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There seems to be scams in just about every industry including the computer repair world. However, this article isnt a piece on shady computer repair technicians, this article is about scams that target computer technicians.. Here are two common scams against computer technicians that you should watch out fo.

The repair company that explained this wheeze to us said it found out about the con when a frantic victim phoned up asking whether it had collected his computer. But as in everything, an evolution in computer repair is taking place and no longer can I sit home and work on a Dell Dimension 8400 PC (and expect to make a living like I did years ago). In this day and age, to be successful as a computer repair technician I’m almost obligated to be proficient in at least four main areas of hardware repair.

But there are more complex problems that require the expertise of a computer repair technician. Fixing a computer on your own might seem practical; but, in the long run, paying for an expert technician makes more sense. Another factor that can complicate the process of computer repair is the fact that issues affect either the software or hardware.

The paper studies computer repair technician as a career choice. The paper shows that the demand for computer repair technicians is great due to the increasing numbers of computers in use today. It studies the courses of study for people wanting to become technicians and. The next thing to ask from a potential computer repair technician before using his services is to ask about his previous experience.

The main characteristic which will directly indicate the expertise of a professional computer technician is that he will be able to pinpoint the exact cause of problem simply by taking a look over the situation. If a computer technician cannot fix your computer in front of you, you may want to reconsider using their service. Keep in mind, some computer repair services like a re-installation may take some time, and while they wait for the computer to do its thing, they fix their other customer’s computers.

This week I encountered a computer repair job that went bad. I’ve had experience dealing with jobs gone bad in the past and I have learnt how to avoid them in most cases. However, I think this one was unavoidable. Heres my story.

I get a phone call from the client wanting me to go out onsite because computer is running very slow. I mean, a technician should be sticking to his job. Hopefully, a technician (a good technician) is going to be busy enough that he’s going to be in, fix the problem, and out. He’s not going to go spelunking on your hard drive for things that he shouldn’t really be looking for.

On the other hand, we do hear it about from time to time. Here are 50 terms all computer repair technicians should know once they have completed a Computer Technician Networking Specialist program. Computer Networking & Repair Definitions. Computer networking is the term for a set of computers connected together that share resources.

The most common computer network is the internet.

List of related literature:

So he paid over a lakh at the weight loss centre and enrolled in a 6 month programme where all he had to do was lie down on a table for 20 to 30 minutes daily while painless electric currents worked on him, and go on a crash diet where he ate barely anything the whole day: channa, buttermilk and some dal.

“Don'T Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight” by Rujuta Diwekar
from Don’T Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight
by Rujuta Diwekar
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2011

Then, he took up a job in Patni Computer Systems (PCS), a Mumbai-based firm.

“Entrepreneurial Development” by S S Khanka
from Entrepreneurial Development
by S S Khanka
S. Chand Limited, 2006

He recovers in the technologically advanced and sophisticated coronary care unit (CCU) that would cost him Rs. 1,000 or more per day.

“Hospitals: Facilities Planning and Management” by G. D. Kunders
from Hospitals: Facilities Planning and Management
by G. D. Kunders
Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing House, 2004

Jobs sent employees an email the next day, using his PowerBook hooked up to an AirPort Express in his hospital room, announcing his surgery.

“Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs, Simon & Schuster
from Steve Jobs
by Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs, Simon & Schuster
Simon & Schuster, 2011

Like most of his patients with weight problems, JG has two modes of functioning: fat mode and Slim Mode.

“Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self-Repair” by Jay Glaser
from Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self-Repair
by Jay Glaser
Lotus Press, 2010

He tried every diet and program he could to lose weight, but in the end, he just kept gaining.

“Visualization for Weight Loss: The Gabriel Method Guide to Using Your Mind to Transform Your Body” by Jon Gabriel
from Visualization for Weight Loss: The Gabriel Method Guide to Using Your Mind to Transform Your Body
by Jon Gabriel
Hay House, 2015

And what’s more, he did it all while working at his day job at Hewlett-Packard.

“Founders at Work: Stories of Startups' Early Days” by Jessica Livingston
from Founders at Work: Stories of Startups’ Early Days
by Jessica Livingston
Apress, 2008

However, the efficiencies cut both fat and muscle and left his company undistinctive in the eyes of at least one important customer.

“Results-Based Leadership” by David Ulrich, Jack Zenger, Norman Smallwood
from Results-Based Leadership
by David Ulrich, Jack Zenger, Norman Smallwood
Harvard Business Review Press, 1999

When I learned that he sometimes earned extra money by soldering computer boards without any protective equipment, I optimized his diet and micronutrient intake, which helped him deal with his detoxification problems.

“It's All in Your Mouth: Biological Dentistry and the Surprising Impact of Oral Health on Whole Body Wellness” by Dominik Nischwitz
from It’s All in Your Mouth: Biological Dentistry and the Surprising Impact of Oral Health on Whole Body Wellness
by Dominik Nischwitz
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2020

This machine had helped him through his doctoral thesis.

“A Song for Nagasaki: The Story of Takashi Nagai a Scientist, Convert, and Survivor of the Atomic Bomb” by Fr. Paul Glynn
from A Song for Nagasaki: The Story of Takashi Nagai a Scientist, Convert, and Survivor of the Atomic Bomb
by Fr. Paul Glynn
Ignatius Press, 2009

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I’m 55 and built my first PC a couple months ago. When it posted was a great feeling so I had to build a second one. It posted also.:)

  • Uncle Carey’s Windows Optimizer???? Could you please tell me more? Also, if I need advice in building a computer (for my 86 year old mother) how would I contact you or do you do builds for others and/or just for the show? How do you find a case (smaller mid-tower) that has great filters on them so they are easy to clean? Be quiet! Dark Base 700 but it is too large, and front filter would be too hard for my mother to access but it is a nice case. One more question, how does one set up an SSD drive for the operating system only and either use a mechanical hard drive for saving stuff or another SSD drive for storage? Great videos!

  • This is a great video, and hits so close to home for me. I used to work as a perma-temp contractor for a contracting company that sent me to work to a Southeastern energy conglomerate. I was starting out, and doing IT Helpdesk. The entire company was so contractor-happy, after they merged with another energy company in 2006, things got even worse. No benefits, no chance of promotions. I was there for 7 years total, in all. I ended up leaving because from what I saw, they used our dept. as a way for wanna-be managers to get their feet wet, and they all had these ideas about how to ‘change the game,’ but ended up just turning the screws on us just so they can get their bonuses. When I finally found a better job and called to give my notice, the POC at the contracting company got all angry, and I wasn’t even being rude or anything. But then another guy called me to ask me what they can do to make me stay on. And at that point, I was tired of that place, so I gave them a ridiculous hourly rate I knew that they’d never accept. So then they told me that the money is not there, and I left.

    My new job was also for a city government, but was contracted through two separate companies. Luckily, I was contracted through the company with a more thoughtful owner. But yes, at first, I was promised a pay increase after 6 months, but then excuses were given. I was then asked if I had any customers who gave me kudos. They wanted to see if I was actually worth a raise. I thought to myself, It’s been six months and I’m still here, so obviously I’m doing something right. Nevertheless, after a major event hosted by that city I worked for, I asked for a raise and got it, even more than I thought I was going to get.

    All was fine until some years later. Suddenly, the supervisor that replaced the last one, who was also named Lonnie (who was okay), somehow ended up taking over the service contract from my old boss. Things just went downhill from there. I asked for a raise, and did not hear anything back. Stress piled up, and I found a new job and gave my notice. When I did, I asked the supervisor-now also the new boss-if I would be paid the balance of my accrued vacation time, which was 80 hours by that time. The supervisor stalled, and evaded. I was told they ‘have to check.’ I’m like, you’re the boss. You should be able to tell me. It was clear what her answer was. But I was left waiting. I gave them another day, and after I did not get an answer, I came in in the morning, cleaned out my desk, threw away ALL information and documentation I made, reimaged both my workstations, and left. It was sad for me to end things like this because that job was one of the best I’ve had. But when you like your job and you want to do it well, but a supervisor with emotional issues is deliberately making things more difficult and stressful, then there is only one thing to do. A year earlier, that same manager told me not to service a particular kind of hardware that was no longer under warranty. When I did this, a high-up boss complained. Then my supervisor, who told me to do this, threw me under a bus because of the ‘way I said it to the customer.’ And thing is, that I didn’t even agree with the decision about not servicing the hardware, and felt bad saying to people that I worked with for some years now, and who I had a good relationship with, ‘no.’ I knew it would cause issues.

    One of the main reason why US corporations stay profitable is by short-changing workers. If they didn’t, their coffers would be maybe half as full. It is exploitation of the highest order. It is why US law favors employers. It is why regulations and any agencies responsible for worker safety and welfare are being gutted and underfunded. It is all done deliberately. Yet, these companies get big tax breaks, pay no taxes, and also get billions in all sorts of hand-outs from the federal govt. The way they act in rgeards to worker treatment needs to be illegal. It is a sickness.

    When it comers to individual users, I had this old guy who insisted on using 720K floppies because that’s what he worked with when he retired in 1990. And no matter how many times I showed him how to use a flash drive, he just couldn’t get it. Most of my calls were for ‘how to’ issues. One day, he calls me to come over to fix his PC. I arrive, and the PC is all messed up. Drivers missing, 16 color desktop, and a pirated version of Office 2007 installed. Now, I had him go out and buy a copy of Office 2003 a few years before, but somehow someone installed a pirated version on his PC. So I fixed his PC and left. When I called him about being paid for my last visit, he told me that I messed up his computer, and that I ‘remoted into it’ illegally, and that he does not owe me anything. I sent him a very strongly-worded email and I was done with him. As far as not getting paid, I got that money back from refurbishing and selling his old PC that I still had that he didn’t need. What I think happened, is that someone else did something to his PC, screwed it up, and blamed it on me.

    And all this took place in the last 10 years.

    So long story short, I ended up emigrating from the US to another country. Here, workers get treated way better. Yearly raises, 100% union representation (that actually does something), universal healthcare so I can go about my life with a piece of mind, and all sorts of nice benefits that actually make me feel a little strange. But morale and motivation is good, and I was told by the head of the dept. that if workers are happy the company does better. That was a hit in the face for me. What employer in the US would say this to you?

  • Love computers? Hate sex?

    How did you know, Nathan? I’ve always loved computers and I’ve always been disgusted at the concept of sex.

  • Are you shore the Verge didn’t build or tamper with this computer Wonder if when he tried to install more ssd’s one of them had win10 on it and when he tried to boot the computer computer got confused with 2 boot drives and corrupted both ssd’s have seen it happen before by accident

  • To start I’m assuming you keep records on each build you do, my advice if you are not would be to take several pictures of the completed build to give you a reference for possible dealings with you costumers in the future, other than that I appreciate your video as I found it most informative, keep up the great work.

  • Not really a “repair guy” thing, but my mom’s laptop stopped working, so she borrowed mine for a few days.

    After she returned it, I noticed she didn’t log out of her email.

    Learned some stuff about my parents that day. Stuff I can never unlearn.

  • This has been one of your best live videos Carey I missed it live but really enjoyed listening today and I will defiantly be stealing your answer to “do you miss windows XP ” question ��

  • The email contacts issue at Intel, were you thinking of the old Exchange, or Exchange32 email client Application that came free with Windows 95/98? I also seem to recall something called MSN Email? I do know there was something like that I used to use a whole lot for technical news groups back then too.

    Also an old helpful tips? At least up till Outlook 2010 (I think?), when you’d have crazy issues like multiple duplicate email folders or inboxes and could never get rid of them, the secret was to exit Outlook, and seach the C drive for the file Exchange32.exe and start it. It was basically Outlook, but had a ton more features and tweaks. One of which, it was the ONLY way to remove all those pesky duplicate inboxes!

  • Very diplomatic of you. I’ve had customers that have deleted things they shouldn’t, then take it out on the machine. So, good job.

  • A desktop that was used in the garage and had a HUGE nest of spiders in it, good thing I’m not afraid of spiders. My co workers on the other hand freaked out lol

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this video ‘ it was really wonderful, to hear how you related to problem you faced! Thanks for making this video! I. Thought you did a good job.
    Linda E. Hudson

  • lol lucky I had 1 from my old 1060 pc’s rgb remote yea it was the battery in my situation o this was just a few hrs before i seen this lol

  • I actually sat here and listened to 2:41:52 of this. Thanks for sharing that. Thankfully I was bumming today to be able to listen to this. Was interesting. Thanks.

  • I RMA’d a leaky Enermax TR4 360 cooler along with the motherboard that it damaged. They told me if they could verify the motherboard damage was due to the cooler leaking, they would warranty the damaged components (board and power supply). After 4 weeks they sent the same board back to me (claiming they found no fault with it) along with a v2 cooler and those same cheap headphones. I’m trying to encourage fellow tech enthusiasts not to purchase or use Enermax products. They do not stand behind their products and choosing to use their products in your build can be a very costly mistake.

  • What is this “XTRA -PC ” I have made some enquires and everyone tells me it is a wast of money and a scam. Why are they allowed to perzist with it, is it rubbish or not?


  • There is a small, and mostly academic (in the sense that it doesn’t make much material difference) distinction to be made about the CMOS and the BIOS settings. For the last decade or so, the battery is used only to keep the Real Time Clock going. The bios settings are stored on non-volatile flash ram these days and not on a CMOS chip. The flash ram can keep its settings without a voltage to keep its settings alive, it’s just that when a voltage is not detected this is a signal to the BIOS to revert to defaults.

    As I said, the distinction is slight because the net effect is the same. The point though is that removing the battery doesn’t force the settings to be lost. The board doesn’t necessarily have to be programmed to comply with what now becomes a request to revert to defaults. There may be another step needed such as a DIP switch flip or jumper move involved.

  • Katrina Ireland
    I am learning so much from your channel have been watching you now for almost a year. I learn much that I did not know and you Carey are helping inspire me to open my own PC repair business thought not right away yet. I have to learn much about business management/admin yet.

  • A very polite compute tech…I watch another channel by a former professional repair tech for electronics and every time he finds something like this he rants and raves forever about it. I still watch his videos as he is a very good tech but I can’t stand all of crying about every little thing he finds wrong.
    I see Carey is above all that.

  • The one about poo art reminds me of other kinds of bodily fluid art and all of it is gross in my mind. Really why? why would you use yours and/or others bodily fluids to make a picture?

  • I’m a new viewer to your channel and I want to tell you that this is the best YT video I’ve ever watched. I felt everything you expressed in this video. I’ve gone through everything you have expressed and probably more. This was well articulated and executed. I’m not alone. These experiences make you grow up quickly and turn you into a different person. Nothing has changed in the corporate world and the politics its actually worst.

  • I take all back, it was the customer who had to much coca to drink, coke with rum or what have you, 7 and 7 you know. Any way, do the honorable thing, which your about to with a lecture, and fix it, send it back with a copy of SEE “my video post on Your computer” with a bill for extra work.

  • Hello just watched one of your videos on upgrading laptops. I am impressed. I will be watching a lot of your videos. I have been building my own computers and I expect to learn a lot from you.

  • Enjoyed watching the whole video, thanks for sharing your experiences! Too bad I can’t like the video multiple times, really made me laugh on a couple of occasions.:)

  • Hello Carey Holzman even though I built My Computer before I discovered your Channel I Have Learnt So much for your videos of these Diagnostic repairs you can learn so much from this

  • Worked part time (2 to 3 days a week) in a shop that sold and repaired PCs plus office and commerce supplies, during my school vacations.

    Got a a PC with a credit card stuck on the floppy drive (they were getting out of use but still a thing at the time)
    A PC with a dead snake inside, small tiny thing but still…

    Lastly, not weird, A bit of a story:

    We were 3 guys, a PC technician, the cheap teen labor, aka me, and a cash register technician (don’t know if it has a proper name in English, sorry), usually both of the technicians would give client support, repair small stuff on the clients home/businesses and i would be left alone on the repairing department, repairing, formatting (we had to use MS-DOS), backing up data, re installing everything… you know the basic stuff.

    But you see, we all had a PC for the department (PC repairs and cash register repairs) but only the Boss PC and the one on the PC repairing dep. had a internet connection, this before DLS became a thing and businesses had special contracts for internet, fast forward two years with me just having arrived and about to start working when a good friend of mine, a girl from the same school as me who (different area of studies that includes internships) was a intern at the store side of the business comes to me blushing and asking what i usually do on the PC we have connected to the internet.

    Me wondering what the heck was going on say that i do just the usual, solitaire and MSN when there is no work, and the basic research/form filling when there is work, she embarrassingly tells me to be careful as she overheard that the boss found that there was a bunch of porn being downloaded from that PC, i adamantly deny doing such a thing, (being a teen you can imagine how much credence that had) anyway i am ready to go to talk with the boss about the matter but she asks me not to because she was afraid of getting into problems with Boss and the internship (she would be graded for it as it was school related) for telling me.

    I decide not to talk while she was a intern there but i start snooping around when i was there alone and end up finding it was the cash register technician that had been downloading it all along, a dozens of 20Gb Hard drives (20Gb was A LOT back then) full of the stuff, i show my friend the proof, hey i had noting going for me in relation to girls, no need to add porn addict creep to the list and, well… creep out one of of the few girl friends i had at the time, tel that i started putting virus among the downloaded files, sure enough the guy started complaining how his work PC was always full of virus, eventually her internship ends and days latter i call the boss upstairs to the working station, tell him i knew how they though that i was the one downloading the stuff and why didn’t say anything sooner, show the folders with the downloaded porn then proceed to walk to the other department, turn the cash register technician pc on and show the guys stash plus the HDs full of the stuff. Boss doesn’t say a thing to the guy but decides that as cash register technician the guy does not need a PC anymore.

    That month i get a full month paycheck (keep in mind it was a part time job with me only working 2 or 3 days a week), deal with the other guy glaring daggers at me EVERY SINGLE DAY, good thing school was starting again soon.

    Pardon the bad English.

  • Great video Carey, sounds like you have encountered the same politics as i have, i am a couple of years older than you and live in the UK but in an engineering environment. I also never liked school and was a bit of an outcast. I was not as brave to tell employers what i thought of them, I just quit the job and most of those company’s are no longer trading.

  • Three words…”what a ride”. I do IT support and when task manager won’t shut it down…always the source of a problem, Carey. Have watched many vids and it’s my story it seems. Working for a small LA tax firm with Win 7 and 10 now. Thanks for the tip on keeping location on so that the systems keep accurate time, otherwise I do turn off all others when upgrading 7’s to 10 now with MS’s free upgrade ISO’s I’ve burned. The Win 7’s will eventually have to be upgraded since we deal with PII with tax season ramping up in L.A.

    Appreciate your videos since I don’t watch cable or television. Mostly reading books to stay on top of my chosen craft. God Bless you and you many viewers from all over the world. Very impressed with your presentations and your humility in your…kitchen. I like that lazy Susan for working on client’s systems. I need one of those on my bench in the basement near our main office where I work alone. We have to love what we do, making these boxes do what they should do. Everyday is different and software downloads and installs.

    Tip here…I began storing a lot of my apps and such on Google Drive recently, since I use Teamviewer to remote on systems far away from main office. Drivers, Chrome setup and other utilities are always accessible via Google Drive from anywhere on the planet. A bit quirky at times, but seems to save me from always losing flash drives somewhere and if a USB port is locked down for standard users, I can download my stuff then install using Admin login in Win 10 mostly. I’ve had those glitches where “Access Denied” pops up under standard user and admin and I got tired of fighting with the group policy editor which sometimes won’t override it, so downloading is my new “back door” method of choice when I find USB access isn’t working. I can go back later and do a system reset that often fixes that for Admin later, when I have more time maybe. Usually fixes the glitch, I’ve discovered. Just takes longer than the time I often have to do software installs with so many locations I have to handle.

    27 years here in the game…and still loving the detective work. So big fan….keep the faith and doing what you do so well. You’re better than 5,000 channels of cable anyway. Knowledge is the thing with technology everywhere now. Sharing is caring, of course. Next to Eric the Comp Guy, I like your vids more, sir. Thought you should know this. Take care….

  • Yea I hate posts like this, the post is supposed to be stuff on the computer like software/pictures etc, I don’t want to hear about some dude shooting himself and getting it on the laptop or cat piss on a computer, done with this video right here and now.

  • Not certain about the points made but,if anyone else wants to learn about

    computer repair stores

    try Saankramer Electronic Magazine System (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my m8 got excellent results with it.

  • i do like how you talk people thru the steps to fix etc but wouldn’t it be better if they just said I messed up doing stuff that gives you heads up what to look for

  • Omg… I’m going to be in trouble… It’s almost 6am and can’t turn this off. My wife is going to kill me. I have at most 1 hour sleep and need to get up. Great video extremely engaging.

  • You can tell all these people are those want to feel unique and special types nowadays. Everyone’s always claiming they have some unique sexuality so they can have it as their identity and feel special and rare. It’s sort of embarrassing definitely cringeworthy

  • where i can buy a cheap legal key registration for windows 10? i downloaded from the Internet but the scream keeps switching back and for and disappearing from time to time. also keep asking me to update the drivers.

  • Though I’m no tech vet I am a fan of tech couldn’t pry myself away from this vid, just very interesting stories told with a fantastic presentation style! A good man with a wealth of knowledge is a rare thing I think. Huge fan, nice one Carey.

  • I believe it to be a group of kids working in a computer shop. that he must have taken his pc to. they used his pc as ransom to make sure he kept calling back after fitting the hard drives, as they missed out on selling him a new computer, and they could see your label, as to it being a brand new build. then when he asked them to remove the drives due to the error he was having with original parts they lost another sale. so lets do something to make the pc unusable type of thing hence the magnets, and the bios settings changed, and lack of screws. I don’t believe it was the purchasers fault, apart from maybe not asking you to fit probably original hard drives, maybe there was data on them that the guy needed to keep private, or something. so no I don’t think it was the buyer at all.

  • It’s amazing sharing thsese with us.I work in Ghana and facing these kind of job politics.I thought these things happen only here in Ghana.Thanks for sharing.You are my man,Carey.

  • Do what I did, install everything on an SSD then once ytou have all the updates, drivers, software, games installed. make a windows image and create your bootable usb thumb drive somewhere you will find it.. Easy restore if it fails and do a new image after each major update (service packs or major changes in games”

  • I’m surprised to see that memory is running at 2133 mhz according to the bios. I looked at its link and see Its rated at 3000 on amazon.
    Read a number of buyers comments on the ram and found someone else who bought it was surprised the memory was running at lower speeds as well.

  • Great info. I am about to install and clone my HD with a SSD. I wanted to use NVMe with a pci adapter. do I need a heat sink. the cabinet has three fans in it already. plus of course the CPU fan

  • 1)Backing up your data is simply a part of computing, just like oil changes are part of owning a car. Just do it.
    2) 2013 is when I really upgraded to SSD, and I could never go back: Samsung 840 PRO 128GB. I’m actually still using it.. planning on moving to M.2 NVMe since I have a slot, haven’t yet. I also have 512GB and 256GB SSDs for games.. 4TB for storage. I’d love to replace that 4TB with a 4TB SSD, but they’re currently too expensive.

  • You, my friend, are amazing. You are so soft-spoken, and your ability to teach with a side of comedy is absolutely the best thing in the world haha! Many blessings to you and your future brother!

  • Also Carey, you are like a cassette with the LONG videos.In the description, break down whats going on every 20 min or something. Like on your laptop repair hours long video, its like where do i fast forward to for my issue? or potential answer? Thats all, you are awesome and keep it up. You are the bob ross of PC REPAIR!

  • when i was fixing my sister computer, i learned 2 things
    thing 1, my sisters tramp-stamp does in fact go all the way down to her thighs.
    and thing 2, my sister does porn and i can never, ever unsee that.

  • 1:27:00 You’ve spent a lot of time on it… From customer point of view this looks the same. If customer can’t communicate with this specific people, then go elsewhere and somewhere else sudently everything is good. IMHO only crazy people choose waste their time to make harm to the others.

    BTW. Hej, I am new subscriber.

  • Great video Carey, looks like the customer tried to overclock and failed, what would he possibly gain from an overclock on a system which is already lightning fast? and that graphics card is physically damaged i have never seen one that bad before, maybe he didn’t know how to remove it from the machine, I do not think physical damage will be covered under warranty either. I still have a AMD FX8350 system overclocked with a 1070 graphics card i bought second hand and it still plays the latest games. Would have loved a system as good as this one. Some people have no appreciation for what they have got. This will be an expensive lesson for the customer.

  • Dang…let me date myself. First computer. Tandy 1000 IBM compatible…NO HARD DRIVE. Two 5.25″ floppies. 256K of RAM…upgraded with add-on after market 128K RAM card. (I had to buy the RAM from two stores as neither had all 8 chips, and install it on upgrade card myself)…total RAM 384K of RAM. 8088 CPU. Monochrome monitor. Word perfect version One. Program disk in #1 drive…file disk in #2 drive to save your work. Spell checking required the remove of the file disk so you could insert the spell checking disk. FYI…the system didn’t produce WYSIWYG on the screen…meaning that you had to print your document and then, if you didn’t like the way it looked, go back and change the text on the screen and reprint. BUT, it was way better than working off on my Royal Century 2000 type writer. The Radio Shack Tandy 1000 was the first computer that had real value for the home user. How about that for way-back.

  • You are making 3 hours of anecdotes about negative work experiences actually very interesting to watch. As you are able to do the same with your other videos as well. Keep them coming!

  • I am so lucky that I live in the UK. Have never had any of those silly nuances. Even on very low pay jobs (when I started) no boss would treat me as a second class citizen. Not only me everybody. It is how we are “brainwashed” here. Secondly, when you are looking for jobs the wages/salaries are already stated in the advert, thus, you either take it or keep looking.

  • …Yeah um. that’s called celibacy. Asexual means that this species reproduces on its own, think of vegetables and fruit and stuff. Not wanting to have sexual desires and stuff is called celibacy. Lmao people these days, don’t like to look up word meanings.

  • My dad worked for Entex. Of course, he was in his fifties when he went to work for them, so he knew to wear boots whether he needed em or not

  • Thanks Carey, Somehow i Relate to your story that was awesome having a courage to say what you feel is right is not all people like……..

  • Hi Carey. I enjoy your troubleshooting videos. When you went to get the jumper to clear the bios I cringed a little. The way I reset the bios is to remove the power cable from the power supply. Remove the battery from the board. turn the power supply to the on position. NOT plugged in. Then press the power button 2 to 3 times. I turn the power supply off, put the battery back in, connect the power and turn the power supply on again, power on the pc. The only time this has not worked for me was one board that I had, had a soldered rechargeable battery to the motherboard. Keep up the good work.

  • My daughter was IT bigwig for a healthcare operation, one of the biggest. After people discovered she could do and fix anything and get the best out of pretty lazy folks she started to get email and text demanding this or that at all hours of the day or night, 7 days a week. The usual physical problems arose from stress, headaches, fatigue and excess worry. She lasted several years but walked away, with her managers begging her to stay. Now she is in a different field, making less money. She discovered her new firm, a fairly large one, was sadly full of the same sort of do-nothings and ignorant gossipers that drove her out of IT. Now she is a year away from her fourth career and is still under 42.

  • Hi Carey,

    Good morning, first time commenting. I’m looking at building a PC, and have been looking at different sites. I have three sites I look at and enjoy, yours being one. I like the format and your values. I’m currently in Hosp recovering from an Op (no big deal). listening to your story brings a smile to me. My background 33 years military/Mod, now working for a civ company here in Germany. I have seen a dealt, similar situations and have the same values. When head is not spinning must give you some stories which I’m sure you will relate to. thanks for the smile and stay true. Yours Ron

  • I always take the drive bay cover and tape it to the inside bottom of the case, this way if you decide you don’t want the optical drive anymore, you don’t have to go hunting for a matching cover. Now a case that is decommissioned, I will pull them all out, and tuck them in my junk parts box. Which is now a 5′ high plastic storage bin.

  • PCMag is reporting that due to the hike in the duty of imports from China to the US, if you wanna do a computer build or upgrade do it BEFORE January. Components will go up a lot.

  • Wow! The duct tape is a thing i said why you put a duct tape at first place as that shows that something wrong happened while using the PC. Shame is this as the machine is a heavy one and pretty sure of this. They did the BIOS for may be heavy game and i never do this unless i am a pro or know what i am doing. Always love watching your videos and the details you show and thanks for the info for ram test as always a great help to know these programs for any future issues happen.

  • Your customer isn’t being honest with you. That video card appears to have been damaged by someone trying to remove it via twisting causing the heatsink and back plate to bend which is why the shroud is slanted at an angle vs. being horizontal. The clip on the PCIx16 slot is another piece of evidence the card was being handled incorrectly. Shipping wouldn’t have caused that concern. Next, the duct tape on the PCI covers, the missing screws that go to them, the screw and magnet idea and then the case side panel being forced closed in an improper position all says much about the destination for this computer. At $2,500 you would think the duct tape and magnet solutions wouldn’t be possible yet, there they are and fully giving the impression that the owner(s) of this computer are clearly idiots. There are 10 year olds who wouldn’t have been this careless! This video card likely is a misuse concern so the owner will be very lucky if EVGA issues a replacement card after they examine the damage to this one. This is pure sadness and a fine example of how some folks run their lives. It’s theirs to mess up, just like Carey says.
    Once its fixed and returned, you know the owner will go back inside and hook up more SATA devices. Best to remind the customer any alterations and misuse is not a warranty item.

  • I once handed my computer to a tech repair guy to install a new hd and an operational system. When I got there a few days later to pick it up, he said “he saved the pictures for me” and I wad like “uh.. thanks..?”………why did he save those………

  • mr holzman, randomly saw one fo your videos in my feed after over 7 years of not seeing any of your videos ( i dont watch much youtube). 7 years ago i built my first pc with the help of your videos. then i gained an interest in computers. now 7 years later after your videos sparked my interest in computers, im graduating with a computer science degree this may. i dont know what field i would have ended up in if it wasnt for your videos helping me build my first pc that i just wanted to game on. thanks!

  • If your working for a big company they don’t know you by name,they know you by employee number and they can easily replace you for a new number,thanks for sharing this fantastic insight with us,three hours well spent.

  • Honest, I am a computer specialist,, yea yea nice name. My job was to check on servers, and yes that included storage. Wildest shit I found was in hidden sub-folders in the Recycle Bin that was also an FTP Site. Boy did I have an archive.

  • got fired from Dell in Oklahoma City. first IT job. a lot of micromanageing there, no real feedback on performance in training class (except for one time that I asked, was told that I was almost at the top of the class). let go because my final practice call was “absolutely terrible” according to firing manager. the training manager told everyone repeatedly that we were all doing great. training manager spent several hours in the class every day doing things not work related. instructor/training manager was late by 30 minutes to an hour EVERY DAY, but students were expected to be early. my practice call didn’t differ from anyone else’s performance-wise, by any metric. not given a do-over or chance to study, despite having ample free class time left in the day, and another whole class day left, which the instructor said several times would be completely free time, no real class that day…. Anyway, sorry for the bad grammar, typed this story out in a much more organized way already, but apparently I accidentally clicked something on this page and YouTube redirected me to some other site before I hit the “comment” button.

  • It’s the same over here in the UK, Carey. It’s not what you know but who you know! I am currently unemployed because I will not allow any one to push me about or to try and belittle me, it goes against everything I was taught buy my parents as a child! I really did enjoy this video, keep up the good work.

  • OMG, Carey, you had me literally rollin’ on the floor laughing when you had a time trying to get that magnet out of that case!! You struggled like someone trying to pick up Thor’s hammer…lol

  • Hi Carey. Years ago when I was lawn mowing I would have a set price for each lawn but the first cut was much much higher. The lawn was always a mess in the beginning. I would trim bushes weed beds mulch haul away debris etc. the ongoing price might be 25 per cut but the clean up might cost 50 to 200. You need to do the same with your business clients. The initial setup should be bill hourly or a one time negotiated price then the monthly retainer start after that.

  • Was working on a internet cafe about 7-8 years ago. We had this system where you ghost a pc and install games on it and other pc’s access it through the network. We open the ghost pc to clean it up. The cover was screwed all the way in. There is an half eaten falafel inside. We look through the security footage just to see why tf someone would do it. Couldn’t find it. Literally someone eat the half of the falafel, opened up the case with his screwdriver, put the half eaten falafel in, close it. Without anyone noticing it. Ppl are weird

  • there is also the 80/20 rule where 80% of the people do 20% of the work and 20% of the people do 80% of the work. and the lazy get rewarded.

  • Your wisdom is much appreciated! I’ve not had anything as dramatic as what you describe happen to me, but the frustrations of politics is spot-on for me. Thank you for sharing your stories!

  • This was an episode as if I were watching a TED broadcast. One of your best episodes up to now (non-pc build). A very informative video. Thanks.

  • It’s a hell of a lot worse when you are over 40, put 75 applications in to “any” job just to even get an income. No one calls you back, no one follows up, no one gives a flying f today. It is truly pathetic in the corporate world with HR. That’s my hell. I’m fighting age discrimination, I’m fighting to even get that call back, I’m fighting every day to even pay bills. I’ve been told I’m untrainable because I’ve not been in the “corporate world” for too long, and my business ownership means nothing. it’s not “corporate experience.”

    My cost of living has skyrocketed thanks to a repeat of the same BS in the markets of the 2000s. And I moved to Northern TX because it was an affordable place to live. Not anymore more.

    I’ve tried running my own computer repair business since 2003 and never made a good living at it because I DON’T have the logic that it takes to run a business. I’m the creative sort. I’m 42 years old and this type of shit is TRULY the scourge of my generation. Age discrimination is suppose to be illegal, but it only is if it’s actually enforced. It’s already happening to me. You have no idea how humiliating it is to go through that. worse than having to piss in a cup for an asinine drug test.

  • I just wanted to say, that I had no idea about the subject, but I ended up watching the whole video. Very genuine and very captivating narration.


  • Some sites you have too be careful because you can click on the link and something else shows up I’ve learned to stay away from those websites because some people need to see a shrink

  • Thank you Carey  I have been able to revive my computer by following what I saw you do., It was the ram,I remove it and the computer came back on thanks again Carey

  • Carey, I’ve been a long time subscriber of yours and I’ve been watching you from way back in the day. Your work ethic and style has heavily influenced the way I work when I work my business as well as working my day job as a tech and sysadmin. I doubt you’ll ever see this, but I just wanted to thank you for helping me be a better person and worker. I don’t think I would hold myself to the quality control and customer service level that I do today if it wasn’t for me watching your videos. THANK YOU CAREY!

  • I’m curious about this one. It’s not worth guessing what happened here so would love to know the story once you get to the root of it. Really enjoying the transparency of your videos Carey.

  • My tech job started about 1999 with Lucent Technologies lasted 2 years and them laid off. While working, The things I learned and have done with that position (ACST) will stay with me. I worked with mostly men, but I was always part of the team! We kicked jobs done before deadline, and were always thought of positively. I still try to get into what was once held but, working contracts is mostly what is out there to match what I’ve done before.

  • Cool stories Carrey. Reminds me of that time I got fired through an e-mail. I was so offended by it. I mean, if you’re going to fire me at least have to guts to say it to my face and not through an e-mail! I didn’t even bother to pick up my last paycheck. I was so mad at them that I did not want to even look at them. Surprisingly they actually mailed me the last check. I was a bit childish back then since I made like around twenty Yelp accounts and left bad reviews as a way of revenge. Yelp was a huge thorn in them, it was like kryptonite since they had investors and corporate people to impress. They kept their eyes on yelp.

  • I also had an issue with my Laptop and brought it in to repair, it didn’t start and as it seemed, two parts had to be replaced. Guy at the Counter told me he just came back from Holiday and wasn’t really sure, what the issue was, since he didn’t repair it. He booted it up to show me it’s working, logged in to show everything is running fine and of course a fine, delicate Offbrand Wallpaper smiled at us, me, smiling thanked the Guy who was visibly embarrassed. I didn’t care, was just smiling about the fact, that he probably has something to laugh about for the rest of the day.

  • CareyHolzman: Thank you for telling the inside stories of working in IT companies. Interesting. I am familiar with Vanstar (Inacom acquired it), Vanstar CEO was married to Ellen Tauscher (U.S. House Representative)
    Vanstar HQ was in Pleasanton, California.

  • Carey Holzman, I would like to thank you for your time, On every video I have watched of yours, i’m very glad I have you as a resource. I would have love to know the thing about AMD being a HOTTER energy hungry CPU, but I didn’t so i’m ok with my build, thanks to you and learning from your videos. THANKS got my first build done! and loving it.

  • what about the windows key after fresh install. how were to get the same key, did you had it noted somewhere or how did you get that windows key?

  • 58:27, more knowledgeable is the appropriate word instead of smarter. You can’t measure intelligence based on leaned information.
    58:32 that’s very modest

  • 3:18 “Why couldn’t the police handle this?” To answer that question, police don’t put time and effort into breaking entry into a computer unless there is a really damn good reason, unfortunately, a suicide is not a good enough reason unless there is suspicion that it was something other than suicide.

  • the cr 2035 cmos battery is really only expected to last about 5 years and there is a finite life expectancy for the components but if you do not use it a lot it may last a long time.

  • Meh. I’ve been in the industry since the mid 70’s before modern PC’s existed so I’ve seen as much as you have.

    The reason the customer did not disclose is actually something I learned a long time ago. It comes from you me and us. It comes from modern society.

    Why do I say that? because as you said in the video “… I will send it back with all the right screws in place. That is not negotiable”. WHat customers hear is “I will do what I think is best regardless f what you want and I will not negotiate on that”. I know that it is not what you mean and definitely not what you said, but it is what the customer hears.

    From the customer’s perspective, they want you to do something and do not know if you will do it or refuse it so they don’t give you the option of refusal by only telling you the pieces that will get you to do the job they want without risking that refusal.

    It happens in auto mechanics, medicine, hell every industry really. Back 35 years ago, if someone hired me to do something stupid I would tell them that it is stupid and tell them the consequences and then if they really still wanted the stupid thing done, I would do it to the absolute best of my ability. These days, people will simply refuse to do things that they do not personally agree with. Times have changed and society has changed to adapt to it.

    For instance, if a customer asked you to build that same computer and put in a 90-watt power supply in it, would you do it, would you have advised the that a 2080 Ti will not function with such a low powered power supply and have done it anyway or would you refuse? As too many people choose the refuse option, customers lie to change the refusal into a just do it.

    (and before anyone thinks it no, I am not the customer in this job.)

  • In this day and age, if anyone is still using or consider using GEEK SQUAD when you have many FREE information on the INTERNET like WIKIPEDIA, self-help forums, blogs and of course YouTube videos like this, then they need their head BASHED in with a rolled up NewsPaper or magazine… lol… My boss, who is OLD, didn’t agree with his employees’ suggestions and stormed out of his office with his computer tower. Then, we found out that he took his computer to GEEK SQUAD at BEST BUY… LOL… All he wanted was ONLY his old emails from his Email Client backed up into an external hardrive and be readily available if he needs them and GUESS what happened at the end… LOL… GEEK SQUAD ended up simply transferring the DATABASE file that had all of his email OLD and the NEW into his external hardrive and for that they charged him $200.00. Plus, GEEK SQUAD sold him $2,000 dollar computer from BEST BUY… ROTFLMAO!!! Half the time GEEK SQUAD people don’t even know what they are doing or getting into… TOTAL RIP-OFF. ROTFLMAO!!! I SIMPLY DO NOT BUY COMPUTERS OFF THE SHELF. I ONLY build my computers… AWESOME!!!!!:)
    Thank you, Carey, for this awesome video.

  • This video is amazing, and I’m not surprised because everything in this channel is amazing KEEP IT COMING ❤ Whoever is reading this comment: have a perfect day ❤

  • I was a cabinetmaker, same kind of stories in big factories. Luckily I live in Denmark and years ago the workers union was a great help.

  • Wow, into the good old Atari computers. I had a 520ST Atari. I even modded it with a 1meg. memory upgrade that did very little but it was fun to do. Then I built my first AMD 386/40mhz computer. I’ve never bought a complete computer, I put quite a lot of different ones together over the years. It’s much more fun to do it yourself… Build a Cyrix computer, a AMD Athlon 64 all the way up to this Ryzen system. There was a slot A where to overclock you added or removed or changed the resistors on the unit.. All sorts of different builds. Even one Intel Ivy bridge because of one stupid game that wouldn’t work well with the AMD Bulldozer cpu’s. I really wanted to play that game…

  • I can’t wait to find out what the customer was trying to do when he messed this up. Those extra SATA cables being installed by the customer tells me he was trying to add hard drives and did not realize the NVMe was taking up one of the spots in boot up and he messed that up in the Bios and did not know how to go back to how it was set up when you built it.

  • Your remarks about employees being let go then being hired back as contractors reminded me of a situation at Boeing a long time ago (not a Star Wars reference).
    The company offered a “Golden Handshake” believing maybe three thousand would take it, over nine thousand did.
    In the following weeks they realized that critical jobs were not being done or done by people that didn’t have the historic knowledge so they hired back, maybe one thousand or two not as contractors but consultants that can and did get a significant higher pay then even contractors would get.
    That was the first and last time a “Golden Handshake” was presented to the employees. ;-D

  • Hello Carey, I think this was one of your best videos so much life advice on your experience in life and business, I will be watching this video over and over you offer down to earth advice on so many topics in this video I am 55 years old and learned and will learn so much more from this. keep up the good work and don’t ever change who you are.( I know you will not) Take care and be safe. from Michigan

  • Better to have a costumer to not return for computer work than them coming back on a regular basis in my opinion, then they can spread word about the work and the computers that you build

  • Carey, used to repair computers. You have a good show. Oh, remember the show, “Man from UNCLE, you kinda remind me of Napolean Solo.

  • Carey, me old chum, how on earth were you fired after your break up with your girl friend? What work related reason did your employer give? In the UK, you could have appealed for unfair dismissal.

  • I had your PC REPAIR LIVE playing when I took a nap.  I awoke to see ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE running…I thought it was MY computer….I closed the window.  Now I just saw it again, and realized it was your video!!!  War of the Worlds!!!  FUNNY!

  • You spend too much time addressing trolls. Thats what the trolls wants. They just want your attention, even when its negative attention. Just ignore it. Block and ignore. Do not address or mention them.

  • I work on laptops on the side apart from my main full time job, I received one from one of my regulars she’s cute and we’ve talked about PCs before so nothing crazy until she hands me a USB and her laptop saying she wants to transfer all data to it. Little odd since figured she could do that herself, but I figured why not I was getting paid decently for it. I did the typical thing of don’t worry I won’t go rummaging around the laptop for things.

    Come to find out the laptop was completely fine, but the moment I had the USB in she had it set up that it would run something immediately. What ran was something that had turn my face red. Video of something definitely NSFW, and asking for a FWB thing.

  • Hi Carey, It’s very simple that some people dont like the facts and thats the bottom line and as you say you have no control over peoples feelings and to be fair thats for them to deal with not you. It’s always better to tell it the way it is or as I say you can’t suger coat the pill as that never works for either party. This video just makes it very clear if your sure than ask or get the work done at the point of build and all this time and customers money could have been saved. Best Wishes Alan

  • You Carey, are a very nice and patient guy.To see this build “frankenstiened” made me a little upset.
    I was worried for the card.It was VERY poorly re-seated. It looked like the pcb was twisted and may have damaged the pci-e slot and or the card itself.Whoever tampered with this computer, never had a clue.
    By my guess, maybe a 2800-3200 dollar build just in parts, depending on prices.

  • To me, either the video card was acting up and the customer tried troubleshoot it by taking it out without pressing down the latch and bent the card. Or, the customer tried to install something, the card got in their way and they damaged it trying to take it out without pressing down the latch.

  • Hi Carey. I appreciate you sharing your life experiences with us all. I watch your entire video and I would have not imagined the struggles that you have been through to get to where you are today one of the most highly recognized computer technicians there is. It only proves of your determination and dedication of doing what’s right and doing it as well as you can.

    I am 62 years old. I ran a service department with two different plumbing firms. Where I was the secretary the manager and the service man. 30 years at the first and 20 years at the second and I am still amazed at what customers will try to get away with in order not to pay their bill. I do property management now for a real estate company. But I have had many of the same struggles that you have shared with us all.

    It takes a real man to do what you have done by sharing your life with so many people that you don’t even now. I just want to say thanks again for sharing what it is like to make it in the real world. PS I learned nothing in school that I could use just like you.

    Keep up the good work Terry

  • Carey, i love your videos. I am getting a ryzen 1800x cause microcenter has a deal on them, plus i received a gift card. to replace my fx processor but i love your videos

  • a guy came in to a place i worked in,
    he had a folder labeled “minecraft”
    it was a minecraft world but it was in terabytes.
    when i questioned it, he said he has been running an anarchy server, since 2010. (no it was not 2b2t.)

  • There’s a lot of ego on both sides. Whereas before like you I was called young and naive. Now I’m called old and odd. I’ve not changed…I’m still ME……I boil it down to being too proud to bow.

  • One side observation. In my experience, after a BIOS update on Asus boards, the “bla-bla-bla… Press F1” BIOS screen always(!) comes up, as the BIOS was reset during update and it asks us to set it up “fresh” or anew so to say. I don’t even have to press anything, the Pres F1 screen at 13:51min will definitely come up by itself. Knowing that I am aware that the BIOS update was actually not botched and that I ca now proceed further. A sort of a time stamp (though not a milestone:)
    Another point is that as someone already pointed out below if reinstalling windows on the same board with the same components, the Windows key is not usually necessary:) And I also helped someone on a forum with a Win7Home edition to simply upgrade to Win10Home a year ago, just by running an Windows 10 install (Win “Home” to Win “Home” upgrade only) via Windows Media Creation tool and the person was super happy that he didn’t need to buy a new license. But before doing that I would install Belarc Advisor and copy the windows and whatnot installation keys.

  • Hi Carey, Bryam in Payson Az here. I agree with you on how society molds us… I have the same way of coming across from my life experiences too. I totally get it Carey. Your (not) alone. Really Enjoyed the show! Keep up the good work! ; )

  • Carey…. TPM!= chassis intrusion. That’s a separate setting in most BIOS/UEFI interfaces (and/or separate physical connector and circuit on the motherboard) that is generally present in corporate machines, regardless of whether it also has a TPM or not. Certain functions of the TPM module CAN be used by service technicians to derive a chassis intrusion incident in that they would indicate intrusion if the tech knew what to look for in the event that chassis intrusion is not enabled, but this is not the TPM’s primary (or even secondary) function.

  • Carey another great video, again, I deeply appreciate your channel, hopefully I will get Trump money for COVID-19 and can get some donations made if i get Trump money, ha!

  • hi gary, i do enjoy your show, i got computor aser/ aspire bought it new, but it a bet can you make it perform faster..thanks from calgary, canada..

  • Again, I’m responding to a video that’s over a year old. But… When I came to AZ in1989, I too worked in IT as a “subcontractor”, but I was developing COBOL programs and job control for industry giants like Allied Signal (now Honeywell). And I can’t agree more about the senseless politics that surrounded a “technical” job. After working at A.S. for over 4 years writing software to interface between a TOTAL database system to a “vendor” software package from Arthur Anderson (that turned out to be “resold” software) on IBM’s IMS database platform, management did a “180” on their policy. In Phase 1, they admitted knowing nothing about how IBM’s database system worked (and I was an expert in that field), and was “open-minded” to suggestions on how we (mostly the sub-contractors) could make it better. So after the successful installation of Phase 1 (and “pats on the back all around), each level of management took a step up the ladder, and the “new” project manager (who was an A.S. employee), took the reins and declared that “…since we now know what we’re doing, we’re going to ramrod Phase 2 in record time working 50to 60-hour weeks”. In addition, the support staff from Arthur Anderson also “moved on”. I got a set of specs from one of them that made ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE, and didn’t match their vendor software. Turns out, he had copied the specs from another program, changed a few things, and passed it of as “documentation”. I found out later that the Phase 2 software (that was supposed to “integrate seamlessly” with Phase 1) was written by a different company that wrote Phase 1. When I approached my “new supervisor” (who was clueless), I was completely shut down and told to go do what I was told to do, in spite of the fact that it made ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE! I went back to my firm and requested a transfer to a new client, because I couldn’t work in those adverse and asinine conditions.

  • @Carey Love “first thing we do is replicate the problem.” I worked as an Avionics System Technician for 21 years. We were taught first thing we do is perform Operational Checkout to verify the problem before we do anything else. Last thing we did was perform Operational Checkout to verify problem was resolved before we allowed the aircraft to return to service.

  • I thought of a cool opening animation. It’s kinda like the old Tim Burton Batman suit up scene but without the rubber and unnecessary crotch shots. You get the shirt a cape and the leaf blower. Now, if only i knew how to animate.

  • I agree, I believe someone else opened the PC. I noticed it’s a i9 9900…only a 3.6ghz? He could of had a 4.2 running.without OC.
    How can I get hold of you so you can build me a Desktop PC Carey?

  • Well what I can see that the computer is old, when that happens, sometimes it may not be worth the pain to repair it. So just advise the customer to buy a new one.

  • A card that expensive being treated the way it was by the customer is really sad almost as if they tried jamming it in the slot if it was me I’d charge them for the repair because they caused the problem

  • its so true its not magic but some people are so ignorant to tec that even the simple task of plugging in a cable or looking at hardware is like going back in time and showing some one from med-evil Europe and it just blows me away some times ive had a person who was like what is an operating system what dose it do it is rare but they are out their

  • Stream International, Cyber Rep later ACS inc. Terrible companies. Both of those companies are gone now. Phone tech jobs suck. You could have a job as long as the company is still around and doesn’t outsource it to another country. Which is funny because you were an outsource for the original company they represent.

  • I feel you bro, after 20+ yrs in the business I retired and went into the IT field for the government… now fully retired and enjoying life. I only take care of family and friend on occasions.

  • Greetings Carey, thanks for your videos! Back when I pushed white boxes, I used foil warranty stickers with tamper protection. Placed across the seam of the side cover, once installed they are destroyed when removed..if necessary, warranty repair got a new sticker and signs of tampering were grounds for warranty violation. It is the customers hardware, but inside of the warranty period only we were authorized to perform service and the same extends to brand name hardware that we resell today! Signing a copy of the receipt was necessary at delivery, with verbiage indicating acceptance of terms and conditions posted publicly on our website. I frequently considered a surcharge for omission of information or submission of false information, but ultimately customer service led the day as the terms and conditions were highlighted in advance of the sale and as the quality of my customers improved!

  • Was just browsing and came across this video. I laughed my socks off at the Lucky section. Love the sarcasm, excellent stuff. Surprised you didn’t hear me laughing here in Hastings in the UK. I’ve now clicked the sub and bell. Thank you.

  • I found, that a bad HD, can jamb up a system. Experience with a laptop. It wouldn’t boot with the hard drive, plugged in. Disconnected the hard drive, it posted. That experience, was with a mechanical drive.

  • Save yourself some time, get a working system and start testing the suspect hardware on a good working system to validate that the component is good. Memory especially needs to be tested on a working system with a mem86 test done to it. Hard drive, is the same, plug it up as a D drive and run a disk test on a working system. When all components are tested including the CPU. The culprit is what ever left behind which is usually the motherboard.

  • Carey, I have been watching your You-Tube videos for weeks after finding you on the web. I have been in computer builds, support, repairs, and networking since PC’s come out in the 80’s. I find that your professional style, approach to troubleshooting, opinions on hardware and software (Malwarebytes & CCleaner) is so nearly identical to mine that I have felt like you are a long lost cousin of mine. LOL. Watching each of your videos, I have either learned new things or validated my current technique in PC support. Thank you so very much. This episode on “starting a computer business” has helped me figure out how to do better in managing clients regarding the finance collections, charge what you’re worth, walk away from troublesome customers, and more. I am fully employed as a global project manager for decades while services many family, friends and now new clients with quality customer support. Someday when I do retire (currently 66), I plan to make it a full time job adding to other offerings I am mastering camera surveillance, backup generators, home automation, etc. I also offer free or reasonably paid workshops in the Chicagoland area on basic maintenance that one should do to keep their PC running well and safe. Thank you for all the handy tips you offer that teach us all new things or confirm our current practices. How can I contribute to your program and connect in other ways. John Lorens

  • I’m a computer repairs engineer and I have seen some stuff. The most embarrassing moment was on a house visit to a gay couple. I had just finished fixing the pc and asked them both to join me at the monitor so I could demonstrate the machine was now opening pictures instantly.
    Both guys stood either side of me and the mood was jovial I then opened up the picture file and without a moment of hesitation selected the first picture i saw.
    Well, they had a very big monitor and to my horror there was one of the guys looking back at me with a seductive look on his face, now that in it’s self is ok but the problem was the huge erection by his lips. I was frozen in place for about 20 seconds and nobody moved or said a word. I the closed the pic and said “as you will notice it opens pictures really fast now” I then ran away.

  • 27:39 Comments about throwing computer Sometimes that helps greatly! In my enormously long career as a computer tech, back in 1992, I had a customer who had an old NEC computer that had a bad floppy drive where the computer’s BIOS by default would not recognize a floppy drive and to change the BIOS setting, you had to insert a special floppy disk (no hotkeys into BIOS). It was a circular loop and after a dozen techs working on it for two weeks and NEC themselves no help just to change a bloody floppy drive. I finally stepped in wearing my alternate hat as treasurer for the computer corporation and threw the customer’s computer out the 3rd floor office window which really felt good! The president of the company said “I can’t believe you just did that” but as it turned out my authorizing the company to purchase a new computer for the customer cost the company far less than the manpower hours going into the bloody machine! LOL!

  • Good show, jolly good show! A guy that does computer fix-its from his kitchen, rather then a lab full of computer junk hanging all around to ‘impress’ viewers.
    Once I get Windows 10 Pro installed I go right to the Microsoft Windows upgrade page, download the tool (top most upgrade button), and let it install the latest version, that bypasses a lot of “updates”.
    I like ASUS hardware, used it for years no issues.
    Just a side note, I WILL NEVER EVER use cloud for storage or backups. You would have to be brain dead for that garbage.
    First thing I uninstall in “Programs and features” is MS onedrive.

  • That’s a cool looking NZXT pc there, Looks like coca cola design. looks like you trying to pull king Author Sword out with that magnet. lol

  • I am a retired technician but mostly on the network side. I have occasional friends that needed repair done. I do not plan on opening a shop or anything because I am doing to many other things.
    One day a neighbor asked me to look at his PC because things were slow. I go to his house and find he has a 286. Even the mouse had a serial port. (I guess PS2 ports were not envented at time of production.) I told him it was an old machine that probably came over on Noahs Ark but I would attempt making it a little faster. He kept ask me to come over about once a week. And then he stopped and did not hear from him in a while. I went over to check on him because I was worried for his health. I come in his living room and a brand new PC. I asked him about it and he said another friend said his old machine was too old to use. He said you never told me it was to old. I asked what part of Noahs Ark did he not understand? I guess I should have been more clear on age instead of a pop culture type statement. So say a PC is just too old. I did recomend and always do to change or upgrade your machine every to or three years. And said in technology, software can out run the hardware. And occasionally some hardware could be changed for the better like WiFi adapters and things.

  • my pc did that when i tried to overclock my corsair lpx 3200mhz to 4000mhz it just kept resetting and resetting and resetting then i cleared cmos much love from Italy

  • Thank you for the stream Carey.Must have been difficult for you considering the circumstances you face.Youre in my thoughts my friend,be strong.By the wayif you put one of those magnets in each corner of the case,you can have a wall mounted pc.Take care

  • Those gratifying moments
    Carey: It’s either me or the parrot
    Boss: The door is this way Carey
    Parrot: The dooooor is this way Caaaaarey

  • Carey, I worked at Intel for many years on the construction site, installing piping and tools in all the fabs from chandler fab 6 to ocotillo fabs 12,22,32,42. The environment you talked about still exists, unfortunately.

  • Wow, the computer user got into the BIOS or used a flash drive and formatted the Intel M.2. Major mistake.
    While in the BIOS, is seems that the best solution would be to turn on XMP because the bios had the frequency set to 2133 and it’s likely the memory they purchased would have been at least 2666 or faster. Not sure what improvements would be gained with it on but may as well set it for what the DDR4 speed is capable of, correct?
    Regarding the Asus defaults, yes, they do default to Optane and 2x on the nvme. However, the TPM is always off. Also, I believe after a bios upgrade, all bios settings revert to the defaults. Years ago, Asus bios upgrades retained the settings made by the user.

  • By the way advise people about  windows 10, in that once they upgrade, not to return to the old version of windows cause it will make you get a new purchase activation key for windows; you cant upgrade if windows is not genuine.

  • I had a problem with double monitors I use for video editing. The control was backwards not able to select the primary to what I wished and a few other issues I didn’t have on my older computer. I had both EVGA tech support and Kathrin involved.
    Later I fumbled onto the solution, my best work is fumbling, that the default in Geforce Experience is to load the gaming driver for their cards. I switched to the Studio driver and most of the issues corrected themselves. except for windows not sizing to the screen size, instead they run below.

  • I enjoy your videos, and after 30 years of building PCs find myself agreeing a LOT. Am very glad you are looking healthy in these troubled times.

  • Appenzeller Biberli have an almond filling. They are not made with or from Cheese: )) But yes there is a sort of Cheese called Appenzeller. I personally do not like it. Swiss Cheese that is. I like Appenzeller Biberli.

  • this is a great example of being humble, negative ego can get far more in the way of working with others. in this example, the owner may have been better to let go of his negative ego and shared the steps in which go this computer in trouble and even been able to repair over the phone. but ego got in the way… how often this happens in our lives that negative ego gets in our way of honestly working with others.

  • “Only YOU can prevent data loss” (Carey points)……… as a nerd/geek/tech-head.. Id wear that shirt as proud as i wear my DD214 shirts..

    let us know when those shirts are ready to order Mr.Carey:D

  • 6 years watching this channel.
    And finally I got a computer problem, power supply is on its way. Computer was randomly restarting. Currently it runs with a 10-year-old power supply. prime95 for 45 minutes then I stopped it and the computer Being Idle restarted. Same test with a spare power supply works just fine. Also want to change my 60 gig SSD and 10 year old hard drive that’s just works fine it has 33000 hours.
    I will swap them both with a bigger SSD.

  • Just this evening I argued with my know it all room mate about how it does NOT hurt a PC to blow it out. She being not quite 25 and having INFINATE knowledge on PC’s. (She build one I am on my 3rd. lol) Says that it will create a magnetic field than can hard the PC HA HAH A HA HAH HA you CAN NOT convince her other wise. Mind you said roommate claims she is very close to having her A+ rating in PC tech. The SAME roommate that when building her current PC that if not for me giving her an old GTX 960 to replace her 750Ti that had NEVER been cleaned in the 3 years her PC has been running…When building it she didn’t understand why her PC wouldn’t boot. Come to find out she was using a VERY underpowered PSU. LMAO what a dip shit. to be SO head strong and yet be TOTALLY WRONG. she also likes Thermaltake LOL…also whenI told her a experienced 25+ year PC veteran uses a leaf blower she called that person an idiot ha ha ha ha what a narrow minded person my roommate is. Keep up the great work Carey and I KNOW the leaf blower thing works cause I have used one on more than one PC in the past when friends have problems.

  • You’ve hit the nail on the head with your point about the school system failing to prepare us for life, Carey. It’s very much the same here in the UK, and whilst I think the range of knowledge is good, it’s ultimately those fundamental skills in life which are the most valuable to us.

  • This was a very interesting video and Carey, you are quite an interesting person. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos and share these stories with us. I could listen for hours you are very wise and very knowledgeable and I’m kinda stuck in the same place you were at the beginning where I’m not exactly sure what I know and what I still need to know. I’ll figure it out though, I’m not too worried. But thank you again for all that you do and I’m looking forward to watching more videos!

  • Wow! Now Carey, i found out that i need to buy asap a ssd internal drive and just to clone my HDD system from to ssd disk. in 10 had to buy a monitor and now an ssd disk as well. but you are a life saver. Thx so much for the time,effort to help us all.

  • It’s funny that this video came along right now. Just the other day, our company announced that the 24/7 on call phone that rotates weekly between us in the IT department is not going to be paid any more… Suffice to say that nobody wants to take the on call phone any more.

  • I think you solved a problem I was having my buddy gave me an old HP that we upgrade just about everything on it but after installing window 10 it wouldn’t shut off but I think the AHCI thing was set wrong, now haven’t tried it yet but will let you know

  • Aren’t you glad we are not where we were in the early and mid 90’s troubleshooting autoexec.bat, config.sys and modem init strings after looking at all the internal hardware?

  • dv2000 so many memories of that particular laptop I’d say it’s the first one that I ever had the the pleasure of using. thanks for the prick that ruined them.

  • OCD is a good skillset for technical people. My mind is always playing “what’s wrong with this picture?” Attention to detail is our stock in trade. Who do you think your are? Nobody special: just the ONLY person who knows how to do the job you need done. Very few people know how to effectively manage and value smart-assed techs. It’s not rocket science. All that is required is honesty, respect, and fairness. For the most part, techs are a dime a dozen and treated accordingly, but there are a few outliers that require more respect and compensation.

  • I really enjoy your show of repairing computers.I live in the Toronto,Ontario area.I started watching your prod-cast’s 3 yrs ago,and it helped!!Continue in what you are doing!!

  • I had a client who couldn’t pay me…so they decided to pay me in pickeled vegtables from their garden…and I don’t even like pickled vegetables…….
    I had another couple asian girls(19-22) who couldn’t afford to pay me so they wanted to pay me with a date and….

  • Who doesn’t organize their porn?
    The cowboys with laptops sound mildly amusing, at least for the few minutes you get to see their horses perhaps, if you find them at least interesting as a distraction.
    Used to move cubicle setups for offices that were moving, one power strip had some brown stain/smear on it, fortunately dry and all but I’m going to assume it was mud or chocolate that just dried up or something. Still washed my hands thoroughly after that.

  • i did have a tech friend whos 6 month old formatted his hard drive and you are right a backup saves trouble but you do not expect a 6 month old to figure out formatt:-)

  • I once worked for Apple, Customer Security Department, so if you forgot your password, security Questions or can’t access your trusted phone number or what ever, one Time there was this Customer, wanted to reset his password, guided him to his settings, didn’t work, thought it might have been an internet issue, but to confirm, I started screensharing, which maked that I can look at his screen but can’t change anything, I only have an arrow to point at things, for example for the customer, where to click. So I connected, which meant, he had an stable Internet Connection, thats why I wanted to guide him to our website to reset the password,… well, as he opened his browser, I could see that he had an nsfw website open, boy I never saw someone closing and open a new tab that fast, I just pretended to not have seen anything, muted myself, laughed and helped the customer to reset the password. This day, was a good day

  • Great video as always, absolutely phenomenal contributions to you, you definitely deserve it.
    Oh carey, you can do that restream using the same bandwidth easily with a website called restream, google it. See what you think. Lets you go to Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and all sorts of other services just from the same bandwidth you’re using. It’s just what I personally use, if you don’t… You don’t lol
    Keep up the fantastic work Carey!

  • I also paid for YouTube Premium because of your videos so I can more comfortably watch your videos on my phone because of the stupid limitations in the app that you need to pay for Premium to get rid off, but saying that I pay for your content because of that is ridiculous.

    Edit: spelling.

  • I know this is about half a year old, but its taken me this long to catch up on a lot of these… ANYWAY.. for the method of payments/donations.. I have been using SquareCash (cashApp) for a few years now, since 4 of my 5 dealings with PayPal I got scammed/screwed over… i have never looked back because i have never had an issue with squarecash.. if the person doesnt have the money in their account, then the transaction simply will NOT happen, its right away, and way safer than anything else iv tried.

    this is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

    BTW, I thoroughly enjoy your videos… thank you for taking the time to make these available to those who love the knowledge.

  • Hi Carey, I’ve just finished watching part one of your live and unedited fix of the NVidia GeForce graphics card problem. It’s excellent to be able to watch you work unedited as it gives a real life scenario of the life of a computer technician. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences. I will be sure to watch your further adventures!

  • Sorry I had to unsubscribe, one of your moderators, had me blocked and what I had say he/she removed. You had say if any one had any question, so I posted one. How long does it take to be an IT technician. So I was blocked and deleted my question. Yes im the one of the down thumb.