How Jennifer the Professional photographer Discovered an appreciation of Weight Training, Lost 20 Pounds, and Leveled up Her Existence


30-Minute Full-Body Strength-Training Workout With Weights

Video taken from the channel: POPSUGAR Fitness


Walk Off Fat Fast 20 Minute | Fat Burning Workout

Video taken from the channel: Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone


2 Mile Walk Workout | Walk at Home

Video taken from the channel: Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone


Very Sweaty Cardio HIIT Workout! No.72

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30-Minute HIIT Cardio Workout with Warm Up No Equipment at Home | SELF

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Tuesday | FAST Walking in 30 minutes | Fitness Videos

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2 Mile Walk | At Home Workouts

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2 Mile Walk from the 4 Mile Power Walk Workout!

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Low impact, high intensity intermediate home cardio workout

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Burn Body Fat 3 Mile | Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home

Video taken from the channel: Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone


30 Minute Workout | At Home Workouts

Video taken from the channel: Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone


Walk Off Fat Fast 20 Minute | Fat Burning Workout

Video taken from the channel: Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone


30-Minute HIIT Cardio Workout with Warm Up No Equipment at Home | SELF

Video taken from the channel: SELF


30 minute fat burning home workout for beginners. Achievable, low impact results.

Video taken from the channel: Body Project

That’s her! I’m honored that Jennifer has been a member of our 1-on-1 Online Coaching program since August, and has used our guidance to level up her life! While strength training and getting comfortable in the kitchen are important, the real success for Jennifer has been with her mindset.

Do you know how to run?

It’s a simple question, and probably something you might not even think about. After all, what’s so tough. Continue reading to discover how Eloise preserves her energy levels and makes the most out of every busy day

Tip 1: Sleep


p>In order to stay on top of her energy levels Eloise really values her sleep. She knows how vital it is to get enough sleep – especially with her gruelling training schedule. Previous Previous post: How Jennifer the Photographer Discovered a Love of Strength Training, Lost 20 Pounds, and Leveled up Her Life.

Next Next post: Another. Mike Harnois | Hi I am Mike Harnois,35 years old from New York,NY,USA, Working as a specializesd Doctor in Breast Diseases. How Jennifer the Photographer Discovered a Love of Strength Training, Lost 20 Pounds, and Leveled up Her Life.

By Steve Kamb • Last Update. After spending time with her and making a commitment to an intimate relationship, Matthew has grown more comfortable. Matthew’s behavior is consistent with a meta-analysis of studies on romantic love that found that: A. males show lower anxiety about romantic love than females.

B. females show higher avoidance of romantic love than males. In 2014, after Jennifer Taft’s weight climbed to over 300 pounds, she realized she wanted to live a healthier and happier life. This is the story of her weight-loss journey. Make functional strength training a part of your lifestyle, and you will experience noticeable results to how you look and feel. If you’re a woman who hasn’t tried strength training or aren’t getting the results you wanted from her workouts, now’s the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon, or rather, pick up the dumbbells. ***.

She wanted to be able to do amazing things with her body and figured that training to pick up super heavy weights was a good place to start. She now has competed in.

List of related literature:

More important, she gained the experience of working with her body rather than fighting it, knowing what it needed in terms of nutrition and exercise.

“Lose Weight Here: The Metabolic Secret to Target Stubborn Fat and Fix Your Problem Areas” by Jade Teta, Keoni Teta
from Lose Weight Here: The Metabolic Secret to Target Stubborn Fat and Fix Your Problem Areas
by Jade Teta, Keoni Teta
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2015

She credits The Program’s balance of fitness, mindfulness, nutrition, and goal setting for much of her success.

“Becoming Ageless: The Four Secrets To Looking and Feeling Younger Than Ever” by Strauss Zelnick
from Becoming Ageless: The Four Secrets To Looking and Feeling Younger Than Ever
by Strauss Zelnick
Galvanized Media, 2018

In a 2003 article in O magazine, she unveiled her workout, emphasizing the importance of health factors over those of physical appearance.

“The Oprah Phenomenon” by Jennifer Harris, Elwood Watson
from The Oprah Phenomenon
by Jennifer Harris, Elwood Watson
University Press of Kentucky, 2007

She found an online weight-loss program that she liked and started logging her meals and working out regularly.

“Spartan Up!: A Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Peak Performance in Life” by Joe De Sena
from Spartan Up!: A Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Peak Performance in Life
by Joe De Sena
HMH Books, 2014

According to her narrative, the very next day she met up with Bob Greene, the personal trainer who worked with her on a daily basis to lose weight, and who then became her coauthor for both the book and video.

“Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture” by Amy Erdman Farrell
from Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture
by Amy Erdman Farrell
NYU Press, 2011

In fact, Jennifer’s weight loss was very healthy and very real, and with all the ups and downs that are characteristic of real weight loss.

“Target 100: The World's Simplest Weight-Loss Program in 6 Easy Steps” by Liz Josefsberg, Jennifer Hudson
from Target 100: The World’s Simplest Weight-Loss Program in 6 Easy Steps
by Liz Josefsberg, Jennifer Hudson
BenBella Books, Incorporated, 2017

Jennifer went on to lose fifty pounds from the changes in her eating style, combined with her newfound physical activity.

“Intuitive Eating, 2nd Edition: A Revolutionary Program That Works” by Evelyn Tribole, M.S., R.D., Elyse Resch, M.S., R.D., F.A.D.A.
from Intuitive Eating, 2nd Edition: A Revolutionary Program That Works
by Evelyn Tribole, M.S., R.D., Elyse Resch, M.S., R.D., F.A.D.A.
St. Martin’s Publishing Group, 2007

She released an additional 100 pounds, and eventually, being mobile and active, as well as feeling good in her body each day, became her ongoing towards motivation.

“Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out” by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
from Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out
by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
Atria Books, 2011

She also replaced some of the photography that had been introduced by Vreeland with articles about fitness, health, and food.

“Vera Wang” by Anne M. Todd
from Vera Wang
by Anne M. Todd
Facts On File, Incorporated, 2007

Even so, her motivation and social support allowed her to make three workouts per week until she had finally lost 10 lbs.

“Applied Exercise Psychology: The Challenging Journey from Motivation to Adherence” by Selen Razon, Michael L. Sachs
from Applied Exercise Psychology: The Challenging Journey from Motivation to Adherence
by Selen Razon, Michael L. Sachs
Taylor & Francis, 2017

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • i was about to quit after 10 min but after watching those two guys dedication i did full 30 min. truly inspired me,,thank you so i fucked up my health.. used to play football in high school. but now doing 30 min cardio made me feel like an old man.

  • I love this because the other two arnt super fit so it makes me feel like I relate to them. That guy on the left is my size so I really feel encourage and inspired.

  • This is a very good workout. I started in late March this 2020. I lost 5 pounds in 2 months. I was surprised as I wasn’t planning on weight loss. At the end of July, my weight was a total loss of 10 pounds. I hope I don’t lose anymore. I am only 105 pounds at 155 cm in height. My aim was only to keep fit.

  • a couple years ago, i gained weight as a side effect of my depression and rapidly decreasing mental health. now, im ready to start working out and lose the fat. wish me luck, and cheers to everyone who’s on a similar journey as me.

  • I’m from India I love this work out nice but what we should eat can u tell me what eat and food eat after work out or before please answer thnku

  • Today I battled a bit,but I managed to keep up.I feel great after a workout.I am doing the fat burning soup diet and it gets rid of the ecxess water in your body. Thanks for this workouts,Leslie.

  • Honestly this 30 min took me 2 days to recovered. Screwed the moutain climbing because it was the hardest one and i literally dead while she said “ that’s a geat warm up “

  • How much do u make a week?
    Her: oh not much maybe like 10 grand a week
    WHAT THE what do u do I need to get that job.
    Her: Oh I walk

  • I have been doing the exercises for 2wks my coordinations are a bit slow but I keep going my family are so impressed with me but it is thanks to this fantastic team and the encouragement they give everyone. I am 72 so get up and give it a go for yourself

  • Figured I’d hop on the boat and share my experiences.

    I’m 5’2″ 205 lbs, trying to get down to my high school weight of 140

    Day 1: I literally thought I was going to die. I made it through the whole video but I think I pushed too hard. About 18 mins in my muscles started to buckle when I would do a move. Will take more breaks/make it easier on myself tomorrow. Hopped in a cold shower right after and it took almost 40 minutes for my heart to calm down.

  • i am 13 years old and over 200 and i started watching these videos the workout was harder than expected but i try my best to make it through i have been doing this for 2 days and its been hard staying motivated

  • Im sweating like crazy, maybe someone pours a bottle of water on me. Thaaanks definitely gonna save it and do it again and again. It match my pace, truly for beginners. ❤❤❤

  • Now I know Mr Daniel is at least 10x fitter than I am then why didn’t I break even a little sweat, and I see him all drenched? I bet I’m doing this all wrong.

  • appreciate your work Leslie thanks a lot I like walking every day with you I am glad about your work!! it helped me a lot to lose weight and to be happy every single day because of you Leslie you are so blessed my sis keep going my God bless and keep you, my love!!! awesome work!

  • I just did this workout 5 days this week (Monday thru Friday) and I lost 2.3 lbs!!! I started exercising with Leslie Sansone about 5 years ago and have drifted to other online fitness trainers but I always come back to her! The results are real and I’m closer to my goal to lose 20 lbs! Thank you, Leslie!

  • 4th time of doing this. Love how enjoyable and motivational he is throughout the workout. gonna keep updating my own comment and see if I can maintain.

  • Very good walking, I ‘ll do it again and again. Thank Leslie, i remember you more than 20 years ago; I like to do exercise with you. chao

  • I love Leslie’s videos, but this one is a mash-up of previous videos. When it switches to a clip from another workout I lose the sense continuity… the gradual speeding up and slowing down. Plus there’s three minutes left on the clock when it ends. I appreciate the videos Leslie has posted, and that they vary by length to fit your schedule. This one just isn’t for me.

  • Dear Lesley, You are amazing, I walk with you everyday and I hope I will lose my pandemi kilos.But I really enjoy when I work with you.Take care and be healty in these anormal days.Thank you so much from Turkie.

  • Dear Leslie, I have fallen in love with this walk and I am so happy about it.i find you in this quarantine and never going to to leave you. I am updating my progress about weight loss
    28/7/2020 81kg
    4/8/2020. 79.5 kg
    9/8/2020. 78.3 kg
    12/8/2020. 77.5 kg
    15/8/2020. 77.0 kg
    And will update more…

  • A much tougher workout than it may seem at first. Thanks to the corona situation and intense summer heat (too hot to run outside), my exercise this year has been in fits and spurts. I finished the whole workout on day one with a few little pauses in the second half. The second half was hard going. Felt good afterward. I thought I’d have another go the next day but only got through to 17 mins. Felt a bit light-headed and drained, so I just quit it for the day there and then. Gotta remember that getting back on the fitness wagon takes time. Probably a better idea to do it every other day. You only reap the benefits of exercise if you give your body appropriate time to recover, then you can climb back into it. Looking forward to giving this workout another crack soon.

  • I did this video! I did 18 min of it, didnt finish cause I knew I still needed to go walking for the evening. This is definitely a video I will come back to. Like do this in the morning and do my walk in the evening. Got my heart rate up quickly. Ps I’m over 300 lbs, so if i can do this video, anyone can… Ive lost 20 lbs in the last 6 weeks.

  • I felt great when I do this for the first time my body ached but I still continue it now it’s already a week almost and I didn’t feel the any body ache just sweating a lot thanks for this..

  • I absolutely love your walking videos! I have been walking twice a day for the last month and a half and with my diet have lost 17 pounds!!! Big fan!!!

  • What kills me is she doesn’t lose weight. Her hips and thighs have always been the same size since i can remember lol this routine doesn’t make you sweat, so do yourself a favor and actually go out and walk. This is bull!!!

  • I just started doing this along with a friend: we make a zoom meeting on one device, and turn on the video at our own homes on a different device. We turn off our Zoom audio and video and do Leslie’s walk simultaneously in our own homes… then turn on the zoom audio/video for a visit after exercising! IT’s fantastic!!!!

  • I’m a 39 year old weighing 20 stone. I have a lot of muscle mass but I’m very over weight. Tho I am active on a day to day basis this work out took it out of me. I pushed through the whole thing but Mann did I feel it the next day. Great work out and will be continuing with it. Thank you

  • I had to pause at 22:09 because i felt like I was going to pass out I waited and wasn’t as energetic as i was at the beginning, does it still count? I was shaking at the end but i finished not as strong though ��

  • The first time I did this video I only made it 19 minutes. Then the next time I finished off where I left. I also have been going on a mile walk 3 times a week. Went back to try it again from the beginning and I made it all the way through! When it came to the knee exercises I stopped and did the March when there were 10 left because my knees are kinda weak. But with time I will get there!

  • Omg!! Thank you so much! After so long time without doing ANYTHING this was perfect to get that motivation to push tru those hardest first weeks of workout, when your body i fighting against you.
    Great work guys, keep going. I Loved this ������������

  • Boa noite sou brasileira tenho 45 anos alguém pode me responder esses exercícios são bom para toda parte do corpo faz perde peso barriga? Eu estou amando tudo que estou fazendo aqui obrigada beijos

  • Hi.., I just want to share how to get flat stomach in just few days with this simple way ->
    I’ve done it and it worked.
    I think you can succeed too…
    Thank you and have a nice day…

  • I’ve been doing this 2-3 times a week for almost a month and finally was able to do the first round without modifications!! Small thing, but it’s so nice to see all the work pay off.

  • Hi Leslie i m ur big fan from Asia & i also exercise daily through ur videos at home but i wanna tell u that i have 94 kg weight & 5′.9″ height than what should it be after ur exercises & what kind of exercises & diet plan will help me out in this case.
    Plz comment me soon.
    Azam from pakistan

  • I’m on a journey to be more healthy and I came across this video. I’m 300+ lbs and I only made it to 17:26 before I had to stop. But my goal is to keep doing it until I complete it with little no breaks. I’m proud of myself considering I haven’t really worked out in over a year. It’s made me realize it’s the small things, but yeah! Don’t be discouraged if you can’t do it all your first time. It’s okay! We’ve got this babes!!

  • I love you mam and thanku for helping lots of people like me in reducing their weight and making their lives happier and healthifr

  • So yesterday I started with this exercise after having not exercise for 2 years I could only handle it for 10 minutes I felt like I was gonna die literally my heart pumped so fast that I thought I was gonna have a cardiac arrest my whole day yesterday my chest was just heavy.

    Day 2(Aug 19th)
    I contemplated for 10 minutes straight on whether or not I should wake up and try again but I decided to wake up and today I was able to push through the whole exercise it was tough but I pushed through the pain.

  • So… I omg… I’m 55 years young.. wow I don’t feel it just happened last week my weight makes me feel the age but my mind and my work keeps me very young.. feel like 45.. and omg menopause is really taking a toll and that’s why I have gained it the last 5 years have been hell on my body… I am going to start this workout tomorrow morning and do it every day and will update.. I want to be healthy and have that body I had at 45… long and lean.. 1 day at a time… sweet Jesus.. God bless to all of you and congrats on the progress you are making to a healthier you.. be safe out there ����

  • I started this today and I love how encouraging this guy is! Going to try working out to this 3 times a week until I have it memorized ������

  • Hi Leslie
    Today was my first day. And I really felt so could after doing this 2 mile walk. Will continue as I am targeting to loose weight like about 15 kg. I generally do walking n jog for an hour in the park. As I live in UAE it’s kind too hot now. So I got ur videos from a friend. Thank you so much for this helpful videos for the society. Stay blessed. Much love ��������

  • Merhaba.. İki aydır düzenli uyguluyorum leslie egzersizlerini.. Çok ciddi sonuçlar alıyorum. 2020 sonuna kadar da devam edeceğim.. İstediğim vücuda sahip olduğum zaman aralıklı programlar halinde gün aşırı bu spora devam edeceğim… Tank yok Leslie ��

  • Doing this with my inhaler is awesome. I used to have to stop the video after 5-8 minutes, and right now I’m at almost 20 min, and I’ve still got more energy left in me.

  • I am from India and luckily while browsing through various workouts I found Leslie’s video. And since that there’s no turning back.
    Doing walk each day is like my daily ritual.
    It’s beautiful form of workout and guess what with these walks and little conscious eating, I have lost 5 kgs in 3-4 weeks.
    Thank you from my heart. Love ♥️

  • This is an amazing video, We tracked down an article about Strength Training Workouts That Help You Get In Shape Fast let’s checkout

  • Honestly this 30 min took me 2 days to recovered. Screwed the moutain climbing because it was the hardest one and i literally dead while she said “ that’s a geat warm up “

  • Ok I’ve been doing insanity for the last 5 weeks and its taking its toll on my knees. Thought i would take a break and do something low impact and not as hard….oh my god hahah this was insane!! With insanity i burn around 500 calories…this got me to 400. Great workout thank you

  • omg! so good.. was missing my gym so much.. why am i just discovering working out online can actually make u break a sweat.. @quarantine life great video ladies. thank u!

  • I started doing this workout 2 days ago. On my first day I only managed to do 15 minutes with 2 breaks in between. On my second day i did 20 minutes, again with 2 breaks in between and TODAY I did the whole workout with 1 break! I nearly started crying out of joy at the end of it �� it was so hard to continue but I did it ��❤️ and if I can then so can anybody else.

  • Thank you Dan and the Body Project Team, Alex and Tash….

    Under normal circumstances I would shy away from a Male lead work out as I am intimidated by the trainers. Dan is a little but his motivational words and his reassurance that we can go our own pace etc is great.

    I have, managed for keep up all the way through (although only recently) I just slow towards the end.

    I come back every day to this or another video and give it what I have.

    Thank you team body Project

  • I’m 26 years old and I’m obese and pre-diabetic. I’ve been on a diet for a while now and decided to start exercising. I lost weight and I’m nearly out of obesity.

  • Doing this while camping and its still dark outside, and hubby is sleeping. I like to keep up on my workouts even while on vacation!

  • OK. That was intense! Great, doable workout but boy you will sweat. Thank you. I just subscribed to your channel and look forward to more fabulous workouts.

  • Been doing these for years, they really work. Went down from over 200lbs to around 160lbs in just a few months. It really starts getting effective when you throw in some dumbbells and leg weights!

  • I found my first Leslie Sansone Walking videos at BJ’s Warehouse when DVDS were widely available in clubs several years ago. I got lazy and stopped using them for a couple of years. When the pandemic and lockdown began in NYC back in March 2020, I decided that now was an ideal time to use Leslie’s videos once again. I haven’t stopped since and am feeling/looking better than I have in quite some time. Was equally blown away to discover her Walks on YouTube. Now I can even do my workouts when traveling via iPhone; no more plausible excuses to miss any workouts. Leslie, you look FABULOUS for 59! ��������������‍♀️ Thank you!

  • Thank you thank you for the walking videos. I’m recovering from COVID. Going on 3 wks… started off slow for cardio. God bless you Leslie we love you. To strength, healthy living…”walk walk walk ����‍♀️��������������

  • Thank you Leslie and Team. I got it in today. Your videos are a tremendous blessing to me and others. For about a year and a half I did little to no exercise. I’m back and will continue on. Yay!

  • Thank you Leslie i have gained aloot weight in this lockdown nd its helping me loosing weight, its just an amazing thing i found on YouTube…

  • Thanks a million for such a great work out first Time watching yesterday and I could not miss it today at the end thanks for encouraging words my doctor told me I have to loose weight because of diabetes so he said it can reverse if I exercise and eat right, so I am going to follow your teaching keep up the good work thanks again.

  • I have lots of limitations with spine compression issues so no jumping or jarring. These are great after my strength training therapy. Thank you both. Well done.

  • As a PT myself I love watching other instructors on u tube. This lady is motivating and looks good. Great routine, her instruction is tip top.

  • My first time and I’m dying doing this…omg!! But I’m doing what I can!! Doing my best!! Love his motivation…15 mins I was done! �� But not dead… lezzzzgooooo!!

  • So dumb question….but I’ve done this for last 3 days, love it by the way, and then I will do some form of cardio for at least an hour, such as jogging, biking or walking….. my question is should I be doing more or pairing this workout with another of their workout?

    I really want to do my best and I just want to make sure I’m doing it correctly!!����������

    Thanks for your time! Hope everyone is staying safe during this time!��❤

  • That was amazing!!! Never thought I could complete it… and I’m on the very obese side… I feel so good after doing this ☺ Thank you ❤

  • There is no way that lady was 80! She looks great!!! When people say I don’t look my age (45), I tell them it’s JESUS and good genes! ☝����✝️

  • This is an amazing video, We tracked down an article about Strength Training Workouts That Help You Get In Shape Fast let’s checkout

  • Thanks so much help to make strength strong active daily life and keep fits body most loss weight 5 kg in 5 months good health and relax mind make calm down thanks you so much.We will wait to watch more and more. Praise Lord Jesus Christ Amen to all our brothers and sisters in Christ ������

  • Leslie love you so much. I discovered your fitness YouTube on 23 June 20. For almost 3 weeks work up, I can see the different on my body. From lazy doing exercise to looking forward everyday work up with you. Love you sister, from Singapore ����

  • I like to use these 20-to-30 minute walking videos as a warm-up before my workouts and on rest days. They aren’t an actual workout (my HR never exceeded 115), but they are a fun way to warm up the body. Thank you.

  • I’m not gonna lie, I was intimidated when I first came up on this video. I saw the time of the video and the weights sitting there and in my mind i was like “there’s no way”. But something in me said ” just try it”. So I got my 5 lb weights and started the video. I was surprised that I was able to complete the entire thing!!! I started doing Yoga 4 weeks ago and I love it. But this is now my new and main workout! The way the workouts were split up and their energy was perfect! Can’t wait to see results 4 weeks after of doing this! Thank you <3

  • Love these thank you. We did them in hospital together recently as well! If not having much time doing in jeans and substitute knee lifts for double side steps ����

  • Wow, LOVED this workout. Thanks for including a warm up & cool down. Such fun and boy did my heart rate go up!
    Sending love from Uk, more please x

  • I loved this workout! It was challenging but do-able. I’m easing back into strength training and have areas I want to target. This workout covered most of them. Great energy too! ��

  • Loved this workout! Perfect mix of strength and cardio. The instructor is beautiful and has a radiant personality. I wished the woman on the left was quiet. Despite her constant interruptions, this was a great workout!

  • the exercises are great but your laughing and shouting are too distractive so I didn’t want to continue after only 4 min in. I understand you can’t please everyone.

  • I m from Brasil! ���� I do the 30 minute classes from Tuesday to Friday! It is excellent for my health mainly. Sleep apnea is gone! Gratitude always

  • Thanks Leslie. My self Madhuri Chavan From Mumbai India. Your work out help me lot in this Lock down time. I’m a regular gym person. Your work out keep me fresh and it also helped me to maintain my self. Thanks dear.

  • I wish you could rate the individual walking workouts by intensity or calorie burn. Time is good but if I’m choosing between 2 30 minute ones, which is more intense?

  • Love this work out Leslie you are the best! I’m trying to lose some pounds for the lockdown and came across this, it has given me more energy, feeling absolutely great
    Thank you ����

  • I am 8 months preggo and I love your workouts Leslie! It’s too hot to walk outside here in Texas, so I enjoy doing this at home. Thanks!

  • Im 13 and I have gained a little extra weight dew to quarantine so I’m going to do this every day until school to get back in shape