Gym Etiquette 101 Don’t Break These 29 Unwritten Rules


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Gym etiquette 101: The unwritten rules of working out, written down. Guest Author | Feb 3 2017, 11:21 pm we thought it best to make a list of appropriate gym rules to help keep everyone’s workout to an irritation minimum. Keep your B.O. in check at a coffee shop, not at the gym.

Don’t misuse the bench press. The bench press is not a. Before you hit the gym to grow, there are a few things you should know. Follow these unwritten rules and you will save yourself a lot of grief and gain plenty of bro-respect. Ignore these unwritten rules and you might find yourself without a spotter when you need one most.

1. Re-rack your plates and your dumbbells. Here then is a gym etiquette 101 refresher course to get you started. Know Your Local Gym Rules.

We begin our guide to gym etiquette with what seems like an obvious rule. Yes, we’re starting with the basicsknow the Xercise4Less gym rules and pay attention to them. There are also unwritten rules.

In some ways, the unwritten ones are more important as they are what your fellow gym-goers, group classmates, and trainer want you to know ahead of time to help you and them have a positive and rewarding experience. Take a look at the items below and see if you’re breaking any of these gym etiquette rules!5 Gym Rules No One Should Ever BREAK! This video was made out of fun.

Gym Rules 101 | 5 Gym Rules No One Should Ever Break Gym Etiquette Don’t Be “That Guy” Duration: 3:16. Gym Etiquette 101: Don’t Break These 29 Unwritten Rules By Jean M No matter where you go, who you are, and how old you get there have been and always will be, rules. Gym Etiquette 101: Don’t Break These 29 Unwritten Rules; How Important Is Getting a Pump for Building Muscle?

Are Cheat Reps Beneficial? A Discussion Of The Evidence And Implementation; 121 Health & Fitness Myths: The Ultimate List; Unapologetically Debunking The Top 7 Exercise Myths; 5 Fat Loss Myths Busted; How to Start Going to The Gym: A. Gym etiquette 101 don t break these 29 bremerton fitness plex phase one of reopening virginia allows powerhouse gym faq Three Month Gym Membership Gateshead Anytime FitnessWorkout Anytime 24 Hour Gyms Your Fitness ScheduleAnytime Fitness Sevierville 2020 All You Need To Know BeforeThree Month Gym Membership Gateshead Anytime FitnessAnytime Fitness Sevierville 2020 All. TELL SOMEONE ABOUT BROKEN EQUIPMENT IN THE GYM; Lounging is for couches, PLEASE don’t do it at the Stop staring in the gym! It’s workout time.

Wear deodorant in the gym! If you exercise, nat Gym Etiquette 101Put your cell phone down, and f Unwritten Rules of the Gym So lets’ dive into th Gym etiquette 101. Nail these unwritten rules for faster gains in size and strength.

7 Muscle-Growth Rules You Should Never Break. Bill Geiger January 29, 2019 If you don’t understand basic gym etiquette, just read and follow the posted signs, and you’ll get along just fine.

List of related literature:

“One set of hidden rules that make me nuts was the rules for gym clothes.

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A typical ‘conversation’ in the gym constitutes a kind of anti-cruising, a form of verbal warning sign (Trespassing Strictly Prohibited) and goes something like this:

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There were certain unwritten rules in that gym.

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what constitutes an “unwritten rule”?

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What are unwritten rules?

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But every place has a long list of unwritten rules, too.

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5 Repetition without content is not all that goes on, of course, Friendships, sexual liaisons, and other kinds of liaisons are often initiated in the gym, though they are usually conducted outside the space of the gym to escape the scrutiny of gym regulars.

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Leaving a message at the gym was smart.

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And of course you should do your part toward keeping your gym neat and orderly, and insist that others do the same.

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In the locker room of my gym there is an unwritten law: although the temptation is great, no woman ever stares or even looks directly at the body of another woman.

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  • If you deadlift 400kg and you grunt you probably need an ambulance right after the lift.

    I would suggest not grunting at all. When lifting heavy loosing air by grunting or breathing out is making you unstable and therefore being weak and when lifting light its just not gonna help you? So why grunt?

  • I’ve found the best way to get a bench, rack, or equipment I want is to use smelling bad in my favor. Leave early with a crinkled nose peasant. In the end I got what I want without uttering one word. Mwahahaha

  • You’re a Fitness nut you know nothing about gym etiquette… gym Hogs they monopolize several pieces of gym equipment… you have Space Invaders… they have no plan they cherry pick there exercises…. they don’t return the weights… they mix up the dumbbell rack and sandwich the plates… they scatter the benches and leave the safeties on the floor… some will drop the weight stacks and drop heavy dumbbells on the floor… this happens in every gym… they think rudeness is Macho!

  • The gym I go does not have a bench press area with safety bars, but the squat rack does so if no one is using it I’ll use it solely for that purpose. I’m too paranoid to go for a heavy set or maybe even a pr with no failsafe

  • Yes, I don’t like it when people stack their whole bar with 10kg plates to reach like a 100kg. Use 2×25 + 2×10 +2×5 kg plates. Ofcourse it looks cooler but please don’t so other people also can use some 10kg plates.

  • 3:03 worste place I experience ppl never putting weights back is by far the leg press. These assholes leave the plates either all on the machine to take off or all over the floor. And I’m just gonna wait for one that isnt a hot mess to use to use it at all. Such a holes.

  • im pretty lucky as im only 14 years old, so its not like any grown up guy is gonna mock me for how much i lift, and the jealous looks from the new adults(Sometimes pretty big guys) who bench a lot less than me is pretty fun too

  • 1:07 Towel=Mine
    2:23 No Judging Unless…..
    3:48 If someone says “using that” you must listen
    4:48 Smith Machine is s**t
    6:14 Heavy plates only!!
    7:11 Spot everyone now!
    8:18 No gloves ever!!
    9:28 No filling up!!

  • I almost googled: “Air boxing”, but realized you are talking about shadow boxing:-D
    Sometimes I jump on the box for my vertical jump training after squats and thought you were referring to me XD

  • The unwritten rules of public restrooms please

    1. Dont touch anything
    2. Don’t flush the toilet with your hands
    3. Don’t crawl under the stalls
    4. Don’t talk to each other
    5. Don’t criticise about some one pooping loudly
    6. Open the door with a paper towel

  • The only reason you should talk to someone with headphones in is to congratulate them on their sick pump or how bomb that last set was!

  • my gym has a sign all over the place saying “If you cant put your weights back because they are too heavy for you, please find one of our female staff to put them away for you”

  • I was on my last set before on cable curls.
    And thus guy came over “you done yet?”
    Because of that, I did 2 more extra sets, and took extra longer rests��
    Like I was just there for about 2 minutes, and he asked me in the most impatient tone
    So i said “sorry, got 2 more sets” and took my sweet ass time��

  • I ask how long until you’re done when the people are camping on the equipment forever and playing with their cell phone. Then they usually wake up and do their last set.

  • 1:16 Don’t Grunt!
    2:47 Put Your Weights Back!
    4:18 Don’t Air Box!
    5:35 Wearing headphones? IGNORE THEM!
    6:37 Don’t Move People
    7:37 Don’t Be Weird & Stare!
    10:04 Share The Weights!

  • Main thing I’ve learned in the gym is never leave your equipment until all sets are done, then move to the next machine/free weight.

  • Does anyone know that feeling when you randomly catch eyes with someone and then for the rest of the workout you somehow always look at each other? Like awkwardly

  • Air boxing…..belongs in a boxing or mma gym or at least a gym known for having fighters train there. Ant other reason is strictly hunger for clout.

  • I’m a receptionist at a small gym, and we are desperate for subscriptions, but when a guy doesn’t put back his weights after 5 goddamn warnings, I kick them out give their money back and kindly tell them to piss off! We don’t need cunts in our gym. I only kicked 2 person out, and it surprisingly worked wonderous for they were also the grunting guys, and it made the atmosphere so much better that a lot of newbies came after their friend recommended our shitty cheap gym.(This happened 1 year before COVID)

  • My pet peeve..Why can people put weight on the bar or machines, but cannot take it off and put them back. One day I had to help a lady take off six plates off a leg press that some meathead left on there. Why!!!?????

  • The thing that always drive me crazy are dropping the weights and dropping the machines! That CLANK! I’m not impressed by how much you’re lifting I am made painfully aware you are lifting more than you can control!

  • “How many sets do you have left” is a reasonable question. Especially if our gym is not very big and “working in” is not feasible. I.e. I need to do bench presses the guy using it is only doing 135lbs but I need to lift 225lbs “working in” is not goin to work. I do not mind when the opposite sex watches me at the gym.

  • If you are wearing headphones and I’m not sure you are done, I will wait for them to move and I’ll ask them once if they are done with the machine.

  • I now am motivated to say “problem? ” To the first person I see who looks annoyed with me filling my water bottle. While 2 metres apart ofc:).

  • Rules 9 and 10 are locker room rules but still.
    Rule 9. If someone says “hi/bye” when entering/leaving the locker room say it. You never have to talk to that person, except that 1 word.
    Rule 10. Don’t walk around in locker room nude for like half an hour.

  • So I’m 14 (if that matters) and I was at the gym for the first time since quarantine started. I was doing triceps that day, and it was time for me to do push downs on cables. There was only 1 cable open so I decided to go to it. Well apparently this one lady claimed it, but she was no where near it. She was probably on the other side of the gym, but apparently her phone was on the floor, but it wasn’t even at the machine, it was by the wall on some dumbbells.

  • There is something I never understood. Why do you get so bothered by advice? You could actually hurt yourself if you do it wrong. Or your work out could be useless

  • What’s wrong with asking how long you have left at least if it’s a barebell exercise where sharing the machine is hard, i completely agree on on machines where you use a pin to change the weight, like just share it. Personally I’ll do sqauts with 3 mins + rest, so i completely understand if people who need to use the sqaut rack wants to know if i they should wait for me to finish or just go do something else.

  • I HATE it when other people at the gym comment about my gloves. At least once a week someone does it. People in certain fields (medical or anything with firearms) cannot afford to get blisters or calluses on their hands. When holding a firearm, a callus can alter your grip and therefore your aim and/or the pain from it can throw off your concentration and therefore your aim. As for the medical field, some of the medical tools (scalpel, for example) are very small and need to be held in a precise manner or you fuck someone’s life up. Even outside those scenarios, maybe I want to keep my hands feeling nice after a workout or I just like how they feel. If I’m not harming myself or you, leave me alone.

  • How do you take 45 seconds to fill up a water bottle. I would consider 30 secs to be more than enough time. I could probably fill my bottle and wash my hands with soap in 30 seconds…

  • In my gym a guy left like 8 plates on each side on the leg press and an older lady wanted to leg press without weight right after the guy.
    So i had to help her… if only that guy put the weights back

  • I remember once when i did a pause rep with dumbbells on benchpress and some random dude came and started pushing on my elbows. I got soo mad and told him to fuck off. I later said sorry for getting so mad��

  • I never get the “don’t curl in the squat rack”-argument. The argument is always: You can take the barbell and curl somewhere else to free up the squat rack. Well, if I take the barbell away, what are you gonna use the rack for?:D

  • My gym has 2 spots for deadlifts/squats. And there is a woman that is ALWAYS at the gym, like it’s actually frightening, every time I go to the gym, no matter what day or time, she is there. I have been going to the gym 4 times a week at random days/times for like 4 months and she hasn’t been there maybe a total of 5 times. And she always occupies one of the dealift spots to do her crossfitt/yoga/idk exersizes. Sometimes she will occupy both of them at the same time, she claims them as her territory. Like she’ll put up benches and bars to do different stuff and alternate between the 2 spots every set.

    And sometimes her boyfriend is also there with her, which also always occupies one of the spots the entire training session, and he fucking stinks of sour sweat, it actually makes me gag. I don’t know how she doesn’t notice it and is able to be near him (they even hug sometimes as they are both soaked in sweat) Yesterday I had to ask to get to use one of the spots and I had to move the bench that they had put to to benchpresses there. You know instead of the actual bench press bench that was unoccupied, or the smith machine.

    And this isn’t just my experience, my mom and sister go to the same gym and they report seeing her there every time they go to the gym, it’s kinda a meme at this point.

    Honestly I think she should get her own official section at the gym, beacuse she basicly alredy has one, and that way the rest could do their fucking gym sessions properly.

  • I find the ‘don’t spot anyone’ advice kind of strange. I’d rather risk someone being mad than someone dying.

    Also as that guy who jumped in, more than once: It’s pretty damn obvious when someone is burning out rather than simply struggling a little and I have never had someone be angry.

  • I’m a little shy but in front of really buff guys it really shows so when one guy ask me if we shared a machine between repetitions I just walk to the other side of the gym

  • This is why I don’t go to gyms I do insanity/kick boxing, run 3 days a week and eat clean. Ive got more lean doing that then going to a gym.

  • THE GROANS ARE THE WORST. When women are in the gym, sure, they give some grunts. BUT SOME OF THE MEN IN MY GYM GROAN SO LOUD AND OBNOXIOUSLY

  • My take on the 8 rules as someone who has been hitting the gym 5-6times a week for 7years.
    8. Towel = Mine. Well to be honest if someone’s towel is on something they usually use it. If they are somewhere else then just tell them to piss off.
    7. No judging unless you’re bigger. This one i agree with, its such BS. If someone is doing an excercise in a way that might hurt them, just ask them if you can give them advice and if they knew. Some people might not know that they’re doing something wrong because nobody told them.
    6. Using that from across the gym. These are just the douchebags who think they’re big. Terrible people
    5. The smith machine is shit. Well you can’t compare a smith machine to a normal exercise. The balance taken off means a huge increase in weight(25-30% on bench in my case for example). Is the smith machine bad? No, but you should never compare a smith bench press to someones normal bench press.
    4. Heavy plates only. People who tell you this are probably the same people who hurt themselves or take ages to progress. Progressing in any way feels good even if its with 1,25kg/2,5lbs plates. Progress is progress.
    3. Spot everyone. As Simon said only spot when someone asks for help. The only other exception is when you see someone is in trouble. Like when they are stuck under the bar and look like they are in panic(wait a second or 2 since some people take HUGE pause reps).
    2. No gloves or other equipment. I personally don’t like gloves, they will make your hands soft and make it harder to lift without them when you want to. Other equipment is helpfull and only helps you to reach certain points. A belt for example helped me to break my squat record i got more confidence with the weight and easily squatted it beltless.
    1. No full bottle. I have never heard of anyone doing this. If anyone every is annoyed by you filling your water bottle, take a little longer on purpose to piss them off. 30seconds isn’t going to hurt your workout.

  • my gym is 80 % elderly people they often sit on equipment doing jack shit
    than i ask how many sets left and than i say ok no worries i can do something else in that time
    but just to get those elderly people there asses moving
    (yes still stuck on sub in that gym)

  • You missed a rule on supersetting and taking 2 to 3 pieces of equipment on different sides of gym… speciallly during a time when gym is packed or sitting at one machine n not doing shit or talking to some one else holding a machine

  • I’m sorry, but if I see someone with such bad form that it’s potentially going to injure them I will absolutely say something. As the people who work at the gym often do not see this as there are many people and even moreso, they often lack the knowlegde and motivation to do so. Lots of people working at gyms just do it as a job, not because they want to help people. Health if more important than ego. And you can say something without being an elitist jerk:).

  • The guys that go “only pussys use belts” are either dead or have spinal damage….gloves tho…yeah I like my hands getting tougher with raw grip…just makes more sense to me…

  • Those people that take up all the 5kg and 10kg plates instead of using the heavier plates cus they are too lazy. For example they will warm up with 10kg each side then add another 5kg then add another 5kg then take one 5 off put on another 10kg etc. They will have 3 10s and 3 5s on each side and there are no 5kg or 10kg plates left in the gym. They could’ve just used 2 20kgs and a 5kg plate each side but they have to use up more plates than they need and everyone else has to wait for that one person to finish

  • close grip bench on the smith machine is like my Favorited triceps workout, and i always get weird looks in my school gym for it. these same people will do push ups in the middle of the fucking walkway, its infuriating.

  • That one guy who snatches your plates when you walk away for 10 seconds to fill up your water bottle. You know what you were doing