How Comfortable Are You Currently With This Particular Your Ability To Succeed Depends upon It


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You’re going to be out of breath. You’re going to sweat. But every time you do those things, you are slowly adjusting what your “baseline” of comfortable is.

While you’re squatting just the bar and feeling miserable, that guy next to you squatting 300 pounds is as just as uncomfortable as you are. Why you need to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable Popular Posts. 17 Motivational Quotes to Inspire You to Be Successful ‘Dream it.

Believe it. Choose Growth Over Comfort—Your Success Depends on It August 7, 2018 August 15, 2018 natty 1 Comment. On my 10th birthday, my dad, a dairy farmer, scrambled together enough money to buy me a horse.

I’d been pleading for a pony, but I think he figured getting me a full brown horse, albeit it one that was very long in the tooth, would allow. Perhaps a more accurate title for this piece would be – The Level of Your Success Depends How Much Of This Skill you Have. However effective you are as a communicator, you can improve. You can build your skills, you can acquire better habits and as you do, you become more effective with those around you. Get out of your comfort zone, your success or breakthrough probably depends on it.

If you do better outside your safe zone, you will most likely start thinking about how you can do. There are things you can do and success habits you can adopt that will enhance your life in ways you never imagined. 15 Success Habits You Need To Start Implementing Today. Your actions become your habits, your habits become your values and your values become your destiny. Mahatma Gandhi #1 Failure is a stepping stone to success.

So much of success depends on our environment. Rarely do we give this enough credit. Where you work and where you spend the majority of your time has a huge impact on what you accomplish and how. You are responsible for your life, and your ultimate success depends on the choices you make.” It’s more comfortable.

You can just take it easy and blame problems in your life on someone else. But there is always a price to pay. When you don’t take responsibility for your life you give away your personal power.

2. Build your self-esteem. Startup Life Why Success Depends More on Personality Than Intelligence Only about 2 percent of success is explained by IQ, research by a Nobel laureate indicates. Lead 7 Things Every Great Boss Should Do Your company’s success depends on your employees’ performance.

And that performance depends in large part on your commitment to modeling these seven virtues.

List of related literature:

Not very, because I am completely comfortable.

“Remarkable Leadership: Unleashing Your Leadership Potential One Skill at a Time” by Kevin Eikenberry
from Remarkable Leadership: Unleashing Your Leadership Potential One Skill at a Time
by Kevin Eikenberry
Wiley, 2011

I am very comfortable because I am not doing anything of any account; but a real effort to accomplish anything goes hard with me.

“Coolidge: An American Enigma” by Robert Sobel
from Coolidge: An American Enigma
by Robert Sobel
Regnery History, 2012

It is in my bones and spurs into life whether I am in the classroom, at home writing or working as a therapist at the hospice.

“Becoming a Reflective Practitioner” by Christopher Johns
from Becoming a Reflective Practitioner
by Christopher Johns
Wiley, 2013

Unfortunately, the comfortable rarely produces success.

“Unconventional Success: A Fundamental Approach to Personal Investment” by David F. Swensen
from Unconventional Success: A Fundamental Approach to Personal Investment
by David F. Swensen
Free Press, 2005

–5 I have a strong desire to avoid • Preparing for a very active pain medications, mainly to support role.

“Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth” by Boston Women's Health Book Collective, Judy Norsigian
from Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth
by Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, Judy Norsigian
Atria Books, 2008

I am very comfortable, and I may say as happy as my condition will allow me to be.

“The True History of the Elephant Man: The Definitive Account of the Tragic and Extraordinary Life of Joseph Carey Merrick” by Peter Ford, Michael Howell
from The True History of the Elephant Man: The Definitive Account of the Tragic and Extraordinary Life of Joseph Carey Merrick
by Peter Ford, Michael Howell
Skyhorse, 2010

It has prepared me well for my current position.

“The Law School Buzz Book” by Carolyn C. Wise, Vault (Firm)
from The Law School Buzz Book
by Carolyn C. Wise, Vault (Firm)
Vault, Incorporated, 2006

I’m comfortable having others depend on me.* 5.

“Measures of Personality and Social Psychological Constructs” by Gregory J. Boyle, Donald H. Saklofske, Gerald Matthews
from Measures of Personality and Social Psychological Constructs
by Gregory J. Boyle, Donald H. Saklofske, Gerald Matthews
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I think it is going to be very successful and I want to get out of the way.

“Law and Business of the Entertainment Industries” by Donald E. Biederman, Edward P. Pierson, Martin E. Silfen, Charles J. Biederman, Janna Glasser
from Law and Business of the Entertainment Industries
by Donald E. Biederman, Edward P. Pierson, et. al.
Praeger Publishers, 2007

1 am deeply grateful for it and hope the results will justify my colleagues’ confidence in my work.

“The Creation of Feminist Consciousness: From the Middle Ages to Eighteen-seventy” by Gerda Lerner
from The Creation of Feminist Consciousness: From the Middle Ages to Eighteen-seventy
by Gerda Lerner
Oxford University Press, 1993

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  • why videos about “why comfort will ruin your life” will actually ruin your life because idiots will misunderstand the message and make your life uncomfortable:)

  • This is super useful!! Thank you so much!! I saw your videos just once before going for my test and scored band 7 in speaking!! God bless you sir! You’re the best….

  • Hi guys, we created whealth group on WhatsApp, we share a lot of things there also support eachother, its already 130 members. Come, join us, let make huge family. Here is the link

  • I can’t tell you how much I love you?? And I want to comment in Arabic to know that you also arabi followers me from ALGERIA ��������( ohiboki Kathiran: which means I love you so much)❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • I personally wouldn’t complain about not being rich or poor but there but when I think about it feels wrong in my life I want to be someone

  • I definitely want to note that connecting with others is really vital. Getting through college, getting a specific position or career, or whatever is next in your life it really is important to stay connected. When I went back to school after originally dropping out for 5 years, I literally thought I was going to go to school and go home and do homework. And that’s it. Yeah I didn’t get very far with that mindset. I needed connections put myself out there to get to know my teachers, the staff, etc. And through that I was able to stay on top of sh*t and get through without many problems. Even now, I’m still connected to my old bosses, my old teachers, I’m applying to grad school and honestly if they didn’t write me such amazing recommendation letters I probably wouldnt feel so certain. It probably wouldn’t have looked well. But I helped them out they helped me out. I stay connected. I went through a bad year where sh*t hit the fan, my dad got hit by a car, etc I disappeared from everyone. But I came back I apologized I explained and they understood.

  • I have no job or money.
    Serve people in this situation doesn’t make sense to me.
    How do I serve people?
    Now being loaded and having freedom to do whatever I wanted all day I can think of 1000’s of ways to serve people

  • Hi.. You are doing a great job which is very helpful.. Is there any possibility can you able to give tips about writing, reading, listening exam as well…

  • Wow look at the number of dislikes in comparison to likes! This is the first I’ve seen of such staggering difference. Great advice as always.
    Whatever we put out to the universe, we receive. As simple as that.:)

  • Comfortable life: passively watch endless video in youtube in the hope of your english ability is growth
    uncomfortable life:reading books, try to speak english more, write simple sentences or a group of sentence down

  • You are right…. Jesus is the only Way to heaven and you shouldn’t play tennis, or any other idolatrous sport where a ball is used, it represents sun worship.
























  • test on 07 Mar 20 in Cambodia:
    your work, why u enjoy work, lending and borrow (ask permission, suitable length, borrow value thing, borrow that causes argument)

  • its funny I was walking outside this morning thinking about how I could serve more and give more service to my clients adn if that was the solution to allow more success in my life… I take this as a confirmation first video of youtube that pops up:) much love to you guys

  • Straight and simple, no bullshit. Wow sir you’re words are gold and really this is the thing that actually makes a person successful, love you

  • My personality was not presentable. So I was forced to work behind the curtain all my life, the benefit of which was taken away by others.

  • Muchas gracias por sus experiencias que comparte con nosotros, soy un joven que esta muy agradecido con usted. My life changed alot since I am reading the book.

  • Investing in bitcoin is the best investment anyone can do this year 2020
    Because bitcoin investment has made a lot of people millionaires

  • Thank you for this. I want to start a YouTube channel but I keep putting it off because I’m afraid to start. Really glad you spoke about taking action.❤️❤️

  • I did my ielts today, part one:she asked me about type of flat i live in,, 2is there park next to my flat 3 how often you go to park and what activity do i do there? is there a supermarket by your flat
    part2:describe someone apologize to you: who,when and why and what was your reaction to his apologize
    part3: do you think some people they real apologize or they dont mean it when they say it and why?
    do you think we have to care about other? and how?
    why some people dont apologize despite of doing mistakes? my answer was: there are many different reasons for that, one of them those who are over parented they would find it difficult to apologize cuz the way they grew up and their attitude prevent them to down themselves for others

  • But if you follow this mindset strictly, wouldn’t you start feeling uncomfortable and a little bit of guilt whenever you are feeling at ease? We definitely need certain comfort and moments of relief though. It would be sad if you become unable to genuinely feel it and enjoy it.

  • Can somebody type the answer here ( Success Depends on This One Thing…..). I don’t have time to watch this video.. Just wanna know the answer/one thing?!
    Thanks guys.

  • @ 8:10 The company I’m starting is in the waste management business…. Here in Perth Australia…. Growing population, growing waste, growing cost to disposal, methods of reaching ten’s of thousands of people online, = > Lots of money in my pocket… Im about to launch soon… I got my truck with crane and I’m ready to start….

  • Coach, this is too coincidental, this is the fourth or fifth video I have watched that corresponds directly to a “Real world realisation and Orientation” for my son.

    Not going in to too many details but it looks like my Ex-partner using our son as a tool and being disruptive in school… all things that my ex did in her old school…

    As I pointed out to my son, he is only hurting his future.

    48 hr later, massive improvement.


  • I am very impressed with his talking.
    Because I also think that just obeying any rules wouldn’t make me happy nor successful.
    How do you think think about his talking?

  • I want to become like Tony Stark �� iam working on it I am coming from a middle class family but I want a rich Family comes from me����

  • Hi Kieth…I had my IELTS exam today and was going through speaking videos on YouTube. Then I came across to this video, I cannot tell you how delighted I was today when I gave my speaking test. Last time I gave IELTS I scored 8 in speaking, and today most of the questions asked were from your videos. Part 1 included cakes, pen and pencil and parks. Task 2 was about describing a skill that you acquired recently. Task 3 was about the skills required in jobs these days. Really appreciate your work.

  • All this is delusional, you won’t be taking all these along with you to the grave. A Successful person is the one who attains Paradise. So prepare for your next life.

  • My favorite channel��
    The way you talk about everything, esp healing, motivating, and success related stuff it’s not annoying at all which is I LOVE××

  • Of course it was a successful video, man. I don’t know what you’re so worried about. You’re the man, like in all of your videos. Keep it up, chief

  • Coach RP, you are on point with your message. I heard you loud and clear. Your videos are high quality, with high substance.

    Best regards!!!

  • I passed My Speaking test today, and the subject was “describe a person in the news that you would like to meet”
    exactly one of the subjects you talked about, I was so happy to have this cue card on front of me… Thank you Keith, so much respect

  • Hi Kieth,
    I think one of your tutorials about feelings is very helpful, can you give more lessons in particular areas like the appearance of a person, environment etc.

  • Hi thanks a million for what you share. I’d like to ask what kind of app or way to keep your journal. I always hava a fear of it’s not confidential enough for me, so Im afraid of writing my true feelings and stories. Thanks again! ❤

  • “Get someone who can hit the payment WITH you” “This is MY trophy” She’s sooo cringe. Love you aren’t hitting any payments with him, it’s just him. I do believe that behind every great man is a women but theres nothing worse than seeing someone claim their spouses success as their own great life achievement.

  • Thank you I needed that
    I learned that it’s not that you can buy something but the choice of buying it that makes you happy I wish you a good life because you made my day.


  • I learned programming to work with machines and not have to talk to people, but it was naive. Programming is largely about translating what people say they want into code, so I there is a need to talk to bosses, customers and other programmers working on the same project. I can confirm that non-hostile and non-dismissive relations with some people matter.

  • @rea33

    I think my lover is going to abandon me
    I think my business will go wrong
    I think my friend will gossip about me

    This baseless imagination turns on the switch of your anxiety. In this state, a logical approach is meaningless. If you can’t calm down this anxiety, your imagination already becomes a reality. That is why you get anxious and impatient

    search youtube “paradox of I can do it”

  • Good evening
    ❤i realy realy whant to help people in the buttom of my heart saying i want and i need to help people these dont have work or hard to find work,, they need to have work for there family,,im starting to watch your video,
    About the book of think and grow rich
    Im going read every day and analyz
    I wish someday i want to meet you
    Thanks for all your video to inspire people

  • I’ve built this new habit of reading comments after watching every video on YouTube because I get amazed by the creativity and humour people around the globe pour into these comments.

  • @bob i am entrepreneur in Morocco 21 old I skipped school and I started the real education from your content my dream in the next 5 years to meet you, you are my rich dad ❤��

  • Good afternoon from Egypt, I just wanted to say, thank you very much for your help. You were a of a great help to me during my speaking test and i couldn’t have done it without you. My questions were about numbers, uniforms and laughing.

  • Wow! Unbelievably, unbearably repetitive! I had to stop watching! Unless your audience are a bunch of toddlers learning to speak new words, there is absolutely no need to repeat yourself this damn much!

  • Thank you for spreading the inspiration!! ❤️ You’re full of wisdom, beauty and calmness as always. So thankful that I found you <3

  • I took my speaking test and part 2 came from your questions. It was about “Describe a crowded place you have been to”. Even part 1 came from the question u provided us with. I have mentioned it in the part 1 video. Thanks to you and keep up with the good work. ��

  • 1. Control your mindset
    2. Journal
    3. Believe in yourself
    4. Be willing to act instead of fear
    5. Be willing to learn and able to figure it out.
    6. Read
    7. Be humble
    8. Daily planner
    9. Consistancy
    10. Connect and work with others

  • Hello, thank you for all videos firstly. I am trying to follow entire videos as possible. But have a question. One of your first videos, you said that you don’t need anybody to achieve your goals about this channel as I remember. “It is only enough that my children watch my videos one day and learn something from them.”” This sentence is belongs to you. So in the current video, you said that if you’re a youtuber and anybody watches you, you will lost in ocean. Therefore I feel a little bit confused. Anyway, thanks again for everything…

  • Success is measured differently in different minds… The most successful person i seen so far in life was a ditch digger for the city, married, kidds and no $$$

  • Sheer comfort we experience in the US has led half of us(just leftist progressives) to protest, redefine many words and create some. Like racism, gender non-binary, white supremecy…..etc.

  • So should we be disagreeable to grow ourselves? I don’t get where it pertains today? Bc I believe rosa parks would have been a better example of this lol. I do find it interesting that you mention claudette. Although I kinda feel it a bit insulting to rosa parks.

    And I’m very honestly just confused about how it is supposed to condition us for success

  • If a man were to ‘make it’ entirely on his own, I think that would be a very lonely form of success. If you’re having a hard time finding the people you really want to be around, you’re looking in the wrong places. Level up your environment, and you’ll level up your existence and more importantly, what you, yourself are capable of. If you’re feeling down, unable to advance, there are far more people that will support that attitudebecause they haven’t made it, and frankly, if you do, if you’re able to rise out of the ‘crab pot of life’ they’ll feel less of themselves, or even jealous of your success. Beware of them, they’re everywhere. Cut the fat. Best, *A.

  • Good advice I’ve learned lately: Play the game, but don’t take it too seriously.

    Sometimes we forget in our daily hustles that life is short, and that life actually is hard. But we don’t have to complicate life even further, we just have to do our best each day and trust that our work will get us somewhere ��

    Lovely video again Aileen ��

  • Such words of wisdom especially during the period when corona has turned our lives up side down. Thank you for sharing your insight.

  • In an era where anyone with a little bit of money can fake almost anything ( yes including a jet) it is difficult buy anything you say!. yes saying a lot of good things but is it exactly for the right reasons and the picture you portray is it genuinely you?

  • honestly im a millionaire now but i was already happy, healthy and peaceful when i was on the low side of middle class. it really wasnt that bad to be honest. I couldve spent my whole life as average and be satisfied with it. Being rich doesnt change the way u feel. People think money is everything but it really is unnecessary being rich. it’s actually a hassle. i have to check my bank accounts regularly to make sure no cyber criminal hasnt stolen my funds lol. life almost loses it’s meaning when u have pretty much everything. for example i dont have to work now, but if i dont do anything all day i might start getting drunk out of boredom etc

  • As Dr.Wayne Dyer said,“Purpose is always found in service”…You have strengthened my belief in the idea of service.. Thank you sir..keep inspiring people..����

  • I am a pilot and on private jets u can get a sticker put on it saying McDonald and at the next airport they pull it off and put grant cardone. They do this for all the renters

  • Money will never Holds our hand when we are in difficult situation.

    The one & only The God the creator of this Universe will Holds our hand in any situation.

  • That might be what’s at the root of a lot of America’s problems today. Albeit a little more complicated than that but def a part of it

  • I saw this back in the 1980’s My way found a way to dispense with the other people at least
    with in my reach other people drive my model but they are on the same sheet of music
    as me so their motives are driven in the same direction as mine

    I had my radar for two things growing up and into my mid thirties
    A decent partner in life wife spoiled by parents and ruined by the media promoting femspeak
    what a bunch of shallow no-nothings
    A decent partner in business or activities ( such as the master mind ) for direct or indirect
    partnering but that was not to be too many mediocre and too many douche bags

  • This guy, for me and like many of you, is the father I never I had.

    Sure I have a dad, but he’s very very passive, and I can’t recall many lessons he himself has taught me in life. It’s a shame.

    I’m 19 and I’m becoming slightly bitter about it, at least for now. After opening my eyes to what’s really going on in the real world and my own household, I’m simply disappointed in my father for never growing up to be a real man himself.

    I grew up in a normal nuclear family father, mother and a sister. On paper it seems so stable and balanced 2 males, 2 females. However the reality is far from it. 2 females, a red pilled guy on his journey to become a man, and a 44 year old beta father.

    If only he could open his eyes too.
    Hope someone can resonate with this.

  • This bums me out. I know it’s true but damn. Why can’t hard work and being honest get you by anymore? No matter how hard you work your fate could be in some persons hands that knows NOTHING about you. Like my promotion. My boss never fuckin knew I existed. But thank God my hard work got others to recommend me for the job anyway.

  • That is why I don’t fear losing my job now during Covid19, I need complexity in my life, I’m tired of living in my comfort zone at work…

  • I’m a bit anxious about my speaking test tomorrow, i hope i can get it done and achieve desired band by making use of your tips ��
    Got my results today, in speaking i got 7��

  • Coach, this video was great (just like any other video you have done so far and I have watched nearly all of them within three days!), but could you make a video where you tell us how you actually managed to get a talent manager work with you? Of course, every one of us has his own path to walk, but hearing about an example would inspire, I believe, many people, including myself.

  • Thank you very much Bob! I found that the more you serve and help without expecting anything in return, the more learn and earn.
    Everything operates by law by helping you’ll reap what you sow according to the law of cause and effect

  • Aileen thank you so much for this video. I feel really stuck at the moment and you’re right. It’s because I’m not taking action at all to make my dreams come true. Only if I take action will I get feedback and also one step closer to my dream. I over think a lot about problems and as a matter of fact I don’t take action. So point to be noted Take Action! �� Thank you Aileen! ���� I think I should also work hard on listening to my intuition! ��

  • I’m reading Think and Grow Rich and it says that I must read my goal card every morning and just before going to sleep. But Bob says that you should read your card as often as you can, so what should I do?

  • Internet Dad strikes again with enlightening content! I’m on a CRP binge and it feels compelling and just clicks. unlike most shit on this Website.

    Love you man, greetings from Chicago

  • Intro music is so goofy lol. Bro update the sound track Ahahahah. But I suppose it suites your personality. Smart. Goofy. And lots of life experience lol

  • I realy like such truthful video made by you all.
    It will help those who feels everything is luck etc.

    Praveen Kumar Sanghi
    Sanghi Yantra Udyog

  • This man is brilliant. Teaching how to deal with a man’s struggles. From self to career to women. Gives it to you real, and entertaining in doing so! Great life coach! Glad I stumbled upon the Red Pill!

  • प्रिय दोस्तों, मुझे पता है कि आपको यह झूठ या मजाक लगेगा, लेकिन कृपया इस संदेश को एक बार ज़रूर पढ़ें, दोस्तों मेरा नाम राकेश कुमार है, मैं भारत दिल्ली में रहता हूं, हमारे परिवार में एक बच्चा है जिसका नाम riyansh है जोकि 5+ ईयर्स है और रियांश अभी ब्लड कैंसर से पीड़ित है, जिसका इलाज feburary 2020 से दिल्ली AIIMS में चल रहा था, जोकि अभी, हमारी आर्थिक कमज़ोरी व कोरोना महामारी की वजह से बिलकुल बंद हो चुका है, हम अपने बच्चे को रोज़ मरता हुआ देख रहे हैं, डॉक्टर्स ने bonemarrow transplant के लिए कहा है जिसका खर्चा लाखों में है जो हमारी क्षमताओं से परे है, हमारी आर्थिक स्थिति बिलकुल भी ठीक नहीं है हम feburary 2020 से लड़ रहे थे लेकिन अब हमारे पास इसके अलावा और कोई रास्ता नहीं है कि आप लोग थोड़ा थोड़ा सा contribute करें, जो भी आप कर सकें जितनी भी आपकी क्षमता हो और प्लीज अपने फ्रेंड्स और फैमिली से भी कहें, थोड़े से contribution से आप गरीब नहीं हो जायेंगे और हम अमीर नहीं हो जायेंगे, लेकिन आपका किया हुआ यह योगदान किसी के मां बाप को जीवन दे सकता है और अगर आपको अब भी यह सब झूठ लगता है तो, प्लीज इस गूगल ड्राइव लिंक पर क्लिक करें और दुनिया के किसी भी डॉक्टर को यह रिपोर्ट दिखा कर पूछ लें कि यह रिपोर्ट्स सही है या ग़लत? मेरे प्यारे दोस्तों हमें पैसा नहीं चाहिए अगर आप सक्षम हैं या किसी ऐसी संस्था या व्यक्ति को जानते हैं जो हमारी मदद कर सके तो प्लीज़ हमारी प्रॉब्लम उन्हें बताएं और भारत में कहीं भी हमारे बच्चे का इलाज करवा दें आपकी अति कृपा होगी, हमें पैसा नहीं चाहिए सर बस हमारा बच्चा हमसे दूर होने से बचा लो, हमें पता है हम भीख मांग रहे हैं लेकिन अब हमारे पास और कोई रास्ता नही बचा है, समय कम है और रिस्क बढ़ता जा रहा है। प्लीज नजरअंदाज ना करें। धन्यवाद
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    Yesterday I got my IELTS result and I scored 8 in speaking. I just wanted to thank you for making these videos not just because they ask the exact same questions or I could learn the responses that you gave but I learnt that I have to be spontaneous keeping in mind the grammar, vocab and just being myself. I would certainly say that during one back and forth sort of question there were 4 or 5 questions that you taught in this video like “do you like going to the museum”, “do you think history is important”, “do you prefer pen or pencil” and my mind said “yes I remember this one being taught by Keith”, so that relaxed me.
    I got the cue card on apologizing:
    1. Has anybody apologized to you recently?
    2. What did you feel when the person apologized
    3. What was the matter?
    4. What did you do after the person apologized?

    Thank you again.

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    This type of knowledge doesn’t come easy, plus before the internet was around it wasn’t as accessible. Plus you have the constant defensive barrage of women and their useful beta orbiters who try to stifle the truth by disinformation and attacks such as “oh you’re just broken hearted” or “some woman just hurt you, you’re bitter.” Sure, lol, whatever you say man. How is that queef-huffing (Coach’s term) working out for you? Because I know it’s not, but keep pretending it is, lol.

    Love ya Coach. You’re a good man. And your content is incredibly high value.

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