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How to Make Your First Comic Book (An Easy Way to Start)

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Stan Lee: Advice for Comic Book Writers and Other Artists

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How To Draw Comic book Heroes Video

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What makes a superhero? | Stan Lee | TEDxGateway 2013

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Here’s how you can become a comic book hero yourself and the one element that will propel you to even greater heights. How to Become A Super Hero. Alright – let’s turn you into a super hero! Much easier said than done, I know.

Although, I’ve already covered many aspects of the super hero lifestyle in. Editors Pick Think of a short story idea that would work well visually. You want large, easy-to-define moments and larger-than-life Next, work out the rough structure of your comic book. Think about the grand opening, the big plot points, the climax, Write brief personality profiles of your.

Create your own Super Hero with our Marvel “Create Your Own” experiences! If you love Spider-Man be sure to Create Your Own Web Warrior. If you’re a fan of Iron Man be sure to Create Your Own Iron Man Suit.

And if you’re a Guardians fan be sure to Create Your Own Guardian of the Galaxy. Fun for kids and families on Marvel HQ. While we can’t accept your unsolicited submissions, please know that Marvel is always looking for new comic book artists and writers.

We constantly read and review indie, self-published, creator-owned, and web-comics, review popular online art communities, ask other artists for opinions and recommendations, and host. Our world first heard of the Avengers superhero team more than 50 years ago, but Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are stronger than ever, dominating movies, TV, and of course, the Marvel comic books where the team’s story was first told. Marvel recently joined forces with Adobe to create a new dream team: four. How to make a comic book.

A comic book is like a super long comic strip that requires more than one page. The process of creating a comic book is almost similar to creating a comic strip. However, there are a couple of extra steps you need to take to make a comic book. Here is a super quick step-by-step tutorial on how to make a comic book. First download the Comic Book Hero: The Greatest Cape update Run the update and choose the same location as the demo.

Start the program and click the purchase button at the eLicense dialog Process your purchase and get ready to play!Those classic comic heroes have inspired many young readers to dream of writing and drawing for Marvel and DC. Becoming a freelance writer for one of these companies takes determination, talent and a love for the comic book industry. Consider creating your own characters and story lines. Since most (if not all) comics have a main character and a few or many minor characters, a comic book artist must know how to draw the human body accurately.

Over-exaggeration can only take an artist so far, unless the specific comic calls for it, so making characters look believable is imperative in this field. Design a Comic Book. From the basics of character development and design, and learning Manga Studio-an essential piece of software-to courses on page layout, penciling, coloring, and lettering.

List of related literature:

I explore the history of some of the major superhero publishers and franchises, explain how the genre has become more diverse and inclusive, and give suggestions on where to get on board if you want to get into superhero comics.

“Comics, Graphic Novels, and Manga: The Ultimate Teen Guide” by Randall Bonser
from Comics, Graphic Novels, and Manga: The Ultimate Teen Guide
by Randall Bonser
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2017

To begin with, over three decades of reading and drawing Superhero comics.

“Art of He Man and the Masters of the Universe” by Various
from Art of He Man and the Masters of the Universe
by Various
Dark Horse Comics, 2015

Other Marvel cities are peopled by many Ordinary Joes, from policemen to high school students to retirees and the super-rich, all of whom, at least theoretically, have some chance of becoming superheroes.

“The Content of Our Caricature: African American Comic Art and Political Belonging” by Rebecca Wanzo
from The Content of Our Caricature: African American Comic Art and Political Belonging
by Rebecca Wanzo
NYU Press, 2020

First, please understand that the majority of superhero comics are published by Marvel and DC, and that they are more interested in developing and furthering the success of their own corporately-owned characters than in helping you launch the

“Write or Wrong: A Writer's Guide to Creating Comics” by Dirk Manning, Caliber Comics
from Write or Wrong: A Writer’s Guide to Creating Comics
by Dirk Manning, Caliber Comics
Trajectory, Incorporated, 2019

Start by getting each Super Hero to voice a few ideas.

“Entrepreneurship & How to Establish Your Own Business” by Johan Strydon, Alex Antonites, Andreas De Beer, Mike Cant, Hannelize Jacobs
from Entrepreneurship & How to Establish Your Own Business
by Johan Strydon, Alex Antonites, et. al.
Juta Academic, 2008

Imagine yourself as the hero in your own comic book.

“The Psychology of Superheroes: An Unauthorized Exploration” by Robin S. Rosenberg
from The Psychology of Superheroes: An Unauthorized Exploration
by Robin S. Rosenberg
BenBella Books, 2008

Make your own comic book or get a job at one of the leading publishers.

“Comic Books: How the Industry Works” by Shirrel Rhoades
from Comic Books: How the Industry Works
by Shirrel Rhoades
Peter Lang, 2008

And, if that’s not immersion enough, I also teach comics and graphic novel writing at New York University and other institutions, with much attention paid to superhero stories.

“Superman on the Couch: What Superheroes Really Tell Us about Ourselves and Our Society” by Danny Fingeroth
from Superman on the Couch: What Superheroes Really Tell Us about Ourselves and Our Society
by Danny Fingeroth
Continuum, 2004

You can become the mightiest man in the world — Captain Marvel.

“The Myth of the American Superhero” by John Shelton Lawrence, Robert Jewett
from The Myth of the American Superhero
by John Shelton Lawrence, Robert Jewett
W.B. Eerdmans, 2002

Start by tracking down a reprint edition of earlier comics (e.g., Marvel’s Essentials or DC’s Showcase line) and reading a selection.

“The Power of Comics: History, Form and Culture” by Randy Duncan, Matthew J. Smith
from The Power of Comics: History, Form and Culture
by Randy Duncan, Matthew J. Smith
Bloomsbury Academic, 2009

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  • Whenever I have a good idea for a comic book, I think of it and then listen to Stan lee and he always inspires me.
    What a treasure he is, Stan will be missed.

  • For me the thing is, there are too much superheroes from anime or comics out there that already have cool powers and origin story. It’s hard for me to come up with an original story and powers, cause there are just too much of them or common:/

  • Me: We are fusion
    Stan Lee: Excelceior

    If you think what I mean by ‘we are fusion’. Fusion is superhero, I mean hero because he does not have power but he has 4 split personalities.

  • Two sisters I know (4 and 6). Really love the Frozen franchise. But in the second movie we didn’t get to see Annas and Kristoffs wedding… I guess you see where this is going.

  • This man has a great impact in each of our life.Truly he was one of this generation’s greatest creator. His influence continue to live on and so does his legacy.
    R.I.P Stan the man, Excelsior!

  • The reason why I will always love this man is the passion he has for his superheroes. Just listen to him talk and you can see blatantly that he absolutely loves and put his heart into his work…you were the closest thing we had to an actual super hero sir RIP STAN LEE

  • It is 2020, and i want to make Stories about superheroes and villains. This video made me cry so bad,cuz this man made my life better. I love u Stan Lee♥️♥️♥️����‍♂️����‍♀️

  • I have over a 1000 comic book characters but I don’t have enough money to copyright my characters right now does anyone want to work with me

  • Stand lee, rest in peace. I created a Chinese superhero because I believe there should be a popular Chinese or asian superhero in the world, just like Stan lee and his friends create Indian superhero. Well, Stan lee is my teacher, I got so many superhero’s creating skills and inspiring ideas from him. Thank you! I remember one of his dream before he passed away is creating a Chinese superhero as popular as spider man. Even though marvel plan to publish an asian superhero movie called<>, it’s not enough because most of Chinese reader don’t like Shang chi’s story. So the Stan lee’s Chinese superhero dream is not finished yet. And I hope I can get power from him then finish it. I know I could do it because Stan lee told me. lol

  • thanks stan! im trying to make a comic character called “the METAL ring” and im planning to maybe try to sell it to the comic shop to see how well i can do

  • Don’t think of it as a challenge you need to do or something you want to stop but you can’t because of youtube or whatever, think of it as something fun you know not something you are forced to do or like really rushing just to see the end product, think of it as fun that’s what i do atleast when I do animation so yeah hopefully this helps cuz it really did with me ��

  • stan lee you have made me feel like i can do anything i love you stan Lee i like marvel i miss you stan Lee you passed away at the age of 92 r i p stan Lee rest in peace and my grandma passed away a few years ago rest in peace grandma she passed away from cancer

  • Whoa this video was actually inspirational and it did help me. I am just 15 but i love drawing and comics are my fav. I just now subscribed. Thank u to inspire me cause it’s my dream to become a comic artist sir.
    Thanks a lot! ❤

  • I want to start making comics, but my artwork is just average. I’m good with stories though, so I am thinking of just doing everything at home, and making good stories with average artwork.

  • Bro,where are you from? Are you from India? Your art is like the box office artist and adc art attack!!
    Your Art is definitely fantastic Luv ur art bro!!��

  • I’m don’t know if i could go to school but I am good at making cartoons on paper and i keep geting people saying to 1 thing is i need to become one and i want become one without collage and is it possable

  • FYI: You are the top link for ‘how to become a concept artist’ off google. Just looking for my daughter, she’s interested in concept art, I’m going to send her to your channel, you got some awesome material. Thanks!

  • maybe its something weird going on in my brain, but i’ve noticed a lot of the shapes in the body are like connected heart shapes. anyone else noticing that? 

  • Just underscores why I stopped submitting or responding to portfolio review request. Isn’t what you know anymore, it’s WHO you know.

  • Loved that story, thanks for sharing, it takes a lotta balls to show your old stuff, as always thanks for all of the tips and insights. You’re helping others avoid some mistakes and/or pitfalls that we might only learn through trial and error if not for you sharing.

  • How many minutes you drew your first two background infront of your boss? I wish i was talented as yours.:( i knew how to draw, but not that fast.

  • This is the dream way of how to become a comic artist… Yet all comic artists I’ve met tell me these stories of brutal anguish that they’ve suffered through drawing for 14+ hours a day and I can’t believe it. I’ve been doing comic books since I was in elementary school even after getting sent to the centers several times for their graphic nature. I’m 17 now and really need that boost in hope for such a hopeless endeavor…

  • hey, james i have been following you for a pretty while. i have a got a question for ya. How does fine art skill help develop comic book art skill? i am not having any art background i just asked it just out of curiosity….so if it sounds stupid please pardon me!!

  • This is so inspiring! I’ve been working on my first comic for years and I’m still not done. Does anyone have a tip for fitting it all in?

  • wow James back in the 80’s I tried 4 times to break into Comics with no luck ( said I looked to much like Byrne) but after watching your video you make me believe this old dog can still hunt..good job

  • Hey Robert, Im a beginner at drawing and all. Perspective,foreshortening, and hands are my main weaknesses. What books would you recommend comic-book wise?

  • Awesome story man! Quick question: what would you suggest to someone looking to get a job in the film/game industry? Such as marketing, connections, etc.

    Thanks for the great videos!

  • Woah, really good video, im also trying to become a comic book artist, this was very helpfull please do more…
    also i just subscribed:D

  • Great vid man!  Can I give you a link to my stuff if thats cool?  Maybe you can tell em what you like/don’t like.  And of course everyone else is welcome to as well.  I love hearing what others think of my art, whether they love it or hate.  We artists love constructive criticism.

  • i have been planning a story in my head for many years since i was a child
    i guess nows the time to throw it own the white blank sheet

  • Whoa i am the chosen one!Jk. Thank you, i am inspired by your art and want to get into either Marvel or DC Comics but mainly DC comics. Again, thank you.

  • Use this link to get my full course on Udemy for on How to Improve Your Figure Drawing

  • I watch many videos of this and it shows me it divides the persons body into cubes cylinders and other shapes
    But this has helped me a lot but still thank you for your help

  • Wow thanks man you have helped a lot not long got back into drawing after years n do digital art using my tablet mainly batman lol excellent work

  • Please work on explaining what you’re doing and saying when you are changing something. With a tutorial like this people aren’t just looking at the screen the entire time, they’re drawing along with you.

  • Hey Robert I’m a new subscriber and I wanna start drawing comic book characters. I have this anatomy book called “Drawing Cutting Edge Anatomy” by Christopher Hart. But I have no idea how to start reading/understand it….

  • These are great videos and great advice but maybe you should do it with an actual pencil and peice of paper and see how that works

  • So when making the frame for the body,legs and arms u kinda want to put it on a slight bent and don’t making it completely straight…? Sorry I jus started drawing

  • i love drawing game characters like Assassins creed characters, overwatch, League of legends..bla.bla..bla….but my drawing doesnt look good…..their shapes are horrible… should i quit drawing because i might dont have that talent or i should try…..please if anybody have any solution tell me

  • Don’t worry Kal El, I have worked for both companies, and will tell my story on how I got into both and my experiences there in future episodes:)  Next week’s episode will have more helpful tips for you, especially if you want to get hired by DC:)

  • I’m barely a quarter into this video but I already have to say that I love how you point out that you should draw what looks cool in your head. Sure, you need knowledge of the real thing a basis to work from but you can play around with it as much you like. Trying to draw things exactly how they are in real life is just boring to me. It might be impressive, but yeah. I hate people who hammer down on the idea that you must draw how it actually looks in real life. Why not use your imagination?

  • I think that 95 % of those who sit down and start doing a story, never manage to finish it. It’s not enough to have either a great imagination or great artistic talent., and having a finished story helps a lot when it comes to trying to get published, because the publisher can then see what your strengths are, and what your weaknesses are as a storyteller. Last piece of advice, If a publisher says, I HAVE to see a finished story first, before I commit myself to buying any of your work, one does NOT tell him to fuck off, as a bud of mine did. Surprise, some 37 years later, he’s still an unpublished nobody. He was the one man who could have taken the crown of Kirby’s.

  • this is such a good tutorial. Although everything that was said was super helpful, when i tried drawing along the first couple of times while listening I totally messed everything up. As soon as I tried doing it for the third time while muting the video, i got it spot on. I guess voice over can be distracting sometimes for beginners.

  • Hello, I am a young artist, thirteen actually, and I wanna know some pointers about drawing the muscles, how big the hands should be, and also how to do different poses like sitting down. I’m better at close up drawings and I really suck at drawing the whole body, like really suck. But I’m trying to fix it, I am watching other drawing videos. So yeah, any pointers? Please?! Internet help me…?

  • This video is so helpful. I am a young artist trying to learn to draw comics. My family can’t afford to put me in any good art classes in my area so learning from the internet will have to do. This video gave me a huge bump to my skill in drawing. Keep it up!

  • Yeah I understand that, I think my problem is…how do I apply it to what I wanna draw when I wanna draw from a reference, or….drawing in general

  • It would be great if u could do a part 2 of this video and finish your drawing i would like to know how to finish this because i was going along with you

  • Tracing bodies might help anyone who doesn’t know how to draw from other comics but don’t steal the characters just trace the posing and body styles

  • Ok man, im from the Philippines, and looking at the artwork that you have submitted to make into the industry makes me stop aspiring to break into the comic world, but hey I’ll keep you as an inspiration, mabuhay ka ser.

  • @ Zach Blackmer You could either use a light table or get a kneaded eraser and keep erasing down your lines and then redrawing over the light sketch lines. Hopefully you get this. For some reason I could not respond back to your comment. Thanks for watching!

  • hey i really want to make my own comic what was the name of the book you mentioned? earlier in the video any tips you can offer me thank so much again1

  • These are great videos and great advice but maybe you should do it with an actual pencil and peice of paper and see how that works

  • Hi do you use a mouse or pen/tablet to do you drawing?   Your cursor looks like a mouse. Just thought I’d ask is because if its a mouse you handle it well.Thx

  • This style is super underrated now days, thanks for the tutorial! (I can usually only find basic anime styled or cartoon network style tutorials)

  • Brilliant advice! Stan Lee will never stop being my hero. If you’re interested in further advice and tips pertaining to creative writing, check out  A SUPERNOVA START: Your story starts NOW and follow the videos to come!

  • I know when people think of chakra they think of Naruto but if you look at how they’re portraying it in this video, isn’t anyone thinking of DBZ right now?

  • I am a Child and l want to make a little comic based on treasure l will try my best now l am going class 8. Plz give me ideas about a comic plz

  • i am not new to youtube but you are the only channel i have subscribed. Whenever,i sit on the internet i watch atleast one video of you,cuz the very first suggested video is yours…….
    you are a motivation to me,a new artist coming soon….
    love from pakistan

  • I’m not 100% sure what I want to do with my life but I’m 16 now, next year I’m hoping to graduate from high school and I really want to be a comic book artist. My parents support me, they know I love art, but I don’t know how they’d feel if I told them I wanna draw comics. After spending a year in japan, I’ll either apply for university there or here at home in Austria but the thing is, I don’t know if marvel or dc or any other comic producer would hire me if I lived in Austria, then again, I don’t want to move to the US so I’m kinda conflicted and I really gotta inform myself. No idea who would read this, lol, have a nice day if u did

  • So I saw how everyone drawes random things, and they can draw everything perfectly. And here I am, drawing the same characters, like a comic. I am definitely gonna start that comic book+100 days challenge thing, I could fix everything in the main story and I am just so motivated:D

    It is 3:37 am tho…

  • Bro I really like the way of your drawings
    And I am also doing 100day’s of sketch
    And again I really like your drawing
    Keep it up ��������������������

  • Whoa….enjoyed everybit of watching this!!!! I badly want him to make vlogs…listening to him and watching his sketches are two things that makes youtube better for me����

  • I’m gonna start working on this comic book called STEM Academy. Basically an Academy for detectives where this girl named nova wants to be a detective and all that. I needed this

  • I too do a lot of art works but now as I’m studying 12th i cant find time to draw pictures!.. but the exams are over i ll and finally i love ure channel,its more interesting thank you bye!…

  • thanks for the videos. I constantly use references now more when drawing thanks to you.

    I’m a legally blind comic book artist and I tend to draw on my computer more because my vision makes it very hard to get proportions right. I can also zoom in on parts of my drawing that I can’t see too well.

    🙂 artists like you keep my inspiration going when it gets tough. keeps reminding me why I love drawing

  • Hi, I have questions related this field. if you want to do master in illustration, photography, filmaking which degree is good for thes 3 subjects????

    Plz answer??

  • SOOOOOOOOOOOO because of this quarantine.. I’ve been suffering from creative block and writer’s block but THIS RIGHT HERE was what I needed this whole time omg thank you for posting this I never knew about this channel until I was looking through youtube today again thanks as a new comic artist i needed this

  • I love the varying line weight you use throughout your piece! I can’t wait to see the finished product! And totally understand the obsession of attention to detail.

  • I remember watching this video for the first time and thought, ” no only am I curious to see what he comes up with but I’m going to do it too! “

  • You have really inspired me to pursue my passion of a Peter Pan based comic series.. I was going to give up because I was really frustrated with my art and angles.. But this really helped. Thanks.

  • After watching this video I feel the the urge to really make my own comic book and I also feel ashamed to myself after knowing that other people much younger than me were able to make them even though very simple but most importantly they’re able to do it. Procrastination is holding me back all this years and your video helped me realize how much time I’ve wasted doing nothing to make my dreams and ideas come true. Now you rekindled the fire in me so thank you so much for the inspiration. I need to work my ass off right away!����

  • I’m so confused as to what I should do. Draw on paper or digital drawings? I’ve been wanting to draw a comic for a long long time. I have books and books of stories but when it comes down to drawing I’m so??? I can imagine my book like one of those tiny comics you featured. I’ve checked some programs, I even downloaded programs. And I even started an erotica comic lol. So I have that, and that just happened. Any advice you can give. Drawing better or digital drawing? and what is the best way to go? If drawing the artwork would have to mean ( which I have) scanning my drawings onto my computer. another step.

  • Ive been working on a web comic for 2 years now and Im petty sure its not very good. I only have 3 finished chapters. No one but my friends have seen it. I just want to finish it, but because its kind of crappy I find it very hard to be motivated to work on it. The arts alright but theres a Lot of annoying things about it that jump out at me. But Im not willing to restart it. Any advice for just getting it done? I have at least 1-2 more chapters that need to happen to complete the story.

  • I have an idea for a comic but don’t have the technology to start it. I’m looking for someone I can work with to make my ideas a reality. Please take me into consideration. Thank you for your time

  • It is my dream to do own comic books, atleast start doing those mini comic books, but i dont have printer, i am living in poor family in poor town. I just cant afford these things you know. Is there any option to start doing comics with just really cheapy things?

  • I like how the people you mentioned format their books. Back in 2018-2019, I submitted small comic strips to a local comic book shop for their publication. The comics were made on actual comic book paper and released in a standard comicbook sized anthology. I’m taking a break from making comics to finish college. Self-publishing is one of the considerations when I get back making them. I may try some of these format styles.

  • I have these ideas in my head for like years. And I’ve been planning to make a comic but I don’t know where to start. I’m only 13. And I’ve also been practicing on my drawing style because my drawing style kept changing. I like all my characters, and I don’t want to choose which one of them I should make. I just want all of them to exist in my comic. I just search on how to draw a comic. And I found this video of yours. And this give me an Idea of where to start. So I’m really happy that I discovered your channel. And right now I’m practicing on making script. So, thanks a lot for sharing your experience. I didn’t know mini comics exists. Have a great day \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Marsh you gave such good advice…a started small also i have recently made 3 chapter webcomic with something like 30 panels each..and it was terrible..Japanese manga artists use Ki Sho Ten Ketsu method of writing which has 4 when every manga artist begins to make manga or comics..its all the same stuff..they start by doing bunch of 4 panel comics..before moving into making bigger usual ones of multiple pages..

  • I recently was gifted a sketchbook with nothing but comic panels. It inspired me to take a look at the backstories for characters that have been marinating in the creative pot for way too long. I was still procrastinating because I didn’t want to dedicate all my focus to one project when I also had so many other ideas and WIPs to work on. Your video was the final push I needed to actually start on creating, because it never crossed my mind to do mini comics. (I know right? I’m such a dingus.)

    Thank you so much for that final dose of motivation!

  • Ive started my comic finally. Its called diamond gang wars. Its a fighting action adventure comic. You can find it on deviantartart. Is there another free website to post your comics?

  • im bad at making character designs and making names.
    any tips?
    but my story is kinda good
    i took inspiration from Scott Pilgrim VS The World

  • Wow, I consider myself more of a writer than an artist, but it amazes how many people on here also aspire to become a comic book writer/artist, I didn’t think there were that many of us. I’ve never met anyone in person who also wanted to be a writer/artist. I’ve only met people who were indifferent or were repulsed by comics due to the stereotypes associated with it.

  • Im in the process right now of making my own comic. So this is my motivation cause i really wanna try i already have the title and the ideas and the set up. I cant draw lol but i have an outline so hopefully this will help

  • I had a comic that was super successful. I made it in 2 grade. my characters were cats. Now that I remember that Im still looking for it. ;-;

    edit: i’m on my mom’s account my main account is called Sophie the loof. Im working on series called new world xd. Im still working on part 2 ;-;

  • I always like play out some “scenes” from like a movie or something in the shower and I really want a way to express these stories and there was this one time where I made my English teacher cry with this beautiful essay I wrote so yeah I think my writing skills are great but I can’t draw for sh*t so I just need to know how to draw and then I can make some really good comics.

  • I have an idea for a comic
    At a convention:
    Fan: whens glitchtale coming out camilia?
    Camilia:il post it right now!
    Fan:whens ENDERTALE coming out TC-96?

  • have you done a video on how to draw skinny people? I want my first comic to start with the protagonist being thin and frail but I can’t figure it out…

  • I have a whole story, characters, looks, etc. that I have written over the years but I CAN NOT DRAW. I love to write but I can’t draw what I envision ������

  • i very recently got a drawing tablet and want to get into making comics. working on drawing out all the characters first but i think i have the story ready. Hopefully i can start soon

  • I really do appreciate this video it was extremely inspiring and helpful. It’s been a bit of a struggle trying to get my comics going but watching this video really was enlightening. Thank you so much! Keep up the great work! ����

  • This really helps. Can you give the titles of the books that you mentioned in the video? I really want to get them. After following your tutorial for this its definitely improved my figures.

  • A really great idea! The mini-comic gives me a realistic, attainable goal. I’ve been wanting to do this for years and now, thanks to your suggestion, hey, it’s do-able.

  • Hi, Marsh. Thanks for this video. I am super inspired. I just proposed to our company the idea of producing comic books. This video helped a lot on helping me with ideas. I already have a story, I’m just trying to look for signs that this is a good plan. Your video is a good sign.

    P.S. And oh, I’m a writer! Thanks for the tips!

  • Stan Lee was my ideal, and it was sad to see him go. But his death mad me think about his childhood. He grew up like lots of other people, and if he was gust like everybody else, then who is to say that all of us can’t be like him.

    R.I.P. Stan Lee… we will mis you��

  • Even though i’m not that experienced in drawing (I can really only draw faces) I really want to make a comic and so I’m trying my hardest not to give up and actually try to draw better!

  • What’s a good page count? I loved serials from the 40s? Would 6-12 be too many, or too few? I’m only 1/2 way through the video and getting ideas…

  • I don’t know why people dislike for no reason. And I don’t know why people dislike this video for a reason! He’s just an innocent guy who wants us to have the experience of comic books! I’m staring my comic inspired by Erin Hunter, from the Warriors series. She made the Survivors and the Seekers. yeah, a fan fiction:> I hope this works!

  • This is all about WHY not HOW my dude. Your title just seems like click bate. Like give us a how to star, page size settings, stencils at least. Nothing about your videos is a “HOW” at all

  • I started making comics since 4th grade till now, I made 5 comics already but most of them haven’t finish yet cuz I ran out of ideas.

  • hey man, thank you for sharing and your tutorials, Im from Chile where there is not much comic scene.
    nowdays I have been drawing daily and getting all the tutorials I can to improve, I would really appreciate if you can check my instagram and see how aI can improve.

    all the best and keep drawing!!!!

  • Great vid man!
    Yeah i’m one of those people that dreamed about making my own comic 10 years ago. I always returned to the project, and did tons of redrawing, and evolving my style and learning how to get it done.
    Now first chapter is almost done. Yey!

  • That’s awesome Kesh, that you did the #100DaysofmakingComics!
    The100DOMC is a great challenge,but I’ve been hesitant to just jump in.  I’m working on a story though.
    Anyone that wants to get in on the challenge, but wants to learn about making comics before you start,look up Making Comics 101 Serkworks Art Labs.
    This is a playlist of what he has so far

    And If you want to know how to survive it the challenge, watch the 100 Days of Making Comics Survival Guide by Dave Hingley

    Happy Comic Making!

  • Thanks for this great video and book references. So many people want to start and I’m one of them. It’s nice that you don’t make it sound super hard because you really are inspiring people to do it themselves too. ����