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15 Things You Should Know About Your Haters

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7 Tips to Handle the “HATERS” in Your Life!

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How to Deal with Haters

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How To Shut Down Haters

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How To Deal With HATERS Motivational Video | Gary Vaynerchuk

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Walk away. Don’t react or respond to negative comments. If it continues, there are other things you can do. If someone threatens you, report it to a parent, teacher, or other trusted adult! Block online haters.

If someone is making negative or hateful comments on your posts or account, or is cyberbullying, block them. 5 Bulletproof Ways to Deal With Haters 1. Determine if the Person Really is a ‘Hater’. Repeat after me: Not everyone who disagrees with you is a hater. To 2. Remind Yourself that Haters Are Not Your Target Audience.

When you put yourself out there, you will be seen by your 3. Give the Hater. Use them to learn how to deal with conflict. Dealing with your haters is also a great opportunity to better handle conflict. You could be put in challenging situations, with. HOW TO DEAL WITH HATERS: Know how to respond.

Reactivity is the easiest way to show how bothered you are and how malleable your belief system is in regard to yourself. Responding is rooted in action and the denominator of action is power. When in doubt, respond in silence and FLUSH. Here’s what to do with haters in your personal life: Cut them out. Toxic people only pollute everyone and everything around them.

If people aren’t actively helping you towards your goals and expressing support, they are actively trying to ruin you. And those who attack and hate are sad unambitious people and need to be cut out of your life. Where to Go From Here First and foremost, don’t be the hater. Don’t be the person who tears down someone else’s hard work. The world needs If you’re dealing with criticism, then don’t let the wall keep you from seeing the road.

Focus on the path ahead. If you choose to respond to the haters, then. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Dealing With Haters.

It’s easy to get anonymous people to hate you – to attract haters. All you have to do is have an opinion. Be creative. Be yourself. But sometimes it gets worse.

I’ve had death threats, legal threats, I’ve lost friends, even family, over things I’ve written. I’ve lost the respect of many I still respect. The Only Way to Stop Haters From Ruining Your Life. Most jealousy is rooted in feelings of inadequacy.

The person sees something in you or another person that makes them feel that they aren’t as Delete, delete, delete. Take the Issue head on. Remind yourself that it’s them and not you.

Disarm. Worrying or retaliating against your haters makes you bitter. It’s easy to be resentful and feel justified — but don’t. Instead, make a list of the haters you don’t like.

Wish each one well by. How To Handle Haters When You’re Out With Your Girl Duration: 18:28. Why She’s Trying To Take Control & How To Deal With Annoying Women Duration: 15:14.

Alpha Male Strategies.

List of related literature:

There are few research project or case study analysis on how to handle Haters.

“Handbook of Research on the Impact of Fandom in Society and Consumerism” by Wang, Cheng Lu
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from an emotional standpoint, consider haters as an opportunity.

“Naked Lens Video Blogging and Video Journaling to Reclaim the YOU in YouTube: How to Use Online Video to Increase Self Expression, Enhance Creativity, and Join the Video Regeneration” by Michael Sean Kaminsky
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Having haters is unavoidable.

“Brand Against the Machine: How to Build Your Brand, Cut Through the Marketing Noise, and Stand Out from the Competition” by John Michael Morgan
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Ignore them; they love causing havoc, and your appalled reactions will just egg them on.

“Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust” by Chris Brogan, Julien Smith
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Either ignore them, or work around them.

“Advocacy: Championing Ideas and Influencing Others” by John A. Daly
from Advocacy: Championing Ideas and Influencing Others
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Stir up their jealousy, make them feel insecure, and the validation you later give their ego by preferring them over their rivals is doubly delightful.

“The Art Of Seduction” by Robert Greene
from The Art Of Seduction
by Robert Greene
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The more you do what you are called to do, the more haters will appear.

“Rise Sister Rise: A Guide to Unleashing the Wise, Wild Woman Within” by Rebecca Campbell
from Rise Sister Rise: A Guide to Unleashing the Wise, Wild Woman Within
by Rebecca Campbell
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Haters store up resentments and treat themselves as helpless victims.

“Letting Go of Anger: The Eleven Most Common Anger Styles and What to Do About Them” by Patricia Potter-Efron, Ronald Potter-Efron
from Letting Go of Anger: The Eleven Most Common Anger Styles and What to Do About Them
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The only thing you can do is hate them, and that doesn’t seem like much.

“A Heart in a Body in the World” by Deb Caletti
from A Heart in a Body in the World
by Deb Caletti
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Just allow them to bother you, look at them, be aware of them, but don’t try to deal with them in any way.

“How Your Mind Can Keep You Well” by Roy Masters, Dorothy Baker
from How Your Mind Can Keep You Well
by Roy Masters, Dorothy Baker
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  • I remember the first time I received a realllllly vicious email about what I was doing. It sent me reeling for about 2 days…then I realized no one of impact was without pushback and it made me realized I was on my way. ��

  • As a YouTube lifecoach I have to say this is one of the most common issues young people face. People around you who don’t want the best for you. Life is about energy. At some point it’s ok to change your circle and get new energy and attract positivity.

  • Haters are just jealous people with empty lives, they are negative and resent your positive attitude. The best way to deal with a hater is:

    1. Accept and make peace with the fact that not everyone will like you
    2. Don’t people please or live for the need to be liked
    3. (Mentally) ignore them. You might not be able to completely stay away from a hater. But when you have to deal with them. Just keep to the point.
    4 Stay away from them.

  • Boyinaband:
    Makes a good video fact-checking yours, points important things out, makes arguments, uses sources.

    Price Ea:
    “They hate me, they try to burst my dreams, they can’t see, I’m the only one who’s right.”

    Wow. Your arguments are great.

  • Ignore them. How to ignore haters walk away, turn it off, put some headphones and music on. Persist, persist, persist. They will get the picture eventually and your whole reality will shift to prove this to you eventually as well. Another option if you’re brave enough is to confront. Let them know how you feel. Do it multiple times if you have to. Ultimately, you are putting haters in their place and that’s tightly within the small little box they have created for themselves. And of course, we do all of this with much love and appreciation for where they are on their journey:). Thank you. Peace.

  • In the end, insecure people will either be surrounded by fake people or alone. People will see through their insecurity and pretend to be fine with it or people who can’t handle such behavior will leave. Either ways it’s a lose lose situation. I don’t know if these people know what they’re doing or what. I had a friend whom I’ve tolerated for so long but he ended up being the same insecure person who speaks passive aggressive statements when he sees any of his friends get good things in life. Then it hit me, I can’t handle this shit anymore so I ghosted the guy. Insecure people need time to think. Some maybe years and ask why people leave. It need not to be this way but it’s exhausting to be with insecure people.

  • My own family are some of my biggest haters. Especially my mom. She’s been jealous of me since I can remember. It’s sad because it’s usually people closest to you.

  • I’m getting some interesting comments from “friends” on my new YouTube channel. Apparently they don’t think I have any business making a YouTube channel. To them I say 😉

  • Hater, cause some, about, dreams of becoming beautifull,or becoming big amount more than the partner ot to friends of relatives, some one,is being richer than the other, comparing of invome recieved,

  • I had a stuffed animal just like that frog and my sister stole it from me and gave it to her friend after she asked me I she could and I said no. We where 7 and 8!! HAHAHA!!!!

  • What if the hate you’re receiving is from a community that you are attached to because of your fondness towards what that community is about? (Like pokemon for example) How do I ignore what is directly attached to something I love?

  • Haters are just like shooting video game. It would be be boring to not have to kill in a shooting video game like PUBG. Like a shooting video game, kill all the haters and win the game and became the greatest!

  • Hi Brendon��What a life changing event it has been for me, finding your YouTube 2 yrs ago������Ever since that date, your contents and message has slowly changed me and now I am a creator myself with my own YouTube channel.������Your messages are very clear and they are very true to your heart and because of your message, I strive to live fully, to love openly, to matter in this universe����For all the work you do, thank you so much Brendon����������☺

  • Thank you for making this video. I have had a few people hate on me after I just helped them a lot for no reason and I ended up growing a grudge against them and thought about going down their level since I was so hurt. I’ll make sure to deal better with these people.

  • All over world, you find nasty bullies who are really ‘half past six’ full of jealousy of your success. As if, you are ‘stealing’ from them. Education is not for free. It is one’s life time investment. They still do not realise that those well-educated, study hard paying income tax. So, they hate for nothing given the equal chance to study but just their own funerals. We do not owe each other a living, that’s all.

  • You have been consistently putting out videos that have been genuinely helpful to watch as a guy who really struggles with direction and self-consciousness. I have a ton of work to do but I really appreciate this, so thank you.

  • Love this! You are SO right. When people judge you, its all about THEM, not you. It’s wonderful advice to say to anticipate the haters because like it or not, they will always exist. We can learn to look at them through the eyes of compassion and understand that they must be going through some pretty bad stuff to be needing to try to tear others down. Thank you for this beautiful reminder, and for always being such a force of positivity. The world needs more people like you! Wishing everyone a truly extraordinary day! ��✨✨

  • Despite this being 4 years old, I found it quite valuable. Thank you for this great tutorial in behavior. Wishing you God’s love, peace, and blessings from Pearland, Texas.☺������

  • Love the lighting and video quality.
    What camera and lens are you using for this video?
    I am a very old subscriber. Hope you will respond this time. ��

  • This video shows me how well you this Alpha men gets female a good starting foreplay and finish off a tremendous Orgasm. Fabulous! Thanks man, i got back my mind to work on myself and my job to be more successful.

  • I literally just said this in a video yesterday! “To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” Except even then people will criticize you for it. �� Have compassion for their unhappiness.

  • I don’t understand how hate for Obama worked out so well for the cons. I hate Trump and his cultists more than I thought possible and it’s destroying my life.

  • i have my fair share of regrets among associating to interact with my haters being hostile to response or civilized responses, most in schools weather pre-school to senior high and blame myself at that time now i just try to ignore them if i have to reasons with some my past could scratch out then i loose its a lot better to take it calmly or stern if needed in the case in the Philippines in my classes those “popular rowdy” classmates of mine sure they have things i cant experience or can they babble in toddler like tone in response than a witty or sarcastic tone turns out there losers and jealous beyoches. i have experienced two years oof its mad chaos almost more rowdy and unruly i may not be a top of the classes but having 80+ in grades(i am proud of the work i did) i get interrupted on my presentations or fall in groups who are the worst if there the leader or fellow class group members even on a group thesis we did group and im utterly devestated i have to work with my girl bullies and since me and 2 other ladies work well they did mediocre at the last day of printing me and the two hard working classmates i had took them out of the list college style.As they figured it out they yelled at us with the audacity to blame us one of the two offered to tell the teacher.First they didnt think we would do it they gulped scared while wanting to yell again in bablish then after explaining and they only helped cause they want to not pull their weight up and all thy did is talk about kpop and kmakeup internships that are piramid scams the three of us got good scores they did not get the chance of making their work cause its deadline and they failed

  • These hater type people need to be rounded up and killed they are not raitional human beings with rational thought their brains are animalistic and reactive akin to that of a squirrel.

  • What a load of fake horse shit. Blows smoke up his own arse by referring to himself as “having sight” while labelling everyone else who questions as narrow minded haters (and also frogs).

    Of course the message of he’s saying later in the video makes some sense kind of. But sometimes you are too fat or too skinny or don’t have the knowledge to do an activity. That is a fact and facts don’t care about your feelings. I have never seen a morbidly obese person win a gold medal in swimming for example.

    And the fallacy of “your dream was killed that’s why you are killing other peoples dreams” is incorrect. Sure there are a minority of people who are complete twats who want to see everyone around them burn. But most people I would think are more realistic, whether that realistic view is wrong or right is another thing.

  • I “hate” arrogant people. They make me very angrywhy? I don’t know!
    I am not an arrogant person and will always support anyone trying to achieve.
    Why do arrogant people trigger me? I’d love some serious feedback no haters please ��

  • I know I am late but
    Alpha, this is one of the best videos you have posted
    So I wanted to say thank you.
    This video really inspired me………

  • I only hate haters except those who hate haters

    But seriously, hating shouldn’t be a normal thing, it’s bad, especially when there is no reason, when people hate the fact that other people love something, and I don’t know why they think hate is better than love

  • People who object to `drag kids` stripping for men and dressing as hyper-sexualized women are called `haters`. Yes we are `Haters`, we hate pedophilia and child exploitation.

  • On an episode of Little House (cast offs) there was an odd old lady named Kizia. Many of the town folk thought she was crazy and asked her to leave. The Reverend Alden told her,”don’t ever change Kezia it is rose who are different who move the mountains!

  • When wanting to be who you want to be the key is to not be affraid to hurt others feelings.
    When dealing with haters face to face the key is to relax your face and body and maintain a rather intense eye contact, this way all the answers will come to your head by themselves.

  • Thank u for this. Unfortunate but we as a society need to take this in consideration as part of our school system. It’s part of human development. We grow up into the world not knowing how to deal with our emotions

  • I’m graduating in Linguistics (Portuguese and English). I’m going well and even avoid showing my best skills, but there are people already hating everything I do or say.

  • Thanks for this video! I don’t know who exactly you are who made this video, but you made another fan. I will learn from haters, and to learn to love haters!

  • As always, love all your videos! This is very helpful because I’m starting to get more haters which means I’m on the right path. Plenty of supporters but making sure I do not let these people slow down my path to greatness.

  • Someone once told me that I’m a hater and that I should go hate on other stuff but I’m not even a hater just cause I said someone is a rip off of something and then that person said the little things to just get to me then they said they put karma on me and I don’t think it will ever work see it’s like this I want to make my self happy in my own way I want a happy life I want to inspire I want to feel inspired of my self but I can’t it hard cause I feel like what ever I want to create is tooken

  • This is a very stupid video you can criticize someone when they’re fucking up without it meaning that you’re fucking up that whole oh you’re just talking crap because you feel bad is a really stupid hypothesis

  • I was kinda disappointed, saw the comments on the responding to haters video and it was so entertaining, then I came here and nothing. I feel like I shouldn’t like YouTube comments so much but they’re just hilarious.

  • Hater=The ability to internally loathe everything about someone else that particular person (the hater) wants but is lacking within themselves.

  • A coworker introduced me to your content. I am forever thankful to both him and you for sharing the powerful wisdom I needed at the time and for the future. I’ll be a subscriber and promote your channel to people who were/are in my boat of self-doubt and various other issues that hinder growth and progression. You’re my hero, Gary!

  • I rlly wanted my ears pierced I did it and got the most backlash like Someone said that I came out gay so I got killed fast forward a few years It was forgotten by most folk I took em out and I was speaking to a rlly beautiful girl and she said oh yeah I rlly used to fancy you but I thought you were gay

  • Oh my haters copy my work, how I talk and what I do. They talk bad about me but they copy me which makes me feel good all the more. I LOVE ANNOYING THEM TOO. And this one jelly bitch can’t even look at me cos I dress better than her hahaha!

  • I’m a 15 year old and I’ve got some haters and they are sort of killing me in the inside.. I think I’m better after listening to this video

  • Yes, I agree! When people are presented with anything cute/ beautiful/ lovely expressing the Positive and responding with hate shows they are uncomfortable and respond out of jealousy with a negative response! They probably had a very negative upbringing by” highly critical ” people in their formative years. Total tragedy for them and eventually us.


  • Wow, this is just amazing. It’s over 2 years after you posted this video and I still find it really inspirational. People have told me that if I jump off a cliff, I will die, but I just do not accept that. I am going to prove them wrong. The part I found especially inspirational was at the end when you stole a quote directly from Steve Jobs and represented as your own. I will comment again when I have jumped off the cliff and proven the haters wrong. This is just so inspirational!

  • I’m watching this because I have a presentation about my favorite idol and I chose this boy group, and they have a lot haters.. I have to learn how to put them in their place, and learn how to control my anger issues

  • Lifting weights changed my life forever. Now I feel like I’m stronger physically, mentally and socially than other guys. It raised my game and raised my confidence. So haters doesn’t matter, who cares about them. Find something you’re passionate about, something you love to do in day in and day out. Give all you got for that thing and make it happen. But keep in mind don’t try to punch on haters face, karma will take care of them

  • Hey Brendon,
    My question is not related to this video but I thought u may be the right person to whom I could ask.
    Is it necessary to use f….g*, sh….t*, like words in the motivational video; (of course not for you, but I’m talking in general)? Couldn’t we choose / use better words to describe those things?

  • You know, it’s actually so important to follow your truth.

    It’s harder when you are alone and when those haters are your family. ����

  • You have answered my life long question… I’ve had so many haters, I even wrote their names down earlier this year and came up with 100 I’ve had in my whole life. It made me realise that they’re not going away, and it’s nothing to do with me. I know I’m a good person, I know I’m doing good things, so if anyone hates me for that, then it doesn’t make any sense meaning, it’s their issue. God, thanks Brendon! I really want to start putting on personal development videos but I’ve been too damn afraid. I’ve been preparing myself in other ways, but I gotta take the plunge and just do this, man!

  • Your amazing Gary V, I currently am living out of my van and just got out of a toxic relationship. I watch your videos everyday in the morning and it primed my to finally start my mobile mechanic business so now I live and use my van to work. The last thing I had to do was stop having fear and use my knowledge off marketing on social media to promote myself. I’m working on getting my dealer license and I am going to live in this van until I get the license. I began to have alot of love and business prospects while a bunch of haters came along as well. I murder them with love and kindness. Thank you for all that you give back to the people. I am a living testimony that what you are talking about is true wisdom

  • Hello i hope you are having a great day. My name is Kendrick Huang and i hope you could go and check my channel. I post music videos of guitar and piano that I really want you to enjoy. I just need a chance❤. Thank you so much for your time.

  • One of my friends always tries to argue his point on just about anything. He will ask me my opinion on something but if it differs from his opinion then he will tell me why I’m wrong and I can’t bring myself to shut him up.

  • Brendon, your videos are inspirational. Just a small thought. A lot of this is about online. I live in a very rural community in the UK. I am trying very hard to build a business which has gathered a tribe as you describe. And haters. Some of us don’t have any online presence. We have to deal with small villages. People in real life sabotaging us. I’d love you to do something focused on all of us out with the cows and sheep who want to make a difference! By that I mean people who attack in real life not via a computer screen. It is a small point as I learn so much from you. But the non online community is an interesting conundrum.

  • Me clicking on an Alpha M video be like:

    Grey screen lets watch the video
    Brick wall imma need to buckle up for this one, the REAL shit’s about to go down.

  • I just posted this to my Facebook last Friday…. “Hmm.. So you have told someone about the dreams you have for your life… excitedly no doubt.. but the response you received back crushed you.. are these people who crushed you sucessful in what ever it is you are dreaming of??? NO? Ohhhh… So tell me.. why are you sharing your dreams with these people??? No, Really.. Why? (Food For Thought)” Lol.. This video sums up what I was thinking nicely:)

  • I don’t think you’ll read this tbh (sorry I’m about to get a little personal), but I was born as a female and two years ago I was able to start on hormones. So in that note I’ve watched pretty much all of your videos bc I’ve never really had a father figure to help me out and when I finally started growing facial hair i looked at all of your videos and learned so much. So I would just like to say i look up to you a lot and thank you so much for making these videos.������

  • i want to be a singer and dancer i also play basketball and want to have a scholership so i can be a lawyer people say its too much or impossible for me is it too much? idk i only ask u because u are very wise and most likley the only romodle i ever had or will have if u dont answer its ok but if u do it would mean the world to me thank you for everything ��

  • What if your own friend is hating on you:'( I saved my friends relationship with her best friend but I ruined my own now she’s trying to bully me with my other haters who are really popular and can put the whole school on me ��

  • Love this Gary❤️ I’m not going to lie I care what people think but I don’t let it influence me and my actions and belief but I’m working on it❤️ Thanks again��

  • Yeah, showing vulnerability to those close to you………….

    Some of them smell it like blood in the water and go after you harder until you either lash out or start to cry. Then they’ll tell others that you’re crazy and emotional and they spread it around because “they’re worried about you”.

  • This guy sounds like a very dumb Boomer he doesn’t realize that the 1% have basically screwed over the world to get where they are

  • I think I have met all the haters on the planet! Okay, maybe not, but it often feels that way.
    I’ve never had a support group beyond my parents (they’ve been dead over 30 years), and at this point, I don’t need them. It would be a total shock if I had one. That I don’t think I would know how to handle. I have had many successes, I have done things many dream about doing, but I’m not done yet. I draw on those successes to spur me forward.
    I had to take down my awards because it made others uncomfortable and that’s strange to me. Finally, I’ve found to reject people out of my life makes me more comfortable. I just don’t want to hear it and I don’t have time to spend with people like that. Oh, they come around when you do have a success and tell everyone who will listen how they helped me. Then I embarrass them by telling how they tried to stop me. Too much effort without a good pay off. We only have so many hours of life. Live!

  • No reason?
    Inexperienced individuals like you should NOT be teaching such subjects.
    There’s ALWAYS a reason.
    Jealousy and insecurity the most prevalent. Aren’t they reasons?
    I don’t hate you. I don’t even know you. But what I hate is this video due to inaccuracy, idiocy, and inexperience of the speaker. All your diagnosis is based from academia and not actual experience.
    You have yet to EXPERIENCE real hate.

  • I get hate from this app called tiktok so they where making fun of this lil girl and then I was sticking up for her and ppl kept coming at me and I’m just done it’s like alot of hate

  • Thanks brendon i really feel bad this is the message i needed now.coz am surrounded by Haters.I never thought of anticipating them

  • Hello fellow motivational speech fans!

    I am a single parent and student science teacher. It’s my biggest dream to learn all my lyrics in at least 23 languages, but I can’t do it alone…
    Can anyone please help me with text translation of any lyrics which are untranslated? ��

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    In exchange, I offer advertising of your choice in the acknowledgment book of the project. The project itself will either evidence for, or against the concept of synchronicity scientifically for the first time. ����

  • Thanks for this video, it’s very insightful. I’ve been studying hate viewership on Amberlynn Reid videos and the massive community of “reaction” videos to her videos. It always baffled me and admittedly I’ve spent too much time watching them in an attempt to understand them

  • Heres another tip if your the actual hater and someone is ignoring you say this:

    “I dont care i will still judge you if you ignore me”

  • I love this video, I am dealing with some haters in my life that they hate me because am just extra kind and patient with them. great video. thank you!

  • At 5:36 means “Stop letting other people’s words affect you negatively no matter what it is!”

    I would I highly recommend finding some practical coping skills that drives you the most, then maybe you can get along with other people! But… you gotta broaden your perspective & deploy self-awareness FIRST before things change.

    Absolutely nothing in the past, present or future will happen IF everyone walks around like a freakin robot doing ONE thing & being controlled by ONE person! That’s called a dictator!

    So kiss your complicated family or friends goodbye or see them only ONCE per month because at the end of the day “It’s Your Life!!” “Not Theirs!”

  • The part when he said the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do. Just changed my life forever ❤

  • They ignore me, invisible,groups that ignore me responding to other people but mine I feel unappreciated with them no matter how sweet I am

  • Lollllll. I already tried it.
    My hater always follows me at the school. Even at recess. Lunch break. Mass or even in gym. But I ignored them by listening to music and talking nicely to my friends. At that point, the next day. I realized that they are not somewhere nearby at me anymore. This video needs more likes and this channel deserves a million more subs and views. Thank you

  • What haters??
    Those ones that have tall poppy syndrome and can’t stand to be reminded that they are fake, projecting, lazy, jealous, wannabes, will always be negative and internally angry at those they wish to emulate??
    I don’t think I have any of them.
    Their problems with me are not my problem.
    I choose not to allow their negative existence to interfere with my positive reality.

  • Not really haters. Just calling it like you see it. We know this video is about that feminine pic u put up with ya bros. And yes it’s still super feminine

  • The haters are jealous and want you to be lowered down to their level just like them. I think it is better to crush, humiliate, and intimidate haters. I like to play with my inner dark side. I sometimes like being a Sith Lord and not always being a Jedi Knight.

  • he was protecting his beautiful country and culture against communists, he was passionate and factual and never expressed hate against those who were trying to destroy Germany from within

  • People only throw shade when your shining to brite.nobody put on shades when its dark only when the sun is let the haters hate

  • On haters: Winston Churchill once said, “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

  • Love the video learned a few new things. My question is how do you enforce the things taught in the video when it’s your mother and she only cares about making you feel less than in all aspects of life??

  • Comparison is the thief of joy.
    Theodore Roosevelt

    Gratitude is the open door to abundance.

    One step at a time is good walking.
    Chinese Proverb

    Responsibility is the price of freedom.
    Elbert Hubbard

    No one has ever become poor by giving.
    Anne Frank

    What are haters?

    Those in need of love most

    And those who give love least

  • The next step is to figure out how to not hate them in return because you know deep down they’re just insecure. Best way imo is to make fun of their hate akin to every fuck u haterz song ever made.. This video was much needed ✌️

  • I thought you were gonna say “you can’t talk about the ocean without referring to water, so you can’t say something offensive or rude to someone without hate” or something like that

  • HOLY SHIT BRO I FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY!!!! Omg thank you so much for making this video.. like I really just needed this motivation in my life because i have the EXACT same mindset as you.. Thank you so much ������

  • I just give them silence and a death stare and then walk away or look away and focus on what i was doing or who i was talking to, for about as long as you read this

  • Amazing, always love your energy and content you give out to the world. Thanks for yet another beautiful video. I have been watching you for a few years now and every time, I’m not disappointed. Good job Brendon ����

  • ignore it
    dont laugh at they jokes
    dont defend yourself or respond
    you dont have to look at them
    if you one on one let awkard silence sit
    if you in group talk to someone else isnt hating

  • Yes, it feels like I am in an area that has the ‘Haters Only’ sign. I already knew for a long time that these toxic folks are scared that I will be better than them, as I am determined to become.
    So I keep my goals, wants, and needs to myself.

  • Thank you for this sir you’re an angel, it’s a shame that’s there only a few people like you in this world, thanks for this it’s one of not the best hate video I’ve ever seen you’re an artist, unbelievable extravagant and are a true helper God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!keep inspiring

  • It’s hard because it makes you feel more Less about yourself but I know if you have haters you are doing something right, they hate they watch and then they copy ���� it’s just their insecurities

  • Everyone thought Einstein was crazy when he gave his famous equation E=MC squared, now this equation is the principle of operating nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons, so remember when someone calls your crazy, take it as a compliment.

  • that’s a haters job to hate their haters because they see the greatness In you they hate because they fear you power mental or physical just keep your head up and stay focused I love you

  • Me i just let them be their by letting them do what they do and egnor nonetheless i love cause they strenghten mentally and physically so big all my haters they are my biggest fans. haters gonna hater. Peace.

  • Wow I never thought that hatred from others would motivate me to love myself more. Thank you�� God bless your motivation to help people

  • Butthurt by the truth ������. You keep talking about others saying but don’t talk your own.
    Your stats aren’t even real. No hater but it makes me laugh you get attention for someone else’s work.

  • Jealous people & haters don’t even have pride, prestige, ego, a shame-gland, dignity, self-respect etc etc…certain things a normal human being would have. If they’re not humans they shouldn’t be treated as humans. Why should people like us suffer instead? It cannot be justified. It’s the most shameless thing in the world, hating someone & trying to destroy someone better than them just because they can’t compete in any way & can’t be that person. They’re fucking psychopaths. No normal human being gets jealous…atleast not men like me who have big ego & big balls & big potential & multi-talents.

  • well some people hate Kanye because he’s just an asshole. �� like trying to cancel taylor thru fabricating a phone call he’s guilty btw.

  • This is perfect timing I ran a competition in my school and I got first out of the girls all the girls believe about one boy and only one boy in her class decided to make me feel bad and told me that I cheated in front of everyone thank you for letting me know that haters cannot bring me down

  • my cousin says crazy people are people who kill people I don’t know what he meant by it but you just said the crazy enough can you tell me what crazy is

  • I know those people, would you like their names? Almost everyone.
    They hate me because I will try and because of my past accomplishments, but they are first to ask me to lead, which I do not want.
    I had ro take my awards down, because they offended so many. Go figure!

  • I had a boss and she’s very very large. If any of her “friends” exercised or tried a diet she hated on them. She tried her best to sabotage their efforts by putting fatty unhealthy foods in front of them. She smelt of insecurity and it was so obvious. The point she missed ironically was that her personality was even less attractive than her body. No amount of love or reassurance satisfied her self hate.

  • At the end of the day haters are miserable individuals who are worth feeling sorry for…there is something wrong with them not you ������

  • Haters are generally going to come when you try to do something challenging or different. The best response is to take great action and show them that what you do is great work

  • “Don’t let anybody, ANYBODY impose their way on you. It’s you. You’re with yourself and you have got to make yourself happy first.”

  • ik im late but hopefully this helps me cause this bully who bullies people and says the person they were bullying was the bully and tells the teacher on them at school -_dat boi be thinking he so cool

  • 10 years ago, i used to get miserable when i get haters now i enjoy when i notice a hater it makes me more powerful knowing that i have someone uncomfortable.

  • You have nothing to gain by associating with haters but its great if you can read people like open book and have a good idea why they might be hateful. Understanding people is the key to everything.

  • Monday Twenty-Ninth of June Two Thousand And Twenty.
    21.49per Meridiem
    British Summer Time.
    “Dear Sir. Good-evening, how are you? I trust you are well.”
    “Thank you, for explaining Haters.” �� “This term, scares me ��.” “Only heard this expression, several years ago.” “Is it, legal to us this term?” “It, has a potency and depth, to it.” “Thank you for your wonderful video.”
    Yours Faithfully.
    Mr Francesca Al Kray.
    Postscript: Thank you.

  • The best reaction is non-reaction
    The less attention you give to haters the faster they fall off. It’s no fun to poke at someone who doesn’t react.

  • The worst thing is when it is family. I started working out and eating healthy and now people cannot stand me. I just want to be a better person. They loved it when I drank and ate shitty food and wanted to kill myself, now that I am turning my life around I see clearer than ever just who surrounds me.

  • My sis and bro hates me. Due to jealousy… I should not grow up in my life trying to let me down continuously.. How to over come from this can anyone suggest me

  • I came here because someone named danker stanker hates on literally “cringe” channels
    I need advice please
    I need to stop him hating

  • You’re a great dude, man. A great example of what a true man of masculinity is and what so many today try to abolish out of fear of inequality which is a bogus mindset of so many haters.

  • Since he put Alex Costa and Jose Zuniga in the thumbnail, I gotta know if he has any kind of tension or worst case scenario, beef with them

  • Thank you Brendan! I really needed this message. I’ve been letting those people hold me back for far too long for fear of what they would say next.

  • Haters are forever, you’ll never get rid of them, I’ve had haters my whole life, as a black man people just hate me for that, haters are like infinity, they never stop multiplying, haters are irrelevant

  • Thanks for the video, ignoring haters is so necessary! I touch on this idea w/ a parenting twist in a video on empowering my little guy to be confident & overcome doubters. Check it out if intrigued:

  • Well here’s how to deal with prince ea.Don’t listen to him because he’s like ooh I read a study yesterday. WERE THE HELL IS THE PROOF!!??do you even know how to link websites I learnt that when I was 6 stupid. I saw one of you fans trying to help you but you never even listen. You act like the world is getting worse and worse but no it’s been getting better and better you IDIOT. Oh yeah what Made that possible TECHNOLOGY.

  • Haters hate seeing others succeed, that’s why ppl hate the Yankees and or Patriots, those 2 organization will do whatever ut rakes to succeed and be the best st their sport.

  • Love draws love unto itself, not hatred.  Why allow haters to trample upon your space of self-love?  God-love?  What does their hatred offer to you?  Does their hatred help you to pay your bills?  Manage your affairs?  Gain success in your endeavors?  No!  What does their hatred offer you?  Self doubt?  Grief?  Misery?  Emotional turmoil?  Yes!  What is wrong with me?  Yes!  Why don’t people like me?  Yes!  Why do I feel so bad about myself?  Yes!  Why does God allow this misery to happen to me when I struggle so hard to be kind and good?  Yes!  Why can’t I find true love and friendship in my life?  Yes!  Do I deserve what I have achieved?  No!  See how far that hatred from Satan has brought you down?  No!  That is what it is designed to do!  What did the Master say to Satan when he promised Him complete dominion over all the kingdoms of the world?  He said GET THOU BEHIND ME HATRED!  And what happened after that?  Angels came and ministered to Him and helped Him to heal!  So what must be your intelligent response to the haters?  Should they get themselves behind you?  Yes!  Then the ministering and healing that you seek is upon you!  Hallelujah and Amen!

  • Sharing this with my 5’1” freshman son. We both are big fans of your videos and your message(s). My son has a huge entrepreneurial spirit. He’s always flipping things, running a lemonade stand in the summer (I even built him one), going to flea markets with me and has huge dreams. He’s destined for sales of some sort. Just know a short 14 year old kid in New Hampshire really digs your videos and he likes that you swear. ��

  • You’re changing the world with this videos. The world needs more people like you! n-n. Thank you.:’) My family and friends, everyone seems to be against one decision I recently took, I want to prove them i can do it, you’re making me feel stronger thanks a lot!!

  • Not to be a hater (Cause Brendon, you are my IDLE!), but I prefer the music you used in your earlier, black and white charged life videos. The music gave a really unique inspiring format that I feel fits your vibe better.

    Love your videos man! Thanks for all you do!��❤

  • I have this problem of stressing out in front of my haters. I failed few exams before and I felt like shit in front of them (relatives). I can’t even smile. I try my best but I’m so bad at faking. The only thing I do is pray. I work hard every single day and pray to be where I want to be. With God’s help

  • Been at work had these unusual interests in weird things, got disparaged and ridiculed for it. hen another dude just mimics my interest and get ratings for it.

  • If not all, many of his contents are just vague generalizations and has obviously persuade audience through fearmongering. You see, many of what he says are based on his subjective understanding which on several occasions relate to people’s perspective but the problem is…not all things are meant to be subjective but rather objective where on most parts he failed to give his audience anything credible and factual. And also in many cases, he never acknowledges the good and only make people focus on the bad of a lot of things which makes everyone suddenly feel guilty. He treats and see each problem as some sort of something people can easily get away with as long as they avoid it, something as shallow and not really a big deal as long as you take it as not a big deal which obviously makes people deny their feelings and somehow thinks it’s invalid. He is someone who feeds from a person’s negative feelings and is highly hypocritical. One more, his wordplay and deep poetry shit is cringe.

  • Hi. Prince. Some people say listen to critics and some say don’t listen to them.So, if I listen to them and if they are wrong. Maybe I will take the bad decision.
    And if they are good people and I can’t see the perspective what they could see.that could be good for me.1) So, my question is how to identify which critic is really negative and which is good for me.2) how to take good decision?Actually, I am introvert. I stay in hostel. I am doing engineering. I don’t want to engineering. And I told my parents that I want to drop out. But they have very low self esteem. They soo much care about what society is going to think about.and in India people’s thinks that doctor and engineering is best for career. Not all of Indians but most people.Then I never talk about that topic with my mom and dad cause my mom started crying when I told them about dropping out.
    In hostel I have some friend,but not close. So when I around them I feel so exhausted. And I think I am different from every one of my friends. They always treat me badly. And I have no other option,cause I do study in Hyderabad, 1500 km away from my home. They are the only one from my hometown, I don’t know anyone except them.
    Can you please give me some advice, cause my parents don’t want to listen to me, and my friends are difficult and toxic.Many times I tried to kill myself.everyday a voice in my mind tells me no ones love you, no one care about you. Everyday feels like I have no reason to live.
    If they say something bad to me I can’t say anything back to them. I always behave passively. I suffer. No one feels sorry for me.They always judge me.I don’t know what I am it right or wrong to tell you everything. I am typing what I feel now.
    I need a solution, a way? Please

  • The annoying part is not knowing why they hate you, I’m not successful nor do i even know them. So you find yourself asking “why are they doing this ��”.

  • I used to be such a hater (unknowingly), cause I hated myself so bad. Now am super happy and am constantly improving my skills of giving constractive critisism. ❤️

    But studies show, a lot of internet trolls are actually psychopaths. They don’t have the emotions of fear or sadness and therefore no feelings of compassion either.

    Finding this out really chanched my life! Psychopaths enjoy hurting others, because they have no empathy and only want to feel powerful.
    Their words have absolutely nothing to do with me. It is just their sick brains mentally jerking off, nothing more than that. ����‍♀️

  • I feel like in my 3 and a half/4 months of watching, I don’t have a need to hear or know others opinions as much because I’m more interested in myself. It feels lighter to make the choice to not care.

  • GOD BLESS ������
    YOUR awesome ��
    ALWAYS GREAT messages!

    VERY motivating and inspiring!
    Thank you ��
    TO REPLAY THIS VIDEO OVER and OVER!!!��������✌️


  • I’m trying to stop a hater with a hater profile. How can YouTube let hate speech go on in their profile? They need to be shut down….. Thanks for your video but it didn’t answer my question…Best wishes…��✌

  • I literally got one comment from a nobody saying my music is “disgusting and vomit-inducing” (despite having a good few fans) and now I’m on a YouTube marathon to learn how to deal with the horrible feeling now and in future. It’s working!

  • Nobody kicks a dead dog. If somebody is criticizing you that means you are doing the things right. Otherwise, why would they spend so much time on criticizing you when everyone knows that time is the biggest commodity we have. Therefore, take your criticism as complement.

  • Did you just try to use a frog for mental therapy? Why are you acting like a three year old but look like a thirty-four year old. How does a frog realate to hate? Where are your resources? Your speech is so inaccurate. How come you say technology is ending this world. But at the end of most of your videos you ask us to follow you on social media? Your just trying to get money.

  • I can’t believe I just discovered this guy. Nah, I don’t block… I love my trolls, I love pissing them off & I don’t feel bad for them.

  • When my voice started progressing in the conservatory these “haters” started appearing, they even have the audacity to tell me not to take my level up exams and how they could never do what i do bc its too risky. Ugh

  • His contents are addicting. Makes my day so much better when I listen to even just one. In fact, I find that I want to, everyday. Like coffee without the migraine I get from caffeine. �� So much love from PH���� sir. ��

  • I am blessed to be at the presence of Gary Vaynerchuck. Just watching his videos has inspired me more than anyone I have come accross in YouTube. A Great man!

  • Lmao I’m only here bc I get an unbelievable amount of hate on my Xbox. I play widow on overwatch, and constantly I’m getting messages that I suck, I should give up, I don’t deserve this game, and on and on and on. I can’t deal with it:/

  • You know, nobody addressed this in the comment section, at least not that I’ve seen, so I will.

    There seems to be beef between alpha and some, if not all, of the guys in that thumbnail in one shape or form. Either that or he’s addressing the haters of successful men influencers. I find it weird that it wouldn’t be made clear though, but instead he eluded to.

    Also, as awesome as that thumbnail is, it’s a bit clickbait-y…

    I’m just making observations here but I’m sure I’ll be labeled a hater ��

  • How do you deal with haters that hate someone or something you like. Favorite team or favorite athlete. When I run into those haters I tend to respond by insulting them putting them down saying theybshould kill themselves wishing horrible things happen to their families etc. Apparently people think that’s wrong. But the way I feel is if someone attacks someone or something I like it’s a personal attack. I have zero tolerance for anyone attacking me and would think they are sub human waste of oxygen garbage that should die.

  • That’s so funny! All you guys become so popular and get so big that now, all those people that were with you when you started, all of a sudden become haters! When really those people never changed it’s you who changed those people are the same people that have been there helping you get to where you are at right now! So next time think twice before calling them haters!

  • Alpha your my new hero. Your so inspiring to men everywhere, and if I could I would tell every man to be the best alpha that they can be. F them haters!!!!��

  • Hey Gary, Thank you for this video!! I’m here in Philly building my Hoagie and cheesesteak franchise Lee’s Hoagie House and have some haters coming my way right now. Luckily, I grew up with a dad who owned Hoagie shops too and I have the same confidence about Self and lack of care for haters that you do. Going to tell them to post whatever they want and make sure they tag me in it. They think they’re breaking me down, but they’re really just building me up!! ���� Thank you again, have a great day!

  • Haters are going to hate I have watched so many of these videos but never leave the comment phrase but I finally had to. In fact I lost the comment and not I am going back an typing it again because of how much I appreciate it. I’ve been gaslit and put through so much the last few years with toxic people around me that I thought I was the one who was crazy until I started watching these videos and realize it’s not just me who thigs this way. The constant barrage of negativity and toxic people had me stumble but the old YouTube algorithm led me to these videos and I finally watched a few and you have honestly changed my life and put me back on the …no let me know to hold fast on my path. Thank you

  • Those who hate have..
    •Extreme jealousy
    •Got mad at something that happened to them
    •Had their dreams destroyed and they wanna destroy other people’s dreams
    •got mad, because they wanna be you

    I jus ignore the haters, makes them mad�� but they call me pUsSyS for not answering back �� Idgf ima live my dreams

  • Hope you come back Brendon, haven’t heard from you in awhile, you were the original motivator that I remembered on Youtube. Always a fan.

  • Omg Thank you so much you have cleared up so many things my whole life I’ve been with questions of the unknown and my eyes are open now thank you so deeply It’s like a a big loan has been taken off my shoulders�� ����

  • Dope back ground music! My sister needs to hear this segment so true she has 9 pop albums on her own. Created them with the some of the top people in the music industry and she still has family/relatives. Drives me up the wall! I support my sister 100.

  • Speak it Gary Vee!! I nearly feel the same way when my mom makes false statements about me! It’s ridiculous how she can say that I’m one-sided when I stand for world peace!

    That part at 3:28 where you said “They’re feeding me” is actually 100% true about me & I just fully realized that tonight! Wow! What a life fix for May 25th, 2019.

    Anyway, have a great day yo!

  • Yes. Colorism,racism, is real. Towards males rhat is. The pretentiousness is subtle until it isn’t and then its usually too late.

  • I had someone attack me on MY wall on Facebook last night someone who followed me for 4 years always made positive comments came out of no where on a post I put up about “Do interns get paid?” and attacked me. Said you have to pay people who work. Or it’s SLAVERY. What???? Then is volunteering, slavery? Anyway, when I engaged and made some valid points she began to attack me and call me fake and said she will EXPOSE ME, etc…. She probably had a few too many holiday drinks, but I’ve been upside about this all day and knew if I typed in Gary Vee Haters I could find some solace here. So thank you Gary Vee!!!

  • I love shutting people down so much. They hate it. When I was younger in art class, we had to make clay boxes. This girl said to me “Your box is as ugly as your face” I said back to her “Thanks Nyleigh that really makes me feel good.” In a non sarcastic way. She didn’t know what to say after that

  • I just want to remind you that whoever is judging you is also a human being!! whatever they say and think is just a reflection of how they feel about themselves. No one has the right to make you feel that you’re not good enough, you carry on and focus on yourself and your own path. You are WONDERFUL the way you are and you are ENOUGH �� Sending love

  • Good video. True haters gonna hate…sadly I dated and lov(ed) one…was damaging….so I do know their inner depaved torment first hand