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Check out these six tips for maintaining an awesome social life without wrecking your healthy habits. 1. SIP SLOWLY. One of the biggest social saboteurs to your health goals can be found at the bar. Here are eight ways to accomplish your healthy goals while keeping your social life intact: Publicly announcing your commitment to healthier living can help keep you accountable — and your friends and followers will likely support and cheer you on along the way.

Your social life is completely in your hands. You can have a social life as rich, connected and diverse as you want. All you need is to do a bit of smart planning in this area, and take massive action. There is certainly no shortage of possibilities to meet people and make.

If you only have two or three friends who you hang out with on a regular basis, then you have a social life. Don’t get caught up in the fakeness that you see on social media. [Read: Why social media makes you feel really insecure] #2 Why do you lack a social life? Now there are a couple reasons as to why you don’t have a social life. Here are a few things that you can do to improve your social life.

Related story Tips for Handling the Most Toxic People in Your Life (Who You Can’t Just Cut Out) 1. Join a book club – or any club!True, we do love our highlight reels we create on social media. To still enjoy looking back on these good times without feeling as if you’re totally curating your life, delve a little deeper into your creative side. Create photo albums, hang pictures in your room. Work and play.

Rather than striving for a distinct work-life balance, we may be better off trying to bring our social life into our work. It occurred to me that perhaps the secret to a successful. If you’ve attempted to have a social life but feel too overwhelmed, consider talking to a counselor. Counselors and other mental health professionals can help you get to the root of your anxiety and develop a plan of action to help overcome those issues.

Social health is as important as having good physical or mental health because being socially healthy means you will have a stable life. Good social health will help you avoid depression, anxiety and sometimes even stress. There’s no better way you can improve your social health without communicating. Definitely. Having a social life is overrated.

As people, we are social creatures. We seek human contact, animal contact (pets). But so what? The truth is it doesn’t work that way for everybody.

You can be happy and fulfilled without a social life.

List of related literature:

For example, try adventurous new dishes, or attend a social event where you don’t know anyone.

“Elevate: Push Beyond Your Limits and Unlock Success in Yourself and Others” by Robert Glazer
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Live a balanced life A. Balance work with play B. Develop interests or hobbies C. Participate socially

“Therapist's Guide to Clinical Intervention: The 1-2-3's of Treatment Planning” by Sharon L. Johnson
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You avoid social events, including perhaps the weekly poker or bridge game you have enjoyed for years.

“Psychological Masquerade, Second Edition: Distinguishing Psychological from Organic Disorders, Third Edition” by Robert L. Taylor, MD
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Look into volunteer opportunities that allow you to share what you have learned about living a healthy lifestyle with others.

“State of Slim: Fix Your Metabolism and Drop 20 Pounds in 8 Weeks on the Colorado Diet” by James O. Hill, Holly Wyatt, Christie Aschwanden
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Mingle and socialize more with others, perhaps by joining ongoing classes or group activities that you think you’d enjoy.

“Animal Spirit Guides: An Easy-to-Use Handbook for Identifying and Understanding Your Power Animals and Animal Spirit Helpers” by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D
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Cultivate and nurture your circle of friends and family by staying in touch however it works best for you: phone calls, emails, Facebook, or social gatherings.

“An Early Start for Your Child with Autism: Using Everyday Activities to Help Kids Connect, Communicate, and Learn” by Sally J. Rogers, Geraldine Dawson, Laurie A. Vismara
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Exercise, meditation, socializing, and having outside interests arekeys tomaintaining balance and staying focused on themarketwhen you have to be.

“Day Trading For Dummies” by Ann C. Logue
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Living a normal, active lifestyle is the only way you can do that.

“Anxiety Rebalance: All the Answers You Need to Overcome Anxiety and Depression” by Carl Vernon
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Start by considering which activities you can let go of, and see if you can adjust how much you engage in the social pursuits that are most important to you.

“Manual of Singing Voice Rehabilitation: A Practical Approach to Vocal Health and Wellness” by Leda Scearce
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Cut out some of your “important social engagements,” and make your home the center of your social life.

“Billy Graham in Quotes” by Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, Donna Lee Toney
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  • If you’re not social, by any means, or you’re not ever busy, please, for the Christ’s sake, look busy or be busy. There’s nothing more unattractive than a guy who’s free & willing to meet the woman on her grounds. I.e. time & day. Be assertive. If you’re not busy, pretend you’re busy. That way the woman will appreciate your time more.

    Once Muhammad Ali said,

    “When I invite people over to talk to me, and they punch the bell, and my chauffeur coming to the door, “Oh, yes, sir. Mr. Ali will be out in 20 minutes.” I have to sit upstairs for 30 minutes and make them wait so he will appreciate me. I don’t run to the door! I don’t run right to the door and answer him. You go meet the Queen of England, I bet ya, you don’t walk right in and meet the Queen! You sit there for a while and they take you to this room. The Queen is probably sitting there, watching the news. Make you wait! Make you think about what you gone do! You go meet the President of a country, they show you what he’s building. They let you see what he’s doing. And, then, you meet the President.”

    Understand that excerpt. Psychology by Muhammad Ali.

  • I deleted my social media accs, Instagram and facebook accs. I deactivated my Twitter accs (cause ive been wasting my time on it) at first, i was really scared that i might miss smth (i was really scared being outdated), i might miss my friends there. But i just realized that they don’t really know me. Aksjsksjsjshsjsh i am lazy to type, and i forgot what i wanted to say (lol)

    And yeap, i will just support my faves in private. I need to create myself first. I need to heal myself. Goodnight.

  • I am working on a 3 hr training for the state of Ohio Child Welfare System and I would like to embed this video clip, “Social Well Being, Importance of Social Connections” The content is a good supplement to a section in the training that helps participants see the importance of their own social connections and the losses suffered by children and families impacted by foster care. The video would be used in it’s entirety and credited. The training is not for sale or commercial publication but would be used for educational purposes in Ohio and could be shared with other state or international child welfare systems. If you are willing to extend this permission you could reply here or email the foster and adoption contact at the following training link Please include information on how you prefer your work credited. Thank you for your kind consideration.

  • this video feels like it should be given to aliens that have never had a relationship. very intuitive stuff here. not sure why it needed to be made into a video

  • I used to lie and tell people that offered me a drink. I’d say “oh I just had 3 shots of tequila and 2 Coronas. I need some water cause I need to drive back home a bit later.” Then they’d be more understanding. But if I had some coffee I would have more energy just like them and They couldn’t tell if I was drunk or not.

  • Hello Craig.I have tried to find the cost of your courses and failed. I am sure you are not deliberately opaque in this (but it is a well known sales ploy). You are making money monetizing alcohol addiction which is OK but why so coy about your fees?

  • Love this video,last year I took a year break from social media deleted everything and just in joyed life focused on my mental health,fitness,skin care,hair care.I found myself when I had social media I just didn’t know who I was but once I deleted social media I found who I was.I found actually hobbies like yoga,hiking,baking I found my styles of clothes and It was the best thing that has happened to me.I am a teen and I recommend people doing this and I had the best glow up for myself I had the best glowup for myself.I have only gotten youtube back and I only support positive people.

  • I don’t know if anyone is like me… every time I go on the internet even Youtube the app I use the most I accidentally click on a video with a beautiful or cute girl, my self-esteem just instantly goes down like the temperature and I don’t even feel great anymore… Actually now even I rarely go on social media and unfollow celebrities I still accidentally see them… Beauty standard just exists everywhere and became so obsessive, to be creepy.
    I have recovered my self-esteem in 3 years and not even completely be healed yet.
    I am so scared of the beauty influencers now. No!!!!!
    I am sick of hearing it.
    There is no beauty definition in here
    There is no and no ” truly beauty” in this world ok…
    You feel uncomfortable with your skin, your body, your clothes, your face even you wear pajamas, even your skin is full with acne, even you don’t feel skinny. Damn You Are You. Do you feel comfortable now? Yes, girl that it
    Why you have to care about what others think about you? They do not your parents, your family.. They are just the damn strangers and some toxic friends that you just should not hang out with. Your parents give younger bodies, gods love you. You don’t have to change for any better, change better unless you feel comfortable but not from what strangers think.

  • My ig isn’t working for whatever reason, I can’t see a single post, story, or pretty much anything. I wonder if it’s a sign. It’s been about 2 weeks and I’m doing well

  • Here. Im not saying social media doesnt make our life worst, but, before social medias, when i was younger the tv, people around me, movies, made me feel insecure about my body and myself, so i think its a human thing this situation. But for sure, social medias makes this situation worst, massive, strong.

  • Bollocks to a full social life. For me it’s a trade off. Drinkers hang around other drinkers it’s called group behaviour. 6 months no drink for me and there’s no going back and there’s no point trying to explain to drinkers because they won’t get it. I don’t mind having a very quite social life it’s worth it I feel like a new man now.

  • I think people need to check their insecurities and start loving themselves and appreciating what they do have as opposed to blaming it on something external, like social media. When I was growing up, it was the same thing. Everyone compared themselves to the models in magazines, TV, and billboards. Along with that came bulimia and anorexia and many more illnesses that feeds of insecurities. There is no difference now except at a much faster rate. We need to look inward and make the change there not outward.

  • i personally don’t feel like social media ruins me. i’ve become a better person from it. i don’t spend my days looking at pretty girls and pretty people wishing i was like them and ruining my mental health. it’s motivated me and pushed me through actual hard times. i look at memes,quotes,clothes art and food. i wouldn’t be respectful as i was today if it weren’t for it. but we have different experiences i guess

  • In my opinion, this video is pretty accurate tho! Social media is just like… Ah I idk.. it feels like it invites you to the darkest pit of your soul lol ����

  • I’m happy I use instagram just for my friend’s posts and memes. I don’t follow “influencers” who only show you their beautiful bodies on a beautiful beach at the other corner of the world, because I know this would not give me joy. I would start to think that real life is theirs, when its not. It is not my life. I don’t have the same body, I don’t live in the same country, I don’t have tons of clothes, and that’s okay. I wanna start living for myself

  • sleep 30:30; 36:05 wt maintenance versus weight loss “when losing weight then one feels excitement as the process is processing well and great feedback…vs the lower excitement for just defending the wt loss achievement… cannot remotivate itself after winning everything…

  • I really hoping that youtube algorithm will always be positive and out of my true interests…..I deleted instagram for a while and realize how much it kills my creativity

  • Hi Craig! I just wanted to check in with you and tell you I havent drunk in 4 months and I feel SOO GOOD. I went out with friends tonight for a pub quiz, we won a free bottle of gin. Even though they suggested I drink (because it was “free”) I didnt have any. Still working through the social hangups of it, not wanting to be left out and all that old habits my brain is clinging on to but the truth is, not drinking is way wayyy better than drinking to fit in. I left the bar sober and feeling so damn proud of myself instead of drunk, regretful and depressed. Going home sober is better than ANY feeling drinking can give you. I always watch your videos before I go out to the bar to stay in that mindset and remind myself why I dont drink. I think you’re brilliant and wish I could give you a thankyou hug for all you’ve shown me. One day I will go to one of your bootcamps and thank you in person. Keep doing what you’re doing and so will I. All the best. Kirsty x

  • Interesting read on the same topic. If you have a few minutes to check it out, will not dissapoint.

  • Ok besides YouTube I would love to delete Instagram. I have almost gone a year without tik tok sooo that’s good. But for Instagram I have like 2 mini businesses and I can’t just delete it but I want to but it’s like aghhhhhhh

  • My friends always told me that I need to find someone to date.But why should I if every time I date someone they just use me to make them feel better about themselves and or get someone new.

  • I just wanted you to know, that I love your videos!! They have helped me so much! I’m very blessed, to have found them! Thank you soooooooooo much, for taking the time to do these videos!

  • What u say is true, me being a BTS army online and getting attacked from other fandoms are stressful since I have no one to talk to but those friends online that can’t do anything, what is gonna happen to BtS is putting pressure on me cus all I want to do is protect them cus I love them, but the other thing is BTS tough me to love my self so that’s one good this I guess, so now I’m depressed cus of all the stress

  • That was so uplifting for me:) thank you ☺️ my husband always finds me attractive but its my own head telling me im not thin or fit enough ��

  • I’m rewatching all my fave videos! I’m very sad, mad, and depressed at myself! I was a sad eater I went wfpb 2 years ago lost lots of weight! Now I’ve put back on 23lbs vegan junk!!! (No meat atleast) I hate myself so bad right now�� trying to break this addiction again!!! This is day 1 so far so good I’ve made it through the day but it’s like I turn into a gremlin at night!!! �� I love u both I’m just gonna start bingeing on all these great video’s! Knowledge is power��

  • So…act like you’re important and creating the illusion thereof is beneficial to being healthy and well balanced amongst the rest of the sheep and garner the attention of bloody rags who just exist to soak up one’s own awesomeness like a parasite? Superficial much…

  • before even to watch i know why it ruins my life: i pass to many hours on instagram for literally… nothing. sometimes my friends text me bc they spend so much time too. but of the time i spend my days and days watching thing and learning such an useless… who cares that there is kylie jenner in a video music or even more close to me, where do i care what my friends watch. why do i need to know what they doing home? like someday someone very important said that “this generation is born without privacy”. i was born in the begging of technology (computers and mobile phones) so i guess i only knew this life and i really can’t imagine spend a day without my phone (i did thought even a month and even before i get a phone but in generally i can’t).why? bc all my friends, all my social life is in a stupid fucking rectangular plastic thing. it’s all about consuming and consuming until we get overconsuming and die.

  • Drinkers always try to bring a sober person down to their level, but rarely try to bring their standard up to the level of a sober person.

  • This is so informative! The concept of a “glow up” is so overrated, people don’t love themselves anymore unless they look like SM influencers -_-

  • Social media is extremely inauthentic. Look at the posts your friends in real life like or post to their stories. If you only knew them from social media, would you even like them?

  • 1. i have trauma and 5 different mental illnesses so i am a loner
    2. my body dysmorphia makes me want to end it all some days
    3. i have no talent in anything
    4. i get ridiculed for EVERYTHING i do
    5. no one wants to talk to me because i’m a freak
    6. people only stare at me like i’m a animal at the zoo
    7. i am 17 and have never had anyone close
    8. no one loves me
    9. i will never stop hating myself
    10. it’s all too late already

    so NO. i won’t love myself. i won’t make friends. i won’t date. i won’t get a job. i won’t have a family. i WON’T be happy. i will probably be dead in a year

  • 5:38 That’s crazy!!! I rarely drink hot chocolate anymore, but I’m literally sitting here DRINKING HOT CHOCOLATE while listening to this!!!

  • I have quit social media permanently expect for YouTube to be honest. I quit Instagram and all of my other platforms to be honest because I used social media way too much and my mental health became worse in January 2020. It’s been 8 months since I’ve last used social media to be honest. After quitting social media, I looked after myself and I worked on myself a lot more to be honest.Tbh, I’m doing so much better now. I’m so happy that I quit social media and I don’t regret my decision. I feel like saying this because I can relate to what she is saying in the video.

  • Where are these normal, healthy, well balanced women whom prefer their dates/mates to live a ‘party’ existence and to enjoy fairly artificial sounding pop-up social life?

    I have a limited social life on account of the fact that I have a chronic illness/limited energy, am virtually T-total, and am quite selective about whom I hang out with. I still have plenty of dates and opportunities to have/continue reasonably sound relationships with desirable and discerning women. Sure, it’s important to have other stuff going on in one’s life, if at all possible, but that doesn’t have to be (random) social stuff, so long as you’re attractive/can generate attraction, have reasonable social skills (granted, a function of socialisation), are secure in yourself, engaged in the things you do, and can achieve balance in your relations/relationships. Women are social creatures, men less so. Most worldly wise women know and accept this, and 9 times out of 10 if you are matter of fact about your particular wants/needs, lifestyle and habits, women will just go with the flow they respond well to confidence/conviction, as well as an air of ‘take it or leave it baby’

    I would also certainly not consider it a great loss if a girl didn’t want to go out with me on account of a lack of (perceived, social) ‘busyness’ in my life how shallow/pathetic is that!? What’s more, many women moan about how guys are often too busy for them as it is, and they get sidelined e.g. ‘bros before hoes’, ‘always at the gym’ (women often become suspicious when their partners start hitting the gym a lot, in fact), ‘watching the footi with the lads’ etc

    I’d also add that suggesting that guys just ‘turn up’ to events is a good way to suddenly get this busy and rewarding social life is a nice idea, if a tad naïve in many cases not least given the correlation between blokes who don’t have busy social lives and introversion/poor social skills/low confidence. If such random endeavours REALLY “suck”, it can knock a guy’s self confidence and desire to self improve, which are major sources of attraction, hence potentially counterproductive in the extreme!

    Classic example of why one should take (male oriented) dating advice from girls with a pinch of salt. Yes, it’s healthy to aim to socialise (mostly for the sake of wellbeing, rather than cynical ‘positioning’ to impress a mate), and to make productive use of our time (mostly for the sake of staying sane), and friendly, social, socially adept and popular people are often attractive to us, but attempting to randomly generate a meaningful social life is neither all that easy nor some kind of golden ticket to a great relationship with a great gal

    Ok, that’s enough preaching for today I’m off to grab a ‘green juice’ with my ‘yoga pals’, toodles! x

  • Influencers don’t even influence good stuff. They influence how to u should be and it pushes expectations,stress and pressure on u to be somebody u are not. They make u feel bad for being u. The internet is quite scary. I feel like YouTube is one of the few places where there are channels and accounts that are actually nice and aren’t fake.

  • Some people can be downright disrespectful when they see you becoming sober. they will belittle you and bring you down. this is why you must get rid of these people for good. They are not your friends they encourage you to fail on getting sober for life

  • Yall know what? I quit every social media possible, even youtube. The one thing I will not quit is Spotify even tho is not a social media, bye I guess ��

  • Every time you have Dr Lisle on, it’s epic. You ask really thoughtful questions and Doug’s responses are equally thoughtful and truthful. Thanks for making a difference.�� Hi Bailey.

  • These Dr Lisle interviews are mind blowing. I came to your channel because Dillon at Well Your World suggested watching Dr Lisle interviews with you and what a fantastic recommendation that was! Thank you for these Chef AJ!

  • Tv and phone should not be a pass time that is accepted in a society. When you actually have people who you could be entertained with all day long. Its good for your health too.

  • Social media has made me hate my appearance, I had a phone at age 10,i couldn’t do much but play games but its when I found out about the beauty standard in people. Which made me realize how much I thought I was ugly, I still think like this to this day, but at the same time I’ve been gaining my confidence since I have been seeing so much people giving people body confidence and confidence in general, which I’m glad more and more people are speaking of this

  • Telling the air traffic controller to find another job is rediculous.
    She probably went to school for this for a long time.
    She might have to support a child or pay bills.
    People who are not in her situation make it sound so easy just to find another job that pays the same money.
    Well it’s not!!!
    How can she afford to buy the food suggested (preperably organic) without a job or working for minimum wage???
    My husband was told many times to just get another job. Guess what it’s not that easy.
    Besides this, do Dr Lisle and Chef AJ not fly on airplanes?
    Maybe they should take the Greyhound next time, so they don’t make Air Traffic Controllers work varied shifts.

  • Brilliant Dr.!!! Thank you AJ you and these great doctors are helping me change my life! I’ve introduced my mom to you amazing uplifting people, she’s so excited! I’m so excited for her she’s very overweight with many health issues. She now has hope��

  • I’m a BIG sleeper I LOVE sleeping ��
    That was actually the most difficult thing about being a new mum, I became so depressed and anxious.

  • i remember what i used to be like when i was little. i would smile and wave to everyone i passed and they would smile and wave back. now that i’m older i don’t since i have technology and see all the terrible people in the world.

  • i used to be so damn angry that i was the only girl im my sophomore class that didnt have a phone. my parents used to say i didnt need it. they eventually bought me one in my junior year of highschool and now looking back as a college student i am actually so thankful. everyone back then my age used to obsess over social-media while i just didnt have access to it at the time. i actually think it helped me to focus more on school since i was at the top of my classes.

  • it’s very important to detox from social media even if it’s only for one day, it can make a world of a difference for your mental health

  • I graduated from Parsons and worked the fashion industry/magazines in manhattan for a couple of years. By 23 I realized I hated everything about it and I would rather throw my BFA in the toilet then live a empty and shallow existence. Welcome to the machine.

  • 1:13 note how the success sharers are depicted as men, while the hardship sharers are depicted as women. Says a lot about what is and isn’t allowed

  • Im 21 and im a up coming artiste and when i go on social media and see other artist blewing at age 18, 19, 20, 21 i feel like im already a failure

  • You don’t sound cringey at all. We all need to stop sometimes and really think about these topics. Your words were very appropriate and I think you did your research well (even if you already knew this by experience, it was the truth and nothing else). Thank you so much for this video, I just subscribed to your channel. A big hug ❤️

  • Why I am crying now ����������������������
    This is the most heart touching words I’ve heard in a while
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart ��������������������������

  • Literally I’m in a middle of watching this video and my subject teacher just posted an activity for tomorrow about social media… looks like I’m going to write a lot on my essay tomorrow, and I thank you for that

  • I deleted two of my Instagram account because I haven’t used it in a year. Instagram is a double edged sword. On one hand, I scrolled through it whenever I was bored, but I couldn’t help but compare myself to other women. The cons outweighed the pros and it’s not worth it.

  • Did you know that Dr. Lisle is teaching a 6 week course on The Pleasure Trap? He will be doing LIVE video lectures and Q & A every week starting on Monday, April 22. You can find out more here:

  • I live in Belgium and here mental health is a big stigma. None of the people around me like talking about it, and their Instagram always shows them being happy with friends and it makes me feel like there’s something very wrong with me. Some American people I follow are more open about their mental health and it’s refreshing.

  • Just made this video on my channel today:

    Why I decided 2 Leave Social Media 4 living Life to the Full With Nature and Birds Singing

  • That’s good thoughts. I think social media makes me feel bad of who I’m right now But it also gives me motivation to do something with this, it shows me how could I live if I had the amount of money or popularity. So SM influences on my existing in both ways

  • This guy is so wise. Knows what hes talking about. Keep fighting the good figjt its worth it. After all it might be too late once you get cancer etc!!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t fully support body positivity not for me. For health people, this is just an excuse not to work on yourself. It’s good if you’re looking for ways to change. Only when you will get a body that you really love your self. That’s what I understand. Do not justify yourself by saying that you are already beautiful become really beautiful.slelayte poastik nose if you do not like it and you will love your face. You will be absolutely happy. Go through the hard work in gym to get a beautiful body do not torment yourself with water diets.Yes, it is important to love yourself but you need to work on yourself!!

  • In the time being, if you don’t use social media, people are supposed to call you antisocial, but they don’t understand that you have wiped out extra people in your life.

  • It’s interesting you asked if it’s really a life if you’re just doing it for social media. I know a lot of high school seniors just do extracurricular activities for colleges, instead of bc they simply enjoy it…

  • for around 4 years i strugguled with myself to the point of self-harm cutting my stomach, bc i hated the way it looked, long story short, i started aprecciating my life in general, my family who loves me no matter what, to love my body, everything; every single part, thinking that not everyone has the opportunities i have just for being a healthy girl capable of anything, i deleted my social media i know thats not the solution but i helps a lot, i can truly say i dont feel the necessity to show everyone what im up to, i just mind my bussiness and i live every moment to the fullest, i dont stop to take a picture or try to get the ‘perfect instagram picture’ i tell you all young girls, learn from others mistakes, dont waste your beautiful teenage years trying to be accepted, live your life, love your life, your friends, family, believe me, nothing else will matter in the future, when you get older, all you will remember will be the happy moments and adventures, not your posts and others acceptance. -sorry for my bad english its not my mother language

  • Is the universe trying to tell me something…
    Because I’ve been getting this social media “destroys” you recommendations but I unistalled Instagram,Snapchat etc weeks ago…

  • I decided to give up Alcohol 18 months ago mainly as I was diagnosed with IBS & Alcohol was a main trigger for it, best decision I ever made you really do see people & the world more clearly, I really enjoy these videos too ��

  • Great video. Watch it before every social setting where you know there will be lots of poison served. After some time, you will not need to watch it anymore. That is when you will know for sure, you won this battle..

  • Another great video…. learn something every time!! Thanks Chef AJ…Btw love your shirt!!! Want one..where did you get it!!��������������������

  • It only destroys you if you’re allowing it to do so. In my opinion it’s not the fault of the media (because propaganda in any way isn’t something new). It depends on the way you’re okay with it letting it affect you.

  • What’s crazy to think about is a lot of entrepreneurs wouldn’t even be entrepreneurs without social media. Back in the day when people ran businesses, they went door to door & used word of mouth. This generation would neverrr do that because it’s pride involved. It’s just crazy to think that business owners have established their businesses over social media. Yes social media is a HUGE help to allow others to know about what you sell & what you do, but would ppl still be comfortable owning businesses if social media weren’t involved?�� Super duper crazy to think about lol, just a thought.

  • I find it comforting that so many people have expressed the same thoughts on social media and it’s affects on self esteem. social media has definitely made me hate myself, to a point where it’s time consuming

  • One reason why I started drinking was because of people that get hammered make you feel so uncomfortable so you feel you gotta drink just to feel right and tolerate all the BS. I still laugh hard at farting even sober!

  • You nailed it, I went through everything you described, my real friends that still drink accept my reasons now but they sure took it hard, gave me a very hard time, I did loose some “drinking buddies”. It’s part of quitting. Remember you are doing this for yourself ;). I am so proud of myself now that I don’t dumb myself down and I never feel sick! Thanks for the video.

  • Thank you so much for this video, I never drank alone so my issue was always social situations. I made it to two social events this past week and I didn’t drink thanks to reading your book. I said “I’m not going to drink” as soon as I sat down for dinner. You’re right, we are too polite about not drinking

  • This is one of the best Dr. Lisle interviews ever. I loved it! So much about it was great, the ideal weight thing, the anxiety eating, but especially about not talking to someone when they are gaining weight (that only makes things worse, IMHO).

    Also I LOVED the comment about fit the food to your environment and your personality. I can’t stand to eat the same thing EVERY day. I have always done better when I follow someone’s 21-day plan, for example. It’s a lot more work but I focus better than way. Lately I have felt bad about that because I hear, “Variety is the death of being able to stay on UWL plan or the death of discipline,” or something like that. That just makes us “open to new experiences” or adventurous people feel doomed. Thank you for acknowledging that it’s harder that way but “don’t try to change your personality.” I have felt like I need to change something that I have found SUPER hard to change so far in my life.

  • There is always someone prettier, smarter, funnier, friendlier and more talented than you in the world. Social media can find them wherever they are in the world.

  • Literally I’m in a middle of watching this video and my subject teacher just posted an activity for tomorrow about social media… looks like I’m going to write a lot on my essay tomorrow, and I thank you for that

  • When l 1st decided to go to AA my husband told me l did not need it and was not that bad. He said he would help me. So for a year we would go out and he would buy me a glass of guinness for Gods sake, half the glass was a white head.Torture.

  • Im back on social media but im different now!no social media almost 5 years..thanks for those times and to this video..realized & learned a lot!♥️

  • It depends what type of accounts you follow. I love to see people who inspires me such as athletes, financial experts, motivational quotes and news accounts. It depends how you feed your mind. God bless and help you cope with whatever situation you are going through.

  • 4:00 I’m not a problem drinker, but I’ve recently been forced to give up drinking (just started with Invisalign braces). Holy crap, does this video ever speak to me now. One hour into any social event and everyone becomes a bunch of bumbling idiots. Suddenly, the drinkers in my life seem a lot less interesting. Their eye glazed over. The non-drinkers have become much better friends. A month in and I’ve really been turned off of booze.

    Losing 10 pounds helps, too!

  • One of the main elements leading to addiction is the sense of not feeling connected and belonging, so not drinking in the company of others who are may feel like a challenge and may make us feel self-aware and perhaps sometimes anxious initially until we realise this is an illusion because true connection does not come from people focused on anaethetising themselves to feel comfortable around others anyway, so nothing lost.

    Eventually you can be totally happy sober around drinkers (if you want to be and they are true friends), and, in my experience, that relaxed demeanour translates as people not even realising you don’t drink. I’ve had people buy me bottles of wine on my birthday and shots at the bar (which obviously were of no interest to me) from people who knew for months and years that I did not drink. It becomes their habit of behaviour rather than yours.

    If you can’t do it sober, it’s possibly not worth doing it anyway. And if you can do it sober, it is generally a better, more fulfilling, interesting and progressing experience.

    Life can be more challenging sober (but challenge is what humans really need to self-actualise and be fulfilled), and staying sober empowers you to deal with all challenge so much easier. Trust in yourself returns and is built on over time by repeating a new approach and experiencing success in applying new behaviours to old and new situations.

  • I just looked her up on Instagram, she still is continuing her career as a social media fashion influencer and making money from paid sponsorships. Either she is still addicted to social media or she just used TedX to boost her career goals.

  • This video is really, really, REALLY great and informative. There’s a certain reason why I saw this right after I opened YouTube. I really needed this. ❤️

  • I like your messages. I never really liked AA either but I never really tried hard at it. I went to hospital last night after waking up after self medicating. Right now I’ve never been this sick and tired of living like this. I already have a sponsor and will be going to my first meeting in a while. I need to give this an honest try and be with others like me at least for a fresh start. Maybe down the road I’ll stop going and find my own way, but right now I feel like I need it. Wish me luck because I’m scared as hell

  • I have to say, since i quit drinking some years ago, most drinkers never even notice If i drink or not. They’re usually too shit faced to even notice if I have a bottle in my hand. I’ve yet to be bullied by a single drinker. I am 100% confident, I always have the upper hand. Easily.

  • It’s how you used it.. If you used it for validation from others.. Acceptance.. Approval and to fit in.. Its bad for you! But if you used it to learn more about people by being observant then it will be goo.. Things will posible if you know how to control your emotions..

  • Excellent video Craig. I had exactly this on a works do last month. It was hard and the pressure was intense! I felt ganged up on!

  • Total bullshit there is nobody and I mean nobody in a social situation that will push drink on anyone that says they are an alcoholic. It’s people not being honest and making excuses that causes confusion. Would you not have a drink? no I’m an alcoholic simple

  • I’ve battled with shyness for all of my life, I’m not naturally gregarious, and find the prospect of entering a room full of strangers absolutely terrifying. Any ideas on what I can do? I’m sorry but I can’t believe that every single woman in the world finds someone like me repulsive. We are who we are right? I have interests and hobbies but definitely not a gym person I keep fit by running away from them thanks. I’m also not interested in harassing women on the street or in shops etc, and wanting to sh*g everything in sight and then move onto someone else five minutes later. Of course there are people who want to do this, but do you have any advice for people like me?

  • And people get turned off if you don’t have social media, when im just trying to save myself from the negative effects, what a load of bs

  • National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) is a national charity and membership association representing children’s day nurseries across the UK. As part of our online training material, NDNA would like to include the above video to support our e-learning modules. I would be very grateful for your permission to link to/embed this video as part of this online course.

  • I’ve just had a look on the speaker’s Instagram page. Its content doesn’t really back up what she says in her TED speech. What we can see is glamour, fashion and obsession with self-image. The book is promoted using all the required (but highly criticised) codes of the social media world.

  • I guess then I am out. I am not a person that can be around a lot of people for very long. I do what I can but being a party person or big social butterfly. Will never be me I just do not have the Brian or nerves to make it a option.

  • hi friends, please read before commenting.

    nowhere in the video do i state or imply that all social media is inherently bad or evil. how you use it is what matters.

    i also do not state or imply that makeup, fashion, and beauty standards did not exist before social media. i am only showing the connection, and how for many, it can be an introduction to those things.


  • Hi, I found your video very useful. Would you be fine with embedding this in a presentation to an internal team in my organisation. The focus is on Building and leveraging social connections. Thank you

  • The hyper contentiousness is spot on for me, as a child I feel like I have always been hyper aware which I feel like is what led me to a whole foods vegan diet, and even pursuing my academic career. Dr lisle is so cool dude

  • Let’s be honest. Maybe it has always been humans’ true naturebut because of most people being selfish, socializing with the right people is so hard that trying hard for making connections can be ultimately useless. Most people around us want to use other peoplefor emotional, economical, political, professional reasonsbut it is all about using people. Almost nobody loves somebody elseand human love basically is limited to parent-child or owner-pet love. Everything else is based on fallacies and wishful thinkingreligion, romance, and about 98% of all friendships are all a lie.

  • I’m 12 and I just wanna say this. I used to be happy. I used to wear whatever I wanted even if it didn’t match and wasn’t expensive. That’s all changed. I have social media where If you dress this way your wrong and if you aren’t skinny your not beautiful. Since forever I’ve hated myself. Because I’m not someone else. Someone who doesn’t exist, really. I want so much to be someone who doesn’t exist. And as much as I can say I shouldn’t care, I do. I care so much. I care about what they think. I care about the people that follow me and I care if my video gets views. I care if someone dislikes the way I dress that I change myself. Every time someone says they don’t like that I do something or act some way I change it no natter what. I don’t really use Instagram unlike may older people (sorry boomers). But TikTok and YouTube are my main entertainment platforms. They’re filled with stuff of judgement and people telling others who to be and who not to be. Social media can help you sometimes but most people don’t understand that it’s not real. The new drama isn’t real. The girl who has a full wardrobe of Gucci who you wish you could be isn’t real to you. You turn it off and what are you left with. Nothing. Your left with YOU. And that’s all you are. Not your clothes, hair, style, or voice. Your a soul. And you choose what to do with the soul and most days we let people who don’t care about us and don’t know themselves control us. Control who we wish to be and who we become. My life has been a week and I blame it on social media

  • Social media. What has it done for me? Has it entertained me? Sometimes. But mostly, it makes me insecure. And it gives me anxiety. It scares me, because the more I see the pretty girls, and the boys who compliment them I get more and more self conscious. And When I post, the comments hurt. “Ugly”, they say, “ever thought about plastic surgery?” They say. And no. I thought I was enough before getting social media. Now I see that I will probably never fit the beauty standards society sets.

  • I use to be that person that hides in the corner and never wanted to interact with me people.
    But now I want to put myself out there now and meet a lot of people. However, a lot of people seem to be hiding in corner nowadays. Idk, a lot of people were out going and socialable when I was an outcast. Now everyone is too afraid to show themselves in public. It seems like the roles have switched now lawl.

    I could live without interaction for a bit. But sometimes, interaction is what drives me forward and improves my self esteem at times.

  • It only harms your health IF you get lonely. Having a lot of social connections does not preclude the possibility of experiencing loneliness, and vice versa.

  • You can’t just create a busy, social life. I am a writer. I tend to spend time to myself so I can focus on my work. Is that wrong? By the way, Fitness? really? Do you know how alienating the fitness scene is? That is not fair.

  • Social media is no longer a way of getting news out to the masses it is in any case their way of spreading lies and telling you what to think and worst of all it is something they use to assassinate people’s characters I know this personally because they have assassinated my character

  • Everyone keeps repeating the same issue how pretty pictures make us feel bad. Pretty pictures were in magazines before we had social media. I don’t feel this is a new issue, I put my best happy face on in most social situations, so I don’t really think its at the heart of what is wrong with social media.

    For me it feels like people keep thinking the answer is changing how we use it share more that is real, show more that is real, be real with people to connect more.. but none of it is real.

    Its not real in the sense that its edited and curated and because its happening to people you don’t know and will never meet. But its also not real in that you don’t think, behave, or react to it like its real. You are investing in a fantasy and that’s its entire appeal. The folk putting up stuff about how ‘if you’re depressed you can talk to me, im here’ can’t even be bothered to put it in their own words, they just copy and paste or post a meme. Imagine if someone actually went to them for real help?

    I can have a three line conversation with a friend that takes a week because its not real time. In real time, we can discuss everything we talk about in our entire whatsapp history in one night over a few drinks. Yet people think online activism is the way to ‘have the important conversations’… No one is actually trying to change the world, they’re trying to change their follower count. And the thing is once it’s changed what does that actually mean?

    The way that’s it is most ‘not real’ is that it is completely disconnected from any sense of purpose. You get friends online but you don’t have more friends. You get more popular on line but you’re not popular. When we used to care about our appearances, our clothes, our social status it was directly related to improving our actual appearance, to attract friends, dates, job interviews.. now we’re literally doing all this work for the sake of… what?

    the frightening part is the part that is real. That’s the part we haven’t even begun to measure. We were all so busy playing make believe. We could troll, invent, embellish, no need to watch your words, pick your fights.. but everything has a consequence. That unreal life is bleeding out into the real one we just don’t know how yet..

  • Social media is a cancer on our society just look at the monster leading our country. I quit FB when I saw friends who I thought were much smarter than me reposting Russian propaganda and believing it. The owner of Facebook is a cancer on our society because of his greed

  • mientras veia este video desactive todas mis redes sociales jajaja son como el alcohol, si no las controlas no lo uses y no me da pena decir que las redes sociales ultimamente me superan.

  • Question for next Q&A Please: I have been suffering from a sleep eating disorder since age 13 and im 41 now. I wake EVERY 20-45 mins till i get up for the day. I wake hungry and cant lay back down till i eat so i spend about ten mins of every nights hour eating. This has been a stressful journey and sleep study only shows plm and rls. I been high carb low fat vegan over one year now and sleep isnt improving. Is this something i make happen from anxity or food obsession or will a plant based diet eventually help me?

  • Craig this is really strong and touchy for me. Peer pressure is one of the most hardest things to deal with and no matter what someone will try and pressure you. Yeah you have to put your foot on the accelerator and say enough is enough. If I was there at the social and discover what alcohol is doing to the drinkers. I would just laugh smile and walk away.

  • I would like to show this to my students however, it is not ‘modelling’ proper grammar when the I is written as i and there are not periods at the end of a sentence. I wonder why you prepare the video in this way.

  • I appreciate her shedding light on this issue but at the same time I can see how this can be a scheme to garner sympathy and interest and attract more followers. Maybe what’s wrong is not only sharing that flimsy veneer of glamour without the dark side, maybe the real problem is simply sharing too much of a life that used to be private. I don’t understand why a complete stranger would show me they’ve been to Mexico and rub their designer bikini in my face nor do I understand why they would tell me they were dumped in a luxury hotel room. The more of your private life you expose the more “exposed” you’ll feel.

  • Another reconfirming reason to continue sobriety: I went to the bar to say “hello,” to bartender…during my conversation, somebody ran up….and almost knocked me off my chair with their boozy breath! (omg! That was me!)!

  • This video pretty much sums up what life is all about. After having a job, roof over your head, hobbie, self-care routine… human connection is what you’ll be left yearning for.

  • I used to think of myself as a boring person and i hated my life because of social media. Well i still do, but now im trying to get my self out of those mazy thoughts.

  • Inspiring talk!

    I’m about to participate in a personal case study for university where I will be deleting social media apps and blocking the sites over a month period.

    Wish me luck!

  • Liking so I can rewatch right before a weeklong work trip where everyone is going to be wasted the whole time. I so wish I could just skip that.

  • A recent study done at Syracuse University in New York said this,,, increasing socioeconomic status, SES, tends to enlarge the pool of acceptable, available sexual and marital partners for men while it tends to reduce the pool for women.

  • Just finished the audiobook and really enjoyed it. Love the idea of more mindful social media consumption. Thank you Katherine:))

  • i think i its so typical of our time, that its living in accelerated society where thing change and happend so rapidly that we think  being “busy” is attractive. I dont think we should accept that with out reflection because that is what makes us so stressed out or even burned out. 

    on the other hand i do get your point about having lots of thing going on makes for more attactive partners. The thing is just that some people start to pertend they are busy and have tons of ongoing projects because dating culture demands them to be that. Its logical that its much better to actually have a lot of good and deep friendships and really be busy rather than just pertend because you wanna conform. 

    I am saying this because the last girl i was seeing i was actually sometimes pertending to be busy because i was trying to live up to this advice. And i dont wanna do that again since i wanna be more sincere to women that matter to me:-)

  • I hate this advice so much because i know it’s what i need to do… But then when i try i often just get bored and would rather stay home reading something… ��

  • Dance class is THE BEST!  Met hundreds of people at dancing. You physically interact which communicates without words, and you will find yourself attracted to people you might otherwise have dismissed. TRY IT YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!!!

  • The truth it seems that some women prefer being single even in relationships. They want a part time lover. They dont want all your attention and are happy if your away. There are men and women like this. Nothing wrong with that but dont say you want a relationship or not to be single. If all you want is money or sex then keep it real. There are more people in our society today that like being single and this is the new normal. Healthy people want lots of positive attention from their partner. That is not crazy but the meaning of love.

  • Less socmed less stress less insecurities just Peace of life! Start living people! Hope you’ll find your self not by inspired by anything or someone but just you finding your authething!

  • Honestly, fuck this. There are so many reasons why a guy might not have a social life. If a woman rejects you because you aren’t going to a bunch of parties and shit, then she has misplaced values and you deserve someone who will accept you as you are.

  • She’s right to an extent.  Its good to have a good social life.  It feels better to do things with other people rather than alone.  Even if you do weird things its better to have someone there with you who enjoys the same things.  Its also a great feeling when you get someone who normally stays at home to come with you when you do things.  It just adds more people.  Its great.  Although I wouldn’t say its 100% necessary in order to get most women.  Its when you start to brag about your social life and compare it to other people’s that ego gets involved.  

  • go to nature. shut down your mobile, work in the garden, swim in the sea, breathe landscape oxygen, shower with a water hose.
    after that you know, you need nothing what advertising is trying to sell you.

  • Hey, I love your videos a lot, especially the social experiments, but I’d like your channel even more if you had more girl’s and women’s advice related videos.
    (for example how to make a guy more interested in your personality than your physical appearance.. ) thanks x

  • Great video. Great content. I liked the video a lot, very informative. And true. I made a video where I talk about similar content to this one: social online interactions and face to face interactions. The video has some jokes but is mostly serious, if any of you want to check it feel free to do so:

  • Hey Anna Beautifully caring and empathy here! We call it ‘The Cinderella Syndrome’ Well done for getting conscious and mature enough to make this video! That’s true xx

  • One of King Henry VIII´s wives thought he was too fat when she married him. This was 16th century England. She cleverly cleared out all of the large palace dinner plates and invested in smaller ones in the hope that Henry would slim down without feeling deprived. Eventually he beheaded her. He was probably just “hangry” and wanted his big plate back!!!!:)

  • Life’s full of ups and downs. The bigger the up the bigger the down. Can’t have one without the other. Life could always be better and it could always be worse. It takes effort to see things in a positive perspective while it takes a lack of effort to see things in a negative perspective. That’s why being happy is difficult and being depressed is easy. We let ourselves off the hook too easily when we don’t feel like putting in the effort because it’s just so much easier to feel bad. We feel the way we deserve to feel. We get to choose and some of us hate that because we don’t want to take responsibility for how we feel. Because at that point, the only option left is to get our shit together or accept the fact that we’ve failed ourselves.

  • 3 1/2 weeks sober and feeling great. Hard to know what to do with myself on weekends. My drinking buddy (but not nearly as much),my husband, still drinks but is very supportive. I miss all the bar talk, but I remember why I wanted to quit, too. Thanks for these videos. I’ll keep watching.

  • As usual, another very helpful video Mr Beck. 9 months sober now, mostly thanks to you and your way of thinking about alcohol! Being bipolar, alcohol only added to my already challenging situation.

  • Social media or tecnology…they are not the problem, the human being is the one using it wrong, we’re the the ones letting get influenced by that

  • Lisle talked about ideal weight for mate finding. What about ideal weight for health? A doctor told me I am at risk for cardiac arrest (as opposed to heart attack) when I eat sos free and end up at around 17.5 bmi but from my experience I have to go sos free to not be bloated.

  • 42:00 G story re NJ factory unionised… 44:20 PT sucks one into mediocrity, stokes the PT, lowers self esteem….become more aware of the value of self esteem….SLOW FAST way Jan 2016 Chicago; sleep @; @ wt maintenance versus weight loss “when losing weight then one feels excitement as the process is processing well and great feedback…vs the lower excitement for just defending the wt loss achievement… cannot remotivate itself after winning everything…; 58:08 more anxious persons are not more over weight than anxiety-free persons

  • AJ questions if we do like that what is around us more. I think it is the opposite. I have studied all the ads of high fashion luxury brands…..and also lower fashion ads. The girls are lean a.f. Same for the Victorias Secret girls and also Hollywood Actors. We worship…in a godlike manner…what we do not have…what we deem unattainable….the slenderness that those in the pleasure trap (i.e. 99% of the population) do not know for the life of us how to achieve…..and we pay those gods millions for it. To me the whole fashion and advertising industries do exist only because there is the pleasure trap. Buy this perfume and you will be….LEAN….like me. Buy these trousers and you will look LEAN like me. If we all lived outside the pleasure teap we would all be so beautiful that there would be no high paid models. Just my 2 cents.

  • English is not my first language…I can not seem to get the real nuance of conscientiousness. Is it “awareness/sensitivity/ability to connect dots”….as in very able to detect the problem…..or is it “scrupulous/meticulous/focussed/disciplined” as in very able to follow through on a set plan with discipline??

  • Dis so called social media is ruinin our fokin lives. U cant talk to ppl wifout some fokin cunt putting it some fokin phones. Fok this!

  • 52:00 “match your environment to your personality..” see also around min 15:40
    see also 58:34

  • Hi so before i ask my question a quick story if i can call it so:Im 16 its summer vacation and none of my friends want to hang out(they rather play games,watch movies AT HOME….).Wouldnt it be weird if I just showed up at an event like a concert or party alone. I mean even if i went alone and find new people there I would look like a complete loser going to a party alone. Please I need advice I dont know how could I survive the summer vacation or most of it alone. Thanks for the help

  • Very good video. If you like it too you should read the book “A new earth” by Eckhart Tolle it explains the same thing but in a deeper level.

  • Thank you for this video! It is important to share that social media does not rule every single aspect of our lives, I’m so happy and grateful you’re putting this out there for young people to understand, for everyone actually

  • I hate social media nowadays especially with the covid era too much chaos in the world….it’s exhausting….about anything influencing my mental health has nothing to do wit social media because I know most people are fake esp on IG ������ so there nothing to bother me about anyone living a fake life… nothing good in news nowadays….some videos that pop in your feed are pure manipulation and that sucks…I need the real life out there for a month or two….I don’t compare myself to anyone I just live my life…too much fakeness in these streets

  • I think I am currently going down a path I shouldn’t and this video made me realize social media might be the reason why. I had always hated my body (still do) and wanted to look skinnier and more like my friends. Within the last few months I’ve been working out a lot and I’m currently on a diet. Doesn’t sound too bad right? Well I’ve also been not giving into cravings and forcing myself to count calories 24/7. I watch mukbangs at 3 am to try and satisfy my hunger and I work out almost everyday and if I miss a day I feel fat and terrible and beat myself up about it. I am consistently checking to see if I’ve lost weight and I felt terrible that I had to buy a size 5 in jeans (I’ve been in that size for a while) and that I haven’t gone down. My goal has been a size 2 and my dad says he’s worried and doesn’t want me to develop an eating disorder. Maybe I’m overreacting and I’m fine but I just want to lose weight but not damage my mental health which seems to be the direction I’m heading in. Any advice is much appreciated:)

    Edit: forgot to mention I look on Instagram 24/7 and dream of looking like the Instagram models which I know is unhealthy and is probably fueling this obsession I have with being skinny.

  • Wow! Dr. Doug Lisle tackled several issues I’ve struggled with. This will be an interview that I will be watching again and again! Thank you Chef AJ for providing this service. ❤️����

  • Mind blown right here… I”ve used the BMI as a guide to “be healthy” because I always see myself fatter than I am. I”m down 40+ pounds and finally in a healthy weight range but my body is still finding its spot and although I am a size 8 I see a size 12 at least and some days back to a 16/18… so its hard but this is great advice. BTW cilantro is horrid 😉

  • I believe in all of you guys. It’s tough for us when it comes to relationships with others and ourselves living in such a digital age. But we are all in this together. I love and respect my generation so much��(Gen Z)

  • I have a lowish bmi 18. At this weight I feel the most energised, the most like the real me.It intuitively feels to be my optimum weight. My appetite is strong at this weight and I enjoy my large volume meals of low calorically dense food. ITs a subtle equilibrium.

  • My mum and sister confronted me about my weight gain after I had my daughter. I ended up gaining even more weight after they did that because I felt like such a failure and I shut myself out from the world because I saw the look in their eyes when they told me how noticeable my weight gain was.

    I promise you, fat people know they are gaining weight, we don’t need to be told, even by well meaning friends and family.

  • Hi! I hope this video is helpful and informative! Please leave any advice you have etc. in the comments so that other people can read it!

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    (This video holds my own opinions, which may contrast to yours. I ask that you watch the video before you comment and keep everything respectful here. By no means am i painting social media as a whole to be negative, as it has been positive for me in many ways, nor am i trying to say that everyone has the same experience.)

    Topics Covered & Time Stamps:
    self confidence, social media, effect of social media on us, social pressure — throughout entire video
    body image + confidence — [ 21:51 24:37]
    mental health (mainly talking about anxiety) — [ 17:49 21:51]
    ‘you don’t need to glow up’ — [ 16:21 17:49]

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    see you soon,
    Laura <3

  • I like how the guy in the background passes by with the phrase ” JUST DO IT”. true i have started to go out on social and hobby events, truely it brings changes in life. thanks hayley, for all those amazing videos.

  • It’s all about how you mentally accept things. If you where never a socialized person your brain knows only one way, if you where then become not socialized that’s where problems start mentally.

  • Chef AJ, you are a wonderful human being. Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge with us, and for bringing these other experts to us.

  • I find as I continue in sobriety that drinkers are pretty damn boring. And if someone asks me more than once if I want a drink, having already declined, stand by for some public humiliation because you’ll get it in spades. I don’t suffer fools very well and this goes double for drunken fools.

  • This video inspired me to delete social media for a month. I’m on week 3 w/o it and it has been one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you for making this.

  • Dear, darling, wonderful, amazing & gorgeous Chef AJ… IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!!!!….Every time you post a video of our dear, darling, wonderful, amazing & gorgeous Dr. Doug Lyle, I see it and say to myself, “OK, I don’t have time right this minute to view the entire video, so I’ll just listen to 5 minutes, then finish up later!” But then what happens??? I end up IMMEDIATELY being CAPTURED & MESMERIZED by the discussion, so, as happened today, I COULDN’T STOP and was glued to my computer for the entire thing, all 1:07:23!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU BOTH SOOOOO MUCH!!!!….PS: I’d planned on only watching 5 minutes because I’d run out of pre-cooked potatoes, didn’t wanna be caught too hungry with no starch on hand (I wasn’t hungry yet, but knew I WOULD be STARVING after watching entire vid, so I had INTENDED to cook up an entire pot of potatoes FIRST……Yeah, I know, less-than-stellar planning!!) So, as I’d projected, after watching the video I WAS, INDEED, starved and wanted to EAT RIGHT NOW!!!!…(What to do, what to do???!!!)….In order to save time, I just popped 2 big pre-washed red potatoes in the microwave for 8 mins. (perfect!), mashed them on a nice big 11″ plate (NOT a little one..hahaha!), then ladled some leftover cooked peas over that and then a bunch of leftover cooked spinach-kale combo (both cold, straight out of the fridge but the piping hot potatoes warmed the veggies up PERFECTLY!), sprinkled a little Benson’s Table Tasty (love it, THANKS for recommending!)….So PROBLEM SOLVED!….My lunch was FAST, and UTTERLY DELICIOUS, and I am now COMPLETELY & HAPPILY SATIATED, both physically AND emotionally/psychologically! So thanks again and give yourself AND Dr. Dougie a BIG OL’ WET KISS FOR ME….(Oh, and Bailey too…I LOVE HIM TOO!!!!…SOOOOOO ADORABLE….ALL THREE OF YOU!!!!….gratitude, love and hugs FOREVER….Daryl Grant Lindsay (Yeah, I know, I ALWAYS write tooooo much!!..Whatevah!!…SORRY, but I jes cain’t hep maseff!!!!!!)

  • I disagree with him o plate size. Some people are so conditioned to be part of the clean plate club that they will eat past satiety forcing themselves to finish and not “waste food” they are being waist-full not wasteful. if the plate is smaller they can eat less and feel like a “clean plate club “member

  • I almost cried, i finally knowing people that understand me. Social media is toxic and i’m telling that for a long time but they just don’t listen or understand it

  • Im glad he said leave them alone, dont say anything about them gaining weight. I struggled with my weight since childhood losing 130 lbs and gaining 100 back to have to lose it again. If i just gain 1lb im stressed out of my mind and i lived with disordered eating too long. If someone said something about me gaining weight (which they do) it sends me deeper into a frantic anxity state when i try to eat because i think everyones watching the fat girl stuff her face. Im 118 now but this thought never left.