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Post Workout Beauty Routine!! How To Go From “Sweaty To Ready” After Gym Beauty Tutorial!!

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“Drinking cold water will help reduce body heat to help fight off that red, flushed look on your face post workout.” – Butler “Brush through your hair and lightly tease the hairline. This will create volume and alleviate some of the oil and sweat. From there, either put on a headband or comb back into a sleek low. Perhaps most obviously, the best thing you can do for your skin is to shower after your workout. “It helps to remove the build up of sweat and oils that you’re secreting during your workout,” says. Failing to cool yourself down post-workout can mean you’re sweating again within minutes of stepping out of the shower.

Before you even think about getting in there, the most important thing is to rehydrate. Choose cold, iced water if possible, which will help to get your core temperature down and stop the body from producing any further sweat. We don’t all have time to shower and style post-workout, but we also don’t want to show up to work or a dinner date or really anywhere with stinky, tangled hair.

And, since skipping a workout isn’t really an option, it’s key to find a way to keep your usual exercise routine without looking like a hot mess. Some swear by waterproof mascara, eliminating the need to reapply post workout. You’ll already be glowing from the workout so no need for extra bronzer; Try a CC cream like Olay which will help to cover blemishes, moisturize and provide SPF all in one. I think the best and most productive grooming can be done after your horse has exercised, for a few reasons.

Post ride grooming cleans up sweaty marks. He will be relaxed. This is a good time to work on shedding, and also mane pulling if that’s in your grooming routine.

It’s a good thing to do both preand post-workout. “After your workout, use a foam roller before you do your stretches,” he advises. “While it’s similar to stretching, a roam roller affects more of the fascia connection. [And] breaking up a superficial layer of tissue enables you to get a deeper stretch.”. Refuel with post-workout nutrition. A pre-workout snack is more optional than a post-workout one. Giving your body the fuel it needs to recover after a tough sweat is essential. Sweat Level: Low (Pilates, Less-Strenuous Yoga) If you aren’t sweating so much that your hairline gets wet, you probably can skip washing your hair that day.

Instead, both Redway and O’Meara suggest lightly styling your hair so that it will easily transition into a post-workout style. O’Meara likes plaiting straight hair into simple. Here are nine tips and tricks to help women with different hair textures skip their post-gym hair wash. so spraying it on sweaty hair won’t help much.

Instead, mist the product throughout your.

List of related literature:

Solution: Having a shower at your workplace makes commuting a lot easier, and many career professionals who commute will actually skip shaving before they leave the house (more time saved) and shower and shave at work instead.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
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Health professionals must consider the effect of their odour upon those around them and ensure they have daily showers (in hotter climates more than daily may be necessary), use deodorant with minimal fragrance and minimise the use of heavily scented liquids when grooming themselves for work.

“Communication: Core Interpersonal Skills for Health Professionals” by Gjyn O'Toole
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• (presurgical body wash) wet body and hair, apply solution and work into a lather (paying particular attention to hair, groin and axilla) for at least 2 minutes, rinse thoroughly with running water and dry.

“Havard's Nursing Guide to Drugs Mobile optimised site” by Adriana P. Tiziani
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Healthcare professionals must consider the effect of their odour upon those around them and ensure they have daily showers (in hotter climates more than daily may be necessary), use deodorant with minimal fragrance and minimise the use of heavily scented sprays when grooming themselves for work.

“Communication eBook: Core Interpersonal Skills for Healthcare Professionals” by Gjyn O'Toole
from Communication eBook: Core Interpersonal Skills for Healthcare Professionals
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Stress sweating will be more noticeable on the brow, but also watch for suspects wiping hands on clothing to remove excess perspiration.

“Tactics for Criminal Patrol: Vehicle Stops, Drug Discovery and Officer Survival” by Charles Remsberg, Dennis Anderson
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If your face sweats a lot, carry a spring water mist and keep spraying on your face and wiping with a tissue to keep yourself fresh.

“Age Erase: Your ultimate beauty bible to ageing gracefully” by Rashmi Shetty
from Age Erase: Your ultimate beauty bible to ageing gracefully
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Keeping a towel at work will allow you to sponge off with cold water, which effectively prevents sweat smell.

“Effective Cycling” by John Forester
from Effective Cycling
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For people who felt strong and healthy, Sanches readily endorsed the full regimen: sweating, rubbing down with soap, steaming with a birch switch, and then washing down with warm or cold water.

“Without the Banya We Would Perish: A History of the Russian Bathhouse” by Ethan Pollock
from Without the Banya We Would Perish: A History of the Russian Bathhouse
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If you’re in coach, your facial sweat is your own problem.

“I'd Like You More If You Were More like Me: Getting Real about Getting Close” by John Ortberg
from I’d Like You More If You Were More like Me: Getting Real about Getting Close
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It could be exercise, a little personal hygiene, maybe a shower and shave before going out rather than going out directly from the office.

“The Intimate Male: Candid Discussions About Women, Sex, and Relationships” by Linda Levine, Lonnie Garfield Barbach
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  • I love going to the gym and I had been searching on how I could make it last so this was really helpful! thank you:) btw I just found out you are latina so that just made me like you even more because I am too haha

  • Post Workout Routine!! How To Go From “Sweaty To Ready” After Gym Beauty Tutorial!!   #makeup #tutorial #postworkout #beautyroutine

  • Great video, Melissa! �� The dent in my hair from a hair tie at the gym is the bane of my existence!! ��‍♀️ Thanks so much for sharing what works for you, I am going to try it out immediately. It’s also one of my favourite tips to use all of the left over product up out of the packet and not waste any. It helps the effect of the original treatment last longer (and is perfectly good product!) so I don’t understand why anyone throws them out. We miss our beautiful husky, Monty, so I really love seeing Meeka. �� ❤️ Best wishes!

  • As I was watching I was like I recognise this ladys voice and the song Ha. I love that you love Alexa. Loved her for around five years now and love that her voice is known around the world xxxx

  • Cassandra Hun, I too have acne, just a little tip, we who have acne shouldn’t use the applicator of our concealers directly into our acne spots, it contaminates the product. Just apply whatever amount in concealer to the back if your hand and apply with a clean finger.:)

  • I would love to see your 4-day hair routine! I can never make it past 2 days because I hate that yucky dirty head feeling even though I use dry shampoo.

  • Okay the over enthusiastic acting is way too overboard. No one makes those faces in the mirror to themselves or whips their hair in the mirror

  • yes do that video i so need it right now im a mom of two and just went back to work n also love to workout only difference is i do it at home

  • have you read “beauty detox” by kimberly snyder? 
    she has great tips for clearing up acne with healthy eating…she has great information that i think you would enjoy

  • personally I think that taking a shower is way more important than makeup and curling the hair (and it takes less time)
    I find that smelling good is the most important part in order to feel fresh

  • I think your skin is better than ever since the time am watching you on youtube and your hair is better with this colour…..!!!!!

  • Please do updated skin care vid and much more K-Beauty reviews (esp. best tubing mascaras)? Thank you:) And one more question: do you use 3/7 Skin method? My dry skin loves it!

  • I absolutely love that tarte palette! The blush is incredible:) and I will definitely be looking into those estro block pills because a majority of my break outs are hormonal, thanks for the video and recommendations!

  • Came across your channel through this topic I love your content already!! Thank you for the tips, I will have to try these things out �� PS subscribed!! ������

  • Ok.So. Hygiene.
    Wash hair once every 2 weeks. Yikes!!
    Washing hair in a small sink, that’s gross and stripe it with vinegar to get the suds out?
    I mean, just get in the shower to wash your hair and condition it.
    Hygiene was time consuming back then.

  • Yeah good advices thanks ���� i used to work out every day but my hair gets oily and feels weird, so i exercise less on days i dont wash hair, and work the hell out of it on days i do wash it ����

  • Damn, your hair after a workout is mine on a good day. Lmao, the hairdryer is a good idea. Im planning on making my own hair perfume.

  • First of all I loved your video, very informative and helpful. My question is related to curly short hair (shoulder length), do you have any suggestions for this type of hair in regards to post workout tlc? Thanks in advance!

  • I thought this was fascinatingly gross when I watched it. But I’m working out more than ever and my hair can’t take the amount of washing needed.

    I remembered this video and gave it a go. Andddd it works. I’ll never tell anyone, but I’m fully into this.

  • Does the dry shampoo ever itch your scalp? I’ve found some dry shampoos do that which is why I’ve avoided them sometimes and I’ve used the innisfree setting powder instead. Thanks Morgan!!!

  • Love this! I just colored my hair and I definitely don’t want to wash it constantly especially now since it’s so fresh so this really helps. Please make work out routine videos! ��

  • I was skeptical of wearing a bun with only bobby pins to work out, but I tried it, ran four miles and my hair did. not. budge. I’m shocked and impressed!

  • Hey! Thanks for tips. Was wondering if you could do a version of what you do when you are keeping your hair curly instead of straight. Would love to know the adjustments.

  • Bun of steel does not work on the treadmill; I have tried. Unfortunately, for runners with long hair, ponytail or braid is the only option.

  • I used to have super oily and thin hair and I would have to wash it every single day, and yet it would still get oily by the end of the day! I finally sucked it up and stopped washing it every day. It’s definitely a struggle at fit but it’s so worth it! I can go 4 days without washing my hair and I notice it’s much healthier and thicker! Also growing out faster! Also I love you so much girl but it’s called “lactose intolerant” not “lactose” hahaha:)

  • Fine, straight-slightly wavy hair, an oily scalp plus a sweaty workout four times a week is just a no go for not washing every other day. I think these tips will help thick haired girls though.

  • ALLANA I AM SCREAMING. All this time I thought I needed a medium-full coverage foundation and I have finally tried MAC face and body with some spot concealing… my skin has never looked better!

  • Your skin is looking flawless and is normally blemish free… But when do you occasionally get a pimple, how do you clear it up? I would love to see that video please.

  • I hate to know my hair isn’t squeaky clean everyday but about two years I stopped washing it daily and started washing it every 4 days and my hair touches my waist now. It may seem dreadful but I personally believe its the healthiest out come for your hair in the long run. Also, my hair is thick and curly/wavy and it doesn’t stink. I think its knowing your limits and hold off just for a bit

  • I workout and only wash twice/week and everyone thinks it’s clean everyday. I have good tips to trick ppl into thinking it’s washed more often then it is. Blow that sweat out!

  • Thanks so much for this! I am a new one here and so happy I found you ❤️ I have the frizziest hair ever and never thought of the blowout the sweat trick thanks!


  • Omg I needed this video so bad!! I workout but I hate having to feel like I️ need to wash my hair every time �� thank you girly!!! ❤️

  • I love this video! Love hearing your tips and tricks to feeling and looking good. My hair type is similar to yours but extremely long and I couldn’t figure out why the ends would always be so tangled “rats nest.” As soon as you said yours would do the same thing because it would touch your sweaty back it immediately all clicked! Thank you for pointing out the obvious for me!

  • ever since watching you a few years ago. im a total combo girl now with “squirtles’ different items i like. thank you for that awesome hack! i do not wash my hair everyday as well. about three days. And, Batiste is/has always worked the best. i found the large stipple brush and small at our local Target a couple years ago…

  • Dry shampoo build up is more damaging to hair and scalp no matter how sophisticated the formula is, than using a mild shampoo every other day followed by organic argon oil or coconut oil based serum for restoring shine.

  • I can so relate to this video as I’m a gym rat myself. I have always used a blow dryer too,followed by an unknown hairspray they keep in the shower room @ fitness centers lol. Those masks look amazing! I’m gonna look up. Please make a video on the diet that you follow on daily basis, isn’t it hard to stick by the diet plan without cheating, and what about your carb portion? Please share������

  • Why dont you just rinse your hair with cold water? I used to rinse my hair with cold water after soccer practice. My clothes and even my hair would be drenched in sweat but I didnt use shampoo daily because it would be to harsh on my hair, and I was lazy. I remember my friend would always ask how’d you get your hair so shiny. I thought she was just trying to flatter me but she would ask that like daily during the season. Much later on, I read an article about how cold water makes your hair shiny, and had that Aha moment. I never told her I showered in cold water.

  • My scalp is really dehydrated and itchy, so the water in the shower helps soothe it. But I have so much hair (and it takes forever to get dry) so I might try out not wetting my hair after working out. I just wish I had a Walmart here in Denmark so I could get some of the coconut line it sounds like something my skin and hair would love:)

  • As much as the narrator was passive aggressive my mother was like this and if it was not for her, I would not be where I am. I had to wrestle with her to explain to her in 1996 that NO ONE irons creases in jeans anymore!!! muhahahahahaha

  • Wuacala!!! De ningún modo es higiénico no lavarse la cabeza a diario, hacer ejercicio y no hacerlo?? Que asco, esa cabeza a sudor apesta, por más químicos que te pongas es de poca higiene lo que promueves. Consulten un dermatólogo y verán lo que les responde al decir que no se lavan a diario…

  • Oh no! My hair stinks After the gym I don’t know how you do it girl cause masking the odor with dry shampoo just not for me. But props to you if you don’t mind drying all that sweat after. I can’t feel completely clean after gym if my hair is not clean as well. I really do admire you for doing this for 4 whole days!,

  • Very original! I haven’t seen anyone do this type of video and I love it! Recently i started walking 2 miles three times a week and I’ve already had multiple people say I look smaller:) Thanks Cas!

  • Can you please do a before and after of the vampire facial, like one month and 3 months after? I would love to see how the treatment progresses and lasts. I can tell that you skin is so smooth and radiant after the facial.

  • Thanks for share this video! I usually take a shower when a I finish my fitness routine, but is good to have options… you never know when you’re going to need it!

  • Yes! Very interested in the day by day (3-4 day) maintenance of hair without washing it. I also go to the gym and always give up on day two and wash my hair because I have no idea how too keep it looking fresh. Hi poor hair is asking for help ����

  • Hi Melissa thought it would be very informative and helpful to see inside your pro makeup kit. As an aspiring Mua I would be much intrigued:)

  • This is such a great video! My hair is also very dry and curly. I honestly just always wear mine curly and usually a bun after day one because I go to the gym 5 days a week and just feel like there is no way to have it both ways. You give me hope, though! I only wash my hair twice/maybe three times a week as well, so I would love to see your 3 to 4 day routine as my hair lives in a pony tail after day one.:/I have never tried those brands of shampoo and conditioner. Do you ever have issues with build up on the scalp?

  • Yes please I have a long bob and very thin hair so coming up with styles for work is a nightmare, I only wash my hair twice a week but I go spinning 3 times a week and I am deaf gonna give this style a try xxx

  • Who else is binge watching these kinds of videos during the 2020 quarantine pandemic? Brought us back to olden times with good habits and manners ��

  • Yes! Please post a video on extending dirty hair haha! Thank you for sharing! Weird question, does your scalp ever do itch? Cuz I used to let the sweat and my head itched. Maybe I had build up?

  • Please do the how you style your hair days 1-4 video!! I used to wash my hair daily because my hair gets oily so fast, I can now go every other day and sometimes every third day, but I would love some more tips!! Love the advice, def going to try the top knot:)

  • Omg if you like using bobby pins for your #bunofsteel you’ll love spin pins by Goody! I use one or two spin pins to replace a whole handful of bobby pins…

  • Melissa have you heard of the magic foundation?

    I’d love to hear your opinion on it.

    Also, I would like to see how to keep your hair looking fresh 3-4 days. ��

  • Yesssss pleaseeee a workout routine and to the people who don’t want you to make one they just don’t have to watch it unlike the people who don’t get to watch it if they want to watch it!

  • She was probably all disheveled because she was up all night… reading and studying. LMFAO I looked like that when I was studying for my law degree LMFAO!

  • Your hair is perfect! And this was a great video, I only wash my hair every 5 to 7 days because it’s so dry and I’ve literally not gone to the gym just because I don’t want to wash my hair. Lol. It’s just so dry.

  • In order to feel very fresh I tie my hair in a top knot, do a less than 5 minute body shower, wash my face and brush my teeth at the sink, put in my dry shampoo, style my hair as desired and get out that door! If I don’t have time to put on a full face of makeup oh well. Hygiene, in my opinion, is so much more important.

  • I’d love to see how you wear your hair throughout your 4 days of not washing! I try really hard to not wash my hair, but I usually can’t go past 3 days because it gets so flat and doesn’t look good lol. ❤️

  • How do you keep your hair so healthy? I find that if I want to grow out my hair, I can’t use hot tools, they give me split ends. I hate split ends!

  • What video did you reveal the prices of products in Canadian dollars vs USD?! I thought I’ve been loyal to Everyday May but maybe I accidentally missed a vid?!

  • Too much hair flipping and posing for the camera. I couldn’t watch half of it. I noticed you have quite a bit if acne.. Dr Bronners is ah-mazing! You can get his stuff at Whole Foods anddd it’s natural. You’ll love it!

    Do you know if the Lush dry shampoo comes in s spray version? How’s the smell? I find too many dry shampoos have way to ouch perfume

  • what do you do with your hair when you are going to sleep? When i have fresh blowout on my hair the wavy textures is gone when im sleeping
    do you have any tips to maintain that blowout?

  • I’ve gotten two of the larger elf stippling brushes from target. I’m in New Mexico for reference, dunno if that makes a difference.

  • Can you please do a hair tutorial on this look?? Actually you can do the hair and makeup look! They’re both really pretty!! Thank you! Love from Minnesota:)

  • This Argan Rain shampoo worked great to give my hair shine! It made my hair very soft and manageable as well. It smells absolutely wonderful! I would highly recommend this product and I will be buying more!

  • “Just look at that hair, that blouse, THOSE SOCKS!” Utter disapproval “You don’t seem like the type of person to make this man act like a human being!”

    IM DYING ������

  • You have the most beautiful hair, I’m forever jealous. I curse my thin hair haha. Even when you just flick your hair over or run your fingers through it, it just sits so perfectly instantly. Xx

  • My diet directly affects anything to do with my hair!! How dry or oily it becomes, any smells, etc… No matter what I’ve tried, it has always come down to a clean diet for me.

  • Quote: “We are trying to proof a point….About nature and beauty and you are not exactly helping”��

    So…back then women served to make men behave like human beings???��

  • Why do they need to tel this stuff to college age kids? If you don’t have good hygene and grooming practices by then, you never will.

  • 1:30
    “Put down that notebook and take in some of the beauties of nature”
    * shows girls *
    “See what I mean?��”
    Yeah dude we get it ����

  • Imagine having wavy/curly hair and brushing your hair and having it be considered attractive and neat because it’s flat on top. White women who had textured hair were FUCKED in the 1900’s.

  • I love these videos but I hate the idiotic comments it attracts.

    “Back then all women were so flawless!!! They only needed powder!!”

    …actors. They’re actors. It’s a film. Hence why everyone is perfectly groomed and dressed and white.

    “God people today need lessons in cleanliness!”

    You really think EVERYONE followed these rules back then? Also, as long as someone’s showered and don’t smell, honestly, who cares?

    “Women back then were so much classier!”

    Yeah, it’s almost like they had to act a certain way at all times and any deviation from the man-imposed status quo would result in being called a slut or something. It’s almost like a woman’s value was based mainly on her appearance as opposed to her achievements or interests.

    Also, saying “ugh I wish makeup was like this now!!” No one is forcing you to follow along with today’s drag queen influenced trends. No one is forcing you to put glitter on your eyelids or to wear blue lipstick. But you should be happy you have the freedom of those options. Makeup is self expression. If you prefer a more natural look to express yourself, do it. But if I wanna walk to Walgreens at 1am to buy dog poop bags with purple eyelids and eyeliner wings big enough to take flight with nails like claws, that’s my business.

  • Wow I would actually NEVER guess by the end result that you had worked out FOUR times since your last shampoo!! A true camouflage queen! �� I have always just showered completely after each workout bc I was too scared to try going about my day with my sweaty / messy hair. I usually work out in the evening for that reason so I can just shower then put PJs on. But this is giving me all sorts of ideas about attempting to work out before work ����

  • Look at this abomination…a girl concentrating on her studies and not being obsessed with how she looks. What a shame. She’ll probably die alone.

  • Good hygiene is a must no matter what your clothes look like. As long as your body and clothing are clean that’s all that matters.

  • this is so sexist. Why is something meant for women talk to boys. also I’d totally be into that first girl as she was before the transformation, but then after, she doesn’t have the same appeal. hell that girl is literally me.

  • Could you do a video on your gym / fitness journey? Did you always love going or was it something that naturally developed? I started going 3 x a week a while back and really want to start going on a daily basis, but worried about how I would cope with muscle soreness. Any advice? xoxo

  • So I used to love batiste!! BUT the first three ingredients are butane, isobutane, and propane!! ICK!!!! Could you maybe explore other dry shampoos that use natural products or that aren’t aerosol?? I’ve been trying to find good ones and the only one so far has been by Briogeo. It’s clean, non aerosol, (has a bit of a packaging issue after 10 uses) but is good quality and found at sephora!

  • That Bobbi pin trick isn’t going to work for me. Especially since I fall a lot while doing hit workouts �� but that’s ok. It’s relieving to know it’s still hygienic to not wash your hair after the gym because I sweat A LOT but I hate how much I have to wash it:( and I get hair breakage and it’s awful. During the summer it’s worse because I sweat after my shower, even if I take a cold shower:/. I’ll try this though and stick it out

  • Yeah, she was sloppy in the before image. People just don’t recognize today because sloppy then meant frizzy hair, not tucking in your shirt, no makeup, wrinkled clothing, and saggy socks. Compared to today (where people wear torn jeans, TONS of makeup, flip flops for everything-or house slippers, and pajama pants and spaghetti strap shirts showing their bras, hoodie shirts, or gym clothes), I can see why they don’t think she’s sloppy. Still, that doesn’t say much for our generation, lol. XD

  • Melissa, since you have Harry Josh, T3 and Dyson blow dryers, could you do a review/comparison on the 3 of them? Pleaaaaassssaseeeee

  • “Make the best of what nature gave you”
    Well nature gave me an ugly as fuck face and brittle thing as fuck hair. I’d rather just curse nature.

  • You can’t beat a clean pair of knickers…. now it’s all black tights more black tights mucky thongs and a pair of pit boots.. and a lot of girls have never heard of a slip!

  • that’s crazy. Who cares what ur ethnicity or genetics u carry. I’m not Asian, but since I started using Korean products, my skin is amazing. And I’m a more mature woman. don’t keyhole itself. Life is for experience. ur experience….. live n let live ppl…..

  • “What you need to do is to put down that notebook and look at the beauty of nature.”
    Group of girls appear on screen
    “See what I mean?”

    Man you cheeky narrator

  • Your soo cute! When you tested the bun of steel lol ��
    Edit: also I love how conservative andclassy you are with your filming. Most beauty people/ insta fitness people flash AS MUCH flesh as they can get away with in a really over highly sexualised way but you didn’t. Not there is anything wrong with the human body, or the female form. But it’s nice that there is class with your after shower scenes.

  • Getting your eyebrows done in the first place would definitely help in getting ready in 10 minutes lol I CANNOT leave the house without my eyebrows done otherwise I just don’t look put together ><

  • you’ve always had really nice skin, but now i’m really seeing the effects of that vampire treatment you did! your skin looks so supple and plump! if i had the money i’d definitely try it out

  • Your hair looks like that after four days of not washing and a gym session? If I did that, my hair would look like I dumped a bucket of oil on it. x_x

  • love these tips!! Your makeup in this video is gorgeous! Can you tell me what foundation you are wearing? You should definitely do a tutorial on this look =)

  • Does anyone know if this gunks up your hair? Ive tried a few dry shampoos (last one was Big Sexy Hair) and they all make my hair thick, chunky and grimy:/

  • If the original Batiste is too dry, you should try this new one they have! It’s way better for dry hair/scalp

  • omg literally life saver! I’ve started going to the gym and was super stuck on what to do if I went to the gym in the morning! thank you! you are a super star!


  • Omg Morgan instead of using 2 shampoos and curling the hair you could’ve just wash your hair in the shower quickly in those 3 mins xD

  • Klorane really is THE most amazing dry shampoo. I’m prone to migraines and it’s the only one I’ve used that doesn’t give me a massive headache from fragrance! It just smells pleasantly of oats.

  • The day I discovered a quick hair dry after I’ve showered and cooled down with baby powder really well massaged through my hair way better than the sprays changed my life. Massive sweater here and it’s made all the difference in the world.

  • Hey Melissa, I am a fellow fitness lover and I loved your video! I have lose skin on my tummy (not much) from having two large babies back to back. Would the Palmer’s coconut sheet masks help for loose post pregnancy skin?

  • i would love the 4 day not washed tutorial, as well as your hair routine and how you wash and dry your hair!! i have similar hair to yours and it always becomes super frizzy when i use a dryer and when i let it air dry! i would love tips and the products you use to not make your hair so “puffy” looking. thanks!!

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