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Meet Ruth O’Mahony. She’s a 49 year old physician-turned health content manager who struggled for years with unhealthy eating, yoyo-dieting, lack of movement, and a constant struggle to stick with anything for more than a few weeks before life got in the way. How Ruth the Physician Lost 10 Sizes and Renewed Her Life Meet Ruth O’Mahony. She’s a 49 year old physician-turned health content manager who struggled for years with an unhealthy eating, yoyo-dieting, lack of movement, and a constant struggle to stick with anything for more than a few weeks before life got in the way.

How Ruth the Physician Lost 10 Sizes and Renewed Her Life. By Steve Kamb • Last Updated: February 21, 2017 • 30 comments. Meet Ruth O’Mahony. She’s a 49 year old physician-turned health content manager who struggled for years with unhealthy eating, yoyo-dieting, lack of movement, and a constant struggle to stick with anything for more. Upon receiving a restitution check for 5,000 marks (approximately $1,500) from the West German government, Ruth left the Sorbonne and sailed with her French boyfriend to.

Better are scenes of her with Steinem and Obama, of her talking sex, not politics, and of her back in Europe visiting her haunts, of her in her old apartment with her long-time secretary, trying to keep up with her. ‘Ask Dr. Ruth’ shows her being the funny, loving, plain-spoken, well-educated, unique Dr. Ruth.

Dr. Ruth, however does approve of erotic literature, specifically Fifty Shades of Grey.She credits the 2011 novel, which was made into a movie in 2015. Ruth 2:10 “Then she fell on her face, and bowed herself to the ground, and said unto him, Why have I found grace in thine eyes, that thou shouldest take knowledge of me, seeing I [am] a stranger?” “A foreigner”: Ruth remained ever mindful that she was an alien and, as such, must conduct herself humbly. Naomi Loses Her Husband and Sons.

1 In the days when the judges ruled, [] there was a famine in the land. So a man from Bethlehem in Judah, together with his wife and two sons, went to live for a while in the country of Moab() 2 The man’s name was Elimelek, his wife’s name was Naomi, and the names of his two sons were Mahlon and Kilion() They were Ephrathites from Bethlehem, Judah. Ruth responded in humility and appreciation, asking why he would show such favor to her, a foreigner, at which point Boaz told her he’d heard of her sacrifice for her mother-in-law (Ruth 2:10–13).

Boaz continued to show her every courtesy, providing a meal to her and instructing his reapers to purposefully leave some grain behind for her to. Doc Martin stars Martin Clunes as Doctor Ellingham, which is a popular show that now has fans worried after recent chatter that it’s ending.But there’s no reason to fret, as Martin Clunes suggests not just one, but a few new seasons of the British show is in the future.

List of related literature:

Instead, she encouraged doctors to promote “cardiovascular endurance, suppleness and strength” through a regular exercise program.96 Partridge outlined a fat women’s exercise program based on Large as Life’s aerobics program, which will be discussed in chapter 5.

“Being Fat: Women, Weight, and Feminist Activism in Canada” by Jenny Ellison
from Being Fat: Women, Weight, and Feminist Activism in Canada
by Jenny Ellison
University of Toronto Press, 2020

All that was needed to lose weight, she argued, was for patients to conform to a strict dietary regime, such as the one she provided.

“Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture” by Amy Erdman Farrell
from Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture
by Amy Erdman Farrell
NYU Press, 2011

Her GP had told her she needed to lose weight and referred her to her local specialist diabetes dietitian.

“Type 2 Diabetes For Dummies” by Lesley Campbell, Alan L. Rubin
from Type 2 Diabetes For Dummies
by Lesley Campbell, Alan L. Rubin
Wiley, 2012

It is no wonder that her patients rapidly lost weight; it is amazing that more didn’t die.

“When Doctors Kill: Who, Why, and How” by Joshua A. Perper, Stephen J. Cina
from When Doctors Kill: Who, Why, and How
by Joshua A. Perper, Stephen J. Cina
Springer New York, 2010

1 The Dangers of Counting Calories S andra was very diligent and fastidious about weight loss.A 46-year-old corporate lawyer, she wanted to look trim and fit, not to mention the hassle and expense of buying new clothes when her weight fluctuated.

“Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss” by Mark Hyman
from Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss
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She couldn’t seem to lose weight, and the doctor was having trouble lowering her blood pressure.

“Five Lives Remembered” by Dolores Cannon
from Five Lives Remembered
by Dolores Cannon
Ozark Mountain Publishing, Incorporated, 2009

She had taken her doctor’s advice to restrict her eating and exercise more, but all that happened was that she got heavier and became more dependent on treatment for her health conditions.

“Visualization for Weight Loss: The Gabriel Method Guide to Using Your Mind to Transform Your Body” by Jon Gabriel
from Visualization for Weight Loss: The Gabriel Method Guide to Using Your Mind to Transform Your Body
by Jon Gabriel
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She was seen regularly by her surgeon, and after an 8-day hospitalization, she was discharged home, tolerating slow diet progression.

“The ASMBS Textbook of Bariatric Surgery” by Ninh T. Nguyen, Stacy A. Brethauer, John M. Morton, Jaime Ponce, Raul J. Rosenthal
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Her physician has told her that it was important that she lose weight for health reasons and become more fit.

“Pharmacology for Rehabilitation Professionals E-Book” by Barbara Gladson
from Pharmacology for Rehabilitation Professionals E-Book
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She tried to manipulate the nurses and argued with the physician, contending that bed rest would only cut down on her appetite, so that she would eat even less.

“Psychosomatic Families: Anorexia Nervosa in Context” by Salvador MINUCHIN, Bernice L. Rosman, Lester Baker, Salvador Minuchin
from Psychosomatic Families: Anorexia Nervosa in Context
by Salvador MINUCHIN, Bernice L. Rosman, et. al.
Harvard University Press, 2009

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  • Here’s some advice, DON’T EAT GARBAGE! Sure you can calculate how much exercise it would take to work out that candy bar OR… you can just not eat it. BAM weight loss.

  • ‘Eat less and move more’ the famous Well touted advice, doesn’t work long term when it’s applied the way it was intended as massive calorie restriction coupled with intense excercise;

    Cases like revisiting the biggest looser contestants prove that beyond a doubt;

    Since that move more, eat less advice, coupled with the government’s advice in 1980 for a low fat high carb diet, the obesity rates have soared:

    Eating a starvation diet works initially, till your body fights back, concerned as it is only with your continued survival.

    You could lose a lot doing it (I did before I knew better) but it will ALL return and then some when you return to eating what should be considered a normal portion size.

    Working out to a massive degree whilst not eating enough to refuel your body let alone your muscles also causes your muscles more damage than good.

    Hence the better advice to:

    •Work to DEAL with any root causes for your overeating, trauma, Boredom, addiction, habit, etc

    •FUEL your body with LARGE well VARIED meals, comprised of all NATURAL foods including fat, protien and complex carbs.
    With each meal eaten till SATISFIED but NOT stuffed.
    Example food pyramid:

    For recipe ideas and a good idea about portion sizes:

    •And also to condense your time spent eating (body in a state of high Insulin fuelled growth) to be less per day than your time spent fasted (body in a state of low insulin fuelled repair), so basically a couple large meals a day with no snacks.

    •Also start with gentle excercise like taking a brisk hour long walk a day (half our out, half hour back)

    The further benifits of spending more time fasted are that you increase your natural release of the human growth hormone (hgh), along with keeping up at least your normal activity level whilst fasting, prevent muscle wastage and if you do, for instance, a weights session whilst fasted then break with a large nutritious meal the same day allow for quick gains of lean muscle.

    The actor Terry Crews as an example utilises intermittent fasting and gym sessions to maintain his muscled physique.

    On top of that longer fasts provide a higher rate of internal Autophagy.

    Yoshinori Ohsumi won the Nobel prize in 2016 for his work identifying genes essential for autophagy and clarifing its underlying mechanisms.

    That process called Autophagy is the bodies cell recycling system whereby old damaged or unused cells are broken down to be used in the creation of new cells.

    Connective tissue for excess skin is a waste of energy so the body will try to reduce that waste by dismantling and recycling that excess.

    Meaning when fasting there is FAR less chance of loose skin after the fat loss.

    To read through a list of articles and real world patient profiles you can visit the idmprogram which is Dr Jason Fung’s site detailing the science of fasting;

    Or watch his free, and add free, 6 part youtube video series on ‘the Aetiology of obesity’

    To delve into how your body works and how you can work with it!

  • Selfish people. Causing problems for the NHS, their kids and their families. Losing weight isn’t hard, just eat less and walk a bit more.

  • Love st richards hospital, they did my emergancy gallbladder removal last week ���� awesome hospital, i was on wittering ward b3

  • White sugar is a monster. Since I have cut back on a lot of the sugar I used to take on, I’ve noticed that my legs are less swollen, and less painful. I switched from drinking bottles of pop every week, to drinking sugar free Perrier, and have switched to s sugar substitute for my coffee. I have knocked a huge amount of sugar out of my diet, and I feel better. I’m still VERY over weight, but with less leg pain and less leg inflammation, I have a greater ease of movement. And I’ve discovered that I really like vegetables and fruit. Oh, I still LOVE the junk that made me overweight in the first place. But I’ve realized that I have OPTIONS.

  • if i plan on making something like pancakes, that’s when i’ll add un-flavored protein so then it’s not just all carbs and sugar. i do the same with mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, etc. i did have bariatric surgery 6 years ago so protein is important for me to stay full. i also have had a lot of eating disorder therapy to figure out the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger. sometimes people can’t tell the difference. it usually has to do with past trauma and people using food as a coping mechanism. a good test would be to drink a protein shake with at least 25 grams of protein and take 20 minutes to drink it, then check in & see if you are still hungry. if you are, it’s probably emotional hunger. then it’s important to fill that void with a hobby or exercise or anything until you forget you were still hungry. Noom sounds like a great app vs. just tracking your food intake. the therapy part of losing weight is essential. i think that’s something that is lacking when people have bariatric surgery. we are required to do a psych consult beforehand, but the years after are just as important. a lot of people gain the weight back and then people think it doesn’t work. it only works if you figure out why you gained the weight in the first place and deal with it. thank you for coming to my ted talk. lol

  • Hey doc
    please make a video of vegetarian food protein source food and the benefit of fish oil if I am vegetarian I can use that supplement

  • I feel like you shouldn’t listen to music or watch tv while eating. I feel like when I’m paying attention to eating, I feel fuller.

  • All these fat pigs should be put on a remote island and left to survive on coconuts and whatever fish they can catch. Leave them there until their weight is at a healthy amount.

  • Wanna loose weight? Quit your job during a pandemic while simultaneously planning a wedding and applying for other jobs. Officially just undid all the weight gain from quarantine ����

  • I wonder if it’s what Robert is eating that makes the difference; like high calorie foods.
    Does he exercise at all to help use/burn off calories?

  • I try to eat that much for bodybuilding but can’t. How tf do people like this do it with no problem???! Breakfast that is. I don’t eat shit junk food. �� �� protein is my ��

  • Crisps crisps crisps I was waiting for the alien to burst out of her stomach when she showed that hernia God almighty that’s not motivation enough to lose the weight fucking sad

  • I was a fat guy with 15 years old and i don’t need that shitty surgery that the mom’s girl is triying to convince all of us, don’t touch my balls and put your girl in a gym with professionals and make her eat healthy, then tell me if is necessary an a surgery, ignorance and be a lazy ass is the worse enemy of the human.

  • theres nothing wrong with being fat! sometimes you can be fat and healthy. You cant shame someone into loosing weight. shouldnt emotional/mental health matter too?

  • No I don’t want to make a Will, I don’t need a bra, unless there is something that comes with it. and I didn’t think pressure washer when I decided to watch this. The little bit in between, makes me feel I have no problems I wish Gary and Caroline well. They seem lovely people. Very brave. All this ha made me hungry. Maybe I do need a pressure washer after all.

  • I had gastric bypass surgery and and I was 378 lbs It’s 2018 at the moment of this message I am now 135lbs �� with a beautiful 20 year old daughter�� I will say that I respect my new small stomach I have lost 252 lbs!�� and it shows life is great! ��

  • These shows always make me paranoid. I’m slim and a healthy weight now, but I definitely comfort eat and drink (soda and energy drinks). I have borderline hyperthyroidism which keeps me skinny for now, but I’m always worried about how I’ll end up later down the road. Definitely an eye opener for me, and it definitely makes me keep an eye on what I eat and helps me try to eat healthier. Shows like this are so important for awareness!

  • All of this surgery because people don’t have self-control. I say send them to a psychologist or have them live somewhere with a guard on the refrigerator.

  • Dr Mike…when you were talking about water keeping you hydrated….does the drink Body Armour as good as water or better or worse?

  • Why don’t they educate these people as to why the bands are working? The mother that doesn’t understand why the daughter is fatter than her sons blew my mind. It’s because men need more calories than women? Teenage boys eat like damn locusts because they are growing and burning so much, the girl is doing nothing outside of school PE so of course she doesn’t need as many calories? It’s not that bloody hard. I learned all this myself on the internet at like 15?? How hard is it to use Google?

  • I’m on a Fat DOctor marathon. ONe thing I’ve noticed is that the people around the people having the surgery, aren’t “slim”. Everyone seems to be large. And there is no mental health counselling to deal with the issues that got them to want to solve them by eating.

  • I think perhaps these people should get surgery earlier! Before they are morbidly obese!! Just watched a documentary on THE BAND and its not a good option…so many problems and then having to have it removed!

  • Rob seems to think it’s someone’s else’s fault that he’s super morbidly obese! Did anyone FORCE the food down his throat? NO…….I don’t think so!!

  • Surgery won’t work if you have the psychological addiction. Surgery just addresses the physical aspect. I’m addicted to food, had a tummy tuck and about to undergo my second bariatric surgery.

  • I didn’t know what intermittent fasting was until now, and I just realized that I always been eating like this (eating nuts and vegetables all day and having one normal meal a day) this is always been my way of eating cus I love fruits, I didn’t know it has a name!!

  • I will never be over weight because I eat healthy and I exercise 4 to 5 times a week if I put weight on I only want to put on muscle �� weight I train in Muaythai boxing and I I go to a normal gym as well when I can afford it I will probably take up jujitsu but I will carry on with Muaythai and going to a normal gym I take my fitness very seriously

  • “Getting in shape is hard, maintaining it is easy.” Was the best advice I had ever gotten. There are no “miracle” pills or short cuts. Just good old healthy eating with exercise and plenty of rest and sleep.

  • Rebecca’s mom is horrible. I don’t like her at all, and the poor girl seems so uncomfortable sitting next to her and listening to her talk.

  • It’s easier to judge than to be sympathetic. I think setting up a young person for success is well worth doing. Well done Stephen. You’ve used your surgery as a spring board to get healthy and start a new chapter in your life. So happy for you!

  • Please dont recommend tuna nor salmon as a main protein source. Tuna is severely overfished, many species are the red list; same goes for salmon, and salmon from aquacultures are overtreated with antibiotics and other things.

  • Stop complaining that dierts don’t work dierts are unrealistic. Healthy eating and exercise works. I exercise 4 to 5 times a week and I I train in Muaythai boxing and I go to a large normal gym. Rebecca and Steven should go to a gym and go to a nutritionest to get a healthy eating plan that is realistic and that they can keep to for the rest of their life

  • It is a huge myth that exercise doesn’t work!!! Sure stuff happens and it’s hard when grief takes over you. The hardest part is to start. It won’t change you immediately once you start exercising. However, if you keep doing it, it will be easier eventually and especially when you see the results. Having said that, environment plays a huge part. If you surround yourself with enablers, nothing will change.

  • Tips for vitamin D deficiency!!!!!! My doctor have given me supplements for this but what are other natural ways for increasing vitamin D???!! I think this is interfering with my weight loss..

  • I know people who go super overboard on protein powder. I can’t seem to get people to understand that too much protein can wreak havoc on the kidneys, but also excess protein will be broken down into sugar.

  • Why milk only and sugar free jelly diet before surgery? That’s an odd combo. Curious why pre surgery diet in US and UK are so very different….? Has anyone in UK ever tried keto, lchf, Carnivore before undergoing such invasive surgery?

  • Should generally healthy teens try to lose weight by themselves because of insecurities? If not, why? What will the consequences be? Asking for a friend…

  • Dr Mike is really similar to my doctor (Dr Rosanda), I’m amazed and happy that doctor has yt channel which uses to help all of us. My heart is full ����

  • My issue is binge eating, a couple days ago I ate a whole box of kraft Mac n cheese at like 1am. I feel like I went from one extreme of having anorexia to the other. Went from losing weight rapidly to gaining weight rapidly. I went to inpatient treatment a year and a half ago now I always am hungry even after I eat when I was super anorexic could go days with no food and not feel hungry I don’t understand it. I don’t know how to maintain a weight without gaining or losing

  • We are NOT built to feast-famine. We are hunter gatherers, and we are omnivores. You know what IS built for feast-famine? Wolves. Large carnivores. They don’t eat plants between meat meals. We do. We are unable to store and digest the nutrients we ingest slowly. They can. We HAVE to continue eating regularly or our bodies WILL shut down.

  • Can you do a video on people who have the opposite problem?

    I’ve always been one of those people who would eat like crazy, because I was so active and didn’t sleep. I wanted to gain weight.

  • Kari gendut celeng asu jancok iki maelom wong tamak jdjeiidjdjhehdhhoeiejjeudjndhgdjskjsbshbdjdkkooaskeijdhruehhrhfhrhhdjooouwyeydgbdnkalorituhfjfkdkoeirjtjjfjdowohxhxnloefhrjklwoowuryhuruuru4hdheuieieieiiihdhdjks

  • Most people should never have children…they have no clue how to live well
    Themselves never mind produce another person and fail in bringing them up
    Properly……low education level……

  • 11:48 Quote of the week, from David aka ‘big bus driver Dave’…”It takes me a lot longer to eat a meal, coz its all gotta be chewed” ����

  • weight loss surgery is not good, try to adopt keto diet or low carb diet…that will solve all your problem…these surgeries are not good way to loose weight, it has lot of side effect…

  • I understand the frustration of the doctors with Rob, but many people aren’t like Sue, where the physical change spurs an immediate mental uplift and a desire to continue a healthy lifestyle. I think recommendations for a nutritionist and/or a therapist would do people worlds of good.

  • Mac Do et Coca Cola devraient être interdits (banned!) Le père de Stephen mange très mal, après son opération, c’est un peu scandaleux… et un mauvais exemple.

  • Disappointing to see so many comments that are just meant to be sarcastic and mean. Go watch something like sports where jeering is the norm

  • The enabling mother just pisses me off. She knows better but stil keeps cooking and shoveling mountains of crap onto her kids’ plates. That poor girl.

  • I Weight  17 stone I have numbness in my feet and hands. Breathing problems too, weak back  with other problems too I did try very hard too loose the weight    I am 61 I love to loose it and have no pain,.

  • “Unable to exercise because of his weight”…bitch he’s 17 and still walking and riding his bike….he got the surgery because it was the easiest way out…nothing more

  • Yes, he does have control over what he eats, what a ridiculous statement. What if he made the decision to not have four sausages and a whole can of beans? He’d be taking control, the difference is that he doesn’t want to. His mind says, feed me, and he doesn’t say, NO.

  • For those two teenage girls:
    1.the size in the shop is just right, you only have to choose honestly the one, you have ate for ( your jeans were not enough to cover everything 😉
    2. the guys would definitely choose a skinnier and healthier girl, who has hobbies and interests, is sporty and dreams not only about chewing:)
    Eating shouldn’t be your hobby, it is only a small part of your life 😉
    I don’t understand how children, who grow and move a lot, can get as big. I was eating a lot of porrige and fatty home food, but never got over 47 kg, till I left my parent’s home. And I hadn’t have any pocket money for chips, junk or ice, it just was a fatty home made cake and soda for my birthday and for New Year celebration. As soon as I moved out, as a student I was eating much more sweets and junk and got in one year extra 10 kg. Of course, I wasn’t doing any sport and had a bad diet, no wonder.
    What do they expact? Do they think that good body shape comes as a blessing in your life just like that?! Parents show a bad example and wonder, why are their children as fat?.. Sad sad story… Move your hips and make some breaks between your healthy meals and than all of a sudden every diet would work 😉 It’s a shame as a young person waste your life like this and be happy to get an operation. She can and should do it herself without any surgery! If she eats less, she saves 7000 pounds herself!
    I’m against such OP for such young people. They have to work with psychotherapeut and fitness trainer, so they feel that you have earned that bodyshape and they wouldn’t eat as much anymore.

  • What is not know Mr pring did my hernia but I was unlucky and was really ill Mr pring and the nursing staff were wonderful mr pring even came on weekends to check on me as I was really ill and have to have another emergency operation which i never knew i had his team saved my life if it was for Mr pring and his team I would be dead now Caroline horlock

  • Yep, I hate fasting. It really doesn’t work for me, but the smaller plates trick is one I really recommend. I don’t ban any foods from my diet but I do choose bowls and plates carefully so portions can’t get too big.

  • That poor boy was depressed. He should have been sent to a counsellor when his mother left. He used food as a comfort. Hopefully he will now live his life happily.

  • This episode is rubbing me the wrong way. They’re so young that that they can still pull themselves together. I’ve seen really good transformation vids on young people. They just need to be educated on what food to eat!!

  • this mom cooked a horrible, fat, full of carbs, disgusting food. How is that possible that she hasn’t learned in 4,5 years since her surgery what is the balanced diet. She must have had meetings with dieticians and psychologists assisting with such a serious surgery. upsetting

  • Specifically black coffee does come with some draw backs though. Coffee without milk stains your teeth more. Caffeine can leach calcium out of your bones which is negated with milk.
    Caffeine is a stimulate, which while ‘boosting your metabolism’ marginally, thé primary mechanism of fat loss like with many other stimulants (nicotine, ephedrine, bupropion) is appetite suppression.

  • Everyone says they’ve tried all diets.. but why have they not figured out why people eat in excess? This is a psychological issue…like a drug won’t fix it

  • Gastric bypass on brain, Maybe they stop thinking about food. They all wait till they hit 600 pounds. And then Ohh please help me, I don’t know what happened…..BS…. Disgusting

  • Stephen’s dad ‘I don’t think it’s my place to control what he eats, because it’s not helpful’. It’s your bloody job to control what your son is eating and you should have been doing it years ago!! You have condemned your child to a future of ill health, social anxiety and shame because it’s ‘not your place’. I’m appalled.

  • I am not being rude before you judge me I am big to so I know what they are going through. But these people are lazy no one is fat just lazy. And I am actually losing weight with exercise

  • I’m sorry but this is the problem with what some obese parents have like when the mom said my daughter is big boned they can’t ever except the fact that they are not big boned and it is just fat

  • The Keto Diet is helping many now not have to do this surgery. Watch “Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off ” by Butter Bob here on youtube. Also watch Dr. Ken Berry talk about Keto. Eat a lot of great food and lose weight and be healthy. Get off drugs, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer diet, arthritis..

  • Stephens dad really needs to support his son, sometimes you gotta be cruel to be kind. Get rid of all the junk food out of the house, it really is a terrible addiction and one of the hardest things to overcome as food is everywhere and so convenient, it’s a life changer for us all.

  • I hate that they keep using the word diet. What they need is a change of life style and get some help with their attitude towards food. It will work much better than these crash diets

  • My son had strep throat when he was a toddler (he is 26 now) and about a week later was diagnosed with Scarlett fever. My jaw dropped! I was told later that strep can lead to this condition. Is that true? It has been bugging me for a while. Thank you so much for all you do����

  • people need to stop overthinking; over talking, and making up stories in their heads, this young doesnt need a balloon to know when she’s full, the body awareness is something that everybody has bud we dont pay attention to our bodies because we are so fucking distracted by all kinds of craps like television movies, smartphones; advertismenets, magazines… we really need to wake up and face reality as it is without making up stories or excuses

  • That made me cry, because i use to be that boy when i was younger, i was weighting 290 pounds at my fattest.
    I started to loose weight when i was 20, im now 35 and never got the weight back, im at 185 pounds now and im able to do so much sports, i sometimes have more resistance an endurance than guy that never was fat and train for few years.
    Being healthy its not just a matter of never eating bad food, because for normal person its impossible you will eat some fast food in your life. Being healthy is finding the right balance between food enjoyment, activity and find a way to not consider food like a reward or a place to burn your emotions.
    To do sports, you have to find a sport you like. I have not started at the gym lifting weights because back in the days i use to hate that, so i went to a boxing gym and its where i lost the most of my weight becuase i was loving it.
    Now i do boxing 3 ties a week and normal gym 4 times a week i train everyday.
    The key also to not get in an out of gym and not getting discourage, many ppls feel the need to fell dead after being to the gym.
    Exercise is good but pushing your self to be exausted everytime you go to the gym is not the good way. there is a balance there too, you can push yourself sometimes to see you limits but reaching your limits everytime you go to the gym will only make you don want to go there again.

  • both of those kids could loose the weight the normal way. eat less, eat healthy, work out. I get when older people that are so obese they are about to die and they need surgery, but these kids? especially the girl? she’s not that obese that she can’t work out and loose it. where are the parents? I would put these kids on a healthy diet and work out with them every day.

  • 2:20 mum calling her daughter big boned lady your feeding your kids like a food truck there is no such thing as being big boned to that extent

  • I am weird. Don’t need to worry about what I eat. (It could be because I did sports till I was 18.) If I walk two miles at least once a week I lost weight without trying. Went to 3xl shirt to xl shirt in about 4 weeks. (that be 22 of this month)

  • Underlying food addiction, like any other addiction, are emotional and mental health problems. Children need counselling and support to deal with their emotional problems rather than weight-loss surgery. Their problems won’t go away after the surgery. The opposite of addiction is not abstinence but connection.

  • The reality is, most doctors wouldn’t approve these surgeries if they thought it was a case that was as simple as eat less, work out more for these patients. There is more going on behind the cameras than we get to see. But sure, go ahead and believe you know what’s best based on less than an hour of footage.

  • “oh steven stop gaining weight you’re breaking your bike everyday! oh steven don’t gain more weight or you wont fit in the car!” proceeds to then feed his son 2 massive pies and a whole plate full of chips covered in salt!? and buys him a massive chinese takeaway! the dad is so hypocritical with his comments to his son. he created and feeds his sons problem everyday and then blames it all on him! also you can’t expect the surgery to do all the work for you, you still need to learn healthy eating habits and exercise, which it looks like the dad made no attempt to do after his own surgery.

  • most of these bad tips are ALL OVER anorexia blogs and accounts…..and I’ve done almost all of them. Having Dr.Mike react so negatively to them honestly makes me feel better. Thanks. Sometimes you get in this mindset where this kind of thinking is actually so normalized you can’t even see how terrible and abnormal it really is….yikes.

  • I wish they followed these stories right through to the end. I desperately wanted to see the repaired hernia and hear how Gary and his sisters kidney transplant went.

  • Worried that her weight is going to get out of control as she’s laying on a trampoline. ” Scratches Head “

    Um. Get up and JUMP! you AREN’T that big!
    Take control of your weight NOW!!

  • “I never feel bad from eating too much,” but then he has to massage his stomach to keep the food going down. He’s shutting down the “full” signal, intentionally instead of rejoicing that his body does work properly and is telling him to push off from the table. There is some lying to oneself, during “food addiction” and this is a great example of it. Instead you gotta respect your awareness of the bad things, treasure that knowledge, and rejoice in running the other way. Every time you resist what you know you don’t need is a triumph. So enjoy the high of that triumph and you don’t need to overeat.

  • Whey protein and scientific studies has shown to help women especially burn fat and retain muscle do your due diligence in your research dr. It also provides many critical amino acids such as L-glutamine. Like most doctors it doesn’t seem like you know very much about nutrition

  • I have an issue with the statement that these people are “addicted to food”. They are in fact addicted to processed foods and the sugar in almost everything now. This is a true addiction proven by research. They are actually addicted to food items that are not real food. If the patients were simply addicted to food, they could be eating massive amounts of fruits, vegetables and unprocessed meat and would not gain this kind of weight. They have a sugar, sodium, saturated fat addiction rather than a food addiction.

  • Could you please do some more weight-loss tips ect! I need to lose weight and I have been cal counting! Could you do a video on more of this topic?

  • Come on. Just teach your daughter how to properly lose weight. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with getting surgery, but being that young and not THAT big, she can easily do it herself. It would make her feel good about herself, too. I don’t get this.

    I was probably her exact age and weight (if not bigger then) when I first lost weight. Calories in, calories out.

  • I moved to New Zealand two years ago and am fairly shocked at how big the primary and secondary school kids are. In the USA, about 1/3 of the population is now obese. At some point, the obese children and adults will overtake the normal weight people and this will become our new normal. We live in an environment that is saturated in calorie dense foods and huge portions. I don’t see this trend turning around or reversing anytime soon. I don’t judge people for their weight. 20-30 years ago, most of the population was relatively slim. At one point, I would have said “diet and exercise” but for these young people who are morbidly obese, give them the surgery before it’s too late.

  • Thats where all our money goes…. eat less loose weight. At this size these people could still eat 2000 calories per day and loose weight with no exercise. 2000 calories is still a lot of food!!!

  • Gary’s family should check on their eating habit….they all have obesity issues….his mom isn’t overweight and when he was still living in her house he wasn’t and that says a lot about the eating culture he adopted after getting his own home

  • I cannot believe that the Father had 1 Pasty and a reasonable amount of Fries…. then he gave Stephen 2 PASTIES and the biggest pile of Chips/Fries I have ever seen… enabling is one of the problems here. Rebecca’s Mum also in denial, you don’t need to try diets or those disgusting shakes and chocolate bars… PORTION CONTROL is the way to go… Eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, if you must drink fizzy drinks DIET coke.. its not rocket science.
    I could not believe that Breakfast Stephen had…

  • Hey Dr. Mike, I was curious if you had any healthy tips for gaining weight? I’ve heard a lot of “advice” that isn’t very healthy. Like, EAT ICE-CREAM AND CAKE ALL DAY! lol

  • get these kids on behaviour therapy and cooking lessons. it breaks my heart. the surgery will only limit their food intake which is purely a symptom of their addiction as we can see with the mom:(

  • This is for every one. I was not always this good looking. Here is what I do where I am today. When you done work don’t go home go to the gym sitting on a couch is not a gym. If you are eating late do not sit on couch go for a walk long walk is good for your body. When you eat and don’t move after it just becomes fat. Yes you think is ok but is fast and easy to get big and loose track off who you are. Gym is so much more then loosing weight. Is for your mind when you are stressed out. And makes you see yourself so much better. When you go to the gym don’t worry about other people you are there for yourself and make yourself better for life. It takes 3 times for you to get in to the gym work out to like it. The big question all off the people ask how did I get this way very easy by sitting and waisting time on couch and not closing your mouth. Yes for the people that were born with being big my heart goes out to you because I know is not easy to loos weight.
    But for the people that can get off the couch and go to the gym and don’t say you can’t afforded it or you have no time all gyms will work with you and you pay only what you can. And about time how is it that you have time for a couch and eat more for no reason but not the gym.

  • 1)
    •Deal with any eating disorder / food addiction, reach out and get Help!
    NOW is the time!!

    •Read up on what REAL food is rather than food-like foods;
    •To see those REAL foods in a food pyramid;
    •And why Natural Fat is GOOD for you!;

    •Read up on intermittent fasting and how it when coupled with high fat/low carb REAL foods it works with your body to reduce body fat percentage;
    •And then maintain body fat percentage;
    •And tame hunger;
    •More on hunger;

  • Gary lost weight before and gained it all back. I hope he understands his sister doesn’t have any other kidneys to give him if it happens again…

  • Can we just add that reaching a “healthy weight” is not always about loosing weight. Smaller does not equal healthier, everyone’s “healthy weight” is different. Which is something I really think you should talk about in videos like this as eating disorders is a thing and it can lead to death if not treated.

  • Ugh �� I have to stop watching these videos and do something with my life lol �� wow. Stephen has come so far. He has to feel absolutely fabulous.

  • These UK and US weight loss TV shows feature some of the dumbest people on earth. How could that stupid woman allow her hernia to reach an inoperable19 pounds?!

  • A few questions:

    What happened to Guy Slater from the first few series?

    Didn’t we see Shaw Sommers repair hernias during gastric bypass surgeries?

    Why do the patients always carry pillows into surgery? That doesn’t happen in the U.S.

  • Rebecca’s mom is an asshole!…how can you keep on feeding your child those big meals when u very well know what it is doing to her….she doesnt deserve children

  • Watching lots of interesting stuff during ‘Virus Lock Down” Does anyone know what happened to the guy with the heart issue? or link to a continuation episode? Be safe and healthy all. Greetings from Canada ����

  • Actually knocks me sick how these parents enable the kids and not actually teaching them about a balanced diet. I myself have always had weight problems but that was due to medical issues which I didn’t know at the time but my mother always tried her best to help me with my weight wasn’t till my hormones spiked and I went up to 23st drs actually stepped in and did tests which showed I have pcos and it made me insulin resistant so any carbs I ate just got stored as fat. I as a mother myself try my best to make sure my children don’t have weight problems and have balance diets.

  • Rebecca isn’t even that big surely diet and exercise would shift it easily. It did for me when I was only a few years older than her…. horrible to be going through something so traumatic and invasive at that age.

  • How old are you doctor M? I know it’s too personal, so you don’t need to respond. Do you have someone special who you may be thinking a long term life’s journey together, either male or female? It is because we like you so much that your audiences are curious.
    Thank you. Have a wonderful days and weeks, so on.

  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooo, wheres ma shawskies!!!!!!!!! Ah that’s right, I think he came here to new zealand, im gonna go look for him:-):-):-):-)

  • has anyone ever said that it might be an issue of lowered gratification? most of the people suffer a depressing situation and then overeat. maybe trying to treat the depression and giving people the chance to have more good experiences. If the young man says that his food is giving him a high then he is completely right. Food lifts the dullness of his depression briefly.

  • I’ve did it before, and I will almost definitely say it again; the government needs to reintroduce Domestic Science as a mandatory subject all the way through school, and parents need to be educated too.
    Btw, I’ve been hugely overweight all my life. One of the reasons is medical. That’s about 3%. The other 97%? That’s all on me. I’ve managed to lose a substantial amount of weight, but I still need to lose a bit more. I will never give up.

  • How much is a stone converted in pounds??? The American version of this is 600lb life and they are bedridden and can’t even clean their own body to main their hygiene. They let the show film them trying to shower and keep clean and it’s disturbing to say the least ��

  • Darn it. I need to get that elliptical together, but I can’t because I need a large length screwdriver and figure out weirdlookingparts. That’s about it. I have almost completed it, but need to attach the steps to the handrail and flywheel and some covers (if not necessary I will work out on it anyway. Love the idea of working out at home and possibly use their programme to exercise in different looking environment (it has a tablet holder, music outlet, screen). But I still need my screwdrivers firdt before I can actually go further. I believe that I have cone as far as being able to plug it in to see if the screen works, but I’m gonna feel so glad it’s done. I swear I’ll have washers left when I’m done ��

  • Gary was very correct on his theory about eating. We evolved in an environment where we would have gorged on food when it came and then just eaten small amounts of food in between….with our modern world we can gorge 24/7.��

  • Can green tea be drunk during intermittent fasting periods? Also, at best I’m only able to push myself 12-14 hours when I fast. ):

  • Rebecca”s mom actually recognizes she’s making big bad foods for her children and she seems to not care at all, as if she wants to put her children into her old weight, she doesn’t care for them at all..

  • Fuck that. I’m sorry, I get running his bath, but he’s not so big that he can’t wash himself. He’s lazy. Stop fucking eating crap. Also, a milk diet? Are you kidding? That’s liquid fat, you dummy.

  • The EECG in green tea does increase metabolic levels according to test done in metabolic Labs at NIH. Not a miracle but it does boost metabolism three to four cups a day

  • So sad, my heart breaks for them. Obesity is an addiction, if it was so easy to lose weight then nobody would be overweight. Her family are being selfish, it’s her life. Support her.

  • This doctor is not being sanitary. No mask, he talks to the camera and he most likely
    Has germs coming out of his mouth.

    He would not work on me in that condition ��

  • There was a show that showed how much you would have to vacuum to burn off a single candy bar.. it was enough to put me off wanting to eat them for a while. Fell off the wagon when I quit nicotine unfortunately.. here for motivation, so I don’t let it go on anymore.

  • The reason they don’t want her to loose weight and get better is that she’ll get some independence and freedom back and they want her at home, cooking all their meals for them and basically being a slave. No one ever seems to mention, that with many of these obese people, there is someone in the background encouraging and enabling them to be that way. feeders

  • But wasting your money on fucking food just to let it sit in the freezer for years that’s ridiculous it’s going to be there at the store the stores aren’t just going to run out of food forever who even likes Frozen fucking meat I buy my meat fresh every time I’m going to cook I never freeze anyting I don’t even really eat leftovers like a safety net more like a waste of fucking money I thought you were worried about not having money and yet you’re wasting it on the most expensive stuff it’s just going to sit in the freezer and freeze burn

  • I love to see the scenes of the lovely locations in England. I hope I can visit that country again someday. Very interesting series.

  • I bet that more of the NHS budget goes on weight loss surgery then things like cancer research and finding courses for and disabilities and and other things that are not caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. People who are over weight should have to lose weight themselves

  • Try eating sunflower seeds… I just sat here overeating cookies, then switched to sunflower seeds and now I’m not hungry anymore at all! ����

  • There is no such thing as “big boned,” it’s just a justification of unhealthy habits. There are genetics that can pre-dispose someone to a body type; your body shape is genetic however your bones generally weigh the same as another person of the same age and gender.

  • I’m surprised he was put on the milk diet with his kidney issues as high protein is a problem for kidney patients. Maybe he wasn’t on it long enough for it to be a problem.

  • I understand it must be so hard when you’re a comfort eater, but his will to live must be really low as he’s barely tried at all just 2 stone off in 6 months WITH a gastric balloon? If ‘you are going to die this year if you don’t lose weight’ doesn’t motivate you then what will? I don’t know if he has kids or not but maybe being a parent is a bigger motivator

  • Nothing I’m seeing on the screen that these two youngsters are eating can be classified as food. No wonder they crave more and they are never full. I would bet my last penny that are nutritionally starving.

  • The boy is disgusting. There’s nothing interesting about him. He just eats and his mouth, the way it looks is revolting. Ugh. I prefer watching the surgery over watching that nasty kid eat.

  • By the way, Rob should have been under a doctor’s care, and an in patient. He should have been under close watch, to make sure he wasn’t eating. He couldn’t control his appetite, and should have been under restrictions. The wife should have wrestled him to the ground whenever she saw him with food. He didn’t need to die.

  • I was excited to buy my first lottery ticket on my 16th birthday, this girl is excited about a gastric bypass, which she doesn’t need at all.

  • Does taking proteolytic enzymes with protein (e.g. whey protein shake etc) increase absorption of the protein and therefore mean you can build muscle more quickly?

  • The thing is that just the surgery alone won’t save you from obesity. You need to make this decision and work on your health for the rest of your life. The surgery will help you, and you will learn to eat less but many people fail miserably and return to their old sizes after a year or so. If you want to go from obese /overweight to a healthy weight you need to make this 360 turn and change your relationship with food. It’s hard and for me personally it took half a year to learn it. Dieting is a challenge but the biggest challenge is maintaining your goal weight once you reach it instead of letting yourself go back to how you were

  • I don’t understand, did they try other things for Rob? Medication? Therapy? Dietitians? He’s clearly desperately in need of much more help. All that time it seems he was battling it alone without professional help, he even says he doesn’t understand why he’s still fatdid no one teach this man how to count calories? He’s just completely beaten down. Locking him up in hospital isn’t going to help, it’s not even worth doing the heart surgery if he’s just going to carry on the relationship he has with food.

  • Needs to work on bedside manner. He should pay attention to Somers. Sit down and listen to the patient, not just a rush job to sign

  • teaeacch the parents. seriously. look what the parents are feeding them…..there should be a law against this. If the parents were giving then alcohol then things would be different however its ok for a parent to give their kid 25 potatoes for lunch

  • Hey Dr. Mike, I love your channel. But, I want to share with you my experience with Noom. I tested out the app, and it recommended that I only consume 1200 calories (as a tall, VERY ACTIVE female in my late twenties), if I logged a workout I was then allowed to eat 1500 calories a day. I have perfectionist tendencies, so even though I knew this calorie range wasn’t right for me, while I was using the app I felt like I had to stay within the recommended range. There is no way to change this within the app.

    Noom also rates very healthy, but calorically dense foods as “red” (aka bad) foods or foods a person should eat rarely. This made me feel guilty every time I ate nuts or avocado, for example. Noom recommends that a person eat low calorie, high volume foods, or “green” (aka good) foods most of the time. This black and white approach to nutrition makes no sense. I understand that we should all aim to eat more veggies, fruits, etc, but people also need to eat quality sources of protein and healthy fats.

    After getting off of Noom, I started following a diet of about 2,000 calories a day and lost the 5 lbs I hoped to lose. If I had continued with Noom, I honestly believe I would have developed a very unhealthy relationship with food. This is not an app I would recommend to ANYONE. Much better to research good nutrition advice online or work with a dietician, if a person can. People really trust you and the advice you provide, so your support of this app can really affect if people use the app or not. You often say that diets are not a one-size-fits all, so should you, as a medical professional, really be promoting an app as a one-size-fits all approach to better nutrition and health?

  • If I struggle to get enough protein and I shake during gymnastics. Is it a good idea to use a protein powder or do I need to force myself to eat more chicken?

  • I feel bad for them but it’s hard to muster up some sympathy for people who are told for years that they’re killing themselves yet they fail to do anything about it. People are far too nice and gentle and enable them to slowly kill themselves. If you continue to choose to slowly kill yourself by eating too much or not enough after being offered help then have at it. Seriously, as someone who has suffered from mental illness for years I know that my health is my responsibility and if I choose to do nothing about it that’s all on me.

  • I lost 60 pounds by counting calories on my phone it is in my estimation 90 percent diet. I looked it up and at 200 pounds you can burn about 330 calories spending about a half hour on a rowing machine. You can then go home and undo all of those calories burned by eating 2 sugar cookies. Exercise can help and is good for a host of other reasons. But it’s extremely difficult to out exercise a high calorie diet.

  • Shaw Somers does bariatric surgery and repairs the Hernia at the same time, don’t know what this guy is playing about at. Why didn’t he check for leaks before she left the surgery as Shaw does?

  • I think when they said “It’s okay to be hungry” it means that you shouldn’t feel bad when you get hungry, because… everyone gets hungry at times. So you shouldn’t feel bad if you feel hungry (I don’t talk right after you eat). I know this feeling, as somtimes I eat and hungry again after two hours. And it’s irritating.

  • So sad, to see Rebecca her only option is surgery, she didnt even try her mum is such a bad influence. She needs a weight loss camp, i eat clean and healthy, yes i go out for the odd upmarket meal. Or even a childs meal of fish and chips, But only a childs meal. I walk daily, unless its bad Weather then i use my indoor bike. Healthy food doesn’t need to taste bad.

  • Weight loss is a doable thing if one is motivated. It is strange that Gary is unwilling to fast and have discipline about eating to save his own life.He is willing to take a kidney from his sister but he is not willing to stop eating. I would not give someone a kidney who was not motivated enough to stop shoving food in his pie hole. Seriously, why is there no lock down clinic in which people are forced to fast and diet and exercise as a better option than this severe surgery? Blows my mind. How about giving these people a nausea drug that makes them lose their appetite as part of their diet plan?

  • first one buggered off coz she wasn’t thin enough the second one sounds like he will bugger off because she’s no longer fat enough,

  • Greasy foods and sweet foods overstimulate the palate and that is why it is difficult giving them up. You have to go cold turkey. At first it will be excruciating and you’ll obsess about food, noticing it everywhere, and probably eye what people are eating, but if you stick with it things will get easier. You’ve got to decide to stop feeding the addiction that is overstimulating your tastebuds and brain, because you can absolutely live without those kinds of food

    “It’s just an issue with me, with food…sorry.” And that’s why it is costing you a mortgage to finance your daughter’s surgery! Wow, not much common sense there.
    I understand she isn’t putting a gun to her daughter’s head but she does shoulder some of the responsibility for what her children eat. And I find her comment a little cruel, arrogant and selfish.

  • As an American I’m jealous of the metric system being used everywhere but here. So when I hear them using weight measured by stones?? Throws the jealousy right out the window.

  • Mr Somers is so lovely!! I wish I’d seen him when I was young! All the ones I saw were so censorious of me, I had no faith in their ability. If they didn’t understand me, how could they support me? This doctor is amazing.

  • Rebecca’s mom should take her shopping for one real nice outfit, whatever she really wants, one thing, but in a size smaller. Then hang it in her room, promise her as soon as it fits well she gets to go on a week end holiday. This will amount to a lot less than 1000 pounds, let alone 7000 pounds. ALL MOM HAS TO DO IS COOK HEALTHY. Rebecca is not a 37 y o woman with 4 kids.

  • My husband, also named Rob, was 6’11” tall and weighed over 800 pounds. Unfortunately, he wasn’t willing to have surgery until he was in very poor healthDiabetic, one leg amputated, foot ulcer, kidney disease requiring dialysis, heart failure, lymphedema, and then he couldn’t have it. He died at age 54 after refusing an amputation of his second gangrenous leg and going into a seven week coma during which he lost about five hundred pounds.

    Now we all miss himmyself, our daughters and grandkids are left without him. My feelings are part sadness and a good bit of anger, which is a weird combination. He just couldn’t manage to stop eating the awful food he chose. He ate out several times a day and when he didn’t want the healthy food I was serving at home for dinner, he’d just go out to eat at a restaurant and stop for ice cream on the way home, too! It’s hard watching someone you love slowly killing themselves with food.

  • This is nuts… you shouldn’t already want to have or even need weight loss surgery at 13!! Your body still had the capacity to lose weight, like someone else said it’s a life style change… its continuous diet and exercise that’s effective. How is it that at 13 she’s done EVERYTHING to lose weight.. not possible.

  • why is noone trying the staple mesh that goes on your tongue that stops you from swallowing solid foods? A lot of the problem with hunger is blood sugar being totally out of whack and yoyoing due to terrible eating schedules and habits as well as over eating. When you eat crap your blood sugar spikes too high, which means soon it will fall too low and you will be super hungry again and you will eat more crap. You have to stabilize your blood sugar.

  • Actively spoiling food is the most horrible advice I ever head. There’s people out there that go hungry or even die of hunger and you’ll throw perfectly good food away?!?! It’s stupid enough that slightly damaged or short before expiration goods are thrown away at food stores while it’s often still good for days to come (at least here in Germany) are you actually willing to throw away something that you bought from your own hard earned money?

  • Abby Sharp did a video on NOOM and how it promotes disordered dieting. Did you do research into the app, or did you just take the ad as it was? Your support of the app seems inconsistent with how it actually works according to Sharp’s more thorough review of the app?

  • OVEREATING can make you FEEL “HIGH”! It’s very sensual to feel your big belly & chest getting fatter and fuller and your mouth being stuffed over full continously. It’s even a TURN ON in restaurants when other diners gawk at your huge belly hanging out of your shirt as you pass them with ANOTHER FULL PLATE OF FOOD!! Obesity = horny!

  • I was conceived as fat because I was 10 pounds overweight even though I was very tall and had a ton of muscle.
    I just love it when guys like thicker girls that aren’t morbidly obese

  • People want socialized healthcare and I understand it’s better for our wallets but I keep hearing “turned down for surgery” and that’s so fucked up.

  • Does Britan have OA (Overeaters Anonymous)? Got to get to the reason behind overeating. Overeating is just a symptom of lack in spiritual and emotional issues. I am also a food addict.

  • When the mother says her daughter is “big boned” I want to scream…. No her, your, and everyone’s bones are the near enough the same, stop making excuses stop feeding your kids junk food, get them outdoors, take them swimming, but no these overweight parents won’t do that because it’s means they have to too!!! Education is vital.

  • Marks scared.1)whether she survives 2) he will have a slimmer model of what he’s used to.
    Many partners get nervous believing that if the partner loses weight,they may leave them.
    This seems to be a common fear and the outcome depends on the mindset of both partners.
    Edit:good to see sue winning and good to see husbands surport.

  • Both doctors help save lives. It saves their country millions in health care later. Amazing. Great work Doctors. He worked on two complicated issues. He did wonderful. It’s marvellous.

  • Dr. Mike, thanks for the quick, humorous clip of you fixing dinner in the kitchen. Many (including me) can relate to you! Three quick ideas for quick, healthy, and affordable eating: a) having a traditional Turkish breakfast-for lunch-has been a great option for a packed lunch (hard-boiled egg, fresh black olives, feta cheese, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, Greek yogurt with fruit, french bread, and tea); b) for dinner have a good stash of greens (fresh spinach, romaine, kale, spring garden mix) in the fridge and, then, bake or broil a filet of steak, salmon, or chicken breast; and c) while the oven is on (for point B), in another pan include another portion of meat with carrot, onion, fresh pepper, and potato slices-you’ll multi-task and make a small roast. This food prep should provide simple, healthy, and tasty leftovers, too. Bon appetit!:)

  • Both the partners on this episode are overweight as well. I am surprised they aren’t motivated to lose the weight to become healthier. Considering what their partners are going through.

  • The reason Britain is the fattest Nation in Europe is many of the little local shopping areas are now over run with fast food take always and like wise buy one get one free in the supermarkets you do not find this i other places in Europe here people tend to go out to eat and many little shopping areas thrive here

  • I am Caroline Mr pring and the nurses saved my life one of my promises was that I would get a job in care which I did Mr pring did my hernia I was quite ill and nearly died but Mr pring and the nursing staff saved my life

  • She puts all the healty stuff in the deep fridge and eats junk food. They are all the same, they say they eat healthy and when you see what they put in their mouth you feel sick. At least me.

  • I worked in England for a few months… it’s disgusting, most women even the younger ones are fat af and completely unattractive. All they can do is drinking on the weekends and eat shit all the time.. 1 year later I have been to Russia, completely the opposite, beautiful women who take care of themselves, the west ist fucked up…

  • Noom is not really great. It is expensive. Bad customer service. Difficult to cancel subscription. There is calorie restriction. I was told to eat 1200calories a day. The personal coaching is ridiculous. They just throw at you very general information on your very specific question.

  • Was so cute when the friend was like “He’s beautiful now!” Stephen looked so happy:’), I hope he continues with his healthy lifestyle ��

  • It is a shame that these two young people had to go through such a drastic procedure in order to eat a healthy diet, but good luck to them as they have made great progress.

  • Can you review those products online that claim to lose weight? Like that heat wand that burns away the weight or the vibrating girdle that shakes away the fat. You’re awesome! Great videos

  • Dr. Mike, what is your take on 0 calorie products such as diet 0, Walden syrup, Aspartame, etc. I would love to know your opinion since these products are surrounded by a lot of controversy.

  • Sue got weight loss surgery on the nhs at 15st I no I’m at littel taller 5ft 3 but I was 16st 8lb before slimming world and wouldn’t of dreamed I was big enough for wight loss surgery unless I could pay myself. Also if I was told I would die in a yr if I didn’t lose wight I’d dam well lose it

  • Steven looks like he is having triplets a lot of these people say they are adddicted to food but I think that is often an excuse. People make to many excuses stop making excuses and do something about it

  • Doctor Mike, review chubbyemu if you can. His channel have been my go to for entertaining but informative medical videos. It’s also a great life hack to watch before SGDs. Might help some struggling medical students who view your channel.:)

  • I cringed when the obese mom was like “she’s big boned”… no she’s overweight like you. Clearly bad parenting from lazy and stubborn adults.

  • Allowing children to eat themselves into obesity is tantamount to child abuse. Who in their right mind would allow a 17-yr-old loose in a supermarket with enough cash to buy so much rubbish? Have these people never thought of being ‘cruel to be kind’ with their children and occasionally refusing them? Has nobody ever told them that it’s perfectly normal to feel hungry from time to time? that’s the only way one learns to eat when needs be and not on a whim. So now they indulge them with a car or paying for a gastric band! If these parents really cared for their offspring they’d get an allotment and learn to grow healthy food WITH their kids or take up some worthwhile physical activity to enjoy together. GRRRRR!

  • what are your views on using virtual reality for weight loss? i have seen a lot on the calories you can burn with certain games. i have tried it a few times and i get sore muscles in 20-30 minutes with FitXR. it’s purely cardio, but ”better than nothing”

    also i have been looking at natural movement (movnat) to increase mobility. a lot of it seems to be ground movement like crawling on all fours, balancing and hopping of obstacles. (and apparently playing tarzan in the trees for more advanced people.)

  • This doctor seems like he just rushes patients! Poor woman was trying to thank him & he was just like yeah, okay bye now. Where is the other doctor?

  • Some people r so stupid. Like the man. He looks like he doesn’t give a shit about him self. Or his wife washing his fat ass every day. If i was the lady. I will be like loose the weight in 6 months. Or I am leaving you. If you don’t care about your self. How can u care about somebody else.
    I’m I rite

  • A fat super obese person is no longer a human being. They resemble a laughing stock and an embrassent to mankind. All of England would prefer that these monsters be somehow eliminated

  • Stop consuming refined sugar & processed carbohydrates. This will also reduce inflammation caused by ingesting these poisons:::)) also do not drink alcohol & only have black coffee or tea with no sugar (green & white tea is good). Intermittent fasting is super best practised a few days per week with a few days break between each one. Start the day with fruit progress to starchy & end the day with high protein and fat content food such as nuts or eggs. I no longer exercise as long or as hard (just occasionally) but I have lost a lot of FAT and I was around 9-11% before. I feel better & look better. FYI I have never drunk alcohol but just cut all that baloney out!

    You also have to hold yourself accountable & be honest with yourself: the above is a life style not a fad or a diet. You do not treat your prize possession with disrespect so why treat yourself with disrespect?

    Peace & Love!

  • Sue’s husband is giving creepy vibes. He feels insecure about her being slimmer, more confident & looking more attractive that’s why he’s against it!

  • With respect to Carolyn, if 80% of her stomach is removed then she will be missing the hormone and enzyme secretions from this tissue that is important. Right? Didn’t the surgeon tell us that in the bypass, the portion of the stomach that is bypassed is still left in place with it’s connection to the intestine so it can continue the functions other than food digestion. Did I miss something? If the stomach tube fails that Carolyn is left with no stomach, in other words, dead. One would think anyone who takes one minute to understand the horrendous butchering and risk of this surgery would be scared into fasting.

  • You can’t live on milk alone his body is in starvation mode and that’s why he is not able to lose weight.if you look at what everyone of these people are eating it is all white carbs junk food I haven’t seen anybody eating nutritionally dense high fat anything that was unprocessed

  • Rob was a giant toddler he could have washed himself in the tub. his wife became his mother and then even though he had severe heart trouble he wouldn’t lose the weight for the surgery. He passed away.

  • one thing that helped me lose 20kg ( I was doing gym 5 times a week, 1:30 hrs cardio + weights) was that I was hading all my lunches in a buffet style restaurant (college restaurant) so I could weigh my food and keep it to a max of 500g, mostly protein and veggies with not a lot of carbs

  • Fucking….excuses…stop eating junkfood…lots of sugar…deepfried shit…n opt for a healthy diet…n dun chug dun that dozens of colas….u idiot…acting like its not their fault that they are like this…its not rocket science…control ur mouth…count ur calories…a hour exercise….you are good…these conditions wont arise dn…fucking lazy idiots!