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Share Author Comments -On the ‘Storage’ tab, make sure ‘allow sites to save information on this computer’ is selected. DatNinja 2020-08-09 12:19:40. I loved the Game!

It Feels great to do some simulation games and training games but im having a little isue When U have to do the quest where u find the.

List of related literature:

The player is then rewarded at the Hero League headquarters for successful completion of the mission with a promotion and a new superpower to be utilised in later missions

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When Vader captures Luke’s friends, Luke must decide whether to complete his training and become a full Jedi Knight or to confront Vader and save them.

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One of our heroes, Snap, sends his beloved droid off to help his mother Norra pursue Grand Admiral Rae Sloane and help secure the end of the Empire.

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from Why We Love Star Wars: The Great Moments That Built A Galaxy Far, Far Away
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Once the hero is committed to goal achievement, the journey takes the hero beyond known limits, separating the hero from all that is familiar and safe.

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As this stage makes up the bulk of the hero’s journey, it’s full of encounters and adventures.

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  • About 80k GP team Nute lead G10 w Zeta, Ventress G11 (extra GP coz NS Zeta lead), GG G9 w Zeta (metaliod), Sun Fuc G8, Duko G10, to unlock Padme 7*… Moded super fast Nute, Crit CritD Ventres and speedy w extra CritD, HP bomb GG, Sun Fac def w prot secunduray seed…

    A lot of thinking whent into CCing and ceeping Anni in stun coz of he breaks lose he is going to trear u a new one!
    Optimal kill order Anni, The mon calmari, padme, GK n last Mace…

  • Hey Ahnald, this video answered my question about greivous or padme first. I’m going for Padme first. I just unlocked her at six stars, barely. I’m still unaware, wouldn’t a Padme team be the second best if she can counter Darth revan with Malak?

  • I know this is old but holy shit your disappointment about Han dying and cutting to The Office was just amazing. Thank you for that

  • 0:59 1:09

    2 Things

    1. The music goes great with the whole arena setting

    2. That spinning lightsaber move looks almost impossible to do

  • Thanks Ahnald Guide helped a lot! Managed to finally unlock 7* Padme with a complete mismash team of G12 ZDooku, G11 Ventress, G8 Geo Spy, G8 Sun Fac and my boy G10 Nute! Thanks again!

  • Your a savior dude so many walkthroughs that just made me press button but never worked, you explained all of the abilities and combos. Not only did you help me finish this but you made me a better player. Yhis might seem like I’m over reacting but I appreciate this a lot lol.

  • Double Z Gear 13 Grevious, gear 1 Nute, Unique Zeta gear 9 Ventress and two gear 9 Sun Fac and Scout Geo’s and I cleared it in 30 tries

  • Others have already said basically the same thing, but Nute lead, GG and B2 are essential to completing the event. I got 7* in one shot with the team below, and most of the zetas probably weren’t necessary.

    zNute (L) G10

    zGG (unique zeta’d) G12 w/ medpacks

    zzAssaj G11

    B2 G9

    Sun Fac G10

    Edit: Mods weren’t all that great. Most of the team was in the 160-180/190 speed range with Nute being the exception. He was at 236.

  • It’s so weird that the turn order is different from the game in every video, and different videos don’t even have the same turn order.

  • What a joke “Easily,” and has the most geared characters for the entire event.  Any more and they would practically be relic’d.  Especially when there are those doing the tiers with only g7-8.

  • Got her 7* without zetas, Brood Alpha (L) and Poggle gear X, Sun Fac and Spy gear XI and Soldier gear XII. Strategy is simple, just like the guy said in his tweet: just keep your big hit for padme, it will take 2 shots. Then get fishdo and JKA down. Easy mode.

  • asap… i farm this seperatist since 3weeks befor the first padme event. it was like u show a video, ah padme is incoming boys jadajadajada. im a free2play player. i cant get padme right now and i farmed the seperatist every day…. maybe next event… look i finally unlocked cls last event:D:D i like ure contant, but its whale contant…. i never can be so fast as a free2play/er

  • Ahnald.
    I actually had a pretty unique strategy unlocking padme. Where I basically solo the entire team with dooku. I’d like to send you the video if it’s something you’d be interested in.

  • This is bs I tried a million fing times how the hell come it doesn’t work for me, ready to smash iPad hunt these creators down FUCK

  • If you don’t have him you can’t beat him I’ve just used a JNR team a emperor team and a Jedi knight rey team on it and I can’t beat it this mans going to make me quite the fucking game

  • All my Bugs are Gear 11 but without the Alpha they are really lacking against Anakin. My Alpha sits at 67/80 Shards so I won’t get her to 7* this time around.
    (Other Seps are too low and impossible to gear in this small time window)

  • Hey AhnoldT, im big fan on what you are doing. There is a pretty easy way of getting Padme on 7*. The team I used to get her is Nute Gunray, Asajj, Dooku and 2 random 7* separatists. It took me like 20 runs with team under 80k. If you are interested check my swgoh profile to see the “power” of my separatists: https://swgoh.gg/p/144432123/

    P.S. Keep doing what you are doing for us.

  • You are the best, I would have never gotten through the last three tiers without your advice. Thank you for all that you do. Best of luck in your law practice.

  • Please do another Top 20 Zeta list! Have some saved up and I’m wanting to use them. Are any Zetas required or recommended for Darth Revan? Or should I use it for a GG squad?

  • Nice video I had already figured this out but it’s nice that you are letting people know about this. I am subscribing and watching all your vids!:)

  • Dark Side Anakin
    Dark Side, Sith, Attacker

    Attacks and Abilities

    Violent Blow (Basic) Deal Physical Damage to target and inflict Stagger for 3 turns. Jedi enemies cannot evade, resist or counter this attack. Dark Side Anakin gains Offense Up for 2 turns.

    Slaughter (Special #1) Deal unavoidable special damage to all enemies with a 70% chance to critical hit. In addition, this attack inflicts Daze on target enemy for 3 turns.

    Force Choke (Special #2) Deal Special damage to target enemy and Stun them for 4 turns. Jedi enemies can’t evade or resist this attack. This ability starts on cooldown.

    Rise, Lord Vader (Leader) Sith allies gain Offense Up and Speed Up (65%). In addition, whenever a Sith ally uses a special ability, they dispel all their Debuffs and inflict the dispelled Debuffs onto the target enemy for 3 turns. Target enemy can’t cleanse for 2 turns.

    Fallen Apprentice (Unique) Whenever Dark Side Anakin inflicts a Debuff on a target enemy, he gains Turn Meter equal to the damage he dealt. If he attacks a Jedi enemy, his Turn Meter is doubled. If he attacks General Kenobi on the opposing team, his Turn Meter gain is tripled. If Darth Sidious is present, he also gains that much Turn Meter.

  • Managed to beat tier 5 pretty easy, newit lead, dooku, ventress, B2 and grevious, beat tier 6 as well, struggling with tier 7 though.

  • Hey arnald, can you make a phoenix gude?
    i’m a begginer player and i’ve heard that phoenix is the place to start.
    Mods, gear, team, how to use them, etc.

    I love your channel, keep up the good work

  • G12 GG, Dooku, Ventress, G8 B2 and Magmaguard. Took about 25 tries but didn’t want to overgear the droids yet as I am working on Galactic Republic squad.

  • Does it matter when you start training someone or the order you train characters?  I’m new around level 21 and most of my charac are btw 1-3 stars only.  So I’m not sure the order or importance

  • Idk if you’re still responding to these oldies but I’m having a difficult time beating Manaan (V) and I’m trying to figure out if I should gear 11 my Carth or my Canderous and zeta Carth with the team I’ve got 10 Carth and Canderous, 9 Juhani, 11 Bastila and HK

  • So they used to just unlock at 7 stars? Not like now where the unlock is 5 stars and you have to pay the 1.5 mil to get the last 2? Just got GMY last night and he unlocked at 5 and then I had to spend credits to get the last 2.

  • So i know this video is old but from what i can tell the reason you are spending more is because when you do the automated way or the highest bot way you are over killing the exp needed and there by wasting exp/credit. The way i do it is i click the highest and get rid of 2-3 bots and continue down until i get to t1 bots and use the rest on that. I’ve saved the most doing that method. I believe the half method does the same but my method saves more low tier bots. Also i’ve noticed lately that if you assign all high bots it will put up 1-3 bots (not always) more than you need which i don’t understand. Even with my method and i use t1 bots i can remove 1-3 bots from what it says i need to use to max my character and it will still max it. I think its some messed up code or something. So make sure to check that the amount of bots you are using because it says that is what it needs to max is actually the max and that you aren’t wasting 1-3 bots + credits you don’t need to use.

  • There is hope for people without B2! I did it with dooku lead (not optimal with all the counters I know) but the extra offense helped. The omega on his special (teamstealth) was important to avoid getting all the counters on all my aoes:
    Dooku G9 Asajj G12 1 zeta Nute G9 Magna G9 GG G11 1 zeta.. and many many many attempts

  • I beat Padmé with a Nute lead(G9), Geo Spy(G12) Geo Soldier(G12), Sun Fac(G12) and Poggle(G11). It took me about 20 30 tries but I got it in the end. I think it might be possible to do with a Poggle Lead as long as you have your Spy with as much crit damage as possible to nuke down Padmé at the start. With a Nute lead I wasn’t able to consistently one shot them but with Poggle It was much easier, and that was with the 20% offense no Omega lead.

  • Just got 7* Padme with G9 Nute lead, G10 GG, G12 Ventress both zetas, G10 Dooku, and G8 Gen Spy! Took a lot, but extortion was came in clutch.

  • I managed to get ridiculously lucky with Padmé. I got a 6 star with a 56k Dooku lead team with no Zetas. G12 Dooku, G9 Ventress, then G6 7 stars Nute and Poggle, and G6 6 star Magnaguard

    I should say it took about 300 tries.

  • Grievous lead didn’t work for me so I tried Dooku for the hell of it and it worked! You would think the counter attacks would be terrible.

  • For 5 & 6 stars, I used Ventress lead G12, Dooku G12, Gen Spy G10, Nute G10, and B2 G8. 7-stars, Dooku lead G12, Ventress G12, Gen Spy G11, Nute G11, and Poggle G11.

    3 tries on 5-stars, 1 try on 6-stars, 5 tries on 7-stars but the last tweak replacing B2 with Poggle took only 1 try.

  • Can someone help me out I’m looking for a decent guild that can help me get Traya and a guild that can actually do well in TW and TB I’ve been playing for 3 years this month and feel like I’m not progressing at the rate I should be, the few guilds I have been in always seem to collapse or the one I am in right now can either never agree on things or we always have inactive players that get too many chances and drag us down. I have a total GP of 1,780,223 and just ranked in at Kyber, above all the people who have better teams than me like both Revans, Padme etc. I’d prefer if the guild was UK based but if not I can work around it somehow.

  • Thanks for the info, it does look like Padme will rise in importance real soon. Btw have you tried a zeta nute gunray with the geonosians yet? Or know anybody who has? Really curious to see how well this works…

  • I just did it with G12 Asajj (L), G12 Grievous with unique zeta, G12 Sun Fac, G12 B2, and G11 Nute. Only took 4 or 5 tries, no remodding.

  • Instead of hoarding you should use the gear to maximize your roaster. You’ll always need to farm gear in this game unless you’re a whale

  • Thanks for your videos, very helpful. I managed to (barely) unlock Padme with the following roster: Nute (Lead, gear9), Asajj (gear11, Nightsister Swiftness Zeta so no help there), Dooku (gear9), Grievous (gear8), B2 Super Battle Droid (gear8). I got only 1 star for tier 5, but I unlocked Padme (!) with only Nute and another (not sure if it was Grievous or Dooku) still standing at the end.

  • I’m a relatively new player, but I had Geno for ships, so it didn’t take me long to have a full g12 Geno team, which beat Padma on auto.

  • on the character screen its the same, once I start mission, Leia and ben are switches spots. the beginning is the same until after R2 puts everyone on fire 00:38, then leia goes. I’ve watched many videos and non of them have the order my team is in. ugh

  • Thanks for the always useful advice! It seems that playing with the mods (and adding zetas) are the key to getting a 7* Padme with a low geared team. And of course RNG being on your side.

    I got her with:

    ZNute G8 lead (all health mods with speed secondaries)
    ZzGrevious G9 (all health mods with speed secondaries)
    Ventress G10 (4 speed mods and 2 health mods with a lot of health secondaries)
    Dooku G9 (4 potency mods and 2 health mods with a lot health and speed secondaries)
    B2 G9 (4 potency mods and 2 health mods with a lot health and speed secondaries)

  • Ahnald, you are the bomb brother. I was stuck repeating Tier V over and over again… did a quick look to see if you had a video and boom cleared the rest of the event without a hitch. Thanks for all you do!

  • Just hit level 85 today. Done so much. Lots of gearing and promoting today lol. Also put my first zeta on merciless massacre. Way to OP

  • I tried doing it step by step like you did here and it changed the order and the stun rarely worked and I couldn’t get the taunts off. I’m not as familiar with the terminology, but I couldn’t find a way to dispel the taunt, even though I kept reading about ways to do it with very little understanding of what they were saying. I played the game originally to help my son build his own guild, but turns out I enjoy the game, just know very little about it. I’m trying to learn, but getting past this “Hard” level is killing me lol

  • Do you get Zeta mats after defeating the Darth Reven challenge or actual Zeta? Looks like five of one or the other? Which one Ahnaldt 101…your my only hope…(reference) thanks man

  • Hey ahnald I used: Grievous lead both zetas g12, g11 asajj, count dooku g10, b2 g11 and nute gunray g6. Nute gunray and his revive and extortion made the event so much easier. The AI has no idea how to deal with extortion and gets rid of it instead of attacking.

  • Hi everyone, congratulations to all of u who got Padme 7*.
    I got her with dooku leader XI, Asaaj XII, Spy XII, Poggle XI and Sun Fac XII, needed som tries

  • Thanks Ahnald! managed to snag Padme at 7 stars after like 300 attempts. Nute Lead G8, Geo Spy G8, Sun FAC, G7, Grievous G10 and Ventress G12+. Was able to utilise Ventress high damage and Nutes Extortion to eventually pull off a win! And I didn’t have to put any Zetas or gear into this event, which is great because I need all of that for Malak!

  • this video is good practice always splitting the droids, even tho they did kind of fix it.the main over spending is from using larger droids for the last level where it goes over, always use your smallest training droids for that last few xp, you can test this by maxing a char with low droids then taking away a few and adding a big one you will see the over spending. best thing you can do is keep those tiny lil guys around and dont blow through all of your droids

  • So I got a 7* star padme first time around and I’m super salty that she made little to no impact to the game. All because stupid op revans.

  • I’d actually say if you want to go least, go with Nute lead, b2, asajj, sun fac, dooku. All of these characters have been around for a while and much easier to get than dooku. I had asajj at g12, sun fac g8, and others g11 and took me three tries to do tier 7. If you have grievous, definitely use him, but if you don’t or won’t get him to 7 star before event is over, these 5 work great. Didn’t even have to use my best mods.

  • All you basiclly have to do to defeat this, is to attack, and try to stun Thrawn and the emperor, that worked for me, Then kill everyone else.

  • I can continue doing the rebel replay because my game is broken so in tier 2 i cant press obi wan when i use R2D2 smoke screen its kinda sad

  • It must’ve been made unbeatable since then I swear nothing close to this happens now. I just ran 5 straight times an Han dies from the very 1st move force lightning every single time. There is no strategy using stun and such the most i can do is 1 of the 2 troopers + the tie fighter guy there’s no making it beyond that my characters only take 1 punch, lightning, saber swing from Vader and dies. I can’t have a fukking battle it’s a slaughter that makes no sense the same level characters I have to use everyone’s powers multiple times to TRY and kill 1 person and then 1 person 1 punch kills my squad WE’RE THE SAME LEVEL THOUGH SO MAKES ALL THE FUKKING SENSE IN THE WORLD!!!!

  • Just did it with:

    Leader: zDooku (g11) +
    zzAssaj (g12)
    zzGrievous (g11)
    Nute (g10)
    zB2 (g11)

    Took me 20+ fights. Tryed to focus Padme/Anakin first, then the Healer next and Windu and Kenobi last.

  • Got my 7* Padme with a weakass team. G12 Dooku lead, G12 Asaji, G11 GG, G11 Nute and G10 Spy. Everyone using shit mods to boot. About 25 tries until I got that round that Dooku was counter attack stunning like a madman. Padme was first killed and GG was useless and only fodder(he didn’t even get a turn). The Asaji dispels with Dooku stuns made it happen for me.

  • All these videos just waste your time. They are cheaters. Tier 5 is not doable. Even with all upgrades, mods, zetas and gear level 10 to 11. It is just random.

  • i’m giving you a sub. this helped me so much!!! thank you!!!! you gave me the right walkthrough and the perfect order for stunning! you taught me to save abilities to wait to stun thrawn again! i really appreciate this video man! you’re a savior

  • Thank you sooooo much!!!!! Keeping them stunned like that for the whole game really helped out. That was a awesome tactic thank you!

  • Not sure if anyone can reply to this but I’m wondering if I can do this event with some characters at a minimum.. i currently am working on zcarth at g11 zbsf at g12 canderous/mission/zaal at g8, t3 at g7 hk at 7 or 8.. can baf and carth carry the event entirely? Not sure if light side bastila and jolee are needed but they’re g12.

  • Hey mancool… I like Ben to block abilities over taunting because I want all 5 to survive and Ben isn’t much of a tank…maybe cuz he’s so “getting too old for this sort of thing”… lol!

  • Thank you soooooo much I really appreciate it for helping me out with that battle I lost about 20 times and then I used this video and it help so Thank You ��

  • Thanks a lot dude. I was playing this tier for months and I couldn’t win.. After seeing this video I win the tier using your tips about stunning the right guys in the fight.

  • The reworks make it possible extremely under geared. i got tier 5 with full geos (easy) but didnt have GBA to 6*, so managed to get tier 6 with g8 Nute (omega L). g8 sun, g8 Spy, G12 soldier and g12 asajj

  • Your RNG must have been perfect here for the fifth tier because it’s not anywhere near that easy. I have Carth at G11 with zeta, Badstill at G11 with zeta and both full gold mod sets, HK is G12 with gold mods ranked up to highest tier, both Canderous and Juhani at G10 with purple/gold mods, all modded to what the guides say. Half the time my entire team can’t even make it to phase 4 to fight the boss and more often than not my Darth Revan dies in phase 2 or 3 because he’s garbage for this event. They give you a great JKR for that event and I auto’d that with JKR, Bastilla, and Mission being my only good characters. This event your two leads Carth and HK, do basically for the team because there’s no synergy and HK’s lead is useless. Darth Revan gets no benefits from the other teammates and is made of tissue paper. I’ve run this about 50 times now and maybe 4-5 times my entire team even makes it through to phase 4. I’ve gotten the big boss to red health twice and he full healed/regained protection, and managed to kill him once only to have my last two characters die to the final turret. Tired of wasting so much gear and time on bad characters just to try to get this legendary unlocked. Easily the most frustrating journey character yet.

  • Ok I’ve only been playing for 4 days and already beat that one. The key is to keep stunning the “big 3” Vader is the least powerful of the 3 so worry more about the other 2. Don’t use obi wan’s taunt because you don’t want him to die right away. Instead use r2s mist and let Luke stay out of hit so he gets hit (he can heal) this allows obi wan to debuff at least twice. But don’t waste a debuff if the stormtrooper already used taunt because it won’t cancel it. Use r2s to stun and mist, fire is almost useless in this scenario because you need to constantly stun. Use Hans critical attack buff to hit the stunned guys to deal the most damage. Keep leia protected because she’s the strongest attacker use her after Hans attack buff for best attack. This took me 3 attempts using this game plan.

  • I like how people at the top end of the game assume us f2p players get these characters the second or third time…
    I still haven’t 7 starred chewie, or unlocked: c3po, darth revan, (or malak duh), or padme. My guild still hasn’t unlocked traya, so by extension I have no g13 (which means GG still sucks for me). On the topic of gear I haven’t been able to gear up any full teams (excluding arena teams) because f2p resources at the middle are so thin. (For reference I usually sit between 300-700 with jedi revan, averaged +100 speed mods)

    This game kinda sucks if you can’t crack the top one hundred in arena and aren’t willing to refinance your house for crystals.

    Sorry for the incoherent rant, but I’m frustrated and tbh I don’t know why I play anymore at this point.

  • I just 7* her. Dooku lead G12 (non lead zeta), AV G12 (2 zeta), B2 G8 (no zeta), NG G6 (no zeta), SF G8 (no zeta). It was all about the counter attacks.

  • Have her at 6* and only used geos to get her. Brood and spy both six star. Brood has zeta. Easy once you take out that weird reviving jedi guardian

  • I use Nute g10 Omega on Lead, Asajj G12 3/6 2 Zeta, Duko g12 0/6 no Zeta, Geo Soldier G12 0/6 and Geo Spy G12 0/6. It works after 10 Try’s.

  • This was my first try. I didn’t even do it the first time. I got 6* right off the bat. With DoukuZ assajZ, poggle, soldier G12 then grievous G11. Then I was stuck,stuck stuck stuck. Then I put arena mods on douku and Assaj… Bam on auto I. Got her 7* on 4 th try.

  • Thanks alot fam, was stuck on this level for a while

    Didn’t get the exact same game as you, but I got to learn some new combos and strategies

  • Thanks ahnaldt101 I pulled it off thanks to your guide!!!:) my toons badstilla G12, HK47 G11, zOnasi G10, Juhani G9, and Ordo G7. Wohoo I don’t care if I’m late getting him, but I did it F2P way. ��

  • This game died when they made KOTR characters super OP. Nobody loves KOTR. Star Wars is and will always about those trilogy movies.

  • I just realized that Zaalbar doesn’t stay on your side for Tier 7 which is wild cause he does in the game because of the life debt.

  • New Game Mode Idea: Story Mode. Play through:

    The Phantom Menace
    Attack of the Clones
    The Clone Wars
    Revenge of the Sith
    Rogue One
    A New Hope
    The Empire Strikes Back
    Return of the Jedi
    The Force Awakens
    The Last Jedi
    The Rise of Skywalker

  • I disagree with Pademe being easier to unlock. I have gear 11 and 12 separatists & can’t get past the unlock tier. I’ve shifted my best mods around & still can’t even get one of the team to fall.
    What is everyone else using?

  • kinda glad they didn’t do a big thing for kylo killing solo. They turned han into an old dead beat dad space hobo loser so to hell with the new star wars disney crap

  • Hey can you help?
    I’ve got all the requirements for this event but i cant seem to win? mine are all gear 8 but i keep dying, I’ve been waiting for this event for months and now I’m still stuck, help me ahnald you’re my only hope:)

  • Do you think crit dmg X4 with health X2 for Anakin and crit dmg X4 with crit chcance X2 are good sets for padme team? I used to use barriss btw

  • Your Test accaunt…you mean The Dev.hooked you up with the accaunt that is befeed up,just for showcasing the game…new heroes e.t.c.??

  • The real question is when is this game getting Darth Bane…. my favorite Star Wars character of all time. I have an entire leg sleeve/rib piece of him from the books. Ahnald I need some good mojo to send throughout the Star Wars universe! <3

  • An older video, but I’m glad I watched. I debated it cause I’ll be doing the heroes journey in a couple days, and working on my vets. Guess I can ignore gearing up Han.