentality a shoulder press then you can do elevated pike push ups. They are beneficial too. I’m a calisthenics fanboy by the way ;D.

  • I dont know which city this is, but id like to visit Vancouver and take a jog along the city harbor and hit a nearby gym afterwards!

  • I always do inverted rows and dips supersets on my lebert equalizer bars in my room, if I cant go to the gym. One thing I hate is when people say this exercise is too easy and then literally throw themself up using momentum instead of using muscle contraction and doing it strict. Great exercise and I personally feel like it’s helped my pullups.

  • I find that grabbing a pull up bar on the. Neutral grip then tucking your and rowing you body works well and stimulates abs aswell

  • Used to do these while building up to pull ups, then stopped doing them. Came back to them while learning to front lever, and I could do less of these than pull ups, which is when I realised I need to keep training them. Also you can make a great front lever progression exercise by keeping your arms straight and doing them, trying to get your hips to the bar. I imagine it works even better with rings.

  • I’m an old guy, 69. Inverted rows just seem to get the job done in a safe way. Was doing Pendlay rows but they were troubling an old shoulder injury. Actually I do my inverted rows grabbing onto a Swiss bar so as to take advantage of a neutral grip.

  • These are called L front lever pull ups definitely a very good exercise, I’m doing straddle front lever pull ups at the moment also combining straddle front lever touch

  • I think inverted rows are often neglected in the gym. When done in enough volume and proper form, that strength is carried over to a multitude of harder exercises.

    BTW Alex, you have done a great job with this channel. Bravo.

  • Good video. I really like these exercise tutorials. It’s helpful to have a knowledgeable coach explaining exercises. Jake looks great in Chucks. I typically hate these shoes, simply because they were my only choice as a kid until I wore my mom down to spend the money on a pair of Nike Cortez for me. I find it interesting that the shoes of my childhood made a fashion comeback. I see them all over my strength gym.

  • another video of excellence as usual Alex. Awesome job bro. Keep up the good work. Your advice is golden and super appreciated as well

  • Inverted row is one of the best exercises.(4 major upper body exercises: push up, Inv row, dip, pull up)
    Thanks for excellent instruction.

  • A wonderful video and a wonderful exercise; thank you for your help. It’s amazing that this exercise is so neglected among more prominent calisthenics trainers. I remember Alphadestiny saying that those training themselves only with calisthenics have poorer rhomboid development; this solves the problem. It’s also wonderful for your arms; this exercise should get more recognition than it has now. It should be on the same level as pull-ups and chin-ups in that respect.

  • I can do tuck lever rows for 8 reps on parallel bars but I struggle with 2 reps on this variation. Balancing is so difficult on this one.

  • Hey Ashton, I’m having no trouble elevating legs on the same side of the bar as where my upper body is, but I’m having a tough time getting it elevated on the other side. Essentially, I’m doing a tucked front lever except for the fact that I’m raising my legs up. Do you have any tips and/ or explanation for why getting my legs up on the other side of the bar( as you did in the video) is harder. Anyways, this is a great and detailed video ; I couldn’t find any other tutorial for this exercise so thankyou!!

  • hi. great video.
    how can i touch my chest to the bar overtime? I have been doing the inverted row for 1 month with my knees bent but not sure if im getting stronger? i do it 2x a week for 5 sets of 10 reps..

  • My friend i gain so much mass when i start to use bodyweight movements like dips pull ups rows.. and i think its the best for Mass… I try this quarantine weeks to do only 1 set of 100 reps (100 reps method)with my 60%of 1Rm and i get so big… I think i can get so big with reps.. but i dont know if this works only for me…

  • Does horizontal pulling got any kind of carryover to vertical ones like the One arm chin up/One arm pull up i think as the exercise as front lever rows