How Kenney the Tabletop Gamer Lost 120 Pounds and located His Voice (Literally)


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How Kenney the Tabletop Gamer Lost 120 Pounds and Found His Voice (Literally). How Kenney finally succeeded and lost 120 pounds. no sleep, and video games. So he changed his priorities by eliminating unhealthy, expensive food and instead, spent that money on investing in himself (a coach, the NF Academy, healthy food).

Kenney is a proud member of the Nerd Fitness Academy who made some key changes in his life that helped him succeed. We’re going to dig deep into those major and minor changes Kenney made and how you can be like him! After years of struggle, starting and stopping, a switch flipped and he has lost over 120 pounds in the past 15 months. How Kenney the Tabletop Gamer Lost 120 Pounds and Found His Voice (Literally). By Steve Kamb • Last Updated: January 4, 2018 • 31 comments “There’s no way that’s the same person, right?”.

Whether your geek is a veteran tabletop wargamer or has just bought a couple of games on Kickstarter, chances are they have several hundred miniatures stored in boxes that mostly contain air. 1) The party game Uno has more than 50 versions. For instance, the game comes in a special deck of Avengers, Angry Birds, Doctor Who and The Simpsons, among others. 2) Monopoly celebrated its 80th.

Who we are. “Game On has been great for us it’s a friendly site which has introduced us to many new backers, and the Game On team and tools are fantastic to work with.”. When most people try to picture what the average gamer looks like, chances are they wouldn’t imagine a frame or visage like Vin Diesel’s. The Guardians of the Galaxy and The Fast and the Furious actor is surprisingly an avid gamer, whose habits started over two decades ago when he and his friends first started playing the tabletop version of Dungeons & Dragons. Market research group NPD, which claims to measure around 70% of the UK toy trade, has recorded a 20% rise during the past year in the sales of tabletop games (including card and dice games, war.

Kathy McKeon was hired as Jackie Kennedy’s live-in assistant in 1964 In a new book, Jackie’s Girl, she recalls her years working for the former first lady Brainly is the knowledge-sharing community where 200 million students and experts put their heads together to crack their toughest homework questions.

List of related literature:

He played the WoW game so much that he gained something like 20 pounds.

“Venture Capitalists at Work: How VCs Identify and Build Billion-Dollar Successes” by Tarang Shah, Shital Shah
from Venture Capitalists at Work: How VCs Identify and Build Billion-Dollar Successes
by Tarang Shah, Shital Shah
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He was evaluated by the speech therapist and given a one-way speaking valve.

“Critical Care Study Guide: Text and Review” by Gerard J. Criner, Rodger E. Barnette, Gilbert E. D'Alonzo
from Critical Care Study Guide: Text and Review
by Gerard J. Criner, Rodger E. Barnette, Gilbert E. D’Alonzo
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But… but he could have gotten a facial mod, or body sculpture, or growth hormones, or changed his eye color or bleached his hair, or anything but… instead what he decided to do was gain a great deal of weight.

“A Civil Campaign” by Lois McMaster Bujold
from A Civil Campaign
by Lois McMaster Bujold
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He continued to use the female voice in-world, even though other players were now aware he was male.

“Communities of Play: Emergent Cultures in Multiplayer Games and Virtual Worlds” by Celia Pearce, Tom Boellstorff, Bonnie A. Nardi
from Communities of Play: Emergent Cultures in Multiplayer Games and Virtual Worlds
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However, he discovered that he was too scrawny to have a booming voice like that of the vendor.

“Time of White Horses: A Novel” by Ibrahim Nasrallah, Nancy Roberts
from Time of White Horses: A Novel
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And if that smarmy recorded voice from the PA system started up again, the one they said was Niles Samson himself, he’d lose it completely.

“Gears of War: The Slab” by Karen Traviss
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Fatigue and probably alcohol as well gave him a rasping voice.

“Flaubert: A Biography” by Frederick Brown
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He notes the young gamer playing through “…nearly four days of board-and-lodging [about 80 hours] while continuously sitting in a chair.”

“Game Addiction: The Experience and the Effects” by Neils Clark, P. Shavaun Scott
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His voice was also thinner.

“Prairie Tale: A Memoir” by Melissa Gilbert
from Prairie Tale: A Memoir
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The impossible part was that in the twentytwo hours since I’d last seen him, Al Templeton appeared to have lost at least thirty pounds.

“11/22/63: A Novel” by Stephen King
from 11/22/63: A Novel
by Stephen King
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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Yeah I’ve been stuck at 150 for a while now but still losing fat. I think it’s cause I’ve been replacing the fat with muscle. Don’t know what my BMI is currently at, but I’m definitely starting to see changes.

    Also, thanks for the vids bro it’s definitely been boosting my motivation, and further kicking my ass into gear. Keep them coming brotha.

  • Ngl I stopped playing ow and that means watching my favorite ow streamers, I haven’t kept up with his channel but he damn near looks like a different person

  • Ill admit iv’e only watched you on twitch a few times as i generally watch other streamers but you just motivated me to carry on my journey too get back into shape and be healthy. Thanks dude!

  • Just some input for anyone who’s on a cheaper budget, in college, etc. (like myself):
    Working out to either gain muscle or lose fat is actually very easy, i’ve lifted for over 8 years now and am currently 23. I’ve maxed 295 on bench,465 deadlift, 335 squat, and 245 powerclean at 180 lbs (probably around 10% bodyfat)don’t get me wrong it’s not record breaking or extremely impressive lifts but it’s notable in my opinion.
    Some of the best tips i can offer:
    1.Meijer’s, walmart, kroger, or amazonBODY FORTRESS WHEY PROTEIN. It’s simple, cheap, 30g/scoop $16 for a bottle that will last you easily 1 month, maybe 2 depending how much you supplement protein. It doesn’t have any glucose, creatine, just simply whey protein with a few amino acids. Most importantly, it gets the job done and it’s affordable.
    2. CreatineThis shit is like the closest thing to steroids you can get. It’s literally 100% natural, your body produces it, it’s found in almost every meat, more so red meats. So you get it every day that you eat meat, and you produce it naturally.
    TLDR for creatine: It basically reenergizes your muscles, when you do an exercise, your muscles use ATP as the source which it derives from other chemicals, but basically it allows you to do more sets/more reps= more muscle growth since you’re doing more than what you did before. HCL or creatine monohydrate are fine.
    Cheap, affordable, about $25-30, i personally use “beast” creatine and always have. Most GNC creatine is trash and WAY too expensive, loaded with bits of aminos, glucose, etc. so they can use fillers to tell you it does everything. It doesn’t. Take protein for protein, take creatine for creatine, and so on. No need to multistack miniscule amounts of supplements in every one you take, get a direct supplement for each thing you want to focus on.
    3. Start SLOWpeople think that when you start exercising you need to go 4-6 days a week, morning run, evening 1 hr. gym session. And that, from experience, is what you eventually want to build up to IF you can, but don’t start there. The most important thing with either muscle building OR weight loss is consistancy.
    Start with 2 or 3 days at the gym for your first 2 weeks, let your body get used to the exercise (it hurts but eventually after months when you stop getting as sore you almost strive for the soreness again, it can be a good indicator).
    Eventually work your way up to 3-4 days, which is what i personally do, you can do more or less based upon your schedule or really motivation, but i would definitely shoot for a minimum of 3. If you can go 5 days a week then by all means, do it. Just don’t overtrain yourself and focus on getting quality lifts instead of volume, as naturals it takes longer to recover so don’t expect to hit every major body group twice a week and think you’re doing the most. Results may vary, but keep it simple. Train hard. Diet. Water. Protein. Creatine. And stay consistent

  • Thank you so much for making this video. The big picture calorie deficit chart was really helpful and it was nice to see that someone can lose weight without having to starve or push a bunch of “You gotta use this” supplements that no non-celebrity normal person can afford.

  • Nice man, i lost 15 pounds from the beginning of the quarantine till now. Was 165 now around 149. I still need to lose this little bit of a belly that i have now tho

  • I lost 5 pounds in 1 day and have been losing weight
    Not because I suddenly decided to not eat, but I coudlnt. I didn’t have enough energy to eat a week or so ago cause I didn’t sleep for a day, and I’ve consistently been losing weight cause I rarely eat snacks anymore.

  • You wanna lose weight and keep it off for life do intermitting fasting im a nutritionist and i guarantee you if you do this for at least 3 months say bye bye to obesity for life

  • Man this video is really inspiring keph. For me, I’ve been trying to lose a tiny bit of weight and I have lost around 6 kilos. But after I watched this video I might work harder because I am still overweight unfortunately. Either way, this is an incredibly good video, especially when it’s coming from a person that isn’t a nutritionist or anything like that.

  • this is a perfect example of an asports mindset helping you in real life. having the intrisic motivation to give your best each day so that you eventually end up succeeding. not blaming external factors or being unlucky, but just doing your best and growing.

  • I’m a yo-yo’er (gain 100lbs lose a 100lbs) but I’m 35 and just going out and jogging has caused some serious surgeries with a 300-400 lb man slamming his bones on the ground IE Bone spurs that were cutting into my Achilles. Can’t keep up. I’ll use your recommendation and try keto starting at 375lbs this time. GO GO lifestyle change.

  • Much Respect for you Bro!
    Holy shit haven’t been active on this channel since i dont play overwatch anymore.

    You look really fit now! (No homo haha:D)

  • Any way you could make a video or a doc with like your top 10-20 most useful recipes that have helped you stick to this diet change?

  • Jason you look good. Thin and strong. The gut is the hardest fat to get rid of. My fiance lost like 60lbs and was all muscle but he still had a small gut. Dont be hard on yourself.

  • Keph dude you did an amazing job on turning your life around, that’s an insane amount of weight in that short timeframe. You’re a beast idgaf what anyone says

  • I have read many times that exhaling is where most of where your weight loss exits your meat bag. what protein bar did you find that you like? Question fucking answered lol.

  • 20:30 For everyone here (I’m also not a major fuckin scientist) but i know a little about them. There are 9 essential amino acids, they’re like the building block for protein and you can get some of them from certain protein. However I think the powder is the best thing to use for working out (never used it) because it stimulates muscle growth and increases something called collagen which is the major protein in your skin, connective tissues and blood vessels.. Which is probably the reason for the muscles getting repaired and getting stronger after working out and taking this.
    (again not a scientist, got very bad grades in Biology so yk some of this is probs wrong but that’s what I know)

  • So freaking happy rn I found my fitness buddy who also is one of my closest friends and we are both chubby and both want to slim down

  • Consider a low-fat, high-carb diet ( plant based diet and fasting )
    Although there’s no firm evidence that any specific foods or nutrients can activate brown fat, it’s interesting to note that radiologists—who want to decrease brown fat activity when doing scans of cancer patients, because the heat generated by activated brown fat

    makes it harder to see tumor-related activity—routinely recommend that patients eat a high-fat, low-carb diet before scans, on the grounds that this reduces brown fat activation. This suggests that a low-fat, high-carb diet will boost brown fat activity.

  • Congrats on the weight loss. Now that you’re at your goal weight you can slowly increase your calories (reverse dieting) to come back to your maintenance caloires. At 155lbs 25 years old its somewhere between 2000-2400 calories. You’ll have to go slow since you’ve been dieting for a year already your metabolism has definitely slowed down so you want to bring it up slowly. Don’t worry, you won’t get fat again and you’ll be able to eat more and enjoy more foods like grains and even some treats as you’ll have more calories to spare and enjoy life. GO SLOW. Do not stay at 1500 calories forever now as you don’t need to be at a deficit and you’ll just end up causing issues slowing your bodys metabolism down now that you’re lean. Do not fear getting fat again.

  • Just wanted to say that I appreciate the honesty and cut and dry info, man. And I will never be mad at people who give genuine feedback about a product. So what if you have a deal with them? People that get mad at sponsors make me laugh. You mean to tell me you wouldn’t tell your friends and family about a product you love, random internet troll? Nah, man, Kephrii, keep it up, bud. You helped me take a hard look at myself and say, nah man, time to fix this shit

  • 8:50… so all i have to do is cut off a leg and ill shed some pounds! Thanks Kephrii! In all serious man you’re killing it. Keep it up.

  • When i had uncovered this fat loss program, I felt fired up to give it a try instantly. This has given me thrills. My close friend lost 10 lbs right after this weight loss program. My good friend has shed 10 lbs by now due to this weight loss program. Google can help you to research it. weight’s name is under.
    Bella Kaγozko
    good luck

  • Keph, I’ve been outta of the OW for almost 2 years now (maybe a year and a half or so) and I used to watch every streamer including you. When I clicked on this video my jaw dropped from how different you looked and wanted to say congrats. I’ve been on the same grind however I’ve been trying to gain weight instead of lose it and its not easy or else everyone would look like you. Anyways your advice and transformation is amazing.

  • I just so happened to stumble across your video. Realizing that you all are Aggies, after seeing your husband’s shirt. Aggie Pride! I started my Keto journey last year.

  • honestly dude your workout split is a very effective split, absolutely nothing with it and it’s amazing to see how you’re telling your story to everyone, keep it up.

  • How To Lose Bodyfat And Build Muscle get in a caloric deficit(lower your calorie intake per day) and do your exercise. Now if you want to build muscle obviously you need to lift weights or do exercise intense enough to really engage your muscles, but don’t start off too hard and dont ego lift. You can infact build muscle and lose bodyfat at the same time. The way you do it is you get in a caloric deficit and you eat foods rich in protein. There has always been a myth that you need to bulk or you need to eat a ton of food to get. Also do your cardio and dont skip leg day.

    How To Get Into A Caloric Deficit Calculate your calories from each meal, then weigh yourself every week and see if you lose any weight. If you are not losing weight it means you need to lower your calories even more. You most likely will be off with your calories since you cant accurately calculate them a 100%, so do it the best you can. Weighing your food REALLY helps, since companies lie about their products in terms of how much calories there are,about the macros and the servings. Also eat low-calorie dense foods. Again if you are not losing weight just eat less

    Also a great youtuber to educate you on Fitness and Diet is Greg Doucette(Greg Doucette on Youtube)

  • Ignore the supplements. They’re optional, not essential. Track your calories, enter a deficit/ surplus depending on your goal. Get a gym program, stick to it and increase your volume each week.

  • so red bull is… fat bull eventually
    aslo BEWARE of sugar free sweet drinks!!
    Diabethis and cancer, sorry to say.
    dia because your body will try to push insuline with absent sugar.
    and sugar substitutes, at least some, are pro-cancer.
    take care of yourself.

  • Great results. All your facial, lip pumps, botox looks plastic. Let it go. You are a beautiful woman without this junk. It is too dangerous!

  • I’ve been wanting to lose weight for the longest time I feel like the diet is what screws me over I am a very picky eater I dont like fruits or veggies I feel like because of that I will never lose weight

  • Awesome vid Brother. I dropped 100lbs of fat as well. It’s always a journey, but you’re 100% right. Laws of thermodynamics absolutely apply to fatloss. Your body doesn’t make/store more matter out of the air. You have to put it there, or take it out of your body. 80% of the weight loss game starts with the fork. /bravo

  • and a drama from me. In 90s early 20s I was in society that adored eating and all that goes with it. I was 20
    And god, I was thin. fat free
    now all the tables turn around. Im almost 40, have some fatties. light fatties.
    And I drink water! I love my water.
    Never had muscles you have.

  • Funny thing is that I followed an “Expert nutritionist” once and they told me pretty much the exact opposite of most of this. Adam Ruins Everything is actually what first told me about the “Fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does”. This, however, elaborates so much more. I know I’m late to this but thank’s for being a source I trust to get me into learning more about this and then doing it.

  • Wow u both look so amazing well done. I believe when ur in a bad place you always have a guardian angel out their that comes to ur rescue so thats why u found each other. Stay blessed and keep smiling tcxx

  • One of the biggest tips is working on getting every unhealthy food out of your house (or at least most of them)

    If they’re not in immediate access to you, your fat lazy ass won’t go to the store just to get them. That simple.

  • Your children are soooo adorable. I’ve watched a couple of your videos before but I clicked the like and subscribe button quickly when your handsome son told me to������������

  • The biggest flex here is being able to write so well with your mouse.

    But seriously, awesome man. Made me get out of bed and drink water on the spot. Thanks for sharing.

  • Congratulations on the weight loss and the transformation. I appreciate your candor. I’ve been looking forward to this video. Thanks again for sharing this with your viewers.

  • In Australia I really like the potatoes sold at Woolies which are branded “25% less carbs”. I think they must have a higher fibre content than other potatoes, but they are pre-washed, and they taste so good if you just steam them in the microwave and eat them skin and all!

  • Wow, bodies are so different. Your ending weight of 210 is near my starting weight of 220 and I need to lose about 90 lbs. You looked so beautiful throughout the whole thing and are blessed to have such a pretty face, height and nice shape. Thanks for sharing your journey, it’s very inspiring. If you can do it with 4 kids, I have no excuse. You have a beautiful family, wishing you continued health.

  • While im not a fan of your streams, much respect for doing what you did and losing weight, saying this might not be healthy but this is what i did and what i got. Thats realness and should always be respected

  • Thanks for all the valuable information… I have lost over 110 lbs in the past year without having much information about diet and exercise to begin with, and I had to learn to train and eat well along the way—mostly through trial and error. Certainly it wasn’t easy but it was OH SO WORTH IT. All of you guys who need to lose weight CAN do it… you need to be consistent and patient, but you’ll be fine and you’ll eventually reach your goal and change your life forever.

  • You have diabetes 1 and you had 2 I had no clue you could even have both as a type 1 diabetic myself the amount of medication would be a lot.

  • Joey, is six days a week too often? I tend to work every other body parts 6 days a week every other day. Monday is chest and tri is,

  • I am so excited at the health improvements experienced with no-fat WFPB lifestyle change that I am doing my best to tell others. I’ve started a Facebook potluck group (“WVegan” we are in the capital of West Virginia) and share information like this on the timeline.

    When as a hardcore atheist I found out there truly is a God, I went from smug disbelief to obnoxious born-again Christian. Took years to learn how to tone down that excitement in order to better convey the message.

    Now I am an obnoxious no-fat WFPB proselyte, trying to learn how not to push this on people who don’t want it (nearly everybody).

    So far, I have helped a few people though, so I’m not going to quit spreading the gospel of good nutrition. Hope to just get better at it.

    Thank you so much for all you do. Big hugs and kisses from West Virginia.

  • I’m so glad I watched this. Its not easy doing research on mobile cause most sites are not dependable, thank you! I hope I can still workout on this diet just for basic health and body shape reasons!!

  • 10 pounds isn’t that much weight Jason. Especially for you. Oh, you lost 3 pounds. That makes even less of a difference. You mine as well just shave off all your chest hair and call it 10 pounds

  • Jason I’ve noticed that in most of the time you’re really worried about your weight and don’t eat certain things ans you’re missing out like lifes to short to be worried about your weight even walking a mile a day is good for you and just drinking a bunch of water is go to so don’t go hard on yourself like you have an amazing life that people would die for so enjoy it please eat what you want and continue to work out if you want

  • Jonah my friend, you’re a little short to be the size of a grown bear… deal now so you don’t pay it forward with declining health and a shortened life later… it doesn’t get easier to change as you age.

  • I don’t mean to sound like I’m going backwards but you looked really nice in the blue bathing suit������.
    I guess because you are tall, you carried the excess weight well. How much did you weigh in the picture where you are wearing the blue bathing suit??
    Also you don’t seem to have any excess skin despite loosing over 120 pounds except the usual excess skin on your tummy which is expected after having 4 beautiful children.
    Keep it up sis��������

  • Omg bless the young good looking lot in ore with Jason’s belly �� I’m only 24 and the bottom of my stomach looks like a carrier bag so you’re all good Jase ������

  • Jason you have come such a long way. You’re looking so much happier and healthier, keep up the hard work. You can do it don’t beat yourself up too hard

  • I wanted to make fun of Jason for looking like a freak during ladder drills but honestly good for him for even doing it tbh ������

  • Even at your heaviest, you still carried your weight very well and the weight loss just accentuated your natural pretty shape. Congrats! You are such an inspiration

  • I just started keto! Down 9 pounds in 4 days. (Also intermittent fasting)
    Started on June 5, 2020.

    The first 5 of that though was probably water weight though. I was drinking alot more, but felt I was peeing a hell of a lot more than I was drinking.

    Sugar withdrawals SUCKED but got through it!

    Had diarrhea too, wasn’t expecting that. But after 4 days I’m starting to adjust and get over that!

  • Wow I thought that was Josh peck in the passenger seat in the beginning. Even after he said who it was I thoughts he was joking untill the guy started talking. Lol

  • 8 years ago, when I got out of an abusive and extremely controlling marriage, I wanted to do it all. I went from a mousey girl to a crazy goth girl. It was fun at the time, but, I realized that I had my whole life to makeup for things I couldn’t for 11 years while trapped in an unhappy marriage. So I slowed down. I still dress the way I choose, but I don’t have any need to dress like a crazy goth. I’m cool with that. I feel she is doing the same with her face; she probably felt long held back by her weight from feeling “pretty”, thus she went balls to the wall with injections and whatnot after the weight loss. I get it, but she needs to learn MODERATION is the way to go!!

  • Thank you for this video, it started me on the Keto Diet that I’ve lost 17 lb so far since January (I’ve had a few hiccups-) and it’s the first time I’ve ever actually lost weight (or at least not since many years ago), so I’m super happy about itI hope to lose alot more until I’m actually healthy again ^^

  • This is why I hate watching Jason, he can’t go through one Video or podcast without mentioning his weight. He’s not even big at all, he’s obsessed he’s had relationships consumed by his obsession and ruined due to it. It’s really messed up and actually super sad.

  • If you really wanna lose weight quit sugar (especially the soda), thing is in the US everything has too much sugar thats just a fact and most ppl just try go on a low cal diet or sum which rly in my experience doesnt change shit

  • I believe in you jason you got this, you can look better than jeff and the trainer and all of them and stop eating so much junk food you got this believe in your self keep going no mater how you feel you will look hot af!! change things around and start being athletic ill be here everyday to make it possible and keep saying this you got it!! Aslo you bare starting to look amazing and better than before youve made great progress just keep working on it, it’ll get better

  • This was the video that motivated me to start the keto diet. I started at around 260 lbs and I’m now at 180 lbs
    I have been stuck at 180 for a while tho, with some belly fat that’s still there, but I’m still very happy with my progress.

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  • I think everyone was expecting what you were gonna say, I think everyone’s just too lazy to get fit �� (thinking of myself) also vegetables are great, dunno why everyone hates them

  • I don’t even know you, and I’m so proud of you!! Congrats on your AWESOME accomplishment!!! You are truly an inspiration!! I need to lose 80 pounds, and this video will surely help me.

  • Thank you for this valuable information.
    I am a kid that has a overweight problem and this may help to slim me down.

  • They both look great ����������lovely couple,,congrats,,good job���� I wonder how old she was when she decided to go to gym to exercise..��

  • amazing what she achieved! I truly admire her strength and will power but I must say her face looked prettier before. Not so artificial… But thats just my opinion. If she feels happy with how she looks, great!

  • I love the comment about fitting into his racing kayak. That is my first goal too! I hope to be able to do so by the end of the summer.

  • Wow! That is so amazing Kudos to you! I will tell you that I use a shower filter and only organic products (including just baking soda for my teeth) and my health is going up, my acne is almost gone and my cellulite and loose skin is gone…

  • You GO girl. Congratulations on your hard work and meeting a nice guy, which is just about impossible these days. And he likes to work out, too. Keep on going.

  • Shocking! If you stop stuffing your face, and move around a little you won’t be overweight. Damn it Youtube stop recommending me these videos. I’m already fit.

  • I’m a dietician and I was happy to see you use nih for info! Most people just jump on the first thing on a google search. Just watch your bone mineral density! So happy for you!

  • also, from anathomy POV, Im rather amazed about one thing.
    Your biceps-to-elbow gap says that… that… drums… youre asthenic (?)
    i can only imagine how asthenic can go so-to-say “fatty”. but at least now you re gorgeously fit.

  • Girl girl ur gorgeous….Also u got a real blessing, a man helping and right in there with u…Such a GORGEOUS COUPLE…So glad u didn’t tolerate urself any longer but took action and the beautiful u, healthier and gorgeous…I loves to see videos of people not making excuses but taking charge of their health…I am on my journey as well toward 45#…I see results already but thanks 4 ur video. ����������������������

  • You and your family is absolutely amazing.. congrats to your success. Hope i can have that same weight loss journey you have.. thanks for motivation

  • i honestly love how Jason stepped up more to losing weight it really does get harder to keep going i still struggle with it myself lol but im so so proud of this man!

  • Your channel is amazing. You have such a comprehensive way of explaining everything and I love how you gave a little summary in the description!

  • I enjoy lifting more than cardio so hopefully I can start losing significant amounts of weight with lifting and consuming less calories.

  • hey Joey even if i lost all my muscle mass to do this but what would make me loose weight faster wating 1 to 2 meals a day and drinking 2 or 3 protein shakes or hitting my macros

  • common Jason join me too!!! I was 168 on February been eating healthy and working out today im at 137 my goal is to hit 125-30 im 5’4

  • Your videos have helped me through a lot of my own struggles and insecurity. Thank you man. I’m curious, have you found yourself treating overweight people differently after losing the weight?

  • Thanks for the video. I’m 5’11” and been struggling with my weight for a few years now. I look forward to watching your videos ������

  • 10:30 This IS my number one problem that I’m fighting right now. Nobody in my household is fit. I’m the closest thing to “fit” in this house and I still have quite a bit of fat on me. Cake, sweet bread, pizza, cookies, chips, candy… ��. I’m glad somebody gets me ��.

  • I missed this broadcast live but am watching the replay now. Mr. Spudfit is wonderful! I think in terms of when to do the interviews in the future once shelter in place is over, I think you can do what you are doing now and try to accommodate the time the guest is available and when you are available too. We can always watch the replays if need be but it is more fun to watch when live. Sometimes I find myself reading and replying in the chat more than listening to the guest so I have to watch that!

  • I’m already starting to build a workout routine. I have a variety gym class that I have to go to two times a week, and I’m planning on exercises on the days in-between those classes and on the weekends; like jogging/running on the local track field or running on the treadmill or going on the elliptical. If I keep at it, I should be able to lose 30 pounds and become skinny within the next five months or so (maybe even less).

    Also, I just released my “highly anticipated” New Years video where I go over the nutritional changes I’ve made so far in my life to maximize my weight loss. You can check it out to see what I’ve started to eat now that I’m set on that fitness goal.

  • Very good video that I didn’t really look for, but ended up enjoyng a lot! I just have one random question. Do supplements taste nice, or is it something that you have to power through to take?

  • Thank you this video helped me get on the right track I’m 14 now but around 6 months ago I was at my biggest ever I was 13 5’4 and 155 pounds I found this video around 4 months ago and started to change my diet for the better the first couple weeks were hard and my sugar cravings at an all time high but eventually I saw progress I’m now at 5’8 and 131 pounds and continuing to drop weight it’s a bit slower due to me reaching a normal BMI also me still growing but I feel better now a days thank you for helping me change

  • Im disabled and i have mild spastic cerebral palsy, it effects all muscles in my body and makes it hard for me not to get pain, but i was working out 5x a week weightlifting, also i was on keto. it helps but you also gotta eat right. I remember, its hard but its possible. I didnt lose much maybe like 10 pounds. But i made it into toned mucsle. Which us better then being overweight. But since covid im bound to 10-30weight dumbells.
    Im 5’3 and 180lbs. Anyone have any tips for me? I have gallstones and a stomach ulsar. Which kakes it impossible to lose and week it off in my stomach.

  • The doctors are always negative about black people and weight. A lot of overweight people get pregnant but thank God you did this for yourself. I know what it is to struggle with my weight for years and cry. I started the Keto diet and doing well and I know i will make it to.. Well done and God bless you. xx

  • im sorry i love your vids but this diet is terrible no carbs limited protein relying on fat only. Sorry but thats terrible. You may lose the weight but you give up almost on all the food. If you love potatos like me you cant give up on this.

  • hey lockstin i have a question would potatoes work with a keto diet like can you eat potatoes and have that count as the leafy green vegetables

  • IM CONFUSED OK so I want to try this diet, but when you say high fat what kind of fat foods should I eat? I know to stay away from breads and rice and to ease in with veggies also to limit fruit. But what are the fatty foods I should focus on?������

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  • I just want to thank you cause watching your video gave me the motivation to do it. I’m two months in and feel amazing and look great! I’m still going hard and not giving up.

  • Seems like your weight made it quite easy for you to have kids. I dont think it is based on weight, I think it is based on the individual. I really wish doctors would stop feeding people that jacked up narrative. Overweight people have kids or they dont. They have good health or they dont. They have spouses or they don’t. It depends on the person. Beautiful family by the way. And hope your weightloss was yours and not that of someone else’s design.

  • Bro i was so exited for this vid until i saw what the prices are for these supplements and bars. You can buy a new playstation for the same money lmao

  • I usually store potatoes in the bottom of fridge and in produce drawers. They seem to last a long time. The only down side is that they do take up a lot of space.

  • I to spent many years on ABCP hahaha idk how I made it to 9 years in. Interestingly enough my lowest weight was when I got out. I was always 230-250. Got down to 165. To low for me. Climbed to 185 and now I’m happy physically

  • i wish i would have listened to this when it first came out. i’ve been having a lot of symptoms of type 2 diabetes recently, so i’m pretty sure i have it. i’m only 18 and i’m scared for my life.

  • Thanks for the encouragement, I used to be on keto then I fell off the boat 2018. Then at the midway though 2019, I got back in because I was gaining weight again. Overall I lost 47 pounds. 268lbs down from 315lbs.

  • I need some guidance. I watched this about three weeks ago and I decided I was going to give it a real shot.
    I’ve sat down with my husband and went through everything in our kitchen and what I would eat regularly.
    We threw away almost everything in our kitchen and went shopping for about 2 hours. We read and researched everything and made complete keto friendly edits to what I used to eat.
    I eat almost no sugar and less than 80 carbs a day but I’m hitting a wall with what I can or cannot cut out of my diet. I can’t figure out how to lower my carbs anymore than I am currently at; I was reading that you need 15 30 grams of net carbs a day but it seems impossible.
    Am I doing something wrong? My calorie intake is about 1,200 1,500 a day but any lower and I can’t stop being hungry. Any tips or tricks?

  • Also, it should be said to some people, who want to lose weight, but probably have hormones failure. If you are unsure, address your doctor, and do all needed analysis.
    Also animal fat is not enemy its a friend. The hydrocarbons are an enemy.
    Also if you drink water 2l a day then replenish micronutrients, especially potassium and mg. When keph is mentioning red and green bottles you can see that they have potassium. Also 4% 27:07 mean he needs 25 scoops a day of this. Calcium, d3, etc. Also so called dietary fiber which is hydrocarbones that slowly consumed by the body. Also, 10gr of supplement has 7 gr of hydrocarbones, of which 4gr are sugars(which is high to my opinion), and in my opinion with low budget a person can have 10gr of cornflakes with zero sugar added.

  • This has started my weight loss journey in November last year and I have lost over 30 pounds since then because I did the research then. Thank you!

  • I need a suggestion on how to lower colesterol and maintain healthy weight I don’t really eat alot of carbs as far as I know send me an email if you think you can help me

  • I’m interested in the keto diet, conceptually it makes sense to me. I am worried about either developing type two diabetes OR developing high cholesterol and putting myself at risk for things like heart disease. Keto sounds great for avoiding diabetes, but what about the risk of cholesterol? Anybody with more knowledge, I am seeking input

  • I’m a dietitian and I’m so happy that you found something that has been so effective. Its relatively clear to me that you have some implict bias that is affecting your interpretation of what is undoubtably a huge volume of information. I have some points of contention (ileal break/fiber, direct dietary fat deposition), but I do think you did a fairly even handed job from a somewhat biased perspective. My hope is that if someone sees this video and is inspired they find a medical professional for support!

  • Hey everyone!! I hope you’re doing well. We shot this before the protests, and want you to know that you can donate to Black Lives Matter here:

  • Loses 140lbs and makes a video of 1hr And 40mins. This is extremely inspirational and I’m genuinely happy for you man. This is the wake up call I needed to make changes. Thank you

  • Losing weight is simple, but learning how to do simple things takes time and effort. Your body is going to consume you muscles before the fat cuz our bodies “dont like “ muscles so to avoid this you need to lift height or bodyweight exc (pull ups, push ups etc) and eat as healthy as possible.

  • Nice job! You are laying a very good foundation for your children as well. You will enjoy watching them grow and become active with their own kids one day. All because of you!

  • The part about doctors not requiring to take more courses is pretty much true. I have two jobs, both working with doctors, and very rarely do they go to meetings with other doctors to learn new information, and they’re not very formal either. No studying is required, and the meetings last 1-3 days max. Not long enough to truly learn the new information.

  • Andrew Taylor is the best he’s my coach I love him. I was violently assaulted at a doctors office in Soho New York City almost 8 years ago and everyone involved in the violence lies my patient rights being violated chose to either lie or be silent. Serious crimes have been committed my Civil rights violations because NYPD joined committing crimes in New York City I couldn’t make this up it’s so horrifying and what’s not reported worldwide is what’s going on other kinds of terrible abuse now during the pandemic involving the medical community there’s a little bit dribbling out but it’s a horror story what I’ve been through and I gained 40 pounds and became.1 pre diabetic.. Andrews taught me like no other he’s amazing

  • Wow you’re very inspiring thanks for sharing and Congratulations ������ you have a beautiful family btw I just join your channel keep it up

  • I’m currently on keto diet, lost 7 pounds in 7 days…the keto diet is the truth and when combined with OMAD it’s even more effective

  • I was on keto for months. While working out 5x a week. With rests days being weekends.
    And I was able to legpress80 lbs.

    And I can push a trailer hitch. I looked good until covid. Now I’m back up to 180lbs. And in 5’3. I got down to 175lbs

  • I feel like a murderer…. I work as a baker! �� “Eat the bread and pastrys… Yesss…. Get that sugar into your bodyyyy…. Excellent….” ������

  • Thank you so much for making this video. This whole time I’ve been dieting and failing to lose weight even when I was eating my vegetables and the whole time I was eating carbs thinking they were good for me. So now thanks to this vid, I can hit the reset button and try it again but with knowledge from u��

  • So I did some light research on keto and I found a lot of stuff about how it lowered blood pressure to a healthy blood pressure. I suffer from really low blood pressure (they think it’s because my panic attacks cause my pressure to drop and I have chronic anxiety) so I was wondering if doing keto would lower my pressure further, making me need to use more sodium. My doctor told me that if I start to feel dizzy I should try to add a little bit of salt to my food. If you know anything about this I’d really appreciate it if you gave me a point in the right direction!

  • I know this video is going on two years old, but I wanted to come on here and say that this video was the catalyst for me finally deciding to start my (2nd) weightloss journey. I started keto on June 2nd at 225 lbs and so far I’m down a little over 17 lbs <3. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and making such and in-depth and passionate video.

  • I was in a really bad state. I was (well still am) very overweight but still not in a critical state (physically) however I was quickly heading there because mentally I had completely given up. I had even accepted that I was for sure going to have a short life due to obesity. I watched this video, this was the first time I learned about Keto and this immediately felt like something I could do. Right after finishing watching I did some extra research on my own and decided to give it a go, from that moment I dropped the carbs and started on Keto.

    It’s been about 3 months and this is the first time I genuinely feel it’s working for me and like this is something that I can sustain long term. For the first time I’m steadily feeling great while losing weight and I don’t even feel like I’m “on a diet”, this is just the way I eat now and I love it!. Tank you for this video, you saved my life.

  • Great job honey! I was 358lbs Feb 2019 I’m now 212lbs in 1 year! I know the excitement you have because I’m excited to change. I was having heart palpitations and it was scary! I got tired of being sick and tired so I did something… You look amazing and I’m proud of you!

  • Yah well not everyone’s body functions the same. Even healthy bodies don’t function or react the same. So stop using the generalizing phrase “your body”. You are not qualified to generalize people like this. The fact that you are a type 1 and doing this..yah..please dont give diet advice to other impressionable type 1 kids. Also..FACT…those cramps in your legs can be due to higher ketones too���� I’d love to see your actual numbers and how close you run to the line of ketoacidosis. �� ridiculous and dangerous. I too lost 100lbs. I worked out and ate 6 balanced meals a day(not a diabetic)…but I would not dare presume I have the cure all or the knowledge that will be healthy for all. Don’t assume anything is good for others..just because it worked for you. You are dangerous and anyone following your idiotic diet plan that gets on your hands bro!

  • Local man rambles about the dangers of carbs and sugars for 1 hour and 40 minutes straight while a bottle of coca-cola sits innocently in the background.

  • I’ve been on keto for a year now because of you. I went from 190lbs to 145lbs in just the first 4 months. I went from a sixe 1X to a small. And I’m immensely more healthy, all my blood work is perfect and I have more energy and a clear head.
    Thank you for sharing your testimony

  • So I’ve been doing Keto for more than a month now and I’ve gone from 110-99 kilogramms now. I also eat only one meal a day and it works! I’m not really ever hungry anymore!

  • Darling!!! Yes… I defs started keto 6 months ago for my son and now I’m teaching others About it on my channel! I’m so proud of you

  • I just wanted to say that because, oddly enough, you were a pokemon youtuber, i trusted you more for some reason? and because of that, i began my keto diet 56 days ago and i wanted to thank you for making this particular video because without it, i wouldn’t be seeing the changes i so desperately needed for years.

  • Lost 8 kg in a little less than 1 and 1/2 months. Thank you for getting me on the right start.

    Update: Lost 11 kg in two months, i don’t know what that is in lbs though.

  • I need to get back on a plan…
    I did a protein shake replacement thing a few years back and it worked wonders. I lost 40 pounds in 1 month but I had never been so absolutely miserable. I went from 280 to 240 pounds in 1 month and my the end of month 2 was 220.
    I had to stop because I was just so incredibly unhappy. I made the mistake of going back to my old way of doing things except I just drank water and tea. I’m now 250 pounds again and damn… i need to get to it

  • This is beautiful. Although I do not agree with everything you say, I do agree with like 70-90% of it. The callories thing is a big one. Not to mention calories are a bad way of measuring food. For those who want to exercise, look online and try to make a short workout that you enjoy, be it 10 sit ups and 10 push ups or what ever it is, start easy and go ahead and add more exercises as you feel needed to the point you enjoy. Exercise should be something you enjoy not something you hate doing. I suggest sit ups as they feel great but every body is different so I hope you find what you like! (: Good luck and stay smart!

  • Wow you never lost your upper body portion. Usually you lose the fat in your upper portion. But you still have them. That’s interesting I guess it depends on your body type. You have a wonderful family and you look amazing as well. Good job��

  • You NEARLY (reasons below) want me to try out Keto, because it sounds like it could help me a lot (Especially with having chronicle inflammations like Asthma and inflammatory knee problems and YES, I’m pretty overweight… Each time I have to take Cortisone, I gain between 6-10 Kilos… Last year I had to take it 3 times…)

    BUT just nearly, because… 1. I’m vegetarian; 2, I don’t like fatty food (it makes me feel sick); 3. I don’t like heavily salted/seasoned foods and 4. If you haven’t realized: I’m a picky eater xD

    Not sure if I would be able to contain it, but I guess I will ask my doctor (he already told me to shorten my carb intake) and if there’s no real problem, I might try it…

    I’ve never eaten Avocado, because it already looks so fatty, that I never wanted to try it I even got a disgust for meat through being forced to eat fatty meat by my family. My god… I don’t even OWN Oils and such… I haven’t eaten butter for 7 years, because I was disgusted by it. I’m now back with margarine. I can stomach it better xD
    (And no, I’m not the person: “Fat is bad”, it’s just that I can’t stomach it well. I get cramps, my stomach hurt, I feel ill and I once even vomited right on my plate when I was forced to eat some fatty meat. That was the point I got really disgusted and even the thought of meat would make me feel sick to my stomach. Haven’t eaten meat since 2005 and I don’t miss a thing… Well, maybe Gyros… but more the seasoning than the meat itself xD

  • So watching this after finally taking the steps to lose weight has really helped me. I know where to start, have been trying to cut out the sugar and carbs. I won’t say I hate it but my body has “thrived” on sugar for nearly 30 years, trying to kick that habit is akin to trying to stop doing meth or some other serious drug. Sugar is addictive and it makes everything taste better, I mean cotton candy is literally the best food in the world. There are cotton candy flavored grapes that are to die for. Still I am trying…not well so far it’s only been less then a week and have slipped up several times. I have determined start in august to fully commit to the no sugar. I just found a bottle of sugar free fresca in my fridge and was delighted to see it actually says zero sugar and no carbs so I have that. I was much like lockstin sustaining myself on pop(soda), I think I was around the same in terms of amount. I also recently had a bout of gout or what I assume it was, it lined up perfectly with all the symptoms. Super painful and caused entirely by my diet and weight all the info said. So I endeavor to try losing weight, hell if i even lose just a 100 pounds I would be skinnier then I ever have been…dark dark day those many years ago when I saw the big 300. Anyways hopefully I can stick with this and better myself.

  • Hi Keph,

    I recently also lost around 40 pounds of weight and I wanted to share some of that. Cutting calories is very effective and it is so effective that you could essentially still eat crappy foods and lose weight. I wouldn’t recommend it for nutritional value as you would be starving your body of both calories, complex vitamins/amino acids, and getting a lot of preservatives. Diet is vital for gaining muscle, as you simple can’t without a high amount of nutrition. One thing I regret is trying to gain muscle while I was cutting calories and going for straight weight loss. This is basically a recipe for injury and I was injuring almost everything (feet, back, shoulders, neck). Your body needs to be in calorie surplus to put on muscle.

    In all, if I were to do it again I would go for straight muscle gain while you have the excess weight. It will be a lot easier to gain muscle with some weight and when you gain a good amount it will make cutting much easier, as muscles require high maintenance calories they will eat your fat during a cut. Take it all responsibly and if you don’t have a good base of muscle, start very small. You only have to work out twice a week and hit your main muscle groups once while progressing in weight to gain muscle.

  • You helped me loose 20 kg! I was afraid of starting, mostly because I didn’t believe in a way to loose weight without dedicating all my time to it. But i somewhat decided to try this in a “not so serious” way, but when i started to loose weight without much effort it was easy to keep going. Thank you.

  • @Lockstin & Gnoggin fun fact brother, here in the wonderful u.s.a. there are handfuls and handfuls of “nutrients” that are illegal,,,,that my dear friend is flabbergasting!!!!!!!

  • Ok sorry I’m late to the game but a friend just sent me this video and ive seen those keto pills do I need those or can i go with out it and still do fine

  • OMG. First, let me say that you and your family look so beautiful. I was watching a clean keto YouTube video early this morning (5:30am). I just came across this video at 7:15pm. When your video was at 5.59, I realized you were the same person I was watching earlier today. LOL. You achieved a dramatic weight loss. Truly and inspiration. I’m struggling with weight loss and want to do clean keto. I subscribed to your channel. I will watch more of your videos. Keep it up and continue to show us how we can also achieve weight loss. Thank you. Blessings to you and your family.

  • Your analogy of the perfect brick is as good as it gets man. Glad you are sharing this, obesity is hell of a problem and people don’t care.

  • Wow! What an inspiring journey! Thank you for sharing your story! I recently started Keto. I also want to be healthy and have energy to play with my kids. I want to be a good example for them. I don’t want to be the mom that’s always too tired. Thank you for inspiring me! God bless you and your beautiful family! You look incredible!

  • There’s a difference between wanting to be heathy and positive, and being obsessed and having it consume your life to the point of it being a centre focus of your life and relationships even ruining them.

  • So, I have two questions:
    1) Personally, what did you eat on the keto diet and what would you most recommend?
    2) If I go off the keto diet after reaching my ideal weight, will I quickly gain the weight back?

  • You are a great mother!!! U are beautiful, your kids are beautiful!!! U motivated me..I’m 30yrs old…..
    I have 3 kids… 1 Son…5 yrs old, 2 daughters 3yrs, and 2yrs old. And I be in so much pain due to my weight.. I started my journey today.

  • Oh My I’m really proud of you I been on keto for about two months going on 3 I was 258 now I’m currently 206 hoping to get 1 more off in couple months to a year we might be looking at the same true story and one day I might consider sharing it good luck and keep up the work I love it

  • I think you’re story is inspirational. But Keto doesn’t help everyone. I have High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol. Plus, I’m a Diabetic.But Not only that I have Hypothyroidism. I’m 5’0”, 280 pounds. I tried everything possible, Nothing works. If anyone knows what it feels like to be a loser it’s me. Keep up the good work.

  • Also, Keph, im not 100% sure, but probably you should check/take doctor advice and pay attention to eye blood pressure, and retina. Again, wishing u best

  • Thank you sooo much for showing the HARDWORK that it takes to reach such awesome goals. Great job and please keep up the good work ❤️��������

  • Wow this video changed my whole perspective when it came to food and health! I watched this when it was posted, and it had an incredible effect on me! No lie, this was the first video I had EVER seen that had made eating well/losing weight not seem like a massive, unhappy, painful slog! I have a condition that effects my joints, and needed to shed excess weight before I damaged them even further. Finally finding something that said ‘you can still enjoy food, lose weight, feel better, AND don’t have to kill yourself at the gym’ was my moment of realizing that I could actually do it!
    I wish my body could handle Keto in the long-term, but it started me off on an incredible foot, and over a year later I’m down 100lbs, a healthy bmi, and with my daily joint pain more than halved!
    I can’t thank you enough for sharing this video. I don’t know where I’d be without it!

  • Jason you look great!!! I can tell you’ve been working out! Just keep at it and the weight will come off, some people lose weight in certain places last. Don’t get discouraged you’re doing amazing!!

  • I started losing weight thankyou kephrii not only u motivated me to get better at fps but to also have a good body and to be healthy

  • Hey Lockstin. I’ve decided to start on my own Keto Diet Journey. On February 25th, 2020 I am currently 263 Pounds. I’m 6 feet tall and hoping to decrease it. Thanks to your information, I’m going to start tomorrow (it’s late right now).

    I thank you for your information and all that you do.

  • This wonderful. Thank you for your transparency and being open to share your journey. Many of us are on this road now, but examples like this show it is possible!

  • Hey, thanks for making this video. It helped me lose 4 inches off my waist and helped me help my sis (an epileptic) lose weight and improve her overall health.

  • Been on Keto for about 4 months now give or take. Been avoiding carbs and sugars. Been eating leafy greens. Been eating a moderate amount of meat. Been drowning my food in lard/olive oil/butter. Haven’t been getting many results. Not sure what i’m doing wrong. I don’t snack or anything so it’s not like my bodies wasting too much time digesting to keep from burning fat.

  • I love this! I subbed! I’m a mom of 3 boys also. I’ve been keto for over 2years and have lost 70lbs. I haven’t had the scale move for a year now and I haven’t hit my goal yet. I just recently started working out and have been watching success stories to keep me motivated. You are a success, girl! Great job!

  • I do have one question here, you said you were over 360? But your so smooth looking?! How did you lose over a hundred pounds and not get super saggy? Thanks

  • Im a single mom of triplets❤❤❤…and this video had me in ��…Im am tired all the time and my babies need me…I have yo yoed a lot tooo…I AM UP..I LOVE THE GYM I EXERCISE A LOT..but the eating is my issue i havr a HORRIBLE diet but Irpnically I make surr mt ldis eat lots of fruits ans veegies��but why I cant do it for me is mind boggling….I will start KETO TODAY!..thank you❤

  • Hey man wdy think i should eat consisenly. I honeslty dont drink Soda or Juice. Just dont know what im supposed to eat. A day ago i had a Omelet, Salad and nothing for dinner. Ran/Walked my Dog for about 30 went biking on a machine fof 20 and then would go on a exercise machine for 5-10 mins. How long should exercise for? Sorry for my spelling my main phone was taken away and im using a Android lol ( any apple users out there?) Im currently 13 and weigh 180-200 which im ashamed of but im quite tall so im not the worst lookin dude on thr block. What would hou suggest eating in general btw im down 10 pounds just by last week!

  • I keep watching these videos by AJ and I enjoy the top quality content of each one. Andrew interviewed Doug Lisle about The Pleasure Trap and it was a wonderful interview. Andrew seems like such a nice man. Something about those Aussies.

  • Thanks. A lot. I first saw this video back in mid December and you motivated me to make a change. Here I am, barely 4 months later, feeling much better and down 60 lbs. I’ve got about 30 more to go until I hit my goal weight, but I feel like I’m already there. As cliche as it sounds, you helped change my life. Again. I mean it. Thanks.

  • This was in my recommended and I’m glad it was. First, you are and always were beautiful. You are an inspiration to this almost 59 year old woman. Not that I have alot of weight to lose, I didn’t have the motivation. Thank you for sharing your story. I have been on track for 3 weeks and when I don’t feel like doing the work, I come back to your video. Thank you so much��