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Fallen Off the Wagon? How to Get Back on Track with Your Diet

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As somebody who has fallen off the wagon many a time in the past, but managed to stay ON the wagon this time Here’s my step-by-step guide for you to get back on track. STEP 1: FORGIVE YOURSELF. I heard a podcast interview recently about a man who had made a huge realization through seeing a therapist. As somebody who has fallen off the wagon many a time in the past, but managed to stay ON the wagon this time Here’s my step-by-step guide for you to get back on track.

STEP 1: FORGIVE YOURSELF. I heard a podcast interview recently about a man who had made a huge realization through seeing a therapist. Fortunately, snares aren’t bear traps—you can easily free yourself and get back on track toward achieving your goals and be that much smarter for doing it. These are the six most common snares and how to sidestep them, like a seasoned (but jacked) woodsman. Snare #1 Too much, too soon.

Do daily cardio. Track every gram of chicken and. Since falling off the diet wagon is almost a given, what’s important, says Miller-Kovach, is knowing what to do when it happens. Getting Back on Track. The more difficult type of relapse is.

Ten Steps to Get Back on the THM Bandwagon. Step One: After a time away from a nutrition plan, in this case Trim Healthy Mama, give yourself a lot of grace! It is going to take a little while to sink back into the new routine and pull away from the habits that reinvaded your thinking.

No more snacking on chips at night. But you’ve “fallen off the wagon” and slipped back into your old habits. Welcome to the club.

It’s called “being human” (there are, like, 7 billion of us). If you don’t want to give up completely on your weight loss goals, here is a step-by-step guide to get back on track: Getting Back On Track Step. If you fall off the wagon, get right back on. Move forward.

The first year I was “vegan,” I cheated. I was hung over and not thinking clearly (at least this is what I told myself) when I accidentally ate a piece of my friend’s cheese pizza in the fridge. Let’s just say the hangover felt like a massage compared to what I went through next.

i completely fell off the wagon & how i was able to get back on! my weight loss journey! janielle wright. how to get back on track my weight loss. I fell off the fitness wagon after reaching my goals. Here’s how I’m getting back on track. When life gets in the way, use these strategies to get back on top of your game.

Fallen Off the Wagon? 4 Ways to Get Back on Track When I first started my journey to find my Feel Great Weight, there was a lot of climbing on and falling off the weight-loss wagon.

List of related literature:

Don’t Beat Yourself Up: If you fell off track or are starting to go back to bad habits, don’t beat yourself up; just move on and continue to work toward your goals.

“Natalie Jill's 7-Day Jump Start: Unprocess Your Diet with Super Easy Recipes-Lose Up to 5-7 Pounds the First Week!” by Natalie Jill
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Struggling to get back on track is much harder than being on track, because once you build up positive momentum, dieting gets easier.

“The Diet Trap Solution: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good” by Judith S. Beck, Deborah Beck Busis
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If you fall off the Buy Nothing wagon, you can start with Step 1 again.

“The Buy Nothing, Get Everything Plan: Discover the Joy of Spending Less, Sharing More, and Living Generously” by Liesl Clark, Rebecca Rockefeller
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There’s no reason to beat yourself up; just get back on track, and do it soon before you slide too far back into your old ways.

“The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless” by Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow, MD, FACS
from The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless
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Forgiving yourself for previous “failures” is the first key step along the actual way to eat well!

“Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control” by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
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Retracing your steps is the simplest way to get back on track.

“Hal Koerner's Field Guide to Ultrarunning: Training for an Ultramarathon, from 50K to 100 Miles and Beyond” by Hal Koerner, Adam W. Chase
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If you fall off the wagon one day, just get back on and start again.

“Evidence-Based Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Nursing and Healthcare: A Practical Guide to Success” by Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk, PhD, APRN-CNP, FAANP, FNAP, FAAN, Tim Raderstorf, DNP, RN
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If you find yourself getting off the wagon, it’s okay, just get back on.

“The Holistic Rx: Your Guide to Healing Chronic Inflammation and Disease” by Madiha M. Saeed MD
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So just pick yourself up and climb back on the wagon.

“The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed” by Gretchen Becker, Allison Goldfine
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Even if you fall off the wagon (and you will), you know what to do to get back on track.

“The Alpha Female's Guide to Men and Marriage: How Love Works” by Suzanne Venker
from The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men and Marriage: How Love Works
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  • You just told my entire weight loss story of 2019. I had a 115 lb weight loss and then stuff happened. I’ve been overeating for three months and gained back 28 lbs. As bad as I feel, I had to pull myself back upon the wagon before it all comes back. Thanks for letting me know I am not alone. Bless you my friend, we can do this!!


  • Thanks for being so transparent. Weight loss is definitely a journey. My heaviest was was 250 about 7 years ago and I dropped down to 175. Im currently 210 being that I gave birth to my son 3 months ago. Im ready to join this 21day meal plan with you.

  • Dear Cela, just saw your pasta cooking session and you put olive oil to the boiling water. just listen to an italian mum and she firmly believe, that the oil, that you believe prevent the pasta from getting sticky makes is almost imposible for the sauce to stick to the pasta. I know, this is something, that everyone erperience it differently but I do agree. But perhaps, it´s depents on the type of sauce. Anyway, I always enjoy watching your vlogs so please keep up and take care. Cheers from Germany:-)

  • I’ve been the same weight for two months. With my clean eating and working out at least four days a week. Most frustrating thing ever. I can tell im toning. But the scale isn’t moving. Im not giving up tho. Still pushing.

  • Honestly honestly honestly you were speaking to me. We are literally identical in the whole weight gain, timeframe everyting. This video was like when u go church and you are delivert because the pastor is talking to YOU!!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Good luck and keep up the tremendous work ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • sooooo happy youre feeling better!!!! excellent job getting back on track and girl you aint lyin about your shoulder workouts <3<3

  • Cassey I also love eating lmao and about getting back on track, I’m just working on it! I injured myself a while ago and after that I just seemed to lose track, it feels so good to be trying again, thank you!!!

  • Any tips on how TF to do that last move?! Or anything in side plank. I can get into side plank, but if I’m stacking my feet, my bottom calf touches the floor the whole time and my knee locks out. Forget trying to lift the top leg. If I try, I can only get it a couple inches up and my bottom leg instantly gives out. Help!

  • Honestly, your whole situation has me so shook bc I am in the exact same position. The majority of last year I spent losing steady weight and all of a sudden the new year hits and I’m struggling??? �� i’m just trying to figure out where all of my willpower went. I had hit Onederland and now I’m back in the 200s:(( trying my best every day to get back into that place where I was and that mindset so I can finish this journey once and for all

  • I think I had food poisoning just once in my life and I feel you girrrl. Good you are feeling much better. And you still look cute babe ��

  • Krissi can you do a video on self confidence and how you developed yours? I used to be 195 pounds and I’m 135 now and even tho I’m thin I still have the same low self esteem I’ve had��

  • You look great and I completely understand how eating can really comfort you when you are depress. I am trying my hardest to loose my weight mostly in my legs and my arms. Could u give me some tips.

  • Casey, I don’t know what it’s but these type of obliques and muffin top exercises never work for me. I don’t feel like my muscles are working and also have a very hard time doing these exercises that require putting my weight into my shoulders and arms. It is really frustrating. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

  • Sending u much love and positivity!!! This journey is a long but worthwhile one, thank you for sharing your journey and empowering the rest of us♥️♥️♥️

  • I am all about tip#2 this year! Each month I’m trying a new workout channel/site/app! And I definitely needed to hear #5, since I totally screwed up the last few weeks, but I am back at it!

  • Young lady just happened to come across your video and had to comment. First of all you are so beautiful. And yes depending what we eat does affect our brain power. I crave chocolate but it puts me in a bad mood when I eat it. Now somebody claim chocolate is good for you. No chocolate for me. If I was anywhere close to where you are in weight I would think I’m Hot Sh*t! Do for you and your daughter. Don’t beat yourself up to bad cause we all fall. Things are always going to come up unexpected in our lives. What’s important and inspiring is that you got back up. Depression I have a list I created for myself from journaling to going to movies to help. I’m an emotional eater too so I totally understand.Take care of yourself we only have one of you!

  • You can do this Janielle! You look beautiful!!, I couldn’t tell you gained weight. I am losing the rest of my weight this year as well! �� you got this!

  • I’m so glad you shared this Krissy because I’m always so hard on myself when I fall off track because of illness. Glad you’re feeling much better now �� Top tip for if you love M&S flowers… try going about half an hour before they close as they always have reduced flowers at the end of the day (and I mean reduced!). I bought a beautiful bunch of roses for only 5p at the end of the day once, and they lasted for over a week, they weren’t old. Amazing!! ������

  • How you talk to your dog is literally me with mine or any dog. Love you and your works out!! All the best to you girl. You are actual goals

  • I fell off the wagon around the same time as you, it’s hard I just didn’t want to eat right, or go to the gym. I struggled and hit a plateau before I fell off the wagon and I think that’s why stayed in the 260s�� I was really hoping to be a solid 200 by June but like you said I’ll take what I can get lol! for the most part I’ve been back on track for the month of April. April 1st I weighed in at 256 lb i’ve lost 10lbs and now 247 lbs������ starting weight was 293�� you’re not alone we all have our ups and downs, keep going sis you got this! ��������

  • Thanks for your honesty and please don’t be too hard on yourself. Life throws curve balls unexpectedly, but dust yourself off and begin again. You got this and stay blessed because you are!

  • Hey everyone, the greatest success that I have ever had was by following the Toms Magic Shortcut (i found it on google) I found it the most helpful idea i’ve tried.

  • So I just can’t get the hang of those kneeling side leg lifts. My butt hurts, my shoulder hurts and I just can’t feel it in my obliques at all. Ugh..

  • Thank u so much this is so me I fell off at the same time but tomorrow I will get my life back I will win and succeed I’ve come to far I hate what I’m doing to myself coming from 336lbs to now 189lbs I was 177lbs thank u I will get back to my healthy habits

  • Oh my gosh I really needed this right now. I fell off the wagon a couple of months ago and have been struggling to get back on. I had some big life changes and went through a long pity party. But I’m done and tired of carbs. I’m starting again on Friday, After I go grocery shopping and can prep my meals some. Thanks for the great info!

  • OMG that intro describes me exactly, 1 day tutns into a weekend, that turnes into a week….carbs must be the devil, once you start you just keep going. I know this and fall in that rabbit hole time, & time again ;/. LOL.

  • This! Thanks for being honest and transparent! I’m so encouraged to keep going Janielle, I’ve only lost around 28 lbs and I have at least another 70lbs to go, but all I ever seen to do is beat myself up about the journey. You’re so right! It takes time. “I’m back on track and I have a goal I need to accomplish” That bit there, spoke to me! Let’s do this sis����������������

  • Based on my personal experience, I had a massive acne breakout with ISO WHEY Protein powder (used up a few brands already). I never had such a breakout in my lifetime! I then researched and discovered that it is indeed the culprit. I stopped using it and switched into Vegan Protein and my skin cleared up. I can testify that just by excluding that particular supplement in my diet is way better than taking those acne orals meds. Just sharin’ �� Stay healthy everyone! Do what works best for you. ��❤️

  • Uh huh, I see your clearer skin girl �� glad your regime has worked.
    Your figure is so nice and lean girl, you’re looking great despite food poisoning. Urgh it really takes it out of you when you get that. X

  • What I do when I fall of the wagon? I don’t. Cause I’m usually stuck in the phase when I’m just running behind the train trying to hop on. I don’t even reach the wagon ��

  • Love your honesty. �� Weight loss is really really hard. You are the reason I kept going when I wanted to give up on this journey. Keep going sis ���� Remember, All things not some, All things ❣️

  • When i fall offs the wagon I usually exercise a lot, 5 times a week..but eat rubbish so it doesnt work. And then i get down..but i just have to remind myself by writing it down what im eaing. I live in small town thailand and there isnt the amazing stuff u get in the west. Snacks are my worst nightmare. Wholesome grains and foods are tricky to get or exxxxpensive.

  • I fell off too! But now I’m back on the grind, eating right and hitting the gym 4/5 days of the week. You are such an Inspiration!

  • Yay!! on finishing exams!! Congrats!! Your plan for getting back on track sounds sensible and attainable! Good for you! This isn’t necessarily a tip for getting back on track but one I remember from when I attended meetings was to set a small goal (in your case it could be getting back on track) and reward yourself (a non-food reward) when that smaller goal is attained. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, maybe a lipstick, a face mask, treating yourself to a manicure or pedicure, anything that when you get it you feel happy and proud you’ve accomplished that goal.

  • I’m glad you got back on! I’m working out again and it’s hard but worth it! Keep fighting for your life and fighting to be here for your daughter!!! You look amazing!!

  • Oh my gosh, thank you for posting this. I am with you on the depression and anxiety, and it REALLY IS a viscous circle in regards to being depressed so I eat and eat, and get more depressed cause I eat so much crap so I eat more. Then i will go through a period where I’m eating better and exercising, but then dipping again. Ugh! It sucks.

  • Thank you for being so open and honest. A year after this video and the dates are just about exact for my falling off the wagon too.. thanks for the enlightenment to get back on it

  • beginner’s calendar, day 23, part 2/3: check!
    When I try any side plank stuff, I pretty much only feel it in my shoulders instead of my core. Any advice?

  • Finally I can make a comment!

    Just want to say CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m fully subscribed and you truly are an inspiration. God bless u and Nova… The 6IX is in the building! #BigUp ❤��

  • YES!!!! I love eating. I get happy eating. My go to is a Chinese spot near my house. When I am really depressed I can spend $20 easily on food, even when I don’t have the money. Yes I have been clinically diagnosed from 2017. And it’s sooooo hard to get back in the gym, but once you are in there it feels great.

  • Dogs get stressed when you leave them, you might be out for a short while but to her it’s hours. They will chew what contains your smell so maybe buy her a Kong toy, fill it with peanut butter and freeze it them when you go out give it to her. Honestly, it’ll keep her mind off you going out, also at least 5 mins before you go out,put on classical music for her as it calms them down. Just a few tips

  • Thanks for this video. I’ve started my journey finally for 2019 and have had a few slip ups and felt so guilty. It’s always good to see the good and the bad

  • David Goggins will teach you how to reprogram your mind to where disappointments and “Letdowns” are turned into fuel. congratulations on your weight loss though!

  • This is me rn I completely gave up and started eating whatever however much I wanted but back to the gym today!!���� I’m ready to get back on it���� mine was the same it started on Valentine’s Day and I just went crazy on the food����

  • It’s been proven unhealthy foods trigger serotonin production in the brain (the happiness hormone) causing the brain to associate unhealthy food with positive emotions. That’s a contributing factors of emotional eating and food addiction.

    Most food addictions are associated with refined sugar and starch foods.

  • Oh wow did this come at the right time! Just got through a miserable week of my cycle and totally fell off the LCHF wagon. I needed this. <3

  • You are a true beauty Petrina, Inside and out… helping other’s while you’re going through so much. I hope and pray you’re doing alright though the treatments… keep strong, You Are making a difference in many lives.

  • This Really Just Motivate Tf Out of Me I fall Off the Wagon Too �� And I was So over it But This is Just a Lump on the Road in our Journey You Got This Girl Thank You For this Video ��

  • Appreciate the honesty. I started Keto in January and just went on and all out binge this week after struggling for almost two months and losing like 10 lbs so frustrating. I want the Instagram results of lost 20 lbs in a month without even trying. I’m just frustrated with the whole thing. I thought just don’t eat carbs don’t eat sugar and the weight would just fall off and it hasn’t.

  • omg gurll I had some major plans to make some gains over the summer but had a horrific stomach virus followed by acid reflux as aftermath which lasted a full month in total! totally killed my gym vibe and I felt so bad about myself because my appetite was all over the place!!

  • Love you Cassey, been here since 2012./ 2013.I was thinking of buying the scale, gained some wight recently. You just talked me out of it:D

  • When I fall off the wagon, I’d love to read something inspirational to tune in myself a bit before bed. I feel better when I go to bed with positive energy because that will set the tone for the day after. And I’d love to go to sleep early to get a good night’s sleep. Going to bed too late, let’s say after midnight, doesn’t serve my body and I would feel groggy the next day which affects my mood and energy level. That’s how I start to reset myself when I feel down or off the track. Thank you for sharing your tips. They are very helpful!

  • Love your channel! A small tip on the pasta, try not putting oil in the water when you boil the noodles. It makes it so the sauce doesn’t stick to the noodles. Just put a good amount of salt in the water when it is boiling then add the noodles. It shouldn’t stick.

  • Never give up:D You’re amazing and all of us are keeping ours fingers crossed for you:D you are an inspiration for me:D greetings and love from Poland <3

  • Needed this pep talk. I swear I’ve been thinking about you this weekend, since I completed my first successful 18 hr fast! Thought I’d be in “one”derland by now too….sigh. Let me get healthy FIRST. My mon had a MAJOR health scare and it has the family shook. She changed her diet and 30 lbs fell off, she’s on the road to better health, and so am I.

  • Thank you so much for showing us the real you, even if that is recovering from food poisoning!! Life happens and it’s all about your attitude. Such good vibes coming from you girl ❤️

  • Day 23 of the beginner’s calendar is complete! Today’s workout was difficult and painful. For this video, I had to do the all modifications for the exercises, especially since the past 2 videos of the day were very ab heavy exercises. I hope I can one day do this video without the modifications.

  • Im struggling with this right now i fell off the wagon after 14 months out of surgery.
    Because i am going through some things and i am very depress and i am eating everything. I want to go back im stuck on 222 lbs gained 15lbs. This has made me more depress. My stomach is so blown up. I dont have friends to support me so im doing this alone. I have to also get back on taking the vitamins. I try and it takes me back to eating. Yes this is so hard. I need help

  • But how do u start again where do u start I feel lost. I’m off the wagon for 8 months I dno what to do I’m trying for the past 2 months and haven’t lost a thing I feel like giving up now

  • Its okay you got this you lost weight the first time you will lose weight again i havent gained but im stalled stuck at 218 pounds�� and i was a little down also cause i have to be 180 pounds to get this breast reduction surgery 38 more pounds its rough but im gonna keep pushing you got this!!

  • I’m off I’m off I’m off!!! I lost 67 pounds total I went down to 173 I’m back up to 200 right now and I am freaking out!!! I am trying to forgive myself and to remember that everyday I wake up is another opportunity to try again. I think emotion plays a big role in what goes on also because I suffer from depression and anxiety as well. If it was not for people like you in the YouTube Community I don’t know what I would do for motivation. So thank you!

  • You girl are the MOST realist honest cutie girl I’ve ever seen ���� i was watching every single video of you and you help me A LOT!! Tnx ❤️

  • please do more recipes especially for lunch/dinner! would you mind showing us a WHOLE recipe start to finish even with meat cooking please? I struggle in kitchen and it will help. I do not think vegans are offended. my sister is vegan and it is not a big deal they see meat all the time

  • I actually think you looked bloody gorgeous! Love that you get in front of a camera after a day of vomiting, you’re so real! And no apologies needed miss! Oh and fresh flowers for the win! There’s nothing quite like the feeling flowers bring, Always makes me feel better too! ❤

  • Girl I am right here with you! Same situation except I fell off months ago but I got my butt back on track and finally feel
    Like I got my groove back. Damn it’s hard!!!!! But God is Good!

  • i really needed this so glad i saw this in my recommended… i lost about 50 pounds last year. i suffer from depression and social anxiety myself and i fell off the wagon for 5 months!!

    last april i started my weight loss journey. I was cooking and eating better and started with youtube workout videos and then got a gym membership in june. i was hitting the gym three times a week and counting all my calories in my fitness pal. then in september i got my first retail job where i was standing all day and walking a ton for commute but was still going to the gym and eating well. i was working part time so it was just barely manageable for me. then the holidays came around and i was given way more hours and i was just too fatigued to cook or be bothered with the gym anymore. i stopped caring, and then recently i took a two week leave of absence because i had a complete mental breakdown about my job. i was so depressed and ordered food almost everyday, ate so horrible. in these 5 months ive gained almost 20 pounds, right before the holidays i got down to 208 which was the lowest i had seen in over 5 years. i was so close to onederland!! yesterday i went to the gym for the first time in months and started off right but i was at work and was so hungry…ate more than i should. today im home and have been watching weight loss videos and made a plan for the day on my fitness pal on what i should eat, and so far so good. im nervous about tomorrow because i plan on hitting the gym before work again, but i know i can’t let myself ruin my life!

    this was so long im sorry no one probably read this but ive been so inspired by the woman ive been watching and i have to tell myself that it doesnt matter what the past was i have to keep moving forward. if i succeed before i can do it again.

  • I love watching your videos it always gets me back on track and makes me feel better if I ever have a bad day! Thank you so much beautiful lady xxx

  • Guys HELP! I had to stop during the wiggling ankle reaches because the middle of my spine was rubbing against the mat and hurt a lot! Any tips?

  • I am glad u made this video
    I am in the same boat. I gained 20 pounds after losing 80 pounds,and i was giving up your video has made me want to get back to it.thank u. I have depression also which i need to go see a doctor for help. Good luck on your journey God bless i got down to 195 but people said i looked sick so tht started to gain again. Pray for me also to get back motivated.

  • When I get off track (with exercise), I just try to motivate myself to do at least do one more workout in the week. The way I see it, motivation comes before a schedule because motivation is the most important. And I put a lot of importance in schedules I beat myself up a lot if I don’t follow through with what I meant to, and that can take away some of my motivation.

  • Omg gurl I literally had food poisoning yesterday and the day before and today is my getting back on track dayy!!! This video couldn’t of come at a better time how weird x

  • Yay!! Today I did five of the side plank leg lift front crunches on my right side without the modification! I could only do one on the left side, but I’ll keep working on getting that side stronger!

  • I am not perfect when I do Cassey’s workouts, not yet, but the last couple of days seem much easier than the days before that. I remember last Saturday and Sunday I was very sore! XD

  • So sorry to hear that you had to go through that, but Im glad it did not last too long and you looked so much better at the end of the video day. Thank you ro sharing the ups and downs and showing that you can get back on track.:)

  • I love when people are honest because it’s sooooo easy to only show the good part of this journey but this shit is hard and we all fall off sometimes. You are amazing

  • Thanks Janielle, I needed this. I was 147 Feb 9th and plateau there for over a month. Now I have been eating bad and not exercising for a week. I was depressed, but after your message it encouraged me to pick myself back up. My goal is 135 lbs but I struggle to get there. I am at 151 lb now but my goal was to lose 1 lb a week, but I am going in the wrong direction. 2 days ago I ate 3 bags of gummy bears and chocolates (time of the month), I know it’s going to show on the scaled within the week but I’m going to get back on track. Thank God I’m still intermittent fasting that’s probably helping me to not gain back the 30 pounds I lost. Stay motivated, because you motivate and encourage a lot of us.

  • A tip that helps me with losing weight and remaining confident: try to stay optimistic. It’s not the end if you gained a little or if you fell off the wagon. Just get back up and keep going!! Today’s mistakes are tomorrow’s lessons. Keep your head up high and keep looking for the best in life, no matter what.

  • Girl as long as you get back on. Look’n good. I have started mines and I am determined to be FAB by 50. 2 years but want to be half way there by September this year my 48th.

  • I really appreciate the previews on these videos! Often I waste time trying to figure out how to copy what you are doing, but seeing the moves ahead of time really helps.

  • I too completely fell off the plan 3/8/19 I have a goal to be down 35lbs by the end of the June and i’ve been going half crazy trying to figure out how I can just once and for all in my life be consistent and stop giving up on myself. After questioning myself and looking for a reason why I just decided to surrender this part of myself to God and lean on him and not my own understanding I will with the help of Jesus will have the victory yes and Amen

  • This is my second day of workouts on my new vegan swede mat and LOVE IT!!! I didn’t really want the ladies on the mat I would have rathered the rainbow one, but I love the ladies now they are REALLY motivational for me so I am so glad that one came with the pack I just purchased LOVE looking at them when the workouts get hard!!!!

    Thankyou CASSIE

  • Be it 10 pounds or 100 pounds, losing weight is never easy sista…. i hear ya… just go easy on yourself babe… everytime i need to eat to distress, i will take a long walk downstairs at my neighbourhood park with my full blast music on… i need that kinda break once in awhile so its now part of my lifestyle… since i am human still..

  • When I fall off it’s typically due to nutrition and basically food addictions. So I completely abstain as much as I can by doing some sort of fast. I am currently doing a celery juice fast! This always helps me get over those food cravings and completely resets my body as well as my mind!

  • Omg!!!! I needed to see this today, I lost 70 pounds and in two weeks just like you I got depressed and gained 14 pounds. I’ve been so down on myself I feel so awful. Keeping the weight off is the hardest thing to do. We have got to deal with our depression and stop turning to food or we’ll forever keep falling back and gaining weight. I’ve got to get 30 pounds off, I’m praying for you please pray for me too.

  • I too fell off it started last year after many disappointments and a death so I had to regroup and try to deal with that and cope..it wasn’t so much that I wasn’t eating more..
    I started eating whatever I wanted and eating healthy too but not working out

    Yet still staying active…I gained a total of forty pounds from August 2018 til now..I started back trying to rededicate myself to my health since January..Now I workout in the gym and at home.

    As well as, started eating more fruits and veggies! It is hard but we can do it! Thank you for sharing your story!����

  • any tips for the last move? I kept trying to keep myself up but my legs are still so weak. its so frustrating…. how do your legs get that strong?:(

  • Watching.this right after a fail and feeling so miserable! How is it I think I am “treating” myself with toxin??? Next time: lipstick or shoes… maybe jewelry!

  • Thank you for your honesty…it really helps to know I’m not the only one. I have been super depressed the last few months (my mom just died before christmas) and I have been eating so much and the wrong stuff. I was going to the gym and eating healthy a couple weeks ago, trying to work through the grief, struggling to just feel better. But this week, I feel like that was a vacation compared to this week. My mom was my biggest support on my weight loss journey and it really hit me hard this week how much I miss her. But thank you for reminding me that we can do all things through Christ. To keep seeking Him. I’m happy that you have been able to get back on track! It also inspires me not to give up. Thank you ��

  • I’ve been on a No-shit November challenge this month. No processed sugar for me.

    It started out really well, and the combination of no processed foods and drinking lemon water and green tea every day has paid off. I started losing weight. But last night, I caved and bought chocolate. I had no idea how often I bought something full of sugar on my way out of the grocery store, but I must have done that a lot this whole month, walking past sales on biscuits and chocolate has been really hard.

    I was also suicidal about a month ago. When I recovered, I realised just how bad beating yourself up is in the long-run. I thought beating myself up for everything I ever did badly or wrong was how I stayed motivated. But it’s been holding me back this whole time. How am I supposed to succeed when I’m telling myself I’m an idiot and “I can’t” all the time? It’ll be far easier to get somewhere if I’m thinking more like my own cheerleader instead.

  • I’m so proud of you I gave up, I started my journey last year and I’m so glad I watched this video you have given me hope ythat I can jump back on the horse. I don’t have anyone that I can talk to but watching you let’s me know that I can get back to being healthy thanks for being 100 with us I love your tube

  • I haven’t had any significant gains in my fit journey…but I just try to take responsibility for what I’ve done…or haven’t done. I’m on an emotional rollercoaster daily, and I always feel like I’m alone in this. I know for a fact people have things to say about me like “she’s always at the gym, but she hasn’t lost any weight.” I try to look at the silver lining and be like “AT LEAST I GO WORK OUT”…and I try to not consume myself with being…smaller…but it’s just hard. I fall off a lot, but I get back up every time. I just wish I could fall off less.

    You know..I could go on and on about this…but…this was a breath of fresh air. It’s not because I want to see you struggle or anything…I just needed someone to give me a moment of transparency.

  • i finished the pyramid abs and britney spears workouts without any difficulty but can’t seem to do a single move of this…

    EDIT: i can do the last two but not the first few

  • So when I “fall off the wagon,” I seek inspiration. I have a pinterest board of sheoric, fitspiring women. I follow people on Insta that inspire me to continue working out so I can be fit, and flexible, and hopefully inspiring to others one day.

  • The last move looks really hard but it is more doable than i thought!!! I used to be so weak at plank but throughout the years working out with cassey, my strength really built up �� thanks cassey!!!

  • I respect you for the fact that you still tell us tips, while I barely complete each set for fully 2 min, and not able to breath right!

  • Thank you for sharing I have also lost a lot of weight now I’m stuck at the same place so I really understand what your going through it resonates with me. You are such an inspiration!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I fell this weekend and had some cheesecake, haven’t had sugar in months. I got up the next day and started over. It made me feel awful I was depressed for two days! Amazing how sugar affects us. I know better and I’ve made plenty of mistakes. Thanks for this!

  • Oh I need this so bad, I use to do ALL your workout routines back in 2013 and it helped so much with my asthma and I actually lost weight, I was so proud of myself and I really want to get back on track with my workout routine now that life settled down (I got married, moved, went back to school and got a demanding job). I think it’s time since my asthma is back and raging, thank you Cassey for all you do and for still making these videos free for we popsters who are on a budget <3

  • It’s so crazy to here so many people say they suffered with depression. When you think back to things in your life it’s so apparent in alot of people life that I don’t even think they realize they have suffered with depression. Great to hear your journey!

  • First of all losing weight and staying on a journey is very hard the fact that you caught up to that wagon is spectacular and you’re to be commended and anytime you think about falling off that wagon again you just say a prayer for help and he’ll put you back on your journey so you just hang in there as a matter of fact thank you for this encouraging commentary I needed to hear that someone else is going through the same process of myself you just gave me strength to start again and you don’t even know it

  • This happens to everyone, just get back at it today, like you said you plan to. As long as you don’t give up, your doing fine, your in the right mind set to lose weight. Good luck!