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Today, we’re gonna dig into some of the tension between those supporting body acceptance, those actively engaged in fat shaming, and those looking to simply improve their health and the health of their loved ones. Regardless of your current physique and situation, I bet you’ve contributed to this problem without even noticing it. First off, Fat shaming is straight up ineffective. In fact, study after study has shown that fat shaming causes overweight people to experience even more stress which can lead to more weight gain and food intake (source) Fat shaming has even been shown to increase the likelihood that slightly overweight individuals will eventually become obese.

Body positivity is a great entry point for many people to fat acceptance and deeper self-acceptance work. The message of self-love is an. On the other hand, I think that “Fat Acceptance” can be just as damaging as fat shaming.

Simply accepting that you’re destined to be fat is. Then there is everybody in between and it seems that no-one wants to be left out of the debate. So with all this going on, and with the fat acceptance activists doing daily battle with the fat shamers, the real question remains: is it okay to be fat?

Fat Shaming. Fat shaming (heckling and harassing obese people) is becoming increasingly popular. Fronted by plus-sized models and social media influencers, the fat acceptance movement aims to normalise obesity, letting everyone know that it’s fine to be fat. A lot of the fat shaming I am referring to has been in the Katie Cummings thread in the General Video forum. I have seen other comments directed at public figures in the Fat Celebs forum.

There are several posters who are quite militant about shaming any woman who gains weight, even college girls who gain a few pounds. Topics fat shaming health care Sign up for our SELF Daily Wellness newsletter All the best health and wellness advice, tips, tricks, and intel, delivered to your inbox every day. 1. America is extremely accepting of fat.. I have not lived in many other countries in my life, but I have done it enough to know that America is exceptional in its general permissiveness about obesity and ill health.

Though there may be negative stereotypes, staring, bullying, or crude comments, the environment we live in is one that is incredibly tolerant of unhealthy lifestyles. Fat acceptance blogger Living400lbs posits that overweight people are particularly susceptible to microaggressions because it is acceptable to be openly prejudiced against fat. In a January 2009 blog post she explained: “The problem is that many people figure fat people are not ‘really’ people, or at least don’t deserve to be treated like.

List of related literature:

Such hateful attitudes are acceptable because no one really believes that being fat is any kind of disease.

“The Fat Studies Reader” by Esther Rothblum, Sondra Solovay, Marilyn Wann
from The Fat Studies Reader
by Esther Rothblum, Sondra Solovay, Marilyn Wann
NYU Press, 2009

This message is so countercultural that it can seem ridiculous to suggest that obese persons should accept themselves or that overweight does not result from a lack of character or willpower.

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment” by Thomas A. Wadden, Albert J. Stunkard
from Handbook of Obesity Treatment
by Thomas A. Wadden, Albert J. Stunkard
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Fat shaming is nearly universal.

“Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment and Growth” by Spencer A. Rathus, Jeffrey S. Nevid
from Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment and Growth
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Although potentially problematic in terms of consent, this is an interesting mode of everyday activism in the way it allows for the mundanity of everyday micro­aggressions resulting from fat embodiment to be shared and discussed, and in how it critically reframes the objectification and dehumanisation of fat people.

“Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism” by Helen Hester, Caroline Walters
from Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism
by Helen Hester, Caroline Walters
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By contrast, the size acceptance movement, for example, the National Association for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance, promotes an “oppositional discourse” to counter the stigmatization of obesity (Sobal 1999).

“21st Century Sociology: A Reference Handbook” by Clifton D. Bryant, Dennis L. Peck, Donald M. Peck, Sage Publications, inc, Thomson Gale (Firm)
from 21st Century Sociology: A Reference Handbook
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Rejecting the term “obesity” either as a euphemism or as a medical term that objectifies fat people, fat studies reclaims the term “fat,” arguing that it should become a common term freed of negative connotation, no more controversial than describing someone as tall or brown haired.

“Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture” by Amy Erdman Farrell
from Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture
by Amy Erdman Farrell
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A common attitude is that overweight persons deserve to feel ashamed of their weight and body.

“Body Image, Second Edition: A Handbook of Science, Practice, and Prevention” by Thomas F. Cash, Linda Smolak
from Body Image, Second Edition: A Handbook of Science, Practice, and Prevention
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Fat shaming is but one tactic used to police the body (fat, thin, or otherwise).

“On the Politics of Ugliness” by Sara Rodrigues, Ela Przybylo
from On the Politics of Ugliness
by Sara Rodrigues, Ela Przybylo
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Obese persons are reacting to the medicalization and stigmatization of obesity: Since 1969 an organization called the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) has existed to argue for the dignity, equality, and civil rights of obese persons (see www.naafa.org).

“Chronic Illness: Impact and Intervention” by Ilene Morof Lubkin, Pamala D. Larsen
from Chronic Illness: Impact and Intervention
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All this gets filtered back through the columnists and bloggers and YouTubers who tell their own stories of dealing with being overweight, struggling with how the world sees them, and finding joy and peace in their own bodies.

“The Elephant in the Room: One Fat Man's Quest to Get Smaller in a Growing America” by Tommy Tomlinson
from The Elephant in the Room: One Fat Man’s Quest to Get Smaller in a Growing America
by Tommy Tomlinson
Simon & Schuster, 2020

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  • does it concern you? Does it hurt you? Does it stop you from doing your regular day to day activities? Does it have any type of effect on your life……..I doubt it.

    It’s a major issue but if it’s not your personal issue don’t address it like it is AND IF IT DOES. How are you HELPING not hindering? are you a doctor? Are you in personal fitness? Healthy eating? Have you created a blog for them to express themselves on why they eat? Have you created any groups within your community? Have you personally volunteered yourself to people who need assistance?

    If you’re not doing anything to change it then shut up.

  • “would you rather have women’s rights or islam?” I… What? That… Those things don’t even correlate! Also… The answer is “Fuck your religion give me my rights.”

  • I whole heartedly disagree with that entire instagram post. The ONLY reason I felt capable of being able to lose over 100lbs was because I saw so many friends/people online posting their before and afters and realized how attainable it is for me. If they could do it, so could I. The fact that someone essentially discourages my entire journey because it was founded on looking at before and after photos makes me so mad.

  • Hmmm? Haven’t these ppl realised yet that you can post anything you want about yourself! Strange. It’s like Marxist psychology. They have no self awareness.

  • This is why I end up hating all these “movements”.

    While I agree with the cause most of the time, over time it just becomes a tool for certain group of people to manipulate others for attentions and quick money. They spread contorted, false and harmful messages that are total opposite of what the initial intents were at the beginning of each movements.
    Also leave behind all these toxic people in the community that harms the people who actually need the support and love.

  • I honestly don’t care about what those extreme body positive/ fat acceptance people do. How they want to live is up to them. Wanna be “happy” and “healthy” at 300 pounds do your thing.i will not bully them into shape or be disrespectful. But don’t shame me for wanting to improve myself.

  • I think this really big lady is pretty and has a sweet smile and disposition, but she is morbidly obese and it concerns me how unhealthy her outlook is. I’m happy she is proud of herself, like anyone who is body positive, but it doesn’t mean someone is healthy or they shouldn’t be concerned about their weight if they are obese! It can cause a lot of health problems and as someone IS morbidly obese, I’m on a weight loss journey to change this. I do NOT have body confidence. I’m not saying I don’t think I’m pretty, but I don’t care for my body at all. I think its lovely when people are proud of themselves and their bodies, body positivity for everyone is a great and ideal thing, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t health concerns or dangers depending on the person. P.S. I’m WAY too sensitive if I was on here with this skinny woman I’d be crying! They are strong ladies!

  • The whole manly talk wasnt body positive. That african American was just a misogynist tf. Im here to watch why Body positivity is harmful not how rick minded men think

  • Sometimes your body is “bigger” naturally too, it’s just, as long as you’re healthy, your body size shouldn’t matter, so yes, be body positive just don’t promote being unhealthy, there is a difference. Also (kinda unrelated) you cannot claim to be “body positive” and then shame skinny people or say they ruined the whole body positive platform, skinny shaming exists, body shaming is body shaming no matter what body type is getting shamed, skinnier people are allowed to be body positive about their body, body positivity is not just for bigger people, stop.

  • If you wouldn’t glorify anorexia, then don’t glorify obesity �� Talk about double standards. Underweight or over weight is unhealthy. Simple as that.

  • For someone who was 366lb now 280lb I would never glorify obesity it’d absolutely disgusting.. there comes with medical conditions..

  • Body positivity: ✔
    Fat acceptance: ��
    There is a reason anorexia isn’t portrayed/promoted as something beautiful or normal/healthy. So there is no reason we shouldn’t being doing that with obesity

  • We all know the fat acceptance movement was created by fat people who didn’t wanna hit the gym.

    And please stop eating in ur videos cause it sounds disgusting…. thank u

  • It’s interesting that body positivity only include obese individuals. Being positive about your body means doing something good for your body but there are people in the body positivity movement that use it as an excuse to eat junk and go nuts. Doing positive things for your body means eating healthy, exercising, drinking enough water, etc. You can acknowledge the fact that your obese but you should always work to improve body and sustain your health for longevity.

  • body acceptance/positivity means everyone is beautiful and perfect, but no matter how you look you might not be healthy, and you should love yourself enough to strive to be as healthy as you can. even models and beautiful skinny white girls are not always healthy. <3

  • Theres no such thing as ”thicc”. Either you are overweight or not. And everyone of these girls was overweight. Are people really this delusional these days? Idiots

  • I totally agree, and as someone overweight.

    I don’t think with fat acceptance we should require extremes. Just dont be a fucking dick to someone just to be a dick whether they’re fat or not. They don’t deserve that.

    Health changes should be encouraged but self love should be too.

    There are some people who gain weight for more reasons other than eating habits or “laziness”.

    For example: for myself, I was working out an average of 7 hours a week, following a restricted diet and employed a PT for 3 1 hr sessions a week. Could not lose a single pound. I had steadily been gaining weight for 2 years without explaination. During this period of working out vigorously and eating well (and I gave it my all, I swear) time which spanned 10 months (of doing what was correct, even PT couldn’t help and Dr dismissed me) I gained another whopping 40 lb while doing everything right. Discouraging, my self esteem was non existent. Theres more but this isn’t my personal diary so I aont include it all. Anyways, in about 3 years I gained 100lbs in total.

    Wrong medical diagnosis, wrong medication (that causes severe weight gain in some people) elevated stress and an untreated thyroid condition for 9 years due to doctors dismissing me because my levels were only “slightly out of range.” Only now am I losing weight, without any plans but just the right combo of meds for the right conditions. So some of us do just struggle immensely and do honestly fight.

    What’s worse than being fat? Definitely being Canadian. Doctors don’t listen to you here. They don’t even think about your concerns and compare your bloodwork properly from my experience. ��

  • Thank you so much for addressing skinny people who are trying to gain weight. I feel like we are never acknowledged and the body positivity movement doesn’t accept us. I went from being 80 pounds at 5’3 to now weighing 120 with a lot of hard work and lifestyle changes. It’s really refreshing to finally see someone acknowledging that we exist too:)

  • Fat and obesity and morbid obesity is all different YOU CAN be fat and healthy, fat is not a word that should be used to hurt someone it’s just a description. Bullies exist period. people who comment on people’s weight are usually commenting not to help but to hurt. blaire white i love you and your videos but watching this hurts.

  • Part of being healthy and loving yourself is avoiding things that you know trigger you. If you spiral into an anxiety attack from seeing before and afters, then you should avoid them and work on why they trigger you and how you handle those triggers.

  • I have eczema and have scars everywhere. I cannot change it, but I have learned to accept it. I’m on the road to body positivity. It is those #fatpositive people who hijacked that movement and claimed that for their own.

  • Lmao, so the girls that DO put all their efforts into loosing weight and being healthy and still stay big, I wonder if they still count? Or should they just be shamed for being naturally themselves? Some people are naturally big. It’s VERY rare and we do live in a society that promotes obesity.
    What are y’all going to do about it though besides bitch about others “not being healthy”
    Are you promoting our meat industry to stop putting hormones in our food? Are we going to stop mass production of fat and unhealthy foods to allow our people to be healthy?
    This is a social problem more then anything, so harassing every individual far person won’t change the general issue.

  • at the end of the day no matter what size you are, you’re going to be judged. Might as well learn not to let others get on your nerves.

  • I have lost a total of 47lbs for both health reasons and because I want to look and feel better. I love having before and after photos because it shows me how hard I have worked.

  • Well said, friend.
    As a fat guy who dropped from 200 kg to 130kg, I know how it feels to be called names. But there’s a difference between calling someone names and lie to to face saying that he’s doing fine while actually committing suicide by eating to death. For me, the before-after videos-pics etc, are actually inspiring. They prove to me that great-scale weight-loss is ATTAINABLE! Yeah, sometimes, I may feel a bit depressed noticing that I don’t have the will power to push myself further, but still, at the end of the day, every before-after story cheers me up; knowing that someone DID it, and feels healthier and happier. What’s better than that?

  • It’s kinda sad when folks feel so strongly about putting OTHER people into a neatly labeled box. I don’t feel any responsibility to them. If I’m proud of something you think isn’t worthy you can just go stick your head in the sand and leave me alone. Seriously, you know what gate-keeping is right? If you want to change other people you’re not body positive you’re a busy body.

  • When ever there is the claim by an overweight person that they eat healthy, someone should say “Prove it”. “We will arrange to monitor for two weeks every item that you eat in a 24 hour period.”

  • I got into a dress that a month or so ago I couldn’t, and I’m sorry but I was thrilled. And I don’t think that’s wrong. But also I’m trying to get my focus off of just obsessing over my weight like I used to.

  • 100% true— I got made fun of by my obese coworkers constantly for bringing salad to lunch when there was a buffet of nothing but grease fatty foods available that they were all eating. They only do it because they wish they had the discipline to bring a salad too.

  • “Fuck you if you think that i have thin privilege or fit privilege. I work my god damn ass off for my physique, for my health, for where I am right now physically with my health. I work my ass off. It’s not privilege, it’s earned. Everyone that’s obese put zero fuckin effort. You’re the hypocrites, you’re the scammers.”
    Those lines say it all. I have nothing more to say.

  • Losing weight in a healthy way genuinely makes you feel happier, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication, altering core lifestyle components and quitting bad habits, and that absolutely deserves to be celebrated. People don’t post before and after photos as some hollow and desperate attempt to win societal approval, that’s such an insane concept. People post them because they are proud, and honestly feel better than they did, so they naturally want to share that. And if you are personally offended by another person sharing an achievement of their own, that is in no way directed at you, then you are the one with the problem.

    I refuse to even entertain the idea that having a waistline over 35-40 inches (depending on race, gender, etc) is anything but unhealthy. That’s ridiculous. An obese person under 30 years of age arguing they don’t have any health problems and are therefore healthy and obesity isn’t a health risk is like a smoker under 50 years of age arguing they don’t have any health problems and are therefore healthy and smoking isn’t a health risk. The health problems are coming. They are. You see IV drug user and obese people, and you see old people. You don’t see old IV drug users and old obese people. Both lifestyles are extremely dangerous, lead to complex health problems and comorbidity, and just about guarantee an early death. A few anecdotal cases do not disprove these facts.

    Obese people SHOULD love themselves. They should love themselves enough to conquer their serious addiction to unhealthy foods and get to a healthy weight with a healthy diet and sufficient daily exercise. So should other people suffering from serious addictions that threaten their lives. It’s honestly absurd to attempt to argue that obesity can be healthy. Might as well argue that severe alcoholics can be fit and healthy. An excess of any harmful substance is irrefutably a problem. Processed and junk food are harmful. Don’t try and tell me someone got to 300 pounds eating lean meats, whole grains, light dairy and assorted fruits and vegetables.

    I think I’m fed up with the extremists always hijacking the conversation. Body positivity was never about excusing obesity. Feminism was never about subjugating or hating men. Social justice was never about policing free expression or revenge. The extremists are the loudest and the smallest groups within movements. We need to stop being distracted by the noise.

  • I prefer, to call it healthshaming for some reason

    I feel like people nowadays either don’t even know what health looks like, or just don’t care. Because well, if everybody is unhealthy, no-one is going to jugde you, right?

    I am stil about 5 KG overweight, but people started to call me skinny, when I was like 15 KG overweight…

    I try to track my foodintake, exercise a bit and lose the last few kgs that im still overweight.. Wait that sounds like im putting alittle effort in my health, so of course its going to be mocked by people, who make only unhealthy choices themselves

    I was vegetarian for a few weeks, and when I told someone that I felt tired sometimes, they immediatly said that It was probably because of my diet, and that it’s unhealthy. Even though, I said that I kept track of the nutrients.

    The person who said that admitted that he was getting loads of saturated fats and salt, but I am not allowed to say: ‘well you probably, have high blood pressure because of your diet” because noooo, that makes me a jerk, somehow

    This makes me honestly so mad

  • I still post before and after photos and a wide range of them. From nearing obese, to very lean, to gaining muscle, and now being comfortable with a higher level of body fat because I prefer enjoying life with food and wine and not feeling deprived. Who knows what I will do in the future but if you ever read a post from me it’s that I was a strong human being at every phase and still learning so what I have learned about health and myself has changed along with it.

  • It’s like telling someone who is quitting meth to stop talking about it because that’s shaming active meth addicts. because bodies are healthy no matter what I do to them.

  • As a fat kid, I already feel like jumping out of my skin and crying. there are some days where I can’t even breathe I’m so fat. I can’t play basketball the way used to. I can’t swim the way are used to. My self-esteem is stuck in a heart dive and I know it is directly related to the fact that I cannot move and do the things I used to because of my weight. That is not attractive to me I don’t like it and I don’t like the way I look. Now call me fat phobic

  • I support body positive.
    if someone feel good when they loss weight, that’s okay.
    Being body positive doesn’t mean eat junk food no physical work. Don’t eat yourself to death.
    I’m not saying never eat junk food and sweet always workout,No. Take care of your body. Eat sweet but in limite. Live your life.

    Plus size and obesity are not same.

  • Fit shaming is a THING, I get picked on for my healthy eatting habits it’s so sad
    While bad eating is “normal”, I like how u said ppl will go with the masses, that makes since it bothered me for a while bt now I see how I’m influencing others even if they dnt admit it

  • See the problem for me is the absolute deep hate that fat people get. The number of times I have seen people call me a whale or that I should just die because I am overweight. Fact is, I know I have a weight issue. I struggle hard with eating disorders which I am constantly and actively getting help for. A wonderful life pro tip I’ve heard is unless the person can change it right away (ie: food in their teeth), or if you’re an actual concerned loved one that actually knows the person and you speak in a tactful way, keep your opinions and thoughts to yourself. It is scientific fact that shaming people who are fat literally makes the problem worse rather than helps. And just because someone finds value in me for more than my body type, they have lower standards? I adore you Blaire, but come on. And honestly telling people to kill themselves isn’t imo something to be joking about. I have struggled with suicidal tendancies and ideation for many years. Recently someone on Reddit literally did commit suicide after someone told them to. So again I will always stand firm that joking and laughing about people killing themselves is not funny and in fact quite tasteless. But you just made fun of people who are fat in your responses? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I did find that Black woman to be beautiful. Your words have power Blaire, remember that. Not having confidence and acceptance of oneself actually perpetuates the problem. I have for so long been so afraid and so hurt by comments and videos and people in society, that I literally hermit and struggle to make it out of the house to even just walk to exercise because I have been so beaten down and broken over the years. I am finally just starting to get to the point where I’m not caring what others think of me and that is helping me to be more active. This whole situation isn’t as black and white as too many people make it out to be. I’m tired of people judging me and thinking it’s ok to comment on my body just because I have extra fat. And no we don’t see any where near as much backlash over people who are “too thin” so there is absolutely a double standard there. I dunno, this the one video of yours that I am disappointed in. I understand and agree with some of your message, but your execution and some of the comments..that was just almost toxic and not effective or positively progressive. Actually there are obese people over 50 and it is absolutely not your place to give me or anyone else you don’t know a “healthy dose of tough love.” Again I know I’m overweight and so do 98% of us who are. There is absolutely something to be said about those who don’t put the work in and cry and complain. But that isn’t all of us.

  • So I’ve been all over the spectrum of body size, when I was chubby nobody really said anything. One of my friends said hey, something isn’t right what’s going on? Are you working to fix it, and my partner at the time said I was getting chunky and I should watch myself but nothing actually sunk in, other than that I wasn’t discriminated at all. I was overweight on the cusp of obesity.

    Now I’ve sorted my life out and every bitch out there be telling me I’m naturally thin and don’t know what I’m talking about. People get mad when I don’t eat the cakes in the staff room, they laugh at my meal prep and tell me it isn’t real food. Like it’s intense, much more shame being a smaller size, like I’m somehow missing out on life but having goals that aren’t a family size pizza ����‍♀️

  • Fat/obese acceptance: yessss

    Anorexic acceptance:fuck no are you fucking stupid what a crazy ass person….

    Literally a dumb obese person would say “iTs not The SamE thing”…it is because both are unhealthy.

  • So the Health at Every Size movement isn’t actually neutral when it comes to weight loss. If you read the book and go to the official website, it’s more about encouraging healthy BEHAVIORS at every size. It’s saying that everyone of all sizes should try to do things like eat fruits and vegetables and engage in movement. It’s saying that people who are overweight should focus on healthy behaviors over strictly “weight loss” behaviors. Also, before and after a can be very triggering to people with eating disorders. I think trigger warnings on weight loss posts would be more productive than simply not making the post.

  • my mother left me last year at. 15 and i. fell into a. deep deep. depression. and gained 20kg because i would eat my stress away. and. then. i. fell. into body dysmorphia. and. even more. depression. please stop encouraging bullying towards fat people. its not. fair. being. rude. to. fat people won’t. make them skinny. i am now starving myself and i cant even think of food anymore. allow them to lose weight in their own time. without these mean comments please.

  • Well, at least they are moving when they are dancing! That’s a good thing but it seems like they only do it for a minute or two, to record themselves for attention! Lazy hogs!

  • Why are their feelings my problem? They have the right to post their nonsense. So I have the right to show my body that I worked hard for.

    They make it really hard for me to respect their “movement” sometimes.

  • I refuse to fat-shame women, because you can’t judge a book by its cover.

    But if it’s too damn thick, nobody’s going to read it.

    —Norm MacDonald

  • I, as an overweight person, don’t find obesity beautiful. But I think the whole “body positive” movement began as a way to love your body in every step on the journey to becoming a healthier person. Bigger people are told to hate themselves for looking a certain way, so it’s so easy to wanna kill you self or something simply for being fat. i do think, however, people have taken the body pos movement and turned it into “love yourself even if you’re unhealthy”… and that’s where they went wrong. But it had a good beginning in my eyes.

  • Yeah sure, I’m a little overweight. That’s okay. Obesity though? Really? Lose weight and fix your diet please or accept death if you’re obese.

  • Being thin is healthy and it is just facts. Being overweight will shorten life span and increase the risk of health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. Yes it is normal to have a stomach, some rolls, thick thighs and extra fat but it is also normal to be skinny, but what is not normal is being morbidly obese. Yes you can love yourself despite size but that does not always mean you are healthy.

  • i do see obese people older than 50 i have to spent over 5 hours a day help them do things non obese (that have no other diseases) elderly can still do for themselves.

  • i really don’t understand… like if you’ve been on a health journey and feel better in yourself then why shouldn’t you show that? personally when i see before and after pictures it motivates me to try harder and doesn’t tear me down. if you feel healthier in yourself, you can’t hold back on showing that just because some people may find it offensive… everyone is amazing and shouldn’t be judged for being proud and showing off to the world how you’ve grown mentally and physically x

  • For the first time in my life I’m proud of my body and in the best shape I’ve ever been in. It’s super disheartening when my own family pushes junk food on me to push me off my path to health and say that I look way too thin. Also making jokes at my expense at how I’ve given up certain foods and they cook them anyway and try to push them on me the whole time I’m eating. Super frustrating and discouraging.

  • I’ve noticed that every time I do something even remotely “unhealthy” Like eat pasta or treat myself for working hard, way unhealthier people jump down my throat about it.

  • “You are obese because you are eating too much.”
    “No, I’m not! I only eat salad!”
    “You need to do something for this.”
    “I can’t. I’m a food addict.”

  • Before and afters are the worst kind of self flagellation and demonstrably shallow.
    Those who post them are pathetically transparent. They are seeking affirmation and begging entry into a club that wouldn’t accept their fat selves.
    You are too young to have such firm opinions, John. Leave room for the possibility that you aren’t able to see all sides of all issues.
    If I lost a considerable amount of weight, I would not post a before and after pic. I would be loyal to the person I was, and I would never shame her or hold her up to ridicule.
    People who post those pics hate themselves. They hate their fat selves. And they require that everyone else hate their fat selves, too.
    Lose weight, gain weight…but don’t pretend posting pics of your fat self isn’t an act of hatred and an insistence that you are somehow better now and everyone should celebrate that. You just weigh less. Whoop de doo.

    And John…you were a man in his twenties when you lost weight. That is arguably the group with the easiest weight loss. So shut it. It’s not that huge an accomplishment.

  • I actually liked you before watching this video. I’m absolutely disgusted by you. Yes I’m fat, but I am very much healthy. I think you have every right to your own opinion but this was just so hard to watch. This needs to be a topic of discussion.

  • What gets me is that most before and after photos are to make people who look like the before or anyone else of any size feel bad about their size. Its just a person making a change for their life and themselves. They’re taking what was used against them and using it against others.

  • OK, let’s get one thing straight just because you are overweight it doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy. in fact for some people it’s genetically impossible no matter how much you work out and eat healthy to physically lose weight, just as you shouldn’t skinny shaming people who have fast metabolism and can’t help not gaining weight no matter how much they try to eat. you can’t judge someone and call them lazy based on the fact that they’re too skinny or too fat based on your standards. you don’t know what they’ve been doing or what they’re going through. plus even if they are unhealthy, even if they are actively trying to be unhealthy or they don’t care about their health. it is none of your goddamn fucking business. because let’s be honest, even if you’re trying to be here for a long time some people are just trying to be here for a good time. and if you’re a backhandedly body shaming someone over the internet, stop. because unless you’re there doctor you don’t know whether or not this person is actually eating or exercising or not and whether or not they’re healthy. you’re really just trying to find an excuse to put someone down, and if you really are that concerned about their weight don’t comment about it under their platforms, message them privately. also you’re never going to know how they gained it in the first place, they could’ve started eating to cope and now they are addicted and can’t help it because it releases feel good chemicals whenever they eat And it’s turned into something of a ED. so don’t judge, you have no right.

    of course we should encourage body positivity, there’s no reason to make someone feel shitty because they have different values than you, for example. I smoke cigarettes because I’m trying to die faster ��. it’s no one else’s business and i will NOT be shamed for already wanting to die, if you wanna try to push that more that’s completely on you, don’t shift the blame to you tryna “help”.

  • I’m fat and Canadian and like the only thing that got me in this video was the what’s worst part… being Canadian. Wtfff! Nah! Now I’m choked!

  • probably that woman in 7:07 is completely normal feminist. That guy talking about “feminazi” ideology and she doesnt looks like she has same opinion as that shitty feminists he talks about. You know, its very big difference between real feminist and that loud stupid bitches….

  • Someone’s body size is no one else’s business. Just worry about yourself and stop pretending to have a real concern about a heavy person’s health. Face it, you’re just indulging in a comparison victory lap.

  • Man I was doing well on my weightloss journey until my 21st birthday, now once a week all my friends wanna do is drink and it’s killing my diet! You’re right dude. I shouldn’t be drinking, and now that gyms are open I’m definitely going to be joining

  • Today I had a session with my therapist (im on recovery for my ED) and he said that maybe you can’t change some things like your dysfunctional environment or the circle you grow up in. Even your job if it hints the idea for you to look a certain way but what you CAN do is change HOW YOU react to it.
    Learning to observe the thoughts, feelings and actions that these situations provoke inside of you. And instead of complaining and expect that everyone around you changes so you feel comfortable, you ACCEPT REALITY but not defeated, rather positively and trying to see how you can benefit from it.
    I know my ED is like the opposite to overweight but it follows the same addictive behaviors and mentality of not accepting theres a problem that compromises your health. So just wanted to put that out there.
    *Edited to add the health part

  • 2:00 Exercise won’t do shit. Exercise is meant to help you build muscles and stamina, it is not that good for loosing weight, it is only essential for bidy building. Calories that you spend for one workout is nothing compared to hiw much you eat. Eating less and healthier is the way to lose weight. Also, who the fuck buys that “I swimm 2,5 km every fay” shit…

  • You can be happy at any size not healthy. [I would not allow my mother to be obese or my child] I have been morbidly obese, it’s not fun. You feel tired and uncomfortable ALL THE TIME. This was my experience, it was difficult. I lost 75 pounds and became a personal trainer.

  • I just couldn’t keep a count of how many times would people tell me to stop doing my workouts and come join them for like a beer or something. And when I said,,no” they’d make fun of me. But who’s laughing now? I still workout and I look pretty great, and most importantly, I’m helthy.

    So yeah, guys don’t skip your workouts for anyone.

  • Personally, I’ve had lost quite some weight in the past. Due to personal health problems, I regained it and am obese again now. Recently came upon some transformation videos and they sparked hope for me. Hope that I was able to do it, because they could and I already did once. I was on the verge of depression, but once I got inspired and started to work out (even though starting was very hard!), I started to feel so much better. My brain finally becomes happy again, all because of moving! So yeah, I totally agree with your views on the discussion. I’m living it out myself.

  • YES! I literally JUST recorded a podcast about this on fitness and nutrition podcast. I am a Registered Dietitian who does both intuitive eating AND macro tracking for my clients depending on THEIR goals and mental health. 100% Yes to all of this.

  • This kind of thing irks me so much!

    MY weight loss journey about ME, not about YOU, so why am I not allowed to celebrate my achievements just because it makes YOU feel uncomfortable and makes you take a look at yourself?

    They always act like they’re being personally attacked when someone loses weight It’s an example of just how narcissistic some people can be when they make YOUR journey about THEM and try to discredit all your hard work and dedication.

    The truth is If you’re honestly happy and comfortable with the way you are, you really wouldn’t be so bothered by what someone else has chosen to do with THEIR own body (Because yes, losing weight is a choice just like continuing to eat when you’re not even hungry is also a choice)

    This is coming a former fat girl, by the way. I’ve never been able to celebrate my weight loss journey for fear of upsetting someone it took about a year of hard work and dedication and I was deterred from celebrating it because of this.
    I didn’t feel that I could deal with the negativity at a time when my self-esteem was (and still is) fragile.
    I really didn’t want to make others feel like crap, I just wanted to enjoy being free from the prison that was my own body like I said, It wasn’t about THEM it was about ME and my own personal journey.

  • I don’t believe that anyone should hate or be ashamed of their body. However, I’ve seen a countless number of people (especially women) who acknowledge their obesity and explicitly say they are proud of it. Most people become obese because of their lack of control around food. Eating unhealthy food/amounts of food is harming your body whether you want to accept it or not. So technically, that qualifies as an eating disorder. We should not be glorifying eating disorders as well as the risk of heart disease, cardiac arrest and diabetes that comes along with being overweight.

    If I were to say that I’m severely underweight because I restrict my food intake and I’m proud of it, would I have people telling me that I’m “beautiful” and be encouraged to continue my unhealthy lifestyle? No. People would say that I am encouraging unhealthy eating habits.

  • This whole thing would be like if one meth addict got mad at another meth addict for kicking the habit.

    The first addict would most likely get mad at the second addict becausde they have not kicked the habit but someone else has and it shows them that it IS possible to kick the habit, they just haven’t been able to do it.

    It would make them see that their excuses for not kicking the habit are no longer valid.

  • I used to have a eating disorder but after I ate more my metabolism doesn’t let me gain alot of weight and I love it but it isn’t good to restrict your calories even though I used to eat alot I now hate white chocolate and high sugary foods

  • I find it aggravating and hilarious at the same time, when fat people tell me „that’s easy for you to say“ when I say anything relating to being slim/ fit. Bitch I put a lot of work into this and it’s not any easier for me than it would be for you. You’re just lazy and venting your bitterness about that on me.

  • I was the chubby girl in high school when I weighed 125 pounds (no shit it was the 80s). Now I’m older and 20 pounds heavier but there are SO MANY fat women out there I’m now considered skinny. Lol. I still think I’m a little overweight but my doctor thinks my BMI is perfect. Seriously, the fat acceptance movement just pisses me off. When I was 15 pounds overweight I WAS JUST FAT!!!!!! Why is it OK now? When I started running 10 years ago I actually had fat friends stop speaking to me. But fat people are the majority now so that’s why they think they can get away with it. And don’t get me started on fat models.

  • I know right. The Fat “Movement” is so stupid and dumb. I accept every body size but they needs to listen to the doctor or else their life can be risked into danger.

  • 30 years old. Struggled with keeping my weight at a normal BMI my whole life. Despite this, my blood work always comes back perfect. My resting heart rate actually falls below 60 most of the time, and my blood pressure is usually around 110/70 (for reference normal is 120/80). I’m not sedentary, and I like to keep myself active. Yet despite being perfectly healthy, I starved myself into thinness throughout my twenties thinking that just because the scale said a certain number, I was automatically worth less/unhealthy. I ended up anemic, and I lost my period at my lowest weight. Guess what? It was 165 lbs at 5’9”. That’s well within the range of normal, and actually according to the BMI charts, on the higher. And yet, my body was very clearly telling me that even at a number that falls well within the range of a supposedly normal BMI, I wasn’t carrying enough excess fat to safely carry a baby. Oh yeah, and I passed out all the time… I even ended up with a concussion one of those times. But the number on the scale said I was healthy at least!

    On the other hand, my boyfriend is naturally skinny. He consumes a steady diet of fast food and soda without gaining weight. But even though he is skinny, his cholesterol is through the roof, he has asthma, and his blood pressure is on the high end of average. But walking down the street everyone would say that he’s the healthy one, and I’m the one that needs to take better care of myself.

    I’m not asking for people to accept unhealthy lifestyles, but I am asking people to realize that healthy looks different on different people… and yes, some people are genetically predisposed to carry extra weight, and it doesn’t negatively impact their health.

  • I mean you can be fat if you want but have in mind that is a weakness of your personality a negative trait I mean everyone has one I am a lazy piece of shit but Im not trying to make people accept this defect. I won´t change but for that I think is reasonable people mock me or confront me for that.

  • My sister-in-law is DANGEROUSLY thin because of a medication she’s on that is critical to her health. We are all ALWAYS, expressing or concern for her. She doesn’t get upset at us for saying that or suggesting means of helping her gain weight. Why would it be considered hateful to express concern about someone being overweight?

  • The blonde one was the same size like Ashley �� if you do have to say something include Ashley Graham as well cause she has the same problem.

  • This makes me so sad. Evil people will glorify a generation destroying their lives. And these are the same people who would try to shut down boxing or fighting sports cause it’s dangerous. Actually you don’t have to be slim but you can not be obease and healthy.

  • Those two obese black women are both pieces of shit for there forced allegations on Mimi, totally dillusional and ignorance. Bringing white supremacy into the conversation and topic is totally bullshit and a false stigmatized perception towards Mimi.

  • I get shit all the time. I’m called the Tupperware guy lol. I do not give a shit. I live a balanced life. I go and party too but I stick to whiskey instead of beer. If I know I’m going out to eat on a Saturday night with friends, I run in the morning or I eat less during the day. People wonder why I’m 10% bf because I think about these things. You fucking have to.

  • I don’t agree with pretty much anything else this man says and I think it’s a shame there’s even a perceived right-left divide on this issue. It’s a shame because most people on the left agree that body-positivity has in many cases gone way too far; yet most will not admit it for fear of being cancelled by the radical left imbeciles who cannot handle the truth about their medical condition.

  • Oof this is so cringey… Even as a fat person myself, I don’t expect anyone to treat me differently than anyone else. I do not deserve to be babied and treated better because I am fat. I do not expect anything out of anyone because of it… It’s sad that people actually walk through life expecting to be treated better than everyone else, especially when it’s for something that’s in most cases by their own choice.

  • I think any sane person would prefer to look better instead of getting sympathy and pity while being fat and sad. It’s just an excuse for these beluga whales to get the attention the actual marginalised groups get and it’s shameful to get this low.

  • “Should you love your body at the expense of your health?”
    When you love something, you take care of it. There’s a difference between loving your body and loving food.

  • political correctness needs to stop. Let everyone live their own god damn lives, like seriously. “You aren’t body positive if you lose weight.” And who are you to say that? Why can’t everyone just leave each other alone!! It’s so sickening!

  • Idk if it’s like this in every gym but as a girl I am in a destinct minority that use the weights and weight machines (the ones that don’t work out your bum that is) I get comments from dudes and girls like “you know that will make you build muscle right?” Like no I thought it was gonna make my hair blue. So it’s not fit shaming as such it’s more “your a girl why aren’t you doing cardio?” Shaming. I want shape not bones thank you.

  • That fat black lady is disgusting for using civil rights victims to try to make people feel bad for her. She knows the difference between weight and skin color. She just tried to pull the race card and thought everyone would shut up because they didn’t want to offend her. (I’m black btw, don’t try to get at me)

  • So she claims to swim 2.5 km a day but i searched for some facts and she is actually lazy. If a humpback whale is migrating 3,600 miles from Alaska to Hawaii and travels about 5 miles per hour

  • Dude. I love Jordan! I found him through Matt d’avella. How’d I not know y’all were buds too?! Thanks for the link, though I’m not an apple fan, I’m glad I found the website.

  • the bodyposipanda (first woman dancing at the beginning) used to have severe anorexia… I think shes a hell of a lot healthier now than she was before, like 15 lbs overweight (shes more than 5. 5 lbs is nothing you cant see it and most have 5 lbs of water weight anyway) Im not body positive just saying

  • honestly i’m pretty chubby and i’m trying to workout and eat better to better myself and be healthier and before and after photos make me keep pushing because it shows me that other people were able to do it so i can too

  • I am above 2 meter tall and under 200 pound zombie. What is your excuse now? Some poeple dont need to eat to live ”Exist” and other life to feed their food addiction. Obesity is the critical step of a disease called procrastination and denial. Addicted to confort they cant change. I would put them to forced work and starvation and free them if they get the lesson. Dopamine should come from satisfactory action and not food abuse i dont care if they dont survive they kill themselves already. Who will care about you if you cant self care? Detained for being criminally neglective to their own health!!! I am far to be crual they put poeple with a joint of marijuana in their wallet on shooting plot in asia so…

  • @ 1:41 you can see her eyes shift as she’s thinking “oh shit, I’m being called out for my poor life decisions, better claim victimhood”

  • Hi! Hot take:
    Obviously, no sector of society should be condemned to make another feel better/more accepted. The way that we talk about weight loss, though, is really important. I don’t agree that all before and after photos are bad, but we do need to be careful about the narrative that we choose. Not ‘I was so ugly before and now I’m not’! Or advertising fad diets/overly restrictive behavior/thin saviorism (life is better bc I’m skinny now!). I think that it’s very much possible to share progress without offending others, but only sharing positives/making it seem easy/sharing mentally unhealthy ways to lose weight is extremely harmful, which I don’t think is controversial.

  • I believe people are being desensitized on obesity and obesity related diseases. In no way were humans meant to stretch their bodies to the size of a domestic pig. People are not meant to weigh more than a blue whale heart or half the weight of a grand piano. When you are larger than a full grown male reindeer people are going to look at you and wonder why. We all need to love our bodies and be comfortable with who we are. There is just no way people should be going through live weighing more than a giant male panda and fully believe they are healthy. Weightloss is tough, for anyone wanting to take the step to be healthy, just start. Do something before you weigh as much as a cubic metre of snow and find the task of weightloss “scary”.

  • Stoned for the “crime” of being raped? How stupid should one be to actually believe any religion allows that? Or call getting raped a crime?
    I honestly thought the right were smarter than that!

  • I encourage them to get fatter. So many obese people dying quicker will get the reality of obesity to a wider (no pun intended ) audience.

  • Oh how I hate food shaming at work when I dont want to eat stuff someone brought for everyone. ‘Oh come one, just today, you can eat your stuff tomorrow.’
    NO! I have my system and I am sticking to it! BACK OFF!!
    I am 5’9 and 138lbs right now and it is a struggle every day!
    A few years ago I was 210lbs. I had to work to get where I am.

  • For us women, exercising more than just some cardio is often seen by a lot of people as something that will make us unattractive, as they say that we can end up looking like a man… A lot of people still see a lot of Sports and exercises like body building and wanting to see some natural gains and tonification as something manly, and therefore not “ladylike”. My family constantly attacks me by saying that i shouldnt go that much to the gym (trying to be consistant training about 5 days a week) and that they are concerned that i will look manly. Im a naturally curvy looking girl and im trying to enphasize It, the booty, the legs, tonification of the overall shape and also feel healthy and strong. I’m sick of people telling me that training “that much” is damaging. The max average time i spend at the gym is 2 hours in total when making a good leg workout, including warm ups and stretching. Like thats a normal muscle workout. Im not at the gym 24/7. At the same time, when people notice my gains they are like “wow, how did you do that?” They always say they are too lazy to have my consistency and determination. They want the results but not the hard work.

  • Can somebody explain the canadian joke to me? English is not my native language and I’m confused��

    (Also I live in Canada and I am sensing a little hostility towards Canadians?? Sorry if I’m wrong.)

  • Being fat is not good in any way whatsoever. Fat acceptance is no more than an exercise avoiding excuse. Eat all you want! In small quantities! No ones stopping you from eating foods you crave, just regulate HOW MUCH of it you intake at a time. But who am I kidding, these fat karens probably have never heard about ‘one serving’.

  • oh god. Been binging your videos…. this one though. Blaire is really intelligent and she takes a stance from a realistic approach however some of this was just really unnecessary.

  • When you’re fat, and you fail every time you try a diet so you decide to make a movement to make the fact of “Being Fat” acceptable in front of yourself and try to enforce it on others.

  • God, I can’t believe that one woman compared her being fat to the discrimination her grandparents faced for being black. Nothing similar at all.

  • Swim 2.5 km a day?! Just how much food does she have to stuff down her throat to offset that much caloric expenditure? I mean, god damn!

  • Definitely agree about the quality of life part!! like dammit maybe i don’t wanna be out of breath every time i walk up the stairs to go to my room.. maybe i don’t wanna struggle to find clothes and shoes that are flattering.. maybe i don’t wanna sweat every fucking time i bend over. like it’s not all about wEigHt maybe it’s about feeling good about yourself period!! and let’s not forget to mention people who once played sports and miss the game.. like dang why can’t we let people be the best versions of themselves without the negativity!! rant over, p.s. -50lbs (:

  • 100% agreed. It would be like saying to someone who is studying their butt off in college that they don’t love themselves and think they are stupid because they are trying to learn and that they should’ve just been happy with the knowledge they had before.
    Spread the fckn love and support everyone on their journey wether it’s a weight loss one or gain or even just trying to accept their body as it is.

  • He must not know about all the plus-size athletes then. He doesn’t know what their diet or fitness regimen is so how could he possibly be so sure their days are numbered? This……person…..is gross.

  • It is true that heavy people have some kind of genetic component to their weight and metabolism. I don’t know the science and what is known or proven yet but I do know that I have seen super skinny people with rather sedentary lifestyles pig out and eat only fast food and drink 12 cans of soda a day and never gain a pound while someone 150 lbs or more heavier than they are eat less than 2000 calories a day and work labor jobs and are highly active but still don’t lose weight. However, it is kind of like the trans community in that some people wanting to transition do so quicker and with more ease while other’s have to put in much more work and effort to achieve similar results. Same with different people and their weight. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do what is best for you and your health and do what makes you happy because you have to work harder than the next person to successfully transition and display feminine characteristics or to lose that extra weight. Personally, I have had to struggle with obesity throughout my life. I have to stay away from food and drinks I love cause they blow me up. However, no food can ever taste as good as looking good makes you feel. Atleast to me.

  • ” A wise drag queen once told me ‘you can make fun of fat guys but not fat girls, cause they kill themselves’ ” Love the willam reference. ��

  • There is also fit pregnant shaming as well. Depends where I was. At the gym I didn’t get it so much as I got high fives and positive comments throughout my pregnancy and after. But some people would defiantly make useless comments about my running and biking and lifting outside the gym. I’ve never had a weight issue and while I took my time to get my marathon speed back and my heavy distance took about 4 months after having my son. I lifted the day I delivered and did spin class. And I have a perfectly healthy 6 month old boy. Obviously not knocking any women to each there own. Pregnancy is extremely difficult I threw up everyday but going to the gym everyday also helped me. I don’t do well with down time I’m not much of a couch surfer. Pregnancy didn’t change that for me. I’m very lucky �� that said people will make comments during pregnancy and after it’s annoying. I know my body I know what I can do and how to rehab back to my full powerlifting program. I commend any women for trying to do things during pregnancy especially with other kids as I have a toddler with endless energy also ��

  • Fat acceptance is just like accepting that there are fat people out there and knowing that you shouldn’t be commenting on someone else’s body. Some people are naturally bigger or fat and don’t deserve to be treated as less just bc of their weight. She’s pretty disrespectful in this video tho I mean saying people who like fat people or who are just maybe with a fat person have low standards? Is that not fat shaming?? Also if you watch My 600 lb Life you’ll notice that most of them were molested usually as kids and thats why they develop eating disorders. It’s mental and food really can be a drug and no one has any right to judge someone else for that bc you haven’t been in their shoes. Sure tough love is okay but only for their health and not bc they’re “unattractive”. Also my boyfriend isn’t that fat but I’d definitely still consider him fat and well first of all I eat more than him (I’m a normal healthy weight) and yet weight like 80 lbs less and he’s only 2-3 inches taller then me and I also stay at home all day and he works and for some reason he’s just still fat. It’s really about genetics and your metabolism but all these lucky people with fast metabolisms who’ve never had like a binge eating disorder or depression and stuff are like “it’s so easy why are you so fat” when they don’t even have to try and can get McDonald’s whenever they like. But 2nd of all he gets asked if his partner (me) is fat bc for some reason people actually do assume that. So maybe just give them advice and be friendly but inevitably it’s their choice. Tbh maybe they want to die a bit younger. The fluffy comedian said it’s quality over quantity and he’d rather just do what he wants. So just stop talking about other people’s weights when it doesn’t involve you in any way and of course this includes bullying which this video low key came off as.

  • This is so toxic! I am waiting for someone to call her out on this.
    Being obese isn’t a choice, you should atleast have this basic knowledge before spitting your “opinions” out, it is infact a lot of times because of some medical conditions or side effects of some medicines. N what was that about commenting that girl in the video on her looks?

  • When that black woman compared racism to her situation I was livid. I’m a black woman and I get sick and tired of black people pulling out the race card when it suits their agenda!

  • I have been both overweight and underweight in my life.
    An healthy weight is what feels best, a weight that certainly ISN’T overweight (and isn’t underweight).

  • Literally had to quit crossfit due to an ongoing shoulder injury…

    Joined a regular gym for crossfit like workouts but also I joined orange theory to have that family group type feel…

    Literally have never felt more of an outsider strictly bc I’m in shape… no other women will talk to me…

  • I understand what your trying to say but everyones different. I can’t speak on behalf of bigger people cuz I’m a scrawny teen but others weight is sometimes out of their control. Again I understand what you’re saying but I think you should look at this in a more openly way. My mother for example she has heart problems. She had them for yeeeaaarrrss now dog frfr. She has a machine that helps the hear pump blood and whatnot but the mechine doesn’t work on it’s own exactly. She has to take multiple and thick tablet medication that stabilizes the mechine on what goes through it and out. Her heart condition and the meds she takes made her gain weight over the years. my point is my mom’s weight has nothing to do with her metabolism or being lazy matter a fact she’s a hard working woman who raised 2 children on her own and had little to no one to help her and still provide for us. She has no choice but to take her meds to stay alive but they effect her confidence and her physical body. They warn her out. Again everyone’s different and when you said “it take a little tough love” or whatever the fUck that’s bullshit deadass. No hard feeling just try to be a little more thoughtful. Also I’m not talking about the movement I’m talking about the commentary….

  • American women actually have much higher obesity rates than men. I’m guessing part of the reason for that is the crazy new “fat is pretty” movement you discussed.

  • I think positivity at every STAGE (in terms of your health journey) is a better term so you can be positive and love your bigger body whilst still wanting to improve your health or make a change

  • Some people can choose to be fat but others cant. I have been having alot of problems with my hormones so my body gains weight randomly and it is really REALLY hard to lose weight cause the fat in my body is not from food or because of a lack of fitness. The fat in my body is produced by hormones… So no it is not THAT easy to be thin.

  • It is not a matter of saying to someone eat less and exercise more, the obese person has no reason to do it, no drive. If you said to a lot of obese people “I’ll give you 1 million dollars for every stone of weight you lose” then results would be amazing for many many people. Some fat people would lose a stone in a week for it, so long as their love of money is more than their love of food. But loads of people are in happy relationships and not trying to impress people and the taste of food is too good and they have no real reason to fight against that, as it is effort and they wont get paid for it and the results are slow to see and the benefits wont be seen for possibly years.

    Also in psychology it is well known that telling someone they will die from being obese or smoking isnt much of a drive for them. Millions of people smoke every day and know it is literally giving them cancer but they wont stop. It is often only when they see someone close to them in pain from a related disease or they see something shocking enough or they have kids who they care about more than themselves that they make a change.

    So it is not about them being obese that is the main problem, it is that they have no drive to be healthy which is the problem.

  • You don’t get it, sorry. You have no idea what it is to be fat and be stigmatized by society. My best friend had a tough childhood. She chose to do a stomach reduction surgery in the end. But it was very ugly before

  • I weigh 87 kg (im losing weight, have lost almost 26 kg so far) and im 174 cm, but people give me the most concerned looks when i tell them i still have 12 kg to lose. They tell me “really? Dont go overboard” etc. I dont get it ��although i can agree, i dont exactly look very overweight, but i literally am just under the obese category according to bmi

  • Being made fun of will not help people lose weight. It just makes them hide. Loving yourself in the journey of health is important. With all that said I see where you’re coming from Blair, these women are the worst representation of big women. But being against body positivity??? You’re trippin bitch. You gotta love yourself in all stages to be able to make positive changes. Hate only breeds hate. It breeds anger, poor decisions and Ill health mentally and physically. But hey this was 3 years ago maybe you evolved into a wiser human being.

  • It’s okay to not want to date someone because they’re fat to fit in your standards.
    It’s not okay to humiliate or bully them because they’re fat.
    I have complete authority to reject a girl over her weight, but no authority to call her out for it.
    These movements are understandable if they’re done to promote acceptance of certain set of people that are frowned upon, but not acceptable if they’re playing the victim and forcing others to not acknowledge their imperfections.

  • Personally I find it hilarious that this is the clapback that fat acceptance came up with. You want to make fun of me for being beautiful, fit, active, happy, and more than comfortable in my own body? Lol ok. You do that hun, and I’ll go do everything that you can’t ��

  • When I was obese level 2 some of my family members told me I was lazy. Now that I’ve been doing Judo, and lost weight… now they are telling me Im getting too thin… this comes from a significant other who is the same weight as me before…

  • Who wants to be offended always finds something offensive ����‍♀️ Maybe to shut them up you can add physical achievements as: distance they could walk without heart and breath difficulties, time they could be active and spend it with friends, fun activities they are able to attend (dancing, hiking etc.). If people are so triggered by weight numbers you can show what stands behind them instead. If the aim is health, weight is practically the last thing you are concerned with. Yea, its more complicated, but if people are unable to get the main point the best we can do is to simply frow it into their eyes����‍♀️

  • I love when you do your little outro. It’s so cute. XD As someone who’s trying to lose weight to attempt to better my health, I have really been worrying about this.:/ I know people are really into being positive about large bodied people but I don’t want to be like this anymore.:/ I’m just under 19stone at last weigh in and I just want to be healthy and not tired and I wanna wake up without pain.:(

  • I love your videos so much, from then and now. You always have great content, with the perfect amount of sarcasm/sass. It’s wonderful and liberating, love you blaire!

  • Body positivity should be for people who have lost limbs in wars or are the victims of fire where they happen to get scarred for life. It should be for people who CANNOT change or help how they look because of horrendous circumstances that they’ve had to live through!

  • 2:43 is a opinion based entirely on looks, yeveryine should think always about their Health weather it will help their looks or not, I think fat acceptance could be good in situations like overweight people not being embarrassed to go yo the gym, but it should NEVER be used as a reason to not start loosing weight

  • ‘They’re not doing the work…’ Yup. 99 out of 100 people who complain about diet and exercise have never committed to a better lifestyle long enough to actually get any benefits (or at all). If you ‘don’t like to sweat,’ ‘don’t like vegetables,’ ‘can’t drink “plain” water,’ and ‘think only jocks go to the gym,’ you need to just grow up!! I mean really, childish excuses makes you look, well, childish. To me, the fat acceptance movement is a bunch of lazy, overweight people who don’t want to take responsibility for their actions or do any real work. If they put half the energy they spend attacking people who are healthy into helping themselves, we wouldn’t need to have these conversations. So sad.

  • Some people have thyroid issues, causing them to live a completely healthy lifestyle & STILL BEING CONSIDERED FAT. Fat is not always a choice.

  • Ah yes, because being overweight doesn’t lead to health problems, and “fat-shaming” is as serious as Sexism/Racism/Homophobia because you “don’t choose to be fat” contrary to literally all the evidence simply pointing to you being entitled a**holes. Also: if someone isn’t attracted to fat people that’s not discrimination it’s called having a type

  • Every point he makes is spot on! I hate the way our society is going. It feels like people are no longer allowed to have their own opinions; while ironically, we’re all being told that we can make any choices we want.

  • Hi Blaire, new fan here going through your older content. I was overweight for most of my life. Three years ago I started eating clean, and from there went vegan and starting going to the gym 3-4 times a week. I did this consistently for a year and a half, and I only lost 15 lbs. I was frustrated, depressed and confused. No matter what I did, I could not lose weight. So yes, you can be obese and healthy, in certain circumstances. I found out I had an underactive thyroid, I went on treatment, continued on with my life and dropped A TON of weight. I’m not “mad” or “triggered”, I’m just hoping to provide some insight. Not every single person is overweight by choice and it IS important for society to accept that not all bodies are going to be small for various reasons.

  • These ppl try to change what the issue is, no one is saying thiner is always better look at how ppl react when someone is too thin! Being a healthy weight for your height is always better. Being healthy is always better than not being healthy. I’ve been too thin and though I’ve never really been fat I’ve been chubby and out of shape (bad endurance unable to work out the average amount for a teenager) and I wasn’t healthy either way! Loving yourself means taking care of your health eating properly working out stretching regularly and taking care of your mental health. It’s so important to reduce stress on your body and when you’re on any side of the extremes your putting stress on your body and stress is erosion on your health in the long term! If it’s stress on your joints or organs or on your mind in your life it shortens your life!

  • i’ve been struggling with hating myself and my body since I was 8, and I personally think that if you are morbidly obese, yes, lose some weight. Being happy and being HEALTHY is important. Health is clinical, not social, people!

  • Both of my parents and my sister are obese. I was raised to be obese and was 238lbs at 13 years old in 7th grade. When I hit that age where you start to be less of a child, I was able to critically think about my life and realized that I was disgusted with myself (the bullying didn’t feel great either). They say only 1/20 or 5% of diets work. Well I tried losing weight 3-4 times and the 4th time it stuck and I ended up going though high school with a fit body. In college I drank and ate a bit too much and gained weight, not as bad as before but still. Well it was the same thing all over again, took control and made choices that lead me to have a fit body and a better life. It’s all genetic my ass

  • I’m a muscular girl and I absolutely hate it when some spaghetti noodle boys tell me that “I look like a man” like stfu I could break your neck

  • Ignorance goers both ways look up Lipedema and Lymphedema fat disorders that no amount of dieting or exercise can help and 11% of all women have

  • Haha, I was fat, poor and a good student as a child it was like being a walking target.
    In my adult life, at the office nobody would dare to call anybody else fat, yet I get made fun of all the time for drinking my vegan protein shake or bringing my own oatmeal as lunch. Usually the more unhealthy the person, the more judgmental about “how obsessed” I am with my nutrition. It’s really sad.

  • She’s not saying that everyone should lose weight and be thin, she just chose to lose weight and It’s her body and It’s not your fucking business!

  • u think crap people who r fat were only bullied in primary school? we get bullied and crapped on all the freaking time. as adults. by people who r overweight(u know, they aged and didn’t actively do shit about it) instead of obese, not by people who actually know shit about weightloss and fitness.

  • I have so many food allergies I’ve been bringing lunches to events since I was 5. No one ever tells me anything they just let me eat ��

  • A few things you may haven’t heard:
    • This is a very common opinion of surgeons: they HATE operating on obese people. A surgery for an obese person takes a lot more work than for a slim person because they have to dig through the fat and also, it is harder to locate stuffs inside.
    • There’s a surgery that helps you feel full faster. It’s called Gastric bypass surgery. Basically, they’ll cut out a proportion of your stomach so it’ll get smaller (people who eat a lot will slowly increase their stomach’s size)
    • When an obese person break their skin, they don’t bleed first, yellow-ish fat comes out. Of course, that’s if you break your skin hard enough.

  • Yup! When I started working out in high school I would bring my own lunch and snacks, people would laugh at me for eating rice cakes but 4-5 months later, after the winter months were over and I took my hoodie off on the first warm day, I went to school and literally EVERYONE noticed how good I looked and then those same people who were laughing were asking me if they could work out with me and help them lose weight lmao ����������‍♀️����‍♀️

  • I lost 125 pounds over the last year. While I did change my diet and exercise routine I also did choose to have weight loss surgery and I use it as a tool to help me. Without it I would still be struggling with portion sizes. While I lost 45 pounds before surgery I hit a plateau 6 weeks before I started my 2 week liquid diet to jumpstart the weight loss from the surgery and I lost 20 pounds on that alone. I still have some ways to go to be where I want to be, but I was always positive about my body the entire time. I still am positive about my body, but I’ll likely look into skin removal surgery in the future because the loose skin is already a bit uncomfortable.

  • I lost a 16 year relationship and what I thought was friends because I lost 100 pounds. I’m now ok with that. I’m still on the weight loss journey I was massive. I was on 6 meds for diabetes. I am off meds completely. I was on 2 meds for blood pressure. I’m on one. I walk mails lift weights do yoga. I’m doing my best for my health. I’m ok without people.

  • I follow an influencer that recovered from ED and she was told by the BO PO people that she wasn’t allowed to use body positive wordage in her posts because when she gained weight, she was still in an acceptable (ie healthy) body weight. I was so sad she acquiesced to these bullies who told her she had no right to fight body positivity for people at the other end of the ED spectrum from them.

  • As a thick women I’m kinda of sad that people treat the fat acceptance as an excuse for overeating I’m not fat nor thin but I do have some thickness I’m a size 18-20 and I try to lose weight but I have underactive thyroid and hypothyroidism so it causes weight loss a difficult challenge I work my best but, the whole fat acceptance is suppose to be about accepting big girls and guys who are working to lose weight and or have Volemputious curves and a perfect portion of muscle and fat.

  • This has been my instant response since watching this when someone says I’m big boned or the classic “genetics” line! Just say No! You’re DYING!

  • We are a very active couple (powerlifting mostly with some yoga) and I cook 90% or more of the food that my husband and I eat. We both have lunch boxes and take all of our food and snacks to work. People always comment on it both positively and negatively. (A lot of back handed compliments) People stop inviting you out when you say no thank you or won’t eat or drink with them or make comments about how you are so healthy and never cheat (as if it’s a bad thing). Or like “you are going to the gym again?!” Ummm yes I like it… But I still try and be positive about it all, I never want to seem like it’s a chore. I want people to see how easy it is to be disciplined and LOVE YOURSELF enough to care.

  • There are plenty of people trying to gain weight to become healthy but body positivity is not interested in them because they are thin.

  • Is the truth I was an anorexic when young recently thought being fat was ok but guess what I have glucose intolerance on risk of becoming a diabetic plus is not healthy

  • My nephew is an amateur pugilist and often brings his own “bland” food at school (he is desperatley tryng to fit into a lower weight class, in order to hopefully get shorter opponents) and no one ever mocked him for that.

  • You can’t be morbidly obese, and healthy, for one your morbidly obese, I could say more but the woman who isn’t obese, her talking points get the job done. The big problem I have with these videos of fat acceptance is the lies they spread, by that I mean just because you fat doesn’t mean your unhealthy, or it’s ok to be fat, these lies make men, and women less likely to want to improve their lifestyle with healthier eating choices, exercise, etc. The only positive is the idea that being obese makes you any less deserving of happiness that I will agree with, your not any less of a person just because you are obese, but being a healthy weight will undeniably increase your life expectancy, and decrease your chances of getting weight related ailments.

  • Love this topic
    Fit shaming does exist
    I had it
    When I was nearly obese nothing
    Start eating healthier, lifting and suddenly everyone has a right to say what they want
    Funny as its always people that are not healthy in anyway hmmmmm

  • The whole idea of “fat shaming/fat acceptance” is ridiculous and dangerous. Listen, I am currently 260 lbs, 5’9, large framed with high muscle mass. I do try to exercise daily (even in quarantine), and my bp is normally 112/68. I may not look “obese”, but you can see that I’m overweight. While I feel the BMI measurement thing is seriously flawed, I still need to lose at least 70 pounds. Even tho I currently do not have health issues, I’m a young woman and if I don’t get my bad eating habits under control and lose this weight, I’m looking at a windfall of health issues when my luck runs out and the number on that scale catches up with me. I’ve been trying to lose weight for years, and since having two kids (my youngest being born 12/27/19), it’s been even harder because rightfully so, my kids come first and they do take most of my time. However, I know I could be doing more. I’ll never accept this extra weight. No matter how many times I fail, I’ll NEVER stop trying for my girls if not for myself. They need a healthy mommy.

  • I’ve always felt self worth at any size, however my health since losing weight and exercising has vastly improved. We should uplift others around us and support them to lose weight for a healthier lifestyle. Great video. ��

  • “Actions speak louder than words”
    Yea, you sitting on that couch eating 6k calories is doing more to your body than spewing bs from your mouth

  • On Keto diet. Lost 12kg over (2 yearswith ups and downs) Point is fit shaming is happening to me at work. I have turned down EVERY work lunch, party food etc. The comments never end. �� OMG the recipes, sarcastic ‘ingredient’ questions… never ending… I will shut them up with my continued weight loss������������Thank you. Poppaswolio @swolenormous

  • It’s funny that liberals want you to believe the science of global warming and tell you you’re a dope for questioning it. But a doctor says obesity is bad and is called quackery.

  • This is essentially the same as a feminist telling a woman in a dress that she should be ashamed that she is setting women’s rights back 50 years

  • I’m a cubby lady (I’m working on it) but I completely agree with this video. If you work hard for your body show it off! Don’t let lazy losers tell you otherwise. Keep ranting king ��

  • Fat ppl are literally devalued for their appearance and honestly we act like skinny ppl are the peak of fitness when really???? The shit I see these stick bitches put down has me blown away you think someone who’s skinny and lives off of fast food and takeout is healthier than a fat person who cooks their own shit and eats a better diet? That’s stupid. Y’all stupid

  • People if you notice yourself getting fat
    … Change your diet, exercise more, only drink water and nothing else SOMETHING because being fat not only negativley affects you but everyone else too

  • Feminist logic: demonize, bully and (try-) to make men feel ashamed for not finding the fat pig women attractive.    Praise and encourage female hypergamy and make women only accept 6ft0+, ripped, handsome looking hunks as partners. Give me a break!

  • I lost 26 kgs in less than a year, i still have a bit of fat id like to get rid of (5kgs minimum), but this last layer of fat is literally not shedding or changing for months, and now i am trying to gain muscle as well by working out and eating more (still in a deficit). What am i supposed to do to lose that fat.

    Edit: dont mind my accounts name its an inside joke.

  • How the fat acceptance movement try too push healthy at every size is horrible because that isn’t true they’re going to be the cause of so many deaths in this country it’s fucking sad……

  • I was always the ‘fat kid’ in my family. Even when I wasn’t fat, I performed in the circus from the age of 6 & I would ALWAYS get comments on being fat by family members. It messed me up for a LONG ass time… Over the last 18 months I lost a lot of weight & NOW I’m the one who “needs to eat more” I look “unhealthy” now that I’m skinny by their standards. -_-

  • Since when in Islam do you get stoned for being raped when it’s in our religion that a man who rapes a woman gets highly punished such as getting wiped for 1000 timmes

  • How do people, adult people, struggle so much with their intake vs. consumption? It seems so simple.
    Watch your car: Empty? Put fuel in. Not empty? Keep going. Just put fuel in, fuelarrow still in red zone? Get vehicle checked up, something is broken.

  • Fat people have no discipline… they are like children who can’t stop eat candy. They put a string on healthcare system because of their bad choices and foolishness. Seriously how hard is it to prepare your own healthy food and it doesn’t have to be expensive, but the sugar monsters prefer gross processed food with lots of sugar and no nutritional benefits…

  • my best friend was very fat as a kid for genetic reasons. When she was 25 or something she did a stomach reduction surgery. So she lost probably 50 kg. But before that it was horrible the way people behaved towards her. I never saw a fat person. I just saw an amazing human, and she is that regardless how she looks like. However, being fat makes it 10 times as hard to work out because you get tired immediately and you carry that extra weight that a slender person doesn’t. So the workout is 10 times harder. I hate people being judgemental of fat girls or boys. It’s just being mean for the sake of being mean. And it’s extremely hurtful. And shallow. So no, losing weight when you are obese is not that easy…
    I feel that Blaire has no idea what it’s like to be fat like that and be in their shoes…

  • The self entitlement behind the fat acceptance activists is more dispicable than these morbidly obese women who look like land whales.

  • I know this has nothing to do with fit-shaming….more like… “you’re not fat but had surgery-shaming”? xD

    Atm I see someone from the “Plus-Size-Community” bragging about their breast-reduction surgery and pretend like they also did it to make a sign for all women out there….
    And everybody is cheering like “OMG so brave!! SO beautiful!!”
    While THE SAME PEOPLE + the person who had the surgery are pointing with their finger on a normal-weight-person for the same breast-reduction surgery and said
    that what they’ve done is fatshaimg, toxic, body-hatred,self-mutilation, “not normal” and all that stuff……but at the same time they pretend to be kind of a hero…..please can someone tell me the logic? xD

    I could really vomit how they are playing the hero while judging others for the EXACT. SAME. THING. they both did.

  • I think that for some people, it’s important for them to feel good about themselves, and stay positive in order to drive themselves for change. But this is just denial.

  • When I worked in an office, women were so effing catty to me when I lost weight (I’m 5’3 and was almost 145lbs and now my current weight is 117lbs, I lift and started keto/paleo strict diet) all of them would make fun of what I ate only AFTER I was starting to lose weight and get healthy but they never said a word about how much pizza I’d eat with them when they’d have pizza day. Whatever, be jealous chikas.

    Keep it up folks, losing weight was just the perk of getting healthy.

  • If they want the recognition they think they deserve, then they should become soccer goalies. They cover up the entire fucking goal.

  • A plus size model. Ahahahahahahaaaa. God damn. Ans, she said anyways. Ignorant twat. And is memorialized on the internet as a piece of shit for evermore.

  • Exactly, raising my son had been a challange feeding him an organic whole foods diet. Idgafuuuuck. But, when I tell them their food is nasty and making them sick, I’m a dick!? Wtf!?

  • I had a girlfriend who was into this movement. She wasn’t even overweight, she just couldn’t fit into a size 4. Subscribed to all the fat positive fat science blogs and everything. She hated herself so much. I felt so bad for her.

  • Fat acceptance is just an excuse. Covid -19 decides if obesity is acceptable under natures rules. I’m just shy of 65, and I’m lean and have high scores in health lab tests.
    Not all ‘in shape’ people’ eat ‘healthy’ I’m very lax on that department, yet at 64 I out work the younger labor crew.

  • Yea same here. The last 1.5 year I’ve been dieting, at first just increasing my protein and afterwards dieting down to drop down to 10% bodyfat. The hate I got in the last few months at work was unreal. I would bring chicken + rice or salmon and potatoes and a salad every day to eat it at lunch and god made fun of by the same people every day, eating their unhealthy junkfood. The thing is, people are extremely jealous if they can’t do it themselves. They don’t have the mental strength to diet or eat healthier. I have even heard one of them say “Calories doesn’t kill you”. It quite literally does kill you.
    Don’t mind the haters, do your thing! It’s just jealousy.

  • Fat people should be excepted. It’s not fair that someone who’s never been fat can make a video like this!!!! I hate this stuff. It’s not your life get over your self bitch

  • I got told that going to the gym and losing weight was “anti body positivity”. Like wtf, to me, body positivity means loving your body enough to take care of it. I’m looking after my body by being fit and healthy. Letting myself stay fat and unhealthy is NOT self love.

  • There is nothing “normal” or “healthy” about being obese. It’s going to kill you. It’s not something to be proud of. It’s not something to be ashamed either unless you don’t want to do anything about it. Talk to a doctor, try to get fitter and healthier! There are ways. You can’t force the rest of us to act as if this is fine.

  • I am compelled to add on the chubby black woman with fake hair who called the white woman skinny Minnie, people like her are really off putting cause she is quick to cry victim when fat insults are thrown her way but when she gets called out for doing the same to a skinny person she kinda stutters cause she was caught being a hypocrite. Hate comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors so remember it’s the person spewing hate that’s the real problem.

  • I like blaire’s videos a lot but as someone who’s a bit overweight/a curvy girl this really offended me. You’re skinny and hot, you can’t really say it’s our fault and our responsibility to lose weight because some people physically cannot no matter what they do. We should be accepting people for who they are. Also I know tons of “fat” people over the age of 50 so throwing bull like that out does more damage than good.

  • The fat acceptance movement is disgusting, it’s just like the people pushing pro-smoking propaganda decades ago. Obesity is not healthy, and it is totally in a persons control. You simply cannot get obese without poor eating habits and lack of exercise. People have different metabolism rates, but no one has a body that violates thermodynamic principles of conservation of energy.

  • I believe fat people should move to the African continent. They will all be married in record time.. ����

    Africans really love thickness.

  • I’m one of your fat fans and I wanna try to lose weight but like…& I wanna hope that you don’t think I’m less because I am. It’s just so difficult. Idkkkkk

  • You’ve got a lot of points to what you’re saying. For me, being positive about my body is what made my weight loss possible at all if I hadn’t felt confident enough, I wouldn’t have dared go to the gym. What drives me isn’t my looks the issues I have with my body aren’t related to my weight in the first place, though they are in part the reason why I stopped caring in the first place I only wanted out because, well, 245 pounds showing up on the scales told me that I’d lost control, and even if I was fine with my body, I’m not sure my body would’ve been fine with a continuation of the road I was on. That was a year ago, and today I’m at 190 and still at it, I’m in for the long ride and before I started, I put up one condition: I’m never going to be done, it’s a life long commitment, first to lose and then to maintain. It blows my mind that a movement such as the body positivity movement, which is so adamant about letting people have their bodies for themselves, will take the liberty to comment on other peoples bodies in that way. There are just so many reasons as to why someone would want to change their body. I honestly at this point don’t even care about how I physically look, my personal health project is more about a sense of accomplishness, and having goals that you can reach is empowering and important on a psychological level, too. As such, weight loss can be an incredible way to get to know yourself, and how to be kind to yourself. I feel like when some people think of weight loss, they think about it as if it’s torture and I think it can be, if you throw yourself into it with the wrong mindset and too little research. I can honestly say that I function and feel better on less calories than I did on an excess.

  • I’m not saying obesity is a good thing it’s not it is a horrible disease BUT! Nobody can tell u how to live ur life. You got one life, love yourself be yourself, wether ur skinny curvy tall short who gives a fuck, worry about urself and the people u love don’t worry about other people and how they choose to live there lives. And as for this video calling people who loves themselves disgusting! Get a life and be happy and worry about urself instead of posting negative shit.

  • Big food and big pharma want everybody to be as fat as possible to make more profit.Just in case you don’t get it:fat people eat more so they spend more money on food therefore there is more profit.Fat people have much more illnesses so they spend more money on medicine therefore there is more profit.

  • Most people lose weight because they have health issues. Because they struggle with everyday things, can’t play with their children because they are out of breath. Because they can’t buy the clothes they want or do not find the right clothes at all. All these things have a bad impact of your mental health. So thinking that before/after pictures are bad because you say skinnier is better is so dumb and a misconception. I have seen so many people losing a ton of weight, and yes they feel good, it had a positive impact of their mental health, they didn’t struggle that much anymore and yet they still needed to learn how to eat properly, how to take care of themselves, get in therapy because guess what, mental health doesn’t always go away when you are skinny or healthy. This makes me mad, because these people don’t know anything. They do not know the affects of the body to the mental health and the other way round. They do not even think about that people who lost weight still struggle with other things in their life. This is so dumb.

  • I’m amazed how he can eat while watching the videos. When I see people like that, my appetite vanishes and I feel the urge to gag. Everything about them is just so disgusting.

  • Back in the day I would go training in the evening on a Friday to get my weekend pump, then I’d go out later and pull some fit bird. Being only 5′ 6″ I’d have had no chance if I was fat, I’d rather be short and fit than tall and fat given the choice. The more there are fat people the better I look, the old trick for a slightly overweight girl was to get a fat friend to make herself look and feel better.

  • This body positivity culture just seems so toxic and counter productive. Yes. You should feel happy about your body but if you feel like you need to make a change to better your health for yourself, you shouldn’t be attacked and shamed for it.

  • One person I worked with would cringe at my green juices as she literally guzzled her diet orange soda every morning. She was severely diabetic with a machine attached to her that drain extra fluid.. umm…

  • My god u cant say anything anymore. Its disturbing that people can’t appreciate the hard work and serious dedication that it takes to lose weight. Everyone is way too sensitive, seriously.

  • OH, FFS! I share pictures of something I am proud of. If I were to lose weight, I would be proud of myself too, because that would mean I have controlled myself, kept in mind what was healthy for me, and that I kept it up long enough, so that I would be in a healthy weight. Is that body shaming? Are we not allowed to be proud that we managed to reach our objectives??

  • Im gonna call you out on this one. I was at 340 lbs, when I finally got insurance, I went to the doctor to get a check-up, cause I hadn’t been to a doctor because I couldn’t afford it, I got bloodwork done, my bp, heart, lungs, everything was checked!! My results came in. Doctor said I was in perfect health. All of my labs were perfect. I did struggle from limited mobility, Im not gonna pretend like I didn’t, and that’s what has motivated me to lose weight. But my health, was fine. Not EVERYONE who is fat, is unhealthy! And maybe you don’t see older obese people because they don’t leave their homes because there are people like you who have negative opinions and can’t just let people enjoy the only fucking life they have in whatever fucking way they want. If it isn’t hurting you directly, why can’t they live free from hate?

  • Because I’m a thin woman who enjoys working out a lot, I can’t eat healthy or go to a gym even when it IS convenient without getting a comment about being superficial, or “you’re already thin,’ or “I’m worried about you.” And if it isn’t convenient (like skipping a night out to work out), the comments get 10x worse. I understand looking out for eating disorders and whatnot, but not every thin person at the gym/eating a salad is doing so due to an eating disorders or body image problems!

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Matt McGorry is just pretending to be this super “woke” SJW liberal in an attempt to keep his career going. Why not? Amy Schumer does it.


  • I know it’s very small but if i’d show up at a family bday with my own food… Shit I would be disowned thats more disrespect than leaving your coat and shoes on inside the house (I still make healthy choices and don’t eat untill I vomit in any way btw.. just eat small portions in the same length of time as everybody else so no one notices)

  • Please remember that having a little fat is ok but when you get tired of walking up a flight of stairs and get out of breath is when you have a problem

  • If the post is about yourself, you are allowed to be proud of yourself and your hard work. You don’t like those kind of posts, don’t make them. But don’t take away from someone’s pride in accomplishment. This is the “trophy for everyone” mentality gone even farther: if not everyone can get a “trophy” then no one should get one.

  • In my opinion I think if you’re just a little bit fat it’s not a big deal but if you’re so fat it’s unhealthy then you shouldn’t be influencing other people to get like you

  • I clicked this video purely because I am for the body positivity movement and what not (still am) and look for differing opinions then my own.

    The toxicity of the post he is reading is completely fucked. It doesn’t reflect my values. I can see why the dude in this vid is pissed, rightfully so.

    In my opinion, Morbid obesity is NOT okay. and the value of one’s life in the physical and mental will greatly improve once you begin taking care of your body.

    I am currently the heaviest weight I’ve ever been, balancing between 250 and 260(female height 5’3). My weight keeps bouncing between those two numbers and have been for a few months now. I recently bought a jump rope and have been skipping once a day for 5+ minutes till I build up endurance to eventually get up to 30 minutes or more a day. I’m doing this because I love myself. I found my self love. do I have bad days? of fucking cose. but body positivity and acceptance it getting to the place where you will love yourself at any size and once you love yourself you’ll want to take care of myself. I’ve realised that In order to take care of the body that I truly live. I need to treat it right. That’s how I see the body positivity “movement”.

    When you get an old hand me down car. You don’t mind if it gets banged up? but If you love that car and it has personal value to it, you’ll take better care of it.

    Not sure If I got my message across well enough lmfao.

  • It’s goddamn disgusting that people accept the fact that they are more likely to get all types of stuff from being over weight. I will not stand for it

  • Once upon a time, a tiny bit of chubby was “fat”. Now days obesity is “diversity”. Accepting that someone is fat is okay, I agree but it shouldn’t be celebrated in that sense. Fatness overweight, can still be healthy. That’s different. Obesity is not okay. Just as annorexia is not okay. No way at all it is super unhealthy. I think the fine-line between what we are discussing about acceptance vs. health. I also believe the model/fashion industry needs to change. Models should be HEALTHY. Not too skinny, not plus size. Normal healthy fit models. That would be most ideal. Food is life, we all need to eat. Life is short, we all need to enjoy and celebrate. But Health is wealth and without health we don’t have much life, we don’t want to celebrate and ultimately bad health leads to premature death by some form of illness.

  • I get the humour in eating fast food while discussing an nuanced controversial topic like fat shaming (or maybe he just eats a lot in these videos). But my god do I hate nothing more than someone eating into a mic. Couldn’t watch (or listen rather) past 30 seconds.

  • I agree half and half, because in reality the people making fun of obese people aren’t doing it for their health, they just use that as an excuse. I also don’t think if someone is obese they should do nothing about it, but their primary care doctor will tell them they need to lose weight, their family will tell them they need to lose weight if it was really becoming a problem. Some people take it really far, but overall the message I believe in is even if you’re struggling with your weight, your worth does not change. You can be failing at losing the 100 pounds you need to, but that doesn’t mean that you’re any less kind, or smart, or inwardly beautiful. Your weight is one aspect of you, and people shouldn’t hate you for one problem you have.

    Skinny girls and teenage boys just say “they’re glamorizing an unhealthy lifestyle” so they can justify bullying when it’s unnecessary

  • I always try to remind myself to have patience with fat people.

    You know, they are so full of lard and fat there’s no way for blood to reach up to their brains and fuel some sensible argument.

  • In his thumbnails he looks like he’s gonna trash talk ppl, but in the actual videos he’s the nicest and most genuine person ever lol

  • 1:53 You swim 2.5 kilometers a day! Just to find the time to do that in a day is tough, kudos for you!
    P.S pls lower the music at start of this upload, it’s loud!

  • Is unhealthy period. If you really love yourself, you should try to be healthy. Body positivity is hiding more pain and insecurities than they think.

  • This is the first Swolenormous video I’ve ever seen. The first two minutes were more confusing than my childhood. But it was in my recommended after watching Alan Roberts of EDDF yell at a camera in a car for 10 minutes straight, so I guess I’m fatphobic now.

  • My mum had bad sugar levels last year and this year very high colesterol. Shes probably obese (shes not just a couple pounds overweight). And she doesnt work out or moves much. I wanted to make her an easy guide to follow. At her weight and size, she needs to do only little for it to work. She doesnt need hiit or burpees. She needs lean chicken and vegetables and walking more, swiming and using her bike. But whenever i try to approach the subject tastefully, it ends with her crying. Like crying over eating a bit cleaner and walking a bit. Now shell probably go on meds and shell probably get type 2 diabetes within some years as well. I hate this. Watching people you love slwoly kill themselves is torture

  • I think everyone should love themselves and do what they want; everyone should be treated with common courtesy and respect, no matter what size. But I’m not going to pretend I love my body when I was fatter and it was giving me more problems. I hated what I did and what I let happen to my body. It was killing me. I’m not going to pretend I don’t love my body more as I get healthier and lose weight. If my preferences and my goals for my own body trigger someone else, that’s their problem, not mine.

  • I went to work out at a gym near a hotel I was staying at. They had a no tank top policy, and literally stated it was implemented to avoid making unfit people insecure about themselves. How is that my problem, and why do I have to cover up because of it? Needless to say, I skipped that workout.

  • I’m obese and these fat people are delusional. I have finally have got with a trainer for last month and have established a healthy meal plan and working out 3 days a week.

  • I’m currently on a weight-loss journey the the body positivity moment is letting people die because they were “perfect the way they are” body positivity should be loving yourself and facing you have a problem and fixing it in healthy ways telling the fat girl who’s on the brink of dying in her sleep is just as fat phobic to me as calling me a fat ass don’t think just because your body positive that taken care of yourself to diet and exercise is completely out of the window

  • As a amateur bodybuilder, all this ‘fat acceptance’ nonsense almost physically pains me. Humans were never meant to look that way, and it is extremely unhealthy. I feel like we as a society are making it worse by ignoring the problem.

  • I’ve been hitting the gym for 19 months in a row….4-5 times a week. I do a full body weightlifting session twice a week and I run 3 miles twice a week. I am making muscular gains and feel so so much more healthy. And though I’m not a vain person yes, I look better. I love the stress relief and health benefits I’m experiencing. Not to mention, my self esteem is greatly increased because I’ve stuck to it for 19 months and will continue.

  • I got tired of my huge belly. I couldn’t see my toes or my Johnson. So I started working out. Today I train like a beast. It’s a lot of work. But worth it. None of my friends Fat friends like to exercise.

  • It’s okay if they’ve got a lil bit of chub like the first girl and maybe if she had 5 to 10 pounds extra to that but when it comes to people like her at 0:25 there’s something seriously wrong

  • Abusing other people because they are fat is not right, and if one does that, they are a bad person; nevertheless, we can not live in a post-truth world. Being fat is unhealthy.

  • I get shit on by family members for being fit. One says in a back handed sarcastic way “you’re so healthy” and “you’re so disciplined”. Its almost like I’m being guilt tripped for being healthy.

  • Sometimes I feel bad for Ashley Graham…she was discovered as a teen and this committed her to a life of being obese since it is her job to be obese. When I look at her, I think, yeah, she has a face that could launch 1,000 ships but gestational diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, steatohepatitis (fatty liver). Man, she lets it all hang out in her swimsuit ads cellulite, stretch marks.

  • “It’s body positivity if you are fat and get bigger and bigger. But god forbid if you are skinny or lose weight. Because that’s not body positivity as people already celebrate skinny people.” LoGiC

  • I have yet to be fit shamed even though I come from a community where almost every person I see has extra weight on them. I just hope my dad’s side of the family (especially my uncles) doesn’t shame me the next time they come and visit me.

  • People who exclude skinny people or people who lost weight from body positivity movement are missing their own mark. Instead of “loving all bodies” they just hate bodies that might be considered more beautiful than their own. They just hate the value system we function in and try to smash it (without offering a functional alternative value system). Unfortunately, no matter how loud they scream, we will still have our own preferences and find some bodies more attractive than others.

  • I agree that we are encouraging unhealthy habits and all that.. but I do have one problem with this video. He pauses the video about 30 seconds in and talks about how if a woman sent a video like this to a frat boy and he posted it online, he could have charges pressed against him. He says this like its a bad thing.. and its not! If a woman sends you a video like this, why would you post it online if you didnt have selfish intentions. If a woman wanted that video to be seen by others, she would have posted it HERSELF! Dont be an idiot, stay classy guys.

  • These pro-obese people are completely delusional. It’s the mentality that I find truly disgusting. Take responsibility for your actions! People aren’t always discriminating or weilding thin privilege dipshit, it’s called the consequences of you fucking choices.

  • I’m a pretty short guy (5’3″) and I wouldn’t want people to openly harass me about my height. But I will NEVER tell people that they SHOULD find short guys attractive. That’s just plain stupid. You can’t change other people’s preferences…Also obesity can be dealt with to a certain extent, but height is permanent and is beyond my control.

  • That one scale smashing lady: “this is about me! This isn’t about you!” That’s the only line she said that makes sense. She wasn’t actually mad at the scale, she was mad about her weight and body. The scale didn’t make her fat, it just showed her that she was, and so she took out her frustration on it.

  • How do i explain this, when i was younger, about 4 years ago, i wasn’t that 1 kid that had such a skinny body, however i wasn’t that person who ate themselves to death and acted like it was okay. I was in between. This was the problem, since i live in a neighborhood with my 2 older cousins, just about 1 a year older then me and another acouple months, they where so skinny to the point where u could see there ribs. So, as a kid i LOVED drawing and coloring, however, since it was such a small town my 2 cousins would always tell me my drawings where tash and they use to scribble over them, then they would call me “trash” and talk about how they are so skinny and i should praise them for there bodies. It got so worse, since there parents where making alot of money they would buy them (my cousins) anything they would want, and when that happend they would buy stuff that would forsure make me feel uncomfortable. For example, back then my legs where the problem with my body, my waist and arms where skinny, but it was just my legs. So, my couins would both buy small swings, or tiny kid slides to where only people with small legs could actually fit. It got to the point where it drove me crazy, and i starter to starve myselfsometimes, telling my mom “no thank you, i don’t feel hungry right now. Maybe later”.

    Keep in mind, this was just when i was a kid, so my older couins to manipulate me into starving myself was just wrong. Also, before you comment, “they where just kids,” keep in mind, they knew what they where doing, i asked them alot if they could leave me alone and they would always say something like “Sure, when you get out of our sight, fatty” even tho they where the ones following me. I had to tell there parents at a point, all they said where “there just kids, let them be,” “they don’t know any better,” “Stop lying, your just jelous,”. Since they didn’t believe me, i never told my mom. Thinking that she wouldn’t believe me either, since she had a close relationship with them.

  • I don’t follow a movement that promotes anything. I just want people to be happy. My issue with people like this guy is that he’s grouping people who are obese and cant even function with people who are just chubby, you can’t do that. I for one don’t mind a chubby man at all. I also don’t mind a muscular man either but CAN WE PLEASE JUST STOP JUDGING EACH OTHER!!! I’m just so sick of it. We need to love our selves more now than ever in this day and age. It’s no wonder most people are fucking depressed nowadays. They got one side of the spectrum like this guy telling them that they’re not good enough being fat and then you have the other side of the spectrum of people telling them that they shouldn’t worry about the gym and stay complacent. It’s fucking crazy.

  • Wow…this did not age well. Blaire, I have polycystic ovary disorder, which causes me to gain weight, grow facial hair, and infertility. I have no choice, but the love the body I’m in and hope the meds I’m given help me lose weight. I have no choice but to be body positive. This video did not age well. I normally eat up your content like that white woman eating shit pie from the Help, but no. This is not okay.

  • If you truly love your body, making healthy choices, your body pays you back and helps you to stay healthy (or even alive) for longer. But some people in body positive community don’t really get it

  • You know what I’m sick of? Skinny shaming. I have been essentially the same size since entering adulthood and I’m 34 now. My weight does not change drastically other than the normal 5ish to 10ish pound weight differences which is normal. Yet so many people harass me over my weight. Telling me I’m too skinny and I need to eat more. Other skinny people don’t do this, but people who are just slightly overweight to a lot overweight do. It is so annoying. You see I am a very picky person when it comes to what I eat. I like my food plain and without condiments. So when I am at a public function and there are limited plain items to choose from I eat very little. Sure I could load my plate with the few available plain items, but that would make me look greedy, and I want there to be enough for everyone to have some. You see, I’m actually trying to be considerate of others, yet every single time some big mouth sends a snide comment my way, asking if that’s all I’m eating. I’m sorry, but am I harassing you about what you’re eating? No, I’m not, so don’t worry about what I eat. I have never shamed anyone about their weight, and am convinced that if I were more physically attractive no one would shame me for mine. Now, all this talking about food has made me hungry, so I am going to go eat now.

  • I have an eating disorder and it fluctuates between binge eating and bulimia. Although I have sometimes in my life been thin most of it I’ve been fat. It’s really hard when you really WANT TO be thin and healthy and you just can’t. I’m willing to put the work in I just wish I could… other than that I 100% agree with you Blaire. Fat fobia does not exist

  • im 192 pounds and 5’6. ive gained weight because of my ovary cyst. i wanna be healthy. but my sickness is making it hard to lose weight. am i very big? pls honest answers only. i started limiting myself and focusing of the food i eat. it’s really hard they make fun of me because i wanna lose weight.. they always say im not gonna make it. that’s what hurts more than the fat-shame thing. when people dont believe in you. any advice on this? im still young and at college. i feel like people are talking behind my back because of this that’s why i wanna make change

  • I love your body too…��
    I have no issue with how people treat their bodies. Its their right. Maybe good or bad but we have the right to kill ourselves if we want. Bodies can show people treating bodies well or not. (And u can’t just know from pic) we can accept autonomy but we should not celebrate the dark side. What are the dark sides?
    Psychological illnesses.
    Near death states…etc.
    Body positivity wasn’t about that initially so far as I understand.
    It was about the fact most people do not and never will have bodies of perfection that is constantly pushed. And why should they? Why should we only be OK if our bodies are perfect?.The original intent was good.
    But glorifying those dark sides is what it’s ended in.
    And in an uncritical self policing virtual society where u might be branded a ‘ hater’ if you use your brain…that’s what’s to be expected.

  • Im over weight not obese,because i enjoy food and im lazy,simple.Fatties accept facts,stop spouting shit.How can you be fat and healthy,contradiction to reality.

  • I feel like this whole issue surrounds skinny people. What I mean by that is that it feels like being skinny or fit has become something really bad. I am going to assume that these same people that get angry at people posting before and after-photos of weight loss or getting fit, don’t get as upset about people posting before and after-photos of weight gain (whether it’s recovery from an eating disorder or something else) and I have seen plenty of those. In the effort to make fat bodies and obesity accepted, they keep putting down skinny/fit people and making them out to be the devil. Essentially they are doing the same thing that they say is being done to them. From where I’m sitting, I think that someone who has achieved a healthy goal, whether it’s through weight loss or gain, has the right to celebrate and be proud of that reaching that goal and shouldn’t be shamed or put down for it. Just because you decided to get healthy, it doesn’t mean that you are automatically against others that are heavier than you. I just really feel like this whole movement has gone too far at this point and frankly I feel like they are pushing for unhealthy standards and eating disorders (and I mean this at both ends of the spectrum; not just anorexia or bulimia, but also binging, etc) instead of encouraging people to get healthy. It feels like the obesity version of pro-Ana..

  • Back when I thought being fit was cardio and lowest weight possible, I had two overweight ladies tell me that I looked good but can they suggest something? They told me I needed spanks because I had the tiniest belly on me??? I was 50 kilos at 170cm height! I was just shocked. But really that comment was b*%tchy and could have pushed an unhealthy mind into anorexia.

  • I like your stuff normally but this video is pretty poorly done and cringey.
    This video does nothing for trying to get people help that they need, it is just condescending and makes me cringe watching it. I hope you are not really like this now.

  • You know what, fuck off, my mother is in her 40’s and she didn’t eat a lot, she ran in the stadium everyday, she goes to the gym, eats healthy, and she’s thin, because she did something and didn’t give up, yes some people might have a medical problem, and where are the movement where fat men are supported