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The Grieving Process: Coping with Death

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Unexpected Deaths Heart Touching || Sudden Deaths

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When Someone we love has died

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Everything around them is still there, dealing with sudden loss | Marieke Poelmann | TEDxUtrecht

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Dealing With Sudden Death

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Dealing With Death: Sudden Death

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The Grieving Process: Coping with Death

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If an unexpected death takes place at home, either call 911 or your local police or fire station, even if the death was peaceful. Most states require a. But in cases of sudden, unexpected loss, anger needs to be expressed, witnessed, and soothed before grief can be accessed. If you have an unexpected loss: Give yourself time. It takes awhile to integrate this loss into the fabric of your life.

Be prepared for a wide range of emotions. Let yourself feel whatever arises. Talk to friends, family or clergy about.

Dealing with an Unexpected Death As hard as it is to cope with the death of a loved one, it is even harder when you lose them to violence or an accident. In the aftermath of a tragedy like this, many people find themselves harboring a lingering bitterness towards society and life in general. Helping Employees Cope with Unexpected Death.

Create a memorial board. Hold or participate in a fundraiser for a special cause or for the family of the deceased. Create a book of memories to give to the family. These will be special memories for the family and a. Maintain a normal routine.

Even if it is difficult to do regular activities, try to anyway. Putting more structure into Get enough sleep, at least plenty of rest. It may be helpful to keep lists, write notes, or keep a schedule. Try and get some regular exercise.

This. Take baby steps to get back on track. For instance, set a goal of taking a short walk through the neighborhood each day and eating a piece of fruit with your meals. As you start feeling better, you can incorporate more healthy lifestyle changes and routines back into your life. Sympathy words expressed to the family and friend of someone who died unexpectedly are very much appreciated.

Unexpected deaths including, accidents, suicide and murder can be especially hard for the bereaved to cope with. A few kind sympathy words can help ease the grief and help the survivors move on with life. Make sure you’re getting adequate sleep, squeeze in regular exercise, and eat healthy. “If we don’t do our own inner work and stay connected to our own quality of life, then we can either over identify with the dying and become lost in that experience or we develop armor for protection.”.

Own your story. What to do when the shock of an unexpected death is overwhelming. In both sudden death and anticipated death, there is pain.

However, while the grief is not greater in sudden death, the capacity.

List of related literature:

Contact with others who have experienced a similar death can be particularly useful.

“Encyclopedia of Death & Human Experience: 1-” by Clifton D. Bryant, Dennis L. Peck
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You need to establish what the person understands about death and this might be done by using simple questions or by using books from the Books Beyond Words series (see Further reading and useful addresses section).

“Learning Disabilities E-Book: Towards Inclusion” by Helen Atherton, Debbie Crickmore, Jonathan Evans, Eamon Shanley
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Articles, books and movies about coping with death are also very helpful in facilitating exposure.

“The Handbook of Adult Clinical Psychology: An Evidence Based Practice Approach” by Alan Carr, Muireann McNulty
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Attend a service, visit your loved one’s grave, or just talk to friends and family.

“On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages of Loss” by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, David Kessler
from On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages of Loss
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If you deal with some of the details now you can relax at the time of death, and relaxation is the best instruction for how to die.

“Preparing to Die: Practical Advice and Spiritual Wisdom from the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition” by Andrew Holecek
from Preparing to Die: Practical Advice and Spiritual Wisdom from the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition
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Think about the times that you have gathered with relatives and friends to grieve over the death of a loved one.

“21st Century Psychology: A Reference Handbook” by Stephen F. Davis, William Buskist, Erin Brooke Rasmussen, Steven Randall Lawyer
from 21st Century Psychology: A Reference Handbook
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How did the dying person experience what was happening?

“Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief” by David Kessler
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Think about people who have died who were important to you.

“Caring for Older Adults Holistically” by Tamara R Dahlkemper
from Caring for Older Adults Holistically
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Remember the grief you felt when a loved one died in real life, whether that was a spouse, a sibling, a best friend, a parent, a grandmother or a favourite pet.

“The Soul Midwives' Handbook: The Holistic and Spiritual Care of the Dying” by Felicity Warner
from The Soul Midwives’ Handbook: The Holistic and Spiritual Care of the Dying
by Felicity Warner
Hay House, 2013

Imagine that everyone you know and care about is gathered at your funeral to pay their last respects.

“The Power of Self-Confidence: Become Unstoppable, Irresistible, and Unafraid in Every Area of Your Life” by Brian Tracy
from The Power of Self-Confidence: Become Unstoppable, Irresistible, and Unafraid in Every Area of Your Life
by Brian Tracy
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  • Just lost a lovely friend, she died suddenly and unexpectedly, she was only 43 years old, vibrant and healthy, I’m stunned, sad, wishing I coulda helped her in some way, or reach out more than I did… It’s a sad sad thing, really gonna miss her, such a beautiful lady, inside and out…. I’m devastated, hurts so bad… Part of me died with her, I’ll never be fully the same again…:(

  • My dad died last night and I can’t stop crying he was only young got run over ��I’m heartbroken and my unborn brother won’t even get to meet his dad such a horrible world we live in ��fly high dad love you loads ❤️

  • I don’t know how I was lead here. But I listen intently and clapped too very touching and so true. I felt what you was saying I too lost a love one 4 weeks ago and felt hopeless and didnt know if I would ever go on and live again. After soul searching myself and knowing so profoundly how my love ones would have lived life and not stay stuck they wouldnt have wanted me to treay myself as such. I am still here to maje a different and to continue what they left behind..their legacy. I miss my sister deeply and will always carry her in my heart. But Life goes on.

  • I lost my grandma in April this year. The 15th. We had to go to our moms that day. I remember my dad and stepmom waking us up at 9 am, calling us to the living room. They told us grandma was breathing funny and that this might be it. She had cancer and called hospice the Friday before.
    We went and said our goodbyes. 12:37 pm, I believe that’s when she went. I went back there, and that was the last time I saw her body, lifeless.
    I was in denial for a while, and her death has only really hit me these last couple of months.
    I miss you grandma, I’ll never forget the fun times we had <3

  • If your going through a hard time with a love one being lost.I want you know they would want you to be happy and enjoy life. I know I’m just someone from the Internet but I’m real person who makes mistakes and has some bad and good but I real and I care. Stay safe ❤️ and enjoy life cause u never know.

  • Thanks for that video, it’s really great!:)

    I created a video “How to overcome your hardest experiences” and would love to hear your feedback on it. It also may help you and others in tough situations.

    Here’s the video:

    Best wishes,

  • My Great Great Grandmama passed away last month on sunday 28th March and i am still in the grieving and numb and heart broken and i am still procesing and feel numb and puting on a brave face and still now i feel the pain and there are times where i do.nt feel like talking to anyone and i am still hurting ������������������

  • I’m in a very difficult situation right now, a few months ago, my cat passed away, he’s been with me before I was born, then I started to feel better, but yesterday my dog passed away aswell, this video helped me so much

  • This video might not be copied well maybe but this channel has the original uploader in the channels tab of this account same for the original uploader I’m not saying it’s not stolen and she just stole this video behind her back I’m just saying it’s possible it’s not stolen and it was just re uploaded on this channel

  • Lost my cat last night, I have 2 bigger cats who always gave the littler one extra aggressiveness because he was new. About a month after, we got the one who passed, they bonded immediately and became best friends. Now I see him lying on his grave or calling for him in the woods.

  • i lost my grandfather today. i hope my father wont pass away early because i’m not ready to handle the grief that i can only imagine about.

  • My husband of twenty four years died of brain cancer nine months ago he was always healthy he was my world I feel that it should have been me not him I stayed strong to take care of him then the night he passed away everything went went with him all I do is cry because I’m having a hard time handling it

  • My first friend, my best friend since we were 1, passed away today. He was only 13, I feel so terrible. He was amazing at art but quit because of Covid for some reason. He was found 5:30AM this morning.

    Love you Rey, it feels so unreal and unbelievable.


  • I lost my mum this year to suicide. And I feel numb most weeks but then I burst into anger an tears, I miss her everyday and I wish I didn’t argue with her the day before she took her life, I wanted to tell her I loved her
    I just want to go back in time and hug her..

  • My grandfather died earlier today. 7.28.2020. I know he’s at peace, but I’m utterly heartbroken. I hope I made (and continue to make) him proud.

  • I lost my great grandma on December 20th 2019 right around the time I left school with my friend, we were just going to watch high school musical for kicks and giggles and have a good time. After only being at the house for 5 minutes my mom yelled downstairs that my friend had to go home, I of course asked why, she said my great grandma was pronounced dead 20 minutes ago. I didn’t have time to realized what happned cuase I was immediately golfed into a hug by my friend. I didn’t have time to cry or anything, I had to make sure my mom was save as we drove back to my friends house to drop them off, they were pretty understanding of the situation.. it didn’t hit me until that night when I got back home and got ready for bed, i said i still wanted to go to school, but my whole entire grade asked me to stay home.. so I did.
    Now that it’s been awhile, and 2020 has been absolute hell in so many words, the loss and grief of losing her has caught up to me. I’ve been so focused on keeping my family & friends okay, I havent have time to even think about myself.. i hope if your still reading this that your okay and that we understand what your going threw, we all love and care for you. ��������
    (Edit: before any of you asked she would have been 99 in july)

  • my nan passed away in march from cancer and im still not over it because she always looked after me and my siblings like she would take us to school when my parents were at work and also take us on holiday:( i miss you nan ��❤️

  • My father’s nice died. My mom told me this morning. I didn’t know him that well, but I fell very heavy right now, and can’t describe my feelings. Maybe because I’m still a child. I am sure he was an amazingly kind. I am sure he is in a better world now!

  • I lost my father figure and mom due to the covid-19. I send love and prayers who have also lost loved one’God has a plan he has exepted the in heaven and they are watching over you❤

  • I lost my father suddenly when I was 4. 60 years later the grief still lives within me. it never goes away, you just learn to live with it, it becomes part of who you are. But you honor your lost one by living the best and fullest life you can and to seek healing and love where available. I fell into the trap of feeling like Life happens and choice is not a realistic option. That was wrong. being a victim once does not make you a victim forever. Choose the life you want and make it your own.

  • Coach Corey
    Thank you very much for this video. It will help understand sudden death better and accept it. This video is and will be an excellent guide to having peace, and continue with peace and happiness in life. I will be for many years grateful that I found you three years ago and will continue to absorb you’re great knowledge and wisdom. Thanks again

  • I lost my dad on the 19th August. I was with him in the morning just laughing and joking and the same night my mum rang to say he had passed. I miss him deeply. I miss him. That’s what is hurting the most

  • You’re the man, Corey. My best friend was killed five years ago by a drunk driver, 12 days before his wedding. I never truly started living again unit I began to apply what you wrote in your book (finding my purpose and mission in life and pouring my heart and soul into it).

    To anyone who relates to this video: if you’re struggling and grieving you will find healing once you start living life to your full potential and not settle for less than what you’re capable of achieving.. Don’t give up, things will get better.

  • The whole in m6 heart is sooo painful im crying while writing this i just want to hug them again…. i cant stop crying ive been for the past hour im trying not to mwke noise that im crying…i told my mom its hiccups i feel my heart breaking my whole world is falling…i feel empty i feel so so sorrow..i feel so stupid for all the fights we had i just want this pain to go..
    Pps help i cant stop crying it hurts so badly please someone talk to me.. im so tired i havent slept in days bea if u see this i miss u so much i cant HANDLE this pain i miss u to the moon and back i love u. ����������������������

  • I just lost my pig today, that may sound weird but he was my happiness and he was my everything. I can’t deal with it I can eat anymore, I can’t sleep anymore and I can’t stop crying. I haven’t told anyone yet because I hate expressing my feelings. I want to be with him I am struggling with suicidal thoughts. I can’t do this. I mis him so much it hurts.

  • Mum an dad both passed within 24 hours,5 years ago,then a while later my aunt,then my father in law and a year after him my wife,just 58 a week before she passed.
    Life fucking sucks!
    My life is improving,happier with much greater respect for everybody and everything

  • I lost my dad to the COVOID-19
    And it has completely ruined my life
    He was such a great man and he didn’t deserve this

    R.I.P dad i hope you find the people you lost in heaven and reunite with them and i hope once i die I’ll meet you again in the after life ❤️��

  • i lost my dad when i was 18/19 here is his story
    my father was diagnosed with stage four cancer, in May of 2016. The cancer was in remission thanks to chemotherapy. Then in December my dad was diagnosed with heart failure, and was scheduled for a triple bypass when he was diagnosed w/ heart failure he was forced to stop chemo in February, When we had a large snow storm the operation was postponed till March 23rd.
    On March 23rd, we packed up everything and traveled to New York City where my father had his operation one of my dad’s coworkers was nice enough to let my mother and I stay at her apartment, while my dad recovered. We ended up staying two weeks, all the while I had school work to do every day as I emailed all of my teachers letting them know what was happening. After multiple complications and a gallbladder removal my dad was thought to be well enough to go home.
    Upon returning home I went back to school and life was basically back to normal, but that was not meant to be. In April dad ended up back in the Kingston hospital ER then Father was transferred back to the New York City hospital and stayed there I was once again missing school so I tried to get as much work as I could done. I convinced my Us government teacher that by staying by my dad’s side I was earning community service hours as it meet with all of the requirements And he accepted my request, so I locked in a total of 57 hours the requirement was twenty. At that time he started to decline and was diagnosed with acute kidney failure he was brought home on Saturday I was still making up work.
    On Sunday April 23rd 2017 my dad died and I pronounced him at 3:30 PM. I then returned to school. I am so glad that I went back.
    in this part i am going to tell you to the best of my memory of what happened to my dad medically unlike the other story there is no personal stuff (sorry for any spelling errors):
    here are the gross details as best remembered starting March 23 he had a triple heart by pass operation and about 3 days after he began to look jaundice the Drs. did a number of tests to check his liver the results came back that his liver was okay so the Docs thought he had gall stones but after some more tests they found that his gallbladder was failing the Drs. removed his gallbladder and put a stent in to drain the bile that had built up. he recovered well from that. (So just so you understand March 23 he had a triple heart by pass operation which is a large operation and he had some time to recover and then in the same week he had his gallbladder removed.)
    he was discharged about two weeks after both operations. he seemed to improve.Some time in April dad was okay. he then became very weak and was vomiting pure bile( he would continue to vomit pure bile till the very minute before he died because of the blocked stent) he also had a low grade fever and could not climb up the stairs to the bedrooms so mom called 911 and he was taken to the closest hospital he stayed there for about 2 weeks during that time the Drs. thought the stent where his gallbladder had been was clogged and they tried to remove it but failed Drs said that dad should go to the place that he got the stent in the first place. so in the middle of the night he was transfered WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE back to NYC.
    the Drs said that they tried to remove it but mom and i think he was experimented on after the operation the nurses asked about his mental status which of corse alarmed my mom after about 2 hours he finally woke up. he remained at new York presbyterian Columbia for at least a week and developed a rectal bleed then there was blood in his urine he also had severely swollen ankles the nurses placed a foley cathader to help him the ran some tests and that is when they found that his kidneys were failing so they adjusted the IVs so that less would end up in his feet the final blow came when the cancer came back and at that time he wanted to go home because he knew that this would be fatal.on Friday i noted that he was aggressive i then googled the symptoms of dying and aggression is a signs of death at one point he tried to take out his catheter. i then noted that his color was changing he was still vomiting bile.he started to show more sighs of death. ( the Drs said that he may not survive the 100mile trip home )
    he was brought home on Friday night alive and by Saturday his breathing was now a pronounced rattle and there were pauses in between each breath he was still vomiting bile. he survived the night his sister (my aunt Chrissy ) watched him.
    Sunday came and he was still alive and completely conscious his breathing was now a pronounced rattle and there were very long pauses in between each breath he was still vomiting bile. at about a minute or so he said to mom “i cant do this ” and she said “then don’t” and that is when he lost his pulse and he stopped breathing and went unconscious and died. The time was 3:25 my mom told me at 3:30PM and that is when I pronounced him.

  • I lost my mum who was 43 at 20 and that made my life hard for a long while so when my dad died at 88 I decided that this time I would LIVE but then my sister died 12 months later at 55 and I feel that life is so hard, 10 months today and this is the third day that the tears are constantly rolling down my face and I am scared again. Scared life will be too empty, life will be pointless-who can I share it with and guilt and regret of the times she asked me to stay over one more day and I didn’t. This video helps a little.

  • I heard it say that some people in WW2 died to buy time for the rest of them fighting in the war.Thank you for your insightful teaching!

  • i am really sad RN i cant even get with the fact that all that happened was real
    i didnt spend a lot of time with her in her last days and it feels so bad
    i feel guilty

  • Watched a battle buddy die in basic training after stabbing himself in throat with a pen and ripping it. I held it the best I could and put as much pressure as I could. Watching a 17 year old take his last breath two days into reception. There are days like today where I see the pain in his eyes and make things very hard to grasp.

  • It feels like time is going too fast. It’s like time doesn’t wants me and my mom and dad together. I am now even scared to celebrate my parents birthday as i feel like they are getting older by second. It just crushes my heart

  • i lost my grandma over a year ago, and i’ve cried about her every week since. i feel so helpless. she made me feel accepted and safe in a way that no other family member has. i miss her. she was the best person in my life. i love you, grandma. i wish you could have seen me grow up. i wish you could see me figure out myself. maybe i could have re-introduce myself. i’m not your little granddaughter. i’m your grandson. thank you for caring about me, grandma. i love you.

  • thanks i really needed this, someone who used to babysit me when i was little passed away today and i feel horrible because i was really young and i remember some memories with her

  • I lost my beloved parrot who was more like my own son
    My heart is broken and the saddest thing was i wasn’t there with him when he died

  • its like my tears are dried and sometimes i have to push back my tears of blood in front of people..but only Allaah knows my pain..

  • This logic does not apply to child loss. You’ve lost a life you created forever frozen in time. Questioning every choice, blaming yourself and wishing everyday you would’ve died instead.

  • My uncle was killed last month at age 39 by a hit and run. It was so surreal, I didn’t believe it at first till my dad started to scream and beg for it to be a joke.
    Things will never be the same, I can barely manage myself, I can’t imagine my cousins…

  • Been there. Been through that. I find acceptance to be the only thing that works. Everything else is useless, unproductive emotions and wastes of time. Perhaps I think this way because I am a person who has habitually suppressed emotions since I was very young. I only care about results, and obtaining them right away. Venting, crying, regretting, meditating, etc., do NOT accomplish anything. A bottle of whiskey is what I prefer to clear out my mind and as soon as I sober up again, I immediately jump on any tasks that have to be done. Getting shit done is the only “coping” that works for me.

  • i watched this video the night i lost my Poppie, 5 years ago. i still haven’t completely moved on, grief is slow, but steady 6/28/15 ��

  • Over the years, I have lost so many people, to count everyone, I would have to sit down and put pen to paper.

    Today, I was thinking about my ex who died in 2006, at the age of 41. He literally drank himself to death. He was a mean drunk.

    The last time we spoke, I was extremely cruel to him. I knew he was ill and vulnerable. I said some very vicious things to him. Frankly, he deserved it, because he treated me like sh*t. He deliberately and maliciously hurt me. He weaponized my love for him and used it against me.

    Flash forward to today, 7/6/2020, I went to his grave. I told him that I forgive him. I asked him to forgive me. I reminisced about the first time we met, when he gave me a candy cane and a hug. I talked about him singing and playing his guitar by the fire. I confessed that buried underneath my years of resentment was a love that never died.

    To quote a line from one of my favorite movies, “it’s easy to love a dead person, they make so few mistakes.”

  • Lost my dad just 2 days ago, he paid the bills, he mentally arranged the shopping, he kept me sane, I battle anxiety and depression… the pain and fear is so very real and vivid. I will go on, there will be good days, there will be bad ones, but I will go on for him.

  • I don’t feel comfortable reading all the comments on this video. Most mention a very recent loss of a loved one. Why this video appeared in my feed is ominous and makes me feel riddled with unnatural worry..but it was a great TED talk. Thank you

  • I’ve never lost anyone before or knew how sad it was to lose someone but today I just found out that my mothers brother past away even if I never knew him because he lived far away from us and I’m only 13 it took a big tole on my mom who knew him her whole life and to lose another brother must her hurt so much and I dint know how to help her an anyway I just saw her sobbing and I couldn’t help to cry even tho I didn’t know him he must have ment to much to her I just feel so sad and I hope that for everyone who reads this knows that the person who passed away must had felt to much love for you and got to at least know such a great and beautiful person I love you all and hope that you all fell well and better I know that I have no idea what pain your going threw but know that they loved you❤️

  • I’m here as I lost my partner to cancer 1 week ago. It all happened very quickly and took him away from all of us within 24 hours. He’s the love of my life and will always love him.

  • My mom died today and I seen her last week the day after her birthday when she was watching my daughter and I was in a rush so I just ran in talk to her for a few minutes and left wish I would have talked to her longer wish I could have said goodbye I just feel nothing ppl tell me it’ll come when the numbness goes in a couple of days

  • Hey. Didn’t ever think I would be here in this kind of comment section but. Here it is. My mom passed a month ago and, it wasn’t Covid, we still don’t know tho. And. I was already on a spiritual journey about a year before. And loosing my mom gave me my “ spiritual enlightenment “. If anyone understands what I mean. I was already taking care of my lil sister and my own daughter Before (I’m 22). And when I step back and look at the universe, I had to see that everything added up and happened for a reason. I accept her body is not here. But too many situations add up to her soul is not gone. We still see her in our new house, my lil sisters dreams are on point with conversation and the time of 4:44 ( guardian Angel time & happened to be her favorite number). So all this to say, when you find “ A New Normal “ after a loss, you will always have triggers in life that effects your moods. Having positive affirmations help a lot. And when you realize what we Believe as “ Time” doesn’t exist, we are all in one with the spirit world. You have to practice vibrating highly to Tap in to that side. Then you have a guardian Angel For life. I hope I made Somone feel a little better! Peace ☮️ �� ��

  • I lost my dad 4 days ago. From then on I am visiting videos that would help me cope. I dont know that one can ever move on. It’s just a lie. You need to accept the fact and live with it. I am even more worried about my mom and little sister, it hurts me see them cry and there is nothing I could do about it. May god give us strength to overcome. And you the one reading this, plz give a hug to ur loved and when they are still around.

  • Bravo bravo young lady. What a beautiful soul that’s had to endure such life changing heart ache. I lost my 16-year-old son for years ago and know exactly what you’re going through. Your parents are very proud of you and I know from my father’s heart how your father feels. I know you don’t know me but if there was anything I could do for you if you ever need someone to talk to my wife and I are here for you.

  • Thank you so very much. Looking for comfort, my healthy & vibrant, sweet, wonderful Aunt Jamie passed away today. She fell ill very fast from what we have come to learn was a blood infection, and she was taken off of life support several hours ago. All this while the pandemic craziness is happening so none of her children or her husband were ever allowed to be with her. Now, we don’t even get to have a funeral. (Not to mention, my mom (her sister) and I are quarantined alone with my granny (her mother), while she’s on hospice and we are having to watch her slowly die.)
    We have chose not to tell her since her mind is pretty far gone and we just can’t see the benefit of her trying to understand that her child died. I think maybe the timing of my aunt’s passing is kind of a blessing that way. A month ago we would have had to tell her, and I cannot imagine her in that kind of pain.
    I think Aunt Jamie will be waiting for her to join her in Glory, and granny will never have to go through the pain of losing her… Idk, I still struggle with the decision, but in my heart of hearts I feel like we are doing the right thing for her, and that my sweet Aunt JJ would agree.
    I want to thank you again for the comfort in this incredibly stressful and confusing situation. I plan to share this with her loved ones and I’m positive it will mean as much to them as it has to me.

  • My grandpa just died and I feel like someone is stabbing me right now and im in shock I can’t copy with it, my dad just left me now him,why can’t it just be me next������

  • Not many might know this story but when I was little my older cousin was hanging out on a train track that hadn’t had any trains run on it in a while with a couple of friends.
    Than one of them saw a train coming and they decided to try to out run it. My cousin and one of his friends were hit but the other one had the balls to jump. He managed to live but my cousin and the other kid couldn’t out run the train and ended up dieing. I wasn’t old enough to remember it all but it still pains me day and night. I hope that the one who survived is happy and is living the best life they can.


  • I lost my horse in may, i know it sounds stupid but that horse saved my life and I can’t get over the fact that he’s gone. He was the one thing that made me actually happy and I still don’t know what to do with myself

  • My grandma died yesterday and she was everything to me she took care of me at a young age she was like my mom and I can’t believe she’s gone

  • I just lost my best friend of 10 yrs in a motorcycle accident I’ve been so lost without him. I’m hurting badly I miss him so much how do I get through this love your videos thank you

  • I lost my brother to an overdose just two weeks ago. He was my last family. He had a huge and loving heart and a was an enormous presence. I am devastated. I’m watching these videos to see how other people could possibly cope with such sad circumstances.

  • You really are a good leader! I like your outlook on life and what you believe in and I’m so glad I found your videos at such a vital time in my life. I think it’s great how you can be a role model in somebodies life without being actually present, especially when so many people are not born with good role models. Thank you:)

  • I loved him and he loved me yet we never got to actually date and I have peace knowing that he loved me just as much as I loved him. ❤️ He died literally in early July and I am emotionally shattered. One day my spirit will be with him again.

  • I never saw death from this angle before. What a relief to anybody who has lost a loved one. Thank you pastor for this incredible message. ��

  • I lost my grampa last weekend in a quading accident climbing a hill and the quad spun out and it went from no traction to full traction and flipped on top of him snapping his neck and his neck chain tore up his neck instantly killing him.My Dad was the first one there and did C.P.R and he was already gone.����

  • I have been blessed with seeing spirits you call ghosts as a small child and still have visitors! We DO NOT DIE! WE MOVE TO A HIGHER DIMENSION. YOU ARE LIVING IN A 3RD DIMENSION REALM. HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEINGS 5TH TO THE 11TH EXIST YOU HAVE BEEN LIVING A LIE. THIS IS THE TRUTH UNDER GOD. LOVE YOU ALL �� �� ��

  • I loved my dad soo much I wish he was alive “ I lost half of my siblings nd friends thy were all KILLED” and been through sooo much in life with no family and friends!! Have been abused n destroyed embarrassed all my life” I just wanna go to graveyard at night just to sit and cry cry ��������������������������������got no more HOPE!!!!!

  • You helped me unpack my behavior after my dad was murdered. That box was my life from 8 yrs old to now 41. Specifically “If everything I knew is broken. I may as well do what I want.“ Thank you so much.

  • Oh bless you.. So wonderful.. Lost my beloved husband 5years ago and it’s tough. Tough but we must have HOPE. You are wonderful.. Carmel

  • My grandfather passed away a few hours ago (07/08/20), it was due to natural causes. This is so sad, it seemed like he was recovering from what he suffered. He was a gentleman and he cared about his family, he was a good person. I regret not spending so much time with him lately. Wherever you are now, rest in peace my grandfather, I send you a hug, I love you very much, I will always remember you.

  • Life is just a test
    Death is the beginning.
    Life is just a Dream
    Death is the reality.

    My grandma passed away unexpectedly I’m greiving so much. U don’t know how much u love them until it’s too late…

  • I have lost both of my siblings, less than two months apart from each other. I am just here, cause I don’t feel like I am handling it well at all. I don’t know what to do, and it hurts so much, it’s an unbearable pain.

  • My kitten died last night we had to put her to sleep she had cancer and anemia the vet said with all the money in the world we probably couldn’t fix her and I was listening to my mom talk to the vet when she said if pebbles was my own I would put her to sleep I hugged my dog and just broke out in tears the poor thing deserved a longer life 10 months is too short I remember my last words to her “I love you pebbles I will always remember you, don’t worry my baby you will be pain free soon” I love her so much I’m crying righting this I just keep thinking of how her life was too short but she was always happy and had a good home. I miss her I know how all of you guys feel. God Bless.��������❤️❤️❤️

  • My daughter, only 14 y.o., died five months ago. It shattered me, it feels like I was amputated the day she died, the pain was and still is truly physical. Now, after these still short months, I begin to feel a little of what Marieke is talking about: I am still here. My daughter died, but I am still here. And moreover I have a son who depends on me. I have cried and cried and cried. I felt utterly desperate, deserted, desolate, literally broken hearted. But gradually I find that I still have a will to live. My sweet girl will allways be in my heart and mind, but she will not come back. Going on with my life felt like betraying her somehow, it didn’t seem an option, it didn’t feel right. But it no longer feels that way. I can honor her remembrance, talk about her loveliness, her life and death, only when I truly keep on living a full life. All important to me is that I allow myself to grief, really go through my loss, live through the many emotions that sometimes overwhelm me. Not only the sadness but also the loneliness and desperation, the anxiety and doubts about the future. And that was and still is hard for me but it is the only way and slowly it is becoming less. If you are in the same situation as me then trust that your resilience is strong enough to eventually pull you through. Give it time and go down that difficult road one step at a time. That is what I say to myself and that is what I would like to say to you. It is a lonely road but you are not the only one going it. Stay strong!

  • I am 21 and my father passed away in the beginning of January 2020. Growing up with a single parent, he was my best friend and my only family. After spending time away from everything to reflect on my own life, I found this video. When she said she was a lot stronger than she thought, it hit home for me. I didn’t know how I survived through that period but when she said she was resilient I felt that. When talked about blaming herself and why bad things had to happen to her, I couldn’t believe how this person was speaking my mind. I am her. This is helping me through such a very hard time in my life. I am trying to reset my life, and make it my own, just as she did. That gives me hope. It seems like she turned out so beautiful inside and outside despite the pain and not letting that bring her down to achieve the best in her life:)

  • I was 7 when I lost both my parents. I was taken away from them by force and put into the American foster care system. They tried to change over 4 years, it didn’t work and I was adopted by the foster family. Then I got in trouble as a teenager and was sent to a Children’s Home.
    The only thing that made me feel strong was reading Dean Koonrtz.

  • This is the heaviest comment section i’ve ever seen, my thoughts and prayers to everybody that’s about lose or recently lost a loved one, i’m a random person on the internet so i am not aware of your life struggles, but if i can say one thing is please please, don’t beat yourself up over whatever event which occured, instead of wondering what you could have done better in the past ask yourself what you can do better in the future and learn from your mistakes, the past is the past and it will be of no use scratching it, time moves forward. Death is inevitable and we all have a ticking clock, it’s the way things are and we can’t change them. Be the best you can and treat everyone like it’s their last day on earth. Peace be to everyone, God bless.

  • I was eighteen when my Mom died. Even now fifty years later, despite a happy marriage and loving children the void is still there. For some, Time changes nothing Death changes everything.

  • My loss was not sudden, for the last three years there has been at least 6 times when I thought my mother would die (she was old and not very well ). I am sad about her not being around anymore, but it also a relief in some way.

  • My Father Died this morning, he was a fighter. he was very dear to me.. he beat the Covid-19 and the stomach problem he had. He will be dearly missed.

  • I’m having a hard coping with the death of my best friend 5 days ago. What makes it harder is I found him after he’d died from a heart attack in his sleep. I feel like I’m drowning.

  • I went to wake my mum at 12:15pm today, she wasn’t breathing I shook her, I rang the paramedics and they told me to put her on the ground, I tried to resuscitate her until the ambulance arrived, they confirmed there is no sign of life, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t think straight I was in complete shock. I’m 16, how am I supposed to live my life without her? Its now 12:37am and 12 hours later I still don’t understand what happened, why didn’t she wake up? She was crying before she went to sleep but I didn’t say anything because I was angry, she was drunk, like id never seen before, so I left her to sleep at 4am. I miss her so much and my first instinct is to go and talk to her and give her a hug, but I can’t and I never will again, she had such a hard life and just wanted her kids to be happy, she was so beautiful even though she didn’t see it, I saw it. I loved her more than anything or anyone and I would give anything to have her back.

  • I lost my mom 3 months ago and she was only 48. She passed away suddenly from cardiac arrest. I was only 25. I miss her more than anything.

  • I am 27 and I lost my husband last month, he was hit by a car and died on the spot, its difficult to deal with a sudden death grief

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  • We lost our dad a few months ago and I saw my brothers and my mom deal with them in so many ways

    My older brother dealt with by anger

    My middle brother started having separation anxiety and started going everywhere with my mom

    My youngest brother talked about it more

    And last but not least myself. It took my mind to catch up with my body. I’m my mind he was still there and it took a hard toll when my mind started catching up and I now cuddle his clothes at night. Remember it’s ok with how you deal with loss, there’s no silly way.

  • My dad was murdered a month ago… i still feel so numb. I want to hug him, talk to him or simply stare into his eyes… i miss him so much

  • Her words are so profound and true. An enlightened person who knew how to take her grief and turn it into something beautiful. People have thought that I was crazy for not showing outward signs of profound grief after losing my brother suddenly and my mother in a four week span. The pain is real, my brain is wired much like Marieke’s. I am letting go of every false security I have clung to. Making new plans for my life that otherwise would have never been a fleeting thought if it were not for profound loss in my life.

  • I miss my grandma more and more with each passing day, she was like a second mother to my brother and I. Sometimes it feels as though she is still with us but then reality sets in and I realise she’s been gone for more than four years now. I wish I could give her a big warm hug and tell her how much I love her from the bottom of my heart. We could’ve done so much more for her but we were both stupid naive children. The only consolation is that she lived life to the fullest and she’s now in a better place free of any pain and suffering. Until we meet again grandma, you will be in our hearts forever ��❤️����

  • Praise God through Jesus Christ our LORD who is Awesome in deed and might, His love endures forever, His grace is sufficient for me, for His Power is perfected in my weakness, thanks for all you’re doing ToG, to further the work of His Glorious Kingdom, Peace and Blessing in Jesus Wonderful Name ><>

  • my uncle died today he passed away in his sleep due to cancer in the liver I didn’t believe it and when I heard the words: “Uncle Robert sadly passed away he will be in our hearts its ok to cry” but I am greatful he got to live a beautiful life

  • Where can I buy the book? Can’t find it. Your experience is so similar to mine! I lost my mom when I was 20 years old, in a car accident.

  • This is so very powerful. On the day I lost my father to skin cancer I found out I was pregnant. The pain never goes away and I wish he never left. Things are not the same between siblings and I now. Things are more broken than before. But we have to do what we want to do. I don’t wish this pain on anyone. But we keep moving.

  • I was married to my husband for 25 years. He developed colon cancer and died 6years ago. I found widowhood the saddest,darkest,loneliness time of my life. Our married friends abandoned me and new friends are difficult to find. I experienced an identity crisis as suddenly there was no us. Only me-I felt like half a person for many months. I have discovered that growing old is the process of loosing everything you ever loved and cared about. Life is a collection of memories. In the end life is what you make it to be.

  • I lost my Uncle on new years day this year and I’m struggling to cope. I hate the saying “it’s like a roller coaster” but that’s exactly what it feels like

  • It was just announced that at 4:36 this morning my aunt died. She had a heart attack last month and they’ve been holding onto her until they couldn’t any longer. Things were looking good at the start until things started going down. According to them, they were too late to save her. She had 2 daughters. One 18, the other is 4. I’m still worried how we’re gonna tell my little cousin (the 4 year old) that she dosen’t have a mother anymore. We visited her a few days ago and everyone was crying but me for some reason. I’m still not crying now and i feel like i have no feelings yet I’m saying this right now. I’m staying positive towards my online friends,because no one knows right now that she’s dead. I wish that she was still alive…she was very rude and nasty at some times,but i now understand that she was only making sure i came out to be a good person. She called me her other daughter because since my mom was working all the time to give me and her a good life,she would look after me. I don’t know why I’m saying this to people on the internet that probably wont care,but at least I’m getting it out. Thank you to anyone and everyone who read this, and have an amazing day ❤️

  • I am missing my dad…I was at job this 19th dec..I sent my friends, I took the fastest train, but he was no more..He married at late age due to his sisters..He did a gov Job 40 years..He always worked hard..I miss him a lot…I had started a new bank account for him which was unblocked that day..I feel why I started it…He was happy that day..It was a normal day..He was speaking I won’t allow love marriage and I will find a good girl for him..He was saying so many things…He had his breakfast..why you left dad? Daddy I miss you a lot and I love you a lot..You were the best person..I wished I got the chance to say all this..Our silent love no one would understand…You were the best father and my backbone..I need you in every life and I love you a lot..

  • 2 of my close friends passed away this past summer, Hamish (15) of cardiac arrest and Megan (20) in a car crash. They died within a week of each other, it broke me, that people so young were gone within the flick of a switch �� I will always miss them and love them forever

  • March 24 2017

    My great grandmother (Jojo) passes away she was very old but I just remember my grandfather (papa) calling, I answered my moms phone

    Papa: hey honey is your mom around?
    (He sounded really worried )

    Me: yes I’ll hand the phone over to her.

    A few minutes later my mom told me and my sister we needed to go to the nursing home to see jojo

    We got their and mama never told me what was happening but I figured it out. She was dying.

    Me and my sister stayed in the front of the building and I cried for an hour saying “I don’t want jojo to die. I love her so much “
    My sister said it would be ok and we would get to see her the next day

    I was 8!

    April 1 2017

    My dad was in the shower and the his phone rang, it was my mom. I answered.

    Mom: hey baby is your daddy by you?

    Me: no he’s in the shower.

    Mom: ok, have him call me back *starts crying *

    Me: momma what’s wrong?

    Mom: I’m sorry but jojo died this morning.

    I started crying and told my dad I thought I was going to see her that day ��

    May 10 2017

    My nana was in the hospital and my Mom and papa was there with her, my brother and dad was at work, so me and my sister stayed with my cousin.

    After my dad got off work he came and picked us up.we got back to the house and sat down on the couch. My dad told us he needed to talk to us.

    My dad: there’s something I need to tell you guys.

    Me, my brother and my sister: ok what’s up?

    My dad: I’m sorry but your nana passed away this afternoon.

    My sister cried for two hours

    My brother went into his room and cried for a bit.

    I cried for an hour.

    Now I’m 11. I had a dream about her last night and I didn’t think I would be crying for the fourth time today. I miss them so much.

    But remember it’s gonna get better ��

  • I haven’t lost a loved one but one of my biggest fears is losing my mother or any of my 5 siblings… I hope everyone who has lost a loved one in their life copes..

  • Pray sometime you will give encouragement on someone (spouse or child) who dies a non believer. My husband died a non believer I’ve always felt God say ” trust me “

  • my boyfriends dad died from cancer just under a month ago. we miss him so so much. i don’t talk much about my grief to my boyfriend, just because i don’t know how to bring it up. i’ll never understand why cancer has to exist.

  • My dog passed away yesterday after hour of suffering. I loved him more than anything in the world. He was getting sick and sick again and again. I can’t stop myself,Am just crying and crying. I feel like i don’t want to live anymore.
    No one is supportive, can’t talk to anyone.

  • The love and compassion in the comment section is truly a blessing. No judgements or critics, just supportive loving words to one another.

  • I lost my Grandpa who I was super close with last year before his birthday and before Christmas and now before the holidays THIS year, my father is dying. Ive been feeling very broken and just started going to a grief support group that is helping me deal with both. I also just decided to see if there was anything on Youtube about grief and stumbled upon this talk. This was a very powerful and inspiring talk. Thank you so much ♥

  • I lost my beautiful mother a month ago in a car accident!! I just don’t know if I will be strong enough to live and continue living without her, I was just so used to being with her every single day talking to her loving her everyday. its just so difficult for me!! I know I need to be strong I know my kids need me to be here for them and my brother! but this feeling is awful!! some days i just don’t know what to do!! your words did help a lot, knowing that I’m not the only person that is going through this.. I just pray to God that he helps me and helps my brother continued living Our Lives..that’s all I pray for him to give me the strength to continue this life without my mom.

  • When most people hear that my grandma died, they assume that she was a distant relative who I occasionally saw. But instead, after my grandma unexpectedly died from an aortic anerurysm, my whole world turned upside down. I never cried so hard. My grandma, like many of you said, was my everything, my heart. I would walk to her house and do yoga with her and go in the hot tub with her many weekends. I could write on and on, but 6 months later, I have found so much happiness in my life. Although you will never get over the loss of your loved one, you are stronger than you think, and you will still have happiness in your life.

  • my fear of a death of a loved one is:
    never talking to them again for a LONG time
    and also seeing them this is kinda why
    i dont fear death

  • I lost my mother last monday, I was often to go to our house but she was with my grandma, and uncle. She was suffered pneumonia, and I send money to her to buy medicines, and check ups.. but she did not make it, and I was on work when she’s gone.. It was painful experience, I was only her son, without a father, only my mother was there for me all the time.. I love her, everything I do, my dreams was for her, but she’s gone now, and I dont know how to continue my life without my mother.. I blaming myself for everything that I cant do for her as her son.

  • My friend has been missing for four days and i just found out that they found him but not alive. I feel almost guilty, I wish I could’ve done something before that could’ve prevented it. He was only 17 years old. I don’t know who to talk to. Everything feels so surreal

  • Lost my big sister 5 yrs ago and my father 8months ago. the pain doesn’t go away but you learn to live you’re life again one day at a time.

  • 18 months ago I suddenly lost my wife. I can’t agree more that we are all stronger than we think. Before the loss I was one of those people who didn’t think I would be able to go on if that happened to me…but it did, and I did. You put on the brave face, you drag yourself out of bed and you find a way to keep on living. You honor their memory by living a life that would make them proud. We are all capable of strength we never thought possible. I’m finding my way.

  • My dog died a year ago in September when it was my birthday and i miss my dog so much i have known my dog for years and my dog is gone…

  • My father committed suicide when I was 9 and husband died 2 months ago in an accident on our 11th anniversary. Don’t have any hope or will to live anymore

  • My Grandma died today. I just wasn’t ready. Despite being a doctor for years and have seen death on daily basis. I wept like a child. I denied that she even died and it was all jokes. R.I.P Mema you were the best.

  • dear Lord Jehovah I pray to you that you bring some comfort and peace to those that are mourning in their times of grief, I pray that you help and heal them… in your holy sons name, Jesus Christ amen….

  • Back in October of 2018 my mom had a massive stroke due to a blood clot blockage in her brain. She was on life support and died twelve days after..which happened to fall exactly two months before my sixteenth birthday. It’s been seven months now and it still feels as if she could come home from work or walk into the room at any moment. It still doesn’t feel real.

  • My older brother died August 10 2020 it was suicide over a girl they were talking and the girls mom wouldn’t let him see her and they were gonna talk but her mom wouldn’t let them talk so he shot himself in the head but there still looking Into it they don’t know if he did it of somebody else. He moved out 4 days before the accident he said bye over video and message but nobody thought he would die it’s not like him to do that he picked up a gun the day before the suicide thank you for reading he was 22 years old

  • Thank you for making this video. I will save and watch it often, really needed to find these particular words of wisdom tonight. God bless you.

  • I also lost both of my parents quite suddenly because of gas explosion in our home 2 months ago. And while grieving, I keep searching for relatable articles and videos, to make me feel like I’m not all alone. Thank you for sharing your story and giving me strength through it.

  • My Grandma died in June 30 2020 iam so sad rin iam still crying even tho it’s been weeks that she passed away I regret myself for not listening to her always I wish she’s still alive iam so��������

  • im so depressed my grandmother died and her last action was slowly open her eyes and looked at my dad who was crying on her hugging her

    then she died…D:

  • My mothers grandmother is gonna pass very soon, we all know it. My grandparents and mother are devastated, but I’m not. The thing is, I never really knew her, we never had any quality time with each other or conversations, basically I never knew her very well. I’m a little upset, but not like my mother. Is my feeling normal?

  • It’s crazy how some one u knew and talked to and shared so much time with in ur life is just gone I will never understand why the gods have made this this way

  • I lost my beloved brother to sudden death three weeks ago. My heart feels like it’s broken into a million pieces. I pray for the day when this feeling goes away.

  • My grandpa passed away last night. He was an excellent role model and we were best friends. Because of the current lockdowns, the country he’s in is closed for US citizens. When I’ve realized that he’s going to die, I tried to get a visa exception, but it was too late. He didn’t eat, drink or talk the last few days. The day before he left us, he pulled my dad (his son), pointed to a box with money, and whispered my name. Dad told me he left everything to me. I was his favorite. And he was mine. It’s devastating. I just hope he knew how much he means to me.

  • My boyfriend left us on 19th March,2020 n I can’t bear this pain.i hv no words left to say about my pain.hardest thing is to live now everyday with this.

  • At 2am yesterday my grandma had a heart attack, they brought her back but she isn’t herself. She’s on life support at the moment, tomorrow they’ll take her off life support to see if she can actually live or not. It doesn’t look good at all, I have no hope. All I can do right now is pray to God, but I believe it is her time.

    Rest In Piece Nana, we will remember you while you fly with your beautiful wings in heaven. We love you, and you are with us in our hearts. It’s not fair that you left us this early, but life isn’t fair. Don’t let our suffering tear you, we just want you here. And by sprit, you will always be with us.

  • Here for my sweet angel of a grandmother, who touched my heart more deeply than anyone else has in the entirety of my whole life. She passed away on 2/3/18 from pancreatic cancer. I miss her every day.

  • My grandepa died today.All I have to remember him is pictures,and a bag he made me.I love the bag mostly
    because he spelled my name on it but instead of a “e” he put a “i” and every time I look at it it makes
    me laugh and feel happy for some reason.Before he died he got to read the letters me and my brother wrote him and saw the picture I
    Drew for him.But at least he’s in a better place now.�� *Prays for grandepa*

  • I lost my amazing grandpa 2 days ago. Still cant believe its true. I cant help thinking of him and of all our memories. I loved a lot and i guess this deep sadness is the price of my huge love for him. My father told me that when he passed away he was smiling and this makes me a lil content at least hes happy, at least hes relieved. I hope hes happy there. But tbh its so hard and it hurts deep inside my heart, i cant get over it. Its unreal

  • my uncle passed away today, i just wish i could spend more time with him now. I never knew how desperately I’d miss him if he died.
    rest in peace uncle mike

  • my only child, my son, barely 20 drowned in a raging river………………4 1/2 years…….i am still lost, for a parent, your child is the future……… it is out of order…………… i can only wait until i can join him…………my my suicided in 1996, it was my son that helped me survive that, now he s gone too.

  • Lost my friend to Cancer but she was a strong fighter and an amazing person, she will forever be in my heart even if i cant accept that she is fully gone������

  • my best friend died last friday from cancer and all i can feel is emptiness. i didn`t cry until know and i`m scared to because if i start to cry, i don`t think i can ever stop

  • It’s been 5 months since I lost someone extremely close to me. He was like an older brother to me. Ever since then my life has completely changed and I’m totally lost.

  • My partner died nearly a year ago and I just can’t stop crying you see his family hated me and still do they would let me see hem when he was dying or put flowers on his grave because I wasn’t allowed to see him I’m worried he think I didn’t care fwhen in reality I was sitting herm going crazy with heartbreak

  • My grandma passed away 2 weeks ago and all the times when she called I never could answer the call because I was busy and now I feel like it’s all my fault and I cry every night because I miss her

  • I am 51 and I found my dad dead one morning. He was my only family. It’s been nine months, and it’s still hard to cope, especially with the pandemic happening now.

  • Dawg my uncle just past this morning we where talking story and everything then he got a heart attack I hope he’s at peace ��������

  • And about 7 years before their accident, I suffered a brain injury which damaged my frontal lobes. So I was doomed even before they died. Life has not been very good for me. I still struggle daily with issues from the brain injury… mostly cognitive and executive functions. But I make it day by day. I wish I could just project but at this point (but hopefully at some point) I just can’t

  • My family just lost are baby chicken that was 10 days old. My sister is very sad so I’m glad to come across this video and reading the other comments. She is crying as i write this��

  • My grandma died today she was so happy yesterday im having a mini panic atact it so hard to feel this pain she told me that she will maybe be on my birthday home.I miss her so much❤

  • I understand her pain. I lost my Love of my Life, My Mother I am the only child, my Mom and I was life sisters, we fought, we love each other, we disagreed, we agreed with things, we traveled together, we kissed each other on the lips…I lost her for the Pharmaceutical Drugs Antidepressants Drugs in October 5th 2018, today is November 1st, 2019 the Pain is enormous, and I still have to live, take care of my father, and our material things… I Cry everyday…The worse thing is that My Mom called my name I was resting, I was very tired not sleeping much taking care of her day and night, my mom called my name at 2:25 pm on Oct.5th, 2018 and she: Gisele I am dying, I love you, and kissed me on my lips and she died on my harms at home…The pain does not go away but, I have to stay alive, i have my father my son and my friends, most importantly I have the one that really gives love and hope he is GOD.

  • My Grandpa pass away two weeks ago and my Uncle pass away just two days ago I felt hurt even more then my father told me be happy, don’t be sad but in the inside it hurts.

  • I had a dog who was fighting cancer, I made a decision to let him go. The day he died, we were in his favorite park with people he loved and I sang him a song before he went. He was my best friend, son, and my family we did everything together. I miss him tremendously. 6 months have passed and it’s hard to feel anything do stuff without my buddy. Forever loved Buster

  • Seth McFarlane was the other one that was meant to be on the plane.

    Going through a difficult time at the moment after the passing of my nanfinding that the things around me is causing the distressthe reactions of those affected etc.

  • A couple months ago my uncle was one of the victims of COVID-19. He wasn’t that old, early 50s, he was a healthy man and was a “friend to the world”. I’ll miss him so much.

  • I lost both of my parents to a horrible car accident. It changed me. That was 26 years ago but I have never been the same in some instances.

  • Jesus can be Your Parachute>>>>> 27  So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

  • My mom just died out of nowhere about 2 weeks ago. I was out of town at work, working night shift, and woke up in the evening to a phone call from my sister, crying with the simple words “mom died.” I’ve went through the grieving process with my Dad, it’s sad that death is a business. The funeral home, the burial, the estate. Once all that process was done, and there was nothing left on my checklist. I went through a dark time of depression, so dark that words can’t describe it. Holding my gun to my head just sitting I front of the mirror for hours. They say mirrors are portals to another world, and my house felt so heavy. There was always a dark presence around me. I’m a musician, and while mixing a song, my sister walked through the door; normally she would come up to me, and she ran away. Saying there was a giant dark figure standing behind me, it was guiding me. My Dad died staring in my eyes, I only saw my mom the last time the funeral home let us see her. She was so cold. I knew instantly that we’re souls, and our bodies are only a vessel. I’m worried that I’m handling her death so well, even though there’s a small grief there, I’m moving on with my life as normal. I can’t place why. Anyway, it was nice to write this out, even if no one reads this.

  • You cant bring the dead back to life its how life works. But when someone you love died he/she is not really dead he/she is up there watching over you all the time.


  • Good information Coach, I’ve been taking in your advice for a few years now. Dealing with death is rough. My best friend died in a motorcycle wreck in 2004, my 1st son died at 3 in 2005 from medical issues, and I just had my recent ex gf decide life didn’t have more to offer.

    She was going through many issues (mental, family, financially) and it was just becoming a lot. Even though I cared for her, I felt we weren’t in right spot for a legit relationship now. I found out from her family, after I hadn’t got return calls after wishing her happy holidays, that she decided to walked into traffic… It’s hard, I want to fantasize in all these I could go back in time and change something. But I know logically I can’t. So I try to find comfort in knowing everything comes to an end, and I have to keep moving and improving.

  • My mom died yesterday, i almost never had a chance to talk her before her death. It’s a change of my entire life, i don’t know what to do next, i really loved my mom. In the past i never stay apart of my mom, she was everything to me. Even her last breath, she don’t even had a chance to say her last word.

    (Sorry for my bad english)

  • I lost my dad 5 yrs ago(14) and past month my brother,they were my friends,supportive,my strength,and god I just can’t take it anymore I can’t pretend to be strong as I have been doing years…

  • I lost my mother on my birthday 17 years ago and it still hurts. It never goes away. I use to enjoy decorating for Christmas for her, now I don’t bother putting anything up. Time does not heal wounds. I’ve continued on, but it’s not the same. It won’t ever be.

  • It’s been months now since we lost our family dog, 18 years, and I still can’t watch this without crying. We love you, Molly, forever and always. <3

  • When someons u love die dont worry there just there waiting for u to join them because hes body died but there soul is waiting for u so dont feel bad

    If u cant find them dont worry maybe there just on the otherside that u need to find them again.

  • My mother passed away 10 days after i buried my 26 year old son. Ive never grieved for her bc ive been so heartbroken over losing my 2nd son, tragically and unexpectedly. I also lost my 18 yr old son twelve years ago. I never dreamed i would have to live the nightmare over and bury another son before i left this earth….

  • My beloved grandmother who has been in my life has sadly passed away from breast cancer she was only 65 year old when she died the doctor said that they found a small lump on her breast and they say that she two year to live but the lump on her breast was getting worse than she sadly passed away. It really hurt my heart too much. ����������������

  • Lost most of my family and friends over the last 10 yrs. Regrets of things I didn’t say or do topped with the world feeling gray and a bit colder is Tough to deal with.

  • Lost my great aunt at 12:50 which was 1 hr ago. She had always told me to keep playin (cause I play music) and to keep smiling, she helped me through my bullying when I was younger and had always made me laugh. Gonna miss her so much. Edit: also due to coronavirus, I haven’t been able to see her in a few months, makes me cry more i think about it

  • My grandmother finally lost her battle wit dementia after years of progressive worsening. As flawed as she was and even though she put me and my sister through some hell, the last 5 years of her life she took me in when I was homeless and even co-signed for my first apartment. In my eyes she’s been redeemed and nothing she has done before will ever take that away. I love you grandma! May your next go round somewhere else in some far off world be a better one. One filled with the love and caring you weren’t given by your husbands or family. You will always be missed and remembered

  • This morning my grandmother passed away. I miss her so much.I love her very much. She was my everything. I Will always keep in mind that she is with me. Just to heal my pain I am here:(

  • It would be nice to get advice from anyone who sees this comment, i am now 15, my dad died with cancer when I was just 9, i am the oldest sibling of three, i was the first one to realise whats means “dad went to heaven” they just stood there understanding nothing, untill i cried and they just copied me all i wanna say i am feeling like the only who is missing him so bad but i was moving and spending weeks and months not thinking about him, when became a teenager i started to realise the space he left as a father, my mom is just doing her best to not that space, but there are moments you know your must be here for it, my problem is I can’t stop overthinking every single night, crying on him and think about more moments that he should be here but he is not, I want a solution to stop this, i wanna stop missing him so bad and just keep tearing my heart apart,,I WANNA STOP ��

  • My cousin is in a deep place right now, and I’m worried that soon they’ll cut it off, even though they haven’t said that. So much is happening that I’m worried it will be too much for them.. I have major anxiety and have been having attacks almost every night because it kicks in “They could be dead right now.. and I wouldn’t know until tomorrow..” I’m so scared and honestly I’m preparing for it by watching these types of videos, I don’t know what to do since I break down when I try to talk to people about my issues and or worries about someone else. Walking up to them and saying “Hey, I know you’re going through a lot right now, you wanna talk about it?” Should be easy, but I just can’t, because I break. I start crying and immediately fall into another anxiety attack. Attacks have been constant lately, and it’s terrifying, I’m honestly just preparing and avoiding. I don’t want to break down with them, or make them feel guilty for worrying me. But I also don’t want to have that constant stress of thinking they could be gone any day.. I don’t know what to do.

  • My dog passed away years ago. The grief didn’t hit me until 2 years later, I was in denial for 2 years. I know losing a dog isn’t the same as losing a human, but she was my best friend and I still miss her so much.

  • I always love my mom like it’s her last day. I constantly message her to remind her how I love her so so much…. I don’t want to lose her like how I lose my Dad. I don’t want to feel regret anymore. I constantly blame myself why my Dad died, and I often breakdown when I’m alone. I can’t deal with it anymore, I don’t know what to do. Instead, I just plaster a smile on my face so I won’t look sad in front of my mom, I don’t want her to worry about me, I love her so much.

  • My grandfather passed away on Saturday.. I still cry every night and morning.. We didn’t say bye to home because of lockdown.. ����

  • Or a pet bird that’s important to you.❤️ I put my birds first. And one died. Today.

    Nothing will be the same without him.

    Forest /green budgie/ super cute/likes to cuddle/gives kisses/but he ate his poop and that’s how he died. Please don’t make fun of my birds name because my family already is. ���� forest just died today.

    Date I got him

    Friday may 9th. 2020

    Day he died R.I.P

    Sunday June 7 2020

    I love you forest. ❤️

  • Thanks for the tips. Lost my brother unexpectedly recently. A traumatic experience. But how to grief in Corona situation when nobody can comfort you by their hugs and all the things that gave you joy are not possible anymore? I find it very hard to grief and cope with it when all what I need right now is not allowed.

  • My great grandma passed yesterday at almost 81 years old. I don’t know if I will even be able to go to her funeral. We didn’t always see eye to eye but I miss her so much. Rest in peace, grandma, I love you ❤️

  • Today marks 3 months since my grandma passed. She was like my mother… the pain never leaves and the tears are still coming down. Never had to deal with death before and this is so unreal. Wish 2020 never happened

  • I’m in a difficult situation where a person I know but don’t know personally, but know him threw my rolemodels as a movie critic and I’ve talked to once on twitter had committed suicide a few weeks ago. I’m not allowed to grieve in my own home since my parents (who act like death is nothing) say he wasn’t real to me, but the fact is, he made me who I am. So I’m constantly having anxiety attacks becuase of such an event, I feel hurt, angry and overall confused.