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How Fat Acceptance Doesn’t Have to Glorify Obesity and Shame Fitness By Taylor Share • Last Updated: November 19, 2015 • 167 comments This is. Fat acceptance and fat pride movement: Are we glorifying obesity in the name of body positivity? Experts say that fat acceptance doesn’t mean normalizing obesity, a life threatening condition.

How Fat Acceptance Doesn’t Have to Glorify Obesity and Shame Fitness — Taylor Share, Nerd Fitness Most things in life aren’t black and white, but for some reason, our tendency as humans is to get rid of the “gray areas” in our world. Last week, self-described queer non-binary “fat sex therapist” Sonalee Rashatwar delivered a two-hour lecture entitled Race as a Body Image Issue at the St. Olaf College Health and Wellness Center in Minnesota.

The event was a master class in social justice, at times putting shame to the parodies of the genre that now traffic on social media. In the video, the visibly obese woman asks. Apparently, glorifying fatness and promoting obesity means talking about fatness or fat people in any way that isn’t discriminatory, denigrating, or hurtful. Open mobile menu Psychology Today. THURSDAY, Sept.

11, 2014 (HealthDay News) Discrimination against overweight or obese people, commonly known as “fat shaming,” does not help them lose weight and may do. Fat people have always existed and once upon a time, they were even celebrated for being plus size. This doesn’t mean we should be glorifying plus size bodies as.

Why I Glorify Obesity. By Marie Southard Ospina. much of my life has been dedicated to fat acceptance and fat positive work. doesn’t mean that I’m saying, “Nobody ever care about health. The real “fat acceptance” movement should be all about taking personal responsibility for your fatness.

That doesn’t mean shaming others – people can choose to be the weight they want. All of those things have enormous health consequences. It’s not as if we are a health-conscious society and this is the only way in which we say that it’s ok to do unhealthy things.

The fat pride movement just says that you shouldn’t have to feel shame about your body, whatever size you are.

List of related literature:

Since the early 1970s, members of several U.S. size-acceptance organizations, most prominently the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) and the Fat Underground, have been working to change the way society perceives of fatness, to cast off its stigma, and to combat discrimination.

“Encyclopedia of Disability” by Gary L Albrecht, Sharon L. Snyder, Thomson Gale (Firm), Jerome Bickenbach, David T. Mitchell, Sage Publications, Walton O. Schalick, III
from Encyclopedia of Disability
by Gary L Albrecht, Sharon L. Snyder, et. al.
SAGE Publications, 2006

It took twenty years for “fat oppression,” which describes discrimination and marginalization of women based on their weight, to become “fat acceptance,” the notion that fat people should focus on enjoying life, and later “weight preoccupation,” where women suffer to try to live up to beauty ideals.

“Being Fat: Women, Weight, and Feminist Activism in Canada” by Jenny Ellison
from Being Fat: Women, Weight, and Feminist Activism in Canada
by Jenny Ellison
University of Toronto Press, 2020

By contrast, the size acceptance movement, for example, the National Association for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance, promotes an “oppositional discourse” to counter the stigmatization of obesity (Sobal 1999).

“21st Century Sociology: A Reference Handbook” by Clifton D. Bryant, Dennis L. Peck, Donald M. Peck, Sage Publications, inc, Thomson Gale (Firm)
from 21st Century Sociology: A Reference Handbook
by Clifton D. Bryant, Dennis L. Peck, et. al.
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We understand Fat Acceptance as a broad social justice movement which campaigns for the acceptance and appreciation of bodies of all sizes and shapes, and against the discrimination of fat people.

“Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism” by Helen Hester, Caroline Walters
from Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism
by Helen Hester, Caroline Walters
Taylor & Francis, 2016

As a result of the mainstreaming of images of fat bodies, body positivity, which is different from fat positivity/acceptance/liberation, has also blossomed.

“meXicana Fashions: Politics, Self-Adornment, and Identity Construction” by Aída Hurtado, Norma E. Cantú
from meXicana Fashions: Politics, Self-Adornment, and Identity Construction
by Aída Hurtado, Norma E. Cantú
University of Texas Press, 2020

Fat activists like Deborah Harper speak of the joyous psychological relief they experienced when they came to accept themselves as fat people, shedding not pounds but layers of culturally induced self-loathing with the help of their newly found fat accepting communities.

“Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture” by Amy Erdman Farrell
from Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture
by Amy Erdman Farrell
NYU Press, 2011

Ironically, fat people are urged to exercise but then hindered due to lack of available exercise clothing, ill-fitting exercise equipment, or degrading responses from exercise staff and others.

“The Fat Studies Reader” by Esther Rothblum, Sondra Solovay, Marilyn Wann
from The Fat Studies Reader
by Esther Rothblum, Sondra Solovay, Marilyn Wann
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In addition, anti-obesity activists and advocates seek to downplay a shaming discourse of personal responsibility, arguing instead that fat people are structured to be that way as a result of our “obesogenic” environment, which encourages poor eating and limited physical activity.

“Turbulent Times, Transformational Possibilities?: Gender and Politics Today and Tomorrow” by Fiona MacDonald, Alexandra Dobrowolsky
from Turbulent Times, Transformational Possibilities?: Gender and Politics Today and Tomorrow
by Fiona MacDonald, Alexandra Dobrowolsky
University of Toronto Press, 2020

All this gets filtered back through the columnists and bloggers and YouTubers who tell their own stories of dealing with being overweight, struggling with how the world sees them, and finding joy and peace in their own bodies.

“The Elephant in the Room: One Fat Man's Quest to Get Smaller in a Growing America” by Tommy Tomlinson
from The Elephant in the Room: One Fat Man’s Quest to Get Smaller in a Growing America
by Tommy Tomlinson
Simon & Schuster, 2020

And yet for many who claim to hate being fat, on an unconscious level being fat is what they want.

“When the Body Is the Target: Self-Harm, Pain, and Traumatic Attachments” by Sharon Klayman Farber
from When the Body Is the Target: Self-Harm, Pain, and Traumatic Attachments
by Sharon Klayman Farber
Jason Aronson, Incorporated, 2002

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  • The benefit of being overweight is when the super volcano erupts or the comet hits the Earth and there’s almost no food for a year, you live.
    Skinny people are dead three weeks after the food runs out.

  • It’s not them. I don’t blame them I blamed the ppl who keeps say ” you don’t need to change your beautiful ” or “omg nothing wrong” only honest true person who cares will tell them the need lose weight & how bad it is ( almost all fat ppl who lose weight was because the ppl who care & told them)

  • I think we should accept fat,well kind of…
    We should accept fat as a cleanser of society.
    A mechanism of nature to eliminate the unwilling members of society who are resistant to behavioural change.
    Tolerance is better than resistance or ridicule if the clock is ticking on them and not you ��

    World works on simple principles. Survival of the fittest.
    Let them live the way they want for as long as they can.
    Fit people will outlive Fat people in any reality.
    So why bother trying to resist them???

    Take it as a test
    In an exam hall, all participants write their own tests using their own minds.
    Many fail and Many pass.
    If you know the right answer just implement it and pass.
    Why take it upon yourself to tell others their answers are incorrect if they already know they are doing it wrong and they are fine with it.
    Let them fail.

  • I recently joined the 90DD and it is truly fantastic!! All the really wonderful good information. I’m so happy to get to learn and do more good for myself. Please do make a “Be the Anomaly” shirt as I will buy it!! #uncensored

  • Well, it seems to be right that a bit more of body fat can help overcoming cancer. But Not of you are overweight or obesity. Thats What i Was told when i studied

  • If you get your first heart attack in your fourties, you definitely have better chances of survival compared to a normal weight person in the sixties. I forgot the name of this bias, but it is a very common mistake in health studies.

  • People need to talk more about how being overweight in hospital leaves you at a huge disadvantage, as most emergency treatments cater to those of normal weight so if you have a serious accident you are more likely not to survive it, plus a lot of nurses and doctors have ended up with damaged backs as a result of trying to help lift an obese person out of bed

  • Why do I have to accept fat people? I do not have to accept smokers in my work place or a lot of other public places. Let’s treat fat people like smokers are treated.

  • I lost 30 lbs im 15. feelin better than i ever have i feel those fuckers who say health at every size are a disgrace to humanity. I say that we should let those people who want to kill themselves by eating themselves to death…just let them go. It’ll help the gene pool improve lol im joking but you can tell i hate these people.
    I used to be 366lbs btw….

  • So yes people we xan change our set point. Oh and btw there are no scientific facts. In the science community we use theory as the highest way to say something us true ��

  • Yea. That is not normal. I am 100lbs which is not weird cause I’m short. I remember walking on the beach and these land whales gasping “omg!”!as I walk by. Mind you I am not anorexic. I just look lean. Ridiculous. I’m so sick of these obese ppl trying to defend themselves. Get offline and get your life together.

  • Being fat is legal, just like being a alcoholic. But fat people shouldn’t act out and deny that its unhealthy, just like most alcoholics don’t deny their condition being unhealthy

  • I’m 5’4″ and weigh 225 pounds. Every year when I do my blood draw/physical, everything single test comes out in the “normal” range. Which means I’m a healthy person. Except that I’m NOT. I’m fat. And I feel terrible all the time. That is the only indicator I care about, and is my motivation to exercise and make better food choices. Overeating is the one addiction we’re not allowed to call what it is. It’s not fat-shaming to point out someone has a problem, any more than it’s thirst-shaming to tell an alcoholic they need to cut back before their liver fails or they put themself into a coma.

  • I got fat shamed, which pushed me to think “oh hey maybe I should stop being fat so I won’t get made fun of”.i lost 50 pounds and am now within normal range. I’m still on the grind losing weight, but to say fat shaming doesn’t work is just ignoring how shame works. People don’t want to feel ashamed and will do things to overcome that shame. I hate the body positivity movement since it’s pretty undeniably leading to more obesity.

  • The problem is no one should be actively dieting. If you have a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and little sugar and simple carbs, your body will naturally stay within a healthy weight range. The truth of the matter is most obese peoples’ diets consist mainly of junkfood!

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  • Hey little tints support. I don’t like Brussels sprouts either well not enough to throw up from the smell but they do taste funky still not enough to throw up from

  • Thank you for adding to the burden on the health system by supporting all of the weak excuses that lazy sedentary obese people use. Any medical professional that doesn’t push a patient to manage and when appropriate loose weight BEFORE HEALTH PROBLEMS START should be permanently stripped of their medical credentials.

  • I seriously think the cheesy potato lady would benefit from trauma processing over her childhood associations with food and possibly abandonment issues. She certainly seems to regress into a childlike state when trying some broccoli. I wish her the best

  • Unfortunately, I know some one that is just like the first girl, and is also morbidly obese, diabetic and hypertensive.
    Very bad consequences can result from such bad health practices, needless to say, she learned this way of thinking and living from her mom, who has had operations to amputate a hand and foot, due to diabetes complications…

  • For doctors, these people sound pretty dumb. Dancing around the topic. Of course its a factor. Probably a factor why doctors fail to mention it. Also do doctors really not mention it because there are few subsidized programs/meds to deal with it? Thats shameful!

  • These doctors are Care more about not offending people than telling the truth about obesity. This is the result of political correctness. Lying to save a persons “feelings” is dangerous. These “doctors” should be ashamed of themselves.

  • This is such a crock of shit about the consequences of being overweight, considering my doctor of about 160 lbs had a heart attack a year ago, hell Comedian George Carlin had a heart attack, an how skinny was he. Overweight people can live healthy lives, is it ideal to be over weight, no. Should it be glamorized with jackass ” Fat Acceptance ” no. You’re welcome I just saved you 6 minutes of your life from having to watch this shit.

  • Me: dieting to get abs and drop a weight class for german weightlifting championship

    Chick that can’t put down the fork: So you have chosen death.

  • well yeah vg characters would be fit or more on the skinny side because i dont want my character to run for 10 seconds or walk up some stairs and immediately be out of breath ����

  • I work as a medical transcriptionist and work with radiologists. Now something I see in reports, is that body fat actually makes it really hard to see your insides clearly on a CT scan. Doctors can miss something important happening inside you that can be a mayor issue. They use code like “Suboptimal evaluation due to patient’s body habitus” which just means this person is so obese I can’t evaluate the patient’s scan properly. That is scary AF.

  • Processed foods and frozen meals are to blame for obesity. Real food never has made people fat. We always have been more active and moved around. It’s only after the world war 2 that processed food was introduced. But even before this there was sugar and once sugar cane was accessible to everyone that’s when it really started going down hill. So we all just need to be careful. Have your processed foods but read labels and make sure it contains real food. By eating 90 percent of your diet as healthy you can’t go wrong. Low in sodium, sugar and hydrogenated oils. High in fruits and vegetables with good fats, complex carbs and protein. Once you start eating real food the weight will come off

  • I mean i don’t think it’s quite right to put hem in a “cringe fat acceptance” compilation if they’re exercising and promoting healthy behavior? On lady was swimming, one was dancing, and that one girl promoted hiking and kayaking, what’s “cringe fat acceptance” about that? At least they’re trying

  • I’m definitely overweight. Gonna go on keto or intermittent fasting after a party/feast at my house next week.

    I’ll give one big reason to lose weight. Coronavirus kills young overweight people. If you’re overweight, your oxygen demands are higher. If you get coronavirus, it kills your ability to bring in enough oxygen, you go into multi-organ failure as a result and die.

  • I struggled with my weight since 3rd grade and have been obese my entire life. When my wife died when we were both 43, my eating habits have changed dramatically due to depression. I don’t care about food anymore and don’t care if I eat, however, my mindset is that I have to eat to stay alive so therefore I eat to be alive and I eat healthily and watch what I put in my body every day. I Do Not overeat any longer and watch my sugar intake. So many of us “FAT” people are doing our part in taking care of our bodies but cannot seem to lose weight. Maybe it’s genetics, maybe it’s something else. But, please for the love of God, Don’t lump us all in the same category of All Fat people. Because some of us are trying and want to be healthy and are concerned about further health issues. But doctors are always placing us in certain parameters that don’t fit. So please research this further before judging and placing all the blame on overeating.

  • I wish we could go back to the days where body positivity and fat acceptance were different things. I used to love body positivity, until these assholes came in trying to say being 500lbs is healthy and being healthy and working out is bad and negative

  • I know I’m an anomaly as a 105lb woman. I’m fine with it. I’ve been skinny shamed pretty much my entire life. BUT. I’ll also beat you in an arm wrestle because I’m super buff and fit as a climber and someone that does circus. I have an incredibly strong upper body.

  • Lol they shame the skinny and healthy people but cant take the truth on themselves being overweight and unhealthy. Oh wait, hahaha it wont continue bc they all end up dead with a heart attack. Not even sad about that bc they deserve what the asked for.

  • You know why there’s no videogame character that is overweight? Cause you can’t kill or run away from monsters if you are that fat, THIS is REALISTIC

  • Tumblr:Thin privilege is playing a video game Character that looks like you.
    Ok then, I’m a seven foot tall shark man in an evil organization and have a living sword now

  • I was with a friend and at stores they were giving out cookies. He got a couple and kept offering to give me one. I kept refusing. He asked me if I had an eating disorder because I didn’t want to conform to his choice. It made me feel weird and guilty or something but I stood by my choice.

  • I went to the NASCAR race in Kansas last weekend. Now, I’m overweight. I need to drop 40-50lbs and I’m working on it. its slow, but I’m working on it. I was one of the thinner people there, at 40-50lbs overweight.
    How sad is that. That out of a very large group of people around 50,000 I was easily in the thinner category, and I need to lose weight myself.

  • Honestly if someone is fat, it’s their business/choice, and you shouldn’t begrudge them for being fat. When someone says you can be beautiful at any size, that’s true. But when they start saying that you can be healthy at every size, that’s just lying, and it’s wrong to make people believe they can be healthy and obese at the same time.

  • People should treat fat people like equals but they need to actively try to make themselves healthier not due to societies standards but for themselves and there health

  • That vid with the potato woman seemed to be discouraging obesity; it was showing how she felt guilty about her diet and the mood was definitely not a positive one

  • “Body positivity yay” like no, diet healthy and stay in the best possible shape. Being obese is not a thing to laugh at but u shouldn’t be proud either. It’s a disease just like cancer, do u see people get laughed at about it or being proud about having cancer no. so treat obesity the same way. Smh

  • I walked around a casino yesterday and saw a lot of overweight people much more overweight population than the population in general. I don’t see that many obese people who are around the city parks, etc. I think overweight people have a myriad of bad habits and lack of discipline.

  • OK, let’s get one thing straight just because you are overweight it doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy. in fact for some people it’s genetically impossible no matter how much you work out and eat healthy to physically lose weight, just as you shouldn’t skinny shaming people who have fast metabolism and can’t help not gaining weight no matter how much they try to eat. you can’t judge someone and call them lazy based on the fact that they’re too skinny or too fat based on your standards. you don’t know what they’ve been doing or what they’re going through. plus even if they are unhealthy, even if they are actively trying to be unhealthy or they don’t care about their health. it is none of your goddamn fucking business. because let’s be honest, even if you’re trying to be here for a long time some people are just trying to be here for a good time. and if you’re a backhandedly body shaming someone over the internet, stop. because unless you’re there doctor you don’t know whether or not this person is actually eating or exercising or not and whether or not they’re healthy. you’re really just trying to find an excuse to put someone down, and if you really are that concerned about their weight don’t comment about it under their platforms, message them privately. also you’re never going to know how they gained it in the first place, they could’ve started eating to cope and now they are addicted and can’t help it because it releases feel good chemicals whenever they eat And it’s turned into something of a ED. so don’t judge, you have no right.

    of course we should encourage body positivity, there’s no reason to make someone feel shitty because they have different values than you, for example. I smoke cigarettes because I’m trying to die faster ��. it’s no one else’s business and i will NOT be shamed for already wanting to die, if you wanna try to push that more that’s completely on you, don’t shift the blame to you tryna “help”.

  • Notice all those who had success with weight loss were eating real food and moving around more. It’s not expensive to lose weight! You can do it cheaply and still healthy. 99 cent only store has a produce section so no exceptions.

  • being fat as a child is ok cause they are a child they will lose weight like they play all day every day like if not they will probably lose the weight by getting taller you don’t get them into a diet that would hurt them you should diet them with junk food, not adult diets like just don’t let them eat lots of junk food

  • I agree most of the stuff in this video. However, it is also true that people with lower economic status may have less access to healthy food. This is something they don’t really have control over. To make matters worse, the processed food in the market are high in calories and full of added syrup/sugar that makes these junk food extremely addictive. Not only does this make them more likely to be obese, develop diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, it also triggers unhealthy habit that is very difficult to break off of. Children are born into this situation and never had any chances to choose otherwise. These people are trapped in this vicious cycle of poverty, junk food, and obesity. Obesity is definitely not just an individual’s fault. It is also the responsibility of the government/society to regulate food production and safety, provide nutritious food to food dessert areas, and to promote healthy eating.

  • In the first clip I literally felt so sick just imagining eating all of that and what’s even more disturbing is that the woman is SMILING, It’s nothing to be proud of!!

  • I sorta disagree with fat shaming a child being bad.

    When I was 10 he was 7

    Everyone would always say to me

    “need to start eating”

    “You’re nothing but bone”

    “you gonna get sick”

    Etc pretty much shit talking me for being skinny when I be downing entire papa John’s pizzas solo.

    But my little cousin was fat

    “dont talk about is weight”

    ” y’all bullying him”

    Etc but now he has diabetes and the sisters soon to follow.

    Everyone ik has problems much gotten fat tbh

  • God won’t intervene much at all with his followers because if they have strong enough faith then they don’t need to see a miracle from god. For people who don’t believe in him I believe god will intervene a lot more and try his best to steer them toward god

  • Honestly I understand body positivity is great, love yourself.
    But being unhealthy, at risk of heart attack, morbidly obese, etc. Is not ok. Saying that oh but ” I love myself regardless” becomes invalid once your health is at risk

  • I feel like theirs not enough awareness for the criticism people who take care of their body I actually just made a video on this the other day lol.

  • I was watching a behind the scenes of a 1930s movie. No fat person to be seen.

    Today, being fat is considered “ok”. Back then you would die by the age of 20.

    I hate when people say “you’re pretty the way you are” like? You ‘re Patronising them

  • I gained 50 pounds in one year at college. I fucking hate it. I’m only 19 and my knees and ankle bones hurt so bad after work I can’t walk I can’t dance I can’t ride my bike I feel my double chin

  • I’m not average size. I’m not obese. I do eat way too many snacks. But I don’t like being heavy. I don’t want to weigh 400 pounds. I can barely carry 30 pounds on my back. Frick, but a few books in a bag, and I barely can carry it. But I can stay thin. BY EATING NORMALLY. I DONT EAT 50 BIG-MACS A DAY. I EAT GRAIN BARS AND LIGHT CHOCOLATE.

  • I was never insanely obese or anything, but I was quite fat and chubby, I’ve lost 7 kg (15lbs) this year, and aswell as looking better and having more confidence, I feel so much better all day, sleep better and can concentrate better.

  • Think of this, as a funeral director when you die I have to embalm you for this I have to lift you with a harness or not on to my embalming table your naked I have to find arteries and veins for the processes also we use a tool called a troca on your body I have to shove this into your chest area’ on a slim or even muscular body his is ok but on an over weight body it’s very hard and a total struggle that and trying to move you about an over weight person is hard to move when alive when dead I need help from more than one assistant and it’s not only undignified for is but you, so not only a doctor has a hard time with helping you so do we,

  • I’m battling with my weight all my life, but I never ever thought that being overweight is OK. Just look at old people, 80 or 85+, most of them were/are lean, couple of them were normal body type or strong and there are virtually none that were overweight or especially obese. So I would say that people that look extra slim have the best chances to get to 100, better than strong people and bodybuilders, fat and obese people on the other hand have almost 0% chance to get there.

  • OK, let’s get one thing straight just because you are overweight it doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy. in fact for some people it’s genetically impossible no matter how much you work out and eat healthy to physically lose weight, just as you shouldn’t skinny shaming people who have fast metabolism and can’t help not gaining weight no matter how much they try to eat. you can’t judge someone and call them lazy based on the fact that they’re too skinny or too fat based on your standards. you don’t know what they’ve been doing or what they’re going through. plus even if they are unhealthy, even if they are actively trying to be unhealthy or they don’t care about their health. it is none of your goddamn fucking business. because let’s be honest, even if you’re trying to be here for a long time some people are just trying to be here for a good time. and if you’re a backhandedly body shaming someone over the internet, stop. because unless you’re there doctor you don’t know whether or not this person is actually eating or exercising or not and whether or not they’re healthy. you’re really just trying to find an excuse to put someone down, and if you really are that concerned about their weight don’t comment about it under their platforms, message them privately. also you’re never going to know how they gained it in the first place, they could’ve started eating to cope and now they are addicted and can’t help it because it releases feel good chemicals whenever they eat And it’s turned into something of a ED. so don’t judge, you have no right.

    of course we should encourage body positivity, there’s no reason to make someone feel shitty because they have different values than you, for example. I smoke cigarettes because I’m trying to die faster ��. it’s no one else’s business and i will NOT be shamed for already wanting to die, if you wanna try to push that more that’s completely on you, don’t shift the blame to you tryna “help”. not the mention BMI is completely fucking inaccurate, I know extremely fit and muscular people that are considered obese but you’re never going to meet anyone more healthy than those two:/

  • Individuals don’t have the right to be insulting to others due to their appearance.


    Individuals should be kind to themselvesby being healthy.

  • Eh, I don’t disagree with him. But I think the actual issue is that society has marketed the idea that one must either inherit the physique of a tree twig or a spartan to be considered healthy. We really need to get past the silly notion that anyone who isn’t petite, under 200 lbs with v cut abs is on a diet solely consisting of cheeseburgers and beer. In life there will always be people in better or worse positions than you be it genetically, physically, financially, socially, etc. IMO the “fat acceptance movement” is like that Dr. Seuss movie we had to watch as kids where the sneeches had to learn some of them had stars on their bellies and some didn’t..and ultimately life as they knew still carried on ����‍♂️.

  • I weighed 338 at the start of October, and now after almost 3 months I have lost close to 40 lbs.
    Still got a ways to go.

    Weight loss is all willpower, you have to figjt the hunger, but I can’t ever go back to being that weight.

    As long as I keep my current course, I should be 240 by the beginning of winter this year.

  • Is it?? Hmmm. YES IT DOES. You are not giving off a positive body image if you’re overweight or obese. Just as you don’t when you’re underweight or suffering from Anorexia and/or Bulimia. We need to be healthy and eat small portions that are filled with fruits, veg, complex carbs and proteins. It’s that simple, which proves my theory that obesity is an ED and needs to be treated and supported emotionally as well as physically. In fact, I would also hypothesize that you could successfully treat overweight and obese people purely on an emotional level and then when they have the skills to cope and live with life without turning to excessive amounts of food. As a child, I used to physically hurt and cry my eyes out when I saw any one who was overweight because I knew they were using food as their drug of choice and it killed me to see them order 3 meals in McDonald’s whilst carrying far too much unwanted weight as it was already. I’m not for fat-shaming, but just as we make jokes about skinny bitches we should be allowed to make jokes about fat people once they’re not inciting direct violence or aggressions. People make fun of those who cut themselves all the time and no one stands up for that group because it’s another unhealthy way of coping and attention shouldn’t be drawn to it just as positive attention shouldn’t be drawn to a mental and physical illness that’ll KILL you. You are not a role model because you’re a chubster. You’re a role model for being a chubster and doing something about it to lose the weight and live a healthy life. This PC crap is ruining our society and our lives. We cannot allow obese people to claim they’re beautiful and just go along with it for fear or being called a “Fat-Shamer”. It’s called “Wanting the best for society and every citizen in each country”.

  • Don’t worry, in a few years, some of those obese people are gonna die, i’ll stick to being the weird one, k thx ��

    Also, they won’t be able to run very much, nor climb mountains, nor do sports, not much of anything lol

  • Some of the points you made in the video are true. However it depends if a fat person is healthy by how they are living at the time. If they are on a diet and losing weight it’s not right to say that they are “unhealthy” if they are working for their body to be fit or whatever. If they are eating junk and stuff along those lines they are unhealthy. It really depends on what behavior you’re feeding into

  • I’ve been suggesting this for awhile now. The BP movement doesn’t allow for the conversation about how much bigger people are than they were one or two generations ago. Should people be shamed? Of course not. But, should it be suggested by those in the BP movement that there’s not a problem with obesity? Of course not, but don’t tell that to, say, Jameela Jamil, who, while coming from a beautiful place in her heart, is, in my view, obscuring the more important conversation about food and lifestyle.

  • Lol 32k views but no trolls commenting because their illogical and immoral comments are wasted here. But they go to other body positivity videos to bully and fatshame others

  • That’s right girl, God has all the answers to every problems and he can solved your every problems. I guess you are being Beasity and extremely overweight is in the hand of God work too. Yeah, don’t listen to what your doctor tell you, what does he know right? After all, God has all the answer. Keep believing in God and when you became so overweight you are unable to go to work, walk, or take care of yourself let God help you.

  • “fat acceptance” is NOT about praising obesity, it’s about stopping people from being judgemental towards people who are fat. and everyone who attacks body positivity speeches and demonstrations are just a part of the problem, not the solution. stop being such morons and judging people for being fat, skinny, whatever. This is about people being accepted by who they are, it’s about MENTAL health

  • I’m pretty muscular, about 16/17% body fat (woman) and I do sometimes eat donuts, potato chips and cake. Being healthy doesn’t mean you can’t ever enjoy some ‘bad’ food tho…

  • Body positively was created for people with disabilities and aputashons and faceshal disfigurements but the fat acceptance movement has high jacket it and uses it as an excuse to eat as much cake as they want

  • Body positivity/fat acceptance.
    Because EVERYONE is beautiful and everyone should get a trophy just for existing…
    Nobody should have to put in any effort to take care of their bodies. And pointing out the fact that maybe they should?? Thst is just soooo mean. -_-

  • “Thin privilege is playing as a videogame character who looks like you”
    Okay, so I’m a 40 something year old, French chain smoker in a suit and ski mask with a butterfly knife?

  • The positive benefits of being overweight
    Fat is inherently buoyant and can act as a flotation device if every stranded at sea
    Fat can help you survive for longer if every stranded on a deserted island

    Other than this, there are no other advantages loool

  • A few days ago a fat-pride member drag queen died… she was hospitalized a couple of weeks back, I don’t doubt her health issues were fat related… she was really fat and had been most her life… NOTHING has been said about it!

  • “you’d better lose weight or you’ll get cancer”
    Joe Rogan with a lip full of dip coughing from the acid reflux caused from swallowing dip juice all day

    Thanks for the advice!

  • It’s August 2020. we know that Obesity + COVID = Death. Can we stop fooling ourselves now.

  • 1. Include delicious soupy veggies������ in your diet
    Include high fibre diet
    2.fix times for meals
    3. Start cutting down Junk food dosage
    4. Enjoy Zumba dance daily
    5. Stay happy
    6 Yoga
    Do feel free to share more healthy life choices

  • 2:30 I agree and I’m kinds over weight for my night but most why is because I used to not have any like fiber in my system and I kept really skinny so my doc said have some fiber like Nutella on you waffles and now I eat waffles every day

  • Here is my theory:
    Prehistorically, humans had to move, fight and struggle to survive. Those who could find more ways to conserve energy and secure a food and clean water source survived longer and made more babies. In modern times, the world has become convenient, but we haven’t lost our instinct to conserve energy and eat all the calorie dense food we can find.
    SOOO the act of being fit and healthy is to make an intentional effort to fight instincts and become an anomaly. Those who exercise intentionally are going against survival instincts by deliberately using energy and making themselves weaker/injured (breaking down muscles) for the sake of muscle growth and diminishing fat stores that would give you a higher chance of survival during a famine. #uncensored

  • Healthy living is environmental, cultural and social. It took a lot of help and support to change my relationship with food and health. I was amazed how wrong I was about the food I ate and the calories I consumed. I was surprised how easy it was to think I couldn’t burn calories when I really can. How you attitude about getting healthy can be socially told it happens “quick” when it doesn’t. But it IS possible and with painjust patience, fortitude and commitment. It won’t happen with a fad diet though.

  • I, as many kids who grew up in my city, didn’t even know when my next meal was coming from for a chunk of my life. Summer break was hell because I was always starving. And these people with enough food access to feed a village are complaining?

  • 2:27 still though, you do criticise people if they’re driving under influence or while texting or generally not paying attention to the road, not following road safety rules and guidelines etc… You don’t criticise the car crash you criticise the reckless driver, just like you don’t really criticise someone for their weight or their body type; in actuality you’re criticising their unhealthy life style and the unjustified/false desire-demand to depict it as something positive, even worse healthy and worst of all, on occasion force it on others and shame them for their actually healthy life style, which is based on years of medical and scientific research and not alleged case studies.

  • Doctor w/ medical degree and years of credentials and experience: You’re fat.
    Woman who barely graduated high school: It’s water weight.

  • We are responsible for ourselves and too put on a ton of weight is a result of bad choices repeatedly over a pretty long period of time. Individuals are accountable.

  • Tess Holliday has repeatedly belittled people for losing weight and setting goals to be healthy. How has that helped people be more kind?
    And how does lumping people who show genuine concern with health to people as being on par with those that ridicule and insult others over their weight? Honestly, I see far, far, far more condemnation and belittling of unhealthily underweight people than overweight. Where is the movement to help promote self esteem and encourage young girls struggling with anorexia and bulimia?

  • When I was overweight I often thought I was fine because I ate just like everyone else. So glad I decided to be the anomaly. I’m not even sure why I watch you, I lost all my extra weight awhile ago, already agree with (almost) everything you say

  • When I was a student in NY, many students were overweight, and it was “normal” to be short and fat. Now I am studying in Europe, and most students are slim and healthy. It’s intimidating being surrounded by gorgeous model types!

  • The dude at the end critiquing the encouragement of fat people to be thin is clearly a beater male, governed by an obese wife which he will soon be a carer for. Would fucking love your deluded life pal. Not!!!��������

  • I think the focus -or obsession- shouldn’t be the weight. The energy should be directed towards having healthy habits, period. If you do have a balance diet (including treats) and that you refocus on planning meals and making food at home and that you incorporate regular physical exercise and, as the scientific community started mentioning recently, that you sleep enough, that’s all that matters. If you actually do those things, you don’t even have to think about your weight; it will stabilize at a healthy point on its own (unless you have some other underlying condition). The weight is only the result, it shouldn’t be the goal.

    Interestingly enough, this mindset also works if you need to gain weight. I lost too much weight due to circumstances and wasn’t healthy anymore. I was so distraught looking at the scale. Then I stopped looking at it and only focused my attention on eating healthy and sports (which regulates the appetite), and it came back naturally.

    The weight is only the result of good habits, it shouldn’t be the goal!

  • Body positivity is saying you’re beautiful how you are, and you can change how you look if you want. IE, loosing or gaining weight, wearing more makeup, plastic surgery, etc.

    Body positivity is NOT saying you can’t change how you look. Body positivity is NOT saying obesity is the only way to be beautiful. Body positivity is NOT encouraging people to be fat.

  • When I was in the Obese Class 2 category, I was quite the anomaly but nobody said anything to me. After dropping 48 lbs, I am another anomaly, the kind that tracks food, avoids snacks and office treats, and wakes up early on a weekend to go for runs. Guess which anomaly is receiving more shit and “concern” over “malnourishment”. SMH! Thanks, I’d always be an anomaly, let me be of the good kind! #BeTheAnomaly #Uncensored

  • I can’t speak for all fat people, but I happen to be fat and am NOT lazy in the slightest nor do I sit and graze all day. The stigma against fat people is absolutely insane. I admit, I’ve met some other people who happen to be fat and lazy, but to assume every fat person is like that is pretty messed up. I chase around a 6 year old all day, do strenuous yard work around my house, I work out, as I am trying to lose weight. On top of cleaning house and running errands, and also had a full time job, before I was laid off due to this pandemic shit. I’m proud of my weight loss journey, but I don’t think it’s right to just assume every fat person sits and eats all day, and is lazy. I’ve lost 30 lbs so far, but I must say when I read and watch how people see so someone like me, without knowing how I’m trying to change my life to be healthier, it’s very disheartening.

  • Being skinny isn’t healthy either though, sometimes there’s situations where you can’t control your weight even if you are eating right, I’m not talking about’ oH if YOu’re fat you can’t control you’re weight’. No I’m saying that it starts out in some people’s childhood and ends up effecting them when they are older, if you’re taking care of yourself, eating healthy and you’re overweight then That’s fine, if you’re skinny and eating healthy, that’s fine but don’t assume both sides aren’t eating healthy. we all deserve love but it’s not fatphobic to put your child on a diet because you want them to have a good life, I don’t think just a diet is necessary but exercise is very required

  • The first one pissed me off, God gave us freewill. He doesn’t spoon feed us. I’m Christian. The second video made me see fat in a whole different way��

  • Watching these types of videos keep me motivated. Started about 4 weeks ago on 1000 calories a day I’ve lost 11 pounds. I’m 5’9/5’10 was 210 now 199. Goal weight is 175 by september. I don’t wanna work out, that’s why I’m at such a deficit ��

  • Obesity is the fault of the food companies and the government. There’s 39 grams of sugar in a can of coke. Your better of putting cocaine back in it

  • I love watching videos about people trying to justify being fat ( or those like Rogan discussing it ) while I am dieting and exercising. Very good motivation.

  • The body positivity and health issues can be approached by telling obese and overnight people yes be comfortable in your body but also be comfortable making your body healthier

  • This is soooo annoying. Fat is not sexy. Fat is not healthy. Fat is not the desired size to be even for fat people. As a bigger person.. I would trade places in a heartbeat with someone smaller, there is nothing beautiful about being over weight. These folks need to stop… it’s sooo disgusting.

  • Joe Rogan always trying to undermine university degrees to make himself feel better for not going to college �� the fat acceptance movement is not linked to academia

  • Nobody cares about you being fat. No one cares that you love yourself, or that you are proud of who you are. People only care when you spread false information and try to convince other people to make the same decisions as you. When you try to make yourself out to be oppressed, that’s when people attack you. When you claim that your healthy despite being morbidly obese, that’s when people try to convince you to seek help. Honestly, no one gives a shit about your body until you start lying about it. It’s funny how fat acceptance activists claim that they’re being bullied for their bodies when a lot of them shame skinny people, people with a lot of muscles, or people who go on diets. They are, quite literally, the biggest hypocrites.

  • Dieting didn’t cause emotional eating. Your emotional problems paired with the sudden “restriction” of dieting has made your relationship with food worse. You need therapy.

  • My obesity didnt take me to work this morning. My girlfriend never asls me to take her out in my new obesity. Usually my car does that.

  • Isn’t the title of the video common sense? Like, the fatter you are the more weight your body is carrying around overworking your bones and heart.
    Im not a doctor but like everyone knows this XD

  • OK, let’s get one thing straight just because you are overweight it doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy. in fact for some people it’s genetically impossible no matter how much you work out and eat healthy to physically lose weight, just as you shouldn’t skinny shaming people who have fast metabolism and can’t help not gaining weight no matter how much they try to eat. you can’t judge someone and call them lazy based on the fact that they’re too skinny or too fat based on your standards. you don’t know what they’ve been doing or what they’re going through. plus even if they are unhealthy, even if they are actively trying to be unhealthy or they don’t care about their health. it is none of your goddamn fucking business. because let’s be honest, even if you’re trying to be here for a long time some people are just trying to be here for a good time. and if you’re a backhandedly body shaming someone over the internet, stop. because unless you’re there doctor you don’t know whether or not this person is actually eating or exercising or not and whether or not they’re healthy. you’re really just trying to find an excuse to put someone down, and if you really are that concerned about their weight don’t comment about it under their platforms, message them privately. also you’re never going to know how they gained it in the first place, they could’ve started eating to cope and now they are addicted and can’t help it because it releases feel good chemicals whenever they eat And it’s turned into something of a ED. so don’t judge, you have no right.

    of course we should encourage body positivity, there’s no reason to make someone feel shitty because they have different values than you, for example. I smoke cigarettes because I’m trying to die faster ��. it’s no one else’s business and i will NOT be shamed for already wanting to die, if you wanna try to push that more that’s completely on you, don’t shift the blame to you tryna “help”. not the mention BMI is completely fucking inaccurate, I know extremely fit and muscular people that are considered obese but you’re never going to meet anyone more healthy than those two:/

  • Please put your kids on diets im not obese but bc i never ate healthy for the first 13 years of my life i struggle with eating well im not obese but it wouldve helped

  • please understand that those “body goals” on instagram arent achievable for everyone, some poeple just arent born that slim, and its fine to have some fat, but dont take it to extremes.

  • I was fat…then I set my potato chips down and got my fat azz off the couch and killed 5-20 mile runs a day….now I’m just chubby…

  • I was fit shamed by awful people. After mastectomy, I was having issues. Not knowing any better, I searched Body positivity for encouragement. I said was was using healthy eating exercise, and yoga.. i mentioned I refused chemo. I was told I was vain, black hearted. I was told about karma and I deserved cancer and worse. After surgery, my cancer came back. I used diet to shrink lump. Yes I can prove this. Yet. I am still angry. Writing this now. I wish I knew why.

  • 4:16
    Thats exactly the reason why I buy pants way to small! It’s my motivator. And it works every time! Just 1 1/2 months ago I bought pants that I couldn’t even closely close (like 5 cm from Button to its hole) and just like 2 days ago I finally could wear them ��. They are my fave pants now ��. I always loved myself also at 140kg. But I always wanted to be slimmer because of hurting joints. I couldn’t ride my horse anymore because I was to heavy. And I knew I had to change something. If I can’t do what I love. How should I enjoy life. So I changed. After 2 years I lost 50 kg. And I’m still going. 10 more kg and I can finally ride my horse again. 30 more kg and I am finally at my ideal weight of 60 kg. I can’t wait
    I always say. If you love your self you take care of yourself.

  • It’s not for everyone but people pointing out that I was gaining weight was a wake up call for me. I don’t think they were shaming me, just letting me know and I was getting pretty big and pretty sluggish and depressed ect

  • I’m eating a salad right now with iceberg lettuce, radishes, cucumber, mushrooms and cheddar cheese. I eat all kind of foods but I have a naturally fast metabolism.

  • You can be fat and healthy look at NFL linemen but if your fat, don’t do shit but eat shit food then ya your unhealthy and are at risk of dieting young

  • Well you sure aren’t doing yourself a favor by complaining that part of your fatness is the governments fault. Let me break it to you. E hem… ITS YOUR FUCKING FAULT THAT YOU ARE FAT SO LADY FIX YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF

  • Hey I got to admit. I started watching your channel when I ran in to the video “Brandon Carter a scam”I liked him until he changed his content on YouTube and to many programs.☹️… now i watch you more. Ive found my papa here������ swoliiioo

  • Being an overweight pre teen was just really sad for me, like not being able to run and play at gym class or fit in my favorite clothes, crying in front of the mirror thinking: “why am i so fucking fat?! Why am i like this?! Why can’t i be normal?!” It’s more serious than most people think

  • I actually remember seeing a study years ago when I was like 10 (I’m 25 now) saying if you’re fat you look younger. It’s crazy what can be published.

  • I believe god can create but not control I do believe he can’t just control us but he can make us think unconsciencely so it’s almost ultimately your choice of how you care for your body, I’m defiantly sure god does not like you wanting or being fat because it’s unhealthy

  • The real risk of doing surgery on an obese person is more about the high risk of blood loss, as well as the fact that you have to use more anaesthetic on them so they don’t wake up during surgery. The fat is also difficult to work around, especially if it’s visceral fat around the organs. And lastly, the patient might be at greater risk of their windpipe collapsing while in surgery (so basically like sleep apnoea). That’s what I know, anyway. There’s probably more to it than that, but trust me when I say that medical schools get all types of bodies donated to them so they’re probably no stranger to cutting open obese people. The difference is that a cadaver is very different than a live body and more can go wrong with that person is overweight.

  • I actually believe during human evolution we will have 2 stomachs because our brain will be like “So much fucking food so let’s “adapt” and grow another stomach so we can be even more fat. Ooooh shit

  • Honestly i ain’t mad at the fat chicks dancing to missy… I was this fat when i started dancing and it helped me lose weight in fun way ������
    Other than them.. The rest of tje clips are TRASH

  • Dear lord, these ‘fat accepters’… it’s all just ”me me me! Everything’s about me! You said you lost 10 pounds? That’s clearly a personal attack against me!” if you knew that your weight was ‘healthy’ or ‘acceptable,’ you wouldn’t have to beat the shit out of thin people. If you tell everyone you’re ‘happy with your body’ but then deem someone who is thin saying ‘hey you wanna lose weight with me’ or ‘hey I lost x amount of pounds!’ as fatphobic, then you’re not happy, you know you have a problem but you’re just pushing the blame onto something else so you don’t have to accept it. Because ”health at every size”

  • Fat acceptance is a thing because people want to take the easy route in life and being a lardass is easy and enjoyable for these people.

  • It is important when you eat. Since we went into lock down and were not going work we could go back to our old rhythm of eating: the main meal around 1 pm and only a slice of bread and fruit or salads in the evening around 6 pm, we lost a lot of weight without any dieting.

  • Obesity is not beautiful
    Obesity is not healthy
    Obesity is not brave
    Obesity is not healthy
    This isn’t “fat shaming” it is truth
    Fat-phobia isn’t a thing

  • Meanwhile most of the “body positive” women constantly make derogatory comments about men’s appearances and anyone who loses weight. It’s a joke.

  • In my opinion I don’t think it’s the job of the healthcare system to promote a healthy lifestyle. They’re job is to treat us when we are hurt or sick, not to prevent sickness in the first place. Yes there are tons of misinformed information out there about what we should and should not eat. But if you have access to the internet, you are capable to research and understand that a plant based diet is the best diet for humans, to prevent disease and to promote health. It’s your responsibility as the consumer to know what you’re consuming.

  • I’m fat and I agree. Yes, you should love yourself but don’t promote staying that way. You should love your body but not promote being unhealthy

  • People need to STOP insisting on the notion that “every person deserves respect”.

    That is BULLSHIT!

    Respect is having deep regard and admiration for someone, and treating them as such. It is a thing that needs to be EARNED. If a “fat acceptance ” MORON doesn’t respect their own body enough to NOT be a land whale (or at least put the EFFORT into TRYING to take care of their own body), then why should anyone else respect for them?

  • “Im fat and i look good naked no complaints” thats your opinion. And i dont think anyone is going to say eww youre fat to your face, especially if they’re trying to have sex with you. They already know you’re overweight they can see it through your clothes there are such thing as chubby chasers. I’m happy you love your body because it’s yours and the only ones opinions who matters to you should be yours and your doctors

  • I was the fat kid in the 80s when being the fat kid was weird. It’s shocking to see how average my tubby little ass would be if I had grown up today.

  • I mean I was the skinniest guy in my grade at high school. There was this girl who called me chicken legs so I called her fat and then she lost her shit. LMAO.

  • Me: Listen, you wanna lose weight, or live the rest of your life, all three years IF YOU’RE LUCKY suffering from horrible disorders and diseases while looking like an obese bloated cow? Call me back once you have decided to lose weight, as I get paid either way, and please have a nice day �� goodbye!

    And THAT is how the first doctor should have reacted (if he gets paid either way or not, is not a part of the point here, I would’ve told her so regardless)

  • I gained a ton of weight and weighed 225 throughout highschool and when I would think about my future I didn’t think that I’d still be fat I thought “one day I’m gonna make a change,” but that just led me to not changing. Well this year I decided enough was enough, I’m 19 and I don’t want to live what’s supposed to be “the best years of my life” being fat, self conscious and miserable. It’s been 6 months and I’ve lost almost 70 pounds (I currently weigh 156lbs). I still have a ways to go but I’ve honestly haven’t felt this good in years.

  • The thing is i don’t really give a fuck if there fat. If they don’t care so? If they die early Allgood there fault don’t care life moves on��

  • I’m skinny as fuck to and I’d be happy if I gained weight, but not to the point where I cant get through a doorway. Just enough that don’t get blown away by a gust of wind.

  • When people tell me there’s something wrong with me it’s a compliment because it shows they believe in my ability to take care of my problems

  • i remember being an 11 year old (im 14 now) and i was just so under weight so i decided to try and get above under weight. i lost control and now i want to lose weight if ANYONE knows any possible ways to lose belly fat please comment.

  • I just hope I don’t feel sorry for anybody that is morbidly obese and doesn’t take care of their self they always have an excuse into why they are extremely overweight and then they don’t do nothing about it most of the time it’s like watching the TV show my 600 pound life I don’t feel sorry for those people one bit they did it to their self it’s even worse when the whole damn family is obese and they keep making more kids that become obese

  • I dont think people should focus on ‘loving themselves’. This is an unhealthy process. People should accept their flaws, take accountability, and focus on self improvement.

  • From Psychology Today –
    “Often when I discuss acceptance with students or clients, a common argument is put forth: “Acceptance is no good. It is passive and accepting things as they are is giving up. It is resignation to something unpalatable.” But that is not the real meaning of acceptance. There is no better explanation than Jon Kabat-Zinn’s in, “Coming to Our Senses: Healing Ourselves and the World Through Mindfulness”: “Acceptance doesn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, mean passive resignation. Quite the opposite. It takes a huge amount of fortitude and motivation to accept what isespecially when you don’t like it-and then work wisely and effectively as best you possibly can with the circumstances you find yourself in and with the resources at your disposal, both inner and outer, to mitigate, heal, redirect, and change what can be changed.” (p.407). In other words, desiring the world to be something it is not at the moment is stopped and ruminating thoughts about how things “should be” are put aside. Then change what can be changed.”

    I was just reading that article and thought of this video. I love a lot of Joe Rogan’s stances but don’t agree with him on this one.

  • “Do you believe in Gaah?!” The next time my doctor gives me some advice on how to improve my health, I am going to ask that question. No medical professional is going to tell ME what to do!

  • Being fat isn’t healthy. This idea that you can have a total lack of self control food wise and no one can tell you that you are in bad health because that would make them a bigot is quite frankly dangerous.

  • What is wrong with this Dr.? The body positivity movement is a good thing and should stick around? Nooo! It does the opposite of its intended purpose! He’s very wrong in saying that it helps people be nicer to fat people! It does not reduce fat shaming. From watching this thing blow up on social media, I’ve seen it widen the divide between both camps. Like how feminism nonsense has helped create a lot of actual misogyny that wouldn’t exist without it. “Body positivity” turns otherwise well-intentioned people nasty to fat people because they can’t stand hearing misinformation like “healthy at any size” touted. Couldn’t we reach some kind of middle ground of saying, “It’s not a good thing to be mean to fat people, and it doesn’t help them lose weight, anyway”? Or, “It’s not fair to assume you know why someone’s fat when the science is still out on the obesity crisis question, and the good ol’ ‘calories in, calories out’ formula does not cover all the bases,” without having to have “healthy at any size” reality-denying, PC nonsense thrust upon our cultural consciousness? Just like fat shaming doesn’t work to make fat people skinny, neither does the body positivity movement work to make fat-shamers nicer. They both do the opposite! And yes, it’s still okay to speak the truth, even if it hurts someone’s feelings as long as the intention is not to hurt someone’s feelings but just to tell the truth. And being obese is NOT healthy. An obese person can be healthy (for now), just like a smoker may not end up with lung cancer, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are clear links between smoking and lung cancer and between obesity and all manner of health effects. Most of us could probably make better lifestyle choices, and they do need to be encouraged. (Diets don’t work, but healthy lifestyle changes often do.). If an obese person makes very healthy choices and is still obese, well, non-smokers get cancer, too. But at least you have the satisfaction of knowing it wasn’t your own actions to blame. A Dr. supporting the body positivity (really, the fat positivity) movement! Now, I’ve heard everything! What’s next? Drs. for the pro-ana movement? Does “healthy at any size” include anorexics?

  • Imagine someone as skinny as an anorexic person going like “I’m going to accept the way I’m built and I’m beautiful just the way I am.” Imagine people promoting an bulimic girl on the cover of a magazine. That’s just not right. It’s fatal and it is no different from fat acceptance. And I hate when fat, insecure people only care about their looks. No! It’s not just your looks it’s your health too. Stop treating being fat as if it’s a sexual orientation or gender or whatever. It’s not.

    I also hate when insecure, fat women associate themselves w/ being curvy. Being curvy and being fat are different. But they just associate ‘curvy’ and ‘fat’ because they are insecure and saying they are “curvy” is what makes them feel better about themselves.

  • It’s incredibly insane to me that instead of making small better changes (which takes little to no energy) someone would rather use all that energy to make excuses for themselves. That seems to be incredibly counter productive for anyone claiming they “can’t” loose weight. ������ #uncensored

  • I don’t wear a bikini to gross people out I wear it because I look good in it…
    bitch… if people are grossed out by something you are wearing that means you DO NOT LOOK GOOD IN IT.

  • Look at the end of the day overweight people have way more health problems than people who aren’t overweight. End of story. Morbid obesity does not discriminate….

  • Thank you so much. I lost 50 pounds by exercising and cleaning my diet and all this propaganda has made me feel guilty. Thanks for being there for me with your channel. You avengers are my comfort and encouragement to continue

  • How can you be body-positive if you don’t take care of it? Especially become at high risk of a disease like diabetes, high blood pressure or whatever. Okay eat your honey buns freely and cry in the mirror looking at yourself.

  • Truth. I’m a US size 10 and I know I need to lose at least 25 more pounds to be a full US size 8. I got way too down on myself in October and gained 20 lbs

  • But also we have to realize how capitalistic and commercial this country has became with fast food. Like we need to start banning these corporations so they stop trapping citizens into unhealthy diets

  • As a 260 lbs woman, I can’t stand seeing others as big or bigger talk about, “I’m healthy, I have no diabetes, etc.” Just wait, it’s a problem. I’ve got hypertension, right heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, yet I eat better but have trouble exercising because of the weight that has caused problems. Wake up, being overweight is not healthy.

  • So… I’ve always been the anomaly. Growing up, I was chubby and til 5th or 6th grade, the biggest girl in my class. I was made fun of, called names, the whole deal. I always felt like an outsider because of my weight. And to be clear, I wasn’t obese… I was maybe 5-10 lbs heavier than my friends. By high school, others had caught up to me, but I had also kept gaining weight. It was always the elephant in the room… at least in my mind.

    After school, I had a number of things happen all at once, including my dad passing away suddenly. I went into a terrible spiral and gained even more weight. By the time the dust settled, I was 25 years old and reached my heaviest weight of 359.6 lbs. (Which I found out at the doctors as my home scale stopped reading my weight at 315… and somehow that didn’t set off alarm bells).

    In the last 11 years, I’ve worked insanely hard to lose and keep off 200 pounds. What’s been most illuminating during this time is the shift in culture I see all around me.

    I struggled to find clothing in a size 18/20 throughout most of HS. This is a standard size in most stores now and at least far more prevalent than before. I constantly run into struggles finding clothing in my size now (8 tall) because many manufacturers stopped making those sizes. Basically, I went from never being able to find my size to once again never being able to find my size. They don’t see how much things have changed, even in just the last few years. Even going for medical procedures has been difficult recently with hospitals and nurses unable to find gowns and BP cuffs to fit what was the normal size for so long. (I had to suffer with a pediatric gown through my bone marrow biopsy and ct scans as excess fabric could have caught in the machines)

    Now, at a health 160 lbs at 5’9″…. I have way more comments and questions about my body and diet (often backhanded or derogatory) than I ever did when I was morbidly obese. I’ve been questioned if I’m drugs, secretly had WLS, am anorexic, etc…. all by the same people who sat back while I ate myself to death. I’ve been kicked out of the BP community and told I have “thin privilege”… so even though I have scars head to toe from stretch marks and loose skin that hinders me (the things I though body positivity is supposed to stand for ��‍♀️), I’m excluded because me talking about healthy, natural weight loss done for health reasons is “triggering.”

    It’s insane to me what has shifted in our society in the last 15-20 years. It’s also a stark reminder of why I did this in the first place… ME! I’m so glad I did this for myself and not to fit in or something… this madness has to stop somewhere!

  • That fat woman just keeps smiling like it’s funny when Dr Phil reads out the list, the problems she’ll have in the short remainder of her life wont be funny.

    Holy shit you’d be obese eating her daily intake in a full week!!

    She must have a great paid job coz her monthly food bill cost more than my bills and mortgage combined.

  • Yoo, I’m fat but I know that’s because I eat too much.

    Yes fat genes do exist but almost all of my family is skinny and I’m fat so no fat genes here.

    I’ve used it for good and started eating more than playing football so now I’m a line backer

  • Someone said to check out Bri Martinez, I couldn’t find their comment on here, and to see how “healthy” she is.. I am sorry! but I checked out her page, and she appears to be a little too big for health and her height. She proclaims that she weight in at 206 pounds, at 5’11, BUT! her measurements are totally odd…. She even stated last year that she was going through a “personal health complication” that made her “gain weight”…. right…..??? Her measurements are Bust: 36, Waist: 34, Hips: 53!! a 53 inches hip size! my GF is 5’7, and is around a 47” hip size, and even then I think she is getting a little too big for her health and height, even if my GF thinks that she is “healthy.” Like Alan states! “gravity doesn’t lie.” And my GF has been on constant joint pain, hip pain, legs pain, toes pain, and back pain… you are telling me that this lady feels good at 206 pounds? No way! how are people lying to themselves? 206 pounds! myself, at 6’0, she beats me by 6 pounds! but! I am 6’0….and there are days when I get down to 190 pounds…. this is totally wrong! how can people see this as “healthy”?? We are killing ourselves with lies and food.

  • Metabolic syndrome, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Hyperthyroidism, Insulin Resistance just to name a few very common genetic conditions that contribute to obesity and make it easier to gain weight but extremely hard to lose weight. 1 in 5 women are diagnosed with PCOS and it’s becoming more common. Re-educate yourself. There are girls dieting from age12 to manage their conditions. It’s easy to say these people are lazy and unhealthy by judging them but we don’t understand their genetic make-up. I am not supporting an unhealthy lifestyle it’s just a lot harder to lose weight and can lead to unhealthy emotional eating it’s important for people to know that.

  • I’m currently wearing a woman’s medium I purchased about 4 years ago. TODAY I was in the same store purchasing a JUNIOR’S medium, and it’s BIGGER than what I’m currently wearing. People brush me off telling me, “But you’ve lost weight…”, which is true. HOWEVER, my current mediums are SMALLER than many of the woman’s smalls and even x-smalls. My best friend who’s maintained her weight in the past five years has old clothing that still fits her perfectly, yet for new clothing has to go a size or two down??? Please, don’t tell me something isn’t up people.

  • I recently got kicked out of a body positivity group on Facebook. I shared my struggles of having lost 170 pounds and being healthy. I still struggle with body dysmorphia and loving my body. I got booted because they said sharing my story of weight loss implied that I was shaming those who haven’t lost weight. Honestly, body positivity was never meant to justify obesity; it was meant to love yourself despite your body. To love the part of your body you cannot change.

  • This is such BS… if your blood work while you are obese is fine.. it wont be for long. That doesnt mean you are living a healthy lifestyle it simply means it hasn’t caught up to you yet. My god. Because of this timid style of talking about weight for fear of hurting peoples feelings we now have children in the US dying from COVID because of markers like obesity.

  • There is a natural order of things in the human animal…one rule being the law of there are men out there that are attracted to fat women,and then there are those who are for these fat women who try to shove this fat acceptance bullshit on men and shame them for being attracted to slim hard bodied women,it wont work idiots.i understand you have a hard time looking at yourself in the mirror,but really,STOP DECEIVING YOURSELVES IN AN EFFORT TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL BETTER.get off your fat asses and do something about it.personally,i dont care if you are give you respect and even hang out with you if i deem you as a cool person,but do not try the shame card when i wont sleep with you,because if im not attracted to your fat body,nothing is going to change that.grow up ladies,and quit acting like feminists.

  • Honestly agree, fat acceptance is a crazy concept to me. Iam overweight I know this, seeing all these very overweight models doesn’t make me want to be like that it makes me want to loose weight, because it’s not heathy. Being ‘thick’ doesn’t mean overweight I take that as bring proportional to the weight you are in a good way but sometimes media and advertising makes being overweight i.e (thick) into a good thing which is dangerous. You should always get your BMI checked which basically determines if your a healthy weight to your height. I’m not trying to preach but being obese isn’t something to look up to even if they have a pretty picture!!

  • I get the same disgust with overly breed dogs that can’t walk or breath right with their short legs and tongues hanging out and yet people drool over how “cute” they are

  • Physically, skinny people are superior to fat people. There’s no argument. A skinny person can run easily run a mile, and a fat person can walk it.. maybe

  • I try not to judge fat people/overweight people for being as such.

    I just expect them to have the same physical capacity as me within reason. I will not pretend a person cannot squat down and stand up without having to use their hands. That person incapable of that is worthless in the realm of physical work and I will not pretend like they should get the benefits of life that come to a physically capable person. I’ll still treat them as a person of course but not gonna pretend for their sake.

  • #Uncensored What a good prompt, Aight folks. I’m a transsexual, and my photos over time show a change of sex characteristics, and physique changes. Obese to fit, Female to mixed. Being an anomalous body has come from deliberate choices that come after dedicated research and introspection. I want the most out of my life as/in this body. What it takes to maintain this life I have now is what it took to get me here. I took an interest in my health and endocrine system, I am an anomaly. So If I were to post photos of me, Before and After hormones and working out, would that be banned? Those things started at the exact same time. Transformation happens. It’s literally a part of reality. But hey, maybe we’re uncommon for attaining the human desire for improvement. I’m glad to be in that pack

  • I am a fat woman. I am actively trying to lose weight, and have lose 40lbs last time I checked. For her “waterfall” reference. NO you don’t need to mention what will happen to us. Trust me we KNOW! We know exactly what can happen. Some people have medical reasons as to why they are so big. I have PCOS. Is it the only reason I’m fat? No of course not. It is a large contributing factor, and makes it even harder for me to lose weight. My biggest issue is my addiction to soda. I would drink 10+ cans of coke a day. With me being insulin resistant because of my PCOS, my body turned all that soda into fat. I honestly don’t eat a hell of a lot. I’m not a cake and candy person, I prefer salty and savory food. Doctors have a 1 track mind when it comes to weight loss. Fully healthy diet, no cheating (and many weight loss experts recommend a cheat day when you’re on a diet). I can tell you I will never have the diet that doctors want me to have. I am still eating many of my favorite meals. I just cut my portion down by at least half to 3/4 of the portion I normally would eat. Combined with medication to regulate my PCOS I have lost a good deal of weight already. I am currently recovering from gallbladder surgery, but I think I have lost even more since I haven’t been eating much. I would never go to the doctors to help me lose weight because I know it wouldn’t help me. Now if I could afford a gym membership that would be awesome. Right now I’m just seriously cutting down on my food and hoping that keeps on dropping my weight.

  • Most of the people in the body positive movement have had eating disorders, done fad/crash diets and exercised like crazy to the point of depression. They are trying to put a spin on their situation and say they like being fat but in reality are they really though? If they actually had the right help from a nutritionist and personal trainer they might actually see results. The healthiest diet is just keeping track of what you eat and caloric intake.

  • When I was a teen, I was a size 12. I spent the next 30 years trying to diet and lose weight which made me fluctuate between a size 8 and 16. And I wouldn’t have gone up if I didn’t diet. And I hated myself and I hated my body. Then I found intuitive eating, and guess what size I ended up? A size 12! And I’m happy to be there and I don’t overeat!

  • Fat shaming can shake people out of their delusions. After all most anti smoking campaigns work by shaming through presenting the health problems that are a consequence of smoking.

  • Like they said,”you have to talks about health.” If you’re unhealthy don’t go around saying you’re body positive. Stop spreading this contagious rhetoric.

  • There is only 2 advantages of being overweight:
    1If you want to be a Sumo champion
    2If you want to survive many weeks without food

  • Episode 1 of Uncle Grandpa is about UG teaching a kid that if you can’t fit any of your clothes anymore because you’re fat, you should feel proud of your body and not try to change yourself for the better.

    Uncle Grandpa is a fat acceptance tumblr user

  • If you’re visibly obese, you’re unhealthy by all standards of human-kind. In a social system that takes everyone’s well-being and rights seriously, paying for and participating in maintaining everyone’s best interests and safety if you’re obesely fat, then you’re basically a problem for everyone, let alone your own damn self for lying about feeling normal. It’s your duty to act and be respectable, allowing for an agreeable and healthy society by also leading by example not by being a selfish, disillusioned, lying idiot who thinks their obese “state” is normal! Did you ever see a fat person over 75? No? That’s because they all DIE FROM ONE OR MORE SICKNESSES ATTRIBUTED TO LIVING AN UNHEALTHY LIFE! Oh, some kid committed suicide because of fat-shaming? That’s truly a tragedy and the parents should be held accountable for destroying their child’s life and not raising them correctly!

  • As an anomaly, I have become a walking advertisement. Family and co-workers ask me what my secret is, and are always disappointed when I tell them “I overhauled my diet, quit drinking so much and I workout every morning before work.” #uncensored

  • yes without a doubt. “healthy at every size” is the most delusional message ever and it surprises me that it exists in 2018 with all the knowledge and research we have on obesity.

  • The cheese and tater addict was scary as fuck. Like for real these vids would scare fat kids skinny. I loved the unsolved mystery style background music and dark toned narrator. Spot on like a horror documentary. Drive throughs and restaurants should refuse service to people like that, it’s not insulting it’s called caring. Watching her cry after sniffing a vegetable is super fucked.

  • I’m a Trump supporter but if Bernie Sanders gets elected, I want to see him improve accessibility of weight loss programs, instead of taking the michelle obama route and making everyone pick up broccoli during school lunch, the majority of which just gets thrown away.

  • I hate it when people use their religion as excuse for bad choices, they make the rest of the people with faith look bad. I have many friends who’s faith made them a better person, more resilient, kinder, less angry. People like the first lady in the video ruins the image of Christians.

  • It really all depends where you live. I’m in Bali, Indonesia and beside locals who are on the skinny side (obesity has started through the richest layers of the population of course, but it is still very rare), all expats and Western tourists around are all fucking fit and beautiful (hipster crowd, from all around the world).
    So of course, these type of people traveling and coming over here at probably the people who have money and move the most, very dynamic and open mind.
    So what I mean is if I was overweight in my universe, I would be the anomaly and looked in a very weird way. That helps for me to maintain my fitness ��

  • At least the dancing one is exercise… but sadly I doubt its for the purpose of losing weight and they probably have a pizza and donut party afterwards negating any benefits.

  • dont act like everyone who is fat wants to be that way… some people are born fatter or have the disposition to be fatter in life.

  • For me at least accepting myself and being body positiv helps me work on myself to be healthy because if people tell me I’m unhealthy and obese with an bmi of 26 then I feel terrible and think so negative of myself that I believe “Well if even that is bad then I guess there’s no hope for me there’s no point in trying I’m disgusting anyways” while loving myself results in wating to stay alive longer and that results in wating to be healthy for myself

  • I encourage them to get fatter. So many obese people dying quicker will get the reality of obesity to a wider (no pun intended ) audience.

  • I wish more doctors would speak up about weight. I’ve seen several doctors and only one ever mentioned to me that it was a good idea to lose weight. And I did and my blood pressure went from being prehypertensive to being ideal. Unfortunately weight lose didn’t help my heart, but it did help my blood pressure and that’s enough to encourage people to lose weight! It’s blood pressure for me, but it might be blood sugar for you, or cholesterol for you, or cancer risk for you, it’s all worth it to lose weight.

  • Use the ability to exercise as privilage to do something. Couldn’t imagine being over weight stuck doing able to nothing except sitting still

  • Nothing wrong with being an anomaly. And I’m not at all surprised to be labeled as unusual. Vet says my animals are an absolutely perfect size and it’s very rare to see one that’s not overweight. I’d be proud if my doctor said the same thing about me. #Uncensored.

  • I dunno about you people but there are some physical activities that can be fun. I started trying to learn some dances (Even though I’m a little bigger compared to the rest of my friends who are the same age as me) and it might be hard at first but it starts getting fun plus it can help with your weight. And the idea of achieving something makes me feel really excited haha.

    Not every physical activity makes you want to curl up inside an open grave and weep. There are those that can make you smile believe it or not.

  • Please people, if your going to make a video about 1 subject, stick to it, don’t be playing a video game and talk about something else

  • Thank you so much for this video. The whole “be the anomaly” quote resonated with me. Please make shirts that say be the anomaly! #uncensored

  • Imagine she’s f*cking crying over eating broccoli when people would literally kill to feed their children with this much of it… The only effective therapy would be to ship all fatters who things their life is hard, to Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Cambodia or Bangladesh. Oh that would be such return point in life for them…

  • Its like dunning kruger effect….the more conficdent you are…..the more stupid you are that being thin is better than being fat

  • I think the reason for this is because thin used to be in now thick is in everyone uses this is an excuse to get fat I’m sick of hearing thick thighs save lives can’t wait for thin to be in again

  • Here’s the thing I have no problem with fat shaming, and anyone who says it can make it worse is right. However the people who take fat shaming and become worse from it are quitters, losers, and failures. Sadly that’s the truth. But I would like to change that about someone so logically encouragement might work better. If your fat you need help. If truly everyone is brut it’s then no one is. Be the best you

  • Depends on the situation if they’ve have natural curves or have been big their whole or most of their lives and are independent living normal life no thats ok but feedism or crazy people who deliberately put on weight for attention or money that’s different, all I can say to that is not cool. Body positivity to me is accept people of all sizes and builds except for those crazys I mentioned in that last bit, those people need help.

  • Everyone focuses on one aspect of the body positive movement. I have learned that through youtube and instagram just by typing it in the search box. It isnt just about bigger bodies. It is about bodies that are atypical to the mainstream. That includes skinny bodies, brown bodies, bodies with no boobs, bodies with a lot of boob, bodies with freckles, bodies with burns, bodies that dont conform to the gender binary, short bodies, tall bodies, all bodies. Man, made me get on my Dr. Seuss.

  • I’m lucky I guess. Everyone in my life has done nothing but cheer me on this past year. I’ve been prioritizing my health, both mental and physical and no one has made a shitty comment. I even had a stranger at the gym tell me that she can see my hard work reflected in my body. She wanted me to know because she wanted me to be encouraged to keep going. At this point, NO ONE can say anything that would derail how happy it makes me to take care of myself. If anyone tries to shame you for taking care of yourself, activate your bitch face and middle finger and walk away. They’re not worth it.

  • They’re not fat anymore.  They’re: plus sized, curvy, BBW, voluptuous, bigger, full figured, a little extra, and whaterver others used.  Instead of hiding behind nice synonyms anymore lets bring back the “F” word (fat)  People have their fetishes, lets not push fat as being healthy and attractive.

  • Imagine glorifying stupidity and saying that hey people keep feeling feeling positive if you act or behave stupidly. If you’re unhealthily and like the lady said with the Niagara analogy your friends and family need to honestly tell you hey you need to help yourself or you’re going to die. Being honest about what’s good and what’s bad about anything nowadays in this time of super sensitivity is so looked down upon. SMH

  • i dnt find skinny flatchested girls with bodies like old men more attractive than obese ones. i kno a bony skank with no tits whose fat all goes to her stomach ugh gimme tits anyday

  • Body positivity isn’t a good thing. Feeling good about being a fat fuck? Please. It’s patronizing and enabling. Good job ‘doctors’

  • Being an indian, I personally know people who live on a hand to mouth basis. This disgusts me. There are people who can’t afford on their goddamn birthdays what that lady says is her daily “healthy” diet.

  • If you struggle with weight, here are some easy and less-invasive tips:

    Drinking cold water makes you burn more calories, since it takes more energy for your body to make cold water body-temperature

    cold showers can activate the brown adipose fat and muscles. Once activated, they release two hormones: irisin and FGF21. These hormones then burn white fat tissue and help you lose weight.

  • I’m 17, a year ago I was 288 pounds, today I’m 171 pounds and I’m currently maintaining! Back then my eating habits were absolute crap yet no one really helped me gain awareness of what I was doing to myself, right now everyone’s telling me about how I ugly and weird I look that I lost weight it’s sad

  • For me, I think the fat acceptance movement is bullshit. I am 17 stone and 6ft 1 (I used to be 18:13 3 months ago until I started intermittent fasting and eating lots of greens, protein etc). Being fat isn’t great and this is coming from a fat person. I hate looking in the mirror and wanting to throw up looking at myself, so I’m willing to change that at any cost. Fat acceptance is just an excuse for being lazy.

  • Just because you’re FAT and FIT doesn’t mean you’re healthy. There are PLENTY OF SKINNY CRACKHEADS who can OUTRUN the police causetheyre fit but their organs will still fail from all the crack use. Ya fucking fat morons

  • I was always skinny in my mid 20s are starting gaining weight, never obese but for my frame/build it was too much. Im glad I never accepted the lies of the fat acceptance movement. Inside it decreased my quality of life and instead of blaming everything on society I understand I got myself chunky so I can get myself fit again. After a 2 years of eating less and a little cardio I look like im 19, 21 again.

  • The BP Movement is meant to encourage people that don’t have the conventional type of body. For example, naturally curvier women. Women that wear size 12/14. People sometimes mistake ‘curvy’ for ‘fat’ and that’s where I think a lot of people get it wrong. It’s one thing to love the body God gave you, but it’s another thing to have a disease. Obesity is a disease and I get so upset when I see people encouraging obese people to love their body. Not because they shouldn’t love themselves, but that they should love themselves enough to make the conscious effort to become healthy. And when people say, “you’re not a doctor, don’t tell me about my body”. If you’re posting pictures of your body on the internet, people are going to comment. It doesn’t take a neurosurgeon to understand that fatty foods are what’s making you obese. You wouldn’t tell a person with lung cancer to smoke, so why would you tell a morbidly obese person to continue to eat donuts because they should “love the body they’re in”.

  • Body positivity was not a thing for fat people. It started for people who have body issues that they can’t help like missing limbs or scars. A bunch of butthurt fat feminazis highjacked it. No fat person is positive about their body. I know I used to be fat. It is all about validation for them because they are not happy with themselves. It is not hard to lose weight and keep it off. Stop going to the buffets and stop drinking soda. Work out a few days every week. It is not rocket science. Eat less, move more. Or just accept your obese body the way it is, give up and roll over and die. Because that is what they are doing in reality.

  • The only good thing about the new virus is that it will make people realise they have to get fit to become less likely to die. Those who don’t do it, well, they’ll learn the hard way ����

  • First dudes loyalty is stronger than anything i’ve ever witnessed. Poor man. Could have made a real woman very happy instead of being chained to that screaming blob of fat.

    Also, It’s funny how this movement only exists in America and only consists of women.

  • I have been trying to find a way to get to this movement. I ask that you help me. I have a story I want to share with you and everyone. Some may get pissed and I’m sorry about that. This is my story. I get upset that fat people are healthy I beg to differ. I was once 280 lbs. I was married to a man that was over 300 lbs. He didn’t want me to lose the weight. When I tried he would be upset with me. The end of 2014 my husband had to have a triple bypass. He also had diabetes. I was very upset because he had to be on insulin. He wouldn’t exercise. Because he had diabetes he didn’t heal well. He didn’t lose alot of weight just a little bit. For a whole year I was with him back and forth in the hospital. The last time he went he was having bad fluid buildup. The valve they replaced wasn’t working. By this time they didn’t know how bad things were until the night he coded. They was able to get him back but he was on life support. He was losing kidney function. He was not able to talk. My husband and I were so close we could read each other’s thoughts. I was at the hospital for over a month. One night I watched as my husband was having a sponge bath. I looked at him and noticed he had tears coming down his face. I tried not to cry. It took four nurses. After they were done I walked over to him and he was trying to sign to me because he knew how to. It mad no sense to me. I knew what he was saying. I asked him he knew what would happen if I took him off the life support and he nodded yes. I said please don’t make me do this the tears came again. I had to call my children and his and my family and tell them what he wanted. I had to have a meeting with all his doctors. I was going to lose my husband. They took him off the life support and everyone was there. They took him off and everyone gave me a with him. He told me thank you, he said I love you and I told him too, we kissed. I stepped out for a couple of minutes and came back in he had gone into a comma. They kept him so far out that he felt no pain. It was so hard to know and wait for the love of your life to die. I think he died two days later. I don’t remember much after he was gone. It’s been 2 1/2 years now. I have lost 65 pounds. I have had to deal with so much on my own. I have Rheumatoid arthritis and I have to keep going of my joints start hurting so bad. I feel better than I use to. My children have also lost weight. I don’t want my children to be without another parent because I love them. My mother died 8 years ago today. She was heavy she had cancer, diabetes, heart problems thyroid problems and so much more due to her weight. I’m not bashing anyone. I’m telling you this because I care about you. No one should have to go through what I have been through. When I was bigger I had heart problems. I’m doing better now. I’m not shaming you people. I want to help you. I want you to know that what you are saying is going to send someone to an early grave. Please don’t do this. My husband died at the age of 47 yrs old. He was still very young. I’m 47 now. I refuse to end up dieing like that. I know this is long but I need everyone to hear this please. Being fat isn’t healthy. Please don’t delete this. Please let my story be heard. I want it to at least help someone. You will be how you will until something happens and it might be to late. You have the right to be like you are. I am not condemning you I’m just concerned. Please take care of yourself and each other.

  • Being overweight is in some point OK if it doesnt affect your health at some point. But beeing Obese and not wanting to get healthy its not okay.

  • Tbh, the female that was dancing was pretty good, good on her for doing something she likes, even if it is hard when she is overweight

  • Yes it does promote obesity it’s stupid and naive to think otherwise. Society shouldn’t be accepting of being fat and should work to reduce obesity as much as they can, there’s absolutely nothing good in obesity

  • Obesity kills more people than world hunger fat shaming just means you care about that person and want that person to live.
    Fat acceptance is evil and is a big problem because it’s encouraging people to die faster.

  • Eating disorders of starvation, learning to eat correctly, not overeat/under eat, and not binge have taken so much time and work. I still have to work. But i never want to be the fat person again. That’s way more work.

    I love when people ask what I’m doing and i say “Eat at a deficit and workout”. They’re like no you’re diet. They can’t comprehend how easy it is. Ugh. They think there’s a magic pill.

    But i do want ya card Papa lol. #Uncensored

  • I’m 49 I’m bi polar,have extreme obsessive compulsive disorder. And going through menopause for the last 6 years.. I also have been on antidepressants for 20 years. I also take pain meds for my fybermialja and rheumatoid arthritis.. my body is pretty much fucked… when I was in my 20s.i was going for my step aerobics. But at 30 I was diagnosed with all this shit. I eat maybe 1000 calories a day. If I ate anymore I would be 500 pounds. I’m 195 5 foot 4 inches. Yes I’m a big girl. The one thing I hate is,when women say do this you’ll lose weight. And so on… I dont follow anyone. My body is different from other body’s.. and that’s what these people need to realize, just cause you can eat 3 times a day and lose weight, doesn’t mean I will. We are all different… no bodys are alike… I have 0 to none metabolism.. my body says too me whats that shelley……��️ I was 246 and now 195.i gained alot because of my meds. And depression doesn’t help… I moved back home,got away from a toxic relationship. And lost the weight. I’m still trying, it’s hard with all the meds. But slowly I’m doing it my way. Like u said in 1 video, everyone is different. And you are so right. Thank you for listening to us people that want to learn more. The right way to do things..��

  • Economics used to be like that before practical application like game theory came about. If it’s not applicable to the real world, why bother with it?

  • So there are no thin people with Heart disease, diabetes, and strokes??? I had to get iron infusions in the chemo ward, and all the cancer patients were thin.

  • Body positivity does not equal wanting everyone to be overweight and promoting being fat. It’s knowing that not everybody can be like that perfect skinny girl on lingerie commercials. It’s accepting that not shaving body hair is 100% okay. It’s realizing that stretch marks and bruises are normal. My body is not your business. I’ve been shamed for being chubby (not even fat, a bit chubby my weight is actually normal) for my whole life. I was insecure about my body for oh so many years until I learned about body positivity. I accepted myself. I learned that my weight doesn’t determine me or my worth. I still get comments and I still sometimes feel insecure, especially now in summer when it’s hot outside I feel that I can’t wear shorts and a t-shirt in the fear of judging. The next time you comment on someone’s body, please keep in mind that those couple words that slip out of your mouth can have effects for years to come. The words I’ve heard have not helped me to lose weight, they’ve made me feel bad about myself. Be what ever makes you happy, not what society thinks you should be.

  • There was a time in my life when I made fun of fat people for being fat, that is, until I became one. For most of my life I was 150 pounds, most of it being muscle, at 6’2″. Life was great. I was good looking, I felt good about myself, I could do physical things that I could only dream of doing now. My physical decline started after I got married, got a job, and had kids. My boss made fun of me for gaining a few pounds, which made me insecure, which made me eat more. Pair that with not being able to leave the house because kids need watched, and a congenital birth defect that makes the bones in my feet grow together (which doesn’t affect most people who have it), and my weight skyrocketed to almost 300 pounds. It may be over 300 by now, I don’t know. I’m too scared to weigh myself. I can’t stand my life now. I can’t stand my wife because shes always lying to me. I can’t stand it when my family makes digs at me about my weight. I can’t stand that I can’t work because if I’m on my feet for more than 30 minutes my feet will lock up so tight I won’t be able to stand for 3-10 days. Lesson being: don’t judge people. You don’t know their story. You don’t know their daily struggle. And you may end up like them with people making fun of you.

  • 5:43
    As a doctor, I can say that this isn’t the case, the surgeons obviously train certain bodies ’cause they’re common, but the real reason of not doing liposuctions on fat people is because they can’t keep beeing just a little bit thiner, and there’ s no reason to do a complicated surgery like for nothing

    Good video btw ;^)

  • The doctor said something amazing about God; that he doesn’t remove the consequences of your bad behavior. This can be true and cannot, but in her situation, it’s absolutely true. She brings her weight on herself just like I did. God is not going to reach down and hand you something that you have to earn and for good reason. Weight gain is merely a symptom of a higher psychological problem. Earning weight loss teaches you much, and can mend some of the scars that brought you there in the beginning.

  • When using fat as a shield:
    1: You’re unattractive
    2: Sound like an idiot
    3: People will laugh at you

    When using an actual shield:
    1: Extra gains from carrying shield
    2: Look like a cool knight
    3: People will say things like “nice shield bro”

  • I have lost 18kg in 4 months moving to ketogenic diet. I cook all my meals 50% of my plate low carb veggies, 25% grass-fed protein and 25% grass-fed fat source. I keep my macros super balanced and make hearty flavorful meals. I work as a teacher and often we are given gifts of food, bought donuts and bread, given cake for children’s birthdays and I am always being pressured to eat these things or thought of as weird because I pass on them. There is something wrong with that when it’s coming from a place of trying to do better for me. I don’t care how many times my coworker says, it’s just one, maybe I’ll take a bite of one of those things on some days, but not often and never a whole piece of anything.

  • you are literally doing so much harm with your channel, hope you know that.

    I don’t understand why people can’t comprehend that the reason we don’t have a healthy nation is not because of people’s individual choices, but because of marketing and food companies.

    Capitalism literally promotes the marketing of unhealthy foods, makes them cheaper and more accessible, and even intrudes into public health education in schools.

    Also, being a bigger size person doesn’t necessarily mean you’re unhealthy. I mean, sometimes it’s really obvious when someone isn’t but there are so many factors contributing to weight. It’s not just food, it’s not just choices, it’s resources, it’s propaganda perpetuated by corporations, it’s economic disparity so people can’t even afford healthier food.

    But also, let’s say no other outside influences exist to affect health and weight. RESPECT PEOPLES CHOICES. Even if someone decides they want to eat unhealthily and don’t care about their weight, THATS THEIR CHOICE. And it’s so awful that all this criticism is primarily targeted towards WOMEN. Honestly diversify your topics more or this is objectively sexist too.

    God this comment is kinda all over the place but if anyone is truly confused on what I mean by some of these points, feel free to ask.

  • 2:23 I don’t know about others but if someone is driving extremely risky, you usually tell them that? You say that you worry about them getting into car crashes, etc??
    And if I think you eat dangerously, I will tell you just the same? I will tell you, that I think you’re putting yourself at risk of diabetes, etc??
    It is the same. I don’t tell everyone, that they’re at risk of health issues, if they buy food or a car, but I will tell them, if they deliberately put themselves in danger.

  • According to statistics in my country 40% of women weight more then they should, 20% of the women below 20 years old. Statistical woman is 165cm height and 68kg weight. It’s quite a lot. I work in big company, in city centre and I’m sure that I don’t see so many overweight women. That statistics seems far from truth for me, BUT I live in the capital city and have almost no contact with small towns or rural areas of the country, and people there tend to care less of their weight and/or don’t input “healthy” lifestyle AKA salads are for pussies, real woman have to has strength to hold a pig and real man has to have big beer belly (or something similar). Statistic also covers every adult female, so between 18 years old up to 100+ years old. We don’t have many different races here, 95% caucasian, central Europe, so that simplifies data analyse.

    Beauty of statistic, you can manipulate data as much as you want.

  • It’s insane how we have such a plethora of information on the internet but there is so much misinformation that it has made something as simple as eating healthy and exercising seem so complicated

  • I rather be 198 than the 289lbs I was. Realistically I’m still trying to lose another 60ish lbs and it’s hard out here. My mom and I are on this journey together and she has to keep reminding me there’s no quick fix. I’m watching people on YouTube say the best way to lose weight is this way and that way and in the end I binge on bad food. I know what works for me but there’s so many “fool proof” ways out there to lose and quickly. Or lose without loose skin and now I’m like dang I gotta water fast so I have less loose skin. I need videos like this when I get in my own head and only want to eat an egg diet for a month.

  • I really do enjoy that you are so supportive, no bullshit, no excuses, no fluff, but still really supportive, truly passionate about what you’re talking about AND you walk the talk. It’s a valuable thing and I’m grateful.

    I was 140kgs in my mid twenties, insulin resistant and just a real mess internally. I had three bouts of gallstones, had my gallbladder removed, just bad news. Now I’m 56kgs, working on muscle tone and flexibility, actually starting to live life, go out and explore after a childhood and early adulthood as obese. Never looking back. #Uncensored

  • This happened to me. I felt ashamed because of my weight. I was in a class for swimming. Most of the people in this class were overweight. I am 5’3 105lbs. I also have MS. I cannot walk very well do to my MS. I am in a wheelchair now but before I was not in a wheelchair. With Ms I slowly get worse. I need exercise in the pool because water makes it easier for me to walk. I learned how to swim as a child but not with my legs not strong. I have to learn to swim all over again.people do not understand that and an under size person needs exercise in the pool. Nobody asked if I have MS. They just wondered why a small person was getting in a bathing suit. It was not a bikini and a very simple one piece. I was there to exercise and not show off my body. I am on the BMI scale but the side to be underweight. People do not understand how hard it is for me to gain weight. I have no problem telling people if they ask. No one seems to ask just look at me in shame.
    The clothing industry body shame to me to. I choose not to wear a bikini and want to wear a simple one piece. I wear a size 3 or extra is sometimes hard to find a suit that covers up. Also there are not shorts that cover up in my size. I had to buy shorts in the exercise department. I want to cover up for modestly because sometimes one pieces have ridiculous high-cut. I am not a teenager or twenty something.
    Also I am shamed because I drink diet coke or Coke zero. Note(.i know it is bad for me. )I am small, so people think it is because of diet. I do not need to lose weight. I drink diet coke because I am allergic to regular Coke. It has nothing to do with diet.

  • It’s not them. I don’t blame them I blamed the ppl who keeps say ” you don’t need to change your beautiful ” or “omg nothing wrong” only honest true person who cares will tell them the need lose weight & how bad it is ( almost all fat ppl who lose weight was because the ppl who care & told them)

  • Growing up I thought that every year I was just ganna keep gaining weight and go up a size every year until I was a bit overweight, and hated my body. Thanks to channels like these I’ve learned so much about how your body isn’t the first focus and you don’t have to do extreme exercise or diets to loose weight and maintain a certain weight

  • Embracing fat, all shape of body is dangerous. I think this idea is being pushed by the fashion, healthcare, and food industry as they are the one, who benefit. My kid thought fat is normal. She said people at her school are bigger than her and they said she’s too skinny. I told her that there is nothing normal about fat. Too skinny is not good either. But fat is absolutely not normal. Of course, fat is normal when everyone around us is fat.

  • It’s really weird because I’m considered a health nut because I eat plant based, got to the gym 2-3 times a week and enjoy morning yoga. Yeah even just that gets me fit shamed.��‍♀️

  • this girl I used to work with legit got MAD at me for suggesting quinoa puffs when she asked what to get from the deli. she was like “oh don’t @ me with your health shit” like UHM I’m sorry for recommending a snack that is DELICIOUS and LITERALLY TASTES LIKE FRENCH FRIES but doesn’t make you feel sick after

  • Physically, skinny people are superior to fat people. There’s no argument. A skinny person can run easily run a mile, and a fat person can walk it.. maybe

  • Would love to have that statement on a tshirt or a coffee mug! Not just a statement for fitness and health; but general life experience!

  • That’s not acceptance that’s obesity i mean im fat too! But im not so fat than reach the obesity:/

    Its ok but the obesity is not acceptance

  • My boyfriend and I when we first moved out were eating fast food every night and just not taking care of ourselves. Now we cook together and go to the gym together and are feeling so much better. My boyfriend is really into bodybuilding and has gotten super lean and muscular, while I’ve lost 30 pounds and am still planning to lose a lot more! So luckily, we can be the odd ones out together. �� #Uncensored

  • You can’t force people to think that being obese is beautiful. Everyone has their own opinions about beauty. It’s like telling a homophobe that being gay isn’t bad. It �� won’t �� click ��.

  • If there’s going to be fat acceptance, then there needs to be short acceptance for men.  There’s no health issues for being short.  People don’t choose their height.  This is the perfect campaign motto Tall at Every Height

  • Best part about insta and transformation pics… if you get your hair done, or your boobs done or a nose job you can post those pics. New teeth new lashes new nails new tattoo whatever.

    The ways you can pay another person to change you… those are all fine. The one you can do yourself like losing weight?


  • That’s one of the better ways to explain the phenomenon that I have heard. 1) “see I’m smoking, no cancer in me, smoking is healthy” BS. 2) most of these fat acceptance people do seem to be women. Not too many fat men making headway in this movement.

    IMHO, I think it started out small (I.e. “you have three kids, it’s okay if you’re chubby, no one expects you to have a bikini body, etc”) but then just got taken to extremes.

  • I want to be the anomaly. I need Papa Swolio’s tough love in my life at all times. Donuts came out at work today and I “didn’t want to be rude.” That was stupid and I regret it a lot. I’m going to start going with the “I’m allergic” excuse I used to get out of drinking milk during school lunch. #uncensored

  • Joe Rohan is spot on about this topic… joe speaks the fuckin truth right is right and wrong is wrong… so many people run from the truth or mask it

  • Eating the occasional junk food can make healthy people feel so sick and the junk food eaters get all judgy and rude if you refuse that donut. “You can eat it as you are thin” No I am thin as I don’t eat that shit lady. I never comment on their fat bodies or the crap they shovel into their faces.

  • Well…not to say that I agree with all of these articles but I’ve watched a documentary where they did mention a study in which they were able to show that SLIGHTLY overweight people (not massively overweight or obese!) had a higher chance at surviving some diseases (I think they talked about cancer, I’m not entirely sure anymore) than thin people. In my opinion that makes sense, because a lot of people lose weight when going through chemotherapy because it’s so harsh on their body and the often can’t eat very much for a while, so having some extra fat to live of might really be of an advantage. Plus in this docu they talked about the fact that the real issue is not the fat under your skin but the visceral fat. They said that it’s this fat in and around your organs that has such a detrimental effect on your health and they have shown that there are slim looking people who have a lot of visceral fat and therefore are at a high risk to develop the diseases associated with being overweight. At the same time there are overweight people who have a normal amount of visceral fat and therefore are at a lower risk for developing these diseases, even though they have an elevated amount of body fat. Of course overweight people are more likely to have larger amounts of visceral fat, because its accumulation is probably mainly caused by bad eating habits but people who are slim and have bad eating habits can be just as unhealthy.

  • Why is this making fun of people for swimming and dancing? They are trying to exercise… I don’t think those belong with some of these other examples.

  • Joe: “I accept people who drink even though it’s very unhealthy”

    Also Joe: smokes a bowl every half an hour just to stay sane

    And yes, I fucking know alcohol is more damaging than hemp, doesn’t change the fact it’s unhealthy

  • Test… Park outside a Walmart and count the overweight women walking into the store. Guarantee 1 out of 3 will be a normal weight…

  • Yep
    Was very overweight lost loads and started going to the gym and suddenly people are interested in giving their opinions on my weight
    “youve lost too much” “don’t get too muscle” “are you going back to normal eating”
    1) I’m Not underweight or have an ED
    2) think because I lift I’m suddenly going to look like arnie
    3) I am eating normally its called a healthy diet including treats
    Fit shaming is real and no one talks about it
    Call someone thin =your thin shaming
    Call someone fat = your fat shaming
    All of the above = “crickets”
    Erghhhh #eyeroll #fitshaming

  • It annoys me when people say the average person treats themself so I should treat myself. Steak is a treat for me I don’t even like a lot of junk. I’m not restricting myself I genuinely love chicken eggs and potatoes. People say I should be a certain weight because it’s the average. I’m heavier than that I’m tall and have muscle

  • In my body, there are no benefits to being heavy. Now I have Type 2 diabetes and I need to lose weight in order to reverse it. I hate being heavy, it sucks and I am fixing it.

  • I reported an add on IG where bigger women were using underwear to suck in everything and look good in dresses. I thought it was offensive that they were using that instead of going to the gym and get a healthy weight. ����

  • Exercise regularly meaning just about every single day for 30 to 40 minutes or more. Walk fast or jog/run outside, do pushups, crunches, jumping jacks, light weights, etc. in your home or at a gym. Do whatever you can do. Overweight, underweight, at a good weight. Doesn’t matter. Best thing you can do to be healthy. You will also lose excess weight and gain strength, stamina, happiness. Life is waaay better when you are in good shape.

  • I’m fine being the anomaly. Friends have gotten so used to me passing on unhealthy food they don’t even offer. Being vegan also helps there’s not a lot of vegan bar food (used to be where I slipped up). French fries are pretty much it and fried food makes me feel terrible. Sure, some people think my diet is draconian, but I love it and haven’t had any nutritional deficiencies in the 8 years I’ve been vegan. It works well for me as long as I eat a good amount of fat and protein. Need enough fat to absorb fat soluble vitamins perhaps that’s why some vegans become deficient.

  • That BuzzFeed shiz in the second bit made me cringe hard, I’m on a solid fat loss journey and have lost approx 6kgs so far and still working on improving myself, but that was a truck of horseshit there ��

  • That moment when you watch a video and realize how badass you are. Got my meal prep shopping done and am getting ready for my 5k tomorrow.

  • A good mate of mine got told off by his vet a little while back because his cat was now classed as obese. He was told about the implications to his beloved cat due to her ballooning weight. It was simple; lose the weight or it will kill her. And the vet bills will cripple you.

    You can be classed as an animal abuser for allowing a pet to become obese, but we’re now told to accept and celebrate it among our own species. Curious.

  • Pizza is my weakness ��, I also have a slow metabolism but I manage to show a six pack when I push my abs. Metabolism really doesn’t vary that much.

    I think I have a slow metabolism because I eat way healthier than my friends and I’m the same fat percentage, and weed edibles and lsd take a lot to kick in

  • #uncensored I don’t need to be the anomaly in the world, just in my family. Only one under 200lbs and only one without pre diabetes

  • That one about cheese and potatoes sounds like an actual psychological problem rather than a cringe. And I don’t think it counts as cringe when they know they have a problem

  • Yes u go to the gym but eat monstrous amount food right after that’s why u can’t lose that weight. Skinny doesn’t mean healthy honey, being healthy is not about being skinny and eating junk

  • You can’t force people to think that being obese is beautiful. Everyone has their own opinions about beauty. It’s like telling a homophobe that being gay isn’t bad. It �� won’t �� click ��.

  • Hey man I need advice is 2900 cal a day good for a 245 lbs man who goes to the gym and trains pretty intense with moderately heavy weight or should I be eat more

  • Is it weird that I’m 300lbs. And I’m always told I carry like I look like I’m 240. I’m not skinny, but I don’t look 300. I wonder what that that is? How much would I weight if I was 0fat.

  • They are confusing overweight vs obesity via the measurements if you use BMI. So while these articles are sensational, the Dr and Joe don’t have their facts quite straight either.

  • you have a platform. you need to keep exposing this stuff. Women are on the winning end of everything today. If you have a kid…pray for him cause the world is designing 1000 ways to fuck him over thanks to women (or..lets say ”some women”…..).

  • Crazy article. The first point i find hilarious and sad at the same time. “Less risk of rheumatoid arthritis if overweight”. The only person i know who has rheumatoid arthritis because its quite a rare disease anyway, is my own mother. And shes been overweight for the last 20 years.

  • Your not happy with your body. You just love food so much and you don’t want to change so you lie to yourself by saying you love your body.

  • I hate fit shaming….I even feel ashamed to eat healthy unless I’m with people who also eat healthy cuz I know someone will make a comment. Now, granted, I don’t eat the best but I’m always conscious what I’m eating.

  • I was born with a heart defect and recently did a Vo2 max test at my cardiologist. I scored as well as women my age without a heart condition. I was stoked! I have to put in a lot more effort, but it’s just something that I have come to accept. I jog about 5 miles four to five days a week. I’m ridiculously slow, but I’m out there regardless because I know the health benefits are worth it! I’d give so much to have a healthy heart and it saddens me to see people destroying their healthy organs. Oddly enough, my condition has the word anomaly in it!

  • Thank yooouuu!!!

    This video made me feel like I’m not alone. Thanks Swolenormous <3 haha
    (and yeah, it’s fucked up that people who respect their bodies now need support groups against people who these hashtag fat liberation people who literally say shit like “thin people are the problem and should all die”… no fuckin joke, those kind of comments were on that Sofie Hagen person’s facebook page…and these people join this movement to feel support or some shit, and then literally choose to die on that hill, since if they decide they want to get healthy, they’re disowned and verbally assaulted by the other fat liberation people…wtf)

    Anywayyyy, I felt so ostracized at work in the past because I didn’t want donuts and bagels and breakfast pasteries in the weekly morning meeting… every week someone had to say some shit. Why though? Was I making them feel guilty with my willpower and self-respect? Why did they care so much about what I was doing? (well, not doing…) Some of them tried to say shit like “oh if you’re too restrictive you’re going to binge later…” and I explained I wasn’t being restrictive, i’m not on a diet, just have a clean mostly whole food plant based diet (diet defined as general repertoire of the foods I eat regularly), I just really don’t want to eat those processed oil and sugar-laden foods because although it might be tasty for a second, I feel like a dumpster fire about an hour after eating that stuff, and then feel sluggish all day.

    And for fucks sake… at doctors offices, they have to usually go get a normal adult sized cuff… and i literally think doctors and residents are losing the ability to do medicine on non-fat people. Ooh, I had to get a tetanus-diptheria-pertussis booster vaccine a year ago, and this big fat nurse was going to give it to me, and she DEFINITELY put the needle to far in and in the wrong spot (my mom is a nurse and I re-enacted it for her haha) and then this big fat nurse was like “oops you’re just a little thing”… I’m not little… my arm is average healthy adult sized… and lean muscular for a woman, but more svelte type body/musculature due to the hobbies I have, but there’s no fat really on my arm, and i think this nurse didn’t know how to give a vaccine to a normal sized lean fit adult.

    Oh, and normal stores like Target and such don’t even carry pants under a women size 4 in the store around me anymore… they have to be special ordered… it’s insane.

  • I say the body positivity movement absolutely promote obesity because it makes it seem okay, it tells them their fine, like “health at every size” and this is causing people not to see a problem with being overweight and if people don’t see a problem with it then why would they change it.
    It also puts blame on everyone else for their problems and not themselves, like why people won’t date them and why they can’t get a job, why they can’t sit if normal chairs. And the victim complex that hops on. Yikes.
    Then comes the shaming on the fit, skinny, non-over weight people.
    One last thing, you can love yourself while striving to improve yourself.

  • I am the anomaly already. All the time I hear my coworkers and people that surrounds me say things like “uh why do you keep going to the gym? You’re skinny already you’re going to disappear”. One time I asked my coworkers if they wanted to go on a walk with me and all of them said no. When I complained (because I did) I told them “wtf you guys are 25 and act like you’re 90 and couldn’t walk” and one of them said to me “you know what’s your problem? You’re an athlete”
    I swear I reacted so fast and told him “I’m not the one with the problem here, you all are”. And everyone stared at me like if I was some crazy chick. I’m tired of living in a world in where having energy to walk to the store instead of turning on my car is considered weird or even “a problem”. I’m done with this shit. I rather be the anomaly.