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Here’s the thing, though: my relationship with Star Wars is more than just a boyish crush. This saga has helped shape and mold the person I am today. It’s made me a better person. Today I want to share this magic with you. You Always Have a Choice.

In the end, all that time I spent in the ‘Star Wars’ universe fostered galaxies of creativity and made me a better person here on Earth, because it taught me that everyone counts. That’s why I can sincerely and with a straight face say: ‘May the Force be with you.’ Chris Hardwick. Along with Star Wars, I built a ton of models as a kid, teenager, and in my early twenties.

Every time I painted and completed a kit, I dreamed of someday being one of the guys who make the models and scenes used in movies like Star Wars. But instead I went into IT and made a pretty decent almost 20 year career out of it. Lucasfilm I was 9 when the first “Star Wars” film came out in 1977.

Like so many kids around that age, I left the theater vibrating with the sheer epic force (I know, I know) of what I had just seen. It’s been more than 30 years since “Star Wars” first exploded into theaters, but the swashbuckling sci-fi films from writer-director George Lucas have behind a. Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit theaters on Dec.

15, marking the latest contribution to a fictional galaxy far, far away that has mushroomed in complexity ever since the first Star Wars. It depends on what race your character is, what their profession is, and what their gender is. Look through some Star Wars Universe guide books, concept art, and screen shots (both from the films and video games) for some ideas. Search “Star Wars philosophy forums” online and choose one that you like.

Read other people’s opinions on the themes you’ve picked up on in the films and respond with feedback. You’ll get a better sense of what makes the Star Wars universe special and interesting to people so you can start to enjoy the same things about the series. The classic 3 movies and then the newer Star Wars movies.

Some Star Wars fans get quite enthusiastic about which ones are better (we aren’t even going to ask you!). But we are going to share with you 40 fun Star Wars DIY projects that we know you’ll want to make. Whether you’re an adult and a Star Wars fan or you have a little one who likes.

Whether it followed a third-person action perspective similar to the Witcher games, or a first-person shooter along the lines of the forthcoming Cyberpunk 2077, the point is that the player’s expectations are what sets up the solid foundation for a promising Star Wars game.

List of related literature:

For Lucas, people start out good because the Force is essentially goodness.

“Sex, Politics, and Religion in Star Wars: An Anthology” by Douglas Brode, Leah Deyneka
from Sex, Politics, and Religion in Star Wars: An Anthology
by Douglas Brode, Leah Deyneka
Scarecrow Press, 2012

As a diehard Star Wars“fanboy” who is far from “socially inept,” I must say that if you think that the ¤lm is a “celebration of an idiotic lifestyle,” then you should go to a Star Wars convention and say that to every single person there, and let’s see what they’ll say to you.

“Roger Ebert's Movie Yearbook 2010” by Roger Ebert
from Roger Ebert’s Movie Yearbook 2010
by Roger Ebert
Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC, 2009

George Lucas, the man who knows the most about Anakin’s psychology, notes:

“Star Wars and Philosophy: More Powerful than You Can Possibly Imagine” by Kevin Decker, Jason Eberl, William Irwin
from Star Wars and Philosophy: More Powerful than You Can Possibly Imagine
by Kevin Decker, Jason Eberl, William Irwin
Open Court, 2005

Studied objectively, Luke Skywalker was not very cool.

“Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto” by Chuck Klosterman
from Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto
by Chuck Klosterman
Scribner, 2004

Yours are even more important—but there is nothing greater than the Star Wars moments you have yet to experience.

“Why We Love Star Wars: The Great Moments That Built A Galaxy Far, Far Away” by Ken Napzok
from Why We Love Star Wars: The Great Moments That Built A Galaxy Far, Far Away
by Ken Napzok
Mango Media, 2019

Luke’s first mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness), initiates him into the ways of the Jedi Knights (a once-powerful brotherhood which championed Truth and Justice), their unique weapon (the light sabre), and “The Force,” a spiritual power which pervades the universe and can be used for either good or evil.

“The Guide to United States Popular Culture” by William Labov, Ray Broadus Browne, Pat Browne
from The Guide to United States Popular Culture
by William Labov, Ray Broadus Browne, Pat Browne
Bowling Green State University Popular Press, 2001

Star Wars has made me a person who is more open to the thoughts and views of others.

“Finding the Force of the Star Wars Franchise: Fans, Merchandise, & Critics” by Matthew Kapell, John Shelton Lawrence
from Finding the Force of the Star Wars Franchise: Fans, Merchandise, & Critics
by Matthew Kapell, John Shelton Lawrence
P. Lang, 2006

As a gateway into this avenue of investigation, this study will unravel my relationship with, and eventual exposure to, Star Wars through two distinct lenses.

“Disney's Star Wars: Forces of Production, Promotion, and Reception” by William Proctor, Richard McCulloch
from Disney’s Star Wars: Forces of Production, Promotion, and Reception
by William Proctor, Richard McCulloch
University of Iowa Press, 2019

Luke Skywalker’s spiritual training and practice and his development as a marginalized, anarchistic individual who becomes one of the most powerful in the Star Wars universe is a dominant focus of the original trilogy.

“Culture, Identities and Technology in the Star Wars Films: Essays on the Two Trilogies” by Carl Silvio, Tony M. Vinci, Donald E. Palumbo
from Culture, Identities and Technology in the Star Wars Films: Essays on the Two Trilogies
by Carl Silvio, Tony M. Vinci, Donald E. Palumbo
McFarland, Incorporated, Publishers, 2014

G L: And struggled with Star Wars for about two-and-a-half years, it took me to write it.

“George Lucas: Interviews” by George Lucas, Sally Kline
from George Lucas: Interviews
by George Lucas, Sally Kline
University Press of Mississippi, 1999

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  • I think this makes Star Wars rose then before and magie isn’t a genius. She’s hating on the prequels for no reason and Hayden like bruh stfu

  • Also didn’t palpatine request a old friend not padme she didn’t want the Jedi plus no homo but episode 3 anakin is more attractive

  • Hahaha he said the Rancor was a marvel of stop-motion and still looks amazing. Even on my first watch at like 8 years old that felt clunky… even compared to the BBC Narnia films. I always wondered how anyone could be scared of something so incredibly slow and stiff. Not that a Rancor wasn’t a scary idea… but in EP 6 it felt like an arthritic mutated wreck.

  • Firstly,
    Anakin is 9 in the phantom menace
    Padmé is 14
    Obi-Wan is 25
    The age gap between Padmé and Obi-Wan is much larger than her and Anakin.
    Padmé and Anakin were not in love in the phantom menace. Anakin probably had a crush on her but that is all.
    Obi-Wan being stressed and lying in the original trilogy makes sense without this theory. Why would he not be hesitant about talking about how he left his best friend to burn in lava?
    This would improve Star Wars in no way at all. It would ruin it. Vader’s redemption was out of the love for his son, having obi wan cuck Vader behind his back would take all meaning away from it

  • Allow me to elaborate on a few reasons why keeping that in would’ve been a mistake. “You were my brother, Anakin! I loved you!” Then why were you having an affair with his wife? “He was the best star fighter pilot in the Galaxy, and a cunning warrior. And he was a good friend. But I wasn’t. I betrayed his trust on multiple occasions, and so did your mother.” “You told me that Darth Vader betrayed and murdered my father.” “Oh, my bad. I probably should’ve told you that I cut off all of his natural limbs and left him to die in a pit of lava, after he discovered that I was having an affair with your mother.” This would have created another plot hole in the original trilogy. Obi-Wan stops being a role model for Luke, and turns Anakin’s fall from being mostly Palpatine’s manipulations to Obi-Wan’s and Padme’s betrayal. Anakin’s redemption also would’ve felt off. Luke had emotional ties to Obi-Wan and looked up to him; so why rescue someone that was close to your former best friend that betrayed you?

  • After having the last movie come out, the star wars for me at least in terms of strength are: episode 3 > episode 9 > episode 6 > episode 5 > episode 1 > episode episode 4 > episode 2 > episode 8 > episode 7. I find the force awakens almost unwatchable because it is the same movie as episode 4 and has no originality in its plot. Special nod to Rogue One which is my favourite star wars after episode 3.

  • It’s interesting but Obi Wan is supposed to be a totally moral, upstanding and honest person, having an affair with padme tarnishes that reputation nearly to the point of character assassination

  • What about Satine??? Obi Wan legit would have left the Jedi Order for her so if he was in love with Padme he wouldn’t be with the Jedi.

  • I honestly never understood why people criticized Hayden playing Anakin. When I was younger I grew up with the prequels and loved them so dearly, but most of all I was always fascinated with Anakin. The way Hayden displays Anakins emotions was just so amazingly well done as well as executed perfectly. I feel like if you thought Hayden did a terrible job playing Anakin then you truly didn’t understand who Anakin actually was. Anyways this is all just my opinion but I hope more people will try to be more understanding of George Lucas’s intent and vision with what the prequels were altogether.

  • I watched this years ago, and needed to come back to have the salt and pepper added to the incredibly bland meal again. You have saved the prequels. Maggie is a genius. THANK YOU.

  • even in 2016, “Satine” was a thing. so… You’re SO wrong. one’d better first watch the clone wars
    It will help much more to think Jar Jar is a sith lord.

  • I never actually hated the prequels, especially when compared to the sequel trilogy. But this… holy shit. Even if it complicates the Clone Wars, this is amazing.

  • He did a great job with George Lucas’ direction and writing. The plots in the prequels were awesome Lucas is just not an actors director. His characterizations fell flat. I think due in large part because of the digital sets and a lot of actors not even being in the same room months apart. It was like an animation. The reason Empire Strikes back felt so incredible is because Kirshner has every interaction no matter how delicate or fierce captured in a real space, making eye contact with one another, feeling one another. The prequels lacked that. As far as Hayden Christiansen goes he did a fantastic job.

  • I totally agree… I watched the Prequels to consume more stories from George Lucas. I actually LOVE the Prequels. Episode 2 is my favorite story told by Mr. Lucas.

  • Shhhhhh!! Don’t put any better ideas out there or George Lucas will create a new DVD rerelease with a bunch of new, no so subtle edits to the story…

  • I’m trash for Obidala but…the only problem with it is that you’d have to rewrite the entire story to where Padme and Obi-wan get together from the start and Anakin is just some immature punk with an obsessive crush. Because neither Padme or Obi-wan’s character would allow them to betray their vows like that. Just wouldn’t happen.

    But I completely agree that once you see the movies this way, you can’t unsee it and it makes the movies twenty times better.

  • I not trying to make a big deal of it, but I think you had the scenes labelled backwards in the elevator ride comparing the Godfather and the Sopranos, could be wrong, but I don’t think so, to paraphrase Randy Newman…

  • The bit about how the music at the end of TPM is just an upbeat happy version of the Emperor’s theme blew my mind. I’ve always loved the prequels but little things like that enhance my love for them, awesome video!

  • So. Turning Star Wars into a total chick flick is your answer? Seriously? No. I don’t get why women love movies where men fight over them… it’s incredibly shallow, I’m just saying… it’s generic.

  • I like Anakin’s confusión about all this during their last encounter when he sees Obi Wan and It all leads to a Shakespearean tragedy.

    As for the rest of the theory… NOPE!

    Padme even told Anakin she loved him before they entered the prisoner’s arena in case they might die, she said this even after his mad speech after his mother died, and she also went to get him back at Mustafar after he (presumably to her) killed younglins.

    She loved him allright.

  • The smoking guns:

    1. Obi-Wan? Shit ton of face moles. Luke? Shit. Ton. Of. Face. Moles.

    2. Everything in Eragon is ripped off of Star Wars. Turns out the Obi-Wan character is secretly the Luke character’s father. Erago…

  • Hi I watched this whole video and left a like because you put a lot of work into this.
    I disagree with most of what you said. Reference, homage, themes and tropes don’t make something better because of their inclusion; if they did the best movie would just be a montage of other movies. The references have to serve a greater coherent story that can stand on its own.
    One example from your video: The criticism about killing the Padme with insects wasn’t about not understanding the trope-it was about the trope not fitting in with the situation. In a world with giant laser weapons it doesn’t make sense to use worms.

  • Hayden was amazing people who think otherwise are just idiots who watched like 5 minutes of attack of the clones it pisses me off when people say “oh Hayden was so bad bro” like really he knew what he was doing Hayden Christianson was the perfect pick for Anakin Skywalker as George Lucas said in the chosen one featurette he needed some one with that sorta dark side energy in his acting and that’s why Hayden Christianson is perfect for Anakin

  • This man poured his heart into the Prequels and the fanbase absolutely eviscerated them, calling him a money-hungry, talentless hack. No wonder he sold the franchise to Disney. Now with the Sequels, we get to see what Star Wars looks like when it’s made by actual greedy hacks who don’t know what they’re doing. The Maker is gone, Prequel bashers. Are you happy now?

  • You need to go back & Rewatch clone wars the saga, were you meat Dutchess Satine whom admits she left Obi wan before he could leave the Jedi order for her as his Trials were coming up. Side note Phantom menace starts after Obi wan failed his Trials.

  • Somewhere in the Star Wars universe television there is a show called Knights. 1:59 looks like something that would be in that show. lol

  • Honestly, If it was really a love triangle, I really doubt that Vader would turn back to the light. Kinda funny if he told Luke “You’re mom cheated on me. Obi-Wan was her Sancho!”

  • “Darth Vadar is your father. Search your feelings, Luke, you know it to be true.”
    “Haha, just kidding, you can’t do that with the force, all that stuff about him sensing your presence and all that was just paranoia too. The force is just for hurling shit.”

  • Meh, I don’t like this theory, I would rather just tone it down a bit with Anakin and Padmé, drag out the clone wars more. Make Episode 2 Episode 1 and the now Episode 2 should be during the clone wars. In that case we can explore Padmé’s and Anakin’s and Obi-Wan’s relationship more and make it more understandable, Obi-Wan and Anakin as best friends and Anakin and Padmé as lovers. Count Dooku will be the main villain in those 3 movies and make him even more awesome hahah and we can relate to the tragedy order 66 etc. just delete the first one, make a New Episode 2 and the current Episode 2 should be Episode 1

  • She didn’t fall in love with kid Anakin, ya goon. She thought he was a sweet little kid, but then she saw him 10 years later, all growed up and she became smitten.

  • NO that would have Ruined the “Luke I am your father” scene. besides what kind of person / Jedi was obi wan when he was on the same planet & kind of ignored Luke for 2223 years

  • Yeah, no. By this benchmark, Hayden did even worse. Because he wasn’t conflicted. He was wooden. Absolutely none of what you describe actually makes it on to film. It may have been in his and Lucas’ head, but it didn’t come out in the acting.

  • This concocted reinterpretting of the Prequals would be better if you atleast ACKNOWLEDGED PRINCESS LEIA THE TWIN!?! WTF if you add her in and that her adopted parents also communicated with ObiWan who she knew spoke with as a FRIEND ONLY HOPE then it comes together better. No mention of Princess Leia make it lacking in grounded textual proof

  • This sounds like poorly written fan fiction…
    And what the fuck?! How does this make it better? If anything it makes it much worse!

  • This theory is bad for several reasons. Padme is fourteen in the “Phantom Menace” therefore to young for Obi Wan. Under the circumstances suggesting Padme and Obi Wan have been secretly seeing each other just doesn’t work. Also she isn’t in love with Anakin in this movie. She falls in love with him ten years later in the “Clone Wars” when they are both adults.

  • I knew I was going to stop watching this after you said critiques were bad and what makes art “good” is whether or not it did what the author set out to do. By that logic, The Room is a cinematic masterpiece. The quote you put up by George Lucas only proves how absolutely egotistical he is. Art is subjective so most criticism will be personal feelings and wholly discounting the critiques of your audience is ridiculous. I am glad he went into making movies for himself because he certainly seems to think he is the only person whose opinion matters regarding the art he produces.

    Side note: Does this guy ever bring up Jar Jar? How does he explain that masterfully written character?

  • Ok Ankin was 9 in episode one, Padame was 14, and Obi Wan was 25. Further they didn’t see each other for 10 years at which point we have 19, 24, and 35. Either way she is closer in age to Anakin for sure.

  • What we see: An epic pop-culture battle royale.
    What all those bystanders see: A bunch of raucous nerds disturbing the peace and dicking around in a shopping centre.

  • That’s an interesting theory you have there.
    A shame that literally your first argument is false.
    Padme was closer to Anakin’s than to Obi Wan’s age, and not by a slight margin.

    And Padme would totally be attracted to young talented magical squire born from a virgin that just won the race allowing her to save her people, especially considering that force sensitivity comes with augmented charisma.

    And all of it makes Obi Wan a shitty Jedi, friend, mentor, master, and human being. Yeah, great addition, but I think I’ll keep the good story.

  • Obi-Wan “Anakin is the father, isn’t he?”
    Padme “…”
    Obi-Wan “I’m so sorry.”

    Still, fun video. Not as fun as the comments, where apparently people are unfamiliar with Cracked?

  • I don’t like sand…
    What does everyone think about Hayden’s performance after watching my points in this video?
    May the force be with you!!!

  • Why does that evil inquisitor lady look like cardi b? And why does that boy look like jerome valeska? And why does that lady who is helping the boy, look so ugly? If it even is a female that is.. at least lord vader is at his best. ☝️

  • Would like to see you do a fair review of the star wars prequels and the original trilogy as a whole? Would also love you to criticize the dceu films.

  • Hayden did great, and even Lucas wrote a great character. It’s always the dialogue. Lucas’ dialogue has always been the weakest point in all of his films, and IMO the only thing that truly brought the prequels down.

  • i just realised Anakins Early years of life was lived in Pain, Sadness, Anger and alone with your only family member. And then he lives the last years in his life in Pain, Sadness, Anger and are alone with your only ‘family member’ (palpatine = father figure)

  • I also love how there’s a lot of things you can say these “critics” are wrong about without necessarily referencing George’s inspirations. Taking Chris Stuckmann’s critique on the worms, if Padmé didn’t have a Jedi Escort she would have died, even with all the other security features in the room like the laser scan flooring and R2-D2 being on Standby in the room.
    In fact, I’d venture to say that Gassing the room would be even easier to avoid in the future, as they would have far superior sensors, R2 may be able to fumigate the gas himself and the Jedi could most certainly defend Padmé from Gas.

  • I know this is old and I’m only catching this now
    This has gotta be one of the most apt descriptions I have ever heard. A perfect breakdown into the psyche of Anakin.
    I already like the character and Hayden’s portrayal of him, but this lays it out perfectly for all the haters lol
    It’s exactly like George Lucas said, the fans just don’t like the character, cuz Hayden played who Anakin was supposed to be

  • This is such an interesting and cool analysis! I was one of those kids who watched the prequels as kids in the cinema.. And ofc I didnt know anything of the deep conexions, the use of colours and so on. But i loved those movies and I still do. Learning about the “behind the scenes” in a “where does this come from” way is amazing.

    About the movies themselves.. I loved Jar Jar as a child, I have fond memories with my father copying the silly stuff of the gungans to make me laugh, specially imitating their leader.. That is something I will always treasure. Also, Qui Gon is by far my favourite character in all SW and made me fall for “the Mentor” role in all storytelling more than Yoda or Obi Wan.

    It is true that Attack of the Clones is the one that i like less… Specially how the dialog goes at the start, and during the chase.. Although I find myself saying “You dont want to sell me lethal pills”… Beyond that, yeah, i like this movie less.. Untill the whole Geonosis part. I love Dooku and feel sad that we didnt get more of him. And i liked a lot the action with all the jedi. Again.. So many memories playing around with my friends recreating these scenes and remaking them. And I would always choose to be Dooku. Also also, the acting after killing the tusken raiders.. I freaking love Hayden.

    Finally.. Little can be said about the third. It is amazing. The light. The opera. The epicness. Yes i know i am talking from a nostalgya and ignorant point of view. Liking something without full knowledge of everything that went into it. But i dont care. No one can take away the dread feeling. And shit. The power of Anakin finally as Vader both in the Temple and in Mustafar with the hood… Those faces. Dude. I cannot understand how anyone would shit on his acting.

    I dont know what i meant by this comment.. I guess.. Just a little thanks from this no longer kid to Lucas and his work… And to you from this adult who just enjoys learning new stuff.

  • Hayden is not a bad actor at the scene where Anakin is being burned on his legs. The next shot shows anakins face if you loon at it hayden really captures the pain analin us feeling

  • His character didnt come across very well because the dialogue was simply lacking real substance. Lucas has never been very good at dialogue, so it became a major thorn in the prequels, along with the overuse of CGI.

  • My favorite is your Qui Gon Jinn impression the best.

    Epically the ‘Particular set of Jedi’s skills.’

    It hands down the best for me.

  • We just watch a few hours of his life. We can’t feel how hard his life is for years. I don’t like his decisions but Hayden did a great job as an actor for such an difficult role.

  • With Ahsoka and Padme his demeanor was very different as well. You can see the times when he’s playful and kind to those he cares about. The films show us some of Anakin’s darkest moments, when he has to shut down all that grief and cope with all that fear. The Clone Wars gave us a perspective of another side of Anakin that was more likeable with better written dialog but it didn’t betray who the character was, someone open and kind with a strong sense of justice who is deeply afraid to lose those he loves.

  • For me Anakin is Hayden. I can’t see anyone else crushing this role as he did. It’s a shame that his talent has never been recognized by the majority because he was exactly how I thought a complex character like Anakin should be

  • Just my opinion but I personally think he’s terrible. Just about every scene he’s involved in is terrible. The love scenes are unwatchable. He’s unbelievably stiff. His emotional outbursts aren’t believable. The resurgence of love is based on the Clone Wars version and the hate for Disney.

  • honestly this video was a savior. Come across some ignorant, dumb person talking about Hayden not being fit for the role? just show this video.

  • I personally think its bad direction and dialogue that let Hayden down, if the dialogue and character direction was better then a lot more people would be happy with his performance, Lucas knows how to shoot a scene and is pretty good a set design, but he’s not that good when it comes to guiding his actors or coming up with dialogue. He’s a creative person no doubt but he’s more similar to a Tim Burton then a Steven Spielberg if you get me.

  • Many of us forget that even though “it’s a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” he’s still human and considering how much darkness he gone through it’s beyond realistic

  • You forgot the part where you’re told that your wife is dead, and you now believe that you are responsible for it, after saying that you would stop people from dying

  • I don’t understand how people think episode 1 has any actual romance between the 2. Does child anekin have a crush on the brave brilliant padme, of course! But padme isn’t thinking of him romantically, she’s smart and kind and a fucking elected official. She sees this kid who is brave despite his age but not without being a little reckless. Sound like someone else? She might be against the recklessness but she is going into the fight in disguise so… she’s not in love with him, she admires him and believes that this kid can help make the world better. Claiming that episode 2 is a continuation of episode 1 as a love story is bullshit. They are just like minded kids, and then they just happen to grow up into attractive adults who get together!

  • The people who threatened to call security and the police have no sense of humour; if a man wants to drive a trolley/shopping cart to a drive-thru, let him XD

  • …after watching that 2 hour cut of the prequels combined…listening to this, putting Anakin in perspective…

    Like, as far as I know, I’ve tossed Disney’s stuff out the window—my mind is totally focused on the Prequels and Original Trilogy at this point, so I don’t feel like I’m making some huge biased decision to “intentionally like the prequels”…but this version of the Prequel stuff is…really…good, and makes sense…and so much of the negative stuff I saw in the past just isn’t there anymore…

  • Stuff like this is why I hate Original Trilogy Boomers. Hayden was a fine actor, they just wanna nitpick because they just do not understand finer storytelling.

  • I rewatched the prequels and my absolute favorite moments are when Anakin tries to flirt with Padme. It’s so awkward but for a good reason since the poor kid never had a clear understanding of love since jedi’s were forbidden to fall in love.

  • I have always loved the prequels and think that Hayden did an amazing job playing Anakin. My older brother who has been a huge Star Wars fan since he was little, he was born in 1981, even said that he did a good job and films were really good.

  • I find it ironic that a video trying to defend a generally disliked set of films for being misunderstood visual art… likewise takes a cheap shot at Zack Snyder.

  • It’s hard to say. He may have done exactly what George wanted. In fact, he probably did, given how much control George had over everything in the prequels.
    But the bottom line is, he was the central character of the prequels, and he had negative charisma. That sucks for a film franchise. Then again, some franchises do succeed even with charisma black holes as the main characters.

  • Hayden did play Anakin perfectly
    It’s just George Lucas’s script for Anakin wasn’t perfect

    Hayden did the best he could with a flawed script and that isn’t his fault.
    That’s like blaming Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley for Kathleen Kennedy’s shit Star Wars trilogy.

  • I just want to say that I couldn’t get through EFAP 84 my sanity lasted about 2 hours…. I’m amazed that you were so patience and calm. I don’t know why the focus of “debate” was so heavy on plot nitpicks and constant questions about obvious things like what Trade Federation wants from Naboo…Too bad it didn’t get to an actual discussion about TPM from movie standpoint. I hope you’re working on another great video! Stay safe and good luck with your channel.

  • I loved every Star Wars movie (the real Star Wars, before the dark times, before Disney) as a kid, and I didn’t understand most of them (because I saw them in English and I didn’t really speak English at that time)… In fact one of the scenes I consider now the very best dialogue in the Saga that is the throne room in Episode VI (which I considered to be very long and boring) I always heard “something something something Darkside, something something something complete” in that scene…

    I showed my nephew the whole Saga, he loved the prequels and in Episode V he stopped watching them, he just didn’t like it. I’m sure he’ll like it when he’s older, but episode V is not so entertaining for a children.
    And the prequels are really entertaining for children and very interesting and good movies for an adult.

  • Excellent observations and appreciation for Lucas’s craft. so glad to see something positive talking about the artist and their intentions rather than the cultural phenomenon and the expectations that come with that. Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for part 2!

  • I think that Hayden was a really good actor, but I think Hayden should had been a bit more bigger, Anakin was a little thin I believe.

    I think that Hayden if he showed even more Darkness when killing the Jedi and was a bit more buff would be perfect Vader.
    I want to see Order 66 Survivors face Vader it would being Prequel and original even more together

  • Pretty sure Mace Windu is OP against Darksiders and without Palpatine “killing” him in ROTS, he’d be OP against Vader and the 501st

  • How can anyone one say he was amazing? He was everything but convincing, and being convincing is literally the most important part of being an actor. I didn’t have a problem with him being moody, not at all, but he was simply a bad actor. And the dialogue was horrible but that probably isn’t Hayden’s fault.

    I also want to point out that whoever played Palpatine was awful (especially in return of the sith), and Samuel L Jackson was too.

  • He was phenomenal in the duel against Obi Wan. Being a good actor is more than just reciting lines, i.e. action matters in these sorts of movies & Hayden nailed the final duel perfectly. In fact IMO he carries the fight with his combination of raw physical power & expressiveness which tells the evolving story of his character as the battle goes on. He starts as an “angry Anakin” & becomes Vader as the duel progresses. For example his expression as he fights Obi Wan on the lava river at the end. Awesome.

  • This is by FAR the worst theory I have ever heard.. Shame on you cracked. Also the ONLY video I have seen so far by “Cracked” that has a woman presenter… And the story is about some stupid romance gone wrong/ love triangle.. Sexist and annoying… I feel like I have just crashed landed into some 50’s house wife dimension where woman DON’T have credible intellectual conversation.

  • When watching this, I can’t help but think of Jordan Peterson’s defense of the Bible and other archetypal stories, and how they seem to resonate with us all.
    However, when you have your mind set to a certain conclusion it is easy to cherry pick everything that fits.
    There are plenty of good points in this very in-depth analysis, but it sometimes stretches the parallels and symbolism. Like how to film a race, or people uttering the line “no”.

    I get the imagery of good and bad. Red and blue, black/white vs organic colors, the quest for power vs altruism… It is story telling on a basic psychological level. Just like Jordan Peterson explains the universal lure of the Bible and other classical works of art.

    That being said, you can’t simply mimic the style and shots of various previous movies, and make your own movie enjoyable by default. It has to stand on its own, and apply to an audience without much prior knowledge of cinema history.
    If a certain stylistic choice on how to capture a certain scene feels out of place or awkward, it doesn’t really matter that a similar stylistic choice exists in 2001: A space oddysey.

    I absolutely adore these in-depth views, made by fans, with love and dedication, no matter what their conclusions might be. The fact that their reasoning are grounded in extensive research, intentional or incidental, is extremely enjoyable to experience.

  • I’m sure this will be lost in the 17k plus comments. But as someone who has just watched the star wars movies for the first time at 28. I felt he did a fantastic job and I’m happy with how all the movies turned out.

  • Anakin is why I started liking Star Wars I was drawn in by the character and I knew hayden played him well he’s like Ryan Reynolds being Deadpool I felt like he was perfect and when I seen rots I watched it from anakins eyes instead of from the Jedi so I understood most of his decisions and he still remains my favorite character even as Vader. I watched the previous movies and I understood even more why he did it he weighed the Jedi and his family and the fact that the Jedi didn’t trust him but still needed him made him do what he did in the end

  • I thought I knew everything about this series, but I guess not. You’ve completely changed my perspective on these movies and now I love them even more.

  • I tend to agree with what you are saying. But I will still maintain that George Lucas did things in an attempt to please fans that turned out terribly. I think the execution is what I dislike, not the actual intent.

  • The only way to make sense of Jar Jar Binks is to assume he is the Sith version of Yoda, whose true identity was unfortunately never revealed.

  • The prequels are great movies, they also have so many deleted scens that would have made them even better.

    Most people that don’t like them, usually can’t see foreshadowing. Subtle dialogs that have bigger meanings.

    People are going to complain, but sand.

    Have you lived in a desert?
    She was describing about the beauty of her homeworld and lying out and drying on the beach.
    He was agreeing with all but laying on the beach. He doesn’t like th thought of it because it being harsh like his life. And he is saying that not like her(here) it is pleasant. Lucas problem with the prequals so much to tell and not enought time. Because people don’t want to sit and watch a 3 hour movie

    Anakin is suppose to be the presence of the old James Dean.
    The prequals build greatly on established universe.

    Give me a reason from the film why you didn’t like it, and I can explain why it was chosen for a reason and what you probably missed

  • This was an awesome watch!
    Do you have some kind of list of recommended films to watch, to get some kind of grasp of the he history and development of cinema?

  • I love the prequels, Don’t understand the hate.
    The only hate, that is justified is the one for Disney’s Star Wars, which are absolutely not canon and don’t exist in my universe.

  • I believe that Luca’s point was that Palpatine orchestrated the entire situation. Anakin’s birth, the unexpected meeting of the very young queen of his planet… someone he could use to gain legal power. Jar Jar Binks has been confirmed by the countless evidences to be literally “the key to all of this”, Palpatine’s ally. There were points that seemed like Jar Jar was manipulating Padme and made Anakin see Padme as more than a friend. Anakin’s and Padme’s relationship was the weak spot of Anakin that was used to turn him into the dark side. It would be extremely awesome and mature if your idea could be combined with this. It would make so much more sense for feeling betrayed. Becoming crazy and bitter enough to fall in the dark side and do all the things he did.

  • Gotta say.. if Hayden’s acting was good. Then we just got the wrong idea from Anakin in the clone wars and star wars episode 1…

    Because there Anakin is a really nice person

  • I was never really keen on Bob Dylan, I think he’s a very good lyricist but his vocals didn’t always jive with me but I respect him and he shares my appreciation for Humphrey Bogart. As George Lucas said he directed the prequels like a silent film, you can really see the emphasis on the visuals and how it conveys the stories. I think this is where critics misunderstand the prequels, like George said his a visual director not a literary director. I do find it ironic that George inspiration from films that criticise consumer culture whilst merchandising Star Wars lol. Did Chris mean presided over? Damn man, I have learning difficulties and even I put more effort into understanding the English language more than Chris Stuckmann. 1:47:40 I’m not entirely sure if this a joke or not cause of the goofy laugh but if not what a pos. Anyways this was a very well put together video and made me appreciate Star Wars more, admittedly I’ve always preferred the videogames over the films but I didn’t realise how intricate and layered all 6 films are. I don’t particularly like using this word cause it’s overused and bestowed upon people haphazardly, but I think George Lucas is a cinematic genius. Well done, you did great work, Rick.

  • A very interesting analysis of George Lucas’ work as a filmmaker and how he constructed the Star Wars saga. My only complaint has to do with production quality, I watched this in chunks, so apologies for the vagueness, but I noticed some clips you used were in mono audio, which itself is fine, but the audio would only play out of one channel. I also feel your voice is a tad too monotone, but you get the point across.
    I also saw you Dick Tracy video, which was a similarly great piece of analysis. That movie doesn’t get enough love nowadays.

  • Star Wars went down the toilet with Return of the Jedi. I had a bad feeling about the premiere having read a ton of news articles and special edition Newsweek and Time magazine features. Unfortunately, all my suspicions were correct. It lost all of its momentum and replaced it with a god-forsaken muppet show. Star Wars, RIP.

  • The pretension is strong with this one! I’ve always found it refreshing that Lucas was essentially the biggest budget independent filmmaker of all time. His influences and references are both obvious & oblique…He’s a talented man, who’s personal stamp on his works feels antithetical to today’s big budget cinema.

    But he ballsed up the prequels. They have much to recommend..but as a piece of narrative entertainment, they don’t work as well as they could’ve. A genius…but a very flawed one.

  • George was a great visionary and actually a skilled writer. Whether or not he was good at directing and dialogue, I would listen to what the actors has to say about it however I really don’t understand the amount of hate on the prequels the story is so great that I completely ignore it’s faults.

  • I like the prequels and RLM, and to maybe a lesser extent the Plinkett reviews. I respect the latter for what they are very focused on cycnical critical perspective to the point of caricature. Over time I think that basic premise has evolved into a channel that still had playfully cynical bits surrounding it, and was based on relatively niche and nontraditional film expertise, but they had developed a self awareness, conversational tone and general passion for movies that made me interested in hearing their discussions and perspectives. I never thought about their videos as any sort of formal review or even having a pretense of being definitive or comprehensive, and so when I did see the Plinkett reviews, that’s what I had in mind and it didn’t really bother me.
    They’re still not my favorite videos, if anything I view them as sort of a rough dumbed down prototype of what I do like about RLM. But I can still enjoy it if I appreciate it for what it seems to be: a non definitive, extra-cynical hyperbolic and nitpicky rant; done for the creator to have fun and for entertainment value. That was immediately the impression I took from the absurdly cynical Plinkett character, but also I get the impression even compared to the more recent Plinkett style reviews that the early prequel reviews were more nitpicky and less rigorous because they were just fun rants he made on the internet starting like a decade ago that blew up and became a full series. And I’ve seen them say stuff worse than the “limited mental intelligence” thing, to each other, for much less. About their own movies even. I wouldn’t take any of it seriously as a claim they know more about movies.
    However Stuckmann seems like he’s just doing a shitty affectation rather than a bit. And honestly in a vacuum he and the Plinkett reviews don’t come across as too dissimilar, so I might be being more generous with RLM’s review, (but my stance on their newer stuff still stands).
    Now that my personal biases are established, I’d like to put forward: I get the impression (maybe inaccurately) you have this platonic ideal of a film critic that you’re applying to these Youtube channels. Films are so inherently multifaceted and involve enough subjective elements that any criticism will inevitably be missing some point from somebody else’s perspective. Which is why I think we’ve seen the rise of people with specialized interests focusing on aspects of a given film they feel is in their wheel house. We as an audience are free to find individuals whose views resonate with us, or pick and choose among a vast selection of takes to construct and/or refine our own thoughts and impressions. And this tendency towards specialized content/review creators is only an issue if any of their work are regarded as definitive reviews. They obviously aren’t definitive and in the case of RLM I don’t think it was ever intended to be. Though I also don’t think that means they totally lack value either.
    But even disregarding that I don’t think that a lack of cinema expertise or arts literacy is what invalidates or disqualifies them from the overblown regard that their reviews are held in. Rather I think the notion that critics should present or aspire towards definitive reviews is a holdover from when we had to select a limited number of people we considered qualified to be experts on the subject for a living. In practice, that’s no longer the case due to the internet. Yet people are still exercising the same habit of finding a well known reviewer that resonates with them and treating their conclusions as definitive (or posing as such), even if said “reviewer” is not succeeding or even trying to do so. So it’s still important to acknowledge in what ways a given review is limited or reductive. AND ultimately I know what I’m in for when watching a RLM review can process it on my own and can take it with a grain of salt. Or in the case of a Plinkett review, copious amounts of salt. I also feel like if I continued to follow you, I would apply a similar simultaneous appreciation and skepticism for your perspective.
    For instance you obviously have a great breadth of knowledge regarding the cinematic history and convention and the formal language used to convey artistic or directorial intent. But I also feel like you do a bit of “other movie did this thing, so it’s the same as this thing” without as much focus on explaining what makes the trope/convention work from the ground up. Specifics of context are important, and actually some of Mike’s strongest methods of criticism (though I don’t recall if he does it for the plinkett prequel reviews) involve contrasting scenes with their inspirational/referential/paralleled counterparts to show what works in one and not the other and why.I don’t always agree with the conclusions he draws from these mind youI often disagree when it’s clear that his particular frame of reference for something is limited in a way that skews what he believes to be the “correct” way to do something.
    But even so I think it’s an engaging way to try to break films down into basic principles rather than a sort of precedent based check list of “this is references this, should be interpreted as this, this is the intention of this”. It’s useful to appreciate that aspect of it sure, and it’s cool that you provide the perspective. But it’s not a total rebuttal to other perspectives on a film.
    Like I agree the structure of Episode 1 is meant to reflect the deuteragonists/triganoists of Episode 4. But I do also think the presentation and pacing of Episode 1 doesn’t establish any protagonists as strongly as Luke and Leia were. Which I don’t particularly mind, I kinda like a slow build from from a wider cast (though honestly I think that effect only comes across watching episodes 1 and 2 together). But I still think it’s valid to take issue with that style of story (especially given the previous parenthetical) and I don’t think just equating it to episode 4 totally addresses that criticism. You have to examine the differences as well.
    So ultimately while the two of you bring a different perspective to the same elements of a film, I don’t totally agree with either. Loosely I would describe one as contrasting with a limited body of work while the other compares to a larger body of work. Mike will contrast what he criticizes to a decently strong body of work he holds in high standard based to demonstrate observed or extrapolated principles, but will also compare things to StarTrek TNG to the point it’s a meme. And you’ll compare every scene in a movie to a plethora of others in a way that offers interesting context I would never have found on my own, or demonstrate every minute influence and stated intention that led into it, but also for some of these comparisons I’m just thinking “there isn’t merit purely in the fact that this was referencing or inspired by something”. I try to rationally sort through all of this and synthesize some sort of ideal perspective for me between the two. Which is why I value both.
    And I generally think this sort of variety should exist, both for purposes of entertainment and breadth of perspective. I genuinely believe that the sort of mindset towards criticism that focuses on choosing from or synthesizing a variety of perspectives will be a significant influence on traditional critical philosophy in media, if not an outright replacement.
    As for why certain stuff is popular. People will try to find some sweepingly applicable metric for what they consider definitive reviews (on either an objective or personal basis, for most people that’s interchangeable). Cynical attitudes are popular now (regardless of to what degree it may be a bit). In the past the idea of formal authorities on subjects were popular. And if you keep going back this trend alternates with cultural and technological shifts. When we’re talking the actual content or rigor of a given review on the VERY broad scale of popular culture I don’t think that matters.
    Which isn’t to say all people are sheep, but we have limited interests, and even more limited free time to put thought into those interests. I’ll admit I’ve probably been exposed to enjoyed and without thinking taken at face value numerous opinions on subjects I will rarely if ever think about again. With how many experiences like that the internet provides that’s becoming a more significant portion of our sum total interactions with media.
    Anyway that’s a bit of a tangent, but TLDR from here on:
    I think you have a good video at the core here, that captures what I like about these movies. These movies are generally underappreciated. But I absolutely think there’s validity to some of the criticism against these movies, even if some of what people rag on is tied in with what makes it great. I like to regard those criticisms, not just to try and have a more objective view, but also because addressing it helps me understand and put into words what I do like, acknowledge the contexts in which it works best, and better understand it’s ideal application. And honestly it seems like you went through a similar process in forming the thoughts you shared here. Which is cool.
    I’m just not sure I like your broader takeaways about who’s qualified to make criticism.
    I personally think you have an very traditional view on film criticism/appreciation. And that’s fine, and there’s a ton of value in it. But there’s some stuff you say here not a lot but a bit that in my mind genuinely crosses the line from “not afraid of coming across as pretentious in order to show your appreciation for the tradition and history of a craft” to kind of dismissive, borderline gatekeeping. At least in my eyes, and I generally try to give the benefit of the doubt on such stuff.

  • I have loved the prequels all my life and te hate they get was always unfair. I say kudos to you, this was a very indepth video.
    Good job.

  • it’s like if you ever wanted to show someone one group of films that displays all the most successful motfis and genres of film history, the Prequels and the OT would be the ideal films to show them. it’s like a collage of all the subtle things that resonate with the viewer, whether we immedietely know why it does or not.
    when i was a kid watching EP2 i was so obssessed with the way Yoda equips his ligthsaber, and now i know it was because of the successful nature it was used in westerns.

  • Honestly Anakin is my favourite Jedi in all 9 movies as you can probably tell from my profile picture Edit: NOBODY CAN BEAT HAYDENS ANAKIN NOBODY

  • So Vader believed that Padme had his children.. But Padme always saw him as Lil’ Annie….. Does this mean that Vader was never told how babies are made? I like that better than the idea that he was chasing Luke because of what Obi Wan did.

  • An interristing thing about the ”haters” of the prequels.

    It’s poetry, so that it rymes.
    But it makes no sence.

    Love the video and I hope George Lucas will find this video some day.

  • My films are basically silent films Sergio Leone (paraphrased)

    No way you could follow the prequels, particularly Revenge of the Sith, with no dialogue.

  • This scene definitely took me by surprise. I never expected Vader to turn up; a part of me had wondered but I thought this was far outside the story of the Skywalker Saga but then I realised that in all the years between Episode 3 and 4, Darth Vader is interweaved in the whole Galaxy’s story as he is pretty much the Acting Commander In Chief of The Empire while the Emperor is in the Shadows.

    This was absolute perfection, I love how he’s pretty much presented as a Horror Icon… He’s pretty much a child friendly Jason Vorhesses in my opinion.


    I was born in 2001, and since i was 7 Anakin was literally my childhood hero

    i literally cant imagine how star wars series would be without Hayden being Anakin.
    my child version would be disappointed

  • After reading the comments i have come to a conclusion question…. How many stores resturaunts and malls did they get kicked out of?

  • I’m so glad I found this channel. This dude is the real deal. I’m tired of listening to people who don’t know more than me about star wars Yap about star wars. Learning something while watching something like this is refreshing.

  • I think in the beginning you don’t give enough to credit to marvel movies. However you are doing a amazing job anaylzing the prequels

  • Huh, I always liked the prequels because they were cool with lasers and shit. And then I didn’t like them because Anakin became a bad guy and that was kinda sad. Now you’re bringing up all this other stuff and I don’t know what to think about all that.

  • It would have been awesome to fight Vader on this game considering that he is probably on his “prime” on this game since the game was set 4yrs after Anakin became Vader. It would be cool to see how he fights during this time

  • This theory is the biggest fangirl fanfiction fantasy I’ve ever seen. Lol I think anikan did become so paranoid and warped from the dark side he thought padme betrayed him and sided with obi.

  • Stormtrooper: “Like I need back up to kill y — (Gets literally cheesegrated) 6:07 Cal: “your overconfidence is your weakness”:D

  • When the Council didn’t let him saved his own mother, i thought… yeah that’s it, the Jedi council deserved every single shit they got….

  • Great vid but what do you mean attack of the Clones is the only film to not open with a tilt down, the phantom menace pans from left to right!
    Oh shit…
    Left to right…
    Left to right.
    Left to right!

    EDIT: I just noticed, it starts with a tilt down to a ship, before it pans from left to right.

  • George Lucas’s films = Intertextuality done right because they are a reference that is transformative into something new.

    Disney’s films = Intertextuality done wrong because they are a copy-paste copy and there is nothing new just something old again.

    If the two where YouTubers Disney would get compyright sticks and George Lucas wouldn’t.

  • This is so awesome, and GL’s quote “it’s a cheap trick but it works” should be endorsed as the official byline of every artist ever. This even made me appreciate (gasp!) the Jarmeister. The only thing I think is maybe a little unforgiveable is the casting of the young Anakin. Why on earth in a place with an infallible tradition of child acting stretchign back to Elizabethan theatre and beyond did they have to cast a tyke that can’t speak? The answer is obvious relatability but surely a compromise along the lines of Kubrick or Shyamalan would have been better.

    But thank you for a work of art criticism of the highest order. Somewhere in Philly, Camille Paglia is so elated she must want to down six raw eggs, tear off her clothes, and after (nude) ascending the staircase of the art museum (avoiding the stray baby stroller bumping down and ignoring Andy Garcia) checking out the Duchamps:)

    Thanks for the Woody one, too that is unbelievable.

  • 00:07 Watto
    00:14 C-3PO
    00:25 Yoda
    0:36 Darth Vader/ Anakin Skywalker
    0:47 Admiral Ackbar
    00:56 Mace Windu
    1:06 Jar Jar Binks
    1:13 Boss Nass
    1:22 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Young)
    1:28 Qui-Gon Jinn
    1:45 Count Dooku
    2:00 Sebulba 2:07
    2:05 Young Anakin
    2:11 Rune Haako
    2:13 Nute Gunray
    2:21 Lando Calrissian
    2:28 Han Solo
    2:37 Luke Skywalker
    2:59 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old)
    3:12 Lightsaber???????
    3:19 TIE Fighter I guess….
    3:29 Finn FN 2187
    3:45 Kylo REN or Ben solo
    3:55 Snoke or a supreme sith leader
    4:00 Darth Sidious A.K.A Lord Palpatine
    4:24 Anakin Skywalker when he wasn’t Darth Vader
    4:48 Chewbacca
    4:55 Jabba the Hutt

    | All the characters voices! |

  • Anakin was my favourite by far, when I was just a wee lil lad. His conflictions, his love love affair. I was so sad to see him fall to the dark side, feeling so betrayed by those around him.

  • Thank you so much for the time and effort that was put into making this video! I’m from the prequel generation, so I saw all 6 together and enjoyed them as a kid. I love them even more now, but this video gave me a whole new level of appreciation for them!

  • Wow, I wish they could release versions of these movies without any dialogue and just the soundtrack. That would be so cool and they would still tell the story wonderfully!

  • Yeah…and they still could have had the,”Luke, I am your Father” reveal by Vadar, and kept the real reveal of it really being Obi Wan for the finale! You’re right, this could/should have been so much better!

    Subtract a Ja Ja here and a,”I don’t like sand” there… and yeah, you could well have had a masterpiece.

  • Came here after watching your excellent Woody Allen documentary. I’m not a Star Wars fan, but this is an excellent analysis of creative endeavour, inspiration, appreciation and fan ownership. I love the long-form approach you have towards your subjects (and one that is so undervalued these days). Seriously, I look forward to seeing your name on a marquee in film festivals or at my local independent cinema because you, sir, are a filmmaker. Are a bloody good one at that.

  • I think it is safe to say that Disney have paid James Earl Jones very well to capture, record and digitize his voice for future Darth Vader appearances such as these for games and movies

  • Just my opinion but I personally think he’s terrible. Just about every scene he’s involved in is terrible. The love scenes are unwatchable. He’s unbelievably stiff. His emotional outbursts aren’t believable. When he’s talking about killing sand people it’s like and 8th grader set in a school play. The resurgence of love is based on the Clone Wars version and the hate for Disney.

  • The biggest problem with this theory is the end when she dies giving birth saying she lost the will to live because her husband turned to The Darkside well if obi was her lover and he was there why would you lose the will to live

  • Ages in the phantom menace:
    Padme: 14
    Anakin: 10
    Obi wan 25
    It’s much scarier if obi and padme would b in love in ep 1 than ani n padme

  • Very interesting documentary; I am not a lover of the prequels, but I still admired them for many of the ideas in it. Even when younger, I felt that, indeed, most of the hatred for these movies was more about people’s expectations not being met; but that says indeed more about them than George Lucas’s vision. Again, there are elements in those movies I didn’t like, but the way some people reactions seemed more laughable than anything: it’s undeniable he put a lot of effort in a lot of areas, and that he loved crafting these movies; again, for me it didn’t hit all the right notes, but maybe this is more about my tastes than Lucas’s work (even if I am sure there are real issues in them, like all movies).

  • The only problem with this video is that your voice sounds so similar to a documentary voice that one doesn’t get when you’re speaking and one friend of George is talking about Star Wars in the documentary…

    And the background music at the beginning makes it feel like you’re really part of the documentary voices

  • This video right here proves George Lucas is an incredible, talented, and unmatched filmmaker ahead of his time, and criminally misunderstood. The Prequels are objectively phenomenal films that require a deeper understanding of yourself and the world to appreciate. There are so many themes and layers in these 3 films alone, its mind blowing in its own right.
    Thank you so much for creating this video.

  • man. this video recommended by Anomaly and i normally love to sit and watch long video as playing games but i gotta watch this and not be distracted to understand your points. the scene by scene part. blow my mind. George lucas indirectly reference stuff to previous event. what made the movie connected really well.good work.

  • I’ve been an ardent, unironic supporter and defender of George Lucas and the prequels ever since they came out. This whole video was a catharsis for 20 years of frustration with having to constantly fight tooth and nail to get basically anyone I ever met to acknowledge that there are even some things that the prequels do well. Even with just that, I would adore this video. However, the extra effort you put in to show the true greatness and beauty of the prequels (and all of the passion and love that Lucas put into making them) is what I truly appreciate about this video. Your work has just further enhanced my love of the films, as I can now better explain/put in to words/show examples of what makes me love them so much. So, sincerely, thank you.

  • you did so good on most of them the only one i thought was iffy was Finn and your Kylo in my opinion was really close you were off by a tiny bit maybe cause you werent actually quoting so theres nothing to really mimic there other then tone and in some point of Windu you slid in a country accent all the other ones were perfect though

  • As someone who’s always dismissed the prequels as “underrated but just fine either way,” I’m glad I found this excellent video. George is a creative, ingenious auteur.

  • Incredible video. I love the prequels and the originals so much. The story is fantastic and I love how you showed the various films that served as the inspirations for Lucas in making Star Wars. This also highlights how these “critics” really don’t know films. They don’t know the history of film, they don’t know the filmmaker and their influences or what made them make the choices they made in their films. These critics don’t actually listen to the commentaries or watch the documentaries and featurettes on the DVDs or Blu-Rays. They don’t look online to see interviews with George Lucas and see for themselves what they may not be getting regarding Lucas and/or the films. I can go on, but you’ve really done a great job here Rick. Hope to see Part 2 in the future!

  • The Original Trilogy would become a complete mess using this logic. Vader would have no reason to save Luke or convince Palpatine to turn him. Then again, Disney did a good job of messing up the OT themselves with Rise of Skywalker, just with different ways.

  • What a tremendously enjoyable experience. Thanks so much for doing all of your research and work. Isn’t it great that Star Wars is still yielding such a rich and satisfying harvest after decades?

  • It is still confusing as all fuck for 4 films in, with ‘the Force’ to be bacteria that you can apparently just use a simple blood test to detect.
    It is still confusing for the 30 years between Phantom menace and A New Hope for the Jedi to be described ‘ as an ancient and forgotten religion’. Dude, you aren’t that old, you were there.
    Still inconsistent to show new jedi powers every movie speed run? I’ll only do it once. Force -projection telecommuting? That would have been useful earlier.

    Fuck this movie, it is space opera ‘swords and sandals’ with robots.

  • So many good ones ������������ Voices that are HARD (& you didn’t 100% nail): Christopher Lee, Harrison Ford & Adam Driver �� I mean the resonance in Sir Lees voice! ��

  • 7:48 the fact that darth Vader could sense her dark side and she for a sec brought him to his knees shows how much potential she has stored inside

  • He did 3po with a Glass how did Anthony did it withot one ( obviously with His voice:). U were great but am i the only one who actually loves anthony and 3po?

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  • Wow a lot of negative feedback. Is not a theory is a better way to watch. The movie is objectively better if you watch it like this. It just screws with all if the lore.

  • when your internet is slow in minecraft/fortnite/roblox/battlefront 2,so you dont deal any damage,but after 3 seconds you get killed


  • this video should seriously be more popular than it is; it’s an excellent material to base further analysis on lucas’ work on. very well read and well presented.

    just wanted to say my thanks.

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    Ps. Just an observation from my own viewing; Mr Lucas’ choices for names of characters and locations is generally an ode or reference in some instances. One example; Mustafar The Arabic name, Mustafah, has significance as it means, ‘The Chosen One’! One of many examples. Thanks ��

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