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I’m honored that Kyle is one of our 1-on-1 coaching clients, and that we were able to offer some tips on how to go about a vegetarian diet correctly, something many Rebels struggle with. Switching up his diet is not the only accomplishment Kyle has made: he is also now crushing pull-ups! Which makes me really happy. Switching up his diet is not the only accomplishment Kyle has made: he is also now crushing pull-ups!

Which makes me really happy. You don’t need to hear all about it from me though: let’s bring in Kyle! HOW KYLE STOPPED TRYING TO OUTRUN HIS FORK AND LOST 27 POUNDS. Steve: Hi Kyle!

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me. 301 Moved Permanently. nginx/1.16.1. How Kyle the Vegetarian Lost 27 Pounds and Started Crushing Pull-Ups It is true: you really can’t outrun your fork. I kept thinking about this – over and over – when speaking with Kyle, one of our Nerd Fitness Coaching clients. How Kyle the Vegetarian Lost 27 Pounds and Started Crushing Pull-Ups April 2, 2019 Fitness Tips By James Leave a comment It is true: you really can’t outrun your fork.

How Kyle the Vegetarian Lost 27 Pounds and Started Crushing Pull-Ups April 2, 2019 / henryrichey / Leave a comment It is true: you really can’t outrun your fork. How Kyle the Vegetarian Lost 27 Pounds and Started Crushing Pull-Ups Do you know how to run?It’s a simple question, and probably something you might not even think about. After all, what’s so tough about running, right?How Kyle the Vegetarian Lost 27 Pounds and Started Crushing Pull-Ups.

It is true: you really can’t outrun your fork.I kept thinking about this – over and over – when speaking with Kyle, one of our Nerd Fitness Coaching clients.You see, Kyle works for a non-profit that promotes bicycling as a major mode of transportation.As part of walking. How Kyle the Vegetarian Lost 27 Pounds and Started Crushing Pull-Ups Do you know how to run?It’s a simple question, and probably something you might not even think about. After all, what’s so tough about running, right?The weight started melting off, and it was unbelievable how effortless it felt. I was eating more food with more flavors than ever before, not counting a single calorie, and my waistline was slimming down.

After all the crazy quick-fix weight loss gimmicks I tried had failed me, this seemed too easy. In seven months, I lost 70 pounds.

List of related literature:

Kyle knows that he eats a lot of red meat and always drinks whole milk, and he doesn’t eat much in the way of fruits and vegetables.

“Nutrition: Science and Applications” by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
from Nutrition: Science and Applications
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He had been vegan for over 12 years, which meant his diet probably lacked the protein needed to build and maintain muscle.

“The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
from The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer
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Coupled with his moderate portions, his exercise and vegetarian diet helped him maintain his ideal weight.

“Peaceful Neighbor: Discovering the Countercultural Mister Rogers” by Michael Long
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He knew to keep his protein consumption up and slowly walked down his calories, and he gave himself a regular “refeed day” every week or so.

“The Carnivore Diet” by Shawn Baker
from The Carnivore Diet
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Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Then as an experiment, he switched to a vegetarian diet, though he thought at the time that vegetarians were emaciated, unhealthy creatures.

“Diet for a New America: How Your Food Choices Affect Your Health, Happiness, and the Future of Life on Earth” by John Robbins
from Diet for a New America: How Your Food Choices Affect Your Health, Happiness, and the Future of Life on Earth
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Jake kept a journal of his current diet, which the sports dietitian reviewed.

“Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.” by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
from Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.
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The implication in his explanation was that vegetarians had both the extra physical stamina and the mental determination required for success in both athletics and general life.75 The movement vegetarian press was not alone in covering Fisher’s study.

“The Vegetarian Crusade: The Rise of an American Reform Movement, 1817-1921” by Adam D. Shprintzen
from The Vegetarian Crusade: The Rise of an American Reform Movement, 1817-1921
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He took steps further than his physician’s advice of cutting down on red meat and eliminated it entirely from his diet.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
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We both experimented with a strict vegan diet for one year (it was a one­dollar bet between the two of us, and Ryan won), and the results were astounding: we felt more energy, Ryan lost a considerable amount of weight, Joshua maintained a healthy weight, and, most important, we both felt better.

“Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life” by Joshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus
from Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life
by Joshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus
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The result was his book The Vegetable Diet.

“Vegetarian America: A History” by Karen Iacobbo, [Anonymus AC05724234], Andrew Linzey, Michael Iacobbo
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  • Alivia I’ve been watching you for years all the way back when I was 10 and learning my splits and this is eating disorder stuff man your literally counting everything and doing every single thing humanly possible to ovide food

  • I wish I had done a blood work thing before going plant based almost a year ago. I am over 80 pounds down though so that’s a start! Well done to you both for all the informative videos.

  • since you said this is an ongoing process, do you have a new “after” video that you are going to upload? You did mention that this is more at progress and not the final result you’re going for.

  • I was wondering if you heard of this weigh loss program before It worked great on me. I lost a lot of weight without any side effects

  • I have enjoyed some of Britt’s recipes and videos but did not know her whole story or that she is a teacher and all the other things she does. I have heard she is cousins with Plant Based Gabriel.

  • as to the vitamine D, supplementing that has been very en vogue in the Netherlands. I just wanted to draw your attention to the option to take a fluid dose once a month or week instead of taking pills every day. This kind of therapy is recommended because it is easier to maintain.

  • I became vegan when I was a teenager. Now that I’m in my 50’s, I’m so happy I made that decision in my life, especially when I meet with my high school friends!

  • Ppl I have been a vegetarian for fourty six plus yrs….. You can eat so good and healthy, my grandparents changed c the way they cooked because of me…. And my son who turned his cousin s into vegetarian ppl. We are winning the world!!!!��️����������

  • I know this video is old but it got recommended to me. I am sorry but everything about this video shows an extremely toxic relationship with food. The cookie clip made me sad and the fact that you think saying “I don’t eat that” is a good option made me even sadder. Also, DON’T SHOW YOUR WEIGHT. You might not have an eating disorder, but you don’t know what your viewers are going through. Plus, even though you say you don’t have an ed you sure are developing one, and I am saying this as someone who struggled with ed’s for years and, although that might be the reason I feel this way about this video, I think you should be more careful what you show and promote to your followers and above all, be more accepting of yourself and your body. Would you tell someone who had your starting body that they need/should to lose weight? No. They why do you say that to yourself?

  • You don’t have to be skinny to be healthy. As long as you eat healthy and have a healthy life style then you’re good. Except if u r over weight then u need to change BUT IN A GOOD WAY DON’T STARVE YOURSELF

  • now she needs a hair style because her hair looks ridiculous (for a 35 year old). these celebs are very immature. They are so out of touch with what’s really important in life. “oh i was bullied in high school “…. 20 years ago and you finally went on a diet this year? so stupid

  • To all the lifestyle youtubers,

    Glowing up is not putting on makeup and expensive clothes,to make the body look good.
    But glowing up is making both your mind and body feel good.
    You cant force a glow up.
    This is why i love alivia, i salute her authenticity.
    Dear pretty people, you dont have to “glow up” by putting on makeup and cute clothes as long as you are happy physically and mentally.

    Ps:im insecure and i have injured myself, way too many times.its sad, but im trying my best to love myself.i promise im trying.this is a note to myself tbh.but girl/guy/non binaries, YOU ARE PRECIOUS, YOU ARE LOVED, ITS OK TO BE SAD, BUT DO WHATEVER THATS GONNA MAKE U HAPPY! PLS DONT LOSE HOPE, WE CAN DO IT.

    thankyou for reading this, if u did, dont u think its time to change this unhealthy way of treating your body? Good luck pretty!����������❣️

  • omg, I’m obsessed with Meteor Garden to if your looking for a new series I recommend “well-intended love” or “accidentally in love” there both on Netflix and there so good I’m literally obsessed.

  • This was a great interview! I”m going to check out her channel as well for recipe ideas. Chef AJ, have you considered interviewing Plantiful Kiki? She has lost over 60lbs using the Starch Solution as a guide. Also her channel has many videos for recipes, and her whole family is vegan as well. Here is one of her videos:

  • When i went to my college i lose 8 kg in 2 months. I was really so happy but i was so weak on that time and after quarentine i came home and i saw that my weight was 50 but as i was so weak so my mom always give me so much food so that i can be strong�� and now its 58 kg omg how can i say it’s really scary for me but now i am doing exercise and contemproray dance so i can balance my body. Hope my weight will 50 kg again. So never give up its take time but you will..����

  • Great numbers. I was perfect on paper except for iron & vitamin D. My vitamin D was 5. It was explained to me that no over the counter supplement would bring it up. I take 1 prescribed gel cap per week 50,000 IUs (not a typo). It went up to normal range quick. Stay healthy.

  • I’ve actually gone carnivore, so zero carb and lost a tonne of weight, reversed diabetes. Animal based eating heals and is very nutrient dense.

  • I have 3 wks. In plant base I have done a lot of search I feel amazing I have a lot more energy my allergy went away. I look better I have 8 pounds. Down I used to hace va a lot pain in my body I was 183 if someone in here want to change his health. Go plant base you will feel that you life is changing

  • To whoever is reading this, I would HIGHLY recommend watching Forks over Knives, Cowspiracy, and Dominion. Vegan is the way to go for health, the animals, and the planet!

  • You only lose weight by cutting out processed starchy carbs and sugar and eating less calories because veggies don’t carry enough calories. Vegetarian is dangerous especially vegan, your not getting enough essential fats and certain vitamins. Keto and carnivore is the way to go with time restricted eating.

  • Brian please make sure you take your Vitamin D supplements to avoid getting an awful disease. Around 1994, after I had given up smoking (Feb 1993) and I wasn’t going outside at work to have my coffee breaks and cigarette/s a couple times a day (therefore getting a bit of sun on my body each day) I started getting quite ill, couldn’t eat, and I especially had VERY painful ribs and other bones in my body. Following many, many tests they found I had Ricketts and after many, many, many months of medications, calcium and Vit.D supplements I finally started to feel better. I never, ever want to have that again so I try to get at least 10 minutes of sun (especially on the backs of my hands which is where the specialist told me was the best place on your body for absorbing Vit.D) a day. I just wanted to tell you that so you are aware of how bad a Vitamin D deficiency is. I love watching you and Jessica.

  • Brittany is adorable and such an enthusiastic WFPB cook. Love her channel, and am so glad you interviewed her. This was great! Thanks for this new series, Chef AJ I love it!

  • Brittany is so sweet & cute and such an inspiration!! She makes me not want to detour from my plant based lifestyle! Thank you again Chef AJ for another great interview!! You’re the best!!

  • I love this! It truly IS the only proven diet that clearly is for us! This keto thing is a bag of bs, and is loaded with carcinogens and problems. I wish this came around when I was younger (I’m 50), but this is my newifestyle now and I am a “whole” new person! God bless u guys!!!!! LA

  • Small amounts of meat satisfy the survival needs that we had periodically throughout our evolution. But, essentially, we’re herbivores

  • Honestly I think your video was inspiring I am going through my body transformation due to my wedding coming up and wanting and needing to be healthier, so thank u. I will keep trying cuz I am at a standstill in my journey and have been so down about it. However I’m not going to give up so thank u, knowing someone that looks as good as u knows what I’m going through and u still are getting to where u want to be.

  • i managed to stick to eating healthy cause i started cooking the veggies properly. They honestly taste incredibly delicious and i sometimes even crave them lol

  • Check into Leksands original triangle crispbread. The ingredients are whole grain rye flour, water, yeast, salt. 8 carbs, 2 fibers, 0 fat. If you can’t get them in Canada, let me know and I’ll ship you some. They’re really tasty and we smash them up to use as croutons or use them as crackers with our cheese. �� they are quite tasty!

  • I love vegetables and fruit but due to a digestive disorder I can only eat 3 servings a day and that includes potatoes, beans, and rice. I would starve to death on this diet and likely die of dehydration when my digestion shuts down. For those of you that get militant about this lifestyle, just remember not everyone can eat this way.

  • I really went for a glass of water bc a youtuber that I don’t know told me to get a glass of water, wow, not even my parents have this type of control to me:0

  • hello Guest.Nice to meet you. Guest this product will help us to reduce your body weight.Please read the details about our product in the link below:
    According to medical science, the correct or normal weight is determined according to the ratio of body height. If you weigh more than that, you are fat and if you are thin, you are thin or weightless. Weight gain is more than normal fat in the body. Due to the fact that food is consumed less through hard work than food intake, it accumulates in the body and increases body weight.

    Being overweight or obese is a cause of emotional turmoil. Because it is extremely harmful to the human body. Excess body fat can turn into a disease at any moment. Death disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack can occur. Obesity increases boredom, depression, anger, reluctance to work, reluctance to control food.

  • Congratulations! you guys look Great, thank you for sharing, I myself have been on this journey for serval years And have repeated the benefits, most of my family has also, super happy for you, best wishes

  • You need fat and meat, it’s not the fat that’s making everyone fat and sick it’s sugar, carbs, junk food and processed food! Grass fed meat is good for you!! I dropped 70lbs on Keto and never felt better.

  • Nah I don’t believe it. She’s a notorious yo-yo-er. Classic signs of a person with eating disorders. Quarantine provides a perfect opportunity for anorexia. You don’t have to go anywhere for a long period of time, meaning you can starve and be super low energy because you can sleep in. Also less temptation from going out for dinners, or snacking during the day.

  • Fall of 2018 I was at 7 for Vit D did about 3 mos of high dosage Vit D then have moved to 5,000IU per day. My recent result was 31, doc like 50 better so I am recommended to get to 6,000IU per day. So it can change slowly, depending upon age, sex, ability to absorb, etc. Definitely address the Vit D it is used all over your body, brain included!

  • Each to their own but I certainly wouldn’t be vegan, I’m semi vegan, sorry vegans but I’ve never seen a healthy vegan, you’all look like you’ve come out of a concentration camp

  • I’m glad she lost weight and is healthier but to me she is kind of harsh looking now. Like she lost some of her sweetness. But as long as she feels good I guess that is the main thing.

  • it’s not too hard to eat healthy when you let yourself eat unhealthy once in a while. for those struggling with strict diets, they don’t have to be that way! I know some people feel guilty when they eat clean and then have something that isn’t as healthy. but it’s okay! sometimes your body needs something like that to be able to keep going.

  • such an inspirational video!! i’m on my own journey right now and i hope to be able to stick to it until my goal is in reach. much love to you mykie!! you’re awesome!

  • Yeah that pic in the red outfit has her face photoshopped. You don’t lose bone, that prominent jawline she has. But she looks nice. I like her heavier too.She’s pretty.

  • Chef AJ, you’ve been a busy bee! Carbs DO give energy! Thanks for all of the great content/interviews.:-) In my own family, I deal with people with awful health issues who are not willing to give up steak and hamburgs to save their lives. I just don’t get it. But, I guess every soul has its own journey and lessons.

  • Hey Guys, if ever had an idea only to make a weight/Fat loss and make your sleep be better than ever you should email me directly! Only if want to have a better health and the exact weight you desire I’ve tried this and never regret that! Hope more people will get the benefit of that what I already got! [email protected]

  • she’s a meat-eater.. what an unnecessary note to end on. she has disassociation from the inexcusably cruel production of animal products, plus it’s giving the OK to all of the meat eaters out there to continue on with the stupidity, despite what these guys have achieved, when it’s the most difficult, energy consuming, toxic substance for the body to try to digest, non-sustainable and highly acidic.. acidosis is what throws the body’s pH out and makes it so challenging to lose weight….and why not mention Megyn, how much protein there is in greens and so many plants.. such a relevant point that didn’t rate a mention. like pretty much all TV news reportage.. INCOMPLETE, leaving many questions unanswered, not to mentioned underlying bias

  • Hey, I was wondering if you have heard of this weight loss program before? It looks like a great program to help people lose weight. I was just looking for some options before I made my decision. By the way, I love the content you have been posting lately!

  • The research on vitamin D and the test for vitamin D levels are not the best. Take a look on YouTube for the veg source video by Jeff Nelson. He gives a good summary of the research. Also look for Pam popper of Wellness Forum Health as she discusses the problem with vitamin D supplementation many times.

  • Brian looks so handsome!!! Congratulations!!!:) For the D3 Vitamin please check the brand “Pure Encapsulations” because it is high-quality and free of any bad ingredient.

  • Hi guys,
    Great job with your glucose. I’m still at about 100.
    I also do intermittent fasting when I can. My blood glucose is a solid 80 and there isn’t a big spike. I can’t fast all the time because I get spacey at work. that is kind of bad.
    Anyway, I read a book about vitamin K.. Vitamin K works with Vitamin D and tells calcium where to go. I.e. to your bones instead of your arteries, causing plaque. You don’t need a large amount of these vitamins. I use this:
    The book I read (listened to) is on Audible. It’s dry but very interesting.

  • Just now stumbled on this post. Brian, your numbers are beyond belief! The norm for anyone at your starting weight, and to a lesser degree even now, is high blood pressure, diabetes, insulin resistance, and heart disease. And, of course, diabetes often leads to all kinds of horrible outcomes, including kidney failure and dialysis. It’s great that you started on a plant-based diet when you did. I’m impressed that you’ve stayed with it. Keep up the good work!

    I’m 71, plant-based since Nov. 2018, and extremely healthy, with a BMI of 21.4, but your numbers are better than mine!

  • I love the music in the background. Thank you for keeping us updated. You guys are awesome and by the way your dog is so adorable, he’s the cutest dog I’ve seen all day.

  • Meat isn’t the villain. This guy starts off by saying that his diet was pleasure-centric, shows him drinking a beer (vegan by the way) and he talks about eating anything and everything including seven-layer cakes (wtf is that even? Another vegan monstrosity?). He would’ve been perfectly fine just cutting back on his horrible diet and exercising. In fact, most of what is on that table in studio is vegan. Only maybe 5% of what’s on that table is meat. Meat wasn’t his problem. His problem was gluttony.

  • my favourite part was when she said I should get a glass of water, because I drink up to only 3 glasses. When I should drink up to 7 glasses. Love you ����

  • I think the “Reese’s” and “Reese’s Pieces” pronunciation is a Pennsylvania thing because I’m closer to Pittsburgh and that’s how everyone I know pronounces them.

  • She is a badass & always has been.
    She did not have 85lbs to lose.
    I’m feeling very concerned.
    I’m not sure that I can support this.
    There’s always going to be someone out there to put you down no matter how skinny how chubby how “whatever” you are
    No amount of skinniness starving or weight loss is going to change that. Love yourself and be healthy forget what everyone else says

  • Girl these videos are great but I feel like obsessing over your weight can really impact you negatively. Healthy looks different on everyone, everything is okay to eat in moderation! You don’t have to starve yourself to see results. Being healthy is a lifestyle not a weekly or monthly thing. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

  • If you can keep your head when all about you is loosing theirs and blaming it on you, if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance on their doubting to; if you can wait and not be tired by waiting, or being lied about, don’t deal in lies, or being hated, don’t give way to the hating, and yet don’t look too good, nor talk to wise:

    If you can dream— and not make dreams your master
    If you can think—but not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with triumph and disaster
    And treat those to imposters just the same;
    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build’em up with worn-out tools:

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And never breathe a word about your loss;
    If you can force your heart and nerve to sinew
    To serve your turn long after there gone,
    And hold on when there’s nothing in you
    Except the will with says to them: “hold on!”

    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with kings—nor loose the common touch,
    If never foes, nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but non to much;
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sis try seconds’ worth of distance run,

    Yours is the earth and everything that’s in it,
    And—which is more—you’ll be a man, my son!


  • When I go to college, I tend to eat only fruit at college (as I don’t like most food at college because it’s very carb based) but weekends is my “balance” time:))

  • I’m slimmer than she was, tried the intermittent fasting and was miserable. I’m back to eating a balanced diet and exercising daily. I feel and look great. But good luck to her and whatever she’s doing.

  • I tried no sugar for 24 hours and by the end of it I was begging my friend to take me to the hospital because i felt SOOOOO SICK ����‍♀️ he took me to in n out instead

  • You would think if you just eat veggies and beans etc that you’d drop 175 in 6 months especially if you’re over 500 pounds, proves that calories are calories no matter in what form

  • That ‘energy’ is your adrenaline kicking in because your body is malnourished. When your malnourished, your body eats itself because you’re not feeding it that’s the part you don’t get back; organs, bone mass, etc. You’re better off eating healthy with a few extra pounds.

  • This might be the only good thing Megyn has done in her life. Good thing he is white, otherwise she wouldn’t have known what to do.

  • What is your fat intake? Healthy unsaturated fats are sooo important for vitamin absorption! Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. So, in order for you to actually get the vitamin D you are taking, you need fat!

  • hello lovelies feel free to stop by my channel all about skin care tips getting rid of all skin diseases and get glowing youthful skin. thank yall for stopping by��

  • What is wrong with how she was? I don’t understand white pple’s obsession with getting thin. She’s supposed to look like a woman, not a teenage boy.

  • That’s not intermittent fasting…. waking up and having her coffee breaks her fast. Unless its black. But juicing also breaks the fast.

  • I have watched you so much, you tell me that all I need to do is measure all of my food. I am looking at all you say. I’m going to keep up with all that you say. Thank You for your channel ❤️❤️��.

  • Look into marrissa peer for sugar addictions and other ways to improve in life as well as tony Robbins. I think they could both benefit you and their both inspirational, personally I watch their videos and I really do advice you to check them out

  • pretty impressive. i am almost completely whole food plants. i eat wild caught salmon once a month and pizza during special days like the superbowl. other than that all plants!

  • you went to UCR���� omg I live in Riverside and I get why it was not one of your first choices���� I’m only 14 so i’m obviously not in college but I’m leaving Riverside as soon as i am old enough lmaoo

  • Why does she sound like not eating meat is totally foreign and you can’t be full? I can’t believe the ignorance, but I see it everywhere. And even though people know that eating this way can reverse so many illnesses, they just don’t want to address it or try it or even understand it. Very sad.

  • Thank you for sharing. I loved the numbers. I am so glad I found y’all. I am 2 weeks into plant based diet or wfpd. Thanks. I want to catch recipes. Keep up the good work.

  • Congrats on your improved results! I’m a sciencey numbers person who works in a laboratory, so I love this kind of stuff. Lab tests are crucial for knowing what’s going on in there. I was a high functioning fat person for many years too, but I can tell you time catches up with you, specifically around the mid-40’s. It’s good you’re getting a handle on it now before you’ve done damage. I loved starting a Vit D supplement. 3 days in I saw a major improvement in my mood. I was like, “I didn’t even know I was in a bad mood! What’s happening?”

  • Coming back to this video after a few years and that final BF% measurement is so inaccurate lmao. 15% for most women means you have chiseled abs, striations in your arms, and likely on the verge of amenorrhea. I’m sorry but Steve is a damn liar.

  • OMG his tips on abs literally proved a theory I thought I came up with on how to get a flatter belly oh yes…
    I absolutely love this video because you not trying to sell it as THE way, you’re humble and honest about your process and I love that and I’m going to use you as inspiration <3

  • Meat does not make you gain weight, this man indulged in burgers with wheat buns, sugary ketchup, etc cakes and pies doughnuts. When you mix high carbs with meats you get fat. Plus he had alot of sugar. Good for him losing the weight, but he will have health issues down the road eating only plants.

  • You’ve mentioned you like general knowledge. Look up the specifics on getting vitamin d from the sun. Depending on your latitude there are only certain times of day the sun is at an angle where you can make vitamin d. This also only works under direct sun to skin exposure and no sunscreen. The more melanin in your skin requires longer sun exposure. For most areas of the US it is basically impossible to get vitamin d from the sun all year round.

  • Blows my effing mind!!
    I work in health care and I’m surrounded by medical “professionals” still doing keto and they can never keep weight off. I’m just waiting for someone to have a heart attack so I can say, told you so”!

  • I was about to say “I bet Gabbie is in there somewhere “ and then I saw you guys working out together and I was like “awwww there she is ��❤️”

  • “It is not uncommon for HDL to fall when consuming plant based nutrition. Do not be alarmed. The capacity of HDL to do its job has been shown recently by scientific research that there is no relationship between the capacity of the HDL molecule to function optimally and its blood level. Recent research has confirmed that the HDL molecule can be injured and weakened when one is ingesting a pro inflammatory western diet and conversely it appears despite a lower than normal level to be optimized by anti inflammatory plant based-nutrition.”

  • “Vegan diet” is not specific enough. Whole Food Plant Based diet is the key to all those benefits. Don’t think that a diet of vegan junk food will do it. Sure, some fake meat and vegan treats will help you transition, but remember the goal is WFPB as much as possible for the biggest results. Search YouTube for WFPB recipes.

  • I am very very addicted to sugar.. could eat it all day, usually do in fact because it’s true!
    Almost everything has sugar in it, yet I feel so shit.. I need to quit,
    Best of luck to y’all
    Thanks for the cool video, keep it up!

  • I really got a chance to know Kelly when she did Fashion Police w/Joan Rivers❗ She opened up & revealed a lot about herself,Congratulations on the Weight Loss❗

  • im doing similar was ill from 14 im 43 even in a month can feel my health issues energy levels lifting vegan and gluten free my weights starting to lower

  • This was so good and so TRUE! I had a similar journey (and ya maybe I didn’t have a trainer like everyone is commenting) but the same principles apply!
    1.sugar is the devil
    2.find what works for u
    3.u need to move ur body!!!

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  • One winter, my vitamin D got down to 6! I was feeling so tired and was hurting so bad, I went to the doctor. He guessed my D was low and sure enough, the blood work showed it was 6. He wrote a prescription for D. That was nearly 8 years ago. Since then, I spend enough time in the sun to keep my D up. It only takes about 10 minutes a day, weather permitting. It is a very important vitamin.

  • This young woman has the best recipes and she seems very sweet. She makes cooking seem easy breezy! Thanks for interviewing her! Happy Birthday Britt!������

  • Which Allmax aminos do you reccomend? I went on the website but there were a lot of options and I wasn’t sure which one to pick!! This video gives me hope for my PCOS as well!!!

  • Admire your sincere point of view, love how you explain everything, long worthy video. I have the same problem with food that makes everything reverse the advances just like you Girl love! And love the food combination that you made totally doable ❤️����!

  • Nicole, did you find you and Kyle had to make a concerted effort to eat meals while sitting at a table? And with no t.v. on? Like, did that help you feel satiated if you were mindful? I ask because I feel like I can Hoover up food like no one’s business if I leave the dining room and tune out in front of a device or any electronics really…..
    I’ve gotta stop dis. Or, were you guys still able to munch out in front of the tube every once on awhile.

  • I take a prescription vitamin D
    It’s called “ Vitamin D 1.25 mg (d2)
    50000 lu.
    When you are low on D which many people areyou will take it for life even when your D gets back into the normal range. Mine is back to normal but my endo said if I stop taking it it’ll become low again. However once it becomes normal you can take a good quality vitamin D over the counter and generally that can maintain your normal values of D.

  • wow, i’ve learned a lot from this. I also used to think that a healthy life was only salad and exercise but thanks to you I have learned many things and I am really changing my life.

  • Hi Chef AJ! I just recently view some YTs of Eric O’Greg and his amazing WFPB’ed transformation. Would you be able to invite him for an interview?

  • Congratulations!  I know how good that must make you feel and it really reinforces how magnificent your weight loss really is! I lost 100 pounds and my blood work went from not horrible to fantastic now for years and it is, for me at least, a great incentive to keep up the way I’ve been eating and exercising.  Keep up the good work!  What you’ve done is not something many people are ever able to achieve for all the reasons you’re familiar with.  It’s quite an accomplishment.  As for the Vitamin D, you know all you need is about 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight daily and your Vitamin D should be where it ought to be. Nonetheless, most Americans are deficient in D and supplements of D cannot hurt you almost no matter how much you take daily so there’s no reason not to take one.  They say it is Vitamin D3 that is best to take.  I take 1000 mg daily although you can probably take less and be fine.  Congratulations again!

  • Kelly was always beautiful the way she was, I understand If you need to do that for yourself and to make you feel good. You were and still beautiful with the 80 or less pounds.

  • Remember when her brother loss weight? Guess what, he gained some of it back over time. Cells in the body have memory. You have to sustain it or it’ll just come back. Take it from me and the people from the biggest loser. She definitely got some work done to herself. She’s had That Maniac cop Jawline since birth and weight loss doesn’t take that away. But plastic surgery will. Let’s see if she’s still the same size when she’s 40.

    The Maniac cop reference is for the old school horror fans��

  • I’ve never seen the “APPLAUD” button Youtube videos before. So many times I wanted to support AJ, but she’s never had a way to donate. What a nice way to support her.

  • Ahhh I love Brittany! I found her 6 months ago and watch her all the time now. Her recipes are amazing!! especially love her onion soup and mushroom soup!

  • Just had to pause for the “coke habit” accidental slip. Lol. But I got what you meant. Also +1 for vanilla coke, the underrated/underappreciated of the cokes.

  • Impressive results. As to the vitamin D levels. I had to take prescription supplements once, 10 years ago. I never noticed a difference in energy levels. Then came the pandemic, the non covid-19 pneumonia, (denied dental care due to shut down and pandemic, got abcess infection, inflamed heart, pneumonia, ended up in emergency room, fired that dental company because they decided over the phone I wasn’t having a dental emergency the several times that I had called.) After the emergency room visit, 2 covid-19 tests that were negative, and starting to mend, (found a new dentist), I still had a lot of hair loss. I was scrolling through my news articles found a study on vitamin D deficiency that it can cause hair loss. WHAT!!! I was loosing a ton of hair. It was noticeable since early this year, (2020). I decided to go into the sun shine 15 minutes per side, for a total of 30 minutes a day of early morning, pre-10 am sunshine, (in Florida here, no need to make things worse with burns). IN two weeks time I noticed a big difference in my energy levels, my pneumonia was no longer hampering my life, (take that as I was breathing better, my fatigue levels improved so I could do my simple daily activities of self care). Then one day in the mirror as I pulled my hair into a pony tail I noticed I had a whole lot of short fly-away hairs on my head like a chia pet almost. (a lot of new hair growth) LOL! Who knew the natural vitamin D could be better than the D supplement I had been taking a couple times a week along with my multivitamin with D, and calcium tablets with D, (nearly every day, I got a man-made dose of vitamin D). I think going in the sun, forcing my body to so something normal such as manufacturing my own Vitamin D helped me more than any D supplement has had in the past. It was like a ripple effect in my body works. One gear turning, (manufacturing vitamin D), got the other gears in my body to turn, making me feel better than I have in years! Something so simple. BTW, my girls are your age…to give you an idea. Something so simple as sunshine. In small doses. Wow. Great about your increased protein levels. THAT story I’m telling everyone sending them here. LOVE THAT!

  • His weight gain nor weight loss has anything to do with meat �� Ever heard of being in a calorie deficit or calorie surplus and the types of refined processed foods you eat ��‍♂️

  • No offense but I wiiish I had your body at that stage… I’m currently at a 143 pounds and it sucks. I’m dancing daily, running sucks but I try and I heavily refuse to change my eating habits because my best friend is anorexic and I can see how she struggles with food and weight etc. I’m eating half healthy and half whatever I want and I think that’s fine but my body isn’t. I’m short and I have very thick thighs, no matter what I’m eating or how much I’m dIaTiNg (that’s the worst!). You can’t change ur body type or diseases (My legs can be lipedema but at this point I’m too afraid to find out). I think our modern society only allows one body type as beauty standard and it sucks so much because no matter what I’ll never have such a cute body as urs… it sucks so much and sometimes it really hurts to know that

  • Your cholesterol has me amazed. I’m lean and exercise regularly, am almost 51, weigh 118, 5’4.5” tall, and my cholesterol has been at about 230 for some years. But I eat some meat dairy and eggs in addition to lots of vegetables. I’ve eaten mostly organic food for 25 years. My triglycerides are very low, though, and my HDL/LDL ratio is very good. I have high HDL but my LDL is a bit too high. I eat mostly whole foods but certainly wonder how my cholesterol would improve if I cut out the animal foods. I’m not very motivated, though! I seem to have inherited higher cholesterol and hypothyroid but believe the cholesterol would be lowered with dietary changes.

  • My brother said when he was in school he couldn’t get a job cuz he wouldn’t have time so he had to eat through the school meal plan which served little food and he was so hungry before that he ate peanut butter out the container thingey

  • She looks amazing!! What an awesome, dedicated effort! Spectacular!! She should be celebrated for her perseverance and dedication! Way to take the power back!

  • Prefacing with its her body, her life. Fine. HOWEVER, this is only a sliver in time. 35 years old and doing all of that plastic surgery…. starving yourself? It’s temporary. As tired as it is, it’s about EATING RIGHT & EXERCISE! There is no getting around it if you want to sustain it.

  • I thought you weren’t allowed to get a gastric bypass without being at least 100 lbs overweight? So disappointed that she felt the need to go that route

  • I watched this live interview on the Jaroudi YouTube site, and was thrilled to see Chef AJ and Brittany Jaroudi together at last! Brittany as been a huge influence in my recipe choices and I make several of her recipes regularly (salad dressing, Frappuccino, lemon bars, etc). I am now reading Chef AJ’s MUST READ Secrets to Weight Loss that I received yesterday and I am already incorporating her suggestions in our lives. Gone is our parchment paper and we are now using silicone baking sheets that’s more environmentally friendly. We are all blessed to have Chef AJ and Brittany Jaroudi in our lives.

  • My brother did a juice diet for six months. Lost a ton of weight. Went back to regular food and gained all of it back and more. Seriously though, with all the crap going on around the world…is losing weight really noteworthy? Someone decided to eat less and exercise so it’s worth telling the world?

  • You two are sooo freakin cute!
    Brian 175lbs?!! Thats incredible!
    Im always low in vit D as well and I now eat a ton of mushrooms. I have learned they have alot of vit D!
    Oliver wants to be on the show. ����
    Ahhhh hi oliver!!!
    Im not plant based but I will never understand why people freak out about protein and plant based diets. There is soooo much protein in certain veggies!
    So happy with your results.
    Great video you guys!
    Thanks for updating us about live streams. I will try to tune in!

  • Thanks for sharing this. I’m can’t see me switching to completely vegan but I have always loved vegetables so def including 80-90% veg in my diet going forward. I don’t have any issues other than weight, that I know of, but the warning signs are there. Again, thanks! ❤️

  • you look amazing mykie!!! i see you rocking the buff bunny joggers! that’s awesome. heidi is such a badass! christian her boyfriend is one of my favorite fitness youtubers and he’s killing it with alphalete and alphaland.

  • Forks Over Knives is what opened my eyes too! So glad these guys are getting recognized for their success, their story, and for the plant based movement!

  • Omg the before and afters made me tear up!! Such an awesome transformation!! Love how down to earth you all are!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Haha and I was thinking you reminded me of home (I live in AZ now) but lived in Saint Charles MO for 29 years!! Small world��

  • hello! new subscriber here! I prolly binged watched 5 or 6 of your video until I came up to this one. it’s very timely because I literally have the same body goals as u. could u ask for what exercises Steve made u do and how many reps (basically the entire program) because I have the same problem with my body now and I’m just having mild eating disorders from trying out all sorts of diets and cardio and hiit that just wears me out all the time. or does he have a book about your specific program or just similar to it? because its I live away from the city (I’m from a province in the Philippines) and we only have 1 gym 10 miles from here and it shut down because of the pandemic.

  • Congratulations, Brian! You are super inspiring!! I was low in Vit D, too, and I’ve been using the Naturelo Vit D3 (vegan friendly). I love all of the Naturelo products (most vegan friendly) they’re available on the website or even on Amazon. Good luck!:D

  • Hello everyone I’m watching this you tube video

  • I had PCOS that went undiagnosed until a cyst on my right ovary burst and I was in the hospital for three days with internal bleeding. This was nearly 40 years ago when I was a teen and the syndrome wasn’t as well known. I wasn’t ever a thin person, but not overweight either. Back then I had abdominal bloat all the time and wildly irregular periods. This was regulated with hormonal therapy eventually. And 13 years later I was able to finally get pregnant and had a healthy baby girl when I was 28. My weight gain now is mostly due to middle age/postmenopausal issues. I am a recent subscriber to your channel and want to thank you for all the good advice and encouragement!

  • Great news and video first time viewer. I will definitely be watching recipes you post..Garden of Life Vitamin code raw D3 5,000 IU…excellent product

  • Brian must be one of those people who have genetically low baseline cholesterol. And given how much lower his cholesterol is now, his HDL actually improved quite significantly in proportion.

  • You are SO right about the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction and as great as it is to promote body positivity, some people take it WAY too far. There’s a difference between loving yourself and cramming processed foods, junk into our bodies that can eventually give you clogged arteries, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and calling that ‘loving yourself.’

  • How? She didn’t have 85# to lose, so I’m a bit skeptical. I can see #30, but no way 85#. I mean, where was she hiding that weight?

  • I never thought I was capable of spending almost an hour on just one video. This video is so much fun and inspiring, I love it. The end where she and Steve looked so happy with the results made me happy too. Seeing someone getting a result after making a tremendous effort is so nice

  • For anyone questioning the B12 thing as well…. 43, been plant based for 30 years now.

    The B12 myth…. Meat eaters are more likely to suffer a B12 deficiency than vegans. I’d explain why, but I’m honestly tired of explaining it, as I’ve had to explain it for 30 years. You can easily look it up though 😉

  • I’m literally just about to start tomorrow on my wfpb journey. I work outdoors all year round so hoping the vitamin D wont be too low. I think I’ll go get some blood tests done though and re measure later on. Just subscribed. Shaun

  • 128 pounds doesnt mean you are fat!!!!! it took me so much to just weight that much!!!u look damn perfect you dont need weight loss…….

  • Nicole, I am just curious why you guys never jumped on the low carb or keto train? Did you guys ever get your blood glucose tested to know if you had previously diabetes since you were both morbidly obese?

  • Please take D so important for so many things in the body/health so easy to take I take these drops on the tongue takes a second and tastes like nothing and nothing to swallow
    Carlson liquid Vitamin D Super Daily ask your doctor if 3 drops of 2,000 IU a day = 6,000 IU/day would be indicated for you looks like it to me then recheck in 6 months

  • How tall are you? I was just wondering because I’m 11 and after losing weight you weighed the same as me. I’m 5’4. And thanks for your inspiration and motivation. You’ve inspired me to drink a gallon of water every day, work out every day, and watch what I eat but not go on a strict diet since I’m still young! ❤️

  • I used to be the “perfect” size and have the “perfect” body, I loved it but I’ve gained weight and lost my fast metabolism so generally Im not confident anymore, I’m 11 nearly 12 and my stomach is big and bloated 24/7 then when I had a flat stomach and a good thigh gap

  • Brian, congrats!!!!!!! Excellent results! I really enjoy your guys’ channel, you two crack me up. You both look amazingly happy and healthy. Oliver is a cutie pie, is he a Pom? He is super cute! Thank you two for everything you share!:-)

  • This is so wonderful! Congrats on your health and hard work. I’m just beginning my adventure and cannot wait until I lose some of this weight and gain some health….and I can’t wait until my doctor does my next blood panel.

  • Question: Did you also cut out alcohol? Completely? I know it’s all empty calories, but I’m just curious if that was difficult, or if you drank at all in the first place.

  • He look old,the plant diet is not the answer,it help,but carnivore diet help you loose waight,loose sicknesses and look younger.

  • Honey buns n biscuits. I missed where Grass fed meat. Organic eggs n chicken had anything to do with his condition? I eat 90 percent plant based but some animal foods didnt cause his coondition.

  • get outside or near windows, we’ve got enough manmade things to avoid to not die and they at least can’t blot out the sun, well they can with HAARP and CERNE but whatever…lol

  • Okay so I don’t really like eating sweet stuff that much, usually I crave a lot of savory things at night even though I’ve been drinking enough water

  • Most youtubers: How I lost weight:
    Me: Oh cool, I need this!
    Youtuber: So with my personal trainer…
    Me: Oh okay… I’ll see my minimum wage self out then

    I get it’s her story, and I’m super happy for her. I just always forget about the massive lifestyle difference when I start watching these. Glad to see it’s inspired others though

  • When she is moving around, she is burning calories. I can’t wait to lose weight and feel happy too. Nicole, thank you for the help and encouragement!

  • Hey girl! I’m starting to lift hand weights & finding the 10 pound weights so heavy! Any suggestions?? Or arm & chest stretches i can do?? ������ Wow girl your strong!! You can lift heavy Awesome!! ������

  • Your A1C is amazing. So that’s cute doctors theory of being overweight which causes diabetes or it is herdity or chronic. You were extreme overweight but A1C was low. I thought it would be around 12 it so. I am 190 and taking Metformin. Not sure what diet I need it follow. I am. Stunned. Happy for you

  • Kelly I love you darling and your family xxoo. Your beautiful any way but your always going to be a knockout!!!!!! Fabulous!!!! Wish you did a show or dvd on fat girls need help!!!!! Xxoo

  • Units for your results would have been helpful…and the vitamin D ‘normal’ range is a bit of a scam if you review the relevant literature.

  • Did you know that sleep is essential to losing weight and just being healthy in general? Don’t skip sleep. Even if you are going to the gym.

  • Vitamine D is about the easiest to fix, you make it yourself. Take the dog out for a walk every day. You get all the vitamine D you need. The whole reason you have a dog in the first place is to get out for a walk!

  • What a perplexing video. 4 men who don’t eat meat and a woman who does eat meat. I wonder if Megyn has higher testosterone than these clowns.

  • This is more radical vegan baloney.
    I’m on paleo the last 7 years and have kept off my 30 extra pounds while keeping blood numbers perfect.

  • We are both in our 80’s and still believe in having a strong body and a calm mind. This was an excellent video and we learned a lot. We are doing research for our new YT channel that is all about healthy aging. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

  • BRITTANY JAROUDI made a lovely vegan board but she did not make a CHARCUTERIE board. She did not make either a vegan or regular Charcuterie board.
    Please, people Vegan foods, way of eating does not need to fake it or pretend to be what it is not.
    We need to stop appropriating animal products names to justify the beauty, and yumminess of plant foods.
    Charcuterie is a French term for a branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products, such as bacon, ham, sausage, terrines, galantines, ballotines, pâtés, and confit, primarily from pork. Charcuterie is part of the garde manger chef’s repertoire.

  • I love Brittany and her recipes. She is such an amazing human being. Brittany is an inspiration and a genius in the kitchen. Thank you Chef AJ for having her.

  • I’ve always thought she was very pretty. Hearing a loss of 85 lbs sounds like way too much, but she looks great and healthy, not gaunt. I am skeptical though of sustaining her current diet. Good on her if she can, and I know of one person personally who only juices, so I guess it’s possible.

  • Vitamin D is one of those things you only get in animal products, large amounts are found in salmon, cod liver oil, etc. You can get it from some mushrooms the only plant-based food that has it but not in large quantities so you’ll have to eat alot of them. You do make Vitamin D, you need to spend sometime in the sunshine though to allow you body to make it. Just be aware a) not all supplements are the same in quality, get some good advice, and b) the body doesn’t always absorb Vitamin D well from supplements, especially if you gut is upset of if you have a cold. i.e. the immune system is a bit low.

  • Thank you for sharing this… really interesting stuff! I’m another one of those fat miracle people where my doc expects bloodwork to come back all jacked up and it comes back fine… the last one said “… good genes” but I still feel like I’m a walking time bomb so I’m attacking the unhealthy lifestyle like you guys have!:)

  • I am also D deficient due to food allergies. I take Pure Encapsulations (via Amazon). I love it! I swear it gives me a pump in energy!

  • I had my blood test results on 3/4/2020 and my cholesterol was high and my vit d low at 22.8 but i was not keen on taking pills so decided to try 15 minutes (with out sunblock) sun exposure every other day in the morning or late afternoon (was shooting for everyday but didn’t make it outside everyday) and no other changes to my diet or routine, when my blood test came back on 6/19/20 my cholesterol was down and my vit d levels were up within target range of 34.4. Cholesterol turns sunshine into vit d in your skin. I also cover up anytime that i am outside other than my deliberate sun exposure. I am fair skinned also and avoided sun like the plague. The limited sun has given me a pale glow but thats it. And I check my skin for any spots changing shape, size or color. Also don’t wear sunglasses and just avoid looking into the sun while sunbathing. This is working for me. Good luck.

  • Thanks for both wonderful interviews today, the legendary McDougalls and next gen Brittany Jaroudi! I heard of Brittany through Krocks in the Kitchen but didn’t know her story till today. She’s terrific! Her family may start following her example in time. ☺��

  • Eating plants�� as if…all this while you never ate a single plant in your life. Quit trying to make it sound like such an alternative lifestyle…as if eating meat is referred to as eating cadavers.

  • Hey Chef A.J., How about interviewing TannyRaw or Dara Dubinet? Tanny (Tanya Murphy) walks the walk like none I have ever seen and literally radiates excellent health. The lady glows and at nearly 50, looks as though she is in her late 20s or early 30s. She’s been eating the right way for 18 years. Her daughter eats like her and likewise radiates health.

  • I have helped friends, family with this. There is a science based group, free meet ups. ‘Plant Based Support Group’ and it is so true, I have many friends who don’t deal w/ this, a male peer group is awesome. I will share this video, thanks for sharing this.

  • Eating plants literally saved my life. No corpse chunks and body fluids for me. Plus, I no longer contribute to the exploitation and slaughter of animals.

  • Big congrats to both of you. My wife and I just went WFPB four months ago and it’s been great. I’ve lost 13lbs, and my wife has lost 20lbs and we are both eating like gremlins after midnight.

  • These are really helping me because I used to eat 600 calories in a day but I would also burn 600 calories in the same day but now I have a healthier relationship with food and I’ve stopped counting my calories, I also feel a lot happier:)

  • vitamin shoppe and gnc both have the “MyKind” vegan D3 in a spray form which is economical and so easy and should technically be higher absorption. I take the B12 from them and I love the ease and taste.

  • This whole video just saddens me because I love her body and this really shows me everyone has something they don’t like about themselves and she was 127lb and she still wanted to lose weight while I was 170lb at the age of 11

  • I have been following Britt for the past 4 months and she’s awesome!!! I love her recipes and her video presentations. She’s an inspiration to me even though I don’t need to lose weight.

  • I really don’t understand why this girl says she’s struggling with weight and eating habits. I mean she’s never been too fat. I really don’t get it. I think it’s being too conscious of your weight. I don’t even have a weight scale. It’s like being obsessed with your looks. Always having your mirror with u cos u wanna see if u look good. It’s just making something thag wasn’t a problem to become a problem. Just don’t own a scale. Eat healthy and exercise like normal people but never focus on how much u weigh like that, it’s so toxic

  • I use vitamine d3 from Solgar and I take it with magnesium and Vitamine K and zink because the combination shoud make it easier for the body to receive.But for shure you better ask an orthomoleculair specialist.Thank you for all the inspiration with the vlogs about this way off eating.

  • She got Gastric Bypass two years ago which is not mentioned here and then all of sudden it is revealed and then she makes a statement that she won’t ever lie about it…lol…she is a turd who should be cleaning her own toilets. Note: I have nothing against Gastric surgery nor Plastic Surgery…just don’t claim your weight loss was solely due to sobriety diet and exercise.

  • I switched from meat heavy keto diet to a plant based diet. My heart arrythmia is now gone, my cholesterol is down to normal, my mood is great again, lost 10 kgs, I started a business and my libido skyrocketed. Not sure why the world still believes the devilish meat, egg and dairy industry when the proof is right in front of everybody’s face!

  • We take Seeking Health Optimal Vitamin D. Pretty sure all four of us were low because when we started talking it we all felt noticeably better ��

  • When I cut sugar I was told to not exceed 3grams of sugar and to only eat integral wheat (it was pain cause I found out my body reacts badly with integral wheat and I started throwing up but I now eat integral but I can only handle 1 piece a week and it has to be small)

  • MyKind Organics has really great supplements! All vegan, no fillers etc. My whole household uses them. A little on the pricey side, but def worth it!

  • Hey, I was wondering if you have heard of this weight loss program before? It looks like a great program to help people lose weight. I was just looking for some options before I made my decision. By the way, I love the content you have been posting lately!

  • I first came across Josh on his twitter page, he’s really inspirational! A whole food plant based diet is the best thing you can do for your health and well being. I’ve been vegan for 4.5 years and have never felt better. It’s so much easier to eat a comfortable amount of food and not be getting excessive calories, saturated fat, cholesterol. Happy to see him featured here, he’s an inspiration for many!

  • her: go get some water and come back

    see i respect alivia SO much that i went and got a glass of water, some blueberries, and resisted temptation to eat cinnamon toast crunch! thank you alivia for being a huge inspiration to me. <3

  • My vitamin D level is now over 50 taking a vitamin D/k 2 combo pill from Amazon, when it was always in low 20’s. 5000 iU of D, 100 mcg of k2, nutriflair brand. You only take 1 pill per day.

  • Megyn needs to listen when she said it’s called abusive to your own body… Big people don’t look at it as abuse its how they find ways to feel good

  • I have been on a weight loss journey for a few years now and I randomly found your diaries a few months ago. They may not have inspired me to lose weight, but they were the first example of a healthy weight loss that I encountered. This helped me out so much and I think back to things you said throughout the series. The tricks, facts and encouragement you have given to everyone have stuck to my mind for months now so thank youu so much for making this series. Congrats on your glow up and thank you for helping me with mine.

  • The only thing that worries me about veganism is that alot of vegans seem to have aged very quickly after their new diet. Surely we need a little bit of meat, a balanced diet.

  • I love that you are continuing to kick PCOS’s butt. I have PCOS and am starting my journey in the 320lb weight range. I am going to move forward with your tips. Also, I will be purchasing the First 50 book. Can I request that you supply t-shirts in the 3X-5X range? Thanks Nicole! ❤❤❤

  • Just started plant based after trying every diet. I don’t need to lose that much weight, only 10klg, lost 5 so far after 4 weeks. I eat massive portions of rice,potato, green veggies,black beans, starches, and my favourite peanut butter sandwiches. This works for because I like eating and didn’t want to restrict calories.

  • I just wanna say I’m IN LOVE with this series. It is so inspiring and it is so well produced and the fact that its self-produced makes it even better!! Definitely subscribed����

  • i started training one month ago and i lifted too much so my arms was in constant pain. then i (for fun) tried the 1 kg. weights and i had the good pain afterwards as i should but not the painfull wrong pain if ya know? dont be too scared to start out slow! and if its too easy u just go up 1 step at a time after a week.

  • Alivia: drinking too much water in a short period of time could actually kill you
    Me: *drinks more than a liter in less than 10 minutes* ��️����️ interesting

  • One really has a problem “upstairs” when one reaches the 400 club! I mean come on?????? I love how in the 80’s it wasn’t ” your fault”!
    I think that had to do with insurance companies wanting YOUR money.

  • Great for the short term, but unsustainable in the long term. She will need to find a balance of exercise and eating normally to keep it off permanently.

  • Just received my “Fight through it” Pink Tank! I LOVE the fit. I’ve lost 5 lbs in two weeks, just had a cheat day today. Back at it tomorrow. My next 5 lbs I lose I am rewarding myself with a sweatshirt!

  • Most vegans lose fat and muscle. Without animal based proteins and fats, their body starts eating itself. It’s fine when you still have fat on your body to lose. But many long term vegans end up looking malnourished. The suggestion that meat, something we’ve evolved eating over millions of years, is somehow the problem is idiotic. The patty is the most valuable part of burger. It’s the processed bun and sugar filled sauses which is the main issue. Most junk food is plant based. The majority of calories in peoples diets is from plants, not meat. Yet meat is the problem. Quit all processed foods, not meat, if you want to be healthy. Simple.

  • Why I like these diaries because it not only has healthy decisions but also downfalls like you know” those things” that we go through and stop our healthy decisions…But she motivates us to keep going cause we are only human:>