How Emily Began Obtaining Barbells, Learned to Diet Plan, and Lost 65 Pounds


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How Emily Started Picking up Barbells, Learned to Meal Plan, and Lost 65 Pounds! Let’s bring in Emily! HOW EMILY LOST 65 POUNDS, LEARNED TO LOVE STRENGTH TRAINING, AND LEVELED UP HER LIFE. Steve: Hi Emily! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me.

Emily With No Plan hasn’t thought ahead, as though it’s a surprise that. How Emily Started Picking up Barbells, Learned to Meal Plan, and Lost 65 Pounds! Staci Ardison If you’ve spent any time on Nerd Fitness, you may recognize Staci as the woman in our instructional videos, and one of the women in Nerd Fitness Yoga.

How Emily Started Picking up Barbells, Learned to Meal Plan, and Lost 65 Pounds! By Steve Kamb • Last Updated: March 5, 2019 • 9 comments “She is seriously crushing it.”. So I took it one meal at a time and didn’t commit to a specific eating plan. Old me used to get out of work and pick up fast food almost daily. But I started off by eliminating sodas completely.

While portion-size mistakes are easy to make at first (especially when it comes to avocados and cooking oil), portion control is an indispensable weight-loss tool. The trick is to start with measuring tools and then learn how to eyeball healthy portions on your plate. A simple guide for lunch and dinner: Fill half of your plate with non-starchy veggies or leafy greens, a quarter with lean. “Oftentimes people will start a new eating regimen, like a fasting diet, at the exact same time they decide to start a new exercise plan or boost the current exercise plan they’re on,” says Martin.

How to Meal Plan: 8 Actionable Steps to Make a Meal Plan for the Week. There might be affiliate links on this page, which means we get a small commission of anything you buy. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Please do your own research before making any online purchase. Once that was done, I replaced it with healthy options including, nuts, skinny cheese, veggie sticks and phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. This is a great plan and it works. You can loose up to 14 pounds every 2 weeks without exercise.

Simply follow the plan. I lost 30 LBs in one month w/no exercise. I’m done. JohnM August 26, 2015. I am 55 years old and started on a diet in January.

My starting weight was 170. I started a low calorie diet, with a lot of veggies and low calorie protein and lost steadily for 5 months. I am now at 145 lbs. I am stuck, and have been for four months!

I want to lose another 15 lbs. I have asthma and copd so do not exercize at all. I lost 4 pounds without doing anything!!!!!

Started training again and overnight put on 3.5 pounds. It was disheartening but slowly realised I had lost quite a few inches around the middle and hips and my clothes were comfortably loose, some in fact are no longer attractive but hung on my body (yay).

List of related literature:

She learned she could restrict through seeing her mom diet at home and began counting her calories.

“Krause and Mahan’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process E-Book” by Janice L Raymond, Kelly Morrow
from Krause and Mahan’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process E-Book
by Janice L Raymond, Kelly Morrow
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2020

She had access to high-quality fresh foods, a gym membership—everything she needed to reach her goal.

“Ask for More: 10 Questions to Negotiate Anything” by Alexandra Carter
from Ask for More: 10 Questions to Negotiate Anything
by Alexandra Carter
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She started with light weights, and then heavier weights and all was going well, until her trainer started adding in more cardiovascular exercises.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
from 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)
by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
W. W. Norton, 2016

Bernadot explained to Goucher that her extreme energy deficit was causing her metabolism to slow to a crawl—the body’s normal reaction to starvation—and that she actually needed to eat more to lose the rest of the fat she had accumulated during her convalescence.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
from Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance
by Fitzgerald Matt
VeloPress, 2012

She got guidance from a natural-health coach, and started with a few easy recipes for soups and vegetables she’d never tried before and looked up how to prepare them.

“Loving Yourself to Great Health” by Louise Hay, Ahlea Khadro, Heather Dane
from Loving Yourself to Great Health
by Louise Hay, Ahlea Khadro, Heather Dane
Hay House, 2014

Certification was helpful in that it kept her in treatment when her body weight was so low that her cognitive distortions did not allow her to restore weight.

“Eating Disorders: A Guide to Medical Care and Complications” by Philip S. Mehler, Arnold E. Andersen
from Eating Disorders: A Guide to Medical Care and Complications
by Philip S. Mehler, Arnold E. Andersen
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2017

She began working with a personal trainer and developed a new diet.

“Sisterhood of the Squared Circle: The History and Rise of Women's Wrestling” by Pat Laprade, Dan Murphy
from Sisterhood of the Squared Circle: The History and Rise of Women’s Wrestling
by Pat Laprade, Dan Murphy
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So when she decided to try a diet she obtained from the NYC Board of Health, she decided to try a new approach: She invited a few friends who were also fighting their weight to meet each week and check on each other.

“The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals” by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, Jim Huling
from The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals
by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, Jim Huling
Free Press, 2016

She made it so easy to follow a keto-friendly meal plan at home and out at restaurants with her simple pointers.

“Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss, with 100+ Easy Low-Carb Recipes” by Suzanne Ryan
from Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss, with 100+ Easy Low-Carb Recipes
by Suzanne Ryan
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

According to her narrative, the very next day she met up with Bob Greene, the personal trainer who worked with her on a daily basis to lose weight, and who then became her coauthor for both the book and video.

“Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture” by Amy Erdman Farrell
from Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture
by Amy Erdman Farrell
NYU Press, 2011

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • LHF so I’m a winner!!!! Lol great little video I am just starting a low carb high protein diet… I just got out of the hospital from gallbladder removal surgery so keto isn’t a good option with high fat so high protein low carb is going to be my way.

  • Most of the youtubers make the exercises video just for money but you are actually concerned for us that you even tell us what you eat. Love you Emi. Our Jennie��

  • I always have eaten healthy, my problem is the sweet tooth. Can’t help it, especially in summer when is hot and don’t have air conditioning, i always crave for ice cream or something fresh and sweet, and even if i try to eat fruits, like watermelon, grapes and whatever can satisfy my craving and it’s affordable, i eat way too much of it, can’t help it! And not even in the morning since i have only an Italian breakfast witch is usually very poor it would be expected. Instead it’s between meals, especially during hot hours and due to boredom at some point. I don’t really have weight problems but i’m starting to gain some weight recently, and I’m trying to put myself in shape again.

  • Oh wow, I’ve never heard of this before, it sounds like it works great �� I’ll have to look into it more. But congratulations! ����

  • I often hear that pasta, rice and black bread are unhealthy, so I wanted to ask is it safe to eat? (because I see that you eat it)

  • Thank you for sharing your meal plan, i am going change my lifestyle and will eat and IF like you, and. Exercise 1 hour a day, I hope will see the Results��

  • Thank you so much you gave me some great ideas. Please do another one but with prawns or shrimp as I want to be able to cook something with that but not sure what. I love your videos.

  • Hi emi I am an 11 year old, overweighted,insecure,and hopeless girl I am 46.1 kg and that is ALOT!

    I really don’t like the feeling of me being called fat in my mother tongue even for fun…..

    I have always been over weighted and I do ur workouts while crying bcoz I feel sooo bad and hopeless. This is my way to stop feeling bad about myself but what can I do. Whenever I smile it is a fake one.You might thinking I am sounding toooo CHEESSY but this is reality.

    I have been trying to lose weight since I was 7 when I found out I was over weighted but I have just got more insecure and hopeless each passing day.

    My family calls me a bull,muscle less hulk and fatty and fatto and it is not funny. I have seen people who are fatter lose weight with a blow of wind I have been working day and night to lose weight for 4 YEARS!��

    Right know I am bursting with tears of hopelessness.

    I think I am mentally disturbed bcoz of this problem. ��Even emojis can’t describe how I am feeling right now…..

  • I woke up this morning in pain and after my alarm went off I picked up my phone and something told me to click on YouTube. This video was the first thing that popped up. It was a sign. Thank you for this. ��

  • Im so happy you made this video. I have been buying this 45 calorie bread for over a year for my daughter but i never considered it as being a healthy alternative. What other healthy snacks do you consume besides veggie sticks?

  • I’m terrible at meal prep. Absolutely love the idea of the pre-made pancakes because I rarely get in the mood to cook, so when I am that is normally when I try to get the meals done for the week and pancakes already made to pop in the toaster is just genius!

  • Great Video! I’m going to try the cabbage soup and of course the eggs for breakfast thank you so much! I’ve been stressing trying to change my lifestyle not just for a diet but to feel better and this wasn’t overwhelming or unattainable directions!

  • omgoodness, lol i never hear anyone say anything about eating baby food and snacks, every since i got sleeved I have been stocking up on baby food and snacks, Im watching my sodium and eating baby food and snacks are great, so Im glad to see someone else does the same

  • I know I’m to young to be a mom but these really help when I have a baby. Thanks Emily. Xx. Thank you soooooo much for the like I never get likes from you tubers your the first yasssssssss. Thanks xx

  • Dude this is awesome! I’m just starting to film my own starch solution journey, I’ve had very similar results and this is very encouraging!

  • I don’t believe in any diet that excludes one of the main macros. I think we need protein and fat and carbs and should just make sure all of them come from healthy whole foods and we’ll be fine. Balance my people, balance.

  • You can freeze the pancakes so if you decide to make more you can freeze them and they thaw out perfectly and can still heat them up the same way. Same goes for French toast stick that you can make at home. That way you can do breakfast batches for two weeks freeze them and that’s one less thing to do. Breakfast sandwiches freeze well as well.

  • i’m on my second day of keto and i already lost 1.3 KG, i’m sure it’s water weight/bloating but my stomach flattened out SOOOOOO much i’m not even kidding it went from | ) to | |

  • The only thing with the sugar free pudding is it has Aspertame. Aspertame and Sucralose is terrible for you, really should only be having Stevias

  • My dads mom and sister are all left handed. I was left handed also, but there were no left hand scissors, so my kindergarden teacher told me I had to use my right hand. I love your video. How was the pudding?

  • I made that chilli diner (the first meal you showed) and can I say that both my partner and I loved it. Will be definitely making it again! ����

  • This video made me understand why I binge eat: I usually eat much less than that and am then surprised why I have an urge to eat loads of fat & sugar! Part of me resists eating more on a daily basis but I am going to try this out ^_^ seems like a much more sustainable way than jumping from restricting to bingeing!

  • I also never understood people being afraid of carbs.. I love carbs and as a vegan I obviously eat a lot of them <3 I think it makes sense to eat carbs from whole foods without any added chemicals or processed sugar/ingredients, and I think there should be no problem staying fit with such lifestyle. Congratulations to you!:)

  • I was drooling when you pulled that chicken out the pot girl ���� but yessss I love these kind of videos!! Definitely do some more

  • My book arrives today, Ive been doing bits and bobs towards the change but hitting it head on after bank holiday weekend (UK). I have potatoes and rice pre cooked waiting in the fridge and Im binge watching any relevant content for inspiration on you tube today you got yourself a new sub ��

  • Lean protein plus whole food carbs is even better for weight loss. Keeping the fat low is the most important part. Upping the protein just makes it easier.

  • Congratulations! You look great. I have been watching the Kiki channel and discovered the Starch Solution book that way. My goal is 50 pounds. After 2 weeks w/o meat I have lost zero pounds. I have eaten cheese and nuts infrequently, but damn…I was hoping for better results by now. I love veggies so this plan is not hard at all, but i am disappointed so far

  • Hello there! Great video! I actually want to maintain my weight not loose any and I also want to eat healthy because it makes my body feel better, I just want to know will meal prepping make me loose weight? If so should I not do it and just incorporate healthy snacking?

  • Do you know if you make the pancakes then freeze them if they will keep well?
    My kids love them but we never have time in the morning so I’m thinking make a big batch then freeze them so they are ready whenever xx

    Im hosting a 30 day weightless challenge beginning THIS MONDAY APRIL 13TH
    If you’re interested in winning the free bundles from our 30 day weight loss challenge, this is how it works…
    All you have to do is send $10 to cash app $kdotcouture and DM me your full name, number, and email address.
    I will email you a meal plan as well as a workout schedule should you choose to use them. (Not mandatory but could be useful). WINNER TAKES THE BUNDLES! Good luck! We coming out of quarentine SNATCHED and with INCHES!

  • Love these meal plan videos! Also if you’re wanting new Tupperware go to ikea and get the glass containers. My family has been trying to change to all glass as it lasts longer, it’s safer and can be used in the microwave without worry plus it’s clear like you mentioned!

  • I don’t do Instagram. Where can I view your meals? Are you posting them here? I just found your channel TODAY. And I’m like what I see. I love simplicity. Your meals are so simple and so far, all the stuff you showed here, I love. So, I’m gonna follow you and see how you drop your next 30 lbs (I think that’s the number you said).

  • Oh junk girl you.released your EXTENTIONS today since its April 2nd not sure if u did but if you did congrats BOOBOO….love your channel

  • Hi Emi! I love your videos! This is my second month training with your workout videos and I feel so good! But I still fighting with the food. Sometime I eat so much or sometimes I eat so little. Maybe it sounds stupid, but what’s the size of your plate? The plates in my house are really big and maybe I’ll buy a smaller plate so I can control better the amounts of food that I eat. Greetings from Argentina ����

  • i love your meal preps but heads up…. cross contamination can happen easily, like when you spread pesto on the first chicken breast and then the other… you could have contaminated your whole jar with raw chicken juices and i dont want you or your family to get sick. the recipes all look amazing and your amazing!

  • This is exactly what I have been looking for. Weightloss with flavorful food. I’m a southern girl=southern cook/dishes. So flavor is life for me. Starting all over again with this journey. It’s just hard bc my hubby adores me no matter how I look which is how I gain so fast without noticing right away until I don’t like how I look in an outfit and am like oh shit I’ve gained weight ��‍♀️ imma get right though. That self discipline when you’re a foodie is a bitch though ��

  • So we’re just going to skip over the insane voice crack that happened at 5:18? Don’t mean to humiliate her cuz I love this queen but I’ve never heard one that bad��

  • Emily, i love your videos, food, meal prepping its all so lovely to watch & so interesting. I prefer it to the tv. Your boys are Gorgeous too
    Look 4ward to the next one
    Thank you��

  • Is there a reason you don’t use reusable Tupperware instead of single use plastic bags for your dumb bags? Just curious:) Another great video! ��

  • Do you take supplements..i take B12,,yes this way of eating suits me too.i love potatoes and really missed them eating paleo..i havnt eaten meat much all my just mainly raw..i like your style of Presentation…to the point..thanks

  • I been on and off doing a diet and I feel so less motivated then anything I just had a baby and I don’t like the way I look I need someone to give me the motivation or start this I really needed can someone please help me try to lose all this weight and lose my first 40 please……

  • I really wanna know what dog you have like the video is great but the dog is so cute and playful what breed is it if anyone knows pls reply me thanks

  • I have been thinking of starting the SS and starving with calorie restriction-your video is simple and motivating (hit the spot) Love it!! Thanks!! SAVE!!

  • Thank you so much for these videos. I’ve been struggling with finding meal ideas for my family. I’ve got 2 boys aged 13months and 3.5yrs and I struggle with meal prep. My bday wish this year is a slow cooker! Could you perhaps do a few what my kids eat videos again when you are able? I love watching you! You are so n inspiring and motivating!!

  • I make this soup just a dad dif and I don’t like it without some salt it taste gross to me without the msg I use pink salt do you use salt?

  • Congrats on your weight loss, I just subscribed. I started this way of eating last week, and I lost 4 lbs, my only problem is I am so full, I am forcing myself to eat, your video helped me, I am just going to have two meals a day…
    I will binge your videos, thank you

  • Thank you soo much for sharing you weight loss journey�� It’s nice to see “Real” people sharing their stories and it helps motivate others! I’m beginning my weight loss AGAIN����‍♀️For the?? Time. I will try your recipes to help! ���� What Sorority are you in? Have a Great Day! I look forward to more.

  • Hi Emily when you prep meat like chicken and sausage do you eat on the day as on most packages it’s says eat immediately. Your food looks delicious I’m defo gonna try the chilli one as I’m a vegetarian. Love watching your videos xx

  • I have a keto and paleo cook book. Brussel sprouts are sooo good when oven baked. Also i make keto/ paleo banana nut muffins and avocado brownies. Sooo good.

  • I try this but my grandma makes me very uncomfortable. Idk if this is “healthy” I am pretty sure it is but I’m 13 and don’t have my own money so, I don’t rlly choose what is bought:/ and my family eats so much junk food and fast food.

  • I have a question…. I have lost 13lbs in 9 days just from portioning and copying your meal plans. Drinking plenty of water. And not cheating. So today idk why but my husband was on the phone and I was preparing his dinner. As I was preparing his dinner (I already ate my 3oz of ham and 1 cup of veggies and I was content) but for some reason I grabbed the “NicMuffin” and heated it up and I cut it in half and put half in the fridge. I snuck half and I’m trying to figure out why? I’ve been in control this whole time and dropped double freaking digits in less than 2 weeks. And why? Please help me.. either Nicole or Kyle or the friends.. please.

  • As specialist, I think Custokebon Secrets is good way to lost tons of weight. Why don’t you give it a shot? perhaps it is going to work for you too.

  • What is the best product or brand to lost a lot of weight? I read plenty of good reviews on the net about how exactly Custokebon Secrets will help you lost a ton of fat. Has any one tried using this popular fat burn diet plan?

  • Will have to try the pancakes in the toaster trick. I’ll be starting to meal prep for my maternity leave shortly and anything that will help!

  • This ‘keto diet’ that people do isn’t real keto. Keto is a medical diet meant to keep you in ketosis. Your body produced ketones out of fat and uses them instead of carbs. HOWEVER, this has a lot of side effects including headaches, bad breath, and constipation. It was also not intended to me used for more than a few months under a doctor’s supervision. It’s meant to help people with conditions like type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and some nervous system diseases.
    You shouldn’t be on keto if you aren’t under the supervision of a doctor. If you are dehydrated, sick, an alcoholic, are an uncontrolled brittle diabetic, or aren’t getting enough calories or nutrients, you can go into ketoacidosis which is very dangerous.

  • I lost 30 pounds in 2 months from doing keto, I did very healthy keto. It really changed my life, cleared my skin, and eased my anxiety and depression tremendously since I wasn’t consuming so much sugar ❤️��

  • Great video. We are just starting. Mom isn’t vegan but she likes the fact of eating mostly plant based so I will just Cook a little lean protoen with my plant based meals for her

  • Finally someone who eats (kinda) like me! Must be the Asian parents lmao that’s like exactly how my mom cooks meals (in terms of structure and they share a lot of ingredients)!

  • I really love your videos!! I need an easy food plan to follow. You nailed it and I’m inspired by your options you have shared in your video and want to try. Do you have a meal recipe and list you can suggest for a week that I can print? Thank you so much!!

  • Love your style and these fun videos. Really helpful. What are your thoughts on hair back and apron on for cooking? I worry about hair in food!

  • I just found you and shared your info with a friend. We were looking for easy options for keto and you showed up…perfect timing. I’ve just subscribed and looking for to binging on your channel. Thanks for graciously sharing so much helpful info.������������������������������

  • I feel like your videos were sent to me from above ���� thank you so much for the info and sharing everything with us. Keep going you look amazing ��

  • Halfway through this video, I liked and subbed!! You have a great personality and are very helpful! I need to lose over 100lbs so I’m inspired now! Thanks!

  • Hi Emily. Love this video. I’m really trying to get into this at the minute. I tried preparing fruit a while back but I found it spoiled quickly from me cutting it up. I didn’t have air tight containers and wonder if that was the problem. Have you used air tight containers? X

  • I mix the sugar free pudding mix in non fat Greek yogurt(plain). It’s so good, more like a moose and you can top it with tons of options. Fresh berries and 1/2 sheet of graham crackers with the cheesecake flavor. Chocolate with chocolate chips, etc.

  • Keto can definitely be done well. I’ve lost 30 lbs in 2 1/2 months. Obviously different diets work for different bodies and not everyone loses weight at the same rate even if they eat the same things but that’s my experience so far. ����❤️

  • Such a good video, a really good hack is to cut all the onions you need in a chopper before you even start cooking. That’s what I do so il just put about 4 onions in the chopper/blender and if they’re so finely diced.

  • You forgot to wash a fish and chicken before cooking them. For the garlic there is a garlic press which will save you time and take out the smell from your fingers, so you do not have to chop it fine anymore❤

  • I love the Pyrex Glass Snapware containers. They come in multiple sizes and are great for storing foods. I found a set in the Costco here in the U.S. but wondering if your Costco might have them as well.

  • That’s awesome good transformation. I think a lot of people don’t understand that most of the diets that are out there are quick fix. Or you have to measure and pre-pack your food. Why all these ideas work they don’t always work for everyone. I’ve tried and I’m still on the starch solution. And it makes total sense. I’ve even prescribed versions of it to clients at the gym specifically if they don’t want to follow a traditional cutting weight diet. I get good results with the starch solution as long as they are being truthful about their intake. You will think at first that you need protein. But you get plenty of it what most likely people feel while they’re on the starch solution is there body cutting weight and eating fat. They’re going to gravitate towards eating fat even though you’re putting an extra thousand calories into your meal. The 10 lb are always the hardest to lose then I would say that Robert cheeke method is a little bit easier when you got to lose that extra weight and you want to get ripped. But the storage solutions great for everyone you don’t have to measure your food just got to eat the starch and follow the percentages on a flight. And there’s tons of variety in combinations

  • Your make up looks amazing. I love your weight challenge story. The meal preps are very helpful. God bless you keep up the good work.

  • This is great content! I am encouraged by your post and am excited because I just launched my channel 9 days ago! My friends have asked me how I lost over 60 pounds in 6 months and this is one of the videos that I am about to make! I am definitely a new subscriber!

  • Please more videos! I’m starting over on my journey (2nd week). Your meals are simple, affordable, and straight to the point. Congratulations on 50lbs. I’m coming slowly but surely…lol. Thank you sooo much��

  • Hi everyone. So excited to share my Starch Solution story with you. Check out the food I am eating. It’s absolutely beautiful. Leave any questions you have in the comments below. The last five weeks during quarantine has been the perfect time to start this diet.

  • First off, Preston is adorable. I love your videos because their smart, realistic and attainable. So far I’ve lost 23 lbs using this format. Another thing I like is that you speak well and don’t use cuss words to get your point across like a lot of young people do in these videos. Keep up the good work and congratulations on your weight lost.

  • Oh Lord girl don’t say corona virus on your channel they will make u take it down or you won’t make any money off of it…and it’s such BULLSHIT that they are doing that to people SERIOUSLY

  • love your site!! just starting this… thanks for the delicious looking recipes! I’m nervous about gaining on this. Low carb naturally for over 5 years…
    i’ll add you on instagram. Plus i think 30 lbs no way you look great now!!

  • Hey Emi, i am a regular follower of your vidoes..just to let u know that our prayers are with you in fighting with corona, stay safe <3

  • I have this thing that chops the vegetables and i absolutely love it. It’s a little bit loud but so practical when you cook for the whole family. I like it because for example chops the carrots in same sizes and because of that the food has a nice texture (if you know what I mean, I am german). The mistake, which is often done, is that the slice they put in are too big.

    Have a nice day. Be blessed ����

  • I love the Starch Solution…I only wanted to lose 12 pounds but went past that number and lost 18pds. Ive been vegan for years…wanted to see if it works and it really does! read the book so you get all the answers

  • sigh
    My motivation is down in the dumps. And her I am struggling with my weight.
    I never know what to make me when it comes to a healthy meal so Thank you.

  • Ms. Nicole, I am inspired by your videos and the foods you prep. When you workout is it in the mornings and if so, do you eat before or after your workouts. And when you started your weight loss journey, did you detox before starting?

  • Hey mama! If you are pressed for time the best investment and advice I can give you is to purchase an instant pot and air fryer! I am a mom of seven and it definitely helps me cut time! ������

  • Thanks for sharing! Pleaseeee keep making as many food, diet updates and health video, before an after cuz our county is closed down an its nothingggg to do!

  • Years ago, I joined WW, I had the same results, I would do everything right, and I would lose.2 oz
    In a month I lost 1/2 pound. I was vegetarian for 25 years and the last three years went vegan, I was still not losing, started the Starch solution last Thursday, in fact I posted you after the first week, and I was down 4 lbs, well it’s a week and a half, and I am down 5 pounds now. I am always full, and I love being able to eat starches again, I always loved vegetables, so I am doing a happy dance right now
    I love your channel it’s simple cooking, and you get right to the point ������������

  • Love how simple your meal prep is. I literally do the same. May I suggest adding a boiled egg for breakfast just to get that extra protein

  • It can be quite difficult to live within ones mean. However, your recipes seems affordable and delish. On the other hand, I’m a bit afraid of the ISOLATE whey shake because of the way it looks but I’m sure it’s nutritious. I’m honestly worried that I may experience diarrhea at work. Anyways, I love your videos and your soothing voice. You’re inspirational and I hope to be healthy like you. I must accept that patience is key….LOL

  • I am 6 feet tall. I was 145 pounds when I graduated high school. At 215 pounds all my joints hurt and my energy level was terrible. September 1, 2019 I started the Mcdougall program. After about 6 months I stopped losing weight at 166 pounds. I have a lot more energy and my joint pain is gone! I feel 10 years younger.
    I can eat all I want of the right foods and I am not snacking all the time! My joints don’t hurt anymore. One downside is my 40 inch waist is 34 inches now and the bib overalls I wear are $90.00 a pair! Anybody need some 40×34 work pants?
    God bless John Mcdougall!

  • I love the Starch Solution and I wish I could eat this way but unfortunately I have very bad adrenal fatigue which messes up my blood sugar with all the carbs. When I eat high carb/low fat, it makes me very tired. Gotta heal these adrenals first.

  • When we decide to target our sugar dependency, we attack the sugar itself, we clear the pantry, empty the house of all products and declare sugar the enemy. And this is fine… except it doesn’t work. If you want to Know the secret mail me [email protected]

  • I’m back on low fat as of today. I’d ventured off into lower carb, HIGH fat vegan and started gaining weight and am feeling weak. I was eating A LOT of nut/seed butters. Now I see why Chef AJ had to quit nuts/seeds in order to lose weight.

  • The Keto diet was actually designed for persons living with MS and other neurological diseases to improve symptoms. Mainstream media just took it and turned it into a “get skinny quick” scheme

  • I noticed with the price of salmon, in Aldi I was buying a 2 pack of 240g salmon for £2.85 but then found they had a 500g of side salmon for £5.99 (which I used to turn my nose up and think 6 pound, no thanks!) But actually, buying this saves you 71p and you get 20 grams more! Plus you’re using less waste from packaging

  • I’m starting this plan on Monday. I’ve done just about every diet you can imagine. They either restrict your calories, restrict your carbs, or both. I need to be able to eat and I really don’t want to give up rice and bread and pasta. I have so many health issues and I’m really hoping this helps. I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

  • I’ve been doing the half and half starch and non starch but I make sure 1/4 of the starch is protein. I’ve removed oil in cooking, non oil plant milk and can’t shift any weight ☹️

  • Congratulations on the weight loss! I’m definitely going to check the book out. I just discovered your channel, and I’m binge watching all the videos! It’s awesome to see more plant based dads! ������ please give us the recipe for the steamed cabbage!

  • Man drastic change already! Excited to follow your weight loss!! Inspiring me to follow you, meals look beautiful!! Do you feel hungry in the morning?

  • Wow congrats on the weight loss! I watch High Carb Hannah, so I’m all aboard the high carb plan:) Nice to see you found something that works for you:) Love all the food you posted! I just followed you on Instagram.

  • Awesome video! Thank so much for the tips, inspiration and for keeping it ��. Quick question. How many calories do you try to keep to per day when you are meal prepping?

  • Can you please be kind enough to put the pictures on YouTube I don’t have Instagram I wouldn’t even know how to get on it and I don’t really want to I have YouTube so please consider the possibility of placing your meal pictures on YouTube thank you for your information it looks very delightful I know you can’t have any kind of oil so that’s a bummer

  • Thank you for the ideas! Do you need to worry how long some prepped items will keep before you use them? Especially if it’s fish or meat? Say you prep chicken parcels on Sunday, would you still use them later in the week? Thanks! x

  • My children love the American style pancakes. Do they warm up ok in the toaster? I’ve never reheated them that way before, it would be so much easier than the microwave. Thanks for sharing will definelty be giving some of those recipes a go ❤

  • Going to make the couscous roast veg one today to have this week. I made my own granola last week too I added nut butter in as well which was yummy.

  • Them eyebrows tho!!! Beautiful!! I mean…you were already beautiful but those brows take you to perfection��. Thank you guys so much for these videos. They’ve helped me and my family so much.!

  • Hi Emily, I love your videos about meal prep thank you very much, please be careful those colored boxes from ikea are not supposed to store food because I think they’re not bpa free, I have the same but we use them for crafts supplies. Best wishes

  • I’ve been on Starch Solution for over a year! LOVE this way of eating! Thank you John and Mary McDougall! Maintaining (even during Covid) works! Good for you!!! ��

  • I saw this video and loved it…..I was looking to see what I could do with chicken breasts and I also ordered a scale while watching the video….you’ve given me inspiration so I will now go into the kitchen and begin my week meal prep for the house….thanks so much and keep up the good work….oh and I just subscribed

  • I’m one that has done low carb first couple times it worked but gained it back. I see the portion control (serving size) videos then low carb.. Did you start with portion control and them move to low carb? Cause foods on the other videos you couldn’t really have on low carb. I’m at a point in my life of I don’t get this weight off I won’t be around in my fortys. I’m 37 now. Maybe you could possibly e-mail me. Thanks hun.:)

  • Ok but did you try intermittent fasting on weight watchers for a more true comparison? Intermittent fasting is very helpful for weight loss regardless of what you consume. My understanding anyway.

  • You can make a delicious dessert with the chickpe juice in the box/can. Also using the same ingredients for different food sounds like a good idea especially on saving time �� meal prep is not an easy task to do but you crushed it ��

  • Cant wait to try this jello treat. I discovered vanilla premier protein from another youtuber. I mix it with coffee to make a yummy iced coffee treat!!! Thanks for the yummy food ideas. Really enjoy your videos!!!

  • Hi everybody thank you this video. Couple of month before my Weight is 110 kg Now i am very much happy in my life becuase iam tested lots of remodies i am tottally tired now friends i have only 80 kg and life is rebirth you have any kinds doubt please visit this website you can get it everything here ❤️❤️❤️❤️������ Thank you a lots

  • Ahhh I finally understand why i’m not as skinny even with daily work out: first meals and dinners? cheese, paté, bread, pastry? what about the goûté as well? And last but not least, where is the WINE? As a French person I am genetically not able to do that

  • Hi Nicole and Kyle. I love your videos. Your food looks amazing. I am type 2 diabetic and have high blood pressure. I am on meds, so I do need to watch my eating habits and we are always reading labels. So I like to watch your videos for the tip you give. Thank you fou doing what you do.:)

  • Can you recommend how to meal prep if it’s just my son and I? It’s a great way to stay on budget and make sure there’s always something to grab out of the fridge, instead of fast food, especially for my son. And it’s SO refreshing to see a video that’s not 20 minutes long because of redundancy! Thank you!

  • If I lost 135 show a before and after pic then i be more inclined to believe u I lost 80 lbs in 6 months but I was using a fat burner and I had strict diet I also worked out 5 days a week at gym

  • I’ve been following The Start Solution for 10 weeks now and I’m down 24.5 pounds! So I’m a big believer and as an added bonus I’m eating all of my favorite comfort foods!! ����

  • Also if you don’t follow Jordan Page from funcheaporfree on YouTube you should check her out, she does loads of meal prep and has great ideas. ��

  • wah! i used to work at ROYCE’! for super diet-friendly items, I recommend the milk/dark nama chocolates, venezuela and ghana pure chocolate coins you tried, and macadamias. avoid the chips and cookies for the carbs and saturated fat. also avoid anything with a white chocolate base (like all the maccha products) since it has more sugar. exception would be the fruit bar. 1 stick is very satisfying at only 6grams of sugar, i believe

  • Your baby is so adorable!! You are inspiring, I lost 25lbs in 2018 and ended up getting in an accident in 2019 which through me totally off my game and I gained 20lbs back ����‍♀️, I am now adamant to get this 20lbs back off and keep it off even with an injury. I appreciate you being brave and sharing your story because it most definitely will help many people.������

  • Hi Dr. Nina!! I made your cabbage soup (no meat) but added just a few more seasonings to suit my taste. This soup is so good. Snowed in and enjoying a bowl right now.❄️������❄️

  • Lost 60 lbs eating this way. Healthiest I’ve ever felt. Never felt deprived. Reversed all my health issues including prediabetes. It’s amazing!

  • OMG you look so great! I’m totally with you on the side dish thing. It’s so easy to gain weight as a vegetarian if you don’t focus on balance.

  • I came from vegetarianism (36 years) to plant-based whole food via my diabetes (type 2) not getting better so I switched finally having reduced my diary and cheese intake over the proceeding months and went Whole Food Plant-Based with no SOS in August 2019 and have lost 30 kg (circa 66 pounds in those other units LOL) I was have the Starch Solution cookbook but have tended to use other recipebooks the Esselstyns and Forks over Knives I now take considerably less medication for my type 2 diabetes so much so that my diabetologist only wants to see me every two years rather than every six months as in the past.

  • Congrats!! I’ve been thinking about trying to find a meal plan that works for me, something that feels natural and doesn’t require me to think too much haha. I’m kind of leaning into WFPB, but I’ve been curious about the starch solution so thanks for explaining it! I think I just need to pick something and try it for a month, and see how it feels. I definitely like the idea of sticking with certain ingredients, and all your food looks really satisfying!

  • Joey what an awesome channel and congratulations on losing 20 pounds and I’ve definitely learned something new by watching your episode today starch diet. Always great to fill half your plate with veggies
    I am a sweet potato fan also
    Keep up the great work I am a new part of the family

  • first of all, congratulations!! i’ve never heard of this diet before, but now i’m super intrigued. i need to look more into it, your results are amazing and every meal i’ve seen you eat has looked delicious!

  • Oh my God!! Great job! ���� If you can’t see any difference in front of the mirror… Believe me we can totally see it!! It’s crazy that people usually think you need to restrict in order to lose weight, when you’re in reality it’s not true at all!

  • Just came across your channel. Your doing awesome!! I went starch solution about two years ago. Currently doing a potato cleanse. This way eating makes me so happy!! I’ve lost weight have more energy enjoy what I’m eating and best of all NOT restricting calories.

  • I love these meal prep videos you have given me so many ideas! Going to try the cous cous and roasted veg one with the chicken and pesto ������

  • Hello, I’ve really enjoyed your videos and as I’m on this weight loss journey, they have been very encouraging. I would like to see more meal prep videos. Thank you and continued success. Peace and blessings��������

  • I lost 25 lbs in 2 months from just eating a healthy balanced diet. I didn’t have to cut out any food groups. I added more plants to my diet. Its called a flexitarian diet.

  • I love your video it was very healthy and motivating. Some constructive criticism is that your intro is really great but the music is way too loud.

  • Thanks, loved all the ideas. I recommend Turney sweet potato chili, maybe turkey meatloaf. I want to get into meal prepping to ensure we eat in all of the week. Also, I want to out my son in daycare and start my sear for a job already (he’s one and half).

  • Congrats!! You look great! I love the simplicity of the start solution. I love filling my meals with carbs. I used to be on a keto diet (worse idea ever) but then discovered the start solution also, and loved the idea of carbs not being bad for you. An abundance of whole foods is definitely the way to go ☺️

  • Thanks for all your tips! I’m definitely gonna try the homemade chips and the cabbage. I’m meal prepping now for my husband and I. I have a goal of losing 20 lbs. this summer. I’ll keep you posted on our progress. The weight loss struggle is real! Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi guys pasta and noodles baby �������� I had taco bell today and it wasn’t all that at all yuke �������� Thanks for the video’s helps alot. ♥♥♥♥

  • Hi there, I want to know if Custokebon Secrets, will really work for me? I notice lots of people keep on talking about this popular fat burn method.

  • This all looks so yummy�� i wish i could get my son to eat fruit and veg like your boys�� he only eats things like chicken nuggets! He is 21 months old. All i can do it keep puttin it infront of him and hoping for the best i suppose ��

  • am 66, made lifestyle choice in 1980, that i wasn’t going to die at 48 of heart disease, like my mom, Been vegetarinan since then, work out every day, and one of the other good perks, besides health wise, the guys think i am way younger than i am, which hubby enyoys, lol. Make it a lifestyle and not a diet. good luck to beginners. girl i have been eating that cabbage bases soup for yrs. the chip idea was new, thanks

  • Thank you so so so very much Brown beautiful baby doll I was knocking on 374 door and I tipped away on the step of 362 I have to lose this way by any means necessary I’m tired of being the fat friend I’m tired of people saying oh you got such a pretty face if you only lost some weight I could all of those people out my life now I’m at a point where I can do it for me thank you for your encouragement thank you for the lessons that you share in your videos Trust and Believe I’m watching and taking notes you are awesome!!

  • Hi guys ��‍♂️ I have discovered new method To lose weight and build muscle without wasting more time in traditional methods that usually do not work I’m glad �� to help any one Just let me know in the comments

  • Hey! Do you know what is the mistake that a lot of people make when they try keto for the first time? It’s that they don’t have a plan!

    So if you want to have a plan and know what to eat and when to eat just go for the link below

  • I Iove you and your videos Emily so so much! But pleeeeeease can you try to reduce the amount of times things are shook things in front of the camera when showing us what it is. I started to feel a bit sea sick! ���� x

  • I see a big difference already, congrats!! I do intermittent fasting too, my eating hours are 11am-7pm and I freakin’ love it. It really helps keep me on track. Keep up the amazing work:)

  • I really like the egg options with the omelette and the kale and spinach scramble. I also like the way you are using more convenient ways to prepare your meats. In the past I have felt compelled to use frying pans. I think I will invest in a George Foreman grill. I will eventually try all the things you share in this video. Thanks for sharing.

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  • I am too a former ww lifetime member. It’s crazy I felt exact same way cranky hungry and never satisfied. Now doing starch solution it’s life changing, freeing and losing. Luv your Chanel ty luv the starch solution book too

  • I’m vegetarian and that’s exactly what happened to meI gained weight with all the sides and cheese I was eating AND I DONT LIKE CHEESE REALLY! This definitely sounds like a better plan for me. I am looking forward to trying this. I love potatoes and rice anyway! New subscriber to your channel. Thank you!

  • Love your video and I’m just beginning my weight loss journey. You mentioned that you use baby food in this video. How do you incorporate it into your daily diet regimen?

  • It’s funny you don’t see a difference in how you look when it’s massive! I am the same way though. They call it phantom fat. I have lost 70 pounds and look in the mirror and all I can see are my flaws and feel like I look the same. Of course, other people notice. That’s the hard part about losing. I am excited to use SS to lose my last 40 pounds (right after this beach trip lol).

  • I won’t officially be able to start my journey until September 12, 2018. I’m going to work on my weight��will try to keep updating!

  • I bought the book. I looked all through it for the “Oil-free Fried Brown Rice with Veggies” recipe I couldn’t find it. Can you tell me what page you found that on?? Thanks much

  • I’m 5’6-7 and I weigh 170lbs. Its a new year so I decided I was going to lose weight. My long term goal is to lose 20-30 pounds by 2020. I’m hYPED ��

  • If you are doing keto, DO NOT do it more than 2 weeks! And you have to do 2 days of eating whatever you want. This is the healthier way to do it.

  • The thing is, if I eat anything I get bloated and it’s like my body doesn’t like the food I eat, but I’ve recently gone vegan, so am I doing something wrong? Also how do I get out of the plateau phase ��

  • I LOVE YOUR NEW INTRO! Your hair is LAID sis!! Your chicken looks so good, I’m going to try that gravy! Where did you get your smoothie cups? They are so cute!


  • but keto is for people who are insulin resistant, pre diabetic, or have type 2 diabetes. it’s not really for weight loss (though it’s apart of it), my dietician said she doesn’t recommend it for people who aren’t struggling with these problems.

  • I beg all of you, please do not do this diet. It is super unhealthy! You get rashes that basically never go away. You do actually lose weight but most likely you’ll gain it all back. Please stay away from these unhealthy diets. I tried it, it does work. But I gained it all back. I suggest you just excersise and portion control your food.

  • Thanks so much from Canada. I just found out today that I’m having my second boy. I need meal ideas and to be meal prepping ahead of time for now 3 hungry boys (including my husband)!

  • At heaviest weight, how did you start an active routine? Its so hard as you get older. I’m 57 yrs and found it easy to loose 50 lbs without exercise….now, not so much.

  • Hi Emily, this is a fab video, I would really love to give it a go but I’m a little weird when it comes to fresh meat, so how long does it tend to last safely in the fridge? So if you out the salmon ans the chicken into the fridge ready on a Sunday, when would ideally it need to be cooked and eaten by.
    Also, with that fresh cut veggies and fruit, can they last for say 3 days or would it sort of need eating within 24-48 hours? Thank you ������

  • Hello.. you are doing a great job.. I really binge watch your videos at times. But I have a doubt. Has your meals ever got spoilt in fridge before you could consume it?

  • Love these videos:) just wanted to let you know if you toss peeled and cut apples in a bit of lemon juice it will keep them from turning brown:)

  • does anyone else get like those ads about this man who talks to you about him helping over millions of people. like damn im tryna watch emi not listen to you >:(

  • I was soooo excited about seeing you use Tony ������… I use that on everything!!! Will definitely try a lot of those because looking for ways to avoid getting bored with healthy food is key to staying on track for me ����

  • Do natural popular weight loss secrets like Custokebon Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? I’ve noticed many amazing things about this popular lose weight methods.

  • My trick for using almond milk in pudding mix is to use 1 1/2 cups of unsweetened almond milk. Blend as usual. It obviously doesn’t yield quite as much, but does seem to set up. It is a soft set, bit does work.

  • This is awesome. One of the reasons I didn’t stick with the vegan diet was because I noticed I was packing on the pounds quickly. I’ve struggled with my weight as vegetarian over the years but I noticed it quicker as vegan. I will definitely give this a try.

  • Hi, it’s great that you both use portion control to lose/maintain your weight. What I’m wondering is how do you figure out HOW MANY foods to eat during each meal? Thanks!