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Escaping the Imperial Relay Station Star Wars Rebels: S04E03: In the Name of Rebellion Part 1

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Star Wars Rebels: Mon Mothma Forms The Rebellion

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Rebels Present | Winter Break 2015

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For The Rebellion: A Rebel’s Holiday Poem | Nerd Fitness The snowy morning was dark and cold. Most content to sleep and snore away. There was but a lone misfit person, Who thought, “I think I’ll start today.”. Rebellion Poems The American Rebellion Before Twas not while England’s sword unsheathed Put half a world to flight, Nor while their new-built cities breathed Secure behind her might; Not while she poured from Pole to Line Treasure and ships and menThese worshippers at Freedoms shrine They did not quit her then!Notable Fact: The poem “Easter 1916” by William Butler Yeats memorialized the event, and has been considered one of the great political poems of the 20th century Background of the Rebellion The rebellion of 1916 was one of a series of rebellions against British rule in Ireland stretching back to a rebellion in 1798. worthy of a rebellion.

Note: I wrote this in response to a challenge issued by my esteemed (sometimes steamed) Medium friend Colin Thomas to write a poem. Pithy and powerful, poetry is a popular art form at protests and rallies. From the civil rights and women’s liberation movements to Black Lives Matter, poetry is commanding enough to gather crowds in a city square and compact enough to demand attention on social media. Speaking truth to power remains a crucial role of the poet in the face of. Boy were the Romantics a sentimental lot.

A flower could move them to tears. An old Greek urn could set them brooding for hours. These writers were flat out obsessed with feelings.In fact, one of the most famous definitions of poetry is the one that William Wordsworth, the father of British Romanticism, gave us.

Every generation rebels in different ways and tries to make its voice heard by “outrebelling” the previous one. Yet the rebel instinct is often a poorly understood psychological construct that doesn’t always equate to full body tattoos, piercings and isolation from society. Rebellion shouldn’t always have a negative connotation attached. The rebels. The troublemakers.

The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules.

And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.

Because they change things. Wherever the sword of rebellion is drawn to protect the rights of man, I am a rebel. Wherever the sword of rebellion is drawn to give man liberty, to clothe him in all his just rights, I am on the side of that rebellion.

Here, the artist imposes his own ideology of rebellion, questioning the existence of violence in a country that allows firearms and violent movies. In “The Watcher,” Dr. Dre takes a similar approach, demonstrating his gangster ideology that rebels against certain societal groups, specifically the police: Things just ain’t the same for gangstas.

List of related literature:

The themes and attitudes of this poem would probably appeal to many of today’s private militia members and others of the “patriot” movements, since S. portrays Dorr as one who challenges the hegemony of a government based on power and privilege, in language that asserts the sovereignty of the common people.

“The Continuum Encyclopedia of American Literature” by Steven R. Serafin, Alfred Bendixen
from The Continuum Encyclopedia of American Literature
by Steven R. Serafin, Alfred Bendixen
Continuum, 2005

The poem ends with a wish for reconciliation that can easily be identified with a loyalist perspective: “Oh!

“The Oxford Handbook of the American Revolution” by Edward G. Gray, Jane Kamensky
from The Oxford Handbook of the American Revolution
by Edward G. Gray, Jane Kamensky
Oxford University Press, 2012

But the poem refuses this image (‘No, no, not night but death’), and refuses to allow the deaths of the rebels to become a metaphor.

“New Historicism and Cultural Materialism” by John Brannigan
from New Historicism and Cultural Materialism
by John Brannigan
Macmillan International Higher Education, 2016

Hence Gonne’s complaint that the poem was not “a living thing which our race would treasure & repeat, such as a poet like you might have given to your nation.”24 The dissonant notes struck by the nonheroic portraits of the rebels are the clearest indication of the elegy’s ambivalence.

“A Transnational Poetics” by Jahan Ramazani
from A Transnational Poetics
by Jahan Ramazani
University of Chicago Press, 2015

In this poem, entitled “The calamity of Damascus’ (‘Nakbat Dimashq’),32 a new style of political poetry is discernible.

“Modern Arabic Literature” by A. F. L. Beeston, Muḥammad Muṣṭafá Badawī, M. M. Badawi, Muhammad Mustafa Badawi, Cambridge University Press, Julia Ashtiany, María Rosa Menocal, Raymond P. Scheindlin, Michael Sells
from Modern Arabic Literature
by A. F. L. Beeston, Muḥammad Muṣṭafá Badawī, et. al.
Cambridge University Press, 1992

The poem hammers home the sense of loss of ancient heroism—including the selfsacrificial martyrdom of the rebel heroes of 1798 and 1803, particularly the Protestant figures of Fitzgerald, Emmett, and Tone, who are implicitly contrasted with the contemporary philistines of the Catholic new middle class.

“The Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature” by David Scott Kastan, Oxford University Press
from The Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature
by David Scott Kastan, Oxford University Press
Oxford University Press, 2006

The poem, which occupied a full page in the February 1939 issue of the Crisis, described a modernday pilgrimage to Southampton County, where “Old Nat” made “his angry stab for freedom a hundred years ago.”

“The Rebellious Slave: Nat Turner in American Memory” by Scot French
from The Rebellious Slave: Nat Turner in American Memory
by Scot French
Houghton Mifflin, 2004

The fighting whose overtones darken this poem is that same bloody and protracted civil war which began with the rebellion of An Lushan in December 755.

“Classical Chinese Literature: An Anthology of Translations” by John Minford, Joseph S. M. Lau
from Classical Chinese Literature: An Anthology of Translations
by John Minford, Joseph S. M. Lau
Columbia University Press, 2000

While the work is initially celebrated, rumors of Allen’s Loyalist leanings result in citywide censoring of the poem.

“The Chronology of American Literature: America's Literary Achievements from the Colonial Era to Modern Times” by Daniel S. Burt
from The Chronology of American Literature: America’s Literary Achievements from the Colonial Era to Modern Times
by Daniel S. Burt
Houghton Mifflin, 2004

Even now, I was thinking of this poem—your admiration for the rebel, too, is there.

“Conversations with Gwendolyn Brooks” by Gwendolyn Brooks, Gloria Jean Wade Gayles
from Conversations with Gwendolyn Brooks
by Gwendolyn Brooks, Gloria Jean Wade Gayles
University Press of Mississippi, 2003

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  • Just crazy! Halie Salassie is not Christ or God. ( see definition of Ham in Bible dictionary) like Islam, Rastafari is a false religion. The Christ in Revealation 1:14 is a NEGROE from tribe of Judah! He was a Judite not a Hammite! Christ had white wooley hair, red eyes and black skin like he was burned in a furnace! Those are obvious facts but I love Jamaica, the people and the music! Jamaicans are from the tribe of Benjamin but sometimes called Judah because Judah, Benjamin and Levi are the Southern kingdom according to the holy scriptures get knowledge ����

  • We don’t have villages in Jamaica, we have parishes divided into communities. Great documentary other than that one thing you said,

  • And when all the rebel ships had zoomed dramatically into place one by one, there was a slight pause and then twenty Imperial star destroyers hyperdrove in and surrounded them.

  • She gives a speech and then everyone just shows up? That is the dumbest most asinine way to write the formation of the goddamn Rebel Alliance! The only way this could work is if you make TFU canon again and make this episode take place directly after the first game. Then that would explain all the Alliance leaders coming out of nowhere and Mon Mothma suddenly being hunted down by the empire.

  • How other ships calculated their hyperspace jump?
    I mean many ships jumped in the same time, even if some ships just arrived a few seconds ago, they calculated the coordinates for the jump at least a minute ago, so how none of those ships jumped into another ship and crashed if they just randomly jumped to a coordinate near where the Ghost was. Or if rebels gave exact coordinates for the jump, everyone jumped onto the same coordinate then. Imagine all the ships jumping onto the same position, what a massive explosion that would be:D That rebellion ended itself there.

  • Man, there’s something about seeing those Hammerhead Corvettes that just fills my fanboy heart up with something I just can’t describe. Just to know that some part of KOTOR still lives on in the franchise makes me happy, even if it’s just a ship design and not the actual cruisers.

  • 1 MC80 Cruiser, 1 Quasar Fire Carrier, 4 Hammerhead Corvettes, 5 Nebulon B Frigates, 8 CR90 Corvettes, 2 GR75 Transports, 2 Taylander shuttles. How will Thrawn ever Manage lol

  • Stand tall, stand proud. Hoist your colours������. Thank you Jamaica, for gifting us the most amazing music and icon EVER ��������!


  • I grew up as a licka white bwoy in the Caribbean….. I did my schooling there, I had many West Indian teachers and not one of them was unkind to me, not the same for the ‘brit’ teachers some of them were animals beating us on the ass to the point you couldn’t sit down….. then for me came ‘herb ‘ in 72’…. then reggae with the album burning in the shape of a zippo lighter but when Natty Dread came out in took the Caribbean by storm ⛈…. Rasta and herb were in the forefront of the movement against the ultra conservative establishment and things got heavy….. it was hard to work and in the end my mother sent me to Europe……. people these days take for granted the freedoms they have ( of course they have other problems) but back in the 60’s and 70’s the Caribbean was tough but beautiful place… most days I wish I had never left as the world in the general has truly become ‘Babylon ‘….. bless up the Caribbean and its wonderful people and musicians

  • Gabriel Chavarria announces his Boycotting of Solo: A Star Wars Story and inspires his fellow fans to join in on the boycott (2018, Colorized)

  • Who cares if they beat the Empire. They come back 30 years later in the form of the First Order, making eveything the rebels did pointless.

  • I’m glad this is the new canon for how the Rebellion formed. Not the TFU’s explanation of the Emperor getting all his enemies together and making them form a “rebellion”

  • The aerial combat scene is one of my favorite moments of Rebels so far.Seeing Kanan using The Force to help Hera against Tie Defenders is intense and satisfying.This is one of the few times The Empire is a real threat in the show,not to mention the music is perfect.

  • I know the beat between the speech and the arrival was meant to be an “oh maybe they didn’t” moment, but…
    Hyperspace takes a while. I think. I mean, the movies have never been consistent about it.

  • Now all we need is a Sith Lord turned Jedi to board the Death Star and sacrifice himself. Does anyone have a Galen Marek to spare?

  • Saw a great hairstyle today…

    A Chinese woman had a bowl cut…dye in red, gold and green… ����

    So Rasta…

    Should have talked to her…����

  • To bad Jamaicans aren’t really Africans from Africa… they are and always have been from America… we are aboriginal to the America’s…

  • They equipped Arquitens Classs Light Cruisers with Tie Defenders and they crashed into rocks?

    Saw’s rebel used ONE U-WING to manually destroy a satellite dish without just making a Y-Wing bombing run?


  • Do you think that MC80 Star Cruiser is the Home One? According to wookiepedia, they only had one MC80, and that was the Home One! So it could be safe to assume it it Admiral Ackbars flagship.

  • Anybody know the original release name of the instrumental at 2:37? Its the instrumental of its raining by the three tops but I cant find it anywhere.

  • wonder if they will introduce Garm Bel Iblis? he is a lot more of a firebrand then she ever was and a lot more charismatic, to me at lest. he also has a lot more battlefield experience then Mon Mothma. if i was in the star wars universe i would follow him to the edge of space and beyond.

  • wait a minute.. of Sato is watching the message life from Atollon.. why its the carrier at the meeting? were they allready on route? was the ship arround without him?

  • Some good fanfic material and I’ll add a sneak peek at halo right here.
    Mon Mothma:”Are you with me!”

    Radiation spikes are detected at a massive scale
    Hera:”We are detecting massive Hawking radiation right in front of the ship!”
    Covenant Supercarrier and a Corvette exits slipspace
    Everyone drops their jaws and have their eyes bulge out of their sockets
    Mon Mothma:”What is this?!”
    Hera:”It is an unknown ship that doesn’t only look organic but is also 27KM long!”
    Console starts blinking
    Hera:”We are being hailed,lets see who the newcomers are.”
    A screen pops up with a Saurian creature with what looks like 4 mandibles,wearing yellow armour and the bridge appears to be 5 times larger then a Imperial Star Destroyer.
    And the Saurian is surprised to meet new species but as soon as it spots Ezra and Mon Mothma the creature shows a glare that would rival that of Darth Vader.
    Then the first words were spoken by the Saurian.
    Thel’Vadum:”Human your destruction is the will of the gods and we are their instruments.”

    Yeah I’m still new but of course it will be something like this but not instantly because a good prologue is necessary to start with.



  • Oh come on!!! Those Defenders would have made quick work of that clumsy-ass transport. Damn plot armour. I fucking hate this show.

  • Ok maybe once Disney took over, they changed the tie defender? The tie defender was supposed have spinning wings… those fins in the back

  • Educative, Inspiring a well grounded positive documentary on Jamaican cultural roots music. Rastas brought an eye opener to the truth and reality injustice still being felt all over the world today as everyone in the world loves reggae, nough respect. peace.

  • If an empire takes our civil liberties and views us as expendable then we will show them otherwise
    But lets keep in mind no ships were stolen


  • big up chronixx,jah 9, Protoje,lila ike,kabaka pyramid,sevana,jessie royal,queen ifrica, mortimer, kalissia, Iba Mars, raging fyah, little Hero, I Wayne, chuck fender,busy signal, agent asco, romain virgo, chris martin,Queen Marcia Griffeths Great beres hammonds and buju Banton, big youth, bob Andy, freddie Mcgregor,Coco Tea,Barrington Levy

  • So battlefront 2 is linking the end of or the original trilogy to the current, and rebels is finally going to tie up with rogue one. THIS IS EXCITING!

  • That’s nice and all, but how did no Imperials intercept that message? From what I gather she was speaking to anyone who will listen.

  • it is a good sized fleet for the rebels but compared to the empire who at it’s peak fielded 25000 star destroyers and four Executor class SSDs it’s really sad.

  • How many ships came to join approximately 8 cr85 corvettes 5 hammerhead corvettes 2 gr78 transports 4 nebulon b frigates a quasar class carrier and finally the most biggest ship to appear was the mc80 home one pretty good republic mothma and for starfighters most likely a wings y wings probably some x wings and maybe a handful of b wings

  • The first presence of Rasta and its ideology surfaced in Anguilla, British West Indies in the late 19 century with the creation of the Holy piby writen by an Anguillian call Shepherd Robert Athlyi Rogers, for it was the Holy Pidy that influence Marcus Garvey

  • Even though this show was pretty bad this scene of all the ships coming to Mon Mothmas call is kinda emotional showing us getting closer to the original movies and bridging more of the gap between the clone wars and the Galactic civil war.

  • Black people face the hardest time even in 2019 right now we have come a far way, miles to go when will it end.that why the youth bleaching their skin.discriminate and degrade our black history our ancestor fought for

  • Saw Steel Pulse in concert around 2008. Was one of the most chill concerts ever. (Am in the U.S. where reggae never took off the way it did in Britain).
    …they didn’t wear the Klan hats tho:)

  • The UK owes the maroons in Jamaica Billions in Reparations. Our Jamaican Government is made up of some of the wickedest people on earth. They allowing the mining companies to deforest Jamaica and non of our Jamaican lawyers have the intelligence to start a class action suit against the Jamaican Government, England and the United States for interfering in Jamaica’s economic domestic affairs and for the war they have waged against the Jamaicans in the U.S.. Plus the profiling and harassment we face while living here.

    Then too many Jamaicans are too backwards and dumb to think further than the next flaws of rum, or crotches and possessed with idiot the bad man songs and kill a niggauh music they listening to, to even come together and have a serious discussion about this.

    Yet wi rather kill each other over two pound a weed and live through the most disgrace and embarrassment and come on social media and further disgrace ourselves and those who know better have fi afraid fi talk because the idiot dem wi laugh wi to scorn and mock wi and jere wi or worst fight and kill wi. Mean while the real bad man dem a the Chinese, Arab and German dem a run Jamaica cause they making billions of Jamaicans a year and the murder rate sky high a Jamaica and the Chinii, Arab and German them a live good and a gwan like dem own yard and we dedde like pour ting as rich as we get wi still a suffer cause our Jamaican dollar nuh
    Whutt faught. And before we fight government and politics wi get up every day a sabotage each other, cutting each other throats and calling on the name of God. Sad! Very Sad!

    Wi head really Gone Fi true. The bauxite and aluminum dust gan to we brain!

  • This docu is weak. Early reggae music was mostly about love songs as reggae was influenced by American country music and blues. The early musicians were not Rasta. And even when the rastas adopted reggae, they also sang mostly love songs. Most of Bob Marley’s early music was about love.

    The militancy took over when police started attacking Rastas and they decided to fight back with the only weapon they had, music.

  • To be honest, I still think this is far less interesting than how the Rebellion came together during the events of “The Force Unleashed” especially in how their formation was turned against them.

  • Praise to the most high Jah �������� #Rastafari ������who is the King of all Kings, conquering lion of Ethiopia (Africa) Emperor Haile Sellasse who shield his people from the colonizers. Even genocidal Italy could not defeat his army who challenged the most sophisticated modern European weapons with hand made African den guns.

  • Just replace the Empire with the Republic, the Emperor with the Chancellor, the Rebels with the outer rim territories, and Mon Martha with Count Dooku, and you have the beginning of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

  • one of the better documentary that my teacher make me watch. The only problem I had was some times the music cut out (most likely due to copyright) and subtitles will be helpful. But overall great

  • Loving this one thanks for sharing very important information giving thanks blessed love to all knowledge is power hopefully everyone pays attention keep up the good work knowledge is power hopefully everyone pays attention ������������������������

  • so the only one we know for sure is alive in the original trilogy is Mon. I really think ghost crew is dead by that time. I hope I am wrong but I have that nagging feeling. It’s star wars..there is no happy ending

  • What we tend to leave out is how Africans were responsible for capturing and selling other Africans to the Spaniards. The tribal chiefs hosted the slavers; giving them shelter, food, and women. In the morning the chief would send out his thugs to capture men, women and children. Africans guarded the holding cell where the enslaved where kept before being shipped off. Islam is still involved in slavery today.

  • I don’t understand, how did all those ships jump in at the same time? How did they know when and where to be? It couldn’t be attached to her message as the Empire would have sent a fleet ad well. And it’s a lot less impressive if they had simply contacted the other Rebel groups and just set up a meeting.

  • This brings a tear to my eye. Throughout this episode, I couldn’t help but think of Elizabeth Warren and how she resists Trump like Mon Mothma resisted the Emperor. And today, in our galaxy and our country, the resistance lies in wait. And, one day, we will emerge and rebuild America, an America that works for, provides for, and protects everyone. Thank you, and God bless the United States of America.

  • Before the 1970’s, Reggae was unknown to the world and was only a traditional music in Jamaica. But Bob Marley, Burning Spear, and Peter Tosh made it a worldwide phenomenon since the 1970s. Bob Marley met Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Nash, Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, and George Harrison.