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Now, as you’re learning what to do in a gym (which I’ll get to in a minute), If you are REALLY afraid of being seen, try working out at a different time of the day. Depending on your class schedule, you might be able to go REALLY early, or REALLY late or in the middle of the day when everybody is in class. But if you’re working on how to feel less anxious at the gym, every inch of extra knowledge can help you feel more confident.

If you’re willing to put a little money into it, getting a personal trainer is another option (and one recommended by a few habit and fitness experts ). It’s a common fear for gym newbies — showing up to the gym and then not knowing what to do. Don’t let it get the best of you. Just one trip to the gym is all you need to realize that not knowing. New Jersey gym owner defiant after arrest for violating stay-at-home order: ‘I’m not afraid of tyrants’ Ian Smith tells ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ officials preach fear, not public health. It took a layoff and breakup on the same day last summer to motivate 28-year-old Meghan Ragni to take control of her health.

In the bleak months that followed her boyfriend of two years announcing, “We need to talk,” Ragni embarked on the time-honored tradition of getting over rejection via self-improvement.After losing 30 pounds, and lowering her blood pressure, she knew it was finally. Going to the gym can be as natural to some as showering or eating. But for most of us, it’s something we try to unearth the energy to do at least once a week, and if we make it happen one. When gym anxiety gets the best of you, invite someone you know and trust to work out with you.

When you’re with a friend, you feel more relaxed and are able to have fun. Even if a spell of gym anxiety arises, don’t be afraid to face your insecurity – share a laugh about. The owner of a gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey, who was arrested Monday after remaining open in defiance of the governor’s lockdown order, said he will not back down because he is “not afraid of tyrants.” Atilis Gym owner Ian Smith, 33, and his co-owner Frank Trumbetti, 51, were charged Monday with contempt, obstruction, and [ ]. So now the gym doesn’t scare me; I have just as much of a right to be there as anyone else does. I still don’t look like Michael Phelps, and I’m pretty sure that I will never get back into.

Finding fitness that fits your ability, needs and your version of health is vital to reducing fear. If you have never exercised, or you haven’t exercised for 20 years, intimidating or intense.

List of related literature:

Finding a gym whose members reflect your age group and gender will help you feel comfortable.

“Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery” by Peter G Levine
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If going to a gym is frightening, how about subscribing to a fitness app, online program, or videos on YouTube that you can start at home where you feel safe.

“Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within” by Latham Thomas
from Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within
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Find a welcoming gym with easy parking if you can’t walk to it, or one near public transportation.

“The Serotonin Power Diet: Eat Carbs-Nature's Own Appetite Suppressant-to Stop Emotional Overeating and Halt Antidepressant-Associated Weight Gain” by Judith Wurtman, Nina T. Frusztajer
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So if you’ve been avoiding the gym, don’t freak out about what you’ll do or how you’ll feel once you get there—just lace up your sneakers and show up!

“Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose” by Gabrielle Bernstein
from Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose
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So, if you’re on the fence about joining a gym, don’t let yourself be talked or intimidated out of it.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
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If you write down or verbally tell someone that you are going to the gym, it will help you stick with it because you’ll feel guilty if you don’t go.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
from Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness
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How many times have you joined a gym and rarely saw the inside of it?

“Eat Like a Woman: A 3-Week, 3-Step Program to Finally Drop the Pounds and Feel Better Than Ever” by Staness Jonekos, Marjorie Jenkins
from Eat Like a Woman: A 3-Week, 3-Step Program to Finally Drop the Pounds and Feel Better Than Ever
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The fact that where the gym visit is discretionary the hospital appointment firmly isn’t makes no difference: once inside, your body stands on trial, and as they envy or sympathize with the physical hand you’ve been dealt, everyone around you knows it.

“Breakfast with Socrates: An Extraordinary (Philosophical) Journey Through Your Ordinary Day” by Robert Rowland Smith
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Always ask for help at the gym.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
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In this case, since the hotels you’ll be staying at probably won’t offer the same equipment your gym does, prepare yourself, both mentally and physically.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
from Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder
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  • I’d like to see a good beginner routine, so I can compare to mine that I will be doing soon. I did a lot of research on routines that are effective for weight loss and muscle building. But, I’m still a little unsure. Great vids guys!

  • Used to get scared to go cause I’m not so fit and I don’t really know how to workout. But honestly having workout videos on my phone really does help cause it’s just me and my video and I can ignore everyone else cause it doesn’t give me time to think about jt

  • This is awesome thank you. As a girl I struggled too but recently I finally took the step and stop doing cardio to start weight lifting at the gym. I thought why forcing myself to stay in a lane that isn’t mine. So I’m learning to be comfortable in the weight section next to all the dudes. Funny thing I started noticing other girls there. Next goal barbell squats. I will probably wear the largest jogging bottom I can find �� Wish me courage ��������

  • I went to the gym with my friends last year it was around 6 or 7 and it was moderately crowded and its like you said, everybody was minding his own business, i think i was the one staring at everyone ������

  • It helps me a lot, i am 18 and experiencing gym anxiety. Your video help me to go to the gym and start my real fitness journey:)! Thank you so much <3

  • I can really relate to this topic. Last week I decided to go to gym and im so frustrated like. What if what if blah blah. Coz I’m a skinny girl.. This video motivates me. Thank you for sharing:)

  • This is me!! I keep telling ppl I want to go but I am scared I don’t want ppl looking at me or laughing at me if I do things wrong

  • When I go to the gym and exercise i want to go both for my mental health and to look good lol. However, at the moment there is nothing stress relieving about going to the gym. After a long stressful day at work the last thing I want to do is to experience more anxiety. Struggling with social anxiety does not help things. How many sessions at the gym does it take to not feel anxious anymore?

  • I need help so apprently i believe that i have hang cleaned 90 pounds, but that was a couple months ago, now it feels heavier than a horse to me. What could have happened?

  • I know i’m a bit late, but I just wanted to thank you. I’ve struggled with being overweight for a few years now and tomorrow is my first time going to the gym so i’m absolutely terrified. I always thought that everyone would be so much older and fitter than me and that i’d just look stupid, be unable to workout before getting too tired and overall just wander around like a confused lost child. Luckily I stumbled across your video and I have to say it really helped me you’re honestly an inspiration and i’m actually looking forward to going now. Anyway, thank you very much and good luck to anyone else nervous about going to the gym! You can do it!

  • Best thing to keep in mind no matter where you go (yes, even Planet Fitness) is to remember one main thing. It doesn’t matter what other people are doing so long as you’re not interfering with their workout (hogging machines, plates, weights, etc.), it only matters what YOU’RE doing. Even if it’s a bunch of meat heads in there, they’re in there for the same reason you are. Give it your all to the best of your ability, ask for help if you need it, and go home.

  • thank you so much for this video <3 I spent 5 months working out home only bc i was so scared to be awkward at the gym. But now I live in student accommodation where there is a gym so I pushed myself and now I go for 3 weeks I use some machine sometimes:)

  • german guy here: As much is i would like us germans to take the fame for that proverb at 0:26 it really isnt… had to research like a full hour to find that it indeed is a norwegian proverb… anyways great video as usual

  • Hey:) I’m currently 17, 6foot tall and I weigh 63kg. I live in a boarding school which has a free gym and so many people go there (including my roommate) I really want to go there, but I’m just scared. I don’t want my friends to see me and say stuff like: Oh look at him, haha what, you do sports now? oMMG anndi you at the gym??? Wow I‘m shocked. Bla bla bla. I know the reactions will mostly be positive. Especially my roommate would be so happy. But something is hindering me from going there. I’m just too afraid. I don’t want them to see me, cause everybody thinks I’m a couch potato, staying in my room all day long studying. I feel like I’m just scared of other people seeing me making progess, and I have no idea why…. How can I get rid of this?

  • Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve watched a bunch of videos on gym equipment because I’m so intimidated by going to a gym and not knowing anything. I finally found the courage to sign up this week and am going in a few days when I don’t have to go to work and school.

  • My newest go to guide avoid gyms with instagym bunnies because they attracts the Chads and such who enjoy being the harassers in a gym, and if they see a new guy with a bit of side-handles they pounce and stand a bit close and talk a bit loud and then they let the insults rip at the guy, tried a planet fitness in recent years and it was full of those kind of guys.
    So i went back to the smaller gyms a bit higher price but you do not get those kind of guys with power lifters and body builders and if you have one or two of them others tend to shut them down and you had one episode with them, they know they need the people to pay the fee and such to keep it open and if they get the reputation of being elitist or a-holes it ends up having to shut the doors.

  • Nice tips but I was looking more how to react when it does happen. I’ve gone to to the gym a few times and every time it seems I get a lot of glares ��‍♀️
    Again, good video just not for me ��

  • It’s impossible for me, I’m 13, and the only gym I have near that would let me workout is the Y, but I don’t have a car, and get a bunch of homework RIP

  • I been going a few months now with a plan mostly as a lone wolf and I tell ya nothing forces you to bust out a few more reps like the rocky soundtrack or Rammstein for that matter

  • Don’t be afraid of the buff/rip dudes; they used to look like you but they’ve only been in the gym longer. I appreciate a beginner trying to stay to get in shape as long as they show sweat. Technique can always be taught by the experienced people so don’t be afraid to ask.

  • I dont care what anyone thinks at fuckin all, but to resist the greatest urge to smash the shits head on the sink (something ive proudly done before, unfortunately with a great consequences for me) takes all the energy from me.

  • Thanks for the video. I’ve been terrified of going to the gym for a long time now. Because of you, I’ve just purchased a membership and will start this week! Appreciate the encouragement. <3

  • I can’t tell if you are saying that squat is wrong because you drew a red line and had a red circle as if to say stop…..I squat ass to grass so if that’s what you are saying I completely disagree. Maybe use green instead of red if you didn’t mean it. Good god.

  • To be honest: I am afraid of doing Good morning exercises at my gym because there are a lot of Gay men who train there…Just thought I’d throw this out there.

  • Broo I wanted to comment on another video just yet, but I was a little shy. Anyway, this video motivated me to try all those “weird” exercises ��. You’re the gym boss man. This guy����������

  • I went to the gym today for the first time after working out at home and thinking about it for months.. I am pretty overweight for my age and i was always so scared to go bc of other ppl jugding me but i LOVED soon as i came the owner/trainer was do kind to show me around and give me a begginer workout while explaining how to use certain machines and the ppl at the gym were minding their own workouts and didn’t really care about what am i doing which suprised me if you are still debating on should you go or not remember this: those who want it will always find a way and those who don’t want it always find an exuse!!!

  • I live in nj! Just juiiiced up meat heads in any gym. Smh. I could get laughed at doing anything bro. I could lift heavy. Do high reps. Whatever. Or super short work outs and get comments amongst gym buddies laughing.

    If u dont do 3x 8-12 squat bench pull down curl tricep extension crunch machine reg lifts etc…. they may even confront u to let u know u dont have a clue, and try to educate you. Theyre on the juice and clueless. And there to front: more protein more intensity bro. While guys who are 65 are more jacked than 25 yr old 10 year experienced lifters w abs. Everyone in the gym here is on the juice. Thumbs up a dude if u all agree

    Few nattys left here. Jersey shore destroyed us

  • Thanks for video, been wanting to go to the gym, but as a “anti social” person Iv been avoiding it. YMCA was a place I hadn’t considered. I’m signing up bruh, keep on pushing

  • Im a music junkie so i constantly update my playlists gives me another reason too hit the gym.too listen too my badass music playlist and drown everyone else out!!!

  • I’m going to the gym with my bestie today. And I’m not confident at ALL! Like I wanna be, but this video kinda helped me soooo yeah

  • How did you like learn to do the motions and stuff did you get a personal trainer or did you just go by yourself and Learn by like observing cuz I’ve been wanting to join a gym and I’m just seeing if I should get a personal trainer or not

  • I wanted to go to the gym for the first time in my life yesterday (I’m 17) and I freaked out so much and cried for hours but today I’m gonna try again. Actually I have to go in like 20min and I’m freaking out a lil bit idk why I’m just really anxious

  • When I first started working out in commercial gyms, I hated it bear in mind this was back in the late 80’s They were expensive The sales pitch was incredibly pushy they had inflexible contracts and were full of pretentious yuppie arseholes.
    So I gave up until I thought I’d give the small local bodybhuilders gym a shot.

    What a difference!
    I could pay as I went pay weekly monthly whatever suited me.
    And despite not training for BB purposes, the guys and girls there were a breath of frsh air always willing to help imprrove my form and my lifts encouraging and supportive

  • I remember I ended up stopping going to weight room workout in my school cause people were laughing at the weights I put on my bench bar. I got all insecure cause all these 200 + lb dudes thought they were so cool lifting more than me, a 118 lb dude

  • Great advice for newbs….but i suggest you stop crossfit before you pull a muscle or mess up a joint. Crossfit is not for novice trainers.

  • if you are a beginner reading this, know that your fears are COMPLETELY unfounded and exist entirely in your head…. no one cares what you do or how you look, the most you’ll ever get is someone trying to HELP YOU by telling you something….

    gym is probably the least judgemental place we have left in our society…. more so than a library or a brothel

  • Well done, glad to see people getting something done about weight and stuff, not in a rude way btw, a positive way that it’s good your doing this

  • Very helpful! A video showing like a “your first day or first at the gym” showing how to build a work out routine would be great. Tfs, God bless.

  • Thank You Sir for this Introduction Preview. Gonna hit the gym soon.
    Instantly subscribed to your channel for the Quality of the Content!

  • I’m a football player and we have a lifting class but I didn’t take it this year so I’m trying to go regularly but I do have the fear of being the clueless guy

  • Great inspiring vid. But not everyone works 9-5. Some people like myself work 7p-7a. He might have been there on his “morning” time.

  • I’ve always listened to music in the gym but I’ve forgotten my earphones a few times over the last few weeks for some reason and I’ve noticed I get a better workout without the music, strange but true

  • Why is this not real

    Bro I would for real like someone to dress up as a cop and literally chase me around work just to see everyone reaction and mostly to get stair exercise ����������������

  • How many people are watching this because they are intimidated themselves and are so freaking proud of this guy going to the gym and overcoming his own gym intimidation?

  • The best way to overcome intimidation is to realise that no one, literally no one gives a flying fuck about what you’re doing because they just wanna get their shit done and go home.

  • Thanks so much for making this, really hit home for me, im only 50kg and really want to start getting healthy. Ive watched other motivational videos from big guys who don’t really address this issue, i can honestly say your words hit home better than Arnie, wolverine or any other famous fit person. Im signing up for the gym this week, im not going to be intimidated or even think about the other big fit guys there. Im going to have your words in my head when i sign up and walk around for the first time. Thanks.

  • I don’t bench a lot because i don’t like the exercise and it’s always in use at my gym also i sweat fast and i don’t want to bring a towel with me to the gym only for that. so what kind of exercise can i do?

  • I just got home from my first workout, I went 3:30am so no one was there, went around and found the machines I was going to use, then people came slowly, but I knew where to go and what to do. The hardes time is the first, next time will be easy because I know where to go, what to do, and how the machines work:)

  • Thanks for these tips Samantha!! I definitely wish I had gotten a tour of my new gym when I first started. I speak more about how I got over my gym fears on my channel. Keep it up girl ��

  • The gym is a joke. Bunch of fat ass women running around in yoga pants and a bunch of dudes on steroids or old men or just your average joe wanting to lift some weights.Nothing to worrie about just a bunch of insecure asshole’s like you.

  • I am 17yrs old height is 6.1 weight is only 43 & I am scared going to gym. I think people will annoy me & making joke on my physic

  • Literally no one in the gym gives a f about a beginner. They are wayyy too busy with their own workout to worry. Realised this on my first workout.

  • My gym is really weird in die this regard…… I am a basketball player and get weird looks if I do box squats from people who don’t have an ounce of athletesism in them. ��‍♂️

  • I have felt like somebody else’s workout was more important. just today, I wanted to use the cross cable machine and a guy was exercising with barbells just in front of it. so he wasn’t even using it and wasn’t letting anyone use it. ughhh so annoying. and just walked away feeling frustrated when I should have told him to move over a little bit so that I can use the machine

  • There is this jerk trainer in my gym…she constantly judges me for my body by saying “have you gone fatter” I hate it so much!!:(

  • I was doing my proper form Australian pull-ups because I’m just starting out and then this other guy at the same time was doing pull-ups with good form, no swinging full range of motion. People walk past all the time and I feel like I’m embarrassing myself but I still persist.

  • Hey Trent, just watched this video this morning because I was extremely nervous about going to a new gym but I went there and had a great time. Great Video and I’m Looking forward to your upcoming videos! Great Advice!

  • I’m glad you put this video out there man. I finally overcame this issue (at 28 years old no less) early on this year when I finally told myself “Who gives a shit if you can’t lift as much as some of the other guys”? and this simple thing as turned my life/confidence around. Have made massive strides in my physique just because I stopped caring what people thought when I was weak. Hell I’m still not that strong, but having overcome this problem I know I will continue to improve myself because I simply do NOT give a shit what anyone else thinks.

  • 4:03
    dude it’s exactly the same with me right now. I am doing a full body workout and all my friends are judging me and saying that full body is shit, whereas they are using some bro split shit

  • this made me cry omg I’m so proud of you man. you’re doing what I won’t ever imagine myself ever doing because I’m just so scared, and it really makes me hate myself. I’m a girl and I feel like if I go to the gym then all the guys would be staring and thinking “what am I even doing here”. You earned a new subscriber!

  • I just hate it cuz I get red so red when I’m hot so I look like a little tomato y’all don’t know me I don’t care it’s called imaginary audience we’re in our own head I just Googled all the wrong ways to use gym equipment and couldn’t stop laughing

  • My best friend just asked me to get a membership with her so we can go together and I’m absolutely terrified. I literally can’t wear shorts and a shirt because I’m so self conscious. I literally only wear sweatpants and hoodies 24/7. I know that no one will be judging me but that doesn’t stop me thinking about it and I literally hate it

  • I’m actually terrified of going to a gym and looking like an idiot, but you’re so chill and confident that my fears have been eased. Thanks, dude. ☺��

  • Also for people who may be in highschool/ college something that really helped me was taking a weightlifting class at my school! I was so intimidated to take the class at first, but the teacher was so helpful and went step by step through every machine and workout. I learned so much and after taking the class I felt like I knew what I was doing when I stepped back into the gym.:)

  • This was quite inspiring, thank you for sharing this. I’m sure it required a lot of bravery to go to the gym, and you’re braver than I am. But I will take inspiration from this and go to the gym too!

  • I am 228-230 LBS 5″7.5 and I feel anxious again because I haven’t been going for a while so I tend to compare myself to others. Thanks for giving me some hope man!

  • I have been to the gym once and it was awful. I was watching a video with my earphones on about how to do some exercises and when I started some guys began to stare at me. I asked them if I do the exercise wrong and then said “no, you just look stupid because you are too young to go to the gym and you are only trying to make yourself look sexier” (btw i am 15 and i was doing a stomach exercise because of health problems)����

  • Joined a gym last night, first time ever. 45 years old. Got my induction tomorrow and am feeling pretty nervous. Silly really. This video helped a bit, so thanks. I hope I can get into a good routine.

  • Thank you so much for this video. I’ve struggled with so much anxiety that it has kept me from joining a gym or attending my uni’s rec. You’ve definitely inspired me and gave me a bit more confidence. I’m planning on trying out a gym or two this week so I hope it goes well.

  • I know this video is old but I just wanted to say thank you because it motivated and inspired me to get my ass to the gym this afternoon, after putting it off and making excuses for a month. Thank you x

  • This is a great video! I don’t know if it’s limited to women but from a man’s perspective I must tell you… We go through it as well. I had to learn that the “gym stare“ that made me feel uncomfortable like everyone was watching me was something I ended up doing as well. We’re not judging anybody, we are zoning out during the rest period and staring at everything including the ceiling and walls. When I do it I’m not judging anybody. However, it’s a good time to look at somebody else doing an exercise we want to do just to see how it’s done. That increases our confidence that we can do it as well. I also found it helps to be prepared, as you say, by writing down in my workout journal the exercises I want to do ahead of time, then watching a YouTube video and even replicating the exercise at home a little bit so that I don’t feel totally awkward when I climb into those crazy machines. That way I’ll already have done the motions, and seen how it’s done before I arrive. I also initiate small chitchat at the right moment with regulars I see there. Once I did that I realized that even people I aspire to be as fit as go through the same thing. We all get frustrated, we all are working on areas that need improvement, and every single person in that gym is pushing past insecurities, goals, and struggles. Nobody is judging. Remember, huge respect for somebody who might be out of shape but is showing up, doing the work, and making it happen! If that describes you then you are my hero, you are awesome, and you are in the right place doing the right things! You are all awesome!

  • Im a pretty tiny dude with some serious Gym anxiety. im having my induction tomorrow and im shitting a brick! this video has definitely calmed some of my nerves

  • i was still terrified of joining a gym because I’ve struggled with an eating disorder (recovered now)and I feel everyone would stare at me the way people used to but this really did give me some confidence to go join which I did today thank you I really did need this push because my health and confidence has been in the toilet lately thank you

  • 2 years later, I know. But you’re so positive! It’s infectious! I’ve been working out by myself at home for a few months now and I’m slowly working up the courage to use the gym that’s at my community college. They’re nice enough to give the students a free gym, I should use it! Thanks for the great video. I’m feeling really psyched up about it now!

  • Very interesting.I’ve been thinking about joining a gym but I didn’t want to before because I don’t want to pay to temporarily use someone else’s equipment. Make sure you put in some rest days for all the muscles.

  • Thank you this helped so much!!! I love the gym but Im really self-conscious in using the gym at my university because since its co-ed its soon uncomftorable…

  • If you’re not doing excercise on the bench then move your fat ass away from it. Speceally when some one asks. You can rest somewhere else.

  • Im a girl and im scared to go to the gym as well, I tried to already about 5 times and just went back home. Everyone there seems in a way better form plus I don’t want to end up having a panic attack because of some ripped dude staring at me. Aagh i dont know. Maybe one day ill have enough courage ����‍♀️

  • I joined the gym today, not really overwieght but i would like to tone up some muscles, my trainer pushed me to what i thought were my limits surprisingly i was able to get a full body work out done and left feeling great

  • my job starts at 8am… and my gym opens at 4:30am.. think its enough time to get a session in and shower and eat afterwards? I’m only 19 but feel like a routine that early in the morning will change me for the BETTER..

  • Hey dude! Great vlog!
    I actually just made a vlog about going the gym, because I can remember all these things myself! (judged etc)
    Feel free to watch it! So cool to see you out of your comfort zone!

  • Thanks bro really appreciated it was my first day yesterday and it was really off but over coming the fear also I’m 16 so felt of even more as felt like people would be looking at me more

  • Inside gyms people are usually focused more on themselves than anything else. The intimidation is literally 95% in your head. And even then gyms are full of supportive people if you go up and make conversation with them. Although gyms arent perfect so there might be that one asshole

  • Yeah when I started lifting and learning techniques, people were laughing at my form. But they are probably still doing biceps curls and walking on treadmills, meanwhile I’m doing real squat, deadlift, bench press, OHP. Actually I want to learn how to clean and jerk now.

  • this is very helpful, thanks!:D i haven’t been to a gym in over 2 years, and at that time i was going with a friend, now i’m completely on my own and don’t know what to expect. much respect, keep it up!:)

  • Consistency,( the key )!!! Respect, Funny! Youngsters now a days, know of the word… Though don’t know how to execute it,( RESPECT )… REPLACE WEIGHTS PROPERLY & PICKUP,( clean ) AFTER YOURSELF!!!!! -> WAYNES DOMAIN

  • I’m very self conscious about my weight. I’m 15 and super skinny and don’t know how to overcome this. Everyone calls me anorexic, light weight, and skinny boy. I feel like when I go to the gym it will be the same thing and people will judge me for not being able to lift a lot of weight. Please help.

  • im a skiny guy, but just asking the people for help, or asking for someone to spot me is scaring the heck out me. Still haven’t gone to my gym, so close…

  • I first went to a commercial gym when i was 14, i went with my sister that was nearly 10 years older than me, i was really thin, and kind of worried that people would look at me cause I was skinny, and one day this really muscular guy told me “Way to go man, nack then i was even skinnier than you and it took a while but you need to keep going man”

  • Man, this is so inspiring. I’ve been having anxiety attacks all day about going to the gym today for the first time in forever (got the membership over a year ago and went once for 30 minutes and freaked out). And this is so motivating. You seem like a really awesome guy and like you’d also be super fun to work out with.

    Thanks for this:)

  • Be careful with the amount of cardio you do guys, if you over do it on cardio you can sometimes feel a huge hunger after you finish your session which in turn makes you eat more then you would have eaten if you hadn’t done cardio, therefore you would be eating more calories then you had burned on the treadmill or bike or which ever cardio machine you use!

  • I just got a gym membership yesterday. And I used it for the first time today. I’m supposed to do this orientation to learn how to use the equipment which I am excited for. But today I showed up late to it so I had to reschedule for tomorrow. But I am SO intimidated. I have a lot of anxiety. My trainers this BIG guy and super intimidating he asked me my fitness goals and I’m like “…. just bein more active???” And he kinda just rolled his eyes at me it felt like, (prolly not Tru but that’s what it felt like even tho he was nice). Now I’m thinkin it’s a lot more than just that! Talking to classmates and they’re like “oh you gotta do this and that” which is nice. IM JUST SO SCARED OMG but I’m gonna stick with it and do my best.

  • Yesterday was my first day at the gym. I used the treadmil for 20 minutes had a panic attack and had my girlfriend drop me off home. We went today for day 2. Were there almost an hour. I walked for 30 mins straight. More than I’ve done in 6 years. Used a few machines and left. Keep up the good work. God bless

  • Thanks for the tips! Im a 16 yo girl who goes to the gym. Im not that really shy person but I have anxiety which disturbs me when I’m about to do some exercises, but I don’t care anymore literally I gotta work and if I keep worrying that others are judging me, then shit I ain’t gaining anything. Just grab some headphones and work it!

  • #1…get a good pair of headphones, crank it up as loud as it goes, don’t make eye contact and get in the zone. Nothing else will matter.

  • People will not be paying any attention to you when working out. Those that are, they don’t have a clue what their doing anyway. Just finish your workout and get out of there.

  • I was benching once at the gym, and I thought I could knock out a few more reps but I was wrong lmao, I failed and I didn’t have a spotter so I was struggling to get the bar off me and I felt everyone was looking at me lol

  • Same thing is happening to me, I am 17 a junior in high school. Some people last year were making fun of me, no this year they are asking for advice… BTW: I love your content and the bear mode thing is great! Trying it this summer for my entry into senior year! Keep up the content!!! Thanks!

  • Thank you for posting this. I have ridiculous anxiety. So my friends who keep offering me to ride along with them on there bring a friend card goes to waste. I want to go but I just feel so spooked so I workout at home all the time.

  • I just joined a gym and the guy I talked to sucked. Didn’t walk me around. Didn’t show me any of the machines. Nothing scrawny little guy who you can tell doesn’t workout

  • Hey, thanks a lot for this. Watching this was what I needed to inspire me to go to the gym and ask for help from the staff. Wish me luck!

  • It’s been about 5-7 weeks without the gym? I go to a bodybuilders gym b/c my brother does. All these old men/men just stare, I swear. It’s awkward! I am a bit overweight

  • I just got back from the gym, haven’t even looked at a gym since 2009. I lasted about 10 minutes of paranoia before running out and having a breakdown all the way home.
    I wish I’d seen this video beforehand it’s been a massive help.
    I’m going back tomorrow.

  • 9AM 2PM is usually the right time for me. Apart from the usual food tips, nothing beats being able to get into the gym and get your thing done. But due to my varied work schedule, my workout usually gets tossed thanks to all the 20-something brats hogging all the benches.

  • I love your accent, you sound like a new york mobster from the 70s, its rare to hear that accent in new york except in little Italy of course, I’m from New York btw

  • Ugh yes. �� I keep telling myself that I shouldn’t care about if other people are looking at me because I’m just holding myself back

  • LMAO�� yes I always wear cute gym clothes even if I am full figured and now I’m looking better and feeling better than ever since loosing more wieght and have eyes on ME in a good way but I still hate fool’s who never speak but stare at you all crazy but he ignore these weird fake FOOLS!

  • This is so nice of you guys. I have Asperger’s AND I’m a lifter and a gym has to be just right for me. I get freaked out with too many yellers and really loud sound systems. It doesn’t have to be a tomb, but I like it quiet and not crowded. Some people love it loud and crazy and I get that. If anyone reads this and is scared of gyms, just tweak the hours you go (non-busy), have your own music, go with a friend or whatever makes you comfortable and find the gym that fits your personality. Going to the gym sure beats watching more TV, drinking in a bar or smoking weed w/your buddies. Good luck.

  • Wow you are so beautiful and your makeup is so flawless! what do you use!?

    & I love everything you’ve said here. You are spot on and gave some great points. Keep up the great work! xo

  • To be more comfortable go and start training with someone you know. Was expecting people to judge me, but instead got advice and friendly nods/handshakes daily. Gym is like micro community, people are always welcome. Of course from time to time douches go in and out, but no one cares about them, start today, get fit!

  • I have only been going to the gym for 6 months now so I’m no expert but here is what I did and have recommended to friends.

    1) Go when you’re comfortable. If you are embarrassed people will tell you dont be because no one cares if you’re fat at the gym. If i see a bigger guy I have respect for him because getting started is hard. With that said I got a 24/7 anytime fitness membership so I could go late at night. At my gym I would see one or two other guys there once in awhile and it got me used to being around other gym goers. Now I dont care if I go during prime time.

    2) Start the habits. It takes about a month to form a habit and 2 weeks to break it. Go to the gym 4 days a week and force yourself to go. You could even just walk for 20 minutes. That is what I did when I started. I am just now doing this with my food intake so I can start cutting fat.

    3) Get a program that is designed to build strong blocks for you to work with. When I first started I did workouts I remembered from highschool and would work out till I was sore. I decided a month ago that I need a plan and my beginner gains are reaching their peek. I am not saying you have to do this one, but I got the Athlean-X starting program. There are other ones out that that are free but I like his content and figured I could support him and get a program from someone I trust.

    4) Dont worry about diet at first. Doing to much at once turned away a friend of mine. This could be wrong but if your goal is to lose weight ONLY then just focus on your diet. If your goal is to gain muscle and lose weight then focus on going to the gym first. You will lose fat while working out, then when you reach a wall you can start working on your diet.

    5) An object in motion stays in motion, an object at rest stays at rest. This is my quote that makes me force myself to get to the gym. I repeat it to myself everytime I know I need to got to the gym. Find your own motivation or use mine. I also listen to Audio Books on Audible while working out. Makes me want to go to the gym just to listen to my books.

  • I actually found that avoiding the rush hour by going later worked better for me. 14 years of Uncle Sam forcing me to do early morning workouts not only never got me into a morning routine, it introduced stresses of limiting the workouts, being distracted because I had to closely watch the clock, and sometimes cutting things short and being stressed because of not getting everything done, all so I could get to work on time.

    I found that going out later in the evening (my gym was 5 minutes away, so doing this was very convenient) let me focus on the workout and not the clock. In the mornings, if machines or stations were occupied, I’d start worrying about how much time I had. In the evenings, I could just walk a lap or two around the basketball courts until the station I needed was free. It also let me de-stress after the work day, so I was better able to de-compress in the evenings before going to sleep.

  • I’m finally not scared to go to the back part of the gym where the free weights and stuff is at honestly I just stopped caring about what other people think of me and I zone people out it really helps. Also YouTube & google have been a really big help in giving me ideas on some different workouts I can try. Loved the video & these tips ��

  • When I began going to the gym, it was to lose some weight and train my body to be a better cricket player. When I looked around at the power lifters and body builders, I had to remind myself that I’m doing my thing and they’re doing theirs for different reasons. It helped me stay focused on my goal and kept me from being self conscious.

  • I’m a bit late to comment but here’s my problem:

    I’m 12 and I want to go to the gym with my dad because I’m tired of at-home workouts. But I’m worried about guys hitting on me or sexualizing me /: idk if it seems vain to say that and I know my dad would be there with me to keep me safe but idk. Could someone help me please?

  • When i go to the gym i just tell myself I’m not here for no one else but me so lets get it!

    I agree cute gym clothes make you feel so much better and give you a confidence boost

  • Thanks for this video. I always feel judged in the gym, especially when my t shirt rides up and guys may notice my chubby stomach. Its a comfort to know they probably arent judging me and I shouldn’t care what others think. XD

  • REALLY great advice! I used to work at a gym but I barely used it because I felt so self-conscious in the free weights area… which is where I wanted to be. I’m joining a new gym in the new year and I can’t wait. You gave me so much confidence! And who cares what anyone thinks… it’s your business, not theirs:)

  • Thanks!!! I’m gonna go for the first time to the gym tomorrow and your tips is really useful to me so thanks. ��from France (sorry for my English ��)

  • It’s funny, at the start you’re scared to go there because you don’t want to show youre body, but later on you want people to look at you.

  • One thing from working at a gym, usually people say they are afraid of being stared at. Usually people are so zoned out that they don’t notice anyone else. Everyone is literally just thinking about their own reps and sets and trying to make sure they don’t miscount haha��

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  • Hope you enjoy the video, let us know if you’d like more in this series! It’s actually based on one of my first blog posts on our website and unfortunately it was lost in an update a year or two back. I figured since it was destroyed why not remake it as a video. Hope you enjoy! -Hudson

  • thank you so much! i am always afraid of going to the weights section, feel like everyone is judging me:/ but those were some great tips!

  • Great video! Your tips and advice are helpful! I like going to the gym, but most of the time I feel like I am not prepared. I should download an app with different excerise videos on my phone! I can see that will help me so much.
    For your next fitness-related video, can you do a at home whole body workout for 20-30 minutes? Can you show some of the warm-ups before you start working out? Thanks Samantha! <33 =D

  • Results talk, bullshit walks.

    Learning through experiments was the first scientific method. It gave raw direct knowledge. It is still the ultimate trump card in science that wipes out all arm char theories. All theories. It is the reality itself observed directly. Undirect means of observation are used only because of economic and practical considerations.

  • Everyone laughed at this man for having a strange mustache. Three years later they saw him walk into the bar with his three wives, his stache coated in what appeared and smelled to be pussy juice, but that’s only if you got close enough to him. If that happened though, you’d find yourself waking up in the hospital. So here we are… Can you get the nurse for me? I need to use the restroom.

  • I want to go to the gym and i tried going for a month and it was okay until some girls came they were going to gym too and that is my real fear of people and especially girls that they will critisize me for various reasons plus there is social anxiety i hate myself so much:(

  • Trying to make my bf want to go to the gym bc he’s insecure ab only being able to lift like 100 pounds rn and then all of a sudden you roast dude for doing 135�� no help

  • If I’m benching 135 I will stop because of the laughter if I see this neck band.I give no fucks.I find it funny.
    Being that said keep making gains!
    I bicep curl upside down so… that’s what people laugh at me for.

  • Headphones is a bad tip. How can you exercise without listening how your heart response? Big mistake/decision that modern ppl have. A good helpful tip is to always listen to the way you breathe

  • Rack pulls.
    Speed Squats
    Speed bench
    Speed deadlifts
    Banded bench press
    For arm training
    Neck…. anything.

    It’s ridiculous how people don’t realize they are making fun of legitimate exercises.

  • Everything is in the mentality. Your body is a state of the moment. The thing is to go to the gym. Just do it and think what you can be one year from now, it is not a fast process. That’s what got me going. And also when I was thinking about going or going and stopping I got to think what it could have been if I didn’t stop one year ago and just started going and never went back. Again, slow process, I also started going by myself, watched many videos on how to do the exercises and slowly introduced more and more exercises, don’t be conscious about how much you’re lifting, focus on it being hard, because the muscle doesn’t know numbers. So I don’t give a damn if I’m lifting 50 or 100 and the guy next to me double that, because it’s hard for me and it’s that much hard for him also. He might be 15 centimeters and 40 kilos more than me, take this into account. And don’t stop. I was a skinny guy. Now I’m putting some mass and many people around me are seeing me as a motivation. And everyone saying if I can do it so can you. Of course. It’s a body adaptation. And it’s a process of learning like everything else. Learn the movement, learn how to activate the muscles properly, don’t swing too much weight, use less but more effectively, it looks embarrassing to see someone do this, I respect the people doing their proper weights and proper movement. I’ve been there. Done it the way it’s supposed to be done. Try to eat good and sleep, you’ll be drained if you don’t do it.

  • Bigger framed individuals like yourself require more space to manouvre.It would be great if a plus sized person opened up a chain of gyms for other plus sized persons-potential untapped money making niche overlooked majorly,right there-you reckon?

  • I’ve got anxiety and I’ve tried telling myself this over and over again but I still feel anxious regardless. It’s very frustrating. My goal for a while was to build a bit of form at home until I’m more comfortable, but I’m gonna keep trying to go hahah

  • I mean people looking at me and judging was partly it, but another big thing was that I just felt like I didn’t belong, everyone I’ve known that trains has always been these super active types. I come in, clearly overweight and having to constantly pull out my phone to see what kind of exercise I was supposed to do on top of when I looked around all I would see was all these buff dudes and fit girls. Now I know logically everyone starts somewhere, but goddamn if I didn’t feel like an outsider, couldn’t even afford a personal trainer since they are so expensive where I live. So I quit after 2 times trying to go alone. I guess this time I’ll try to work a bit from home first, see how it goes and try to continue it for a month or two. Then try again.

  • What if you lay on your side put a towel over a 5 pound weight and look sideways? Would it help instead of bite the band? Idk honestly but i feel you athlenx showd me the neck “bj” workout

  • Lol if some fat fuck laughed at me doing neck training and he’s barely benching 135 lbs, I’d be like “have fun looking like Scooby1961 with a pencil neck when u get in shape and you’re actually able to see your dick again��”

  • Go get your heart broken give u instant motivation to go everyday LOL jk but in all seriousness nobody cares what you do in the gym everybody are focusing on themselves just put on ur headphones vibe out and lift some weights. People might look but its only cuz they are looking at ur direction during their in between set or taking a break. Just dont do something weird lmfao then people will deff look

  • I am completely intimidated. I am afraid of the free weight section and that’s where I need to be. I am a little afraid of switching weights out on the barbells. I go at 5 am.

  • Idk why so many people feel intimidated at the gym. With me when I first started as a small fish in a big pond, I never felt intimidated by others, instead I got determined to get better. If I saw a huge guy benching 405, grunting and being loud, I looked and said “i wanna be like that 5 years from now, so let’s work hard and see what we can do. It’s payed of tremendously now. So when you go to the gym, don’t be intimidated, get determination from it instead.

  • I remember the first time someone told me to “train your neck” I felt so awkward when he told me then…just with that amount of information I regret rejecting can’t imagine what my neck size would be if I listened to him

  • I was doing low-bar squats with 90kg.
    An older guy who doesn’t look like he lifts came up to me and said I’m not supposed to bend over, and it’s too much weight for me because he can’t lift that although he’s been lifting for 20 years, and I should use the smith machine instead.

  • Funny but related to this topicmy best mate was doing his neck exercises and this pencil neck lad yelled out “Blow Job Hahahahah” to his friend who was on the other side of the gym, haven’t seen that same lad since that incident.

  • Man this video was so helpful! I just turned 19 and I’m currently 240 lbs. 2 months ago I was 260lbs but I’ve just been watching what I’ve eaten. I think I’m gonna get a membership at the ymca gym. My biggest question is what is your routine. There’s lots of videos out there of beginner workout routines but there by guys that are shredded and have gone to they gym since they were teenagers. I NEED an honest answer from a person that’s going through the same thing as me.


  • Be positive man… he was just smiling and it was probably more at the camera and tripod training idea than your exercise regime. Or it was a smile at his conversation with his friend incidentally during his set break.

    Also shitting on them for their low weights is also unfair. Is that how you want to empower people to go to the gym by shitting on the weight level of beginners??

    Good assumptions go a long way.

  • All the weakdick commenters trying to hate on THE MESSAGE. I do reverse hyper’s and neck curl/ext/sides and do not give a FUCK. And just like you said, after a couple months, compliments and people following suit.

  • Here’s my personal rule, young man. If you aren’t feeding me, financing me, or fucking me, your opinion about me doesn’t matter. 😉 Hope that helps.:)

  • Yeh, last night i was doing shoulder day, and just doing normal exercises with the cables, and some random looked like he was taking pictures of me, idk i saw hom tonight and he looks like hes mirin or he wants to fuck lmao

  • Thanks so much for this videos! Great tips! I recently started going to the gym with my boyfriend and I got so used to working out with him that on days he wasn’t able to go, I wouldn’t go either, which held me back down. But just a few weeks ago, I gained the confidence to go on my own, and prepared ahead of time so I don’t look like a fool haha!

  • Ha ha body builders are a little strange to normal people anyway. The way we eat, the way we live our lives are a bit strange to many individuals

  • A workout partner is just a bad idea for a beginner, I see so many people working out with a workout friend and usually they just multiply each other’s lack of knowledge in working out. The only time it doesn’t happen is if one of them knows how to workout but then folks who aren’t beginners aren’t very likely to be training with a beginner…

  • I’ve become quite chubby and obese over the last couple of years though too much good food beer and laziness. It’s great to see a chubby guy ( like me no offence) upload one of these. I’ve been debating joining a gym for a few weeks now but it does feel quite daunting as I’ve not got a clue where to start lol

  • I really love your tips, it’s exactly what advice I would give.
    And related to the bench situation gym has a rule. When you are resting you are not allowed to sit there on the bench or keep the machine busy..

  • I have gym anxiety and it’s totally a thing!! Omg
    I woke up today at 8am and was so motivated to go to the gym….. then every ideas at the gym just hit me and I just change back into my pajama cuddled in with my dog and it was the best sleep ever!

  • This was so helpful!! Omg today was my first day at a new gym and trying to look for the equipment I want is complicated and looking lost does not help lmao thank you!:)

  • I’m currently studying in a smaller town in China. My gym anxiety is heightened by the fact that I KNOW most everyone is actually staring at the only foreign girl in the gym. It’s been extra hard for me

  • alphadestiny has good content but he is also very insecure. does not help with the fan base when he displays emotional weakness so blatantly….anyway, this was 3 years ago….he probably has grown up now.

  • These tips were helpful! It’s good to know that even more experienced gym goers like you don’t always feel completely comfortable in the gym:) Noticed you’re wearing the gymshark seamless amplify leggings in the gym clips, what do you think of them? I think the nylon in the energy seamless might make me itchy sometimes haha so hoping the amplify don’t!

  • Great video!
    The headphones tip is the best tip that works really well for me, however sometimes people start talk to me and i find it super awkward…I need to put my headphones down, and then they stop, I play again my music and then they come back again and say smth I did not hear and make them repeat it, so I don’t look rude annoying:D
    Also I feel very embarrassed when a bring my own giant bright pink barbel pad LOL