How LEGO and Minecraft Can Help You Get Healthy


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How LEGO and Minecraft Will Help You Get In Shape. By Steve Kamb • Last Updated: January 15, 2015 • 186 comments. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved to build stuff.

If I was in the back yard, I was building a treehouse. If I was in my basement, I was building a pillow fort. If I was anywhere near LEGO.

If you have access to the Minecraft Bedrock version, you should be able to redeem the code. Unfortunately you cannot use the code if you live in China. In China the LEGO Minecraft set is sold without the code, because the Minecraft Bedrock platform is not available in China. How do I get some help?

You’ve joined forces with Alex to build the ultimate shelter, from where you can venture deeper into the mountainous Minecraft™ landscape. This awesome, huge shelter with its rooftop garden, waterfall and secret lava entrance has put your Minecraft. Set 21147: “Minecraft Bedrock Adventures” in Minecraft. Link to world download set:

You can build anything you imagine with LEGO bricks in the physical world. Minecraft and LEGO were meant to be together. We’ve invited a couple of the LEGO fans behind the earlier LEGO Minecraft projects, suparMacho and koalaexpert, to collaborate with us to shape the idea.

We’re also interested in your ideas, and will select the best LEGO. We’ll stop supporting this browser soon. For the best experience please update your browser.

Steve stumbles upon a mine and catches a wild ride in a mine cart! For more Minecraft awesomeness visit us here: LEGO Minecraft. Discover the world of LEGO MINECRAFT with product and designer videos, and other fun MINECRAFT video content, plus links to more LEGO. Hey guys, Just wanted to give a quick update and say that I am going to be taking a break from my current minecraft survival series which has 2 parts right n.

If you’re looking for a great gift idea for a Minecraft fan, then you need look no further. LEGO Minecraft puts the unique building blocks, items and characters from the awesome video game into kids’ hands. Just like in the virtual game, players can build iconic structures, blast out ores, grow crops, tend to livestock and battle.

List of related literature:

Proponents maintain that, like Lego blocks, Minecraft helps stimulate creativity.

“Violence in Popular Culture: American and Global Perspectives” by Laura L. Finley
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You’ll have Lego models and Tinkertoy structures.

“Zig Zag: The Surprising Path to Greater Creativity” by Keith Sawyer
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Obviously, playing with Lego is more fun, but you can build a tower much faster using Duplo.

“Lean Mobile App Development: Apply Lean startup methodologies to develop successful iOS and Android apps” by Mike van Drongelen, Adam Dennis, Richard Garabedian, Alberto Gonzalez, Aravind Krishnaswamy
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Minecraft is often described as “virtual Lego.”

“A Beginner's Guide to Writing Minecraft Plugins in JavaScript” by Walter Higgins
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You can even model 3D environments by breaking out the Legos.

“Playful Design: Creating Game Experiences in Everyday Interfaces” by John Ferrara
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Or, if you’d prefer, building an object out of LEGOs or in Minecraft, much like a cubist painting.

“Hacking the Kinect” by Jeff Kramer, Matt Parker, Daniel Castro, Nicolas Burrus, Florian Echtler
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The same is true in Lego modeling; the model emerges as you play with putting different blocks together and, seemingly by chance, your fingers alight randomly on a piece and you plug it into another.

“The Skillful Teacher: On Technique, Trust, and Responsiveness in the Classroom” by Stephen D. Brookfield
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You will have a hard time putting down The LEGO Principle; it will capture your heart and change your life.

“The LEGO Principle: The Power of Connecting to God and One Another” by Joey Bonifacio
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Famous for his fully functional Minecraft printer, fully functional iPhone, fully functional escalator, and his texture pack based on the Minecraft LEGO sets, ACtennisAC has made a couple of minigames, including Wii Sports in Minecraft, Angry Birds in Minecraft, and snowboarding in Minecraft.

“Minecraft For Dummies” by Jesse Stay, Thomas Stay, Jacob Cordeiro
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LEGO allows you to build anything you want, at any scale you like.

“Beautiful LEGO: Wild!” by Mike Doyle
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  • I think the design for the moveable Ravenger Head is very clever!
    I a a new LEGO YouTuber, and was looking for inspiration, when I stumbled onto your video. Great job! ��

  • Lego Sans: Exists
    RT starts deleting him
    RT: some things we just don’t talk about
    The Jesus next to him nailed to a cross with blood: hey

  • (pov) your playing with your legos and a flat one get stuck on a 4 piece lego so u need to use your mouth or get a screwdriver or you’ll rip off your nail (know we all used our mouths…)

  • Please Help If You See This Comment I want to reach 1000 Subscribers, I want to be sincere with people, but I can’t get up I will not give up, thank you very much

  • I am proud to announce i am getting minecraft in 2 days. See ya then, fellas, felladies and felloodles. I will also accept fellabradors.

  • the sales associate always laughs so hard, I tell them that the round cup is a rip and they agree, it should be made so you can get what your looking for, and the best way to achieve getting what you want

  • I wish YouTube was still like this, now it’s all about making money and not for fun. I do my vids for fun. When I hit 1000 subs and am allowed to monetize videos, I still won’t.

  • when i saw all those huge mini fugires i thought of attack on lego (not attack on titan)

    and also someone forgot the HEY sign if you have seen all those lego city ads you will know what i mean

  • As a dane I can confirm these people literally just recreated the danish culture in Minecraftexpect the Swedish flags they are not in our culture

  • bruh, go to the lego website and there more cheaper over there than buying a 15 dollar small cup… every piece is about 10 cents in their website. ( NOTICE this is not a hate comment)

  • I watch this when i was a kid and tough it was real so i built a lego computer (but terrible) and i put some kind of powder then it didnt work

  • I have heard of changes that say that you are supposed to have a diverse box of bricks instead of the same piece many times. Is that true?

  • I now hope that there is a similar video but anime instead of Lego. Hope to see the sun and moon from soul eater. I’m now going to start look for it.

  • Quick question anyone know if they can accept if even with this method because it is clearly have gone for then enough to close the cap on it

  • Gracias mi me gusta la música de los dos primeros años y medio ambiente en la música y el caso de que no me gusta la música de los dos primeros años y medio ambiente ������

  • Your method is flawed in the fact that if you use your method you cannot get the lid on. The lid must fit back on. Still a good efficient method but not 167 if you want to fit the lid on but close and still worth it.

  • This makes me happy. Your community never ceases to amaze me with their creativity and/or cooperation. At least in these types of videos:p

  • as if it is not already embarassing to buy legos as an adult from the store let me show up as the penny pinching weirdo who really i am and stocking legos at a cup in the most cost efficient way.
    it is okay because i have no social life.

  • 1st of all, Lego Stores in Hong Kong won’t allow you to do that.
    Maybe due to Hong Kong’s status of Asia World City, the prices of Pick A Brick are much more expensive than in the US. A large PAB cup costs you around 25 US Dollars.

    So, DON’T DO PAB in Hong Kong!!!

  • Definitely more cost efficient organization in the store than shopping for PAB online… and you don’t have to wait forever for your bricks to be shipped. It’s good ol’ cash and carry.

  • Many people saying they do not have a Lego store near them. I must be lucky. I have a Lego store, a Legoland and a Brickmania store within 5 minutes of me.

  • The lid has to close, this is pointless. You can still get a lot in with this technique but with the lid not closed, why not just go 10 layers higher and put a lid on it and be like “oooh it’s closed”. So this is a false video.

  • I was in the London store.Saw a bloke loading this way.I have tons of the 2×4.they had multiple colours of the 4×4 flats,6 of each!stuck em together,and they’re up the centre.But the wall is for unusual stuff.Red lava,white tooth etc.I got 592 bricks in a large tub.(8 wheel axles,that’s a quid,there!)Just need to find out when they change the selection.It really is such fun,except for those pesky kids!

  • In the Philippines, We need to buy the weight not the cup so we cant fit many if you want to pick a brick at the lego store. They dont even have Bricks! (all bricks except for 1×1) I buyed 100 grams for just P675.75 ( Probrably about 13$)

  • pick a brick is the 2nd best way to get Lego, yes you get more then your money’s worth, but the wall is pre determined, and may not have what you need. Bricklink is for the patient man

  • A good way to make a lego minecraft world look better, in my opinion, is to think like the lego minecraft set designers. make it look like an actual lego minecraft set! that might make things look better.

  • YOU HAVE TO CLOSE THE LID IN HONG KONG’S STORES. The employees are trained to care about this matter. So this strategy is invalid in Hong Kong.

  • Thanks again to everyone who took part in this session! If you’re looking to meet me at i65, here’s the link again. I’ll be doing signings as well as hosting a panel at the show!

  • Mnmjhhhfjbfhb


  • We are not allowed gaps in the top of the cup like that in the UK. Well my store anyway! They make you shut the lid so its sealed.

  • I love how everybody is complaining about not having a lego store near them, I’m extra lucky! I have 2 lego stores 2 hours away from me!

  • So if you get one large cup for 16$ it will get you 167 pieces and if you get small cups for that many bricks it will be 3 of them for 24$ so definitely do the large if you are going for a ton of bricks

  • ha ha no way would they sell them to you like that in the uk. i used to ton’s of things. they came down on me like a ton of bricks
    that big cup i get 164 bricks in one. never ever buy the small one.

  • I have a question. Where would you recommend buying baseplates from? Im trying to buy 64 6×12 to put over 2 big grey plates but it will cost me nearly 100 pounds. So what is a good place to buy plates?

  • Doesn’t that mean two small cups will get you more Lego than 1 big cup?
    102 * 2 = 204
    ‘Cause what I’m thinking is one small cup costs 2x less than one big cup

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  • Disney land also has a pick a brick store so I will do it when I go to Disney land… That just sounds odd. Also every keeps talking about the cat eating a cactus but it’s just a joke