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How Often to Work Out Your Abs? (ULTIMATE AB QUESTION!)

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Do This Exercise EVERY DAY for Gains! (Skinny Guys)

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How Many Days A Week Should You Workout? (FASTER GAINS!)

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Workout Plan for Skinny Guys / Hardgainers (THIS BUILDS MUSCLE!)

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The Best Science-Based Workout Split To Maximize Growth (CHOOSE WISELY!)

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The Best Workout Split for MAXIMUM Muscle Gains

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If you really want to see results reflected on the scale and continue to make progress over time, you need to commit to working out at least four to five days per week. That said, it is better to work out once a week than no workout at all. Better yet, set a workout schedule every other day or four times a week. Whether you work out only once or four times a week, the keyword here is consistency. Not working out every day gives your body more time to recover and heal.

If you want to work out five days per week and are working on both strength and cardiovascular fitness, try three days of strength training, two days of cardio, and two days of active rest. That means, AT THE VERY MOST, you should be exercising 6 times per week total (and again, this includes weight training, cardio, and any other form of exercise). I’m setting this rule because I am pretty confident that there is no one reading this that needs to be or. Scientists found that you need to train each muscle group twice a week for maximum results. Analysing 10 studies comparing muscle gain in people training muscles once, twice or three times weekly.

Instead, focus on a healthy diet and exercise routine that works out your entire body. In addition to strength training twice a week, aim to do at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity activity weekly, such as walking. You can also do 75 to 150 minutes of more vigorous activity, such as running or circuit training.

The minimum recommendation for exercise is at least 150 minutes per week. However, it is important to start slowly and let your body rest from time to. Ensuring that joints and muscles are moving comfortably can avoid injury, and getting muscles warm before exercise leaves one less susceptible to strains. Weight training should be performed twice per week, in sessions lasting between 20 and 45 minutes. In addition, the same moderate level of intensity should be sought after.

Duration should be between 30 minutes to an hour. However I suggest trying to aim for 30 minutes which would increase the intensity and also result in a move effective workout since testosterone levels slope off at around 30 minutes. More specifically, I’d recommend keeping the primary compound exercises the same for a minimum of 12 weeks, the secondary compound exercises for a minimum of 6 weeks, and the isolation exercises for a minimum of 3 weeks.

Please note the emphasis on the word “ minimum.” The exercises absolutely DO NOT have to be changed this often.

List of related literature:

What’s important is to get started and build it into a routine once weekly, then twice weekly—up to as frequently as five times a week.

“Preventing Ministry Failure: A ShepherdCare Guide for Pastors, Ministers and Other Caregivers” by Michael Todd Wilson, Brad Hoffmann
from Preventing Ministry Failure: A ShepherdCare Guide for Pastors, Ministers and Other Caregivers
by Michael Todd Wilson, Brad Hoffmann
InterVarsity Press, 2013

If you exercise three times per week, you would exercise Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday.

“The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook: A Scientific Approach to Crash Dieting” by Lyle McDonald
from The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook: A Scientific Approach to Crash Dieting
by Lyle McDonald
Lyle McDonald, 2005

You should aim to complete two or three strength workouts a week, leaving a full day between them, and I recommend alternating the two full-body routines.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
from The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.
by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
VeloPress, 2017

Based on the previous discussion, to reap both the high-fitness and health-fitness benefits of exercise, a person should exercise a minimum of three times per week in the appropriate target zone for high fitness maintenance and three or four additional times per week in moderate-intensity activities (see Figure 6.8).

“Principles and Labs for Physical Fitness” by Wener Hoeger, Sharon Hoeger
from Principles and Labs for Physical Fitness
by Wener Hoeger, Sharon Hoeger
Cengage Learning, 2007

If even two times a week is tough, start out with a goal of once a week and build from there.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
from Weight Training For Dummies
by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
Wiley, 2011

Use the same poundage for one week of three sessions or at least three workouts, If you are training three days a week, make them alternate days with a rest between, not three in a row and then a lay-off.

“Running to the Top” by Arthur Lydiard, Garth Gilmour
from Running to the Top
by Arthur Lydiard, Garth Gilmour
Meyer & Meyer, 1997

For example, if you already work out 3 days a week, bump it up to 4.

“The One One One Diet: The Simple 1:1:1 Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss” by Rania Batayneh, Eve Adamson
from The One One One Diet: The Simple 1:1:1 Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss
by Rania Batayneh, Eve Adamson
Rodale Books, 2013

The ideal target to aim for when you start out is three days a week, with the other days of the week being rest days to allow your muscles to recover (and grow), while maybe doing some gentle stuff like walking (see the section on NEAT here for more on this).

“The Rob Lipsett Game Plan: Transform Your Body with My 3 Point Mindset, Nutrition and Training Plan” by Rob Lipsett
from The Rob Lipsett Game Plan: Transform Your Body with My 3 Point Mindset, Nutrition and Training Plan
by Rob Lipsett
Penguin Books Limited, 2019

least 30 minutes for at least 5 days a week) or 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise (at least 25 minutes for at least 3 days a week), combined with moderate to high-intensity muscle strengthening-activity at least 2 days per week.

“The A-Z of the PhD Trajectory: A Practical Guide for a Successful Journey” by Eva O. L. Lantsoght
from The A-Z of the PhD Trajectory: A Practical Guide for a Successful Journey
by Eva O. L. Lantsoght
Springer International Publishing, 2018

With a MondayWednesday-Friday schedule, you would do workout 1 on Monday, workout 2 on Wednesday, workout 3 on Friday, workout 4 on the following Monday, and then repeat the cycle.

“Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle: Transform Your Body Forever Using the Secrets of the Leanest People in the World” by Tom Venuto
from Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle: Transform Your Body Forever Using the Secrets of the Leanest People in the World
by Tom Venuto
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2013

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  • Bro splits are boring as shit and just didn’t make sense to me. Full body looks and feels so much better and you feel in more proportion ��

  • If you aren’t getting the results you want in the gym here are some tips that might help.

    1. Food is always better than supplements

    2. Sugar is the worst and includes white bread/simple carbohydrates

    3. Form over weight any day of the week.

    4.For a natural bodybuilder the progressive overload theory is king Which basically means more weight or more volume on a consistent basis= gains

    5. If you aren’t getting stronger check your diet, check your sleep, or check your regimen. Slow and steady wins the race and persistence is king

    6. Write out your workout plans for the week at the beginning of the week or stick to a written schedule. Your volume or chosen lifts may change but you are committing yourself to that workout when you write it down.

    7.Plan your workout time at least the day before so you don’t run out of time

    8. Figure out ways to motivate

    9. If you buy supplements, research them make sure they’re quality

    10. What works for me won’t always work for you. Adjust your training according to your needs and your body

    Finally I would take a look at this plan. It has helped a lot of people

  • Great video. I was kinda just working out randomly, with emphasis on my back. To have an actual routine is really gonna make my workouts much better.

  • Although Im a Dorian Yates fan, I cant tolerate much weight. Thus, I make more gains in strength and hypertrophy when I do some more volume.

  • hey can anybody tell me if my workout routine is fine i do chest core and back exercise one day and the other day is for biceps triceps shoulder and legs i follow this alternatively evry other day im a beginner so dont know much

  • Monday: PUSH Chest/Shoulders/Biceps
    Tuesday: PULL Back/Traps
    Wednesday: LEG DAY
    Thursday: PUSH Chest/Shoulders/Biceps
    Friday: PULL Back/Traps
    Saturday: LEG DAY
    Sunday: Rest Time
    Abs: Everyday except Sunday

    What i like to do is to schedule the same muscle parts in a different day but also in a different exercises.

  • I’m a track athlete and I recently heard bro splits (didn’t know they were called that before) were vastly inferior to full body and push/pull routines, so I came here and you really helped me realize that there more to it.
    My week goes like this:
    Legs/lower body
    Legs/lower body
    It turned me from a skinny athlete with no muscle to a very well rounded athlete in one summer, so I like to stick with it while also improving exercise choices and reps as I gain more experience. My coach gave us the split as a summer workout routine btw that’s why I hold so much credence to it. Is there anything I can do better?

  • Monday Biceps/triceps
    Tuesday rest
    Wednesday chest
    Thursday legs (sometimes)
    Friday biceps/triceps
    Saturday shoulders
    Sunday rest

    This is my legitimate split ��

  • I am wondering how it is for people who just came back from a longer Training-pause. I would have called myself advanced about 2 years ago and now I started again after 2 years pause. After 4 Weeks of Fullbody Workout, I now started to follow my regular Upper/Lower Split (4x/w). Is this too early or should I keep following my advanced plan, since I am already familiar with the routines I do?

  • the #1 driving force behind muscle growth is intensity, not volume…i can curl a gallon of milk for a thousand reps and 400 sets and won’t get any growth…but i can do 1 set to failure for 15 reps and stimulate maximum muscle growth….many people should read about how dorian yates trained. people still think volume is what gets you big…when it’s not…it has it’s place…but the driving force is intensity…how hard you push yourself. taking a set to failure. now sure, if you stop well short of failure and don’t train very hard, you will need to do alot more sets and train more often, to make up for the lack of intensity.

  • This split has been working well for me, 90* days of workout sessions then 2 weeks completely off, restart with two weeks maintenance sessions, then resume schedule below:

    Mon: Legs (Body weight exercises + optional jog / jump rope for 15 minutes) + Abs (intensity < 6 Light Volume / Maintenance Session )
    Tue: Chest / Delts / Biceps (Intensity 7+ target for Growth Session)
    Wed: Legs (Weighted exercises Intensity 7+ Growth Session) + Abs
    Thursday: Back / Triceps (Intensity < 6 Maintenance Session)
    Friday: Legs (Body weight exercises + option jog / jump rope for 15 minutes) + Abs (intensity < 6 Light Volume / Maintenance Session )
    Sat: Chest / Delts / Biceps (intensity < 6 Light Volume / Maintenance Session )
    Sun: Back / Triceps (Intensity 7+ Growth Session)

    *Can be less than 90 due to injury or sickness, etc…

  • Jeff, as someone that has been in the fitness scene for 2 years and is studying nutrition, you really are confusing and this video will only discourage a begginer trying to make a change. I know you mean well and you are very credible but these videos will only get more confusion than answers.

  • Me: Huh! Fitness ain’t that hard pfft

    Jeremy: One of the biggest decisions you can make in life when starting in the gym is to choose between these splits.

    Me: hmm maybe It’s a littl

    Jeremy: Choose wisely!

    ME:… Don’t put too much pressure on m

    Jeremy: CHOOSE WISELY!!

    ME: Looking at him while being teared up o-ok

  • Basically from what I interpreted, what he meant is that, train in a proactive manner, not following the same workouts every single day and week. Switch your workouts up, if you see your physique leading in a certain manner but lacking in somewhere else, patch it up with supplementary workouts towards the lacking.

  • Can someone eloborate on this please, how does an push, pull leg split classify as higher frequency as a bro split as all your doing is splitting a workout in a bro split into 2 seperate workouts as seen at 2:35, thanks?

  • He’s right. That’s why I don’t Planet Fitness and the lunk alert bs. This monstrous guys are some of the nicest people there and will give advice and encourage you like no one else. The few assholes are rare.

  • I’ve always been taught exercising muscles twice a week is best for muscle growth. Jeff often talks about how the bro split has issues but if I do all of his perfect workouts in a week, it would have to be a bro split as I don’t have the time to do each perfect workout twice in a week and still hit all muscle groups. Any advice?

  • Still love my 2 on 1 off not weekly based. Half body day 1, other half day 2. Day off 3. Start over. Your body doesn’t care if its Monday or Thursday so why limit based on a 7 day cycle? Works for some, I have a loose schedule so can train anytime:)

  • it means you can do any type of program just make sure you’re not overdoin it. its a common sense. if your frequency is high, lower the volume and the other way around. this is just a guide. the true answer is “experimenting”.

    old and new bodybuilding competition with or without steroids. or the time steroids didnt exist yet. theres a lot of bodybuilder joining, different races. different genes.
    my question is

    Dont you think all that Bodybuilder uses the same program when going up the stage? lol.
    its how your body react. listen to your body.

  • I do 2x(chest+biceps+legs one day rest and then back+triceps+shoulder). (abs every end of workout). I’ve been told to switch between biceps and triceps but when i workout my back my biceps work a lot due to me having long hands. (I do try to stimmulate my biceps a little when I train my back).
    I do 3 exersices that contain 3 sets with 10 reps(I do get myself to fail everytime) per muscle. should I change something about my workout?
    and another thing is why do I not get the burn I get when I train legs? when i train other muscles just get tired and Can’t do another rep but I don’t feel the burn(I only feel that way with legs) like I should feel atleast a little burn right? and another weird thing is I used to be so sore that I couldn’t even shampoo my hair after a workout but now by the time i get home I’m fine; what’s up with that? do i just recover faster now? or do i do something wrong?

  • DAY 1 Chest / Tri
    DAY 2 Leg / Shoulders
    DAY 3 Back / Bi
    Repeat the same order for 4,5,6 rest on 7. I usually hit some abs at the end and hit some sort of cardio at least 3 times a week. I prefer sprints over jogging because I get better results.
    This seems to be the best method for me as a smaller framed hard gainer. I have put on the most amount of muscle while keeping lean using this split. Would like to know Jeffs thoughts about this style of split?

  • Mon: Chest

    How is my schedule i just started gym im doing maximum gain in 1 day at 1 time.
    Chest would be the push tension same as triceps and shoulder
    Pull tension would be biceps,back and shoulder aswell

    Please tell me if i do wrong in my schedule help me outt thxx

  • Been doing Push pull legs split but haven’t changed much. Will be trying a more modified split like the one at the top of Jeff’s screen.

  • I don’t understand; in a country where everyone is trying to lose weight, if someone is blessed to be able to say “the more I eat, the thinner I stay”, then I don’t see a problem, lol.

  • I like what your saying. Been a trainer for 20 years…in 2021. Am now working with a niche…50 plus. Put out some of the information you can for that community. Thanks.

  • Normally i do total body. But i feel im letting a couple muscles out. For example, the perfect total body workout barely works triceps/biceps. So i think i could change to split, but i dont know to do a good split workout. A video about it would be awesome

  • Hey I was wondering how long it would take to get good results. I am 15 yrs and I am around 6ft but I only weigh 125 so I am looking for good ways gain muscle and weight. Any suggestions?

  • I don’t know why this guy is famous. He always talks way too long and doesn’t tell u exactly whats the best thing to do. He just goes on and on about talking about the whole world.

  • You are just great man! I understood very clearly what you meant. I will take your advice and try a TB program next week. I have to finish the 3-split for this week:)

  • Hi Jeff. I already workout with “push pull legs” routine. But it really makes my job and way hard to put on size some muscle. Recently I realized that what is the reason. Reason why is,when I do, let’s say push workout on Monday,then until the next push workout passes almost six days if I do it once every of them in a week. So in this case it is overtime that passes on recommended recovery time… What you could say about it please? Maybe it is better to workout full or upper and lower split?

  • Always love the advice.. interesting splits. At 55 for me if I max a major muscle group say chest, with 4-5 different exercises 16-20 sets, always my best effort for the energy level I have, I usually only do 1 secondary muscle group. Say triceps, then day 2 same for other major and minor groups. Seeing what your talking about, gave me some good ideas on the push, pull concept and hopefully can add a third muscle group. Of course I could be totally wrong to begin with.. keep learning and trying

  • I can only get to the gym Mon-Friday. So for a beginner would “Monday Push, Tuesday Pull, Wednesday Legs, ThursdayPush, Friday Legs and then the next week switch Thursday to pull and then continue to switch the Thursday?

  • My workout split is:
    Sunday: Chest, triceps, and abs
    Monday:Back and biceps, abs
    Tuesday:Legs and shoulders,abs
    Wednesday: Chest, triceps and abs
    Thursday: Back, Biceps and abs
    Friday: Legs and shoulders
    Saturday: Rest
    Then the cycle repeats.

    Overall, I‘ve gained significant muscles with this split. I know it may seem intimidating with abs 5x a week. But as jeff said, you don‘t have to exercise abs for a long period of time, you just have to do it consistently.

  • My experience as a beginner to lifting within a span of 8 months, I used the push/pull method. Im 5’8 and starting weight was 185, now at 170 with no sign of going down (or up). Starting off I struggled to bench press 85lb, Squat 85 lb and deadlift 85fucking pounds. With a combination of running and 100 push ups every single day. I am bench pressing 155lb and incline bench press is 135lb. Dead lift max is 315 while I’m repping 225 easy. I maxed out on squats prequarantine at 225 however now I’m back to repping 185. I take Creatine HCL + preworkout and protein powder with a shit load of spinach added every time. This has worked for me and I’m seeing improvements each and every day. I am here back at this post to say that it works because I can finally physically see veins coming from my arms and I couldn’t be any more ecstatic.

  • Your videos has always helped me improve specific areas of my athletic journey and I appreciate this split programs. It’s shed some light on the key missing factor of my training which is REST. Thank you!

  • As someone with not a lot of free time because of work and study, i always did:
    DAY 1: Chess + abs + biceps
    DAY 2: Legs + abs + shoulders
    DAY 3: Back + abs + triceps

    I went from 64Kgs to 79Kgs (with 1,80mts of height), so i guess it really depends from person to person

  • Using Jeff’s “Perfect Workout” series, I’ve been doing this sequence for the last few weeks. Seems to be working:

    1. Legs & Abs
    2. Chest
    3. Back & Abs
    4. Triceps
    5. Biceps & Abs
    6. Shoulders
    7. Off or Forearms & Abs

    If you don’t care about weekly rotation, you can repeat legs on day 5 and make it an 8-day cycle. I may do that in the near future.

    I thought about swapping Triceps and Shoulders but the idea of doing cheat lateral raises a day after a shrug ladder made me change my mind.

  • Jeff, i love you man, but for the love of God just tell me what to do each day and which exercises to do on each day, i will be very happy if u do that❤

  • What workout split do you use and why? Comment below! Hope you all enjoyed this one – don’t forget to give me a follow on Instagram ( ) to stay updated with more content. Cheers!

  • Can you please mention the workout to be done in bro splits the one which you did i dont wanna do other fake exercises ur ones are real exercises which are effective ❤️

  • Dear Jeremy,

    What if I perform
    Day 1 x2 biceps, x2 triceps, x2 leg, x2 abs exercise
    Day 2 x2 back, x2 chest, x2 shoulder, x1 leg exercise

    Day 4 x2 biceps, x2 triceps, x2 leg, x2 abs exercise
    Day 5 x2 back, x2 chest, x2 shoulder, x1 leg exercise

  • My two cents:
    Former semi-pro athlete. Been doing bro split for awhile and think it is overall better for multiple reasons:
    1. Train harder longer on specific groups. Push pull, your shoulders won’t get the same workout because you will be tired from all the chest before. Full body, same reason, your intensity will drop off for the later-in-the-session lifts. Bro split allows higher intensity and the opportunity to increase weight on specific movements, providing a better result on specific areas. My split is:
    Chest and tri’s (cuz the tri’s already getting hit); back and bi’s (same reason); shoulders and abs; legs. Yes I only hit one area per week, but it gets hit hard and with more intensity and less time in the gym. I finish in 45 minutes as opposed to push pull or full body requiring at least an hour. Not to mention all the newbs, pro body builders, and gym rats taking up the areas and machines for waaaay too long. My workouts are quick and intense.

    2. Can’t agree more with peeps on here saying vary your routine. Your body will adapt so need to change the exercises every 2-3 months. This may be controversial, and definitely not for beginners and only if you have built a strong base, but it’s also good to “lift with bad form” every once and awhile. What I mean is, if you always do the same motion, your support muscles won’t grow. Ever see those machine guys or same-every-time guys who pull something or tear something when they slip? I will flay my arms on bench or completely throw my elbows to the side during curls just to shock those “accident” muscles. One big disclaimer…ONLY ATTEMPT THIS WITH EXTREMELY LOW WEIGHT!!!

    3. The biggest change for me was changing one thing. Never do cardio same day as lifting. Completely altered my body and energy levels. Many schools of thought here, but one workout will always suffer if you do cardio before workout, lifting will be less energetic. Lift before cardio, you are missing gain, recovery, and eating t8me your fresh lifting session needs. I’m never tired and have high intensity workouts. So I alternate: Monday chest, tues cardio, wed back, thurs-cardio, fri -shoulder/abs, sat cardio, sun leg, etc and repeat.

    4. Most important of all is resting and eating schedules. Listen to your body. If you are tired or sore, skip a day. Always eat 30 min before workout and immediately after lifts. Won’t get into nutrition as that’s a whole other argument, but generally chicken, veggies, brown rice, fruit, nuts, and lots of water. Less vitamins and supplements (you’ll get those from the food).

    I’m 45, 6’1 195 with 9% body fat. Work out with college football players and some pro baseball players. We are all on the same program pretty much with excellent results. Never too tired to lift, plenty of free time away from the gym, and very healthy.

  • As a beginner doing full body I can really attest to full body making workouts seem easier. After a couple of weeks alot of the resistance started to fade.

  • I feel like doing a split like this

    M: Push
    T: Pull
    W: Legs
    Th: Push
    F: Pull
    S: Legs
    Sunday: Push
    Monday: Pull
    Tuesday: Legs
    Thursday: Pull
    Friday: Legs
    Saturday: Push
    Sunday: Pull
    Monday: Legs
    Tuesday: Push
    Wednesday: Pull
    Thursday: Legs
    Friday: Push
    Saturday: Pull
    Sunday: Legs
    Monday: Push

    And again

  • If you are a pussy (which most of you are), training multiple times a week is best. If you are a warrior, who can actually push yourself hard as fuck and digg, training once a week works great.

  • im a beginner and i still prefer split. Doing full body is too tiring you wont be able to finish it! Especially for a skinny guy like me i dont wanna burn anymore calories.

  • Want to win an ATHLEAN-X program for free, no strings attached? Click the link below to find out how!

  • Really appreciable bro, i had experience of U/L Splits and it really gives u higher strength + muscle growth as compared to bro split, again starting the U/L Splits after a long break, hope i get my gains to max again!!

  • So 7 days a week, stretch your abs, don’t look for hypertrophy, but look for consistency and strong contractions. And a CLEAN diet!

  • I’m doing
    monday:all upper body from waist up
    Tuesday:core and legs
    Thursday:full upper body again
    Friday:core and skip legs if still to sore if not legs again
    If anyone is knowledgeable on fitness tell me if this is a good split mind you i do calisthenics so this is all body weight exercises

  • How about, Mon chest & triceps, Tue back & biceps, Wed shoulders & legs, one day break, and again three days same, one day break, and so on? ABS are optional, anytime
    Btw, I am completely new in gym.

  • Bro this is what I hate everyone is always tryna sell you something like bruh no one can just show a free workout plan to gain muscle

  • Not sure if you can answer this, but I’ll love if someone actually helped me. I’m from Mexico and started doing some workout because of Covid, it’s been working to lose weight and all, but I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing to build a little muscle, my routine is:
    M: Chest and Biceps
    T: Legs and shoulders
    W: Back and triceps
    Th: Chest and Biceps
    F: Legs
    and shoulders
    S: Back and triceps

    Not sure where to put the abs and in there, and I do 20ish min of Cardio daily, I try to do between 5-4 exercises of reps until failure for 4 sets each, but not sure if I’m doing something wrong, or should change something.

  • I did 6 years bro split as a beginner naturel, did 2 years upper/lower, went back to split due better results. For beginners a upper/lower could be better but for definition and legging muscles you really need high volume bro splits. You can do splits that you i hit every muscle every 4 days thats better then 2 times with upper lower.

  • Never worked one group a day only, i started with full body 3 time a week and i ve been doing full body 5 times a week now for over 2 3 months. I gained a lot but cant help but think if full body 3 times a week or push pull is better then what i curently do. I would love you opinions (p.s during my first days at the gym even tho i trained full body 3 times a week i didn’t trained that well and did not gain so much. Now i gained a lot since gyms reopened but after the first day of full body my muscles are pentru dead the next day and all throught the week days it looks like my muscles are dead, after the 2 days recovery in weekends i look great tho)

  • I just started working out as a beginner and being quarantined gives me so much time, so I decided to do Push/Pull/Legs(abs) /Push/Pull/Legs(abs)/ rest. Which is 7 days, 2x a week each muscle but I’ve heard that doing 3x full body workout is better. I’m only using body weight and dumbbells though, what would be the best results?

  • Athlean what do ou think about doing: Chest & Tricep Back & Bicep Shoulders & Traps Legs & Abs Bicep, TRipes & Forearms Rest? I have been doing this for a while now and seen progress but should I change my splits?

  • am i the only one that changes my programming every 2-3 months? Xp i used all of these probably full body the least plus GVT. To switch things up i’ll add in some isometric movements, eccentric/tempo focused weeks as well as PR weeks that just blow off any programming and you just go in and each day you chose a different body part to try to hit a PR in. The PR and eccentric/tempo weeks are not regular things but yea. pretty much how i do it. if i’m out of shape i use this and in 6 month i look completely different.

  • Thanks for the video. Since I have not seen any of your stuff before, I’d like to ask you the same question that I have asked of other trainers [ without ever getting an answer I might add]. I am coming up to my 70th birthday. At the age of 24, I took up the martial arts. I wanted to get ‘the look’ typical of many martial artists I’ve trained with and seen in movies. Now, I have tried every kind of training technique, I’ve followed all the normal nutrition advice and, when I could afford them, I used a variety of vitamin/minerals along with protein shakes to supplement my diet. I have made 9 attempts to build muscle mass over the last 46 years. NOTHING repeat NOTHING has EVER worked. My biceps, chest and thighs are EXACTLY the same size now [ and this is within a couple of centimetres] as they were when I was 24. Do you know of any genetic condition that could actively prevent muscle growth? Many thanks.

  • I personally favour the push/pull/legs split because it allows me to train each muscle group 2x per week and I’m not as tired during my session, as if I were to do a full body split 3x a week.
    I also have the favour of adding more isolation exercises if needed.

  • Monday: Chest
    Tuesday: Shoulders and trapezius
    Wednesday: Legs and abs
    Thursday: Back
    Friday: Arms (biceps & triceps)
    Saturday: Legs and abs
    And all over again)

  • Okay, we need 15-20 sets per every muscle group every week.
    chest: 6 sets

    legs: 6 sets

    biceps: 6 sets

    triceps: 6 sets

    back: 6 sets

    shoulders: 6

    What do you think about it?

  • I can do pull ups, a lot of push ups and chin ups but the icf 2.0 only recommends lifting weights idk but i think these exercises are not much

  • At the moment I’m doing
    Mon: push (chest, shoulders, tri’s)
    Tues: pull (biceps, back & abs)
    Wed: legs (legs, glutes, abs)
    Thurs: rest
    Friday: push
    Sunday: legs/glutes
    Monday: rest

    And it goes on like that really, a rest day every 4th day; dunno if I should carry on like this or train 6 days back to back and do a rest day every 7th day, any advice?

  • Hello there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Simply just do a google search. On there you’ll discover a great suggestions about how exactly you can lost lots of fat. Why not give it a shot? perhaps it will work for you too.

  • Ma’am how will i lose my weight, i am doing all ur workouts in my home, but i dn’t think so doing only these will help in toning the legs like u have. It is definitly going to work, but our body is not that tight like you have. I have a soft skin. I have to tone my body. Like ur’s.

  • I know, bro split is not the better way to build muscle, but in my gym, we can do our workouts and having fun together.. So I want to do the right way to build my muscle but I’m sorry to have to change my gym

  • Monday push
    Tuesday pull
    Wednesday legs
    Thursday Push
    Friday pull
    Saturday rest
    Sunday rest
    I found through trial-and-error over the years that two days between sessions of the same muscle group is perfect amount of rest for me. I was working too large muscle groups on the same day and I was just very irritable having a hard time sleeping I believe my cortisol levels were pretty high from overtraining and taxing the CNS.

  • Hi Jeremy! I’m a huge fan of your channel and love your tips! They’ve really helped. I’ve been going through a crisis recently and can’t seem to figure out whether I should go with the bro-split for hypertrophy or upper/lower split. See I’m quite lean and need to put on some muscle, so if you could please help me out with how to approach this, that would be greatly appreciated:)

  • im about to start lifting again, but this time im trying to have a better understanding and pay attention to the logic behind results
    Im only doing 3 days for now. I was thinking 45 moderate intense workout
    I don’t really care about size right now, more so strength. I want dense muscle instead of big size so apparently I should aim for lower reps and more sets, heavier weights, and longer rest periods between sets? Is that right?
    I was thinking A) biceps, back, lats, B) Triceps, Shoulders, traps C) Chest, legs, dead lifts

  • What do you guys think of

    Mon chest, shoulders, triceps
    Tue back/ biceps
    Wed chest, shoulders, triceps
    Thu back/ biceps
    Fri chest, shoulders, triceps

    Good? Bad?

  • My routine
    Mon.. Hiit
    Tue… Rest
    Wed.. Hitt
    Thu… Rest
    Fri…. Full body resistant training
    Sat…. Full body resistant training
    Sun… Rest

  • If your an athlete and have done intense workouts you should know what he’s talking about. There’s muscles in your body that haven’t been triggered and sticking to the same workout regime wont help the development of your physique. Great video ����

  • Some times i am depressed whether i should do the exercises or not. I wish that u were there to guide me as, u r the only one who can help me out. I really want to get fit like u ma’am.

  • Isn’t it a coincidence that the smallest bodybuilders on YouTube recommend avoiding bro splits���� and the biggest natural lifters do bro splits. It gets annoying to have to listen to…like my friend constantly blubbering about retarded “crossfit” being superior. I wasted years f*ck ing about with full body and half assed” push pull” sessions. Too tired to do any exercise properly after the first half hour. And with four days off on a full body????? Are you f*cking kidding me????? I’m 4 years into a bro split now and I’ve never been so satisfied with the results. 4 or 5 exercises, per body part,per session, at full intensity and good volume is the only way to go. It’s almost obvious to anyone with a brain. I also fit arm training in twice a week, but that’s a personal choice because I can manage it.

  • Is it normal for one side of my body (chest, shoulders) to develop faster than the other? IF not, what can someone do to address this? Do you find ways of working the smaller side more?

  • It’s true, get yourself inside a gym if you are skinny guy. I did it. And now I’m not skinny. Just make sure you have a bodybuilder friend.

  • Bro the first minute u fucking killed it, pardon my language thank u for telling us to get over our fears and just workout go to the gym! do what needs to be done be uncomfortable for now to be a better u later

  • I am 5’5 and 120 lbs, I have been trying to workout on and off for 3 years now. Man I cant even say I’m getting myself started since I made some visible progress and my numbers did go up. I remember being made fun of every time in highschool for being too weak despite going to the gym. There is no feeling that is worse than being told to hit the gym when you are already hitting the gym. Man it really put me down to see some others even show me that they are stronger than me simply because they are bigger. Honestly my hardest part is staying consistent and eating the right meals. My issue was that I ate too little and was not focused on the diet as much as the work. After a couple of years of literally learning from my mistakes I feel like I can say I am in a better position than I started but I know I can do better. I am going to start again hopefully this is the last time I say I am working out on and off, I am tired of being skinny and having a weak mentality. Wish me luck bros.

  • I’m very skinny but always could lift heavy thing’s due to me working as a tree trimmer picking up heavy logs & carrying 40+ pounds chainsaw for hrs so i feel like i won’t be that bad a heavier weights

  • Thank you sir to be honest I’m a normal skinny guy but your videos are gonna help me that I’m sure of it thank you sir and keep motivating. ��

  • Jeff I was athletic my whole life wrestling, crew, track, xc, etc. It was too much and I weighed 115 six months ago when I found your channel and something you said about rest really stuck with me. I do elavated push ups, pull ups, and chin ups. Along with my mma training and biking to work but I make sure I get two rest days. I now weigh 145. Kinda at a plateau but I don’t care cause I bought a weight vest so I can overload.

  • You are so right. I am terrified to get under the bench press because I’ve always been so weak. I need to face my fear and make it happen. I’m an introvert but I’m going to have to ask someone for a spot and that is going to be hard. Thanks for all of your great video’s.

  • Is it okay if I do:
    1. Push, pull, abs.
    2. Legs, cardio, abs

    And I do gymnastics and calisthenics (for beginners) in random days.
    I rest 3 days a week

  • Dang, Jeff.. Nailed me 0:52 seconds in.. Im a skinny guy, who gave up a very unhealthy lifestyle a year ago, now I’m finally filling out again, but im weak and flabby, and that just doesn’t work for me.. I’m seriously considering paying for athlean x.

  • I always avoided diets because I thought I wouldn’t be able to eat pizza or pancakes. Diet plan I got from NextLevelDiet allows me to have cheat meals and still keep my fitness journey on track. If you don’t believe me, visit their site and try it yourself.

  • I’m not a skinny guy, although I guess I was one at one point, but I find no reason to go to any gym. I prefer to do my workouts at home by myself. I don’t like being around people if I don’t have to be around them. I can afford to get the exercise equipment I need to get the results I need and I don’t need anything fancy. All I need is a pull-up bar, dip bars, a flat bench, power blocks (dumbbells) and some resistance bands. I’ve been doing it for years with great results. Although I have to say that your videos have helped tremendously and I thank you for that.

  • I’m a skinny guy survived Iraq Afghanistan and cancer go to the gym regularly till this covid if I can do it yall can do it limits are not set by those around you there set by you never let anyone make you feel less

  • 10:40 especially if you add resistance bands and weights to increase resistence with home based workouts so you continue progressing

  • im 17 & less than 107lbs plus im 5’4. lacking body confidence this pandemic is the breakthrough to working out & exercising that i wanted.❗ love this channel

  • Athlean. I want to buy a workout package. I’m a martial arties, and I’m trying to become faster. At the same time I’m trying to build more muscle and strength. Basically, have a good body definition for film. What package will you recommend? I’m experience in fitness, but can use some help.

  • 7 days and 5 reasons.
    2#??many parts, its complicated.
    3 #somethong to do with posture.
    4#??eccentric overload.
    5 #thin muscles so not going to get baulky.

    Diet gives u a 6 pack. Have a good stretch to stay limber.

  • Should i work out while studying in quarentine cause i always seat while doing every thing which means my workout is useless cause it doesnt make change in my body what should i do?

  • how i wish to become your neighbor

    I have the same exact skinny body and unable to build muscles. Even my local trainers cant do anything

  • Idk tho, I’m not tryna be a buff guy, just healthy, with enough strength to protect myself and others, and lift reasonably heavy things ������

  • I’m not afraid of getting to the gym or pushing myself, yet I must be doing something wrong because after 3.5 years of working on them, my deltoids look like almost nothing but skin & bone, my chest is flat, & my back could use some serious muscle. Having a neuromuscular disability, I face challenges in some motions, yet I feel like I should have more muscle mass for my effort.

  • what if i have dumbell at hooe and since of working schedule i cant afford any time to go to a gym, but i can spend that one hour every other day for workout at home?

  • I do pull push leg split and 3 exercises per major muscle group. I feel like i’m working out too much and not getting much progress, only on my arms really. Im struggling so much with my arms and i’m so paranoid about not seeing any progress. Im noticing strength progress over muscle mass progress. I feel like i should eat more but idk.

  • > Embraced being skinny
    > Realized that skinny doesn’t mean weak
    > Research on how to build muscle strength
    > Incorporated body weight exercises and 5 to 7 reps of any exercise as explosive as possible
    > Put the big guys to shame today as they watch me bench and curl as much as they do

  • Alright, let’s see how many people answer Charlie’s question correctly ��. If you haven’t yet done so, comment below what you think BEFORE watching the whole video!!

  • After i do 6 days split of working out? I just wanna ask if how many days or can it take up to a week when I’m going to rest my whole body?
    In fact this video is full of information and a lot of answers to my questions! TY very much!

  • I do 6/week. Some people do 3. I knew a guy who went twice a day. The thing is; there is always someone that trains harder. But if you are better today than yesterday, know what you are doing and can stay consistent you will get very far.

  • Since I’ve only been lifting consistently for about 2 months, I am a beginner lifter. Before I started lifting I was 6’4 and about 152Ibs…I’ve created my own workout routine focusing of hitting each muscle at least twice a workout about twice a week, been really focused on my diet, learning better form and technique, stayed very consistent, etc. After 2 months I am now 160! And I am the kind of body type that doesnt store any body fat whatsoever, I wanna thank these gains to guys like Jeremy here as well as MuscleMonster, 160Ib is still pretty light for a guy my height but its a big first step and my peers have already told me that they’re seeing a difference. I’m hoping I can at least get to 165 by the end of the year but maybe I can get further, I’ll just have to keep working and keep watching these videos

  • My split
    Monday Chest + triceps
    Tuesday cardio
    Wednesday Biceps + Abs Shoulders
    Thursday Legs
    Thursday Back day
    Friday Chest + triceps
    Saturday fap fap

  • I struggle to train three days a week. There are weeks when I only do two days because of the fatigue gathered at work.
    I wish you all a good day.

  • It depends on your age. If you are in your early 20s to early 30s you can do 6 days a week. But if you are over 40 you might injure your muscles and joints if you workout 6 days a week.

  • Hey! I just would like to ask a question, on what category does a inconsistent lifter or someone who goes to the gym went sedentary for 3 months and then goes back belongs to? does it fall to beginner level or an experienced one? I’ve been going to the gym since I was 16 and I was real skinny. Right now there’s muscle underneath my body fat though I really never got to fully commit because of studies now I’m 20 and would like to indulge more into investing more to my body to be healthy.

  • How do you gain weight and muscle at the same time? Please help i don’t have a lot of money but I’ve been work out more then three time day for a whole month and not seen no improvement on my muscle I still weight 130lbs and I can’t gain weight or muscle! Please help me

  • I think it has to do with an individuals ability to repair before the following training session. Some people can go hard and be good after a short rest period. Some people need a day or so, depending on the over all work out.
    I may be wrong*

  • I just wanna say i love your exercise and i love you ma’am… I wish u were my sister. Thanku so much for guiding us through ur videos.
    We all love you n ur programes really helps millions i guess. N will more.

    And yes i case u read my mesaage do reply me. I would like to connect wid u. ������love u ma’am.

  • Y hacer 6 días 20 series es algo que está mal. En 6 días se hacen al menos 24. Entre 4 y 5 series. Yo hago en press banca haciendo día sí día no 16 o 20 series ya.

  • Have to agree with other commenters. There are alot of individual variances. In reference to Jeremy’s research I think it’s smth to consider within our own routine and regimen. For me as an ‘older’ lifter rest is key. I’ve seen more results from rest than increasing frequency in the weight room.

  • No matter how I have been training, what I have been eating or how circumstances in life have been….. I can only workout three times per week. Working out four times put me directly into heavy overtraining. Even supps and steroids do not make a difference. Each workout lasts one hour. And my body needs the recovery of the other four days. I do a upper lower body split.

  • How would I know that I have become the “Experienced lifter” and not just feeling fatigued (CNS or other)
    I mean how to make sure that I am ready to increase days/week? It’s different for each individual but about how long does a beginner (full-body 3days/week) take to become an experienced lifter who should increase the frequency

  • Can you make a video about the importance of 1 day off or 2 days off, Why I can make exercise everyday respecting the 48 hour reactivacion of the muscle?

  • Me and my best friend started about gym half months ago
    I work out 2 times per week but he been hitting the gym everyday except Sunday
    So I know

  • So question, as a beginner should I not go to the gym 5-6 times per week? I used to play 3 sports in high school, and in college I’ve decided to go back to the gym after a year or two break. Should I start slow then build on that, or start and stay and a high amount of workout days? Do I count as more “experienced” since I worked out a lot in my high school years? Or am I a beginner since I’ve taken a long break and haven’t lifted much in my past? Thanks:)

  • Interesting I do use a bro split, but since my schedule lies over a rolling five day week including cardio and one rest day, I still get two days for each muscle group per calendar week. That said, I started out by doing full body for quite some time earlier, which was good then, but I found I as a beginner got so effin’ sore that it felt like a waste to rest four days per week.

  • Hey Jeremy! I wanted to ask so what I do is I workout Monday upper and Tuesday lower and then rest Wednesday and then Thursday upper and Friday lower and I rest Saturday and Sunday. I am trying to bulk so is that a good strategy?

  • if you train for hypertrophy and fat-loss (meaning very low rest periods) will you literally “look” bigger than someone who trains for strength even if they are stronger than you?

  • You really want my comment huh?
    Can you please do a physical and medical checkup firstly Charlie.
    I think Charlie should mainly consider building a diet that fits his future 6 days a week training (yes he will have to use supplements) because omg dude if his workout is 1hour a day he has literally 23h of rest through each workout, the more the labor the more the macros he have to put in his diet. And about the rest, consider that you can’t isolate a muscle and let’s say he will have to use his triceps in a back day exercise, since he stressed his triceps yesterday it will have some unexpected stress during the process of healing and creating more cortisol for the body to deal with the catabolism. Then after 1 month or until his body gets used to it do a checkup on how his physical body reacted to the new routine and do a medical checkup to see if he had any negative changes.
    Has everything gone positive Charlie? Then keep your new training routine and be happy with the benefits because in the end is how much you spend energy to know your body and how it reacts to the best way of hypertrophy.

  • I wonder.. Will CNS fatigue more easily if i do 2x 30-minite workouts in a day or 1x 1-hour workout? Maybe 2 workouts is better because you can do more exercices at good form because of more total muscle activation by non fatigued CNS… Sorry for my english

  • rest days are needed, however for some people they don’t have much of a life the gym is their life, I train at home or just outside & I know my lady likes my rest days because she gets to just chill with me, if I trained at the gym 6 or 7 days a week she would never see me & as for shooting fishing hiking or going to the pub & seeing friends it would never happen unless you are rich & have no job?

  • A word of warning regarding research in this field, and the so called meta analysis.

    A meta analysis tells you nothing, if the studies you analyzed are low grade studies that are not statistically significant.

    And that’s what we usually find in this field. Pretty useless studies like 8 people studied over 21 weeks. Studies like this are nowhere near statistically significant. In fact it’s rare to come across studies involving enough subjects over a long enough time frame.

    The 8 people over 21 weeks I mention was a study on rest time between sets. A study that many quote in terms of advocating longer rest between sets.

    The bottom line is that we dont KNOW anything from these limited value studies.

    I’m 62 and being training and studying muscular hypertrophy for nearly 40 years. What I can tell you is that the same contradictions are present compared with decades ago.

    Be your own scientist. Read the research by all means, but untill we get long term studies involving a multitude of subjects including more variables, it’s not proven, it’s not fact.

    The greatest scientists and the most funding goes to trying to figure out what stuff like dark energy and dark matter is, not making muscles bigger.

  • Charlie needs to go to 4, then 5, then 6. Or reduce load each workout and build it up to what he was doing on each of those initial 3 days

  • The only way you’ll get more muscle as a skinny guy is calorie surplus AND lifting weights. Not one or the other. And there’s not one magical exercise to do. It’s about breaking down your muscles so they can be built up again.

  • Question: on the workout program do you do all the day workouts one after another or can you do 1 video in the morning and the other in the afternoon?

  • Haven’t a diet when you underage and you live with a Mexican mom is hard,but I’m not overweight I’m just want to get slimmer not like slim thick but more like a stick you know. So yeah

  • Iama wear a waited vest at work as long as i can i did today for 3hrs then braked for a bit then again for 1 hr at work to home and to store so a total of 5hrs not too much wait but i can feel it there and now iam sore gona do that every other day

  • I’m doing the 2 week shred challenge and it’s my third day, I found out I’m on my first day of period that’s why I’m kind of feeling dizzy and have head aches earlier, i’m gonna take a rest for a while cause i get cramps so bad especially on day 1 and day 2 of my period to the point that moving an inch is difficult cause it hurts. I don’t wanna stress my body too much now that I have period, maybe I’ll do some stretches or leg workouts then after the period or if I feel better on the 3rd or 4th or 5th day, I’ll continue with the program, it depends if my body can take it.

  • I’ve been doing push/pull/legs for several weeks now and i’ve increased my workout loads and added extra exercises since then and ive put on some weight. should i just continue like this or do i need to start splitting it up a bit more (e.g. one day for shoulders, one day for chest etc. instead of doing them on the same day)?

  • Used to work for a water delivery company. Loaded, unloaded and carried five gallon jugs of water (45 lbs each). Got massive forearms and to this day, have a natural knack for Lifting/carrying anything.

  • When you get your first period in the middle of a (2 week)chloe ting challenge: ����☹️����. Also can you please make a ‘shark week’ workout video?

  • Does anyone know how many minutes/hours I should workout per day? If its relevant, I want to workout because I want to feel/become stronger and to be healthy/fit. I dont really want to lose or gain much weight but more like maintain my current weight?

  • Day 1: leg day( heavy weight, compound exercises and keep rotating)
    Day 2: Walk for 60 min
    Day 3: upper body, ab exercises for 10-15 mins
    Day 4: leg day( little lighter, glute isolation, different exercises)
    Day 5:short walk
    Day 6: Full body workout ( body weight exercises)
    Day 7:break

  • i’m a student athlete, stress is my everyday companion and during corona i gained WEIGHT. a lot. i started following Chloe’s workouts, made my own schedule working out in the mornings, that’s what works for me and i’m happy with myself these days. period-wise, i don’t have them anymore, i’m finally on the pill, because i could NOT workout during the first 4 days, i couldn’t even fucking walk sometimes, changing my pad every hour. and i felt so guilty about not working out, so i just want to say it’s fine. sometimes even going to the bathroom is an achievement on these days.

  • As someone who gets injured a lot, I need to almost do NO exercise and just do flexibility 3 days a week, which can be frustrating if I want to be active at all every day. How long did it take you to be able to be active every day? How do we build up that ability? Thanks!!!

  • I DID THE SHRED AND MY PERIOD IS GONE. WTF SOMEONE HELP. I’m 14 never touched a guy, did the shred and my period is gone. It’s been over a month and still no period. IM SO SCARED WHAT IS HAPPENINGGG

  • The music in the background sounds kinda depressing just repeats the chords: Fm7b5 and Ebm7..
    How helpless yet apathetic.

    Thanks for the lesson, much appreciated.

  • Thank you for being honest. It’s nice to know that it’s okay if I’m feeling super fatigued during shark week. Or if I’m doing low impact during those days

  • I workout everyday, but I don’t feel any muscle aches or whatsoever. Does that mean my muscles are no longer growing and my exercises are in vain?:/

  • So what if long distance running is something that you HAVE to do. I feel like I’m the skinny guy and being a soldier at the same time is embarrassing as all hell lol.

  • The health thing makes sense. I have ACL injuries in both my knees. been doing the summer shred and honestly in week 3 my knees got so bad I couldn’t walk straight, had skip two days. Now the 4 week program has become a 5 week thing for me lol

  • Hey.. I’ve a question.
    I’m 16 yrs old and I’m doing the two weeks shred ABS workout and amrs also because I want to reduce my belly fat.So in this 2 weeks am I supposed to take any day off or should I do it everyday for this two weeks???
    Plzzz answer.. I’m really confused and can’t find anyone else to solve my problem ��

  • So grateful I found her and her workout plans really motivated me like seriously why didn’t Youtube suggest me this from the beginning ����

  • Idk about everyone else but I feel like a lot of fitness youtubers love leg day, meanwhile, I literally dread it every time and I basically die���� that’s why I love upper body days��

  • You shouldn’t workout during your period because your body is already stressed out with cramps, loss of blood and general sensitivity. Your body needs to recover from all of that so its best not to workout at all during your whole period. Go for walks and stuff if you feel like but definitely no workouts. Its dangerous for your body. I workout and once i exercised during my period maybe on the 4th day, and i had a siezure and fainted. It was pretty bad. Take care of yourself during your period and just rest and relax.

  • Got one more question: What workouts are recommended to do in an active rest day? Doing the 4 week program, today is day 3 (just finished working out) and day 4 is my rest day, though I feel like doing something… Thanks <3

  • I’m just worried I’ll bleed everywhere when on my period. Like if you squeeze your abs it’s just so uncomfortable because blood’s just rushing to leave your body

  • hi chloe i have a question, what if i already hit the plateaus? if my body doesn’t hurt anymore after working out does it mean i’ve hit my plateaus? i’ve read somewhere on the internet i can switch reps or sets of workouts to break through my plateaus but i’m not quite sure how to do that considering i’ve always followed workout program videos? thank you x

  • I literally started my period today, and I hate that I’m not working out today because last week I missed like 2 days, but I just need to accept that missing days is okay.

  • So I have a goal of growing my booty too, can you do a video showing maybe what videos to do first weeks/months then when ready for the gym, what workouts to do at the gym. Maybe step by step how you got where you’re at and FYI I already started the 31 day challenge for growing my booty. Thank you so much for taking your time and making it free for us to join the journey to get to our goals!

  • Okay, so, for 12 days I have worked out every day. Each workout was three hours. I am on an all-liquid/nutritional shake and water diet. I have so far lost 14lbs going from 260lbs to 246lbs. I have so much energy and have seen so much growth…I’m wondering though will I hit a plateau if I continue?

  • If i could get anything else besides you tube, to message u personally n to ask help from u. M very depressed. U r such a darling, ur videos are so motivating, n everytime u smile it helps everyone to get motivated and they get charge automatically. ����

  • Well, these days you can simply buy a set of resistance bands and start working out at home, thereby bypassing that obstacle of fear of ridicule as a skinny guy at the gym. I didn’t care about ego or ridicule when I first started, but I swear I got gains from bands.

  • Thanks! very good video. i have trained for 7 years and tried lots of diferentes routines (ab, abc, abcd, abcde, mentzer hit, peridizations…) but always had a very very low growth rate when comparing to my friends (some worked togheter with me), even going to nutritionist and taking suplements. i will try your ideias now becouse you have a scientific base, to see if i finally grow faster XD

  • I’m doing the 2 week shred challenge and i had my period midway�� but i didn’t give up and thank god it was an easy one i might have given up so looks like I’m goona keep a tap on my schedule, watch out girls ��.

  • I don’t work out the first 4 days of my period. My mom told me you could damage your fertility if you work out intensely during the first half of it. Is it a wives tale? Possibly. But I want kids so I won’t take chances. Plus the first 2-3 days I am aching, there’s a shitton of blood and I feel like crap anyway.

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    If you don’t win, no worries. Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again. Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  • I usually push myself through the workouts on my shark weeks, and during the workouts it really hurts and I have to take some extra breaks. But when I am done, the cramps are done too! (at least for 4-5 hours)

  • this is going to sound like a stupid question but, im skinny af, can i start exercising now or should i put on some fat first and then get going??

  • Any one tested out the Custokebon Secrets (search on google)? I’ve heard several awesome things about this popular fat burn methods.

  • How should I do the actual workout for like each day? For like pull movement day would I do 3×12 bent over rows and 3×12 barbell curls.. and would that be it because that seems like only a tiny bit of exercising

  • Hi Chloe. Recently in these lockdown period I have lost 8 kg of weight and I want to maintain my weight. So, please make a video on weight maintainance.

  • Is doing this every day advisable for fat people, whose main aim is to lose weight but also lean mass gain? Also, for how long to do this in a day?

  • So my issue is that I have a lot of lower body strength and my legs have enough muscle for someone twice my weight, but my upper body is made like a noodle and no matter how hard I try my upper body won’t put muscle

  • I love your workouts. the cardio especially I feel my heart is getting displaced. I sweat Loadssssss and then I’m satisfied that I have pushed my body

  • U didn’t tell when to do that?..i mean…can we do it empty stomach in the morning Or should we have something before doing this?

  • happened to me last week. im a typical skinny guy whos new to gym. anyways, while doing my bench press sets from yt, feeling unconfident due to huge guys w huge gains around me, an older guy than me whos ripped af approached me and asked if im new. i replied that i am and he told me that he is was also in the same situation as i am a few years back. long story short, he gave me advices and tips on how to gain muscles. until now, im still amazed by his advices cuz even though it was a small gain, progress is progress.

  • Train abs like any other muscle, 2 a week taking all the rest you need in between exercises, doing 10m of straight abs with 10s of rest won’t do much, choose 5 different exercises and go for 20 repetitions for 3 sets each exercise adding weight every 2 weeks. I do:
    -crunches 20×3 30s rest max
    2m rest
    -reverse crunches 20×3 30s rest max
    2m rest
    -russian twists (30 each side) x3 1m rest max
    5m rest
    Elevated crunches with twist 20×3 (this one is hard start low at the beginning)
    5m rest
    Plank until failure
    Cardio 2 times a week (10km run, if I do HIIT I’m dead for the rest of the day)
    Eat 5 times a day, no smoking, limit your drinking on 1 night a week if you have to, seems like a bunch of time to spend but it isn’t if you know how to manage it (I’m a 19 year old builder apprentice and work on sites from 6:45 am until 5:00 pm so I basically never stop exercising)

  • He is wrong on the last it depends on your metabolism really and how often you work out u don’t need a diet but don’t eat trash all day everyday.

  • Hilarious how Jeff is inspiring his viewers to do more ab workouts by whipping off his top to reveal his. I’m gonna ask my girlfriend for more blow jobs with my dick out later

  • still to this day, this is the only person online that I’ve seen say to work abs every day. He’s also one of the only trainers I trust, so why are online articles and information websites saying not to do this.

  • 2 days without working out and I feel like I’m getting fat again..jeez my period surprised me HAHAHHA (my period is irregular so I can’t track it HAHAHA)

    I want to exercise but feels like I can’t cause of my period

  • 0:48
    Jeff: I believe the answer is this number at the very end

    Me: Oh good! Just once a week then


  • For 1 month I trained abs chest shoulders legs back biceps and triceps everyday 3sets of 8-12reps on 5 different machine/workouts each and I went from 75kg to 65kg and shredded like fuck and sore

  • Hi Jeff, if you work your abs everyday, when should you plan for rest days for your abs? Or do you now let the abs rest and recover for a day?

  • I train my abs 7 days a week but i think i over loaded it a bit now im not sure but i think i have pulled a muscle on my right side because it hurts when i do leg raises

  • I want to work my abs everyday but is there any type of risk involved? I.e muscle recovery not working or twisting something. Sorry if this seems like a dumb question

  • Everyday. Sometimes 2x a day. Directly after a track workout or run. Or before a lift after the warm up. The more intense session is before my lift (planks, side planks, 100+ sit-ups and leg lifts).

  • Il do this starting from tomorrow: train 5 days a week and rest 2 days straight. In the first day after the 2 day rest i will test myself. I was training like 2 times a week. I currently don’t want a six pack, i just want to do 50 sit ups in a minute, im doing around 32.