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However, over the past 10 months, Joe has become a man possessed – in a good way. He’s gone from not being able to run for 60 seconds and plowing through fast food to losing 50 pounds, running a half-marathon on trails, passing the bar exam, and even getting engaged!Formerly 200 pounds, Braulio Vazquez took up running and marathon training to lose weight and get over a breakup.

He also gave up fast food. He started going on dates. He got a promotion at work. And the pounds started coming off.

Vazquez is now down 54 pounds and preparing for the Popular Brooklyn Half Marathon, which he’ll run. How Joe Lost 50 Pounds, Ran a Half-Marathon, Passed the Bar, and Got Engaged! By Steve Kamb • Last Updated: October 10, 2018 • 4 comments. Talk about a life level up! Meet Joe, an attorney from Minnesota who has been reading Nerd Fitness for the past 5-6 years.

He attempted to get in shape 6-8 times in that span with various levels of. How Running Changed Me: I Lost 100 Pounds and Became a 1:36 Half-Marathoner Lonnie St. John lost one third of his body weight, then won his age group at the 2013 Vancouver USA Half-Marathon. Afterward, I decided to go after the Army 10-Miler—and I even signed up for the Disney half marathon. Just two months before that race (about one year after I’d set out to lose 50 pounds), I hit.

I know if I can do it anyone can do it! It just takes believing in yourself, you have more willpower than you think! See my before and after weight loss pictures, and read amazing weight loss success stories from real women and their best weight loss diet plans and programs. Motivation to lose weight with walking and inspiration from before and after weightloss pics and photos. Do Runners Lose Weight After a Marathon?

If you enter a marathon to help you lose weight, think again. Often, runners gain weight during training. You may find that after your race, you lose weight – sometimes almost instantaneously.

Learn what to expect race day and in the weeks following. I am a 53-year-old who has not exercised in a long time and I am 60 pounds overweight. My resolution this year is to run the San Antonio half-marathon in November.

There is so much information out. I have struggled for a long time with binge eating disorder so was really proud that I haven’t gained 50 pounds (I have fluctuated around 4 pounds since March). But now it feels like just in the last few days I have been seeing posts from people here and on r/progresspics who have lost 20+ pounds since lockdown and MAN am I kicking myself for.

List of related literature:

He later dieted to lose 75 pounds and finished Hawaii’s Ironman triathlon, again to prove his mettle to his Anheuser bosses.

“Dethroning the King: The Hostile Takeover of Anheuser-Busch, an American Icon” by Julie MacIntosh
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Joe developed a primary SMART goal of losing 20 pounds in 6 months.

“Lifestyle Psychiatry” by Douglas L. Noordsy, M.D.
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Although he continued to rack up victories at the track the following year (1891), his penchant for champagne and the struggle to hold down his weight, which had risen to 140 pounds, eventually took their toll.

“Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience” by Anthony Appiah, Henry Louis Gates
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I probably lost between ten and fifteen pounds during my three months with Joe, and for the first time in my life, started to really look like an athlete.

“Walk-On Warrior: Drive, Discipline, and the Will to Win” by John Willkom
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Joe weighed himself and realized he was at his heaviest weight ever.

“Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity” by Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber
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A year later, he’d lost more than 100 pounds, his fasting blood glucose had dropped to 97 mg/dL, and he felt like a new man.

“The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis” by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
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When he started a very low-carb diet, he weighed 180 pounds and had a BMI of 25.

“Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet, including Simplified Science and No-cook Meal Plans” by Maria Emmerich, Craig Emmerich
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There were a lot of moments when he almost quit, but he hung in there and has found success in both losing weight and improving his health markers!

“Southern Keto: 100+ Traditional Food Favorites for a Low-Carb Lifestyle” by Natasha Newton
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(Her goal was to get back to the weight she’d been at her wedding 11 years earlier.)

“The One One One Diet: The Simple 1:1:1 Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss” by Rania Batayneh, Eve Adamson
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He drank more freely; smoked two and three packs of cigarettes a day, as he had before his first heart attack; ate rich foods, which drove his weight back above 200 pounds; and mainly counted work around the ranch as exercise.

“Flawed Giant: Lyndon Johnson and His Times, 1961-1973” by Robert Dallek
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  • Just listened to an older guy who says that he squats 1 set of 3 reps every other week because older people can’t handle more volume.Getting old sucks!

  • Hi girl I just started my intermittent fast 5 days ago and your videos are so motivating for me to keep going. I failed first day of fasting but did not give up��. Your videos are so crystal clear and to the point. Thank you.

  • PLEASE KEEP PROMOTING BIDETS! i came to the states from the middle east where bidets are must haves in houses, and my ass has never been dryer

  • I bought 2 of the DC Blocks flat tops to use when bench pressing. They are slightly too long to be USPA legal, so I took a row off with a table saw. Took about 5 minutes. High quality product that I’ll use for benching, deficit dead lifts, and block pulls. Of course, if you don’t need to use them in a meet, there is no need to cut them

  • Love to hear you promote fasting, I’ve been doing variations of it for almost a year not only for weight loss but the autophagy and health benefits. Excited to follow you on your journey!

  • I lost 10 pounds in a week. I watched your videos and took your tips on the lean meat a d zero sugar. I also mixed in some keto and drinking nothing but water or sparkling water!


  • Hi mam…. Mam i have fats in my lower body part…. On my quads and on my growing muscles,,, what should i do mam… Pls help me,, which type of diet should i take to reduce that fat…..

  • God sent me to find your channel���� I’m ready to change my life, I’m soo unhappy with my looks I don’t really look in the mirror. I get told i look beautiful but I need to believe it. I was to start the process for the sleeve surgery but my spirit is telling me I can do this on my own. You have a new subscriber!!

  • You didn’t lose 50lbs because of IF you lost the weight because you drank more water….cut your food consumption down, stop drinking sugar and also did IF on top of that…..I’d never say IF is why I lost my weight if say…. I’m doing WW blue plan plus doing 8/16 IF and I’m losing weight…. IF is not enough….. Gotta do a diet and or eat right and always exercise…. Just walk….people really do not understand how much weight you can lose just by walking a mile every single day… If you can walk more than even better… Losing weight is not easy….but if you really want it just do it… Congratulations on your weight loss you look fantastic!!!!!!!

  • Funny how about 90% gives criticism but none of them actually workout. Nothing but respect for this guy because he did a challenge

  • Its been such a treat watching these two young dudes start as hard-working, passionate, loving, humble young men trying to get life started in their careers, families, and daily life. To grow into these hard-working, passionate, humble middle aged men complain abiut the aches and pains and first world problems they face today. Always growing, always learning, never letting the passion die. Keep doing what youve always been doing. We all love yall and you desrve the best for all your hard work, compassion, and zest for life and learning. You guys are the internet dads for millions of people

  • It’s wrong to exercise every day, 3 times a week is perfect. Also to actually make your muscles work you should keep increasing the number of pull ups. I started 2 weeks ago and I was able to do 7 pull ups in a row, now I can do 11. Hopefully in some months I’ll be able to get to 30-50

  • Holly, this is awesome and appreciated the tip from coach Morgan. I’ve been running 3-4 times a week and trying to maintain a strenth training routine but sacraficing any improvements in my running. This is helpful, stay healthy and best of luck, look forward to more videos showing your progress.

  • Everyone thinks there smart because they know your need rest days. Your not above knowledge. He set a challenge to do it everyday not gain muscle

  • Heigh 5’6, 180lbs goal is 145 lbs in 6 months with no fade diet, clean eating consistent workouts. I know what to do but I am not sticking with it. Anybody with similar goal, who would like to be in the wagon and support each other?

  • well done!!! i tried it once and after days it became too easy i beefed it up to 200, my back just exploded and now i have a day a week i dedicate to 200pull ups and 300 pressups

  • Excellent fun video coach holly, I did a half marathon without any track work or intervals, just two 15k tempo runs a week & one 30k easy slow pace long run a week, mostly on rolling hills, so it is possible without track work & intervals, but I did do some 30s hill repeats

  • This guy just said that he gain 1/2 a pound over a month. How could you possibly attribute such a small difference to that. More than likely it’s just a tiny bit of water weight or extra eating

  • What’s amazing and inspiring is that I finally went to my healthy weight and wellness center to help lose the natural way and my doctor put me on 1300 calories, 6-8oz meat, 2 cups of vegetables, 3 meals a day!! So thank you so much for sharing your journey.

  • One of my favorite videos you’ve done. I find it helpful to do this on the treadmill as I can manage my passing. Is that ok or should I move to the track?

  • Hello Nikki. I’m new to your channel & happy I found this page. I’m late to the party��but would love to be apart of the challenge.. Question: what do you do after your fast so that you don’t gain all of the weight you’ve lost back?

  • Niki I am so very very proud of your accomplishment on your weight loss. Thank you for these videos and I need to know how to start and stick to it early on. I have a big problem with that and Sugar. Please Help!

  • If I could get fit by watching these two ladies workout, I would be a beast! My takeaway from this video is to plan your workouts, write them down and set goals(??) Who would of thought??? Good luck to you Coach Holly, looks like you have a great coach! I saw Coach Nate in the background and thought he was a stalker. Great video everyone!!

  • Optimists are always let down and Pessimists are never let down. I find the best trips I go on aren’t planned out, I like just going with it.

  • I thought for sure Link was gonna say he accumulated so much tonight doe in his stomach that he ripped his rectum using the bathroom

  • I love how real this is! I tried those B Skips after seeing Coach Nate’s 40 min 10k while warming up and nearly landed on my face… never did get them figured out!

  • I am so much like Rhett when it comes to trashy tv shows �� I actively avoid them, but man. If somehow get into one that’s it �� haha

  • Hi Holly. Lots of love to you and your team.
    It is because of you guys I got the courage to start running. Your videos are amazing.

  • I hope to lose this much. I just started my journey. Just by watching ur video I’m getting motivated Thank you so much �� I’m not doing keto either

    If anyone is in the same journey and want some motivation watch my channel��

  • I hope your using safe procedures for remote work. 1. Using router with high security VPN tunnel protocol L2TP/IPSEc with strong preshared key and user Password. 2. Not using remote desktop port forward 3389 “worst thing you can do security wise” 3. Please do not use remote desktop software ie teamviewer, LogMeIn. they are not as secure as you think.

    Seriously I’m in the IT industry and remote security is being targeted by hackers due to so many people doing remote work from home.
    I have setup tons of networks using vpn capable routers and proper vpn protocol and security measures without issue. Please I hope you guys see this.

  • At the Starting Strength channel there is the video “Considerations for the Aging Lifter” The host describes that at 63 yo he is largely incapable of training because of pain in his knees, shoulders, and back. In another video he said his back pain is so great he avoids standing. He ascribes the pain mainly to injuries from rough living, such as falling off motorcycles and horses, not 40 years of barbell training. What is the chance that degenerative injuries incurred in a person under 40 yo, that exhibit no pain when incurred, could become a source of pain when the person is over 60 yo? Might excessive barbell training when young cause more problems later in life than it prevents?

  • I’d be super interested in hearing about dealing with sciatica. Preferably what approach you would take if the pain continues to come back after applying the routine pain management tactics that have been previously outlined.

  • I recently did the 300 pushup challenge for the month of april 2020, the first week i was barely doing 200 and at the end of april i started doing more than 400 a day.

  • I want to lose some weight before my Birthday June 21, IF sounds pretty cool, what is a good window for beginners? I work Day Shift 7am to 330pm.

  • Omg, you’re so kind, Thank you for all those little tips, you’re so awesome! I think one main one to not forget is to:
    I feel like for any journey you need to have love, bc for me personally I remember trying to lose weight, looking good and better and doing all these things but then I started listening to the people making fun of me and saying how I’ll never lose weight, and that my body is just like that, and now I weigh 30pounds more than what I started bc I fell in the ugly comments and just didn’t believe in me, and I let myself feel like shit.
    If you want to lose weight two things you need to know:
    I wished I heard that again and again before giving up but it’s okay, now that I’m in quarantine I’m going right on track ♥️��

  • Mam please can you tell me waht kind of yoga you do during periods…. And what duet you have followed during IF when you were on your periods?

  • “Loch has a friend who’s been living with us for… I don’t even know how long it’s been.”
    Is… is Loch’s friend okay? Is his family life okay?

  • What fast did you do 16-8, OMAD, 18-4? I’m currently on OMAD I just started back eat ing one meal a day. The hardest thing for me is letting h go of sweets

    fave song you guys ever made lol

  • Joke is not pronounced like the english word ^^’. It’s pronoucded like “Yo” + “Cu” (as the cu in cut). Just had to throw this in here.:p

  • As a sidenote to the plateau/switch it up comment, the higher your weight is the faster it will drop off. That’s why Dr Nows patients can lose 50 pounds in a month ��You might start to plateau once you get out of the 300s. Also the fun part about switching it up is you can honestly have a cheat meal, or change to low carb higher fat instead of low fat to keep your body guessing ❤️
    You’re doing an amazing job and I try to watch you every day for inspiration

  • I would love a podcast of Rhett talking about trashy reality tv. As a fellow Libra, I know it is the dumbest thing to watch but also so addicting and sometimes you just wonder why people do these things, you have to watch!

  • Rhett! (And anyone that watches 90 Day fiancé) I recommend YouTube Channel Psychology in Seattle, he does Therapist Reacts to insert trashy tv show. He has like a 10 part special on Ed and Rose

  • I don’t understand 6,700 people giving him a thumbs down… He didn’t set a goal out to see if he can eat an entire mattress or something! I have my alarm set for 3:20pm every day to work at pull-ups, leg lifts and using my 2 pound weights to work on my triceps. I’m wondering if all the people that gave it a thumbs down, do they just sit on the couch all day and criticize someone who’s trying to be healthy and feel more confident about himself? ����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️

  • This was probably the best Run Experience video I’ve ever seen! I love this channel, and love all of the tips offered up by the coaches. I liked this new approach to filming a lot better though than some of the other videos. This comes across much more genuine and less scripted, and definitely helped me to stay engaged. I love that Holly was so candid about her hip injury and what her goals were. I found this really helpful for some of my own personal half goals. I’d love to see more content like this! These two ladies are soo helpful and make a great duo! Congrats Miss. Holly on achieving your time goals!

  • Hi just found your channel and I am currently on a get healthy journey as way my new way of living and I been watching your vids up to the up to date one and I would like to join the challenge what do I need to do

  • We’ve had our bidet for about 4 years now. I’d never even heard of such a thing until I went to a new sushi restaurant in my neighborhood, and they had one in the ladies’room. I got mine on Amazon for $25 and it hooks up to the toilet water line, and bolts to the toilet seat. Took 5 minutes.

  • I love your videos. Your journey has inspired me so start my own. Today is day one and I decided to start with the two day water fast. And I’m going to try to do some kind of physical activity daily. My question is can the protein only come from lean meat? Are there any vegetarian options other than eggs? Can veggie meat be an option?

  • To Link’s credit, I’ve cut the inside of my check with a spoon before. It took me a while to realize what was happening because, well, IT WAS A SPOON

  • Once i cut out all the junk food I started getting full from the size of a kids bowl ( my 3 year old cousins) Im still so surprised I get full ����

  • As an student studying to be an art therapist, I just wanna say that there is indeed a connection between mental health and physical wellbeing. Your mental health can affect you physically and there is actually more science/research on the specifics behind this than you may think…

  • I enjoy your videos. I hope you feel back to 100% soon. I am following everything and enjoy it; it’s like a light clicked on. I started the week prior to August and loss 8lbs, now I’m moving on in this week.. Good luck to you and everyone in this group. May we all come out as champions..

  • Just subscribed!! I’ve been trying to do IF for about a month now but only lost 5-7 pounds and still fluctuating:/ but your tips are helping me understand my mistakes and what I need to improve on. Hoping to lose 20 pounds! ��

  • Good luck with the training, I am training for my first half and I realize how speed work counts, no looking forward to it hahaha but this is motivational. Thank you for sharing the journey.

  • Someone mentioned that you didn’t do Keto. I lost 40 LBs doing IF only. You don’t NEED to do keto, but it speeds up the process drastically (especially when you exercise). Now I just do IF and a very soft keto. I stopped drinking soda(no Diet Coke either). Even diet foods can break your fast. I don’t eat candy anymore and I HAD to stop drinking alcohol because it messes with my stomach (that’s a plus I guess ��). The only time I have added sugar is on birthdays and maybe during thanksgiving and Christmas (I love cranberry sauce on my dressing). It’s truly a lifestyle change. As long as you remember that sugar is basically a poison and just as addictive as cocaine is, you will not even WANT the stuff anymore. Anyways good luck peps!

  • rhett i totally resonate with you man, its hard to let go in your mind but i hope you are enlightened to the point where thats not a problem anymore lol im working on it too bruh

  • Great job Coach Holly! No pressure, just a film of your running skills being broadcast all over the world. I’m going to search the RE channel to find a Coach Holly leg workout video. Besides good run form, Holly’s leg strength is clearly one of her superpowers.

  • Muslims have been fasting since 1400 years. Amazing you just discovered it. But you’re transformation is amazing, you look like a super model

  • I totally agree with you, this works for me too. Intermittent is totally in terms with biology of our body…. and I am not going to gym my entire life so it is never a lucrative option for me. I prefer sports or yoga or jog or dance… it is much enjoyable xoxo

  • I thought I was doing all the right things by eating “intuitively” and working out 5 times a week but I just noticed that I haven’t lost a single pound in 2 years or it has went down but back up again. So I think I’ll try intermittent fasting again and hoping I’ll actually start to see results

  • Nicki sis, I hope all is well with you, I haven’t heard anything from you.
    I hope that you just doing a month to month weight loss journey, and if that is not the case, I pray that you don’t give up on yourself, you came a might long way and we miss you out here…ok sis we all in this together, we miss and love you..see you soon

  • Loving this channel guys, awesome work. As of the last 3-4 months I’ve been getting interested in track running and doing some runs at my local oval (400m is around a lap and a quarter) to get used to track type running, mixing things up, and am aiming to move this to an actual track to step it up to better myself. Videos like this just fire me up, love it, cheers Enzo.

  • well it depends on what you mean by “pullup,” right? so the first video of him doing pullups…yeah those weren’t technically pullups. He was doing neutral grip pullups, which are totally fine if that is what the challenge allows for, but the pullup exercise is where you overhand-grip the bar and place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width and pull your body up until your chin is over the bar. Obviously he improved but the point is this guy didn’t even do proper pullups on the first day, so he failed the challenge.

  • So I started my weight loss journey today I’m currently 191 pounds my goal is to be 165 before the end of august j know I’ve got this ✊��

  • I’ve been watching every Ear Biscuit since the Lost Years, and this one was by far the least focused and went in the most varied directions… I loved it!

  • THIIISS!! THIS is that I needed to hear! I was on my way to order the detox tea called “iaso” it might work for some people. But I’m giving this intermittent fasting a chance! And by giving this I.F. a chance, I’m saving hundreds of dollars by not ordering this detox tea. Lol. You look great! This is my first time hearing you, so glad I came across your video! I just now subscribed to your channel.

  • i eat so little..and most of the time one meal a day only and do exercises 5 times per week (walking on incline for 45 mins) cut sweet things not completely tho but so much lesser… its been like two weeks..and im at the same weight and sometimes it increases ����

  • Stop hating on him! He had a goal he accomplished it, he spent 30days of his life doing 100 chin ups, i Anya to see you do 3000 chin ups and tell me how you would feel if I said you weren’t good enough

  • Hey, just wondering whats your “eating window”…. Maybe you already mentioned it in one of your videos, but I couldn’t figure it out…. Would be great to get a quick response. Kind regards from Germany!

  • I found out that what works best for me on my speed sessions is concentrating on driving the knees forward instead of thinking about pushing at toe off and picking up my heels. Too many things to think about whereas if i only concentrate on driving my knees forward like if you were trying to give someone a dead leg ( picture your best enemy ) the rest follows

  • I have been intermittent fasting for almost a month, change the way I eat complete. All clean eating/ whole foods and I am already 20lbs down!

  • Love it! I lose 65lbs 2 years ago and recently gained 29-25lbs back. I’m intermittent fasting 16:8. Hopefully doing that and light exercising gets this weight off!

  • Starting today for the August challenge. I know I’m late; but still on time. Lol. Just made that up. Nicki, you’re nothing but inspiration, girl!! Thank you.

  • Bidets? Oh please. Just take a half shower for heaven’s sake! That’ll make you completely clean. I always do:P A bidet hardly does the work properly.

  • I was a 112kg, today I’m 102kg…it’s been a struggle but I plan to get to 100kg by the end of the week…Wish me luck….Still got along way to go but I feel better within my self.

  • Try keto and if! U never mansion about keto, im on keto &if for 8 months. Now i turn to omed keto. Amazing results and lose alot weight & amazing energy! ��

  • Girl you are amazing, Ive tried a few days fasts before and always died at the 30hr mark because I couldn’t get to sleep:( extended fasting is also really tough when I’m exercising regularly…oh well haha

  • Wow girl! That’s amazing! Way to stick with it. (I watch my 600lb life too to help inspire me too.). You have TOTALLY inspired me! I want in a challenge with you!

  • Thanks for the workout inspiration Coaches Holly & Morgan! Did this yesterday while social distancing, of course. Go get that sub 1:50 Holly!

  • Thank you so much for sharing all these tips!! What got you going? I’m lacking the motivation or discipline but I really need to lose 80lbs uhh ��

  • are those 400m, 800m, 1600m goals representative to break 1:50 HM? or was it more specifically catered for Holly? what were the rest intervals? I’ve got the same goal and just started Yasso 800s ( 4:00) so I was happy find a new workout to sprinkle in. Holly so strong she ain’t even have ‘hands-on-knees’ after!

  • What do you eat for breakfast? I’m type 2 diabetic. I recently jumped from a 5 to a 12 in my blood work..i am trying to get fit quick..congratulations on your loss!!

  • I thank you for going on line showing your before and after pictures you inspired me to do the 30 day challenge I will keep you posted…..

  • Hellothank you for your video Iv just subscribed �� just a quick question pleaseI’m a morning person due to having small children who just won’t sleep past 7am I’m trying the 16:8 fast I’m starving by 9am & the latest I can push not eating until is around 10am I stop eating at 5/6pm depending when the 8 hrs is up I watched another YouTuber saying you shouldn’t be eating before midday & stop eating around 8 at night?! But I can easily stop at an earlier timeam I doing it wrong? Does it really matter when the window opens & closes? Thank you. X

  • I am kinda late to the party, as I just found your channel. But I am very grateful that you started it and are sharing your experiences. As someone who started on the heavier side as well 394lbs in June. I have been on and off the wagon. Doing IF/Egg diet/Prolonged fasting. I am currently down to 369. So if I can keep my butt consistent I could probably have some great results like you. Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration. ��������

  • I hope your feeling better soon. Enjoyed the Q&A video. It answered questions I didn’t evev know I had. Lol. Looking forward to Part 2.

  • Is your 4 ounces of meat weighed before you cook it? Do you eat certain types of veggies or are they low-carb veggies, low-calorie veggies, or low-starch veggies?

  • I’m not really good at fasting. I became a Plant-based eater. Learning to cut the fat. Adding some weights and exercise. Thanks for sharing.

  • I loved this video!! When training alone there are a lot of questions that go through your mind that got voiced and answered here.

  • I just found these videos and am Super happy about it! I missed starting August with you guys but I decided to start where I can and download the fitness app so I can be ready for the next challenge ���� agreeing with some of the comments on here I would rather avoid weight loss surgery and take it day by day on a journey but of course it helps so much more to see someone who is already getting it!

  • Wow… well informed doctors!!
    Rip has a podcast episode titled “Stupid shit doctors say” referring to doctors advising patients about strength training.

    These doctors are great, every med school should have this level of standards for anyone to graduate.
    I mean, the number of doctors who have told me to stop lifting BECAUSE I am 52 is annoyingly large!! No other reason given, just that I should stop before I get hurt, though I lift more than anyone in my gym following Rips Starting Strength programs and beyond with good programming, I have been doing it since I was a teen with a few lapses of six months or a year now and then, later years with Rip’s help…. yet these doctors I see tell me sitting there on their FAT asses that I should stop.
    These guys and Santana with nutrition and Rip’s advice and a FEW others literally is all you need.

  • Just wanted to say thank you for the information you provide. Recently finished the bridge followed by your peaking template, after coming off of an extended break from strength training. Got my old pr’s from 160kg to 180kg on squat, my deadlift from 190 to 205 and my bench press from 105 to 125 in just 11 weeks. The bridge helped me to get back into lifting and relearn the movements. The peaking program was phenomal. Ran it (advanced fast template) for the first time and hit a pr on bench or a variation every other session, with the final test day blowing my expectations completely away (goal was 115kg from 105kg in those 11 weeks). Again thank you for all you do. I will continue to follow you and run your programs, as I truly believe that they are the best non personalized programs out there

  • Ive been doing intermittent fasting for 4 months, but i wasnt counting my calories, and i wasnt loosing any weight. 2 weeks ago i started eating veggies, high protein and very little carbs, ive lost 1.5 kg already. And i sprint 6x a week for 20 mins, 20 sec sprint 40 sec rest. And every day im loosing 1-4 grams.

  • Just started this journey of intermittent fasting. I am doing the 20:4 method as I have some experience with fasting. Now I’m working on the nutrition and getting enough veggies in.:)

  • Hello I stumbled across your video how I lost 100lbs in 4 months & I’m not sure what it is about you but just watching you I feel you have a beautiful spirit & realness as well as natural beauty. Coincidentally I am on a weight loss journey of my own which I’ve been on for a month now, but have not had good results. So I’ve decided to try this challenge for August although I’m joining late I am so excited & looking forward to my results. # Sorry comment was so long.

  • Hey girl im still here my question is how much do u workout per week ive been working out 4 months and barely any progress but im still pushing do u have any tips on that?

  • Hey Nicki girl you are truly my friend in my head. I got my sweet sweat belt at your recommendation. Keep doing you and being motivating.

  • I am not going to lie. When I saw the title of your video I was expecting you to talk about drinking juice for 3 meals a day. It was nice to find out you eat real and healthy food! Thank you for sharing all this info! I am currently trying to lose 150 lbs and all of this is super helpful!

  • I love Rhett’s coverage on 90 day fiancé! I stopped watching it, then today! Boom! You just reeled I into it again! The after show which is the “pillow talk”, is better than the show!
    Link! I’m an optician! You have no idea how many people loose their sunglasses and eyeglasses at the beach! Lol! This was an awesome “Ear biscuit”!

  • Not sure if u have been asked this question but: if you only eat 1 meal a day or 2 a day, do u still keep to 1200 calories a day??

  • Hello, I’ve been on keto for two months, I’ve lost 40, but I’ve gained 11 pounds water weight overnight.. n I’m so frustrated ����

  • Thank you for sharing your journey with the WORLD!
    I know you are an avid water drinker and will sometimes drink the low calorie Flavored beverage, other than those what other beverages would you recommend (Crystal light, Mio, Gatorade etc)?

  • Good job guy! Now for a lifetime continue pull-ups, pushups and add some squats. Maybe pushups one day, pull-ups the next to give the worked area a day off…very important. Or do both one day, squats the next. Upper / lower. Or all three every other day or 3 days a week. Play around with set / rep schemes, even hand positions, as long as they’re not awkward, that will invite injury, just as lack of rest will. If that is all you ever do it will keep you fit for a lifetime. The hard part is done…getting there. Now just maintain. Big respect.

  • Sorry you aren’t feeling well! I hope you get better soon. You are so pretty! Thank you for sharing your tips with us! I pray your Journey will be completed, as well as mine.

  • You look exactly the same, there weren’t even hardly any results. You should’ve added 5 pull-ups a day this is not impressive at all.

  • do you know because of you, you were the reason I cancelled my weightloss surgery?
    I decided to do this thing naturally along with you. it’s another young lady who is over 300lbs and she is doing a live weight loss journey like you, she is also taking us on the road with her, I told her about you, so some of her youtube had looked you up as well…anyhoo again because of you, I decide to go natural with this journey, no matter how long it takes me I am determined to get there.

  • I’m glad link didn’t lose his glasses after all. Also I’m trying to start a podcast where we have our guests on as fans you guys should check it out “the squab cast”.

  • Before and after photos are really easy to fake. There wasn’t much difference in the before and the after. But at least the people are happy.

  • Thank you so much… Keep smiling GIRL, your smile lights up the world.
    You are inspiring me to take off 30 lb I need to get rid of.
    When my husband got diagnosed at the age of 41 with multiple myeloma and there’s no cure. I was in shock because he was always so healthy and fit. I turn to food to cope with and numb the pain.
    I have learned we have choices to make in life but we’re not in control of many things we must take every day one day at a time and surrender our life to the Lord Jesus Christ.
    In return, he gives us total peace and hope in this life and the one to come with Jesus in the next.����
    If you get a chance watch “The Chosen” it’s free and you can watch it on your phone so powerful…

    ��Rebecca from Florida

  • Huge fan Ben, been employing loads of your techniques the last year or so and they’ve helped hugely with bringing my physique to the next level. Made it to internationals this year ����
    Any other bodybuilders out there who enjoy intensity aswel a scientific approach to training and nutrition you may enjoy my channel.